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it's fucking video games again, baby

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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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HEY FAGGOTS, welcome to /v/ now read this shit

1. ALL global rules apply. Please read them at https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
2. /v/ is a video game related board, keep your topics video game pertinent.
3. You must be 18+ to post.
4. Duplicate threads about the same topic will be locked and then deleted if the original existing thread hasn't reached reply limit. Check the catalog before making a new thread.
5. /v/ is not SFW. NSFW content is allowed, just spoil it.

Additional stipulations:
a. Effortless threads and template threads will be met with ridicule and may be bumplocked or locked. Put some effort when making a new thread.
b. Some off topic discussion is allowed, use your common sense and and try not to fill a whole thread dedicated to an entirely different topic with it.
c. If you get reported multiple times across multiple threads and your post history comprises near entirely of derailing, shitflinging, and generally not contributing to any of the threads you posted in, you will be banned and your post history may be wiped.
d. Rolling for dubs in shit threads is allowed; this, however, won't grant you a free "get out of jail" card. If you alone get a number of reports because of it and/or are caught shitting up seemingly fine threads, actions may be taken based on your post history.
e. No one likes attention whores: namefagging and/or avatarfagging for no practical reason is frowned upon. If you are caught doing either repeatedly you may be banned.
f. Ban lengths are entirely dependent on which and how many rules you broke. (eg: cheese pizza grants a global perma)

If needed I can also be contacted privately at this address: [email protected]

List of "special" threads currently allowed:
>Friday Night
Allowed on Friday; bumplocked on Sunday; deleted somewhere later in the week so we don't have 4 of them littering the catalog by the end of the month.
>webm/mp4 threads
Keep it vidya; any non vidya webm/mp4 should be posted on /b/.
>Draw threads and Japanese learning threads
For the latter make sure to link language learning related boards on the webring such as anon.cafe/lang/ in the OP.
>Gamergate threads
The rules regarding these have not changed: do not, and I repeat, DO NOT use these as meta or off topic threads. Filter, ignore and report derailment.
>Gacha threads
They are allowed but they must be kept in a single general, no exceptions.
Anything not mentioned in the above list is banned.
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