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What a nice board!
Check >>>/tech/ out

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All right looks like I get a turn to try this gamenight thing.

>wait an N64 game? what the fuck are you smoking OP
Bear with me, this is how it's going to work. Console netplay is a severly underrated source of gamenight material but since N64 emulation is a dumpster fire still we need to make some arrangements.
0. I post a preconfigured Project64 package so you can test it on your machine and get the controls set up to your liking
1. (You) supply me with your finest Gen II shitmons
2. I painstakingly throw them into teams and import them into a Stadium 2 save
3. I post an all in one Project64 package with the game, save and plugins preconfigured so we don't fall into desync hell
4. (You) host lobbies and post the AQZ room codes here
5. (You) join games using the room code
6. (You) have fun playing a video game with anon
>but I tried Project64k 10 years ago and it sucked monkey balls, therefore all N64 multiplayer sucks monkey balls
We're not using Kaillera, we're using the AQZ netplay plugin, which is a gazillion times better and doesn't crash every 20 minutes. HOWEVER:
<DO NOT change the graphics or RSP plugins or you WILL DESYNC
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I didn't think it was a bad idea necessarily, it's just not something I'm interested in playing. It would have worked if anyone had actually wanted to play 1v1 pokemon battles.
Replies: >>22854
when was the raid? I didn't notice a thing.
Replies: >>22728
Possibly shills in the Cyberpoz thread, but I didn't notice anything otherwise.
honestly, it was a load of fun for the first few matches, and then the rock with a head and his digging was discovered, which seems to be hyper beam+ without the accompanying penalty.
>It would have worked if anyone had actually wanted to play 1v1 pokemon battles.
Hence why it failed. It was an autists idea of a game night, not something the board wanted

(28.3KB, 500x303)
HEY FAGGOTS, welcome to /v/ now read this shit

1. ALL global rules apply, please read them at https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
2. /v/ is a video game related board, keep your topics video game pertinent.
3. You must be 18+ to post.
4. Duplicate threads about the same topic will be locked and then deleted, check the catalog before making a new thread.
5. /v/ is not SFW. NSFW content is allowed, just spoil it.

Additional stipulations:
a. Effortless threads and template threads will be met with ridicule and may be bumplocked or locked. Put some effort when making a new thread.
b. Some off topic discussion is allowed, use your common sense and and try not to fill a whole thread dedicated to an entirely different topic with it.
c. If you get reported multiple times across multiple threads and your post history comprises near entirely of derailing, shitflinging, and generally not contributing to any of the threads you posted in, you will be banned and your post history may be wiped.
d. Rolling for dubs in shit threads is allowed; this, however, won't grant you a free "get out of jail" card. If you alone get a number of reports because of it and/or are caught shitting up seemingly fine threads, actions may be taken based on your post history.
e. No one likes attention whores: namefagging and/or avatarfagging for no practical reason is frowned upon. If you are caught doing either repeatedly you may be banned.
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(176.1KB, 942x1200)
Bing bing wahoo! So long gay bowser memes aside. What do you consider to be the peak of 3D platformers? 

What's some modern ones worth playing (tranny hats not included)?

Has there ever been a good portable 3D platformer?
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>Brink and Titanfall
>fucking Brink
Those games have stonnes of mechanical depth relating to the different types of guns you can use (at least Titanfall does), and the guns are obviously a core part of the gameplay system.  You can tell because you spawn with guns all the time.
>It doesn't merely have guns. Guns are a core focus of the combat system and encounters are designed around them. 
Mirror's Edge?  No it fucking doesn't.  The enemies have guns, but the systems Faith has with guns are tiny compared to what she can do with her platforming and movement abilities.

>Zeno Clash isn't an FPS
>Mirror's Edge is an FPS
>"gook game"
3/10 I thought you were genuinely this retarded the entire time.
Replies: >>22864
>play demon turf
>its boring with cloned a hat in time movement

ghostrunner has platforming, mirrors edge is platforming

i bet you're going to say shadow the hedgehog isn't a 3d platformer
Replies: >>22864
Mirror's edge melee system is incredibly basic. It's no where near as complex as the multiple guns the game has. The first thing the game tutorials show you is how to disarm enemies to take their guns.

Shadow is a clearly 3D platformer. Adding a gun to a platformer doesn't stop it being a platformer. Adding wall running to a FPS doesn't stop it being an FPS.
Replies: >>22913 >>22929
>compared to what she can do with her platforming and movement abilities.
>Mirror's edge melee system is incredibly basic
You are literally illiterate.
>So Brink and Titanfall are 3D platformers instead of FPS then? Which is your argument.
That is not even close to my argument. Learn to read.
>Half life has a lot of platforming. There's lots of box jumping throughout the game. If you introduce bunny hopping 
But you can bunny hop in Half Life, at least in the original version before they patched in a speed cap. That's not surprising since GolSsrc is basically the Quake engine.
>it has more movement focus than mirror's edge does.
Now that's just silly. The % of sections where the very limited platforming it keeps track of are necessary is far, far lower than the amount where combat is essential.
>It doesn't merely have guns. Guns are a core focus of the combat system and encounters are designed around them.
Most early encounters are designed around you running away from the enemy or punching them as you run. A few later ones are more designed around shooting. Both still make up a pretty small amount of the overall gameplay.
>You can choose to avoid them but it's not how most people play the game. The melee combat is very shallow, you get countered for trying to punch things regularly and in the late game the ninjas destroy you if you try to melee them. 
You aren't even supposed to fight the ninjas you're supposed to run away from them. Not only does the game tell you this directly but disarming them gives you no weapon and it's fairly tricky to bring a gun into the encounters with them without planning very far ahead. As for shallow combat the shooting is hardly in-depth either: no aiming, no reloading, no depth in weapon choice other than what you find in the area and you can't even advance while holding anything larger than a handgun since it disabled platforming. What gates progress in Mirror's Edge is not killing the enemy but the ability to platform.

Good point.
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(742KB, 1920x1080)
(1018.8KB, 1920x1080)
(2.1MB, 1920x1080)
(2.9MB, 1920x1080)
(961.3KB, 1920x1080)
Since I was just reminded we were rudely squatting in a Minecraft thread I decided to make one of our own to avoid confusion. Now then.

Vintage Story

>What is it?
It's a Minecraft knockoff that aims to crank up the autism and slow down the pace. If you've played Terrafirmacraft, this takes direct inspiration from that mod.

>Why not minecraft?
This game has several advantages over minecraft: 
1.) It doesn't run like absolute shit.
2.) Built from the ground up with modding in mind. Adding mods is stupid easy and making them is too. 
3.) Built with survival and "realism" in mind. Seasons affect crops, you have to balance your nutritional intake, livestock take generations to domesticate, etc.
4.) Focused on mechanical power instead of redstone. Get dat windmill boi.
5.)Much better building, you can carve stone and wood into literally any shape you want.
6.) Much more world interaction. You actually chip rock away to form stone tools, you hammer metal into shapes to smith items, you form clay on the ground in front of you before firing it, etc.
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Not great, I've not got a lot of free time for it at the moment.
Haven't seen it on sale yet. Probably won't be for a while considering how it's still in early access™.
Replies: >>22928
It's safe
Replies: >>22928
It's not quite that bad. It's not a game of endless barfill, though there are tedious tasks.

A few people have joined and just fucked off to the wild to learn mechanics and survive alone. you're welcome to do so until you're comfortable joining the main town.
I can show you a neat spot or two.
$20 isn't so bad then I suppose. Maybe if I get around to watching enough videos to convince me if it's worth buying I'll get around to playing it. But even minecraft was $10 back when I bought it a decade ago.
Regardless I try not to make a habit of running cracked executable files from questionable sources. I know it goes against the traditions of pirate everything but it's my brand of autism.

(109.8KB, 960x720)
(111.6KB, 960x720)
(111.8KB, 960x720)
(111.9KB, 960x720)
Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Core2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU
KanjiDamage: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/748570187
Kana: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1632090287
Tae Kim's grammar: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/242060646

Other Resources
RealKana: http://realkana.com/
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

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Yomichan isn't as good as Rikaisama was in my opinion, but it does have epwing support. I guess Rikairebuilt has some support for it, but I couldn't get it working properly when I tried a long while back. You can find a couple epwing dictionaries under 勉強資料 in the library section of the itazuraneko guide if you need one.
I just use Yomichan with the J-J epwings that their converter worked on. Works well enough for me, though I wish I could change the activation key something that isn't used all the time for other stuff.
I remember seeing a word with a definition of something like "person without a single living relative", but I can't remember it or find it again. Any idea what that word was?
Replies: >>20102
I ran into the sentence 「この刀で人を斬れるでござるか」 while reading. What does it mean to put a finite verb before でござる? Can this be done with other forms of the copula?

(202.6KB, 1280x800)
(787.6KB, 1920x1080)
My latest experience with fps
Far cry 2
>Actually intelligent AI and a great story
>Gunplay isn't great, but isn't bad eather.
>Finally finished it after sometime
>Rip my friends and Jackal
>Rip every head of apr and ufll
>Physics are great and so is soundtrack too
Far cry 4
>Gunplay is okey, but customization is a big turd
>The story is meh, so is bad guy
>Killed everyone outside of pagan, still some regrets from killing paul
>The ending is boring.
Also what do you guys think of Project Lambda and Project Borealis?
Also some news
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Cortana's made from a flash clone so I assume that's the only way to make a new version of her. She gets an AI cloning technique in First strike but it's flawed. It introduces small defects until you end up fragmented and rampant in a different way.

The finale where she splits herself multiple times is shitty but the lead up before that is accurate to the books more or less. She's slowly turning into a psycho thinking she's a god among ants. My only complaint pre-ending is when she crashes the spires into each other instead of the ship. If you're angry and going postal you wouldn't just collapse them.
Replies: >>22890
>and sucks after the first area.
The jungle area is pretty good, but yeah anything between and after that is pure cancer.
>Let's turn Cortana into Shodan
Stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard, but then again it's on par with Gaylo 2 writing.
>What are some decent first person melee games? Amid Evil gave me the same itch Dark Messiah did(somehow, it's the way the axe functioned) and Shady Knight is probably three or so years from completion, and Fight Knight is seemingly dead. I've already played GMOTA.
Zeno Clash is pretty good but also fucking weird. Haven't played 2 yet.
Replies: >>22924
Zeno Clash 2 is mostly more of the same, except it has an open(ish) world so it has a lot more of just going from one point to another. I don't remember much of it except that I found the frequent walking and backtracking tedious. The first one was short, but I preferred that to pointlessly large areas.

(900.8KB, 1321x750)
(475KB, 787x787)
A pkg of the ps4 version leaked recently so that might be how they got it running
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>Having to replay the game multiple times because your speech check is too low is a shitty game idea.
I, too, have never played a good RPG before.
Replies: >>22918
>Shitty anime isn't as imaginative as it could be so it's the standard we should hold ourselves to.

>Muh pretending not to be a manlet shut in
Tabletop RPGs are for little girls hosting fake tea parties.
Replies: >>22920
>Rogue likes are made for people wanting to do the same 20 missions just to see 1 slightly changed dialog box.
Do not mix up Roguelikes and Roguelites.
(643KB, 300x281)
>Tabletop RPGs are for little girls hosting fake tea parties.
Hey, it's you again! You're not wrong.
>Having to replay the game
For what? You make a character you like and you pursue the avenues that are available to that character. You don't have to see every outcome of every fucking mission on your first playthrough.

(987KB, 1366x768)
(667.6KB, 655x761)
(593.5KB, 567x456)
(958.8KB, 1366x768)
(2.4MB, 1920x1080)
A new FOSS voxel MMORPG just opened up a public server recently. It's still in alpha and not really a functional game, but it looks like something that might be fun to fuck around in and keep an eye on the development of. Doesn't even require an email address to sign up. It can be played singleplayer as well since the multiplayer seems a bit laggy and is kind of a PvP clusterfuck.

>Character Creation
Welcome to the character creation screen! Currently only aesthetic choices are shown; eventually this interface will be expanded to contain lore on each species, guidance on chosen weapons, and starting stats of each species. As of now, however, your choice of species matters little.

There are currently six playable species in Veloren; Human, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Undead, and Danari. The Danari are the only species you won’t be familiar with; they’re a special species created for the game.

As well as choosing your species, here you choose your starting weapon. There are no species restrictions on weapons, and choosing your starter weapon does not lock you into that choice; as you play you’ll find weapons of the other types and can switch to those with no penalty.
>Character Progression
Defeating enemies earns you experience, which allows you to level up your character.

Currently the only thing that changes when you level up is that you’ll get a few more health points. In the future, skill trees will be implemented to give more weight to leveling up. Otherwise, obtaining better gear is essential to progression.
In the course of playing the game, you'll be able to craft Collars, which let you tame creatures. The current maximum number of creatures you can have tamed at once is three. You can only tame non-hostile creatures. Choose carefully!
Currently, pets do not persist through logins. Don't get too attached.
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(17.7KB, 496x543)
>It's pure RPG right now
I somehow doubt that. It's an "RPG" where character creation doesn't really matter and leveling up doesn't give you anything? Oh, all real progression is loot based? So this is voxel Diablo. Are you doing that FOSS thing where people shill really hard for something that barely has any substance purely because it's open source and you have a vain hope that more people playing it will get the developers to make more content?
Replies: >>22911
I'm not shilling for anything. I saw a neat FOSS project and made a thread about it. I literally wrote in the OP that it is not a functional game. Quit busting my balls nigger.
Replies: >>22915
(343.8KB, 563x416)
>I copy and pasted their FAQ straight off their website to get you to pay attention to this literal alpha with nothing to do but run around and left click on ugly enemies
<I'm not shilling for anything.
If you aren't, you must be very bored.
Replies: >>22922
It's clearly open source cube world.

I'll try it, thanks OP
>unrionically trying to make putting as much information in the OP as possible without obligating anons to have to beg questions or go off-site sound like a legitimate criticism
One of us is interested in talking about video games, and one of us is definitely very bored.

(145.8KB, 1280x720)
Anyone else been playing this? It recently came out of early access. I'm not the only one who still waits until games are finished before playing them right? It's a "roguelite", but it's very different from other games supposedly in the same genre. It's very sandbox-style in comparison, and a single run can easily take many hours if you're not rushing.

I thought the game would have nothing beyond the pixel gimmick, but it's surprisingly big in scale and there's a lot of ways they used the pixel mechanic, there's tons of secrets to find and exploration to do. I've probably played for hundreds of hours but I still keep finding new ways to use some spell components and there's places I haven't gone to yet, there's even tons of spells I haven't discovered (there's an ingame database that gets filled when you use new spells). There's a lot of different ways to approach different situations due to the sandbox nature of the game, and you'll keep finding new ways to do/use different things for example it seems like you can only heal between levels, but there's actually several ways to manage healing with different variations on how to approach them.

It's a very technically impressive game, the main selling point is that every pixel has it's own properties and is simulated as liquids/solids/gases and they have different reactions with one another, and the game lives up to that. The game can simulate much more than a scree
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I forgot that perk even existed.

Teleportitis Dodge is pretty interesting though. Neither energy shield nor repulsion field nor the combination of both is able to block projectiles that move fast, but from what I recall the dodge seemed to always work except with the risk of teleporting into a hazard next to you. I'd like to experiment with it more but there's always something better when it appears.
Replies: >>22371
I just found it mostly disorienting, and well over half the time I was teleported directly into a group of enemies, or like what with happened to you into the middle of a lava lake. It gets especially frustrating when some tank or one of those sniper niggers shoots you from off screen, it usually just leads to more damage than it prevents from my experience. Maybe if it was tweaked so that you at least don't get drowned in hazardous materials because you were too slow to dodge one of those flying slime things or something it could be a fun tool.
>a wand was generated with the nuke spell
>some jetpack hiisi nigger picked it up and obliterated fucking everyone
Replies: >>22821
(189.3KB, 1921x1080)
Had a toxic sludge entrance like >>22122 a while ago.

I've seen nuke wands around a couple times but never seen anyone shoot it. Saw someone kill himself by shooting a bunch of giga sawblades though.
(401.2KB, 1920x1080)
You know your autism has gone too far when you start making shelves to store and organize spells in.

Nolla is probably my favorite spell component, you can make a lot of otherwise awkward spells work, including Omega Sawblade. You can make a special version of the short teleport that just warps you through walls by adding Nolla onto it and casting it with 'long-distance cast'.

(761.8KB, 875x490)
Post any small vidya news that doesn't deserve a whole thread.

>star citizen free until dec 2

>steam trying hard to be woke again

>trannypunk 2077 leak
Has it's own thread >>20936

>soystation 5 is flopping in Japan
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If you want a GG thread make a new one or go to kikemoe were you can talk about clickbait and internet "personality" and their antics day in day out like they always do.
or you can get back /cow/ where you belong
>Basing Purchasing decisions on whether the dev was nice to you. 
I agree that if you are a dev it's common sense customer relations but if you actually think that a stranger on the internet is your friend or a >cool guy you're a gullible sucker. At least the twitterfaggot is being honest about it.
Replies: >>22886
You're inserting way too much bullshit into what I said. If a dev doesn't sperg out these days it's a miracle. If he actively takes feedback and tries to improve his shit from people then he's a cool guy. It has nothing to do with how much you do or don't like them. The later will end up making a decent game and not end up another twitter tranny or faggot like you

Why do you faggots seem to think approval of any one instantly means you're trying to be an ecelebs friends? Are you that lonely that someone saying thank you makes you instantly want to be their friend?
>1 reply, 1 retweet and 23 likes
This really wasn't even worth posting, it's just some random retarded nigger being a baby on twitter like everybody who uses the site.
Replies: >>22912
Freaking out over internet nobodies is standard gamergate behaviour.

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