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Do you listen to anime music?
I usually listen do Space Dandy ost and some OPs I like but not much other than that.
ndori dori dori dori nyan nya jan
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I don't like lyrics in my music, so I listen to covers of animu songs by some fags.

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I cried when I watched Spirited Away
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How about next friday, same time? Can't tomorrow.
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Tomorrow at 11am PST, right nigger?
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>>714 (OP) 
Chihiro / Sen needs her cunny smashed.

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Does this really happen in Japanese schools?

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muscle girls
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Muscle girls are great, I would lick some of her sweat off.
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I would drink it in gallons.
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Alright anon.
A girl should not be more muscly than you.
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We're having weekly anime streams every Friday. We're starting with movies only though we may watch regular anime later on.
Every Friday at 1pm PST - 3pm CST - 4pm EST at
Post movies you want to watch and reaction images for the chat.
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cockfile and litterbox.
Do you still stream?
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Who is your waifu anon? Just wondering, pic unrelated.
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Well as you think. But don't get suprised when you get raped by a 2d girl once
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Don't worry. My virgin aura will protect me.
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At what age is it weird to have a waifu?

>>693 (OP) 
Here's the hug.
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Seems too young tbh

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I hate these fucking big head lolis.
I hate their annoying high pitch voices 
I hate act so forcible "cute" 
I just wanna beat the living shit out of those things
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>>635 (OP) 
Is this a schizo samefagging thread?
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>>635 (OP) 
so you like hurtcore to(:
You know Elmo from Sesame Street? It's like that, it's just a childish mistake, like writing the letter "R" backwards. I heard some young women (high school/college age) in Japan anyway to seem "cute," though.
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Autism is also very appealing.

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Name a better opening
Protip:You can't
Any opening sang by my waifu.
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Who's you waifu?

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Is it worth watching? I heard mixed things about it plus I was spoiled the ending a time ago.
>>648 (OP) 
>is it worth watching?
Sure, it's a pretty fun series, just don't set your expectations too high.
>>648 (OP) 
I'm not huge into anime myself but I really like the space setting and I just went along and started watching it since I've heard about it so much. I put it off to the side for some reason but it's not bad imo. It would be a 10/10 (or close to it) for me if they wore flight/space suits of some kind.
>>648 (OP) 
Probably one of the most influential anime of the early aughts that lead to anime gaining mainstream popularity in the west along with studio ghibli films of that era. It's good.
>>648 (OP) 
It's good albeit very episodic so a lot of it is more or less unconnected from what I guess would be the main storyline. It's also, one of the few animus where the English dup actually isn't god awful.
I heard its popularity overseas eclipsed its popularity at home by a pretty wide margin. That is to say, most Japanese anime fans would probably look to other shows as an example of a highly influential 90s anime.

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