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The primary proxy host had to kick the box after a...


That's right we've got another new board! Please w...

It's Time

Against all good judgement I've added /pol/. Come ...

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So it turns out there were quite a few structural ...

Updates Tonite!

Will be updating the site as I am long overdue.

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/b/ - Randomonly the dead can know peace from this FUN41725575680
/2hu/ - TouhouPrimary and Secondary discussion, no Tertiaries allowed.3228693
💼 /tech/ - TechnologyTechnology & Computing1654384
/hikki/ - HikikomoriThe modern hermit1115473
/pol/ - Politically Incorrectwith a mortar launcher0221063
/vhs/ - MoviesFilm and Cinema111847
/japan/ - militarized easinessfor those we cherish, we die in glory0219153
/meta/ - MetaMeta Discussion and Admin Announcements0113541
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/x/ - Paranormal973-eht-namuh-9730111137
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/a/ - Anime & MangaYou WA shock000764
/bmn/ - Bad Movie NightThe Webring's Satellite of Love | Movies Every Saturday000108
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