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This thread solely exists to remind you that you are a dork.
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HGG: I want to talk about that text game but it's probably not worth its own thread edition. 
Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, and so on. 

I've been playing EraTW again. Going the Sakuya route and watching her blush from holding hands in pubilc is nice, but I hate how finicky the girls are in this game. 
>Sakuya makes it very clear she wants to fuck my dick 
>pushes me down, make her orgasm various times, including a mouth orgasm she gave herself from sucking my dick, but refuses to just straddle me cowgirl style 
>give her aphrodisiacs but still no reverse rape
>fuck it, push her down, put a condom on 
>"btw I have to cook dinner now, bye" 
>time stop, make the fucking dinner in a nanosecond 
>lead her back to my room, push her down 
>put another condom on
<can't fuck her because the stats are just barely below the threshold 
>give up
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No idea, I only play TW. What options do you have?
Replies: >>61554
__remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_gotoh510__4899d12527a85a464cab3215a4675dad.png (u)
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Anything but to fuck her, I can masturbate her and I can steal her panties while time is frozen but I can't seem to fuck her.
I think she needs to be a little more lewd even though she is a 500 years-old vampire, then again Remi is usually a bit autistic
Replies: >>61560 >>61561
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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The actions are grouped into types and some types are disabled by default (including lewd shit so players won't make everyone angry day one). You need to click the groups to enable them, which will add/remove actions. 
For sex you want to enable sekuhara, which includes all affection actions including the start sex action (push down/bring closer, depending on the context) and then you can start doing shit (don't forget to enable V for the V sex). 
Also, different actions have different thresholds, so it's possible that you can do a lot of lewd shit but not stick it in even if the character explicitly asks you during conversations, but it'll show that if you try the actions, and failure won't have any negative impact.
d824d7e08ea6e946ec2721acf0d0049a78772440afb0f75b856f8e882cb749b9.gif (u)
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So that's how it works.
Thanks a lot Anon, now I can finally have a threesome with the Scarlet sisters

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KF2.jpg (u)
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KF3.jpg (u)
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>What is it?
oh what the hell you know what this is


Mega: https://mega.nz/file/zl5BFagA#QuXXk1Gbd_9ClE7zWfJk8OsiudMp-8D9MQx5BVUDplo
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/djd70220dtnufw3/Killing_Floor_NoSteam.7z/file

>Extract, launch Nick_Name.exe to rename yourself. 
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god damn it fine, but first I'm gonna take a shit
Gonna join when I finish my kanji, walk to the gas station to get some snacks because I'm a fat fuck, then join.
Anyone want to play now? I'm gonna hang around in the server and see if anyone joins.
Replies: >>61557
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Nah,  I'm taking a break until the next weekend, and by then maybe another game comes up.
Replies: >>61563
No, you'll play now fucker. 2 on, get in.

Watch-2Bs-Ass-Dry-Up-In-Real-Time-YouTube.mp4 (u)
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Took the liberty to create a new thread, since last one hit post limit.

You having fun?

I'm personally playing NieR: Automata, I just started it and I'm having a lot of fun, 2B controls like a breeze and even without lock on it feels great. I'm playing on Hard because I'm too much of a pussy to do very hard, and I suck at this kind of game. Also she has a great ass.
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A while ago I got around to replaying F1 so that I could replay and finally beat F2. Since I used guns in F1 I decided to use energy weapons in F2. The BoS had canoncially started sharing a bit of their technology and people had had time to start producing their own, so it makes sense that they would be more plentiful. That was a huge mistake. Starting with energy weapons in F2 is a huge mistake. Not because they're weak, but because you literally cannot fucking use them. There are ZERO energy weapons to find until around midgame. There's one or two that you can get from random encounters, but those are level locked and the restoration project removed the one with recharging ammo and put it somewhere later in the game. And even if you get an energy weapon somehow, there's no fucking ammo to find or buy. It's a skill that you can't fucking use until midgame, when everything suggests that the weapons would be more easily available, the game doesn't warn you in the slightest AND since you're likely only going to focus on one combat skill, you fuck yourself over by picking it at the start. This is really shitty game design. They least they could have done is put a banged up low quality energy pistol in an early shop and give it slowly regenerating ammo, or give it some relatively cheap ammo in large enough quantities to make energy weapons a viable skill. I shouldn't have to metagame and go to some area I'm not
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>the titan dweevil in the 2nd game is a much better final boss encounter 
It is technically better but the fight is actually essentially just hoarding pikmin that aren't yellows in a corner and using the yellows (which are the only ones who can realiably reach the parts) to break the parts off. The electricity is too dangerous to risk other pikmin with but the other dangers aren't instantly deadly and can be avoided by spamming the whistle.
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I'm playing the SNES version of Star Ocean and I think the game is either too sophisticated for a simple anon such as myself or too autistic for its own good.
They put all these crafting skills into their game for making advanced spells, food and weapons but I got stuck for a bit in the Astral cave, then proceeded to grind out the Abandoned mine for two hours until the boss died in 5 hits and now I clap everything nearly instantly didn't put much skills into crafting as I can't seem to equip the tools half the damn time and when I do it usually fails even though my party is way below the levels suggested by the guides on Gamefaqs.
I also don't like the shit tons of backtracking, ridiculous encounter rate and the overbearing presentation at times, the graphics are very nice and the matrixed surround music is certainly interesting but it can't match up to the god tier pacing of Chrono Nigger, the surround OST would benefit from reorienting some of its instruments to the L/R channels instead of the pseudo-front/rear channels plus there's a distinct lack of calm forest music to go with the pretty graphics and that's just pathetic.
Got past the Trial Labyrinth, does the game get any better later on?
Is the Eye of Truth at least somewhere else if you already beat the Parj Temple?
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I beat dark souls yesterday, i forgot kalameet even existed until i googled a way to get another titanite slab to upgrade my shield, so i went back to oolacile to kill him and loot his arena, i only died twice to him. After that i decided to kill gwyn, but i found a really cool set of armor on a knight corpse, so i warped to andre and upgraded everything but the helmet to max, because even though crown of dusk can't be upgraded and makes you take 30% more magic damage it boosts pyromancies by 20% and i can fast roll with havel's ring equipped (helmet makes me too heavy, even if i unequip a weapon), now i look like an evil saint seiya character. Then i went back to kiln of the first flame to fight gwyn, surprisingly enough i died like 6 times to him even though it's supposed to be a really easy fight. Now i'm doing another run, and managed to get t anor londo in 30 minutes flat (firelink>undead burg>first bell>new londo>blight town>second bell>sen's fortress>anor londo), i'm planning on upgrading my vitality and strength to 40 and dump the rest on attunement for the magic slots, so i end up at the recommended SL125, after that i'll do another run just for fun.
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lots of downtime at work this week so I threw that retro legends pack on my laptop and I've been playing Final Fantasy III. work internet is very restrictive so i have to use the pre-packaged 2007 windows version of zsnes it came with through wine, which feels like at least five different crimes  but I couldn't get the native version running because linux is a bitch and I was busy yesterday with more important shit. having fun so far, i've gotten farther than i did last time and it's a nice basic JRPG. after years of playing only the mario & luigi series getting used to non-turn-based combat took some work but i'll get used to it.

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player_loses_control_of_propheted_eater_of_the_dead.png (u)
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I discovered this game last summer and have been playing with it ever since. I've seen the name thrown around here and there and so I thought I would make a thread in the hopes that we can one day get a multiplayer game going (that's where the game seems to play best anyway). There is a bit of a learning curve so I took the liberty of compiling some useful links.

>What is it?
Dominions is a deep turn-based 4x war game that takes place in a fantasy world inspired by historical nations, cultures, and mythology. You assume control of an established nation as a pretender god with the goal of becoming the one true god. Turns are resolved simultaneously and battle orders are given by the player to be executed by the AI as opposed to having direct control or control in real time. Besides throwing armies at each other, some of the things you can do are -
<play as giant oni kings, Lovecraftian mindblasting squids, a holy Spanish/French inquistion, Rome, Rome cursed with undeath, etc.
<snatch up virgin girls for blood magic and temple sacrifices
<craft magic items and deck out commanders with them to make single units capable of taking on entire armies
<cast cancerous global rituals with effects like accelerating the rate of aging worldwide
<play on teams in disciples mode, where one player determines the pretender god and his teammates' pretenders are suped up prophets
<play it on a toaster

>How do I get started?
Download Dominions 5 (linked below). There isn't any kind of proper tutorial or single player campaign/story, but you can play against AI, which you should do before trying to play multiplayer. Make sure to RTFM, look at the wiki, and use whatever other resources you can to answer any questions you have.
I recommended starting with 5 since every iteration of the game is basically the same but with more content, fixes, and mechanic changes big enough to warrant an entirely new game (apparently). New to 5 is a less autistic presentation with battles now fought in "real time" - both sides perform their scripted actions at the same time rather than taking turns as it was previously, along with a bunch of other changes and additions. You can see some of the main changes here https://www.illwinter.com/dom5/changes.html

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> this game is HoMM3 but not as fun
You could apply this to most games in existence.
Replies: >>61540
You're kind of right except Dominions is more fun in multiplayer.
Saying halflife isn't as fun as HoMM3 is true, but halflife is nothing like HoMM3. Dominions however feels a bot like HoMM3 with the insane magical effects, armies, and factions.
Replies: >>61541
They're essentially both the same kind of fantasy-themed game of autistic rock, paper scissors. But, with HoMM, it's more about exploring the map and claiming crucial tiles, whereas Dominions is more about the battles. And the pre-game strategizing with the god creation sets Dominions apart from all games of its type.
As another poster stated; the best experience is in the multiplayer. HOMM3 is one of my favorite strategy games but Dominions is quite different from it. Wheras Homm is abstracted as stacks of creatures, Dominions actually renders every single troop, and you have less control on how they fight. Emphasis is put more on the individual commanders that you can give suggested orders too that they'll carry out (especially important for mages) and the resource game is more customizable as well. It's less simple than Homm but both are good fun.

Beyond-the-Wire-New-WWI-Multiplayer-Shooter.jpg (u)
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What have you've been playing fags?
It has been some time since the last thread.
Also have you fags heard of beyond the wire?
I'm not sure what much to say tho.
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i enjoy the casual racism the game has
>only one fully white male in the game
>his special ability is gassing people
>but this isn't racist because it's against whites sweetie :^)
Replies: >>61553
I was gonna say Touhou 9.5 but then I realized I'm retarded.
I do kind of wish there was an FPS like it though, would be interesting.
Spoiler File (u)
(4.8MB, 1535x2048)
There’s some cute fan art of the characters on Pixiv.
Replies: >>61555
GayAway.jpg (u)
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Gays_Done.jpg (u)
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Gays_Not_Welcome.jpg (u)
[Hide] (19.7KB, 329x399)
Replies: >>61558
343d286f5519d744f5fab27b8cf1020f25a6ce449bce6441c0ffb3f27dcd512f.png (u)
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>>61555 (checked)
No, but nice digits though.

__frey_kohaku_dolce_diras_lest_and_2_more_rune_factory_and_1_more__db45a6843352beb6c7304f66247fc8a5.jpg (u)
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The niche Fantasy Farming Sim Action RPG

What is the general opinion of this series? Despite the fifth game coming out next month in Japan, I don't see much posting about it. It'll be the first new release in 7 years. The graphics looks substantially approved.
Are there any things people are looking forward to? Things they want changed or maybe added to the game?
Personally, I'd like rival heart events to be added back to the series, but I want to be able to toggle them on/off like the town events of Rune Factory 4. 

Also, how do you think we can get the series more popular outside of Japan? With the popularity of Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley, I see no reason why this game wouldn't be as popular, if not more. Especially since it was originally a spin-off of the old harvest moon games. It has everything they have + dungeon crawling and plot. Is there a reason it never got popular in the West?
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Replies: >>61542 + 3 earlier
In RF3 you could set combos with the transformation. Launch an enemy into the air with the Greatsword, transform into sheep and then grab the enemy into a giant swing for AOE damage. The issue with the game was that nothing in it really needed any advanced execution. With RF4 you at least had those infinite dungeons.
Replies: >>61386
>With RF4 you at least had those infinite dungeons.
Wasn't Sharance Maze in 3? And it also had multiplayer? Granted, what little I played of 3 did not really include either, so I dunno. Not to mention, a lot of the transformation/fist's best moves don't work on bosses to begin with. which is disappointing but understandable.
Seems i have a full year to finish Rune Factory 4 on my switch, nice.
>>46521 (OP) 
Why does boy protag look liek girl protag?
Replies: >>61544

32494ba6b0fab4309f2ee4717112302d83db069a60690a270a32f122e502f058.gif (u)
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Thread for organizing gamenights across the webring, including finding gayms to play, hostfags to bully, and polls to rig.
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>Mumble is god-tier
Having dealt with Mumble shit its not. For a simple user sure, although missing some nice features, but for server admins its kinda shit. Decent amount of exploits, with permissions that have to be set uo strangly. Dev has wierd priorities to, like video chat feature but with tiny resolution. Thought of trying matrix out though.
Replies: >>61479
Matrix is CoC’d, fuckthat shit
Replies: >>61481
How can they enforce that shit if you host your own server?
Replies: >>61532
Painless.PNG (u)
[Hide] (224.8KB, 576x283)
Seems like there's a general consensus that a Mumble wouldn't hurt. I can get one set up and fine-tune it for gaymnights so that anyone can join in it, I should have it done by the weekend.

they can't even enforce it on their own servers because you can encrupt all chats by default. and if they keep the keys/ciphers/some other method to decrypt messages that would destroy their credibility and the only reason to use it in the first place
Replies: >>61533
Codes of conduct have never meant anything. They're just annoying virtue signaling that everyone can and does ignore.

d1465b279de6517ec17d3b44bf0fa92993fcde50e7ef93eee8102252b2adcef6.png (u)
[Hide] (688.7KB, 640x469)
I'm sure nobody here gives a shit at this point and I'm sure you're not even 1/3s into your backlogs, but It might be interesting to try and predict what will happen to the industry in the next couple of decades. A lot of changes are happenings. Consoles and Triple A games are getting more expensive nearing the price of mid-range computers, companies are making more and more anti-consumer decisions, the leap in graphics is smaller than ever, ​we got the first digital-only consoles, cloud gaming getting pushed more, ray-tracing and 4K getting prioritized over fps and other shit.  Are the three main faggots too big to fail? Will casual normalfags be ok with paying 800+ bucks for videogaems machines? Could consoles die in this generation and PC be made more appealing to the general public? Will charging you 60$ for decade old games affect nintendo in the slightest and maybe make the switcheroo their last console? Is anything at all going to happen? Probably not and these are just the ramblings of a man who will never see a Rayman 4.
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Twitter doesn't represent real life. 99% of it are bots.
This is exactly what you get if you design games for normalfags though. It's not bad in terms of game design since it's designed appropriately for the chosen target audience of literal retard NPCs who don't have free and independent thoughts.
This will end just like the Stadia.
This is just social engineering, but using gaming to make niggercattle dumber than ever. The only people I've seen who want a easier games are usually children and gaming journalists.
huh.png (u)
[Hide] (448.7KB, 451x613)
where did the other posts go? why were they deleted?

ragnarok.jpg (u)
[Hide] (19.5KB, 740x417)
God of War Ragnarok Dev Is Looking at the Last of Us Part 2 for Inspiration; Atreus May Be Fully Playable

>Just like 2018's God of War has been inspired by The Last of Us, God of War Ragnarok may be inspired by Naughty Dog's latest game.
>Speaking during the latest episode of the God of War Podcast, Sony Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews commented on the upcoming next entry in the series, revealing that the developer is looking at The Last of Us Part 2 for more inspiration. He also commented on the possibility of Atreus becoming fully playable, suggesting that developer may be considering having multiple playable characters and switch between them as the story demands, like in Naughty Dog's latest game.
>In the latest episode of the God of War podcast, Samuel Matthews also goes over a variety of other topics, such as the possibility of exploring other worlds outside Norse mythology, who will portray Odin and Thor, and more. You can listen to it in full below.
>Very little is currently known about God of War Ragnarok. as it has been announced with a short teaser that featured no gameplay nor cinematic sequence. The game is currently in development by Sony Santa Monica and will release on a yet to be confirmed release date.
>God of War Ragnarok is currently in development fo
Message too long. View the full text
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Robot_GF1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (153.1KB, 1191x1600)
You posted this already kike.
I don't think you've ever owned a dog
turkroach.jpg (u)
[Hide] (76.2KB, 600x899)
Fuck off niggerpill, nobody believes your kike propaganda.
I wonder how much you get paid by kikes to write this faggot shit.
screw_your_optics.jpg (u)
[Hide] (120.6KB, 976x549)
That's why you always lose, foreskinsucker. 
Because your whole existence is a revolt against the Nature i.e life itself. You're parasite and must be exterminated, so the humanity can survive.
Replies: >>61525
t. hanging foreskin

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