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Thread from /k/

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Current Happenings:
>Russians control 50% of the mirodistrict 
>the RFAF assault groups advanced north of Kalinovka/Bogdanaovka area with some sources claiming the Russians crossed the Kanal and are fighting in the forest 

>Ukrainians are not just shelling Russia anymore but also Belarus border towns.
Russians are pushing West of Zolotarevka in  Siversk 
>The Ukraine  constantly counterattacks daily in Kharkov direction but no changes on map
>Krasnogorovka. The Russian Armed Forces are advancing in the city itself, as well as along the railway to the west.
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Replies: >>2820
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stop the trucks, stop TUK BOY
Yeah, the third video explosion is fake, they have used that same explosion in different videos.
>how it started
>throwing molotov cocktails at slav tanks
>how is it going
>throwing molotov cocktails at hohols trucks
Spoiler File
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Thread from /b/

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>Women hate you because you're an ugly autist
>Men hate you because you're an ugly autist
>Society hates you because you're an ugly autist 
What's the point?
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Replies: >>204845 + 4 earlier
Shut up, namefag.
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>>204749 (OP) 
You came here all the way from 4chan to post garbage? Why?

Don't you even have 1 single coherent opinion we've not all heard before?
Have sex with their kids.   It works.
Replies: >>204859
kys pedo spammer
fucking namefag

Thread from /v/

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Let's start building again edition

>Recent news
AMD Ryzen 8000F Series Processors Are Finally Here
Qualcomm goes where Apple won't, readies official Linux support for Snapdragon X Elite

>Advice on building or upgrading
Post your build list or current specifications, including a monitor: https://pcpartpicker.com/
Provide specific use cases (like playing vidya, editing or programming).
Specify your budget and region.
Think twice before deciding to buy something to avoid buyer's remorse.

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Koboldcpp with uncucked models has been pretty good for me.
Replies: >>249721 >>249779
What are the names of the uncucked models?
[Hide] (98.9KB, 590x700) Reverse
Anon why did you think I wanted that specific model?
How do I run it locally? Does it work on gpt4all?
Replies: >>249784
>Anon why did you think I wanted that specific model?
I will keep that model in mind when I mess with text-ai again.
>3080 ti
Whats the longevity rate of this combo? 7 more years before it struggles with AAA trash?

Thread from /k/

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No thread on this? What a shame.
Looks like Hamas has gone as far as they can and is now getting pulverized by JDF. If jew leadership is to be believed lol Gaza City is about to get turned into Wasa City. I just wish it lasted longer, unless Iran suddenly decides it wants a piece of that kazar ass.
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Netanyahu has dissolved his war cabinet.
Replies: >>2778
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You could elaborate ome more or at least provide the source making this allegation.
Replies: >>2783
You could also check literally any news source with coverage of the conflict.
It's not a surprise since the head of the Opposition (or a similarly senior politician from a rival party to Netanyahu's) pulled out of it the other day.
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Thread from /b/

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yeah better ignore it, their insatiable jewish desire to kill you will just go away bro
Well the president of serbia said it will happen in a few months, so it must be true.
Replies: >>204846
I don't know who is the president of serbia, but if is the president of serbia, he must be based. He and Ron Paul should do a livestream announcing the happening.
Probably. I'm 50/50 myself, which is more than I've been since the start of Russia's invasion. Ukraine has the USA's blessing in using Western supplied weapons to attack Russia directly. Russia is more or less promising to respond in kind against military targets in NATO countries that have been confirmed to have attacked Russia proper. Now it's just a waiting game to see if Russia follows through with its this-for-that threat, or not. Moreover it looks like Russia no longer has any interest in a peace deal after the Swiss Peace Summit, but now exclusively wants Ukraine's surrender.

Oh, and Israel wants to start a fist fight with Lebanon.
want russians and ukrainians to stop being slaughtered, dont care if kikes and mudslimes keep blasting each other to death so long as Whites arent involved (and i know that isnt the case), in fact the world would be a lot better if most kikes and 'muddies had new holes made in their bodies that led to them not breathing anymore.
t. shart

Thread from /b/

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This thread is for the discussion of 4chan (not just screencap dumps).
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It is not. But it is in pretty bad taste compared to normal lolicon art... the poster is most likely the spammer shill from pedochan.
Replies: >>204568
ngl this stuff is kind of fire. i'm fully invested in loli though
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Found a shill in the wild on /pol/.

/fit/ is full of this shit too. 100% the worst board on that site because at least /r9k/ admits that its a black hole of depression.
Replies: >>204868
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>4cuck /pol/
Anon, that's like visiting the mother of all rat nests. Hell, I'm sure there's even a whole JIDF department dedicated to specifically shit up that place.
[Hide] (9.8MB, 1280x1754, 04:04)
>Amygdalaposter is a cuckchanner
Imagine my shock.

Thread from /b/

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So I've been keeping a journal for almost 4 years now (it's supposed to be daily, but I hit maybe half the days in a year), and sometimes I go back and read an entry from the same date last year or the year before. And very rarely I leave a comment if whatever I wrote 2 years ago is particularly cringy or incomprehensible to current me. And recently I came across a comment I wrote last year about an entry from the year before.
So I got to thinking, what if I just commented on stuff every year and commented on the comments in subsequent years and so on? It would be like having a conversation with myself. Eventually after a few years I would have a lot to read and reply to every day.
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You could probably write in Latin or an obscure language, they will just get bored trying translate handwritten text
[Hide] (36.8KB, 324x308) Reverse
If it's a real language they can probably use some software tool to translate it. It needs to be completely alien and illogical, like it was designed for another reality.
Replies: >>204820 >>204867
like a code or something? 
#dkd%8 390aks?
Then how will you be getting whatever’s bothering you off your chest if you’re more focused on trying to write cryptically instead of just letting your feelings out?
Replies: >>204869
cryptography is the OG austism

Thread from /v/

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Which is a name I hate but it's sort of become a way to describe the Demons souls, Dark, Elden, ect, flavor of games. So fuck it, I'm going to use it. This also includes non Fromsoft titles that are in a similar vein. 

With the current DLC for ER on the way I've taken to actually trying to beat the game. I find that what happens is that I play it, get bored of my build, then try another one. Recently since picking it back up I've stuck with a dex/fai build and I'm enjoying it enough. I'm tempted eventually to do a build around just using those Carin sword sorceries and not even bother using a weapon but I'm sure I'll change that a few times before I settle on another one.
I got to Radahn and he is slapping my shit because I forgot to level VIG and now I have to go see that one bitch and rebirth or get good but I think there are a few more things around that I can do to get some souls runes to pump my vig up a few points. I don't know how many anons here play but I've always thought it would be fun to try and play together, or at least do a boss or two. 

Speaking of the Soulslike older from titles are Kingsfield and ShadowTower are more than welcome as well as are any other recent games that have come out emulating them, or older titles that are the same. Just talk about gaymes.
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i will never outlive this one
Replies: >>249633
What weapon did you use in eldenring?
Replies: >>249633
[Hide] (1.4MB, 4096x2250) Reverse
I also think my dick is narrow and tiny. There, you can outlive that one now.

Do kataner!!!
Oh wait.  There is a magic spell that let's you summon a huge hammer. Armed with this knowledge I have made a new build using that sword sorceries. I use a Nobles slender sword for backup but otherwise cast sword. I think I'm going to enjoy this.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 320x240, 02:06)
Elden Ring's DLC comes out tomorrow.
Tell me if it's good because I didn't even get to beat the base game, as I was playing it on my brother's PS4 because it doesn't run on my PC, but then he took his PS4 back.

Thread from /v/

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One of the things thats quite annoying is when you talk to someone about an old game and you start to notice that the person you are talking to is just parroting something. You'll notice phrases,words,sentences being almost exactly the same. Kind of like deja-vu. And something that has happened several times is me coming across a video essay on youtube (which i never watch) and seeing the exact same opinion expressed in that video. So for instance a shitty medicore game called Mad Max i recently played. Another example would be Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Another shitty game being praised simply because youtubers says its a hidden gem or some masterpiece that everyone somehow forgot or ignored bla bla bla. Its just very interesting because you could simply go back into the past by looking at old reviews to see how everyone thought of the game. The worst part about this is that normalfags cannot think for themselves. Whatever the youtuber says the normalfag repeats. So now these games are considered to be somewhat good with normalfags which doesnt even make any fucking sense. Common thing i see is that alot of people that have these opinions say something like 
>oh i played this in my childhood
or something like that. So they obviously have some sort of bias towards it already. Just because you played a shitty game as a kid doesnt make the game good. Fucking retards.
Oh and i almost forgot to mention No Man's Sky. Remember that shitty gam
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I'm like the only person in the world who thinks that Midna looks repulsive/ugly and not attractive. I guess I'm not into monster girls in general, but I'd still say that the average one is better than Midna.
I think it's part >shadman noticing she was at least 25% ass by volume and running with it, part the sheer smugness she radiates. At least you have to admit she's better than Navi.
That's too bad that you didn't like her. I love the concept of a cute & sexy imp girl riding on your back and sassing you all game. In general, it seems like it's very hard to get assistants "right" in games. That was one where for me at least, they knocked it out of the park.
Fag alert
Spec Ops The Line always had fans defending it as 2deep4u. I disagree with them, but they've been there the whole time. 
It's just a half-baked video game version of Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now with a poorly executed twist that undermines what's interesting about that kind of story. That said, some of the little details were good, like the execution mechanic you're encouraged to use not actually benefiting you in any way.

Thread from /digi/

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This is a friendly singular-thread board for weary anons. There is no enforced subject or topic here, so you can discuss anything you want as long as it follows the rules. We are unapologetically gatekept.
Oh, and we have lots of flags.
Have fun!

Board rules (READ NIGGER, READ!)

Di Gi Charat music collection
Last edited by dejiko
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thank you. in the future you should do that from the very beginning. back up your claims.
i don't see that on the website but it's moot
just link pages and then use quotes to pull out certain things that back you up
>tfw some rumia flag anon on /digi/ is doing better journalism than some guy who was paid to investigate this
not sure if it's incompetence or intentional
Replies: >>25182
[Hide] (69.9KB, 848x941) Reverse
Forgive me for my laziness, maybe later i'll write a post about this subject, because a lot of european corporations like BMW or Mercedes were also involved in some way, and Just Stop Oil is just a small part of the big picture, greenpeace for example is more weird, helping mafias that rent boats to get niggers into europe avoiding coastal police patrols. But by now im lazy and i have anime to watch
I am a NEET with a lot of free time and they are paid for their job. Is simple.
Replies: >>25184
>A browser addon that highlights transphobic and trans-friendly social network pages and users with different colors.
Lmao, any site they mark as anti tranny is a site worth using.
also why the fuck are these deranged eunuchs making a death note reference, that's so odd.
>I am a NEET with a lot of free time and they are paid for their job. Is simple.
people who actually care can do a better job than people who are paid to pretend to care, so yeah, incompetence is quite possible.

Thread from /v/

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What can I play if I'm dead exhausted?
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Replies: >>249921 + 3 earlier
The first one's primitive, but I remember having fun with it. The AI in the second one cheats to an absurd degree.
Tips on getting an MVP delivered?
Every project I start falls dead in the water, even if it's a small one
Replies: >>249919
Is that you Chris Roberts?
Replies: >>249923
>>249891 (OP) 
New fag here
What does QTDDTOT mean?
Answer the question

Thread from /v/

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[Hide] (8.9MB, 854x480, 01:06)
2005 version of Habbo Hotel is being re-released as Habbo Origins
>After discovering an old decrepit server with some long-lost files at the beginning of this year, over the past six months or so long-time Habbo developer and player Macklebee has lovingly restored an old version of Habbo Hotel first released in 2005.
Switch 2 will not be a part of the Nintendo Direct showcase
Pax Dei MMO is releasing into Early Access today
>The game will remain in early access for at least a year, during which the game will “expand in all directions, based on the reaction and feedback” from the players.
Fallen Aces released into Early Access a couple of days ago
>webm attached
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How many REmakes are they going to make? It feels like there are more of them than original games at this point.
Replies: >>249871 >>249873
>How many REmakes are they going to make?
Probably as many as it takes until they're left just with the choice to do so for Gaiden or Survivor next.
>How many REmakes are they going to make?
Anon, almost every single game company doesn't know what to do at this point. Despite all the headlines of games making record breaking sales all of the time, companies are losing even more money despite having access to an even larger audience than back when their only markets were restricted to 10 countries.
I had a look at the source and it doesn't touch duckstation functionality at all, only the game memory in the emulated console RAM via shared memory APIs (CreateFileMapping/OpenFileMapping). Basically it's a game mod in the same vein as a PC game MP mod rather than emulator netplay. Having to run duckstation in wine is gay but it should work fine as the relevant APIs are implemented in wineserver.
I still don't know how the dogshit game even got a sequel, yet somehow there are ~7 of them.
Fuck you all, I'm hyped for the new Mario & Luigi game.

Thread from /v/

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Would anyone here be interested in getting together and playing Dofus Unity when it releases? Dofus is a French Tactical MMORPG where you play as one of 19 classes and do combat in an srpg format where you move your character in a grid and take turns.
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Do you live with a 256MB floppy drive where you only have room for two anime screencaps to use as your reaction images here?
[Hide] (438.8KB, 740x740) Reverse
Didn't floppy drives stall at around 1.33MBs? mpv's executable is already at around 78 megs.
Replies: >>249909
[Hide] (7.2KB, 650x450) Reverse
>Floppy Drive
excuse me?
Replies: >>249909
Zip drives could hold that much data.
[Hide] (144.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
It is a hard life with third world country computers.

Thread from /b/

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Is there any archive of 8chan? Specifically pre 2017ish
Replies: >>204835 >>204860
>>204822 (OP) 
Try your luck with archive.org and archive.today
>>204822 (OP) 
I know one, but I'm gatekeeping it.
Replies: >>204862
>my uncle works at nintendo
Replies: >>204866
Still not telling you :^)

Thread from /tech/

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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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I don't think there much to gain from using 4/g/. The best thing I have got from there is a link to 8/tech/ and I've never looked back.
Fuck you too, moeslop faggot.
What'll happen first:
Scam Yidizen's release, OpenZFS becoming an in-tree module or Btrfs getting working RAID5/6?
Replies: >>13657
>Scam Yidizen
is probably never going to be released, when they can squeeze enough money as alpha
can't be in-tree because of license
someday not familiar enough with the problem to say when
I like the gedg circlejerk

Thread from /b/

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Recently started watching pokemon indigo league and I haven't watched it in at least 2 decades now. I don't believe I've seen the whole thing unfortunately, my parents always rented it on vhs but at least I got to see the first couple movies. Maybe some of it is nostalgia, but I love this anime and think it's the best anime I've ever seen and Misty is the reason I'm into red heads 9/10.

I've also recently played Wildfrost and can say while it can be fun, it's mostly just a frustrating mess. If you don't have the cards to compliment each other, you're basically screwed and the forced diversity in the game really drags the game down to me 5/10
91 replies and 29 files omitted. View the full thread
My main problem is not that it's gory, but that it pushes a soulless and negative anti-life philosophy. There is gory media that is more neutral in those aspects despite the dark atmosphere, and in some cases like Higurashi they can even ultimately have a hopeful message.
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Now THIS is a low effort review. Do you know any more buzzwords, you cumguzzling faggot?
Replies: >>204864
I like Monster
[Hide] (83.8KB, 750x741) Reverse
>Now THIS is a low effort review.
>Do you know any more buzzwords, you cumguzzling faggot?
[Hide] (20.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
Just stopped taking seroquel. It was kikeshit.

Thread from /v/

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Fucking goodwill has nothing but Madden and shitty xbone one gaems.
I remember finding awesome stuff in olden times.
Some of my coolest finds:
>MGS2 and MGS3 for 5 bucks each.
>Unreal Tournament III (PS3) for 1 sponduli
>Crash 3 for 15 bucks
>A PS1 with tenchu for 20
>A stack of PS2 games for 40 (included games like Ace Combat, SSX3. Ratchet and Clank, War of Monsters and more)
Now it couldn't be more over.
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>Exactly, because it's something no one sane should care about or notice at this point.
It's because it's one of the first things that gets lost or destroyed when you buy a kid a video game, closely followed by safety booklet and the manual. Copies with that shit intact are rarer and therefore (allegedly) more valuable.
I miss it, too. All the secondhand media stores near me closed over a decade ago. I found a lot of good anime, music and video games through them.

Not sure where this should go or if anyone is even interested, but the Xbox 360 marketplace is closing at the end of July and they've been heavily discounting a lot of titles. More are supposed to be added in the middle of next month. List is here: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2024/05/14/xbox-360-price-reductions-available-now/
[Hide] (26.6KB, 575x448) Reverse
>MGR on PS3 at 30E when every thrift shop compulsorily had at least 3 copies in stock 6 years ago
>subhumans already scalping national version of Nier for +100E
PS2 games with price tags any higher than 90E already looked stupid enough for these niggers to be gouging PS Triple games as well.
There must be some Discord speculator mafia pumping these prices up, otherwise I don't understand what's wrong with Spain.
Replies: >>249910
>There must be some Discord speculator mafia pumping these prices up, otherwise I don't understand what's wrong with Spain.
There's a lot of things wrong with spain, but with just i few searches i found there's a lot of discords and people that live of reselling videogames, and there are lot's of guides of how to "invest" in videogames. Basically these guys buys all the stock to resell it at higher prices. They all seem to rage when it comes to reproductions, so i hope the market flood of cheap fake games and ruin their businesses.
Replies: >>249914
>Basically these guys buys all the stock to resell it at higher prices. They all seem to rage when it comes to reproductions, so i hope the market flood of cheap fake games and ruin their businesses.
That's what i was talking about when i said that good quality repros may lower the game prices and even kill the scalper business.

Thread from /b/

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Having a cup of tea.
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I want Priscilla to lock on me, unequip all my armor and force me to take her explosions.
finished the darkroot garden and used the souls i got from the butterfly to buy that key from andre to open the magic gate
i remember the enemies there being harder tbh
the sorcerer only gave me a bit of trouble bc there was a knight with him
but after i parried the knight and finished him off in 1 hit, the sorcerer was a walk in the park
the thief was easy too
3 swings and he went down
the cleric was another easy one
not the barbarian tho, 1 swing of that mf removed 90% of my health
but then he tried to rush me down and i just waited him with a jumping attack and that took 90% of this health too
i think the reason i found then harder in the past is bc i had shit damage
now that i got my black sword to +5 not many things can stand more hits than my stamina allows me to swing
but yea, its a good place to farm a few levels, i didnt explore it any further
i went to finish the lower undead burg and the capra demon went down in 5 hits
after i took care of his dogs
the only downside of my sword is that its slow, so quick enemies are a problem
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>204810
the part of the garden with the normal human enemies is one of my favorite pvp areas. spent hundreds of hours fighting there.
Replies: >>204852
same tbh, its a good arena
but im playing exclusively offline his time around
ngl i do kind miss red spirit shenanigans
i wonder if ppl still play ds1 in this day and age
Watching Star Trek and procrastinating on  the important stuff

Thread from /vhs/

[Hide] (46.9KB, 1000x793) Reverse
Check for weekly movie nights.
Every Friday at 5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT

At: https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
283 replies and 271 files omitted. View the full thread
>>2555 (checked)
It went pretty well, lot of anons showed up and the movie was fun.
Replies: >>2557
Well damn I missed it, seen it already but I would have liked seeing it again with /monster/.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 220x231) Reverse
I ended up getting violently ill during the movie and threw up a few times. I think it's safe to say that it was trash.
Seriously, why did people praise this trash when it was released?
Replies: >>2563 >>2566
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2000x3000) Reverse
I agree. Pixels is so much better and memorable.
>Seriously, why did people praise this trash when it was released?
It's Adam Sandler's "grown up" movie.

Thread from /k/

[Hide] (537.7KB, 2000x1125) Reverse
https://archive.ph/jK0B1 (WW2 general)
https://archive.is/MS8Pr (/k/'s autistic ideas)
https://archive.is/nDAOD (/k/anteen 5)
https://archive.ph/fDFqk (/k/ gardening)
https://archive.ph/IHHV7 (China thread)
https://archive.ph/NggEN (Tank thread)

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