Banned in the USSR
Russia has banned zzzchan, to any anons affected I will be doing the following:

1. Fixing the onion, as I haven't had time to sit down and look into the issues it's been having.

2. Adding a extra domains. I'll announce them as they get hooked up, I already own a few. This should outright bypass the ban and I can spin up a gorrilion extra $1 domains if they really want to play ball. 

They apparently took objection to /fascist/ existing, but before anyone goes off on that board specifically please remember that material that is illegal in russia is regularly posted to other boards. Complying would have been a no-win.
ZZZchan turns 3 Today!
Come write a birthday for Gondola! >>>/b/158105
Th migratin is coming
Please see >>>/meta/4355 for the details
There will be some downtime on the evening of the 17th. I will be updating jschan to prepare for a proper server migration.
.onion maintenance
The .onion's host is doing some major maintenance from Oct 10 though Oct 13. It may go down throughout this time period.
Official birthday thread: >>>/b/107205
War in our time
Multiple eastern European hosting companies have gone dark today, for some reason, which took out all of the proxies. I've made a new one, and will be making more in as many continents/countries as I can over the next few days. My previous failover type setup with the proxies has also been more hassle than it's proven to be worth, I'll be setting the new ones up round robin style and handle load balancing later. Various other nginx tweaks are happening over the next few days so if the site dips for a few minutes that's me at work.
Not dead
The primary proxy host had to kick the box after a fuckup on their end, but it looks like my failover isn't working as intended either. I'll be looking into it but otherwise we're good to go.
That's right we've got another new board! Please welcome >>>/bmn/ where every saturday a selection of bad movies are streamed for your entertainment.
It's Time
Against all good judgement I've added /pol/. Come see the inevitable shitshow and maybe discuss politics too! 

Update Update
So it turns out there were quite a few structural changes to jschan since the last update. I have the entire appserver backed up manually as of a couple minutes ago, and will make another before applying the update properly (I need to spend some time looking thru what's changed). There may be a period this evening that gets wiped if something goes wrong but it looks like migrating should go smoothly. I may also need to turn off public access for a few minutes post-update to reconfigure things. 
Updates Tonite!
Will be updating the site as I am long overdue. 
We're back and IOU an explanation
Go read >>>/meta/2151 to see what happened and what I'm doing to make sure it can't happen again.
/a/ reboot
So the bo for /vhs/ stepped up and is now deputized to run /a/. Consider the trial period reset, let's try this again. >>>/a/
/tech/ unlocked
I hadn't noticed that the board was also locked,sorry about that.
Global limit increase
I have set the global post and bump limits to 1000. BOs will need to go in and make changes if they want more than the default 500.
/a/ is live!
you asked for this.
The great /a/ debate
given the apparent demand for zzz/a/ I've made a request for commen over at >>>/meta/1705 , please review the current plan and post your thoughts there.
Proxy changes
All the proxies got mass reported but I'm already setting up a better solution, go read >>>meta/1617/ for more information
Christmas Movie Night
/vhs/ has weekly movie nights every Friday, you can see the schedule for Christmas here:
Welcome /vhs/ 
For film and cinema discussion!

Looks like the cia nigger couldn't take it, I've launched /k/ here. I will act as BO for the time being until the applicant I've gotten proves himself to be alright as a mod. At this point I'm still taking applications in case of him bailing or being dolphin.
Update time
I have just updated to the current master branch of jschan. We have some new features:

- Seperate actions can be defined for tph/pph triggers
- Boards can now have more than 100 banners. You can currently only upload 10 at a time.
- Audio files should have waveform thumbnails now.
- Mods can now perform up to 100 post actions at once, anons are still limited to 20.
- PDFs should work now, go test them

I'm looking into what I need to do regarding the tor ip hashes/IDs as there were no new settings related to them in the configs.
We are NOT under attack
The proxy hosts are having outages right now, that is why the site may be up and down for the next few hours.
Rebooting /tech/
So the BO who got /tech/ outed himself as dolphin, I've given him the boot and taken /tech/ for myself. You can see the plan going forward here >>>/tech/101
/tech/ is here
Someone finally applied for /tech/, go install gentoo.
/japan/ is here
The tengu is back, you can now shitpost about 2hus here:
Onion Time!
The onion is live! 

For BOs, if you want to block onion traffic just ban localhost by ip:

Also, the reverse proxies are now caching media files. While we were using like 0.01% of the app server's power level to begin with, this really cuts down on bandwidth use, and eliminates entire classes of possible attacks. The site should also load noticeably faster.
onions and updates
Everything is in place, I will be updating the site + setting up a tor service. Stay tuned, and apologies for any downtime.
Remember the six dollars
Sorry for the downtime, it turns out I forgot about a cheap vps on the same host as the appserver and forgot to pay the $6. This of course fully justifies freezing a separate server that has over 3 months of credit on it. Nothing should be missing, and we should be good to go from here on. Everything is topped up for at least 3 months and I plan to keep a 2 month buffer minimum.  

Also minds is gay and I made a pleroma account. This is now the official account for external announcements:
/fit/ is here

we got /fit/ lads, we're all gonna make it.

HAPPENINGS and some other news
So is down, and this has changed my plans for the site. I'd also like to welcome the refugees while shit gets fixed. I'm not a fan of mark/acid but I hate seeing sites die like this more.

First off, the vanwa proxy is cancelled. I know cloudflare isn't any better but at least I'm not paying them. Vanwa cannot be trusted at this point. I will instead be working on a more long term solution, mainly making my own cdn on hosts that do not give a shit about what I host and can tell busybodies to fuck off. This is going to take time, but we're still secure behind the current proxy setup. The worst that can happen is I have to shift them around, which is cheap and easy. These plans may change as I go if simpler solutions are found.

On a lighter note I am doing away with the round system for board applications. I am now accepting applications at any time, so feel free to look at the rules in this thread and apply!
It wasn't my fault I swear
so as it turns out, the host I had the proxy on is retarded in their handling of ipv6, and this is what was causing the intermittent outages today. I'm happy to report that I've moved to a new host for the proxy and we now have TWO proxies that handle traffic in a round robin fashion. This may lead to posters having up to two id's per thread, I'm not sure but will be looking into it. 
Remember to stop by /meta/ for the bug report and external comms threads.
It's always something
I've set up a minds account and a thread over on You can yell at me there while I try to figure out why the proxy keeps dropping out.
Alive Again
Apologies for the downtime, we are now up to date for jschan. I actually managed to not fuck up with git this time but had some mongodb issues and had to restart the proxy. There's a reason I do this kind of thing on tuesdays.

I am setting up backup means of communication and i'd appreciate recommendations  for anything other than twitter
I will annouce all contingency accounts and will try to have some kind of online schedule. 

Go to >>>/meta/ to discuss.
Updates and future plans
Two updates have been made:
1. We now have grid captcha, which should be the end of the bot spam. 
2. I Have switched the markdown rules to be the same as 8chan, and they shouldn't revert anymore (sorry about that).

With the new captcha I can get back to setting up the vanwa proxy. It's mostly configured I just need to test it, hoping to launch it by monday. We should no longer be dependent on any service for protection against bot spam.

For the board application process, I'm ditching the round system and will just be taking applications as they come in. I have not gotten any applications for /tech/. We will be getting /tg/ and /x/ very soon.

I have also enabled thread creation on /meta/ so feel free to suggest anything there.
being a sysadmin is fun
Captchas are still not working and I may have introduced new issues including normal posters not being able to spoiler files. There may be some periods of downtime in the next few days. 

until captchas are working feel free to global report anything you need deleted/spoilered. I broke this shit so I'll clean it up.

No more bad news
Found the issue with ip-passthrough, IDs should be working again
Good and bad news
The good news is the markdown is now following 8chan rules, I just need to update the faq.

The bad news is I somehow fucked up ip passthrough from the proxy to the app server, so we are all going to have the same thread IDs until I find what went wrong.
/b/ is here, too
I got an additional vol for /b/, so I've launched the board. 

I'd still like a proper BO for /b/ so I am still taking applications. I did not receive a single application for /tech/ either. I am changing the application process to just be open instead of cyclical. You can apply for a board at [email protected].
no recaptcha
Plans to switch to recaptcha have been cancelled. Thanks for all the feedback, I will hold out for a better solution.
Captcha update
I will be making the switch to recaptcha at noon central us time tomorrow. Once everything is confirmed working I will disable cuckflare's "I'm under attack mode".
New boards and some changes
Applications are now being accepted for new boards, go to for the details!

Also, I will be switching the site to vanwatech around noon central time 8/18 as a trial run. If it works out we will stay with it. I will be changing the markup behavior at the same time to match 8chan.

The fish delivered
Welcome to zzzchan!
Please have a look over at >>>/meta/ for an overview of the site and at for the global rules.
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