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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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do we do this anymore?
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>A good friend will understand
yeah I apologized, he said it's cool and we'll play something tomorrow, he's a good lad
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Nothing. But I really want to play something like Gravity Rush or Professor Layton.
I need to finish Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru but I'm in the mood for some history documentaries. By the way, does anyone have any good history youtube channel recommendations?
Some rock playlist on spotify.
to your mom
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Fingers have been hurting too much to play anything for a long time. That, and I don't need my controllers getting waxy and gummy from the treatment for it. Fingers look like they have cauliflower growing out of them, fuck.
Space documentaries.
Audio for the above.
Chicken and rice later.
Ehh. Still trying to find the "correct" spellings for some loan words in a translation project I help out with, and still having no such luck with them.

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halo combat evolved
almost human
triple baka
candy bars
water cherry flavoured
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Luigi Mansion 3 co-op
Ernest Goes to Africa
Cledus Maggard
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Is anyone else having problems with Invidious? I've tried six or so instances today, and none of them can load shit.
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>Mr. Soccerguy openly expressed the fact that he hated Melee
Reminder Massivehero created a fictitious company staffed exclusively by himself and his wife to shift development on Smash Brothers away from HAL. I don't understand why would anyone still defend this autist considering the absolute state of the franchise nowadays, including the latest entry's roster.
Replies: >>236492 >>236619
Does he even work on Kirby anymore?
Replies: >>236501
He hasn’t for over 20 years
How do I beat the c weapon in Ac6?
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What's wrong with wanting more control over something you created?

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I'm traveling around with my Windows XP laptop and I need some gaems.
So far I have Half-Life, Opposing Force, SWAT 4. Aoe II, Stalker, Postal 2, Land of the Dead and the such.
Any old PC games, perhaps not so well known, that you recommend?
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So? Sanic, Earthworm Jim and Jazz Jackrabbit were any better? Kids have better reflexes than adults, obviously.
Replies: >>234075
Sonic has the spin attack to avoid danger, Earthworm Jim isn't that fast, but Jazz also has this problem.
Replies: >>234076 >>234084
Was spin attack protecting him from environmental dangers too? How does that make any difference?
>Earthworm Jim isn't that fast
While running maybe, but it's faster in the parkour parts while swinging around. Not to mention the whole idea of that tube racing that was also mandatory.
>Earthworm Jim isn't that fast, but Jazz also has this problem.
At least in JJ2 Jazz is pretty fast when running, even more so when zooming through tubes. However the speed is offset by the large viewport on the PC screen, letting the player look ahead before bumping into enemies or falling into traps.
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I'd still play pzg 1/2 over anything more recent when in the mood for some ww2 shenanigans. Fucking SSI knew how to make them.

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Let's talk about those characters that you thought had a cool design or were particularly hot, but were apart of a bad game, a good game that flopped and never had a sequel, or were relegated to a secondary role only to disappear forever, but you thought deserved more.

For me it's Nariko and Kai from Heavenly Sword
The game sadly wasn't that good and even ran bad with frame rate drops and shit like that, but i think Nariko and Kai had a good design, Nariko was proof that you can make a good female protagonist that is "strong" but still sexy, while Kai had that cute but autistic appeal.
I think that both deserved to be in a much better game, more than single one, in fact.

Another one that comes to my mind is Lien Neville from KOF maximum impact.
She was created as the western counterpart to Mai Shiranui, but after the two Maximum Impact games SNK never brought her back in any other KOF game ever again.
I think she had a cool design and really could have been SNK's Nina Williams.

But there's many others like Sasha and Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns, Sokaku Mochizuchi (his evil spirit summoning is awesome) and Cheng Sinzan (great as a comic relief character) from Fatal Fury...

So yeah, post those characters that you think deserved a better chance.
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I don't even like 'normalnigger' for the same reason, but at least it has alliteration. 

"Normalgolem" sounds like a work-mech in a Gundam knockoff.
Kill moefags. Behead moefags. Roundhouse kick a moefag into the concrete. Slam dunk a moefag baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy moefags. Defecate in a moefag’s food. Launch moefags into the sun. Stir fry moefags in a wok. Toss moefags into active volcanoes. Urinate into a moefag’s gas tank. Judo throw moefags into a wood chipper. Twist moefags’ heads off. Report moefags to the IRS. Karate chop moefags in half. Curb stomp pregnant moefags. Trap moefags in quicksand. Crush moefags in the trash compactor. Liquefy moefags in a vat of acid. Eat moefags. Dissect moefags. Exterminate moefags in the gas chamber. Stomp moefags skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate moefags in the oven. Lobotomize moefags. Mandatory abortions for moefags. Grind moefag fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown moefags in fried chicken grease. Vaporize moefags with a ray gun. Kick old moefags down the stairs. Feed moefags to alligators. Slice moefags with a katana.
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I hope you suffocate to death with a massive pair of oneesama tits on your face.
Replies: >>236611
Found the nigger
Wouldn't that be fucking awesome?

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RPG Maker XP is free to get until february 19
Final Fantasy XIV open beta for Xbox launches February 2024
>The beloved MMORPG is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S in open beta on February 21st around 12 AM Pacific / 3 AM Eastern.
Japan’s Top Mobile Apps Much Different From Rest of the World

>TikTok (China)
>YouTube (USA)
>Candy Crush Saga (UK)
>Disney+ (USA)
>Honor of Kings (China)

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>Private equity
You mean George Soros and friends.
Replies: >>236576
Digging deeper the primary stakeholder is a hedge fund owned by SoftBank until very recently, which explains why they were stupid enough to think buying out Vice was a good idea.
Better than DMC5 thats for sure.
Replies: >>236596
Even a turd is better than DMC5 aka DmC part 2.
Replies: >>236609
Mark is standing behind you look out.

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i.e. In 3 days.
Will it be good?
Probably not.
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Loud hyperbolic posts quoting no one that makes the poster look like a fucking retard are top comedy aren't they.
Replies: >>236577
To get things back on track... some of the Palworld designs are pleasant, if not original. One could believe the islands to be another region of Pokeworld, honestly.
Replies: >>236589
It’s certain a lot prettier than any modern Pokeslop is
>They aren't in any legal danger zone wth nintendo
If you read my post you would see that I said that.

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>no qt mech girlfriend
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And nothing's more retarded than drawing a girl then calling it a dude.
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Is almost as big as the originals.
Replies: >>236581 >>236585
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Tifa's Remake model and its consequences have been a blessing for the 3DCG porn scene.
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These models are the only good thing to come out of these remakes
Replies: >>236587
Spoiler File
(15.1MB, 1280x720, 00:20)
Spoiler File
(6.2MB, 1080x1080, 00:20)
higher res plus another one

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Now that SF6 has been out for a while, people are beginning to look forward to Tekken 8 and other assorted titles to carry the fighting game torch into 2024.  I'm not sure how much there will be to say about those games when they come, but in the meantime there are a couple topics which I figured bore discussing.

>Them's Fightin' Herds will end active development after 2 additional characters.  Story mode is cancelled.
I went trawling through the Steam and developer forums for this announcement to see what the community reaction was, but there wasn't much helpful.  I was able to find some statements from the developers from as recently as the start of November where they promised story mode content would come for free at a later date.

>Rivals of Aether 2 asks for $200,000 to help cover costs going into 2024 . . . after investing more than $2 million throughout development
<"We want to make the best tournament-level platform fighter."
<they currently have $570,000 with 17 days to go in the crowdfunding campaign

Obviously game development is hard, expensive, and risky, so asking for more money throughout development can sometimes be necessary.  But I can't help but feel as though hyperfocus on the competitive scene is what always ends up killing games that aren't named Mortal Kombat.
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Is this the FTG thread?
Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
Non dead ones hopefully?
>Is this the FTG thread?
Now it is
>Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
Dead or Alive 2, 3, 4, 5 and Dragon Ball Fighter Z
>Non dead ones hopefully?
What do you mean with "dead"?
Do you mean if there's still people playing online or not?
Replies: >>236579
I can't really imagine a fighting game where frame data knowledge wouldn't give you some kind of advantage. Samurai showdown, at least previous entries, keeps combos short and focus on reads with deadly counterhits.
Yatagarasu and rising thunder were the low-barrier-of-entry games but I can't speak for their populations.
Granblue fantasy versus rising has a free version and is pretty dumbed down, maybe check that out?
Replies: >>236579
>Is this the FTG thread?
No, it's the today thread.
>Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
All of them if you're playing with scrubs. My personal favorite is Soul Calibur 2. Recent games like KOF15 also have autocombo mechanics specifically for button mashing niggers so they can actually get a combo out, and in KOF specifically being able to get hyper hops in and jump attack at the right time is at least as important as combo execution. SamSho pretty much doesn't have combos but one normal can rape you for 50% health.
>not dead
uuuuuuuuuuh if you're willing to deal with fightcuck you can play Windjammers and Neo Turf Masters as well as traditional fightans. Both of these games get played like fightans due to being competitive and on the Neo Geo, but Windjammers is basically Pong with curved shots and Turf Masters is a pretty standard golf game other than being made by the studio that did Metal Slug.
Replies: >>236579
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Okay thanks anons.

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ITT we quote games and others guess where the quotes came from. I'll start:
Agents of the liar he will not escape!
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>Gentlemen don’t like violence but love the violence of words. Prepare for word torture!
Replies: >>236521
Wild Arms 2?
Replies: >>236575
>The same things that make us laugh, make us cry.
Replies: >>236574
San andreas?
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