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so the first BO couldn't take it or something. I don't know why since know he hasn't responded to me. The /vhs/ BO has stepped up so I've deputized him as a mod and will give him ownership should he last longer not hard. He is in charge of making the rules and enforcing moderation.

Please keep all drama related discussion contained here, and let's try this again.
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>That same /pol/ shilling
Just fuck off already eden, isn't your board much "superior".
Why there is so much yuri trash anime these days? Why does every heterosexual anime or manga have the progresion of a snail while yuri has it's nearly instantly? 
This gives me sometime to give me a question is lesbianism and by that way yuri a jewish/feminist way of destrying the classical hetero relationships? I mean the original 'lesbians' were bisexual and both ways it has been lost to time ever since christianity came. I've also never seen a female lesbian animal and there are male homosexual animals? 
I mean I know that maybe I'm thinking into it a bit too much, but think of it yourself a bit more and I think you'll get where I'm going.
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It's allegedly cute, and you need to accept that in general both men and women like women more than men. Yuri fills the same niche as Moe but with romance which appeals to the shojo demo.
Foreign investors are getting into anime as well, but as long as it's still based on manga it's unlikely to be blatant manipulation.
Why are you such a coward?
SJWeebs latch on to it and yaoi/fujo anime because its the closest thing they would get to the woke anime. Also, Japan thinks lesbians are a meme at least for now but some (((people))) might change that.

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Welcome to /a/ now read this

 0. All global rules apply:
 1. /a/ is a primarily SFW board. NSFW is allowed, just spoiler it.
 2. Keep the topics related to Anime & Manga.
 3. /jp/ content is allowed except vtubers and 3DPD idols.
 4. Low-effort and template threads aren't allowed. Shitposting is allowed but try not to excessively shitpost or derail threads.
 5. Name/avatar/tripfagging without a reason should be avoided.

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I recently heard some anons say that Berserk is the best manga ever created. So I'm going to be reading it.
I haven't read that much manga in the past. Mainly because I'm a lazy faggot that prefers to watch something instead of reading it. However there are times where a manga can't be replicated in an anime and vice versa. The mangas that I've read so far are proof of that (Goodnight PunPun and some of Junji Ito's stuff). Besides Berserk I also have Chainsaw Man and Futari Solo Camp (Don't know what this one is about but the female protagonist is hot as fuck) on my list.
What have you been reading?
Anything you recommend?
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Did this manga have anything going for it? Or is just your usual SOL?

>Kengan Ashura
I'm interested in reading this one, specially since the anime seems to be CG shit. I always prefer watching the fighting genre rather then reading it but the illustrations look fucking sweet.

I heard Chi no Wadachi is pretty good.
Replies: >>376 >>387
>Did this manga have anything going for it? Or is just your usual SOL?
I think I've read it and enjoyed it. But I'm not sure.
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>>17 (OP) 
>and Futari Solo Camp
For some reason the author decided to make the FeMC the wrong type of annoying in the first chapter but outside of that first meeting the story is comfy. Really basic camping trivia for if you're ever going to a public campsite and food recipes every odd chapter or so. Artist also doesn't discriminate on the fanservice which I'm sure is appreciated by the ladies. 

>Anything you recommend?
It will be getting an anime next season so I think Shadows House is a good rec. Same author as Kuro, the story of a little girl with her bizarre black cat, but this time about a manor of nobels that lack any features and the humanoid dolls that serve them.
Replies: >>386
that shadow house one seems good
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It's ok I had fun reading it but it gets somewhat boring after awhile so I never finished it.

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We're having weekly anime streams every Friday. We're starting with movies only though we may watch regular anime later on.
Every Friday at 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST at
Post movies you want to watch and reaction images for the chat.
Last edited by billmurray
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Comfy stuff. See you next week.
thanks that was breddy /comfy/ tbh.
I don't know how anyone can tolerate shopping log.  Its like if you were to watch an anime about 3rd worlder unaware/indifferent of how white people are dying off, thats just going on in the background while she goes about your day.  The anime opens with "the sun setting on humanity".
Replies: >>383
Well, I'd say it's just about as apolitical, as anything I've ever seen that could easily be very political. Other than that the story's setting is in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Plainly not a lot of Whites there (the oddity of so many Occidental characters being common in mango/animu notwithstanding). And finally it's really a story of the survival of the remnants of humanity after the global collapse. In that it's similar to say, Mad Max.

The odd juxtaposition of everything makes the laid-back /comfy/ more poignant IMO. Top it all off with arguably some world-class robowaifus, vaguely Ghibli-esque layouts, and the ASMR-like sound engineering of the OVAs, and it's a small cult piece. 

I love it, actually.

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I'm watching Haré+Guu and some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Bretty comfy.
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Is Emperor Dornkike an illuminati kike or is he doing the right thing?
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>>232 (OP) 
The manliest anime about school girls ever conceived.
thats one fucking disgusting Seras
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Going to start watching Diamond is Unbreakable. Took a break after finishing Stardust Crusaders but now I'm in the mood for more Jojo again.

Finally finished season 1. I will continue out of pure curiosity. If I get bored I'll check the manga out.
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Currently rewatching Demon Tits, this one just never gets old.

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Keep inquiries, suggestions and autism here.
As I said I'm open to suggestions regarding the rules with the exception of the no vtubers rule which is still final and lolis which will always be allowed.
Idle posting in this thread is fine but try not to treat it as your own personal blogposting page.
Obvious shit stirring and vtuber autism will be meet with deletion.
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How about at 4pm PST on sundays?
Replies: >>257
Good enough, it's still a bit too late for me but I'll try my best.
Sorry if I caused you trouble.
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Board owner, I request that you change the layout of the board. It's drap and disgusting.
Replies: >>356
to what?

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Does zzz/a/ like 20th century anime adaptations of classic gaijin children's novels?
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>the aftermath of the revolution is kinda trash, the build up for it was great and the finally was amazing showing how the ABC group died was kinda sad, but all of that got thrown into the water like nothing happened pretty retarded when you think about it, it seems like they didn't know how to handle the ending for the anime
>still it's good show until this point these last episode kinda ruined it for me
It's the same with the french 2000 version was kinda underwhelming so I'm not sure if the book actually ended that way.
Is Heidi any good? Looks comfy.
Replies: >>319 >>320
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It's so comfy it makes me depressed thinking how nice western Europe used to be before the burgers, mudkikes and orcs took over.
now, I may be looking at it through rose tinted lenses because it aired  in the early morning back when I was a wee lad going to preschool and I have fond memories of that period, but I think it's fucking great on par with golden standard stuff like dbz.
Yoichi Kotabe should make more adaptions like that. I see him, and not Miyamoto, as the disney of the east.

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When I think of surreal anime and shit like that, I think Sentou Yousei Yukikaze or Serial Experiments Lain, I kinda understand the plot of Yukikaze but for Lain I'm at episode 7 and I still don't undestand get it :^). 
So why I'm watching something that's a bit hard to understand for me well I like the unique that vibe and feeling they give you, the visual the sounds they always try something unique and they give you this surreal feeling, and especially love Lain because the worlds seems familiar but it isn't everything about is awkward, it's feeled with long scenes with just ambient sounds or characters just staring at each other the same goes for Yukikaze. 
I'm not sure how I can explain it but I like these type of anime.
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Replies: >>331 + 1 earlier
Evangelion had some cool looking scene with surreal elements but it tried to hamfist the story a bit too much, with character's always talking about something mysterious and shit like that but just like I said with Yukikaze and Lain they were subtle, most of the characters don't talk all the time they are many scenes of silence, heck most of the Dogfighting scenes in Yukikaze are pretty silent you only the ambient sound of the jetfighter.
>>269 (OP) 
I need to watch this again. There are some obvious themes the show explores but I feel like I missed some.
Let's all love lain!
Let's all love Lain!
Replies: >>345
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How could you?

(203.6KB, 704x593)
SINCE THERE'S NO REAL /m/ ON THE WEBRING plw/mecha/ is dead as fuck, BRING IT ON!

This year is looking bright for mecha.
>Getter Robo Arc
>Muv-Luv Alternative
>Eva 3.0 + 1.0

What is your favorite MS in Gundam? and why is it the Zudah?
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(7.4KB, 480x360)
I know its hard to believe especially seeing how all the original works by those dudes are shit, but really give it a chance.  

>tetsujin 28
>not gigantor
We're you ever a child?  Does this look like a man with a weak member?
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>>28 (OP) 
I'm watching Gasaraki right now and I'm enjoying it right now, the mechs look fucking cool, the story is quite intresting and the visuals are amazing.
(1016.1KB, 1200x675)
You forgot to mention Gun x Sword that show is pretty good, the mech design are neat, the character are intressting to follow and the OST is amazing.
When I first watched it I thought it will follow an episodic format, but it turns out that every character that the cast meets are important to the story they looked unimportant for me, and I love the fact that the OP changes each character reveal
Replies: >>338
>00 Set in our times, it's a series that takes inspiration from the middle-eastern war
I liked the first season, it's a pretty good depiction of international politics. 
Until the part when the whole Gundam squad had an all-out battle in space.
Christina's death made me stopped watching it.
Not even Tieria in drag can convince me to continue watching it.
The premise of second season was silly anyway: why would a whole world unite just because they share a common crippled enemy? One of the unions could have destroyed Celestial Being entirely by continuing the offensive right after Exia gets wrecked. Once that's done, the 3 unions can just blow each other's asses again in space.

Any mecha anime with a main cast of cute girls?
(410.6KB, 990x700)
(3.1MB, 02:14)
Been meaning to watch Overman King Gainer, but should I go through Xabungle first? I think I've heard it's a spiritual successor of sorts to the latter, so I'm wondering if it might be better suited to watch afterward.

Great taste anon.

(179.7KB, 1280x720)
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What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
Replies: >>302 >>303
>>301 (OP) 
>fotns games any good
Besides the arc systems fighter, and I supposed the sega ages/blackbelt game, no, they all suck.
>>301 (OP) 
The best anime vidya out is always the Dragon Ball Budokai games, the  fighting is fun and easy to pick and play, and I love how they recreated every iconic scene in first game, the kakarot game tried it but it didn't look that good.
and how's Super Robot Wars is it pretty good ?
(82.5KB, 495x640)
Finished playing that PS2 Dororo game ("Blood Will Tell" in the west) recently. Has a few issues and doesn't strictly follow the manga in being more of a remix, but pretty solid and enjoyable. There's even an undub patch for those that want the Japanese voices, though unless it also includes some hardsubs for post-chapter narration, there's times western players won't know what's being said.

Doubt there's really any need to say it, but just make sure you're not actually paying for it, because it is NOT worth anywhere near the sort of prices it sees these days. They were already pretty shit through the mid 2010s, but the recent new anime adaptation straight up destroyed the aftermarket for it.

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