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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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Have you ever encountered someone important to vidya? Whether it's a dev, artist, voice actor, or even an esports player? What were they like? Do you know them personally? Were they cool guys or assholes?
>killed a dev in Dino D-Day and earned an achievement for it
>met a guy that made a bunch of popular TF2 maps who then kicked me from his game but added me as a friend afterwards and apologized since it was a private game with him and his friends
>got to see a few Smash* legends at a con, M2K is very short and Hungrybox** is ripped but still an asshole
>I unironically have a strange, legitimate connection to Ashly and Anthony Burch and I don't know how to feel about it
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If I saw an eceleb in public I would piss on their leg
Ifeel like xpiratez has gotten really bloated. I dont even feel like a pirate anymore when I play it. That being said I think everyone should still give it a shot. Also shota kidnapping ring.
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The fat kike doesn't want anyone to talk bad about DMC5 on cakechan, and will samefag to defend it like a rabid fanboy and agree with his own posts.
I've seen it happen myself and it's fucking pathetic.
Replies: >>51965
The closest I've ever come to interacting with an actual game dev is when Planetside 2 was having its closed beta tests. I messaged one of the pr campaigners to get a beta key on Twitter, and they sent me a key.
He was also caught samefagging over censoring Kaine's peen in Nier. Complaining about them removing her peen was okay, but the fact that he was samefagging to garner attention was just plain stupid.
Is the cakechan civil war still going? A ton if not all of the sites already removed them from the webring.
Replies: >>51977
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>He was also caught samefagging over censoring Kaine's peen in Nier. Complaining about them removing her peen was okay, but the fact that he was samefagging to garner attention was just plain stupid.
What a fucking moron as the bulge is still there he fell for photoshop bait.

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Health and fitness edition

>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net
>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources
>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
>Previous bread: >>37323
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What would be a good way to implement a "pull-up" system for a 2D platformer when a play is ledgegrabbing, when taking into account animations and hitboxes? How do you think they did it in Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission?
Replies: >>51896 >>51973
Disassemble it and find out, fag. I would assume it's just a collision check against either an invisible sprite or a level tile with the "grabbable" flag set. From there it's just making sure all your grabbable object art lines up with the grab animation.
Replies: >>51971 >>51973
I think, using search engine would be more practical. Probably, one can find readable implementation.
Easiest way I can think of is doing something similar to what >>51896 suggested. Have an invisible collider on or near the edge of tiles you want the player to ledge grab off, then use a raycast/linecast/etc. to check for that. Put the player in some sort of "ledge grab" state when the cast hits it, then when the player hits the jump button, give them an upward vector force * deltaTime * ledgeGrabJumpUpSpeed.
The alternatives include a ton of vector math, which will just lead to headaches.
My boy this is most definitely not Greyscale.

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I believe this is the first ever made visual novel thread on this board. Let this be a considered a fact: Visual novel is in fact, videogame, and nothing you say will change that. 
Other than that this will be my journal of the chinese powerpoints that I've played. 
Copy contents from /b/.

Finished ever17. Shit's good as hell but its a slow burn. Meaning it will take a while for you to get absorbed into the story. Best girl is actually canon. Has time travel like Steins gate but i think its more intricate and packed up with more fucked up logic from the writer. Once it clicked it clicked good. The ending is satisfying and the music is good as well. 
Finished 999 the nonary game. Puzzle game and the art is very good. I got ptsd from looking at virtue last reward art change. Story is meh but its really fun to play through. 
One thing to note is that both of these games contain some absolutely horrendous fucking bitching cunt 2dpd. It's like the author is some sort of half ass feminist or something. In ever17 we had coco's disgusting voice acting and tanaka's bitching. Tsugumi is kind of an ass but the reveal sort of justifies her behavior. In 999 we got epic feminist dont need no man Yashiro. And they turned cute Yotsuba in 999 into a fucking trash whore in virtue last reward.
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Why should a king answer to a peasant?
>peasant rage
Replies: >>51972
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>the guy's sister
>not the girl who literally saved her virginity through college for him even though he hated her for no reason
Replies: >>51974
If you're a king then why do you watch shit?
Replies: >>51974
Wincest is better than normal cest.
One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Replies: >>51975
>Wincest is better than normal cest.
Not if your sister is a cunt

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Hey it's another thread because the last one hit reply limit. The crack is still only up to 1.14.2 so the server remains stagnant. Nevertheless, feel free to play on the server, talk about single player adventures or even host your own serb.

>What is it?
An early access minecraft clone with an emphasis on crafting and survival. Inspired by terrafirmacraft.
Includes such awesome features as:
>Actually crafting things in front of you, breaking apart rocks, layering pottery, hammering ingots, etc.
>The ability to chisel any wood or stone block into any shape you can dream of. Chiseled works can also be duplicated.
>Windmills and Watermills that power mechanical contraptions like querns for automated grinding and helvehammers for automated smithing.
>Strange lovecraftian creatures, lore items and events that add to a unique atmosphere.
>Robust modding integration and a prolific mod community.
>And more!

>Why should I play?
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Yeah I feel like a fresh world with some new mods would be for the best. There's nothing left to do in the original server really. Tech is maxed out and we have explored a massive chunk of the map already. Let's start over
Replies: >>51873
It should be a hardcore server. Really fuck my shit up, man. Crank up enemy damage and aggression, install a bunch of creature mods, get the mod that makes poultices heal over time, and we might have something fresh. Doubly so if we turn on gravity for dirt.
Replies: >>51921
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>gravity for dirt
Replies: >>51923 >>51967
Replies: >>51967
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If we wanted to be super badass pro gamers, we could turn off the world map and coordinates and only use compasses and landmarks for navigation.

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>Game journos and developers attack Six Days in Fallujah, issue hitpieces, sign petition saying it will cause racism and mass shootings and should be cancelled. (Mass shootings claim later edited out.)
>Pro-GG developer explains reason for leaving project. Claims family issues rather than cancel culture are to blame
>Game journo who wrote articles for Vice Waypoint and PCGamer calling for blacklist on Hogwarts Legacy over pro-GG lead developer:
>State of Decay 2 drama involving the "Punched Nazis" trait
>Twitch removes PogChamp emote over Gootecks "encouraging further violence" by suggesting "civil unrest" over Capitol protestor shot by police
>China pressures Japan to remove ROG and Hololive live broadcast
>The Gamergate Thread Repository has been updated
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>dead console
>dead controller
Normalfags loved the steamed controller
Replies: >>51947
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>valve says they'll maybe make something someday
Replies: >>51947
>Normalfags loved the steamed controller
I've seen some anons say they liked it, but it really is a controller for people that like to tweak settings. For someone that wants something that just werks, they could pick up an Xbox or PS controller.
I wonder if some autist has tried making their own Half Life 3 yet.
what's so hard about post inlining
>My problem with /interracial/ on that site is that it's not about race mixing, it's all just BLACKED cancer.
>Implying the other is any better

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What have you've been playing fags?
It has been some time since the last thread.
Also have you fags heard of beyond the wire?
I'm not sure what much to say tho.
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Once you get to Pripyat stuff does push on very fast. As long as you haven't rushed through the game before that point you should be fine.
Airborne gets better as it goes on, I'd say it's worth giving a longer try but if you don't enjoy it it's better to give up than force yourself to play. If you've not played CoD 1 unlikely since you say you're replaying it's the direct spiritual successor to MoH:AA.
Replies: >>51927
>Airborne gets better as it goes on
The opposite was true in my experience. The last level in the flak tower is a painful slog, and these armored enemies with handheld MG42's are really immersion breaking. Still worth playing, the para jumps are especially fun and you hardly see it anywhere else.
Replies: >>51951
The single player is actually really fucking good as well, I expected it to just be another CoD fuck fest considering its from the creators of the franchise but I got really into it. The titan actually stays with you for the majority of the game as well, unlike the the gameplay elements they give you in CoD that are used for exactly one chapter and then forgotten about.
One criticism I'd make is that the campaign a bit short and as a result it feels like it's throwing everything at you at once. I'd have like if they took a bit more time to build up the mercs characters before it has you kick seven shades of shit out of them.
Honestly I'd completely forgotten about that last level but you're right. I have no idea what they were thinking. It was more the more urban ones leading up to it I enjoyed.

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>35 days until E3

E3 2021 is around the corner and you faggots still haven't posted a single Squilliam. We better change that. Also:

>How shit will E3 be this year?
>What do you expect to see?
>What are you hoping to see?
>How many cars will we see on stage?

And also post your bingos, faggots
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That would be Kind of Fun actually
>Normalfags are waking up by the minute. Have been for years, and many more will keep waking up.
Bullshit, they will eat the next shit AAA game like good goys.
Replies: >>51945
Normalfags aren't waking up when they're still playing shit games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Among Us, Battlefield, Minecraft, etc etc. All of those games either contain pozz  developed and/or written by fags. If normalfags were waking up then they would cease to play games that are designed for their tiny brains and demand something of higher quality. Normalcattle will never wake up until they stop buying games.
Replies: >>51945
They literally aren't, shill. You lost.

No amount of demoralization tactics work anymore, shill. Normalfags are rejecting pozz in larger numbers each minute.
Replies: >>51948
>Nigger posts a (1) just to be a typical retard
You ever thought of evolving into a human being?

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Having fun?
Rarely do I pay attention to recent releases so I recently found out about Mortal Shell. Haven't gotten very far, just got Eredrim, The Venerable, but It's pretty fun and comfy. I love souls-like games and the atmosphere is incredible. Makes me wonder if Bloodborne will get a PC port at some point. I mean, I'm not in a hurry to play it since I still need to finish Sekiro and both Nioh 1 and 2. Yeah, I been pretty lazy with finishing games lately. I've been playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as well. I was trying to get into MH again since I tried before and failed but this one stuck and I been having a blast playing it. Oh, I'm also playing New Super Lucky's Tale. I'm actually playing both the original and the new one to compare them both. They're really fun platformers. Speaking of playing both versions, I'm doing that with Yakuza. I couldn't decide between playing Kiwami or the PS2 original so I'm just playing both one after the other.
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Just beat this stupid race and gotta say I'm not proud of the amount of tries it took me.
>I wanna play as a grease nigger, not a literal nigger.
Fun fact Dans' idea for Mafia 3 was to play as a Police officer.
Replies: >>51939 >>51940
[Hide] (166KB, 606x398)
It is a good game, but it's more of an immersive sim than an RPG. Not because you don't play as your own character, but because most outcomes in the game stem from its laws of physics as opposed to character stats. (If you shoot a guy in the head, he dies. If you stab him in the heart, he dies, etc.) Also like >>51828 said, not much you do seems to have a meaningful impact on the world, which is something they technically pulled a Peter Molyneux on, but you can approach quests from different angles. 
Also, instead of Skyrim's shit engine, I wouldn't mind seeing Morrowind recreated as a Kingdom Cum mod, I feel like KCD's combat system would be a decent modernization for the clunky feeling that Morrowind's combat induces
I'm not a big fan of cops but maybe it could've worked, I certainly have more faith in Dan than in whoever is writing the games now.
>Fun fact Dans' idea for Mafia 3 was to play as a Police officer.
I'm guessing he wanted the type of game where you get into the Mafia after quitting or get fired from the police department or something? Or were you literally supposed to play as a cop throughout the entire game?

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Discuss retro video games.
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>also included nes
>gen 3
3 four five and 6 rather. 
Yes, I hope the list helps avoid someone's brain locking up when thinking of what to download and or play. That and anyone can pick a game to talk about now from the overall list so we can now no longer call the thread low effort....then again at the same time it is mostly pleb taste even if overall thorough plebeian taste....
[Hide] (1.9MB, 890x900)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x960)
Wild Arms – ah, a true classic. I haven't played the Wild Arms series yet and I'm glad I was able to start with the original; usually I would unintentionally start most legacy series with part 5 on PS2 or something like that.
This is basically that 'Zelda meets Final Fantasy' game that we often memed up as kids; with emphasis on dungeon exploration and tool usage you even get a grappling hook, but at the same time being a hardcore oldschool RPG. And I do mean hardcore – you don’t even get essential advanced magic like ‘heal group’ until 2/3 of the game and when finally given an opportunity, you can easily miss it and fuck yourself over. Some late-game puzzles are also downright impossible. Good shit. Overall it’s not too hard if you know your stuff, but it always feels nice playing games from an era when they actually valued challenge. Here you have to fight 4 final bosses in a row with no ability to save, while nowadays you have to watch 4 hours of cutscenes and then press X to win.

Visually it’s that very special breed of games put on the next-gen hardware but still remaining last-gen aesthetically, giving off a unique vibe. Lost art, really. The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous but I'm not a fan of "3D" character sprites and their awkward animations. Speaking of 3D, despite being mostly pixel based I guess they couldn’t help themselves and, this being 1996, all the enemy encounters are rendered with full polygon
Message too long. View the full text
[Hide] (2.2MB, 760x1100)
[Hide] (79.9KB, 2304x1440)
Moon Crystal – a nice simple platformer for Famicom. It was quite enjoyable. The main thing about this one is the fluidity of character animations, inspired by the likes of Prince of Persia. There are turn frames and even added momentum to your movement. It’s very uncommon for this generation and looks rather impressive. Also similarly to Prince of Persia you can grab onto ledges to pull yourself up or drop down, although this isn’t heavily utilized. These definitely give the game a bit of a unique feel.

One thing I didn’t like is that everything in the game resets with each new level – your health, weapon, ability. It’s not hard to regain them as they are sufficiently peppered throughout levels but it’s a disappointing busywork that deprives you of the sense of progress. Just as you get used to double jump it’s taken away from you. Speaking of double jump, there’s some noticeable unresponsiveness with its execution that can lead to some frustration. Maybe it’s just my gamepad but I doubt it. Other than that, the game is very easy and simple, and can be mastered in no time. Except for the final boss, that fucker is quite tough initially but that’s not unusual. All the other bosses can be just rushed head-on; if you tap the attack button fast enough (there are tricks for that) they are toast no matter what. I wonder if this was international.

The graphics are pretty good and nicely detailed to go along with intricate animations. The music is equ
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>51912

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