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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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>[autistic screeching]
Don't call it a grave; it's the future you chose.

Classic Mega Man as an arena FPS. Everything up to Mega Man 10 is represented in some form so choose whichever cartoon robot man tickles your autism and shoot the crap out of each other. (Or play as Roll because real men always play as little girls.)

I had a long and autistic rundown from the last thread but I forgot to save it. It's fucking Zandronum, you know how this works. If you're a newfag here's the short version:
>install Zandronum and Doomseeker
>download and unzip this
>drag megagame.wad and MM8BDM-v6a.pk3 onto zandronum.exe
>Run the singleplayer, set up controls as you like when prompted, pick a skin and name in Multiplayer > Player Setup
>start Doomseeker, when it asks for wads point it to the folder where you unzipped shit
>find server
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shit game. should have picked zombie master instead of another dead doomfag night
www.png (u)
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you can still download their banned wads if they aren't marked private wwwwww
The catbox moe download link is too damn slow!!!! Even fucking anonfiles is literally 10 times faster.
0b2f7814cfaed687ced70b65e1093fb4.jpg (u)
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I'm just here for the Roll pics.
>no nigger (word) policy
So why don't you host in a way that does allow niggers and non niggers alike say nigger to other niggers?

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The rules have been relocated to

This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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Post preferably webm, mp4 is allowed but discouraged. Only post fresh new webms unless asked to do otherwise.
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Stop eating my webms for fug's sake.
Really good anon.
Because its funny.
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Replies: >>81751
Video_game_music.mp4 (u)
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I was very surprised to learn the music for that was an original Italian disco song from the 80s and not video game music.  It sounds incredibly video gamey.  The artist, Sandy Marton, actually has some really good tunes.  It's a shame the only collection of his I was able to find wasn't properly seeded on TPB.

He also appears not to be on the internet at all (his most recent time in the public eye was on a reality TV series in 2005 or so), which is a shame because I'd love to get his reaction to the animation.

Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.28.00.67.png (u)
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The last thread hit the post limit.
>New HoI4 dlc is coming up, might be better then the last one. Which is not saying much. It's mostly about fighting changes and tank designer.
>CoH3 is coming up, centered around mediterian theatre. It's gonna be shit
>Vic3 is coming up it looks like ck3/I:R don't expect much from it.
Modding scene
>Hoi4 modding scene is as big as before here you have some intresting mods in development
<Cursed days - a soviet cold war victory not ultimate scenario
<Stahlvorhang - a Soviet in axis axis victory scenario
<Axis of Evil - a 4chan rewrite of TNO, 4cuck might not be best, but it will be better then TNO
<Vic2 mods
<Victopia - tl;dr Roosevelt died a year early somehow american disassebly.
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>What hoi4 mods are you intrested in?
None. You can't fix a fundamentally fucked game like hoi4.
Replies: >>80671
Well that's kinda right.
Yeah I've heard if that faggot. Hope he will duecir become an ex-trans like a regular person.
ty for the recommend.
Has anyone tried this build?
Sums of sub idealogies and idealogies.
Some changes have been made.
You can make some appointments even questions and ideas for renaming some of those.
>Conservative democracy
>Authotarian democracy
>>Dixie democracy
>Libertarian democracy
>Social democracy
>National socialism
>>National Paganism
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tfw_no_cute_loli_to_play_vydia_with_2.jpg (u)
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86f59ecd9432996d1ecab5ac8702f9896fbea86915c66e5d3ba642bad4634c97.png (u)
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Doing it again bitch. OP of the previous thread, please repost those PSM covers, they were pretty nice even if some of them remind me of those "how to draw manga" books.
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Wet sand
__android_21_and_majin_android_21_dragon_ball_and_dragon_ball_fighterz_drawn_by_zetsumu__dcf9580a173b50261f8804bd818c951c.jpg (u)
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__android_21_and_majin_android_21_dragon_ball_fighterz_and_etc_drawn_by_gigamessy__9c6780ddebcfaba9b711492c9d31e329.jpg (u)
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__android_21_and_majin_android_21_dragon_ball_fighterz_and_etc_drawn_by_leon_mikiri_hassha__0d0d8c3d809df5544ed941008d1b6c1d.jpg (u)
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__android_21_and_majin_android_21_dragon_ball_fighterz_and_etc_drawn_by_tatsuumi__dcb41c36dcb9e8b0cbc5f6398c8a250b.png (u)
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How would Android 21 taste like?
Replies: >>81748
__felicia_vampire_drawn_by_omar_dogan_and_udon_entertainment__3d2364b23cc5eef38beaecaecb124ec0.jpg (u)
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__felicia_vampire_game_drawn_by_robert_porter__8b5cb089a3b1723128783e819f960945.png (u)
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__felicia_vampire_game_drawn_by_negresco__e5419d3f9f3a574750cbaea2463168ac.jpg (u)
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__felicia_vampire_game_drawn_by_mizuki_kotora__cae8e31fac73130100ad23e99a610f22.jpg (u)
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__felicia_vampire_game_drawn_by_dandon_fuga__1d6f7e616a0cb31613936d737e959a55.jpg (u)
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Why does Japan love cats?
>Fuck off
Fine, I'll take my waifus with me

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This thread is mostly intended to be used as an aggregate source for video game deals, but feel free to post anything else related to buyfagging. Anything from bitching about prices, to complaining about shilling, and blogging about your own recent purchases are welcome.

>I want to be a retarded goy, where do I buy games?
As you probably know, for PC the most common place is Steam. You can get better deals at other places, and I'll list a few below. The major consoles each have their own digital storefronts that you can look up. ~ "DRM-free" except when it's not which includes most titles with online multiplayer. ~ Formerly the best place to get bundle deals, now a shell of its former self. ~ Steam competitor that never took off. ~ See above.
>What if I want physical hidden gems?
Check your local game/thrift stores if they have any first, you may be surprised at they offer. Beyond that you can check a few other places. Gamestop, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are all valid options if you're willing to pay MSRP. Just make sure the game actually comes on the disk before purchase. There's also Limited Run Games and their clones, which print physical releases of select digital only titles. Only issue with them is that the runs are a little too limited. You'll probably have to buy the games you want off scalpers if you aren't pre-ordering the instant sales open.
Do your research.

>Okay but what if I actually want to save money faggot?
Don't buy games ;^) Or you could be like me and look a little deeper than the above for discounts.
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Buying gf
09c8c8913d42580a7548ba4b18eb5cf490ce7611bd385fd0bcdee6620c83492f.png (u)
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Some threads just shouldn't be made.
Replies: >>81732
buy todd
Isn't this basically just the same as >>80242 ?

a63eb7a7f016676e121c086b20e391c9509d5340c69e278abd922dc3c9ff64a1.jpg (u)
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3b16ce9a029097bbd7fea156c68580afb611c1ab6d9beec01a314b31e47be179.jpg (u)
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23ed094ab4a4d2e939e1432ba2f0ce08e7f69fd4a9e45d69972722148c36c245.jpg (u)
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cd646f563e064192645bd6e596a4a4a2e9fb984fae900d2b0c0071428d002867.jpg (u)
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4d2166ae9a38edeeb9f1bbab2fcebba611ba8ea84260e3d212d7858fa91d00bc.png (u)
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Let's talk FPS!

What's the best retro FPS?
Any good new FPS?
Favourite FPS protagonist?
Whats the deal with FPS melee?
Best arena shooter?
Did Aim Down Sights kill FPS games?
Tactical FPS games!?
Immersive sim/stealth FPS like deus ex.
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Replies: >>81689
Look at the long reveal or something. The guy that talks about art in the artshit section looks just like him.
>if you enjoy THING you are cancer
>also here is an unholy wojak-yotsuba hybrid haha
You pic caused me almost as much pain as the Lain-Sneed one.
25 to life and Bad Boys 2, nigguh
Seggs.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
A black screen, a new sprite from the demon where she appears to start disrobing, a moan from your character and some minor healing and that's about it.

Boggy_B.png (u)
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lobby_chat_1.png (u)
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lobby_chat_2.png (u)
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ITT propose new ideas for gamenights to come since there's no dedicated gamenight thread at the moment.
What would you want to play? I really fancy some Worms with the board. Here, there's some story now that I'm fresh off some game:
>Worms: Armageddon
>enter some game
>host immediately notices my name is "niggurz" also host name in PC
>kicks me out of the party for not speaking "jive"
>re-enter the game, only this time I do so saying
<"fuck yo momma phat ass"
>lets me in this time
>playing with 3 others
>use ebonics in game and acts as if I was mad
>hosts tells apart and starts taunting me
>asks me if I came out of parole recently
>call his racist ass out
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Something else lagging it up I suppose. Could be something as obscure as a router or god forbid NAT444 not handling a large amount of UDP packets very well. Also looking into it I was wrong about Zandronum. It does have lag compensation, but only for hitscan. Sadly that doesn't help much with MM8BDM's rampant abuse of projectiles. I'll still come and Mega Buster your Mega Roll if I've not dropped dead after Super Clang Men Wars Robots Tactics night
I played SRB2K with nearly 300+ ping and possibly some framerate delay due to potato and
Fuck the shitty trolling-tier maps with blind corners into deathpits, deathpits in the middle of the road with no visual cues, ambiguous teleporters that look like solid walls, random teleporters that launch you into walls, boosters that actively launch you into miles of grass where you can't even reset yourself for a literal minute because it slows your kart to slower than a snail, tracks with gravity wells or slopes that launch you repeatedly into a deathpit over and over, shortcuts that look like the main road but will actively fuck you over if you take them without a boost, fuck the retarded physics reacting to rubberbanding and slingshotting people to the curb, fuck the battle arenas, fuck the horrible bullshit powerup spam and most importantly fuck your face

Please host it again, I clearly haven't suffered enough of your absolutely shit game. Fuck you.
Replies: >>81740 >>81743
git gud
Replies: >>81742
Here's your (You). Slut.
memesntitties.png (u)
[Hide] (924.6KB, 600x899)
I won't deny srb2k has some awful tracks but all the same git gud faggot

ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (147.5KB, 774x562)
I was startled to see this since I hadn't heard anything from Toby Fox for a long time, but he's releasing it tomorrow.  Hopefully this version won't delete the directory it's in when you uninstall it.

Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash, and Deltarune has a bit of the same fate, but when the latter released in 2018 I had a pretty fun time playing it and discussing it with other anons.  I'm hoping something like that can happen again; if the game turns out to be bad then at least we can thrash it together.

>inb4 shill, poz, cuckgame, etc.
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This is great, I didn't know it was this developed. I can only wish for a Barkley-style game out of this.
>>81500 (OP) 
Oh boy, time to play this and feel bad for doing so. Enjoyer Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1. It's too bad Toby is a bit od a fag.
Replies: >>81715
If you think so.
1d873dd17d6acbef7f5675a0ed157c84cd346cb9d7ba506cc8d339d2a50d4714.jpg (u)
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>making such a soulless comparison for contrarian sake
>>81500 (OP) 
>Undertale has sadly morphed into a pile of cancerous trash
Undertale hasn't been updated significantly since release, it was a one and done game.
What you mean is that the fandom went to shit, and you don't say that openly because like 99% of faggots here you're a pig that can't judge a game on its own merits and has to wallow in internet shitstorms 24/7.

05_(1).jpg (u)
[Hide] (82.4KB, 800x480)
Arthur_Morgan_holding_MAUSER_PISTOL_RDR2.png (u)
[Hide] (357.5KB, 713x390)
Zombies_Ravenholm_cover.jpg (u)
[Hide] (105.4KB, 1024x576)
Do you have a favorite gun in a
Also Guns Thread.
Any guns in this thread are welcome, including non-realistic guns.
For me, i just love pistols.
I completely ignored every other guns in MGS3 and just went with the M1911A1. Already the best gun in the game.
>Mauser C96
Even though RDR2 was a western game, The Mauser was my favorite.
This pistol is truly a work of art.
>USP Match
Never get tired of this. I love using pistols in any FPS games.
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g43.jpg (u)
[Hide] (114.7KB, 2400x1350)
In any game, always
Well then 83 will be your thing
Replies: >>81716
The only good thing about CODMW19
And Project reality has also great stuff
If it ever gets finished and somehow attracts a playerbase sure.
60b6e8b2bc6bcb1811b02965b5baf8ae590bd6f2bbdb758a832d767b8a9d8e7b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.9KB, 500x319)
We need more revolvers in games!

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