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yeah I was trying to make another thread and accidentally bumped into this site

it allows you to generate custom dialogue boxes from a shitload of video games. I think one of the banners here was made with it but I might be wrong, either way it's a gold mine so go nuts. some of these be perfect fit for more banners.
Emulation Thread GO!
Whataya emulatin' dudes?

>what is this
The first game in a beloved spinoff series of Mario games centered around European football with Nintendo characters, Kiketendo killed it after the second game because it was too edgy for the ((( Mario Mandate ))) only to resurrect it recently with a third game whose qualities have been aptly discussed by anonymooses in multiple recent threads.
>the fuck is football where dudes don't wear helmets and kick a round ball with feet instead of throwing egg
It's a game where 2 opposing teams of 11(10 field players and one goalkeeper) try to kick a ball into the other team's goal.
Mario Strikers deviates from IRL football by removing gay shit like referees, the offside rule and penalties for player-on-player violence in favor of fun, team sizes are also reduced to 5 per team technically 4 since the goalkeeper is mostly AI controlled.
Teams in Strikers consist of 1 Captain in the form of a major character (Mario, Weegee, Daisy, etc.) who has the ability to perform a Super Strike under certain conditions, 3 sidekicks who lack the ability to Super Strike but can still score, and a goalkeeper that is AI-controlled unless he catches a ball.
Super Strikes are shots unique to each character that score two goals at once when executed successfully.
>how do I play this
See pic related for the controls, the most important ones being passing, switching players, tackling and shooting.
Slide tackles can steal the opponent's ball sometimes but have short range, Big Hits/Heavy tackles have a bigger hitbox but a longer animation with no instant ball theft, and it's possible to score even from the midfield.
Generally tackle niggers to get the ball, run towards the other side of the field and try to score, passing to or from a flank instead of attempting a shot right away also works sometimes. If you lose the ball switch to the player closest to it and try to get it back.

>where gaem
>where emu
>how do I set this shit up
<download game and emu
<extract the .7z and put the .rvz somewhere
<run Dolphin
<go to Config>Paths, add the folder where you put the game
<the game should pop up in the main window
<now go to Controllers and configure the controls for the GCN's Standard Controller in Port 1
<optional, but recommended: Go to Graphics and set the Graphics backend to Vulkan(which is what'll I be using) in order to reduce the chance of desyncs. Macfags might want to pick Metal due to moltenVK's jank nature.
<close that window and launch the game to see if it werks
>how do I netplay
<go to Tools>Star Netplay, enter a nickname, pick traversal server, enter the hostcode provided by the host ITT and connect
<if done right a separate netplay window should pop up where you can call the host a nigger in chat

I'll host from Friday to Sunday starting at 20:00 CEST/2PM EDT to around 24:00/6 PM depending on how much Anons want to play.
Expect many desyncs, crashes and connection issues due to the ongoing total economic collapse of the EU.
>Cloudflare bans Kiwifarms
>IMDB deletes every user review for The Rings of Power which rated it 5 or less
>Ben Kuchera claims he was fired by Vox Media for taking time off to deal with his children being sexually abused
>Arc System Works changes Guilty Gear Lore to appease Twitter[Embed][Embed]
>Wiki is up again!

Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources:
Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process:
- Japanese blog post about it:
Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids:
- Confirms censorship was deliberate:
- No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case:
- Marvelous partner starts petition against policy:
• Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.
• Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well:

A. Operation Download And Conquer: Loosen the death-grip of Google that has taken hold of the internet's audio and video services
B. Support! Accountability needs proof:
C. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices
D. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc.
E. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc.

Reminders (important, READ THESE!):
• Use to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later
• Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags
• Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests:
• Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies:

>Summaries of #GamerGate: - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics
• - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds
• - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address
>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:
• The #GamerGate Dossier:
• #GamerGate Wiki:
• History of #GamerGate:
• View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!

• GG Steam Support & Boycott List:
• Key GamerGate Hubs:
>Thread Repository:

>Full OP Text:
• Current:

>How Can I Help?
• All OPs:
• OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating:
• An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics:

>Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?
The pride flag removal mod fiasco from last month has really shown how fucked most mainstream mod hosting services are. Nexus has been shit for years, but ModDB and Gamebanana simultaneously cucking out as well surprised me. 

I would rather avoid using shizo services, if I can but what alternatives are there left? Loverslab and Allthefallen is mostly porn focused and I am looking for more general. Are there any sites that mirror stuff from Nexus and the like perhaps? I know there was a large exodus from there a year ago or so but where did the mod devs go after that?
>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:
>Previous: >>136632
What is Master Duel
Konami's first online card game with the tradition rules found in TCG/OCG. Only difference is it's own banlist and best of one. The grind isn't nearly as bad compared to Duel Links and is fairly f2p friendly.

Uncensored Patch
Not Nexus Version with Latest Version as of 07/29

Top Meta Decks, Card Usage, Deck Profiles, and News

Deck Profiles that include the TCG

Please mods don't force us into the gatcha general.
have you actually learned anything from vidya? most I can think of is military equipment knowledge acquired from the various games based as well as a bunch of trivia and general information about a variety of topics you otherwise wouldn't hear about. for instance, the metal gear games had a substantial amount of legitimate information hidden in numerous optional codec calls which gave some interesting surface level detail depending on your current context in the game. like I didn't know rabbits ate their own shit, or that there was a mushroom that could recharge your batteries when eaten, or what the START treaties were, or that santa was real. 

what about you ziggers?
We play games and record them, so why not share it?

Also, the webm thread is being flooded with garbage and I don't feel like posting there.
>be reading a magazine
>it has a picture of MGS 3 Big Boss in an environment similar to the VR missions from MGS 2: Substance
>shocking truth realization "but MGS 3 is not MGS 2"
>maybe this was in MGS 3: Subsistence
>suddenly I'm actually playing it
>it looks similar to the VR of Substance but everything looks more grainy and has more of a greyscale/aquamarine tint to it
>I pick up akimbo Vz. 61 Skorpions
>blast my way through the level with overwhelming firepower
>separate game mode where you can look at a super high poly and high resolution textured model of what looked like grown up Sunny from MGR complete with boob physics kinda like that mode in MGS 1 where you can look at high poly models of Naomi and Mei Ling
and then I woke up.
Do you ever dream of video game shit like being in one or something? I thought of making this thread at around 6 AM while still half asleep in bed right after waking up from one and then forgot all about it until it hit me and I just half remembered it, it's not the first time either
How are you supposed to play MSX2 games? I want to play the game as it was intended to. Is MSX2 a pc? If i play on my pc then is that like playing on a MSX2?. I dont want to emulate. I want to play it the way it was intended to play on release.
Thinking of building a new PC?
Want to upgrade?
Don't know what the fuck you are doing?
Ask other anons with dubious PC knowledge to inform you on what to do! uses Hcaptcha, because fuck you
Old one is saging and everyone has probably forgotten about it.
Some pointers in case you are considering hosting a gamenight:
>Pick a game that you know anons will play AND have fun with. FPSs are easy to host/play but generally overplayed. Ask around beforehand to get an idea of what anons want. Keep minimum requirements in mind, not everyone is rocking a Ryzen 9 1488 CPU and RTXOMGWTF 9001 GPU. Pick games that you know will run on a Dell Inspiron from 2006.
>Avoid hosting on your main PC/home network if at all possible. Apart from the risk of exposing your public IP, everyone but you will have an unacceptably high ping in the hundreds, killing the experience for fast-paced, quick thinking games. Home networks also do not get static IPs, so it could change partway through the gamenight and nobody can connect after that.
>Pay for a VPS, even a cheap one will do. Old games have very low specs for running on a server, so whatever provider your choose, their cheapest option will probably be more than enough.
I recommend Linode and their Nanode instance, it's $5/month and great for hosting servers. Use my referral link for a free $100 credit once you give them payment info.
>Most game servers are made for Linux, but a select few only run on Wangblows because devs hate freedom. If you really want to host a game this badly and it only provides Windows server binaries, look into M$ Azure cloud hosting, it gives you a complete Wangblows desktop in DA CLOUD that you can use.
>Once you have your platform set up, look into installing the server. Every game is different. Ensure you can get it up and running to a playable state before you start messing with settings and plugins.
>Once the server is running, you can mess around with mods and plugins. Some basic ones that you should absolutely have for a fun gamenight include:
<Map rotation
<Voting for maps/gamemodes/kicking fags ruining the game
<Remote/in-game administration tools
<Custom playermodels/weapons/items that change the vanilla gameplay
>Once you have satisfised ALL OF THE ABOVE and extensively playtested the server, create a package for anons to download. This could be as simple as pointing to the game's site to download the client, packaging your own client configuration and putting it up on a fileshare for them to download, or providing a magnet link for a torrent.
>Make a thread for it SEVERAL DAYS IN ADVANCE with information including:
<what the game is (genre, brief gameplay description)
<when the gamenight will be started, including timezones
<links to download the game
<server IP and password
<any additional info that anons may need such as config options, bugfixes, installation issues, etc.
Some example OPs from my previous gamenights:
I don't quite like Chess.

In more modern times, chess has a strong memorization element to it. 
Chess Grandmasters are expected to memorize so much opening theory, they pretty much have seen all opening moves and know how good they are statistically, and they also memorize much that can happen after that. Some books with chess theory are so long, they can last more than 20 moves just analyzing what will be done.
Some older Grandmasters have abandoned modern chess because it has become a completely different game, as they mostly fought with creativity and there weren't such long winded analysis of opening moves. This is also why Chess960 is somewhat popular, since its imposible to memorize opening theory when there are 960 opening positions. 

Think about it, isn't that like speedrunning?
>Makes memorization as important skill, minimizing or replacing whatever else they were supposed to do
>Memorize the same moves so you can do them again and again, but honestly it seems worse than chess because it seems even less dynamic than before
>see game on sale that's really cheap
>buy it 
>play it
>don't like it
>next sale
>see a game in the same series 
>buy it
>play it
>don't like it

Have you ever done this? I think I have about six serious Sam games
Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Tae Kim's grammar:

Other Resources
(alternate version)
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

Kana Invaders:
Space Invaders/Galaga style clone. Type the romaji to shoot the kana alien

Simply plug the character in and instantly get a stroke order diagram
Type in a word or phrase to hear a native speaker's pronunciation

Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese:
Great introduction to Nipponese, you can start here to learn basic grammar and vocabulary

Learn Kanji by using mnemonics and radicals

Mainichi browser extension:
Learn a new vocabulary word every time you open a new tab

Learn Nipponese by playing games (requires registration) 

DJT Guide:


>Alright I've got everything set up, now what?

Fucking LEARN, you bitch. Learn the Kana first, then move on to grammar and vocabulary. I don't have all the fucking answers, I'm just the OP. Maybe you can ask for help in this thread, but who knows if you'll find any worthwhile feedback amidst the shitposting. Honestly you should be able to figure most shit out on your own.
>The wheel of time turns

The aim for this thread is to introduce the game and or help anons coordinate multiplayer games. Because of this I am going to set up a server on blitzserver for any anon to join. I plan on having two mods for this first game, better arena and more heroes. If any one else plans on hosting a game, feel free to post their information on the thread, and I will post it on the next OP

If you have any questions, please feel free ask in the thread

>What is Dominions
Create a god from several unique nations across different ages and destroy anyone who oppose your claim to godhood. You can also cast crazy spells and create a bunch of magic items to do all sorts of stuff like create world-wide storms, summon undead or demon hordes, create two suns, create killer snow storms, and so much more. The game is super in-depth and a lot of fun with other players.

You can either play..
.>Blitz (play the game in one sitting)
>Hosted (multiple turns a day, new turns after some time)
>Email (you submit your turn file to the host email)

>How do you play
Pick a nation, make a god and join a server. You can also play single player, which is good for getting a feel on your god a nation, but the AI is known to cheat

>Does the pirate version work
I think so, so long as you have the same version as the current version. However, I think the pirated versions wont let you see battles

>Mods that tickle your fancy
The game is very mod friendly and allows for all sorts of crazier factions, spells, and units
>Touhou Mod
>Sengoku Rance
>U, Belly of the world
>Mod Catalog

>Current Games
Server Name: Sleepy_Lads_Server
Game Type: Hosted
Map: Subject to change
Age: Early Age
Port: 10053
Mods: Better Arena, Worthy Heroes 6
Rules: please communicate via thread or in-game message please :(

Additional Resources
>Game Manual

>3rd Party Multiplayer server hosting

>Mod inspector

>Fan Art

Also dont forget to give your god a password if you plan on playing with them on multiplayer
At first it was the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Then they had the SUPER Nintendo Entertainment System.
Then it was the ULTRA Nintendo Entertainment System (not really) Later renamed to the Nintendo 64.
Then they got alittle more retarded and called their next console the "Gamecube".
After that they tried to out do themselves and called it the Wii.
Flabbergasted by it's success they decided to make a sequel to the "Wii" and called it the "Wii U" which sounds like an ambulance siren.
For their most recent console they decided to jump on the tranny bandwagon by naming their console the "Switch"

ITT We speculate and discuss the future of Nintendo.
What do you think Nintendo will call its next console?
Post or ask for lists of good vidya
>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Previous thread: >>17081 (archive:

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>you're doomed!
We have two artists, a writer, a fairly simple coding language, and a clear goal.  I think our chances are pretty good, all things considered.
Although the old thread was up for more than a year, so our pace isn't exactly blazing.

>what do you have so far?
The most recent demo is for day 2:
The most recent script is for day 3:

>what the fuck is this
Netrek is a graphical real-time space battle simulation with a Star Trek theme. Tell Gene Roddenberry's commie horseshit to fuck off, blow those aliens the fuck up and rain atomic death on their homeworlds as God intended. The last race with planets is the winner.
Netrek is just about the oldest multiplayer game still active; any online game since owes something to Netrek. The wikipedos compare it to ASSFAGGOTS but they are wrong and gay. About the only similarity is you use right click to move and you capture objectives as a team after picking up kills. This is a white man's game.

Sounds are a separate download for "legal" reasons, "legal" meaning they're direct rips from Star Trek TNG.
No, I don't know how sounds and shit work in the Windows client, but it should just work I guess. Don't make me tap the sign.

Members of the linux master race may need to build from source:
The COW client is almost old enough to be a wizard so it's just autogen / configure / make and you're good to go. You'll need libX11, libXpixmap, libXxf86vm1, SDL1.2 compat headers and imlib2.

Server we'll be playing on is or if we somehow get kicked from that. Just click on it from the server list when you start the client.
When you connect the game will ask for a login and password, this is for stats tracking and being able to have a shitposty name only, just log in as guest if you don't feel like bullshitting a password.

>How do I play?
There's tons of "clue guides" on strategy and teamwork and shit that a grog would expect you to read. We don't need to worry about that, so here's how to win Netrek in a few simple steps:
>Read and understand the "Netrek in one paragraph" guide.
>Don't die.
>Kill a few enemies.
>Go back to a planet with armies (man icon) that your team owns.
>Point to the planet and lock onto it with the L key.
>Don't die.
>Press the Z key to beam up armies.
>Turn up your speed to deorbit and fly to an enemy planet.
>Don't die. Dying with a lot of armies is bad.
>Lock on to the enemy planet.
>Don't die. Enemy planets have an AoE damage aura, so don't fuck around.
>Press B to bomb the shit out of any armies on the planet, until the man icon disappears.
>Press X to beam down armies and wait for the planet to turn your team's color, or to run out of armies.
>Repeat until win.

>b-b-bbut your just gonna pubstomp everyone!!!!1
I started fucking around with this like two days ago, Eden. Please try again.

<Watch your fuel. You regenerate fuel over time, but if you run out from spamming weapons after flying around at warp 9 you'll be a sitting duck. Get fuel faster by orbiting a friendly planet, especially one with a gas can icon. You can save fuel by turning your shields off (press S) and not turning them back on again until you actually have to fight.
<Ask for help from your team when taking armies to a planet, you're easy to kill when orbiting and armies aren't free.
<Don't worry about dying if you're not carrying a bunch of armies. Ships are free. Being crippled and having to limp to a friendly planet to repair is worse than dying and rezzing back at your homeworld.
<Cloaking is good and good for you, but it burns fuel and you're vulnerable for a second when you decloak.
<Pay attention to the galaxy map. This is how you catch cloakers trying to nigger your planets, and find the safest planets to nigger from the enemy.

A shitload. You don't need most of them when you're starting out. Here are the basics.
mT: send a message to your team. Press M, then Shift+T, then "I hate niggers" or whatever.
mA: same thing but to all players.
0-9: Set speed. The faster you go, the slower you turn, and staying at the same speed all the time makes you predictable. If you take hull damage your maximum speed drops.
Mouse1: Photon torpedo. These things make shit die. But they're very slow.
Mouse2/Shift+Mouse1: Fire phaser. The Phaser hits where your mouse is; the phaser "beam" is just special effects. Unlike torps phasers are instant, so they're good for drive-by shootings.
Mouse3: Set course. Your ship turns to face your cursor. This works on both the tactical map in the top left and the global map in the top right.
S: Toggle shields. Shields are a barrier to help you not die. You don't regenerate damage unless your shields are down.
C: Toggle cloak. Cloak makes you harder to see and thus harder to kill. Enemies can still see where you are on the galaxy map in the top right and from the Red Alert when an enemy ship is nearby, but they don't know where exactly you are until you decloak.
D: Detonate any torps near your ship. The explosion from 1 torp hurts a lot less than running straight into 5 torps and becoming a rapidly expanding cloud of vapor.
Shift+D: Detonate all of your torps in flight. If you shot a bunch of torps and they all just missed, press this.
Shift+R: Repair mode. Stop dead and regenerate health and shields. Only works when your shields are down, best done while orbiting a friendly planet.
L: Lock on to a planet or player you're pointing to and fly to it automatically. When you reach a planet you locked on to, you start orbiting it.
B: Bomb the shit out of a planet you're orbiting to remove any armies. No, this doesn't work on your own planet, you chucklefuck.
Z: Beam up your armies. Requires orbiting the planet and at least one kill. More kills = more armies carried.
X: Beam down your armies. Requires orbiting an enemy planet.
Splatoon 3 demo starts a minute ago it'll last 12 hours you get a free week of Nintendo online with it
Let's talk about our favorite Real Time Strategy/Tactics games
I'm waiting for Starship Troopers Terran Command, I hope the delay was worth it and they fixed game well after the demo.
CoH3 Pre Alpha was also alright, plays more like 1 with some new units

And don't forget: Fuck Gookclickers, fuck Blizzard and fuck ((( GDI )))
What does your current Epic Gamer Zone look like? Is it clean? Messy? Do you do other stuff at it besides vidya? What was your gamer spot growing up? Did you have a specific chair, couch, or room for your vidya?
Post comfy vidya wallpapers or even your desktop so we can call you a faggot. 
Gondolas are fine too.
For the longest time I had this doom wallpaper and a manowar one. Now I just have this cat streched all over my screen.
General thread for video game footage editing and streaming. Ask questions, give advice, and share live streams ITT. Read the software list below first (all FOSS).
Previous threads:

>Video editors
- Shotcut: A great video editor with various effects and filters, suitable for beginners and pros alike.
- Kdenlive: Buggy video editor by the KDE guys.
- Blender Video Editor: Part of Blender and utilizes its node system. Like Blender itself, a pain in the ass to use but supposedly powerful.

>Video recorders
- OBS: Record and/or stream anything on your screen, optimized for vidya.

>Command line tools
- ffmpeg: Swiss army knife of video manipulation, convert and trim videos among other features. Can record video and audio too but limited in that area.
- Python wrapper script for ffmpeg, lets you quickly make WEBMs within a specified file size.
- Streamlink: Pull streams from any website to watch with minimal latency.

>Video sharing/streaming platforms
- PeerTube: Decentralized video sharing platform, supports live streaming albeit with higher latency than usual. Per-instance CoC.
- Odysee: Centralized video sharing platform, paywalled live streaming. Has CoC.
- Cytube: What streamfags use, queue external (jewtube/peertube) video streams while viewers chat anonymously.
A thread to post and discuss your favorite soundtracks in videogames.
What have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to 3D Sonic games OST. Crush 40 gives all of these games a pretty good soundtrack. It's usually what I end up remembering when playing sonic games.
Lineage 2

We have successfully infiltrated Gludio, and we have taken up guard positions as our first step of infiltrating the society of Lineage 2 Reborn, where we will get a full scope of the local crime and find recruits to our cause.  

Clan Big Guys is here For You.  New players are welcome.  Newbie buffs end at lvl 25, but Clan Hall buffs keep giving.  They're C-grade buffs and should help get you caught up to us with very limited pain compared to usual.

For some background information, Lineage 2 is an MMO with open-world PvP (base game was released at around 2004) that was widely considered to be an Eastern equivalent of WoW - so much that even today, it retains it's popularity. We are playing on a server with an Interlude expansion (widely considered to be the best due to balancing issues) at x1 rates, which is a way to say that EXP/money gain is 1:1 from the original release.
While at a glance, it may look like yet another Korean grinder, the endgame includes massive wars for the right to kill Epic Raid Bosses or own castles - limited entry zones exclusive to player clans (guilds). Couple that with open-world PvP and it's not difficult to see that Lineage 2 offers an almost unique experience of participating in the equivalent of Mexican Gang Wars without taking the Lead Pill subdermally and generously donating your organs to the cartel.

Newest old thread >>110530
Old thread: >>103878
Older thread: >>97665
Oldest thread: >>92958

Relevant links:

Client Download Links:
Which Class to Play:
Short Leveling Guide:

Database links:

Ancient Russian texts of general wisdom (warning: Google Translate required beyond this point):

Please feel free to explore the game and ask us questions about which class you might find interesting if you don't already know.  You could play whatever you want or can find something that will fit our master plan, motivating us to power level you.  Powerleveling can and will occur regardless if you really want to join us in group play. We are mostly leveled, but are still eager to catch up all new people should they actively log in.  

To contact us in game, type /friendlist followed by the enter key.  Add one of the following names (or use /friendinvite "NAME") to get an invite and initial support. 

Clan Leader: DiaUBERGOLD or ImustBuff
Whisper him or ImustRecharge for immediate directions and support.  Also commonly available players are HeyBud, PanzerKitchen, and Brogue.  They can at least help you out with a clan invite.  We look forward to hearing from you.
You know, I'm surprised. Someone very successfully started the rumor that GameCube was almost on par with Xbox, just lacking shaders.
And the whole 6th generation had been pedaling the opinion that the PS2 is at the bottom in terms of performance. Despite the fact that some late PS2 games (GoW2, etc.) were visually comparable to early raw PS3 projects.
Mariofags' favorite argument is comparing RE4, custom-crafted for GC, with its PS2 version, which was just a quick port.

And this opinion still exists among some retrobloggers and nintendo fans.
Under almost any video Nin fans put the GC version above even the Xbox version. I don't know why they do this.
My opinion is, PS2 has a really janky architecture, GC's architecture is better. But on the other hand PS2 has tons of features and advanced effects possibilities (if the developers write them themselves, lol).

So, let's see what the PS2 and GC offer in actual comparisons.

Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex
Oops, that's kind of awkward. On the cube they took out half the effects, cut the particles, lighting, reflections and the framerate is unstable.
Xbox is the leader, it's the same version as PS2 + higher resolution.

Need for Speed Underground
The GC version has worse textures on distant objects and reduced glare on cars. The Xbox version has the best quality.

Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance
"Almost Xbox," they said. Gamecube turned out to be the outsider, in third place. GC has the least crisp picture and the beautiful water effects cut out (an engine feature).
Xbox and PS2 versions are almost the same, the Xbox has a higher resolution.

The Lord of the Rings The Third Age
Xbox is the leader here, PS2 version is in the middle, GC has the simplest assets and the least amount of detail.

Timesplitters: Future perfect
The opposite example, the GC version is a bit more stable and has extra antialiasing. On the other hand some of the GC version's assets are slightly worse in quality. Xbox is definitely the leader here.

What do you think?
I thought of something fun we can do for the coming 28th (27th in NA) anniversary of the PS1.
You know the song My Console by Eiffel 65? If you don't it's MP4 related.
We could make a video tribute full of oekaki of the games the lyrics talk about. Like the Squilliams videos.
We just need oekaki of:
>Tekken 3
>Metal Gear Solid
>Resident Evil
>Gran Turismo
>Omega Boost
>Bloody Roar
>Ridge Racer
>Winning Eleven
You can make oekaki of another PS1 game if you want but those are the main ones.
Doesn't matter if you have 3000 hours in paint or just have a mouse. Just give it your best and create something cool!
This is my wife, Shania, don't say rude things about her, the only thing she needs is love!
Rayman makes a comeback
Are you guys playing it?

Did you see the newest update?

I swear they are not even trying to save the game.
I wanted to see Pauline, but i hate how they feel the need to make her sing every fucking time she opens her mouth, especially in this game i expected her to drop that shit.
Her hyper strike is garbage, lazy and unimaginative, definitely the worst one in the whole fucking game, she just throws the ball in the air and hits it with a microphone, no energy or creativity whatsoever.
I also dislike her animations, bland and underwhelming, on par with Rosalina's
Diddy is okay i guess, i like his hyper strike, but his animations feel rushed and too short, like they were supposed to be 2/3 seconds longer and got cut, kinda weird.
The barrel armor looks like shit, worst one in the game hands down, if they wanted something DK related, they could have done a primitive-looking wood armor tied together with vines, that would have been way cooler than a having a different sized barrel in every limb.
I like the new stadium, it's nothing exceptional, but at least is the first one that doesn't look like a fucking reskin, and make me wish devs would go back and change the desert stadium as well to make it more different.
Do you think next update will actually be the last one?
Or do you think we'll get more in 2023?
If the next update is actually going to be the last one, and we won't get anything else apart from 2 more characters, 1 stadium and a new gear set, then this game is as good as dead, they didn't even try to save it.

What would you like to see being added to the game?
What would you like to see fixed or changed?
Latest releases:

If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
Post best girl in their respective "games".
Let's keep the old tradition alive, shall we?

>What're ye buyin'?
>What're ye playin'?
>Inventory management - necessary resource planning or unnecessary killoy?
>Outlast Trials: Will forced multiplayer/co-op be the death of the horror genre?
>THQ Nordic acquires Alone in the Dark - remaster rape or the dawn of a new hope?
Thread for stealth games and games that may not be steakth but feature it anyway. 

What is your favourite stealth game or stealth system and why? why did the genre die out? is there anything we can do to revive it? why was MGS4 such a pleb filter? can multiplayer stealth work?
The newest entry in the Street Fighter series was announced about six months ago.  I didn't feel like making a thread since we didn't know too much about it at the time, but there's been a fair amount of playtime at conventions and exhibition matches since then, so we have a better idea of how the mechanics will work and what Capcom's goal with the game is.

SFV in a Nutshell
Quick recap for those of you who don't follow fighting games: SFV released in 2016, and it was a bucket of absolute tripe.  Barely functional online, no modes except trials, local/online VS, shitty single character story mode, and some truly wonky character art and 3D models.  There were also censorship decisions made for some of the women's character models and animations: during the betas, R. Mika's super animation had a camera angle changed not to show her ass (even though the point of the animation is she slams her ass into her opponent's face).  Cammy's intro had a camera angle change not to show her crotch, and in a small patch years after launch her nipples were made less visible through her leotard.  But please buy the swimsuit costume pack for $5.99, goy!

The gameplay of SFV has improved over the years, but it's still not very deep or interesting because most cool things are locked behind super meter, V-Trigger (comeback mechanic), or are so obscure you aren't likely to see them.  The "bolting on" of new characters, new mechanics, and new move properties is a symptom of the deep underlying issues with SFV's design and engine - but that's a topic for a different thread.  SFVI has a much clearer direction than SFV, and it seems promising as a mechanical experience, if not as a product - it is a Capcom game, after all.
Archive of last thread:
Thread making resources + the OP can be found here:!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ
If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread.

Books and Tutorials
Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated.

Helpful Resources
Learn fundamentals with excercises:
8Chan Art Wiki:
Online poses with timer:
HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide:
Drawfag resources:

Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube
ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs
Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist
CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials
FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students
Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork
Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting
Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting

Booru and Delivery Archive (Retiring this booru because the owner is fucking dead) (Superior new booru)

Tips for a healthier Drawthread
>Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar.
>Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt.
>If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice.
>Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard!
>If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you.
>Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them.

These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general.
This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them.
Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery.
Spess, the final frontier...of FUN! And occasional massive disappointment. 

What space games have you been playing? Hauling bullshit in a space trucker? Building an empire? Or just delighting in the simple joys of bombing a civilization with antimatter fuel back into the 20th century? 
I myself have been on a starsector binge recently and I've modded the shit out of it. I'm currently working for anime girls but like, they are royal because they pay be fat stacks of cash. I just got a free capital ship by waiting during a fight between one fo the underworld factions, the starlight cabal, dropped one of their custom cruisers. Shame I'm to much of a retard to outfit it right but it has two large energy mounts I should be able to figure this out. I've also been thinking about getting back into x4 but I always drop it before I get into station building, you know that thing that is like half the game?

So anon, what have YOU been doing in space?
Talk about the RPGs you played, are playing, or plan to play.

I beat Miitopia and am in the middle of Maglam Lord now. Miitopia was great, but Maglam Lord is kinda mediocre. It is supposedly a successor to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, but without the fun combat. The girls are cute at least.
What's your opinion on save scumming? How often do you do it and when do you do it? Is it bad game design if a player ever feels pressured to save scum? Is save scumming an issue that needs to be addressed in the first place or is it just something to be expected now?
I personally save scum when I'm trying to get secret rewards and to avoid getting locked into certain "bad ends." I don't really mind losing player characters unless the loss is so great that it might as well be a game over.
What are some games that were "darker and edgier" than their predecessor without it being an "ow the edge" detriment?

I think Pokémon Colosseum, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and Valkyria Chronicles 3 are good examples of this. All three had these traits in common, and I wonder if there are any examples that don't.
>keep line between good and evil clear
>use the new tone to explore themes and plots that don't work with the original
>don't remove all the humor and quirky characters
>don't let the edge interfere with the gameplay

Can you think of any other sequels that do it well?
Tabletop Simulator has it all. There are thousands of community created content on the Workshop - objects, tables and more board games than you can possibly play.

>What is it?
Board game with anons. Play board games that would usually cost 5$-999+$ IRL for the low low price of zero dollars plus the base game.

>Why play it?
Put on some soft jazz and relax on the weekend with 0 IQ games like Monopoly, Risk or Uno. Or challenge yourself and your neighbors by reading the rules for half an hour and claim ultimate victory in a board game of your choosing.
You know, as long as other anons play it too.

>Where get it?
LEGITFAGS ONLY - as low as 4 bucks - if you want to give gabe-sama some extra cash
While I can put up a steam emu, it's too time consuming and goldberg commits die with more than 3 players. You should really own this by now.

>When is it? - starts at Friday, 6 PM UTC and lasts throughout the weekend

Request games in the thread and remember to have fun.
>gamergate thread falls off the catalogue because nobody fucking cares about it
>some faggot from acidchan gets really mad about this and remakes it so the board will have its quota of faggots sharing outrage porn and worshipping niggers
>thread is instantly flooded with dubsposting, as is tradition
>he genuinely gets annoyed that people don't like his shitty generals
>he genuinely doesn't understand why people keep telling him to go back to acidchan
>he keeps using the pictures of GRUMPY VIVIAN JAMES, REMEMBER HER??? to prove his point while making these retarded posts
>shits up the QTDDTOTT with his whining ( >>159899 >>160279 ) and ignores when people give him good reasons to fuck off
>the news thread is MYSTERIOUSLY derailed by faggots
>the news thread is bumplocked by sturgeon
>people who want to talk about video game news can now either languish at the bottom of the catalogue or post in the gamergate thread
>the gamergate thread that, as usual, is just a handful of circle jerking attention whores posting twitter memes, non-video game news, and outrage porn

I don't like making meta threads, pseudometa threads, dramafag threads, or really anything that isn't related to video games - but what the fuck is going on?  Seriously, why the fuck was the news thread bumplocked?  The most recent posts could have simply been deleted and the thread allowed to continue.  I made a report asking why it was bumplocked and that report was simply dismissed with no reasoning along with a bunch of others.

And as long as I'm asking questions, I'd also like to know where the fuck Pasta, Seagull, and Elephant went.  It's been over a month since they just abandoned the board for no reason, and Sturgeon and Rapeman have had to handle things in their absence, presumably while Sturgeon bangs his head against the rack servers in his garage to get the newest version of JSchan to install.  Is this permanent?  Is this just long-term temporary?  Did I miss some thread or post where this was explained?  I feel like I'm losing my mind and the total radio silence isn't helping things.

I apologize in advance for the inevitable deluge of shitposting that will occur in this thread, but I just want some answers.
Thread for general gacha and other mobage news

Recently Granblue Fantasy started its summer festival, if you live in Japan you can win one million Yen! (roughly 10,000 dollarydoos I think) 

Fate/Grand Order JP started its 7th anniversary. They finally fucking did it and have Arcueid as the summonable anni servant. Her skills aren't that good
Some other huge gameplay improvements, including quick card bonuses and you can get 3 quartz just by ascending servants to the final stage. 
Crazy chink lesbian Xu Fu also got released, she's an alter ego. 

Any other interesting gacha news happening? What do you guys play? Is Priconne still alive?

Planned release date: 9/9

Sleepy Station #1:
Sleepy Station #2:
Sleepy Station #3:

>What is this?
Sleepy Station is an e-magazine by anons for anons, made in the spirit of 1990s-2000s gaming magazines back when fun was still allowed. It's a quarterly e-magazine which means a new issue is released roughly every 3 months.
>Can I contribute?
Of course! Write an article/review about a game you love, a top 10 list, an amusing ad, a comic or art piece, a rant...etc and post it in this thread.
>How do I create an article?
 1. Download Scribus 1.5.x:
 2. Download the article template:
 3. Read the guide provided with the template and watch the videos.
 4. Start writing! You can share your progress any time by uploading your work folder to the thread.
>How do I create an ad?
Either use the Scribus template above or this GIMP template: (also works with Krita!)

Articles must be in Scribus SLA format, this allows the editor to properly merge articles and correct errors. Ads can be in Scribus SLA or GIMP XCF format. Comics and art can be in any format.

Remember: Have FUN

Previous threads:
What are some of the most infamous vidya leaks you can remember? Whether it's some mad lad finding a gold master disc out in the wild, an employee that has become disgruntled and leaks his master's game out of spite, or an ebin vatnik/sandnigger/best korean working his way through a corp's network to steal what belongs to him.
The HL2 leak is probably one of my favorites just because there was no inherently malicious intent involved and the way it ended was such a massive clusterfuck.
>be germ
>love half-life, excited that 2 is coming out
>keeps getting delayed over and over again
>can't stand it anymore, take matters into your own hands
>probe volvo's network, discover they allow DNS transfers from outside like fucking retards
>germ now has a map of valve'e entire intranet
>eventually finds a web server with a default password that lets him run ASP scripts
>got a dump of weakly hashed passwords and cracked them with a public tool
>can now login to just about anything in their network
>eventually finds their git repo, clones it over
>somehow valve's IDS (if they even had one) doesn't see git traffic going to bumfuck nowhere in Germoney as abnormal
>is so excited he has a copy of his dream game, sends it to a friend
>said friend uploads it to torrent networks
>germ shits his pants, volvo shits their pants, FBI gets involved but none of them can figure out how this happened
>germ eventually feels guilt, sends a confession email to gayban with files that could only come from their intranet
>gayban realizes this is the guy and offers him a "job" at valve (translation: please come to american soil and our jurisdiction)
>germ thinks this is totally not suspicious and accepts the offer
>glowies however know that he could break into their servers again and tip off germ gubmit
>germ wakes up one day to GSG9 in his face and shouts of JAWHOL VERBOLTEN ACHTUG SCHWEITZEN FEGELEIN
>germpigs try to make him confess to making the Sasser worm as well because they think they're somehow related
>germ denies this, but confessed to everything else
>eventually gets sentenced, judge took pity on him, gets only two years probation
>germ now works as a cybersec analyst
A lot more exciting than finding a gold disc and giving it back to the devs for convention tickets that you didn't even use.
What videogames feature rats in them?
I would like to see more vidya featuring rats, that would be cool.
Nowadays they're mostly used as enemies rather than protagonists as the era of cool animal mascots is lost gone.
Do you ever feel as if you're playing a game wrong? Not like a bad port or something of the sorts but rather, playing a game the wrong way.
Like playing an N64 game on a big ass LCD monitor, playing an old PC game at the highest resolution or playing Ridge Racer 4 with the lights turned on. Do you ever get that feeling? Are there any examples of games you like to play a certain way?
I'm playing Ratchet & Clank on my PS2 rn, specifically on Planet Aridia which is very moody and night themed. Rain is pouring down my window and the only light is coming from the CRT while drinking this cold glass of water. It just feels right.
And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread:
Previous previous thread:
Other previous threads:

First-time buyer's FAQ:
Upcoming game releases:
Recent game releases:
Game list (filterable):
8chan game recommendations:

Vita hacking:
Vita homebrew/plug-ins:
Vita game mods:

Lastest news:
Homebrew ports ( Crazy Taxi, GTA 3, VC and SA, Innyume, Plumbers Dont Wear Ties, Commander Genius, Quakespasm, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Android and the better, best, better than the rest, Space Cadet Pinball.
Some upcoming titles: Beyond-Human, Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, Kero Blaster and YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.

Currently I'm playing Yume Nikki on my vita. It's perfect for it since I can just come back to it whenever I want.
Post what you're playing and call out other anon's shit taste.

Currently playing OpenRCT2 and UFO. I can't design scenery for shit and every other creation I see is 100x better than my own.
If you're not playing it on the original hardware then you are not playing it at all. You are simply playing a fake version. You are not playing the way it was intended to be played. You are simply playing a fake version. You did not complete the game, you never even played it in the first place.
Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.

Previous threads:
A new trailer finally came out revealing that the game will come out at the end of October, the 28th specifically.

New info include an option to toggle censorship on and off, so wimpy soy faggots can pretend to enjoy a game they never played nor cared about before.
The mysterious sword girl we saw at the end of the last trailer is called Viola, but her actual identity and motivations are still surrounded in mystery 

I said this in another thread, and i'll say it here as well, i am willing to bet she's Bayonetta and Luka's daughter from the future, in the trailer she also uses the same grappling hook that Luka uses.

Share your thoughts about Bayonetta 3, what did you like, what do you think it sucks, hopes, worries, and general thoughts about this upcoming game, the previous titles, and the series in general.
Who's best girl in each series of games?
>Mortal Kombat
>Resident Evil
>Street Fighter
et cetera
>Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
I thought it was going to be like that sniping mission in cod 4 but with cool deeper sniping mechanics and figured that if they made a 2, surely the 1st one must've been good enough to sell a bunch and warrant a sequel but no. It is like that one mission in cod except with none of the charm and cool action sequences, and the mechanics are no more complex than battlefield 3. Played the first mission, followed the AI like a puppy for a while, went through what might as well have been an on-rails shooting gallery with no challenge, died to AI bullshit a bunch of times, got bored, uninstalled about 30 minutes in.
>Dead Island
Saw a friend of mine playing it on his 360 several years ago and it seemed cool enough, over the years I kept the name pop here and there and said hell, let's give it a spin boy, was it total uninspired ass tripe. It starts of with a first person cinematic which they couldn't even be assed to make unique for each of the characters you have to choose from. Speaking of which, one the most boring cookie cutter "diverse" possible cast of assholes, consisting of
>roided up spic loser
>chink woman
>giga nigga
>a fourth one which I can't even remember
and after you pick one of these you embark on a quest of boredom with boring npcs that give you boring fetch quests through boring dialogue I don't want to listen to, but sure, that's just the dressing, how's the meat of the game? IT'S BORING. It's melee focused but the mechanics suck, hit detection is shit, every fight is the same, the inventory system is shit, the skill trees and upgrade system is shit. I played it for 1 hour at most, did like 2 quests, hated every second of it, uninstalled.
>Dragon Age Origins
A friend of mine lent me a bunch of games and among them this piece of work, "it's good" he said, but it was a trick. I made my character look like the oldest man in existence and it turned out he had a father who ended up looking younger than my newly made avatar. Nothing short of incredible Oblivion tier UI and the first goddamned quest was to kill some spiders or wolves in a cellar or something which was just about as exciting as it sounds. Great fucking combat for a 2009 game, because who doesn't love standing still clicking on other characters and watch them fake real time fight just like in my korean mmorpgrindfests. I read it was inspired heavily by the LOTR books but fuck off, even the fellowship of the ring licensed game on PS2 was better.
And other platform fighters/Smash clones, I guess.

I saw the trailer and some videos on the devs' twitter, and was initially intrigued until I saw that they weren't changing the control scheme.  So instead of something intuitive where the attacks are split up among different buttons and movement is controlled in a way that doesn't make your hands cramp, there is simply "the smash bros control scheme" where you need to use two analogue sticks and a bunch of shoulder buttons to have any hope of controlling your character.  That said, Rivals of Aether was a pretty neat Smash clone and I was optimistic for it at the start of its lifespan before it was consumed by esports merchandising and furfags.  Perhaps this one will turn out different.  Perhaps I'm just in denial.

The switch to 3D graphics and character models made me leery, but so far the characters and animations look decent to good.  There's some suspension of disbelief lost, but the first game had such atrociously low resolution sprites that almost anything would be an upgrade.  Some of the HUD elements were a single pixel wide.

Some of the mechanical changes shown so far:
- Replacing the parry with a traditional shield that can be broken.
- Replacing the up special > wall jump recovery loop with traditional ledge grabbing.  Not sure if two characters can grab the ledge at the same time.
- The addition of grabs, which seem standard except for the option of a special pummel that does something related to your character's mechanic instead of just doing a bit of damage.

More than anything, looking at what the devs have accomplished (led by Dan Fornace, who worked on Killer Instinct 2013 before going independent for RoA) has surprised me.  Apparently the setting for RoA has gotten spinoff comics, plushies, and entire games like the April Fool's parody VN Lovers of Aether, the mobile card game Creatures of Aether, and the upcoming dungeon crawler roguelite Dungeons of Aether.  Furry parody VN mobile card game dungeon crawler roguelite please help me I'm drowning in search engine keywords blargh

Despite the obvious furfag baggage, I generally like anthro/animal characters when they're done well, and I can tell that Dan Fornace does genuinely care about the game and its players; he seems to express that care through indie game guest characters/stages, esports tie-in colour palettes, and cosmetic pets that obstruct the visual clarity of a game, but I suppose that's his style.  At the very least, he clearly understands the value of modding and has integrated the PC version of the game with the Steam workshop to support custom stages and characters so players can put their very own donut steels into the game.  It's a shame that the player base for RoA mostly seems to be SSBM players who weren't quite good/dedicated enough to become tourneyfags in that game (which I can't exactly blame them for) and that it released in such a bare bones state that they were the only ones willing to give it a chance in the first place.  If there had been a bit more content or casual appeal at launch then I think RoA would have stood as a solid little indie game rather than "that smash clone with furries."

Did any of you play RoA earlier in its life span or take it seriously?  Was RoA the best smash clone?  I'd like to hear any more granular details if there's something I missed, and I know there are a fair number of anons who enjoy(ed) Smash Bros and its imitators.
Previous Thread:

How to Contribute
Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue.
If you do not have you own account: tough shit because the public account is busted.

Anons have experienced shady shit with IGG (e.g. miners and extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games) and they're from Vietnam

We prefer danknet magnet links, not that garbage clearnet shit like bittorrents & IPFS.
'Read a book or something if you want to catch up'
Save EVERYTHING >>>/eternalarchive/

>Bypassing Mega's bandwith quota
MegaDownloader + or mega-dl (megatools) and a proxy

Guide to a Happy Share Thread

1. Before requesting, search online and even use distributed search engines (e.g. InfraSearch, Opencola, YaCy, FAROO).
2. Look in CheckBeforePosting, the archives, and volafile.
3. If a password is required check the archives, especially the source thread if it's listed.
4. Be as specific as possible. If you have the cover art of the file you want, post it in both the share thread and in vola room.
5. Links to files will purposely be misleading by having spaces, lines, keys & passwords split in the post. This includes torrent hashes.
	a. If you see a string of characters (e.g. c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a) with or without dashes, it is a magnet link.
	b. If your bittorrent is shit, prepend magnet:?xt=urn:btih: to the string.
	c. Find and Replace (sed/tr/awk) is your friend.

1. When in doubt, upload. Ask questions later.
2. Upload to at least 5 alternative sources and keep a local copy if space permits.
3. Use a URL shortener (spaced or split), base64 encryption, and/or paste relinks (e.g. on file links to confuse bots.
4. Encrypt your uploads with a password, key, or generator. Rename the files something random, even their checksums. Maybe even pad files to the nearest GB or so to confuse bots.
5. If your connection is stable, it is extremely advisable to self host using anonymity tools like Freenet, I2P, Gnunet, distributed NNTP or MixMinion/Mixmaster.

1. Before uploading a batch of miscellaneous files (e.g images and music), be sure they are unique enough to stand on their own and that you ask for the majority's consensus whether to upload the files individually.
2. Upload 5 files and then zip the rest if the dump is larger then 6-7 files. Music Albums exceeding 5 files are to be zipped.
3. When uploading .torrent, either add them to the a zip of the game or just don’t upload those misc files. Properly label files so that they can be identified without asking someone else.
4. For lewd stuff with filenames like RJ74765, either add a .txt linking to the contents on a website or just add the title to the .txt (e.g. "BIG BOOTY WOMEN SIT ON SHOTA FACE (RJ34734)").
5. You can filter files by file type (.txt, .rar, etc) or search the file list with the bar hidden by the filter files button.
	a. When in doubt, archive as a single [or split if too large], then upload.
Its time for more WURM

>what is this
Wurm is basically proto-minecraft but with 200% more autism. Instead of just slapping blocks down you gather resources, build walls/tools/weapons and improve quality based on skills. Be a magic priest, the local smith, make cheese, pretty much anything you could want. Everything is a skill grind, and the gameplay is very slow/low intensity.

>ok how do I play
Right now you don't, I'm still setting up/configuring server mods. This thread is going to be to discuss settings/configurations. You can pick it up on steam (or yarhar) and try hosting a local server or terrorize a normalfag serb for now. Launch will be August 2nd for now just to be safe, but if rolf code doesn't fuck me in the ass anymore than it already has, we could start sooner.

<These are all up for debate, looking for feedback this week on settings before committing to custom map content
>2x action, 3x skill
Can go 3x/3x, but was thinking some slowdown would add longevity.
>priest restrictions disabled, cross deity linking enabled, NO DAILY/HOURLY PRAYER LIMIT
This should let people that want to focus on magic do so. I'll be toning the gains down on faith so it feels more like a real skill to grind instead of a daily login bonus/requirement. I'll be adding runes of recall to smooth out channeling grinds between deities.
>Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled
This lets everyone do whatever they want with priesting, and if you village has drama you can just make a new deed instead of having to jump kingdoms. This means PMK(player made kingdoms) might not be in. Open to feedback on this.
All are in. I'll run through more specific settings/post .properties somewhere later. Bounties currently disabled (fuck you rolf) but it fits with the theme I'd like to run.
>other mods/settings implemented
Most actions can be done from carts. PVP is currently full loot but affinities are not lost on death.
>future mods to test/implement
Refuelers to keep forges lit permanently, Alchemy to allow potions (only work out of combat, but can get temporary weapon oils/healing potions/buffs), a few more QoL mods, and a dungeon system with currency/rewards(only if everything else works).

Badmin Rules/Settings
>One character per player
Please just use one account. I don't want to have to deal with people using more than one character. If you have an alt, just be logged into one at a time. I'm really not willing to budge on this but I'm open to feedback, I know this is important to some of you
>Spell Changes
I'm going to be taking dominate and revive from Mag and Lib. Really easy to trivialize content with these spells. Open to giving them different spells in exchange for this, but not sure how it would change balance.

Biggest concern I have. I'm willing to get a decent 3rd party host but if I have to get my own hardware upgraded I'm capable of that, though no idea if my network could handle it.
>Yarhar clients
Still looking into how to enable this. I figure at least one of the badmins from past adventures still lurks and can tell me which line to comment out where.

Do you like the rates? All freedom kingdom pvp? Mod requests?
Update: Concern has been expressed for freedom kingdom pvp, we may be moving back to standard kingdoms but I'm still looking for feedback on this.
In your travels of vidya spread out over the millenia decades, what are some of the best characters you've met? Whether it's some guy you met online that was fun to hang out with, the guy that couldn't play for shit but made you laugh your ass off, the one that never said a word but would dominate every game, and the fag that would get angry at fucking everything, we've all met someone in our vidya travels that we will never forget. Chances are you were also part of a larger community of epic gamers that were tight-knit fo shizzle yo. Who are some of the most memorable people you've met within the realm of vidya? Do you know what happened to them?

>join random game
>guy on team with thick redneck/hillbilly accent, sounds like he's in his 40s
>constantly talking in-character as if he's actually fighting zombies
>everytime he got pinned he'd scream "I'M GETTAN SCHNOOKERED" in the same hillbillly accent
>referred to tanks as "giant monkey" and was convinced shooting him in the dick did more damage
>as our team is getting slapped around all I can hear was him yelling "SHOOT HIM IN THE DICK"
>get to the escape, throw a pipebomb and fail miserably because shitty source hitboxes, it bounces back
>guy laughing his ass off as we try to scramble away from it
>makes fun of another guy in the party since he got an early-game achievement
>never see him again

>gmod zombie survival
>find a britbong server because it's the only vanilla server with players
>obviously they're all bongs, i'm the only american in the entire server
>they take a liking to me, favorite the server, become a member
>get involved in the community, since i was pretty good at barricading they called me the Americader
>some guy in the community is a drawfag and does portraits based on our avatars/personalities of the top guys in the server, i'm among them
>first time i ever felt like i was "part" of the community
>eventually have a falling out with the mods because mods are gay and some womyn that was out to get everyone
>stop going to the server
>learn years later from another guy i kept in touch with that the server eventually folded and joined another community, but that community's mods treated them like second-rate players
>community is now in a permanent exodus and has never gotten back together
makes me said to think of all the people we've mcfucking lost over the years.
Because the other one is dead.
I decided to give Shadow Warrior 3 a shot, skipping over Shadow Warrior 1(which I've dropped at level 4-ish because the gunplay was very poor) and 2(which I haven't touched because I see it's a looter shooter and I could not stand Borderlands.)
I don't hate it, but there's a lot of bullshit to it that masks what (fairly little) I like about it. The only frame of reference to "modern" FPS I have(putting aside the games by New Blood) would be what little I've played of Doom 2016(which I've dropped also by the 4-5th level because I found it was a far less interesting Painkiller) is that I liked what the game was going for, and the combat itself was pretty fun if muddied by bullshit.
<The game is short, incredibly short. It's somewhere around 10 'levels', each level taking 5-15 minutes. I've read somewhere the game could be finished before the steam refund window is up and I fully believe it. There's 0 extra content besides the challenges tab which is pointless and buggy because the weapon upgrades aren't that interesting.
<The game(or at least the version I pirated) is pretty buggy. Challenges not tracking properly. Falling through geometry. Katana elemental attacks not triggering properly. The final boss required four restarts on my end to progress a phase.
>Unlike Doom 2016 I like how the resource management works here. You spawn health by killing enemies with ranged attacks, while spawning ammo by killing them with the katana. The katana is always bound to RMB and it's actually like weighty and fun to use compared to SW1 which solely relied on you spamming the busted katana arts for anything resembling fun or weight. It's a very neat system. Except
<The Last Stand mechanic combined with the arena health drops is something I genuinely fucking hate and wished I could turn off. Basically like Doom2016 you lose health pretty quickly because some attacks can just knock off 60, 70 points without much fanfare. To counteract this the game has this cooldown mechanic where if you go down to 1hp you get to be invincible for a few seconds before going on cooldown. If you go get health and the cooldown expires you can go to 1 hp again and the cycle repeats. This is in a game where you can spawn health at will because the game usually spawns around four or five fodder enemies for quick health/ammo. This is also the game where every arena has a couple of 50 health pickups that spawn on a timer during fights.
>With the exception of the pitiful SMG and the Basilisk which I felt could be a tiny bit more powerful(It always felt like I used one more shot than I should have when killing the larger enemies, even on headshots), the gunplay is very fun. Everything sounds meaty as shit. Everything feels great to use. You have a revolver which is accurate in single shots but also can fire as "quickly as you can click" but I'm pretty sure there was a very strict cap installed. The riot gun without upgrades was neat, but when upgraded turns into a full-auto cylinder shotgun that feels really good to use. The nade launcher was neat and the stagger function of the disc spitter was cool.
>With the exception of one enemy(The guy with the drill head, who are way too tanky and you can't attack them at all times like the ox guys) every enemy in the game is quite fun and fits the arena gameplay really well. You have the two fodder enemies, one's ranged and one's melee. You have the big tanky ox guys who force you to constantly stay on the move because they hit like a truck, chase you and have a shockwave line attack. You have the long range artillery masks, a couple of area denial enemies, a really aggressive, really annoying aerial enemy, a faster melee enemy and the really tanky chaingunner hitscan enemy.
<Unlike Doom 2016 the glory kills take an eternity to execute which I already thought they took too long in that game. They also give a full health refill which I'm not too fond of
>Unlike Doom 2016 glory kills are on a fairly uncommon resource meaning at most you get two or three a fight. They also give you an enemy specific weapon/buff depending on what enemy you killed which is a system I really like and wish to see more of in a different game.
<Physics are utterly shit or broken and I can't tell which. You have a chi blast which is a pushback spell. You can upgrade it to work on larger enemies. There's the occasional spike trap that you can impale enemies on, and there's pits and ledges all around the game's arena. I've never been able to push an enemy off a ledge. Every time I do it the invisible hand of God pushes the enemy back over the ledge.
<Momentum, speed is very unsatisfying. In combat the speed's fine. But the game has these onrails platforming sections where you're sliding on a downward slope and have to jump and wallrun(automatically, on predetermined paths signaled by vines) occasionally. They're far, FAR from anything resembling fun. You move incredibly slow, it's barely challenging. Furthermore the grappling hook is completely on rails, there's no physics to it, there's no speed to it, attempting to grappling hook a point from a 90 degree angle will have wang pull a Worms ninja rope move and somehow abruptly move backwards in the air before swinging forward. There's just nothing exhilarating about it.
<The humor is, and I keep using this word but I can't find anything better, insufferable. Wang is fucking insufferable, he's Deadpool with an asian accent. Hoji is fucking insufferable. He's Wang with a whiny voice and a slight reverb. Mokoto's not even a character and she speaks in all of two cutscenes for no more than I guarantee you two minutes. I liked Zilla but he was barely in the game either. He played off Wang well, except they shove him aside for Hoji's memery really early into the game and he barely shows up afterwards. My recollection of Wang in SW1 is that he sang You've Got the Power somewhere and that's it, I don't remember him being such an annoying fuck to listen to all game but maybe he got worse later in that game.

tl;dr: More arena fights, tighten up physics, get rid of Last Stand or arena health pickups, make Wang a mute or have Zilla be the only guy he speaks to and you would have a really fun game.

It makes me really want to give Doom Eternal a shot because I like this idea of arena fights built around movement abilities and resource management(it's more like earning) through character abilities. It's not Painkiller/Serious Sam but it's still very appealing to me. Except Eternal's like 70-90gigs everywhere I look and none of the newer scene releases cracked Denuvo so I'm curious if I should just skip over it and wait for Ultrakill/Dread Templar/that one Postal game instead.

AAA shit aside, any recommendations for Doom wads or Build mods/TCs? I've recently finished HellForged for Doom, quite fun and I can't wait for Episode 2. For Build, I was going through Alien Armageddon but honestly the Alien Gladiator's episode felt pretty weak and I couldn't be interested in finishing it. If I wanted to play UT in singleplayer I'd do so, playing it in Douk just isn't fun.

Also also, Wolfenstein ET has been released on steam and I hope that gives it the playercount boost it so deserves. It's a shame Splash Damage has released nothing good since Brink Dirty Bomb was shit. SHIIIT but ET doesn't deserve death.
As we all know, vidya has a real unoriginality problem. Everything is the same rehash of previous games: pixelshit Metroidvanias, boomer shooters, and empty open worlds. 

What new ideas in vidya are there that could make for fun games? How could there be in innovations or unique twists on old formulas?
This monster will suck you edition. 
I demand that we talk about monster hunter and then hunt monsters and talk about how Hunting Horn is the best weapon. 
Been playing Rise on PC and its ok. Not grabbing me as hard at the other games though but fun. I am still luke warm on the Hunting Horn changes but its not the end of the world and I like what they did with some of the other weapons. What I am pissed off about is the new silkbind skill for hunting horn just going to be the sideways recital instead of a new attack. At least its not lance. I have some grips about the game, namely that even on 4 player hunts you still take the dogs or palicos and their attack effects are so overwhelming it can be hard to see what you are doing. Supposedly there is going to be a setting to turn that down with the new update. 
The new sunbreak monsters look neat, I'll be interested in what they pull out of their ass for the final big bad monster considering the theme is western yokai, if they keep to that with the final monster. 

For oldergames I was messing around in 4U. Fun, I wish there was a farm though. I've also been meaning to give XX a go, I hear its pretty fun. 
So anons, what have you been hunting?
Starts in 2 hours 30 minutes (10 AM JST).
Sony isn't showing up this year. Does anon have any expectations?
Journalist Jason Schrier has confirmed a recent leak about GTA VI. One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.
He also confirmed the information from the leak that the game will have a "Miami equivalent" (Vice City). There will be fewer jokes about "minorities", all because of the screaming SJW cancer. The release is at least 2 years away, which was also reported in a recent leak.

Press F.
What games did you have as a kid and what games did you want at the time?
Do you remember choosing between multiple games? Was your choice good?
A thread to share flash games and vidya related animations.
Specially flash porn.
What's this all about?
Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.
To quote one of Showdown's mods...
>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers
>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members
>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked
>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?
After the current champ calls "new champ", the first anon to claim the title is our champ. He uses the first six legal Pokémon suggested after his claim as his team. Champ can also call "new team" when the old one became stale (rule of thumb: 40-60 minutes). Champ plays in National Dex unless specified otherwise.
Absolutely no experience is necessary and everything is done in-browser.

1. Champ can't forfeit, intentionally throw a match, or timer stall.
2. Champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.
3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed. If the sugg didn't have a name, champ makes one up.
4. Don't suggest twice, unless your last sugg was 15 minutes ago or champ explicitly asked for resuggs.
5. Champ should replace resuggs with fresh suggestions that come in later.
6. Don't spam the catalog with threads.

Pokémon Showdown! BETA:
Premade mons for National Dex:
How to make a shitmon:
OP copypasta:
video games
 Starts at 7PM PST/10PM EST  
It's a late night Jackbox stream with /v/! Head over to to watch the stream and join the game with a room code at or go to for Use Your Words

What's the Jackbox Party Packs?
The Jackbox Party Packs are games in which you can play with 
people in a single room or stream them live with others around the world. They can range to coming up with witty punchlines and jokes in Quiplash, creating strange T-shirts in TeeKO or wondering what the prompt is in Drawful!
EDF6 just released for the the Soystation 5/4  but only for the japanese market.
Just like the trailer showed it's set in after the events of EDF5, earth is now a shithole and everyone is basically dead but hey we still have the EDF well what remains of it.
From what we seen :
-Got a new "Backpack" slot that has grenades/Turrets/Healing items
-You can change the direction of a dash
>Wing diver
-She too got a new slot with Sheild/LightSaber/Grenades
>Air Raider
Got a total overhaul he now uses drones instead of air strike these drones function the same as air strikes but in a more compact version
-No major changes, he got now a katana weapon

Also a new mod just released for EDF5, it's mod that overhauls EDF5 with added new feature and a new mission pack it's pretty fun

Spoiler text :
Sandlot literally hid 90% of the game from us, there is a ton and I mean a ton of hidden content like 147 missions worth of content yeah you heard me right this game is fucking packed, if you go to the website it says there are 110 mission but that is a lie, also the fact that this game takes place after EDF5 is kinda bullshit the first 14 missions are after the EDF5 events but at mission 14 you fight that big ass ring and boom your teleported back to the past to the EDF5 events but this time it's different you have to fight the new enemies and the EDF gets fucked up even more, I remember seeing an anon speculating that there would time travel and stuff like that and he hit the jackpot, EDF6 is going to be the biggest game in the whole series
I'm thinking of getting a PHAT PS2.
I still have my slim model from 2004 which still works like a champ; However, I would like a PHAT model for two reasons:
1. Being able to install a HDD to play games off it and 2. Having a PS2 that doesn't scratch my fucking discs.
Do you still have your PS2, anon? Emulation is not terrible, but certainly not great. Plus playing in a CRT is peak comfy.
You do have a CRT, right? You don't play 4:3 games on a LCD like a faggot loser, do you?
Post Y2K pictures.
Guys? Soytendo Direct anyone? It started just 5 minutes ago and they're talking about the new Fire Emblem right now

Anyone watching or restreaming this on
Mods pls sticky.
Not to be confused with rougelike...


>The dragon hits you with 100 unsoakable dragon cock damage!
>you die like a retarded bitch again, shame about the rare loot lol
>try again retard?

Go on anon, regal us of your tales of narrow escapes, clever wins, amazing finds, and ultimate victory's. Or just tell us how you died again for the 20th time because you did something stupid. 
So anon, what have you been Playing? Do you have a favorite? Perhaps that one roguelike you just go back to every single time?

Japanese roguelike without permadeath unless you say so and an overworld. Big sandbox with everything you can do such as farming, crafting, ect. Worth a try due to its unique nature and can be played in many different ways. A lot of humor both intended and unintended. Remember, the little girl is the best starting pet. 

>Cataclysm: Dark Days ahead: 
7 day Post apocalyptic roguelike set in the near future where humanity oopsies an extra-dimensional blob entity into our world that rises the dead after dying creating zombies and worse. Has bioincs, mutations, a robust crafting system, and cars. There is mainline and the Bright Nights fork that looks to rollback some of the more questionable changes, these being somewhat unfun in the name of "realism". Play both and make your own opinion but mine is Bright nights as it has an actual endgame. you win by placing a mininuke or yourself in a mainportal at the bottom of the central lab. Good luck getting there. 

One of the OG's. First released in 1987 its been trucking along ever since. Dive deep to retrieve the amulet of Yendor or die trying, has fun interactions. Be creative. 

>Dungeon Crawl stone soup:
Streamlined, for better or worse. Dive deep to find the Orb of Zot. Once done, you will have to leave with it. I'm sure nothing bad will happen on the trip back up. Has some easy starting classes to cut your teeth on, I enjoyed it but I never really got to far in it. 

>Infra Arcana: AKA I keep screaming but Niggerman doesn't answer. 
Infra Arcana is a Roguelike set in the early 20th century. The goal is to explore the lair of a dreaded cult called The Church of Starry Wisdom. Buried deep beneath their hallowed grounds lies an artefact called The Shining Trapezohedron - a window to all secrets of the universe. Your ultimate goal is to unearth this artefact.
Yes I did copy that from the wiki and I'm  not sorry. Its interesting in that you don't gain exp by killing things, you get it by going down floors and finding Monoliths. Which is good because some enemies can really fuck you up.

>Can I talk about "rogue-lites" like FTL and binding of Issacc?  
Knock yourself out, I have long stopped caring about the actual distinction.  

This is by no means a definitive list and there are tons more to try, including "Mainline" Rougelikes, some fantasy, some realistic, and some stupid. There really is something for everyone, unless you don't like them and are here to call me a faggot. That too is welcome, we tolerate all manner of shit taste here. 
I think I might start on another Elona binge again. I was having some issues getting music working on linux but then I remembered I have an all in one mod with a music replacer. Sure enough, those worked just fine. I'm near the end of the second act on a file that years old at this point. I always come back to elona. I've been dabbling in brightnights again for CDDA and have played Caves of Qud on and off recently too. I kinda find QUD boring after a while, the loot isn't super exciting but playing a psionic character is really fun. So fun that there is an antifun counter built in known as psionic headhunters. But those can be fun too.
Featuring Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2, JoJo arcade '98, Sunset Riders
Somewhere near the woods lies a gas station, neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere; however, it is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather inside a room. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There, anons enjoy the evening drinking, calling each other faggot and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons vote for some games and play them until they beat them or lose. Arcade games that don't take long to complete and reward skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character they would fuck and more.
>How much time do I have to play?
One month or until winners are announced. New threads are posted at around 00:00 UTC-8 on the first Saturday of the month.
>How do I play them?
Read the text file posted with the OP.
>Where do I get them?
theyre on fightcade figure it out or dont

>Taito B22 board
>piss out rainbows to kill and climb

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
>fighting game
>you fight
>git gud

Sunset Riders
>some sort of pcb i dont know
>you are cowboy
>shot bad guy
>ride like the wind
>horizontal scrolling
The Beginning of the end.
Regardless, what were your favorite games during this gen?
To name a few: MGR:R, Transformers Devastation, Killzone 2, Demon's/Dark Souls, Chains of Olympus, Lost Planet 2 and Skate 3.
Where are handhelds heading?
Will they ever get small and comfy again or are we forever stuck with compact laptops?
What do you think of the Gabeboy?
Will Jewtendo release Switch 2?
I just play NES games on my vita tbh.
What are games that are generally well-regarded by the masses and/or by anons, but you've never played? I've never played Minecraft, or the mainline Pokemon games, but I have played Colosseum when I rented it. I just never really cared to play them as my autism just led me in different directions mostly towards strategy and WRPGs. So what games haven't you played?
As it is now the middle of August, I think it's safe to say that there will not be an anniversary stream unless someone surprises us. Even so, that isn't a reason to not celebrate and denigrate what I consider to be a treasure of the now-gone Tumblr era of Internet as well as catch up on the latest progress of the projects being worked on by anons.
There's been a lot of attempts of making videogames into exercising.
It's niche for sure but It would fun to see it taken to an extreme. Like a whole treadmill or dumbells being incorporated into a game.
Sonic and a new Paperboy could certainly work.
Let's talk about Doom! The last thread is bumped locked and on page 7 so I figured I'd make another on. Recently, I've gone back and played Doom 3 and well I agree it's a little rough around the edges, I still found enjoyment with it. 
Here's are a few general question for the thread: 
>What is your favorite Doom 3 Mod?
>Do you believe that Doom 3 deserves a lot of its criticism that it gets?
>Did you think Doom 3 BFG edition was a good game with all the changes it made? 
>What is your favorite entry in the Doom series? 

Previous thread: >>25646
I just finished NG. It was great. They really got me at the end when they made the only winning move: not to play. A strange game, but really good. It was just as good as Death Mark, actually. Really consistent all the way through. Solving the mystery and remembering little details necessary for beating Kakuya was really satisfying. As for the scare factor, since this is a horror ADV game, I put it on Scary Mode and actually got spooked a couple of times. They know how to build tension and when to time certain moments. Often when you least expect them, of course.
Overall a really good game if you're into occult horror stories and investigating crimes. But even if you don't usually like that stuff I think you should give it (and the first game) a try. They're not that long either, which makes playing through them in short bursts possible for the wageslaves, too.

Death Mark: 602e75d3efb95297ebe3e8b877db58d21bac35de
NG: c81d94660f322c956f761c046d34a5468f158b09
I've been surfing the web in search for indies that aren't crap. While i found some interesting stuff, most cool games that i found are still in development. Are there any indie gayms that you recommend that aren't filled with tranny propaganda?
Here's some of the games that i found if you are interested:
>Victory Heat Rally
Drift gaem.
>Zera: Myths Awaken
Started as a Spyro fan game but insomniac kicked them in the balls, so they changed the character. It looks pretty good (There's a shitty 240p-looking filter but it can be turned off) and it controls pretty nice as well.
>Juice Galaxy
Also known as Juice World. Action-RPG about juice.
>Yedoma Globula
Pretty unique horror sandbox game. Play it in the dark, you pussy.
>Tanuki Sunset
Drift gaem: Raccoon in skateboard edition.
You can play it on browser so let's see what highscore you get.
I'm winning, you're losing
I'm laughing, at your SSD
Lower than lower, before
Your number of games
My PC, your console
I'm stealing, your games
More and more, you port
Your divorced Japan
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But Bloodbornes is the only
Give me the only game
I'm tired of movies
I'm tired of niggers
The only platform I will own will be a PC
Identity, politics
Nosering, trannies
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No goddamned games
Lesbians, faggots
Fanatic, SJWs
More and more, you Westernize
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Bloodborne is the only
Give me the only game
I'm tired of movies
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The only platform I will own will be a PC
Where's VR videogames heading?
Will there be full bodysuits that allow me to rape someone in Runescape and feel the sensation on my dick in 20 years?
Or allow me to play vr tekken and feel the pain when getting hit?
Or will it be banned because no fun allowed?
Talk about games long in development hell with unknown release dates.
Early Access trash like Scam Yidizen doesn't count.

I pray to dog Dominic finishes X Corrupted before Crapcom fully adapts to modern legal practices involving copyright.
>Great movement. Spindash allows you to travel great distances. Great OST, great colorful graphics. Chaos Garden.
<Small linear maps unfitting to such movement. Boring underworld.
>Sonic and Shadow's movement's still fun. Great OST, great colorful graphics. Chaos Garden.
<Even more linear maps. 2/3s of the game is shit (Egg/Tails, Knuckles/Batats levels)
>Sonic Heroes
>Movement while not as good, fun enough. Some gimmicks just need a little work and have overall potential. Great OST, great colorful graphics.
<Again, linear maps. Enemies have HP bars for some fucking reason even though the combat sucks dick. Shit puzzles that take 5 minutes to do, that fucking casino level. The same fucking levels for all of the teams. NO CHAOS GARDEN.
19 years later
>Sonic Frontiers
>Big ass open map with tons of platforms.
<Sonic Unleashed movement. Looks like a fucking unreal4 showcasea. Generic boring OST.  NO CHAOS GARDEN
Why is it so hard to fucking get?
Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
>hints are also more retarded, rather than a small hint to lead you into the right track you just get a "try again :)" if you fuck up, including a literal "Try again." in one puzzle, yet it still pauses your screen and forces you to stare at it for 3 seconds just to make sure you really understand that you need to try again with a different answer 
>the actual hints are just as bad as the worst of the first game and there's even duplicated hints in some puzzles 
>despite the mechanical improvements there's still no way to skip conversations you've already seen, even though you often do need to talk with the same NPC twice to get a new puzzle and there's nothing to tell the ones with puzzles apart
>actual spoilers, first game ends with a satisfying richfag wanting to dote on his daughter in a way that made sense for the universe, second game is just DUDE GAS LMAO  where the twist is a do-anything magic to justify everything to that point, which just feels like the writers gave up halfway 
>and if feels that way even more because they end the game and then remember that everyone forgot about the dead professor so the after-credits scene (you can't skip the credits and you're forced to watch this) show that he's not dead now because he's alive and it was probably suicide so ignore the murderer 
Overall it's a pretty gay game. I hope the third isn't as shit and the puzzles are more in line with the first game's but with the memo function.
Remember to be thankful for your neps and always love them!
Thanksgiving is probably only a leanbox holiday so hopefully Vert cooked us up something nice to eat.

>What neps are ya nepping?
>Are you having fun?
>Favorite girls?
>Any cool nep-related shit you found?

Other IF/CH games are fine to talk about too, like Mary Skelter, Death's End Re;Quest, etc.

/nep/ (& IF/CH) Happenings and News

>There's a sale on the Iffy store right now
Good if you wanted shit from them. They do have some nice little acrylic standees for some of the ninja neps (personally I like green heart and white heart's standees, imo the others are pretty shit), a lot of things are on discount from LEs to SEs to merch. I highly recommend it if you can, though things are getting sold out quickly.
They also have sales on the ((( (((Steam))) ))) and Switch eshop stores if you're one of those fags who buys digital for whatever reason.

>Neptunia x Senrans was released
<Its a PS4/5 exclusive for now
<Takaki is gone
Its probably shit, but the models are nice to rip according to anons at least. Artwork and concept is interdasting (but apparently censored so don't bother), but if only it had come out 3-4 years ago instead.
All the LEs are sold out already, I guess they were too appealing.
>Neptunia ReVerse is out
<An "updated and enhanced" version of Re;Birth 1
<A remake of a remake (and this isn't the only time they've done this)
<Censorstation 5 exclusive
Fucking hell Iffy. 'CEASE'. The LEs for this one are all sold out too for anyone who was somehow interested in it.
>Neptunia Virtual Stars released in March
<Only physically available on PS4 (but was released on Steam digitally)
Its a music-based hack and slash but I haven't seen many people talk about it so idk, its a nep spinoff so don't expect much.
>Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is coming out on Steam in early 2022
The spritework actually looks really pretty and not like simplistic chibi dogshit like most of the meme games they release in this kind of way.
I'm genuinely shocked, it might be a cute little thing to play when it comes out.
>Some pretty Nep figures are going on pre-order on Play-Asia
They look pretty good:

Basically its a shit time to be a /nep/ fan.

But as for other Idea Factory and Compile Heart games, they're not doing too bad:

>Mary Skelter Finale was released a few weeks ago
3rd one in the series and its doing very well, everyone likes Mary Skelter.
Its a dark, bloody and kinda edgy DRPG with cute girls as usual. They still have some LEs in stock here:

>Death's End Re;Quest 1 got a physical release on the Switch this year
I'm not complaining about more physical releases moving away from Noire's shithole Lastation right now.
It seems IFI is doing a better job than the jap branch of trying to stay away from that shitty platform.

I am unaware of any bunker/offsite activity since the last time it was really mentioned was a long time ago since 8ch went down and 8kunt's /nep/ catalog was mostly destroyed.
Here's some of the old info copy-pasted and adjusted when possible; no idea if its outdated or not, if it isn't, feel free to post updates in the thread:

'After 8ch was taken down, thread is split between here and 0net.'
'We've made a /nep/ dis­cord! Ask for an invite in the thread.'
'We also have a Matrix/Riot bunker, add these to your client (acquired at'

>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 2
Actual version: 1.422
>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 3
Actual version: 1B

Vita version Re;Translations:

Re;Birth 2:

Re;Birth 3:
Version 1.02

Version 0.90

>Producing Perfection audio has been uploaded to MEGA

'Re;Birth mods:'
'Translated Nep media:'
'Nep mods to add Neps to Non-Nep games:'
'Stories from /nep/ and /v/ members:'
'Thread OP pastebin:'

>Which game to begin the series with?
Start with Re;Birth 1 to test the waters, then play Re;Birth 2 and/or Re;Birth 3 (with the Re;Translations), and then V-II.
>I've heard of bad translations in the Neptunia games, care to tell me more about it?
Translation Statuses are:
HDN, HDN Mk2 and Victory: NISA cancer.
Re;Birth 1 and V-II: Translation is alright, no worries from these ones.
Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization. However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board (see above links).
Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content.
All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre.
>I'm too poor to buy the games, where do I grab them?
Ask the Share threads.
>I want to help with the translation efforts.
Ask in thread.


(And reminder to email IFI to keep avoiding censorship; they've been doing well so far with that at least but they're easily susceptible to hurting the neps with how bad everything is even on the JP side:
Who are your favorite lolis in videogames? Who would you take as your daughter or wife?
Mine are Yumi, Purin and Roll. Are there any recent videogames or mods with lolis? I only heard about Onirism but I haven't played it.
I like to explore empty Minecraft servers and take screenshots.

This is a Japanese server, and boy can you tell.

>What is it?
Play Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade (Project Ember) over netplay. Advance Wars 2 and other games are also present. Work with anons to get as far as possible into the story by using one unit per anon.
>When is it?


>1. Download mednafen with roms:
>2. Unpack, drag rom of choice over mednafen.exe to launch it with that
>3. Press ALT+SHIFT+1 to set up the controls. There can be two buttons assigned to one input. Use the same button for first and second prompt if only one is desired. Try not to assign "t" and "Enter" to anything.
>4. Press t to open a chat menu, type in /connect and press enter. To rename yourself, use /nick [NAME]. To activate controls, use /dupe 1 .
>5. Play the game


>0. The host controls all lords and deploys as few of them as possible.
>1. Every anon is assigned one unit of their choice when they join from the ones not claimed by others. They can only deploy and control that unit. Move around, trade, etc etc. Use chat to call dibs on units.
>2. If a new unit joins in the middle of a stage (as a reinforcement, etc, etc), that player can assign that unit to himself. If he does, he controls that unit alongside the one that he started the stage with during that stage - effectively controlling two units at once. Next stage, he can only deploy the new unit as usual.
>3. If people can't come to a consensus over who gets what item (stat booster, etc, etc), the host reserves the right to have the final say.
>4. We'll probably fucking die not even quarter of the way in. Game overs mean restarting the stage from the beginning. Do your best!


>Rompack contains various other roms to play after we finish Project Ember or Crimson Arm. There will be a poll and people will be able to vote on the next game.
>If you've played this game night before in a ST thread or earlier, you will need to download the rompack with an emulator again.
>Mednafen version in the archive (1.29.0) is for x64 windows release. Linux or x32 autists can go to mednafen's site and download that version. Use roms from the archive.

>The new Nintendo Direct isn't the only video game stream happening this Tuesday.
>Sony is also airing a new State of Play broadcast on Sept. 13, the company announced.
>The stream will run for roughly 20 minutes and will highlight a number of upcoming releases for PS5, PS4 and the upcoming VR headset, PSVR 2.

It's scheduled to be broadcasted in around 6 hours, it's only gonna last 20 minutes. I wonder what they're gonna show and if it's gonna be any more bland than the Direct. Pehraps they'll show the new Silent Hill.

Official stream here:
but we all know the buns of steel wins out at the end of the day

Let's have a fire emblem thread and talk about fun shit with this series.

>What games are you playing or want to play?
>find any fun romhacks?
>Favorite girls
>Favorite lads/bros
>Are you having fun?
>Favorites and most hated games?
>Find any cool/interesting shit?
>New to the franchise?
>What games have you played?
>General thoughts/opinions?
And whatever else anons can think of.

There's news of a potential remake on the horizon. People are speculating its going to be Path of Radiance, and then Radiant Dawn. I can see that happening, but what are anons thinking and/or hoping for?
The vidya's manime.
Just finished MGR:R. It's everything you want from videogames. Killer OST, cheesy dialogue, cute lolis, super death ripped cyborg robots. mutilation, everything.
I wish more vidya were like this.
If you had to make the ultimate dudebro vidya. What would you make?
Talk about hacks you've been playing, inquire about hacks for games you might be interested in, discuss making hacks, advertise hacks you've made though I doubt anyone here has done that, and point and laugh at gay drama in the rom hacking community.
You can find most rom hacks here. is run by oversensitive trannies but it's also the largest database for hacks and hacking tools on the internet. hosts many hacks that were rejected by Most of them are just shitposts, like a hack that translates all the text in Secret of Mana to braille, but there's a few interesting ones here and there. If you want more than that, you'll have to go to websites that are dedicated to hacking games from a specific series like

I finally decided to get into Fire Emblem rom hacks so I decided to start with a hack of Sacred Stones called Fire Emblem Vision Quest because everyone says it's the best one. It is pretty good so far but there are a few problems with it. The creator really liked making chapters where you have to protect a bunch of NPCs which are always a pain. There are levels where you have to protect everything from chickens, to gazelles, to logs of wood. 
There are also a lot of redundant characters. It is more difficult than most of the real Fire Emblem games so I guess he wanted there to be more than enough characters for you to finish the game with. But so many of them feel pointless. It seems like you get another cavalier or axe user in every other level.
I was hoping the hack would expand on the map exploration of Sacred Stones but the creator took that out to prevent grinding I guess. That's understandable but it would have been cool to see that element used for something interesting like branching pathways.
The story feels like it was originally intended to be a fantasy novel that was later adapted into a game as many chapters begin with overwrought descriptions of the landscape and culture of the area where you're fighting. There is also way too much dialogue. Characters will go on and on about pointless shit like the taste of certain foods and you have to read through all of it to look for hints that might be buried underneath it all. I guess the creator thought this would flesh the characters out or give them little quirks. Outside of that, the writing is fine. It's nothing special but it's good enough to explain why you're fighting every battle. Also, the characters say "heck" all the time. I thought this was because of the heckin' meme that the kids love these days but it turns out the creator just doesn't like curse words and used "heck" instead.
In spite of all the complaints, it is a good hack. Not as good as any of the GBA games but better than the 3DS ones. Give it a try if you've played all the GBA games to death and still want more.
We know episode 3 was meant to introduce a showcasing innovation like previous installments. What might that have been? 

By the way, BM: Xen was disappointing. Definitely creative in an aesthetic sense, but hardly built on or increased on previous challenges, with human soldiers proving the real peak challenges. What went weong, and what could have been done better?
Starting in 53 minutes.

Note, Xero is a new server with some changes from S4 Remnants/Max:
>Pretty decent starter inventory
>Remnants UI, but with most of the bugs and ugliness fixed
<Have to play games and acquire PENis points to actually buy clothes
and maybe other shit that I don't know because I haven't tried it yet.

Start time: 
I'll log on around 6:00PM EDIT 7PM today PST, but feel free to make a room ahead of time.
Otherwise, I will respond in this thread with a room name and password.

Saturday and Sunday we'll be running during the day, and I'll likely tag out intermittently.
The server is run by the community, so you guys should be fine without me.
There are usually a few people who are willing to manage the room, and it's not difficult.

How to set up:
Just run the executable and it'll do its thing. Once you're in you can choose a username and password and then you'll be set.
See pic related for a guide on what to equip. Play some tutorials, there's one general tutorial (on the lobby page), and a tutorial for each weapon class (in the shop).

How do I play it

S4 League is a weaboo arena third-person-shooter with gimmicks. Mechanics are fairly straightforward run, jump, and shoot. 
The only unusual mechanic is wall jumping. It's essential for moving quickly, and you'll get used to it with practice.
It is important to note that you can control the angle of your wall jump with the camera. It's strange but get used to it. 
There are three specific game modes that we'll be playing:

>Battle Royale: Just kill people.
>Deathmatch: Just kill people but ignore half of them.
>Touchdown: The real game. Sportsball with guns.
and a few other modes that aren't worth mentioning for now

The rules for touchdown aren't too complicated, it's just like an ordinary sport with a ball and a goal.
Here's a handy set of instructions for what you should be doing.

Guide to Offense:
>Step 1: Get the ball.
>Step 2: Run behind enemy lines.
>Step 3: Don't get killed. (Otherwise goto 1)
>Step 4: Score in the opponent's goal.

Guide to Defense:
>Step 1. Just kill people. 

But specifically kill the person who has the ball. 
They will have a giant beam of light over their head.
Use that to keep an eye on how much of a threat they are.
With the server sneaking anon and the recent Voltz game night, I thought this topic might be appropriate. Especially since Mineshafter is old news.
Got a favorite mod? Maybe a favorite modpack? Maybe even a favorite map or texture pack? Or maybe you made your own? Talk about it here. I'll start.
I actually don't like regular MC too much, but me and a friend recently saw Create, and then it just fuckin threw me down a giant rabbit hole. Next thing I know I've got myself Botania, Create, and ComputerCraft all in the same pack and it's just been a nonstop spiral of autism. But unlike most tech mods, these three just feel so visually appealing, you can actively see what's going down and it's just a blast to watch all of your 'tism come into fruition.
I tried to have a webm for Create here, but I couldn't compress it down enough, so here's the trailer:
Other than that, here's some more of my favorites I've picked up along the way that I just like using using on 1.18.2 since Create & Botania makes me stuck on that. All are for Fabric.

>Hunger Remover:
Removes the hunger bar, regen from keeping full, and makes food restore health instantly instead like classic MC. Actually fairly competent and seems to even work with modded food items like from Croptopia.
>Better Combat:
Actually gives your attacks real hitboxes and swings. My only complaint is that you have to either be constantly aiming at an entity or at nothing to get it to swing (otherwise if you don't, it'll attempt to mine a block instead), or map your "mine with weapons" toggle to a key you can hit quickly. 
Completely reworks the enchantment table (features can be configed). You can remove the need for durability from items if you want, but the main appeal is replacing vanilla enchants that are basically "do more/take less damage" with a few multi-function enchants you can use in a lot of ways. Dashes, double jumps, ground pounds, using your fishing rod as a grappling hook, the whole nine yards, and removes RNG. My biggest complaint is that you need to be constantly in-the-know of any other mods if you plan on removing durability, since some rely on it like Create's Super Glue, but you can make packs to fix that.
>Advanced Movement:
Basically gives you more momentum with jumping. I like combining this with Camera Overhaul, Coyote Time, and Enchancement because it just lets you go fast as fuck.
Probably not the greatest car mod of all time, but is just fun if you're stuck on 1.18.2 with Create. Also has some fun slopes.
>Damage Tilt:
Actually tilts your camera in the direction of damage. Why this was removed from vanilla is beyond me.

I know there's a lack of 1.12.2 or 1.16.5 mods in this list, but I figured you fags probably already know all about them. Scape & Run, Beyond the Veil, Pixelmon, etc.
If you were in charge of a console variant, any console, What would you make?
I would make a Gurumin Edition PSP by putting her bubble butt on the back of the thing, where the psp logo is. Cunny and all.
It would come with a wallpaper that would show her stuck in a wall, looking at your embarrased because of her exposed butt.
I don't fucking get sonic games. 
It was just bad slippery platformer. They marketed it as "mario but fast" at first but even in the early games it wasn't anything special. You can go somewhat fast at times, but it's purely incidental and the level design itself keeps trying to stop you with "puzzles", walls, and bad boss battles. I've heard the argument that you can go fast if you're a speedrunning sped and therefore it's good, but by that metric it just means that SM64 is a better sonic game than the mario but cool furfag ever was. 
I do concede that the music, programming, and sprites of the 2D games are good, and that the lack of speed could have been due to limitations of the time and the unpolished novel concept behind the game, making it a Bubsy 3D of going fast. But then widescreens happened, and ultra wide came along later. You would think that the more horizontal nature of displays and better hardware would allow for ultra fast side scrolling, right? Well fuck you, here's the 3D games. But at least with 3D and the camera showing you what's in front you can go fast for once, right? No, fuck you. This shit is now even slower. More "puzzles", more "combat", and the once technically impressive movement is now buggy as shit. Even the latest open world sonic game has already proven to be a complete slog from the promotional videos alone. 
When the only good sonic games are fan games I honestly don't know how it got to be this big of a franchise and how it made so many fags into furries. At least disney was quality animation, sonic just had bouncing bat tits in a bad platformer. I can the see promise it once held, but fans enjoy it even past that. I don't fucking get it.
Starfield got me thinking about space games. I've always thought that space-themed games are boring, there's nothing very interesting to me about floating in empty space with a space ship and shooting at other space ships that are floating in empty space, nor about exploring a planet made up of rocks no matter how space-like those rocks are.

There's nothing particularly interesting about exploring the kind of alien planets that are usually depicted. Aliens or their buildings aren't very interesting either, there's nothing relatable about structures made up of random scifi shapes, there's nothing very practical you can find from there except maybe some energy source or a new weapon. I just can't get into it.

If instead you make a grounded fantasy story that takes place on earth or similar civilized planet, the world becomes infinitely more interesting. The world can be filled with structures at various levels of technology and for people from various walks of life, you can find ruins and dungeons, hidden item stashes, puzzles and locks and treasure, the objects you find are more likely to be of value to you since they're from your home planet where your kind live in, even if you find a golden chalice you can surmise that it's valuable because you know exactly what it is, the people can be friends or foes and their troubles are relatable and understandable since they're people like you, you can put more focus on smaller things since the world is just one map.

Most of this doesn't make sense in a space setting because aliens aren't the same as humans so their technology and conventions and possibly even bodies are different, and even if your character knows things, you as a player don't understand anything about it. It's also pretty boring to me if aliens are just humans with a different face, it feels like a cheap scifi skin wrapper over the setting as opposed to a real alien setting.

The only way I can see scifi settings as even remotely interesting is if I start coming up with new things that I haven't seen before.

So what are those things? What could you do to make space games, specifically the exploration and discovery aspect more interesting?
>Ratchet and Clank
I still need to finish 2 and 3 but so far I don't think they can top the first game for me.
The level design and atmosphere accompanied with a great ost is really something else that I feel lacks in the sequels. It's really the natural evolution of the Spyro trilogy which is also along my favorites.
DOOM but better. I can't think of another game with better weapons. The style is also top tier.
>Jazz Jackrabbit 2
What Sonic should have been. Big ass areas that are fun to explore. The OST is fucking amazing.
>Dark Souls
I love the soul series in general. Not other games achieve that "exploring the unknown" feel for me. I also like the slow combat where each hits counts. 
The improvement Galaxian needed. Simple but with enough personality. That starting tune sends shivers down my spine and the SFX make this game what it is.
>Madness: Project Nexus 2
I've been waiting for this game for a while and is certainly what your would expect for a sequel of the original project nexus. Meaty combat and lots of weapons.
>Persona 4
Idk why I like this game so much. There are other SMT games with better dungeons but for some reason the story and characters kept me hooked. Neither P5, P3 or the few SMT games I've played stayed with me as much as P4. My waifu is also in this game so I'm kind of biased.
>Diner Dash
An old game from 2003 that's pretty similar to what you would find in flash sites at the time. Hard as balls which is why I like it.
>Budokai Tenkaichi 3
I love Dragon Ball and this is the best Dragon Ball game.
>Honorable Mentions
The Neverhood
Commander Keen IV
Serious Sam: The First Encounter
You can make a 3x3 if you want Fun things are fun.
I've been fucking around with SM64 romhacking, decomp and the such and managed to do this 
She's very low-poly because I wanted to stay within the original model's poly-count but as it turns out, it supports way more. I'll probably give her more vertices later.
Aside from that, any good SM64 you've been playing recently?
Have you played that B3313 romhack? Have you seen Kaze's new project? It looks awesome:
The enviroments are really detailed and well textured.
What's the oldest person you know that actually plays videogames? I've not known anyone who plays videogames past 50, so it's always a joy to see folk in their later years still engaging with vidya games. 

Back during 8kunts days, I was hoping the Q boomers would come and talk about vidya with us, which would be pretty cool to increase the variety of people discussing videogames, guess it was never really meant to be.
Spec Ops The Line is such a pretentious piece of shit. 
>you played the game therefore you are a bad person and you should feel guilty
Nevermind that you have no actual choice in the game. These motherfuckers even confirmed it.
>just stop playing otherwise you are a bad person
but its a fucking video game. Why would i stop playing it??
Then you have all the retards on the internet praising it for its "deep story" and whatnot. Cant stand those faggots.
Ok, niggers, post all your new or updated shit here. If you don't know what logo to use, consider using this or something similar. Thanks in advance for the contributions and definitely thank you for all the quality work done for the previous two boards, hopefully this is the last.

>What the fuck is this?
Double Action: Boogaloo is an arena shooter source mod about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into action movie mayhem. Imagine Max Payne diveshooting through MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS, BULLETS AND GRENADES. There's a WHOLE GAME like that.

Get it here on steam:
Map pack for steamfags (put in "Double Action\dab\maps" if you don't want to spend 10 minutes per map change, NO-STEAM REPACK ALREADY HAS THIS): (140 MB)
No-steam repack: (2.6 GB)

Didn't want to use steam? This section is for you.
>Changing your name
Open rev.ini and look for PlayerName=PUTNAMEHERE . Replace PUTNAMEHERE with your name.
>Disabling autoconnect
Open rev.ini and remove +connect [ip] from ProcName= string.

Applies to default key bindings.
Press x to switch between first person and third person mode. The latter is default and sucks for aiming.
Press Right mouse button to leap. Hold CTRL + right mouse button to slide. Hold shift to aim down sights. Press F to toss down a grenade (if equipped). 
Kill fags while sliding or diving to get SERVER-WIDE SLO-MO. Press C to activate (or deactivate) it. Reflex players get one second for free after respawning.

WE START 2 PM EDT ( ) on FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY, but realistically just play whenever the fuck anons hop on. Server will be up all weekend.

>server IP for steamfags
use connect
THE GAME: install it from here:
Blender 2.79b: <== most useful link by far, has mandatory plugins and every side program you need
>inb4 cuckchan link
The fact that they've made a much more comprehensible resource than any 8chan iteration has made says more about us than it says about them.

We're going to use Blender to export and import models into PES. In the implyingrigged link there is an assortment of plugins and tools that are madatory for this purpose.
I would greatly advised, in case you don't know how to use Blender, you would import models from videogame ripping sites. It's much more attainable than modelling from zero. Some sites that could prove to be useful: <== this program lets you download anonymously from most of steam's workshops: as long as you make sure to run the steamcmd.exe included before, after which i would recommend you to read this:
There are plenty other mediums from which to extract models (e.g. MMD, Koikatsu) that are supported by blender plugins and explained in further detail in the 4cc wiki.
In case you want to participate, I'll give you an idea of what you can achie through modding:
>a floating .jpg as the entire player
>either boxes or cards (flat images) as heads
>cardheads can either be one-sided or two-sided
>an immobile model gliding across the grass
>texturing on top of a PES player's face, so you can preserve facial animation
>custom limbs (arms, legs, hands, feet)
>full model replacements
>attached parts (e.g. armor, swords, capes, floating limbs, tails)

Don't get too ambitious with your player for I know >you can do jackshit with Blender. I advise you keep it grounded and stay levelheaded.
Here's the last /v/ team that played on the cup, which would be vch's /v/:
I suggest we use this team as a basis for our own. As you can see, there is some good (Teagan, for example), but there is much more shit someone should replace Mark Mann. Hopefully, >we can turn the team around if we're not comfortable with it. Here's a link that includes the team in case you want to either see them in action or plainly want to dick around with them:
As a last note, make sure we come up with a new strategy for the team as it has not won a single thing in the last 7 6 cups it has participated in. Teams with great tactical potential include /christian/, /fascist/, /kind/ and /lgbt/ in the 4cc apparently, so either base our tactics around them or straight up copy-paste them, whatever fits the bill.

Happy modding!
7 Days of Horror and Shitposting
It's Phantasy Star Online, motherfucker. Need I explain more?

>How do I get onto this shit?
1)Register an account at
2)Download client here:
WARNING: Much like Lineage 2, PSO:BB has its own anticheat shit called GameGuard, causing it to be flagged as malware on Windows 10. This seems to be just a Windows 10 issue, as my Windows 7 laptop didn't flag anything when running the client. Keep in mind that Windows 10 flags shit like High/Low Orbiting Ion Cannon as well.
If you don't give a shit about anticheat then you should probably be fine, and if you really care about security then you should probably just run it in a Windows VM anyway.
3)Run install.reg (afaik this just sets the game font to Dotum)
4)Run online.exe

>Okay, so how do I actually play this shit?
Read the game manual and keyboard layout.
WASD - Move character
Arrow Keys - Menu Select/Action Pallete (The left, down, and right arrows correspond to the blue, green, and red buttons accordingly, and the up arrow centers the camera.)
Enter - Select/Advance text
Home - Open menu

If you want some more info on the game mechanics, then just read Ephinea's tutorial for the game since I'm too lazy to explain it here:

The server should be up for the rest of the month or until the VPS expires.
AMD Launches Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPUs, Arrives Sept. 27 Starting at $299
>AMD unveiled its 5nm Ryzen 7000 lineup today, outlining the details of four new models that span from the 16-core $699 Ryzen 9 7950X flagship, which AMD claims is the fastest CPU in the world, to the six-core $299 Ryzen 5 7600X, the lowest bar of entry to the first family of Zen 4 processors.
>AMD says these new chips power huge generational gains over the prior-gen Ryzen 5000 models, with 29% faster gaming and 44% more performance in productivity apps. Going head-to-head with Intel’s chips, AMD claims the high-end 7950X is 11% faster overall in gaming than Intel’s fastest chip, the 12900K, and that even the low-end Ryzen 5 7600X beats the 12900K by 5% in gaming.
>[...] The Ryzen 7000 lineup also brings integrated RDNA 2 graphics to all of the processors in the stack, a first for the Ryzen family. These new iGPUs are designed to provide a basic display output, so they aren't suitable for gaming. However, this feature does improve Ryzen's positioning in several market segments.
Facebook is ending support for its gaming app in October
>In a statement published on Sunday, the company reiterated that much of the functionality of the app will be transferred to the main Facebook app.
>“We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything that you’ve done to build a thriving community for gamers and fans since this app first launched. This was truly a community-led effort to bring new gaming features to Facebook.
>“Despite this news, our mission to connect players, fans and creators with the games they love hasn’t changed, and you’ll still be able to find your games, streamers and groups when you visit Gaming in the Facebook app.”
Warner Bros. to launch UK games academy with Rocksteady Studios
>Warner Bros. Discovery today announced the launch of the Warner Bros. Discovery Access x Rocksteady Studios Games Academy in the UK.
The initiative, which will open for applications on August 30, will be offered to individuals aged 18 or older in the UK, with an emphasis on applicants that may not have access to traditional pathways into the industry, such as university courses, or internships.
>The course will be free and will offer financial assistance such as bursaries for travel or childcare. The deadline to apply is September 23, and candidates will be notified in mid-October.
>The programme consists of twelve weeks of training for roles in art, audio, QA and game design, all of which will be taught using a curriculum developed in partnership with NextGen Skills Academy and Rocksteady Studios.
Gimmick characters/weapons usually have high risk high reward mechanics implemented into them. What are your favorite examples of this? For whatever reason the only character I can think of at the moment is Ridley in Smash Bros. His side B move makes his tail spear out in front of him. If the tip hits you, it will stun you and do a lot of damage. But if you're too close, it will wiff and leave you open.
That can't do anything right.
Is there a single decent triple AAA studio left nowadays, or is it all in the hands of smaller independent devs/publishers to actually make some shit worth your while? How in the fuck do these assholes even keep afloat with their ever growing long history of scummy practices and garbage releases?
It's Voltz, muthafucka
>the fuck is this
Modded minecraft that adds nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, very big explosives, and missiles that you can launch at each other. Make a base, find where other anons are hiding their pathetic little hobo dwellings, and delete them from existence.

>where get from
Download here:
Contains files for both Windows and Java.

>how make work
This should be a complete guide from start to finish on how to get this working. If you have any questions/issues, please ask in the thread and I will do my best to help you. Most of these instructions are written from a Linux perspective, but given that it's Java it should work roughly the same on Windows as well.
>1. Go to and follow the instructions. Mineshafter is a cracked client/launcher that lets you play block game without a M$ account and connect to cracked servers. You can use a temporary email system such as GuerrillaMail to set up an account. However, the site appears to block registration from VPNs and Tor nodes.
>2. At , set your username and skin. Keep track of the username you choose here, as it will be used to login to the Mineshafter client. The skin URL should be a direct link to a PNG (if it works, it will appear below the textbox).
>3. Go to , select your OS, architecture, leave package type as JDK, and leave version as 8. This site provides libre implementations of Java independent of Oracle. Download the x64 version (or x32 if you're using a 32-bit OS). Downloading the archive version (ZIP/tarball) is recommended so you can extract/install it where you want it. Extract the archive to a location and remember where it is.
>4. In the main pack you downloaded in step 1, run Mineshafter.jar (it should run, not open as an archive. If it opens as an archive, ensure that Java is the handler for .jar files). You will need some version of Java installed on your system to run it. When logging in, set your username as the one you set earlier on Mineshafter's website (NOT your email address). The password can be anything as long as it isn't blank.
>5. Select "Edit Profile" in the bottom left. Don't change the game directory as it causes issues. Under "Java Settings (Advanced)", check "Executable:" and paste in the path to the java binary to where you extracted JDK 8 from Adoptium (it will be /path/to/your/jdk/bin/java , make sure it's pointed at the java binary).
>6. Check "JVM Arguments:", and change "-Xmx1G" to however much RAM, in GB, you want to give the game, such as "-Xmx4G" (4GB should be enough, 8GB for sure).
>7. Click "Save Profile" in the bottom right, and click "Play" in the main window. It will download the necessary files and launch the game.
>8. Make sure everything works, create a new world, see if your skin shows up, and close the game.
>9. In the main pack, run "Forge 1.5.2 Installer.jar". Leave it selected at "Install client", leave the default path unchanged, and click "OK". Forge will be installed in your Minecraft installation.
>10. In the main pack, there is a file named "". Copy this ZIP into /.minecraft/lib/ . Do not extract it, leave it as a ZIP. Forge is unable to download this file on its own because the devs don't care about fixing issues with old versions.
>11. Open Mineshafter again. There should now be a new profile entitled "Forge". Select "Edit Profile" and change the settings again as you did with steps 5 and 6.
>12. Click "Save Profile" in the bottom right, and click "Play" in the main window. It will download the necessary files and launch the game.
>13. If everything is working right, a window will pop up indicating that Forge is loading. In the main Minecraft menu, the bottom left should display Forge install info.
>14. Make sure everything works, create a new world, and close the game.
>15. In the main pack, extract the contents of "Voltz" to /.minecraft/mods/ . This is the actual Voltz modpack.
>16. In the main pack, extract the contents of "" to /.minecraft/resources . These are the game sounds that are not distributed with Voltz for ??? reasons.
>17. Open Mineshafter again and launch the game. In the bottom left of the main menu, Forge should read 47 mods loaded and active.
>18. Create a new world, ensure that the mods are working (NEI should appear in your inventory and can be toggled on/off with the letter "O"), and return to the main menu.
>19. Go to multiplayer, enter the IP provided below, and connect. Select "Add Server" so you don't have to enter it each time.

>where serve
Server IP is

>when gaymnight
The idea is that the server will remain up 24/7 and anons can come and go at their own pace. If you hide your base well enough nobody may ever find you and you won't have to worry about joining one day to find your base turned into a nice big pile of nothing.

>ok how play
Very loosely, the goal is to manufacture powerful explosives, strap them onto missiles, and launch them at [insert thing you don't like]. Whether this is the landscape, that cow that's staring at you, or an anon that called your dad a nigger. There are also a number of other mods present related to technology, including power armor and space exploration.
These two wikis should be enough to piece the larger parts together. You can also use NEI in-game (toggle it on/off in your inventory with the letter "O") to search for items and see how they're crafted. Note that many objects have several other caveats to get them working, such as requiring power, additional info, or even the time of day they're used.
Tutorials on getting started, including electricity and your first machines.
Unfortunately the wikis are very barebones/incomplete and don't provide much of a big picture. With that being said, here are some pointers I will give you:
>You will need a LOT (as in A FUCKING LOT) of wool to make insulated copper wires, which are used in just about every electronic in large quantities. Get a sheep farm going, make them breed with each other, get three dozen of the bastards in as tight a space as you can.
>Mine the fuck out of every ore you see, especially coal and iron (which will be used to make steel), copper, tin, uranium, and sulfur.
>Heat/thermal generators are really fucking broken. Surround their production sides with solid lava blocks, connect them to an energy cube, congratulations, you have infinite electricity (altough by late-game it will get used up faster than it can get replaced)
>If you're going to make a particle accelerator, you will need all the fucking copper and tin in the fucking map to make enough bronze for the magnets. Also look very carefully into the minimum/maximum size it needs to be, it cannot be too small nor too large.
If you need help or have questions, ask in the thread and I will do my best to help you. Now go blow each other up.

Planned release date: 7/7

Sleepy Station #1:
Sleepy Station #2:
Sleepy Station #3: >>147094

>What is this?
Sleepy Station is an e-magazine by anons for anons, made in the spirit of 1990s-2000s gaming magazines back when fun was still allowed. It's a quarterly e-magazine which means a new issue is released roughly every 3 months.
>Can I contribute?
Of course! Write an article/review about a game you love, a top 10 list, an amusing ad, a comic or art piece, a rant...etc and post it in this thread.
>How do I create an article?
 1. Download Scribus 1.5.x:
 2. Download the article template:
 3. Read the guide provided with the template and watch the videos.
 4. Start writing! You can share your progress any time by uploading your work folder to the thread.
>How do I create an ad?
Either use the Scribus template above or this GIMP template: (also works with Krita!)

Articles must be in Scribus SLA format, this allows the editor to properly merge articles and correct errors. Ads can be in Scribus SLA or GIMP XCF format. Comics and art can be in any format.

Remember: Have FUN

Previous threads:
Lets have a comfy thread talking hardware and stuff.
I bought a new computer after years of running an old comp, but I'm using the old GPU from the previous one, so I'm hoping GPUs prices lower this year.
old man screaming at a gun
Previous thread:

What do you think the new age of fighting games will look like?

The pandemic has fundamentally drawn a line between the older generation/community of fighting game players and the newer generation who started playing/getting serious during lockdowns and only know netplay as the default (of course, most of the previous generation was the same, but that's beside the point).  How do you think this will change the face of the FGC, such as it is, in the coming years?  I think the single most prominent change is that the crybullying faggot player archetype will become even more common in the FGC than it was before - people already got upset at offline events, but online events enable them to cultivate their own neuroses to a far higher degree without being forced to interact with other people.

On the bright side, I think (or would like to believe) that fighting game developers are aware that now more than ever, they need to ship a complete product.  People are generally pissed off paying for games with small rosters, no meaningful single player content, and multiple season passes of DLC planned.  Street Fighter 6 seems poised to remind people what's fun about SF, given that it seems not to be a rushed, half finished mess like SFV was, which is good.  Games from other developers like SNK (SamSho 2019, KoFXV), ArcSys (DBFZ, GBVS, GGStrive, DNF Duel), and Bamco (Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7) all seem to have crippling flaws in one way or another despite their appealing qualities.
SNK's games barely function and have atrocious UIs.  ArcSys's games are much the same, but at least the netcode works when you aren't being prevented from joining due to server traffic errors.  Bamco really only has Tekken these days, and they're doing their best to drive community goodwill into the ground with slapdash balance patches, poor community interaction, and aggressive DLC practices like charging $4 for frame data.

Anecdotally, I think a lot more people are playing on buttonbox controllers; apparently there were tonnes of them at Combo Breaker, and a lot of the people I remember from my local scene are starting to use them.  Things like playing on PC, various brands of prebuilt button boxes (Snackbox Micro, Hitbox, Mixbox) and the inherent shittiness of arcade sticks have made the prospect of using a keyboard or buttonbox much more appealing.

>What have you been playing for the last two years?
>Do you have an offline scene in your community now that normalfags are starting to go outside their houses?
>Are there any games you're looking forward to?
PC chipmakers Intel, AMD, Nvidia lower shipment goals amid sluggish demand
AMD & NVIDIA GPU Sales Continue To Decline, Reports Estimates Shipments Drop By 50%
>Intel expects a decrease of between $8 and $11 billion in income and has dropped its income objective to $65 - $68 billion. The organization gauges a ten percent drop in PC revenue (contrasted with 2021). The COVID pandemic falsely helped interest in PC sales and components in 2021.
>NVIDIA expects a lack of true success in sales because of the post-pandemic drop and the significant digital money crash. Taiwanese GPU providers gauge their 2022 shipments will fall close to fifty percent, and sources referred to by DigiTimes say this will make NVIDIA's income fall "at a pace beyond imagination."
Nvidia warns of lower second-quarter revenue on gaming weakness
Diablo Immortal player spends $100k, can’t find anyone to play with
>Some players worked out that it could cost you $100,000 to max out a player. However, some even claim that $600k could be more of an accurate figure. Yikes! 
>Furthermore, a player also spent $25,000 on the game, but then deleted their account in protest. If these figures are true, it explains why Diablo Immortal generated a reported $24 million a month after its launch.
>However, a content creator by the name of jtisallbusiness claims to have spent “around $100k” on levelling up their avatar. Unfortunately for them, they’ve levelled up so much that online matchmaking won’t pair them with other players.
Gaming time has no link with levels of wellbeing, study finds
Ants infest woman’s Kindle — and start buying books on Amazon

Previous threads
Your board is cordially invited to participate in a sokunigger tournament. Score as high as you are able and earn glory for yourself and/or your board.



Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation:

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and enjoy the game.

Full installation:!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k

Only for those that can't download from the main mega link for some reason. Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 


To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the central thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.
>What is this
(You) compete with up to 4 anons in a fair contest of Star&Shekel collection.

>Where is the game and emulator

>How do I set this shit up
<download game and emu
<extract them
<open Dolphin
<go to Configuration
<under Paths enter the folder where you put the game so Dolphin can see it
<go to Graphics
<enable "Show netplay messages"
<close Graphics settings and go to Controllers
<set up your controls, check to see if your rumble functions as some minigames rely on it
<Launch Mario Party 5 from the main window to see if it werks.

>How do I join a game
<close your game if you have one running
<go to Tools > Start Netplay
<set your connection to Traversal Server and enter the Hostcode provided by the host ITT, then connect
<if done correctly the Netplay window should pop up
<if everyone's Game Status is OK and the ping within reason then the game should be playable once the Host starts the session

>When is it habbeding
I plan to host 1-2 sessions starting at 20:00 CEST/2 PM EDT from Friday to Sunday.

>My game won't launch or render correctly
Change your render backend from Vulkan to OpenGL and vice versa, disable non-default graphics options. Vulkan rendering issues are indicative of macfaggotry, luckily Dolphin recently added a Metal backend for the lost souls playing video games on Apple devices though I have no clue how well it works with netplay.
On Linux use an X11 desktop session or XWayland in case the render backend fails to initialize.
>I can't connect
With traversal server this should indicate networking problems on part of the Host in most cases. If other anons can connect but (You) can't then make sure you're using the same Dolphin version at minimum and that you're connecting from Beniszuela.
>my game crashed while netplaying with anons
(You), the host or someone else might've experienced a big desync crashing the room with no survivors. This happens sometimes and there isn't much that can be done about it, check the thread for updates.
>I don't like the ingame chat overlay
Uncheck "Show netplay messages".
>My controller won't stop rumbling
Try to avoid layering rumble effects in the controller settings, if it's still broken with only a single effect enabled then disable rumble and ask the host to turn it off ingame.
How many hours a day do you guys play vidya? All day every day?

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