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Seeing as how I keep finding myself relying more and more upon trying to find out "how" to softmod/jailbreak systems, I figured make a dedicated homebrew thread for other Anons to refer to if they want to do the same.

Nintendo 3DS: https://3ds.hacks.guide/
Nintendo Wii U: https://wiiu.hacks.guide/
PlayStation 2: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/tutorial-the-great-ps2-aio-guide.30219/
PlayStation 3: https://www.psx-place.com/threads/exploiting-4-90-ofw-installing-cfw-running-ps3hen-flash-writer-ps3hen-now-supporting-4-90-fw.39772/
PlayStation Vita: https://vita.hacks.guide/

http://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Applications (3DS only)
https://apps.fortheusers.org/ (Wii U only)
https://www.psx-place.com/resources/ (Sony only)
https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/ (Vita only)
https://wiibrew.org/wiki/List_of_homebrew_applications (Wii only)
https://wiiubrew.org/wiki/List_of_homebrew_applications (Wii U only)

Rom/ISO sources
https://gbatemp.net/threads/nusspli-install-content-directly-from-the-nintendo-update-servers-to-your-wii-u.566055/ (Wii U)
https://www.nopaystation.com/ (PS3/PSP/PSV)

News and forums
Replies: >>197496
I have modded my wii,ps1,ps2,ps3,xbox(original) and my new3dsxl.
I used consolemods.org
A helpful thing i found out myself when softmodding my wii is that if you use a usb adapter(for sd cards and such), you can put a sd card in it and it will function like a usb.
Will Xbone+ homebrew users ever stop paying Bill Gates and the Illuminati 20 Dobsons to unlock a speshul dev mode needed for installing Retroarch that MS can revoke access to on a whim?
That there's no genuine Xbone homebrewing scene with a CFW infrastructure similar to other 8th gen systems is disturbing given the strong scenes the Hueg and 360 had.
Either the Bone's DRM botnet is powered by Heretek enchantments born from Molochian blood sacrifice rituals or fags are too lazy to penetrate hypervisors when an ((( easy ))) way out in the form of shekels exists, though if the latter were true then why haven't Kiketendo and Soyjew offered something similar on their systems?
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Anybody got a guide for DSi?

>>197450 (OP) 
The suggested exploit is LetterBomb (https://please.hackmii.com). You only need a USB flash drive (and then just click a button, basically).
Full guide: https://wii.guide/letterbomb.html
Wii Homebrew wiki: https://wiibrew.org/wiki/Main_Page

>Rom/ISO sources
Replies: >>197504 >>197689
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Please speak human, thank you.

Is there even anything to use a hacked DSi with over a 3DS?
>Is there even anything to use a hacked DSi with over a 3DS?
I personally don't think so, but it depends on what Anon owns/prefers.

Also, for some DSi homebrew, here's VNDS: https://pst.moe/paste/tediml
>Either the Bone's DRM botnet is powered by Heretek enchantments born from Molochian blood sacrifice rituals or fags are too lazy to penetrate hypervisors when an (((  easy  ))) way out in the form of shekels exist

Literally 'every' game on Xbone 2 is also on PC and/or Switch, and of the 12 Xbone only games, the only ones that aren't Kinect garbage are these three
>Halo 5
<Halo 5
>Rare Replay
<literally a collection of 360 and older games
>Forza Motorsport 5
<legit have no idea, but as a launch title driving game I expect it to be utterly interchangeable
remember beijing olympics
everyone say it as best in whole world
china best china
Dear diary,

today an armchair psychiatrist diagnosed me with autism.

Replies: >>197558
Don't have to be a psychologist to tell you're autistic boy
>why haven't Kiketendo and Soyjew offered something similar on their systems?
The obvious reason is money. Better to never sell the game on the offchance it can be done in the future then give it away for free. The easiest emulators to run are generally from the 5th generation (PSX/N64/Saturn) back, which consequently are also full of Nintendo/Sony games. Even considering 6th generation (PS2/Gamecube/Dreamcast/Xbox) games are becoming supported in most chinese emulator boxes, both Sony/Nintendo have an especially large amount of big games from that era.
Microsoft's strategy is to simply become Netflix since it has completely failed in making worthwhile exclusives, so it essentially doesn't give a damn so long as it can ensure the console isn't hacked and people pay for gamepass. Especially good for Microsoft when it can make an extra $20, make the console look more appealing, and protect its hardware all in one.
Nigger just buy an R4, i got one for $10 and it had a 16GB SD card inside already.
Yes actually, the 3DS screen is not exactly twice as big as the DS, so DS and GBA games scale poorly, the DSi XL is guaranteed to have an IPS screen so that's another plus. With the 3DS only the New models can have an IPS screen, you can't tell at a glance which ones have it, and even then there's the scaling issue i already mentioned. Funnily enough the shitty 2DS is the only one that can scale GBA/DS games properly, but it has weaker hardware than a New model, TN screen and it's as uncomfortable to hold as the original GBA.
Replies: >>197691 >>197694
You can turn off the scaling.
>IPS screen
Actual nightmare to find for a reasonable price. I even sat and refreshed ebay for an entire day once.
Here are some confirmed serial numbers for (guarranteed) 3ds dual ips


Its an actual nightmare to look for serial codes that match. I told you i was refreshing all day for a day. Well i wasnt the only one. There are alot of people trying to get these (probably to resell). I got lucky and bought one that just popped up and said (dual ips) in the title.
Hey guys, just wanted to tell you not to buy a Wii U. I had to get a new Wii because my old one bit the dust and I got a Wii U instead because I thought that with vWii it'd be a straight upgrade. It's not. Wii games that should be compatible with Gamecube controllers just don't detect the things for whatever reason, and it fucking pisses me off.
Replies: >>197696 >>197856
How would you even connect a Gamecube controller to a Wii U? It doesn't have any ports so of course it is not compatible.
Replies: >>197697
With the USB adapter.
Replies: >>197700
DSi for DS games. 
XL version has dual ips but since its XL then pixels get stretched (pixel density)
New nintendo 3ds (because "new" has better hardware) 
I myself have new nintendo 3ds XL dual ips. I have noticed a few times that text can look a bit pixely which i think is because pixel density.
All in all. It doesnt matter if you arent autistic as fuck
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Looks like that is only made for Smash autists. The GC controller sucks anyway.
Replies: >>197715
Oh. This thing actually works with Nintendont, and I just assumed that Ninty gave enough of a shit to make it work with vWii. Egg's on my face, I guess.
>The GC controller sucks anyway.
I think that the oversized A button is actually nice for a few games, and it's also one of the only controllers with a grooved stick. Other than that, having more options like that is generally preferable to having less options.
>Wii games that should be compatible with Gamecube controllers just don't detect the things for whatever reason, and it fucking pisses me off.
Anon, that's been known since day one. In addition, it's pretty much considered a non-issue as every game that uses the GC controller is also compatible with the Classic Controller. I think the sole exception is Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
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a txt i saved about psp games :
>Some other good games that aren't included there are the nanoha games, busou shinki battle masters mk2, valkyria chronicles 3, burunyan man, monster hunter freedom 1 (pretty much a enhanced port of 1, FU is a port of dos and F2), sol trigger and especially the rengoku games, i seriously cannot recommend these enough. All but busou shinki have had either official western releases or have gotten english patches over the years, but busou shinki has little to no story, you just pick your doll and enter a tournament, you don't need to learn even basic japanese to equip her with better weapons either, as the numbers will tell you which one is stronger.
Xbox 360 modding guide
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The worst part about upgrading the hard drive on xbox original was that it took a long fucking time to troubleshoot.
First thing i got wrong was the jumper on the hard drive. I didnt understand that shit and got it wrong and that let to error screens. Pretty much everywhere i looked people just said some stupid shit about "checking cables" "unplug cables and plug them back in" vice verca. Which took me a long fucking time because it never worked.
I was ready to give up and just accept my xbox was dead until i somehow thought of the jumper setting. I didnt understand where to put it and such and i had the jumper in the wrong pin. It took me a bit of looking around because faggots cant properly explain what jumper pins and that kind of shit is and how to figure out where to put the damn thing.
The last problem i had was after doing everything, i got another error code. This also took  a long fucking time to find the answer for because once again there was only like 1 fucking post on the entire internet talking about it. I JUST happened to stumble across the post.
It was because the xbox original cable doesnt work for SATA or something like that? Like newer drives or something? I dont fucking know.
But i had to buy a 80-pin UDMA 66/133 cable
fucking finally the thing worked.
Replies: >>198046
How young are you if you've never used a PATA drive's jumper setting?
Replies: >>198047
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I'm in my 30's and I just barely missed having to fuck around with slave/master drives.
I actually just finished Soul Blader (Blazer). it was bretty good, but I wouldn't say it's like Zelda, more like Actraiser.
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>Metroid must play titles
>AM2R isn't listed
Nintendo deleted all the copies.
Replies: >>199039 >>199043
Yeah just like super mario 3 and shit. 

Before you ask I checked the high seas, it's right there with 11 seeds, v1 from 2016. 

It's just another metroid 2 remake.
AM2R_11.zip from 2017
That image has been around since at least 2013. I don't think it's seen any updates beyond a typo correction (which is not the one anon up there posted).
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Two questions regarding PS3 homebrew:
>If I'm installing games from the USB to the hard drive, does the USB have to be formatted to Fat32?
I'm asking because I cannot copy PKGs bigger than 4 GB to it. I know that I can copy the games from the USB to the hard drive using MultiMan (Cannot get FTP to work), but I want to know if that is also compatible with any other drive format.
>How do I play rips of PS3 ISOs?
There are some games that are either absent from NPS or are lacking the DLC when using those versions as opposed to the physical versions.
>does the USB have to be formatted to Fat32?
As far as I know. I had trouble with some games with a file or two bigger than 4GB so I used FTP for those.

>How do I play rips of PS3 ISOs?
You just copy the files to the HDD and use multiman to open it, then select the disc when it brings you back to the XMB.
Replies: >>199477
>I had trouble with some games with a file or two bigger than 4GB so I used FTP for those.
IIRC there are tools that can split games and then recombine them after you copy them over, but they're probably all made by some macaco in 2011 and only work on XP, so getting some form of FTP working is a must. I recommend webMAN mod.
I do everything over FTP, but if there are tools to split WBFS files for the Wii, there must be PS3 equivalents out there.
And yes, you can just load ISOs through multiman, worked on my machine.
download this https://github.com/bucanero/pkgi-ps3 and install it, then install the extra archives and you've got a motherload of games you can install straight from your console
Replies: >>199529
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>If I'm installing games from the USB to the hard drive, does the USB have to be formatted to Fat32?
No. FAT32 is only required for installing the CFW. You just need an NTFS USB drive with the full edition of webMAN MOD installed on your PS3. To be able to utilize that NTFS drive you'll need to go into webMAN Setup (located in your webMAN Games folder) and scroll down until you'll find prepISO. Launch it, your PS3 will restart and now you'll be able to find your pkg files in the Blu-Ray and DVD folder inside the webMAN Games folder. You'll also need to place the exdata folder with the RAP files downloaded by NoPayStation in the root of your USB drive so that your CFW can also install them (and they're required because otherwise your installed game will require you to log-in into a PSN account with these games purchased). Only modern CFWs do this, so make sure that you're using the latest (4.90) Evilnat CFW (CEX or PEX), and not some old CFW like ReBug.
Keep in mind that installing games this way is slow as shit (unless you replaced the stock PS3 hard drive with a faster hard drive), so I heavily recommend you take this anon's >>199513 advice.
PKGI requires some config files to be transferred into it's install data on the PS3's hard drive. You can use IRISMAN and my files https://files.catbox.moe/7sbxgh.7z to properly set it up to use NPS. Place them in /dev_hdd0/game/.
Any anon have a quick guide for Switch stuff? How much should I expect to spend on a V1 model before I get that shit started?
Replies: >>200201
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Don't bother, just use yuzu instead. Nintendo went all in on the spyware jew shit so you basically have to RCM it on every boot and never connect to the internet to avoid hosing yourself, making it useless because the only reason to get the console is paying to play online. If you just want to play breath of soy 1.5 because it's the flavor of the month there's a magnet for it on this very board.
Is NPS down for anyone else?
Replies: >>201079
Works for me.
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>buy a second hand PS2 HDD adapter for 15 bucks
>try to connect my dead laptop's hard drive
>it doesn't fit on any plug
>start staring at the two hueg connectors on the back of the adapter
>those ends connect IDE HDDs
>all my hard drives at home are SATA
>seller won't accept refunds
What the fuck do I do now? The most obvious choice is to pay the extra 25 quids for the SATA version, but a part of me would rather take it like a man and snatch some shitty IDE drive from a computer shop on the cheap.
You can also buy the SATA connection board and mod the adapter yourself
Replies: >>206564
get an IDE drive, or see if those CompactFlash to IDE adapters work with the PS2.
Replies: >>206520 >>206564
>those CompactFlash to IDE adapters
They don't work. Or rather they work but don't support UDMA making them useless for PS2 games because they're too slow. They're great for reviving ancient PCs that don't support hard drives bigger than a few GB but that's about it.
Replies: >>206525
There is no SATA version though, so I'm not sure why you expected anything else when you bought it.
Replies: >>206564
if anything anon might as well just use a NAS for hosting disc images since the PS2's NIC bus is faster than the HDD one.
Replies: >>206564
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>there is no SATA version
Pic related, it's not official but it does exist and I should have known.
>you can also buy the SATA connection board and mod the adapter yourself
Are you suggesting to gut an old computer's SATA connector to weld it onto the PS2 HDD adapter? Why would the SATA PINs be compatible with an IDE board? Even if I were to, buying a SATA plug to convert the board with would cost me as much as selling the PS2 IDE adapter and buying the SATA one instead.
>use an IDE drive
Does anyone here use IDE drives for his PS2? I've got a bunch of old PCs lying around, and optimistically I could find a 40GB drive, but what would it be worth? 40GBs is barely enough for Yakuza 2, the two Sirens and Rogue Galaxy, that's 4 games worth of drive.
<PS2's DVD-ROM read speed is 5.28MB/s
<PS2's HDD read speed with OPL stands at 3MB/s
Games on the HDD are read slower than on DVD, right? It's an acceptable tradeoff if I get to store 6 gorillion .isos though and I assume more fags here have a similar setup.
>the PS2's NIC bus is faster than the HDD one
Has anyone here ever done this, read games through Ethernet on the PS2, or is this some bullshit suggestion no one would follow himself such as installing Gentoo?
I use and IDE HDD for my ps2. I was able to get a 250GB for about 20 bucks and that's enough space for a decent selection. This was like a decade ago though so I couldn't tell you what prices are like now.
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>Are you suggesting to gut an old computer's SATA connector to weld it onto the PS2 HDD adapter?
No, faggot, you buy a PCB that has the SATA connector and a conversion chip on it. The IDE connector is on a daughterboard inside the adapter and this is a drop-in replacement. You can get them for like $20 on amazog.
>I've got a bunch of old PCs lying around, and optimistically I could find a 40GB drive, but what would it be worth?
About tree fiddy, or upwards of $20 depending on how much the seller knows about retrocomputing. For a few years office and school computer sales were a goldmine for this sort of thing, but that was a long time ago so  your best bet is garage sales and whatever your country's equivalent of craigslist is.
>Has anyone here ever done this, read games through Ethernet on the PS2, or is this some bullshit suggestion no one would follow himself such as installing Gentoo?
Do you really think someone would just go on the internet and tell lies? also installing gentoo is perfectly fine assuming you have a decent computer and an afternoon to kill, or just cheat by importing packages from a binhost like in any other distribution
Replies: >>206751 >>206776
>Games on the HDD are read slower than on DVD, right? It's an acceptable tradeoff if I get to store 6 gorillion .isos though and I assume more fags here have a similar setup.
Yes, and FMVs will fuck up if the ISO is on the HDD and not being read from a DVD. Look into hosting ISOs over a NAS.
>Has anyone here ever done this, read games through Ethernet on the PS2, or is this some bullshit suggestion no one would follow himself such as installing Gentoo?
Tons of people do it, there are plenty opf guides as well.
Replies: >>206751
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Any recommended games to emulate in Ryujinx?
That would require there be switch games worth playing.
The only recommendation I can give is for that twi'lek girl to get naked.
SRWT and FE Three houses
Replies: >>206715
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>unironically recommending Fire Emblem: Persona
Replies: >>206724
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that's not fire emblem persona, THIS is fire emblem persona
FE three houses is honestly okay with a fun story if you pick the blue house, but it plays out more like a visual novel with a fucking stupid "hub" area
Replies: >>206761
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>you can get them for like $20 on amazog
I've just bought the SATA adaptor off some second hand retailer for less than $20. In fact, I could try to sell the IDE adaptor on the web in the hopes someone fucks up just like I did to recoup losses.
>FMVs will fuck up if the ISO is on the HDD
Is this true? I've been skimming through a few pages and all these stuttering issues relate to faggots using the PS2's USB port to play vidya, not the HDD port. There are plenty of issues regarding loading games through OPL but those seem to be fixed with game specific settings regarding DMA speeds I think.
>NAS for hosting disc images
This would require a crossover netowrk cable I don't own to connect my laptop to the PS2, assuming it will read its secondary HDD. Thing is, I don't want to buy yet another accessory off the web, moreso one that pisses on everything I've ordered up until now. Besides, from what I've seen on the PS2-Home forums SMB is much more faulty regarding games than an HDD. I'm not sure yet but I don't think I've been meme'd on by buying a PS2 PHAT + HDD adapter. None of these have arrived yet so I can't be sure yet.
In any case I've got a cogswap-ready slim PS2 to read burned DVDs with Swap Magic. Problem is the only computer at home that still has a DVD player doesn't seem to burn DVDs well. I don't think the PS2 can read the DVDs either now that I've got to try it.
Someone should make a ODE for the PS2 already.
Honestly I haven't had issues with load times or FMVs with OPL outside of one case of desynched audio I believe. However, I haven't played a large enough selection of games to claim it doesn't happen.
Replies: >>206789
>Tokyo Mirage Sessions
No, Tokyo Mirage was just some weebshit with Fire Emblem references slapped over it. It doesn't even play like Persona. 

>FE three houses is honestly okay with a fun story
>fun story
If you find bland characters combined with awkward pacing "fun" then you must find a-lot of mahvel films to enjoyable as well.
>Has anyone here ever done this, read games through Ethernet on the PS2, or is this some bullshit suggestion no one would follow himself such as installing Gentoo?
Why wouldn't they have? I did this on a GC in ~2005.
>I don't want to buy yet another accessory off the web
The link in >>206581 uses SMB, all you need to do is keep your games in a shared folder on your PC.
This far, from the several games I've tried, the only game that I have never been able to get to work is Flatout. Every other PS2 game loads without issue, or has an issue that's easily solved with an option applied in OPL.
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>SATA HDD adapter finally arrives
>format a USB to install FMB on a memory card
>insert my Swap Magic CD on my PS2
>load the boot file from my USB
>install wizerd pops in and finishes smoothly
>plug a 256GB HDD onto my PS2
>format the HDD to be used by the PS2
>burn a bunch of PS2 games and PS1 .vcds onto the HDD
>my phat PS2 becomes a plug and play console
This fucks. I've already played more vidya than I had played this entire year. For instance I've just beat Katamari Damacy today trying to get a high score on Taurus/Ursa Major is martyrdom; got already filtered by God Hand; got pleasantly surprised by Ape Escape 3 which I believed was going to be significantly worse than 1 it's only slightly worse; ragequitted in Silent Hill 2 after having to look up a guide to find where the fuck was uncle David's room thinking it was just another regular room I could press X to collect a key from surprisingly I figured out dropping the pack of soda in the trash would do something and skimmed through Galdelic Hour to see what the fuck that shit was about, which is what I'll be playing later. I'm thinking of buying a Teamninjabox too while I'm at it, to which I might want to sit down and read that Sleepy Station article one day.
My only complaint is that most games seem to have more slowdown than they should gameplaywise. For once I expected Ape Escape 3 to have a consistent 60FPS throughout yet I rarely reach that framerate in most stages. Settings on OPL don't help either. Does this game naturally slow down on DVD or is worse performance what's to expect from here on?
Dont get a official taiko drum. Just dont bother. Because you NEED to mod it. I tried modding mine aswell. Didnt really change anything. Now thats like 3 months of waiting and nothing for it + a waste of money. I hope WHORI gets assfucked. So much for "official". Absolute garbage. Looks like at the end of the day im just going to have to go with some expensive third party option. I just want to play some fucking taiko....
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No Danganronpa on the PSP charts? Seriously?
Replies: >>207963 >>208019
that's because these graphs were made by men, not women
Replies: >>207979
[Hide] (153.1KB, 1079x1080) Reverse
Nah, it's because these graphs were made by my little sister's totalitarian school.
Replies: >>207980
sounds like your little sister is autistic
Replies: >>207981
...Which turns me on.
If that game caused you such mental damage you have to avatarfag this hard everywhere I wouldn't recommend it to anyone either.
Oh nice, a modding thread!
I've been slowly working my way through modding my consoles, got a modded PSP (currently dead, need to fix it), a Vita, a Wii, and recently modded a PS3 Super Slim. Still need to get my storage situation sorted out, originally went with a 250gb SSD and ended up having issues with Armored Core V so I'll need to redo everything with a 1tb hdd and start keeping backups (sans PS2 classics files) external. Sucks, but oh well. 
Next on my list after that is sorting out my wii and getting a nice big hard drive for it instead of just loading games off the sd card, I managed to get 4 classic controllers and 4 wiimotes so it's the perfect party console. After that is a PS2 Slim, an Xbox, and an Xbox 360, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it because I'm saving up cash for more hard drives right now.
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After homebrewing, which handheld is better? 3DS family, or PS Vita? (or some other one?)
I personally have a o2DS and I like how I can play (almost) the entirety of the awesome DS/3DS library and emulate older systems for free (and the console itself is very affordable), but I wonder how the grass is on the other side. One thing I know PS Vita does better is having more weeb stuff.
It literally comes down to whether you want to play Nintendo stuff, NES/SNES/GB/GBA/NDS, (3ds) or Sony stuff, PSX/PSP, (Vita). Both have a large amount of homebrew themes and autistic homebrew communities.
if you already have a 2ds I'd get a vita.
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There are a few listings in my area for classic Xbox I no longer know how to name this console, fucking Kikerosoft consoles that fail to boot up.
Did I buy any of them, is the solution an easy fix, perhaps a broken capacitor or something? The other listings with functional consoles ask too much money.
What does the listing say?
If there's a popped capacitor, it may have damaged nearby circuitry as well.
Replies: >>209027
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>console doesn't boot up properly, might be the problem of some capacitors that are in poor condition
>console has issues booting up, the on/off button has to be pressed in a few times until it finally works
>console hasn't been turned on in quite some time, it might work but I haven't tried it (this is the cheapest one)
I can't tell how damaged any of these are since I lied about them being anywhere near me to begin with.
Both the 1st and the 3rd one have their controllers' joysticks worn out to the root, but if the capacitors are the ones that deal the big damage and not use then these details are moot. 
Found this on my download folder too. Are capacitors the only thing prone to failure on these systems?
Replies: >>209061 >>209074
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the disk drive might give out too, you might want to ask the guy who wrote the article I posted. He may be hanging around the Sleepy Station thread.
Replies: >>209086
It's worth a shot if you really want one. It might be the disk drive, in which case you'll need a mod chip or a way of dumping the eeprom. 
TBH just emulate
Replies: >>209074 >>209086
DS. When people say that vita doesnt have any games they arent lying.
>fail to boot up
There can be many causes of this. If there is a error code or something then you could easily fix it if its a easily fixed error code like a cable thats got disconnected or something which you can simply fix by opening the xbox up and reconnecting it.
Replies: >>209086
>just emulate
it's Xbox
even Xemu isn't in a state where it can reliably emulate. The compatibility list lists games you 
can somewhat interact with as "Playable". I don't consider Unreal Tournament "playable" when framerates are all over the place.
I would recommend you go with the one that hadn't been booted up in a long time
Replies: >>209086
[Hide] (37.5KB, 574x431) Reverse
>the disk drive might give out too
Really? How's that a reason for a console to not boot up?
>just emulate
No. I know I've been emulating console games on PC and they don't feel right, specially when I can sit down and play them on a CRT TV that's still around.
>If there is a error code or something then you could easily fix it
No way to tell since I can only buy it blindly. Regardless, judging from these ads the ones that aren't working won't display you a screen telling you what's wrong.
>I would recommend you go with the one that hadn't been booted up in a long time
That's the one I should the most wary of. At the very least the other two sellers bothered to check out the console and try to see what's wrong, whereas the third guy simply dismissed it. However, this one comes with two controllers. Whether original Xbox controllers are durable enough to last after having their thumbsticks rubbed out and work I don't know, but if they were I'd be able to replace the thumbsticks and be sitting on two functional controllers to use.
Or perhaps I should not be a stingy nigger and pay 20 more bucks to make sure I have a functional console, I don't know.
Replies: >>209090 >>209092
>How's that a reason for a console to not boot up?
Look up the difference between disk and disc
Replies: >>209107
What do you even want to play on Xbox? I don't think it has many games that aren't also on PC.
Replies: >>209107
[Hide] (38.4KB, 519x379) Reverse
It should be enough to replace the hard drive in that case then? Honestly I don't know since I haven't bought anything yet so I'm simply talking out of my ass.
<what do you even want to play on Xbox?
>Ninja Gaiden Black
>All of the DoA games, including Xtreme 1
>JSR Future
>Metal Wolf Chaos from what I've heard the PC port blows
>Phantom Crash
>Otogi 1&2
>Phantom Dust
>Gunvalkyrie that ass
>SMT NINE it just got a translation
>Dino Crisis 3
Some multiplatform games got more content because exclusivity deals, like Onimusha 1 and Fatal Frame 2, and it wouldn't hurt to play some of its would-have-been exclusives such as Sudeki or Stubbs. Or, if you don't own a Dreamcast, Shenmue II.
Besides, for what's worth, all games that didn't see a PC release played better on the biggest console of that generation. Burnout 3, The Warriors, Darkwatch, The Punisher, XIII, Fatal Frame, Timesplitters, SMB Deluxe, etc.
I know it's not much, but it's not trivial either. At least Ninja Gaiden is a better killer app than anything Nintendo put out on that generation.
Replies: >>209222
The hard drive is locked to the console's motherboard. You don't have either a hard mod or backed up eeprom then you'll need a modchip.
Replies: >>209228
Remember when modded Xboxes were through the roof in resale value clear into the 360s life? Those things were fuckin beasts.
Replies: >>210071
[Hide] (29.3KB, 640x360) Reverse
[Hide] (43.8KB, 640x451) Reverse
[Hide] (37.2KB, 640x360) Reverse
[Hide] (34.1KB, 640x444) Reverse
I've been sitting on buying an Xbox for some time but finally there's one that has caught my attention. 60 bucks:
>transparent Xbox with inner metal plate removed so the HDD/disc drive can be seen, very pretty and works perfectly, AV/power cords and 2 controllers included as seen in pictures
Surely the removed metal plate isn't something I should be worried about right? The faggot hasn't included images with the console powered on as other sellers have, but if he were lying I can technically call him out later.
>remember when modded Xboxes were through the roof in resale value
I'm still seeing a few Xbox on resale with stupid prices here. For instance, 500 bucks:
>green transparent Xbox with v1.0 motherboard that can output in 720p and is compatible with PAL games, 128MB original Samsung RAM sticks, original Samsung DVD drive and Sunon fan, includes SmartXX USB adapters and modchip and Pico-PSU M3 (???)
What are these worth either way? What's the point? How much more powerful can these consoles be either way? Aren't most games running in 60fps already?

On an unrelated note, can PS1 controllers be repurposed to be used for PS2 games? The original PS2 controllers are flimsy pieces of shit that last nothing, specially when used for games designed around murdering your controller (Katamari Damacy).
Replies: >>210073
Unless you're putting it right next to a CRT or some speakers I wouldn't worry about the missing metal plate.
>500 bucks
Way too much. The only thing you need an original xbox for is playing original xbox games, and once emulation becomes more viable (a reality fast approaching) things like that will quickly become worthless.
>can PS1 controllers be repurposed to be used for PS2 games
Most PS2 games can be played with a Dualshock 1 on a PS2. Some of them won't work though. Not sure if/how a non-dualshock controller will work, but just try it and found out.
Replies: >>210087
[Hide] (670.6KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
the xbox 360 is protected by bohemian grove-rothschild black magic and i hate it
>tried to mod disc drive last year because it's still the only "softmod" available after 18 years of this coneole existing short of putting in a modchip
>nigrig my 360, PC, and SATA to USB adapter because the disc drive has a proprietary power connector so it has to be powered by the 360 itself instead of a standard SATA power connector
>jungleflasher doesn't detect the drive
>most likely because of shitty SATA to USB adapter, only a small handful of chips are known to work
>start trying again recently, order a PCI SATA board that is known to work
>also order DVD+R DL discs to burn gayms to
>burning gayms on Linux is a fun journey, only tool that exists relies on a DB hosted on a site that got v&
>someone else ported the database to a different version but this isn't working either
>eventually get it working somehow(?)
>finally verify disc image after waiting four hours for it to download at dialup speeds because you can't just make a disc image from an extracted directory for some gay reason
>everything verified, time to burn
>bitches there's not enough space on the disc for the image
>disc says it holds 8.5GB but because manufacturers can't decide to count in multiples of 1000 or 1024 there's a discrepancy
>actual disc size is only 8GB, too small for image
>current year
>no emulator
Indeed xbox is fairy magic.
Replies: >>210076
there's Xenia but it's very early in development and can't even boot games on Linux
Just pay $50 for someone to RGH it, don't fuck with disc drive mods.
Replies: >>210079
>paying money for someone to do what i am perfectly capable of doing myself
Replies: >>210080
Then stop fucking around with worthless mods and buy an RGH chip you retard
Replies: >>210081
there's a handful of vidya i want to play on the 360 and i already own most of them, after LC I might play Halo Wars and that's about it. not wasting time and money to buy a chip and then solder it.
[Hide] (223.2KB, 450x538) Reverse
Just found another Xbox that's already been pirated with the Xecuter2 chipboard that's selling for $55. For ease of use I'm tempted to run with this one instead, opaque case nonwithstanding.
>unless you're putting it right next to a CRT or some speakers I wouldn't worry about the missing metal plate
I don't like the sound of that, given I still have a CRT around. Is it going to produce static on the TV?
>most PS2 games can be played with a Dualshock 1 on a PS2
Bullshit. I've tried them with Silent Hill 2 and Katamari 1 and it won't work in either of them. My question was whether there was a mod so that the PS2 can read the Dualshock 1 controllers as the second revision.
>once emulation becomes more viable things like that will quickly become worthless
I don't know. For once I enojy the plug-and-play experience of sitting down and enjoying a game without immediate Internet connectivity in your face. It might just be me though since I grew up as a console kiddie.
Replies: >>210097
>Bullshit. I've tried them with Silent Hill 2 and Katamari 1 and it won't work in either of them. 
There are several different PS1 controllers; original dpad only, Dual Analog, Dualshock and various revisions of those. The compatibility varies depending on game and controller model. They don't have pressure sensitive buttons so any games using those wouldn't work very well if at all.
>mod so that the PS2 can read the Dualshock 1 controllers
It already can.
Replies: >>210105
Just get a Pee Sex 3 and after Lollipop Chainsaw you can play Little Big Planet or something.
Replies: >>210101
i hate gaystation and their controllers, i owned one for a couple of days when i bought it at a flea market and then sold it to flip it. it had a demo of ace combat on it and it was ok i guess.
Replies: >>210103
[Hide] (129.8KB, 328x246) Reverse
That's a shame. The PSTripple is so easy to hack and put games on.
With enough autism you can even connect 360 controllers to it.
>the compatibility varies depending on game and controller model
I've booted up my PS2 and got my SCPH-110 (those Dualshock controllers they sold with the mini PS1 to clear out PS1 software stock) and tried some games out. Ape Escape 3, Virtual On Marz and Katamari 1 work perfectly out of the gate, but for some reason Silent Hill 2 doesn't work. It's mind boggling for a game whose controls are already mapped to the D-pad and doesn't even use the pressure sensitive buttons on the joysticks (the PSOne controller has these) can't even bother with basic interfunctionality when a game released in 2006 still bothered to do so.
>it already can
Are you talking about what you've said about some games being compatible and others not, or is there an actual mod?
Replies: >>210132
>but for some reason Silent Hill 2 doesn't work
Never played SH2 but supposedly it uses pressure sensitive buttons for melee attack speed so it probably fails when it can't read them properly.
>is there an actual mod?
Doubt it since there is native hardware support. You'd probably have better luck finding something that can spoof/remap controllers in software.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 1280x1651) Reverse
>bought a phat PS2 to softmod
>bought an Xbox to softmod which hasn't arrived yet
Fuck it, I want a Sega console too.
What's there to mod on the Dreamcast? Is there anything fancy to do? What steps should I take in order to make it read burned copies?
How about the Saturn? I've heard you can replace the lens with a flash card reader. Does the reader work in every version of the Saturn? How much should I expect to shell out? How niche would this consolde be if I'm an EOP?
Replies: >>210264
I wouldn recommend anyone to mod a 360. Maybe its due to my own incompetence but i found it to be extremely difficult. In my years ive broken 2 xbox 360s simply from trying to open them up. I almost broke my current one until i gained my senses back and stopped trying to open it and just gave up. Now a small part of the outer shell isnt connecting but it didnt affect the console in any way so its fine.
Moral of the story is just dont fucking bother with the 360. Its a nightmare. You can get practically every game for like 5-10 bucks on ebay or something. Just not worth it to mod.
Replies: >>210279
[Hide] (11.4MB, 1280x720, 01:41)
Only thing to mod on a Dreamcast is installing an ODE. Technically you don't need to if it's MIL-CD compatible but most games worth playing will require deleting content to squeeze them onto a CD-R if you go that route, like it's 2005 and you're ripping a DVD from Netflix or something. Frankly Dreamcasts are in the same place as gaycubes right now, unless you already have one or can get one for a steal you're probably better off emulating instead of paying $300+ for a console and an ODE.

Saturn is much easier, scrounge up an Action Replay 4M and reflash it with PsuedoSaturn Kai using the swap trick for free burned games support. Checking eGay a Japanese Saturn + Fenrir is about 100 burgers cheaper than a Dreamcast + MODE if you want to go the ODE route. Saturn library better than dekinais like me deserve, but if there's a killer app like Guardian Heroes, Virtual On or Daytona that you really want it could be worth it.
[Hide] (486.8KB, 949x1218) Reverse
>You can get practically every game for like 5-10 bucks on ebay or something.
Replies: >>210298 >>210299
old games are become expensive with the time i don't know why. I wanted to buy some ps2 game that some time ago you could buy for 2 bucks and now they are like 30 dollars on ebay. If i want physical copies of ps2 games i need to buy fake pirated copies for 5-6 dollars each games imported from the united kingdom. A shame.
>one game is expensive means every other game is expensive
Replies: >>210322
[Hide] (119.4KB, 640x360, 00:05)
none of the other xbox 360 games are worth playing, and i already own the ones that are
[Hide] (38.2KB, 640x360) Reverse
>super speshul PCI RAID card comes in the mail
>install card in win2k machine, insert driver disc
>CHING CHONG NIP NONG NEED WIN XP OR NEWER 淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天
>try to manually install INF file, doesn't work
>none of the other INFs on the disc are working either
at this point it's no longer about the vidya, it's about making microsoft go fuck itself
Replies: >>210571
Why are you installing a RAID card in a Win 2k computer?
Replies: >>210575
it's a SATA card with one of the few chipsets that's known to recognize the 360 disc drive and flash it. older hardware also seems to do a better job at recognizing it but i may have to install it in a different machine or upgrade it to XP
Replies: >>210638
If you can figure out the internal name of the card, you should be able to edit the INF file to allow installation on 2k. I read an article on doing the same thing for installing a 1080 on XP.
Pre-orders are open for the redesigned GCLoader. Not as necessary as most ODEs because of SD2SP2 but it's pretty cheap as these things go at about 100 burgers.
[Hide] (13.4MB, 1280x720, 01:11)
Thoght my 360 controllers were dead. Turns out its just some shitty pin in the battery pack you need to pull up.
Replies: >>210924
Well shit, all my controllers do this. I just assumed it was a problem with the batteries and never bother looking into because I replaced them all with xboner controllers
[Hide] (413.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (131.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
Hardest part about opening your 360 is trying not to break any of the outer shell.
Replies: >>211344
[Hide] (215.9KB, 450x204) Reverse
>he has a slim
that's not going back together in one piece lul
might as well flash the disc drive it while you're at it, join me in my suffering. take the cover off your disc drive and look at pic related, which chip do you have?
Replies: >>211346
i'll check it tomorrow. Cant be arsed today.
Replies: >>211477
[Hide] (374.2KB, 750x733) Reverse
How reliable are those Action Replay cartridges on the Saturn? Asking specifically for those games that need extra RAM.
As I've got from the search engine AR is a flimsy piece of shit and the RAM will stop working a few months into action.
How about the other Saturn cartridges? Are there any that does everything AR does and last longer?
Replies: >>211362
Not really. Your choices are chink knockoffs or ancient Datel originals that weren't very high quality when they were new, and IIRC the GameShark is just a rebranded Action Replay. There have been a couple attempts to make a new cart with video RAM (including one that can tell the CD drive to STFU and take its place on the system bus, rendering all other ODEs obsolete) but none have gotten far enough for full production yet. Buy an AR cartridge and pray it lasts.
Replies: >>211669
[Hide] (133.8KB, 650x919) Reverse
How's 360 emulation? I really want to play this but i don't want to buy a 360.
>How's 360 emulation?
it's not
Nevermind. I'll do it in a week or two when my replacement parts arrive
is bad, i think is better to buy a xbox360 for 30$ or less and pirate it. But for one game.... try the emulator, maybe it works
Replies: >>211493
Emulation is always worse than playing on the intended hardware. It really depends on your standards
Replies: >>211481 >>211660
[Hide] (496.5KB, 1024x1536) Reverse
real N64s can't play most SM64 romhacks so emulation is better
Replies: >>211669
ive probably put more money into modding my consoles than what it would cost to simply buy the games legit or buy it premodded. I feel like it was still worth it for the experience and having something you modified yourself.
Buy the slim version (or perhaps a Xbone, idk?) because the original Xbox 360 had shit build quality (just like the original Xbox that used a ((( capacitor ))) for the clock) and the infamous red ring of death. But the Xbox 360 slim has 1 problem: it will destroy the disc if you (accidentally) move the console while it's powered on.
Replies: >>211520
fats do that too, the fact that microsoft thought it was a good idea to remove the rubber pads common in all other disc drives up to that point both astounds and infuriates me, even the original xbox has them.
Replies: >>211658
Yeah I remember my OG 360 ruined my GTA4 disc back in the day.
Not necessarily, there are even times where emulation makes the game look better.
[Hide] (77.2KB, 556x548) Reverse
I've made up my mind on the Saturn. Instead of buying an Action Replay, to install a Phantom modchip to bypass the system's copy protection. The chip's only $20, installation's piss easy from what I can tell and you don't need to rely on some plastic made-in-Chian piece of shit manufactured almost 30 years ago to be able to read your CDs. Besides, it's much less expensive than an ODE which would still need a separate PSU to keep up with the higher wattage consumption; plus, the console would benefit from being able to plug in the original shielded cartridge. Finally, I would be able to play, uh, C-Cotton 2, and... Astra Superstars.
Only thing that's left in the air and I haven't bought as of yet is a video cable. The idea was to buy one of these echspenshive RGB cables. Problem is, I remember using composite on a SNES I used to own and the color bleeding and signal loss is negligible. A console that outputs in 240p isn't going to suffer as a 6th gen console that outputs in 480i/480p. For once, I imagine pixels on a Saturn to be as big as twinkies. Pixel art is going to look slightly cleaner but 3D graphics will still be crippled from the internal resolution. What's the point? Should I even bother? Wouldn't a shitty AV cable do the trick? Perhaps I should try to upgrade my PS2, where text's sometimes impossible to read from a distance.
Low resolution is a bitch but I don't think all 3D games on older hardware benefit from higher fidelity. The game you posted looks like mobage-tier shovelware garbage when upscaled for instance.
Replies: >>211679 >>211723
>paying stupid money for a custom cable
screw that, does anyone have any sort of dissassembly for videogame consoles' video cables? I'm wondering whether someone has ever made some tutorials detailing how these cables are connected from one end to another. If so, can I ditch the console specific end of the cable and repurpose it with a new cable, be it SCART or component? There sure are plenty of these shops online making cables, surely it isn't that hard.
Replies: >>211723
[Hide] (833.2KB, 1920x1080, 00:01)
the 360 is the gayest console ever made
>install XP on because gayass chink drivers for SATA card don't like win2k
>swap out Win2K drive with another IDE one I can wipe
>install WinXP, errors out the ass, nothing is working right
>probably bad drive and a gorillion bad sectors
>last resort, get other machine out with Win10 and a PCI slot for the RAID card
>drivers from provided disc still refuse to install
>nothing detected
>mfw day 14 and 0 progress
last resort, going to return the card and get one of those Xecutor adapters that should just work
You sound retarded, I'm guessing that is the real problem here.
Replies: >>211705
You sound like a nigger, that's your problem
>going to return the card and get one of those Xecutor adapters
The easiest way to do it is probably the best way to do it.
Mind posting the PCI device IDs? Use Linux if nothing else works.
Replies: >>211724
[Hide] (170KB, 750x550) Reverse
>Instead of buying an Action Replay, to install a Phantom modchip to bypass the system's copy protection.
I forgot those existed. I would still take my chances with an AR because of the backup and cart RAM functionality.
>Finally, I would be able to play, uh, C-Cotton 2, and... Astra Superstars.
Time to learn Japanese, coward. Why isn't there a /v/ recommended chart for this shit?
>Only thing that's left in the air and I haven't bought as of yet is a video cable. The idea was to buy one of these echspenshive RGB cables.
The only requirement is quality cables. RGB is shilled everywhere mostly because it's an easy grift for youtuber scum to sell all this equipment that's useless on US televisions. Good cables (and good AV circuitry on your television and console, but that's usually not under your control) are more important than masturbating to RGB. Any composite cables you find are going to be OEM (and possibly expensive) or garbage. RGB cables at the retro stores are going to be expensive, but they probably won't be garbage, which is why RGB started getting shilled everywhere in the first place. Shop around.
Don't be surprised if you need to recap the console. If you're in the US Console5 sells DIY kits, otherwise use their cap lists and buy the parts yourself on digikey/mouser: https://wiki.console5.com/wiki/Saturn

Pinouts are available if you bother to look. The issue is the custom shell, making sure sync goes to the right places, and making sure the signals are actually shielded properly. Most online shops (unless you shell out for HDRetrovision or similar) skip that last part because it costs money. Unless you already have a good cable and know how to dissect it without compromising the foil shielding etc I suspect it would be cheaper to just get an OEM or (if OEM isn't available for your format) HDRetrovision cable than to make one yourself.
Replies: >>211801
[Hide] (581.5KB, 832x571) Reverse
all the software for 360 hacking is wangblows only made by huezilians over 10 years ago, that shit expects a 100% winnigger environment and is not going to work under wine under any circumstances. card i was using is a "JXSZ PCI 32bit to 3 SATA+1 IDE RAID Adapter Card VIA6421"
Replies: >>211729
[Hide] (803.8KB, 650x472) Reverse
Just get a PStripple, anon.
Replies: >>211730
Try using the driver from VIA: http://download.viatech.com/en/support/driversSelect.jsp
It supports anything between Win2k and Win7, maybe even Win10 if you're lucky enough.
i hate the gaystation and the dualshock
Replies: >>211732
Just get a third party controller or something.
Replies: >>211971
[Hide] (309.6KB, 1160x448) Reverse
[Hide] (370.2KB, 1160x448) Reverse
[Hide] (122.1KB, 1160x448) Reverse
[Hide] (469.1KB, 1160x448) Reverse
[Hide] (506.9KB, 1283x446) Reverse
>I would still take my chances with an AR
Why? Just replace the SRAM memory where all the save data is stored with an FRAM one, and pay the money for an OEM 4M RAM cartridge that's actually shielded unlike all of these chinese knockoffs. Only featuring I would be missing from the 4-in-1 is the cheat device, though I seriously hope you guys don't really need cheats in your games. Some SEGA exec claimed there was a secret character that was yet to be found in Fighters Megamix, that's an early revision of Ryo Hazuki you'd need to clock in 164 hours worth of matches to unlock. I'd loved to see whether he was real or not.
>time to learn Japanese, coward
I was talking about game that required the extra RAM on the Saturn but sure, I do need to step up from being a filthy dekinai.
Are you sure there isn't? Right here, anon >>197924.
<top Saturn pick was a game translated by Working Designs
<fucking NiGHTS in top 3
>RGB is shilled everywhere
Sorry fag, I already got grifted. Bought two SCART cables from retrogamingcables.co.uk for 65€. Luckily I'm a yuropoor so most newer televisions I have around have them as well as older, CRTs TVs.
Problem is, even if the signal was objectively better I'm slightly miffed as to how it looks compared to composite. In spite of composite's artifacts, the colors are much deeper/prettier and the image tends to come together much more nicelier. Comparing both outputs, both RGB and composite, TJ&E's ocean looks like diarrhea when thrown in RGB, whereas SoR's title screen loses that high evening 80's jap drama touch to it.
>recap the console
Goddamnit, I thought these older consoles didn't use electrolytic capacitors. Let's hope they didn't jizz their pants all over the motherboard.
>pinouts are available if you bother to look
>making sure the signals are actually shielded properly
Don't know whether the cables will be shielded properly around each end. Disassembling the SCART end is piss easy since there's a plastic piece that's holding it together, but the mini DIN 10 that goes to the Saturn might imply snapping both the cable and the connector and peeping inside. What am I looking for, exactly?
Replies: >>211823
[Hide] (467.5KB, 1201x907) Reverse
[Hide] (460.5KB, 1201x907) Reverse
[Hide] (521.1KB, 1201x907) Reverse
Oh yeah, you can do that. If you're going to be soldering anyway I guess there's no harm in going with the modchip+FRAM, unless you're going to have enough saves that you actually need a BRAM cart, like Dezaemon or something.
>Bought two SCART cables from retrogamingcables.co.uk for 65€.
>Luckily I'm a yuropoor so most newer televisions I have around have them as well as older, CRTs TVs.
Then it's okay. Note that not every device with SCART actually supports RGB, but most consoles with native SCART should. In the US SCART cables are only useful if you have a VGA monitor and want to frankenstein your consoles to it, if you fell for the OSSC meme and have a SCART switch, or if you fell for the PVM meme.
>Problem is, even if the signal was objectively better I'm slightly miffed as to how it looks compared to composite.
>genesis examples only
Funny how they forgot to add the obnoxious rainbow bars when they ran those screenshots through the Blargg filter; the Genesis/MD is infamous for its video quality. One of the few redeeming qualities of the 32X is you get to use its video out instead. Other consoles don't have this problem. Here's Final Fanta Sea with composite, S-Video, and RGB. Notice how there's barely any improvement in RGB over S-Video, and how composite blurs some of the  checkerboarding smooth but mostly just looks funky.
>Goddamnit, I thought these older consoles didn't use electrolytic capacitors. Let's hope they didn't jizz their pants all over the motherboard.
Solid-state caps were still killing Macs and setting power amps on fire at this point IIRC. With electrolytics of this vintage the issue isn't leakage so much as the electrolyte drying and letting voltage ripple into the rest of the system. If it works today it's probably not in danger, but it may not work 5 years from now without a recap.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1022x731) Reverse
things are definetly not going good. The xbox 360 i opened up and thermal pasted seems to be broken now. And then another xbox 360 that just arrived someone had fucking cut the fan wires and several screws were fucked by some dumb faggot that dont know how to screw screws.
You know what. Im just going to buy a xbox 360 and not fucking open it up. I think in total in my lifetime ive destroyed 4 xbox 360. 2 when i was retarded and didnt know what i was doing and 2 now when i knew a little from tutorials on youtube. Im such a fucking retard. I also ordered replacement parts on ebay for the 360 i was thermal pasting. Well now thats a waste of money since its unplayable.
Im just going to go on ebay again. Get myself a 360 and just fucking do nothing with it except play.
Replies: >>211846 >>211972
might as well get an xbone, better build quality, backwards compatible, and nobody else is buying them because nogayms so they should be cheap. unless M$ still doesn't know how to handle reading discs or game licenses as is the case with jerma
Replies: >>211849
I already have one but id prefer playing on the original hardware
Replies: >>211850
[Hide] (77KB, 978x955) Reverse
>he already owns a xbone for some fucking reason
then fuckin play it on there instead of breaking shit
Replies: >>211853 >>211858
When developers develop a game they usually build it for a specific platform. So lets say they developed a game for the xbox 360. Any other hardware you play it on is not going to be the intended way to play it. I just want to play the game on the hardware the developers developed it for and intended for the players to play on.
[Hide] (73.1KB, 960x784) Reverse
This, a DS4 and my Logitech F310 work out of the box on mine and if you want to go a step further adapters will let you use xbox controllers natively.
sorry to hear that anon, as a fellow xbox 360 user I concur that these consoles are pieces of shit and am loathe to even attempt hacking the ones I own. 
Maybe I'll pay someone to do it because I can't be fucked to attempt the solder job.
[Hide] (414.1KB, 480x536) Reverse
Has anyone ever modded a PAL PS1 to run at 60hz? Is it doable?
It's come to my attention most interesting games that didn't see a release in America weren't PAL optimized (Hellnight, Gungage, Poy Poy 2, Rapid Reload).
I have a console that's already chipped to accept burned CDs, so I can't see why not making another modification here and there.
It took me 1 minute to type this post and half an hour to find a suitable image, I don't think this is appropiate either.
Replies: >>212052
[Hide] (5.1MB, 480x360, 02:08)
did you search them internets to see if it can be done?
i just pick an image at random unless i remember one that is relevant to the post
Replies: >>212061
[Hide] (28.6KB, 500x372) Reverse
I hadn't, but now I have.
There's a modchip (Dual Frequency Oscilator) that apparently autoswitches the frequency depending on the software's region.
However there doesn't seem to be some sort of switch so you can decide what frequency is the game playing on, regardless of the game being played.
I want to be able to play Ape Escape with my shitty dub at 60hz, is this possible? Can I do this on console?
Replies: >>212095
From memory the vertical frequency is set in software. You'd need a GS code or patch for PAL60.
Replies: >>212131
[Hide] (98.4KB, 207x451) Reverse
I'd delved into it further and apparently you can patch PAL games to play on an NTSC console and viceversa, but that will carry video size discrepancies.
For instance, PAL games converted to NTSC won't fit the screen, whereas NTSC games patched to PAL will now feature black bars.
I was wondering whether the dual frequency oscilator would solve this, or if I should simply stick to NTSC games whenever available instead of frankensteining European isos to my amusement.
Replies: >>212133
why did euros make everything so fucked
Someone thought his idea for video frequency was cooler so he rolled with it, whether it was better or not. I thought you mutts were the ones who didn't like accepting global standards.
Replies: >>212135
[Hide] (111.2KB, 1279x718) Reverse
We don't accept global standards. We make them.
1: Power standard differing from North America. Remember that for 20 years, the only way to store TV broadcasts was to record the thing on 24 FPS film, and even after a studio level solution was created it was another 20 years before it reached homes. It was easier to just make TVs work with low power standards for their refresh rate instead of dealing with conversions since the average consumer wasn't going to be getting content from the other side of the ocean anyways.
2: NTSC color programming is very in-elegant internally in an attempt to hack in color to the same bandwith used for black and white broadcasts and let B&W tvs get color program then play it in B&W, and PAL coloring was created to address some of those issues. Again, both were created long before home video was remotely possible. I couldn't tell you why 'anyone' used SECAM though.

The only reason we don't have to deal with this shit today is the change to digital let everyone use a standard that made sense.
Replies: >>212158
>I couldn't tell you why anyone used SECAM though. 
SECAM is fr*nch. That should tell you enough.
Replies: >>212169
[Hide] (149.4KB, 1000x507) Reverse
I dunno anon, you tell me
Replies: >>212175
"The French copy no one and no one copies the French", yet the commies copied them anyways.
Nobody plays games in places like Siberia or Africa though, so that's rather misleading.
[Hide] (417.5KB, 1000x562) Reverse
i am become hackerman
Replies: >>212445
Xbox status?
Replies: >>212449 >>212450
[Hide] (45.3KB, 731x540) Reverse
Well? Is it working?
Have you played your game yet? Are you enjoying it, if any?
[Hide] (2.9MB, 600x336, 00:47)
going to do do it later this weekend, hopefully everything should just work.
[Hide] (607.4KB, 299x169) Reverse
New CD/DVD detected.
Found drive C: - Hard Drive.
Found drive D: - Hard Drive.
Found drive E: - Removable.
Found drive F: - CD/DVD. <--- Hitachi found
Playing 79Unlock Audio CD
Failed to Play 79Unlock Audio CD
Playing 79Unlock Audio CD
Pausing 79Unlock Audio CD, after 500mS
Ejecting 79Unlock Audio CD
Setting bit 3 @ 0x5BD
Executing code in Ram
Dumping f/w of Hitachi 0078/0079 by Ram Upload Method via WIN32 API


Drive is rev 0079-4C30

Dumped in 1234mS

Hitachi Dump file saved to Hit-OFW.bin
Loading firmware from buffer
Inquiry string found
Identify string found
Drive key @ 0x4C30 A303C00F42373E3FA31AAD5E585EBA73
Firmware Osig: [HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR3120L0079]
Firmware is:  Stock                           
Key added to database

Loading Hitachi Dump to Source Buffer
Flashing Hacked f/w to Hitachi 0078/0079 by Ram Upload Method via WIN32 API
Dumping Flash:................................
Drive is rev 0079-4C30
Loading firmware from buffer
Inquiry string found
Identify string found
Drive key @ 0x4C30 A303C00F42373E3FA31AAD5E585EBA73
Firmware Osig: [HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR3120L0079]
Firmware is:  Stock                           
Key database updated

LTPlus is Stock, rev 0079
Auto-Loading firmware file E:\X360ISO v6 No0b3rT\Jungle Flasher V0.1.96\firmware\LTPlus-79-4c30-3.0.bin
MD5 hash:  ba28a150680f636fbde8e493def1a51c
Inquiry string found
Identify string found
Drive key @ 0x4C30 00000000000000000000000000000000
Firmware Osig: [HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR3120L0079]
Firmware is:  LT-Plus 3.0                     
12 Sector Differences Found
Flash Stability Test
Flashing Sector 9003F000
Dumping Sector 9003F000:....
Read back & compare completed, Flashing Stable!
Repairing Test Sector.
Flashing Sector 9003F000
Done !
Flashing Sector 9003E000
Flashing Sector 90003000
Flashing Sector 90006000
Flashing Sector 9000A000
Flashing Sector 9001C000
Flashing Sector 90027000
Flashing Sector 90029000
Flashing Sector 9002B000
Flashing Sector 9002E000
Flashing Sector 9002F000
Flashing Sector 90034000
Flashing Sector 90035000
Done !
Write verify test..
Dumping Flash:................................
Read back & compare completed, Write Verified!
Flash Complete !
Replies: >>212657 >>212665
Could've bought three PS TRIPLES instead of a shitty flasher.
btw Blu-Ray ripping autists have been writing drive flashing utilities for linux for a while now.
Replies: >>212658 >>212664
Also at that point you should've just bought an xkey or whatever it's called if you're so hell-bent on not putting a glitch chip inside.
[Hide] (479.2KB, 720x716) Reverse
Why not JTAG?
Replies: >>212667
[Hide] (181.2KB, 1920x1079) Reverse
can't solder for shit and there's only a couple of games I want to play on it anyways. i can get a full refund on the xecuter board as well since the eBay seller offers 30 day returns and pays for return shipping. i got a full refund on the shitty SATA PCI card and they didn't even make me return it so the only money i've spent on this is going to be for DVD-R DLs that are actually the size advertised.
what's the hardest console to softmod? i want to go hardmode now.
Replies: >>212683
Install an NESRGB on the oldest Famicom you can find on egay.
Replies: >>212685
i said softmod you illiterate nigger
Replies: >>212690
Softmods are easy by definition. If you want a "soft" hardmod try reflashing a retail Western Digital drive for 360 compatibility, that's always fun.
[Hide] (19.2KB, 229x343) Reverse
>new Xbox power capacitors replacements finally arrive
>crack the console open
>locate the bulging cylinders
>desolder them out of the motherboard
>all of them slip hrough with ease, time to plug the new ones in
>2 of them in, 1 to go
<last one can't be plugged in
<apparently one the indentation was welded solid with soldering tin
>2 entire hours of tinkering around until I decide to adapt a needle into a compact drill to nuke the tin through
>had to remove a few pieces like the CPU's heating sink to be able to replace the godforsaken capacitors
>assemble Xbox back together
>power it back up
<3 minutes in, the video freezes and the console fucking dies
<attempting to power it back on results in three reboots then the lights flashing orange/red
And here I thought I would be able to play DoA3 this evening.
To make matters worse, I was in the process of burning game CDs with the only DVD drive I had on any computer at home, and only 2 out of 9 rips came out properly. What the fuck do I do now, when most computers I work with are laptops? Most importantly, I hadn't realized DVD drives had slowly been being removed from newer machines. Should I search for old desktop computers in my parents' hoarding attic? There should be a few that used to run Win XP from back in the day, though I doubt they would boot up in current year by a long shot. If at least the drives were recoverable, what should I do with them? Any creative way to plug them into a laptop's motherbase?
there are USB to SATA adaptors if you wanted to try older drives to do shit with, but the price of USB to DVD drives/burners is around $20-$30, if I was in your position I would just get a USB drive that can burn discs and not bother with digging around for an ancient drive that may or may not work
Replies: >>213265
examine the board carefully, is anything scratched, pierced, scorched, not what it should be?
as for actually playing games on it, softmod it, put a bigger drive in with a IDE to SATA adapter, (MAKE SURE YOU UNLOCK/LOCK THE OLD/NEW DRIVES), and just FTP all the game files to the drive and run them off that.
>he doesn't know about snap-in capacitors
Congrats, you probably killed the via. Read this: https://www.pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php/General#Soldering_.26_Desoldering
If it's on the power supply board you can probably get a whole replacement from a console that suffered clock cap death and it might be fine..
Replies: >>213265
[Hide] (114.9KB, 381x588) Reverse
Dusted off the Xbox again and removed the motherbase. Since I had no idea what to look for I've simply brushed off the capacitors with a little alcohol, then went on to power on the console and somehow have it work properly for 6 entire hours without any hiccups.
I'm still in disbelief, and in all honesty I'm wary of having a ticking time bomb inside the console. At the very least I've finally had a chance to install a new HDD using Chimp without the console dying on me. FTPing files over to the console seems to do the job albeit fairly slowly and the few games I've sent seem to boot up correctly. Only real issue I'm having is the console only displaying 127GBs worth of F: in spite of installing F: to occupy the entire disk. Could the BIOS be outdated hence why it's messing up with me? The Xbox was already hardmodded by the original owner, judging by the Shenmue II game files around 2007. What's the easiest way to update the BIOS was I not able to burn a DVD? Can I send OGXboxInstaller over FTP?
On a side note most fags doing these retarded tutorials on the web seem to advise buying an 80-pin IDE cable instead of the OEM 40-pin one inside the console itself, but I've found zero reason to buy one since the games seem to boot up just fine. I've been staring at my computer screen waiting for 2 whole hours for the games to download from the Internet. Surely there's some site I can download from that supports speeds above 350KB/s out there, but I've found nothing. Either the magnets on archive.org are broken or are not seeded.
>there are USB to SATA adaptors
I haven't looked into it yet but wouldn't a DVD drive require a power supply connection on top of the SATA end? I have one SATA to USB adaptor at home but it seems to be designed for small 2.5" laptop HDDs. Either way, I'm almost positive there's a working desktop with a DVD burner somewhere.
>congrats, you probably killed the via
God I hope not.
>a tutorial page on how to desolder
I don't think I need this.

On a side note, I've been seeing some listings for older Japanese import consoles that claim they've been modified to work with EU power outlets. Thinking about these faggots writing about using PicoPSUs to reduce voltage on the console I didn't know what were they doing here until it dawned on me today: can you replace the PSU on a Japanese console with the European one, did I have a spare? Specifically the Saturn and the Dreamcast. I assume, while more annoying to set up, it would be preferable to a stepdown converter, or perhaps the converter itself may have the console malfunction.
Replies: >>213269
[Hide] (107.8KB, 1200x630) Reverse
>Surely there's some site I can download from that supports speeds above 350KB/s out there
Replies: >>213274
[Hide] (419.5KB, 600x600) Reverse
>speeds above 350KB/s
JSRF at 1.5GBs is scheduled to finish downloading in 2 hours.
The real question is why the faggot at the helm of CDRomance hasn't bothered uploading Xbox folders yet.
Replies: >>213280 >>213282
>The real question is why the faggot at the helm of CDRomance hasn't bothered uploading Xbox folders yet.
Because the same dude had a different website that was uploading newer shit like the 3DS/Vita and Nintendo came and scared him enough to pull the 3DS stuff then the site itself. Then around the same time he went full on in CDRomance and clearly is focusing on games that won't get him shit on.
[Hide] (6.3KB, 387x64) Reverse
Seems like a you problem.
[Hide] (169.9KB, 540x360, 00:02)
>buy Philips DVD+R DLs to burn 360 ISOs to
<discs are smaller than advertised
>buy Verbatim DVD+R DLs to burn 360 ISOs to
<discs are smaller than advertised
Replies: >>213351 >>213359
Look into removing dummy files and other padding data. It's pretty unusual for a game to actually use all the disc without filler.
Replies: >>213355
[Hide] (311.5KB, 464x436) Reverse
Just bought a sweet new silver dualshock controller for my PS3. 
Ready to play Sonic Unleashed all night.
Replies: >>213366
probably using the wrong commands, looking into patching the ISO again with abgx360 to see if I missed something.
You know all this effort is going to be pointless when you realize 360 has like no games that aren't on PC.
Replies: >>213444
You mean used or no analog buttons chinkshit right? I don't think you can even get nip imports anymore.
Replies: >>213367
[Hide] (32KB, 464x266) Reverse
>analog buttons
Replies: >>213416 >>213417
[Hide] (503.2KB, 984x739) Reverse
[Hide] (793.4KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
holy fuck m$ is the gift that keeps on giving
>Lollipop Chainsaw is an XGD3 game, which means the ISO is padded with junk data to artifically inflate its filesize and fuck with standard burning because fuck pirates
>this junk data is unnecessary and the game will play fine without it but where it is on the disc is ???????
>to properly overburn these discs you need to flash your DVD drive's firmware and use super speshul tool developed by some l33t moldovans in 2011
>said l33t moldavans have since been v& and have probably been bubba's cumsock at gitmo for over a decade now
>get burnermax firmware, but it's wangblows only and doesn't run through wine (shocking)
>there is supposedly a linux version but i can't find it anywhere
too angry to give up. i will not be denied.

also found this in the burnermax official readme:
>I wish to dedicate BurnerMAX Payload Tool's release to the victims of the Connecticut school massacre and the bravery of the school teachers involved who saved many lives.
<may those dead kids forever be burning xbox 360 games in heaven
Replies: >>213375
If ImgBurn works in Wine you should be able to use that.
>Added: Internal version of the 'BurnerMax Payload' code (well, what I could figure out) to allow for overburning DVD+R DL on many MediaTek chipset based drives. In practice, this only seems to work on Lite-On (and clone) drives that have 'Force HyperTuning' enabled.
Replies: >>213376
tried imgburn on linux
0278:err:progress:ProgressWindowProc unknown msg 2005, wp 1, lp 0
0278:err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow 4612 bytes addr 0x8f9a3c stack 0x109fdfc (0x10a0000-0x10a1000-0x14a0000)
DS2/3 & Sixaxis have analog (pressure sensitive) face buttons, chink knockoffs replace these with simple digital switches. There aren't a lot of games that rely on them but those that do can be hard if not impossible to play with chinkontrollers.
[Hide] (71.3KB, 507x522) Reverse
We're gonna go beyond half an A press
>360 has like no games that aren't on PC.
<Child of Eden
<Dead or Alive 4
<Enchant Arm
<Lollipop Chainsaw
<Lost Odyssey
Replies: >>213447 >>218692
Sorry, PC or PS3 (which is much easier to mod).
[Hide] (262.1KB, 1000x562) Reverse
[Hide] (333.4KB, 1000x562) Reverse
[Hide] (13KB, 235x195) Reverse
[Hide] (329.1KB, 480x360) Reverse
And so, the 360 autism saga ends.
Replies: >>213475
glad to see it works.
Replies: >>213475
oh we're still not done yet lmao
>still trying to find a way to burn XGD3 games without creating coasters, only have four discs left
>DVD drive is being a bitch, 360 will only read the discs if the drive is manually ejected while powered off, disc inserted, then console turned on, then and ONLY then will it retract the drive and read the disc
[Hide] (382KB, 800x1006) Reverse
isn't the shitbox 360 version inferior compared to the switch version?
[Hide] (972.1KB, 564x691) Reverse
>switch version
The Switch version the graphics are cleaner while the original were more blurry. The Switch version doesn't have multiplayer either, though does the 360 still have functioning multiplayer? Would have to play the Switch one in an emulator to go past the capped 30fps.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 300x245) Reverse
Can anyone answer if these PS2 games have any slowdown either on the original disc or on emulator?
>Silent Hill 2
>Ape Escape 3
>Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
The former two lag on certain points in-game while playing on OPL, whether the other two very rarely play at 60fps.
For once I've tried playing GitS PSX both on a burned CD on console and on POPS in the PS2, and the way the game staggers the latter's abysmal.
If Ape Escape's meant to be a 60fps game as I expect it to I might have to upgrade the console using a modchip.
but does the multiplayer work? it still works on ps3
not really homebrew related but i noticed that xbox 360 has capped download speed. High latency and capped download speed. Doesnt matter whether or not you change your dns settings or how good of a internet you have. Its capped.
Replies: >>213677
the NIC is only 250Mbit, that might be a reason
Replies: >>213680
no. They actually capped the servers or something a few years back.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1080x1440) Reverse
How is homebrew in this thing?
I've heard is easy to mod and has several emulators including PS2 and GCN.
Replies: >>214262 >>214304
it's not homebrew, you give microdick 20 bux to enable developer mode then you install RetroArch on it.
Replies: >>214301
[Hide] (837.6KB, 900x874) Reverse
oy vey
Replies: >>214304
[Hide] (453.1KB, 1280x720, 00:05)
>homebrewing on a CY+8 console
At this point either pull out your computer and install some emulators or buy one of those Raspnigger Pines devices.
>a mobile screencap of a facebook post
>instead of posting the image itself
>posting a beaner meme as if anyone other than you understood the caption
Definitive proof ZZZchan has been shitting the bed lately to illegals invading the site.
Replies: >>214305
[Hide] (111.1KB, 403x360) Reverse
>me install incorrecto
Started up my softmodded xbox but got a error 7. Opened it up and it seems like i screwed through the IDE cable and now i have to order new shit from america which will take like 2 weeks to arrive. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY fucking god. This shit is really getting on my nerves. One more thing like this and im switching to emulation permanently.
[Hide] (1005.8KB, 996x888) Reverse
>switching to emulation permanently
good luck
"Playable" ranges from "Oh yeah, a couple of hitches while switching menus, but it's fine" to "slooooooooooooooooooooooooow mooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
slow down and stop breaking shit
just wait a few years until AI can reverse engineer source code like humans did with SM64, then all  consoles can finally go into landfills where they belong
[Hide] (100.1KB, 361x526) Reverse
Don't want to bump this thread with nothing else but blogposting, but considering the talk of older consoles this might fit in:
>want to buy a Sega Saturn to hardmod the shit out of
>1st seller, spare Euro SS that hadn't been powered on for years, 35E
<disgruntled old lady, doesn't know how to use a keyboard
<selling crap she had collecting dust at home, console was most likely her 40yo son's 
<claims she's sending me the console after fucking up my payment twice
<goes to a reseller store to sell her shit because she does not understand shipping
<still can't make a word out of her messages, each one more cryptic than the last
>at least I got my money back, try to look for another console
>2nd seller, boxed Euro SS with a copy of Tomb Raider, 120E
<seller removes the advert as soon as he reads my 1 week-old message
>3rd seller, complete JP SS that has ben reclocked, no power adapter, 75E
<as he was checking it the guy notices the image freezes after 10 minutes of usage
>at least had the decency to contact me once he found out about the issue
>4th seller, JP SS without any yellowing, no price tag
>offer him 75E, might accept paying more if I'm hard pressed enough
<that was 3 months ago, not a single reply
As you can tell, I was cockblocked from buying a SS on all fronts. I genuinely didn't think I could find any console that wasn't price gouged . That was, until:
>remember Yahoo! Auctions exists
>look for Y!A proxies, ZenMarket will do
>start glimpsing multiple latest advets on the page, looking for something that will catch my eye
>settle for an advert with a model 2 SS without any visible yellowing and two controllers
>win the auction, 50E
>damn, that was kind of cheap
>in fact, that's way too cheap. what's the shipping, 10E?
<...you know, an arcade controller would go well with a Sega Saturn. didn't they sell those in Japan too?
>fast forward to present day
<7 spare Saturn consoles, don't even know whether 2 of them work
<9 boxed Saturn consoles
<1 clear case THIS IS KEWL spare Saturn console
<20 regular Saturn controllers
<4 analog 3D Saturn controllers
<5 Virtual On Saturn twin stick controllers, all of them boxed and 3 of them still factory sealed
<2 Saturn mice, 1 of them boxed
<1 boxed Saturn memory card
<1 Dreamcast console
<5 Dreamcast controllers, 4 of them clear
<6 Millenium 2000 Dreamcast controllers, 3 of them boxed
<2 clear Dreamcast keyboards
<1 spare Game Gear console
<1 boxed FZ-1 3DO console
<1 HSS-0136 Saturn controller
<2 HKT-7300 Dreamcast controller
<1 Arcade Pro 2 controller for the PS2
<some more shit I may have forgotten to list
All of this adds up, considering shipping inside the country:
This would be all nice and well, except:
>look into the shipping process
>assume I can simply pay for the cheapest, dingiest shipping method and avoid paying big money
<what, customs?
<customs order you to pay 25% the stated worth of the product being shipped to be allowed outside of Japan
<25% of almost ¥300,000, excluding shipping
<or even more, since one of the auctions exceeded 150E and customs will charge me extra for processing
>talk to the diversity hires at ZenMarket, ask them is there any way to avoid being robbed with taxation
<nuh uh, can't hide how much you've paid for these items
<holy fucking shit
<take a look at my neglected bank account I hadn't even bothered to check as I was spending like crazy
>there's still a thousand yuros roaming in my account
Or it would be, didn't I forget I had to cough up more than a thousand yuros in [REDACTED]. I can expect the money to be deducted from my account anytime in the next few days, which means, once that payment arrives,
<I'll be in the red
<I need to make more than ¥75,000 appear out of thin air in a matter of days
<NEET, so I can't expect to solve this with a salary check at the end of the month
<the only afordable shipping option will take at best 2 months in arriving
<hence I can't ask for a loan then clear some of the inventory in a desperate attempt to stay afloat
<that is, without a massive, crushing debt
<I can't have ZenMarket store the items indefinitely as they'll start charging me as soon as any of them stay any longer than 45 days
<the eldest auction arrived in their warehouse 27 days ago
<don't even have a clear idea I'll make a profit once everything arrives, or how long would it take to sell everything
<still buy a SANYO 3DO after my misery achieved critical mass
What am I supposed to do now? I still haven't got through my head I may be indebted to hell in a matter of days. It genuinely feels like a bad dream I may wake up from sooner or later, but I know I won't. What in tarnation is this shit? How the fuck in this godforsaken world did I end up like this? What the shit?
[Hide] (91.5KB, 640x720) Reverse
>How the fuck in this godforsaken world did I end up like this? 
Because you are retarded? Why the fuck would you buy all that shit?
Replies: >>216419
Are you insane?
[Hide] (83KB, 258x457) Reverse
>Why the fuck would you buy all that shit?
I believed the first Saturn I bought would only cost me the auction's price plus the shipping, and given how hard it was for me to find a Saturn, I could afford me more than just a Saturn if I resold some more crap.
It didn't occur to me that I was going to buy more than I had saved in my bank account, or that I didn't, in fact, need a 3DO.
Replies: >>216428
[Hide] (1.4KB, 180x36) Reverse
gee if there only was a way to play the entire Sega Saturn repertoire without paying a cent...
[Hide] (540.4KB, 640x360, 00:18)
>waited ~27 days before blogposting about entering crippling vidya debt
Get a job, any job, immediately and start getting the older shit shipped, if you're lucky they'll get trapped on a boat buying you more time to make listings, sell them, and be able to pay for the next batch of electronic crap.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 360x360, 00:32)
anon what the fuck?
[Hide] (101.4KB, 850x1202) Reverse
Learn to curb your spending habits holy shit. You've got nobody to blame but yourself. I'd say take out a small loan, but not having a job while spending like that means you probably have a shit credit score without the ability to pay anything back.
<7 spare Saturn consoles, don't even know whether 2 of them work
<9 boxed Saturn consoles
<1 clear case THIS IS KEWL spare Saturn console
<20 regular Saturn controllers
<4 analog 3D Saturn controllers
<5 Virtual On Saturn twin stick controllers, all of them boxed and 3 of them still factory sealed
<2 Saturn mice, 1 of them boxed
<1 boxed Saturn memory card
<1 Dreamcast console
<5 Dreamcast controllers, 4 of them clear
<6 Millenium 2000 Dreamcast controllers, 3 of them boxed
<2 clear Dreamcast keyboards
<1 spare Game Gear console
<1 boxed FZ-1 3DO console
<1 HSS-0136 Saturn controller
<2 HKT-7300 Dreamcast controller
<1 Arcade Pro 2 controller for the PS2
<some more shit I may have forgotten to list
you're retarded
Look around your room/home and sell some of the shit you don't need. You're probably hoarding thousands of yurop-dollars worth of other vidya shit that you could just emulate or DVDs/blurays/manga that you could just pirate.
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1898x1461) Reverse
>M.2 SATA in a PS2 slim
>all those tiny magnet wires
Replies: >>217666
What's the point? The will be a system bottleneck long before you ever hit M2 level speed.
Replies: >>217672 >>217683
It's m2 SATA, even less point as all off this surely is as thick as sata ssd without case on.
Replies: >>217683
[Hide] (371KB, 480x640) Reverse
I feel satisfied. It works. I feel satisfied.
Why are you feeding your foot to the TV
Replies: >>217679
Because the other one was taken by diabetes.
Presumably it's easier to find a place to hide an M.2 where it won't break anything vs. a SATA drive PCB.
Can I suck on your toes, anon?
[Hide] (48.2KB, 640x682) Reverse
add egg to legg please
Replies: >>217716
[Hide] (107.8KB, 893x653) Reverse
What are your thoughts on MX4SIO? I got a PS2 with an internal mx4sio mod, i don't own a phat nor tried any other loading methods. While it's certainly still more limited than HDD, at least for playing games i think it honestly singlehandedly redeems the Slim PS2s. It's a very just werks method like USB but with better load times, it still seems to have some issues with FMVs and loading in a few games like DMC1, but 95% of what i've tried worked great or just required turning on asynchronous mode in OPL.
And while it doesn't work with POPStarter (mostly due to that not being updated in years, apparently), with some way to load PS1 isos off the memcard slots, maybe it could be a good way to play PS1 games right away without even using POPS or using burned cds on a chipped PS2, since the memory card I/O ports stay active when playing a PS1 game unlike the HDD, Firewire, USB or Ethernet ones.
Replies: >>217883 >>217951
I don't even know what that is but it looks cool
Replies: >>217951
[Hide] (48.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
so i had to download another dashboard by doing some stupid shit. Then i spend like 30 minutes trying to find where to put the subs on the video only to find out it was the only option i wasnt pressing. And then only to find out that the subs i got didnt match the videos so i had to get new ones which wasnt easy since its 2 cds. But i got 2 cds subs and now it fucking works! It would have probably been less trouble if i just bought a dvd and used another app called dvd something which makes it able to play and use dvds without some shitty xbox official dvd controller. I dont know. Im not going to buy a fucking dvd. Its just not happening.
Replies: >>217932
What the fuck are you talking about?
Replies: >>217933
i wanted to play dvd movies by transferring them to my xbox hard drive with ftp. However i couldnt play said dvd i transferred so i had to download xbox softmodding extra tools and download a new dashboard through that. Or i could have just bought a official dvd and downloaded a extra app called something along the lines of "xbox dvd".
Replies: >>217934 >>217936
Just watch them on your computer or any other device, why would you go to so much pointless trouble.
Replies: >>217935
because it looks like shit on my pc. Might as well watch them as intended. On my crt tv
Replies: >>217936 >>217937
I remember giving up on using a PS3 as a media player because it couldn't handle some modern codecs or UHD bluray rips that were like 40000kb/s bitrate in some scenes.
get an HDMI-composite adapter or something and plug your PC into your CRT
Replies: >>217941
If you want to watch them as intended (a movie theater, not a CRT), then download a blu-ray rip for the highest fidelity.
Replies: >>217941
i mean yeah, a old xbox cant play modern codecs. I watch everything else on my pc but when im forced to watch something like 480p then ill watch it on my crt.
there is no bluray for this movie. Only dvd versions
Replies: >>217942
>there is no bluray for this movie
What movie? It would still be better to watch on a widescreen display rather than have half the screen taking up with black bars.
Replies: >>217944
the abyss by james cameron
Replies: >>217945
[Hide] (128.6KB, 1168x702) Reverse
Replies: >>217947
There is no bluray of it. As you can see theres a fanres. And then the rest of them are bullshit. There is no actual bluray of it. Cameron have been attempting to get one done these past few years and its supposed to come out soon.
Replies: >>217950
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x824) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x824) Reverse
The screenshots look bluray quality though. Maybe it was broadcast in HD?
Replies: >>217952
[Hide] (188.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
I've got one of those PHAT-HDD setups and so far I've got no complaints so far, since cinematics can work under the right settings. What's been bugging me is whether some games are underperforming on the console or not, since I've got stupid hiccups on Ape Escape 3 on a hunch it has to do with the slower HDD read times. I might have to try to buy a modchip to see whether there really is a performace difference, but other than that I'm okay with it.
Since I've read the MX4SIO works on memory cards (~1MB/s vs 3MB/s for the HDD vs 4.7MB/s on the lens), have you experience any hiccups on any game you've played? Particularly Ape Escape 3, to draw some comparisons.
Genuinely horrible software. Used to play PS1 games on that emulator, then tried those same games on a hardmodded PS1. Turns out, I was playing the PS1 games on POPStarter at 50% or less the frames I got on the PS1. There were even some sections where I played at 60FPS on a game I assumed was locked at 30FPS.
My recommendation is to get a real PS1 and chip it out. It's not going to cost you any more than 50 bucks at most, considering original PS1s are still dirt cheap.
>I have nothing to say but I still post
Replies: >>217953 >>217955
yes. hdtv
Replies: >>217953
[Hide] (16.9KB, 500x281) Reverse
Those are some weird thumbs.

So why are you arguing semantics with me instead of downloading that version dummy.
Replies: >>217954 >>217971
[Hide] (349.1KB, 610x339) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x640) Reverse
well for one, i didnt even know that it existed before i looked it up 10 minutes ago. Secondly it looks shittier than the dvd. I know it technically looks better because its hd but so what. The coloring on the dvd looks better by simply searching it. And im also comitted to watching it on the dvd since i went through all the trouble. And the hd version is too dark!
Replies: >>217971
[Hide] (93.6KB, 800x800) Reverse
Is the hiccup something easily reproducible? I could buy the game and tell you if the official copy has the same problem, it's not expensive and I've been interested in trying it because of the loli anyway.
Replies: >>217962
>softmodded xbox can play games + FMVs from HDD without issues
<softmodded ps2 strokes out when streaming FMVs from HDD
why tho, is the PS2's HDD bus just that shitty? i feel like i've asked this before
[Hide] (822.2KB, 328x366) Reverse
>Is the hiccup something easily reproducible
Not so much of a hiccup but places in-game where the framerate drops noticeably. For instance, I remember some levels like Mishap Mountains and Formidable Fleet were sub-30fps when you entered them. Either that, or simply check out how frequently does the game play at 60fps, which is immensely rare using an HDD.
>I've been interested in trying it because of the loli anyway
1's the better game even if the devs were such fuckups they left in a fucking moonwalk exploit it takes you 30 minutes to discover. The apes looked much more feral/agressive, and Spike's such a madlad I don't care all that much about the the hebe loli.
btw nice dubs
[Hide] (760.8KB, 1140x720, 00:53)
>Those are some weird thumbs
doremi's artstyle and writing is so bad you could mistake it for an american cartoon trying to imitate anime
>the hd version is too dark
the hd version looks better just turn the brightness up on your hdtv
Replies: >>217973 >>218425
I've never watched it but I quite like the exaggerated artstyle.
It makes it stand out.
Replies: >>217979
[Hide] (716.7KB, 640x480, 00:43)
if you mean the huge super deformed moeness there's plenty like that
not sure if its supposed to be like that but my original xbox is loud as fuck. I seemingly forgot about that. This is why you plug in a headset into the tv when using old piece of shit hardware
Replies: >>218217 >>218219
Replies: >>218226
is it the fans or the HDD that's loud? mine is completely silent.
Replies: >>218226 >>218229
might be the hard drive. I checked with my ear at the back and sure that was loud but the shell where the hard drive was was a different noise aswell. I dont know.
[Hide] (125.6KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Has there ever been a nigger in the history of the world named "Beth"? It's a perfectly normal assumption to pick out the white girl.
Replies: >>218432
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1280x720, 00:25)
[Hide] (122.2KB, 400x565) Reverse
[Hide] (28.2KB, 314x450) Reverse
[Hide] (21.5KB, 225x317) Reverse
[Hide] (30.6KB, 250x357) Reverse
everything the studio that makes Doremi has ever worked on is shit except Fun Fun Pharmacy and Nougyou Musume. Some of their anime even has niggers right on the cover, not even trying to hide it ~100 episodes in.
Replies: >>218443
You mean Toei? They've made some pretty good animu.
Replies: >>218445
I scrolled through an entire list of 895 things they've done and confirmed that it's all shit except the two I mentioned which is about 99.7% shit. I liked shit like dragon ball when I was a kid and evangelion when I was a teen too but it's still shit.
Replies: >>218448
[Hide] (60.6KB, 470x470) Reverse
>Hokuto no Ken, Mazinger Z, Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball (OG and Z), Transformers, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Maybe you just have shit taste.
[Hide] (10.7MB, 960x720, 01:21)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 640x480, 01:38)
>Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
I thought this was funny when it was on toonami when I was 12 too but it's shit just like dragon ball
>Mazinger Z, Transformers
boring autistic mechashit
Replies: >>218452 >>218456
[Hide] (468.5KB, 1685x2252) Reverse
It's fagatha. You'd think he would enjoy shit from tasting it on his foot long dildo so often.
[Hide] (11.8KB, 345x146) Reverse
This is your head on moeuwushit.
Replies: >>218458
If you don't want that loli I will take her and protect her smile.
Replies: >>218458
[Hide] (103.3KB, 400x516) Reverse
[Hide] (50.6KB, 540x720) Reverse
>implying anyone on the planet thinks left pic looks better than right
ok I'll take all the moeblob lolis and enhance their smiles with cummies
Replies: >>218459 >>218464
[Hide] (125.5KB, 1280x480) Reverse
Replies: >>218462
[Hide] (44.1KB, 480x270) Reverse
[Hide] (25.8KB, 228x290) Reverse
The older one there looks better because they didn't decide to give her a man jaw like in Hokuto no Ken. Real japanese girls don't have man jaws so I don't know why some people think little girls would look better if they had a more manly face.
Replies: >>218561 >>223186
[Hide] (263.2KB, 434x396) Reverse
[Hide] (109.9KB, 339x320) Reverse
>implying anyone on the planet thinks left pic looks better than right
[Hide] (996.2KB, 1448x1030) Reverse
>bought a SPESHUL DVD burner that can burn XGD3 games
witness the thrilling conclusion to the 360 softmod autism saga this Friday
Replies: >>218631
why are you posting pictures of children
[Hide] (666.1KB, 492x360, 00:10)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1280x720, 02:08)
Couldn't find a better thread to post this in:
>operation darkness
>Saints Row 1
>consistent frame rate versions of Banjo, Banjo 2 and Perfect Dark
so wait, does this work on a real wii?
Replies: >>218760
>I'll take down the project if Nintendo asks me to because I love them so much
>Join my discord as well please
If I were sent a DMCA letter I'd probably release all the assets for free on the side, print out the form, piss on it and send the video to Nintendo
>Some of the "download" buttons take you directly to a drive link to actually download the game
huh I thought this was just for giggles but it's also an actual downloads site, that's neato
[Hide] (287.2KB, 1000x562) Reverse
t. wii owner
Replies: >>218848
[Hide] (150.6KB, 640x360, 00:07)
the burning has begun
[Hide] (259.5KB, 562x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (391.6KB, 1000x562) Reverse
and i only fucked up one disc
the saga is complete
Replies: >>219187
[Hide] (1.7MB, 498x338) Reverse
total cost?
Replies: >>219189
>$89.20 for the Xecuter board but I only used it to flash the drive then refunded it, so I just paid $8.95 for shipping
>$13.89 for 5 DVD+R DLs
>$16.27 for shitty 12 year old speshul DVD drive
so $40.29. BUT
>Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition sells for $20
>Lollipop Chainsaw sells for $30-$40 
So I've saved $10-$20 and I never have to buy vidya again except for DVDs.
I still have one disc left over:
>fucked up one disc
>Red Dead Redemption needs two discs
>Lollipop Chainsaw
dubs decides last vidya i burn, unless it's something I already own
Replies: >>219199 >>219200
Spoiler File
(84.9KB, 567x800) Reverse
>dubs decides last vidya i burn
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1000x1370) Reverse
Replies: >>219203
[Hide] (998.5KB, 320x240, 00:10)
>dubs decide last vidya I burn
<posts a digital-only XBLA videogame
You need a book in your life, anon, you need to learn to fucking read. Have you ever burnt a DVD in your life?
Replies: >>219204 >>219205
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x903) Reverse
>Can't play digital-only games
Such a waste.
Fine. Play this.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Replies: >>219206
[Hide] (312.3KB, 658x588) Reverse
Replies: >>219209
[Hide] (24.9KB, 600x646) Reverse
[Hide] (13.3KB, 306x335) Reverse
that's the best fucking reaction image, fps doug and pure pwnage in general were such a fucking gem
[Hide] (225.4KB, 543x251) Reverse
I know a bit of jp so I thought Busou Shinki might make for some good practice but holy shit, how the fuck can anyone read at this size? I know most of it but that last kanji is just a pure fucking block of white
this was on ppsspp just to see how it looked but I wonder how the hell this will look on my vita
Replies: >>221136
If you know nip you can read through context even if it isn't completely clear. I can read that instantly as 引き継ぐ since I am familiar with the word and its usage.
[Hide] (196.3KB, 355x500) Reverse
Damn anon you could have at least given him Onechanbara.
[Hide] (5MB, 3028x7396) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1200x900) Reverse
[Hide] (239.3KB, 256x363) Reverse
ive just been downloading like 10 games but suprisingly its taken me hours.... Not only do you have to download games but you also have to ftp thousands of files. Say a download takes roughly 10 minutes. Then theres another 10 minutes for transferring over ftp. Anyways here are some links i found that i ought to share. Apparently the original xbox has a functioning multiplayer now.
Also found a place to download dlcs from. Not sure if you need the offline dlc installers you get the multiplayer mod... 
I think you still do...
Also saw there was phantasy star online games on the xbox that was XBOX LIVE ONLY. So i guess thats playable now. Cool.
https://archive.ph/tSCTv (multiplayer mod on original xbox)
https://archive.ph/OcGzU (offline dlc downloaders)
xdvdmulleter or extract-iso on github to turn iso files into "hard drive ready" files. It basically just means so you can ftp it to your xbox hard drive and then actually play the games. I dont know. I dont quite get it but i guess disc files are different from hard drive files? Its a little strange but the programs work.
might aswell share where i got my vidya from.
here u go.
This recommendation chart from what i presume is the original 8chan helped alot.
>steel battalion
I looked it up and holy shit. You need a LITERAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR setup to actually play the game. Not a joke. You use it to control the mecha. 
>check ebay
>oh its like several hundred fucking dollars
Who even came up with the idea of using something like this to pilot a mecha in a fucking video game?
Sounds cool but also extremely retarded.
Replies: >>223193
[Hide] (129.1KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (127.7KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (128KB, 640x480) Reverse
Replies: >>223193
[Hide] (348.7KB, 1000x500) Reverse
>Real japanese girls don't have man jaws
Evidence that weebs have never seen a Jap woman in their lives.
Replies: >>223190 >>223213
Dragon Ball is not good, it's like 3 hours of actual content stretched out for 100.
Replies: >>223190
Spoiler File
(1.6MB, 480x270) Reverse
DBZ? Yes, that has a lot of filler. I still think is great though. OG DB? No way. Unless you have attention span problems.
Replies: >>223201 >>223203
[Hide] (556.3KB, 1734x1124) Reverse
you could have asked
I use extract-xiso by just dragging and dropping an image file and it automatically generates an HDD-ready folder for me in the same directory.
And yeah, it takes a while to transfer over, but do you really intend to play more than 2 games simultaneously?

Glad you got it working though.
Replies: >>223197
>you could have asked
oh i have that link bookmarked aswell but it looked like the guy didnt do a good job dumping games as a few of them had issues that some other guy apparently made fixes for. Thats why i opted for iso dumps so that i could do it myself.
>I use extract-xiso
oh yeah i saw that one and i actually downloaded it because one of the games didnt work with the xdvdmulleter. It just felt off. I felt like using the older program was the way to go. I also read on the github page of extreact-xiso that it could fail to dump if you did "x thing" or cause some sort of error. 
>but do you really intend to play more than 2 games simultaneously?
no, not really. I just wanted to have a few selection of vidya on my console depending on what i felt like playing.
she looks like she sucks sips cock
Gross. Remember she will never suck your cock.
Replies: >>223204
If she(?)'s filming herself charging the crystals I bet she sucks any cock that comes near.
>Evidence that weebs have never seen a Jap woman in their lives.
<posts koreans
ive got a dsi,3ds,wii,x360,xone,ps4,ps1,ps2,ps3,psp,psvita.
Are there any other consoles worth getting? I was thinking about gamecube,wii u (for xenogears) and nintendo 64.
then theres also a ton of different game boys.
Replies: >>223464 >>223780
Get a working keyboard.
[Hide] (66.4KB, 1022x731) Reverse
>download dvdrips to watch on my xbox
>the first few work fine
>down to the last 2
>start watching the first
>notice the frame rate is fucked and shits lagging
>stop watching and turn on the second movie
>same shit
>find out that apparently h.264 doesnt work very well on the original xbox
>now have to watch inferior dvdrips with lower quality and more crop
Replies: >>223749 >>223755
it's a fuckin celeron from 2001, what did you expect?
Is your internet so shit your post got delayed 20 years?
[Hide] (607.4KB, 584x800) Reverse
>Are there any other consoles worth getting?
In my opinion, you actually have a few systems that are redundant. Your DSi is made redundant by your 3DS, your Xbone is useless unless you want to play 'Crimson Dragon (That's literally the only genuine exclusive on the platform), your PS1 is made redundant by your PS2, and your PSP is made redundant by your Vita (Unless you're ripping PSP games).
>I was thinking about gamecube,wii u
Sell your Wii if you do go that route as it will be redundant at that point. The GC can output a cleaner picture than the Wii with attachments like the Carby, and the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with the Wii (Outside of GC accessories). Also, the Game Boy Player, allows you to play all Game Boy games on the GC. Only get a GBA if you're interested in games using the GBA-to-GC cable.
>and nintendo 64.
It's only worth getting if there's N64 games you want to play that are not already playable elsewhere (Virtual Console, XBLA, etc.).
Just emulate them. Only the Saturn is worth getting if something cannot be played in SSF.
Definately worth getting.
Replies: >>223839
[Hide] (1.4MB, 858x1015) Reverse
[Hide] (457.5KB, 1073x675) Reverse
>DSi is made redundant by your 3DS
wrong. Based on my research the dsi is the best overall version to play ds games on. Dsi XL has dual ip screens always but the screen is way too big for ds games so pixels look like shit.
>your PS1 is made redundant by your PS2
i doubt that considering they're very different consoles.
>your PSP is made redundant by your Vita
now that is funny considering i dont like my vita because it has no FUCKIN GAMES!
>Unless you're ripping PSP games
uh? Obivously im pirating every single thing...
>Sell your Wii if you do go that route as it will be redundant at that point
No. You seem to mistake something. Im not looking to emulate or play some poor port. I want to play on the original hardware. The intended way to play. Same goes with what you said about game boy
>It's only worth getting if there's N64 games you want to play that are not already playable elsewhere
>Just emulate them.
emulation isnt real. Its not authentic. You're not playing the actual game. You're merely playing a imiation of it.
On a unrelated note.
>want to buy a nes and mod it
>look it up
>mandatory 200 dollar thingy
>the screen is way too big for ds games so pixels look like shit
Hold Select while starting a DS game to get 1:1 pixels.
>they're very different consoles
The PS2 literally uses a PS1 SoC for I/O. That's why the BC is so good.
>emulation isn't real
>complains about flashcart prices
Did you know that flashcarts emulate the special chips that many games require?
Replies: >>223885
>emulation isnt real. Its not authentic. You're not playing the actual game. You're merely playing a imiation of it.
What a fag.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 798x800) Reverse
[Hide] (263.2KB, 510x442) Reverse
>emulation isnt real. Its not authentic. You're not playing the actual game. You're merely playing a imiation of it.
This and furthermore; Unless you're playing CTR with 3 friends using an official PS1 multitap adaptor on a real PS1 on a 28 inch CRT TV using an authentic CTR game CD in a working class, late 90s, early 2000s, Malcom in the Middle-looking house, you're not really playing Crash Team Racing. You're just a bitch.

This is a serious post. It doesn't matter if you have the intended console or even a CRT TV to go with it. If your room is filled with shit that reminds you you're in the year of our lord CY+8+11 months. then it's worthless and you should be ashamed.
Replies: >>223875
[Hide] (109KB, 900x900) Reverse
>This is a serious post.
Replies: >>223876
[Hide] (176.1KB, 300x300) Reverse
Think about it though. Is playing Quake on your LED-riddled PC with your 'friends' over dicksword the same experience as having a 90s Quake LAN party?
Does the CECHA PS3 fat really have "perfect" PS2 backcompat?
Years ago I heard that no model of the PS3 can run the PS2 Ace Combat games properly.
>he had friends to play games with
The shame ain't on me buddy! Is that why you are here? Miss your friends? So what happened to them? They get tired of your shit?
Replies: >>223925
According to a completely unreliable compatibility list I found, the 20 and 60 gig launch models can run them. Even the 80 gig CECHC/E will run at least two of them. I'd verify myself, but I fucked up cleaning the insides of my 60 gig and broke some connector pins so it doesn't work anymore.
Replies: >>223913
This just in, the games will even run in the PS2Classics emulator on a hacked console, although only 5 runs perfectly.
[Hide] (92KB, 512x512) Reverse
Hit a nerve, huh?
There's a config file that fixes major glitches. 5 runs fine apparently while 4 has minor slowdowns here and there.
I've heard people complain about lag but I've never felt it.
i'd like to thank you for suggesting this game, it is fun although the controls are very wonky and unresponsive.
Replies: >>224077
>Based on my research the dsi is the best overall version to play ds games on.
It's a lie. If you care about "LCD screen goodness", get an original DS (Lite of Phat, doesn't matter). Otherwise, the 3DS is fully backwards compatible with 'everything' on the DSi, especially with TWiLight Menu++.
>i doubt that considering they're very different consoles.
The PS2 is fully backwards compatible with the PS1 (Games, controllers, memory cards).
>now that is funny considering i dont like my vita because it has no FUCKIN GAMES!
The Vita is fully backwards compatible with the PSP, especially with Adrenaline.
>Im not looking to emulate or play some poor port. I want to play on the original hardware. The intended way to play.
Your PS1, PSP, DSi, and Wii are made redundant by later systems (PS2, Vita, 3DS, Wii U) it is the real thing. It's not an emulation nor a port. This is mostly possible because the systems either have the same CPU archtecture or have the earlier system relegated to a SoC.

>Does the CECHA PS3 fat really have "perfect" PS2 backcompat?
Hell no!
PS3 backwards compatibility is a bag of dicks. Despite having the actual PS2 hardware in the first-gen system (So, it is "100% compatible") Sony went full retard when it came to resolution output by requiring that the PS3 interally upscale all sub-480p images (Which means all PS1/PS2 gameplay) to 1080p and then downscaling it to whatever video output you're using. This process introduces 1-3 frames of lag every second, which compounds over time and makes some games practically unplayable after 45 minutes to an hour.
Tomboys are just men with vaginas
Replies: >>224117
Are you sure?
I've finished several PS2 games no prob.
Replies: >>224102
Later firmwares added options for upscaling methods (basically choosing between biliner and integer-nearest-then-bilinear), and non-HDMI connections will output an NTSC signal instead. ~t. have used AV and RGB connections between my PS3 and CRT television
>especially with TWiLight Menu++
Everything except EO3 which freezes no matter what I fucking do.
Replies: >>224110
What model, and how far can you get before it freezes? I play for hours straight on my 2DSXL and never had an issue.
>Otherwise, the 3DS is fully backwards compatible with 'everything' on the DSi, especially with TWiLight Menu++.
In addition to that there's open_AGB_firm for the objectively most accurate GBA backwards compatibility that doesn't involve a DS and GBA carts.
The DSi has gbarunner2 but it's dogshit in spite of both systems retaining the necessary hardware for running a GBA hypervisor.
>The PS2 is fully backwards compatible with the PS1 (Games, controllers, memory cards).
<what is the PS2 slim which replaced the r3300A IOP with a PPC chip running an r3300 emulator when in PS1 mode, introducing scores of problems in many games
Though even fat PS2s don't have perfect compatibility due to emulating the PS1 graphics hardware. Have there ever been attemps to improve PS1 B/C on the PS2 with homebrew?
>compounding input lag on launch PS3s running PS2 games due forced internal framebuffer faggotry
And I thought PCSX2 was bad.
Replies: >>224408
[Hide] (576.7KB, 720x720) Reverse
yeah nah buddy you're retarded
[Hide] (19.5MB, 480x360, 06:20)
Thought people would like some advise on how to play game backups on their PS3. So, the two most common ways is to either go through MultiMAN: https://consolemods.org/wiki/PS3:MultiMAN
Or WebMAN: https://consolemods.org/wiki/PS3:WebMAN
What you do is that you decide on which device you want to store your PS3 games on. This is important because there are are limitations to each method. The "easiest" method is to store everything on your native PS3 hard drive, but this presents the problem that you're bound by whatever transfer method you're using and the size of the drive. If you want to upgrade the internal drive, here's a guide: https://consolemods.org/wiki/PS3:Upgrading_your_Hard_Drive
If you want to use an external hard drive (Or a flash drive), you have to two options, each with their own issues. The first option is to configure the drive into a FAT32 format. This has the best compatability with the PS3, but it poses the limitation that you cannot have any files that are bigger than 4GB on the drive. Here are most of the solutions to that: https://consolemods.org/wiki/PS3:4GB_Files
With the easier solution being to use WebMAN to load games from an NTFS formated hard drive: https://consolemods.org/wiki/PS3:Using_an_NTFS_External_Hard_Drive
MultiMAN will not load games on a NTFS formatted drive, so all it's good for is file transfers.
However, this poses it's own limitation in that you cannot load jailbroken game rips when using an NTFS drive: https://archive.ph/JFMwC#post-169034
When it comes to PS3 games, there are two formats that you can find/extract them as. The first is the standard ISO format. The second is the "jailbroken" format. What the latter literally boils down to is just an extraction of the disc's contents into a folder. The reason for this format's existence is to work around the FAT32 size limitations (As, the only other method is to split the ISO). Once you figure out which drive (And/or it's file format) you want to use, here is how the folders are structured on the drive: https://github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD/wiki/Game-Paths-&-Covers
Outside of that, the only other thing of note is that you'll have to open PrepISO/prepNTFS every time you add/remove a game if you're using an NTFS external hard drive. And you need to unmount the game through MultiMAN/WebMAN when you're done using it.

Hopefully that gives people enough information to get them started and answer basic questions.
Replies: >>224374
You forgot to mention that the NTFS driver is literal dogshit and won't work with some hard drives, even with the USB.CFG file.
Just use ps3netsrv. The PS3 has gigabit LAN and is much faster than the anemic USB 2.0 connection.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 300x169) Reverse
>introducing scores of problems in many games
List at least five games and some of the problems on each one.
Replies: >>231162
It sucks that you have to burn discs on some of the old consoles. Take the ps1 for instance. I had to burn 2 discs for 1 game. It was Parasite Eve. It just feels like such a waste of money and time. Because not only do you have to purchase said discs but you also have to mantain them and store them in a way.
Replies: >>229154 >>229224
[Hide] (731.1KB, 1200x965) Reverse
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1500x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (624.6KB, 638x636) Reverse
[Hide] (896.4KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
[Hide] (251.1KB, 550x458) Reverse
check out this gormless nigger
Just get CD boxes from thrift stores.
[Hide] (342.2KB, 629x468) Reverse
[Hide] (154KB, 640x465) Reverse
Burning PS1 games
Two months and anon has yet to reply
Replies: >>231165
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1706x6970) Reverse
Is it really that hard to use a search engine?
Replies: >>231166
Thats a truly meager list considering how large the ps1 library is
Replies: >>231169
Anon's claim was
>fully backwards compatible
Replies: >>231170
Well judging by that picture not even all ps2 models are fully compatible with their own library, i would say it is.
[Hide] (66.4KB, 1022x731) Reverse
Tried playing some crash bandicoot. Tried several different discs and regions but it just kept fucking freezing. So im guessing my ps1 is fucked. So im now forced to order a ps1.
Replies: >>231400
[Hide] (1.1MB, 700x1000) Reverse
im a retarded little fuck. I ordered a new ps1 but then afterwards i had a thought that i could try to burn the game from another site. So i did that and the game works. Im so fucking retarded. I always make mistakes in my life no matter what. I fuck up everything and waste money. Well.... Guess i have a extra ps1 incase my ps1 dies...
Replies: >>231403 >>231517
Nothing wrong with having a backup.
Replies: >>231407
[Hide] (15.5KB, 945x945) Reverse
I ordered a nes,snes,n64 and a gamecube aswell.
I guess
Replies: >>231471
>I guess
You're going to need that spare laser eventually
>zeldafags sperging out so hard it triggered the spam protection captcha
[Hide] (2.1MB, 4032x2604) Reverse
[Hide] (897.6KB, 3093x2318) Reverse
Easy. Just give your second PS1 a cool ass 2000s skin.
Replies: >>231590
[Hide] (363.8KB, 424x628) Reverse
focusing on what's important
[Hide] (118.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
[Hide] (134.7KB, 640x480) Reverse
Thoughts on this ps1 rgb cable? First image is with rgb cable. This cable was highly recommended online. I however noticed something strange when watching gameplay of the game i was playing. It was that my game was much brighter than the gameplay i saw. I cant quite capture it best with my phone. Sure rgb looks good but it just feels washed out? It feels like the color contrast is just gone and it drains the soul from the game
Replies: >>232028
are you retarded? why don't you just adjust the image with your tv settings to decrease brightness and increase contrast/saturation
Replies: >>232032 >>232057
Explain how that would fix it
Replies: >>232036
you have issues with how the image looks, I'm telling you to use the tv controls which adjust the image to how you want it, how does that not fix it?
Replies: >>232057
You shouldn't give anon the authentic experience. Sell him the $50+ dollar converter box to take RGB to HDMI and horribly upscale it while applying filters to get the true experience of playing old games.
Replies: >>232075
But composite cable is the authentic experience. Not some third party made rgb cable.
Avoid Myrient for roms. Bad roms. Several of them did not work.
I doubt it but it's easily confirmed by checking hashes against no-intro/redump.
Replies: >>232250
If you're talking about the PS3 games there, you need to decrypt them. Use this if you've never done it before.
This is simply me being a retard. I thought redump meant that they were simply redumps (dumps that had been taken down and then reuploaded). But i just learned that its different upload groups from this post >>232233
So maybe the problem is with redump? I dont know.
Replies: >>232259
You seem very confused; no-intro and redump aren't release groups, they maintain databases of checksums for known good ROM dumps.
[Hide] (53.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
Does anyone here using OPL on PS2 has ever tried deleting his __.POPS partition?
Only clue I've found here https://www.ps2-home.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2912 was to rename the partition to  PP.HDL.POPS, but for some reason it won't let me rename it, no matter what to.
I bought all of the old consoles. Now what? I still feel empty.
[Hide] (25.6MB, 1280x720, 00:40)
You turn them on and play videogames.
Shocking, I know.
Replies: >>233377
Make friends.
Replies: >>233377
[Hide] (223.6KB, 1280x921) Reverse
If you ever consider buying a fat ps2 then avoid the 30000 models. I didnt know beforehand but fuck. Its really fucking loud. And thats a understatement. It sounds like a jet engine. Even with headphones and even with a considerable distance. It bothered me so much that i researched it (i just googled some shit) and it seems that the 30000 models are simply louder for some reason. So i went ahead and ordered a 50000 model. I wasnt expecting a massive difference or anything. I was simply expecting a little less louder to just make a little more bearable. I started the console and i was like, holy shit! The difference was fucking massive! Its almost fucking dead quiet. I really dont get it. How the fuck the 30000 model was the loudest retro console ive ever owned and yet the 50000 model is probably one of the quietest retro consoles ive owned.
For clarification my 30000 model was 39000 something. I just read the 39 part of it. And my 50000 model was 50004.
I was considering playing devil may cry but it was so fucking demoralizing with the 30000 console and the constant jet engine noise. Im pretty glad i figured this out.
Replies: >>233352
[Hide] (28.3KB, 474x376) Reverse
I've got a 50004 PS2 as well. Thing's got a very quiet fan, which amounts to some very pleasant white noise while playing.
>how come the difference in fans between 3XXXX and 5XXXX?
The same kind of magic that made the slim PS2 possible, reducing its size to almost 1/4th the fat model. Sony home consoles may have been uglier than a sin but at least the nips knew their shit hardware side.
Replies: >>233372
[Hide] (23.5KB, 532x673) Reverse
[Hide] (31.9KB, 435x500) Reverse
[Hide] (30KB, 466x466) Reverse
[Hide] (16.5KB, 474x487) Reverse
>uglier than sin
The PS2 and PS3 PHAT are peak future past designs.
Specially alts like picsrel.
Replies: >>233377 >>233382
>boring squares are peak art
>you can only have fun playing games with others 
Yes I know that's two different posters. 
Maybe you're just hungry.
[Hide] (18.2KB, 400x320) Reverse
[Hide] (87.8KB, 1600x890) Reverse
[Hide] (638.3KB, 836x990) Reverse
[Hide] (41.5KB, 600x450) Reverse
[Hide] (27.6KB, 474x698) Reverse
>specially alternate colors no one saw or knew about
By that rule you can make-believe the N64 was a pretty console because of its clear variations, and forget the one everyone had was that pitch black ugly tumor.
The picture I posted there still applies. The Dreamcast was immediately prettier than the PS2, with its shape and white colors; the Gamecube was prettier than the PS2, with its utilitarian, compact look; the model 2 Saturn beat the PS1 on looks alone, as did the 360 against the NogamesStation. In fact, if purchases were decided on casing and looks alone many one-offs consoles would've beat Sony's offerings by large.
The only console that was selling at the time I'll give you was uglier than Sony's was the Xbox, and not by virtue of its size.
The fat PS3 was ugly mostly due to its sheer size and the curvature of the top. It looked like a pregnant piano and you couldn't set anything else on top of it. The perfect PS3 design would be the case shape of the slim with the glossy finish and Spider-Man wordmark from the fat.
Rest of your post is just gay revisionism. the Saturn didn't look like much of anything while the PS1 at least looked vaguely like stereo equipment and has that chunky space-age look a lot of consumer electronics had in the 90s. The N64 looked like a toy because it was a toy. The GC was immediately derided as a purple lunchbox for children because it was designed for Japanese kids to hold onto on the train to see their friends, not to look inoffensive next to the cable box and the VCR where most PS2s lived. The 360 could have looked like a dog turd and people wouldn't have cared because you were either a dudebro and were getting the Halo machine no matter what or your parents waited in line for hours to buy you a Wii.
Replies: >>233385
I like the superslim tbh, much better than both fat and slim, it's too bad it doesn't have the automatic disc eating and ejecting which was cool but whatever
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080, 00:07)
[Hide] (255.7KB, 1024x629) Reverse
All the consoles you just posted are so ugly I thought they were bootleg at first.
I love the looks of the Dreamcast and that particular Xbox 360 model you posted but the model 2 Saturn looks like actual dogshit.
The black PS2 is elegant with an ominous blue lettering on top. The PS1 was beautiful as well with its distinct grey color.
Replies: >>233492
[Hide] (6.8MB, 1527x2154) Reverse
All i wanted was to play deathsmiles. But since faggots think a decade old game is worth 50 bucks they essentially forced me to mod my 360. The modding shit is more expensive than buying this 50 dollar game but its the principle. Im not fucking paying scalper prices. Id rather spend more money and flash my 360 and just burn the fucking game.
Replies: >>233488 >>233553
Megablack Label runs mostly acceptably on a Pi 4, if you have one. Might run locked at 60fps in a standalone emulator, but I haven't tried that yet.
Replies: >>233497
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
All of those are such soul except for the 360's design. Why do people want consoles to look like a building in some scifi flick city? You can just enlarge it, color it, and lay it on it's side and it'd blend in, the tall sqaure bullshit. I was glad when pizza box desktops died and yet spiritually this cellpyhone tier sqaure shape bullshit is actually liked? Curvy is sexy. Blocks are masculine looking. It's long and thin and it's like a penis. Thick buildings look better while I'm at it. Why be in love with spires and such? They just are flat so you can stack the shit just like phone are for a chick's tight back pocket. Fashion and ocd ruins technology looking artistic. A toy is supposed to stick out and look tacky, it's not a tool but you may be one if you like the ps2's design. A computer is a tool so I'd expect it from that, hence the pizza box of old aforementioned of which ironically was phased out then brought right back. Squares man.
>I was glad when pizza box desktops died
How would you set that up? I dont quite understand what a pi 4 (rasperry pi?) is.
Replies: >>233502
[Hide] (99KB, 360x270, 00:07)
Replies: >>233514
Yeah, Raspberry Pi. The 5 is up for preorders already, but it's quite a bit more expensive than the 4 (way more powerful, though). The Pis are small (the form factor is literally a credit card) ARM computers that load the OS off of a Micro SD card. USB and HDMI are crammed in there for interfacing, and there's a GPIO array on the board for turbonerds. There are a few preconfigured emulator-focused Linux distros for it as a result. Retropie, Lakka and Recalbox are the most popular, but you can also install a proper distro to use emulators outside of a curated list.

>buy Pi from scalper or luck out and get one at MSRP ($45 for the 4, 60-80 for the 5)
>flash vidya OS to the included card using the official tool (the tool can download the OS for you if you want)
>plug it in (the 5 finally adds a power switch, and third party kits for the 4 usually have them as well) and set your controller up
>use the network or USB to put ROMs on it (make sure to check the docs for the emulator; not all of them support 7z or CHD)
>select a system and play vidya
[Hide] (135.4KB, 600x800) Reverse
Hes right   that shit is soulless
Replies: >>233558
I thought you said they were all soulless EXCEPT the 360 for a second.
[Hide] (226.4KB, 656x600) Reverse
>le sovl = good :) except for the 360's design
What are you talking about? The 360's design is definitely borrowing the same curves and white tones those old consoles were doing, only the 360 did with more nuance by choosing off-white and metallic undertones and doing that elongated shape, overall looking much more dignified. It's a pretty sleek and recognizable design, unlike all the bleak black boxes M$ followed it with they couldn't market for shit.
>why do people want consoles to look like a building in some scifi flick city?
Are you talking about the PS5? In any case the PS5's an outlier designwise. Boring lifeless black boxes became the norm 3 generations ago, and that's what Sosny had been doing with the PS3 and the PS4.
You can't blame the PS5 for trying to do something different. What you can blame it for is being an ugly piece of shit made by Commiefornians who couldn't adhere to a design document. Instead whoever bought that shit got a TP Link router on bone growth hormones.
>I was glad when pizza box desktops died
<shitting on good old 90's white PC boxes
I love that shit though. Utilitarianism meets home decor, a sophisticated tool retrofitted into an everyday appliance. Makes me wish I had an excuse to own a PC-FX.
>trying to buy a shmup game from a second hand outlet
There's your problem. If you haven't realized yet shmups are the most highly scalped videogames in the planet for some unfathomable reason. I was going to recommend you you bought gay ass Otomedius instead, but for some reason its price has jumped 3 times what it used to be months ago.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 5312x2988) Reverse
[Hide] (126.1KB, 1085x1280) Reverse
[Hide] (479.8KB, 670x690) Reverse
Here, baby boy. You can have your tacky and wacky Sega Pico with enough bright colors to calm your autism.
Meanwhile I'll play on my sleek and smooth PS2 slim.
Replies: >>233560
[Hide] (153KB, 1000x880) Reverse
[Hide] (41KB, 500x479) Reverse
[Hide] (31.9KB, 564x428) Reverse
It's all fun and games until I come down to beat your head into a pulp with the bulletproof casing of the Dora the Explorer V-Smile.
Let's see how tough you are when you've got nothing to defend yourself but that tweeny little silver shit.
Replies: >>233563
[Hide] (35.8KB, 600x423) Reverse
[Hide] (34.3KB, 474x355) Reverse
[Hide] (76.4KB, 1200x714) Reverse
[Hide] (200.6KB, 460x258, 00:02)
I'm sorry. Have you forgotten the biggest weapon in my arsenal?
You better watch out, kiddo. Before I pwn you in style.
[Hide] (219.1KB, 1500x1118) Reverse
[Hide] (124.2KB, 980x1078) Reverse
[Hide] (41.7KB, 448x336) Reverse
[Hide] (49.8KB, 462x629) Reverse
That is until you realize Leapfrog weaponized the furniture as well. Guess what, bitch? This is a motherfucking entertainment system you're looking at. 
You don't want to see me pulling the Leapfrog-branded assault rifles ages 4 and up any time soon I'll tell you that much.
Replies: >>233565
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1389x1075) Reverse
Replies: >>233567
[Hide] (63.7KB, 334x500) Reverse
The game was rigged from the start, you had no chance to win.
Nothing personnel, kid.
Replies: >>233570
>teaching kids dna sequencing in grade 1
>2nd pic
I know xbox is hueg but I always forget how hueg
We need to go back to huge consoles. Nowadays with everything so advanced we could simply fit more into it and make marginally better consoles. If thats how it works...
Replies: >>233609 >>233622
[Hide] (5.2KB, 259x194) Reverse
>we need to go back to huge consoles
Have you seen how big the PS5 is? That thing almost equals two PS3s in size.
Replies: >>233622 >>233650
A PS5 is as big as some small gaming PCs. PS5 is 390 mm × 260 mm × 104 mm. A relatively large mini-itx is 343 x 153 x 218 mm
Replies: >>233650
[Hide] (304.1KB, 3360x1890) Reverse
[Hide] (331.7KB, 3360x1890) Reverse
[Hide] (271.2KB, 3360x1890) Reverse
PS5 is even bigger than the xboxhueg.
Replies: >>233651
And yet it still overheats because it's got one squirrel cage fan and an aluminum heatsink. Can't wait until the PS5 "pro" actually starts house fires.
[Hide] (129.1KB, 1600x1600) Reverse
$40 gaycube ODE by March. Absolutely godlike. Nothing on it looks hard to source either so it should be available in quantity unlike most other ODEs.
Replies: >>237746
Citra and Yuza are kill.
Replies: >>238067 >>238086
[Hide] (27.3MB, 640x360, 20:36)
[Hide] (18.9KB, 133x82) Reverse
Replies: >>237747 >>237759
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2629x2582) Reverse
>the molester phenotype
Disappointed, but not surprised. This is something you just have to accept when dealing with Nintendo console modding, the Sony and Microsoft scenes are downright heterosexual by comparison. If it's really a dealbreaker for you PicoBoot and an SD2SP2 with Swiss gets you 80-90% of the way there, this is for if you want the shiniest and most compatible experience possible. If I was setting up a GC for a younger relative I would seriously consider this, for example.
[Hide] (101.8KB, 768x1249) Reverse
>it's ogre
There's already a continuation fork called Suyu:
Replies: >>238086
Is Ryujinx affected by this?
And since Citra is gone what's a good 3DS emulator?
There's been a lot more forks that popped up that I don't know if this one is an actual continuation or not.
Replies: >>238096 >>238169
Just use the last released version of Citra for now. Next best project would be Panda3DS, but it can barely play 38 titles at the moment.
>Is Ryujinx affected by this?
Nothing yet unless the devs get spooked and drop it. So far DraStic DS was pulled and its source code released, even though the dev said it wasn't related to Yuzu. Also the 3DS homebrew FBI was taken down from Github. Those are the only immediate casualties.
>And since Citra is gone what's a good 3DS emulator?
Citra. There isn't anything else at a remotely comparable level of development.
Im going to RGH mod my 360. Fuck it. I bought all the shit to flash my 360 but due to the limiations of only being able to play disc games and not out of region games im just going to fucking order a soldering pen and some more stuff. Yeah i might lose money but i want to be able to play whatever the fuck i want. I want to be able to play dlc aswell and digital only games. Lets hope i dont fuck up my 360 with my 0 experience with soldering.
Replies: >>238815
You're going to fuck up your 360. Start by recapping the other dozen consoles you've pissed away money on.
Im just not going to bother rgb3 modding my 360. Seems like a massive bother. I might just be able to play disc games when i flash the drive but whatever.
I've thought about it for a bit more and realized that simply buying a rgh modded console of ebay is cheating and i wouldnt be able to live with it. I have to mod it myself and i have to buy a soldering iron and wires... I have to do it. Otherwise whats the point? Its like you are cucked. You are using someone elses modded console. Its not yours. You cucked yourself.
I have now ordered everything. Lets hope i dont fuck this up.... If i somehow successfully do this i might attempt the same with a switch oled.
[Hide] (889.5KB, 1200x1181) Reverse
I still cant believe that i didnt use this piece of shit for months just to use it and update it and 1 day later a jailbreak comes out for it. Its so fucking bizarre.
Replies: >>239177 >>239183
Holy shit man take your adderall and play some fucking video games.
that literally happened to me, man. I literally have the console years taking dust and i turn that shit on once to jailbreak it, and the first step was "DON'T UPDATE" then a box appears that says "Do you want to update?" And i got dumb and i press yes because i am dumb and i thought i was supposed to update it, man. I had the 8.00 version and now i am stuck with the 9.03 and probably i will not play any game on it anyway, but i like jailbreak consoles, now i have a useless box to use as paperweight. This was some time ago, i don't know if there is a jailbreak for that version now. But i understand your pain.
Replies: >>239192
It might be coming sooner than you think.
>Security Researcher theflow0 confirmed via Twitter that he'll be giving a talk at the Moxy Seoul Myeongdong All Offensive Security Conference which runs from May 27th-31st, 2024 covering a PlayStation 4 Kernel Remote Code Execution (RCE) Exploit enabling a jailbreak
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