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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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Due Process
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Guy's name is soup/snipingsoup
Ash is okay, Calp trap is actually the dent in the lineup and a big one at that.
Yeah, most antisocial spergs like me just play single player games and  keep to themselves. Why go out and do gay RP shit?

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Iconic Demonii BitTorrent Tracker Makes Comeback With Millions of Users
Bandai Namco says it was hacked, still investigating scope of damage
A copyright lawsuit threatens to kill free access to Internet Archive’s library of books
Unity Announces Merger Agreement with ironSource
New working speculative execution attack sends Intel and AMD scrambling
Doom hacker gets Doom running in Doom

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Roe Jogan
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This. Unless it's something fictional like loli in which case they will have your head and post it on twatter for half a million likes. IRL childfucking is perfectly kosher to 99.9999% of the global population.

>This needs to be spread among normalfags
Don't bother, they already made up their mind. We're basically the only people on the planet who are against this, and for that everyone wants us dead.

I don't know why anons expect anything good to happen anymore. You'd think all the times we've been BTFO by our SJW overlords and their ((( benefactors ))) would teach them a lesson. All we can do is sit here and cope while doomscrolling until we've had enough, then we blow our fucking brains out. That's the rest of our lives.
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Why do you always show up at around 19:00 eastern time? Is that when your wageslaving is done or are you a eurocuckold? The latter would explain your faggotry.
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is this from fucking tales arise? i got excited for a tales game because the last one i played was vesperia. and that one with the cute autistic ghost ara. then i see
>white text in menu
>"fancy" lighting
>retarded options
and i was instantly flaccid. instantly.

Is the game fun? is it worth enduring this assault on my autistic preferences?

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THE GAME: install it from here: infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017
Blender 2.79b: download.blender.org/release/Blender2.79/
implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials <== most useful link by far, has mandatory plugins and every side program you need
>inb4 cuckchan link
The fact that they've made a much more comprehensible resource than any 8chan iteration has made says more about us than it says about them.

We're going to use Blender to export and import models into PES. In the implyingrigged link there is an assortment of plugins and tools that are madatory for this purpose.
I would greatly advised, in case you don't know how to use Blender, you would import models from videogame ripping sites. It's much more attainable than modelling from zero. Some sites that could prove to be useful:
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does he look as shit now?
there's only so much you can do with PES before going full autismo
Replies: >>154536 >>154537
looks fine to me
Replies: >>154538
he looks a bit too happy
Replies: >>154546
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hey other anon, sorry to bother you but are you going to finish this? >>154177
just to know if I have another thing to add to the bucket list
admittedly there's something off about the face shape, but that would require me to edit the hair
and I can't open the shaven hair in blender
You'd also be happy if you had the newer version of the firmware.

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Who's best girl in each series of games?
>Mortal Kombat
>Resident Evil
>Street Fighter
et cetera
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>How the fuck is this discord grooming legal?
I don't know if you live in the US, but it's really bad there in major urban centres and by extension any place they have influence over.  The imperial cult of the US govt regime prioritizes negro worship, gay buttsex, and pedophilia; anything that gets in the way of enabling those things is targeted by alphabet agencies.

As for why the game communities enable it, it's because they're already full of nonwhites and trannies who are all easily manipulated.  If you look at any page on Dustloop (old, comprehensive wiki for every Guilty Gear game and most ArcSystemWorks fighting games), you'll see any reference to Bridget or Testament (who was recently retconned to be "nonbinary") has been revised to use the new pronouns - even in the older games where the characters are explicitly called men and referred to as such.  Even if this is ultimately proven to be a false translation, which I doubt, there will always be one tranny who will never stop forcing his changes onto the page.  The mods and admins are all leftist dicksuckers too, so they certainly won't stop it.

>you're wrong
<heh you can't see that my wrongness was part of a greater plan, can you
I can see that you're wrong and too 
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Being able to articulate $bad_thing doesn't make you not niggerpill
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Spoiler that shit you fucking degenerate.Post more
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Spoiler File
(461.6KB, 1050x606)
Spoiler File
(761.4KB, 1320x605)
Spoiler File
(2.6MB, 2000x1248)

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Let's talk about our favorite Real Time Strategy/Tactics games
I'm waiting for Starship Troopers Terran Command, I hope the delay was worth it and they fixed game well after the demo.
CoH3 Pre Alpha was also alright, plays more like 1 with some new units

And don't forget: Fuck Gookclickers, fuck Blizzard and fuck ((( GDI )))
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3D Realms claims an announcement for a new RTS is coming in their gamescom presentation on the 24th of August.
Replies: >>153434 >>153533
Is it wrong that all I can remember 3D realms for is duke nukem and lo wang?
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Have they even made a RTS at one point before?
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newer stuff

Replies: >>154543
meant to quote

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[Hide] (674.2KB, 720x1018)

Planned release date: 7/7

Sleepy Station #1: https://files.catbox.moe/p9ivcb.zip
Sleepy Station #2: https://files.catbox.moe/85kj7n.zip
Sleepy Station #3: >>147094

>What is this?
Sleepy Station is an e-magazine by anons for anons, made in the spirit of 1990s-2000s gaming magazines back when fun was still allowed. It's a quarterly e-magazine which means a new issue is released roughly every 3 months.
>Can I contribute?
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Most of the videos are like ancient but people still play the shit out of MSC and SMS

If you want videos on the actual tech, here:
The problem is that a lot of this knowledge was passed down through the years of playing by the community so there aren't a lot of videos explaining what you have to do in great detail. Simply put, you have so much more control with the ball when lobbing it and Boos are the most effective sidekicks.
Replies: >>154189
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This is neat.  Thanks.
That poor, sad, son of a bitch.
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Text done for the Postal: Brain Damaged review.
Tell me if I forgot to mention anything major or I've missed any grammatical errors .

-Postal Brain Damaged

American McGee's Postal
Slav-jank strikes again, this time with Polish!

Polaks managed to produce a fun shooter, keeping shameless satire of the olden Postal 2 days alive and well. I remember seeing an early version of PBD trailer with stock weapons thinking "Oh look, another studio trying to ride the boomshoot hype train". But as months went on, I caught myself checking up on this project from time to time. Not simply because I have an undying hope to relive a game like Postal 2 for the first time again, but because I saw an occasional inkling of creativity. The weapon models looked fun, environments reminded me of American McGee's Alice and Psychonauts. The former stuck out the most while navigating the twisting halls of an insane asylum and the latter in a warped cul-de-sac level. If you were an eager beaver like myself, you've probably already seen it in the demo.
Like I said, this is not your classic Postal 2 mission-based fare, this plays more like the result of cross-breeding the original Postal with Quake, twisted perceptions of reality, innocent bystanders, nail-guns and all. But it retains Postal 2 humor with an unhealthy sprinkling of internet memes or current-year jokes. I mean, I can understand they had to include at least some of them for that relevant-meme-impulse-buyer market, but damn, why would you purposefully make your game age like that piece of meat I left in the corner of my pantry? Oh well, it's not like some of the P2 jokes didn't age like moldy grapes. 
The arenas start out very open with some liberal movement options and you learn to fear the claustrophobic monster closets because by mid-game, when burst damage and hit-scan enemies are introduced, you will know what it's like to have your balls pulls the scared turtle. The lizardmen and deathstar gimps are perfect example for each of those. Get too close to a lizardman at the beginning of his attack animation and you won't have time to see your health melt away. Because by the time your eyes move to the HP counter, you'll already be dead. A gang of deathstar gimps and illuminati can reduce you to a pile of ash if you stand still in their sight. So that's the first lesson of the game: keep moving. BUT! Unlike nuDoom, you're not forced to keep moving all the time. You can still funnel enemies into tight corridors, you can block most attack with your shovel and repel projectiles back at any enemy (though I never got the hang of the timing, often it would only succeed if it were a knee-jerk reaction rather than a planned counter). A lot of weapon ideas were lifted from other games like the Titanfall smart pistol, nuDoom grapple-shotgun and homing Ultrakill minigun. Most, if not all 9 weapons remain useful until the end of the game. Some even have semi-hidden mechanics, like the Shovel being able to block lasers and the Brain Fucker Gun 69000's lightning chains among wet enemies (read: unwilling golden shower participants).
Speaking of man-made lemonade, this isn't your regular urination, this is advanced challenge pissing! You've read this right: challenge pissing! How does it work? If you switch to piss right after firing a slow semi-automatic weapon like a shotgun or rocket launcher, your firing animation gets reset! Don't wait! Don't reload! Don't fuck with me or I'll drink this bottle of hot sauce and turn my lizard into a napalm belching dragon! The Dude can also drink liquid nitrogen and suspicious moonshine to freeze and confuse enemies respectively. There's also quick pills for bullet time, steroids for increased melee damage and an akimbo power-up that temporarily doubles your damage output as well as granting infinite ammo for the duration of said power-up.
My playtime rounded out to about 8-9 hours, including meandering and looking for easter eggs. Very fun, looking forward to replaying it after some updates drop.

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Nice review, I'd play it

[Hide] (534.4KB, 422x599)
>What is this
(You) compete with up to 4 anons in a fair contest of Star&Shekel collection.

>Where is the game and emulator
Gaem: https://anonfiles.com/b9t9Pd22y6/Mario_Party_5_rvz
Emulator: https://dl.dolphin-emu.org/builds/28/57/dolphin-master-5.0-17153-x64.7z

>How do I set this shit up
<download game and emu
<extract them
<open Dolphin
<go to Configuration
<under Paths enter the folder where you put the game so Dolphin can see it
<go to Graphics
<enable "Show netplay messages"
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>Netplay also requires all players to use the exact same version.
Does the emulator distinguish between an "official" build version and a compiled from source version?
Replies: >>154429
No, as long as get the git commit for the correct build number it's the same as an "official" build for netplay. If you have any stray changes in your git repo your build gets marked "dirty" for probably the same reason the Linux taint flag exists.
Replies: >>154454
>Linux taint flag
What's that?
Replies: >>154478
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It's when the kernel devs refuse to help you fix your system because you rubbed your junk all over it.
Replies: >>154531
[Hide] (73.1KB, 612x855)

[Hide] (8.7MB, 540x360, 01:40)
How are you supposed to play MSX2 games? I want to play the game as it was intended to. Is MSX2 a pc? If i play on my pc then is that like playing on a MSX2?. I dont want to emulate. I want to play it the way it was intended to play on release.
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How about single-player?
what game is this? looks lit
Replies: >>154512
forgot pfp
Get a sheet of MLV and cover your windows with it
Replies: >>154522
Do you know any good brand?

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>Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
I thought it was going to be like that sniping mission in cod 4 but with cool deeper sniping mechanics and figured that if they made a 2, surely the 1st one must've been good enough to sell a bunch and warrant a sequel but no. It is like that one mission in cod except with none of the charm and cool action sequences, and the mechanics are no more complex than battlefield 3. Played the first mission, followed the AI like a puppy for a while, went through what might as well have been an on-rails shooting gallery with no challenge, died to AI bullshit a bunch of times, got bored, uninstalled about 30 minutes in.
>Dead Island
Saw a friend of mine playing it on his 360 several years ago and it seemed cool enough, over the years I kept the name pop here and there and said hell, let's give it a spin boy, was it total uninspired ass tripe. It starts of with a first person cinematic which they couldn't even be assed to make unique for each of the characters you have to choose from. Speaking of which, one the most boring cookie cutter "diverse" possible cast of assholes, consisting of
>roided up spic loser
>chink woman
>giga nigga
>a fourth one which I can't even remember
and after you pick one of these you embark on a quest of boredom with bori
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This thread was copy and pasted from 8chan
Replies: >>154407
[Hide] (2.3KB, 468x33)
[Hide] (581B, 73x29)
Nope. As usual, they dont discuss games and therefore copies threads from here.
what are you 12
Replies: >>154433 >>154520
It was 7 years ago, so anon would be 19 now.
Replies: >>154520
The game was in early access in 2013/2014, which is when I played it. I'm over twenty.

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