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CDPR address the problems with the game by doubling down and lying more about everything. Most blatantly that they didn't know about the issues on old consoles and pretending that the PC version was fit for release. They've released a roadmap (pic related) for 2021 and as you can see it's vague as shit and has no real promises, just patches, "free DLC" (cut content lol) and next gen versions for the consoles barely anybody owns. Polish developers LMAO.

>Q: Why is there such a gap between PC versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and old-gen consoles?
<A: Cyberpunk 2077 is huge in scope, it features a multitude of custom objects, interacting systems and mechanics. In the game, everything is not stretched out over flat terrain where we can make things less taxing hardware-wise, but condensed in one big city and in a relatively loading-free environment. We made it even more difficult for ourselves by first wanting to make the game look epic on PCs and then adjusting it to consoles — especially old-gens. That was our core assumption. And things did not look super difficult at first, while we knew the hardware gap, ultimately, time has proven that we’ve underestimated the task.

>Q: What was the main issue that made development for consoles that difficult?
<A: The main culprit was having to constantly improve our in-game streaming system for old-gen consoles. Streaming is responsible for “feeding” the engine with what you see on screen, as well as the game mechanics. Since the city is so packed and the disk bandwidth of old-gen consoles is what it is, this is something that constantly challenged us.

>Q: Didn’t you test old-gen consoles to keep tabs on the experience?
<A: We did. As it turned out, our testing did not show many of the issues you experienced while playing the game. As we got closer to launch, we saw significant improvements each and every day, and we really believed we’d deliver in the final day zero update.

>Q: Why was there a gap between PC and console reviews?
<A: We started sending out PC review keys to start the review process in the first week of December. Come December 10th, launch day, we had a really good start with PC reviews, and while it’s not perfect, this is a version of the game we were, and still are, very proud of. When it comes to the review process for consoles, at the same time PC codes were sent out we were still working hard to improve the quality of the game on old-gen consoles. Every extra day that we worked on the day zero update brought visible improvement — that’s why we started sending console codes for reviews on the 8th December, which was later than we had planned.

>Q: What have you done since launch to make the game better?
<A: Our top priority since launch has been to fix bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. We have already released three hotfixes which have improved the game, but these are just the beginning.

>Q: What are you going to do going forward to fix Cyberpunk 2077?
<A: We are focused on fixing the bugs and crashes players are experiencing across every platform. You can expect more in the way of patches — both small and large — to be released regularly. The first update will drop in the next 10 days, and it will be followed by a larger, more significant update, in the weeks after. Our plans for supporting Cyberpunk 2077 in the long-term are unchanged, and we will continue to introduce updates and patches to give all players across all consoles and PCs a better experience with the game.

>Q: You have said there would be free DLC for the game in ‘early 2021’, will this be impacted by improvements?
<A: We’re still planning on releasing free DLC for the game, just like with The Witcher 3. However, we have decided that our priority is working on the most important fixes and updates. We will be releasing free DLC afterwards — we’ll have more to say about that in the coming months.

>Q: When can we expect the next-gen update for Cyberpunk 2077?
<A: For those who are playing the game on next-gen consoles via backwards compatibility, we are planning the free, next-gen update for Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox Series consoles, and PlayStation 5, this year. We’re aiming for the second half of the year and we’ll reveal more when we have more to share.

>Q: Are you making the team crunch to work on the patches? 
<A: The team is working to bring relevant fixes to the game without any obligatory overtime. Avoiding crunch on all of our future projects is one of our top priorities.

>Q: When is the game coming back to PlayStation Store? 
<A: We are working on fixes and updates, and are working with Sony to bring Cyberpunk 2077 back to PlayStation Store as soon as possible.

>Q: What is the status of the Help Me Refund initiative?
<A: The initiative is progressing according to plan and we just sent out the first wave of reimbursements.
Let's talk about the state of MMO's.Try to keep discussion centered around either free games, private servers, and open source projects for anon accessibility.

PSO2 NA dropped onto steam after its hilariously buggy microjew store launch. But on steam it's region locked to north americans and doesn't seem bypassable, whereas if you get it from the microjew store you can get it even as a euro as long as you switch your PC's region to NA.
Work on your game instead of arguing edition

>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:
>Previous bread: >>6917
I am proud to be a gamer.
Hello, my name is Vasily Kukushkin, I'm a Russian pixel artist. Sorry, blogpost incoming.

You may know me, I posted on 4cuck and 8kun about creating a NS game called "Der Sieg" about a year ago. It's a pixel art, top-down action rpg about the British Gestapo detective in the year of 1944, who fights against communist terrorists. The story takes place in London, which is occupied by Germany, since Reich is winning the war in game universe. Story revolves around investigation of an antifa terrorism in the city and slow progression of the main hero's values from just English patriotism to the White racialism, which should redpill the player. There is also some humour, a bit of romance and tragedy mixed in. The gameplay in idea should be something like a somewhat simplified fallout 1-2 game, with turn based combat, different weapons, which can be upgraded, a lot of redpills in the form of collectibles like alternative universe NS posters, musical records, newspapers and so on.

Der Sieg page on the Gab: 
gab dot com/Der_Sieg

I honestly tried to create the game in Gamemaker engine, several times with different approaches but since I have no programming skills, I failed. I've got to the point of having a working version with different enemies, working movement, weapons, music, menu, sounds and some settings, but basically all of it was done through video tutorials, so then I weren't able to move on. 

The year passed. Now I'm working on improving my drawing skills in order to draw "Der Sieg" in a form of a pixel art comic story, but the idea of a game still lives in me. It unironically would be faster to create a game, than to draw a comic in pixel art (and it would have a much better redpilling effect).

I have a complete story, a bunch of finished textures, ideas of game mechanics, thousands of sound effects, alternative universe ranging from 1940's to 1990's etc everything you need to create a game (or even a game series, because I have ideas for several stories set in different decades and in different countries, like 1960's America or 1980's Japan).

If anyone is interested in developing non-pozzed, redpilling anti-sjw game of a quality higher than "haha, nigger head goes BOOM" (Angry Goy was a good idea, IMHO, but it can be implemented  much better), please, contact to me on:
[email protected] dot com

Also, if you have any questions regarding "Der Sieg" - please, feel free to ask them via e-mail or this thread.

Best regards,
Ayy sup lads it's time for another EDF thread.
Two weeks ago I got myself a PSVita and got it setup for all that homebrew shit and installed EDF3 and EDF2 on it, and I was surprised on how fun EDF2 is I thought it will be the most junky game in the series but on contrary it's one of the most tightly designed EDF game in series and helped shape the series to what it is and there are many ideas that EDF5 took from it's predecessor, I think every EDF fun should atleast try this game out it's surprisingly fun.
His weapons are so fucking rad a fucking Sword with a Force Field that goes throught enemies, a motherfucking hammer that delets waves of bugs, a spear that POPS forgs heads and the Heavy cannons that goes like CLINK every shot it's a think of beauty.

A new game from the EDF mainline series has been announced, EDF6 is set in after the events of EDF5, EDF6 is set to release in 2021
And in other news developers of Iron Rain are making a new EDF spinoff called EDF:World Brother it's going to be released in 2021 for Switch and PS4

>What's your favorite game
EDF5 again but EDF2 is a close second now
>What's your favorite line
>What's your favorite weapon
Shotguns were my favorite but now that NCS cannon is the best gun in any videogame ever just because of it sound
>What's you favorite class
Still the Ranger even though I praised the Fencer I just like being that normal foot-soldier who save the day
>I want to play Online with anons
With Steam
Just extract these files and open steam to play online
There's a nosteam file one but I don't have and it requires more setting up the steamworkfix is easier but requires steam.
Without Steam
Get this first
To connect to eachother we use the Goldberg Emulator.
Download it here: If you want the full emulator, but all the files for windows are included in the posted "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.pdf"
The setup for this game is really just setting up this steam emulator.
>Unpack the downloaded emulator (Goldberg_Lan_Steam_Emu_master--5c41ba02) into a random directory or rename the image from "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.pdf" to "EDF5_GOLDBERG_FILES.7z" and open in 7-zip.
>Put the steam_api64.dll from the goldberg folder (or "EDF5 GOLDBERG FILES.7z") into the EDF game's directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Earth Defense Force 5)
The steam_api64.dll file is the emulator.
Save the attached image (EDF5 Files.jpg) and rename to (*.z7) to get the preconfigured text files.
>Unpack "steam_settings" into the EDF5 directory
Now you should have C:\Program Files (x86)\Earth Defense Force 5\steam_settings with 3 files inside: custom_broadcasts.txt, DLC.txt, and steam_appid.txt
>custom_broadcasts.txt is where you put the IP of whoever is hosting. you can list multiple IPs.
>Once finished load the game and close it. This will create a directory with some files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves
>In there should be a folder called "settings" that contains 4 files: account_name.txt, language.txt, listen_port.txt, and user_steam_id.txt
>account_name.txt is what your steam name will appear as.
>listen_port.txt is what port you want goldberg to use. It is best to use the default.
>user_steam_id.txt is where you put your steam64 ID (Leave blank and goldberg will assign you a random one)
>If you'd like to use a specific account for example if you want to maintain progress from your actual steam account, put the Steam64ID# in this file. 
>If you'd like to use a seperate steam account for this game vs other goldberg games you may have you can create a folder next to the "settings" folder called "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\1007040" and put a user_steam_id.txt with a different account number in this folder. The emulator will read this folder first. consider the files in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\settings" to be global for any game you use goldberg with.

If you want to host a game post your IP ITT and people can add it to their custom_broadcasts.txt file and connect to you.

I have included the fixed EXE that allows uncensored chat and an increased character limit.

All players (except potentially 1 per lobby) must have the goldberg port forwarded for both TCP and UDP in order to connect properly.
There is also a zerotier option if this method causes issue for you that would let you play with nosteam people without port forwarding
What's this all about?
Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
To quote one of Showdown's mods...
>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers
>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members
>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked
>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?
After the current champ calls "new champ", the first anon to claim the title is our champ. He uses the first six legal Pokémon suggested after his claim as his team. Champ can also call "new team" when the old one became stale (rule of thumb: 40-60 minutes). Champ plays in National Dex unless specified otherwise.
Absolutely no experience is necessary and everything is done in-browser.

1. Champ can't forfeit, intentionally throw a match, or timer stall.
2. Champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed. If the sugg didn't have a name, champ makes one up.
4. Don't suggest twice, unless your last sugg was 15 minutes ago or champ explicitly asked for resuggs.
5. Champ should replace resuggs with fresh suggestions that come in later.
6. Don't spam the catalog with threads.

Pokémon Showdown! BETA:
Premade mons for Gen 8:
Premade mons for National Dex:
How to make a shitmon:
OP copypasta:
>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Some people in the other Libbie thread (>>13354) had thought it would be fun to make our own game with her, since she's an open source character.  A bit of rudimentary planning later, and here we are.

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>furfags reee

>you're doomed
We have an artist, a writer, a fairly simple coding language, and a clear goal.  I think our chances are pretty good, all things considered.

>what do you have so far?
Premise/character summary will be in the following posts.
Space Station 13: Stalkan "I was forced to post this on two boards by someone else" Edition

>What in the fuck is this?
An attempt to get you to play spessmans in a STALKER themed environment, faggot.
>STALKER themed environment?
Basically the server runs a codebase that uses STALKER as it's basis, mutants, anomalies, blowouts and all.
>How play, asshole?
Download BYOND here and make an account, negroid:
Enter IP from the pager(the thing you download to get BYOND working, retard): byond://
Play on server, fuckhead.
>Oh god there's no tasers?
You're right, there's makarovs and lots of fucking bullets to go around!
>ok how get fancy rifle
Find Artifacts, don't die to fucking anomalies, sell shit off those who DID die to fucking anomalies, Sign into your PDA and password it ORIGINALLY to get money.

Also any discussion about SS13 in general should be allowed unless the badmin is a nigger nigger nigger.
Talk about fighting games you like and call other people noobs.

>What have you been playing recently?  Try any new games?
>How have you been enduring the netplay apocalypse that was 2020?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character?
>Are there any series you want to return from the dead?
Or should I say "cozzzy"?. There hasn't been a draw thread since zchan, so let's change that.

Thread making resources + the OP can be found here:!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ
||If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread.||

Books and Tutorials
Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated.

Helpful Resources
Learn fundamentals with excercises:
8Chan Art Wiki:
Online poses with timer:
HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide:
Drawfag resources:

Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube
ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs
Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist
CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials
FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students
Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork
Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting
Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting

Booru and Delivery Archive (Retiring this booru because the owner is fucking dead) (Superior new booru)

Tips for a healthier Drawthread
>Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders ||You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar.||
>Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt.
>If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice.
>Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard!
>If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you.
>Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them.

These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general.
This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them.
Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery.
Since the other thread hit reply limit, here goes another one.

Vintage Story

>What is it?
It's a Minecraft knockoff that aims to crank up the autism and slow down the pace. If you've played Terrafirmacraft, this takes direct inspiration from that mod.

>Why not minecraft?
This game has several advantages over minecraft: 
1.) It doesn't run like absolute shit.
2.) Built from the ground up with modding in mind. Adding mods is stupid easy and making them is too. 
3.) Built with survival and "realism" in mind. Seasons affect crops, you have to balance your nutritional intake, livestock take generations to domesticate, etc.
4.) Focused on mechanical power instead of redstone. Get dat windmill boi.
5.)Much better building, you can carve stone and wood into literally any shape you want.
6.) Much more world interaction. You actually chip rock away to form stone tools, you hammer metal into shapes to smith items, you form clay on the ground in front of you before firing it, etc.
And probably more.

>Gib Torrent
>OR for those who don't want to waste time registering on the slav forums:

>Is there a server?
Name: ZZZ House of Horrors
Password: pasta
Current modpack (required):

Currently on the agenda, Anon wanted to make a cooking mod with anyone who wanted to help.

Medieval Expansion

That one mod I mentioned here: >>31219
Travelling Merchants
Simple Elevators (adds short-range teleporters made with temporal gears, up to 128 blocks)
Skyguard - More Large Ruins
Acorns (Be sure to change which version of BerryBread you're using if you pick this up)
Currency lol not really

For all your UFO and USO defense needs. Nu-xcom also welcome, but I can't guarantee you wont be bullied. I've started a few games of UFO defense on Superhuman after not playing for awhile and I am getting my ass kicked. Downed UFOs and terror missions are not a problem but if I get one Base Defense Mission it's always against sectoids with at least one commander and a ton of terror discs. It may be coincidence, but the UFOs also seem to runaway a lot more on higher difficulties than on beginner or veteran. 

I also want to know what mods you are playing, currently playing with, or would recommend. I tried using Final Mod Pack from the openxcom site, but it changes too much for me to be playing it superhuman right out of the gate. I am using mods that add new spaceships, and terror maps. Hopefully that will spice things up. I am sick of the large scout ufo that the aliens play run through door, then back again and out other side. I guess that's what proximity grenades are used for. I am terrible at the game, but I still love it.
Since I consider this a substantial portion of the hobby, I think it's only suitable for us to have a thread about video editing and sharing.
Now I'm no pro at cutting and pasting shit, but I do have some experience with this stuff, so I'll be sharing whatever little knowledge I have with the rest of you. Secondly, I will use this thread to announce any of my possible streams I (or anyone else might) do, because I legitimately don't like to flaunt my stream links on different threads, always feels like I'm namefagging or something to that effect.
Speaking off effects, I highly recommend any aspiring video artists (read: newfags) of video editing software to focus on everything OTHER than effects. This a rabbit hole that will take you to the deepest street shitting corners of youtube and general web if you wish to learn what is possible with proper knowledge of these fiddly beasts. For now just repeat the old mantra Less is More. You've still got intros, timing, cuts, length and a shitload of other things to worry about. Don't lose the forest for the trees.
>Which program should I use?
The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. They both function mostly the same, but from my experience Vegas is a tad less RAM hungry. Pics related are the keyboard shortcuts for each, you will learn to both love and hate them Redo is bound to Ctrl+Shift+Z in Premiere instead of the classic Ctrl+Y. It should also be mentioned that if you  wish to render any videos you're edited in Adobe Premiere, you'll also need to install Adobe Media Encoder of the same generation (if you're using Premiere 2017 CC, you better install Media Encoder 2017 CC as well, 2019 might not gel).
There are loads of other video editing programs, but I can't say I've tried any, so I have no real say on which are better or worse. All I know if I once installed a program called Nuke which was said to have been used in professional movie editing process and I couldn't even import a single video file. 
If you only need to make a simple cut or re-encoding of a video into a webm, then I suggest you use a simpler solution like StaxRip or get your hands dirty with ffmpeg itself in the command prompt.
FRIIIIIIIIDAYNIGHTand saturday and sunday

We're having a game night this Friday. Usually I'd just shut the fuck up and post a TF2V thread since it's been forever since anyone has played some good and proper TF2 (fuck you Valve) and it's possible to server config all the bullshit out of it. However, NEOTOKYO is also a really great pick and some anon was also offering to host DOOM multiplayer. So, out of courtesy to anons of many different cultures and tastes, YOU pick WHAT gets hosted.

'To be ABSOLUTELY and PERFECTLY clear, this is NOT another "haha everyone seems to like X but nobody will host it what a shame" poll that happens every single fucking time in these kinds of threads.' Either I will host a game that wins the vote this weekend or one of the (probably non-existent) volunteers will. If something happens to the plan to host it on my side (emergency, etc) you will hear it in advance. - poll here

After the shitshow of Deus Ex gamenight which I didn't join sadly I'm bit interested in playing this game, yes I never played Deus Ex but I plan to do that right now.
This game was always interesting to me because of it's story, it's world and it's freeform gameplay mechanics, so should I start vanilla or is there some mods that can "augment" :^) the experience like graphic mods or something like that ?
No share thread? Let's fix that.

Previous Thread: I don't have the last zchan archive 

How to Contribute
Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue.
If you do not have you own account: tough shit because the public account is busted.

Anons have experienced shady shit with IGG (e.g. miners and extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games) and they're from Vietnam

We prefer danknet magnet links, not that garbage clearnet shit like bittorrents & IPFS.
Read a book or something if you want to catch up
Save EVERYTHING >>>/eternalarchive/

>Bypassing Mega's bandwith quota
MegaDownloader + or mega-dl (megatools) and a proxy

Guide to a Happy Share Thread

1. Before requesting, search online and even use distributed search engines (e.g. InfraSearch, Opencola, YaCy, FAROO).
2. Look in CheckBeforePosting, the archives, and volafile.
3. If a password is required check the archives, especially the source thread if it's listed.
4. Be as specific as possible. If you have the cover art of the file you want, post it in both the share thread and in vola room.
5. Links to files will purposely be misleading by having spaces, lines, keys & passwords split in the post. This includes torrent hashes.
	a. If you see a string of characters (e.g. c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a) with or without dashes, it is a magnet link.
	b. If your bittorrent is shit, prepend magnet:?xt=urn:btih: to the string.
	c. Find and Replace (sed/tr/awk) is your friend.

1. When in doubt, upload. Ask questions later.
2. Upload to at least 5 alternative sources and keep a local copy if space permits.
3. Use a URL shortener (spaced or split), base64 encryption, and/or paste relinks (e.g. on file links to confuse bots.
4. Encrypt your uploads with a password, key, or generator. Rename the files something random, even their checksums. Maybe even pad files to the nearest GB or so to confuse bots.
5. If your connection is stable, it is extremely advisable to self host using anonymity tools like Freenet, I2P, Gnunet, distributed NNTP or MixMinion/Mixmaster.

1. Before uploading a batch of miscellaneous files (e.g images and music), be sure they are unique enough to stand on their own and that you ask for the majority's consensus whether to upload the files individually.
2. Upload 5 files and then zip the rest if the dump is larger then 6-7 files. Music Albums exceeding 5 files are to be zipped.
3. When uploading .torrent, either add them to the a zip of the game or just don’t upload those misc files. Properly label files so that they can be identified without asking someone else.
4. For lewd stuff with filenames like RJ74765, either add a .txt linking to the contents on a website or just add the title to the .txt (e.g. "BIG BOOTY WOMEN SIT ON SHOTA FACE (RJ34734)").
5. You can filter files by file type (.txt, .rar, etc) or search the file list with the bar hidden by the filter files button.
	a. When in doubt, archive as a single [or split if too large], then upload.
Last night there was a leak of the Nintendo Switch SDK as well as some internal documents detailing the Nintendo Product and Cyber Security Groups response to the 3ds homebrew hacks and what to do about the hackers.
>They watched the 32c3 conference and took screenshots
>Nintendo tries to get whitehat hackers to sell out to them in exchange for prototype hardware
>Nintendo hired a private investigator and conducted surveillance on one of the hackers, Neimod
>This operation had a fucking codename, Belgian Waffle
>Nintendo monitored the IRCs Neimod frequents (just the one related to the 3DS)
>Had a team positioned in a cafe across from his home
Nintendo Ninjas are real
Last one's on page 8, but it's beyond the bump limit.
This came up in another thread and it made me realize something that I really miss about the 6th gen, especially with Japanese games: the games tended to have very clean, focused art styles because the consoles could render 3D graphics but not too many different objects at the same time.  The end result was that many games had very clean art styles where the important things like characters and enemies were immediate and obvious at all times.

There were dirty games too, naturally, but I personally adore the clean look that many Gamecube/Nintendo games seemed to have.  It was really pleasant and very easy to look at for extended periods of time.  The Wind Waker HD is a famous example of modern graphical trends like bloom intruding upon a good art style, but I'm just using it as a point of comparison rather than an excuse to talk about how awful the industry is these days.

Anyway, feel free to share video footage or screenshots.  I'm cheating a bit with the ones I used here since they were taken from emulators (and I just took them from YouTube videos, which further degrades the quality), but I think it's a fair comparison to show games like this holding up at modern resolutions.  There are games that release these days with so much chromatic aberration, bloom, film grain, and other visual noise that they'll never look good.
Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
So I know that this is a retarded idea for a thread, but what's the thing with Rayman games?
Why the fuck do I keep enjoying Rayman 3 despite of it's age? Why the fuck hasn't ubishit released Rayman 4 yet? 
Also did you know that originaly ubisoft was called ubi soft?
Itt: talk about Rayman games.
Fuck I'm sad now. Are there ANY good looking giant robot games coming out? I know there was one but it was weighted back by ice cream eating and some other junk. I considered getting it cheap at some point.
For stuff that has been around there is megamek, a game where you can impregnate your female enemies you capture after the fights and then let them go create a merc company and play the game based on the battletech tabletop rules. Its contains a lot of stuff and can be pretty fun.Do not confuse this with Battletech the game that came out not to long ago. Megamek is a fan project. 
I also heard something about mektek turning their mechwarror 4 MP servers back on when no one was looking so thats neat.Living legends is still live and has gotten some new mechs and tanks recently too.
As for what I have been playing I've been doing Armored Core Nexus again. I would like to work up to the Last Raven, I hear its ball bustingly hard so it should be fun. 
What have you been playing anons?
I saw a game recently that was so ugly that I felt it harmed me on a spiritual level.  The aesthetic is essentially the kind of iPhone flat design you see in every piece of faggot-developed software these days.  It's honestly kind of impressive that the devs managed to make it look this way, but it's so painful to behold that I think it does more harm than good.  I watched a summary of the bosses and cutscenes on YouTube and took some screenshots, and that was all I could bear; I can't fathom actually exposing my eyeballs to this for hours.
>literal cryptocoin boss that calls people "normies"
>literal emoji boss that uses an iPhone and has a dakimakura in his boss room and calls people "NPCs"
>your notifications about new items and quests look like iPhone messages
>there isn't any shading or texture in the entire game
>all the music is the same kind of hollow, synthetic noise with just enough popping sounds to lull people into thinking it means anything

Are there any games you've encountered where the visual style is so grating that it wounds your soul?  I want to see games that are monuments to ugliness.
Which of the games have you anons been playing? There hasn't been much news recently aside from the 25th anniversary announcements, the confirmation of how we're getting new aircraft, and the official Ace Combat youtube channel posting big juicy pieces of lore that nobody understands because it's all in Nipponese. There is a 25 page Famitsu article that was made just for the anniversary and was translated by some autists, which can be found here in parts:
The article goes into detail about different aspects of the series from its appeal to fans, unique aspects of each game, and the histoy of its development.

What is Ace Combat?

Ace Combat is a series of arcade-y dogfighting sims where you pilot a multitude of fictional and real planes in various conflicts in the alternate world of Strangereal. This game isn't like other flight sims such as DCS world or EF2000, in that it doesn't strive for an absurd amount of realism in its flight model. Instead, Ace Combat is all about fun. You will unleash hundreds of missiles, shoop da whoop your lasers, and execute absurdly high G turns. It is a series known for its anime plotlines, giant superweapons, amazing music, and gameplay that never gets old. So get out there and make Belka proud.
Lucasfilm Games is back (sort of). EA will no longer have exclusive licensing rights for the Star Wars games, so we are back to an assortment of companies being able to make games with the Star Wars and Lucasfilm licenses. They've also announced some new games that are in development:

MachineGames Indiana Jones Game
>Lucasfilm Games announced today that a new Indiana Jones game will be swinging our way, being developed by the award-winning studio, MachineGames, and executive produced by game industry icon Todd Howard of Bethesda Games Studios. The game will tell a wholly original, standalone tale set at the height of the career of the famed adventurer.

Ubisoft Open-World Star Wars Game
>Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft are collaborating on a new story-driven, open-world Star Wars game. It’s a genre long-requested by fans, and will come to life via Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft’s critically-acclaimed studio based in Malmö, Sweden.

Future EA Games
>Electronic Arts will too play a big role in the future of Star Wars gaming. While we may not have a lot of details to share at the moment, we’ve got a number of projects underway with the talented teams at EA.”
What are you playing? I want to finish my playthrough of Sengoku Rance before formatting my disk, after that might play Black Souls or start Sequel series, any recs?
No more uggos edition.

Rise was announced for the bing bing wahoo machine but it didn't say it was an exclusive so it may head to other consoles at some point, or not but switch emulation is a thing so who cares. Obvious changes are that you get an odd grapple that lets you jump around, might be cool. Also the handlers are qts but its not like there was a really big bar to pass. Also you get a dog and I'm sure there is porn of it fucking a huntress already somewhere on the internet. All in all looks like sort of a return to form with some notes taken from world.
World has some shit being announced at some point, probably another elder dragon and some speculate its Fatalis, guess we will find out. 

Anons occasionally get together to play p3rd but I'm sure some could get together to play 4u and the other games. I would like to see that again because it was pretty fun. 
So anons whats your favorite 
DE DA De Da de da de da... de da
Includes Bullet hells, Cute 'em ups and Rail shooters.
I'm looking for recommendations. Anything you been playing?
I've been playan Gunbird, Galaga and some 2hu. Comfy as fuck.
>Last of Us Part 2 wins Game of the Year
>Cyberpunk 2077 has gone through a media blitz of accusations of transphobia
>The Gamergate Thread Repository has been updated
>Capcom considering going woke
>Cover, the company behind Hololive, suspended Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato for 3 weeks over mentioning Taiwan, which makes the CCP mad
>13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim localization rewrites character to be "non-binary"
>How Cuties Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash: 
>Kotaku UK and Gizmodo UK close down as Future Publishing licenses lapse
>Gamergate is now 6 years old
>343 Industries removes police sirens nameplate from Halo 3: ODST, VG24/7 calls people who disagree "alt-right"
>Zchan replacement from z/v/ volunteer launches at
>WOTC to censor depictions of D&D orcs and drow, "correct" reprints of 5th edition books, hire more "diverse talent", and incorporate "sensitivity readers" into creative process
>Possible explanation of Sony's censorship
>Journos make up "patronizing comments onslaught" story about old grandmother, get corrected by said grandmother herself:
>Twitch launches new "Twitch Safety Advisory Council" filled with SJW organizations and individuals. SJW transgender trans-deer council member cries harassment as backlash erupts from Twitch viewers/streamers and Reddit's /r/livestreamfail.
>EA promotes "No Pixels For Fascists" and "Good Gaming - Well Played Democracy" projects in German blog post, one of them headed by former Stasi informant
>Sony DMCA'd

Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources:

Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process:
Japanese blog post about it:
Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids
-Confirms censorship was deliberate
-No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case
-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy
•Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.
•Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well.

A. Support! Accountability needs proof:
B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices
C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc.
D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc.

Reminders (important, READ THESE!):
•Use to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later
•Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags
•Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests:
•Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies:

>Summaries of #GamerGate: - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics
• - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds
• - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address
>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:
•The #GamerGate Dossier:
•#GamerGate Wiki:
•History of #GamerGate:
•View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!

•GG Steam Support & Boycott List:
•Key GamerGate Hubs: (Needs updating)
>Thread Repository:

>Full OP Text:

>How Can I Help?
•All OPs:
•OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating:
•An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics:

>Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?
As said in >>29896 new major Nintendo leaks have dropped as a Christmas gift. A prototype build of Let's Go Eevee and the NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code are the first things to leak.
SHA256: 6D9898FABEE8640B4E49A82AE059ED184711B7412CE0AEEB898BE084E57A6E48

SHA256: 6D9898FABEE8640B4E49A82AE059ED184711B7412CE0AEEB898BE084E57A6E48

If you are interested in the previous Nintendo leaks of the past year and beyond, refer to >>29909
This console turned 26 recently.  So, anon, what are some of your favorite PS1 games? Have you been playing any of them recently?
To this day there still a ton of games from this console I have yet to finish. It had an amazing catalog. To list a few of the games that made this console what it is: the Crash Bandicoot trilogy and CTR, the Spyro trilogy, Medievil 1 and 2, the Twisted Metal games, RE 1, 2 and 3, Silent Hill, SotN, Klonoa, Tomba 1 and 2, Jumping Flash 1 and 2, MGS, FF 7,8 and 9, the Tomb Raider games, Tekken 3, Pepsiman and so many others. Are there any not so well known games from this console that you recommend?
 Starts at 7PM PST/10PM EST  
It's a late night Jackbox stream with /v/! Head over to to watch the stream and join the game with a room code at or go to for Use Your Words

What's the Jackbox Party Packs?
The Jackbox Party Packs are games in which you can play with 
people in a single room or stream them live with others around the world. They can range to coming up with witty punchlines and jokes in Quiplash, creating strange T-shirts in TeeKO or wondering what the prompt is in Drawful!
Anyone else been playing this? It recently came out of early access. I'm not the only one who still waits until games are finished before playing them right? It's a "roguelite", but it's very different from other games supposedly in the same genre. It's very sandbox-style in comparison, and a single run can easily take many hours if you're not rushing.

I thought the game would have nothing beyond the pixel gimmick, but it's surprisingly big in scale and there's a lot of ways they used the pixel mechanic, there's tons of secrets to find and exploration to do. I've probably played for hundreds of hours but I still keep finding new ways to use some spell components and there's places I haven't gone to yet, there's even tons of spells I haven't discovered (there's an ingame database that gets filled when you use new spells). There's a lot of different ways to approach different situations due to the sandbox nature of the game, and you'll keep finding new ways to do/use different things for example it seems like you can only heal between levels, but there's actually several ways to manage healing with different variations on how to approach them.

It's a very technically impressive game, the main selling point is that every pixel has it's own properties and is simulated as liquids/solids/gases and they have different reactions with one another, and the game lives up to that. The game can simulate much more than a screen's worth of stuff at once and it never seems to struggle to do it on my computer, the only time it slows down is when I make certain kinds of broken wands with special effects that fill the room with particles. The game starts up and makes a new map in only a couple seconds and can completely save the state of the game and world so you can continue later. The world gen is also pretty impressive, there's a lot of detail in it unlike anything I've seen in a procedurally generated game, I assume it's because they can just take graphics and place/rotate/transform them arbitrarily without having to care about grid boundaries.

I highly recommend playing with as few spoilers as possible since it's very fun to find new things and discover how the game and world works. And then go "wtf" when you finally look at the wiki and realize the secrets go several layers deeper and there's still a ton of interactions you missed.
One of my favorites genres of videogames. While it had a hiatus for a long while, titles of this genre still pop up once in a while. Not as much as before but It's still nice to see it every so often. What are some of your favorites?
To mention a few of mine:
>Rocket Knight Adventures
>Mischief Makers
>Earthworm Jim
>SMB 1 through world and Yoshi's Island
>The Contra games
>The Castlevania games
>Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2
>Commander Keen
>Streets of Rage
>DKC Trilogy
>The Megaman and Megaman X games
And so many more.
What have you been playing?
I've been playing some Captain Forever Remix, some Rogue Squadron II and maybe will play some classic Battlefront 2 later. I'm also thinking of playing Dead Space.
Speaking of soy wars. Is Force Unleashed worth playing?
Whatever happened to No Man's Sky?
What are you playing?
Emulating or real hardware?
Also what are some of your favorite games?

I've been playing the Sly trilogy and twinkle star sprites. Maybe Crash 4 next.
Didn't see one in the catalog, and I feel like it didn't fit in the Strategy thread.
Last one I played was Citystate, and while I thought it was pretty interesting I couldn't really get too into it.
Was Tropico 6 any good? I remember having good experiences with 4 and 5 (haven't played 3) and have been itching to pick one of those up recently.
Either because it kicked your ass, you got bored or because you are too retarded to beat it.
I mean, how many of you fucking casuals have even beaten Mike Tyson? or finished Contra or Castlevania?
We all love fighting and we all love games, so let's combine the two.

>What have you been playing recently?  Try any new games?
>Has your local scene collapsed due to corona-chan or do you still netplay?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character, either for aesthetics or gameplay?
>Are there any series you want to return from the dead?
I've been playing tactical shooters privately with a few anons for over a year now though other channels and figured it's time to generate some of that interest again. We used to regularly run SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six 3 semi-regularly in a non-gamenight capacity over on julay, but that dissolved after the board got nuked. Anyways, I just wanted to talk about an effectively dead genre after Ready or Not's embarrassing flameout. Here's my experience with a few of them so far

>best campaign and maps
>AI is serviceable
>you get to bring AI friends in multiplayer
>not completely dead mod support
>honestly, we should probably play this
<limited weapon variety
<multiplayer setup is a hassle, requires 3rd party software, and I haven't even personally confirmed it works

Raven Shield
>best tactical shooter ever made
>widest variety of weapons
>diverse level design because it's not just set in LA
>best gameplay, with variable leaning and door/window opening control
>decent mod support that adds snake cams, improved AI, and penetration
>you get to bring AI friends in multiplayer
>definitely the friendliest to planning and coordination as it includes a map you can draw on
>single-player campaign is pretty fun, featuring a planning section where you plot the AI's route
<but they're bad
<AI can be pretty fucking brutal, the vanilla reaction time was set at 0ms just for reference
<health and loadout system are very limited because each operative is supposed to be a specialist
<pretty much all the custom maps are garbage
<single-player campaign is a pain in the ass because you have to plan absolutely everything in advanced and they never patched some of the bugs
<leaves a lot to be desired

>decent weapon variety, including non-lethal weapons which aren't realistic
>AI, especially modded, is pretty good.
>SEF 7 recently came out and added more features and weapon variety
>a command interface that will save you from using chat all the time
<no AI friends in multiplayer
<lacking in some of the gameplay and variety present in Raven Shield
<maps are the least interesting

SWAT 3 and 4 are easy enough to find because they're on GOG, but Raven Shield is on Uplay and Steam. I'm working on finding the upload for it because I know it's floating around somewhere.
This community is splintered to all fuck, theres like 10 /v/s with each only having 10-30 members, we need to get everyone together on one site. It doesnt have to be here, but somewhere. So we can atleast have a proper board of 100-200 members. The way shits going now is retarded and just causes each /v/ to be extremely inactive.
>What is Thrive?
Thrive is littelary a free open-source beta Spore, but it's trying to be more of a half-sim then anything. 
The game is curently  and it will be mostlikely forever in development.
While they do have ((((patreon)))) but as far as I know the development is actually faster then before. They are sadly still on the first stage. 
You can download it through here 
But I would rather wait, because today is a new version coming out
Also you can check the devforum if you want
And also their main site
Inb4 >shill

Also I'm not sure if I should also make an Open-source thread and if I should talk about Thrive there?
I fucked the last one so here you have an another one. Feel free to discuss about strategy games.
Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Tae Kim's grammar:

Other Resources
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

Kana Invaders:
Space Invaders/Galaga style clone. Type the romaji to shoot the kana alien

Simply plug the character in and instantly get a stroke order diagram
Type in a word or phrase to hear a native speaker's pronunciation

Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese:
Great introduction to Nipponese, you can start here to learn basic grammar and vocabulary

Learn Kanji by using mnemonics and radicals

Mainichi browser extension:
Learn a new vocabulary word every time you open a new tab

Learn Nipponese by playing games (requires registration) 


>Alright I've got everything set up, now what?

Fucking LEARN, you bitch. Learn the Kana first, then move on to grammar and vocabulary. I don't have all the fucking answers, I'm just the OP. Maybe you can ask for help in this thread, but who knows if you'll find any worthwhile feedback amidst the shitposting. Honestly you should be able to figure most shit out on your own.
No matter if it's concept art or something like that, share a game that spawned great looking artwork.
My favorites ones are the Castlevania, Panzer Dragoon and Ikaruga.
These games have one the coolest looking shit ever and look so god damn beautiful, there are many series that have amazing artwork and shit like that but these are my favorites.
I hope you casuals aren't playing Ace Combat or Project Wingman, but if you are then check out >>557.

Where do I begin?
Start of with something easier like FSX. While it isn't the most accurate simulator, it's a good place to start with its tutorials that will give you a basic understanding of aerodynamics and flying civilian and commercial aircraft. You'll be wanting to buy at least a joystick for it, as well. After some experience there, you can decide on how you want to proceed with commercial aircraft or moving onto combat sims which will require more extensive study. 

Commercial Aircraft
>X-Plane 11
>FlightGear (FOSS) 
>Microsoft Flight :^)

>Falcon 4.0
>BMS (extensive Falcon 4.0 mod)
>IL-2 Sturmovik series
>Rise of Flight
>MiG Alley
>Jane's series
>Enemy Engaged Apache vs Havoc & Comanche vs Hokum (helicopters)
>GNU ACM :^))))))))))

Space Flight
The only arguable part about Mega Man X getting worse with every game is that X2 might be a bit better than X1 (X1 had overly obtuse hidden items, while X2 had ones that were middle finger levels of precise, X1 didn't really let you choose the boss order because Chill Penguin first is essentially mandatory).

On the flip side, the only thing I can think of is the Tony Hawk games. 1, 2, 3, 4 and Underground are largely straight upgrades to the last.
I'm back faggots.What are you playing? Are you enjoying it? Would you reccomend it?
I'm playing the Torna Dlc for Xenoblade Chronicles 2,it gives an enjoyable spin to the combat from the original so i'm enjoying it,if you want to know more about the Aegis war you should play it.
I reinstalled Titanfall 2 a few days ago after being reminded of it in a thread here and I've been swimming in endorphins ever since.  The experience of going fast, shooting people, piloting mechs, and being free of most CY+5 AAA bullshit was refreshing.  I also started replaying the campaign and I've been having a surprisingly good time with that, too.

>the fuck is titanfall?
It's like CoD if you ripped out 90% of CoD's garbage game design and replaced it with giant robots, rocket launchers, and a naked lust for speed.  Possibly the best FPS of the last decade and one of the few EA games that isn't made for FIFA niggers and soy golems.

>why the fuck should i care?
EA released it on Steam earlier this year, and that brought a huge influx of new players.  After Apex Legends confirmed the series had been killed in favour of Battle Royale trend-chasing last year, the infusion of new blood and attention has been a much-needed note of optimism.

>doesn't this game require Origin?
Yeah, it's pretty faggy.  Even if you buy it through Steam, you still need to have a stripped down version of the Origin launcher in the directory (and I believe you'll need an Origin account, similar to how Ubisoft's Uplay DRM works).  Origin isn't active malware that will commandeer your PC's resources to become part of a botnet anymore, but saying "all it does is uniquely identify your hardware and cross-reference it with other data" isn't much better.  You can get around giving EA money by using a key reseller, but Origin is the real price to pay.

Anyway, let's talk about Titanfall and maybe post some gameplay clips or something.
>favourite guns
>favourite titans
>favourite maps
>favourite game modes
>cool things you've done
2 weeks ago, the vita turned 9 years old. A fun little handheld that didn't reach its full potential due to so many terrible decisions. Fortunately homebrew development is still very active and will only get better. So without further ado:
And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread:
Previous previous thread:
Other previous threads:

First-time buyer's FAQ:
Upcoming game releases:
Recent game releases:
Game list (filterable):
8chan game recommendations:

Vita hacking:
Vita homebrew/plug-ins:
Vita game mods:

Lastest news:
>Port of AvP Classic 2000
>Standalone N64 emulator without the need of Adrenaline
>GTA III port
>Some upcoming releases
Habroxia 2, UnMetal, Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story and Heart Forth, Alicia
Fuck it, we're starting from scratch

Which game are you playing?
What race?
Combat, Magic or Stealth?
Which birthsign is the worst?
>We’re not off to a great start for 2021 in regards to delistings. It seems that beginning on January 1st, Nintendo of America delisted the majority of DSi titles that were only available through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. I’ve gone through the DSi category of the eShop and found that out of 448 titles displayed over 250 of them have been delisted. Some of these were pulled previously, with their store pages left behind, but the majority disappeared just a few days ago.

>To be clear, this mass delisting has only affected North America (including Canada) so far. I’ve checked the European eShop and all 406 DSi titles are still available while others have confirmed that the same is true for DSi titles on the Japanese eShop. The cutoff for delistings seems to be mid-May of 2011 as any games older than that are gone. However, there are a handful of older titles that are still available in North America, either by oversight or exemption:
<Art Academy: First Semester – Sept 2009
<Art Academy: Second Semester – Sept 2009
<Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr – April 2010
<Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon – Oct 2009
<Sudoku (Electronic Arts) – Oct 2009
Comfy winter edition

What have you been emulating recently? 
Anything you're looking for help in setting up an emulator?
Wondering what emulator to use to run your SNES games? Hint its not fucking ZSNES
>What is this?
An exceptionally shitty RPGMaker game made by a Tumblrista.

>Then why should I care?
It's been a semi-annual tradition to stream since 2015 on 8chan and the regular who does so is MIA, so I'm picking up the reins for this one. If you're new, you may want to catch some of it because it's quite a ride.

>When does it start?
6pm EST tomorrow and continuing throughout the week. It was supposed to start today but I had unforeseen issues.

>Why is your OP so low effort?
All my effort went into setting it up. Also, if anyone knows how to get rid of the fucking overflow in the embed I would greatly  appreciate it.
Anyone still play this game? I finally got it after eyeing it for months, and I've been hooked recently. It reminds me of Rimworld but with more exploration.

Here's my little base so far, and some random NPC bullying a bandit.
Or more like its losing support. You can still use a standalone player, I think I saw an open source one floating around. 
Anyway, what are you favorite flash games anon and do you think there will be anything to replace it?
I know stinkoman just released its final level but I figured flash leaving is good enough to have its own thread. 
I have a bunch of flash games saved, did you save your favorites anon?
Monkey's Paw Edition
What we know so far:

Bad news:
>Unreal Engine 4
>The entire trailer and all the screenshots were in-engine, but not in-game. So everything was pre-rendered and then edited. Actual game won't look anywhere near this good
>XBAWX launch, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is not a PC-focused anymore
>Sergei is still leading the project
>Nobody knows when the game will release, 2021 was confirmed to be a meme

Good news:
>Dmitriy Iassenev, the guy who created A-Life, has returned to GSC and is part of the dev team

That's all we know so far. So let's talk about mods instead. What are you playan?

And to celebrate, there's going to be some major announcement. Is it going to be FedEx Simulator for PS5? Quiet DLC for Death Stranding? Silent Hills? Will Kojima finally land the film deal he's been gunning for throughout his entire career as a video game director? Does anyone care anymore?
Everything prior to the 2000s.
What have you been playing?
I've been playan some arcade games like Super Hang-On, Space Harrier and Splatterhouse. I like to listen to 16-bit covers of metal songs while playing them. Pretty fun.
I'm also thinking of playing some comfy turn-based rpgs later. Maybe the mana games.
Maybe revisit the DKC trilogy or the Castlevania games or the Metal Slug games. So many good games dammit.

Original game was notoriously unfinished. Trailer confirms that at least some of the game's loads of cut content, including the Fuse/Hughes scenerio, is being included.

Welcome back to another installment of! Sketchful gamenights will be coordinated here. 

>What is this?
It's pictionary on your browser. 

>How do I play?
I'll schedule times we'll be playing this and when the time comes, I'll drop a link. Follow the link and you'll be taken to the private lobby for this game. Only certain browsers work according to some anon experiences. Pale Meme has trouble but most chromium browsers will work, as will IE and Opera. 

>What's the deal?
This will be pictionary but with video game words only. There may be a very few number of imageboard culture words, some are in the process of being purged. This includes games from decades ago to games from months ago. 

>Do I have to be a drawfag?
No, and we get a lot of non-drawfag anons playing. As long as you know what your word is, you'll do fine. 

Hope you join in! Times will be in CST so make sure to translate to whatever third world country timezone you niggers live in.
Putting together a USB for the next time I go traveling. I've got Doom and some mods and wads for it, and a bunch of emulators, but are there any other games you can recommend that don't need to be installed that will run off a USB?
Minecraft™ of Microdick. I haven't played it for a long time, but I do remember lot about my worlds, which all are mostlikely lost
>When did you first hear about Minecraft?
>What's the first version you've played?
>What's your favourite myth about Minecraft?
>Do you still have your first world? Can you show it?
>Do you still play it?
>What's your opinion on minecraft creepypastas?
>Am I the only one who thinks that the new fighting model is better then the old one?
So what did /v/ think of it?
Is there any leaks about the next chapter?
Did anyone actually play it here?
Is there anyone who likes this game?
Btw there isn't too much to talk about here.
Inb4 nigger/africa simulator 2020
Merry Christmas!
A few years ago after one of the regular gamenights I thought it would be a good idea to run Doom for anyone that ends up on Christmas day with nothing else to do, so I've kept doing it each year. I normally leave the server up regularly, so if you want to play again later maybe it'll still be there.

How do I join?
Name: /v/ideo games
Password: infv
We're using a lot of custom WADs so you'll want to join with Doomseeker. Just look up the server name or bookmark the address, and when you attempt joining Doomseeker should download the wads automatically for you with Wadseeker. If it doesn't work add to your Doomseeker sources.
If you absolutely must connect manually make sure you get all our special snowflake wads from there (which are subject to change so you might have to get more after a server reset) and connect with "connect +cl_password infinity" 

How do I get Doom?
We're playing with Zandronum 3.0, which is available at
If you downloaded one of the copies that doesn't include Doomseeker, get it from here to connect more easily
You'll need doom2.wad for Zandronum to work. You can get it here if you don't have it:
If you downloaded a portable/archive version just stick it in the same folder as Zandronum's files, and if you used an installer it should have a wizard that lets you browse for your .wad file.
We also have a "retard friendly" preconfigured pack here:
It's a bit old now and I didn't test it again, but I updated the server address.
Death and re;quest coming to switch
[PS4] Death end re;Quest (Compile Heart, 04/12/18) – 15,303
[PS4] Death end re;Quest 2 (Compile Heart, 02/13/20) – 7,003
The secuel did horribly on ps4, and now that the Switch is the new vita and the go to for weeb games, a lot of companies are releasing for the switch even uncensored.

NIS also will not release Disgaea 6 in the west for the censored station

>The release date is far from the only difference, though. A bigger discrepancy is in the platform. In Japan the game will be released at the same time for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
Thoughs? Seems like AA developers from Japan are not supported anymore by Sony and only big names like Final Fantasy that have ethical departments in their company.
I was playing some CDDA using the aftershock mod but I think that is dead now. Which is a shame, CDDA wants to become more "grounded" and removed a lot of the futuristic stuff. Aftershock adds that stuff back in as well as some other removed content and some new like new classes and enemies. It even had the start of its own questline which was really cool, guess I'll see if anyone else picks it up. I wish there were more scifi roguelikes, I heard there was a mech one but I never found it. 
So what are you playing anon?
Games that were left in the past millennium to never come back. Franchises that will forever keep being ignored by those who own them. Probably for the best. Any that you fondly remember that you would like to see come back if this industry wasn't so right down in the shitter.
I personally would like to see a new Ristar game. Back then platformers were so different from one another. 3D don't have that quality and I always thought Ristar could be the exception utilizing his arms for platforming. Rocket Knight Adventures is another I would like to see made something new of.
While yes, there are two threads about two diffrent survival games, but this one could be about other survival games. Could Strategy survival games count?
>Scum got a new updare v0.4 which changes stuff like weapon malfunctions, shooting from cars and other tidbits.
>Rust is still in development  and only now they've added land vehicles
>Medieval dynasty exists, but I've heard that it is kinda good.
>Ancient cities got "released"
What are your guys favorites? What games are you playing now?
Also are there any other news that I've missed or are just as trash manjority of the others?
Specific survival game threads
Vintage story >>22450 it's sadly past the bump limit.
Minecraft >>13734
Galgun remastered xbox version is cancelled, seems like the ethics comitee couldn't approve this one.

So the only console open to cute girls anymore seems to be Nintendo, what a warped reality.
Your board is cordially invited to participate in a fighting game tournament. Score as high as you are able and earn glory for yourself and/or your board. 


If you do not want to register, post the name that you are signing up with in a central thread. You will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation:!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k

Extract into the folder of your choice. After launching th123e.exe, wait one or two seconds and then launch SokuRollLoader.exe to enable netplay. To host, hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game with sokuroll and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game.
Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch being the best ( , launch after sokuroll, both players must run this to work, so host has to mention that it's used) and ZeroTier being the unlikely backup plan. 


The winner of this tournament gets what's inside THE MYSTERY BOX. Only they get to see what's in it, though they may choose to reveal the contents. Bring your best.
Happy Christmas and praise his name!
How do you know if you are having fun with a game or not? There's too many games out there to waste time with mediocre titles,how do you know if you should drop the game or not? I'm not talking about shit games, i'm saying games that are in the mediocre/good thin line.I just drop a game if it doesn't make me lose track of time.
Merry Christmas from /co/!

>what is it


We've had an annual Christmas Jedi Academy gamenight for the past few years, so it's time to have one again. Gamenights usually have Friday 2pm EST/7pm UTC as an official start time, but you can connect whenever you feel like it and see if anyone's on. This time we're doing something a little different with the schedule, we're starting on Monday and going until Christmas day where JKA will be replaced with Doom. Admin(s) may not be available 24/7 so bear with us as we attempt a decent map rotation.

We're running OpenJK for stability and compatibility with modern and free™ OSes and with a pack of custom characters, maps and lightsabers so you can play as just about any character you want. Gameplay is pretty much vanilla, but with some minor fixes and extra animations. like the Sheev spin

How to get it
Downloads here:
Piratefags: get the "lazy" installation pack and the modpack
Legitfags: get the "manual" installation and the modpack

How to install
Piratefags: Extract the lazy pack wherevere you want then extract the modpack into the jka/ folder, accepting overwrites/merges.
Legitfags:  Extract the "manual" installation files, copy the assets#.pk3 files from your legit copy of the game into the jka/base/ folder and then extract the modpack into the jka/ folder like above.

To run the game, just double click PlayGaem.bat if you're on Windows or run one of the .sh files if you're on Linux.

How to connect
Name: /v/ gamenight!!!!!!!!
Password (if it's turned on): videogames
If you don't want to bother scrolling through the entire server list to find us open the console (` key by default) and type
connect; password videogames
(or try

The game might run in fullscreen by default. If you want to set the resolution right away, set the resolution in the config file as shown in the FAQ post below.
Both versions need to make sure to use PlayGaem.bat when you want to launch the game.
If you have any issues with installing just ask ITT, if nobody answers for a bit maybe we're all asleep but we'll get to you tomorrow.
From /v/ to /v/, with love.
>The world's first built in chicken chamber

>Never risk letting your chicken go cold again thanks to the patented Chicken Chamber. Utilising the systems natural heat and airflow system you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds.
>Get on your feet and enjoy the world of Virtual Reality while the smell of fresh chicken captures your senses.
>Rays of light individually simulated creating true to life shadows and reflections that will immerse you in selected games more than ever before.
>Enjoy smooth and fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at up to 240fps for ALL games, with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays
>Enjoy your favourite games in Finger Clickin' Good 4K quality on supported devices. Edition
Do you like videogames? Well, me too! And thanks to this amazing technology you can find different kind of videogames in a matter of seconds! Will you find a fun game, or will you find a total piece of shit? Who knows? That's the fun of it. Want to try? It's free after all.

What do I do?
>Go to
>Select filters to your liking and click start
>A game will be shown to you. If the screenshots don't look appealing to you, just click "Next Project" until you find something that catches your eye.
>When you find it, play it and report back ITT

Why would I do this? Have you seen the size of my backlog?
It doesn't hurt to expand it a little bit more. Plus it's fun.

Well, here's what I found:

Short mouse maze game with horror elements. Pretty good.
>The Last Relic
"Take the role of Ellie, young girl in the quaint town of Haven who is spirited away to a world of magic and whimsy, in this 90s inspired indie RPG. Join a colorful cast of characters while battling through a diverse collection of locales against vicious enemies and devastating obstacles!"
Dumb but fun turn-based RPG that's heavily inspired in Earthbound. Currently only a demo.
>Little Shop of Junk
"You are the proud owner of the only pawn shop in a hundred miles in the middle of this wasteland, currently besieged by an army of customers eager to get their hands on your merchandise. And boy are you ready to meet their demands."
It's basically Overcooked but in a wasteland.
>LSD: Revamped
"LSD: Revamped is a fan-made remake of the cult-classic PS1 game LSD: Dream Emulator and aims to make LSD playable on modern hardware whilst retaining the look and feel of the original game. It adds a number of optional quality-of-life enhancements such as customizable control schemes, increased resolutions, and a better framerate."
It's still an alpha though.
>Neko Yume
LSD Dream Emulator but with cats.
>Cherry Bunny Demon Hunter
Contra but hentai furshit. Kind of cool tho.

General Homestar Runner thread as well if anyone wants to discuss the other games. Was the Telltale series worth a play? I only played the first episode on Wii WAY back when it first released, was considering if it's worth installing the WADs I swear that's what the files for WiiWare/VC were called to finish the series.
Zchan is dead, long live zzzzzzzzzzchan edition

>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:

>Previous bread:

Can't believe it's been 2 months and I just found out about this. Has anyone started making their own game during this time?
Since I was just reminded we were rudely squatting in a Minecraft thread I decided to make one of our own to avoid confusion. Now then.

Vintage Story

>What is it?
It's a Minecraft knockoff that aims to crank up the autism and slow down the pace. If you've played Terrafirmacraft, this takes direct inspiration from that mod.

>Why not minecraft?
This game has several advantages over minecraft: 
1.) It doesn't run like absolute shit.
2.) Built from the ground up with modding in mind. Adding mods is stupid easy and making them is too. 
3.) Built with survival and "realism" in mind. Seasons affect crops, you have to balance your nutritional intake, livestock take generations to domesticate, etc.
4.) Focused on mechanical power instead of redstone. Get dat windmill boi.
5.)Much better building, you can carve stone and wood into literally any shape you want.
6.) Much more world interaction. You actually chip rock away to form stone tools, you hammer metal into shapes to smith items, you form clay on the ground in front of you before firing it, etc.
And probably more.

>Gib Torrent
>OR for those who don't want to waste time registering on the slav forums:

>Is there a server?
Yeah, I'm hosting. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it working for pirates but if anyone figures out a method then let me know. here's the deets. PIRATE CLIENTS CAN NOW CONNECT TO THE SERVER
Name: ZZZ House of Horrors
Password: pasta
Modpack (required):

Currently on the agenda, Anon wanted to make a cooking mod with anyone who wanted to help.
A thread to post and discuss your favorite soundtracks in videogames.
What have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to 3D Sonic games OST. Crush 40 gives all of these games a pretty good soundtrack. It's usually what I end up remembering when playing sonic games.

>What the fuck is this?
Only some of the best PC games ever made. We will be beating the campaigns of three different games over the course of three different nights.

>That's fucking awesome. What games are we playing?
You didn't look at my glorious APNG I spent weeks crafting in Paint? Each game will have at least 30 minutes to get acclimated and to join up before starting at 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time. A quick note on the latter two games, there will be a two hour testing period for both games on Friday from 1pm to 3pm as well and another testing period at the same times on their respective days. I request that you participate in them to make sure everything works. Make sure you know what times these are in your timezone. We will possibly play through them more than once depending on how quickly they are completed.
<Friday: Doom I & II as well as some fun WADs
It's fucking cooperative Doom. I don't have to explain shit.
<Saturday: Sven Co-op
This was a pain in the ass to set up, so come on and play and make me happy. No steamfags allowed because I don't want to explain how to set things up and I don't want people slowing down the server downloading files they likely do not have.
<Sunday: Deus Ex
That's right, the entire campaign is playable thanks to one, somewhat unstable mod. This isn't the cleanest experience, in fact it will be awful if it's your first playthrough, but also extremely fun. I recommend that you play the game single-player first if you haven't already, though.

>What do I download
I assembled everything you should need at the following link. It is encrypted by a Vigenere cipher because it's a good casual filter. The link decryption key for this board is radicool and the key for the 7zip archive is happychanukkah.
ytwxu:// for decryption.

>How do I install?
Download the package. I'm not going to bother separating them because this is an untested format for a gamenight and I want to control as much of the expected issues as I can. It's 1.84gb download if you were concerned about size. Included is:
<Zandronum installer for Windows + x86 and x64 archives for Linux, along with doom.wad, doom2.wad, and of course Chex Quest
<Sven Co-op with Half-Life, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force maps, client files for RevEmu, and a model package
<Deus Ex GOTY Edition GOG installer with HX mod and modern renderers for Windows and possibly Linux that will improve performance and arguably visuals

>Install the version correlating to your operating system
>Create a new directory and put doom.wad and doom2.wad in it
>Point Zandronum to said directory if it doesn't do so automatically
>Join the server and Wadseeker will download everything you need
>Extract the game archive
>Extract Playermodel Pack to .\Sven Co-op\svencoop
>Put all contents of the client folder into the Sven Co-op root folder (where svencoop.exe is located)
>Create a shortcut for revemu and add svencoop.exe at the end of the target line
>Start the game through the shortcut
>Connect to server via console
>Run the GOG installer
>Merge the system folder in HX with the system folder in your installation
>Open deusex.ini, hit Ctrl+H, and replace the first gamespy you find with deusexnetwork
>Launch the game via HX
>Check the server browser
>Stick with the prod
<Optional: To use modern renderers, drop the contents of your chosen renderer in the system folder of Deus Ex. Edit both deusex.ini and hx.ini by inserting your renderer of choice under [Engine.Engine] at the variable GameRenderDevice or, if it's the first time you're starting the game, select which renderer you want to use. The developer of the dx11 extension put in a watermark that can be removed by changing the variable SupportMETextEnabled from True to False in the same .ini files. Game will have to be ran at least once before to see this.

PSA for Linuxfags
All three games have worked in the past according to secondary sources, but I didn't get any Linux testers unfortunately. Please use this thread for any experimenting if you have troubles.

>This sounds like it'll be a clusterfuck. Are you going to ruin Christmas?
Don't worry. Jedi Academy will be hosted immediately afterwards by some0ne much more competent.
AI Dungeon is a is an AI generated text adventure. A majority of the time, you can tell the AI any action you want your character to take, anything you want them to say, or what happens next in the story and it will handle it gracefully, and incorporate your decision into the story it's telling. And when it doesn't do that, it becomes a schizophrenic nightmare. In either case, there's fun to be had. Go on adventures, make your own, or just use it as a writing aid. 

Post your recent adventures, AI screw-ups, and your single-player ERP.

Some tips,
Make an account.  You can use a disposable email, cockmail works.  This gives you access to making scenarios with cutsom World Info.
Use World Info.  It makes the AI reference certain text every time a keyword is used.  It is a very powerful tool and the closest thing so far to giving it "memory" of certain objects.
Use /story.  /do is hit and miss as to what will actually happen, and you can just type in quotations for anything you want to /say.
Repeat yourself.  The AI works off of word pattern assocations.  The more you repeat certain things together, the more it will associate them and "remember" what they are.  This applies everywhere, Memory/remember, /story commands, World Info, et cetera.
Use /alter.  If you let the AI do something you don't like, it will reference it's own text and quite likely continue in the same direction.  Use /alter heavily as a stick to beat the AI with whenever it does something wrong.
So a new Evil Dead videogame was announced recently. It looks alright and it seems it takes from both the movies and the TV show. Which reminded me there's already an Evil Dead game. Evil Dead: Regeneration. I haven't played it yet. Is it any good? If so, should I play it on PC or PS2?
I'm also thinking of playing Two Towers and Return of the King on PS2.
What are some of your favorite licensed videogames? Is there any property you would like to see a game based off?
I would like to see a new Pepsiman game.
Best handhelds ever if you installed homebrew on them.Any recs? Are you playing something on them?I'm playing:
Fire Emblem:Awakening
Probably the worst game in the series, i was at chapter 11 a month ago but it's so boring that i don't think i'll go back to it, the lord is really cookie cutter and maps are nothing special, skip this to play Conquest that has the best maps in the series, press START at every cutscene.

Best SMT mechanic wise, they fixed smirk and gave each demon specialise in different skills while making other useless example:Jack frost has +3 to bufu attacks but -2 to agi etc.Story is a what if of 4, but so characters introduced are boring or outright annoying, i'm only 10 hours in so this could change.
Bug Fables is getting a substantial new patch in a couple days, so let's talk about it.
>new quests, although we don't know how many
>new bosses (the trailer shows Team Slacker and hints at the tiny round bug)
>you can RUN
>official randomizer mode
>you can have two party members swap positions in battle instead of rotating all three characters
>cooking seems to be faster

I still haven't gotten around to clearing all the postgame content myself, so personally I'm really looking forward to this because it'll give me a reason to go back and fight some more bosses, and maybe do the card game quest.

The game's in the share thread: >>8891
Sup guys, it's your boy Spasticman, AKA "Patch" here. This may be the MOST IMPORTANT meta thread of my life, I just got off an important conference call with moot to say:
Note: this isn't actually the most important meta thread of my life.
I fucking HATE meta threads!

In today's very special episode of "fuck video games, I want drama forever"
>fuuuuuuuck gamergate
>no seriously, dude, fuck gamergate
>I was playing a touhou wad and I was near the end when gamergate appeared and deleted my save data, can you please ban them?
>what's an gamergate, make LOL thread instead
>video ja- what? Phil Collins, maybe?
>hello fellow, gamergaters wpwyf?
>hmmmm jewcy :-)

>delete goobas
Gonna keep it short and straight to the point: no, and that's final.
No amount of bickering and arguing is going to change that for the forseeable future. This matter is a deader than dead horse that's been discussed to death even before fat/v/ was a thing. Having gamergate on the board has, in no way whatsoever, impacted the board quality in the past or now. There are more people complaining and chimping out about it than there are posters in it and if only they both managed to stop chucking bananas at each other and crying like howling monkeys the issue would not even exist and I wouldn't need to waste time addressing it. Hide threads that you don't like, period.

I'm going to repeat myself but, if this is somehow preventing you from enjoying video game discussion or playing during game nights hosted by some very kind anons without having wide awake nightmares about gamergay every 2 seconds, that's your problem and the best thing I can do is recommend you try some of the other webring alternatives, we'll be happy, and you'll be happy, it's a win win scenario.

All this is only relevant assuming the awfully convenient influx of complaints all at once is organic and totally not someone trying to cook up some drama for the sake of it. I've been hard pressed to say something about it but seen the amount of posts that all of a sudden emerged out of the blue complaining about "changes" in ruling and/or moderation which allegedly occurred overnight and ruined the fun for "everyone," I'm not quite sure it's serious at all anymore. Pic related.

>news thread
The common problem that underlies vague, broad-topic general threads such as that is the lack of any major focus, which in turn gives way to slightly political discussion and light shitposting, which in turn gives way to overtly political discussion and major shitposting, which in turn gives way to completely off topic shitposting, which in turn gives way to a thread that's just /b/ - with some video games here and there and million dollar questions all around:
>are traps gay?
>is loli pedophilia?
Which, while very interesting subjects worthy of very srs Nobel prize winning scientific papers, do not really belong on a board that's called /v/ - where the /v/ stands for video games Video Games.
>man, just like do your job and moderate
That's the point: you can't moderate a thread like this without upsetting everyone in the process; the line about what should be allowed and what shouldn't is never clear because, due to the nature of generals, it would mean deleting whole chain of replies that started about how company X censored their games and then 300 posts and 100 smug anime girl.jpgs later it's about Bruce Jenner, sorry I mean Caitlyn Jenner's bravery chopping xer bepis off. Delete it all and you're a rulecuck, delete half and it's swiss cheese, don't and "this moderation sucks they don't do anything" and those positions are somewhat agreeable since there's barely a thin line drawn between them and in the end it boils down to subjectiveness: how is anything offtopic when the thread's topic isn't quite defined in the first place? 
I still hold the opinion that moderation should be hands off within reason, but in the specific case of this thread that isn't a reasonably achievable feat without constantly nuking anyone who dares stepping out of bounds for a split second.

So in short, I'm thinking of axing it and going back to "make a new thread if you think something is worth discussing, don't if you don't, ignore threads you don't think are worth it" which I believe was the superior policy; easy as that.

tl;dr generals bad

All the way back on fatchan, someone asked about having custom CSS themes during certain events, Christmas being one of them. Do you guys still think it'd be a good idea after we figured out that custom board CSS overrides the user selected theme and his custom options? If that's the case does anyone want to step up and make it?

>video games
Does anyone remember those?

In other news:
>hey anon, want to blow up a federal building with me? I'll bring homemade brownies! >>>/k/ though this is probably just a temp bunker
>apparently we also have a movies board now go check it out >>>/vhs/
>with the latest JSchan update I can b&d 100 posts at once and I think I creamed my pants a bit typing that

That said, I'm going back to my pig farm for I need to collect the ad revenue money from 4chan that I get in the mail. John "hotwheels" Barnhill, CEO of ebaumsworld, signing off.
To new challengers: reminder that buying upgrades before Christopher Robin is for pussies.
To those who previously gave up: who stopped you last time? It was Owl for me.
To those who already completed the game: did you do it with no upgrades? How about no upgrades even for Christopher Robin himself?
Yes, I know the SWF file is hosted in like a billion other websites by now, but it's a good excuse for a thread, shut up.
I got done watching the FFXVI trailer and realizing that I don't have shred of faith or investment into the game, the franchise, the PS5, etc. . I have been burnt by the XIII trilogy, FFXV bullshit, and the FFVII remake to a point where I can't even begin to be excited about the new FFXVI game. It was as bad as watching an NBA2K or FIFA trailer, just seeing how SE were going through the motions. Looking at every fucking scene, character, set piece, story bit, and wondering how they are going to fuck it up. They've got characters with tattoo curse marks and warp fighting like it was made in spite of me. There's an honor to your family or royal house like FFT but worse. There's a protect the kid plot (because he secretly has muh key to badass power) because every degrading IP needs another scrappy do, cousin oliver, and baby yoda to have people mindlessly defend it. I used to speculate about the characters, story, gameplay, and re watch trailers for years. There would be at least some feeling of excitement or a feeling in the pit of my gut of things to come with an FF game coming out. Now I just feel dread for the onslaught of development bullshit , Marketing, and excuses about how everything is fine with 8 - 9 year development at Square. I get the feeling they have no sense of world building with this one like FFXV. I can't care about the characters, knight man needs to protect the child and young and brash man is in need of revenge. They are just conduits for set pieces and not actual characters that will endear me to them like other FF characters since 12. We get bog standard character templates we have seen before so the plot is SHAKESPEAREAN and that makes the plot too high IQ for it to be criticized. I think the plot will have a lot of saying "muh crystal said so" like FFXIII and FFXV and just bullshit some plot contrivance for the story to happen. The plot is already like FFXV where a family with crystals on one side must fight off the darkness and you are an elite warrior in that faction who has to maintain the balance or some shit. Hopefully it is B team making this game while A team is just dicking around with FFVII:refuck up part 2 so it will at least come out and the band aid will rip off faster. People are saying how they have one of the combat directors for DMCV and it feels like they are completely fucking missing the point for the millionth time of what made final fantasy good or stood the test of time. Also they couldn't even copy and paste KH combat for FFXV or KHIII so what confidence do I have they won't fuck it up here either. There is not a single aspect I am excited for. There is not a single hope that they can even learn from their mistakes. I guess I always had this thought in my mind that when the FFVII remake would happen it would be when "they get their shit straightened out" and focus on what built their company instead of dying on a hill following modern trends. They can't show everything in a fucking trailer, I guess everyone had an earlier time when they completely broke off from FF, or the series was never good in your eyes but damn I've never had this feeling of pure rage of newly realized apathy before and I gotta vent.
Egregor ransomware group hacked Ubisoft and Crytek and told them pay up or they'd leak what they stole ( They've finally decided to release what they stole to the public. GET IN HERE FAGGOTS

"ubisoft.7z" - 558 GB, contains the source, engine and maintenance tools to Watch Dogs: Legion
archive password is !I60j=3$"dC2c3,bFv5k

"" - 264 GB, they were a little vague about what exactly was in here so i'll just directly quote them: 'What did we find there? Passwords in free access,

security at the cavemen level, unencrypted chats, files with contracts, researches, engine source code and new developments.

We have also find development plans, bookkeeping and a lot more.

Some parts of that info will be published soon. Some parts will be sold to one of those who are very interested.' 
That's right. There's a bunch of disgusting Ubishit frogs being held hostage on the building's roof, no one knows why, and the police are getting involved. 
inb4 this is how Ren delivers

I've been emulating PS2 games, so i've been playing some DMC, Viewtiful Joe and RE4. Bretty comfy.
Post characters that are proven to the toughest/strongest/overpowering characters.

Kiryu of course.
He could punch a tank.
How come old protagonist are always the best? It's because they are jaded like us? Post them, obligatory Old Snake, seeing him tired of all the shit and wanting to enjoy his last moments in peace is really great.
Uh, guys? The GAYm Awards are live. Why aren't you CELEBRATING THE BEST VIDEO GAMES & ESPORTS? Don't you faggots guys LOVE esports?
The nominees for most categories are embarrassing, it's the same 3 picks mostly.
>DOOD Eternal
>FFVII Remake
>Ghost of Tsushima
But you haven't seen the best
>Best Performance
>Awarded to an individual for voice-over acting, motion and/or performance capture.
>Tranny and dyke from the oy vey of us 2
>Spinnigger from niggerman 2
Stream here, come watch it with the boys:
Do you like pixel art, anon?  I know It has been heavily overused by indie developers as of late, but let's go back to the past and remember the games that looked outstanding because a good use of it. First one that comes to mind is Metal Slug. To this day I still believe the Metal Slug games have the best Pixel art in any game ever and have yet to be surpassed. As a kid I always thought of these games as playable cartoons because of how alive the animations were. Other vidya that has very good pixel art are Castlevania, Battletoads and the Metroid games. There's is also Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I remember Julie's 16 bit thighs made me horny as a kid. Speaking of ZAMN, there's a doom wad based on it, with matching graphics and everything. Check it out here if you want (It's still a demo though):
So, anon. What are some of your favorite videogames that use pixel art? Have there been any games in the past decade that uses pixel art creatively instead of just being an uninspired piece of shit? Has pixel art ever made you horny?

>What the fuck is this?
It's fucking Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, only the best Mario Kart game ever made.

>But I wanted Red Orchestra!
Sorry, bitches, but I'm gonna force you to have fun for once. Included in this Doom Engine game is a plethora of fanmade maps for both racing and battling, multiple characters both Sonic and non-Sonic like Mac Tonight, Hatsune Miku, Reimu, and Doomguy, excellent music, and gameplay modifiers such as weather events that sokuniggers will instantly recognize.

>You've convinced me. How do I play?
Set up is super easy and it is less than a 500mb download total. This game has a Windows, Linux, and an OSX build.
>Download the game here:
>Install the game anywhere you like except Program Files
>Download the mods we'll be using in the server here:
>Place the DOWNLOAD folder on the root of your Kart directory
>Start the game (use opengl if you want 3d character models)
<Do NOT enable mods prior to joining the server. The game will load them for you
>Change your controls in options if you feel like it
>Go to multiplayer, scroll to "Specify IPv4 address" and enter the server IP
<Again, DO NOT ENABLE any of the mods prior to joining

>I have no idea what I'm doing or what anything does.
On the main menu, hit F1 on your keyboard to read the manual, but it's pretty simple. This includes all the information you'll need to know to get started, but a lot of the other important things you will learn from playing the game like shortcuts or the types of gamemodes within battle mode.

>What's a "Hell Map?"
Maps that are deliberately made to be hard, awful, and tortuous to race on with the occasional hidden gem. They do not appear in the map list and only have a chance to show up when someone who voted for a random map gets picked. If everyone votes random a hell map is guaranteed.

>What's "Encore Mode?"
The Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania strikes again, activating mirror mode for the track it has appeared on. As in Mania the maps are also given alternate palettes to reflect the change. Enjoy your muscle memory getting fucked.

Here's some tech the game has because lord knows you fags will need it.

>Drift storage
When you drift before hitting a ramp or springs your level of drift will be maintained while you're in the air until you let go of your drift button. Use your situational awareness to determine whether your position on the track will allow you to gain more drift or not after landing.
>Air drifting
When you hit a bouncepad you are able to drift while you're in the air. This is especially handy when you hit yellow bouncepads as they tend to lower your momentum unlike red ones.

While I'm host, I'm not the head honcho. He'll surely appear at some point to answer any questions you have.
Hello /v/, I arrive at your humble board to officially announce the GCUP! The GCUP will be an exhibition tournament between boards of the webring that represent nations of the world, and will be contested under usual ICUP rules. In addition, we'll also be hosting friendlies for non-national boards/teams as part of the festivites. Friendlies can be played under normal rules, or, if you choose, under alternate (meme) rulesets that will be decided closer to the Cup's kickoff. If you would like to participate, head on over to the pinned thread at our board on Cafe. The event is set to begin February 13th, 2021. Look forward to having you there!
Remember that Polish cyberpunk game from /v/3? There's a new demo and you can try this shit right now.  I couldn't get it running well in Wine but maybe some of you fags will have more luck, and the devs will probably see any feedback and bugs you post in here.
Can be because they're useless, there's always a better alternative to using them, or just poorly implemented

>can buy maps that let you travel the whole world and ship exotic goods from one place to another
>the profit margins on this are pathetic compared to the ability to create artificial shortages by buying up all a port's stock (warehousing it if need-be) and waiting a few days to drive the price to insane levels, all of which can easily be done in the starting area
>the maps are ultimately a goal without a practical effect beyond progressing the story state so you can buy more ship upgrades

Also a ton of games that let you unequip your weapons and feature fully animated unarmed combat yet never give any way to boost the damage and thus make it utterly pointless.

What the fuck is MUGEN, I've recently come out of an incubation chamber
M.U.G.E.N, which doesn't stand for anything, is a fighting game engine with several variants.
You might know it from classic jewtube or even Japanese jewtube and it basically being an "everything vs. everything" fighting game. Like Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin, or Mario vs. Sonic before Brawl came around, or even wild shit like Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory vs. a fucking 2hu or something

How do I get started?
Find a build you like and download it. Some screenpacks/motifs also have their own build based on the various builds out there, but here's a few simple ones pasted from Mugen Archive. If you know of any more, post 'em.
The oldest MUGEN, ported to Wangblows, with the largest base of characters and everything else, with the most Japanese support. Apparently there's still plenty of Japanese developers still making characters specifically for this build. However, it's the most unstable and can crash randomly, only supports being up to 480p, and obviously can't run newer characters made for Mugen 1.0 and higher.
>Mugen 1.0
Much more stable than WinMUGEN and can run most things from it (though there may be errors). Best for competition, but obviously can't run 1.1 characters.
>Mugen 1.1
The latest beta installment, that's considered "stable enough." Can run most win and 1.0 content, but not flawlessly. This build introduced modern and advanced features, such as dynamic zoom and true color graphics. It is the preferred build for high end graphics and pure fun, as long as your computer is powerful enough.
Not an official MUGEN version, but rather an open-source MUGEN clone that adds a noticeable new feature: netplay. It is derived from IKEMEN by SUEHIRO. Compared to the original branch, "Plus" is faster and more user-friendly.

How do I do other shit like install characters, stages, screens, etc.
Mugen Archive's FAQ has a decent explanation of everything. Keep in mind VSelect can do a lot of things too, if you don't wanna do all this stuff manually.

Good spots to download shit?
The fandom wiki is, for once, at least in my opinion one of the better spots to download stuff, since it doesn't involve having to make a fucking account and post forever just to download shit like Mugen Archive forces you to do. If you can think of any better spots, post 'em.

>op file
>not a webm
Yeah yeah I know, I just needed to find something quick and couldn't get webm sound to work.
What are some games that are either aesthetically weird an unique?
As we know all AAA games and most indie games look the same. Cinematic shit or pixelshit. What are some games that bring to the table a unique and often "weird" visual style. Lately I came upon these:

(formerly Juice World) is a happy place to fly around and smack things and drink juice. And explore things. And just, flip around doing stuff. The controls are rather unique and the aesthetics strange. It got a bunch of updates lately so consider giving it a try:

Yedoma Globula is a sandbox game where you explore vast procedural fractal landscapes.  Currently there are no goals and not much stuff in terms of gameplay. You can wander around on foot or in vehicle and discover some derelict ancent placeholder models. I fucking dare anons play this game alone in the dark:
>escort missions
>unskippable cutscene
>mandatory tutorial modes
>bad camera
>bad controls
>developers thinking that the idea of "challenge" is to fill the screen with endless enemies
>timed missions
>scripted events
>devs forcing their ideology in their games
Are you still playing New Horizons? I'm not, because I don't have a Switch and didn't want to deal with greedy resellers trying to jew people out of money at the start of the pandemic. Instead I fired up Dolphin and started playing the first english version. A portion of my town is here in the thread image, I've cultivated quite the red tulip garden. Things have been going well, though a few villagers moved out that I really would have preferred if they stayed. My biggest issue with the game so far is the house size, there just isn't enough room to put shit. I originally had the main floor as a cabin room, but I've slowly been switching it to the smaller room upstairs, it's much cozier that way. What have you anons been doing in AC?
Welcome to the cyberpoz CY+63 thread! Lets talk about the normalfag game of the year!
The game is so damn buggy even after the 0-day patch, yes you read that rigth is a patch for content creators that are reviewing this game at this very moment, of course CD kike project are doing their very best to fix all the bugs before release day, so that all the good goys that preorder are ready to be amazed by this wonderfull title.
Ok, niggers, post all your new or updated shit here. If you don't know what logo to use, consider using this or something similar. Thanks in advance for the contributions and definitely thank you for all the quality work done for the previous two boards, hopefully this is the last.
A new FOSS voxel MMORPG just opened up a public server recently. It's still in alpha and not really a functional game, but it looks like something that might be fun to fuck around in and keep an eye on the development of. Doesn't even require an email address to sign up. It can be played singleplayer as well since the multiplayer seems a bit laggy and is kind of a PvP clusterfuck.

>Character Creation
Welcome to the character creation screen! Currently only aesthetic choices are shown; eventually this interface will be expanded to contain lore on each species, guidance on chosen weapons, and starting stats of each species. As of now, however, your choice of species matters little.

There are currently six playable species in Veloren; Human, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Undead, and Danari. The Danari are the only species you won’t be familiar with; they’re a special species created for the game.

As well as choosing your species, here you choose your starting weapon. There are no species restrictions on weapons, and choosing your starter weapon does not lock you into that choice; as you play you’ll find weapons of the other types and can switch to those with no penalty.
>Character Progression
Defeating enemies earns you experience, which allows you to level up your character.

Currently the only thing that changes when you level up is that you’ll get a few more health points. In the future, skill trees will be implemented to give more weight to leveling up. Otherwise, obtaining better gear is essential to progression.
In the course of playing the game, you'll be able to craft Collars, which let you tame creatures. The current maximum number of creatures you can have tamed at once is three. You can only tame non-hostile creatures. Choose carefully!
Currently, pets do not persist through logins. Don't get too attached.
Campfires are interspersed across the world, marked by tall pillars of smoke. Approaching a campfire will show the message ‘Waypoint Saved’. When you die, you will respawn at the last campfire that saved your waypoint. Your waypoint persists through logins, so you can start each session approximately where you left off!
Pressing the Shift key will equip the glider. You can run around with it equipped, but you won’t be able to roll or draw your weapon at the same time.
<Note that you are not able to re-equip the glider if you retract it early in midair.
Dungeons are marked on the map with a 'ruins' icon, along with a difficulty level.

On entering the dungeon you’ll descend a long, spiral staircase that will eventually exit at the first dungeon level, deep below ground. Each level has a series of corridors and rooms containing hostile enemies and treasure chests. The most rare and powerful loot in the game can be obtained from dungeons!
<Dungeons are dark - equip your lantern by pressing the G key!
Make sure you’re well stocked up on healing items and have some levels under your belt before attempting your first dungeon!
Several resources can be found in caves, some of which are exclusive to them. Are you prepared to plumb the depths, adventurer?
Post games that, despite their age, still have massive and dedicated communities that are improving every single aspect of the game for gameplay, performance, compatibility, and other means.
Obviously Doom would be the frontrunner, seeing how the engine is being taken to its logical extreme and beyond in what can be done with it. Quake and Half-Life also have large communities, but they're essentially the children of Doom so it's not too surprising. Counter-Strike and the early Battlefield games also have hueg playerbases that see no reason to move on. Worms Armageddon also got a new update this year despite being 21 years old now. What are some other vidya that won't be going away soon?
It's been a while since the last meta thread slid off and we might be going through some spam right now so I figured it was about time. Speaking of which, the captcha is going to be enabled for every post for a bit due to it. Enjoy your chess pieces.

I've noticed that, due to the activity, a lot of threads end up rotting in the catalog for several weeks once they hit the 400 posts bump limit and slide a few pages down. I was considering reducing the post limit to 400 and the bump limit to 350 to keep things moving. Thoughts?

That said, ITT:
>Deleet Goobergabe General
>Sophisticated discourse regarding Phil Collins and his outstanding musical career
>"Quite frankly, I can't say I'm very fond of Mark or Jews or niggers."
>The checking of these dubs

In other news, since the last thread:
>the site turned 4 months old on the 8th of November
>it also got updated to the latest version of JSchan
>a visual captcha was introduced
>zzzchan's onion service launched: http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion
>three new boards were added go check them out: >>>/fit/, >>>/japan/ and >>>/tech/
It's already winter and therefore almost Christmas. To celebrate let's post our favorite Christmassy/Winter levels and events in videogames, and vidya that revolve around this cheerful holiday. After all It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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