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Look at this fucking board >>>/bmn/

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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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Post webms.  Keep it video game-related.  Don't reply to derailment.

Hard mode: post footage that (you) took (you)rself from a game (you) played.
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punishedegg_miku_tie.mp4 (u)
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Here's the tie game we had.
Replies: >>112585
I started using afterburner/rivatuner because it was alot easier to set up and does what i need. I have it buffer games in ram for about 30 seconds of gameplay then i press a button to put that 30 seconds and start recording after that until i press button again. It also shows me current fps. Then i just use ffmpeg to convert/crop/resize the massive mkv files into mp4 or webm.

obs is good but overly complex and seems to have alot of issues. afterburner/rivatuners biggest issue is game detection. It often shows my browser's FPS and buffers that detecting it as a game (until i close rivatuner, then afterburner opens it automatically but it doesnt capture after that) but on the other hand it doesnt detect games like joint ops or srb2 for some reason.

I can fix it by switching it to full screen capture instead of detecting games but i dont want to do that.
>Getting raped by sales of the Switch
>Microsoft has everyone laughing at you
>Gay korean boybands will save us!
Their attitude that they are still #1 and don't need to do anything is backfiring hard.
Thank you i was waiting for this. I wonder if i have the replay so that I can answer your previous question. Do you have the time/date of that race so i can see if i can find it?
Replies: >>112586
My files say 12/19/2021 2:50pm

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After the preview video we got in fucking September, Platinum went silent again regarding Bayo 3.
Are we going to wait other 4 years before getting any news about this fucking game?
After all these delays and the long wait they better release something that doesn't disappoint and makes up for it.

So yeah, Bayonetta general i guess
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Shut the fuck up faggot.
>transformers devastation 2 never ever
Replies: >>112002

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This is your bi-annual "MMOs are dead how do we fix them" thread.
Post all your wacky ideas for making better MMOs.

>hurr durr FFXIV / X MMO is popular therefore MMOs aren't dead
I guess that also means facebook is a good social media website and better than zzzchan. Pack it up boys.
>hurr durr X MMO has Y feature that you wanted but you didn't like X MMO, therefore you don't know what you want
You claim you want more activity in zzzchan, facebook has more activity yet you don't go there?? self contradicting much??
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Replies: >>112556 + 5 earlier
>Tell us a story.
Have you played elona?
2d_realm.jpg (u)
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>"autoexplore The Game"
I think that's actually a good thing in principle, especially combined with the ability to autosearch memory for dropped items and portals. Though definitely something that deviates from how a "normal" RL should play, in ways that require proper understanding from the devs (hint: most of them usually don't get it) to avoid short-circuiting its design.
>Sandbox games like UrW are a whole different kettle of fish and can't really be compared to most roguelikes.
First off, I think they can be compared, because they're mutually focused on replayability compared to other genres. Second, the dividing line is very fuzzy at present given the popularity of crossover games like Cata, Elona, and (sorta) DF.
<remain fondly appreciated
>Lol, lmao
I mean, dudes're rollan in PayPalbux.
>There are some old dead (read: no longer developed) games
I think a useful distinction can be made between "literally dead, you need DOSBox to run it" vs. "game design is in hibernation, but there are actively bugfixed binaries built for a dozen freetard OSs and phones"
>It's all bad minor stuff
Eh, I'll agree to disagree.
>The punishment for scumming is the process of scumming
True, but it offers a sort of trap option that can misdirect n00bz and cultivate perverts. Most of NetHack's best "cheese" has a sort of ruthless mercy, because it'll clearly murder or maroon you very soon after you take the bait.
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Replies: >>112536
elonaplus_updates.jpg (u)
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>I think that's actually a good thing in principle
<tictactoe is better than go
Whether it's true or not the reason it's so hated is because it's marketed as a roguelike.
>First off, I think they can be compared, because they're mutually focused on replayability compared to other genres.
Moria isn't more replayable than Mario (it's less because speedruns of super mario are based on iteratively acquirable skill, but that's outside of the realm of regular players and tangential to the discussion; the average person will do one run of each), and it's infinitely less replayable than gradius.
In terms of the modern scene, there are zero hard roguelikes and a variety of hard arcade genres and open ended multiplayer genres.
Sandbox games don't end. Roguelikes aren't especially replayable, and are definitely less interesting to go back to than their peers and require less investment to master to a satisfying degree. These things are not at all alike. There's no roguelike where high score or minimum turn runs aren't complete fucking asscancer to do, either.
<randomtele's to stairs 20 times or scums D5 for an OoD fixedart
Wow what fun.
>I mean, dudes're rollan in PayPalbux.
And 0% of the original playerbase were paypigs, what's your point? threetoe can't write
>"literally dead, you need DOSBox to run it" vs. "game design is in hibernation, but there are actively bugfixed binaries built for a dozen freetard OSs and phones"
Nigger what? I mean the game isn't receiving updates. I don't mean anything else. Receiving updates is bad and you'll never change my mind, Inaccessibility has literally nothing to do with it and I explicitly made that clear.
>it offers a sort of trap option
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>>106227 (OP) 
Speaking of dead mmos, do any of you anon have that list of private servers I saw on here a while back? I, regrettably, didn't save the posts like I normally would.
>Reminder that aside from aggro/tanking, this is the most retarded contribution of MMORPGs to the field of game design. It's the regenerating health of actions.
Cooldowns can be pretty decent if they're done right, and it's not like MMORPGs invented the shit. WoW got really bad with its cooldown systems. At least in PvP you weren't just hitting abilities whenever they came off cooldown but timing them carefully. But in PvE cooldowns were pretty stupid yeah.

But aside from aggro/tanking, WoW also contributed all kinds of dumb stuff, from random loot grinding to talent trees to lazy "kill 20 mobs please" quests.

Also, man, it's been years since I've read that article. It points out something pretty interesting about why have both mana and cooldowns (and I think you can do both, if you're smart about it) but honestly mana is such a joke of a resource in most RPGs. It's there because mana is the RPG thing to have, but running out of mana is basically never supposed to happen.

So much game design is just dumb and derivative shit like that. Honestly, the real problem isn't WoW. It's the morons who couldn't think of anything better.

hollow-knight-switch-hero.jpg (u)
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Is this game good? Pic related
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I assume all the garbage on the wiki is still there but no, nobody ever wrote down anything competent that wasn't one specific autism design you have to know beforehand is the right one
What version?
Replies: >>112571
Even if there was a guide stuff has changed so much over time that there's no guarantee it will still be relevant.
Replies: >>112572
I have no idea. Never played it before and was just thinking about it, remember a bunch of threads on it on 8 so just figured I'd ask.
Okay, well thank you. I'll just figure it out as I go.
How do I git gud? This fucking Ashuri SP always kill me in like 30 seconds, and rabi-ribi has a bad habit of having almost no information about it available online, other than random youtube videos that you can download and try to reverse engineer frame by frame.

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3e55650183c6a48020f504413fdb1c5288a800f8deb767b80627efd57a0eb446.png (u)
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598e66484ccc6e226e7ce18c74a271fdb5d9a986c5d7e655f23a7c5913262831.png (u)
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>the fuck is this
Voxel shooter, capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base. Engage the enemy directly or dig underneath them, terrain is fully destructible. Also includes building autism if that's your thing.
>where get
Download here:
Linux users have to build it themselves ( or just use flatpak if you don't know what you're doing (, I had no problems building it.
>where server
Main Server URL: aos://1880157975:32887
Build Server URL: aos://1880157975:32888
Server is 0.75, make sure you have the right version selected in-game
Server is hosted in Atlanta, sorry euros.
>what else do i need to know
Game should run fine on the lowest settings if you have a shitbox. Fog and post-process are performance killers.
There are two separate servers, one for actually playing the game and the other for building autism. For the latter, godmode is enabled and you have infinite blocks so you can build whatever the fuck you want to on a flat surface. The map won't change and the game won't end so your creations won't be lost.
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>unironically posting this thread to /gaymoo/
shut the fuck up eden
u take wun drama egg put in drama bowl an stir shell and awlllll hee hee presto drama duhhhraaaaammmmaaaaaaahhhhh
Based OP respecting white women.

Protip.jpg (u)
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108570_HDoom_SS9.jpg (u)
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thanks_doc.png (u)
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At_Doom's_Gate_start_playing.webm (u)
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Moon_Doom.jpg (u)
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Today is Doom's 27th anniversary. Say something nice about the game.
Have you been playing any doom wads? Any you recommend?
I'm thinking of grabbing a drink and start playing some fucking hdoom.
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This looks terrible, but I can't tell for sure because of the fucking shitty particle effects they have over the video. Guess i'll give it a try later.
Replies: >>112546
Randy Heit.
caleb.png (u)
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>This looks terrible, but I can't tell for sure because of the fucking shitty particle effects they have over the video.
Indeed, it looks like shit. The developers of Bloom use sprite upscaling, which looks just awful. You can also disable the voxels, if you prefer normal sprites, but before you start playing, make sure to spend few minutes tweaking GZDoom's terrible default graphical settings till you achieve something that you'll like. There's even a guide on how to make GZD look like Cripsy Doom, or Chocolate Doom:
Replies: >>112548
Screenshot_Doom_20220124_213827.png (u)
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Screenshot_Doom_20220124_213841.png (u)
[Hide] (775.8KB, 1920x1080)
Screenshot_Doom_20220124_213900.png (u)
[Hide] (872KB, 1920x1080)
Screenshot_Doom_20220124_213927.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1920x1080)
Screenshot_Doom_20220124_213942.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
I forgot that I was supposed to upload screenshots.
d74eeb81586478ab5da6e6778b37cb4e7264839fe4c2a03aff8135690d2a9668.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1920x1080)
Demo released for Grezzodue 2 if anyone is interested. Unfortunately I can't fucking play it with my current rig even after turning off post-processing and dynamic lighting. Looks fun though.

3b67c19a1d25db34a9f991f88c6c3cbf6e47a3f2ea1805c3bbefebb00ba2c9a5.png (u)
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What_is_a_Retro_Game_(or...when).mp4 (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
(69.6KB, 694x245)
i.e. angry, deranged old men argue over a meaningless concept.
So, what's your definition of retro? A certain amount of time? Specific hardware?
We're 3 years away from 2005, year in which the xbox 360 released. 
Meaning we're as far from it, as the xbox 360 was from the NES release in North America.
Will that make it retro? I mean the NES was retro in 2005, wasn't it?
Or do you think it can't be? If not, then when can something become retro?
I was going to post this on the 6th gen thread but OP deleted it for some reason.
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I have to agree with this. I think retro stands for a mix of design and technological paradigms. 6th gen may be all fixed function hardware, but the games feel remarkably modern like >>112274 points out.

>Just upgrade to latest cpu+gpu
If only it ended there, but UE5 is designed around streaming from PCIe SSDs with dedicated hardware decompression. At this rate the industry will probably switch to something horribly space inefficient like high resolution voxels (proving the Atomontage wankers right)
Replies: >>112549
>Atomontage wankers
Happy-Sugar-Life-04_12.20_2018.08.03_20.17.40.jpg (u)
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a triangle is a 2d shape, retards
90s_3D_hardware_accelerator_comparison.webm (u)
[Hide] (15.9MB, 800x600, 04:15)
Ackshually all 2D graphics rendered by modern GPUs are just textures on flat polygons.
This wasn't the case in the early days of 3D hardware acceleration when cards like the 3Dfx Voodoo 1 had to be jammed into a 2D VGA accelerator like the S3 Trio64 which would superimpose 2D graphics on the Voodoo's 3D output, a prime question in those days was who would be the first to put a 2D and 3D accelerator on a single PCB in a competent e.g. non-embarassing and financially successful fashion as that was seen as a sort of holy grail for achieving rapid market dominance in an extremely unstable hyper-competitive market.
Replies: >>112573
Happy-Sugar-Life-02_11.17_2018.07.20_20.48.24.jpg (u)
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who would play this game
why is the city full of satanic looking things wtf
why is the high way 5000 miles above ground
why is the music weird and horrifying
WTF i deadass have to go to the nurse tmr to check for psychological trauma

CTR_-_Crash_Team_Racing_(USA)-0002.png (u)
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Dungeon_Explorer_(USA)-0002.png (u)
[Hide] (171.9KB, 864x696)
CTR_-_Crash_Team_Racing_(USA)-0000.png (u)
[Hide] (675.7KB, 960x720)
bear ded edition

ITT announce your intent to host gamenights and events. /christmas/ game room was a reserved success this weekend so "netplay isnt a real gamenight" fag must STFU now and forevermore. The /christmas/ board itself will be up until new years so if you want to play some more next weekend or just keep the game pack as an example go download it.
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Better have Stalingrad for it
Replies: >>112048
also going to ask one last time, do we have enough eurofags to warrant two separate servers, one in burgerland and one in yurop?
i think i got it, assuming vanilla AoS maps are compatible with OS.
Replies: >>112051
zzzchan is a eurofag board, but we don't even have enough men to fill the ranks of a a server beyond 10 people so 2 servers would split the playerbase even more
Replies: >>112073
I think its pretty mixed but we don't have the population regardless.
Lain_deserves_APNG.png (u)
[Hide] (362.3KB, 500x357)
Would anons be opposed to a gamenight feat. DOSBox and IPX tunneling?
I kind of got to work after fiddling around with my firewall for some time but I don't know if anons here have access to port settings on their router/firewall as forwarding a specific port is necessary in order to get it to work, though any anon that manages to can also hostfag anything he has on hand right away.

5fce2f29dba82ce5fb6e732bd0483dadaf6593dc6942e6cbf81509366f69c4ee.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 600x338)
Thread for discussion of invertebrates battling with high explosive weaponry on randomly generated terrain. Those that complain about rope being too hard to learn will be bullied.
Do you think T17 will ever put out anything on the same tier as Armageddon ever again? Of course not, look at their CEO, they've milked worms to death. Once you put out a Battle Royale you can't really make it any clearer that you've sold out.
But I digress, keeping a community intact for 22 years at this point is a feat that few gaems have accomplished. Post custom levels, schemes, teams, and voicepacks if you have any good ones.
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When_the_shekels_hit_just_right.png (u)
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that's the fun of worms, it could be a 3:1 game and you're sure you about to win, but you make one mistake and everyone snowballs out of control. worm giveth, worm taketh.
Why don't we just make our own worms game bros and make it better and for linux?
Replies: >>112060
Modding Hedgewars into something not shit would probably be easier and better.
Replies: >>112061
Well, I don't know if it would be better, but it would definitely be easier.
worms_DC_1.5_alpha.jpg (u)
[Hide] (117KB, 1080x809)
>What is Andy Davidson up to these days anyway?
he hasnĀ“t released it yet

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