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>what's this?
A thread for the organization and development of a VN with minor puzzle/adventure game elements starring Libbie the Cyber Oryx.  Previous thread: >>118872 (archive: https://archive.ph/z17yE)

>what will the game be like?
A simple, short puzzle/adventure game presented like a VN and inspired by old Flash adventure/"sim" games.  We'll be working in Ren'py, and the game will mostly be slice-of-life comedy and light romance.

>what did you accomplish in the last thread?
- Progress on script and new demo 9see below).
- New drawfag who refined his sketches into final base illustrations (pics related).
- More detail on final day and endings.
- Got a gitgud repo set up to prevent bottlenecks/make saving progress easier.
Our progress is pretty glacial, but we're still making progress.  We may also be getting a new codefag, since the current one doesn't have a lot of free time.  As always, anyone is welcome to contribute.

The most recent demo is for day 3: https://files.catbox.moe/zlm5fa.zip - there's also a Linux version: https://files.catbox.moe/c5cg72.bz2
The most recent script is for day 4: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/CUEED+Rote5DxIqRzBOzS2tkLMAuc25aiszokevm4fg/
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Maff is a nigger, look, she's a nigger!
Finish your fucking game first before you shill it.
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- Asset for a Libbie-brand CPU similar to pics 1-4.  There was an anon in the previous thread who said he was going to work on it, but never delivered: >>140087
- Illustrations for the Libbies should have expressions/poses added for different emotions.
- Illustrations for Kiki and robo-Kiki should be moved from sketches to shaded drawings.
- Day 3 demo needs bug fixes as detailed in previous thread: >>166730 and >>166731 and >>166763.
- Codefag needs to remember his gitgud password (>not using a password manager) and upload the day 3 demo.
- Writefag needs to make progress on day 5 script (won't happen until start of November due to limited free time).

If I'm forgetting anything, feel free to remind me.
Oh, and here's the actual gitgud repo page: https://gitgud.io/retardmetal/sleepy_libbie_vn
> There was an anon in the previous thread 
I'm here. What else do you need done for the CPU things?
Replies: >>168683

>>a Libbie CPU branded with the phrase "SeXXXay thangZZ 4 H0M", with the last character being scratched out
One anon had also mentioned that the Windows XP branding should cover most of the CPU, which I think would be an improvement.
Replies: >>168685
To be clear, the actual label should read "SeXXXay thangZZ 4 H0M-" where the - is a character that has been scratched out or burnt off.
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You forgot the real demo :^)
I just notice artlibbie character aesthetic are not fitting with her workspace.

Do background need to be change? or ArtLibbie herself need to change?
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forgot pic
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Also, in this scene, the character need bit of resizing. it look bit too crowded.
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>haven't played the newest Libbie demo yet
>screen hurts my eyes
>take a look at the Libbie VN thread
>see Maff's big honkers
>decide I'm playing anyways
>realise there's no point to playing a visual novel if you aren't looking at the screen
>I will be Maffless for yet another night
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Don't hurt yourself, anon.  She'll be there for you tomorrow.
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Libbiebros report in?
Once I am back at my computer I will finish up the CPU assets mentioned in >>168652
Do we still have our:
[ ] scriptfag
[ ] codefag 
[ ] drawfag

Also to the codefag have you updated the repo yet
Replies: >>170455 >>171342
>[ ] scriptfag
I never went anywhere, I'm just busy this month.
Replies: >>170457
Spoiler File
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>>168647 (OP) 
Wait a minute, i know that art style from anywhere!
You don't mind fanart in this thread do you?
Replies: >>170457 >>170459
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Ok then what about libbieniggers instead than you insufferable autist
Replies: >>170458 >>170459
because i felt like making a dumb drawing
Beautiful.  10/10.  Do the colours represent anything?

Honestly, sure.  Anything that doesn't remind me of the cuckchan retard perpetually shitting up the /agdg/ thread.
Replies: >>170460
>do the colors represent anything?
people maybe.
>Once I am back at my computer I will finish up the CPU assets 
Have you gotten back to your computer yet?
Replies: >>171383
What if you were in an elevator and maff went to enter but her heel caught on the threshold and she tripped and  fell into you and smothered you with her giant boobs haha that would be so funny.
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Just got back. Will do that either tonight or tomorrow.

that would suck  haha
Replies: >>171403
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haha yeah

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I got the SD working and its pump out free BGs!
Replies: >>172102 >>172163
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>letting a demon bound in the form of a machine create for you
Replies: >>172129
But it gonna help us alot
Replies: >>172120 >>172123
The aesthetic of stock images with watermarks all over them is fun, and I'm not sure what an AI-generated image would accomplish that a stock image wouldn't.
Replies: >>172128
Use any tools you have, anon.
I actually do like how they look with the cheesy watermarks on them.
Bless us with your sekrit fringe knowledge about AI demons then, anon.
Replies: >>173361
I personally think the stock images were a lot better. Reminds me, I gotta play the new demo now that I'm feeling better. I should also dig out my sample collection and fuck around for a bit, see if I make any fitting music or ambient noise for this thing.
Does the engine we using able to change face layer?
Dont need to load whole body image but replace their face when emoting.
Make me have easier time to draw them.
Replies: >>173251 >>173340
I think Ren'Py just treats images as images, so if you want to have a character's face change but her pose remain the same then you would have to manually make a new image.  But if you work digitally, then you can just make a base layer for the character's body, and then draw different faces on top and save them as their own images.

It's not necessary to have different poses for every emotion, but I do like having different poses for some emotions like anger or sheepishness.

What exactly is the problem you're encountering?
Replies: >>173487
You can use Composite() to stitch multiple images together
How about I bless you with a sekrit fist in your ass?
Just curious if we can do that, and probably help to lower the size of the game.

no biggie really, just curious
Replies: >>173526
I wouldn't worry about file size.
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>page 9
Libbiefags, any updates?
Where's the jar?
I demand more libbie
anybody got archive of the previous thread? i forgot to mass download the files and images oops
Replies: >>175548
I downloaded all the OC but not the miscellaneous images like reaction images etc. Want me to upload them?
Replies: >>175554
better than nothing its OK also are you the same OP from the previous thread?
i actually have the first thread saved this time its about 3gb or so in total due to the high res stuff
Replies: >>175556
No I didn't make this thread but I was here in the two prior threads. let me make a archive quick
Writefag here.  I had meant to do more writing this month but I haven't been working on it.  No real reason, I'm just lazy.  I'm going to be making some computer hardware changes this weekend so that'll take most of my free time, but once I've got things sorted out I can move forward and start on the next day.

Currently we just have day 5 left, which will include wooing Art, confronting T.T. about his doings, and the performance review from Z-Energy's higher-ups.  After day 5 will come the endings.
Replies: >>177704
Drawfag here, been busy with commission. But I planned to finish all of the character base(happy,sad,angry) emotion before new year.
Maybe add in DudeLibbie design to.
Replies: >>176932 >>177704
commission me giving you a hug for art.
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Ebin. Glad to see everyone is still here
Replies: >>178379
God willing this project will be finished next year. I can't wait to play it.
Don't die it's nearly Christmas.
Replies: >>181179
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Time to post christmas libbie

Also now that I finally have free time I will try to get to the things I had to do. If the codefag wants to post a .zip or something of the current renpy project I could probably take over
Replies: >>181226
Please do, anon.
And set up a new gitgud because I couldn't recover mine
Replies: >>181583
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[Hide] (187.9KB, 500x301) Reverse

Done. New gitgud is here
Replies: >>181586 >>183251
Godspeed, anon.
M O A R 
W H E N ? ? ? ?
Replies: >>182424
I cleaned up some of the code and will be redoing some parts of the UI. Now waiting on writefag and artfag. Check in?
Replies: >>182429
Writefag here.  I'll be working on day 5 in January and I aim to have it done by the end of the month.
Replies: >>183251
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[Hide] (363.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Art Libbie and MaleLibbie will finish in a week I hope.
Replies: >>182707 >>182719
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you fool, it's too early for me to fap!
[Hide] (720.7KB, 965x659) Reverse
Fucking nice.
>he delivered
Now this is ebin :DDDD
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is it just me or does maff look like a huge fucking slut
Replies: >>182754
Maff is pure. 
Purely for fried chicken wings and grape drank.
Update: I made the mistake of installing Windows 10 on my main PC and I am currently trying to get it out of a bluescreen boot loop.  Troubleshooting has produced some minor results, but nothing stable enough.  I hope to have the problem solved by this weekend, one way or another.

I should have listened to her.  Why did I do this to myself?

Thanks for this, by the way.
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UhhhhhArggghh indeed!
a bit off topic but does anyone have the libbie webm with "call one me" playing in the background?
Replies: >>183688
[Hide] (6.2MB, 942x1200, 02:45)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 942x1200, 02:46)
I remember there being issues with either the MP4 or webm file playing back, so here are both.
[Hide] (5MB, 1000x619, 04:10)
Writefag here.  Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't worked on the VN script for this month.  I've been busy with work (they want me to go into the office starting this week) and other hobbies.  I'm pushing to finish one of those hobby projects soon, within the next week or so, and after that I'll focus on Libbie.

That said, there can certainly be progress made on the puzzles.  I know we have a working tile-swap game for the first day's puzzle in the electric junction box, and there are other games with word logic or number logic that would be easy to implement.  Is the codefag around?
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Replies: >>186338
[Hide] (36.3KB, 171x174) Reverse
I'm disappointed in myself too.
[Hide] (205.4KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
I believe in you fags
Never give up
[Hide] (16.8KB, 54x47) Reverse
> Is the codefag around?
Howdy. I'm here
Replies: >>186721
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Oright this one finish.
Replies: >>186714 >>186721
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>you will never do yoga with art libbie
I should not be lazy.
Replies: >>186721
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Replies: >>186721
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Do you have any plans for how the puzzles are going to go?  I think we can at least do the first tile puzzle from the electric box on day 1 without causing problems for anything else.
The puzzle would need:
- start point for "electricity"
- end point for electricity
- some way to track if a tile lets electricity flow through it depending on its orientation; four cardinal directions, each of which can either allow or block current
- some kind of time limit to prevent brute forcing; the Bioshock mini-game it's based on had the time limit represented as water moving through the path you were building, so bad choices would be locked in after the water flowed through
- 3 or 4 levels of escalating difficulty
- semi-random layouts to prevent memorization (this is optional)

I haven't looked at the code for it, so I'm not sure how much of that is in there already.

Yes.  I should be the same way.

Very nice.  Good to se progress on Art.  I like the little hand gestures you gave her in different emotions, but this one looks a little strange.  I think there is something about her ring fingers that look like they're merging together.  I highlighted what I think looks odd in black here.
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the eyes... they stare... is that blood?
Replies: >>186812 >>186823
i wrote it, everything works apart from escalating difficulty
which would probably be:
>reveal a few tiles near the start
>don't reveal
>add dead tiles similar to the red bomb thing in bioshock
can you be more creative with the 'puzzle' games, a minigame isnt a puzzle the point of a puzzle is that theres a unique solution, most puzzles are just this
char grid[3*3] =
{	0,0,0,
char key[3*3] =
{	2,0,3,
strcmp( grid, key ) ? not solved : solved 
the grid can be anything, an actual grid like most puzzles or the world state, the puzzle is !how! you change the grid and how your allowed to change it directly/indirectly/items/interactions/events/etc., it can be something like a sequence of interactions in the game world, the laqueus games is a good example since it has so many of each, its always the same though they are all just grids but you interact with them differently, the creative part is how you present it as a puzzle and lead the player to understand the key/requirements to solve it
She can suck out my soul any time
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[Hide] (442KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (426.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
This can be use for like "Broken", "Shocked" or "Hacked" emote.

There I think thats all the emote that ArtLibbie need.
Replies: >>186824
[Hide] (424.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Smug bit dirty, Cleaned.
writefag, updates please
Replies: >>188236
I promise I'll start working on it this weekend and have something to show for my work.  Not much, I know, but I'll have some more time to work on the script.
I've made a bit of progress on day 5.  I'm currently trying to sort out how each ending will wrap up in a cohesive manner, and how to work in T.T.'s bro ending without making him seem like a douche who leaves instead of sticking around and helping out.

I think the main reason I've been so slow with this is a fear of success.  Notwithstanding my giant breaks due to pure laziness, this is one of the longest-running and biggest actual projects I've worked on, and I actually care about both the finished product and the characters.  I know I'm just psyching myself out and giving myself reasons not to do it, but I'm only human and that is a factor even though I should just man up and stop being a faggot
Replies: >>188808 >>188821
Even if it's shit you can just patch it up later like AAAs do.
Don't sweat it
Have T.T. file some patents and invite everyone to join his new company when it's clear that Z Energy is going under. Then everyone can swim in money for the epilogue.
Replies: >>188822
[Hide] (202KB, 602x935) Reverse
Also sets up a good sequel opportunity
>several months later
>I still have not played the latest version yet
[Hide] (77KB, 462x641) Reverse
Do your best guys.
Replies: >>189252
Thank you, anon.
[Hide] (215.5KB, 670x444) Reverse
You know what, in hindsight I'm starting to understand and slightly sympathize with the Libre Office devs' position. They made their software for professional use and to not want cutesy anime furbait associated with it isn't exactly outlandish, especially when you consider the poll was likely rigged by a people who weren't ever going to use it in the first place and were just voting because "anime XD" and doing it for the lulz. Them not accepting Libbie was the equivalent of Mtn Dew not accepting "Hitler did nothing wrong" as a flavor.

On the other hand, it was rather shortsighted of them to not expect something like this would happen and they should've just handpicked the winning entry themselves instead of turning the vote into a sham.
[Hide] (50.1KB, 408x600) Reverse
the gnuys are already showing up to business conventions dressed like furries
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[Hide] (279.8KB, 700x990) Reverse
Spoiler File
(100.1KB, 1280x720) Reverse
This is bait but I'll write a serious response either way. 
Your argument falls short when you put everything into context. To say people selected Libbie not based on merit but rather because it was something to the effect of a joke is simply false. Compared to the other entries Libbie was exceptional. Libbie had not just one icon but an entire set of icons that could have been implemented anywhere in the LibreOffice UI. While art is subjective it was clear who the winner was regardless of baseless accusations of  "the evil 8chan nazis rigged it". Tyson Tan, the artist behind Libbie is well established in the open source community not only as an artist but as a Mandarin language translator. His other work includes the mascot for KDE and Krita - both of which could be considered "professional" projects.  I don't think anything about Libbie was unprofessional. No corporation has dropped Linux because it's mascot is that of a fat penguin. It's the industry standard for nearly every server and enterprise network in existence.

And if you consider what modern corporations find "professional" like the design trends of Corporate Memphis you will quickly realize that the argument of "professionalism" has no ground to stand on. Unless of course you believe that mutt-colored flat art people with crude and distorted dimensions is the image of professionalism which seems to be the industry standard these days. 

I for one would rather see a cute Oryx girl. And when China takes over the planet every desktop software will have to have a furbait anime mascot, by force
Replies: >>190412 >>190419
[Hide] (332.1KB, 1383x950) Reverse
[Hide] (371.6KB, 1379x936) Reverse
>the poll was likely rigged by a people who weren't ever going to use it in the first place and were just voting because "anime XD" and doing it for the lulz
<doing it for the lulz isn't a good enough reason
If they didn't want the mob to choose something for them, they shouldn't have had open voting.

This is, of course, ignoring the simple fact the poll was rigged by The Document Foundation (the people who manage and promote Libre Office, presumably not the people who actually develop it) in favor of shitty clip art-tier mascots.  I don't know what their end goals were but they obviously and transparently changed the rules several times in order to disqualify Libbie and pretend that she wasn't winning in a landslide.
Replies: >>190419
[Hide] (450.5KB, 720x405) Reverse
I require mathematics.
[Hide] (192.6KB, 530x398) Reverse
That's just straight up bullshit. 
Libbie was a really well made entry made by a professional artist competing against literally recolored stock images. 
I think it's fair for the devs to say "we don't want this image to represent our software" and explicitly remove it, or add an extra rule that says they have last say over the pick. Except that's not what they did, because they're the epik libre software of the people hack the planet. 
They wanted that social "OUR USERS CHOSE THIS" credit, and that's why they rigged the election and refused to let users see the number of votes on a public pool for the mascot of a shitty software. All while pretending to be completely innocent. 
It's not like mountain dew not accepting Hitler did nothing wrong, it's closer to when British politicians tried to change leaving the European Union into still being part of the EU, still being subject to EU policies, still being internationally recognized as a country that can legally be punished for violating EU policies, but not having the right to vote on those policies, because that's what the people who voted for brexit actually wanted. 
I know this is bait but go fuck yourself.
Replies: >>190419 >>192259
She was better than the other shit entries, but that doesn't mean she was good
[Hide] (217KB, 1303x864) Reverse
[Hide] (120.7KB, 960x679) Reverse
[Hide] (84.3KB, 512x494) Reverse
Not only that, but they disqualified the objectively best mascot (the cockatoo) because he was drawn sitting on the LibreOffice logo but let pajeetguin in despite him having the logo emblazoned on his chest. They had a cute, professional mascot even if they didn't want Libbie and they still fucked him over in favour of pajeetguin and the traced duolingo owl.
I'm only mentioning this because I'm drunk and because almost no one seems to have looked at the website (classic webring behaviour), but I did thank you fags for your continued autism on the Cookie's Bustle IPFS site. You guys are great, even if you're slow as shit, and I'm looking forward to playing the rest of your visual novel when it's out.
Also Maff is fucking hot.
[Hide] (567.5KB, 1230x1744) Reverse
This software derives from Star-Writer for CP/M, a text terminal oriented OS. Nobody argued about mascots much, because CP/M is text terminal oriented. :D
Replies: >>190429
[Hide] (31.7KB, 474x486) Reverse
>he doesnt know
come see me in my office
the mattress is ready
[Hide] (986KB, 304x444) Reverse
Thank you for the shout out
>because he was drawn sitting on the LibreOffice logo
Why would this be a no go for a mascot?
>They had a cute, professional mascot even if they didn't want Libbie and they still fucked him over in favour of pajeetguin and the traced duolingo owl.
What I'm even more surprised about is how completely this event seems to have faded from the wider internet consciousness.  I assumed there would be a few blog posts or "internet history" videos here or there chronicling the entire thing, but there's barely anything attached to her name on YouTube or in search results.  I'm tempted to do a video/blog post myself, just to ensure the information isn't completely lost to the mists of time.

>I'm only mentioning this because I'm drunk and because almost no one seems to have looked at the website (classic webring behaviour), but I did thank you fags for your continued autism on the Cookie's Bustle IPFS site. You guys are great, even if you're slow as shit, and I'm looking forward to playing the rest of your visual novel when it's out.
Hey, I was going to look at that site and set up an IPFS client to seed the game Soon™.  But thank you for your kinds words; I know progress is glacial, and I know it's mostly due to me getting writer's block being lazy and undisciplined, but it's heartwarming to hear that someone out in the void actually cares.
Replies: >>190493 >>191268
[Hide] (60.3KB, 1575x417) Reverse
>What I'm even more surprised about is how completely this event seems to have faded from the wider internet consciousness.
Being backed by the international jew as a way to negotiate better volume prices on MS Office tends to have that effect. Or to be marginally more charitable, most people using LibreOffice probably get it from their distro and don't give a fuck about shit like mascots as long as they have an office suite that does what they need an office suite to do.
where gam
[Hide] (140.5KB, 600x550) Reverse
writefag, where art thou

I am going to begin programming Day 4. will probably also redo the dialog box and Menu UI.
Replies: >>191390
People dont talk about things forever, its not really that surprising.
[Hide] (590.4KB, 697x697) Reverse
>writefag, where art thou
I'm here, just being lazy.  Sorry, but it's the cold truth.  I've been struggling to manage my free time in the last couple months; I have been successfully cutting down on my time spent looking at porn and jerking off, but I'm kind of substituting that time for time spent playing video games or watching cartoons.  It's definitely better than masturbating, but it's still not productive.

Overall, my time is down, which is a good thing.  I was at 50+ wasted hours in December and January each, and February was down to 30.  March is looking to be even less.

I am very thankful for you taking up the torch and injecting some forward momentum into this thing.
Replies: >>191421 >>191607
>watching cartoons
do u know spongeboy?
Replies: >>191546
No but I know PAT the STARFISH
Replies: >>191606
*thinking emote*
[Hide] (225KB, 1053x908) Reverse
Ops forgot to post the image
You can't fool me with that jaw.
Open the suit revealing the tomboy beneath.
[Hide] (31.2KB, 474x328) Reverse
Understandable. I have been trying to overcome some of my bad habits as well. I find my attention span and focus to be completely non-existent outside of the things I enjoy doing and I'm trying to fix that. the retardation of normalfags has really been wearing me down recently.

i like it. you should give him the JC denton glasses
Replies: >>191630
[Hide] (83.1KB, 423x951) Reverse
>I find my attention span and focus to be completely non-existent outside of the things I enjoy doing and I'm trying to fix that.
Past a certain age, it's hard to learn new things or unlearn old things, but not impossible.  If you're aware of the problem then that's the first step at the very least.
>the retardation of normalfags has really been wearing me down recently.
Tell me about it.  I'm going into the office twice a week, which is mostly a chance for 30-year-old frumpy HR women to shove chocolate laced with seed oils at me.  Social interactions have always been taxing but the latest litanies of the imperial cult in the West have made it nigh impossible to talk to someone without treating him like a Soviet informant.
[Hide] (378.7KB, 832x1392) Reverse
>>168647 (OP) 
I just heard about this on /g/ and I'm surprised she is still getting love and new art years later, but my god I fucking despise the art you've made for this VN. You turned her into some shitty BOOBA downgrade that looks like a white human, with human placed ears, human sized eyes and human placed nose.

No cute cheeks like pic rel, and no appeal. This is not the one I knew and loved from /tech/. Libbie was always about them HIPS and you faggots couldn't even do that right. My disappointment couldn't be any bigger with these newfags
The artist is a titman, what can we say?
>I am a furfag
I agree that Base's tits are too big (there should be more of a gradient instead of tittymonster, mega tittymonster and cutting board) but go fuck yourself all the same.
Replies: >>192104
Where are all the images of libbie with her clothes off and/or interacting with penises?
Replies: >>192083
Spoiler File
(16.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
Replies: >>192085 >>192095
[Hide] (2.4MB, 429x592, 00:25)
Male Libbie in da fresh

Holy fuck my dick!

Tell them to suck my fucking cock when you go back halfshitter
Replies: >>192104
smh tbh fam.
Now that I think about it. why did Base Libbie get an office suit?
Her original dress is way more charming.
Replies: >>192102 >>192106
[Hide] (607.1KB, 1884x2048) Reverse
Get a pair of blue light glasses from a reputable manufacturer. Also eat more organic carrots and watermelon, those are good for repairing and and protecting your eye's from future UV damage. Also reducing your exposure to blue light also improves your sleep as well meaning your body will have more time to heal and rejuvenate.
No that doesn't mean you can go ahead and stair at the sun for several hours straight, your still mortal after all.
Replies: >>192101
>paying for vision obstructions 
just close your eyes idiot
Replies: >>192103
Abe-sama passed an OL dress code law in this timeline, prease undastandu. I hope she wears the dress in the Base ending.
>just close your eyes idiot
Nice try anon but I'm not falling for your kosher tricks, I use eye drops so they're never closed.
[Hide] (424.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
You'l have to blow your own dick I was in the original threads on infinity. What you niggers rally around isn't Libbie, it's some 9gag version half-human with no soul. The 'button nose' looks like an actual sticker on a human it's horribly uncanny either go kemono or human not half and half.

No you. That isn't even Base Libbie, Base is the magenta one which I notice is absent in the VN. Since you're retarded and think you know what kemono is while knowing nothing about it like big eyes. I'll just show you what she looks like. I CBA to clean it up for you.
I agree that there are some design changes that could be made but let's not let this thread devolve into a flame war over this. The artfag is doing this for free on their own time in true Libre spirit so I can't be too demanding of them.

This project is still ongoing and changes can be made at anytime to improve the script, code, or art if needed. It's a fun project organized on an imageboard and not meant to be taken too seriously. With that said I agree with some of your criticisms. I like the Art Libbie and Maff Libbie design but the Base Libbie (the green one) does need some work. As >>192098 mentions I think the original dress she wore would fit a lot better. But from the artfag's perspective I can understand why they opted to draw a suit instead. It's much easier to draw as opposed to Libbie's original dress. The placement of the ears are also misaligned and I think the placement in your image is a lot better. Similarly the sort of "charcoal" color should be replaced with black to increase the contrast of the colors.
[Hide] (558.7KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Something like this would be perfect if the goofy face was corrected and it was cleaned up a bit. Really wish I could into art.
Replies: >>192247 >>192500
he booba
Very nice, but could you draw her giving birth?
Replies: >>192229
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1500x945) Reverse
but libbie is a robot......
Replies: >>192247
[Hide] (323.4KB, 464x434) Reverse
Good Ending B.
[Hide] (138.8KB, 768x810) Reverse
[Hide] (74.3KB, 570x610) Reverse
[Hide] (38.5KB, 569x606) Reverse
[Hide] (15.3KB, 573x605) Reverse
Worked with what I had with liquifying the original eyes but they are a bit derpy and it was frustrating to try to brute force it into kemono. I'm not satisfied with it either.

Wew lad. An aside, artificial wombs could be a story point in the VN where they aren't originally meant for it but can get costly upgrades that they cant afford when the company is tanking.

A bit better. The artfag tried to fix a wheel when it wasnt broken but the green color only being around her face makes it her more eye catching than if she had more normal colored clothing

I haven't tried the demo yet, but I think you fags could use more characters. 3 is pretty limited on what you can do for a VN. Writer, Base (actual base the magenta one) and Impress, Along with the real math Libbie who got replaced by Maff could flesh out some character dynamics and bring much needed variety in personality, things to do, and body types.
Replies: >>192269 >>192285
Spoiler File
(454.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
a million hours in ms paint
this is a joke edit
Umm stupid question but what was the name of the "bad guy" of libreoffice again im a bit lost here in the story
Replies: >>192262 >>192269
nevermind that also what does TDF stand for? is this some kind of acronym
[Hide] (101.6KB, 681x704) Reverse
[Hide] (33.6KB, 850x500) Reverse
>3 is pretty limited on what you can do for a VN. Writer, Base (actual base the magenta one) and Impress
Z-energy had it's money in Silicon Valley Bank and can't afford to manufacture more Libbies.  Perhaps in the sequel
>Along with the real math Libbie who got replaced by Maff 
There is only one Maff Libbie and it's Maff

There isn't really a "bad guy" to the actual 2017 LibreOffice mascot contest but more of a comedy of errors. Hieko Tietze the director of "UX oversight" had a spergout that Libbie despite being the most popular wasn't a suitable candidate because muh professionalism or something, and somehow literal stolen clipart of a Penguin was. TDF stands for The Document Foundation.
Replies: >>192270
Adderbox76 did nothing wrong
I like it.  He looks wide in the waist and hips, though.  Men's shoulders are usually wider than their hips, but T.T.'s torso looks too square.

>using cuckchan in CY+8
>"pic rel"
<calling anyone else a newfag
Joshing aside, I do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to post.  Give the demo a shot when you have the time (it's really short; I'm a slow writer).  As other anons said, the tits on base and Maff are really big, but the artist is a breast man so I'm not going to complain about it.

I do prefer the color scheme in the second one more.  I don't recall anyone making a specific decision to change the color scheme, but this does look better than the current dark blue suit.


>3 is pretty limited on what you can do for a VN
That's mostly due to my limitations as the writer, and my slow pace.  I've been really dragging my heels on this since it isn't my primary project and it's been going on for over a year now.  We can potentially go back and add more content and stuff later (perhaps something akin to a point and click adventure game) but my goal is to have a functioning skeleton before adding too much meat.
>the tits on base and Maff are really big
If anyone complains about Maff's tits, I will punch him in the chest.
>quotation marks in greentext
Replies: >>192307
The quotation marks emphasize that it's a literal quote, rather than the >implying type of greentext.
[Hide] (421.2KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (75.7KB, 655x648) Reverse
Here's an attempt at working more like Tysontan with shapes, not lines but eyes could be better after studying her shapes. The hair fold on her shoulder is a real pain in my ass.

Some things for the artfags to take away from this: Libbie's shape design is diamonds and triangles. Tyson went overboard on triangle shading in the original submission but going from overdesigned to nodesigned like in the OP loses too much of the character. Use bits of colors and contrast as accents to her main shapes. 

I'll try it out over the weekend. Never played any VNs so I don't have a measuring point but how long are others like snootgame and the VN with cripples 4chan made ages ago. 

What else do you need to have the skeleton and how long are you planning on making it? I read the threads with everything being broken into 'Day 1' 'Day 2' maybe you could get a more range of character and event development by breaking it into weeks as the game progresses.
Replies: >>192502
[Hide] (943.5KB, 920x613) Reverse
that's overall better, but I think the mouth position or the shape are wrong, it looks like her jaw is more forward than it should be giving a weird caveman underbite
Replies: >>192685
[Hide] (199.7KB, 500x500) Reverse
Who this dude? is he gonna take over my place?
[Hide] (85.6KB, 1024x768) Reverse
Yeah I see what you're saying. It looks like the mouth should be shifted over more to the right after looking at more kemono art. 

>Who this dude? is he gonna take over my place?
If you're the artfag I've been ripping into? Most likely not. You're better at clean art so you're better suited for 'final' assets in the VN but your skills for character design sucks so consider it critique. Something was lost in your 'final' along the way as 1 step forward 2 steps back. When you made something with no real shape design that was bound to happen because good character design IS good shape design, but the decisions you made on your own made a weaker design overall. 

What you're left with is uninteresting characters to look at which happen to have big boobs or hips. Hence the commend about making a booba half&half 9gag regurgitation of Libbie. If it ain't broke don't fix it, looking at the 1st VN thread in 2020 while the 1st artfag wasn't as polished drawing wise they had something closer to what would be Libbie with her iconic look. 

Go look at TysonTan's art to see how much changing shapes around with the same colors can give you very different characters, or that same the same characters can still have lots of smaller variations but still recognizable. Do some shape design breakdowns then apply that to your character art and they won't be as boring.
Replies: >>192765
It's a collaborative effort, remember.  If he wants to help then I see no reason why he should not.
Replies: >>193673
Probably not, don't let one random fag bully you.
Great! then can you design MaleLibbie for us pls
Replies: >>192767 >>193673
with booba
[Hide] (174.3KB, 767x452) Reverse
Hey, do you lads want some help with coding?
I got the game VN running under RenPy 8.0.3 out of the box and started reading some of its documentation, and would like to try working on this if you're interested.
To show that I'm somewhat capable, you can find a patch below that stops the intro music at the intro's end, and that allows it to be skipped - it was previously unskippable on purpose, and found it annoying (the documentation also disapproves it).

possible language: python, relevance: 13
From 6a7da15b7ac6dae65735c36f09ad415fc5a30cb2 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Not Important <not@anemail.invalid>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 17:49:22 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] script: make intro skippable and stop its music at the end

 LibbieVN/game/script.rpy | 12 +++++++-----
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/LibbieVN/game/script.rpy b/LibbieVN/game/script.rpy
index 05efd01..856364f 100644
--- a/LibbieVN/game/script.rpy
+++ b/LibbieVN/game/script.rpy
@@ -11,18 +11,20 @@ define config.allow_skipping = False
 label splashscreen:
     stop music
     scene black
-    $ renpy.pause(1.0, hard=True)
-    play sound "intro.mp3"
+    pause 1.0
+    play music "intro.mp3"

     show zchan with dissolve
-    $ renpy.pause(4.0, hard=True)
+    pause 4.0
     hide zchan with dissolve

     show zchan2 with dissolve
-    $ renpy.pause(3.0, hard=True)
+    pause 3.0
     hide zchan2 with dissolve
     scene black
-    $ renpy.pause(1.0, hard=True)
+    pause 1.0
+    stop music fadeout 1.0
     with fade


Replies: >>193010
Codefag here.
The current gitgud is located at:
I have made a few changes, cleaned up the project files and fixed a few bugs but haven't updated the repo yet. If you want to help participate in the code you would be a welcome addition to the team and I  can give you PR access to the repo. A lot of the assets currently are placeholder assets not meant to be used in the final game.
Replies: >>193030
[Hide] (6.2KB, 470x170) Reverse
>I have made a few changes, cleaned up the project files and fixed a few bugs but haven't updated the repo yet.
When do you plan on pushing these changes?
>... I  can give you PR access to the repo
Thanks, what do you need from me to do so?
And more important, what do you want done?
Replies: >>193030 >>193215
meant for >>193010
[Hide] (32.8KB, 1000x619) Reverse
>When do you plan on pushing these changes?
Soon, by next the end of next week.
>Thanks, what do you need from me to do so?
I think you need to create an accont on GitGud then I can invite you to the repo
>And more important, what do you want done?
Not much at the moment, just finishing the remainder of implementing Day 3 that the writefag wrote. Currently waiting on the completed version of Day 4 and Day 5 of the script to implement in the VN.
Replies: >>194920
[Hide] (2MB, 1256x2284) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1314x1809) Reverse
There was a male libbie was already done years ago by this guy. 
and how is multiple artists supposed to work? the backgrounds are all SD, and so far the only artfags got replaced assets by another. Do you not care about consistency and youd take more art by different artists in the same game? Most VNs have a consistent look. I'm surprised you aren't using SD for character art as well, or at least img2img'ing stuff you already have by other artfags, one which seems to be MIA
Replies: >>193689
>how is multiple artists supposed to work?
>the only artfags got replaced assets by another
>oen which seems to be MIA
Learn how to speak English, you fucking nigger.
Nigger, what the fuck are you saying? What the fuck do Amstrad computers have to do with Libbie?
[Hide] (1021.4KB, 855x480, 01:06)
Just here to remind >>193215 to push his changes whenever he's free :^)

In the meantime, have something that I've been playing around:
Tried to get an "infinite zoom" effect for the main menu background since it was static, but ended up with this wobbly zooming since you (probably) need to mess around with model based rendering to achieve that.
Might try pasting something cooler next time, maybe with shaders and all.
What do you think? Should the main menu be left alone, or some other effect be sought after? Are these visuals desirable at all, or out of place for a VN?
Replies: >>194927 >>195937
Zoom in/out needs to be faster and needs to feel like it's bouncing.
Just like Libbies tits
Sorry about the delay, I will be pushing those updates to the repo later today. Also going to be redoing the Menu and Dialog UI.
Don't die, Libbie needs you.
Replies: >>197256
[Hide] (4.2MB, 640x480, 01:40)
I'm Libbie's top guy
[Hide] (22.7KB, 384x240) Reverse
Is anyone still around that was working on this project?
Replies: >>198884 >>199231
These things take time
Replies: >>198889 >>199232
>loonix VN with a shitty furry mascot
>ends up being vaporware
Imagine my shock
I'm the writefag and I'm still here, technically.
I've been struggling with porn and other time wasters, but I have a 5-day weekend coming up so I promise I'll get something meaningful done with the script.
Replies: >>200203
This is somewhat true but we've collectively had more than enough time.  The bottleneck is definitely on me, and I'm aware that the passion people had is waning.  Even if I have to finish this myself (which wouldn't be too difficult; I have worked in Python before and the logic for this game would be very simple) it'll get done.
Replies: >>203303
[Hide] (415.5KB, 1169x907) Reverse
Anyone got all the libbie VN assets?
Replies: >>200228 >>203303
>I've been struggling with porn
Just fap to Cocos Libbies while you're finishing your scribbles.
Do it for her
pls respond.
Sorry for no update, need to finish lots of job first.

Hope I can finish MaleLibbie after this.
I was in the hospital on Friday and I've spent the weekend and today recovering and doing other stuff.

I have them somewhere.  I'll upload them when I have the chance.
Replies: >>203316
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
>I'll upload them when I have the chance.
Replies: >>207225
[Hide] (125.8KB, 392x409) Reverse
>bumping the thread with AI art
Like waking up to dead babies at the end of your bed.
I hate default stable diffusion >art so much it's unreal.
Replies: >>206580
What are you talking about, they look fine
Replies: >>206657
Writefag here with another update.  I got injured near the start of June (hit in the head with a rock) and it took me a couple weeks to get back to being myself.  I have also been pretty stressed with work lately, and I am currently being PIPed.  I guess there's something poetic about that.

I can't promise anything but I have at least the inkling of an idea for how Day 5 and the endings will go, and then we can start putting content together.
Samefag alert.
Inb4 you pretend that IDs mean anything.
lol what a gay
There you go.
Replies: >>207248
Replies: >>207252
[Hide] (338.6KB, 512x512) Reverse
Thanks, anon.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 512x800) Reverse
Somebody was upset over AI art of Libbie I posted in the thread. But it's hard to find a lot of art of her especially when she is such a niche character. I think Libbie would appreciate it though. She is a digital egregore.
i wish i knew how to global report this, but this fucking captcha is bullshit
[Hide] (209.6KB, 1074x828) Reverse
Fucking leave the captcha on already you retarded niggers.
I have a strange sense of deja vu.
The kneejerk reaction about AI is fucking retarded.
Here is the lora if anybody needs it.
Replies: >>207332
>I think Libbie would appreciate it though.
Libbie was created out of genuine human love and passion, and disregarded by corporate ponces for having too much soul.  AI generated imagery is the antithesis of what she represents.

I really like that gif, though.  Where did you find it?
Replies: >>207332
This one is lovely thank you for making it.
Replies: >>207332
[Hide] (646.7KB, 1245x1178) Reverse
>Somebody was upset over AI art of Libbie I posted in the thread. 
I personally don't like AI and it's ramifications for humanity but whatever.
> But it's hard to find a lot of art of her especially when she is such a niche character.
Commission an artist, there's plenty of starving talented artists in Japan and Korea or where ever else.
Also why is she still niche? She's in a video game now, this shouldn't be the case even with her getting screwed out of become Libreoffice's mascot.
Replies: >>207327 >>207332
>Somebody was upset over AI art of Libbie I posted in the thread
>AI spergry is expansive it somehow found itself here
Artists and anti-AI fags are so sad and pathetic.
>Commission an artist, there's plenty of starving talented artists in Japan and Korea or where ever else.
Why waste monopoly money if you can use AI?
Replies: >>207333
I saw that on CivitAI but I wasn't able to get good results with that specific LoRA. I trained a new one using the model AnythingV5 and I can upload a catbox link to it if you want, or you could tinker with that to see if you can get better results than I did.  I trained the loRA in mind so I could try to generate a character sheet / turnaround to model her in 3D.
I agree somewhat, but Stable Diffusion is just a tool. It's real value doesn't come from just running a prompt through it but through artists who integrate it with their workflow. Tools like ControlNET (https://github.com/lllyasviel/ControlNet) once they reach levels of maturity for practical use  will redefine the way artists make art.  It is not a replacement by any means, maybe except in the case of stock photos or generic vector art. There will always be artists because there are just certain things you can't replace.
You're welcome
>Commission an artist
That's just a bit inappropriate for a FOSS Waifu.
Replies: >>207333 >>207338
[Hide] (35.9KB, 695x392) Reverse
>Why waste monopoly money if you can use AI?
Because 99.9% of the time AI looks like sheeit or is borderline uncanny and I have better things to do other than hit the refresh button six gorillion times on some MIcrocock or Jewoogle datamining web page just for one or two waifu bait images.
Also getting multiple different artists of various walks of life the world over is a great way to make Libbie less obscure. I plan to commission a talented artist to make a wholesome Libbie or two anyway once I find one I like.

I think of it as voting with my wallet on the future culture I'd like to inhabit, same reason I'll never ever EVER 'EVER' buy a Windows PC ever again and so far I've been very consistent with not giving MS money.

>That's just a bit inappropriate for a FOSS Waifu.
Why? If I pay a developer to make an open source program it doesn't cease being open source just because money is involved.
Or are you implying I should only contract artists who elusively use programs like Krita or GIMP rather than something like Photoshop, M$ Paint, or whatever bullshit is available on Android/Chromebooks for purity sake? Honestly not even I'm autistic enough to care that much. Sure I have a preference but in the end I don't have control over what people do in their private lives.
>voting with my wallet
That was kind of a normalfag idea in hindsight; there are vast forces of money and influence being wielded by individuals of intense evil, and your wallet or my wallet can't stand up to raw capital of that volume.  The concept of the invisible hand and the free market are currently irrelevant.  I prefer to think of it as building the future you want to see, or "being the change" (although that's also kind of a vague, hippie-sounding phrase).

It used to be a common notion that if you wanted to spend the effort creating something, you should make it beautiful.  Patronage of the arts was a way to do this if you didn't have the skill yourself.

>If I pay a developer to make an open source program it doesn't cease being open source just because money is involved
He's talking about the F in FOSS.
>Because 99.9% of the time AI looks like sheeit or is borderline uncanny 
This isn't true at all. Diffusions have improved significantly over-time, you just have to know how to use them.
[Hide] (333.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>I can upload a catbox link to it if you want
Please do.
Replies: >>207340
post more
[Hide] (231.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (256KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>on some MIcrocock or Jewoogle datamining web page just for one or two waifu bait images.
>not using link related to make AI art
>I plan to commission a talented artist
You use your shekels and I will use my computer to make more libbie art, win win, anonkun. Pay artists that use krita or any foss program, do it, for libbie.
Replies: >>207345
I want to fuck them all so bad
[Hide] (215.2KB, 500x719) Reverse
AI art > no art.
Replies: >>207361
[Hide] (236.8KB, 600x750) Reverse
>the singularity will be our mommy/daddy and take all the effort humanity has to put into living away to the point we don't even have to make our own art
Replies: >>207363
learn to code
Writefag update: I may not have a job by next week.
Bad news, I'll have to start looking for work.
Good news, I'll be able to write more Libbie.
[Hide] (194.4KB, 834x970) Reverse
Well, at least I have more time to spend on the script.
Replies: >>209752
[Hide] (275.7KB, 834x970) Reverse
Replies: >>209827 >>216639
yes that image is for you faggot
[Hide] (142.5KB, 571x867) Reverse
Back! (for abit)
I think the MaleLibbie look to girlish so I adjust it for abit.
>look to girlish
Give him thicker eyebrowns and a goatee beard.
Replies: >>211328
I think his clothes are fine but his eyes look kind of feminine.  They seem too sharply angled at the sides.  His jaw is also a bit too round.

I support what >>209977 said about giving him a goatee, or just something more than the little tuft on his chin.
make his legs and hips less wide he should have a V shaped body
Replies: >>211331
[Hide] (193.2KB, 571x867) Reverse
Replies: >>211333
[Hide] (193.1KB, 571x867) Reverse
[Hide] (551.2KB, 1414x2000) Reverse
>it's been almost three years of development
Still better than Yandare Sim and Anton & Coolpecker.
Replies: >>214787 >>214830
[Hide] (246KB, 800x474) Reverse
>Anton & Coolpecker
Don't remind me.
its not the end that matters its the journey and the bulges you owoed along the way
In my defense, I had a full-time job for about one and a half of those years.
I've been writing more lately, although not for the VN.  I promise I'll get back to it this week.
[Hide] (234.2KB, 864x288) Reverse
At least those exist unlike this shit.
>making Libbie vn
>not adding python bindings for a compact, open-source, software speech synthesizer for Linux, Windows, and other platforms to read the text and describe goat boobs to a tired anon
For shame.
Oh, male Libbie's finally done?
I liked the previous design better.
Hello.  Writefag here.  I have a job interview coming up this week so that will be most of my free time.

Have you had the chance to do any more work on TT's design?
[Hide] (93.7KB, 412x760) Reverse
That is a very cute loli libbie.
Cute.  Nice work.
high quality libbie
[Hide] (200.5KB, 698x850) Reverse
Replies: >>220287
You will give me the next chapter or I will give you death.
[Hide] (142.7KB, 378x370) Reverse
Male libbie killed this thread. Nobody wants other men in their dating sim.
Replies: >>220183 >>220189
"Someone else is doing it" killed this thread, like it killed sleepystation. This is why you do the entire outline first and make it public so anyone who gets annoyed by your lazy ass can finish it for you.
Replies: >>220186 >>220287
Good point. I've been occasionally thinking about why all these group projects struggle so much and how you could fix that problem. My answer thus far has been that you need someone with a vision to entirely run the show, but that's kind of vague as far as a solution or advice goes.

Maybe what you really need is to remove all the bottlenecks that prevent people from picking tasks and working on them. Create an outline of all the things to do ASAP, and fragment it into small enough tasks that there's always things that can be worked on.
Replies: >>220287
[Hide] (906.8KB, 720x720) Reverse
Imageboards projects are a perpetual timesink no one is ever going to be credited for, and they will only go on for as long as the two fags behind it deem their community worthy of their unsung efforts.
That is, the tiddyfag and the writefag most likely have given up on imageboards altogether, think the Internet's not doing it for them anymore, or believe zzzchan have turned into a hot steaming pile of dookie.
Either way, this project is fucking dead.
Did you really think it would amount to anything in the first place? Name one (1) imageboard thread-based project that ever amounted to anything. Reminder, thread-based not just made by some anon who happened to post on imageboards.
Tiddy fag was always sporadic. Sleepystation died because the editor got perpetually busy and modern software sucks. 
Katawa Shoujo, that furry snout game, and hydrus.
Replies: >>220196
1) Sleepy Station, more productive than any anon magazine project to date before editorfag pussied out
b) Libbie VN, released a playable demo which is more than 99% of thread based projects manage
³) snootgame on cuckchan though that's arguably the work of one guy
$) all those /v/ sings projects
(・ิω・ิ) arguably the /hgg/ decringe mod for CoC though it's debatable how much of a role the thread actually played
Checkmate, teen.

Cripple waifus is an example of the default state for "anon" projects: Mike Inel and the other Clover Studios fags doing all the work while the rest of the board circlejerks about their ideasguy diarrhea. Hydrus is one guy who happens to post on imageboards, and even that isn't true anymore. I think most of the community activity (grabber scripts, issue reports) comes from fucking discord of all places.
Replies: >>220197 >>220210
Wait, Mike Inel did the art for KS?
Replies: >>220198
He did at least the FMVs, it's the thing that put him on the map.
Replies: >>220199
I didn't know that, I first learned about him from that Namine unfinished smut gif
Replies: >>220209
[Hide] (91.6KB, 200x150) Reverse
this one?
>Hydrus is one guy who happens to post on imageboards
Hydrus was made by an image board user because he was an image board user. You can't disassociate the project from image boards. 
>that isn't true anymore
You can't blame him. 8chan's death fucked things up for everybody.
He posts his weekly releases there and replies to post when he does, but aside from that he barely even touches the board. Odds are he doesn't even browse image boards as much.
8chan doesn't exist anymore, retard.
[Hide] (167.8KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (2KB, 295x35) Reverse
Writefag here.  I will try to shed some light on the current status of the script and project.

First of all, and I know I've said this before, I am deeply sorry for the lack of updates and progress on the script.  It's no secret that something as small in scope as this VN could have been finished quite a while ago if I had a more consistent schedule and/or more drive to finish it, and it is purely through my laziness that things have reached this point.  We all know what happens to image board projects that don't have dedicated people working on them (and even sometimes the ones that do), and I am sad to say that it happened to me.

That is, burnout.  Getting a proper wage slave job last year has made time seem like it's standing still, and The Libbie VN is not the only long-term project that I have grown to neglect in 2022 and 2023.  There is a particularly demanding video project that I am recording footage for, which is a collaboration with other people on a fairly large YouTube channel.  That video idea still isn't finished, and there are other things I want to work on, so "going back" to the VN feels like the only decision I can make and yet the wrong decision.  I have fallen victim to task paralysis (read: being a wishy-washy faggot) and have not committed to a steady schedule.  My own struggles with pornography/internet addiction have contributed, as has some recent weight gain, although I have lost most of it once I realized how much it was affecting my mood and energy.  While I have no desire to enlighten you as to my personal life, I can at least say that I was trying to make some pretty significant changes at the start of the year, and a guy I was planning to work with on improving myself has returned to his old habits and basically stopped caring about himself.

The Libbie VN also grew to be larger than I thought, even though I think I did a pretty good job accounting for its scope at the start of all this.  The script for a simple 5-day VN that began as a shitpost is currently 30,500 words and 142 pages in my layout document.  By the time I'm finished, it may be as large as an actual novel depending on how verbose the endings get.  And as I have stated previously, it is not the only thing I do to be creative, nor is it the only thing competing for my time.  After multiple years of chipping away at the project and devoting much spare time to it but not finishing it, I have reached the unenviable point where I know that the end is within my grasp because I know exactly how much work it would take to finish it and do a good job.  This is where I have given up on many endeavors in my life, slain by thoughts of "yeah, I could get there if I wanted to" and the knowledge that the last 20% is harder than the 80% that came before it.

And that's just the script.  The "game" parts are still a skeleton with placeholders where the puzzles should be, and each of those will need its own process of iteration and testing to ensure it's a meaningful challenge but not obtuse.  Not a lot, mind you, but enough to ensure the game doesn't break.

With all this in context, I can say that the points in >>220183 and >>220186 about "someone else doing it" affecting my work ethic are completely untrue.  I have often asked for suggestions, ideas, and other input in these threads and have gotten basically nothing after the initial brainstorming sessions.  I am under no illusions about who will need to carry the brunt of the work: the VN can't exist without a script, and I'm the only one who's going to write and plan it.

>>220189 identifies some issues that do contribute to people on image boards getting burnt out (especially in an age where it's easier than ever to monetize what you create), but the "IT'S FUCKING DEAD BLARATARHGAH" attitude (echoed in >>220192; extremely organic, fellow anonymous user!) is far off the mark.  I don't use image boards as religiously as I used to, but the spirit of anonymity you get here will ensure I always come back, even if it's just to call people faggots and niggers.

If the artfag could update us on what he has or has not been doing then I think it would be helpful too.  The art is most of the reason I've continued writing, because God knows you could be doing something better with your time.

Neat.  Thanks.
And just to be clear, I will finish the Libbie VN script and I will finish the game, even if I have to code everything myself.  But progress will probably continue to be slow.
>I have reached the unenviable point where I know that the end is within my grasp because I know exactly how much work it would take to finish it and do a good job.  This is where I have given up on many endeavors in my life, slain by thoughts of "yeah, I could get there if I wanted to" and the knowledge that the last 20% is harder than the 80% that came before it.
lol literally me, I've been experiencing this for the past 2 years with something of a "project" of mine, I know how far I have to walk/run to get shit done, I know I can do it and that that thought alone slows me down to a crawl. A rather big difference is that I'm completely, entirely on my own in my endeavors, I have no one helping nor cheering me on, no one giving me suggestions of any kind, matter of fact I've only met detractors and saboteurs down the path. Good luck.
Replies: >>220298 >>220440
[Hide] (35.7KB, 255x255) Reverse
>I have no one helping nor cheering me on
[Hide] (165KB, 611x1800) Reverse
[Hide] (263KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
I have a suggestion for side/cameo character, XFCE-Tan.
Light and fast, she could be a swimmer or runner in the story.
I'll give it colors later.
[Hide] (89.6KB, 611x1800) Reverse
Good stuff, but I see one oversight.
Replies: >>220431 >>220440
cute rat
[Hide] (45.7KB, 900x1080) Reverse
i made a libie to help
you can use this one if you want but only if you credit me as original author as it says in the gpl license in the file
Replies: >>220431 >>220440
[Hide] (727.8KB, 737x720) Reverse
I haven't had screen tearing for a long time but it definetly existed.

It's BSD or nothing, pal.  Maybe LGPL if you ask nicely.
[Hide] (176.1KB, 520x468, 00:02)
Good luck to you too, man.  I don't know who you are or what you're working on, but I hope to hell you can finish it and find your footing for something else.  Being stuck in limbo like this is truly entropic.

Cute!  I like the design and inspiration but I have no idea where she could fit in the story.  Perhaps she can appear in one of the endings.

If she ever gets more than one piece of art, her angry or blushing emotions should definitely have some good old screen tearing.

Very nice job.  I will be sure to mention you in the credits.
Replies: >>220470
[Hide] (358.7KB, 692x2201) Reverse
Let there be colors! (and transparent background)
Hope you guys like it.

>I have no idea where she could fit in the story
That's why I suggested her as a possible cameo. I'll try to do a more art of her.
Use it as you see fit.  Or even don't use it, keep it somewhere in the game folder for people like The Cutting Room Floor to find it later.
[Hide] (530.3KB, 1000x2776) Reverse
As promissed, here's more art of her.
Cute and lewd.  Great combination.
[Hide] (127.9KB, 448x830) Reverse
halloween pirate libbie
Replies: >>221042 >>221082
Who's in the box?
Replies: >>222703
We believe in you writefag, ganbate!
[Hide] (170.7KB, 3840x2160) Reverse
>>168647 (OP) 
Here's a Libbie wallpaper I made for myself sometime ago but never posted. Guessed you guys may like it.
Replies: >>223952
[Hide] (489KB, 346x367) Reverse
>>223951 Oh, also this dancing gif
[Hide] (526.8KB, 1079x1010) Reverse
Sorry for being off from this project. Lots of art jobs need to finish and other thing need to do. Gosh I apologize for my lack of effort.

I try to finish libbie, math and art emote sheet before the year end, I think I allocate enough time to do that.
Male libbie design will rework cause I dislike how he look.
Kiki head will also in the work next year.
Replies: >>226964 >>226967
[Hide] (9.8KB, 235x235) Reverse
it ok :)
[Hide] (590.4KB, 697x697) Reverse
Your art is really good and I'm glad to have you here.  Take your time.
[Hide] (280.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (237KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (297.7KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (258.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (249.6KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Ok I think this is all we need for Base Libbie?
Replies: >>227127 >>227137
[Hide] (280.6KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (261.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (262KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (253.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (261.7KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Smug got some smudge
Replies: >>227127
IF she's a cyborg, it's not furry right? I just want to check.
Replies: >>227131
[Hide] (260.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (249KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (238KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (280.3KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Holy shit thats alot of smudge of dirt. Posting extra clean version.

Glad Zchan haven't change much after all this time.
[Hide] (190.8KB, 1280x922) Reverse
>Ok I think this is all we need for Base Libbie?
You are missing pic related.
Replies: >>227157
[Hide] (262.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (238.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
>tfw take bout two years to make shitpost VN

[Fixed] I just realize the collar is miscolor on shy emote
Replies: >>227184 >>227324
[Hide] (122.7KB, 284x295) Reverse
I'm back, writefag. I'm in steady footing and life been nice, just being sucky at scheduling. 
Just give me what I need to do and I will fulfill it.
Replies: >>227167
Awesome.  I'm going to be busy today but I will try to have a list of needed graphics by tomorrow.
[Hide] (124.2KB, 744x385) Reverse
[Hide] (351.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (326.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (350.3KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (325.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (336.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Dont know if this finished MathLibbie emote, tell me if I miss any.
Replies: >>227319 >>227320
[Hide] (358.3KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (357.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (326.9KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (328.2KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (322.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (326.6KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Can you make an emote of her holding her breast?
Replies: >>227323
>you will never be fingerwaved by a sassy math libbie who don't need no man(but wants one)
Streaming my suicide tonight
[Hide] (355.9KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Add some movement

Depend on the writefag
now draw her pregnant for the good end.
If you draw a mega milk pose I'm sure writefag can find a use for it. I certainly will.
[Hide] (136.1KB, 1280x960) Reverse
[Hide] (19.4KB, 474x561) Reverse
>you will never eat fried chicken with her
Replies: >>229523
[Hide] (127.5KB, 249x308) Reverse
Drawfag. here. I'm gonna put off for awhile cause I'm gonna finish commissions and art for crimbo.

Let me know what I'm miss out, what stuff need drawing. It will make it easier for me to plan it next month.
Replies: >>229023 >>229469
Writefag here.  I will have that laid out when I have time in the next few days.  Sorry.
[Hide] (249KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (238KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (280.3KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Okay.  Writefag here with an update on the illustrations needed for each character.  The illustrations the drawfag posted are really good and the characters are mostly very expressive, but after reviewing my notes I think there are some changes I needed to make for the expression list.  I think there's been some confusion about the exact meaning of the word sheepish so I'm changing that to nervous to be clearer.  There is also now a distinction between sad and sighing to allow for more accurate expressions.  I have also removed the surprise expression since it was pretty close to shocked.

The size of Base Libbie's butt seems to be inconsistent in some of your drawings.  I think this is because her left hand is sometimes covering it.
I also think the drawing you posted as surprise made Base Libbie look very afraid, so I have used that for the afraid emotion instead.
Replies: >>229471 >>230179
[Hide] (260.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Ignore the Base_Shock.png in that post.  The small butt is visible in this one.
Replies: >>230179
[Hide] (350.3KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (328.2KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (325.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
I can use all of Base Libbie's expressions but Maff's expressions have a few that I'd like changed.  I'm sorry if changing the names makes things confusing for you but I need to have the files organized in a way that makes sense on my PC since I'm tracking all this.

Maff_Shy is good but I'm not sure if she is meant to be blushing, sweating due to temperature, or something else.  If you change her eyes to look to the side then I can use it for blushing.

Maff_Ehh looks like she's a bit nervous or unsure of things.  If you add sweat drops she could be nervous, or you could make her frown and add some tears and she would be sad.

Maff_Disappointed doesn't look like any particular expression to me.  I might just be autistic but I don't know what emotion should be coming through here.
Replies: >>230179 >>231838
[Hide] (66.1KB, 924x556) Reverse
Here is the current list of expressions.  The bottom rows with gray Xs are just for fun misc illustrations that I can find a use for in some of the wacky endings or scenarios.

Yes, it's very important for you to draw Mega Milk version of Base Libbie (her shirt should say "EXTRA RAM").
[Hide] (208.4KB, 750x1040) Reverse
Petition to LEGALIZE kemonololi!

i feel you too fren
I stumbled upon this artwork in the booru. I like the art and character design. Would you be willing to take a request with her?
Replies: >>230151
Which one? I wasn't aware this board/thread was popular enough to have people repost art anywhere.
Replies: >>230153
ourobooru is where people have been reposting art from the 8chan diaspora.
Replies: >>230154
I thought ourobooru existed before the 8chan diaspora
Replies: >>230199
[Hide] (126KB, 500x500) Reverse
Finally, proper emote catalog and lots of stuff to do next year. Now I got reason to rise up everyday.
Replies: >>230210
That doesn't conflict with what he said.
Oh, had you been waiting on a proper emote catalog?  I though I had already provided that.  Sorry for making you wait.
Replies: >>230315
[Hide] (56.8KB, 1350x760) Reverse
>>220470 >>220682 polite sage
Anyone else here think picrel cuter and more sexier over the current mascot? it seriously cant just be me right, who else prefers this artstyle over shitty paywalled pixiv tier artwork? /s

Seriousness aside though why arent compaines like google and microsoft actively using furfag mascots like this one?
Given how furry content is being shoved everywhere surely the average normalfag wont mind funny animals during june right? is this like some kind of cultural issue?
What exactly is stopping them from commissioning one considering 90% of furries are pro antifa pro-lgbt these days? not that most of them truly care about globohomo anyway unlike depicted in media.
Replies: >>230245 >>230809
Fucking seriously?
Yey, it make me easier to see what is missing and such.
[Hide] (205.4KB, 1100x1545) Reverse
Replies: >>230839
It's been mentioned she could be a swimmer. Would you consider drawing this?: https://litter.catbox.moe/io7v4s.png
Replies: >>230840
[Hide] (606.7KB, 900x2211) Reverse
Yeah, why not.
I'll give it shot.
Replies: >>230843 >>231054
Appreciated. Do you have any gallery? I like your drawings.
Replies: >>230877
Thank you.  I don't have an official gallery, all my drawings were posted on chans.
Some nice anons reposted most of my stuff on Ourobooru under the tag artist:topnep

Not everything is there and some drawings are not tagged, like these Zzz-tan >>223898 and >>224198
Libbie Co 's mascot, kinda like fallout boy in fallout
[Hide] (231.6KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (269.2KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (245.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (245.9KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Some updates and fixes.

Writefag, is there a problem with Neutral? because I think I've already done that.
Replies: >>231874
Also, I dont know bout "Nervous" emote, doesnt "Shy" already done it?
[Hide] (328.8KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (354.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (326.9KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
"Disappointed" probably will be remove, I just add there cause it look interesting.
Also arent Math_Sad already done?
Replies: >>231839 >>231874
What program do you use to make the libbies?
Replies: >>231841

Man we need some file sharing so its easier for me to share all this resources.
[Hide] (150.8KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
I was going to ask if you could share your krita files.
Replies: >>231844
zzzchaan cant handle the file, so gonna use litterbox.

Replies: >>231848
Great to see the new illustrations. Thanks.  However, Base Libbie still has the inconsistent butt sizes in Shy and Serious from the pictures you uploaded.
>base Neutral
I had put this in a wrong folder.  I will move it to the correct folder.

>maff Sad already done
The one you have attached as Sad is what I have saved as Sighing.  Her eyes don't look very sad so I think the illustration fits better for Sighing.

>maff Disappointed removed
I think you could change her mouth and add some small tears in her eyes and it would be a good Sad expression. Instead of her mouth being open, she could be biting her lip and trying not to cry.

>Nervous/Shy being the same emotion
I had originally meant for Nervous to mean anxious or worried (an "active" emotion) and Shy be more of a passive emotion. I think the Maff Nervous and Maff Shy illustrations you posted do a good job showing the difference.  Nervous is like the character is thinking "oh, this could be REALLY bad, but I'm not sure if it will be bad yet..."
Replies: >>231983
[Hide] (62.9KB, 899x558) Reverse
Here's the updated chart after I added your new illustrations.

Here is a Mega link with the illustrations you uploaded (not the new ones yet) and my names for them.
As I said before, I renamed some of them to be more accurate.  I know this is a bit confusing but it makes tracking things much easier for me (there were some illustrations that you said had one expression, but which I thought made better expressions for other emotions).  The red N spots in the chart are expressions that require new drawings.

I'm sorry for making this confusing. Please ask if you have any more questions.
Replies: >>231982
[Hide] (1MB, 2800x2235) Reverse
More art of XFCE-tan.
I was informed about the requester shenanigans during the sketch phase but since she's a swimmer I thought showing her swimming would be nice.
Replies: >>231995
[Hide] (15.9MB, 2356x2357) Reverse
>Man we need some file sharing so its easier for me to share all this resources.
If you don't mind a little autism you can use octapng; it lets you encode files as images, which you can then upload to zzz. Pic related.
[Hide] (250.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (259.5KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
That Mega Milk, how do I approach it? neutral pose with megamilk shirt or a whole new pose with megamilk shirt?

Nervous is Finished
Refix Happy (Hand before look to big)
Replies: >>231984 >>232090
[Hide] (248.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (240.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Shy and Serious Butt Size
[Hide] (261.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
Happy missing inner ear color
Thank you very much for taking my request, and even doing two drawings. They turned out great, I really like the poses, the bodies are nicely drawn. I also like the high cut in the swimsuit as well as the two slightly different sets of fins.
I don't know if they were made smaller to fit into one image, but I'd love to see them at original size (unless they are already). If available I'd like to see the b/w linework too, unless its been saved over.
I don't know where you share your wips (assumed Discord?), but I hope nothing disparaging was said.
I tried to draw something back, to show my appreciation for taking the time to draw what you did. Quality is poor, but its the best I can manage: https://litter.catbox.moe/w4dm8n.png
Replies: >>232260
[Hide] (261.1KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (260.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
[Hide] (261.4KB, 1200x1679) Reverse
>neutral pose with megamilk shirt or a whole new pose with megamilk shirt?
Could you do both? One with her Happy expression and a new shirt, and then a different illustration where she's doing the Mega Milk pose? If that's too much then just do the Mega Milk pose.

>butt size fixes
Thanks. However there are still inconsistencies with drawings where her arm is covering her butt and some others. You can check the Mega folder to use my filenames, but she has a smaller butt in Afraid, Angry, Blushing, Confused, Neutral, Sad, and Sighing.

The attached pictures show the difference on her left leg of her skirt.
Replies: >>232092 >>234501
[Hide] (63.1KB, 905x558) Reverse
Now the chart looks like this. Base Libbie's expressions are all done except for the butt size inconsistency.
Replies: >>234501
[Hide] (738.8KB, 640x640) Reverse
If Libbie was an acronym, what would it mean?
Replies: >>232187
Replies: >>232188
Replies: >>232189
Replies: >>232190
[Hide] (495.7KB, 528x929) Reverse
[Hide] (1002.6KB, 848x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (162.7KB, 588x647) Reverse
Artfag, question for you: would it be okay drawing a couple of more sexy/joke illustrations for Maff and Art as well as Base Libbie?

I was thinking about endings and other jokes, and I think it would be funnier if there were some unique illustrations to give people reason to replay the game.  The "Oh no you didn't" expression for Maff can be used for normal dialogue so it won't go to waste.

The two ideas I had were:
Maff - A "You may spank it, once" illustration and a minor variant with her finger raised.  Like pic 1.
Art - A body paint illustration where her skin has lots of designs and decorations on it, and she is wearing only her art apron.  Like pics 2 and 3.

I promise I'm not trying to get you to draw porn.  If you want to draw less sexual stuff that's fine.
Replies: >>234501
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2753x1422) Reverse
Going to give XFCE-Tan a set of expressions.

Check the draw thread.
Replies: >>232671 >>234318
Art is the cutest and the least cow. Is there an ending where she sits on my face?
[Hide] (25.5KB, 613x359) Reverse
Why'd you delete this? It looks neat.
Replies: >>232551
[Hide] (75.7KB, 790x1071) Reverse
[Hide] (408.3KB, 846x954) Reverse
[Hide] (28.4MB, 1920x1080, 00:27)
I wanted to update something first.
also mp4 ver.

The project I'm working on is a hybrid VR/mixed reality autonomous LLM agent that uses the open source Mixtral 8x7b model for text generation and CogVLM for image recognition. 

The idea is to create a fully interactive assistant/chatbot/waifu/Libbie with persistent memory that understands context in a 3D environment through batching models together. The way "memory" is done currently for interacting with LLM models is through storing each message continually inside the prompt, but this is terribly inefficient and most LLMs that can be run locally have limited context sizes (the amount of characters that the model can parse) which makes this difficult to do. 

This project will instead utilize Langchain (https://github.com/langchain-ai/langchain) for the embedding DB.

Whisper (https://github.com/ggerganov/whisper.cpp) will handle the speech-to-text processing.

All of this is will be able to be run on local hardware without using any third party provider such as ChatGPT. 

On the frontend, I'm using the Meta Quest 3 headset and the Unity Engine with OpenXR for handling scene data and the passthrough. I plan to move the project over to Godot once there is OpenXR or Meta SDK support for 4.2
[Hide] (692.4KB, 1009x738) Reverse
[Hide] (54.4KB, 282x326) Reverse
Impressive, if a bit spooky.
Sounds pretty rad.
whatever that third file is I can't see or hear anything besides the thumbnail
Replies: >>232660 >>232671
Call me when we can mod in Libo.
It plays just fine for me in MPV.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 3216x1429) Reverse
Another set of poses

This looks great!

Download the file and use another media player.
It's a 360º view of Libbie's 3d model and a demo interaction.
Why is her tail broken in the first pose?
But she look dorky and cute just like it's users
Replies: >>232699
[Hide] (192.1KB, 1000x641) Reverse
>Why is her tail broken
Her tail is making a heart shape.  It was inspired by Ms. Mowz from Paper Mario: TTYD.
Replies: >>232710
Can you draw her dressed up like Ms. Mowz in a bodysuit with the mask and high heels?
I'm not the swimsuit requester, I promise.
Replies: >>233027
[Hide] (651.8KB, 2400x1497) Reverse
Lots to go but I'd appreciate some feedback.
Replies: >>233031 >>233069
[Hide] (202.5KB, 922x1631) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1276x646) Reverse
Wow, thanks.

As for feedback:
- Her left hand looks kind of odd, like it's not properly connected to her forearm.  I think her forearm looks better, though still a little odd.
- This may just be me, but her right thigh seems like it's thinner than her left and she's holding it at sort of an odd angle.  I'm not sure there's a problem with the thigh, but her right glute doesn't seem like it's pressing into the seat as much as her left.

Looks really promising.  I like the general vibe and pose.  What is she reclining on?
Replies: >>233365
The heart shape in the tail doesnt really look like a heart, the end of it needs to be extended and curved in a bit to form the shape.
[Hide] (657.4KB, 2388x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (996.8KB, 2702x1900) Reverse
[Hide] (219.9KB, 1215x800) Reverse
I tried to fix the arm's foreshortening and the leg.  Other than that I don't know what to fix, so I drew other pose.

>What is she reclining on?
It's a chaise lounge chair.
>sitting the wrong way on a chaise-lounge
She really is a criminal.

I think the changes to the first drawing really help it, so you're definitely on the right track. Do you plan to color it?
The second drawing is good too, but I think there's something about her breasts and upper torso that doesn't quite look right. The line of her breast that's closer to the camera doesn't seem to make sense; it's like her ribs are indented by several inches.  I think this is because both breasts seem to be drawn in silhouette but the closer one wouldn't be that way since she's leaning down on her left side.
It may look more natural once texture is added to her body and my mind intuits that her left side is lower to the ground, but right now it just jumps out at me.

Thanks again for all the drawings. XFCE-tan is super cute and I will definitely need to find a place for her in the VN.
Replies: >>233468 >>233480
she has an adorable face, looks like a character from like mappy or some older namco game except sexy
Replies: >>233468
[Hide] (1.2MB, 2496x1600) Reverse
>Do you plan to color it?
Yep! Already did the outline and was doing some shading sketches.
Regarding the other pose, I think drawings shouldn't need instructions manual, if they look weird it's because there's something wrong.
Still, that's a sketch and I was trying to mark the center between the breasts for the bodysuit's zipper line.
I'm going to finish the first pose and return to the VN expressions, there's no plans for finishing the second pose.

[Hide] (356.8KB, 528x346) Reverse
>I think drawings shouldn't need instructions manual, if they look weird it's because there's something wrong.
I'm not sure if you are saying that I am nitpicking her pose in the second drawing, or if you are saying that you also feel there is something odd about it.

Regardless, I'm not trying to nitpick and anything I say is meant in good faith. The shading you've got there looks very nice. I'm sure the finished drawing will be great, as will the VN expressions.

It's been super nice to have you and the other artist making drawings in the last couple months, since I've been trying to get some larger projects finished so I can put my focus back on this one.
Replies: >>233477
[Hide] (39.2KB, 770x718) Reverse
I'm saying if looks like there's something wrong in a drawing, probably there is.  Even when people can't actually put their finger on it.

>you are saying that you also feel there is something odd about it.
Yes, this.

The "drawings don't need instruction manual" part is when an artist tries to justify something in a drawing through excuses post fact.
Think of modern art, terrible, ugly and often with a wall of text trying to explain what it is supposed to mean.
Drawings don't need instructions manual, get it?  It should stand on its own.
Replies: >>233483
[Hide] (152.1KB, 627x489) Reverse
Her right breast is smaller than her left one.
Also in the 1st pic her right upper-leg looks broken. Her right butt-cheek isn't lifted despite her leg suggesting that. That and her thigh is too far apart from her belly.
An easy fix would be to make her right knee point up instead of pointing in a 45 degree angle.
Other than that It looks very nice though.
Oh, when you said instruction manual I thought you meant for making art. I get what you mean.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2717x1786) Reverse
Tried to fix the legs proportions as much as I could
Thank you for your feedback, I hope you like it.
Replies: >>233790 >>233827
The top part of the right thigh needs to be thicker but otherwise you really improved.
That looks awesome and I absolutely love it. Thanks so much.
[Hide] (42.7KB, 637x503) Reverse
I've decided for text to speech to use StyleTTS2, https://github.com/yl4579/StyleTTS2 and train a model for Libbie's voice. 

What style of voice should Libbie have? Any suggestions / speaker references welcome. Ideally in the future, it will be configurable, but no local speech synthesis model supports that yet.
Replies: >>233845 >>233846
Are you going to upload that libbie model anon?
Are you going to upload that Libbie model with its secret hidden high resolution Rouge pussy anon?
Replies: >>233868
F U L L Y  M O D E L E D
Replies: >>233869
[Hide] (182.4KB, 948x1280, 00:00)
[Hide] (177.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (83.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (396KB, 2220x1080) Reverse
Someone draw Libbie playing vidya on a PC with the caption (Libbie Gaming) above. Something similar to pics related.
Pretty please...
Replies: >>235939
Could we see her in some different outfits perhaps? Crop/tank top and jeans, maybe short skirt and fishnets with jacket, a bikini? What about any tasteful nude or topless pinups?
Replies: >>234582
Artfag, could you give an update on how you have been doing?
[Hide] (689KB, 1422x1474) Reverse
I'll finish the poses with her in swimsuit first because it's part of her identity, then I'll try some variation like you suggested.
Also, I've been busy this past week and just now returned to drawing. I'll draw two more pose in addiction to these and begin the outline/colors.

>What about any tasteful nude or topless pinups?
But be patient, this isn't my priority right now
[Hide] (201.7KB, 1200x1680) Reverse
[Hide] (3.6MB, 3800x4875) Reverse
Completed the neutral pose.  More as a proof of concept to see if it fits with the overall VN theme.
I'm used to do thick outlines but did them thinner this time to better match the other artist's style, along with mostly flat shading.

Also here's the other poses in transparent background. 12 poses in total, the last two were the one missing mentioned in the last post.
Replies: >>235097 >>235158
The outlines and colors are so clean here I love it. Good work anon!
Looks awesome. Very cute with just a bit of lewd.
Holy shit. You're still working on it. I remember someone wanted to make a libbie or /tech/ VN years ago back on 8ch.net
Whops, bit busy this month, I get to you guys soon-ish.

t. Coco
[Hide] (49.7KB, 384x384) Reverse
[Hide] (7.9KB, 384x384) Reverse
[Hide] (8.3KB, 384x384) Reverse
[Hide] (9.5KB, 384x384) Reverse
[Hide] (9.5KB, 384x384) Reverse
I'm tired, here you go. Take your pick.
[Hide] (48.8KB, 384x384) Reverse
Sixth and last
[Hide] (685.2KB, 1009x714) Reverse
Did you actually make that from scratch? That's amazing
Replies: >>235943
[Hide] (37.6KB, 384x384) Reverse
[Hide] (41.9KB, 384x384) Reverse
I lied, two more and now I am done
Half a month of on and off autism
Replies: >>235945
I doubt she wouldn't be naked at the computer. Especially in the dark.
Replies: >>235947 >>236056
[Hide] (3.8MB, 377x344) Reverse
Very nice.
[Hide] (185.6KB, 738x900) Reverse
Gimme another half a month and I'll draw you a pixel tit, anon
Thanks, doc.
[Hide] (35.5KB, 300x100) Reverse
It looks like she's vibrating.
[Hide] (8.8KB, 300x100) Reverse
here go
Replies: >>236055
[Hide] (285.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Great work, anon!
Spoiler File
(88.9KB, 384x384) Reverse
Over 1000 hours in paint
[spoiler]Sorry, not actually good at nudes, and I can't animate people[/spoiler]
Replies: >>236057
what did he mean by this
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