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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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General thread for discussions relating to editing and streaming of video game footage. Ask questions and share advice here.
Old thread >>16548 ( )

>video editors
- Shotcut
- Kdenlive
- OpenShot

>command line tools
- ffmpeg

>video sharing/streaming platforms
- PeerTube
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Call me the Drunken Master
Replies: >>68642 >>68784
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More like drunken disaster.
Lmfao there goes my rage compilation. Stop fucking drinking while gaymen you cracker.
Did you manage to finish The Neverhood? I tried going back to the stream link and it's "unavailable" somehow.
Replies: >>68789
nah, I got tired of the sewers and switched to Burnout
ky_vs_kliff_tiny.webm (u)
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Did more editing than I usually do on a video (fade in and fade out at the end), and I managed to squish it in the file size limit. 

Original resolution video posted at the top of the playlist here:

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2 weeks ago, the vita turned 9 years old. A fun little handheld that didn't reach its full potential due to so many terrible decisions. Fortunately homebrew development is still very active and will only get better. So without further ado:
And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread:
Previous previous thread:
Other previous threads:

First-time buyer's FAQ:
Upcoming game releases:
Recent game releases:
Game list (filterable):
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Any untranslated games for the vita worth playing besides dungeon travelers 2-2? Maybe something simpler.
Replies: >>69208
The vita library is full of them
Just try out any interesting looking ones for yourself
Other than Gundam Breaker 3, are there any PSV+PS4 only games that run like shit/have less content on Vita left, or have all of them been ported to PC?
Replies: >>69221
Feel free to ask around the steam forums
Replies: >>69227

I just want to know if there are any games like Gundam Breaker 3 (frame rate chugs on Vita) Nights of Azure (Same and apparently more broken PC port than Saints Row 2), or Cyber Sluts (got a lot of new content for PS4 release. Since released on PC with even more stuff) that are better played on PS4.

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Previous thread reached reply limit
Im playing the second call of juarez game.
Remember Billy's stepfather? That beat him when he was growing up? Billy is the mexican you play as in the first game. Well the stepdad is now a confederate soldier in call of juarez 2. Its just so cringy. Not only does he raise someone elses kid but its a mexican kid thats not even his. And ofcourse he is a racist confederate soldier. You see where im getting with this? I mean they havent said anything about racist or stuff like that but its pretty obvious what they're trying to get at. Well maybe im wrong?
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I liked all the vocals in the music, felt really comfy just standing somewhere in the rain and listening to the music.
Replies: >>68909 >>69204
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FFFFFFFFFFFuck that's really fucking good. It reminds me this BGM from Stronghold Crusader. I have a soft spot for string instrumentals like that.
I haven't played any of those games, isn't Bloodstained that Igarashi game? How does it compare to SotN and the like?
Yeah the soundtrack is defintely a highlight, could listen to that song for hours
Replies: >>69209
Bloodstained is okayish and short, especially compared to SotN. It doesn't compare to modern metroidvania juggernauts, such as Hollow Knight, but its okay among other indie metroidvania titles like Axiom Verge. Bloodstained suffers from poor balancing, so its easy to cheese through a lot of the encounters, and it lacks the promised kickstarter goal of a roguelike/randomized mode which really irked me.
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I've tried Contra Returns. It's garbage, but it also ran and looked like garbage. The issue there's a good game in there, just that you can't balance around gacha. Still kind of dig how it controls though. It's more akin to a twin stick shooter now. I wouldn't mind playing more of it if it ran smoother. The story alone is kind of worth going through.

Starting up SSX3 for the first time now. This better be good.
Wave Race (n64/gcn) sucked. 
Kirby's Airride sucked.

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little dick cuck bitch lol
Replies: >>69225
don't be so hard on yourself
>>69223 (OP) 
>[email protected]
what did he mean by this

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>Corporate owner  Activision Blizzard Inc. has pushed the developer to cut costs and prioritize its biggest titles.

>Blizzard President J. Allen Brack called the original title “monumentally important” when Reforged was announced in 2018. The company promised “over four hours of updated in-game cutscenes and re-recorded voice-overs.” But the project was never a priority for the company, in part because a remaster of an old strategy game had little chance of becoming the type of billion-dollar product that Activision wanted, according to the people, who asked not to be named because they weren’t authorized to speak on company matters. With Blizzard pressured to focus on its biggest franchises, Warcraft III: Reforged couldn’t get the ambitious budget that its leaders wanted.

>When Warcraft III: Reforged was released on Jan. 28, 2020, it was widely panned, earning a 59 of 100 on the review aggregation website Metacritic. The game was buggy and missing the components that Blizzard had promised earlier, including the updated cutscenes — sequences that develop the story line but aren't part of game play —  and re-recorded voice-overs. The remake even lacked features that the original Warcraft III had contained in 2002, such as a “ladder” system that ranked competitive players. Blizzard also had disabled the original version of the game on its digital platform, so the inferior remake was the only version that fans could easily play.

>In the weeks after launch, Blizzard promised to update the game and add some of those features over time, but 18 months later, they are still nowhere to be found.

>At the time, the company apologized for the launch and said it had chosen to backtrack on updating the cinematics because “we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game.” But documentation produced after its release, as well as interviews with 11 people who worked on or close to the game, indicate that Reforged was actually rescoped due to budget cuts and internal arguments over the game’s direction.

>>Small teams like Classic Games, which worked on remakes including Reforged, were all but ignored in favor of potential billion-dollar games like Diablo IV and Overwatch 2. Blizzard even canceled some of its other projects in favor of the proven hits. Eight months after the release of Warcraft III: Reforged, the Classic Games team was dismantled.

>Blizzard chose to plow ahead with a premature release of Warcraft III: Reforged largely because it had already taken pre-orders from players, according to people familiar with the decision. The company couldn’t bump the game too much more without potentially being forced to send out refunds and risking that fans wouldn’t buy the game again.
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I mean, is it worse than leaving the baby with some random beaner or the abominations infesting the daycare industry? I've only ever seen lactation rooms in stores and visitor areas, which is just another layer of blatant lying for the whole story.
Replies: >>69216
InfestedTerran_SC1_HeadAnim1.webp (u)
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InfestedTerran_SCR_HeadAnim.webp (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 224x240)
The remake zerglings suffer from trying to be too edgy and "zergy". The original unit portraits preserve some of the animal traits that all zerg units should have. This makes sense given how the zerg gets new units. 
The zergling has a certain dog like quality for example.

Another downgrade is that the lower rez portraits leave a lot to the imagination. The infested terran is an example of this. You can roughly tell there is a human under there. It's stiff and and unnatural. 
The remake just looks like another creature.
>I mean, is it worse than leaving the baby with some random beaner or the abominations infesting the daycare industry?
yes, work is supposed to be a serious time work place, not a daycare center
though I guess it's good training for the bugmen to be raised in a work office environment to get them accustomed to work in a soul-less office for the rest of their lives
I thought they got maternity leaves. What even happens in the company?
Replies: >>69222
Women will demand laws about maternity leave AND safe spaces for showing their boobs to higher ups under the guise of "feeding their babies', so they can both not work while getting money without even leaving the building and at the same time whoring themselves to low-T old men in higher positions in order to leech their money.
Never give rights to women.

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stwive_chawactews.mp4 (u)
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Talk about fighting games call people faggots for playing as [character you don't like].

>How did you get started with fighting games?
>Try any new games recently?
>What's the coolest thing you ever did in a fighting game?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character to play?
>Who's your favourite fighting game character design?
>Which fighting game girl do you want to have sex with the most?
>How would you fix your favourite broken/flawed fighting game?

>Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown/Virtua Fighter 5 eSports released on PS4/5.  It's free for PS+ users for two months.
>Guilty Gear Strive released on PS4/5 and PC.
>Melty Blood: Type Lumina will be launching September 30, 2021 with "more than 10" characters and HD sprites similar to Under Night.  More info on systems:
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Why is her hair purple anyway?
>projectile speed
You should throw a fireball like SE only with the intention of hitting it or FRCing.  At the midrange where SE is most effective, the travel speeds are very similar.
>frame data
It has 3f more startup and 12f more recovery for a total of a full quarter second more commitment.  That's a hefty amount.  The air versions only differ by a couple frames, though.

QQ moar, F49907
They should just put in nameless to replace him.
Also I would be okay with Lien Neville and Xiao Luon returning from Impact.
>Marie rose killed DOA.
Wasn't it just Koei Tecmo being spineless pussies abandoning their audience that killed DOA? Shit it's not even abandoning their audience, they just shat out a game and left it to die.
Influence or popularity don't matter. Guilty Gear is the perfect fighting game. Everything else is shit.
Replies: >>69220

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Time for progress edition

>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:
>Previous bread: >>47446
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Replies: >>69167 + 1 earlier
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>>61394 (OP) 
I managed to get rich irl
where do I hire modlers and musicians for my project?
There are a bunch of online services that you can use to find musicians and artists for hire if you just use a search engine. Failing that, if you want to find artists you need to go to where they congregate and ask them there. Artstation is one of those places, and it has recruitment tools.
Twitter, pixiv, DA are basic obvious places to start
866460d32b201e3e1c16cfd0b2b0d6ccf686643a519a72e5baa598bd055871ac.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1272x644, 00:07)
Backend stuff finished sooner than expected, so I was able to work on some shaders and particles.

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ITT: discuss issues with the board

>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
>remove seagull
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Keep your autism in check ty
You already made this joke. Make some new material. It's getting repetitive.
Replies: >>68876
And is this joke in the room with us right now anon?
Replies: >>68877 >>69210
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cf2bff8fd3e1f9e0948f8a41f82d53fffa3613773718d78da76d34955f6f5913.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1500x1101)
22d49d4f48217c4c83517dfd7859a64abed4a69ad58be8946a06f6c4bf6aba1f.png (u)
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Hi /v/ let's play some Zork together
>anon, what's an zorks
Zork is a text-based, adventure game developed in the late 70s and released in 1980
>how do I play this shit
The game is single player only, you play and interact with the surroundings by inputting actions in the form of text and get results in the form of text back. I'll be taking the text inputs from anons who post in the thread, in a first come, first serve fashion and I'll then post updates about the situation based on the actions they gave me and, hopefully, in less than a a year we'll get to see the end of it. If it goes well we might even play the rest of the series.
This isn't AI Dungeon, so what you can do in the game, while impressive at the time, is relatively limited. The game understands simple context appropriate sentences such as "hit the lock with the sword" but won't quite get the meaning of "stick my cock into the fairy's anus".
Most of the accepted commands are exactly what you'd expect, here's some examples:
And so on so forth.
Here's instead things that won't fly:
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hit table with bottle
hello_boob.jpg (u)
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>he's still mocking me
>he has the right to
You may have won, but I may have to accept it.
Make an erotic cake.
Replies: >>69154
We have a bottle, why not just quickly make up a delicious glass of yum-yum?
>Go out window

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