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Who is your waifu anon? Just wondering, pic unrelated.
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I wish she wasn't such a bitch
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I have a theory that all 2D girls are just different avatars/representations of the same metaphorical or maybe even metaphysical entity/神(kami) of the general concept of a "2D girl"/"waifu".
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Vid related

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NatSoc anime girls thread
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there's an anime where a 30 year old chad is walking through a field at noon, which unbeknownst to him, is a high school property. some kids call him over and say "who are you?" "are you from this school?"
he replies "yeah bro i'm in 8th grade", and they don't laugh or bat an eye. later as he's walking home, he realizes they actually believed this. he uses his newfound superpowers to do really bad stuff.
what anime is this?
i want to watch it to annualize peod psychology
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>>770 (OP) 
Uhhh... sorry, I don't know what anime you are talking about.
But that's an interesting picture, with teenager Shio.
Replies: >>1706
Dude, look at the date. He's not gonna come back and read this TWO YEARS later.

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I hate these fucking big head lolis.
I hate their annoying high pitch voices 
I hate act so forcible "cute" 
I just wanna beat the living shit out of those things
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ESL-kun from /cow/ will seethe with this beautiful pic.
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Who is supposed to be this nigga?
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>>635 (OP) 
damn you sound like a faggot
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((( Y*u ))) have an underdeveloped amygdala which makes you suffer from 'cute aggression'... It's common among non-Whites.
The best cure is a bullet to your brain, it's really effective.

Spoiler File
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I can understand not learning Japanese if you just watch an anime or read a manga from time to time but have other things going on in your life.
But people who watch hundreds of anime and all the newest seasonal slop but don't even know N3 Japanese are just worthless d*scord larper consoomers.
It's especially ridiculous when they start posting videos and "analysis" on j*wtube and pretend to be Japanese media gurus when they don't even know Japanese and essentially consume parodies/fan-fiction.
If you didn't think you wasted your time learning a language you'll never be able to apply in real life, you wouldn't have to cope this hard.
Replies: >>1699
>you'll never be able to apply in real life
If you dedicate a considerable portion of your life to Japanese media, that's "applying in real life", duh.
Of course it would be a waste of time to learn if you're not super into this, which I mentioned in my post (first line).

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I'm just curious:
What does /a/ think is the best anime of all time?
Feel free to say why of course.
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>>974 (OP) 
To be a GOAT anime, it has to capture the distilled essence of what anime can be. My kneejerk reaction would be to say Akira, but the cyberpunk setting is too limiting. It definitely has the best animation, though.

Maybe… FLCL? I can’t think of anything else that really nails that immutably ‘japanese’ feel that it does. It’s not the BEST anime, but it’s the most ‘anime’ anime.
Replies: >>986
Just because it captures some Japanese weirdness doesn't mean its the best, quality is important too
Try to think of an anime with the criteria you're describing, but also fucking outstanding if possible
Replies: >>988
Where does FLCL genuinely falter? In regards to art and animation, it’s stood up very well. It’s OVA-quality, the handful of CG scenes are cel shaded and practically indistinguishable from the traditional animation. 
Like I said, it’s not Akira or GOTS-tier, but it’s better than practically everything of its era that wasn’t out of Ghibli.
Replies: >>990
it's a kid who falls in love with a promiscuous alien woman while his brother's used good gf wants his shota dick
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>>974 (OP) 
It's not very deep, but it's so genuine that it's hard not to feel something, I watched it when I was at my lowest, and now almost three years later I'm sure glad I did.
You're not gonna learn anything new but you might ask yourself "what am I doing" if you're in the gutter.

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I love manime!

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Have you celebrated Satoko's birthday yet, /a/nons?
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>>1097 (OP) 
no i have not
happy birthday anime girl.
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Still the best 1983
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>>1097 (OP) 
i will remember to celebrate satoko's birthday

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>The hypothesis that society will reach a peak of harmonious functioning when each of its divisions efficiently performs its designated function, as a body's organs individually contribute to its
general health and functionality, lies at the center of corporatist theory.

>”it means a nation organized as the human body, with each organ performing its individual function but working in harmony with the whole” - Oswald Mosley on corporatism

The basic premise of the anime ‘Cells at Work’ is to portray the human body as if it were a human society, which unintentionally means it represents fascism. The viewer isn't even aware he's being fed fascist propaganda because they think they're just being educated about how the human body works.
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>fascism is just collectivism
Replies: >>1102 >>1515
The white cells also kill the invaders and the cancer jew that pushes his gay philosophy
>>fascism is just collectivism
It’s called pro-jek-shun, anon. Tumblr creatures do this all the time.
>>1093 (OP)  who cares? it's the cringiest show of the fucking era

it's like that fucking hollywood movie on human body, but on the even worse level on the level of feeding telletubies

at least telletubies dont act like a goddamn cult for chuunibyous trying to run a fucking hospital while promoting  its charity venue disguising a prostitution ring
Replies: >>1675
I liked it

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