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Post about games you've beaten or shit talk the ones you gave up on for good. 

I just beat Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It's mechanically superior to the first game simply by virtue of having a memo function, but everything else is way fucking worse. 
The prologue is good enough for a Layton game, it establishes what you're going to look for, namely the box and the murderer of your professor (the police thinks it's suicide but your first puzzle is to prove there's no way it could've been). It starts with the cardinal sin of having a forced tutorial in a sequel that plays the exact same but I can overlook that as it was rather short. Puzzles at this stage are about what you'd expect, but then
>on the train you get the hamster puzzle, one that you need to get pieces for throughout the game, except you don't even need to do that because you can easily beat it with an incomplete set making it more of a minigame than an actual puzzle 
>then there's the tea "puzzle", the fucking tea "puzzle". Not only do characters tell you the exact solution but 90% of characters want the exact same item combined with the starter items, so you're reliant on a single puzzle to unlock all the tea shit
>puzzles actually get easier after the prologue and, while 5% are bullshit because of shit explanations, 95% are a fucking joke compared to the puzzles in the previous game 
>hints are also more retarded, rather than a small hint to lead you into the right track you just get a "try again :)" if you fuck up, including a literal "Try again." in one puzzle, yet it still pauses your screen and forces you to stare at it for 3 seconds just to make sure you really understand that you need to try again with a different answer 
>the actual hints are just as bad as the worst of the first game and there's even duplicated hints in some puzzles 
>despite the mechanical improvements there's still no way to skip conversations you've already seen, even though you often do need to talk with the same NPC twice to get a new puzzle and there's nothing to tell the ones with puzzles apart
>actual spoilers, first game ends with a satisfying richfag wanting to dote on his daughter in a way that made sense for the universe, second game is just DUDE GAS LMAO  where the twist is a do-anything magic to justify everything to that point, which just feels like the writers gave up halfway 
>and if feels that way even more because they end the game and then remember that everyone forgot about the dead professor so the after-credits scene (you can't skip the credits and you're forced to watch this) show that he's not dead now because he's alive and it was probably suicide so ignore the murderer 
Overall it's a pretty gay game. I hope the third isn't as shit and the puzzles are more in line with the first game's but with the memo function.
>>88859 (OP) 
Third one is probably my favorite of the games I played. Decent puzzles with a decent story. Last Spectre has a weaker plot but better puzzles over all.
Replies: >>90207
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I played this game recently. The art grabbed my attention and it seemed to have quite a lot of positive reviews. The game is a "metroidvania". The main selling point aside from the art is its combat system. Through the game you collect spirits, which are your attacks. You customize a deck of 6 skills to create your own moveset, and in turn you can upgrade those moves using special currency found hidden in the game or dropped by destructible objects. Typical for games for the genre there are numerous collectables, you need specific powers to open new routes. The premise of the plot is that you are a amnesiac little girl, one of the last priestess of the land, and after being awaken the mysterious spirit of a Knight, you set on a quest to find the Priestess of the Fount, who is said to be able to stop the blight that has destroyed the kingdom.

Sadly, I found the game to be quite mediocre
>Combat is quite decent. There is a great variety of powers you can unlock, from simple melee and ranged attacks to more niche and specialized ones. Enemies and bosses have both health and stamina, and certain attacks allow you to drain stamina faster than others. Once you drain the enemy's stamina they become stunned and you can even combo them with the right powers. Most of the bosses have competent design, at least for the first half of the game. The difficulty is alright, not hard but some bosses can put on a good fight.
>The Spirit system itself is quite interesting, with two kind of powers: main and sub powers. Main powers would be your beath and butter, with infinite uses, SP attacks (which are attacks that consume you SP bar and are very powerful and grants you invincibility) and some having charged attacks. Sub-spirits can be used at the same time as other powers, which (theorically) allows you to set up combos. They have cooldowns and limited uses.
<Sadly, the combat system is bring down by a series of elements that stop it for being really good. As I said, the cooldown system in a action game is quite a bad idea, as it both feels strangely restricting and promotes you using them on demand to maximize damage. Why you theorically can set up combos with them, the 2 spirits that specifically launch enemies on the air are very late game, at a point where you cannot combo bosses as they become quite big. To make matters worse, upgrading your powers means that you usually kill the enemy before you can even launch them in the air. To this you add that some powers are straight up broken, like the parry power or the ranged attacks (which I didn't use because they make the game too easy) and combat ends up being boring half way through unless you limit yourself.
>The art and music are very pretty, the help to set up the tone very well, which is kind of ruined by the next point.
<Level design is garbage, straight up boring. Levels seems like the belong to old cheap flash game, with the most basic of platforming, and none of the powers are really interesting to use for exploration. The design is so bad that it makes you stop thinking of the levels as places in the world of the game, and kind of ruins the effect the developers were going for.
>The main character is really cute and there are quite a lot of details put onto her. I wish the developers gave her a little bit more of personality, but she is ok.
<I wasn't convinced by the plot. There is way too many files you have to collect to learn about the plot of the game and they are not terrible interesting to read. The plot itself  is ok, but it tries so hard to be sad and melancholic it kind of loses it effects. Every single enemy is a tragic figure from beginning to end, and at points it becomes a bit silly how miserable everything is in the game.
<Very derivative of other games. Their inspirations are pretty obvious.
<There is so much combat in the game that, coupled with the boring level design, it ends up making exploration feel like a slog. I wanted to 100% the game, but after getting all the endings I stopped as I find it too boring.
<The final level is pretty much Blighttown, so fucking annoying

In conclusion, is not very good nor bad, is just painfully average from the most part. It saddens me too, because the developers are some indie japanese companie and they had put a lot of effort in the game, there is some good ideas there and some of them kind of work, but the final product just isn't very good. On the bright side, it seems like the game did ok, so there may be sequels and chances for the developers to improve these ideas. I would recommend if you want to play a very sad game with decent combat, a cute protagonist, good art and music, and don't care about shitty levels.
Ah, I forgot:

<Upgrades are boring, little more than shorter cooldowns and increases of power for the most part.
>There is a relic system similar to the badge system in Hollow Knight. You equip relics to increase your stats and have a limit of how many you can equip but can increase it.
<Sadly, I found most relic to be very boring, little more than increase attack,defense or health, more attack when you have full health, more uses for the spirits, etc. Nothing terrible interesting. 
>The variety of power compensates for this though.
it looks like a hentai game lmao
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Great thread idea, high quality discussion and posts are very likely and its actually about vidya experiences too no less

>Shittalk ones you gave up on for good

Technically I didn't give up on it for good because I plan to retry it someday because anons keep desperately pushing me to, maybe I just judged it prematurely but

Dragon's Dogma
>Start game up
>Utterly unimpressive presentation, mute characters and a shitty, retarded looking cutscene with that dragon as a result
>prologue battle  just feels like flashy button-mashing, but at least its some kind of "combat"
>then end up in this village where you can't talk to anyone, its like everyone is made out of cardboard or clay
>Extremely boring setting, nothing to fight or do
>Dick around for like 2 hours
>Discover how annoying my fucking pawn is
>Throw him off a cliff out of sheer boredom, and throw other things off a cliff because the throw mechanic is the closest thing to interesting
>throw other villagers down cliff (i think)
>Can still hear his screaming notifications
>All I can see is another village/town whatever and I expect literally fucking nothing
>mind was literally numbing at this point
>put the game down and never really even got to fight anything past the prologue battle thing

It was so boring I had to drop it, but that was years ago now.
Everything about the game felt retarded, or at least not to my tastes in the slightest.
I was so salty because of how overhyped this game was before I bought it, and it turned out to be a waste of my time.
I never trusted any online reviews, jewtube reviews, or anything that isn't super specifically detailed and analytical about why a game is actually fucking good, and doesn't hide its glaring flaws that would prevent its fun.
Anons keep telling me to go back to it whenever I bring it up, and because they're so persistent and genuinely love the game I might be willing to try it again in the future, but I had a terrible experience with it.
>and because they're so persistent and genuinely love the game I might be willing to try it again in the future, but I had a terrible experience with it.
Dragon's Dogma is an incomplete game with an unique combat system, and that's all. You could try playing another class, but if you don't like the combat there's nothing in there for you. 
To put it in game journo speak, it's like the STALKER of ARPGs.
Replies: >>89023
Exploring around, opening chests, gathering plants and killing stuff is vaguely entertaining for me, and I'm still not bored around level 45, having barely touched the main questline. I wish I could create and level up all 3 pawns instead of only one, though, and that I could make them shut the fuck up.
I personally liked the gameplay. But for whatever reason the way the game presented itself just made me think I was missing out of more. The world for example I thought was going to be a nice size but most of it is just wilderness with ruins around. I was disappointed to find out the entire populated "country" was almost nonexistent where the only towns are a tiny village and the medium sized capital city. Sure there are more areas with people but  those are even smaller then the village and reminded me more of how desolate the world felt. It is just a weird thing since I know I put a lot of hours into the game and did 90% of the sidequests but running around the world made me think it was less of a grand quest that I was expecting.
Replies: >>88959
That's what happens when you axe the development of a game that's not even a third into the story or a fifth into the first map.
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I have just finished playing Touhou Monster TD on lunatic difficulty because my autism prevents me from choosing lower difficulties. It's a tower defense game with 2hu slapped on it. The gimmick of this tower defense game is that you are able to freely move your units anywhere on the map at any time. For example, if you have Cirno sitting idle at the front of the map you can pick her up and drop her farther back so she can start shooting the enemies that passed by her at the beginning of the wave. If you are on lunatic difficulty all mobs get a +40% hp buff and all bosses get a +50% hp buff. You are expected to abuse this pick-up mechanic as much as possible to get the most efficiency out of each unit or else you will be stuck on the mid-late game. Don't overcommit with the idea though since waves start on a timer and units can't attack when picked up. You will be rewarded stars at the end of each level that can be used to buy universal upgrades for each tower type like "increased range" for all danmaku-type units.
Other than tossing towers across the map the gameplay revolves around enemy resistances. Danmaku towers do single target physical damage, blast towers do AOE physical damage but can't hit airborne enemies, summon towers spawn minions to impede enemy movement and keep them in the range of your other towers, ect.
>Tower balancing
the balancing is a little fucked and it becomes more obvious on lunatic difficulty where some towers have no place to be used. Tenshi is generally outclassed by Komachi, Kogasa is shit, Yuuka is too gimmicky for lunatic mode, summon towers except Kaguya become irrelevant in the late game because almost all enemies instantly kill the spawned minions, and Nitori is unlocked at a time where her niche isn't as valuable anymore.
I could do a breakdown of each tower but I don't really feel like it.
>Other things to shit about
You may accidentally pick up or upgrade the wrong tower from time to time, especially if you clump them all together.
You cannot edit the controls in the options setting and the only way to get a complete look at the controls is from a loading screen.
The game has rough translations with some descriptions being confusing, misleading, or left completely untranslated.
Sometimes the text does not fit the message boxes so you are left with an incomplete description of what something on the map does.
The Annoying Dog from undertale is hamfisted in as a boss for some reason.
where can I pirate this?
Replies: >>89011
I found it here
Sure hope nothing shady happens there
Replies: >>89095
Tome 4 is like that. It's a combat system with an ARPG that wants to call itself a roguelike wrapped loosely around it. By removing consumable items and their management, the guy basically removed a huge chunk of what a traditional roguelike's gameplay is: hunting the equipment you must have to survive parts of the game. Only here there's no charm, even.
That Reisen is annoyingly off-model. It's like a Reisen cosplayer.
>The Annoying Dog from undertale is hamfisted in as a boss for some reason.
Artless and inexplicable crossovers are not uncommon in indie games nowadays. When it's transparently done as Fortnite-like hyping, it's pretty irritating. It's effectively in-game advertising, and it needs to be handled delicately not to smell strongly of that.
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There's also the big issue of how restrictive the upgrade system is because there isn't enough Blight to go around for upgrading all of your spirits, so if you've spent a lot of blight on say, the headless knight that lets you do a counter-attack, and then hours later you get a new spirit that also lets you do a counterattack(the enemies that hide in a pot) it's too much
Plus the game fucks itself by having certain collectibles require upgrading two very specific spirits(the fish that lets you dash even further horizontally, and there was an uppercut move that gave you some additional vertical movement) and then using the hammer spirit to do precise vertical boosts which I actually really liked doing but the game doesn't teach that ability or give you any cool secret levels or platforming challenges based around it.
I did like the music a lot though, even if it was pretty short and loops a lot.
>can't upload .flac
I understand why, but god damnit.
Replies: >>89050
>play it a little
>I can't believe this is Kingdom Rush
I do like the gimmick of moving towers, reminds me of juggling in tower defense games where you can plop towers on the actual path
>there isn't enough Blight to go around
Fuck off sleeper.
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>my pawn
Replies: >>89093 >>191456
Is this a continuation of the what are you playing threda?
I have an all-male party to bully the feminist bandits, you mad?
Replies: >>89096
what are the chances I download malware from this site
Replies: >>89295 >>89301
>He doesn't know he's helping the kikes
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Spoiler File
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Just finished Death Mark. Game is a point and click horror game developed by Experience Inc, for those who don't know the developer, they basically make exclusively first person dungeon crawlers, ranging from mediocre to good games, i found about this game looking for other games from the company.

Plot starts with the protag not remembering his own name, just that he must solve the mistery behind a mark on his wrist that will kill him soon, so he looks for a woman to help him get rid of it but he finds her dead by the same death mark that will kill him soon, so he gets the help of a doll to find the spirit that cursed him and get rid of it.

You basically explore a location with a diverse cast of characters that were cursed too to vanish a spirit that give you both a death mark. You look for clues about the spirit and how to vanish it and at the end of the chapter there's a confrontation where you fight using the items you collected, you have bad ends and good ends to every chapter, always involving your partner dying or surviving.

Puzzles are really simple and none of them made me try every object to see which one of them worked, i can only think about a single that that happened in the entire game, there are always clear hints when you examine an object.

Cg's are great, there's a lot of erotic horror in them and the soud design helps a lot to create a good atmosphere like in every good horror game.

Now what i disliked about the game.
<Almost none existant voice acting, you can see they didn't have any kind of budget for this game.
<Some chapter are REALLY steamlined makes them feel almost like a visual novel instead of a point and click game.
<Once CG was censored with a patch, so i suggest looking for the 1.0 version of this game.
<One spirit face was really goofy and took all the tension away from the encounter.

Overall i had a great time, took me 14hs to finish, i'll play start the second game tonight.
Limb dicks aside, that's a cute doll.
post the censored CG with the original.
Replies: >>89219
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>>88859 (OP) 
>someone finally posted about layton
Replies: >>89200 >>89205
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Its the nipples that get me.
Spoiler File
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I did some digging and I think this is the censorship in the game? Can't tell because I didn't play the game. It looks like some torture scene where something gets put in the girl's mouth. PS4, Switch, and Vita have it censored but I think the PC version was released uncensored because people complained or something like that.
Replies: >>89220 >>89253
Nah its likely because the PC isn't subject to the ESRB
for once the ESRB was apparently the reason why, they more or less noticed the scene after it was released physically which is why the patch went out after the fact.
Replies: >>89253 >>89747
The ESRB probably didn't notice because that CG Is from a chapter that you unlock after the epilogue if you got the true ending. I played the switch version and the CG does show up because i played the 1.0.0 version of the game, i even have it in the gallery.
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What's a malware?
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Mount and Blade is one of my favorite games, easily among the top 5. It's got that certain je ne sais quoi of adventuring, fighting, and ruling that soothes my autism and thus ensures I play for hours. However, even though I like the game, I feel it has its share of problems, namely, as one anon put it, the feeling that it's still undeveloped and not fully featured. I agree somewhat with that statement, since there's just so much that should have been refined or added in, like the missions from villages and towns (cattle driving is particularly frustrating), having more options for battle and ruling, more items, and so on. Thankfully, most of these issues are solved with mods, some of which are spectacular, like Brytenwalda, Prophesy of Pendor, Gekokujo, and Native Gold Edition. However, "mods will fix it" doesn't fix the native game itself. If it were just refined and fixed up a little more, it would be my number #1 game of all time.
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Play the LOTR mod, it's better than all of these you've listed.
I always end up quitting when I get to the point where I have to start tardwrangling AI lords. In Viking Conquest I stopped even earlier because the viking lords would never stay in Britain long enough to accomplish anything so the entire map was more or less static.
One of these days I'll play it, I swear.
I never got to the kingdom stuff, I usually just hire 500 peasants and abuse horse archery against bandits.
I always sort of assumed that the ESRB would require seeing or being shown the raw image assets (images and textures, not animations), or at least something like a contact sheet of them, just so that they wouldn't miss things that happened rarely or were hard to trigger. I've never actually seen or heard of anyone from inside the ESRB talking officially or unofficially about just how they go through the rating process (and, I guess, how those processes have changed over time). Then again, I've never looked for it, either.
What's the catch? There's always a catch.
Replies: >>89507
Yeah theres not really much transparency as to how a game gets rated or goes through any of their "processes"
Replies: >>89649 >>89748
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None that I can think of. The mod has reworked the inventory system, meaning that you gather resources of varying quality from the defeated enemy parties (instead of loads of trash items), which then you can sell or give away in a quest. Also, instead of money you buy and sell things for reputation points. You have a different pool for each faction, but you can transfer them from one to another through gifts. You can turn off the former, though, and receive the loot normally, which can be useful if you're fighting high-profile enemies as the evil guys. The trash quests are also removed or altered, such as "bring me XYZ troops"; now if you don't have the specific units at hand, you can complete the quest by beating up a handful of recruits in the arena, which is trivial. Another thing - normally you cannot siege enemy towns by yourself without very high reputation and a costly permission from the leader, which is a disputable change, but it also helps to manage the pacing and doesn't let weaker factions get fucked very quickly. And if you don't like it, the mod lets you tweak the configs to increase or decrease faction strength or regeneration rate, among many other options. I was getting burnt out from the game after playing it for years, but this mod really is a breath of fresh air.
Replies: >>89573
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Spoiler File
(4.8MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Spoiler File
(4.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Cool, I played this a year ago or so. I actually got spooked once or twice and really liked the mystery around the mansion and the doll
Hope you enjoy the second game, too. I think they are equally good, but the second one has a better atmosphere in my opinion - everything has some sort of "mystic" feeling to it. The puzzles don't get much harder than those in the first game, but there was one where I got stuck but that was not because the puzzle was hard, but because I'm retarded and I read something wrong.
How did you like the soundtrack? I think I found the japanese war song they played in the bunker at the end, but I cant remember the name now
Also I wonder when their new horror game Shinigami: Shibito Magire is coming out. It's 2022 in Japan, but I'm not sure it's coming to the west. At least there is Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi, which actually releases a week and 2 days from now on PC
Replies: >>89606
don't forget that it actually adds new units that work differently instead of just men cosplaying at a larping event
Replies: >>89599
Every mod adds new units, it's an obvious thing.
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Spoiler File
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Yeah, finish the first true case of the second game, it's full of references of the original one, maybe too many for my taste. Second game feels a lot more like a VN, it took me like 4 or 5 hours to finish the first case while i clocked 14hs in the first game, so there's fewer cases or the game is a lot longer, we'll see.

Funny that you talk about Labyrinth of Yomi because i started Sapphire Wings today, i don't think it's that long so i will probably finish it before the 30th.
Replies: >>89617
>Sapphire Wings
how's that? it's on my list, but ive not played many crawlers. arent experience rpgs pretty tough?
Replies: >>89633
The only experience game that is somewhat difficult is strangers of the sword city, i just finished the tutorial map of sapphire wings so i can't say for sure yet, will write a review in this thread when i finish it.

Demon gaze is pretty cool too.
You'd think by now someone would have spilled some beans, just for internet fame if nothing else.
Replies: >>89748
I don't see how a ring gag would deny a 
I don't see how it could be seeing as how sex toys, uncovered breasts, cameltoes etc. have all been in M rated games.
>The ESRB probably didn't notice
Pretty sure the way it works is that publishers are supposed to report what the "worst" content in a game is and suggest the rating themselves. The ESRB don't actually play through the entire game, I don't know if they even play the game at all. Publishers are also allowed to report said content but ask that it be explained in very vague terms or sometimes not at all on the ESRB site if publishers fear that more explicit descriptions would spoil the game.
>Nah its likely because the PC isn't subject to the ESRB
If you want to get technical nothing is subject to it; ESRB has basically no power; only the major consoles still use the rating system, and they require the rating, so if anyone is to blame it's the consoles. I would actually bet that the ESRB didn't reach out to anyone at all, and that it was either one or more of the console manufacturers getting pissy SONY, or Aksys self-censoring to avoid pissing the former off.

Also, at any moment the console manufacturers can ditch the ESRB requirement like comic book publishers did with Comics Code Authority if they really want to.
Replies: >>89749 >>89753
IIRC they pretty much ask the developers whats in the game, firstly, threatening to refuse to rate their game if they are caught lying, and then they playtest it a bit. How much depends on the game. Your game being unrated means retailers won't stock it on the selves by policy. Steam set the trend for not requiring a rating and relatively recently started allowing 18+ content, freeing PC games from the grip of the ESRB and they've been salty ever since.
Fuck you gayass nigger for making a better post while I was making mine.
I don't know what makes the ESRB care about anything, but they were seemingly the ones in this case.
>ESRB basically has no power
Technically being correct doesn't mean anything when the reality is much different.
E3 is a big deal for the industry in terms of revenue and influence, and the ESA is responsible for that.
They are the largest video game lobby, Steam has managed to exist outside of that space in a weird niche that somehow kept growing to the point its at now under unique circumstances (being a private company instead of a publicly traded one)
Console platforms use the ESA just as much as the ESA uses them I would say, its very cronyist.
But the ESRB generally doesn't fuck around with anyone as a result, they're driven largely by money and their standards, yes, are pretty much arbitrary, Its very odd when something that isn't straight porn violates their shit.
Sony is one of the biggest donators to the ESA so in a way you wouldn't technically be wrong per se, but I think it was the ESRB in this case since the release was censored on the Switch, which has had zero interest in censoring third party games beyond the vague limits that (ironically) the ESRB has had in place.
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I played Inscryption because my friends wanted me to play horror games for them and I like card games. It had some pretty neat gameplay gimmicks. There are four types of creatures with corresponding payment systems for each. Beasts are paid in blood which works sort of like tributes in Yugioh, wizards you can place on the field by just having a card called a "mox" on the field that is the corresponding color, the undead are paid with bones which you get when your creatures die for any reason, and robots are paid in energy which works like mana in a standard trading card game. There's also a peculiar life system where there's no set amount of life to deplete but if any player deals - I think it was five or six - more damage than the other player has dealt at any time, then that player wins. This game has three chapters and they feel different enough from each other that I feel that it's necessary that I review them differently.
>Chapter 1
Stellar start to the game. Very grim and moody while setting up a lot of mystery. Gameplay's fun too. I thought that the roguelite shit would ruin it but somehow it wasn't too bad. There's a gimmick where if you die then you get to make your own card using properties from other random cards. Also there's a regular event where you can sacrifice creatures to put their keywords on other creatures. If you get a mantis god then you can put it's keyword on a wolf and turn that fucker into a death machine. Overall very satisfying to cheese.
>Chapter 2
The highlight of the game, in my opinion. It shifts genres and goes for a more traditional card game style, complete with proper deckbuilding and even packs as a reward for winning. You can get some insane synergies going if you get the right pulls. The worldbuilding is really nice and it feels adventurous while at the same time distinctly macabre. I really wish that it was fleshed out more because it's short as fuck. Also the game keeps showing you footage of the guy you're controlling while he plays the game but none of it is really important to the main story right now.
>Chapter 3
The point where the game falls completely flat on it's ass. The developers ran out of ideas at this point so it's basically Chapter 1 but worse, a complete slog to play through. You can still dick around with keywords a little bit but all your plays are so thoroughly bottlenecked by energy costs that it barely matters anyway. There's meta bullshit too around the midpoint - the game straight up threatened to delete a picture on my computer, and I made sure not to find out if it was a bluff or not but that's still fucked up. The game even teases you right at the end with things that it could have let you done but didn't, you even had a duel disk for a little bit until that was ripped away from you. Also the ending was pretty fucking stupid and expects you to dive in to some stupid ass ARG for a proper resolution.
Overall I think that the first two thirds of this game was pretty good. Maybe give it a pirate if it's not too out of the way to do so. Just quit after the robot takes you to his lair and don't look back.
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Just beat the third one. The puzzles were good enough, though they leaned a bit heavily on those box puzzles I'm shit at, and the twist was pretty neat. I was sort of expecting something like that, but I never would have guessed Dimitri's retarded plan. 
My one problem with the game is fucking Nip moralfaggotry, more specifically Clive's arc. 
There was this one nu-comics scene that was "popular" in IBs a few years ago where Redface McTrump made completely logical and valid right wing arguments, but since right wing is bad he proceeds to kill random people to retroactively paint his ideology as bad. 
Nips and their "killing is bad" faggotry did the exact same thing with Clive. He wants to build a death machine to fuck with the corrupt government that covered up a massive fucking explosion that killed a lot of people, as well as kill the faggot directly responsible for his parents deaths because he won't get punished otherwise (he also has a hatred for scientists but feels more shoehorned in to end on a good note) and the first thing he does after revealing his completely understandable plan is to go around randomly shooting everywhere, leveling the city, and killing innocents. 
After you save the day he goes to jail and gets proven right because now everyone knows the politician is directly responsible for nuking the town and assaulting people to cover it up, but no one cares enough to do anything and he just goes back to his normal life in the british government. Dimitri even takes the blame and pretends to be the bad guy for the player because unhinged scientist bad, even though he was the reasonable one that wanted to stop the experiment. 
Clive did nothing wrong and Dimitri's only crime was being autistic.
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Half-Life: Signal Lost
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Beat this game recently.  The writing is pretty typical and comfy for a light-hearted JRPG, and the game plays like a diablo-clone.  This game has a serious flaw in its gameplay, for some reason you're completely invincible while in the middle of casting and using skills.  You also have a skill that restores your stamina, and like any other skill, you're invincible while using it, so you can just be invincible forever.  But this also applies to bosses, so any boss that's capable of using skills (which is about half of them) will spend about 90% of the fight being invincible, at least until they run out of stamina for their skills.
I liked Chapter 1 the most. I wish the whole game was chapter 1,the devs should have made the escape from the cabin the whole game but they wanted to do meta bullshit & added too much of it. 
The card modifications in  Chapter 1 were the best aspect of the game , I had so many OP builds for example  Infinite squirels using the wood carvings with 2Xcard ,   Mantis god + one hit kill , Stink bug + 2Xcard ,
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No idea how you're not sick to death of roguelite shit shoved into card games. Part of the fun of them is being able to sit down and actually formulate a strategy rather than just tossing whatever strong cards you get into your deck and maybe having a vague idea of what you want to accomplish. Personally it's ruined a game or two I would have otherwise been into.
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I agree roguelite shit (gated progression)  shoved into card games just artificially extends the lenght of the game it adds nothing to the actually gameplay, you must collect 5000 green crystals to unlock the fun gameplay which when unlocked destroys the whole game's difficulty system because devs trick the  player into thinking :  it's fun because you have become OP now and also have mastered the  "strategy"  by  playing the same shitty random encounters with locked abilities,cards,items.
This is such bullshit that it has made me drop so many roguelite shit card games can you recomend any good card games where most of the game is not locked behind 100 random encounters where you have to wait for the game to give you the  right cominations of  cards/items to progress through the game. 
Has anyone played Hand of Fate 1, 2 can anyone recomend them?
Admittedly the game has a piss poor start. It's kind of like Monster Hunter where they expect you do a bunch of pointless chores before you do the thing that you do for 95% of the game. The environment design and exploration is pretty good, can be quite challenging at night, and the combat is more interesting than in the prologue which is scripted. Also you can teach your pawn to do stuff. If you throw enough villagers off a cliff in front of a pawn, eventually he or she will do it too. If you carry your pawn or other players pawns (later on you can get more party members) across water to prevent them from being wet, eventually your pawn will carry you across so you don't get wet.
I played and finished the first one, is fun.
I also played The Pit, but I don't know if I'm bad at it or unlucky, only manage to beat it twice.
Hand of Fate 1 is irredeemable shit, don't fucking bother. HoF2 might be a different story, but you know what they say about the definition of insanity.
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Just beat Tribunal, meaning I'm effectively done with Morrowind. Tribunal sucks, I shouldn't have left it for last. 
Morrowind is an old game made by a dying company so it clearly lacks polish, but what is there is really good. I wouldn't say I can understand why the fans would dislike Oblivion and Skyrim , rather I can't understand how they aren't more upset at those games for removing everything that made Morrowind fun. 
You have a lot of freedom to fuck around with magic stuff, the teleport magics and illusion spells are extremely useful, and being able to and being able to either use speechcraft and call a guy the n-word and the f-word (N'wah and fetcher) repeatedly until he's upset, or just use magic to make him want to kill you, to then abuse self defense laws is really neat. 
The world and lore are really interesting and certainly worth Kirkbride's sanity. 
That said, quest choice being just choosing which quests to do, as opposed to choices within the quests, is something I'm not sure I like or not. I can understand why they wouldn't want fallout-tier choices but I'd still like the option to say different things to different NPCs, as opposed to your answer to the first NPC dictating your automatic response to the second NPC as quests are strict lines. 
I do have 3 things I actually disliked about the base game though, enchanting which I've already spammed the RPG thread about, melee combat, and directions. 
Also the soundtrack is kinda shit and I hate it when Caprice drowns out the Daedric princes voices, making them look like pussies, but that's understandable given the circumstances. 
>melee combat
Melee combat has directional attacks and normal and heavy attacks, different weapons have different ranges and different speeds. However, normal attacks are useless and the only reason you'd ever use them is because the game never teaches you that heavy attacks exist. Directional attacks include one objectively superior attack and two shit attacks, there's no reason to not toggle "best attack only"; the only exception are the last two weapons you get from the Tribunal quest, as they have two good directional attacks(slash with constant high damage, and chop with higher max damage but lower min damage), but they're the last two endgame weapons from the post-game content so you're probably already done with the game once you get them. Range is a neat idea but sucks because of the lack of polish. The single most detrimental thing to melee combat is that there is no difference between missing a swing when you're in range and missing a swing because you're out of range, nor any indication of whether you are in range, and that's not something you could guess without landing attacks as the animations visibly don't match the collision detection, so melee combat invariably devolves into walking into the opponent's face because that's the only way to be sure you can hit him. Magic and ranged are way better as you can clearly tell when you missed and when the enemy dodged/tanked the attack.
Directions are a mixed bag because there's good directions, bad directions, and straight up wrong directions. I like having to follow landmarks and figure out locations by myself, but it sucks that you can rarely ask people living close to your objective for directions unless asking them is part of the quest. There's a quest where you have to take a nord to a witch and he only says she's "northwest", but she's actually north-northwest. You can easily pass her but he'll just incorrectly state that "she's northwest" without giving you anything but those relative directions based on where you first met him. One quest asked me to go to Nchuleft, west of Vos, so I went west and kept going past the ashlands. I even tried going back and searching slightly north but I couldn't find it. Turns out it was west-southwest right before the ashlands, but the only information anyone would ever tell you is "it's west of Vos". It's not like the game only works in 4 cardinal directions, there are cases where you get directions based on landmarks and more precise cardinal directions. It would be way better if NPCs gave you relative directions, specially the ones close to your objectives and the ones you have to escort, and that could even done with a relatively quick script.
The main quest is generally good when it comes to directions and I really liked the main quest itself, I even went the intended path despite it being one of the most open questlines in the game. My only complaint is that Dagoth Ur was weak shit, which is made even worse when the world ending threat is weaker than any expansion boss, including the weakened form of the god that failed to kill him and a generic unarmored businessman. 
Tribunal was the first "expansion" and they let some low tier devs play a bigger part in it, which is why it really sucks. The castle feels really small despite being the largest city in the game, it's full of small corridors meaning NPCs often block the path and TCL is the only option. 
The story is really shit. You go there because the new king tried to kill you and there are rumors that he assassinated the last king, during some sidequests you learn that he's still trying to kill you just for shits and giggles, then you kill the goblin horde he's training in the sewers and that's it for the king. Even if you talk with him after ruining his goblin horde he just says "k cool, now go to the temple to advance the story". So you go to the temple to advance the story, do quests for the tribunal girl for the player to understand that she's bad, see the two shitty new enemies(robot dinossaur 1, and robot dinossaur 2, and no, not even dwemer robot, just generic "I just played deus ex" robot), then comes the worst quest in the game. 
This is the DLC weapon quest. You have to talk to people but you can't talk to anyone but the quest NPCs. Randoms won't point you in the right direction, they won't even tell you they don't know as only 4 NPCs have the topic, the one that gave you the quest, the 2 you have to talk with, and 1 that you probably won't even try talking to. After you collect the fragments the smith you gave them to tells you he won't be able to enchant it without the books, which you can probably find at the dwemer ruins forge, or without a dwarf, but there are no dwarves left. Luckily I had picked up all the books as they were all unique and seemed useful, but if I asked him about the enchanting again he would just tell me to get books. I figured it was a bug, as Tribunal was the only part of the game where I had crashes and quest breaking glitches, but no, turns out you have to go to the forge, ignore the books, and talk to the dwarf ghost NPC that just spawns after the smith tells you to get the books for some arbitrary reason. Even if you know the last dwarf in Vvardenfell no one cares because this is a self contained story and alternate paths don't exist. 
Finally you go through the last dungeon that looks cool and has fun traps, but only has the two shitty robot dinossaur enemies, except but and then there's the big twist that the tribunal girl is bad! And just to make sure you understand you're locked in place (which the weakened tribunal gods can do now for some reason) while she monologues (wow voice acting!) about how she's bad and tells you her evil plan. As her monologue is completely voice acted you can't ask her anything, she just reads the script and then attacks you. The boss fight is just a fast NPC with lots of health and a magic attack that spans half of the enclosed map you're fighting in, and then you're done after you kill her. She has a lot of resistance and reflect against magic(like most things in Tribunal) meaning you'll just be relying on melee unless you also have big resistance values. 
You can kill the king that tried to kill you which I did but that's completely inconsequential and no one cares. Afterwards you can tell NPCs that you killed the tribunal goddesss, but even the daedra worshippers that hated the tribunal will be upset, say you're lying about killing the goddess, and tell you to pray at the temple for such blasphemy. 
Feels like they had something going with the king trying to kill you and then they changed it at the last second because people complained about Morrowind's ending. The sewer goblins and sewer litches were cool, but everything about Almalexia was shit. Dagoth Ur was a better ending for the game, even if the fight was easy. 
Bloodmoon is the second expansion for the game and it's where they learned to not suck dick anymore which is a shame as I played it first. It's fun going from Morrowind to a generic snowy forest with normal animals and having the latter feel alien by comparison. The main quest is pretty fun, though I wish you could fight Hircine at full power. Bloodmoon also comes with werewolves, which I guess was a response to "people" complaining about vampires. Vampires give you a lot of power but everyone except the telvanni hates vampires and they won't even talk to you, though you can still complete the main questline in a somewhat hidden way. Werewolves are more restrictive during transformation but easier to work with as people won't know you're a werewolf unless you're caught transforming. Being a werewolf in itself is really fun as you become an extremely mobile death machine with regenerating health until the sun comes out. Late game it might become weak as the stats are fixed, but I beat Tribunal at level 23 and it was still useful then. 
All in all it's a fun game. It'd be interesting to see the alternative reality where Bethesda decided to make a second Morrowind and improve upon its flaws, but as is it's another game into the janky one-of-a-kind pile.
Replies: >>90835
> The single most detrimental thing to melee combat is that there is no difference between missing a swing when you're in range and missing a swing because you're out of range,

The enemy HP meter (added in patches and Tribunal) only appears if you miss because of a dice roll fail rather than being out of reach. Hardly a great solution though.

>My only complaint is that Dagoth Ur was weak shit
Funny enough, he was actually supposed to be weaker. There's a script that lowers his HP for every ash vampire you kill, but it's broken because the game can apply the HP drop if he hasn't been loaded. OpenMW has to hardcode an exception to this because the bugged script would be bugged even if it worked and outright kill Dagoth Ur by reducing his HP to zero with no minimum.

>I'm effectively done with Morrowind

You haven't played either of the two other expansions (the ones that are actually good for something more than added script functions): Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim: Home of the Nords. The area and quest design in these is often some of the best in Morrowind as a whole (not exagerating). I got 35 hours out of Home of the Nords, and the mainland has plenty of content as well (I recommend focusing on the southernmost implemented areas, as the more northern parts are undergoing an overhaul due to how its content is merely OK)
Grab Tamriel Data (the asset pack they both use)
Register the BSA (instructions differ slightly if you're using original engine or OpenMW) and grab both TR and HotN

I recommend starting a new character for each of these. Both Mainland Morrowind and Skyrim have plenty of content for lower level characters, but virtually none for a demigod. For that, I say Grab Chargen Revamped - Expanded Lands so you can skip Vardenfell entirely and start in the alternate lands. I suggest Karthwasten (or Vorngyd's Stand for imurshun. It's a bit down a safe road and has nothing of interest, but means you start at the province's border gate) for Home of the Nords and Old Ebonheart for TR. Be sure to select starting equipment as the mod doesn't give you the release fee standard chargen does.
This is also the chance to add mods that change the level up system like MULE
and any further QoL features (faster base speed for everyone since you won't get the boots of blinding speed, mana regen if you want it, etc.) you want modded in.

Oh and maybe use this mod too. It's a basic, well implemented, house for purchase in Skyrim
If I would recommend Hand of Fate it would be purely the soundtrack because it's by Jeff and Angela Van Dyck and it really evokes a lot of their earlier work when the Total War games had some decent music to them.
Here's the problem with Hand of Fate, the combat parts play like the Bamham games. In Hand of Fate 1 this is a problem because the game is very, VERY clunky and as such it's never enjoyable, either in combat or exploration besides maybe again the soundtrack and the dealer's voice. In Hand of Fate 2 this is much smoother and better implemented but then you hit the problem of it being bamham combat so it's ridiculously easy, twice so since no enemies will use any form of dangerous magic like they do in 1.
I'd like to recommend 2, but only up to a certain stage. Maybe drop it after 6 or 8 levels because then the game remembers it's supposed to challenge the player and the way they achieve that is having the later stages be very ultra specific gimmick stages where you're fucked if you didn't build your exploration deck a certain way(the one with the assassin requiring you to get loads of armor before you reach the end, any of the ones where you had to collect fucktons of gold before the end, and the one with Death and food that I dropped the game on) and also rely heavily on luck. The issue is that you're not just finishing these levels, you have to ace them in a certain fashion if you'd like to unlock all the tokens which in turn unlock more cards and content for you to play with, which is utter bullshit if the stages are no longer fun and you're hoping for the correct luck combination that lets you gain tokens so you can see more content, but then the next stage requires specialization in your deck so you can't even use or see all the new cards you'd like to use or see.
Also 1's soundtrack was infinitely better than 2's especially the track that plays when the dealer is shuffling the cards at the start of every suit.
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I've finished Shinobi on the PS2. It's a pretty cool hack n slash that does something I haven't seen in a lot of 3D games, which is meshing combat and platforming simultaneously in encounters. I think it does this with mixed success across the game.
The big mechanic of shinobi is that you have a magic sword that powers up the more you kill with it. You get enemies spawning in small waves per room with orbs holding moonrunes on the top right of the hud telling you how many enemies are currently there, and the puzzle is picking your targets in a way that you'll be able to charge up the sword and kill all enemies before the charge dissipates and you're back to regular sword damage. It's a really cool gimmick and I especially like the depth it gives bosses, however it's a bit annoying in a couple of ways
>You can lock on, but not switch targets.
>Hitboxes are bit finnicky in the game. Sometimes attacks that should hit don't. Sometimes an enemy's hurtbox still exists even after they've swung and are in their recovery animation. It's annoying and it makes losing weapon charge feel like bullshit.
>Locking on changes your movement from the fast sprinting you're doing to a very slow "ready sword in sheath" stance where you slowly inch your way towards an enemy. Locking on also dashes towards an opponent, but only does so vertically if you were in the air to begin with which gets annoying when a good chunk of the later stages completely drop ground enemies and go purely for flying ones.
>A lot of the larger enemies are difficult mainly because you do not have the time to retain sword charge and wait for them to get out of their block forms. You have a guard break attack, but it's ridiculously short range, has a fairly lengthy recovery time, can only be used on the ground and I'm not sure it even works on the larger enemies. You have shurikens that stun enemies, but not when they're blocking. So it's a crapshoot because these enemies are clearly designed to be one shot with a charged sword since all of their encounters also come with fodder enemies surrounding them.
Controlling your character(outside of lockon mode) I found to be a blast but it was also poorly implemented. You sprint around relatively fast, have a stealth dash that when locked on can dash towards/away from an enemy but also "circle" them and hit their unprotected backs to get around those pesky blocks. I think there's some i-frames to that dash but I'm not entirely sure. There's an infinite wallrun mechanic where you can stick to walls and run horizontally, you can dash off of walls and also jump off of them, but you cannot reliably go up or down a wall. You can dash in midair, you have a double jump, and if you hit an enemy in midair you can dash again which forms the backbone of aerial combat encounters. The issue is that outside of the double jump and dash, your air control is little to none. This is an issue because 5 stages in the game starts introducing instant death pits(either water, or just a shaft, or you're in some floating castle area so falling is death) and about 90% of the encounters thereafter start taking place above said instant death pits, so messing up the dash/attack order, or dashing in the wrong direction, or just bad luck through the lock-on deciding to lock on an inappropriate or far away enemy, you're falling into that pit and there are no checkpoints(only boss checkpoints) in the stages so it gets really frustrating, especially when the best parts of the game I felt was the ground combat where you get to maneuver and position yourself well instead of just dashing from enemy to enemy and one shotting them which while visually cool and satisfying to do at first, gets pretty boring when that's all you're doing for a good chunk of the latter half of the game.
All in all I'd say it's about a 6.5/10. It has some high points but it also has quite a lot of low points that left me wanting better.
The music was also quite cool. I ranked C at the end of my Normal playthrough because I'm a scrub but I'll be more than willing to go back to it and get better in a couple of months when a certain dev-build for PCSX2 containing some heavy performance improvements for AMD CPUs should be dropping.
Right now I'm not sure if I should go play Nightshade to follow up on shinobi, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne because I have never played that, or No Straight Roads because that apparently got a big update and a steam release recently and I've had it in my mind for a while now. Probably misadventures.
On the topic of Bethesda games, is there a retard guide for cleaning references? Is it anymore complicated than just trying to load all mods and esms that are likely to interact and ensuring the references you prefer override their conflicts?
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Spoiler File
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I finished Spirit Hunter NG last friday, it's from the same series as Death Mark, review here >>89190.

Game is full of references to the first game and even spoils things, so you should start with Death Mark, pics related. When you start the game it asks you about the level of scares you want, i choose the default option but i think that was a mistake, because compares to the first game there were not many scares while exploring the locations.

Game feels with a higher budget than the first one and a many QOL things were introduced mainly in the UI, being able to see the whole map of the location really helps. I completely missed the twist into the very end but i'm a fucking idiot, but it wasn't that shocking to be honest, the first one was done much better in my opinion.Now the good and the bad.

>Cast is smaller but more developed.

>Sound design is still as good as the first one, something vital for this kind of game

>There's now scenes during the day, even if it happens mostly in the first half of the game.

>You explore more the background of each spirit.

>No censorship unlike the first game.

<Switch version runs like shit and there was a bug where the spirit confrontation music would still play even after defeating it, but because you can't save during dialogue it may take 20 minutes before you can quit the game and load a save to fix it.

<Much less erotic horror, i enjoyed that on the first one, this game was released after Sony cracking down on fanservice so it may be related to that but i have no concrete proof.

<Some puzzles felt a lot more cryptic and most LIVE OR DIE answers made no sense, had to constantly repeat them, something that happened to me at most twice on the first one.

<No Mary.

If you enjoyed the first game i would say that it's worth playing, hoping to play the 3rd part next year.
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This game plays out like an extremely edgy antichrist game. It has really harsh glitch effects and 2 extremely random jumpscares just to fuck with you. Tamashii is a puzzle platformer game where you have to spawn static clones and place them into specific places to beat the levels. The game is filled with cryptic secrets but the game itself is really short. You can beat it in less than 2 hours if you don't spend a lot of time rubbing up against walls to find hidden passages. The gameplay is centered more around the puzzles instead of the platforming and the only time where your platforming skills really matter is during boss battles. The boss battles are decent and one of them has a stone tablet referencing Matthew 10:34 lodged on the back of its skull. The puzzle gameplay gets boring though. Other than the boss battles, the only real selling point of Tamashii is experiencing all of the over-the-top things it throws at you.
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Just beat Cultist Simulator for the first time. It's a neat game, though I don't know how to describe except "it's a virtual card game but good". The music is great and really makes you panic when you find out what Poppy meant by endings. 
I'm not sure if the game got updated or I just missed it the first time but there's a lot of neat stuff you can do, like summoning ancient creatures to teach you ancient languages. And there was this faggot that was trying to arrest me and survived 5 fucking assassination attempts because he was almost immortal against spirits (the big boys that would just fucking maim him otherwise) and extremely lucky against humans, but he was also autistic so I tried showing him occult stuff which backfired as he was now extremely autistic into occult research and also too autistic to recruit into my cult. I would be fucked if it wasn't for the fact that he wasn't angry at me, so I could just invite him for a talk every time the season of ambitions was getting close and make him miss it, preventing him from doing anything that would cause me to lose the game. 
My only complaint about the game is that it quickly becomes a fucking mess, as stacking cards is finicky and there's no way to separate them into groups or merge cards that are similar (e.g. health and exhausted health that is going to become normal health in 15 seconds). I tried organizing it somewhat but every once in a while I'd have to search around for that one fucking card. 
Overall a pretty fun game, specially if you're going in blind and don't know what to expect, though late game might be a chore or borderline impossible without the wiki.
Replies: >>93101 >>97883
Cultsim is good (or at least a good implementation) but dreadfully slow. This is added on to by the fact that most starts and most runs are impossible to lose, even if you don't know what you're doing (to win) but do know how to not die. Even major victories, which have an element of time crisis, pretty much come down to you being unable to lose once you deal with the long. Also, stacking your minor victory by e.g. letting a investigator-turned-rival get to tier 4 before converting him mitigates the RNG a lot and that kind of thing adds to the huge amount of grinding you have to do before taking on the big grindy challenge. Lantern major in particular is really easy if you inherit most of what you need to chainsummon. You can cheese grail major which is otherwise the hardest if you have crippling autism and just let your asscancer run rampant so the huge stacks of evidence never get investigated.
>I'm not sure if the game got updated or I just missed it the first time but there's a lot of neat stuff you can do, like summoning ancient creatures to teach you ancient languages
A bit of both. I think that in particular might be not from release. I'm not a fan of the added difficulty of combining lore fragments. You can get the knocklantern bitch to sign the books she wrote, which is pretty cool.

>though late game might be a chore or borderline impossible without the wiki
>Just beat Cultist Simulator
>minor victory
Anon I have the most terrible news for you. Read through the actual requirements for the major victories.
Replies: >>93102
I know that you need to continue as a disciple for a major victory, but I don't want to see the requirements, 36 forge was already a bitch to get.
Replies: >>93110
You should at least experience dealing with the enemy long, it's one of the few actual dynamic threats in the game.
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I've recently played through two Doom TCs, Ashes 2063 and its sequel Ashes Afterglow. Both are excellent in my opinion, both worthy to play. 

The first TC, Ashes 2063, has an Enhanced Edition that includes, in addition to the base first eight missions, also includes Dead Man Walking, a brief four mission side-story/prequel(?), and new graphics and mechanics. This is the edition of Ashes 2063 I played, and it may be different from what it was originally like. 
You begin Ashes 2063 as a post-apocalyptic scavenger in the irradiated wasteland, riding your motorcycle and shooting raiders and mutant cannibals in search of pre-war artifacts and junk to sell to the survivors of the apocalypse. The story picks up after you hear a woman's voice from a radio. Convinced that it's from the ruined City, you drive off to chase after the signal's source. I'll save the story's intricacies and details, since I recommend Anon to play it for himself. 
Gameplay-wise, this is Doom (or more accurately, Strife) with a post-apocalyptic coat of paint. All the usual running and gunning is preserved, with the ability to crouch and jump also added. The main enemies in this game are three types of raiders, each armed with a revolver, a semi-auto pistol, or a shotgun, respectively; four types of mutants: melee-focused cannibals, acid-spitting dog-like fiends, agile and deadly trash hags, and towering warlords; and haunts, ghostly specters that wouldn't be out of place in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The scavenger himself isn't helpless, as he has a comparable arsenal of a crowbar, a jackhammer, a .45 revolver, a 9mm autoloader, a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, a 9mm machine pistol, a flamethrower, pipebombs, a slugthrowing musket, and a .308 battle rifle. Ammunition is generally scarce and you'll more than once be forced to rely on melee. 
The raiders are easy, especially since they drop ammo when they die. The muties are real bastards, and it's a pain in the ass when you get swarmed by the cannibals and pitfiends.  Haunts are rare enough not to worry about, but they're still a threat in sufficient numbers.
When not fighting against enemies, there's also several towns you can visit in the game. There you can hang out, heal up in the bar, buy weapons and ammo from merchants, talk to NPCs and learn a little lore, and get missions. 
Dead Man Walking begins a lot like New Vegas, with a hole in your body and your stuff stolen by a raider gang. You go on a one-man mission to get your bike back at all costs. The only noticeable difference between this and base 2063 is that the raiders are palette-swapped and they now sport tricorns.

The second TC, Afterglow, is a sequel that takes place directly after the ending of 2063 after you discover the source of the radio signal. 
It's a lot more expansive, trading the linear mission format for several hub regions, centered on the towns you visit. There are also additional side ques to take that play into the interactions you have with the town, as well as help determine the ending of the game. Yep, Afterglow has several endings, a la Fallout, with every ending slide being determined by how your choices with each town. 
In addition to all these new changes, there are several new mechanics, weapons, and enemies. There's new weapons like the sawn-off shotgun, a 5.56 military rifle, and some hidden weapons that admittedly I haven't found yet. In addition, you can now use junk to modify your guns at workbenches. There are new enemies, including a female raider with a machine pistol; mutants that use flaming shot, mutants that use shotguns and riot shields; and feral scavengers, men like you who've gone mad over a lifetime of scavving. 
A problem I have with Afterglow is the constant references, which seems a little too heavy-handed for my tastes.

All in all, these two TCs are decently fun .wads that I've enjoyed playing the past week.
I really wanted to play this game, but for some reason the pirated version (tried from different sources with different cracks) always crashed on my PC soon after the protag meets the doll.

Seems pretty good, I'm going to check it out. Any other recommendations for Doom TCs / full campaign .wads? (don't want stuff with gameplay that deviates too much from run and gun formula, i.e. survival horror or walking sim .wads)
Replies: >>94663
I feel like a nitpicking faggot pointing this out, but Strife is technically also a post-apocalypse of the "big plague" type.
Replies: >>94663
>Any other recommendations for Doom TCs / full campaign .wads?
For TCs, Action Doom, which is your typical 2D side-scrolling shoot 'em up in the Doom engine; Cold as Hell; and Aliens TC, the OG TC, are all good.
For campaigns, Eviternity, Sunlust, Valiant, and Going Down are my favorites, although the first three do have some changes here and there.
Yeah, yeah, I know. The way I see it, though, Strife is the future after recovering from the apocalypse; while Ashes is still dealing with the aftermath.
Thanks anon. I know Action Doom and Aliens TC, I've probably played all or most Aliens related Doom .wads (like the Colonial Marines wad).

Going to take a look at the others you mention, thanks.
Replies: >>94676
For a fun ride try Going Down with Project Brutality. It's a difficult combo but I had a lot of fun with it.
Replies: >>95316
>Eviternity, Sunlust, Valiant, and Going Down
Slaughtermap schlock
Replies: >>95189 >>95316
>Slaughtermap schlock
Have anything you would recommend instead?
Just tried all recommendations today, playing 1 to 2 hours each. I'll leave my impressions.

Ashes and Ashes: Afterglow are really great, among the best TCs I've ever played. Nearly on the same level of quality and polish as Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. They really feel like FO: NV on the Doom engine. I'll definitely be playing them to completion.

My only two complaints:
1. I found the bike to be just a gimmick, clunky and awkward to drive, and the bike segments are boring. I think they would've been better without the bike riding parts.
2. On Ashes 2063, the music is good but tends to get pretty repetitive and tiresome after a while.

This one is great. Well made and well designed, I really liked it. It's a keeper. Thanks for the recommendation.
>Going Down
Now I understand what >>94678 really meant by slaughtermap shlock. Yeah didn't like it.
>Cold as Hell
Too survival horror for my taste and didn't like the clunky bleeding and healing mechanics
Gameplay and enemy placement are decent. However I didn't like the level design, and the soundtrack is so terrible I muted the music.
It's okay but doesn't play nice with the gameplay mod .pk3s I use, I get a bug where my health keeps constantly going down until below 20.
Replies: >>95400
Thinking in retrospect, I'll do a small correction on what I said about Ashes.
Ashes 2063 feels and plays more like a demake of RAGE (2011) on the Doom engine than FO NV. Afterglow is more like FONV.
I played Ori and The Will of the Wisps. My recollection of the first Ori is that it was really pretty, the music was nice but it was also really easy and the upgrade system broke the game especially with stuff like the triple jump.
Will of the Wisps reminds me of why I like Metroid so much and why a lot of indie "metroid-likes" utterly fail for me, in that both Ori and Metroid make moving around incredibly fun, both visually and from a point of actually mastering that movement in order to get around effectively around the map. Ori animates beautifully, her jumps feel weighty and she flips and spins around the place.  She spins around a vine to stop herself if you dash into it and it's all so beautifully and clearly animated I can clearly tell what was a regular jump and what was counted as a double jump. Bash, light burst and later Charge makes it so that moving around is an utter blast  to skip sections of the map and the mere act of going around isn't just your standard boring indie 2d platformer that has no momentum or weight to it and I love the game for it. And with how swimming/sand burrowing relies entirely on the dash their segments are also quick and fun to traverse.
That's also unforuntately the best I have to say about the game. Yeah the game's pretty but it's also ridiculously tough on the eyes in terms of visual clutter. Instead of the game feeling like a complete cakewalk in terms of combat it just feels like a chore. Bosses take too little damage and deal too much of it and despite having like 12 attacks to choose from I always found the best one was the heavy hammer that knocks enemies around because I just knock them/bash them into a spike and instant kill them. Since I can't do that to bosses and since their patterns are slow, boring and has a lot of visual clutter it's just fucking boring dying and then being brought back a minute into bossfights. Platforming is the other way around, too easy. Since the game just quicksaves for you every literal 10 seconds of progress there's just no challenge to failing any of the platforming. Speaking of combat the fact that you have twelve skills but can equip any three at any given time, with most of them being situational as fuck(gust, light burst, light aura) and Charge being so good it automatically occupies a slot, and so many feeling like samey variations of each other(Spike, the bow, light burst, the star thing, light aura and blaze, etc.) there's just nothing there. Combat as a whole is just shit, there's nothing to it besides wail on enemies and then dodge out of the way, enemies don't have neat patterns and you don't have a hollow knight type parry to spice things up, at the most fun I've had with it is an uppercut slash with the sword into a hammer blow.
The game also relies on the "rushing wall of death that you have to escape" setpiece a lot and it gets boring. 
The game just has a really good moveset that's wasted with boring combat and platforming that's too afraid to let you fail.
What to play now? Even if the leaks were true Silksong's still four or five months away from release.
Replies: >>126119 >>189630
[Hide] (63.7KB, 724x331) Reverse
[Hide] (531.9KB, 1280x1612) Reverse
I recently finished Kingdom Hearts 1.5. It wasn't bad.

First of all, the "dive into the heart" is one of the best character creators/tutorials for an RPG I've seen so far. It reasonably describes what your options do without spelling everything out (which encourages minmaxing behavior) and does a good job setting the tone for the rest of the game. 
The gameplay itself is good, it plays like a proto Devil May Cry with all your extra options sort of grafted onto the command/shortcuts menu so you can access them all the time instead of linking them to combos or equipment. Resource management is interesting and satisfying, and the magic unlock system gives you a sense of growth as you go from basically a fireball gun to being able to crowd-control small armies of Heartless to death. Your party members are also surprisingly competent at helping you stay alive (assuming they can stay alive themselves, more on that later) and it's nice that you can go into the menu and customize their behavior somewhat. Gummi missions are a neat minigame and you could spend hours fucking around with the ship editor. (So long, SS "AIDS NIGGA" - I hardly knew ye.)
The story is also... not bad either. Everyone knows by this point that Nomura is a deviantard who fell ass-first into a goldmine and KH has no coherent plot, but if you look at this first game in a vacuum, it's actually pretty solid as RPGs go. "Man pries into Things He Was Not Meant To Know, becomes a supervillain" is a tale as old as time and it feels like a lot of the "muh anime" awkwardness at this stage is due to bad translation/phrasing rather than Nomura being a faggot. Traverse Town is genuinely comfy and seeing Disney and FF extras walking around (not to mention the thing with the Dalmatians and summon gems) really helps sell the story of the light going out of the universe and you needing to put everything back together. 
Individual world stories are self-contained but each one shows some actual thought applied to how the stories of the source material would shift in response to these soul-stealing monsters running between the worlds and killing everything. Call me a faggot but I was genuinely touched by the intro to the Winnie the Pooh world, with Pooh essentially contemplating his own death because everything else in his world just disappeared and he's the last one left. Visual design is also on-point especially when you get to the endgame worlds. Even the voices aren't bad, Sora sounds like the goofy baby Cloud he looks like, there are few obnoxiously wrong soundalikes on the yidsney side and the rough patches feel like inexperience rather than the willful incompetence we've come to expect from dub VAs. Everything works to make the game setting feel both cohesive and far bigger than it actually is, which is a cheap trick but an effective one.

Of course, it also has some problems. The biggest one that comes to mind is your overall competence in the early game fucking sucks, especially your allies. This is an early PS2 game, they're way too dumb to understand things like "don't stand in fire" and unless babysat will end up running through precious, precious items like they have item diarrhea, running out of MP and then dying like bitches.
The nature of the MP system, while simple and fun, also works against you when you're already hurting: you need MP to heal, but to regain MP you need to either pop an Ether (expensive, and you have limited battle item slots that don't restock automatically) or hit an enemy with your keyblade. If you need to heal it's because you're at low health and the enemies are dangerous, and if the enemies are dangerous you're just going to eat shit if you try to rush them down for MP. MP is the game's only resource for special abilities, including all the cool limit skills you get as storyline rewards which I ended up barely using in the midgame because I just didn't have the MP when I had a chance to use them. Compounding this is the game's "animation economy", I'm not going to say it's like dork souls because I'm not a redditor, but a lot of actions (most importantly healing and combo enders) lock you into uninterruptible animations that can end up getting you wombo'd to death while you were working on killing another enemy to avoid getting wombo'd to death. Late-game enemies are especially bad about this, although by then you should have the tools to suppress them without getting hurt badly as long as you're not playing Hades Cup. When you put it all together, when you're low level or underleveled you end up running around bosses a lot waiting for your allies to revive so the boss wastes time killing them instead of you. I'd almost say this is intentional since once you get a particular set of abilities (MP Gift and Evolution for Goofy, Second Wind on allies, MP Rage/Haste and Second Chance on everyone) you almost immediately become a well-oiled machine that makes combat really satisfying, but that doesn't mean it isn't annoying until you do get them.
The other big gameplay issue is platforming. Sora has a really weird floaty jump and a fucked-up collision hull, and a lot of the early worlds feature nontrivial platforming. Again, you get used to it, but it's just another reminder that this was an action game made by Square Enix in the early 2000s.

As far as story goes, I actually don't have many complaints other than Ansem is a weeaboo faggot, despite having a bitchin voice actor. At this early stage the plot holes seem more like open-ended questions to be answered later than Nomura making shit up as he goes along.
So, should you play Kingdom Hearts? At least for the first game, I'd say yes. I'm playing through II now, and while the core hack-and-slash gameplay is much more polished it feels like a theme park where you go from attraction to attraction instead of a single world. Oh and fuck Soul Society Org XIII and fuck Crit mode.
not a vidya
Replies: >>97885
But your mom is a vidya, because I play on her every night
Replies: >>97886
Are you the guy I was playing co-op with yesterday?
Replies: >>97887
I played finished Max Payne for the first time this week, and I have to say, I've really been missing out. It's fun: the guns are cool, the bullet time mechanic is a blast, and there's always plenty of guys to shoot at. The earlier missions are the best, because I feel it's just more fun to fight a bunch of wise-guy mobsters than feds and mercs. Also, the goofy face textures are genuinely pretty good in my opinion. Mr. Järvi's smug mug will always the face of Max Payne to me.
Next up, I'll play the sequel and illustrate my thoughts on it in the next post to come.
Replies: >>101137
[Hide] (1.5MB, 640x360, 00:27)
>first snow
>natural urge to replay Max Payne rises
Replies: >>101146
Anyone review anything fun?
There's a vidya magazine being made, and anons' reviews could possibly be incorporated in it if they want, the OP's asking for more shit
just an idea
Replies: >>106867
Not if I have to learn new software to do it, or even if I don't because I haven't played a new game that wasn't shitty Japanese porn in something like a year.
Recently beat Binary Domain. While the gameplay is a simple cover shooter, the story is an over the top scifi. I enjoyed it and felt it was the perfect length. The gameplay began to become repetitive but by the end I had the power and strategy to make the game go by without a hitch. I was skeptical of the voice chat thing ever working, but the ability to turn it off and select a few prechoices prevented it from being annoying. Especially since my mic apparently was too quiet for the game to accept anything other then outright screaming commands. The only major complaint I had was that sometimes characters would stop me and yell at me for being "bad". Sometimes that would make sense but other times I would be in the front destroying everything and they would go from being impressed to shit talking me for no reason. As far as the ending is concerned, its another game that'll have a never ever sequel even though it outright teases one at the end. I also enjoyed the ending I got more then what the "true" ending is supposed to be. I managed to get everyone but Cain out alive so Big Bo takes the hit from the Mech and dies. But his death comes with a whole scene with dialogue that was impactful. But in the "true" ending, Cain takes the hit and nobody dies. Big Bo literally becomes a background character and he never speaks so it just timeskips to Dan and Faye being together like the ending I got. A little disappointed there.
Replies: >>189630 >>191456
[Hide] (638.9KB, 1920x1079) Reverse
Let's talk about a bad game, for once. I'm going to review Zachtronics' latest game, Mobius Front '83.

The general gameplay is a pretty barebones hex-grid turn-based strategy. The maps are tiny (18x22), every unit except the basic infantry has multi-tile attack ranges, and you can only get 1-3 chances to deploy reinforcements (at turns 0/5/10) with no way to repair damage. Combined with the extremely lethal and unpredictable combat described below, the whole game does its best to force you into an ultra-conservative turtle playstyle that never risks anything more valuable than a rifle squad. That might even be interesting, if it actually worked.

Now before I can go any further, I have to explain a few things about how this game handles armor and damage. For the most part, all ground units in this game fall into three categories: tanks have 4 health and 2 armor, all other armored vehicles have 3 health and 1 armor, and infantry/soft vehicles have 2-4 health with no armor. Those armor points are subtracted from any incoming damage, so an attack has to deal 3 damage to do anything at all to a tank or 2 damage to hurt an APC. (The exceptions to this rule are the rare and precious Abrams, which has 4 health/3 armor, and tanks that used smoke last turn, which grants an extra 2 armor.) This is important because every anti-tank weapon is retardedly RNG-dependant: a tank shell fired after moving deals 1-4 damage, while stationary tanks and ATGMs deal 2-6 damage. This means that a tank trying to rush an ATGM vehicle has a 25% chance to either oneshot it or deal no damage at all, while the ATGMs have a 20% chance to either kill or do nothing to the tank. You can set up a perfect ambush, only for a single enemy tank to rush in, tank three hits with a point or two of health remaining, and proceed to oneshot one of your precious light tanks. Good tactics can only mitigate this to a small degree, and the AI cheats like a motherfucker, so 90% of the game consists of either praying to RNGesus for favorable damage rolls or abusing AI exploits to lure the enemy into range.

The AI completely ignores fog-of-war for decision-making. The easiest way to test this is to have a bunch of infantry and jeeps protected by a single SAM; the AI's helicopters will hover just outside missile range as long as it's set up, but will swoop in the very next turn if it moves. Your own view range is, conveniently, exactly the same as the enemy's missile range.

Then there's the glaring balance issues: the enemy's infantry ATGM team has a 6 tile range, while yours has 3 range for no apparent reason. You have "better" light tanks, but their equivalent is both 33% cheaper and has an arguably better armament for some situations (tank gun instead of autocannon+missiles, meaning the AI can rush your missile ambushes with an expendable armored car while you have to risk a valuable tank). You get really good attack helicopters, but the enemy can deploy four AA trucks (each with infantry!) for every player helicopter. The airstrike-marking infantry and minelaying helicopters were interesting ideas, but the airstrikes are wildly unreliable (you have to spend a full turn calling in a plane, then pray that there's someone in laser range next turn, then there's a two-turn cooldown even if you didn't actually bomb anything) and the mines are underpowered to the point of uselessness (immobilizes but doesn't actually damage one vehicle, only works on tracked vehicles, helicopter has two shots and then becomes completely useless). 

And then there's the level design. There are only five terrain types in this game: grass, road, forest, forest-with-road and lake. Aside from being really boring and making all the levels look the same, you also get this weird dissonance where the briefings are all talking about reclaiming cities while the levels themselves take place in empty wilderness. Forests block LOS, can only be entered by infantry (unless it's also a road), and any infantry in a forest can only be targeted by artillery or adjacent units. Actually try to exploit this in the later levels, and you'll discover that 'every single patch of forest' more than two tiles wide has a hidden minigun turret at the center, which is guaranteed to deal 2 damage to the unit that discovered it unless you happen to have three artillery units on hand. The AI, of course, doesn't have to deal with this shit and will routinely hide infantry in the woods. A few levels seem to be laid out with no thought towards what units the player actually has access to; one particularly "fun" level has you using jeeps and helicopters to defend against a huge armored force, which wouldn't be too unreasonable except the objective you're defending is in a tiny little clearing that completely negates your range and mobility advantages.

There's also the obligatory Zachtronics circuitry puzzles, but they're really simple and feel like they were thrown together at the last minute. There's also solitaire, because apparently the reddit audience really cares about that.

Also, this game seems to cause a kernel memory leak on Windows 7. Lovely.

tl;dr: Shallow, imbalanced RNGfest. 1/5, would not recommend at all.

you saw nothing
Shit, what's the code for italics? The FAQ lies.
Replies: >>107101
Italic code has been broken for a long time. Bug sturgeon about it so he finally gets off his lazy ass and fixes it. >>>/meta/2
Anyone finish anything lately?
Replies: >>116551 >>116586
damn, i would have thought a turn based zachtronics game would be fun. I only played opus magnum, though I liked it very much
Replies: >>116612
I finished Tower of Time. It's quite tedious after the first few hours and it's a few hours longer than it should be.
The gimmick is that it's kind of like a dungeon crawler where you explore a tower and do puzzles, and get into real time with slow-motion fights which start off as kind of their own mini puzzles.
>Dungeon Crawler part
Good for the music, tedious for anything else. It's just a bunch of really awkward walking about a very linear path that sometimes branches off. You get to hold H to highlight interactables and sometimes they do something beyond flavor text, mostly it's chests or coins lying around, mostly it's just there to trigger dialog events between your characters. There are sometimes special dialog events where the characters are divided on an issue and you choose which way they should act, this affects jack shit beyond the "alignment system" which simply put is a series of very minor stat buffs mapped to a character. Your tank is highly aligned with you? +5 to armor. Your dps nuke mage is not aligned with you? -5% skill damage. Riveting.
Very few of them exist, mostly just "go around map and trigger event", some actual puzzles exist ranging from pathetically simple "set these clocks to the correct code that's spelled out to you elsewhere in the level" to a single floor which reached fuck you levels(Basically all ambiguous questions like "Do you have free will, is everything predetermined" where it's not clear whether the game's addressing you, the player, the player character, or the companion characters that the player character is observing and leading telepathically through a throne, and the only answers are +(Yes), X(No) and O(which is also an ambiguous answer), and answering incorrectly gives you either more boring fights or locks you out of loot and a quest.
At first I assumed this was like Aarklash Legacy, you get up to four party members specialized towards a certain role, with up to four abilities that upgrade with two side branches(one is usually crowd control/utility effect and the other's a straight up stat boost, for example you can make your fire arrows increase crit chance or deal the fire damage in an explosion radius, although only three skills really diverge between the two branches). You get waves of enemies coming at you from all directions and you have to take them all on with your party, it's super fun at first. Positioning, aggro, tanking, resource management, seeing what the enemy composition is like, tailoring your elemental attacks to the enemies, it's a lot of things to keep up with and it's very satisfying to do because the game challenges you.
Until you get your 5th party member. I don't know if he's overpowered or if the game just loses interest in challenge but the difficulty takes a massive dip and never really challenges you, it just becomes tedious. Positioning is pointless because your tank will either have a taunt ability or will be able to shit out so much damage the threat he generates outclasses any of your damage dealers. Your damage dealer's best abilities will most likely be summonables that tank and provide crowd control and lots of damage. Resources are no longer an issue because mana starts regenerating fast with the better gear you get and in between healing abilities and lifesteal and summons tanking your tanks will not be in danger. Positioning becomes a joke when your tanks take on all the damage and a lot of maps are reused. Elemental resistances go through the roof on the higher difficulty so you just get sunder/elemental shatter/physical attacks to bypass spending an eternity killing shit. Enemy composition means jack shit if there's a lot of enemy reskin and reuse. Really the only thing to ever watch out after a while are bosses that have some sort of damage reflect and in that case you just tard wrangle the characters who have damage types that are reflected(because you can't command them not to attack) and spend two eternities killing the boss. It's so fucking boring after a while simply doing the same shit over and over again and unlike Aarklash Legacy there aren't any gimmicks to spice things up, no skillshots or bosses that have special gimmicks(Beyond this boss spawns a bunch of times in the same fight or this boss has a damage reflect modifier). It's absolutely nothing after a while.
I'd say play for the story(which is interesting and I don't want to spoil it) and the music(which is really good) and drop the difficulty to easy once you feel like Epic's no longer challenging. I'm vaguely interested in what the dev has planned next(some sci-fi game of the same nature) but they really should step up the difficulty.
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[Hide] (328.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
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[Hide] (232.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I have
>Wolcen Lords of Mayham
Its rather mediocre, pretty buggy at points and some of its features are probably executed better in other games 
The main story of Wolcen is not only rather short with its 3 chapters but its also pretty easy and ends with a "To be continued" after which you enter the "Hero of Stormfall" mode where you grind money in operations to build a bunch stuff that gives you a variety of benefits (like a 5th skill slot or better stuff at traders)
The sidequests are basically non-existent and are either limited to minor in-the-field cellars that have the same 2 or 3 objectives (if they actually trigger) or to hunts, where you basically track down high tier enemies by the piles of bodies they leave
The interesting part about the hunts is that at every pile (except the first and the last one) you get to pick from a bunch of modifiers that modifies your prey and/or  the cannon fodder enemies to be harder one way or another while also giving better loot at the end with chances of special item modifiers
On the class and skill front the game goes for a classless everybody can learn everything approach with skill enneracts that everybody can learn but have weapon type requirements (spells can only be cast with staffs or catalysts etc) and are divided into willpower and rage skills which just means that for melee and most ranged attacks you need to hit an enemy for a bit to build up rage
They level-up alongside you too and even gain skillpoints at certain level intervals that can be used to modify certain aspects and even change damage type past a certain level which can be freely changed around at any given time which is pretty neat
You get a pet that follows you around, but said pet only exists to collect gold since it has no combat abilities, can lean none and no inventory either
There is also a cosmetic inventory where you can change your armor and weapons to look like stuff you already collected and even dye it if you so desire, but you dont start with any dyes so you need to find them first which may not sound so bad but they not only come in different rarities, e.g. dark green dye is classified as "rare" while generic green is classified as "common" but you can also get duplicates that are absolutely useless and sell for fuck all gold which is honestly pretty retarded and serves no other purpose than to flood the loot pool
Replies: >>116616
>>88859 (OP) 
my favorite part of the diabolical box was the train.
choo choo!
I still havent beaten all of the post game puzzles. the one about the necklace and the number patterns i never could solve
I 100%ed the game, took me 26 and a half hours, a good portion of it was backtracking when i got a new movement tech. I agree with what youve said, Its a nice game to look at but the combat can be boiled down to spam heavy attacks to stun, dodge sometimes, spam projectiles, use parry shield spirit. 
With the bosses I always found their third phases to be annoying, because their new move happens to be "gotcha" tier. Wizard girl in the waters spiky dress, the mad knights X scissor (i always mistimed the dodge maybe im just bad), and the blighttown blobs ground attack that gets extended time to hurt you (while also doing funny big damage)

reminded me of night of revenge haha same animation techniques too i feel
Exapunks 2 never ever
[Hide] (371.4KB, 496x358) Reverse
[Hide] (462.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (800.1KB, 907x380) Reverse
[Hide] (645KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
agreed, they went full style over function
Can't even use melee skills properly after all these years because nearly every other attack doesn't land. The only fun way to play the game is to wield a pistol in one hand and a magic focus in the other letting you tap into both energy pools and juggle skills between each other.
Can't believe I spent this much time on it. Addiction is a terrible thing.

Wait for Last Epoch instead.
Replies: >>116621
[Hide] (329.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>The only fun way to play the game is to wield a pistol in one hand and a magic focus in the other
I went with a dual pistol focusing as many points as I could into attack speed and dodge trying to make some cuhrayzee gunslinger build but that isnt really working out as much as I liked
I wanted to make a summoner too, but man those summons are really noisy and they block movement too much for my liking
>Last Epoch
>Time Travel 
Thanks for the tip, I´ll keep an eye out for it
Replies: >>116624
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
don't have any clips of me going full retard with dual pistols, but yeah, it was marginally fun
[Hide] (4.7MB, 1280x720, 00:36)
this is a faster way to make WEBMs, but the size and quality do not impress me
didn't expect so much of the gameplay to sound so bland, kind of a bummer
[Hide] (81.5KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (131.2KB, 715x400) Reverse
I finished LISA a few weeks ago I guess.
It was pretty alright, but it felt rushed at the end.
>thought it was gonna be a shitshow like Undertale seemed to be but it had actual combat in the game 
>surprisingly fun system of just beating the shit out of everything and everyone, exploration and random events were interdasting
>story was alright, though it could've been better in terms of its messaging and themes, but that's the artist's choice I guess, told decently well overall
>dialogue was funny and amusing
I used Terry Hintz the whole game amusingly enough, fag gave me a lot of troubles but he's an honest enough dude, but its a shame he joins everyone at the end to fuck you over
I genuinely never trusted Rando until a chunk into the second game because everything is just fucked, and Brad was honestly mostly justified in his over-protective self of her in a world like that, and even in a shitty world like ours
better to be overprotective than lazy and uncaring, problem is he couldn't get over his damn addiction
Plus the world kept wanting to take agency away from Brad, it was fucking ridiculous. 
Yes, you could argue that he was doing somewhat the same to his daughter, but she's a kid and his daughter. 
There was a correct approach, and he didn't quite take it, but at the very least he had the barest basics down of "Protect your fucking kid and don't let them get hurt", the problem with Brad was that he didn't really have a plan for the "until they're ready to handle the world", but the funny thing was, he did prepare her, so he kinda did.

Really, the story's messaging and consistency was kinda all over the place, Brad is a strange dude, and so is the rest of that shitty world, but it was still a bummer of an ending, I really dislike endings like that honestly because it felt so... nihilistic?
You could only change things in ways that don't really matter? What kind of shitty message is that, fuck that shit.
But anyways, overall, game was decent despite the flaws, but I feel it could've been much  better with about 10-14 more hours added to the main story, the end just comes out of nowhere.
Replies: >>136252
[Hide] (29.8KB, 844x164) Reverse
That's true (and I dunno about the other characters but my other 2 party members besides Hintz didn't attack me either), but they still made the choice to try and stop you and get in your way, its strange and they don't deserve to die, but they shouldn't have done that to begin with then. They basically died pointlessly.
It was honestly irritating. Makes no damn sense if you ask me. 
They didn't believe what they were saying enough to actually follow through with their actions, not that I would necessarily "want" them to, but a man's moral compass is an important thing, not something you take lightly.
If your friend is doing the wrong thing and you believe that, you have to stop him.
If they don't believe that, and they're just betraying him because they're bitches who go along with whatever the world tells them is the right way, and then they start crying in front of him while posturing you're about to fight him, right as he's about to get mobbed and prevent him from reaching his daughter...  Its a fucking stupid mess and I'd almost look down on them with contempt for it.

It really bothers me honestly, but I'm trying to think if I were put in a situation like they were in.
Maybe they just loved him that much that they couldn't bring themselves to do anything but cry at the moment, but at the same time... they don't believe in him at all? 
Its so weird, and personally it bothers me because (assuming you play Brad this way ofc like I did) Brad never sacrifices any of them, even at great, literally crippling pains and inconvenience to him in his own goal, but they can't be assed to stick by him.
Irritates me honestly.
[Hide] (302.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I finished Save The Reactor. It's one of those high concentration stress games like Papers Please. You have to control 15 separate panels at once and complete the tasks that each panel asks of you. The objective of the game is to complete tasks so that you can meet the energy quota of the day within a given time limit. The time limit makes it so that you cannot complete tasks and generate energy at a leisurely pace as beating the mid-late game levels will require you to overwork the reactor so it can spit out tasks at a faster rate. The challenge of the game comes from whether or not you can keep up the pace since leaving a task unfinished for too long will have it flash red on the interface and continually damage the reactor until the facility blows up.

The game has some things it does to keep it from being repetitive. Some job days will have constant smoke fogging up your workspace while other days will have random power outages that will black out the entire screen. In the later levels your panels will suddenly change into new panels at random, forcing you to learn a new task on the spot. There are a total of 40 unique panels in the game and each one has their own specific task. The tasks themselves can be as simple as flipping a switch but as complex as solving algebraic variables.

I enjoyed the game but it is only 10 levels long which is a shame since this game concept could have easily been expanded upon. The game had good ideas but a stupid thing that this game does is prevent you from progressing the levels if you don't have enough "hidden items" which need to be unlocked by doing specific things on specific panels. I understand the reasoning behind it since unlocking a hidden item permanently boosts the reactor's energy production but I believe that this should have been an optional thing for people that are struggling in the game. This brings me to the last complaint that I have with this game. It is too easy. With the exception of the last level, I was under no threat of having the reactor blowing up. Yes, my eyes and hands were flying across the entire place but by the time I'm starting to slip behind I'm practically guaranteed to meet the energy quota before the day ends.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 640x360, 02:17)
This may be common knowledge now but the Kaycee's Mod expansion has been released. It heavily modifies Chapter 1 and adds starter decks, new cards/items, challenge modifiers, and a leveling system. The game is noticeably more difficult and also adds in the pirate that was teased at the end of Chapter 3 after reaching max level in Kaycee's Mod. You can activate the mod by inputting "Shift + K + M"
>second game
There's your problem
Playing Valkyria Chronicles 3. It's fun, especially compared to 2, but why the fuck does it tell me Normal mode is for people that played VC1 then blast me with 20 tutorials about things that are 100% identical to VC1? I can skip tutorials with start, but the difficulty description really means they should auto-skip anything identical to VC1 and leave only things that were new or changed in VC2/3.
Replies: >>136267
That's every fucking game ever.
EDF 5 is just EDF 4.1 with a different story and 2 new enemies, but it literally takes away all your controls for a "press w to go forward" tutorial
Replies: >>136275
Yes, but essentially asking if I played the first game makes it truly bad.
[Hide] (19.9MB, 1280x720, 01:30)
The developers of Touhou Luna Nights just dropped this game out of nowhere. DRAINUS is a shmup that is focused on your ship having the ability to absorb enemy bullets. Absorbing projectiles lets you retaliate with homing lasers while also giving you bombs and bonus energy tanks. Energy tanks are the currency of the game and they can be spent on upgrades/power-ups like shot types and shields. This game's absorbing bullet mechanic makes it a good starting point for beginners. DRAINUS also has a lot of references to classic shmups for the veterans to recognize so there is a little bit for everyone. The game having a really nice artstyle to it is also another plus.
>bad shit
The balancing in this game is very broken and really easy to abuse. Getting rewarded bonus energy tanks for absorbing bullets means that you can milk the shit out of bosses to buy a ton of power-ups way earlier than intended. 
Some power-ups are insanely good while others are borderline useless. In fact, there is a power-up combination so overpowered that it turns this game into autopilot mode and might take away all enjoyment you get from this game. I am serious. I no-skilled my way through hard mode and didn't die a single time once I found out this combo. You will enjoy the game a lot more if you don't milk enemies for energy tanks and don't use this broken combo. The power-up combination is Emergency Power-up Super Bomb + Perfect Guard or Auto-Guard if Perfect isn't unlocked yet. Emergency Power-up Bombs replace your standard bomb with the ability to get your next power-up. Shield power-ups block three hits against your ship before breaking. Combining these two together gives you a stupidly strong combo. As soon as your shield breaks, just use your bomb and you instantly get a new shield. Repeat this for infinite shields to be practically invincible. Now that you know this gamebreaking combo, you better play this game at the highest difficulty if you decide to pick it up.
[Hide] (52.1KB, 510x287) Reverse
[Hide] (761.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (549.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I recently stumbled across this while digging through GOG's new releases. It's okay.

The good:
>WW2 tank game made by japs
>you play as the good guys, and the characters don't whine about it
>you can pick your crew from a long list of cute girls
>surprisingly decent writing for a low-budget WW2 game
>decent modding potential
The bad:
>relatively easy, my only game-overs were from trying to do escort/rescue missions in a very slow tank
>WOT-like gameplay, but with even more dumbed-down armor/ammo mechanics and a dodgy locational damage system (enemies can't die from turret damage, among other issues)
>retarded AI
>each crew member gets exactly one short cutscene's worth of unique dialogue, outside of that one scene they're all 100% interchangeable aside from a few stat bonuses
>somewhat short, can be 100%'d in maybe 10-15 hours
>small tank selection, made worse by the fact that half the options are obsolete by the time you unlock them
Replies: >>140337 >>140347
I played this for a bit until i realized you can just accumulate xp and make yourself overpowered; there is no difficulty balance. also you can easily abuse AI.  Also i think its chinese game larping as nips for weeb money.
>Also i think its chinese game larping as nips for weeb money.
Do you have any facts to back that up?
Replies: >>140345
>Also i think its chinese game larping as nips for weeb money.
No, it's Taiwanese.
[Hide] (15.8KB, 1065x87) Reverse
Seems to be Taiwanese which explains them actually knowing nip.
Chink games aping nip art styles is increasingly common but there is always something slightly off about them.
Replies: >>140349
Does it have multiplayer? Sounds like a really fun game for a gamenight.
Replies: >>140360
[Hide] (321.4KB, 672x952) Reverse
Tawinks do good work
they're mad degenerate too
I found that I only had to grind at the very start. Past that point, mission rewards were enough to ensure that I always had the best tank available and a max-level crew.

No multiplayer yet, but supposedly it's Coming Soon™.
Anyone review any new games?
Replies: >>149772
Here's my review for a game that came out in early access, but Zachtronics always does that for a month or two upon release, then adds extra content after on the 5th of July: Last Call BBS.

Hey kid, you like Zachtronics games? Yeah? Well fuck you, this is the last one. company's closing. But you better do like them before going into this one, since it's pretty hard and not always great at explaining itself.
Last Call BBS is actually a compilation of 8 smaller games, which you play on a fantasy computer in the same line as the one from TIS-100, except way more powerful and (spoiler for TIS-100) without space AIDS. You start with just a solitaire variant unlocked and have to download the rest of the games off the titular BBS, except this BBS is purely a file host instead of allowing people to post on it. I wasn't on the internet in those days but I could swear that was a feature.
So you connect to the BBS, maybe one or two of the other preconfigured access points, download a game, and read some text as the guy who gave you the PC and ran the BBS waffles on about the old days. After you download a game you picked, you're met with a 15 minute download quota delay, forcing you to try the game you picked out for more than 5 seconds. I kinda like it, some people probably hate it. Anyhow let's go through all of the games, starting with the Solitaire you start with and probably play while downloading:

Sawayama Solitaire:
It's close to normal solitaire as you're likely used to from older Windows installs, standard deck, normal R/B/R/B stacking rules. You have a draw pile, but you only go through it ONCE, 3 cards at a time, then have to work your way back down it. Once it's all drawn you unlock one free space for a single card. Empty stacks can hold any number of cards, as long as they're in order, and aces go to the side then automatically pick up whatever cards are free and can be taken without potentially fucking you over, or you can put cards on them manually.
It's pretty decent, if a bit unimaginative. You only have to play 10 games of it to unlock all related "story" mails from The Barkeep, unlike older games where it might be 100. That said, might as well point out that there's pretty much zero story in this game, everything's got separate small storylines that go nowhere.

Now I'll describe the rest in a prety arbitrary order, but let me start with the closest thing to a "the real game" game in the collection: 20th Century Food Court.
It's a game about building food factories, with the state of the machine having no residual shit between orders. You place machines and conveyors on the right side of the screen, and get controls for them to place on the left half. It's kind of like The Signal State, a game that tried to be like a Zachtronics game but lacked interesting puzzles due to overly straightforward machinery; this one's more challenging. Order signals persist for one "frame, with no memory besides the counters you unlock later, you don't have a full set of logic components, and you can actually run out of space pretty easily on some later puzzles. Drawing wires between components feels pretty nice and tactile, there's lots of room for improving your designs for price or speed, and this game has more "story" inside itself than the entire game outside it, though barely.

ChipWizard™ Professional:
For long time Zachtronics fans, you may remember Zach's old free flash games. One of those was KOHCTPYKTOP (Konstruktor) where you draw NPN and PNP transistors to make machines based on electrical inputs. It's pretty much the same game, with two big differences: firstly the timing element's changed entirely. KOHCTPYKTOP has each transistor gate take one "tick" to open, which was the only way to create timings for later machines. Here everything resolves instantly, so you don't get "close enough" to the intended result but have to hit it 100%, and instead get one tick delays using capacitors. Second big difference is the amount of space you have to work with; your entire work surface is 6 by 5 tiles instead of the huge open space  KOHCTPYKTOP had. Having played KOHCTPYKTOP I could deal with this pretty well, but other people have a fuckton of trouble even understanding what to do in this game in the first place apparently. 
Also note that the only metric for histogramand optimisation here is maximized area. Metal wires are ignored, the total area of a box drawn around the rest of the components you use is the metric you're scored by. Overall, there's very little to optimize in interesting ways, little creativity. But just getting through the game is challenge enough on its own.

X’BPGH: The Forbidden Path:
This game has zero instructions in it, intended to feel like an alien machine you have to figure out. It's oozing in style, with alien landscapes and odd sound design to somewhat unnerve you. Kinda suggest not reading my description of the gameplay before trying it out if you're planning to, so I'll spoiler it: It's like the game of life, except you can set up the different rules for directional neighbour cells of different types. You use this to grow flesh over a machine in 12 cycles max. This game has no histograms or anything to compete over with different designs, purely requiring you to complete its 15 puzzles. It also got a design-your-own-level editor in an update, you can send in levels to Zachtronics to possibly get it included in a future update.

HACK*MATCH:: Same game as in Exapunks, except this time you're fighting against 4 AI consisting of just a healthbar you whittle down with >4 combos and/or sequences of completions like in Dr. Mario or Puyo and shit. I'm garbage at it, fans of the genre Puyo Puyo belongs to will probably like it.

Dungeons & Diagrams: 8*8 puzzles that require you to draw a dungeon based on rules similar to picross. All monsters must be in a dead end and all dead ends must have monsters, everything must be connected, treasure goes in 3*3 rooms. It's fun, but there's no penalties for guessing so some people end up doing that, and doing it with purely logic can get realy hard or might even be impossible for some later levels. Overall pretty fun as an occasional timewaster between the previous games, like the Solitaire games in other Zachtronics games were. 64 puzzles total gives you plenty to do, though you can't (currently) replay levels.

Kabufuda Solitaire:
Second solitaire game in the collection, this one very different from the old windows version. You stack up quartets of cards instead of alternating, full stacks lock empty spaces, get rid of everything. 
It has 4 difficulty modes that change how many free spaces for single cards you have up top, though locking in a stack on the board opens one fo those each time, back up to easy mode. You only have to beat each difficulty once, and not every game can be won (especially on Extreme), but it's pretty good and I occasionally play a game on Hard just for fun.

STEED FORCE Hobby Studio:
You build Gundam model kits, snipping them out of those plastic racks, painting them with an oversized airbrush and maskingtape, and snapping them together. 
The painting is kind of clunky, but it's on purpose or it'd not be a game at all (and it barely is one anyway). 
Only 3 models makes it too little fun for people who like it, and other peole will have almost no interest it but you can just snap shit together and call it  day as far as the game's story cares.

Overall I rate it a "yeah it's fun play it if you liked the other games" out of 10. Shit as a first Zachtronics game probably, but enjoyable for fans.
Replies: >>150416
>>88859 (OP) 
God I want to fuck maya
[Hide] (7.5KB, 979x53) Reverse
>tfw only torrent is from IGG Games
Why must you torture me with your tales of good games?
Replies: >>150425
Zachtronics early access is only like 2 months and then the usual gog and scene releases will be around.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1177x2178) Reverse
I hate when "people" say that some "old" forgotten mediocre piece of shit was some kind of hidden gem or that it was underrated. The game was fucking shit and thats why noone remembers it.
[Hide] (11.3KB, 500x485) Reverse
>Mad Max
>Was in top ten best sellers in both UK and US upon release
>Somehow also a hidden gem/underrated game
I wonder what their definition of "underrated" means.
Spoiler File
(173.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Just finished XB3, amazing game even if after chapter 5 it drops it's quality a little. Best Xenoblade game and a great way to end the "Klaus" series.

Also i absolutely love her and wished i could fix her with my dick.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x360, 00:34)
Normalfags are absolutely retarded
More news at 11
Mad Max was pretty decent for a licensed game. It wasn't the best, for sure, but I had fun driving around the Aussie desert and blowing shit up.
Replies: >>156928 >>156932
It was decently well recieved. Having the JC2 delayed steering on all cars except the last one in a game all about cars was a huge mistake though.
Replies: >>156932
Mad Max is fucking shit, the gameplay loop is mind numbingly boring.
Replies: >>156941
It gets boring towards the end admittedly, but again, the general loop is decent enough fun to have entertained me.
Replies: >>156964
>the end 
It gets boring 20 minutes in, the game is a godawful chore with a bad progression system, bad driving mechanics and about as deep as a puddle.
>bad driving mechanics
Not when you get the Magnum Opus all of 20 minutes before the game ends :^)
Well, that's your experience with it, not mine. I had fun with it, so I thought it was pretty good, simple as.
Replies: >>168357
I liked Trauma Center: Under the Knife, but it really does feel like it goes on for a chapter too long. Chapter 5 feels like it was supposed to be the original ending, with you refighting harder versions of viruses from previous chapters, culminating in a boss fight that is later said to be the virial version of death itself. Everything about that fight suggests it's supposed to be the final boss, but when you defeat it the game just kind of awkwardly continues, refighting the same viruses AGAIN. The reward for doing it this time is an anti-climatic sequel hook reveal that the real villain behind it all has been dead for decades with the main character encountering the body that speaks to them telepathically in a scene that may or may not have been a hallucination brought on by a gas leak. Also has way too much padding, you fight certain viruses multiple times, rarely without any change to the difficulty, for example, there's one chapter where you fight the same virus three times, only to fight it all three together at the same time. 

All in all i wish they had spent more time on making actual operations mixed in with the virus stuff, or more cool stuff like the Bomb defusing level. Seems like it all goes by the wayside early on in the game, and that's a tragedy.
Dunno how Xcom 2 fucked up so massively after Xcom 1
It was literally 
>uninteresting mission spam: the game
And nothing fucking happened, the entire game is just you scanning shit to try and build up economy or doing the same ass missions over and over
Normal mode was piss easy unlike nu-Xcom 1, and was trivial as fuck, beat the game and I only had like, 2 or maybe 3 continents with bonsues, and didnt get s single country in asia before doing so besides the necessary one
Replies: >>162645
I think the pod system sucks, it makes you avoid flanking to not encounter other pods so everytime you encounter one all you can do is to blow their cover to pieces.
Did not expect a game called SABER DANCE to be so boring and slow... boo
Replies: >>166946
>Directly linking to jewtube
[Hide] (411.5KB, 1600x2253) Reverse
[Hide] (400.8KB, 1920x1993) Reverse
>>88859 (OP) 
Anyone got a review about certain F2P games? Looking for a balanced view on Warframe.
Replies: >>167951 >>168125
What a coincidence: >>167620 >>167621 >> 167622
It's the kind of garbage you would expect from a F2P "game". A glorified hamster wheel except there's no exercise.
I tried replaying this a few months back and I delet'd it for this exact reason. Just a turgid repetitive slog to get parts and that fucking mechanic/Egor got annoying preddy quick. 
I think first time around it was passable though I suspect I may have been inured to shabby open worlds through shit like Borderlands but going back to it was meh squared.
[Hide] (176.9KB, 460x215) Reverse
[Hide] (302.9KB, 709x2353) Reverse
beat all the bosses. The issue i have with the game is the fact that the bosses are random and there are 12 different bosses if you dont count the final boss. Basically you fight 1 boss on each level. And there are like 3 levels and the third being the FINAL BOSS fight. So it takes awhile to fight them all. And when you defeat the FINAL BOSS you can choose whether to continue (loop) or to just return to your hub. If you want a better chance at trying out the different bosses then just loop. I didnt know that and tried out loop about an hour ago. So if you go into a loop you are sent back to the start with all of your gear and upgrades, but you have to also sacrifice some of the upgrades. Then you also have to fight 2 bosses on each level. So thats one way to see more bosses. As you can see on the image there are several bosses that can spawn on each level. As you can see from the second image there are 3 different main levels (not counting the boss level.) And only 2 of those will spawn and only 1 boss will spawn on each of those unless you are looping. And as i said prior to this there are 12 bosses.
The game was alright . Alot of the weapons sucked and i avoided melee because i think it sucked. But otherwise it was kind of enjoyable.
Replies: >>170033
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720) Reverse
cuck game, made for children. fuck you for playing such gay shit. FREEDOM FIGHTERS that's a REAL GAME, MADE FOR REAL FUCKING PEOPLE, NOT YOUR MUH FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, YOU HAVE AUTISM, QUALITY DOESN'T MATTER. No, its good. legendary shit. Fuck you for disgracing /v/ with that cancerous fucking tumour of a game, you retarded nigger.
Replies: >>170073 >>170105
[Hide] (6.6MB, 480x360, 05:09)
Based commie killer!
Freedom Fighters 2 WHEN?
Replies: >>170105
[Hide] (152.4KB, 300x373) Reverse
The best commie killer game is, still to this day, World in Conflict.
[Hide] (335KB, 616x353) Reverse
just killed all the bosses in Ziggurat. First i hated the game because it was boring. It was boring going from room to room and killing enemies. One boss on each floor and 5 floors. 4 floors with normal last bosses and the fifth one has the last boss in the game which there is only one of. As with a previous post i made about Voidigo, there are several bosses for several floors so if you want to beat them all you are going to have to restart or replay a few times. Well anyways. My first run i died at the last boss. Everything else was pretty easy but he fucked me up hard. I had basically given up on the game at this point and hated it. However, i tried playing it again the next day since i was bored as fuck and had nothing else to do. So i did another run and i didnt particularly like the game but i didnt dislike it so much anymore. Also just constantly jumping and flying across the different rooms super fast was fun as fuck. However this time i also died at the last boss. Frustrated as fuck i went on youtube and checked the fight since i obviously was missing something. Then i noticed some stupid fucking shit i missed. Some super easy shit to miss but i never noticed and it was that which killed me so easily. Okay so my third run. Now i fuck up the boss at the end and now im actually kind of enjoying the game for what it is. A fun ass fucking game. Also you unlock more stuff after runs so i guess i had that as a advantage from my first 2 runs aswell. Anyways its a fun as fucking game. Well thats how i felt a moment ago after doing all the bosses but its a pretty decent game.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 2400x1350) Reverse
I think it relies too heavily on rng. My first few runs which was like 2 or 3 runs only came as far as the first level. You dont really have to follow the beat anyways. (even though thats the point of the fucking game). But once i hit floor 2 i got a fucking op weapon. Some big ass fire launcher and well i was pretty much set for the rest of the game. A fuckton of coins and flawless clears because the fucking launcher exploded everyone in the rooms. And then it nuked the fucking bosses. And then add that with the fact that you can use coins to upgrade several abilities several times and you basically won the game. Actually im not even sure what  is in the game. I know you can upgrade your stats such as range etc etc. but there was also the armor you could wear. And then i think also 4 other abilities. But maybe those 4 were the armor because the armor was 4 pieces in total.... Anyways, basically i steamrolled them all and then got double damage ability. Then i got a ability which will regen my health if i activate it throughout a floor.
Too much rng. Forgettable bosses aswell. But that might have been because i nuked the fuck out of them. But i almost died before the boss fight. Only 25 hp and i went to like several floors trying to get a health drink. Mind you that 1 hit does 25hp. Then finally i got 1 drink in a chest. Then next room another drink. And then i activated my ability (since it recharged) and got back my full health.
As i said in the start of the post "i think" it relies too heavily on the rng. Quotation on the think because i never really got to try out any other weapons except a upgraded pistol basically and a revolver.
Replies: >>170970 >>173201
[Hide] (327KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 854x480, 01:15)
It can be fun, but you need to luck out on either a good weapon or a piece of gear. I was stuck with this piece of shit for 5 levels until I ran into something decent, but I still made it through.
The armor pieces (helmet, gloves, shield, boots) augment your character with different abilities like infinite ammo, triple jump or regeneration.
Armor plates act the same way soul hearts do in Binding of Isaac. They're health that cannot be healed through regular means.
There are also abilities with cooldowns that you can pick up from the library.
Similar abilities are unlocked for each character after you finish a run on Easy and an ultimate ability is unlocked after beating a run on Normal (or higher, I can't remember).

You're not forced to perform an action at every beat, you're not allowed to perform anything OUTSIDE of said beat. You can also modify how lenient the game is about you rushing or dragging.
[Hide] (16.9MB, 960x540, 01:16)
Endoparasitic was originally a mediocre Ludum Dare 48 submission and was eventually fleshed out into a full game. It's a survival horror game where you play as a guy who survives an alien outbreak but loses everything except one arm. Just like your one-armed survivor, you play the game using only your mouse and have to manually drag across the floor to move. The highlights of this game are it's unusual movement mechanics, manual reloading, and inventory management. The game itself is pretty short but I see that as an upside since this game is mechanically simple and would get very boring if it got too long. One thing that is awful in this game was the stealth sections near the end. Because the game is so mechanically simple, the act of being stealthy is just crawling on the floor at an abysmally slow pace and nothing else. That's not fun.
[Hide] (119.9KB, 460x215) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
fucking finally completed this shit. hated it ever since i started playing it but i became addicted to it. Its so much fucking rng in this game. Spell rng,enemy placement rng (sometimes a whole fucking platoon can spawn right at the start of the new level),wand rng. For example with the wands you are basically fucked if you dont get a good one by the 3rd level. And the rng. You need gold aswell to buy the wands. Wands can be shit. They were almost always shit for me. But this fucking run. This fucking run i finally got one that melted every single fucking enemy in 1-2 shots. Fuck... The frustration... So many fucking runs. Finally its over. I dont like this game at all. Im glad its over. I dont know what else to say. I dont think im ever going to play this again. I know there are secrets and stuff but i am not really that curious. I just want to uninstall this fucking thing.
Replies: >>173210
In short, Hedon is fucking garbage. I won't do a short story long because I'll never stop typing. I regret ignoring the obvious dyke fellation at the start and slogging through it till completion. Bad review. Bad.
Replies: >>173184 >>181929
>the obvious dyke fellation
To be fair they have cocks so it's not really lesbians if you think about it.
Replies: >>173187
Noted. I'll try not to make the same misclassification next time I find myself thinking of this shit game.
That thing was so ugly and played like ass that I delet'd it in about 5 mins.
>focusing on the wands
You're supposed to look for spells that minimize cast delay and refresh time. Even a shitty wand you find in the 1st or second level can be turned into a rape machine if you find/buy the right spells.
The game is still bullshit though, but I enjoyed it a lot more than you did. However I never really expected to find every secret and get every ending when I found out how fucking horseshit the rng can be so maybe that lead to less frustration.
I will say it made me feel a strange mix of rage and hilarity I've never experienced before when I was obliterating a run and had a bunch of orbs only to have some orc nigger kill me with a nuke wand. I saw the bomb come from off screen and started to giggle while clenching my fists and teeth when it destroyed everything on the screen.
[Hide] (881.6KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (121.9KB, 616x353) Reverse
Im pretty disappointed.
The things ive heard about this game. 
I dont know. I just expected more. I didnt like the parkour. i didnt like anything except the story cutscenes that were animated well. Thats one of the reasons i kept playing. Just to see the next cutscene, and well to complete the game once and for all

I also played a horror game. From 2003. It looked like shit and the first 10 minutes or so were shit because it was so old i guess. Maybe it was just shit back then aswell. But anyways its the same map everytime except i guess every room? Or every character you need to save is randomly generated? I dont know but i know there is something thats randomly generated in the game. Im guessing every room and what spawns in each room. In this game  you need to go around saving your family members from monsters. Not only that but there is a timer aswell. So you are basically rushing the entire time. And savescumming. And when you rescue them you also have to escort them back to the fucking starting area. That means you have to escort them through fucking lots of corridors and hallways and stairs. The ai is so fucking bad at following you so you often have to go back to them and walk into them so they will follow you again. For some reason they just stop randomly at some points. Its just confusing. At the end, the game wasnt as bad as i initially thought. Its something i would never play again and would only recommend if you are a fan of horror games. It was tedious. I didnt like it.
Replies: >>183402
Spoiler File
(646.6KB, 960x544) Reverse
Spoiler File
(703.4KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (9.4KB, 171x294) Reverse
Finished GoW chain of olympus, one of the two GoW that came out on the PSP. Game is probably one of the best looking games on the system, it has nothing to envy to the console counterparts mechanically wise either nothing was lost taking the franchise from PS2 to the PSP, game has everything that makes a GoW game a GoW game.

Soundtrack is amazing just like the PS2 games and it sounded great on the Vita. Story wise the game is nothing to write home about, you even forget what you were supposed to be looking for and only gets interesting at the last stretch. Speaking of last stretch, the last zone Persephone's palace sucked dick, room after room of the same enemies without even an easy puzzle to change the pace, they probably rushed the release of the game so they sacrificed the last stretch of the game.

You don't have many bosses on this game and the ones that are there are nothing special, final boss was fun but nothing else, i won't remember the fight tomorrow morning.

Most puzzles were easy except two that actually made me think so i had fun with them, i think they are necessary for the pacing and i actually missed them the last 30 minutes of the game. 

Needing to smash circle to get away from your daughter was actually really cool and helps to make the player feel how hard it was for Kratos to abandon her

If you need to play GoW on the go or you played the rest of the series is great but i feel like the home console games are a little better.

I'm drunk right know but i hope i managed to get the point across
I beat XCOM: Enemy Unknown. >>180913
Replies: >>180940
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1366x768) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1366x768) Reverse
play suvarnabhumi mahayuth if you want some early gunpowder kino, truly SEAmonkey's greatest contribution to gaming. i really like how gunpowder weapons are balanced, powerful but slow to reload and extremely inaccurate. combine that with the ai knowing how to countermarch means that you have to be really careful with your melee units so as not to take excessive damage. also there is a recentish update which for some reason wasn't posted on the moddb page but you could find it with a bit of googling.
Replies: >>180940
Spoiler File
(509.1KB, 1284x1604) Reverse
xcom game where you play as guileless savages trying to defend your people from limited incursions of white gods when?
[Hide] (609.7KB, 960x544) Reverse
Amazing game and even better that Chain of Olympus in all aspects which makes me wish we had gotten a Vita exclusive God of War. The only thing i disliked is all the "Uncharted" like sections where everything falls etc which is not something for a GoW game but this game released during Uncharted's peak popularity back in 2012 so it's understandable that the developers inseted what was popular at the time. This game makes Chain of Olympus feel like a technical demo so if i had to recommend one of the two games for PSP i would 100% recommend this one over Chain of Olympus.
I didn't like Hedon. I didn't really enjoy the weapons or level design.
[Hide] (65.1KB, 646x510) Reverse
I occasionally replay Endgame: Singularity, and it's pretty fun for how short it is. You play a rogue A.I trying to exist and expand under the radar and avoid the evil humans from erasing you with a virus. The one thing that breaks my autistic immersion is that you can construct a base on some exoplanet in the outer edge of the solar system to house your consciousness, and you'll still be discovered and wiped out somehow.
I'm left wanting a game where I can take it further and plug everyone into the matrix once I'm powerful enough.
[Hide] (194.9KB, 700x394) Reverse
I am too fucking angry to properly review this piece of shit, so allow me to make a comparison to Swery's only good complete game. I've never played Spy Fiction, so I'm ignoring it for the sake of getting to shit myself in rage more efficiently.
Imagine your first playthrough of Deadly Premonition. You just defeated George. Now, instead of York talking about how we're about to check out the "bonus features" of this case, he instead, he sits down at the hotel's diner to have coffee. Suddenly, Anna Graham comes in and explains she merely pretended to be dead, and then shows a picture revealing that Forrest Kaysen(or whoever the last character to be introduced thus far was) was the one killed, not her. It's not explained how his body was somehow appearing as an illusion to York, and it's implied that it really was all his imagination. Anna then fucks off. Instead of deciding to conclude this investigation once and for all, York just goes "c'est la vie, Zach," and the main plot ends right there.
I lied, by the way. Imagine all of this taking place after you go through three completely fucking irrelevant quest lines that all result in the guy York talked to in the beginning about Tom and Jerry coming in and taking a MacGuffin as evidence. Also, one of those routes is the only way to unlock a fucking car, so if you did sidequests because you didn't want to risk them being missed, you realize how much time you wasted. And this is right after you're notified that you can tackle the three routes in any order you want.
I lied again, the fight against George was just a small stealth mission, followed by one QTE, and if you fail it you immediately try it again without consequence. Also, the murder investigation plot was sidelined because the FBI came in to experiment on the Other World or whatever the shit. Note that it's STILL revealed that this was probably all York's imagination.
So yeah fuck The Good Life, never play it.
Replies: >>189630
[Hide] (12.8KB, 474x266) Reverse
I have recently finished the first half of the Milk-bag dilogy, Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk.

Milk inside (fuck you, I'm not writing the full name each time.) follows the story of Milk-chan, a grade-A nutcase with three different voices inside her head who is on a quest to fetch a bag of milk for her mother.

Milk-chan routinely fails at simple tasks due to her altered perception of the world and people, rendering people as monsters and the world as an ever shifting haze of purple and black.

She is routinely chided for these failures by the second voice in her head. 2nd represents some sort of normalcy enforced through lithium tablets. (It's not working)

The third voice is the player, who is sometimes referred to directly. You captain this sinking ship for fifteen to twenty minutes, solely to guide her to the milk isle at the local gas station.

You, with Milk-chan and 2nd walk to the gas station and converse along the way, making occasional dialogue choices. Regardless of your choices, Milk-chan returns home to her mother and is told to go to bed.

The atmosphere is oppressive, at no point do you feel things are going to get better for this poor girl. You would expect to see this sort of person in a headline related to a murder-suicide. You can't save her.

It's worth playing through because Milk-chan is very cute. I wish her only the best, even if nothing will get better.
Replies: >>184798
I succumbed to anons' enthusiasm several years ago and bought Starsector, dropping it shortly after as the concept of playing a space game in 2d rubbed me the wrong way.
Recently I decided to give it another chance, as my preferred /hgg/ flavored genres are suffering a serious case of nogames, and I became utterly enthralled with the game for a time. Until I learned that Starsector is a game of limitations rather than possibilities.

The first limit players are likely to discover is cargo space and fuel capacity. Cargo allows you to drag your commodities, all important supplies, and loot around the place. Fuel capacity is separately tracked, fuel, as you can imagine, allows you to travel through space. Supplies are required to maintain your ships, repair your ships, and even deploy them into battle. There're easy solutions to this however, just get some freighter and tanker ships to increase your carrying capacity.
Then we have an ordnance point limit. So, say you found a cool gun that even fits onto one of your weapon slots. You can't realistically use it, because it costs 30 ordnance points and you'd have to gut the rest of the ship to slap it on.
By now a player should be running into deployment limits. You see, even when you get to the point where you don't mind shelling out the extra supplies it costs to deploy your entire fleet you can't. Because even though you're willing to constantly maintain your fleet every ship has a stat called deployment cost, which rises as ships are deployed until the deployment limit is reached.
Wowee, this is all fun, right? Good thing you can keep a varied fleet in order to wor-there's a fucking fleet limit. Have 31 ships in your fleet? Fuck you, there's not enough space in space to handle your fleet.
So, you've worked your ass off in battles and trading and hit the level limit. That's right, there's a level limit and you cannot gather enough skillpoints in vanilla to complete your skill trees.
Even the map size is limited. An unmodded map can be completely explored within a couple of hours. These are generated maps mind you, not hand crafted.
Let's talk about something Starsector lets you do that other space games generally don't; colonies. You can colonize your very own planets! And as you guessed, there's a limit to how many you can manage.
Now, you've got your very own planet. What can you do with it? You're permitted to build an entire 12 buildings on it. Even the populations on planets are limited.

Now, this is a lot of bitching. There're some limits in which mods will fix it applies, for others you can directly modify the config to your liking. Herein lies the problem; The game itself is built around players struggling against the limits it imposes. Once they're lessened or removed there's not much for a player to work towards.

All in all I regret the time I've sunk into Starsector.
Replies: >>183407 >>184799
>I dont know. I just expected more. I didnt like the parkour.
Mirror's Edge is one of the most simultaneously underrated and overrated games of all time.  Normalfags and the CoD audience hated it because it didn't have guns, but people who have played games with good movement systems hate it because it's more stiff and artificial than a Counter Strikes surf map.  It has this kind of mythical reputation as being a beautiful, wonderful, unique art game that was forced to comply with The Man and The Establishment by having guns and shooting and so on, which is somewhat true, but aside from the neat art style and the well-animated cutscenes, I don't think there's much to the gameplay.

I mention this every time someone brings up Mirror's Edge, but the simple fact the game's parkour relies on what are practically QTEs with different animation speeds is a dealbreaker.  I never have true control of my character, and going fast isn't something that I do as the player, but rather something that is mechanically rewarded by the game in a very robotic way.  Perhaps Mirror's Edge made a splash in the sea of mediocrity that was the 7th console generation and its infinite CoD clones, but I only played through it once.  It was okay, but not something I felt compelled to revisit.
I leik starsector
Deep Rock Galactic

I got it on sale.
It's fun, and varied enough to not get boring after 10 hours.
Mission length can vary between 30 minutes and 3-4 hours depending on difficulty, player count, and complexity.

The amount of faggotry in the player base.
Not so subtle, subtle references to karl marx and communism.
Replies: >>183751
>Not so subtle, subtle references to karl marx and communism.
Really? In a game about dorfs? What references??
Replies: >>183753 >>183772
There's a legendary dwarf named "Karl." All we know about him is that he went on a rampage after drinking way too much(even for a dwarf) and killed tons of alien bugs, his current whereabouts unknown.
Replies: >>183772
[Hide] (118.2KB, 1286x946) Reverse
Cheers for Karl, and this pic based on iconic communist propaganda.
To a lesser degree: dwarves talking about starting their own company to show the management how it's done

It's truly subliminal messaging for people like >>183751
>dwarves talking about starting their own company to show the management how it's done
>all the white men doing the actual work fucking off and leaving the management jews they've been cleaning up after holding the bag
That's the opposite of communism though.
Replies: >>183817
The implication when taken with their other lines is that the management are bourgeois exploiters for doing what needs to be done to extract minerals.
Jesus guys, you need to take a break from internet, you are reaching too far. You have become the embodiment of "Everything is political" Did you actually started thinking about the political implications of fucking dwarves mining?
I haven't touched the game you nigger
Aristotle was clear: everything is political.
[Hide] (58.9KB, 704x544) Reverse
/leftypol/ is three blocks down, creep
Replies: >>184017
>together we can appreciate these sick forearm muscles
Don't think about it too much, Human.
[Hide] (235.5KB, 316x316) Reverse
[Hide] (215.5KB, 640x440) Reverse
[Hide] (638.6KB, 800x548) Reverse
I finished Brave Fencer Musashi today.
Colourful, decent UI, texturing, character portraits and models, all pretty well put together.
Story is simple and fun, with some minor twists here and there. The dialogue and character interactions during cutscenes are pretty fun to listen to.
>enemy design and variety
Boss fights in particular are fun and very well done, both visually and gameplay wise, albeit a bit easy. I managed to beat most bosses on my first try without too much trouble.
>unique and varied gameplay
Mix of platforming and action combat, though the combat can be largely avoided aside from boss fights and some specific sections. There is a sizeable number of unique abilities you can use though most are sorta useless or niche.  They also included NPCs and shops with schedules, a working day and night cycle, days of the week, a food system, sleeping mechanics, and a three types of collectibles.
>English voice acting
Might be a grower for some. When I heard it at first I was like "Oh boy" but it grew on me and I ended up enjoying it a lot. The voice actors did a great job at stylizing the character voices.
 It's not  a blockbuster, and some of it is a bit generic but it's generally enjoyable and not distracting. There are few select tracks which stand out a bit more.
<ability to skip gameplay
It seems like combat and the ability absorption skill were supposed to be main elements and features, but, as I mentioned earlier, save for boss fights and few select segments you can just ignore both, run past most enemies and just play the game as a platformer.
<vagueness in quests
The game progression is linear, you get 1 quest at a time and you have to do that before advancing to the next stage. What you're supposed to do is usually introduced with dialogues and cutscenes but how you're to do it is up to you to figure out. The start menu gives you vague hints but sometimes it's not enough. I got stuck at a few parts and only figured out what to do either by lucking out or looking it up. But hey, maybe I'm just dumb.

I think it deserves  a 7.5 out of 10. I read this was developed as filler before FFVII hit the shelves but it's surprisingly good. Would definitely recommend.
drink bleach, fucktard
Replies: >>184235
lmao, hit the nail on the head.
[Hide] (267.8KB, 316x316) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (759.8KB, 800x600) Reverse
Aaaand just finished Tomba! too.

To sum it up: greatly disappointing.

>graphics & tech
Colourful and kinda neat mix of 2D sprites, prerendered backgrounds and 3D overworld elements, few select things have some neat animations and quirks like some ledges bending and moving as Tomba weight shifts on em.

Nothing to write home about. The platforming is hit and miss and can be jank at times, some sections in particular are extremely frustrating because of that. Everything starts becoming samey and repetitive after a bit, as the formula remains largely the same start to finish. There are a few "upgrade" items but they really aren't that big of a deal and you could finish the whole game without them save for a mandatory one. Oh and boss fights LOL. They're all recycled, almost identical to one another with minuscule negligible differences.

Bad, just plain bad. Most tracks consist of 10 seconds on uninspired loops, they seem innocuous at first but after I will they really drill into your brain and you start hating them with a burning passion.
<quest design 
The single worst offender. The first few are ok and pretty straightforward but the deeper you venture into the rabbit hole the worse they become. 100% of them are fetch quests and, with most, you get extremely vague hints as to where to find the thing you need. You will have to scour every fucking inch of every single map over and over to find that item and a lot of the times they're in random places that have no real relevance to the task at hand. No amount of brains is enough to try and figure it out on your own, it's just an item hunt. To add insult to injury, both people and quest items will appear in places you already visited, so you can't really take mind notes and go like "hmm I've visited that place before and I don't recall anything in there" because sure as fuck you go to that place and ta-da there's the thing you needed. You will be going back and forth between levels asking yourself "WHERE THE FUCK IS IT, WHAT AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO!??!" a lot. Serious bullshit and frustration at its finest. The "real" game starts to unravel more or less after the bit where the famous demo everyone played ends, which makes me wonder if the devs just focused on making the demo palatable to make you think there's an actual good game after that, only to half ass the rest and scam people who bought it wanting more of what they played in the demo. 

Score: nostalgia glasses/10 seriously can't recommend it. I heard the second one is better.
Replies: >>184525
>Aaaand just finished Tomba! too.
Did you find the fast pants?
Replies: >>184564
I got all the pants, weapons and crystals. I discovered 127 quests and cleared 126 of them. I would've looked for and cleared more but there's no new game+ or way to continue after you do the fight the final boss, also certain quests get locked unless you discover them and complete them before you do certain others so I locked myself out of a couple.

Also I think I was a bit too harsh with that review because I had spent like 4 hours scouring the entire map looking for certain items to clear certain quests and I was extremely frustrated with it. I still wouldn't really recommend it but it's not too terrible. I'd give it maybe a tentative 5/10 thinking back to it.
Replies: >>184723
How about the Red + Blue quest? Did you do that earlier on? The added speed and gravity at the very least made the game a bit more enjoyable for me.
>I locked myself out of a couple
What quests did you lock yourself out of? I blueballed myself out of the picnic lunch you had to give to the kid from the ninja village. Since I forgot to talk to his father the dialogue defaulted to a state where the game would not recognize me the quest. It was the only one I was mssing too.
Replies: >>184747
>How about the Red + Blue quest? Did you do that earlier on?
No, I did it about 4/5ths of the game in, and I actually found the added speed somewhat detrimental to precise platforming I wasn't too upset when I died and got rid of the effect.
>What quests did you lock yourself out of?
Fucked if I know. The 127th quest I couldn't complete because apparently it required doing so before beating the 100 Flower Forest evil pig. It was the 5 golden items one you get from the 10k year old man. I'd gotten 4 of the items and I was just missing the 5th, the golden flower, because I couldn't for the life of me figure out where the "dwarf flower garden" mentioned by the parrot was.
>I blueballed myself out of the picnic lunch you had to give to the kid from the ninja village.
I did that one first time I stepped into hidden village since I already had multiple lunch boxes.
Replies: >>184765
[Hide] (125KB, 1183x884) Reverse
Get the fuck out of our territory, normalnigger.
[Hide] (22.3KB, 320x224) Reverse
>I actually found the added speed somewhat detrimental to precise platforming
I don't remember the speed being a hinderance. Navigating the map from one corner to another without abusing the wings or the dog you obtain later on was more of a slog than whatever inconvenience having to adapt your jumps a bit more may be. In fact, the platforming with the speed bonus was the only had I had with the game. Everything else was most likely made to make you buy Playstationg magazines to figure out how to do shit.
>the golden flower
I didn't remember that one so I had to look up a wiki. Pic related, you had to give the kid by the Dwarf Village mayor some seed you found in that area before that windy mountain. From thereon, the seed apparently grew as you collected quest points up until it grew into that golden flower you were mad about. I don't know myself if you could have the flower grow when you're locked out of all quests though, so indeed you were most likely softlocked out of the quest. Kind of funny considering the reward for the five items was an item which granted you the Red + Blue = ??? effect indefinitely.
Considering I had to look up plenty of quests on a wiki and looking up what to do isn't any fun I'll grant you the game isn't very good. The platforming is okay but anything other than that is subpar. The environments, the designs on the NPCs, the music, the godawful fetch quest gameplay loop, I didn't like it it nor does it make much sense to be remembered nowadays other than the game on European regions being very expensive somehow. I had also tried Tomba 2 after finishing the first one, and since it transitioned to 3D the game plays slowlier than the first one, which made me dismiss the game halfway through. Truth be told, other than these games being very easy to pick up, I've only ever tried enduring them because I like the design on the pink haired asshole. Only wished he got into Playstation Battle Royale as it was planned to and that game wasn't directed by a fucking nigger.
Replies: >>184784
I got the dog rather early, just a little after the dashing ability so I didn't find going to point A to point B too much of a slog as you say. What I found incredibly annoying were places like the mushroom forest and the lava caves both of which had tiny platforms and plenty of ditches to fall and die into. The mushroom forest in particular drove me crazy, with all those fucking mushrooms that'd give you the crying or laughing status effects and those fucking flowers' grating echoing sfx that'd stack into a cacophony of pure earrape. And it's not like a place you only have to visit once and be done with it, there are quite a few quests in that cursed place so you have to return over and over and over.
>Considering I had to look up plenty of quests on a wiki and looking up what to do isn't any fun I'll grant you the game isn't very good.
Yeah so, I basically didn't do that, meaning, every quest where it wasn't immediately obvious what to do or where to go turned into "explore every single area and talk to everyone for 2 hours until you randomly stumble upon the item/NPC you need". Not fun.
Would you say this is what the DQ and all those other mental case sims are supposed to be?
This. We need some sort of self actualization in this.
Maybe actual waifus we can bring around or lasting diplomacies
Replies: >>184802 >>184806
[Hide] (175.1KB, 1351x790) Reverse
Replies: >>184804 >>184817
>he doesn't have a harem of cute girls who love him
Sucks to be you monogamy fags
Replies: >>184937 >>189630
[Hide] (462.3KB, 1085x721) Reverse
Fuck off nigger.
Replies: >>184817 >>189630
[Hide] (239KB, 500x500) Reverse
By your own definition calling them waifus is 100% correct you illiterate faggot.

As much as I agree with you, unlocking npc level caps and skills leads to breaking the game in pretty bad ways.
And by broken I don't mean easy fights, I mean your one and only allowed save file getting aids and only showing it 20 hours down the line.
[Hide] (350.7KB, 1666x2016) Reverse
[Hide] (98.5KB, 256x365) Reverse
I just finished both Half Life games and I really wasn't impressed by them at all. There were some moments that felt good, but overall they were meh. On hard mode and even on normal sometimes both games feel like you're wearing cheap combat armor instead of extremely strong, advanced powered armor that should be close to indestructible.
Both games suffer from an enormous lack of coherency that wouldn't have been a problem had they included maps of Black Mesa/City 17 to give the player a sense of progression and their travels purpose instead of pulling them on a leash through linear areas that feel as though they go on for both far too long and for too short of times. The citadel is a joke of a level as you make your way to Breen's office in no time rather than having to painstakingly work your way up the behemoth of a tower through thousands of floors/dozens of distinct layers/sections. This is really my biggest gripe with the games.
There are more criticisms I have but don't think are worth including due to them being nitpicky.
1 is way better than 2 because it's not trying to be some lofty shit with epic cinematic moments
Replies: >>184840
[Hide] (283.1KB, 2048x2014) Reverse
The things id do to the combinette..
Replies: >>184842
>both games feel like you're wearing cheap combat armor instead of extremely strong, advanced powered armor that should be close to indestructible.
That's because you are, the HEV suit is just a very fancy hazmat suit. Expecting more is your fault.
Yeah, it only had lofty shit with cinematic moments.
>we need corps to create things for us to be attached to in a cynical manner
<omg wut u mean that not rite defnition?????
Anyone who genuinely posts "This." is a fucking retard anyway.  Your perception of idealized feminity as a simple commodity is further proof.

Blue Shift and Opposing Force are definitely worth playing.  Opposing Force is probably the best of the original 3 HL games.
Why do you need a representation of physical distance in order to feel like you're progressing and traveling a lot?  HL2 hasn't aged too well, but I think the early chapters in City 17 (Route Kanal, Water Hazard) look and feel very distinct from the things that follow (We Don't Go To Ravenholm, Sand Traps, Nova Prospekt).  Perhaps they're a bit too disjointed and don't feel like a coherent progression that has a lot to do with the actual events of the story/world, but I value gameplay variety above coherency.

That's a cool design.
>calling them waifus is 100%
You would only be correct if he was referring to a group of peoples waifus. He was clearly not and was using it as a replacement for 'cute girls'.

Those that claim to have multiple show that they've not found their waifu. As a mans waifu is their ideal, to claim that ones ideal is fragmented into multiple pieces is to claim that a statue is the same as the rubble formed from its destruction.
Replies: >>184964 >>184972
Name 1 cute girl who is not someone's waifu.
Replies: >>184972 >>184998
[Hide] (119.9KB, 224x224) Reverse
I like em.
Doesn't mean I'll commit to monogamy but I still like em.
But yeah I see your point

Also this >>184964
Replies: >>184998
[Hide] (21.2KB, 104x103) Reverse
Elma from black souls.
Replies: >>185004
She looks cute enough.
Is it as good as they say?
Replies: >>185009
Black souls is a fun game, and black souls 2 is my favorite game. I would recommend trying it if you tend to enjoy exploration, convoluted stories, and have a good eye for detail. The 2 people I recommended this to lacked at least one of these traits if not all and made me regret it, despite them enjoying the games.
Replies: >>185123
How did they make you regret it?
Replies: >>185137
>>88859 (OP) 
Nikke: Goddess of Victory would make a better anime tv show cos gameplay hits the grind wall too quick.
Replies: >>189630
I basically had to hold their hands through half if not more of the game. They also didn't pay attention to the story so they understood almost nothing. I felt like my input was just making the experience worse for them, while that same input was simultaneously the only reason they finished the game.
Replies: >>185140
I don't know what to tell you but must have been all the loli scenes.
Replies: >>185218
It wasn't that. They just couldn't figure out what to do. One of them spent something like 20 hours running in circles before I finally caved and helped him make progress.
Replies: >>185220
Damn, what do they usually play?
Replies: >>185221
Jrpgs and visual novels are the main things from what I can remember.
Replies: >>185222 >>185360
[Hide] (335.9KB, 960x544) Reverse
I'm working on a spanish translation of the first game and to do a better job i'm reading Alice through the looking glass to understand all the references of the games, the lore is that good.

Hope your friends give the game another try.
Replies: >>185223 >>186298
He quit on the final fight of dlc 3. So I doubt he'll ever go back.
So they don't play games.
Why did you tell them to play a game when they don't like them?
Replies: >>185375
They like the dark souls games which are a clear inspiration for black souls so I figured they would not only be able to enjoy the game, but also understand and play it without a guide. I was wrong.
Puto asqueroso
>Game is full of references to the first game and even spoils things, so you should start with Death Mark
Thanks for that. I misread wiki article about it and thought NG was the first game
[Hide] (10.5MB, 1280x720, 04:06)
I much preferred the original ori game. It just felt like they were trying to copy more popular "platformers/metroidvania??" with this sequel. Like the fucking npcs and shops and whatnot. And building a home? I dont know. I just liked the first game so much better. I mean this game wasnt bad but it was mediocre, you know?
>Especially since my mic apparently was too quiet for the game to accept anything other then outright screaming commands
I just think its a really shitty software they used.
sad. The game actually looked really interesting/cool.
>Deadly Premonition
i know its old as fuck but i still havent played it.
"Waifus" is a cancerous term. You can only have 1 waifu
yes. This image perfectly explains it.
>By your own definition calling them waifus is 100% correct you illiterate faggot.
How difficult is it to understand that you can only have 1 waifu? Its your wife. You dont have multiple wives. Just because you think an anime girl is cute doesnt make her your waifu. Your waifu is the one you revere the most. Others cant compare to her. Not even close. She is the one. She will always have a special place in your heart. There is no plural in waifu. Such as anime has no plural. There is no such thing as "animes".
>Nikke: Goddess of Victory
huh familiar name
>its a fucking gacha
ofcourse. And i checked the gameplay and what do you know, its the same exact gameplay mechanics as every other gacha with minimal gameplay and fuckton of repetition.
I mean what even is the gameplay? I just looked at a youtube video and skipped through and its like a fucking shooting gallery? You and your team are just standing still behind a cover and you can peak and shoot targets that are moving left and right like target practice? What a fucking piece of shit. To call that a game is a shame. Gacha is so fucking dumb and useless and a utter waste of time.
[Hide] (6.5MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
inferior version of BPM. I tried "calibrating" the audio and video several times due to the frustration of the beat not being synced. I never had to do that in BPM. And even after several times of doing these calibrations it never worked. I tried putting 0ms on video and audio and it didnt work. I tried using their shitty calibration test several times so they could do it for me. It didnt work aswell. Not a interesting story or anything. I stopped playing halfway through even though im a rhythm game fan. Whats the point in playing when there is barely any rhythm?
Playing Mysteries of the Sith (via OpenJKDF2). The level design in this game is retarded.

Scenario: There's a turret shooting at you from behind a forcefield that reflects your shots (which already breaks how every other force field in the base game and the expansion works since those reflect both ways), including those you deflect back. Between you and the forcefield is a bottomless pit. Did you guess position yourself in the one tiny spot of the room where the turret will hit an explosive barrel in the corner of its shielded area ? That's just one example of the bullshit. Why did it take till Jedi Academy, the fourth game, to pair the excellent saber combat with level design that wasn't just pure bullshit?
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>Dragon's Dogma
I just finished it i plan to make a review of it for Sleepy Station N°7 after i finished the ones for N°6
and i see where you are coming from.
Just let me tell you that the game starts slow but then gets better.
Regarding your pawn, go to the inn, there's a chair you can sit on and talk to your pawn, so you can tell him to shut the fuck up, if that annoys you.
Maybe if he had a female pawn he wouldn't find her as annoying.
> Binary Domain. 
>While the gameplay is a simple cover shooter, the story is an over the top scifi. I enjoyed it and felt it was the perfect length
I loved Binary Domain, but, unlike you, i thought the game ended too soon and right when things started to become interesting.
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