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>>16746 (OP) 
I'm too social to go, I'd say "hi" to someone and fuck it all up again.
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We need a community for fuck-ups that can't even do the loner thing right.
See, I think that's the real question that needs to be asked: Does OP mean for people to be able to isolate among themselves as much as possible, or some sort of real life "normalfags keep moving" community of anons (who are together alone), the way /v/ used to meme "Outer Hea/v/en"?
Replies: >>16798
>>16746 (OP) 
It will only work if you keep degenerates out. Otherwise, it will devolve into a pedo drug den that goes out like Waco.
Replies: >>16798
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>Does OP mean for people to be able to isolate among themselves as much as possible, or some sort of real life "normalfags keep moving" community
He most certainly means the latter, not the former. Technology isn't advanced enough for each of us to be an individual civilization. But, unfortunately, because of retards like >>16793 who can't live and let live something like this isn't going to happen. Why would anyone willingly spend all the time and effort it takes to build a village away from normalfags if it's just going to be the same shit as before? Or, why should they if the powers-that-be will destroy them for it? This is why the only solution is to go somewhere so far away that it takes actual years to send an "antisocial behavior correction squad." Mars comes to mind. This is how all colonies grew and prospered, people with the wrong opinions went away from their shitty birthland and cultivated their wrong opinions and built a new society around their wrong opinions because the normalfags of the time were simply too far away from them to punish them for deviancy. The evil of today is too long-armed to leave deviants alone. Maybe colonists will have a chance if things start destabilizing.

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Use this thread to report any issues you find while using the site. We currently have 2 known issues: 

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.

I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can. Your help here is appreciated.
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Looks like we finally have animated thumbnails.
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They don't seem to like small gifs or ones with transparency.
Captcha requires Javashit, please fix.
>Change "meta site name" and "meta url" in global manage settings page to fix the webring
ah, yes. Me fix ring.

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>ground meat with beans and tortilla
Even if it was actual beef you should kill yourself, amerimutt perversions of recipes are against international law.
Replies: >>16791
Take me away, beef man,
Take me away to beef land,
We shall dwell in beef ectasy,
Plenty of beef for you and me!
Where beer dost flow from swollen tits,
And all night we feast on roasted bits,
Forever we slake our beef desires,
Let any man who won't be counted as liars!
Replies: >>16795
I was going to post a picture of nachos and ask how its a perversion of anything, but as delicious as they are.. they're pretty ugly to look at.
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What are you playing? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it?
I'm waiting for Youma Gakuen Ki. It's a PS2 classic from 2004 that recently got a remaster for the Switch. Burgers already got it digitally, but I'm waiting for my superior yuro physical copy, which will arrive later this year.
Until then I will either play Xenosaga or Suikoden.
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>>37521 (OP) 
Yo fags, post a better menu theme. I dare you, protip: you can't.
Replies: >>41312 >>41313
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I tried it when it came out since it looked interesting. I liked it but I don't remember too much about it. I don't know how much of an rpg it is but I enjoyed it for what it was. I didn't experience many bugs even playing the game that early on, but I did need to bleach my eyes after some old guy's clothes magically disappeared after a cutscene, undergarments and all. Afaik no one else has reported that happening to them. I don't think you can even take off people's underwear when they're dead so I don't really know what the deal with that was.
>peasants can kill you
Did you ever do the sword training with Bernard? The sword fighting is really basic and shitty before that. I didn't train with him myself for awhile. I don't remember why, but I think it was because you had to meet him at a certain time or I just couldn't find him and so I ended up doing other quests while passing the time.
I also downloaded some mod for the cursor during fighting that kept it from locking your camera. I usually don't download mods the first time around if the game is good enough, but it was such an issue that I tried it and it made a huge difference.
Replies: >>41313 >>41316
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Do you mean menu theme or main theme. This one isn't better but it's really fucking good for the game it's in and for the mission descriptions
>direct kiketube embed
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>direct link to youtube

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Upscaled that handsome lad for you.
I want to be cool took, what software are you guys using to make gifs?
Replies: >>16783
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You can also crop gifs out of videos with this https://anon.cafe/make/res/161.html
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Thread from /r9k/

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All things 2D. Post 2D. Discuss 2D. Watch 2D. Shit on 3DPD.  Maybe even talk about a certain 2D character or show you love.
Anybody got any reccomendations for shit to watch or VNs to play? The reccomendations from here tend to be more succsesful since robots have inate similarities and such.

Admitedly though I've been lacking in my consumption of this content a lately. Corona's dying down and so I've got a few more responsibilities now than what I had to deal with during the complete quarantine.

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International thread. Post international things.
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>>4080 (OP) 
Replies: >>4111
What the hell? This was supposed to be a swiss IP.
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>>4080 (OP) 
am glad there aren't any stupid fingol posters.
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Thread from /tech/

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What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
>inb4 selfhost your email
most info taken from: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/email.html
probably incomplete quick list, but you could read the dippity dopper article for more information

<gmail, yahoo, etc.
>big corpo trash
>sells data to 3rd party advertisers
>Shady metadata policy (retained for an indefinite amount of time)
>URLs in onion hidden service site point to the clearnet (information is from 2019, cannot reconfirm as the hidden service never loads as of the time writing this)
>Account creation verification blocks some email domains from being used to verify the account (Riseup and possibly cock.li domains for example)
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and forces their private keys generated on their servers instead through a JS web interface, many backdoors
>Requires to use their stupid bridge thing for mail clients, possible backdoor
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NixNet Mail feels significantly better than Cockmail for now.
You know that Cyberpunk has been a tabletop game for longer than you've been alive and has been vernacular in cyberpunk as a genre forever you fucking NIGGER
||Cyberpunk was made by an actual nigger though so okay||
>>95 (OP) 
cock.li is the only remotely good post 2007 email service
>it's blocked
yes because having non cucked internet is morally wrong these days. all the reason to make more good email hosters
>the only way to be sure about security is having full control over it
"self host" (TM) </brainletspeak> doesn't give you full control since there are still a bunch of retard servers either sending you plain text or using keys obtained via X.509 tier snakeoil. but if you wanted secure communications we wouldn't be talking about email in the first place. there's also the problem that all accounts on your "self hosted" brainlet shit are tied to your own identity.
>>95 (OP) 
Yeah you're retarded all right.
cockmail isn't a secure service, it's literally just 4chan in email form. you can call someone a dumb asslicking faggot and he'll take it as a greeting, because it's not serious. the name should tip you off.

yeah he sent out the EVE online email. allying with goons in order to cheese online games is basically a 4chan tradition, and money laundering is based. Your money is your own, you don't owe it to anybody. None of that makes you a satanist or whatever the Q boomers who took over 8chan would whine about.

he probably got DDoS'd because a commie retard at defcon wanted vince to agree with him about something dumb. defcon is a great giant party but there are tons of DC-related lefties there. the whole thing is run by a DC Jew. some are reasonable, some aren't. maybe the butthurt retard got kicked out of the cock party, fuck if I know.

I don't believe vc worked with the cops. Why would they need him? They had a warrant to pull a server that had zero encryption. He's not your lawyer, he's not your co-conspirator, he's not going down in a hail of gunfire to protect your meme emails. If you're up to shit that will get you in trouble, don't leave evidence lying around on other people's computers.

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Lefties have been selling bathtub estrogen since 2006 and specifically targeting and grooming underage b&, incels and robots. Since 2017 they have been selling internationally with fancy packaging.
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The terms you've listed lack the stink of fetishistic victim identity that "incel" has.
People who still self-identify as incels are simply the other side of the modern victimhood coin, the other being lgtbq etc. Alas, msm fellates the latter group, despite both being harmful.
No delusional victim identity group should be validated. I hope that the bullying of incels leads to at least some to shed their cancerous identity. In a similiar fashion, if being trans was not celebrated, maybe a lot of perfectly healthy dicks could be saved.
Replies: >>16744
Saying that you literally cannot settle for someone even lower than you is a blatant self shame more so than playing the victim. One can play the victim saying simply that women are overly picky rather than resorting to putting themselves at the very bottom of the barrel.
What the shit are hormone blockers? That sounds like a terrible idea.
Replies: >>16781
Exactly what they sound like. They stop the body from producing hormones, delaying puberty. Not as bad as giving children cross-hormones, but still cause problems with development. No secondary sex-characteristics, micro-benis, infertility, effeminate bone and muscle development, etc.
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Hey guys, remember whose line is it anyway?

Thread from /v/

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i.e. vidya creppypastas.
Does anyone here besides me like them? Probably not, but I'll make a thread about them anyways.
At least for me It's fascinating seeing how far they have evolved since the early days of Ben Drowned and Godzilla NES to stuff like Petscop and Crow 64. The effort that took to put the latter two together is incredible. Not only coming up with a narrative, but creating a fake game to go with it. I always loved the idea of a haunted game. I remember buying Sonic Gems Collection for the PS2 just to play Sonic R and unlock Tails Doll or listening to Lavenders Town's soundtrack with headphones on. Seeing how far the concept has been taken is great and I can't wait to see more of it.
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Petscop was pretty good until the creator went full retard and started heavily implying that the person playing the game was a tranny. It amazes me how so many artists out there can take their works that are good and fine and straight up rub them in dogshit just to prove that they're a good little faggot or whatever.
Replies: >>41302
>until the creator went full retard and started heavily implying that the person playing the game was a tranny.
wait, what? i don't recall any of that at all unless i'm just dense, all i remember is the game having fucking heat-seeking functions and that it was at least (partially) based on the incident with that one girl and her "rebirthing" therapy
Replies: >>41303
Do you remember the dialog where Care's mom was talking to Care and Care started saying shit that Paul later claimed he said on his last birthday?
Replies: >>41305 >>41310
Petscop 14?
>"Where is the disk? Where are the discovery pages?"
<"What are you talking about? What disk? Discovery pages?"
>... Jill, stop fucking ignoring me. Get in here and show me where that disk is."
<"No, Care, this is Mommy. This is your mommy. Sweetie, I'm right here In front of you. There's no one else here."
<"What are you looking at? "What's over there?"
<"Care, can't you hear me? Can't you see me waving? Snap out of it. Care! Where are you going?"
Then paul goes to say:
>"I think... I think... I think that was based off of a conversation that I had last year on my birthday."
I honestly don't see what you mean.
He didn't say he said it was literally him saying it he just said it was based on a conversation he had for spook factor

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>Armed conflict... is not same...
 - Decrepit Reptile

>It's day we fug :---DDDD
 - Reisen

 - John devoid of clothing

>Green road... residence. At least until I did a big oopsie and things went pear shaped.
 - C. Jail

>Halt! You broke the rules, pay cash money or consequences!
 - Roman palace guard

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Say what you will but at least she looks like a human being.
Replies: >>41286
>she looks like a human being
>implying human beings have proportions like that
Replies: >>41304
[Hide] (280.2KB, 769x862)
Compared to pic related? Yes.
Replies: >>41307 >>41308
You don't get it anon, it was the moon game so she's made of mochi.
As bad as they both are at least they're charming

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>people are such normalfaggots that even zzz's /r9k/ has jobs and even wants kids
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If anon.cafe didn't want edgy political discussion on the site they shouldn't have accepted a board literally called /fascist/ in the first place. There's nothing wrong with wanting to avoid that kind of content, but there is something wrong with accepting a board only to delete them for the exact kind of discussions the board is clearly about. Especially considering how long the board has existed there.

Anon.cafe has this weird problem where they accept boards that don't even remotely match the ethos they claim to strive towards. Which wouldn't be an issue if they weren't trying to clean the mess up months down the line when boards are already well established on the site.
Replies: >>16699
>being afraid to @ someone
They killed boards on 8chan. I'm sorry that the truth offends you so much that you feel the need to [email protected] me. 

And yes, admins tend to go-fag. I'm not in control of that but if they had a bit of foresight they'd not have to. 

I'd like to think the admin isn't going fag and just realized what I did about /r/thedonald being basically your potential userbase. The right winger castoffs of redditor subs isn't what imageboards were for. They were for weabo dweebs.
Replies: >>16717
Nice dubs but please leave and never return. Your sin was talking like a normalnigger.
Replies: >>16718
>>you're normal you're normal you're normal you're normal you're normal
Fine, only normalfaggots belong on imageboards, go be abnormal on fakebook :^)
Nigger, I checked the board and there's an esoteric thread with a hitler pic as the OP pic, there's more posts about hitlers and kike is freely used as an insult.
Are you sure you are not confusing different /r9k/s?

Thread from /v/

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Last thread is dead and bumplocked on page 10.
Use this thread to plan game nights, suggest games, how to host, and share content from past game nights.
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Conjunctions aren't capitalized in titles.
They're literally one of the most widely known creatures in D&D and Western fantasy literature.
Your next response will be "Oh, so you expect me to have read every D&D rulebook???"
Replies: >>41301
A mythical being.
Originally it was gnome like piece of shit that helped miners or done mischief. 
In these days it's eather a scalie (west) ir a dog like furry (nippon). 
Some of examples are kobold princess from towergirls or those dogs from dungeon meshi.
The best one is mon musu and mge kobold tho.
Replies: >>41301 >>41306
[Hide] (41.8KB, 540x990)
Do I look like a nerd to you?
Oh now I remember these rat bastards
[Hide] (399.7KB, 1000x1400)
[Hide] (167.7KB, 503x391)
This is a dog. The western design has some utility that isn't filled by having a dog race, a small lizardman. I actually prefer the OOTS design for the simplicity and orange but the art is shit

Thread from /b/

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>inb4 lole why do you go there yourself you fucking hypocrite?
i dont, nigger. i just checked if anyone posted a link, because something felt off and i checked here https://boards.4chan.org/search#/zzzch
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zzzchan is more like fatpeople.lol was in 2003. You would know that if you were actually around back then, which you clearly weren't.
Replies: >>16725
no you fat fuck it's like usergroups circa 1991 after Renaming
t. didn't even exist then
>an opinion enthusiastically supported on most altchans is totally bait
I admire the optimism.

You're asking the wrong question: the right one is, what is the least effort, max gratification contribution anons can make to a small community they parttake in?
The answer is "establishing how superior they are and smugly jerking themselves off over it".
Replies: >>16785
What's the matter?
Did I hurt your insignificant country's insignificant feelings?
I bet yall cowards don't even have more than 2 timezones.
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Thread from /tech/

[Hide] (729KB, 640x360, 00:09)
Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Oh and by "market" I mean the market for ONE good, or a group of extremely similar goods, not the whole economy.
dafuq happend to nanochan?
[Hide] (171.4KB, 664x334)
>hdd apparently shits the bed
>bimbos won't boot, not even in safemode
>plug in an unbuntu bootstick ohgodohfuggg how does anything work?;_;
>all the data is still there and accessible
What are the chances that cloning all the partitions to a new drive will end up with a working system?
I'd just settle for a clean install, but I can't even get my hands on a win7 ultimate iso and I don't even know if  the key I extracted from the registry is legit.
Replies: >>1333 >>1334
>Mount bitlocker system drive on a different windows install
>Something crashes the machine
>Bitlocker volume cannot be mounted anymore
>Bitlocker volume unable to boot too
>Oh shit it's fucked
>Boot into Arch
>Dislocker can mount it fine
>Dirty bit, won't mount as writable
>Rsync everything to a different drive
>Target is a slow harddrive
>Xorg freezes, will it ever come back?
>Fuck it, reboot
>Fucking 30 minutes to shutdown
>Rsync again on a TTY
Message too long. View the full text
But to answer your question, you could just try but you'd risk damaging your HDD even more. If it is a HDD failure and not some filesystem shit like in my case. I once managed to back up an entire 1TB USB drive when it was dying. If you can image the drive with dd or something like that it will be bootable. If you copy all the files on Linux it probably will fuck the windows ACLs. I almost tried that but had little hope rsync would actually preserve these. But you can play with the settings and see if it has any effect.

Thread from /b/

[Hide] (34KB, 300x250)
what game is pic refering to? I can't find it, I want to play the most addictive game :(
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is that like juggling hypodermic needles filled with heroin?
Replies: >>16741
[Hide] (38.9KB, 598x480)
Hey dude, I'm sorry to cut you off but that's no laughing matter.
I know I've lost a dear brother to addictinggames.com.
Replies: >>16752
[Hide] (96.5KB, 1200x799)
[Hide] (202.9KB, 1200x1224)
ay yo man, not downplaying your bros death RIP in F, my dead dude.
I lost a boo as well, he was a regular the adickstinggames.com and had to balance a dose of heroin on tip of his erect chode with the pointy bit on the bottom.
[Hide] (881.2KB, 760x1077)
Oh shit addictinggames.com
I need to call my sponsor, I can't fall into this pit again.
I found a pretty fun game in there actually.
Let's play together anons: https://ev.io/?game=de56c1b0-ad93-4861-8a50-35ea0a54dd37

Thread from /v/

[Hide] (502.8KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (189.1KB, 1920x1080)
I haven't been playing any tank game as of late, so what were your experiences? What did you play
>Gayjoob made an engine update. The game is still unbalanced as fuck
>Wargoyming still trying to fix World of tanks
>GHPC got a patch.
I got nothing more to say.
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I played some darkest hour recently, it kinda counts right? I wish theyd find a way to implement being able to drive the tank while in the gunners seat similar to ro2
I think the problem of camping would still be present even without arty. I think it has to do with the maps and the 3 lane system they have. Theres gonna be some td or scout camping somewhere and thats gonna make everyone who doesnt like tanking damage (lemmings i think is what they call them) go all campy. Artys intent was to try and stop this camping playstyle iirc but the nature of the game and the natural instincts of common players doesn't make this a reality. Instead people try to stay alive as long as possible to grind exp as long as possible because the grind is atrocious and you only get one tank per match. They dont want to risk pushing out because losing hp is bad even if it puts yourself in a better position (which is a common sentiment in various games i feel). I used to watch lemmingrush and all i remember him doing when discussing strats is talking about where various "spots" on the map were. Where is the best place to camp at the start of the game, mid game, and where you can expect the enemy to be camping if you have to hunt him down late game. The game has designed itself around camping corners and because of that the class that counters that stings a whole lot more than it should. At least thats how i feel about it. I got bored after tier 6 and i dont play anymore besides hopping into that big map mode with respawns a few times when it came out.
Replies: >>41282
Tldr i feel like arty isnt the problem, but the game design is, and that makes arty really annoying because it goes against everything the game is telling you to do. The game wants heavies to camp corners amd bait out shots. The game wants lights to try and find ways to exploit the heavies camping. The game wants tds to strike whenever the heavies and meds move in and out of position
Replies: >>41287
When you find yourself safe from all that you get clicked by some dude who doesn't have to move around to be safe
Isn't the biggest problem then the Camo/Spotting system? TDs and Arti are only this powerful because being artificially detected by enemies that you can neither see nor they can see you for several seconds creates unfair situations for all parties involved.
The worst part is that this is confounded even more by the abysmal map design that is clearly intended to work with this system in specific and nothing else, forcing medium and heavy tanks into unfavourable sightlines for a horrible amount of TDs and arti hiding in bushes across the map and only need a single guy making circles in the middle or the sides to spot for them.

If, instead of showing the entire tank through walls as if wallhacking after detection, it would only show the last location a tank was spotted from as a visible but unmoving ghost silhouette, unless contineous spotting is applied, the system would be a lot more balanced as now that TD battery in the bushes has to actually blindfire locations or risk the spotter be taken out of commision. Arti can't just get a birds eye view on you for a ridiculeous amount of time making it less braindead overal and pushing through flanks without hard cover but with actual LOS blockers more useful for mediums and lights.
In addition to this, guns of a certain high caliber and up, depending on MM tier should show an active smoke trace for half a quarter of a second back to the shooter so that even if a tank can't be spotted, he can be countersniped or counterartied by
Message too long. View the full text

Thread from /b/

[Hide] (985.7KB, 313x345)
Replies: >>16743
>>16737 (OP) 
holy shit gif thumbnails are animated in the catalog too, that means...

Thread from /v/

[Hide] (1.1MB, 2400x3420)
[Hide] (162.7KB, 1500x561)
[Hide] (982.5KB, 2297x930)
[Hide] (552.3KB, 4610x2338)
[Hide] (11.2MB, 960x540, 02:13)
Since I consider this a substantial portion of the hobby, I think it's only suitable for us to have a thread about video editing and sharing.
Now I'm no pro at cutting and pasting shit, but I do have some experience with this stuff, so I'll be sharing whatever little knowledge I have with the rest of you. Secondly, I will use this thread to announce any of my possible streams I (or anyone else might) do, because I legitimately don't like to flaunt my stream links on different threads, always feels like I'm namefagging or something to that effect.
Speaking off effects, I highly recommend any aspiring video artists (read: newfags) of video editing software to focus on everything OTHER than effects. This a rabbit hole that will take you to the deepest street shitting corners of youtube and general web if you wish to learn what is possible with proper knowledge of these fiddly beasts. For now just repeat the old mantra Less is More. You've still got intros, timing, cuts, length and a shitload of other things to worry about. Don't lose the forest for the trees.
>Which program should I use?
The two most known commercial giants are Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. They both function mostly the same, but from my experience Vegas is a tad less RAM hungry. Pics related are the keyboard shortcuts for each, you will learn to both love and hate them Redo is bound to Ctrl+Shift+Z in Premiere instead of the 
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No, I'm just stressing the fact that this took way too long to make now that I became a wagecuck again.
It rendered a bit faster (and a lot worse) than I expected, consider that pic a failed teaser. 
Gonna try converting my master render with StaxRip instead of Premiere, something fucky's going on with it, a lot of artifacts that shouldn't be visible on transparent items are there.
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Here's a better render
Have you tried ffmpeg / webm.py?
God dude your dead cells review is dog shit. Kill yourself.
First of all, fuck you in advance.
Second of all, you earned a single cattle unit under the term FreeTube subscriber.

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Post limit edition

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I'll take that as a no.
That's inline monospace

`int main () {
	printf("TThis is a code tag\n");
Oh nevermind. Is it just inlining the `?
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God damnit I'll have to fix this shit again
Oh looks like [ code ] tags work. They ought to be in the faq.
possible language: c++, relevance: 7
int main () {
	printf("All of this just works.\n");
	printf("- Todd\n");
	return 0;

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