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 0. Global rules apply
 1. Threads must be about anime, manga and japan.
 2. No vtubers.

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Who is your waifu anon? Just wondering, pic unrelated.
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Seems too young tbh
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I took a shower with my waifu this morning.
Is this a harem?

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Keep inquiries, suggestions and autism here.
As I said I'm open to suggestions regarding the rules with the exception of the no vtubers rule which is still final and lolis which will always be allowed.
Idle posting in this thread is fine but try not to treat it as your own personal blogposting page.
Obvious shit stirring and vtuber autism will be meet with deletion.
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Board owner, I request that you change the layout of the board. It's drap and disgusting.
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to what?
BO, please change the board's description.
>>3 (OP) 
Shit board.
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muscle girls
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I would drink it in gallons.
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Alright anon.
A girl should not be more muscly than you.
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That's why you have to get ripped to dominate your amazonian wife.

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which one is more profittable job in the anime industry (also less saturated) 
between illustration, animator, writer/scriptwriter thing or programmer?

i was educated in animation and was always feeling that the production is abit too very hard but i could be wronk
Do animes need a writer? Don't they just follow the manga? Which would make the mangaka the writer.
Programmer for what?
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in the east ( japan, korea and other nations where companies usually outsource to) animators make shit pay working insane hours . you say you were trained in animation -- did you ever research what conditions were like in the industry? i suggest you start now. recently japanese studios have taken to twitter to look for talents from abroad; this is, from what i understand, a trend brought on by a shortage of talent in the industry. skilled animators have always been in short supply in the anime industry and it's a supply which might dwindle due to current practices (involving the training of inbetweeners and the feasibility of living off the wages you get from animation for long enough to ascend from rookie to decent).

no, it's not very profitable unless you're godlike, no it sure as hell isn't easy work, but i suppose if your portfolio is good enough they'll let you work for them.
It's a different format, you'll always have to arrange it for that. But ideally it stays close to the manga, yes.

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Does this really happen in Japanese schools?
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>>741 (OP) 
Maybe in an art class for studying anatomy?
Public indecency, including being naked outdoors and sex in the public is punishable by Japanese law. Showing off your genitals in say, a public park will land you in prison for no more than 6 months. 

Before making a thread, try making better questions that doesn't sound like it came out of the mouth of a 12-year old that just recently became a weeaboo just because he watched N*ruto.

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I cried when I watched Spirited Away
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Tomorrow at 11am PST, right nigger?
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>>714 (OP) 
Chihiro / Sen needs her cunny smashed.
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fucking disgusting

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What have you been watching?
I've been re-watching Fist of the North Star and DBZ.
I grew up with Hokuto no Ken and is still one of my favorites. DBZ is pretty fun too.
I'm also planning on watching 79' MSG and Sailor Moon.
What are some good anime that aired on these two decades? I know there's a lot of good stuff but I've barely scratched the surface.
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>but then for some reason Toriyama decided to turn them into useless wimps who contribute nothing other than sucking off Goku and vegeta's dick just to say how strong they are compared to them.
That might of been because Shounen Jump rushed some of his ideas and time to work on the story, due to the tight schedule they set for mangas authors, so it's possible that he didn't have enough time to make DBZ as story and character rich as the OG.
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>roastie/nigger derivative of tfw
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Didn't DBZ Kai resumed the whole anime pretty well? Although I haven't seen it in several years. I don't mind watching the original anyways. I grew up with it.
>>4 (OP) 
Just finished watching Air Gear. It was pretty cool and I can well understand why it is popular. The last part felt somehow incomplete though I am guessing that was partly intentional. The open ended nature being intended to leave the audience wondering what new heights the MC is likely to soar to. It is something I would really recommend in terms of plot though at times it can be repetitive, falling into the 'challenge of the week' format.
Initial D

Started watching it couple days ago, all these years i thought it would be boring for someone like me who doesn't care about cars, but i got super into it right away.

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Do you listen to anime music?
I usually listen do Space Dandy ost and some OPs I like but not much other than that.
ndori dori dori dori nyan nya jan
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I don't like lyrics in my music, so I listen to covers of animu songs by some fags.

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We're having weekly anime streams every Friday. We're starting with movies only though we may watch regular anime later on.
Every Friday at 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST at
Post movies you want to watch and reaction images for the chat.
Last edited by billmurray
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cockfile and litterbox.
Do you still stream?
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