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/a/ reboot

So the bo for /vhs/ stepped up and is now deputize...

/tech/ unlocked

I hadn't noticed that the board was also locked,so...

Global limit increase

I have set the global post and bump limits to 1000...

/a/ is live!

you asked for this. >>>/a/

The great /a/ debate

given the apparent demand for zzz/a/ I've made a r...

Proxy changes

All the proxies got mass reported but I'm already ...

Christmas Movie Night

/vhs/ has weekly movie nights every Friday, you ca...

Welcome /vhs/

https://zzzchan.xyz/vhs/catalog.html For film an...


https://zzzchan.xyz/k/catalog.html Looks like t...

Update time

I have just updated to the current master branch o...

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