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Let's share recommendations.

atm I'm trying to remember the name of an anthology of films about murders.
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Is picrel worth reading?

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Do anons like Death Note?
I've been watching the 2006 live action films. It reminded me how much I like the anime and manga.
Do you feel the same or do you think is overrated?
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>I have nothing to contribute yet I must open my mouth
You know what I do when I don't know something about a subject? I don't open my mouth. 
Wow. You made a surface level observation yet you attributed it to the entire franchise. Make your own thread about your shitty fate rip-off. Again. Either go read Death Note and contribute some novel insight or fuck off.
>>588 (OP) 
I would have liked it more if the second half didn't exist and they let Light win instead.
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>let Light win instead.
Faggot, based L should've won.
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Death Note is massively overrated and not nearly as cleaver as it thinks it is. Especially once L dies. Then it get really stupid. Bad storytelling.
No, Light should have won.

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I hate these fucking big head lolis.
I hate their annoying high pitch voices 
I hate act so forcible "cute" 
I just wanna beat the living shit out of those things
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Replies: >>673 + 3 earlier
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>>635 (OP) 
so you like hurtcore to(:
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You know Elmo from Sesame Street? It's like that, it's just a childish mistake, like writing the letter "R" backwards. I heard some young women (high school/college age) in Japan anyway to seem "cute," though.
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Spoiler File
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Autism is also very appealing.
ESL-kun from /cow/ will seethe with this beautiful pic.

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I haven't read the manga but the "animated" adaptation released this month. Man, I haven't laught out loud at a anime for a while. Surprising considering Shitflix is involved. The timing is great and the comedy is so good. If you don't know what it is about is basically a Yakuza is a househusband. The humor it's pretty similar to some bits in Nichijou. It's a shame it might be the most poorly animated anime out there. I know modern anime doesn't shine in this field but jesus christ it's like I'm watching the manga with a voice over. However It didn't ruin my experience with it and I definitely recommend giving it a pirate.
I prefer my comedy in video form because I think it works better that way but I'll have to check out the manga and see how it compares and if it's better.
>house husband
propaganda cuck shit so that women will literally dont have to do nothing.
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But it made me haha because of the juxtaposition of a yakuza in everyday situations of a househusband.
I'm surprised Shiho really takes to him though.

He is a chaste type of guy, and really doesn't have much choice because Shiho's parents are super rich and won't let her leave the house, but I guess for some reason they have hit it off!

Let's see.

Kikuoka, the antiques dealer?

I don't think I want to take him to the Osaka park anymore though!


Still funny, and maybe a little scary.

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I watched this with my mom, he's a funny anime to watch with family

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Who is your waifu anon? Just wondering, pic unrelated.
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I took a shower with my waifu this morning.
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Is this a harem?
at least an OC waifu can truly be a virgin. never trust a bitchy waifu know the signs
This make /cow/kikes seethe.

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What's some manly anime?
I'm tired of moe shit and limp dicked protagonists.
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Go for some Cobra
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Kengan Ashura
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>>773 (OP) 

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The 10000 years hiatus is coming to an end!
Are you excited for Phos' triumphant return?

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I am forgotten
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Factually incorrect

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Post usefull info about anime, like watchorder and stuff like that.
I'm trying to get into Ashita no Joe but there's alot of movies and TV shows, so should I start with movies or the TV shows and are there any filer episode that I can avoid.
Replies: >>615 >>791
>>614 (OP) 
Watch the first tv show up untill episode 54, then watch the second one, everything after episode 54 is filler and deviates greatly from the manga, i haven't bothered to watch these episodes so i don't know if they are any good.
I haven't watched the movies either, but as far as I know they are just compilation movies.
Where you can download manga and anime? I only know nyaa.si and https://archive.org/details/manga_library
>>614 (OP) 
Lurk more faggot

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