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Last thread here >>176775 https://web.archive.org/web/20231126140709/https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/176775.html hit the bumplock limit a few days ago and is one post away to hit the reply limit. Given how we've had 3 consecutive weekends worth of videogames to some extent it's crucial to create thread here and now to keep the ball rolling.

Now that I've got that out of the way, in hindsight, what the fuck happened to gamenights in Sleepy? Looking back on the archive, to the few catalog pages saved from 2020:
<GAME NIGHT VOTE/PREPARATION THREAD >>1004, ran from September/October 2020 until February/March 2021 (~5 months), saw at least 12 gamenights in that period of time judging by catalog screenshots and discounting gimmick threads and static servers
<Game Night Organization Thread >>176775, has run from November 2022 to November 2022 (1 year), has seen 10 gamenights in that timeframe, 4 of these being in December last year and 3 of them being this month
I know the coronahoax was hot in between 2020-early 2022, but that's no excuse for the gamenight drought we've been suffering this past year. For comparison, just as a reminder for how gifted this site used to be a few years ago, in that Autumn 2020-Winter 2021 timeframe it saw gamenights for:
>Co-op campaigns for Doom, Sven and DX
>Mechwarrior LL
>S4 League
>Joint Ops
>AI War
Just in that small period of time, and that's ignoring the more niche shit like the GBA Mednafen autism, the netplay Pokemon Stadium 2 fuckaround, that Vintage Story server, the Soku tournament, the Wurm saga or those gimmicky Doom WADs that were run from time to time.

Seriously, what the fuck has happened? Did all the hostfags vanish into thin air? Did they all quit the Internet for the remainder of their lives? Did they get a life? Do the only faggots remaining here think dedicated servers are black voodoo magic and their moms will die in their sleep if they learn to fucking host? Are >we going to get our shit together and put together a bunch of fun games on the weekends for old time's sake, or are gamenights as a concept as good as dead?
Replies: >>225911 >>230482
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Speaking of videogames, I had an SRB2K server working to some extent, problem being it couldn't load custom characters any farther than the first 3 set in kartserv.cfg.
Any past SRB2K host here? What should I do to fix the issue? It won't load any racing tracks either other than the regular ones. I know I hate the faggotry that's embedded in this game and the people who play it but it'd be arguably fun to play it with anons again.

Moreover, what happened with >>225481 here? Have you got your Sven server running yet, anon?
I hope we'll get Dark Messiah and JKA this December like the last year, best gamenights ever.
Replies: >>225911 >>226425
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>>225907 (OP) 
>Seriously, what the fuck has happened? Did all the hostfags vanish into thin air?
I can actually give some context for this! You see, about a quarter of those was a certain individual who stopped hosting in order to create and maintain a thread about a certain MMO. Let's call it [name expunged]. 

So when this individual stopped hosting games in favor of keeping an MMO thread going, he thought to himself - "oh fuck, these guys already had no players, if I don't step it the fuck up, people will sense that the jig is up and leave". But he couldn't do anything because the MMO took up too much of his time - there wasn't any room to quit in any case. In the end, that mystery person got burned out out of that MMO and quit, twice in a row in fact. It (probably) took him about a year to do that? Who knows in any case.

So naturally, when the game nights died down, the people who played games started to be outspoken. And it's not like it's easy for other people to host games, given that most hold a job of some kind and thus are crippled in terms of free time. So people wouldn't host things for a while.

Ah, here are the games that dude hosted.
>Sven Coop
>AI War
>GBA Mednafen autism
>Dark Messiah MP
>probably some of others I can't remember

In any case, he's probably coming back soon, so do not worry about any of that nonsense. This is simply to put that topic to rest before everything. Now then, would any of you like AI War next weekend? It could be pushed back if any of you would like it.

JKA has priority, please remind me which slot they have.
Replies: >>225915
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>that smarmy typing style
>lemme tell you the story of Mr. Gamenight himself that's (Me) [NAME REDACTED]
>this guy's a VIP, very important user and unlike (You)
>hosting is bury SRS BSNS no one else on this board can do it but (Me)
>so uh, you faggots owe me every gamenight on this site
>nuthin personnel kid
>P.S. suck my dick, all of (You)
>a fucking neptunia image
If this is not enough for every user on this board to host 10 different games each to spite you this site's userbase is truly braindead.
Replies: >>225916
isn't that the point
Replies: >>225919
>isn't that the point
Maybe, but trying to rile up faggots here's pointless once you realize how hopeless most of these >people are. They don't give a shit, and won't host shit even if their lives depended on it.
Replies: >>225922
What ever happened to that karts server?
even so, the effort is worthwhile, and even if you are correct, it's you that's likely to give a shit in that case because you responded
in any event, if you happen to try to set something up and run into technical problems, post ITT about it.
Replies: >>225929
What's a good vps provider to use? Digital ocean any good? Or should I just do amazon?
Replies: >>225929
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>if you happen to try to set something up and run into technical problems
I did, and I've already made a post about it >>225909. Have you hosted SRB2K before?
From my experience BuyVM's alright. Ping's acceptable on NY servers when playing as yuro and the VPS plans are affordable. Should be good in spite of the lackluster HDD storage size (40GB for the $7 plan). Some faggot suggested Linode, PFCloud and Vultr so you'd want to check those out as well.
>Have you hosted SRB2K before?
No, I'm sorry. That was someone else. People should be able to respond, so.
>BuyVM's alright
I think sportschan uses it, so I'll agree here.
Replies: >>225938
I'll take a peek.  I work some of the weekend which has prevented me from hosting in the past, but getting a vps and just letting it run shouldn't be an issue for most games. I want to make sure the geographic location works out for Eurofags too.
BuyVM seems like an OK value. Best prices too. Online reviews arent bad, I'll probably go with them. That should host everything from source games to karts. Won't be until later today I pull the trigger on it but the price is right.
The only reliable way I know of to load a ton of wads is on the command line i.e. -file wad1.wad -file wad2.pk3 etc. etc. I had a batch script doing it when I was testing.
You can do it in the cfg but it's wonky as fuck, every few addfile wad you have to do a wait and chances are that it will break anyway.
Keep in mind there is a max wad and character limit, although 1.6 doubled it (again).
Replies: >>225992 >>226075
Actually I looked at my script and it's -file "wad1.wad" "wad2.pk3" "wad3.wad" etc.
You probably want a bash script but this is the general idea:
@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

cd addons
for %%f in (*) do (
	set wads=!wads! "%%f"
cd ..
start srb2kart -dedicated -file %wads%
Replies: >>226075
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For the next guy who runs a mednafen weekend, you can actually run more than one copy of a game at the same time on the same server. Before you /connect to the netplay server you have to set a game key with /gamekey; this gets hashed with the game ROM to match you with other niggers playing the same game.  This means you can host as many players as you need to, just post a gamekey in the thread if there are enough lurkers in the "default" (null gamekey) session.
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>a bash script
That's something I haven't learnt to do yet.
From what I've read in your example, your code tells the command prompt to enter the addons directory, read the .wad/.pk3 files inside, then return to the parent directory and start the program.
What I don't understand, what is that loop meant to do? Is wads a variable with multiple values? What are the exclamation marks and the quoted %%f meant to represent?
Other than the last line being an obvious stand-in for the Wine line starting the program, is your code meant to work or is it gibberish for illustrative purposes?
Replies: >>226078 >>226079
His code is a complete script for Windows cmd, not bash.
"%%f" is is the variable that represents the current item in the for loop, surrounded with double-quotes so it can expand without running into issues with file names.
The exclamation points are used to reference and expand the 'wads' variable. It's used here to add each file to the wads variable in sequence to make a one-line list of the files.

You got it. It's retarded batch syntax shell scripts are better but not great either. %%f is the file name in the current loop iteration. Exclamation marks are required in the loop to evaluate a variable on execution instead of when the script is parsed. What it does is simply appending the %%f variable to the wads variable over and over. The "start" command runs a program and then exits, it's only there because srb2kart spawns its own console on windows.
No reason to use wine, just get the native build.
This should probably work on ganoo/loonix:
cd addons
for file in *; do
	wads="$wads \"$file\""
cd ..
srb2kart -dedicated -file $wads
Also don't forget to put kartspeed 2 in the cfg. The only mod I'd say is mandatory is restat but other than that I don't really care. I could upload the collection I ended up with when I was experimenting if you want most if not all of the wads from previous game nights should be in there.
Replies: >>226141
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>just get the native build
I thought you were saying there was a prebuilt binary somewhere on github. I knew there wasn't one, that's why I didn't bother building from source before.
I've tried using the source code as well your batch file and it can find all of the files alright, problem is it can't read any of them for unknown reasons.
Loading "KC_Cirno_ver1.pk3"
ERROR: Can't open "KC_Cirno_ver1.pk3"
Errors occurred while loading "KC_Cirno_ver1.pk3"; not added.Code's the exact same, only it uses ./srb2kart instead of calling for srb2kart. What could be happening here?
>also don't forget to put kartspeed 2 in the cfg
In the .cfg file? I didn't know about that. That's the highest racing speed right?
Replies: >>226197
Due to various circumstances, I won't be able to host thing this week or the next. FUCK
Replies: >>227205
I thought a few distros had srb2kart packages but apparently they don't anymore?
Seems like the linux build only looks in ~/.srb2kart subfolders. Easiest fix would be to move the wad folder there and symlink it for the script I suppose.
>In the .cfg file? I didn't know about that. That's the highest racing speed right?
Yes, kartspeed 2 = Hard.
Replies: >>226258
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>seems like the linux build only looks in ~/.srb2kart subfolders
And it does. The script will not work regardless, and from what I can tell the only way I'll have to add addons is to type them manually in console.
I think I'm going through and hosting karts this weekend, considering if not we'll have to do with >>226247. Can you remind me which was the track with the tranny flags and what mappack contained it?
Replies: >>226378
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The SRB2K server seems to have loaded all racers and tracks, and restat seems to work properly. Problem is, since the script that automates adding them on startup doesn't work I can't afford to restart the server to add more shit in if I had to.
In order to connect to the server you'll need to download all the server addons from here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/f7t9i3Zv then create a folder in the game's directory named addons/ and unzip the contents inside.
I need to try out the server first before I make the OP. If someone here's dilligent enough to try it out here's the game's github page with its download link: https://github.com/STJr/Kart-Public/releases/tag/v1.6 as well as the server's IP that's
Replies: >>226276
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Activate it.
Okay, this is fucked up and maybe someone more experienced with shell scripts can tell me why the fuck the script breaks filesearch().
Meanwhile, here's the nigger rigged version (also restarts automatically if it crashes):
cd addons
for file in *; do
	wads="\"$file\" $wads"
cd ..
echo ./lsdl2srb2kart -dedicated -file $wads > launch.sh
chmod +x launch.sh
while true
Tested in a VM, works as expected even loading wads from ./*/
Replies: >>228152
JKA should be every Christmas like it used to be.
Replies: >>226949
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Is the FEfag still around here? If no one else's planning anything I wouldn't mind spending a weekend playing through a Fire Emblem campaign.
As long as you make a thread a few days in advance and stop pulling retarded stunts like >>225696 I'm all for it.
Replies: >>227205
Any hostfag willing to handle that? The files should still be in the archived thread from last year.
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Why's it always got to be an fps?
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1587x1101) Reverse
>relatively easy to set up serverside
>most run natively on PC
>can support +16 players
>decent to great netcode
>controls everyone should be familiar with
Fags can complain all they want about tryhards on FPS but the player gap's not as large as it could be in an RTS, a fighting game or other games with more obtuse controls and/or steeper learning curves.
Besides, last two gamenights, if SRB2K actually worked, weren't FPS games.
Try hosting yourself and see what you can come up with.
JKA is not an FPS dumbass.
Replies: >>227161
Good point. Why don't >we play an RTS like Age of Empires or OpenRA? That'd be fun. 
I'd say that technically it's an FPS/hack'n'slash hybrid.
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Why can't we play EDF, monhun or something nice instead of all these games that look the same
Replies: >>227173
I vote for the original Day of Defeat. Preferably a map with the German paratroopers on one side, so the FG-42 becomes available
Replies: >>227164
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how about action half life?
Replies: >>227174
>limited to 4 players maximum
You're more than welcome to try getting something started.
My last hazy recollection of AHL was that it had potential, but wasn't quite as fun as Action Quake 2. Half-Life Opera or especially Specialists might also be worth checking out.
[Hide] (7MB, 576x360, 01:36)
Age of Empires II or OpenRA sounds fun, or even supcom, but i think this last only allows 8 players.
Replies: >>227195
Why not something like OpenRA: Combined Arms?
Replies: >>227195
I haven't laid a finger on an RTS in my entire life, but if one of you niggers manages to get a lobby working I'll join in regardless of how hard I'm physically removed in-game, whatever game it is. Really, I just want to play videogames.
Replies: >>227198
OpenRA is free in its website, and with supcom i can pass the torrent. Those old RTS work on LAN, so we need RadminVPN to play. (openra support internet network tho)
Replies: >>227430
dr pavel
im >>226174
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>with supcom I can pass the torrent
Well? I wouldn't mind playing some SupCom this weekend, for instance. Are you passing the torrent?
It's somewhat late to make a thread, but considering it's only 8 player max. it shouldn't be an issue to reach that max player count, planning ahead be damned.
Replies: >>227432
the torrent: 69971c86281a8422887f2bd7c18d853e608c814f

Should i create a thread?
Replies: >>227433
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>should I create a thread?
Replies: >>227497

is here >>227495
Replies: >>227509
 i forgor the tittle >>227507
[Hide] (17.2KB, 320x200) Reverse
Is anyone planning something for the weekend? I know >>227507 exists, but no one seems interested in playing judging by the lukewarm response nor do I know how to play an RTS game.
There were a lot of faggots ITT saying to not play FPS games but those same people don't seem to be the same faggots who show up on gamenights.
Should I try making a thread for another game? The RTSfag gave me an idea for another game to use Radmin on, and since it's only 4 players max there could be people on both threads.
Replies: >>227717 >>227731
just do it
Replies: >>227755
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RTSfag here, in first place i was going to made a thread for old LAN games, like swat4, heroes of might an magic 3, cs 1.6, warcraft 3, diablo 2, quake 3 arena, rise of nations etc.. But most of them are RTS, that's why. So i am very insterested in that.
Replies: >>227732
that monster flavor sucks
Replies: >>227733
Still a better flavor than the white one that tastes like cough syrup.
Replies: >>227734
most of them taste like cough syrup
all energy drinks sucks, that shit gives you diabetes
Replies: >>227738
there are a million things that can give you diabetes, drinking too much water can kill you as well, eating or drinking things in moderation won't hurt anyone
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>just do it
oggeï :--DDDDDD
Before I make the thread though I'd like to try out whether shit works or not. Here are the instructions in the OP if someone wants to help me out:

<How to set up the game:
>download the game from the following torrent: zbzlinfnhxoaopcunbztwibubjij6s2d look up some random magnet then fill out the blanks if you don't know what to do with this string
>after you've installed the game, download the latest SS2Tool version here: https://www.systemshock.org/index.php?topic=4141.0 then copy the executable to the game's root folder
>inside SS2Tool's wizard, do not forget to check the multiplayer component inside Game Options, as shown in the image
Since I don't trust this game to not desync over the most minor thing I'd recommend everyone to use the same components as I've used:
<Enable multiplayer (Game options)
<Limit GPU (Game options)
<Enable weather (Game options)
<Multi sampling (Game options, it's antialiasing, I haven't checked it but I don't think it's cause anyone to desync if he enabled it)
<Mod manager
>download Radmin from the following link https://www.radmin-vpn.com/ then install it and run the client
>join the network: Sleepyshock, pw H4ck3rM4n_n4h
That's all there is to Radmin, you don't need to click on anything else on there.
>inside the game, click on Multiplayer -> Join a game -> Next then enter the Radmin channel's IP when asked for an IP address
>didn't even mention the game
It's System Shock 2 we are hopefully playing.
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I'm AFK at the moment, so if anyone's been able to join please post a screencap and remove the IP address from the image.
Well? Has anyone tried it?
Replies: >>227803
[Hide] (23.6KB, 342x342) Reverse
Can't try since Radmin doesn't work under Wine
Replies: >>227806 >>227807
[Hide] (32.4KB, 388x379) Reverse
[Hide] (911.1KB, 171x141) Reverse
>Radmin doesn't work under Wine
At this point might as well desist trying to host the game since all the faggots who tend to join the weirder games are penguins.
Alight, I give up on trying to host SS2 co-op.
Replies: >>227809
The thing is that SS2 is not random plays, but a long playtrought. So it requires lots of hours, which i have, but i am lazy.
Why are you fags suddenly using this butthole backdoor? If you want to do that with your friends, sure why not, but asking anons to connect to a virtual LAN with a bunch of complete unknowns is a big ask.
You're already using Direct IP, just do it properly i.e. forward the relevant ports and post the IP.
Replies: >>227946
[Hide] (347.1KB, 650x412) Reverse
Isn't the idea of Radmin to be able to play LAN games without hosting a LAN party? How are you playing these then, if not with a similar program?
>direct IP
Come to think of it, the game does allow you to connect through the Internet instead of LAN. However, I'd be retarded to post my computer's IP directly on an imageboard, and given how unstable the game is, using a VPN would be suicide.
Is there any way to use a dedicated server to work as a VPN, so everyone would connect to the server instead of handing each other their IPs? Doubt it'd be worse than barebacking the game, even if ping would be higher.
Replies: >>227964 >>227975
>However, I'd be retarded to post my computer's IP directly on an imageboard, and 
you're clueless lel
Replies: >>227970 >>227975
>you're clueless
Maybe. At least could you care to explain why, instead of typing 4 whole words then acting like a smug asshole?
Replies: >>227971
[Hide] (481.6KB, 640x360, 00:09)
>care to explain why, instead of typing 4 whole words then acting like a smug asshole?
Games with LAN lobbies usually support direct IP, and with others that don't you can sometimes find tools like lancraft.
>However, I'd be retarded to post my computer's IP directly on an imageboard, and given how unstable the game is, using a VPN would be suicide.
Anon, radmin is literally a VPN in its original use case: as a Virtual Private Network instead of the now more common use as glorified proxies. You might as well host from behind your regular VPN, provided they even allow you to forward ports. It would functionally be the same without exposing a bunch of untrusted machines to the same LAN.
>Is there any way to use a dedicated server to work as a VPN, so everyone would connect to the server instead of handing each other their IPs? Doubt it'd be worse than barebacking the game, even if ping would be higher.
You have just described a VPN.
I wouldn't even post my dynamic IP, but if you want to hostfag games without dedicated servers you have to find workarounds or take some risks.
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Figured here's the best place to ask, what should I know about hosting SANIC KARTZ? Did a light bit of testing and this fancy Saturn build ( https://github.com/Indev450/SRB2Kart-Saturn ) seems to work pretty well (like an easier to work with skin selection screen with sorting).
Only problem is that I tried to do testing with the old addons folder from >>226760 and it very quickly hit the max cap, with some random ones not loading. Not quite sure if it was due to said cap or just some other fuckery.
This would be a question I'd normally jewgle but it seems like all the information is probably stuck in the tranny zones.
Should I just maybe try curating some mods that the anons here typically like?
[Hide] (2.3MB, 320x200) Reverse
By sanic kartz do you mean SRB2 kart?
Replies: >>228149
yeah, that
Replies: >>228150
[Hide] (958.9KB, 1280x720, 00:13)
I'm pretty sure someone has the mod list. I have it, but the computer it's on is broken at the moment. As for what version you may want to use the version 1.3 that was used in previous gamenights. An anon tried to host 1.6, but it was extremely unstable. Assuming you aren't that host, and missed the GM.
[Hide] (101.3KB, 777x1036) Reverse
>it very quickly hit the max cap
What cap? An addons cap? Unless you're talking about the racers themselves I don't remember there being any hard cap to whatever you tried to add.
How did you load the addons, via the GUI or using the .cfg? Moving them to an addons/ folder then using this script >>226378 just werks.
If you're hosting the game make sure to use a new thread different to >>226294 while you're at it.
Replies: >>228155 >>228156
SRB2 kart has two caps that I remember. You can only have max 125 characters regardless if they're separate or in packs, and you can only have a maximum 128 total mods loaded.
Replies: >>228156 >>228263
Yeah, just talking about the addons cap. I loaded 'em in-game using the GUI on my own wangblows computer and not any kind of server rig just yet.
But yeah, basically what >>228155 said, and there were like 400 mods in that addon folder.
Replies: >>228158
Well remember also that the game becomes more unstable the more characters you have past 70-80. Which basically means the 125 character limit is around half that.
Replies: >>228160 >>228263
Yeah the old kartz gamenights seemed to have a pretty healthy selection of skins as is, so don't think I need to go THAT high. I mainly wanna jam in good tracks and other fun gameplay stuff but keep it stable most of all.
Replies: >>228198
A big part of the appeal is surviving the kuso tracks in my opinion, as long as they aren't totally broken or anti-fun. I'd say start with what the /vm/ nigger is running and remove tracks that keep getting RTV'd or complained about.
Replies: >>228204
Well yeah, I generally mean the "good" kinda bad too. Like that fuckin' SNES Bowser's Castle for example is just a boring kinda bad. That Deus Ex map is a good example though since it's not necessarily bad, just completely confusing. Just in my opinion.
[Hide] (86.1KB, 1024x573) Reverse
Couple chars I might delete from the roster (based off of what I saw on the ZZZ repackage that compresses everything) if it's alright:
>Motorsport Amy
I don't really see a difference between her and the Amy that's already available, especially if you enable the 'restat' command. If you maybe don't like the 3D models for base characters, there's an option to turn 'em off as far as I know.
It's a funny as fuck guy, but even if I increase the FOV you really can't see shit with him. Maybe I'm just being a fag.
Other than that I guess everything else is fine. Even the fuckin' Rouge with her bat tats out. Only other debatable ones if stuff gets unstable due to sheer amount of characters would be the "modern" versions of some characters, but even then they've got unique memes/stuff to 'em. There's like 120 characters there though. Gonna see if I can keep 'em all though maybe minus those two.
Replies: >>228259
[Hide] (147.9KB, 704x448) Reverse
>the ZZZ repackage that compresses everything
Do you mean the one from less than a month ago the server was shitting the bed with? OR are you using the old ZZZ addons from 21 A.D. that have next to no good characters? If it's the former I can pack you the one Tamamo that I forgot to stuff in there.
In any case I believe it's a better idea to load all characters in individual packs instead of packing them inside a huge .pk3. I've got a hunch the tranny devs force the server to load a separate model archive instance each time a player logs in with a character, which might explain why Saturday crashed more frequently than Friday, when all characters were packed individiually.
>removing the SEGA logo
>maybe I'm just being a fag
He's probably the best when it comes to joke characters, and at least has an excuse to be in a Sonic karting fangame, unlike the other meme submissions in the tranny forums.
If you're afraid of addons nuking the server you can always cut down on the roster size. As long as I'm seeing Temjin, the white swat-bot, the F1 racing car, the Hang-On bike, old Compile Arle, the AoStH characters, the spoopy Sonic CD easter egg faggot and maybe Rupika I'm good. Keep the titty Rouge as well, faggot.
Replies: >>228271
It was doubled in 1.6 (as well as the file limit), haven't seen any character related instability as long as you're using -file to load them. Addfile is just fucking broken.
The former. Though, I really bet you that the reason shit was crashing so much was probably the shitty server itself. I've got no clue what in the ever-loving fuck the /vm/niggers host their stuff on, but they're able to have that plus a flat-out download script that just lets you download the damn things on connection.
And, loading every single character separately just means that there's easily gonna be a lot less stages and other fun stuff.
Replies: >>228315
[Hide] (22.1KB, 285x362) Reverse
>the former
Oh no. I seriously hope you know what you're doing and pack inside the .zip the individual files in case thesever shits the bed and you have to switch them in a hurry.
If you're going to use it, at least have this one .pk3 that adds that one skin one faggot always played with: https://pixeldrain.com/u/kNWPopDt and make sure to delete the old one, since this one's named differently I forgot to type in KCL instead of KC, even if the file contained Lua I hope it didn't make any difference.
If you didn't know, the .pk3 files are packed with https://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads
>there's easily gonna be a lot less stages and other fun stuff
Believe me, even if you split every character into a single file there would not be enough maps and >fun stuff to reach that limit.
[Hide] (41.2KB, 521x521) Reverse
[Hide] (67.3KB, 700x598) Reverse
So, here's the deal. Took the last pk3 file for characters, looked at everything, and I'm in the process of re-downloading everything including courses right from the sources if available in case something might have gotten fucky when repacking. If the game can't handle the characters individually, I might just put 'em in mini-packs until there's a good balance that hits the stability limit.
Unfortunately I also ain't too smart with servers and how they may automatically detect files since I never fucked with hosting, but I also figured it'd be best for now to separate everything into their own folder categories: Characters, stages, and just 'other' at least for now unless there ends up being a lot of different shit later on down the road, like new items or mechanics if you guys want 'em. Figured this would be best for debugging purposes.
Right now though, I just wanna show off the courses folder so far.
If there's a course you want, mention it. Likewise, if there's packs that are known to be the 100% not-fun-at-all kind of shitty or have the gay tranny flags in 'em, mention it. Considering how few good-looking tracks there are on the forums I'm hoping I got everything. I made my eyes bleed scouring the entirety of the forums for good shit and kusoge, alongside giving a general scan to make sure it actually worked. Like trying to find gold nuggets in a dumpster filled with back alley HRT needles
Here's the file list in full, but I'll upload 'em all and make a post with 'em soon so you can scan for yourself. As of right now, they seem to take up almost 1/3rd of the limit, so not too bad so far. I've really only had one that doesn't work and that seems to be the Tony Hawk-inspired one having a softlock, unless I was being a retard with it. Either way, it's a pain in the ass having to scrub stuff that doesn't work from packs so I'm hoping there's not too many bad individual tracks.
Replies: >>228473 >>228507
If you need a list of all the characters anons have used in previous game nights I can make one for you. I still have all the replays.
Replies: >>228475
That'd be a good place to start, since I can ensure those stay and have all of the other ones that typically aren't used as backups, then toss 'em in too if we've got the space.
Replies: >>228547 >>228550
[Hide] (4MB, 672x512, 00:55)
>I might just put 'em in mini-packs
I've been telling you, if the server's unstable you can just ship the .zip with both the packed characters and the individual files. If either one of them are bad you can just remove them from the server and use the other batch, without having to update the addons download link.
Either way, I doubt you'll be able to find enough character files/race tracks/addons to surpass the addons limit, that's 255 on the Saturn build you're using. Last gamenight had a grand total of 112 addons, and that's when it was using the individual character .pk3s.
>the Tony Hawk-inspired one having a softlock
We played that map well last gamenight, what are you talking about?
>considering how few good-looking tracks there are on the forums I'm hoping I got everything
Your eyes deceive you. I did the same, ignoring the tracks that looked the most like DooM wads from the thumbnail, then everyone started complaining about the racetracks.
Look up the old 2021 gamenight download here >>226488 if you want to grab tracks anon used to like. I snatched some of those when I last updated the addons folder past gamenight, so you might want to look there first. They're the latest, updated versions as well.
I know, it's really fucking bad. I still can't shake of the sight of retarded smartphone children sharing a space where half mod authors admit to faggotry in their bios. But then again, considering the game you're trying to host here, this shit's completely called for.
Replies: >>228519
[Hide] (246.2KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
>We played that map well last gamenight, what are you talking about?
Must have been a part of the map I got stuck on then, because there was a section with a bunch of warning signals and a ramp before that, but I could never get enough speed on that ramp to leap over it and the map would kill me when I got to 'em. Not sure if maybe cuz some kinda hint isn't loading in OpenGL or what it is, but I'll probably just use the version you've got in there just to be safe 'cuz it's probably one of the coolest tracks.
Either way, I'll make sure to take a look through the old pack then since the Saturn build might be able to actually take all of it. Thanks.
And you think that's bad, try looking at shit like Roblox. Kids can't even have a fuckin' place to try out game design or coding as a hobby any more without trannies or other mentally ill adults getting in their faces.
Replies: >>228608
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
Here's a near complete list of the characters anons have chosen over the past game nights.
Replies: >>228550 >>228721
Forgot to mention this >>228547
 didn't include the character lists from your game nights such as Tamamo and Girl's Last Tour.
[Hide] (75.8KB, 584x326) Reverse
Hostfag, report. When are you planning to host this game? Are you making a thread soon?
December's half way through. What have you got in store for the lurkers of this site?
Replies: >>228640
Is we getting a JKA for christmas?
Replies: >>228629 >>228640
>Is we
Why are you asking as if you were going to receive a present from Santa Claus? Faggot manchild.
[Hide] (19.8KB, 500x375) Reverse
I at the very least got EVERYTHING from the supplied sorted into characters, stages, and just 'other'. Alongside that, I've never really fucked with servers in my life, but today I'm gonna give a cursory scan of everything.
I'm planning on hosting in January though since there's gonna be a lot going on as is for chrimbus such as >>228627
and a whole lotta other things.
Replies: >>228690 >>228696
Did you get the character list downloaded?
Replies: >>228696
[Hide] (6KB, 328x142) Reverse
[Hide] (126.5KB, 1264x623) Reverse
Alright, status update after loading everything in single player:
>the track pack labled 'fhrts' doesn't work, 1st pic related
>2nd pic, no clue how the fug i'm expected to load all these characters
Aside from that, everything seems to fit in nice and smooth, including the weird extra stuff like the 2hu weather and the Wipeout gamemode. I've got no clue however how well that narrator mod may or may not work depending on how old it is and how many racists we end up getting, since Saturn does allow for more racers per lobby.
Yep, thanks for making it.
You don't have to have 350 racists. I thought you were only going to add what anons played as and maybe a few extras.
Replies: >>228703
Yeah, that's the plan but I guess I thought that the game could handle 'em all. There still should be room for plenty of characters while keeping it smooth though.
Replies: >>228705
The game can technically handle them all, it will just run like crap if you try.
[Hide] (23.4KB, 586x381) Reverse
>all these characters
Keep in mind you will have duplicates if you've thrown characters from previous gamenights, particularly last one I had to number to make sure they'd load in the specific autistic order I had in mind.
I'm already seeing doubled characters in the picture, and sure enough you can purge the shittier characters no one would bother touching.
Do note >>228547 didn't look at >>226294 for clues of what characters fags use. There are plenty which aren't on his list I've seen, so watch out.
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
[Hide] (140.2KB, 547x760) Reverse
[Hide] (322KB, 591x733) Reverse
[Hide] (163.1KB, 772x893) Reverse
>Should I just maybe try curating some mods that the anons here typically like?
Adds hitfeeds into the game. Webm related.
Adds spammable horns into the game.
Adds a drift boost gauge. Webm related.
I only care about Fennec Fox from here.
Adds a couple great looking 3D models for characters from other character packs.
Good taste.
Wow those models look good.
Replies: >>228750
>3D models
How's that work? Also this >>228749
Replies: >>228751
>how's that work
If you set the game to display 3D models then the game will use them wherever applicable. Items will be in 3D and any characters that don't have a 3D model will just appear as their normal pixels.
[Hide] (87.3KB, 1397x871) Reverse
[Hide] (774KB, 640x631) Reverse
alright, think i got everything from the list and everything from memory except for
>SG1000 V8
>gondola (not in the original files, only place i could find him is in the bigass repack)
if anyone could supply 'em, much appreciated.
i already got just about everything there planned out too except the models, are they client-side? i may just have a download link to a whole bundle of 'em and let players turn on what they want/don't want
also thanks, easy on the eyes :^)
Here's the original gondola.
[Hide] (387.3KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Are you sure you've not skimped on the Sonic autism? This is a Sonic fangame after all, it needs some at least:
Pretty ugly, fucking tiny racers. Make sure to remove those then add these two instead, the large F1 car and the motorbike faggot from last time:
Scrapping the bottom of the barrel here. I can't help but I associate the motobug with the tranny autist in the male V-tumor cuckchan server, definitely don't like it.
Replies: >>228782 >>228803
shut the fuck up whore
>i already got just about everything there planned out too except the models, are they client-side?
They aren't client-sided at all. Anons have to download them, or else they won't be able to join the server.
Replies: >>228803
[Hide] (62.2KB, 424x565) Reverse
[Hide] (86.1KB, 1063x602) Reverse
[Hide] (82.7KB, 1336x784) Reverse
>remove the following
No can do. Well maybe except for team rocket and the wheelie motorbug if the limit gets too unstable since they're just fun additions, but Darkholme was part of the list. I do already have both those in too though.
well quit thinking of faggots from halfchan, it's that simple lmao
also how the fuck can you hate team rocket? if it's because you associate them with some no-name tranny from an inferior forum, i will find a way to smack you stupider. it's three dorks on a cart, you can't not love them
Well shit. Might or might not be a problem depending on how many there are 'cuz I got all these fuckin' tracks added, some from the gigantic-sized download but most from what I thought looked cool/kusoge (not sure if any in the old pack are battle maps, if no-one wants them I could remove 'em) I'll see just how many I can fit in though.
Replies: >>228807 >>228896
Please just make sure to use a more stable version than 1.6. Throwing a download for the addons onto pixeldrain, litterbox, or pomf should be fine.
Replies: >>228809
Saturn on its own should be more stable than 1.6 (or so I heard), since it fixes some things that vanilla 1.6 just shits the bed with. You can take a look here.
Just wish there was a way to have more than 3 tracks on the voting screen like Neptune seems to have.
>Announcer mod
>HP mod
>2hu weather mod
yes, no, to any of those?
Replies: >>228817 >>229250
I don't care about the announcer, but the only one I say don't use is the weather mod because some of those weather effects can make the game unplayable on some maps. I don't know what HP stands for.
Replies: >>228821
[Hide] (27.7KB, 320x292) Reverse
the HP mod gives racers 100 HP on the track that seems to decrease if they get hit, bump into walls, fall of the course, etc. it was in the old pack for some reason
Found another good mod from the last SRB2K gamenight.
This script will permanently keep the score values of every anon on the leaderboard, instead of resetting it every single time the server restarts.
Replies: >>228900 >>228988
[Hide] (47.3KB, 371x427) Reverse
>keeping scores
Replies: >>228946
[Hide] (1MB, 864x931) Reverse
Bad at video games?
Score keeping when you're not keeping track to have a winner at the end of series of races like in the various Grand Prixs is faggotry of the highest order. Like how SS13 servers have antag ratings for various players. It attracts the lowest spawn.
Replies: >>228992
>tryharding in a casual party game for normalfag retards and trannies
Replies: >>228992
[Hide] (112.7KB, 480x388, 00:02)
the character i'm missing i apparently actually have (it was that racer guy in the same pack with moonman and super hang-on), so i'm gonna release everything and people can judge whether something's missing or something's genuinely unplayable kusoge doesn't count so i can polish this rainbow-colored turd before January. i tried to scan for repeats and defects, and i think i nabbed everything, but having (You) check it out helps.
for now, i will not be personally putting in the 3d models since first and foremost i just want this stuff to be stable. they look great, yes, but they ain't gonna be so great if the sheer amount of stuff a server's handling is just too much and you can't even play the game. if you find you can run it on your own client though before connecting, more power to you.
alright actually i'm just too lazy to change lines and it'd add ANOTHER thing to debug if shit gets fucky. if all is fine this first time, next time i'll look into it, but i probably ain't gonna host a second time.

finally, is there any way to remove certain tracks from maps.kart? some of the genuinely intolerable shit is on there such as that one bowser's castle gba port. a way to get more than 3 maps on the voting screen would also be nice.

<Instructions (for now)
>Get sanic kart 1.6 here: https://github.com/STJr/Kart-Public/releases
>Then add the Saturn files on top of it (follow their instructions): https://github.com/Indev450/SRB2Kart-Saturn/releases
>Then take this currently-in-beta pack here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/W3bmfaKA (it's 1.6 gigs, now that i think about it i ain't sure how well a cheap, rented server could handle this much shit)
>Add 'addons' in there to the root of your sanic kart folder
>Start the game up using the Saturn executable
>Badabing badaboom
>If you're on Linux there should be options to build from source. https://wiki.srb2.org/wiki/Source_code_compiling

<For server owners (or single player testing)
>Enable bonuschars.kart (it's in the root directory)
>Enable everything in the folders '0Other', '0Skins', and '0Tracks'. I haven't tried Linux stuff but if something doesn't load in wangblows, you probably did something wrong with Saturn 
>Your choice if you wanna enable anything from the BonusOther folder, just make sure to read the readme. I ain't enabling this in the upcoming January server, but it all was in an old pack, so figured somewhere down the line someone might want it on.

also this would be neat if we had an actually dedicated server, but you need to think of the massive pain in the ass it'd be to maintain between hosts, and update it for new hosts every time you wanna start a new server.
that and you know, i know, we'd know that some faglord would just hop onto 2 computers during dead hours and constantly fold to make his e-peen look bigger
Replies: >>228992 >>229608
[Hide] (971.3KB, 1280x1088) Reverse
There's nothing wrong with wanting to win in a casual party game. SRB2K is a game literally designed around rivaling other players and that's precisely what makes it so enjoyable to me, and of course other anons that show up every gamenight. I used to suck at the game big time, but I eventually got decent at it and finally received the ability to fight back the best players on the server. I still wouldn't consider myself a good player right now, but I'm slowly getting there because I find it fun to do so. Getting good at games is fun, and so is playing them well. If everyone stops "tryharding" like some TF2 friendlies, then the game will get boring very quickly.
The scores will be there on the leaderboard either way, whether you like them or not. That mod will just simply prevent them from getting wiped when the server shits the bed.
>also this would be neat if we had an actually dedicated server, but you need to think of the massive pain in the ass it'd be to maintain between hosts, and update it for new hosts every time you wanna start a new server.
I agree, but who knows. Maybe one day we'll have a completely permanent server, since there's a demand.
>that and you know, i know, we'd know that some faglord would just hop onto 2 computers during dead hours and constantly fold to make his e-peen look bigger
Just simply create backups to prevent that from happening, though I don't think that anyone from here that's not one of the many webring boogeymans would do such a thing.
Replies: >>229033
Its a party game, winning/losing its irrelevant, this game main food was "le funny moments" streambait/youtubebait since it was released to this day
Replies: >>229041
>Its a party game, winning/losing its irrelevant
Of course. It's a fucking video game for fuck's sake. Competitive or not, in reality it doesn't matter.
>this game main food was "le funny moments" streambait/youtubebait since it was released to this day
You haven't played the game and it shows.
Replies: >>229066
>main gamenight thread was compilation of le funny moments
>this game early days was pure le funny moments when it released
seems like you arent aware of what you are playing, either way the scorekeeping its worthless just like the whole game
Replies: >>229073
[Hide] (3.1KB, 400x529) Reverse
that's every fuckin game in /v/ gamenights. jackbox, jedi academy, killing floor, hell it's a bit of a stretch but even the fire emblem gamenight was at least telling people about the funny moments that happened.
you know. funny. the word that has 'fun' in it.
>spergout over leaderboard
Why? Do you even pay attention to that shit at all? So what if some other autist wants to look at a meaningless number is it going to change how you play?
[Hide] (52.4KB, 280x560) Reverse
Nigger you're the one who's bad at videogames asking for the stupid drift bar to be added, instead of learning how to time your boost.
As if most if not all gameplay addons were stupid clutter that added nothing of value to the game.
>Announcer mod
>HP mod
>2hu weather mod
None of them. The announcer's gay and stupid and the HP shit makes the game not fun.
Replies: >>229264
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1280x720, 00:38)
>Nigger you're the one who's bad at videogames asking for the stupid drift bar to be added, instead of learning how to time your boost.
QoL features. Ever heard of them?
>As if most if not all gameplay addons were stupid clutter that added nothing of value to the game.
Shut up Mr. no fun allowed. You've done a worse job at hosting a SRB2K gamenight than some crossposting beaner vtumor. No one gives a shit about your stance on the hornmod and hitfeeds, and everyone enjoyed them when you finally cave in to our demands, faggot.
Will there be a Jedi Academy or Joint Operations gamenight for this Christmas Eve or New Year weekends?
Replies: >>229346
[Hide] (297.7KB, 404x566) Reverse
Have you been a good boy this year?
Maybe Santa Claus has something in store for you.
Replies: >>229363
[Hide] (27.8KB, 449x612) Reverse
And maybe i got something for santa..
[Hide] (101.5KB, 1010x995) Reverse
new question: tricks, yay or nay? also got one other gameplay changer in mind, check 'em out and give opinions
Replies: >>229621 >>229623
[Hide] (339.9KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
We can try out these mods on a test server and then decide. Based on what I've read and seen, the tricks mod might be adding too much for newfags to handle, and while the new powerup looks quite fun, there's a good chance that it will make playing on maps with tighter tracks too frustrating.
Chiyo is so cute.
[Hide] (193.8KB, 500x375) Reverse
probably a bit too late to ask now but i had a brainfart of the century,
JKA is gonna be hosted in January too right? i can definitely hold off on sanic karts until it's over, just need to know because it'll take me some time for my dumbass to learn how the hell a server works
Replies: >>230125
>/v/ in CY+9
>hosting games
JKA is never going to be hosted. Stop holding onto kartz and release it once you've got the gist of the server. You can post its IP here if you want someone to playtest it until you're comfortable with it, too.
[Hide] (15.3KB, 333x182) Reverse
>>225907 (OP) 
I've been thinking on a bunch of games I thought would be cool to see being hosted and I wouldn't mind trying my hand on:
>Counter Strike 1.5 over WON2
>F.E.A.R. MP
>Dork Messiah MP
>Goldeneye Source
>Tribes 2
Does anyone here have any experience hosting any of these on Linux, or at least has played one of them enough to know what to add to a server and what not? How many resources do they use serverside, to prevent something similar to the memory overflow in SRB2K?
Asking purely as a hypothetical, and not necessarily for the near future.
Replies: >>230487
third or sixth option, please
Replies: >>230755
Anyone wanna play lethal company with me?
Replies: >>230501
Replies: >>230502
I'm in asia
[Hide] (147.1KB, 1024x984) Reverse
sanic karts will be on in a couple of hours for those wondering give or take, got family over. might wanna say 3 hours max for a grace period, the server should also be dedicated for the month when it's up so eurofags should be able to join in when it's actually their time to be awake.
if you want a head start on the mods for right now (minus any shit i forgot to add or erase), here they are:
i'll probably upload any future mod folders to mega since this is pretty fucking huge and can take a while to download.
servers are on US East, so hopefully it's fairly friendly to eurofags, amerifats, upside down emu fuckers, etc.
Replies: >>230630
What version will you be using?
Replies: >>230631
server's hosting 1.6 which yes, last host ended up crashing, but i paid a little extra for what SHOULD FUCKING BE better transfer speeds, bandwidth, etc
if it's irreparably fucked before the weekend i'll just do 1.3.
however, client side we've got Saturn on top of that, which FUCKING SHOULD mean more stability. apparently you're not supposed to install Saturn serverside.
the weekday itself might be more buggy though since i've got a shit load of tracks and i might have to occasionally shut it down to add/remove stuff, but weekends i'm doing whatever it takes to keep it stable.
I wasn't asking here which game you liked the best; I was asking whether, in order to ded the game, how to host it, if I should consider using a powerful machine to host because of the game's specs or whether there was a mod or expansion pack I should add over vanilla.
I know there's a complete weapon overhaul for SWAT 4, for instance, but I've read they're broken for use in anything other than co-op, then again someone might say PvP's not fun to play to spare me the trouble of doing anything other than co-op.
One succesful gamenight was when we (in before >we) just played Battlefield: 1918 - a mod for BF2 - on a relatively empty public server. It was fun and didn't require any extra effort to set up. And yes, it's a PVP game. So what. That's the point, it was fun.
[Hide] (21KB, 500x500) Reverse
How good is netplay on Mednafen for the PS2? Given how well the PS1 gamenight worked out in the end I was thinking whether we could do something similar with the PS2 library, and how it could be set up.
Issue here is that I don't believe there are as many games designed for the multitap on the PS2 as opposed to the PS1. All I can think of is games that are either 2P co-op or PvP 1v1.
Replies: >>234648 >>234649
Mednafen doesn't emulate PS2.
Replies: >>234651
I know a bunch of good ones, but do you want to do a 4 player only gamenight?
Replies: >>234656
>Mednafen doesn't emulate PS2
Well shit. Those yuribacon Mednafen server were invaluable. How else are you supposed to connect a bunch of players together, if any PS2 emulator supports netplay? What are you even supposed to do to a dedicated server to work like those did?
Replies: >>234652 >>234654
Don't think there is PS2 netplay unless you want to use the experimental PCSX2 fork from ~2012. Mednafen is the only emu that does the easy to use relay server setup as far as I know.
Replies: >>234656
PCSX2 support netplay to some degree, here's an excel: https://ps2online.com/list
Replies: >>234656 >>234659
[Hide] (134.4KB, 800x1200) Reverse
>do you want to do a 4 player only gamenight?
Yes, I was thinking something similar to the past PSX gamenight where we were playing multitap games on a relay server. Something more elaborate like setting up a game specific server would be more complicated and might as well warrant its own separate gamenight.
>mednafen is the only emu that does the easy to use relay server setup
That fucking sucks. On other platform emulators, what about Dolphin? That one does have the option to do couch multiplayer on netplay, right?
>PCSX2 supports netplay to some degree
Not netplay, but local multiplayer. Can you only play with other players on games that have a specific online/LAN mode built in?
Replies: >>234659 >>234662
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1536x1180) Reverse
That's not netplay, it's emulated online play.
>what about Dolphin? That one does have the option to do couch multiplayer on netplay, right?
Yes. Dolphin is the next best thing as it has a traversal server, game browser and codes for joining unlisted games without port forwarding but ultimately one player still acts as host. It has some desync issues but we've finished multiple games in the past, notably Four Swords Adventures and Crystal Chronicles when mGBA was integrated.
[Hide] (2.3MB, 2000x1906) Reverse
>Can you only play with other players on games that have a specific online/LAN mode built in?
Yes, with PCSX2. You need a thing called DEV9 plugin and some sort of virtual network like hamachi.
>That's not netplay, it's emulated online play.
I know, but is also the most complete list i found that shows every PS2 game with LAN support.
Replies: >>234668
[Hide] (64.9KB, 453x604) Reverse
>traversal server
Can you explain what this is all about? From what I can tell netplay on Dolphin is still P2P.
>we've finished multiple games in the past
I remember them, that's why I asked. If there's nothing to be done with the PS2 maybe I should be looking into setting up 4-player Melee on Slippi.
>some sort of virtual network like hamachi
Fuck off with that. What I need to know is how to set up a dedicated server as a VPN in the strictest sense of the word. Something akin to the ny.yuribacon server to which everyone connected.
>every PS2 game with LAN support
Not what I was asking for though.
Replies: >>234674 >>234690
Yuzu is another option since its netplay system is essentially a dedicated VPN that each game's LAN netcode runs on top of, much more stable than Dolphin because it doesn't have to maintain the illusion of everyone playing on the same console. Someone still needs to buy a VPS/forward ports to act as the host, but I remember it being unnervingly smooth when someone tried it with Mario Kart 8 last year.
>join our discord
>accounts required
If we're sinking that low I'd rather set up fightcuck and start a Neo Turf Masters tournament or something.
Replies: >>234686 >>234690
[Hide] (173KB, 625x505) Reverse
I don't even know what I want to play anymore, what are the options available in terms of emulators to use for netplay? Mednafen, Dolphin and Yuzu? It would physically hurt me if the options for 6th gen vidya had to be exclusively narrowed down to Nintendrone shit.
In my defense I had never used it but rather heard of. I knew the discordfaggotry was just some circlejerk and not a necessity to play, but
>accounts required
I'd rather not.
Replies: >>234690 >>234694
>>traversal server
>Can you explain what this is all about? From what I can tell netplay on Dolphin is still P2P.
Just think of it as a master server. It's the middleman that handles automatic port setup, the public games list and connecting via host codes.
DOSBox tunneling works pretty much the same way, but system requirements might be a bit high? You could technically do the same with Dolphin and MKDD LAN play but you'd still be limited to 4 players/consoles and you'd have to use an external VPN so it's not really worth it. An anon tried to set up a 16 player test once but combining LAN and netplay doesn't really work. It could probably be made to work but each player would have to run 4 emulators at once.
That does sound gay.
Don't think there are many other options for 6th gen other than Dolphin or online play. Could play that nippon Gundam game on Flycast again I guess. But as far as I'm aware Mednafen supports netplay on all systems it emulates so it's not like you're really lacking options outside 6th gen. Retroarch has its own netplay implementation as well but it couldn't even handle SNES Mario Kart when we tried it.
Your choices are
>mednafen (multitap settings have to be synchronized by hand)
>dolphin (be prepared to lag to death)
>yuzu (game must support local wireless, public servers exist for you to mooch)
>flycast dojo (1v1 only)
>simple64 (requires a not ancient PC)
Everything else either requires an account with jew captcha or is an ancient piece of shit.
Replies: >>236890 >>239780
Replies: >>235521
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What, are you going to surprise us with your secret gamenight you've been planning in secrecy?
>page 5
this place really is dead
Replies: >>236808
I agree, we should all end our lives immediately instead of doing something useful like setting up a game on a VPS.
Can't we just play battlefront 2?
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Would anyone here ever be up to hosting Sketchful some day? If someone's interested I can post the last .txt file we used.
Last time I tried hosting I kept DC'ing all players because my Internet was unholy garbage I'm not a 3rd worlder.
all intrigue me except flycast
mednafen multitap is very appealing
Replies: >>239785
[Hide] (5.1MB, 960x720, 01:24)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 960x720, 00:29)
[Hide] (2MB, 960x720, 00:35)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 960x720, 00:41)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 960x720, 02:10)
>mednafen multitap is very appealing
That one was used for that playthrough of Seiken Densetsu 3 and the PSX multitap gamenight.
I'd vote for a repeat of the PSX gamenight if I knew multitap PS1 games that were fun. We can always go back to Crash Bash and Rakugaki in any case.
Replies: >>239848
I don't know which are fun either but some that caught my are Blaze & Blade, Bishi Bashi Special, and Team Buddies.
Replies: >>239863
>Team Buddies
We played it last time. Sadly host couldn't find a complete PAL savefile last time, which meant there was a single MP map to play and only the default weapon set, which is hot garbage. 5 minutes in no one had either a base nor a weapon powerful enough to kill anyone.
It's a shame since I liked the game on SP and completed the entire campaign back in the day. I'd imagine anyone who played it wouldn't want to play it again.
>Bishi Bashi Special
Someone suggested it before and was then ruled out for being 3 players only.
>Blaze & Blade
Looks pretty cool albeit janky. How many people can play on the PS1 version? Wouldn't Crystal Chronicles on Dolphin be better?
Replies: >>239892
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It looks like B&B is 4 players. However I wouldn't object to spoiler game.
[Hide] (3MB, 960x720, 00:40)
>lurking /japan/
>fucking dead, threads from zzz/japan/'s birth still roaming the catalog
>the 2020 Christmas Sven gamenight thread is there at the bottom
[Hide] (18.1MB, 1280x720, 01:10)
total easy death
tbh i cant even post on that board since the captcha is broken for me
I want to play some Mechwarrior Living Legends with anons.

I've gotten addicted to it lately (missed the first gamenight, sadly) and I want to show just how terrifying a single Mithras B played correctly can be.
(I also play mechs on occasion.)
Replies: >>245288 >>245444
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>I want to play
And who's going to make your wish come true?
Replies: >>245420
You saying someone's going to host it?
Replies: >>245433
No, but it would be a positive change for this board if someone put his money where his mouth was. Put your wishes into action, for once.
Replies: >>245435
I could make the post, what I don't know how to do is make secure, portable, idiot-proof repacks, one for linux and one for Windows, and host the server itself -- and thus not only handle security issues but also the jankiness of the mod. Simply linking to the installer on the site and giving a date will get me dragged through the mud -- especially since it has its own update tracker which will result in accusations of spyware.

If you can show me how to do this, I'll have it done -- I'm not a completely tech-illiterate goyphone zoomer, but I'm not a guy hiding in a Qubes or OpenBSD setup. I can follow basic instructions.
Please get a decent server this time. Last time everyone had 200+ ping and it was awful.
Replies: >>245484
I still have my MWLL wineprefix from the last gamenight but I don't remember all the shenanigans I had to pull to make it work. At minimum you need to use wine-mono, DXVK and a reasonably recent proton fork. My launcher's currently set to use the DX10 engine and a 64-bit exe, and the only issue I have is that it freezes on exit.
Replies: >>245478
Don't be retarded. It's a free game, linking to the official installers is exactly what you should do. You don't even have a reason to be autistic about the launcher, if you had actually bothered to check you'd know there are offline installers and patches.
Server has a GUI so it's fairly straight-forward, maps might need to be configured individually to run the right game mode and have the right amount of tickets.
Game runs fine with just dxvk, don't remember if wine-mono is enough for the launcher or if you need to install dotnetwhatever. Keymapper requires java installed in the prefix but I'd recommend the default layout at this point. Only real issue is that due to the jank way Crysis Wars loads new maps (basically reinitializing the entire engine) it crashes on the second map load. Probably crashes less in game than win10+ though.
Will/can killing floor 2 be an option for game night?
Replies: >>245484
[Hide] (42.6KB, 521x544) Reverse
>I don't know how to do is make secure, portable, idiot-proof repacks
You can point to the original installer then make a map/model/anything else pack for anons to unpack afterwards.
>one for linux
There aren't any (public) Linux clients for Crysis Wars so you can skip this.
>especially since it has its own update tracker
Anyone that wants to disable that should be able to do it by blocking the update domain.

The real pain is going to be setting up a working, stable server:
Last night's server's VPS had to be upgraded to meet average player demand (4GB RAM, 4 CPU cores) and even then it may have struggled. >>245444 might be related to this.
There was this big issue where the server was crashing everytime it changed map at a match's end. If that's not fixed then you'll have to babysit and change it yourself.
And if you're going to use Linux, there's this launcher that can start the server headlessly (useful for starting as service): https://github.com/jedi95/cw-launcher

It could be, try setting up a dedicated server locally first to understand how feasible it is to prepare it.
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