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Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.

Previous threads:
Replies: >>221472
Last thread reached bump limit, but I'm still interested in responses to my question here >>221243
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>>221467 (OP) 
>recommend some decent eroges
The Dungeon of Lulu Farea, fun game about fun things, 100% certified vanilla and with the Goddess seal of approval.
Replies: >>221497 >>239990
>play h-games for the segs
<actually get into it 10 minutes later and autoskip all the sex scenes just to beat the game
Replies: >>221477
but also
>spending 1 hour hunting that game on a bunch of sites with slow as fuck dl speeds only to get into it skipping most of the dialogue and trying to speedrun the gameplay just so you can get to the smut only to fap once and then instantly deleting the game or quitting and forgetting about it for a week
Replies: >>221478 >>221482
>bust nut
<close 42 tabs
<stop 6 downloads
<cancel 2 amazon orders
Replies: >>221479 >>221481
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omg literally me
More like 
>download 50 games 
>play one
>decide to speedrun it for seemingly no reason 
>beat it
>decide to speedrun the next game too for seemingly no reason 
>nut the nanosecond the lewd CG disappears 
>write 60 links to a text file I'll never read, let the 20 downloads continue, and keep all the games around to bloat my hard drive 
I think I'm autistic.
Replies: >>221483
Christ I've spent more than 1 hour on things like this
>spend like 3 days modding illusion games and finding good cards for them
>nut like 3 times
>put it on a different drive to make space and haven't touched it for years since
>play game because it looks hot
<get angry at bullshit enemies/level design/gameplay
<too mad to nut, vow to finish game out of spite
and that's how i beat mystic knight maya
Replies: >>221486
I just cheat. I learned how cheat engine works exclusively for eroge.
Played this recently and the gameplay was fun enough that I don't even remember the porn. Games without levelups are always the best because it means there's zero grind.
Spoiler File
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Zell's game came out.
is it gud
Replies: >>223009 >>223089
It's by the same guy that made FOBs.
Replies: >>223016
That's not a magnet
Replies: >>223011
It's base 64 due to crawlers. Just press f12 and use atob.
What do you mean "made"? It's not even finished.
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This thing also got released. Not exactly a h game, but you can run around naked and tied up, defeating things. Looks more tedious and the environments are more repetitive than in mina2 though.
Well I can't read moon and I can't get out of the save menu so I'll come back to this later.
Replies: >>223089
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I beat the game. It's okay. Very short and less than 20 animations, but I like what he did with the girls. 
It has this horror puzzle aspect where the house gets more girls as you progress and each girl acts different. The standard one just chases you, one is really fast but won't go after you unless you run, and the painting girl hides in paintings and tries to jump you, but can be spotted as she makes the big tiddy painting have even bigger tits. 
My only complaint is that tits range from big to huge with no flats in between. 
The controls are just z,x, and space.
Replies: >>223126 >>223149
What do I do with the watering can?
Replies: >>223129
Take the water from the kitchen (1st floor, to the right) and then water the plant on the second floor next to the door on the left.
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Sounds like Succubus Affection is the better game if you like his art. That took me over 10 hours to beat and has a nice variety of monster girls.
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I've beaten 3 porn games in the last month, starting a 4th one.
Is there a number I can call to stop this shit?
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>that fucking AI monstrosity for an imagemacro
Genuine nightmare fuel and not the one that's worth sharing.
Is the caption AI generated too? Shit makes no sense.
>is there a number I can call to stop this shit?
Do you play porn games for the gameplay? If you're not having fun why bother?
Replies: >>223261
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I'm playing porn games for porn, you fucking retard
Replies: >>223263
what the fuck, do you fuck the old man with the cane
Replies: >>223267
No but you fuck an old woman with saggy tits.
Were Branmarker's encounter rates meant to simulate the progressive demographics of post-2014 inner city Berlin?
The lack of censor bars is bury nice but getting through the forest is a pain with so many harpies and benis shrooms, doesn't help that you can only save inside towns outside of dishonorabu savestate use.
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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I bleached RJ392704 because I like fat asses. 
Here's just the mod https://files.catbox.moe/grjjzj.7z
And the pre-patched game with a speedhack and half a GB of unused songs removed
https://files.catbox.moe/iwtcwh.001 https://files.catbox.moe/6ndx3j.002 https://files.catbox.moe/5r666m.003
I'll upload it to f95 later for more permanent storage.
Replies: >>223481
Why do all these games have you play as the girl who gets raped and not the guy who does the raping?
Replies: >>223484 >>223485
Because nips are cucks
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Because nips usually have shit taste in all but the female aesthetics. 
Either the guy is fat, brown, or otherwise disgusting, or you play as the girl, or the girl is a slut, or the game ruins the good smut with some other degenerate shit.
The only consistent exception is straight shota but even then it's not a certainty.
The guy represents (You), of course he's going to be disgusting.
Replies: >>223487
I'm not fat, brown, or hairy. My disgustingness lacks representation.
"Straight shota" is faggot shit one way or the other.
Replies: >>223510
incredibly boring jank.
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Which Rance games don't have NTR?
Replies: >>224698
the main character is a rapist right? i assume all of them have it
Replies: >>224699
Let me reword my question, which ones don't have you get cucked? I know at least one of the games has a scene where your girl gets fucked.
Replies: >>229133
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Maman Kyoushitsu
Im not a fan of pregnant women but this VN is one of my favorites. Its difficult to describe how erotic it is. Its just so incredibly sexy corrupting these pregnant ladies.
Replies: >>229117
Ever since I got a machine powerful enough to run Illusion games, I've been spending unhealthy amounts of time jacking off and busting ungodly amounts of semen. Someone stop me.
Are they all pregent?
Replies: >>229125
If i recall the mom,sister and friend are not pregnant but you can make them.
It's an alicesoft game there's forced NTR in every one of them.
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I want to beat this dyke to half death.
Replies: >>231378
Where the hell do I find unofficial patches like this without using discord?
Replies: >>230361
You learn Japanese so you don't need western tranny patches in the first place.
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I'm impressed that a simple inverted image managed to actually scare me, game is fantastic by the way.
Replies: >>231382
Pretty much all animu dykes are insufferable cunts who deserve to get beaten. And people say anime is unrealistic.
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I see nothing wrong with that image.
I hate that straight shotacon is the only good porn. Consistently great looking females, no retarded forced fetishes, but as a tradeoff the man has to be a little kid.
Replies: >>231415
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>he doesn't want to be the little boy
Ara ara, how unfortunate~
Did I masturbate too hard? Blood came out of my dick.
Replies: >>231760 >>235160
When you run out of semen, you will start to cum blood, so stop it.
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have you played RJ01062825 yet? it actually has half decent gameplay for a pron game
Replies: >>235145
>it actually has half decent gameplay
Really? How so?
Those are hemophrots that have double the egg penetration.
I liked Kamidori Alchemy Meister. The gameplay is typical Eushully fare but is at least engaging enough to tide you over across the story. I finished NG and was about done with grinding everyone to 99 with king putty, but then lost the save when I moved PCs since it puts save data in Appdata. Is NG+ good enough to warrant the grind again? Yule's route was nice at least.

On a different note, I wish there were more Touhou VNs and the like.
Replies: >>235192 >>235207
I like it at first then it gets real tedious real fast.
NG+ adds a fair amount of new content, including some postgame dungeons and new characters to recruit. In addition, it adds a way to essentially get maxed stats on anyone you're willing to grind those stats on.
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Should I play starting from the first game or can I jump straight in second one? 
I was told it's a better game overall.
I think the steam version is censored.
[Hide] (17.3KB, 100x100) Reverse
Play the first game, it's still insanely entertaining personally speaking and has some really nice atmosphere/setpieces/characters going on for it.
Second game is better imo but there is a lot of carry over (cameos, plots, returning characters) from the first game you won't get as much if you don't play the first beforehand. The second game is almost a direct sequel to the first, just a short time skip between them. The first game is like 10-15 hours long while the second game can be much longer.
>Black Souls
>male is literally a nigger
adds up, enjoy your shit game
Replies: >>240013 >>240018
Truly a curse befitting the MC origins. White souls stuck in a black body.
I've never seen a nigger who was literally black
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This game drained me dry for days. I edged for like 5+ hours at a time while playing.

Are there any other games with a good balance of sex and gameplay, that you can just play with a mouse? I hate how most of the eroge on dlsite are RPGs that control with the keyboard, that kind of misses the point.
>edged for like 5+ hours
Teach me how. I can do max half hour without accidentally cumming.
Replies: >>240120
I dunno, something about playing a game at the same time distracts me enough that I can hold on. I'm normally really sensitive when using something non-interactive like manga.
What is the game about?
Replies: >>240122
You are a shota and you go to your onee-san's house for the winter and nothing lewd happens at all.
Replies: >>240123
Does it import saves from the first game? Never got around to finishing it.
Replies: >>240128
No but it is a sequel that uses most of the same girls and they are aware of the events of the first game, so it's better to play that first.
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Summer Memories was the shit, good to know Winter is just as good
>finish jacking off
Replies: >>240308 >>241265
>putting the effort to denote left alt
Are you a homosexual?
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yokoshima fitness club is out gamers, guy has definitely improved his artstyle with each iteration, this one is looking to be his best
Replies: >>241222
>african hands
[Hide] (66KB, 597x450) Reverse
>a disembodied translucent shadow of a hand is in reality a subsaharan's
Imageboards have broken your mind.
Replies: >>241225
Translucent shadow hands can be gray, dark blue, dark purple etc., why did that faggot choose brown?
Replies: >>246111
Color doesn't even matter. 4 hands. Therefore cuckshit. Unless you're playing a mutant with 4 arms.
Replies: >>241305
I've just finished Succubus Academia. Spent the entire game disgusted and the true ending didn't help in the slightest. Why did I play this shit? I don't know. I truly do not know. At least the DLC only involved attempted murder by whorecunt rather than getting murdered by a specific whorecunt to be the goal.
More importantly why are the nips like this? It feels like something has changed with them within the last ten years or so. Male MC stuff didn't used to be so rare, now it's all [Male MC+cuckshit], [Female MC slut simulator], [Male MC+protect your precious virginity from the monstergirls], and the odd [management]. There has been a distressing mental shift in the shit produced and consumed, the really worrying thing is that I've noticed this shift on a global scale.
I hate succubi so much it's unreal. Thank you for reading my rant/vent.

Anyways, might as well offer a recommendation. Impregnation! Child Making Farm [RJ01083992] is the best Harvest Moon like eroge I've found. The translation is MTL, because translators are awful people who can only translate awful shit, still serviceable. Though there is a serious problem with pronouns being used at random.
Replies: >>241308 >>243335
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You forgot the part where you start blasting loud obnoxious music on your computer to drown out your lifelong remorse.
What are you talking about, that's just my stand 「INXS」
>Anyways, might as well offer a recommendation. Impregnation! Child Making Farm [RJ01083992] is the best Harvest Moon like eroge I've found. The translation is MTL, because translators are awful people who can only translate awful shit, still serviceable.
>using translations
I'll give it a try.
Replies: >>242056
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Alright I finished this. The girls are cute, but the gameplay balance is awful. I got everyone to max hearts in the first spring but I had to grind for the whole rest of the year just to buy the ludicrously expensive wedding rings to marry them all. And there wasn't even any oyakodon or special harem ending for marrying them all.
Replies: >>242066
I did say it was the best Harvest Moon-ish eroge I've found. But, yeah, I share your complaints. Rings are way too expensive and golden opportunities for oyakodon are wasted. Still, I loved it and my main complaint is that the content dries up before you can afford the rings rather than the ring cost itself.
Harem! Bokujo Life [RJ402453] is similar, but much more shallow and loli focused. It does have one (1) oyakodon blowjob. Since you can read nip you'll be happy to know it has a DLC in the works which looks like it'll add some oyakodon content.
Impregnate! Forest of the Mini Elves [RJ376772] doesn't have much HM mechanics, but they're there. Kinda. Has the same impregnation goals as the other two games, though I think the dev's clothing autism hindered the rest of the game. Purely loli focused.
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What can you faggots tell me about Black Souls 1 and 2? I've seen fanart of this character and how she's a breathing pile of shit, and if that's the case I want to hatefuck her as well.
Ultimately I downloaded both, booted up 1 and was greeted with
>stock RPG Maker sprites
>this includes sprites, map layouts, UI and music
>poverty turn based combat that's not even engaging
>children's literature anime girls slapped over the soulslike aesthetic for no good reason
Is it worth it past the first impression? I don't like this one bit.
I remember reading about how these were some of anon's favorite games and how he recommended them to some friend who liked Dark Souls, only for the latter to drop them as if they were hot garbage. If I had been that friend with my own first impression I'd have strangled anon.
Replies: >>242103 >>242126
It gets better. Seriously. A lot of praise for how the companions and other npcs end up depending on paths and actions you take which doesn't come into play until around the hour mark. You get a small taste of this in the forest of abandoned with Hansel and Gretel. Once you start scratching the surface and seeing what's under there, the game becomes immensely better. There are a lot of little secrets around to find that add to the story.
Very non linear. Besides the tutorial prison, you can go where ever you want. When I first played it, I ended up going east and exploring most of that thanks to having the weapon drop from the dragon at the start but eventually ran into bosses I couldn't beat since I had no companions so I went back to the start and found the apparently intended route, north.
I will admit the combat is not its strong point and is very simplistic, especially once you find the crow and can break the combat in half with magic. If you want to keep the combat even moderately engaging then avoid using colored souls and don't use the magic rings from the crow.
The second game is a much stronger game overall but you should still play the first one because it's a direct sequel. You won't really understand why she is such a bitch if you don't.
As for stock assets, it was made by one person. At least he did get some custom stuff like certain character sprites, and buy some assets like the enemy art and most of the music. There's only like one or two songs from rpgmaker I think.
Replies: >>242117 >>242123
[Hide] (737.6KB, 591x722) Reverse
>the game combat is not its strong point
>combat's not only bad, it's also easily broken
>anything other than the portraits and some sprites are stock assets
<it gets better, dude trust me
<trust me
I have never heeded the advice my parents gave me to study and work hard. I've never bothered dealing with people so long as I wasn't forced to, and as such I've never had any friends. Every time my schoolmates from high school, specially girls, told me to stop being so autistic fell onto deaf ears. Every single time a woman has tried to approach me I've never done the minimum to try and win her.
Every moment in life I could've drawn a valuable lesson from has been relegated to oblivion. I haven't made it in life; I've never applied myself, and I never will.
But you know what? If I've been rotting away in places like this for so long it must be because I believe in the company of you niggers. If I bide my time every day of the week here it must be because I trust everyone who posts here, specially (You), anon. I will play your RPG Maker porn game. I will play it from start to finish, then play the sequel and the DLCs. I'll make you proud, anon.
Replies: >>242123
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I struggled through BS1 with the gentle help of cheat engine, but saw it through to the end because of the characters and story. For BS2, I decided to atone for my aforementioned sins by playing through the second game legitimately. After many playthroughs and exploring the main game + DLC1&2 in full, I got filtered hard by the DLC3 bosses. I'm stuck at the part with the feud between the unicorn and lion One day I'll see this struggle through and witness the horrors of that visual novel portion that I've seen some screenshots of, and reach that certain ending. Surely it's a happy one for all the members of the cast.
Replies: >>242129
>Is it worth it past the first impression?
Easily one of the best rpg maker games out there only bested by its sequel.
I know dude trust me is a really shitty way to convince someone to play a game. I'm just not good at recommending something. Also not going to sugarcoat the bad parts of the game either. Even with the lackluster combat I still highly recommend playing it and if it holds your interest long enough to get even one of the four endings, definitely play the second game which is a much better game, including the combat. Just get the other endings first, even if you have to follow a guide or something to speedrun through them.
>cheat engine
How? Legitimately. Did you not know how to level up or summon companions or something?
>I'm stuck at the part with the feud between the unicorn and lion
If you sided with the lion, I feel your pain. Her route's boss fight is complete bullshit.
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Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 640x400) Reverse
I just stumbled across this old game i had no idea it even existed:
And holy shit, the animations are better than the 99% of recently released hentai anime, or anime in general, for that matter.
Good character design too.
I made some research on it, and found that "Sogna", the company that made this VIPER series of games, died in the early 2000's.
Such a shame, i think that in the digital download era they would have thrived.
Spoiler File
(333.1KB, 448x320) Reverse
I like their PC98 style better.
Replies: >>242295
>And holy shit, the animations are better than the 99% of recently released hentai anime
To bad is all about monster rape and gangbangs.
Replies: >>242298
[Hide] (1.6MB, 672x432) Reverse
[Hide] (939.5KB, 640x400) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x400) Reverse
I prefer their latest titles, but regardless, those are some really good animations for hentai games, i haven't seen stuff that good these days.
The most recurring type of "animation" in modern shit looks like a still image that gets warped and stretched to simulate motion, and generally looks like shit.
Sogna's animations are top tier stuff.
Sadly it was the wrong era for them, imagine if they were still active today, we could have gotten more of that stuff and probably uncensored too.
The only bad thing?
The lack of sound effects and some laughable bad voice over.
The monster in VIPER RSR that goes "huhglglglglglgl!" is unintentionally hilarious.
But yeah truly excellent stuff otherwise, i swear i had no idea this studio and its games even existed until recently.
Replies: >>242301
[Hide] (572.5KB, 748x859) Reverse
In all honesty I miss when rape was the go-to japanese fetish before NTR took over. In a certain way rape intended to satisfy the reader's primal urges and see chaste and prideful women get humilliated up to the point they wish they weren't alive.
When you look into it the transition from rape to NTR is a shift from a power fantasy to a powerless one.
>The most recurring type of "animation" in modern shit looks like a still image that gets warped and stretched to simulate motion, and generally looks like shit.
I played Peeping Dorm Manager recently, and while I think it does use the technique of warping and stretching the animation was still pretty good. It's a chink game but you wouldn't be able to tell it's not Japanese by playing it, besides the lack of shitty censorship.
Spoiler File
(344.2KB, 1851x2773) Reverse
Spoiler File
(323.4KB, 1847x2742) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 860x1206) Reverse
Spoiler File
(377.8KB, 1861x2783) Reverse
I know most anons here prefer vanilla and hate anything that goes even a tiny bit beyond that, but i do like some monster rape, maybe because i liked animes like La Blue Girl, Twin Angels and Himekishi Lilia back then.
NTR (where they expect you to self-insert with the cucked and emasculated protagonist) and anything involving niggers is were a draw the line though, fuck that shit.
[Hide] (5.5MB, 640x360, 03:23)
It's the same thing, seeing women get degraded and corrupted.
Old stuff, including Viper was filled with cuck shit as well.

Difference between new and older stuff is that there's some more screen time on the cucked guy and for the subgenre of Netorase it's literally all the focus.
Older stuff was more about the girl or girls being the town bicycle.

Shit, one of the first Hentai anime I was exposed to was about monsters cucking a whole civilization.
Replies: >>242316
>up to the point they wish they weren't alive.
>weren't alive
I prefer when a guy defeats a prideful women with his cock and takes responsibility.
[Hide] (349KB, 1440x1076) Reverse
This is what I don't understand, who's getting cucked? Are you, or your story avatar, getting cucked? Why should you be mad about some in-story girl getting plowed raw?
I don't care if generic anime man gets the short end of the stick, or some girl with no implied relationships is internally ransacked for shit and giggles. I'd only be furious if that shit happened to me or some character I'm supposed to self-insert as.
>it's the same thing, seeing women get degraded and corrupted
No, anon, NTR is about degrading the man, and good ol' rape is about humilliating women. It's the reason why you'd see websites and other pussywhipped places bitch and moan about shit like Rapelay, and instead now it's logging into sleepy and seeing entire threads getting derailed on NTR and other cuckshit. 
Shit, if you pushed me I'd say good ol' rape even works as a driving story element. I know you niggers would be clutching your pearls over pic related but for what it was it played like a well-rounded story. Somehow Sawa came out to me as a pretty well written and vindicated female character and I wanted to see her succeed and live a normal life in spite all the bullshit life threw at her.
>I know you niggers would be clutching your pearls over pic related
I have seen a lot of shit over the years and my taste went full vanilla, if you like that movie is A-OK in my book, but I'm not going to watch that.
>This is what I don't understand, who's getting cucked?
I feel the same. I don't get it. I'm not invested into porn. It's just porn. It's not real. Maybe thats why I don't get it.
People discount the entirety of MLA because of one scene you underestimate the insecurity.
[Hide] (53.6KB, 640x641) Reverse
>This is what I don't understand, who's getting cucked? Are you, or your story avatar, getting cucked? Why should you be mad about some in-story girl getting plowed raw?
Not the anon your are replying to, but i do think some people are quick to label something that isn't vanilla as cuck shit.
For instance, i see shit like monster rape, the likes of La Blue Girl/Lady Blue, Taimanin Asagi, Twin Angels or Himekishi Lilia, more like "horror porn" or "dark erotica" than anything to do with cuckoldry.

And just to clarify, while i may enjoy that kind of shit in fiction (depending on HOW it is done, not always), the mere though of rape in real life make me sick to the stomach.
It's like action movies, you may enjoy watching carnage on the screen, but that doesn't mean you would like to kill random innocent people in real life.

I understand and respect vanillafags, but some of them seem to quickly call cuckshit anything that isn't hand holding or gentle missionary sex.

>I don't care if generic anime man gets the short end of the stick, or some girl with no implied relationships is internally ransacked for shit and giggles. I'd only be furious if that shit happened to me or some character I'm supposed to self-insert as.
Yeah i would consider it cuck shit only if the game (or anime) establishes a character for you to self-insert or identify with, and the story unfolds entirely from his point of view to make it clear, and then asks you to get off not to the visual image of the girl getting fucked, but to the humiliation of witnessing "your" loved one getting fucked behind "your" back or even in front of "you".
NTR trash usually plays more on the emotional side than the visual side, that's why it is almost universally despised (for good reason) and only an actual cuckold would enjoy that.
Replies: >>242322
I'm neutral on NTR unless that is the whole focus. When I think of bad NTR it's weird stuff where a guy is being shown his girl being fucked so that cucks can self insert into the guy. But a lot of NTR people complain about is just a girl having sex with multiple guys without the weird degradation factor.
Replies: >>242322
Here's my baseline for it:
Take a thing like Gin'Iro Haruka. You spend most of it reading about Bethly and it's very clearly a cute romance between the protagonist who is pretty much a self insert (though he technically has a face it's only shown like once or twice) and Bethly, pic related.
Now imagine all of a sudden out of nowhere there's a scene where the protagonist finds a video of her being fucked by his best friend and the viewer is forced to sit and watch it and there's no avoiding it. Regardless of what happens after in the story, that scene is NTR. If you were led to think something is going one way and then it goes another to emotionally manipulate you that is NTR. Now to be clear this never happens in the story and I think I'd firebomb tonework's HQ if it did.

However, there was some game that does something like this that I can only vaguely remember where one of the heroines fucks some other guy while on the phone with the protagonist, that or she shows him it on her phone to fuck with him. I remember because some anon had a conniption about it in a thread over a decade ago on either half/a/ or /v/ . If one of you fags knows it I'd be amazed.
[Hide] (43.9KB, 636x472) Reverse
>MC has feelings for the girl/lusts for her body
>Bangs her
>She sluts it out/gets raped
That's cuckshit, just because the MC isn't a pathetic wimp who cries about it doesn't make it cuckshit.
Replies: >>242326 >>242328
>we're now defending 2D girls being used goods
Things just haven't been the same around here since the cakechan rapefugees moved in.
Replies: >>242325
Cakechan still exists.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 446x469) Reverse
Isn't he like just one member of the party and only one of the 4 characters you play as?
Not to say that you can't sympathize with him though, but the game never implies nor expects you to self-insert or identify with him.
By that logic, every scene with a woman getting fucked is cuck shit if somebody, somewhere, may have had feelings for that woman.
Doesn't the game also make you play as the elvish girl that gets raped by the monsters?
In that case then, what it is?
No offense, but this to me feels like those people that won't play a game like Project Zero, Tomb Raider, Nier Automata, Hauting Ground or Bayonetta because controlling a female character is "gay" because "i am not a girl, and i can't play a game without thinking any playable character in it is me!"
Replies: >>242328 >>242378
Also, i am pretty sure the two of them get closer AFTER the raping, not before.
That screen you posted, where they are in bed together happens after she got rescued.
Replies: >>242329
>get closer AFTER the raping
Settling for broken and used goods, eh?
Replies: >>242330
That's what the ginger guy seems to go for, at the ("good") end of the game.
Replies: >>242334
You're right; rape is not an excuse. It's a reason. And tonight everything seems so reasonable.
Replies: >>242332
So she says, "Oh, that puppy is the cutest thing in the world." And it's like, I'm standing right here, mom. I'm standing right here.
I don't remember much of the game, but I think the good side was forced to make peace with the rapist monsters, because an elf got pregnant by the bad guy, which I think the whole thing sounded retarded.
Replies: >>242335
[Hide] (2.2MB, 640x480) Reverse
Yeah it was basically "from then on, humans and monsters lived together in peace and armony..." which as you said, made the whole thing sound retarded and everything that happened until that moment completely meaningless.
My only guess if that they rushed the ending to get the game done in time, because there's no way something like that would make any sense or be a satisfactory ending for either the players or the devs themselves.
Either have the good guys win and genocide the monsters, or let the monsters win and destroy the kingdom, but that shit?
Replies: >>242336 >>242337
Sogna was going bankrupt so they probably ran out of budget.
Replies: >>242338
But if you kill your enemies, they win, the elf kindom must make peace with the rapists dog monsters!
Replies: >>243361
[Hide] (3.8MB, 400x300) Reverse
Yeah that would explain it.
Was Viper RSR the last game they ever did though?
Still amazing what they managed to do artistic-wise, considering the limited budget and limits in the hardware/software of the time.
Those drawings, and especially the animations are excellent, not even many bigger studios of today manage to reach that level of quality.
I saw some Dragon Ball super and man, both drawings and animations looked like garbage, like some fanmade flash animation, and that's inexcusable considering how big and mainstream Dragon Ball is.
It's really baffling how, despite all the limitations of the time, this kind of stuff made in the 90' and early 2000's (even the 80's) looked way better than what gets made these days considering all the technology advancement and tools available nowadays.
Probably those only caused people and companies to get lazier.
Replies: >>242339 >>242342
No, it was a game I can't even find.
Replies: >>242341
[Hide] (109.8KB, 470x425) Reverse
Such a shame they went bankrupt, as they were extremely talented.
I wished they lived longer, i wonder what they could have been capable of, with current technology.
Replies: >>242347
>Still amazing what they managed to do artistic-wise, considering the limited budget and limits in the hardware/software of the time.
Those were simpler times.
Not only that, the artist for VIPER-V16, VIPER-F40, and VIPER-GTB, Takahiro Kimura, died in March of 2023.
Replies: >>242351
[Hide] (295.8KB, 450x338) Reverse
You don't need to self insert for something to be cuckshit.
Replies: >>242379 >>242397
[Hide] (22.7KB, 552x344) Reverse
Of course, cuckshit doesn't need to be cuckshit since it's kikeshit slopshit poopshit shitshit, dropped after 1 milisecond.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x538) Reverse
>Everything that goes beyond some anime schoolgirl blushing as she looks the boy she has feelings for, is cuckshit!
>Why? Because i said so!
[Hide] (57.9KB, 700x727) Reverse
NTR is NTR right?
Replies: >>242403
NTR can mean three different things with varying levels of cuckness. 

netorare: your girl being stolen against your will
netori: stealing someone else's girl
netorase: letting someone fuck your girl
nethack: your girl is a lich and you are also dead
Replies: >>242471
netease: You're a chink
Replies: >>242477
nettohikari: your netnavi being stolen against your will
Replies: >>242560
netarian: your robot wife dies
Replies: >>246270
Can anyone recommend a way to speed up kamidori alchemy meister, because I want to see loli route but I can't commit another 100 hours of my life on NG+
Replies: >>242876
I think you can use cheat engine to do it but I've never tried before. Back up your saves before you try it just in case.
what kind of encryption is this


Replies: >>243020
It's base64



Replies: >>243025
[Hide] (313.5KB, 440x443) Reverse
wow I'm dumb, thanks, catch me later I'll buy you a beer
Replies: >>243127
>1st link
thats some sloppy live2d and they want $30 for it

>2nd link
[Hide] (588KB, 720x720, 00:05)
Replies: >>246207
[Hide] (170.7KB, 614x561) Reverse
That makes me think, is there any Succubus+Ryona game where you  beat the shit out of filthy semen demons? There's nice succubus and evil succubus games but every one of them that I know or have seen doesn't show the guy dominating them through sheer graphical violence.
Replies: >>243340
Wouldn't punching a succubus drain your life? I feel like you'd need a bat or something.
Replies: >>243342
Boxing gloves, but a bat is fine too.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 228x320) Reverse
>But if you kill your enemies, they win, the elf kindom must make peace with the rapists dog monsters!
At that point the bad ending made much more sense than the good one (which i suppose was the canon one)
https://pixeldrain.com/u/eBtfHMCK https://pixeldrain.com/u/CZdtbXCa
rogue-like Evolution. Game made by some guy based on the X-men Evolution cartoon. You bang that goth Rogue. I mentioned it in Sven's co-op. 
>It runs like shit
The guy who's making it is an artist not a coder
>Some poses look like shit
He compromises a lot. Far too often to get things done fast. 
If you have issues I can uploaded a modded build that isn't as slow but it shouldn't be too bad. It's ren'py one of course is Linux the other Windows.
Replies: >>245830
>It's ren'py one of course is Linux the other Windows.
Do you have that sentence in English, perchance?
[Hide] (10.5KB, 600x338) Reverse
Those are just shadows anon, and guess what?
The shadows are always darker than the surface they are cast on, never lighter.
[Hide] (49.5KB, 570x571) Reverse
I too miss when hentai was good. Now autistic white boys fall in love with random shallow cute images and then defend their lack of honor. They don't like 'hot' porn just hot women. My perspective is that if in a fiction you're not there it has to be larger, more exciting, than real life or it's not worth seeing. People go for walks that play first person shooters. People jack off that watch women being throat fucked. Would you watch someone going for a walk or fapping/schlicking? Most would not. It's not like it's full body VR or they might. It's not touching if not larger than life, your life, more interesting. With sex this means, as the stars/drawings were too good looking in porn anyway, that it has to be more and more degrading to the object of which you either lust for or are jealous of.
Replies: >>246187
Is /v/ really just a bunch of faggots sermonizing to eachother now? Can we quit it with this shit already? You and I both know it doesn't work.
Replies: >>246211
Did he die?
I hope so
I wish i could hear the real sound.
You'll get that post right the third time, champ.
Replies: >>246212
[Hide] (124.1KB, 452x450) Reverse
Giving your perspective is not giving a sermon, and a sermon is meant to tell others what to do, of which is what YOU are attempting, not others right now. You saw two posts doing it and now it's 'only sermons' when there are no sermons present. The point of catharsis is not to convert others to your point of view even when it is some 'slapfight' bait, of which now it is not and is actually just one anon essentially posting 'that he knows that feel' to another anon. You lament to let off steam more so than to inspire when someone is complaining to the point of catharsis. Then again I used the annoying Luigi meme as I knew it'd asspain someone regardless so it is indeed bait I am sure. Am I ashamed of it in a porn thread though? Naw.
[Hide] (39.1KB, 720x720) Reverse
My jewtooth keyboard causes such input lag that often words get jumbled up.  I also get double vision after hours of reading for some reason, blurred double vision. thx for noticing.
Replies: >>246226
>I also get double vision after hours of reading for some reason, blurred double vision.
You're in front of and around blue light way way too much. https://www.webmd.com/eye-health/blue-light-health
>... most of us spend a lot of time staring at screens. And that can be bad for our eyes. Blue light from electronics is linked to problems like blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eye, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Some people have sleep issues.
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