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What a nice board!

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>wtf is this shit?
2d shooter with grappling hooks. I know it's not friday yet, but there hasn't been a gamenight in a while, so I thought I'd try and set up a teeworlds server since it's easy to set up and it's open source, meaning linuxfags can get onto it more easily.
>okay whatever faggot, how do I get onto this shit?
If you use windows, download this:
And if you're using a linux distribution then teeworlds should be in the package repository for your system, so you should just be able to download it easily from there.
Once you've opened it, press F1 and type
password isthiswhatyouwant
Keep in mind that since my ISP has shitty dynamic IPs, the server IP might change if my router fucks up or something. The server is currently running the ctf gamemode and will be up for the rest of the week. If you guys want to try a different gamemode like DDRace or know of some maps that you want to play, then feel free to bitch about it to me in the thread. Also, say hello to 22chan.
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>Yes, they went in and clicked on every user so they could see their IP and post history and found out like 90 percent of the board wants to fuck Eric, super useful, we better put that in the database Jim.
I fucking LOLED who the fuck is eric hahahaha
Replies: >>98405 >>98560
A-anon, that's your nickname.
A lot of "people" on this board wanted to fuck eden a while ago, if I recall correctly.
Replies: >>98575 >>98662
To be fair, most of those people didn't realize there are actually two webring personalities who go by that name, so it could be either one.
>a while ago
I want to fuck Eden, RIGHT NOW.

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The rules have been relocated to

This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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General thread for discussions relating to editing and streaming of video game footage. Ask questions and share advice here.
Old thread >>16548 ( )

>video editors
- Shotcut
- Kdenlive
- OpenShot

>command line tools
- ffmpeg

>video sharing/streaming platforms
- PeerTube
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forgot the link
Replies: >>97475 >>97523
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Good stream OP.
Did you check >>95397 ?
Whens will be new vidya stream?
Replies: >>98712
Probably this weekend, a friend of mine said he's going to give me his old PS2 for free.
I'm going to buy a capture card and do CRT setup with the PS2.

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I'm replaying EDF2 on my vita latelly I'm trying to 100% it, I think it's duable thanks to it's low mission count but man Hardest is kicking my ass I got filtered hard at mission 44 or something and I can't get any good weapons thanks to this game low drop rate, but maybe I'm doing something wrong... and also
Sandlot showed us that all the classic classes are back with new looks but not much shown of any new abilities they have.
A new types of enemies called Android were shown and a new variant of Ants and spiders were also showen.
EDF3 and EDF4.1 will be released for the Nintendo Switch.
A leak of some Nvidia intel shows that EDF6 might come to PC sonner than most people think.
And EDF will have spot at the TGS show this year.
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I'd rather not play with non-QoL mods until I break 70%. I'm only using uncensored/expanded chat and near-unlimited items on the field for now. Goldberg and SSE never worked for me, but TINserver worked for the Tabletop Simulator game night. It might work for this too.
Replies: >>98366
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>try to check for instructions
>it's in moonrunes
>try to install it anyways
>it gives me an error in moonrunes too
Why do you you this?
Replies: >>98366
Shit I forgot the instruction to be fair even without moonrune knowledge it's easy to setup
1-You need to download this modloader first
2-Place the modloader files in the EDF directory
3-Place the mod files in the EDF directory
4-Run the edfpatch.exe
5-Some random ching bullshit will appear just say yes
6-boom now you can play modded edf
The option folder adds some optional things like a new set of DLC missions and changes the difficulty to be much harder.
If you don't mind you could use steamworks but you need to use steam for that, I never tried TINserver if you know how to setup please do.
Replies: >>98705
Just cleared Hard with Air Raider. Very powerful class, but also very tricky. Took out the mothership with Leonics and my big Blacker E9 and killed God with Bulge Laser and Lapis rounds. I've never used Fencer, not even in 4.1. Anyone have any tips?

I'm looking into maybe setting up a VPS or light dedicated server that's friendly to sleepy anons. It'll probably be after New Years if I go ahead with it, though.
Replies: >>98711
Fencer can be quite challenging, there's a certain rythme to his movement.
First you must learn how to dash cancel which is pretty easy to do, you just dash then jump boost you'll keep the momentum of the dash added with horizantal boost, but keep in mind you have a cooldown between each dash.
Second, don't underestimate shields they are great tools that can be very heplfull.
Third, gatling guns and jackhammers can melt any ayy in a second.

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The old thread hit the reply limit.  We often talk about our experiences playing fighting games, but let's kick off this thread by doing something a bit different and talking about fighting games we'd like to make, or changes we'd make to games that already exist.  Tell me your autistic fighting game idea.  Rosters, mechanics, visuals - everything.

Imagine your favourite fighting game:
>What's the best thing about it?
>Why isn't it perfect?
>How would you change it, if at all?
Imagine your most hated fighting game:
>Why do you hate it?
>Is there anything good about it?
>What would you change so that you didn't hate it?

>Melty Blood Type Lumina
The game has released.  Shielding is strong.
>Guilty Gear Strive
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The game in your video actually looks pretty fun.
Replies: >>98665
Because that's arcsys not literally assfaggot devs. The problem is, arcsys will charge 60 dollars for 6 characters and subpar netcode on a "fun" game.
>But you see companies rushing to add MMA fighters in almost all of their games, as if to say "we have those too!", due to the fact that the majority of the audience doesn't give a fuck about a retard that fights only one style, and want MMA on everything, due to it being the superior method.

I'm just not seeing what you're seeing then. Street Fighter had an MMA styled fighter in the previous installment and didn't even bother bringing him back for V. We'll just have to wait and see.
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Who's the MMA fag in KoF? Do MMA fans even play fightan? Seems like they'd only play Tekken, if anything.
Replies: >>98710
>Who's the MMA fag in KoF?
There isn't one.  Given that the MMA dicksucker in this thread thinks Muay Thai is MMA, he's probably dumb enough to think Joe Higashi is an MMA fighter.
>do MMA fags even play?
No; they'd rather pay to watch lame fights in a cage rather than fight themselves.  I think there were some UFC games from last gen that had a bit of a player base, but they're more like wrestling games than fighting games.

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Talk about hacks you've been playing, inquire about hacks for games you might be interested in, discuss making hacks, advertise hacks you've made though I doubt anyone here has done that, and point and laugh at gay drama in the rom hacking community.
You can find most rom hacks here. is run by oversensitive trannies but it's also the largest database for hacks and hacking tools on the internet. hosts many hacks that were rejected by Most of them are just shitposts, like a hack that translates all the text in Secret of Mana to braille, but there's a few interesting ones here and there. If you want more than that, you'll have to go to websites that are dedicated to hacking games from a specific series like

I finally decided to get into Fire Emblem rom hacks so I decided to start with a hack of Sacred Stones called Fire Emblem Vision Quest because everyone says it's the best one. It is pretty good so far but there are a few problems with it. The creator really liked making chapters where you have to protect a bunch of NPCs which are always a pain. There are levels where you have to protect everything from chickens, to gazell
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Replies: >>98707 + 3 earlier
There was that incident where banned a fan translation of Ganbare Goemon 3 because it used the word tranny but they eventually relented and let it back on the website.
Replies: >>98708
>>98633 (OP) 
another useful link:
They let the censored version back on, but that wasn't good enough for some forum trannies. The second censored version "corrected" the translation not by changing "tranny" to the original "newhalf", but by removing the word "truth", which is demonstrably a direct translation from the original.
I don't have full details on me but it should be somewhere on the baddesthacks forums. Allegedly there was circumstantial evidence Nightcrawler was hosting CP on the RHDN servers. This was reported to the relevant police and hosting providers and nothing happened, and he also tried to paywall large chunks of the site, so you can add Hebraic lineage to the list of reasons to hate RHDN.

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Post fucking vidya news.
Capcom Lists Monster Hunter G for Steam on Japanese Website
Next Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update to Bring New Character from Another World
>We mentioned in our last announcement that we are tackling some technical issues that have slowed down our production timetable. We regret the long delay between updates and continue to ask for your patience as we make progress.
>Due to these issues, we do not have a release timeframe for you yet, but we would like to share some information on what we have in the works.
Our next update will introduce a new playable character to the game. This is a change from our previously released roadmap.
>We can confirm that this new character is NOT from the world of Bloodstained. We have been working closely with a well-known partner to bring their character (and a friend) into the game.
>As with previous characters, you will be able to explore the entire map, though certain abilities will need to be acquired before some areas and bosses can be accessed. Along the way you will be able to increase the rank and class of the character’s special ability to grow in power.
>We are excited to bring this update to you and will have a full announcement when it is closer to launch.
>As previously mentioned, after the playable character is live, we expect the next update to include Chaos Mode with co-op and Vs Mode with multiplayer.
Sega and Microsoft Enter “Strategic Alliance” for Global Cloud “Super Games”
>SEGA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "SEGA") and Microsoft Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Microsoft") have agreed in principal, a strategic alliance that explores ways for SEGA to produce large-scale, global games in a next-generation development environment built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. The alliance would form a key part of SEGA’s mid to long-term strategy, allowing the business to move forward with “Super Game”, a new initiative for developing new and innovative titles where the key focuses are “Global”, “Online”, “Community” and “IP utilization”.
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And soyfreaks, old men, and any other abomination filled with estrogen help them in ruining everything.
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<Hideo Kojima praises Arcane, calling it the "future of animation and CG!"
Replies: >>98678 >>98699
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that's not the real hideo kojima, that's his evil brother hackeo kojimbo
They won't even bother fixing bugs or making positive changes, I doubt they would care enough to change difficulties or anything at all.
The posters look like shit, so I'm not watching that crap.

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Is this game good? Pic related
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>>98515 (OP) 
I played it for like 30 mins. I didnt know what to do. You just roam around underground i guess.
Replies: >>98684
>>98515 (OP) 
It's alright.
Anon that was bitching before, objectively the game is harder than it was before for fullclearing (especially with the god tuner stuff in the postgame). Stuff like path of pain was added in a patch, the severe cheese they added is not applicable to radiance and the minor buffs are on the whole are less of a boon than the minor nerfs for that fight.
The game was always easy. Other than some tiny amount of castlevania I played as a child, this was my first metroidvania and I didn't have trouble with anything. I was playing on a laptop with N-key rollover issues so I never really used nailarts the first time I finished. The problem is not so much with difficulty as it is with the direction of changes. Almost every boss other than radiance you can damage rush without dodging a single attack (some require multiple tries for attack pattern RNG, and rather than fixing that they even removed one of the rare exceptions (watcher knights). Stuff like this or adding weaversong encourages you to not learn the game's systems and to just abuse cheese and since most fights are/were entirely single-time you basically don't see half of what there is to fight. Also, the platform is extremely easy and doesn't s
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Replies: >>98698
>Getting confused about basic metroidvania game loop
>>98515 (OP) 
Make a new QTDDTOT old one is bumplocked.
>In terms of modern stuff what is HK even competing with, anyway
casual version of la mulana?

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This thread is mostly intended to be used as an aggregate source for video game deals, but feel free to post anything else related to buyfagging. Anything from bitching about prices, to complaining about shilling, and blogging about your own recent purchases are welcome.

>I want to be a retarded goy, where do I buy games?
As you probably know, for PC the most common place is Steam. You can get better deals at other places, and I'll list a few below. The major consoles each have their own digital storefronts that you can look up. ~ "DRM-free" except when it's not which includes most titles with online multiplayer. ~ Formerly the best place to get bundle deals, now a shell of its former self. ~ Steam competitor that never took off. ~ See above.
>What if I want physical hidden gems?
Check your local game/thrift stores if they have any first, you may be surprised at they offer. Beyond that you can check a few other places. Gamestop, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are all valid options if you're willing to pay MSRP. Just make sure the game actually comes on the disk before purchase. There's also Limited Run Games and their clones, which print physical releases of select digital only titles. Only issue with them is that the runs are a little too limited. You'll probably have to buy the games you want off scalpers if you aren't pre-ordering the instant sales open.
Do your research.

>Okay but what if I actually want to save money faggot?
Don't buy games ;^) Or you could be like me and look a little deeper than the above for discounts.
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>how come every single time they got busted over a little pressure
Because it's actually not easy to "hide" yourself. There's no such thing as anonymity, it all depends on what kind of fire you light under the feds/corps ass. The field of computing is owned entirely by them and they have all the cards. If you cross them good enough, they easily have the resources to hire or apply actually competent people who can find you with reasonable ease, especially through dumb shit like basic OPSEC violations. Almost the entirety of the infosec community hangs out on twitter today anyway, attends conferences and CTFs, there's not much for secrets. A lot of factors play into this as well, for example infosec is highly specialized, so say if you're really good at reverse engineering, or mainframe secuity, there's going to be a only a small handful of people in the world like you. So if they showed face in the public sphere like twitter or whatnot, it's easy for the glows to start going down the list.
If you light even an extreme fire under their ass, then all the CPUs on the market produced after 2011 have hardcoded backdoors, and so do hard drives.
Those who are worth any salt for the eyes to turn to them, cooperate or say goodbye to their lives. A good example of this is the game piracy scene, there's a wonderful reason why you don't see the high-attention titles get cracked soon 
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Replies: >>98497
/v/ - Video Games
If you ever import electronics get a voltage converter! Its a must. Otherwise you will probably fry whatever you bought at some point. I just happened to find out somehow when i was buying an imported psp. Otherwise i wouldnt have even known. Its pretty fucked up that theres no warning or something similar when you're buying it.
Replies: >>98695
also heres a good site if you're looking for how different consoles look and such.
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bought this

594681-possessioner-pc-98-screenshot-there-she-is.gif (u)
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raidy1_2.png (u)
[Hide] (75.5KB, 640x398)
vangel2.png (u)
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wander3.png (u)
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Old thread hit bump limit.

>argue about software vs. FPGA
>bully other anons for using filters and savestates
>complain about MAME scope creep pulling the devs away from Model 2 and Naomi
>ask for help with Wonderswan frame jitter you need a 75Hz monitor
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You know Halo CE was probably made on windows CE after they got bought from mac by Microsoft.
>98 literally could not use the Internet.
Bullshit. You could access the internet as early as Windows 95 (not the very first release though). There were also limited internet access capabilities on MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 through third party software. Stop lying about your age, you stick out like a sore thumb.
Replies: >>98667 >>98672
I'm 32 and the browsers for win9x are too outdated to even use modern websites. 

Get off of my dick.
Replies: >>98672
I assumed the implication in that post was that by the time 98 shipped the rising tide of online malware combined with the architectural insecurity of pre-NT Windows essentially guaranteed you'd get 0day'd if you opened a browser or spam eMail with anything close to default settings.

You can ackshually run a lot of newer software including browsers on Win9x using KernelEx
Replies: >>98693
>essentially guaranteed you'd get 0day'd if you opened a browser or spam eMail with anything close to default settings.
That was WinXP circa 2004, not 98.

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