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Now that SF6 has been out for a while, people are beginning to look forward to Tekken 8 and other assorted titles to carry the fighting game torch into 2024.  I'm not sure how much there will be to say about those games when they come, but in the meantime there are a couple topics which I figured bore discussing.

>Them's Fightin' Herds will end active development after 2 additional characters.  Story mode is cancelled.
I went trawling through the Steam and developer forums for this announcement to see what the community reaction was, but there wasn't much helpful.  I was able to find some statements from the developers from as recently as the start of November where they promised story mode content would come for free at a later date.

>Rivals of Aether 2 asks for $200,000 to help cover costs going into 2024 . . . after investing more than $2 million throughout development
<"We want to make the best tournament-level platform fighter."
<they currently have $570,000 with 17 days to go in the crowdfunding campaign

Obviously game development is hard, expensive, and risky, so asking for more money throughout development can sometimes be necessary.  But I can't help but feel as though hyperfocus on the competitive scene is what always ends up killing games that aren't named Mortal Kombat.
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Some more info on the TFH situation and a short summary of the game for people who hadn't paid attention.
>2011-2012, at the height of the ponyfucker fandom, some guys decide it would be fun to make a pony fighting game
>the original Fighting is Magic prototype is shared around online, and looks somewhat complete despite being made in Fighter Maker 2000, a drag-and-drop piece of garbage engine
>in 2013, indie fighting game Skullgirls starts a crowdfunding campaign, and one of their stretch goals was allowing the Fighting is Magic devs to use the Skullgirls engine
>this goal was hit, which essentially gave a bunch of amateur autists access to one of the most sophisticated fighting game engines available at the time (and honestly, it's still one of the better ones today)
>Hasbro, getting wind of something relating to MLP and lots of money being raised for some kind of smelly gamer tournament, hit the FiM devs with a Cease and Desist order
>they complied

>2-3 years pass and the team resurfaces as Mane6 and a crop of legally distinct four-legged hoofed mammal characters for their fighting game (designed by Lauren Faust, creator of MLP:FiM)
>they start a crowdfunding campaign, which meets its goals of getting 7 characters and a story mode, among other things such as physical rewards and console ports
>after much hardship and many missed deadlines, the game releases into early access on Steam in 2018
>it's a rough product, but the Skullgirls engine means it runs better and has better netcode than most fighting games (read: it actually works)
>the team irons out balance problems, adds polish, adds a PvE multiplayer mode, and story mode chapter 1 is released
Personal note here: the story mode chapter 1 is better than most fighting game single player modes.  It controls like a platformer and has unique enemies with simple attack patterns, platforming puzzles, and some minor exploration.  There are boss encounters that feel like platformer boss fights with multiple phases, background/foreground mechanics, and alternate starts or endings depending on how the player moves.  One boss fight involves the player character being ambushed while a dialogue box is still onscreen, and both she and the attacker will speak differently if the player dodges the incoming attack.

After this came radio silence followed by infrequent balance patches, some additional characters, and a buyout from publisher Modus.  No new story mode content was produced for several years, and just the other day the devs announced there would be none more made at all.
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The final two characters will be Nidra, an original character who is meant to be a kind of tapir (I think?) and Tainhuo's second in command who will be a zoner and presumably reuse a lot of Tian's assets.
Replies: >>226050
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The library stage was apparently going to be part of a later story mode update and will be added to the game by itself.
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>brony game cancelled
Finally some good news.
Replies: >>226058
>>226044 (OP) 
How hard could it possibly fucking be to make a shitty story mode for a fighting game?
>make a couple portraits
>make up some dumb dialogue as an excuse to fight
>repeat until you can roll credits
For christ's sake they already did the hard part why are they struggling with this?
Replies: >>226082 >>226135
I can't blame the devs for burning out and fucking off, I remember playing FiM and enjoying it but by the time TFH started to come into its own the brony community was starting to die off. They missed their chance but still made something magical, maybe the real story mode was the friends we made along the way...
Replies: >>226135
The moment the broney game didn't have the horses in it, was the moment it died.
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>>226044 (OP) 
>But I can't help but feel as though hyperfocus on the competitive scene is what always ends up killing games that aren't named Mortal Kombat.
Exactly, and that's why they should stop pandering to the 0.5% of tourneyfag niggers and gooks.
Normal people want to have fun with fighting games, not think they are serious business.
These are the same fags that don't want alternate costumes, story mode, cool stages (that would be 'distracting' for tournaments) alternate game modes, titties, and everything that is fun.
These faggots hate fun and taking showers so why should devs cater to these pieces of shit?
Fuck them, fuck evo and fuck whoever gives these tryhard retards any attention.
>he doesn't know
Bronies are extremely turbo-autistic about stories and fanfics, they can't just shit out a quick story they have to concentrate and nearly pop a blood vessel to pass a tremendous heroin junkie tier turd.
Replies: >>226098
Thing is, they got Lauren Faust to write a story for them, years ago. They were only procrastinating on the mechanical aspect of it, while adding paid DLC and then making it not paid shortly after in an attempt to boost game sales that never came. 
They also already made and released one sixth of the story mode and said the other ones should be done within a year, then pushed that date away for multiple years because muh covid. So I'm not even sure what aspect they were twiddling their thumbs on, I guess adding a load of stages specific to the plot or some shit.
t. crawled through the steam thread
Replies: >>226099
>delayed because of covid
What did they have to sit within licking distance of one another to program a game or brainstorm some shitty plot? No. What a shit excuse, literally just quit at that point.
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>>226044 (OP) 
Wow,  he made an Abaddon snowman. 
All that's missing is the nose. 

You know, I would love to have some MegaTen fighting games one day. (No, the P4 ones don't count.)
Replies: >>226118 >>237845
>I would love to have some MegaTen fighting games one day
Considering Chaos Breaker had an artillery cannon on wheels and a corpse on a horse as playable characters I can't see why Fatlus couldn't do a fightan' with Mara frontally assaulting Girimekhala.
Problem is, most regular fighting game players would rather a game filled with scrawny faggots over one featuring cool looking monsters. As is with most games, a lot of the weirder characters always tend to score lower than the more normal looking characters in popularity charts, so a game that exclusively features bizarre looking creatures would be a money sink to develop.
I have no doubt, if they had the opportunity to request another fighting game, Atlus'd be doing the Persona prancing lala homo men, and even if they decided to go with real SMT, they'd only feature the human cast with the demons themselves being relegated to assist attacks.
Replies: >>226137
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You're describing an arcade mode, which was only barely tolerable for a literal arcade machine between player matches.  Console fighting games are held to higher standards, especially given that stuff like Mortal Kombat had full-fledged single-player modes with mini-games and unlockable collectibles.  Soul Calibur also had great single player modes with lots of fights using different parameters to make situations feel different.

TFH is was trying to be more like that.  Even chapter 1 of the single player is a couple hours long, and has a Deep Lore™ exposition dump at the front.  You can go to 29:00 in the YouTube video to see some basic platforming looks like, and 38:30 for some basic fights against enemies.  There's even a system where nearby enemies will be added to fights, which gets used in the PvE mode in online lobbies where you run around a mine and fight predators.  The first boss fight is at 43:00, which I think is a great showcase of the engine and mechanics, but there's a more advanced boss around 1:18:00.
Vid related shows some of the possibilities of the Skullgirls engine being extended to handle beat-em-up stuff and 3D stuff.  You can skip the first two minutes.

I would be more sympathetic if they hadn't been handed every advantage (crowdfunding money, a great engine, a legion of sycophants) and been given lots of time to make it good.  Obviously none of them planned for the project to continue for almost a decade but if they had just said "we overestimated our capabilities and we're sorry" then that would give some kind of closure.  The total, absolute radio silence has burnt through any goodwill they may have started with.
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Replies: >>226139 >>226167
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I haven't verified the download links still work, but I have the files on my PC and I can share them if anyone's curious.
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>>226044 (OP) 
>Rivals of Aether 2 asks for $200,000 to help cover costs going into 2024 . . . after investing more than $2 million throughout development
<"We want to make the best tournament-level platform fighter."
<they currently have $570,000 with 17 days to go in the crowdfunding campaign
*Pardon me, that's $680,000.  I fat-fingered that.  It's still kind of incredible how much money they raised so quickly.  Though if their community is composed of people who buy skins for characters they can't play in games that aren't released yet, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

I thought about including this with the OP but I didn't want to overload people with info.  RoA2 is planned to release sometime at the end of 2024, which itself is a subtle admission that development is taking longer or going slower than they thought; the previous release date just said "2024" which you'd reasonably assume to be sometime in the first half of the year.

Anyway, the game overall looks promising but it doesn't seem to be innovating in any way.  Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 recently released with a completely new style of meter mechanic that hasn't been found in any kind of platform fighter/smash clone, but RoA2 just seems to be more of the same "Melee but with different characters and slightly different mechanics" that the first game had, which is part of the reason it never took off among casuals.  The increased production values will ensure it looks better, which is nice, but I don't know why people would play this when Melee already has an online netplay client with rollback netcode.  Perhaps the cute furry girls like Fleet and Maypul will result in an abundance of furry smut and give the game some kind of identity.  But I'm not sure.

The focus on competitive tryharding extends to the stages; the Kickstarter lists "five balanced starter stages and 5 varied counterpick stages" which is an indication the tryhard Smash Bros. ruleset has infiltrated their skulls and taken root in their brainstems.  I normally like seeing these types of games come up with stages that are more varied the final destination and battlefield but still have something going on with the platforms or layouts, but in my experience worrying about "competitive viability" just means sucking all the fun out of it.  RoA1 had stage variations with hazards you could toggle on or off, so hopefully that comes back.
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Do you guys remember Omen of Sorrow?
What happened to that game is similar to that brony shit, devs promised a full season of free content (mainly new characters) then they ended up releasing only a single additional character before disappearing for good.
Replies: >>226149
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I tried to re-encode the Kickstarter trailer a couple times but it'd look like garbage so here's a link instead: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=97gXAYsJoR8

Notably, any kind of mod or workshop integration will not be coming at launch.

I do remember that.  It's a shame but unsurprising since every possible wrong decision about how to design and present a game was made.
>public domain characters, which makes it feel cheap
>obvious inspiration taken from MK/NRS games, with a focus on zoning and GIANT fucking stages
>extremely long-winded super cutscenes (literally about 20+ seconds, if memory serves)
>PS4 exclusive with a high price point
>the default "made in unreal" look, which makes it look cheap
The wings on the character in your pic 2 are a perfect example of that.  They have a high fidelity but you can tell they're just a bunch of objects stapled to a plane emerging from the character's back.
Replies: >>226166
I think that the idea (on paper) was good, a fighting game with horror characters, but:
>Game was highly repetitive
>counter! counter! counter! counter! every 2 seconds (remember that?)
>You had shit like "Adam" instead of "Frankenstein's monster"
>Only a single ultra for every character that got old the second time you saw them
>Animations were stiff and graphics were meh (stages looked decent though)
>Story mode was garbage
Great idea, terrible execution
But not fulfilling the promises was a still a shit move regardless, they didn't even attempt to fix the game with updates, and i also remember how butthurt they got over the tiniest of criticism.
Is there an artbook of that game?
Replies: >>226326
I feel like the people who are trying to ape Smash Bros have missed the memo that Smash Bros uses characters from other games because those characters are mostly widely recognizable and people want to see those characters in a big crossover. There are three separate platform fighters from three separate developers (including the NASB guys) that are using /literallywho/s from 99 cent indiepshit and it makes me wonder why they're not just making their own characters for the games at that point.
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>horsefuckers try to make a game branching out from the source material
>it fizzles out, despite the fact that bronies were arguably GamerGay before GamerGay in terms of not taking shit from SJWs lying down
<meanwhile, Homestuck leads into Undertale
<it somehow becomes a success, despite spawning from a pedo webcomic
I'm not retarded enough to say that I wish the roles were swapped, because bronies are still bronies at the end of the day. But damn if I don't have some sympathy for them. Hell, I kinda wish Super Smash Barneyfags made it as big as Cuckertale did. Or at least wish the latter crashed and burned this hard too. Whichever puts Pedostuckers and horsefuckers on an even playing field.

Also Tekken is for spics and trannies. Garou 2 will be the non-shitskin fighting game of 2024.
>despite the fact that bronies were arguably GamerGay before GamerGay
>despite spawning from a pedo webcomic
Why even bother asking?
Replies: >>226218 >>226219
>in terms of not taking shit from SJWs lying down
>Homestuck leads into Undertale
Because not everyone is nigger cattle who shuts down in response to badthink.
Replies: >>226219
Why not? 
But what did bronies do, and why is homesuck pedo? I only know it as the comic tumblr girls liked.
Replies: >>226220
Oh that's simple on both accounts.
Bronies were hated for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. The latter being Tumblrinas screeching about how they colonized the show from little girls. Don't ask how, I have no clue. Point is, they didn't take that shit lying down and stood against them. GamerGay before GamerGay, as I said.
Homestuck is a webcomic about sexualized children. Thus, the right name for it is Pedostuck. That's more or less the extent of it.
There were broadly two types of people who were into MLP in the first three years of its fandom, that being manchildren on /co/ and /b/ who were pleasantly surprise the show wasn't total garbage and the type of autogynophile social parasite we now recognize as trannies.  At the time it was still considered bad to walk around with your dick hanging out of women's clothing so trannies congregated online.  I don't think anyone expected the MLP fandom to become a worthwhile avenue for social validation (by internet standards, remember) but around about 2013-2014 it had proven to have enough staying power that a few trannies tried to "reclaim" it.  PurpleTinker was the most famous, a Tumblr tranny who was vile enough that everyone hated him including the leftists/liberals of the day.  Given that MLP's fandom had collectively spawned from an image board, the dudes who enjoyed the show didn't appreciate anyone leaning over their shoulder and telling them how to act.  Trannies (and by extension, The System) were uniformly told to fuck off, which is probably what >>226215 meant by it being proto gamergate.
source: I was there

I don't know anything about Homestuck so I can't comment on that.
Replies: >>226280
Literal board culture vs tumblr you faggot.
Are you a ponyfucker? If so question. 
So how do you make more ponyfags? Like that seemed to me like a flash in the pan and now that it's over what do you do? Are all the horsefuckers ever made all there are every going to be? Or do they trickle in?
Replies: >>226282 >>226307
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[Hide] (91.7KB, 691x441) Reverse
There is always the joke that people never really stop being ponyfags, and that's somewhat true, but generally the population doesn't grow since there isn't anything new being made.  The show ranged from mediocre to terrible for the last five or six years of its run despite some bright moments.  Other media like official comics or books was limited in its appeal; it didn't really land with anyone who wasn't already into the source material, despite some issues having genuinely really good art thanks to Andy Price.  A couple years ago there was a brief movement to make "new" stuff with voice synthesis but it never went anywhere.

Overall, it's over, which is good because it was only really fun for the first few years.  I think most people have moved on to other things; I'm into more general anthro stuff now, and I'm trying to be more productive and creative with my time rather than just posting stuff to image boards and evaporating my life force into the void.
[Hide] (19.1KB, 620x395) Reverse
>there are furfags posting on this board right now
>it didn't really land with anyone who wasn't already into the source material
Because most were trying to pander to the bronies instead of little girls and to add insult to injury they added propaganda with the whole dragons are being discriminated just like niggers type of shit.
>despite some issues having genuinely really good art thanks to Andy Price
His art was average at best and it didn't help that it was full of retarded references of other shows, Brenda Hickey art was miles better and Sara Richard art cover was the best.
Replies: >>226292
[Hide] (22.8MB, 3300x4944) Reverse
[Hide] (242.1KB, 800x1185) Reverse
>most were trying to pander to the bronies instead of little girls 
Most of the comics were bog standard stuff for young girls.  The characters being mean to each other, the characters getting into trouble because they lied, etc.
>average at best
Simply not true.  Very few other comic artists had shading, and of the ones that did none of them came close to Price.

The majority of the reason people hate him is the Reflections arc, because the only thing a ponyfag hates more than other people's fanfiction is other people's fanfiction getting praise.
Replies: >>226293 >>226317
>had shading
*had more than the most basic shading
>So how do you make more ponyfags?
Hopefully it dies with us.
Spoiler File
(462.5KB, 911x1400) Reverse
Spoiler File
(625KB, 910x1400) Reverse
>Simply not true
Is ok to likes his art, still no the best.
>The majority of the reason people hate him is the Reflections arc
He was the artist of that, the stupid writter that wrote that shit was katie cook, an ass blasted writer that inserts her shitty art in all her comics as much as possible. Was funny that she got cucked on not been able to have her donut steel kiss celestia. Her writting is beyond retarded.
Not that I've ever found or heard of.  The game released in 2004 on arcades and then on the JP PS3 PSN store as a digital-only title in 2010.  I'm sure the publisher doesn't care about it.
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I guess this is the fighting game thread.

All-Star Brawl 2 got its 1.3 patch last week, and it looks like they're already trying to cuck early tournament strats. Azula got her side special slowed down so she isn't able to out-zone zoners as bad and they nerfed Garfield across the board to force people to actually interact with the food mechanic instead of playing like a slow-motion Fox all the time and never having to go out of your way to use food moves. I would normally feel bad about this since devs balancing games around what they think the "correct" way tourneyfags should play is rarely ends well, but the game is obviously unfinished and the info trickled down from the last thread was pretty disgusting. Hopefully we don't get characters getting nerfed because someone is having fun incorrectly.
Replies: >>226402
Might be cool. I wanted to try out Jimmy before launch, but I thought he played kinda like shit.
>Also Tekken is for spics and trannies. Garou 2 will be the non-shitskin fighting game of 2024.
Harada is the worst thing to ever happen to the Tekken series, making him the series director was a mistake, as Tekken went downhill since this retard was put in charge of it
Replies: >>226421
It went downhill with 3?
Replies: >>226423
He wasn't the director in 3
Replies: >>226508
>Garou 2 will be the non-shitskin fighting game of 2024.
>An SNK game
I have bad news for you, but I do hope the game turns out good.  I like that SNK games place more focus on movement and positioning than other ground games like SF, KI, or MK, but SNK can't into 3D graphics and the mechanics of Garou are a clusterfuck so I don't know how they'll stay true to the identity of the series.  The best thing is probably to reinvent it and remind people what Garou is all about thematically, and contrast that with KoF being a crossover game.
Replies: >>226445
Call me when I can play as the real Griffon Mask and call my opponent a large prostitute again.
That's what the credits say. Every game since 3. Even if you want to do some mental gymnastics, when did it start getting bad? Are you going to say tag 1 was shit? 5? Maybe the game is just shit but it's been the same for 30 years blaming him is the weirdest opinion I've seen.
Replies: >>226515
Tekken went to shit since 6 and never recovered.
Harada's is the same shit as Kojimbo, he gets the credit for the good parts when he showed that on his own he's just a hack.
Masahiro Kimoto deserves more credit than he does.
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Allegedly, Elphelt is the newest character being added to GGStrive.
Replies: >>227714 >>227715
GGXXAC brought back team VS a couple days ago
[Hide] (1MB, 1847x1238) Reverse
[Hide] (849.3KB, 1667x1233) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1024x1802) Reverse
Elphelt English trailer: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-DhBp_0QNHk
Elphelt Japanese trailer: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Uh5Hb7LxF28
Elphelt starter guide: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zbzcCyd_I9A

She doesn't have distinct stances, or manual pine berry, but her Chain Lollipop sequence is vaguely similar to the kind of nonstop pressure she'd do in Xrd shotgun stance - though in Xrd it was all strike/throw, and in Strive it's all high/low.  The combination of the new Pine Berry leap and the homing properties on her rifle projectiles will probably enable consistent projectile okizeme, which I wouldn't be surprised to see get nerfed or made impractical in future patches.
Replies: >>227715 >>227859
would fuck
Replies: >>227718 >>227859
That's the point, yes.
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[Hide] (1.1MB, 964x1280) Reverse
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[Hide] (1.9MB, 1278x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (770.4KB, 706x1000) Reverse
>this new design AND the fact that she successfully gets married, thus ruining her entire schtick, AND the fact that she marries the nigger vampire samurai
nuElphelt sucks shit, get a REAL bunny gunner girl.
Are they intentionally trying to ruin characters or something
Yes. We've been over this.
How are they ruining characters? 
I'm not familiar with GG, I just want to know.
Replies: >>227880 >>228125
>ruining her entire schtick
What was her schtick?
>nigger vampire samurai
Replies: >>227880
Of course they are. ASW no longer sees their native country as the target audience. With the success of DB Figherz in the west (selling more than anything else they've ever made), ASW and Daiskue have been whoring out their franchises to the western/global audience (and everything that comes with it).

Character designs in older GG games were unique and meant to look like they belong in a metal album cover. However with Strive, they've been censoring redesigning female characters to be more friendly to the western "fans", e-sports, ESG and the like, losing that unique look the series and characters had. People mention Baiken being unchanged, but one exception does not make the rule (and at any point, could change). Not only that, but they are retconning characters' stories to said westerner's demands (the biggest one being Bridget). The new characters being introduced in strive are really bland design-wise compared to the old characters, and even blander personalities and stories. 

The game has many other issues as well; no more insta-kills (GG being known for being one of the first FGs to have it), more cinematic bullshit in the gameplay (every counter has a one second pause and camera angle change, stage transitions after certain combos against a wall, etc.), even more simpler mechanics that make Xrd seem complex. Characters previously available right off the bat or unlockable are DLC exclusive (Baiken being so twice now), and some characters being modified or completely re-worked for the sake of "balance", but makes the game boring to watch. Makes me dread how they'll re-do other returning characters.

>What was her schtick?
Girl who is looking for a suitor, willing to try and marry whoever she's fighting. She was going to marry someone before being "activated" and killing her original fiancée (hence the bunny wedding outfit from Xrd) due to her being a plot device for Revelator's main antagonist. 
One of the new characters from Strive. Wouldn't be surprised if the next installment has more like him in it (given how the story ends).
Replies: >>228126 >>228192
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[Hide] (242.4KB, 623x652) Reverse
Elphelt was one of the "2000s animu bullshit" aesthetic characters introduced in Xrd's first version, along with Sin, Ramlethal, and Bedman.  She was based on puns like fighting with Guns 'n' Roses (bouquets, etc.) and being a literal shotgun bride.  At the time people hated her because she felt like weeaboo/oktau pandering, which she was; she had paragraphs of unique win quotes for each character, proposing marriage and romance fantasies to the men and comparing cup sizes and hairstyles with the women.

She is still basically that kind of perpetually out of breath, happy-go-lucky, manic pixie dream girl character in Strive but her design and mechanics are very different.  Xrd Elphelt has two stances: rifle for zoning, and shotgun for pressure.  The rifle stance couldn't return since Happy Chaos's gun mechanic is already an almost direct copy of Elphelt's rifle, and because the other notable thing about rifle is that it can set up unblockables, which are cancer (and not allowed in Strive).  The shotgun stance couldn't return since it's probably one of the most insanely overtuned things I've ever seen in any fighting game, and what you do with it most of the time is put your opponent in the corner, whip out shotgun, and put them to a very specific execution/defense test in order for them to escape.  This is also anti-Strive design, since Strive has forced wallbreaks after any combo that connects near the corner, and the defensive mechanics are meant to be more straightforward/universal so having specific knowledge checks which loop back into themselves is forbidden.

Elphelt also has the Pine Berry grenade, which is another of the most insanely overtuned things I've ever seen in any fighting game.  It could not come back because it gives her a lot of flexbility (poke > grenade pull for safety, poke > grenade toss for combos/starting pressure) and actually saves her from making mistakes because any hit she takes while carrying the grenade will detonate it, screwing up her opponent's combo.  Also, all of her normals are incredibly good, her combos deals tons of damage and are very stable, and her backdash is one of the best in the game.

Strive Elphelt seems to be a "flail around and do what you want" character, in that her rifle projectiles will home in after a certain time so they can still connect even if you miss.  Her grenade is now a toss + leap forward, so you get an airdash/jump-in mixup if you set it up properly but it can't be used in any other way.  Instead of her shotgun stance, she now has Chain Lollipop, which is a series of 4 attacks that can be cancelled into each other to pretend you have freeform gatlings and pressure.  It's vaguely similar to the kind of pressure she would do with shotgun stance in Xrd but a lot more limited, as usual.
[Hide] (981.7KB, 900x720, 00:02)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:02)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
>ASW no longer sees their native country as the target audience.
Because they aren't.  Blame the Japanese for not buying console games because they spend every waking minute on gacha mobile games and pachinko parlors, not Japanese developers for reading the wind.

>no more insta-kills (GG being known for being one of the first FGs to have it), 
IKs were usually impractical/disrespectful in the older games, and only semi-practical in Xrd, which is the best they've ever been.  Strive characters already take 60% off of c.S starters so instant kills would only be for style.  But ArcSys clearly wants the supers and other animations to play repeatedly since that's where they put most of the animation budget.
>more cinematic bullshit in the gameplay (every counter has a one second pause and camera angle change, stage transitions after certain combos against a wall, etc.)
It should be noted that small counter hits from low attack level moves don't incur much slowdown, but I believe there is some weirdness with the buffer that means they can still screw up your inputs.
>even more simpler mechanics that make Xrd seem complex
I find it funny that a series whose primary mechanics were meant to make things easy (gatlings, ease of air movement) has gained this reputation for being super duper srs bsns.  Xrd is a very easy game, but also a very complex and difficult game.
What I find funny is that xrd is now the good one I want to play. I wouldn't want to play SF4 or tag2, but strive managed to make xrd look great.
Replies: >>228133
[Hide] (3.5MB, 640x360, 00:35)
[Hide] (7.5MB, 640x360, 00:29)
[Hide] (8.3MB, 960x540, 00:59)
Xrd is a good game.
Replies: >>228136
It has very radical pros and cons. Like no tiger knee on Johnny, I can never forgive it that move was so cheap I loved it.
Replies: >>228137
[Hide] (14.5MB, 1080x720, 00:46)
[Hide] (8MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
TK Ensenga?  Yeah, that was very cheap.  But he still has a fast overhead with lvl 2/3 air downwards Mist Finer.

A lot of Xrd characters were designed to pay respect to their mechanics in GGXX.  GGXX Johnny has like three air moves that are just him reaching down with his hand or his sword, and the only real reason he even has them is so he can juggle people up and down in combos, which is torturous when every character has a different weight and different hurtboxes and you're trying to connect with a small projectile like coin.  Xrd made his combos a lot more consistent and a lot more focused on using Mist Finer stance and MF cancels, since those were the cool things that really distinguished him from other characters.

People like to say that the older games had higher skill ceilings, but I think that only matters if you can actually reach it or get close to it.  The things that have made me love Xrd and GG in general had nothing to do with the skill ceiling, but more to do with it being a very open-ended game that clearly just wanted cool and fun stuff to happen.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1012x3059) Reverse
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360, 00:46)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 900x2221) Reverse
[Hide] (142.5KB, 728x666) Reverse
[Hide] (6.3MB, 1920x1080, 00:59)
>Blame the Japanese for not buying console games because they spend every waking minute on gacha mobile games and pachinko parlors, not Japanese developers for reading the wind.
That's not the problem and you damn well know it, jackass. The issue is the fact that these companies are wasting all their time and resources for the purposes of appealing to Western sensibilities because they're being told (In same cases, unironically believe) that it's the only way to survive and progress forward. Why else do you think that Yoshi P announced that "JRPG" is now a "racist term".

This was a trend that started all the way back during the seventh gen, when M$ paid journshits to trash Japanese games for being "too Japanese", as well as paying through the nose for Japanese games to to exclusive to the 360 (A system that never sold in Japan, so what do you think is going to happen to their sales?). A few years later, there was a power struggle taking place within Sony between the Japanese division of the company (Who was in charge of the Vita) and the Western division (Who was in charge of the Bloodborne machine). Needless to say, thanks to the sabotage caused by the Western branch, the Bloodborne machine was a massive success, ALL of Sony's management moved to California, and anyone not loyal the new regime was canned (Especially the Japanese devs). All the while this was occuring, you had industry "leaders" like Con Man and Kojimbo singing the praises about how Japanese games need to "adapt" to Western sensibilities.

And they were winning the fight to trash and destroy the Japanese game industry and turn it into a clone of the Western industry. At least until around 2017. When, in the span on a year, you had MASSIVE hits like Nioh, Xenoblade 2, Nier: Automata, Persona 5, and Breath of the Wild. Games that were distincly Japanese and flew in the face of everything the Western industry had been spending the past decade attempting to destroy. In response to this, Sony made it their moral "olbigation" to begin banning the sales of games on their system that "violated" sensibilities. That has resulted in Nintendo being the bastion of "free gaming" (For now), but a lot of these companies are never going to make game for this system unless it's designed for kids. Need look no further than Daisuke Sato and Masayoshi Yokoyama (Both producers of the Yakuza games) on one end outright stating that the Switch has the "wrong audience" for "their games", and then turning around and singing the praises of Xbox Game Pass and the Western industry.

Japanese games are dying for one reason and one reason only: they don't give a shit about the Japanese customer. If they did, then you wouldn't see Guilty Gear and Dead or Alive censoring the sex appeal in their games.
Replies: >>228185 >>228230
[Hide] (143.1KB, 310x376) Reverse
>free gaming
Just post the pastebin you have these stock replies saved to already.
>ASW no longer sees their native country as the target audience
Why focus in a tiny audience, if you can pander to everyone.
Replies: >>228238
Thought you were bullshitting about the marriage one, but you weren't far off;


The whole thing comes off as the typical Sonic/Amy interactions. However, I would not be surprised that it ended up being real in the next game given how ASW caved into the Bridget situation.
Replies: >>228224 >>228230
[Hide] (5.6MB, 1280x720, 00:21)
[Hide] (14.5MB, 1080x720, 00:46)
>b-b-b-b-b-b-but con man and the xbox 360!
The internal idiocy of Japanese companies and the slow creep of globohomo are not mutually exclusive.  The PS4 won its console generation harder than any console in human history and Guilty Gear Strive still couldn't sell more than 15,000 console units in Japan in its launch week (I'm being very generous; I think the actual number was something like 11,400).  Its total sales were 300,00 during that week and another 200,000 during the next month.  Where do you think the rest came from?  Why would any sane developer chase the Japanese console market?

Part of me wonders if they chose Nago to be the straight man here because his personality is so flat, or because he's the black crunchyroll weeaboo self-insert character, and black crunchyroll weeaboo self-inserters like Elphelt.
Replies: >>228235
[Hide] (4.6MB, 640x360, 01:57)
>Why would any sane developer chase the Japanese console market?
Because it's a country of 126 MILLION people that are being ignored all in the name of chasing the "wider market" in the Ameria, Europe, and West Taiwan. On top of the fact that the games marketed and designed FOR that tiny island off the coast of Asia all seem to outperform the games that are designed and marketed for the so-called "global audience".
[Hide] (89.8KB, 644x483) Reverse
>Why focus in a tiny audience, if you can pander to everyone.
Who's that "everyone" you speak of?
As i only know a few vocal faggots bitching on twitter while the rest of the world is getting tired about the whole globohomo crap (normalfags call it "woke shit")
By the way, i noticed that the new "innovating tactic" the usual suspects are implementing is going through jewtube's comment sections where normalfags are complaining about that shitty propaganda and going with shit like:
< "x game is not woke!"
And when other comments prove the shill wrong:
<"just because they turned a white chracter into a nigger? so because of that,  all those gay characters, the game world filled with rainbow flags and a tranny the game is now "woke"!?"
I don't know what they are trying to achieve there but it is something i noticed happen frequently lately as more and more people are pushing back against this shit.
Replies: >>228261
[Hide] (210.6KB, 576x576, 00:06)
>I don't know what they are trying to achieve there but it is something i noticed happen frequently lately as more and more people are pushing back against this shit.
It's an attempt to "speech check" people by framing the narrative that people are only opposed to "woke shit" because they're "racists/sexists/homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/etc.". In fact, there's already a few outlets priming the pump to spend the next several years declaring how there's "economic terrorists" causing woke shit to fail, which is having "grander effects" on the economy (For example, the reason why inflation is occuring) and that the government should begin dictating what products people buy and which businesses they support all in the name of combatting "racism/sexism/homophobia/etc.".
Replies: >>228285
[Hide] (45.8KB, 608x402) Reverse
>"economic terrorists" causing woke shit to fail
I thought the niggerfaggot shit they were pushing so hard was a "huge success" and "what people want".
Funny after years of lies about the supposed "success" of their garbage we reached the point where even the kikes are forced to admit defeat and that they are losing a fuckton of money because nobody (minus twatter bots) wants that shit.
>... and that the government should begin dictating what products people buy and which businesses they support
Truly desperate, good luck even trying that shit, and that may be really the time even normalfags will want to put them on concentration camps, for real this time.
Replies: >>231749
Yatagarasu seems to have emerged from the Nicalis underworld and finally gotten around to releasing a proper sequel.
There's even a website in English with character profiles and movelists (HTTP only, of course).
Replies: >>232081
>even the kikes are forced to admit defeat and that they are losing a fuckton of money because nobody wants that shit.
The people who push woke/ESG shit from the top down are the people who print the money in the first place, they don't give a fuck about "losing" it. As a jew once said give me control of a country's money and i don't care who the president is.
But they care a great deal about whether it is consoomed. It is less about money and more about effort. If their propaganda gets no viewership then it is not effective propaganda.
Replies: >>231761
[Hide] (81.9KB, 604x767) Reverse
>If their propaganda gets no viewership then it is not effective propaganda.
Maybe. It could also just be enough that it's dividing us. As long as we're fighting over stupid shit like pronouns and black vikings we're not setting up guillotines on wallstreet.
Replies: >>231765 >>232119

The simple fact that more and more people are rejecting it and pointing out how ridiculous that shit is, means that they are losing control of the narrative and that's what really matters.
The fact they are also losing a fuckton of shekels on top of that, for some useless effort is another point to our advantage.
Replies: >>231776
[Hide] (786B, 237x130) Reverse
Replies: >>231782 >>231892
That was hardly a niggerpill post you sensitive faggot, he's not doing the "bros.......... we lost" horseshit.
Replies: >>231913
[Hide] (381.4KB, 500x409) Reverse
>pointing out how kikes are LOSING both control of the narrative and money
Replies: >>231913
The quoted post was responding to niggerpill type posting. Please read the image.
Replies: >>232119
[Hide] (129.4KB, 631x398) Reverse
[Hide] (32.3KB, 631x218) Reverse
>It is important to clarify that the netcode for the PC version of Yatagarasu EE is basically the same as that of the previous AC version.

>The rollback code and the consumer version have not yet been completed, and we are very sorry for the time it has taken.
>As a result, I can say that it has taken us 9 years since AC to add characters to the game, and the development speed of our development team is very slow.
>It is sad to say, but we will continue to develop even though it takes time, which is our strength.

Imagine having nine years to implement rollback for a poke/jump/fireball game and not being able to do it.
Replies: >>232091 >>232113
You have to remember, they probably all have full-time day jobs.
Replies: >>232269
I thought it was a few people beforehand making the game after the nicalis controversy.  Maybe they just have enough people to put in the few characters and nothing else. I wonder how much it takes to implement GGPO with just a few men? This isn't considering now that they have madcats as some kind of sponsor with whatever restrictions they have now?
I have a softspot for it since I spent a good time playing it. The characters are fun to play and more characters sound like a plus to me. I can ignore all jank aside.
Do they mention anything about the kickstarter prototype characters they wanted to introduce and why the didn't use them and made these characters instead?
Why does Tienyi look aesthetically different from the other characters? I can only guess because of budget reasons but there is something off from her and the rest of the profiles (aside from sistan which is deliberate) that makes her off.
Replies: >>232269
I did read the image and the post it was about >>231761 and >>231749 which aren't even close to niggerpilling unless stating the actual reality of the situation is sads 4 u :^(.
[Hide] (39.3KB, 784x355) Reverse
I know the team is small, but this promise was made a long time ago.  Even if we accept that things have changed in the last ten years (which, honestly, they have) the game is going to be dead on arrival if it doesn't have functioning netcode.
Replies: >>232358
I agree.
Promise or no Promise, rollback is a necessity that anyone who plays fighting games isn't going back on. It feels like sheep to the slaughter but its the game they agreed to complete.
[Hide] (27.6KB, 384x65) Reverse
[Hide] (132.9KB, 622x866) Reverse
[Hide] (72.4KB, 649x462) Reverse
[Hide] (121.1KB, 634x894) Reverse
Under Night 2 released. The PC port is dogshit. Tekken 8 comes out the following day.

Goodbye, French Bread...
Replies: >>233457 >>233465
[Hide] (2.9MB, 220x220, 03:05)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 220x220, 04:00)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 220x220, 05:04)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 220x219, 05:06)
[Hide] (5MB, 220x220, 05:22)
>Goodbye, French Bread...
Damn, I absolutely love what they did with Ragnarok Battle OFFline. I hate Ragnarok Online with a passion so that really says alot. Sad times, have some tunes.
Replies: >>233461
RO has a nice artstyle but that's about it.
[Hide] (277.2KB, 639x573) Reverse
[Hide] (115.8KB, 622x397) Reverse
[Hide] (112.4KB, 634x758) Reverse
[Hide] (36.1KB, 620x235) Reverse
[Hide] (643.3KB, 1051x769) Reverse
Some additional bugs and context. Apparently UNI2 was made in the Melty Blood Type Lumina engine - which shouldn't actually pose a problem, but clearly something happened behind the scenes that made this game have worse PC problems than than MTBL.

On a semi-related note, apparently Eternal Fighter Zero had replay takeover in its caster version as early as 2014, and GGXXAC+R implemented it as a surprise addition. Only took multibillion dollar companies like Bamco a fucking decade to care enough to put it in Tekken (and it's not in SF6, sadly).
Replies: >>233466 >>233547
>pic 5
Forgot to clarify: Last Arc and Arc Drive are terms from Melty Blood's combat system. They don't exist in UNI.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 2550x3579) Reverse
Frosty Faustings is happening this weekend. It's always a good time with lots of big and small games.
Replies: >>233534
Only things I see worth a damn there are the retro games, KOF, and the mystery game tournament. Mystery is always fun because it shows how bad these trannies are at video games without their thousands of hours of muscle memory from grinding out wiki combos.
KOF for some reason just added some new mechanic so scrubs won't have to deal with one button grabs as much
Replies: >>233955
Six Stars is still being patched no?
[Hide] (97.1KB, 211x183) Reverse
>Soulcalibur 6 is so obscure it's considered mystery tournament material
Also, did anyone else watch Heritage finals? Is Iggy/Polnareff really the meta now?
Replies: >>233773
To be honest SC6 bored the shit out of me.
Lack of content, boring flat stages, editor with jackshit to customize your character with UNLESS you buy the DLC, characters don't even have a second costume anymore but just alternate colors, legacy characters paywalled behind DLCs...
No shit it flopped.
Replies: >>233792
It did well enough to get a season 2. 
Apparently the reason why it didn't get a S3 was because of covid
KOF15 may be the only fighting game i actually liked in the last years, my only criticism is that i wish SNK did more single player modes and content.
[Hide] (249.1KB, 265x216) Reverse
>>226044 (OP) 
>hyperfocus on the competitive scene is what always ends up killing games 
Best fighting games came out when online play wasn't even a thing so devs thought about making a game fun first.
Now the pandering towards tryhard tourneyfags took the fun out of fighting games, that's why after the manufactured fake hype campaign during the release date, many players leave the games to never touch them ever again and soon forget they even existed, while the classics still get played and are fondly remembered.
[Hide] (873.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
EVO main lineup announced. No big surprises, and 3rd Strike is the retro game.
Replies: >>234787
Just read through this entire thread in one go you people are fucking mentally defected for even giving a mlp fighting game a thought let alone a post dedicated to it I sincerely hope you all get the corrupted blood debuff from WoW irl this board has become a fucking joke thanks to you
>mentally defecated
Because Warner Bros paid good money for it to be there.
>3rd Strike is the retro game
I'm honestly okay with this.
Beat me in a fighting game or shove off, faggot.
Replies: >>234859
>gay pozzed shit
>no idea if tekken's been pozzed yet
>gay pozzed shit
>gay pozzed gatcha spin off shit
>literally who
>gay pozzed shit
>no idea if KoF has been pozzed yet
>3rd strike
Quite the lineup.
Replies: >>234790 >>234867
[Hide] (1.1MB, 4096x2360) Reverse
KOF is $150+ like every other fighting game but the devs still seem to respect FGC core values. No trannies, the women have tits, the men are either muscled or 2000s grade anime twinks, Shermie still has thighs for weeks. My only complaints are the new characters tend to be overdesigned and King Of Dinosaurs, while cool, is no Griffon Mask.
Replies: >>234835
[Hide] (93.4KB, 600x678) Reverse
KOF15 is pretty good, the only issues i have with it is the excessive DLC and season passes crap, characters like Kim, Geese, Billy Kane, Yamazaki, Sylvie Paula Paula and B.Jenet paywalled behind said DLCs which sucks, and a lack of single player content.
Also KoF15 features 10 characters less than KoF14 which is unacceptable.
>King Of Dinosaurs, while cool, is no Griffon Mask.
I agree, KoD was okay in KoF14 but they have brought Tizoc back for KoFXV.
KOF14 was also good but some character models looked like shit, especially Main and Andy Bogard.
get on 3s fucker
[Hide] (68KB, 700x786) Reverse
Tekken 8 is fine.
I'd normally complain about Heihachi being replaced by a woman, but Reina is a qt tomboy and also it makes sense for Heihachi to be gone since he fucking died and also his voice actor fucking died too. And that was his second voice actor too since his first actually committed suicide.
Reina is literally the only interesting character Tekken has created in more than 20 years. I'm so happy someone finally managed to convince Harada to move beyond:
>dude who trains hard
>shirtless dude who trains hard
>dude who doesn't train hard
>babyface 20something girl made of porcelain
>very large dude who trains very hard
Just use AI to make the voices.
Too much offense but there are more good changes that bad ones, and reina is surprisingly similar to heihachi so it's fine.
[Hide] (24.1MB, 1280x720, 01:27)
Replies: >>235814 >>235823
[Hide] (29.7MB, 1280x720, 01:42)
Replies: >>235823
[Hide] (14.2KB, 208x241) Reverse
Is it just me or did they manage to make these characters ever more yifftastic than the first game?
Replies: >>235833
[Hide] (84.7KB, 1400x1400) Reverse
[Hide] (81.5KB, 1400x1400) Reverse
[Hide] (78.1KB, 1400x1400) Reverse
[Hide] (85.4KB, 1400x1400) Reverse
[Hide] (95.9KB, 1400x1400) Reverse
I think it's just an effect of seeing them in full 3D with voice acting. The original sprites were incredibly low resolution but even the base designs for the women didn't look very feminine; I think RoA has some of the least sexy designs for anthro women I've ever seen in a video game which is a shame. I imagine there have been long and strict conversations among the members of the RoA2 art team about how much hip bone is allowed to be emphasized on the women, lest they become unable to sell esports skins and monetize the only people who will ever play it.

Jokes aside, it does say a lot that there's barely any furry smut of the characters. They really don't have much of an impact depsite all the care and effort that went into them. The only women who have clothing that might imply breasts actually exist are Pomme and Olympia, both of whom are from the final wave of characters and are Workshop OCs.

Fun little quiz for anyone who hasn't played RoA before: Are these characters female or male?
Answers, left to right:
Wrastor - Male
Maypul - Female
Absa - Female
Clairen - Female, but you already knew that
Etalus - Male
Replies: >>235834
[Hide] (278.5KB, 680x383) Reverse
[Hide] (261.9KB, 680x383) Reverse
[Hide] (249.2KB, 680x383) Reverse
[Hide] (272.9KB, 680x383) Reverse
[Hide] (67.4KB, 680x383) Reverse
Here's some art from the 3D models in RoA2, for comparison. The men have pretty consistent broad shoulders, but the women don't have feminine hips.
Replies: >>236377
Some news about Tekken 8 from a developer livestream and some community opinions:
- Rage quitters suffer zero consequences for quitting and their disconnect percentage shown to prospective opponents isn't accurate, so you can't even decline to fighting someone who rage quits.
- Premium currency shop patched into the game well after launch. The standard psychological tricks of not spending "real money" or buying currency in uneven amounts. One skin for one character is $4 (compared to an entire character + several costumes for $6 in Tekken 7). There is no way to accrue premium currency in the regular game.
- The premium currency shop will include legacy costumes absent in the default customization options.
- Modders making legacy costumes have been copyright struck on YouTube by Bamco.

You don't own nothing, gaijin! Buy the season pass featuring your favorite characters from old Tekken games!
[Hide] (62.9KB, 340x565) Reverse
This the proof that poz is not the only issue in current vidya.
Just because a game isn't pozzed doesn't mean you should support that shit.
Same thing happened with Soul Calibur 6.
People were praising Bamco for not censoring Ivy's outfit, but SC6 came out with zero content, few boring stages, no alternate costumes, legacy characters like Cassandra paywalled behind season passes, and they want to argue that not censoring Ivy makes all that shit okay?
Replies: >>236318
What you do is you pat the game company on the back for a job well done, you go "now improve the game itself and I buy it," then you move on.
Reminder that Bridget is MALE. He's a man. He has a PENIS.
Replies: >>236327 >>236334
[Hide] (3.8MB, 360x360, 01:00)
Replies: >>236329
I mean, he’s right
Replies: >>236330
right to a degree but does he actually mean his words? or did he say it because he just wanted the pics to himself
Replies: >>236333
Also, wasn’t Testament hit with the globohomo beam as well? Like he’s voiced by a ceiling ornament in English?
Guilty Gear is a game for redditors.
Replies: >>236335
So they’d suck his cock, no questions asked?
Replies: >>236338
They wouldn't have the courage to but they would give him their money and defend him on the internet and in his obligatory discord.
Spoiler File
(121.7KB, 676x704) Reverse
For an artificial vagina I've got to say they did a good job.
Replies: >>236345
Spoiler File
(342.3KB, 676x502) Reverse
>The Maw calls for more souls...
You don't even play video games.
[Hide] (2MB, 1024x1536) Reverse
[Hide] (136.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (55.1KB, 301x551) Reverse
>bumping discussion with axewound shitfligning
<might as well express my displeasure about this bread while im at it
While i do apologize for the late reply if these indie threads are just gonna be filled with furniggers advertising their "100% pride free funny animal bait shill approved media TM" everywhere which clearly arent the developers themselves samefagging on proxies like cuckchan can we just rename this entire board to /furrygames/ or better yet /vigi/ since you tend to be very close neighbors together.
Pic related remember back then when we had SOVLful organic titles that dont bother shoving furfaggotry in your faces? those were the long lost good times. nowadays its just shitty furslop with pixel graphics truing to make quick patreonbux.

Good post but sadly i dont have one of those overhyped arcade "fight sticks" hopefully xbox gamepad works just fine
inb4 muh "slidechink anime gacha tier mobile fighters LE BAD"

>all these people defending fursmut right now
I'll pirate all these furryB8 games from clean reputable sources just to spite off (OP) you'll im not done here yet
Why the fuck are you even not boycotting furry developers like you do with obvious trannies? You're just as bad as the "shilling yellow niggers" you claim to despise, One job sleepychan ONE FUCKING JOB that is not to imitate let alone become cuck /v/ or worse markchan.
posting AIgenned 3DPD female soldiers because fuck (You)
What’s the appeal of furfaggotry anyways? Is it just diet beastiality?
Replies: >>236394
There's like 4 posts about that furry game, what an overreaction on your part. At this point I'd honestly rather deal with furshit than angry autists that spew paragraphs of whiny nonsense all the god damn time.
Replies: >>236388 >>236391
[Hide] (69.5KB, 680x649) Reverse
you literally have people dumping porn on furnigger threads in /b/ dont play dumb we've seen your faggotry from a mile radius.
example https://archive.is/MskB8 https://archive.is/70i06 https://3XrGf

>only 4 posts for THAT one game
But what about the other stuff that particular furfag spews in other threads? we've had enough of your shilling please dont derail this and other breads into another "skinfags LE BAD discussion how can weebs compete" please?

>At this point I'd honestly rather deal with furshit
Troon tier response gentoomen ive seen this on cuck/pol/ before, can't wait for the day ziggerchan finally allows /cub/ next to lolis
Then call the real oldfags normies like? cant you just keep this cancer on one board >>>/digi/ why is that too much to ask go ahead host your fursona gamenights there all you want just us alone will ya? no wonder why furs were expelled from atleast 109 (now 110) websites back in the ye olden days
Replies: >>237330
unfortunately angry autists only know how to overreact and write essays if they even catch a whiff of something they dislike
what the hell do you want me to do then? tolerate and applaud this faggotry? and yet you wonder why ziggerchan's quality has been declining over the past few years dont even get me started on the banhappy moderation here that that pretends to rid "unfunny normalfag individuals"
enjoy your uncontrolled porn dumps threads then because that's what's going to happen here and other imageboards in a few years if you keep up this bad habit from nu-cuckchan, lemme tell you man i wish i were making this all up but yeah go ahead keep calling me niggerpill or derailment for this little "inconvenience" ive caused, you've been warned mark my words

corrupting SOVL and the last bit of retro culture turning it into an extension of their sodomy while squeezing out gullible wallets
just as Christians once said "God Creates, Satan Counterfeits" as much as you hate me for telling you this it true anyway

thanks i had to say this too
are we going to discuss vidya next or what im getting real tired of this argument as much as the guys above
Replies: >>237330
[Hide] (258KB, 600x600) Reverse
Is this the FTG thread?
Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
Non dead ones hopefully?
>Is this the FTG thread?
Now it is
>Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
Dead or Alive 2, 3, 4, 5 and Dragon Ball Fighter Z
>Non dead ones hopefully?
What do you mean with "dead"?
Do you mean if there's still people playing online or not?
Replies: >>236579
I can't really imagine a fighting game where frame data knowledge wouldn't give you some kind of advantage. Samurai showdown, at least previous entries, keeps combos short and focus on reads with deadly counterhits.
Yatagarasu and rising thunder were the low-barrier-of-entry games but I can't speak for their populations.
Granblue fantasy versus rising has a free version and is pretty dumbed down, maybe check that out?
Replies: >>236579 >>237063
>Is this the FTG thread?
No, it's the today thread.
>Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
All of them if you're playing with scrubs. My personal favorite is Soul Calibur 2. Recent games like KOF15 also have autocombo mechanics specifically for button mashing niggers so they can actually get a combo out, and in KOF specifically being able to get hyper hops in and jump attack at the right time is at least as important as combo execution. SamSho pretty much doesn't have combos but one normal can rape you for 50% health.
>not dead
uuuuuuuuuuh if you're willing to deal with fightcuck you can play Windjammers and Neo Turf Masters as well as traditional fightans. Both of these games get played like fightans due to being competitive and on the Neo Geo, but Windjammers is basically Pong with curved shots and Turf Masters is a pretty standard golf game other than being made by the studio that did Metal Slug.
Replies: >>236579
[Hide] (2MB, 460x460) Reverse
Okay thanks anons.
>Are there any fighters that arent based on memorizing 20+ button inputs and frame data to have fun in?
Literally every single one of them you fucking ape.
Replies: >>237061
>Literally every single one of them 
That's bullshit and you know it.
Also it's pretty clear what the that anon was talking about, he surely meant: "fighting games that won't allow dorks who spent months learning a fucking 100 hits combo to juggle me with no way to react to it, leaving me no chance but to wait until said combo is over".
And calm your tits, you fucking sperg.
Replies: >>237839
[Hide] (71KB, 978x249) Reverse
[Hide] (10.5MB, 1280x720, 00:45)
[Hide] (73.1KB, 596x495) Reverse
>FightTing Games
Not even the japs call them that, you mongoloid.
>memorizing button inputs and frame data
This really is going to haunt the genre for all of eternity, isn't it? A hundred years from now you'll have neural sockets in your wrists and skull to take your inputs from thought to action and people will still be bitching about frame data and motion inputs.

For popularity, there's Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8, both of which have simple input modes (and cost an arm and a leg, and gouge you for cosmetics in the cash shop). Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat 1 both have pretty big player bases since they're MK games, but they require a lot more memorization than other types of games and generally feel like shit to play (and gouge you the same as the others). Guilty Gear Strive is the current popular anime game, but it's thoroughly pozzed with tranny characters and the population is still pretty small - around 2 or 3 thousand compared to the larger games.

Everything else dips into the sub-thousand player base range. A few new games like Melty Blood Type Lumina had decent player bases but I'm not sure if you'd be able to find many newcomers.

GBVSR is another one, yeah. It'll probably be super popular for a long time given the momentum of its source material and the free demo.
[Hide] (48.5KB, 1024x768) Reverse
>One job sleepychan ONE FUCKING JOB that is not to imitate let alone become cuck /v/ 
pick one
Replies: >>237840 >>237845
>he surely meant:
So don't play with people who have grinded the game. Even if you choose a game that's as simple as possible, people who have played it before will shut you down completely. So what is he asking for, a fighting game where there's no skill ceiling?

The point is all fighting games are made to be fun cool action games where you shoot mega fireballs at your friend who's also mashing. It is pointless to play it in any other way if you already hate a basic part of the genre to begin with.
>/v/ is one rapefugee
Replies: >>237850
[Hide] (84.2KB, 732x730) Reverse
Add to that the incomprehensible rambling, the AI image and the fake outrage for a game no one cares about. He mustn't be able to understand you don't need to be a fan of a videogame to talk about it, and OP was clearly talking about the game as a curiosity, not as an undercover marketing ploy to subvert this website.
On a side note I don't understand why would anyone conflate bronies with furries. One of the two fanbases was so farfetched and nonsensical (a toyline about colored horses girls aged older than 9 grow out of) you might as well keep them around like they're the special ED kid in class. Besides, from what I can remember bronies had some genuine powerful autism that made them proficient in game modding and overall /tech/ presence. In retrospect they weren't much of an outblown cancer but a benign tumor. I'm still glad they fizzled out when the series died regardless.

>I would love to have some MegaTen fighting games one day
With demons or humans? No matter how iconic Kaneko's demon design is, I'm having a hard time imagining an SMT FG roster, or at least can't see why choose one demon among the thousand other there are. Ironically enough I believe the humans to be immediately more recognizable characters than demons themselves, and the demons to be more obscure choices.
Not one more like ten
[Hide] (604.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (247.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (118.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Updates on the TFH situation: Nidra and Baihe released last month, and both have ways to break the game although Nidra is mostly balanced. Baihe is one of the most OP characters in any fighting game ever. Most of the info I'm posting has video examples in this video, which is surprisingly concise and well made: https://iv.nboeck.de/watch?v=nGCa7WRhyUs

General problems:
- If you buy one of the two characters, you can't do the combo trials for her since each of them uses the other DLC character as the training dummy and the game won't load the training mode combos.
- Both characters have broken combo trials that either literally aren't possible or have missing move names.
- There were no patch notes. Of any kind.
- According to one developer, the reason Nidra and Baihe both have game-breaking bugs associated with them is because they were forcibly pushed out in the middle of a QA pass.
- The Mane6 website and forums briefly went offline, though they came back a day later.
- The publisher Maximum Entertainment (formerly Modus) has reduced the headcount at Mane6 from 15 to 3, and then to 1. This is especially strange since MaxEnt recently announced they had secured the rights to a fighting game based on Avatar The Last Airbender, and you'd think they would want to keep the team behind TFH around to work on that.
- All the moderators and admins in the game's official Discord server were unexpectedly stripped of their privileges at the same time, which meant only one guy could moderate anything. This one guy was a MaxEnt stooge who had made exactly one post in the entire server before this point.
- Various documents related to the game and Mane6 were taken offline or removed, such as the press media kit and the spreadsheet tracking physical backer rewards from the crowdfunding campaign (although LOL if you thought that was ever going to be fulfilled).

- She has various stances where she falls asleep, rolls around, etc. One move in her "lying on the ground stance" is an upward swat that launches and extends combos. She isn't supposed to be able to do this move meterlessly, but she can ignore the meter requirement if she cancels into it.
- Nidra's guard cancel attack isn't fully invincible, which is an obvious bug.
- Connecting with a level 1 super, then doing a level 1 cancelled into a level 2 will freeze your opponent in place for the rest of the round.
- Her level 3 obviously wasn't polished, since her opponent just stands still in a stock pose while Nidra winds up for the big attack.
Replies: >>237884 >>238334
[Hide] (575.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (499.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
- High-mobility zoner with various fireballs and a reflector. The reflector is as fast as universal jabs, and if it absorbs a projectile Baihe fires a fast, tracking fireball of her own.
- - She can reflect her own projectiles, including her projectile normals.
- Baihe can combo from her throw in the corner, but this is obviously unintentional because her throw doesn't apply any damage scaling.
- Both of her supers are fullscreen and practically unpunishable. Doing her level 1 super against an invulnerable opponent crashes the game, including on console.
- - If her opponent is Paprika, the wacky random alpaca, Paprika sometimes gets stuck for no reason during her intro animation and Paprika can't act - though she does take damage.
- - Her level 3 super has a bug where the player 2 Baihe doesn't connect with the second to last hit, meaning the super does about half the damage it's supposed to.
- She is one of two characters in the game to have a normal that is plus on block. The other is Texas, the big body grappler who doesn't have a dash.
- She has a "reload" stance that is armored on frame 1. If she absorbs a hit she instantly fills up her Magic meter and can cancel the stance into anything. Any counterattack she does at this point is fully invincible for its entire duration.
- - Even if the stance doesn't absorb something, can cancel the armor stance into any movement option or special move. All of her normals and special moves can also cancel INTO the stance.
- - Baihe is plus on block at all times and is only ever minus or unsafe if she chooses to be.
- - She can also do an airdash jumping normal at any point and force an overhead/low mixup.
- Baihe's air special moves have no limit to the number of times you can do them in the air. Her j.214A gains height so she can escape off the top of the screen if she wants.
- If she does a TK special move (basically ending the motion on a diagonal up direction), it is fully invincible for its entire duration. This means she can choose to be invincible for the entire round by chaining special moves together, and they don't even have to touch her opponent.
- - This also applies to any special move she does with reversal timing, from blockstun or from knockdown.
- A bunch of Baihe's normals and special moves ignore the universal combo gravity system, including various projectiles, combo extenders, and launchers. She has easy, practical infinites from any position on the screen against any character, and those infinites don't require any meaningful adjustments.
Replies: >>237884 >>238334
I haven't looked at the game since Texas dropped but it's sad to see the project basically fizzle out even if they were never going to deliver on everything people paid for.
[Hide] (12.8KB, 211x255) Reverse
This is 90s kusofighter levels of bad, holy shit. I'm glad I never tried to get into this game.
Replies: >>238787
[Hide] (9.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:31)
[Hide] (9.2MB, 1920x1080, 00:29)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:03)
It was a pretty good game for a while. In 2018-2020 it was helping to push the envelope of what people should expect in a modern fighting game due to the wealth of features and varied types of content.
Replies: >>238804
>pay full price for a game and there's still a jewish microtransaction shop
Gotta love Bamco
Replies: >>238825
I can already tell Sparking Zero is going to be a DLC nightmare.
Replies: >>240162
Why the fuck does that "throw" have such a long delay to activate? It has no animation, just freeze ... toss. That really breaks the flow of things for no reason.
Replies: >>238824 >>238832
Pinkie Pie Paprika is supposed to be the meme character. It looks like the throw from some meme mugen character, so I bet that's what they were going for on purpose.
This coming from Harara who said that he was never going to make dlc character because it was unfair to people who didn't have them, like removing chess pieces from their side of the board.
What a hypocrite faggot.
It's animated fine for a 2D sprite without layering. The motion of her opponent helps imply movement and makes the animation "snap" more.
I like Duelists of Eden.
SNK World Championship going on right now with the first half of the top 8 in KOFXV just wrapped up.
ET went buck wild in the first losers match of the top 8 wew
Replies: >>239884
ET crashed and burned next round
More interestingly, the evo champ is dead.
[Hide] (18.5MB, 1920x1080, 01:08)
Here's an actual trailer too
Yeah, I was looking for it, but it go a little late. 
>King of Birds Griffon Mask TIZOC is back
'appy days
[Hide] (28.1KB, 419x372) Reverse
Goddamnit it's more of the same half-assed 3DCG from Samsho and KoF.
>brown mystery meat whore in thick rimmed glasses and dyed hair
Replies: >>239950
[Hide] (642.3KB, 1200x854) Reverse
Looks good, but if there's one thing i HATED about Mark of the Wolves was the roster.
The classic Fatal Fury characters are much better.
Not really excited about this one.
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special/2 > Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Replies: >>240051
Its just a tan!
[Hide] (329.8KB, 1024x827) Reverse
>obligatory danger-haired girl who shares no aesthetics with the rest of the cast
Why does every SNK game have someone like this these days? SamSho 2019 had Darli, KoFXV had the paint can girl (and the mud woman, whose design was less offensive), and now this Preecha girl who doesn't have an ounce of muscle anywhere on her body but looks like some kind of MMA fighter.

It's kind of surreal hearing an English Terry say "Burn Knuckle!" instead of "bahn nakku!" but most of them seem to be fine, which is good. Pity that Tizoc suffers the same fate as all burly men in English dubs and ends up sounding like some guy who's kind of fat.

I initially thought the graphical style was KoFXV with some new bells and whistles, but there are little touches like the 2D "speed line" animation before a super that make it stand out a bit more. The Rev Guard or whatever it's called looks incredibly bad, though; I can see the sphere being overlapped onto the character's body with zero thought as to how to make the animation cool. I might be disappointed by the character style being very similar to KoFXV but if they can actually make it work and have the characters pop out from the background then I can live with it.

I also hope that SNK remembers how to make a game without incredibly autistic combos like KoF, since Garou generally had quite short combos even if they did kill you. The abundance of cancels and extension mechanics are hopefully going to make it into a "wide, but short" system rather than the typical KoF meter dump.

More than any kind of good looks or mechanics, though, this game absolutely needs to have features that are competing with the likes of Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6.
>functional, robust online with sensible matchmaking (ranked that isn't a grind, world lobbies that encourage social interactions, private lobbies for long sets)
>good netcode
>>no, seriously, actual good fucking netcode. let me set the frame delay myself and see my opponent's ping and jitter and round trip time. have wi-fi indicators. give people losses for rage quitting.
>some kind of single player mode that makes the learning experience fun and non-threatening
>some kind of way to make the controls less threatening, either like SF6's Modern mode or just by having the game be straightforward
>a robust training mode that has every feature SF6 and T8 do, with real frame data display instead of the nebulous + and - signs in KoFXV
>>a hitbox viewer
>replay takeover, and easy replay sharing
>the ability to create and share your own combo/okizeme set-ups through combo recipes

Knowing SNK, I expect the game to launch with a bland arcade mode and a boring story mode where the cutscenes are primarily the characters standing around and pointing fingers at each other.
Replies: >>239983 >>240020
>The Rev Guard or whatever it's called looks incredibly bad, though; I can see the sphere being overlapped onto the character's body with zero thought as to how to make the animation cool.
It's the Just Defend hitflash but in amber. The only part I don't like about it is the color because being readable is more important than looking cool.
[Hide] (17.3MB, 640x360, 02:44)
<Here's the video

> this game absolutely needs to have features that are competing with the likes of Tekken 8 and Street Fighter 6
Sure. If SNK is going woke to get those ESG buck by going out of their way to promote a blind voice actor (I didn't go out of my way to find that, I just searched her up because I suspected something, the first result was her personal website, with the very first thing you see is "blind") in the first "official" trailer, why not go for broke by doing that everything else that has killed all genuine interest in fighting games?

The only "good" ideas you have is decent online and a good singleplayer mode. THAT IS IT! Everything else is just FGC autism, and anyone who desires that can fuck right off.
Replies: >>240069
If we go with the voicelines from the first animated trailer, this game's gonna have both FF and Garou characters in it.
>B. Jenet
Replies: >>240395
>i want this game to have lots of good content and features that are on par with its competitors
<wow, yeah - like did you hear this voice actress was BLIND??? SNK woke ESG autism FGC ruin fighting games FUCK RIGHT OFF
You have schizophrenia.

What feature in the post you're quoting is bad for the game?
Why do you want the online to be only "decent" instead of good and fun?
Why do you think it's not important for there to be a functional training mode and replay viewer?
Replies: >>240072
>What feature in the post you're quoting is bad for the game?
Simplified controls, "frame" and "hitbox" autism, and "combo recipes". Those add nothing to the experience and wasting time on them is the reason why fighting games are so shit these days.
>Why do you think it's not important for there to be a functional training mode and replay viewer?
Because the single player is the "training mode", and "replay viewer" beyond just K.O. clips doesn't add anything unless you're an FGC pedo.
Replies: >>240080
[Hide] (13.5KB, 183x209) Reverse
[Hide] (126.2KB, 1335x602) Reverse
So you believe that I'm a pedophile if:
- I want to understand how a move works, and whether it's safe or unsafe.
- I want to make it easier for new people to get into the scene so I have more people to play with.
- I want to share combos and set-ups with people inside the game.
- I want to "waste" time by learning how the game works better.
- I want to analyze my replays to determine what I could have done better in a matchup or situation.
- I want the online experience to be as good as Team Fortress 2 circa 2008.

Pardon me, you aren't schizophrenic. You're schizophrenic and a scrub. Please die.
Replies: >>240092
[Hide] (339.3KB, 250x138) Reverse
Gentlemen, it is with utter certainly that I announce to you, no Mai no buy. Thank you for your time.
>So you believe that I'm a pedophile if:
<I want to understand how a move works, and whether it's safe or unsafe.
You can do that by just playing the game.
<I want to make it easier for new people to get into the scene so I have more people to play with.
You can do that by just playing the game.
>I want to share combos and set-ups with people inside the game.
Vous pouvez le faire en jouant simplement au jeu.
<I want to "waste" time by learning how the game works better.
Вы можете сделать это, просто играя в игру.
< determine what I could have done better in a matchup or situation.
< I want the online experience to be as good as Team Fortress 2 circa 2008.
You mean being able to post lewds in chat and scream "Nigger" as much as you want?

How about developers focus on making a good game first and foremost rather than appeal to tourneyfags who don't care about good games and bitch whenever a game does anything fun?
Replies: >>240098
[Hide] (218.7KB, 1068x1044) Reverse
>you can learn everything just by playing the game
I generally do that, but training mode is helpful to understand edge cases. Case in point: I was playing Guile vs Juri in SF6 yesterday, and I kept trying to punish her Fujahin store move, but it felt inconsistent. In training mode, I was able to see that there are different versions of it, with advantage of -4, -6, and -8, which explained why my attempts to punish with 6f and 7f moves felt inconsistent.

A hitbox viewer helps to explain why Guile's neutral MK is such a good anti-air, because without looking at the hitbox I would not have presumed that there is a vertical disjointed block above Guile's heel. After learning this, I was able to make adjustments to my anti-airs and use neutral MK in situations where I previously wouldn't have thought it would work.

>b-but that just means you didn't playe the gaem!!!1
I did, and my intuition got me 85% of the way there, and training mode helped with the rest. There is no conflict between the mnemonic power phrase that you keep screaming and a functional, robust piece of software. It's truly astonishing how insane you must be in order to believe otherwise. Many of the things I'm asking for, at least in training mode features, were present in the PS2 port of Melty Blood. Killer Instinct 2013 has full frame data and hitbox viewers in its training mode. These things aren't new and there is literally no reason to oppose them. Their presence is a huge part of what makes a fighting game good in the information age. It does not detract from "maeking a goode gaeme" to put a few toggle switches in the training mode.

You can choose to focus on some parts of the game if you want to, but what you're saying is that you want the game to have fewer features, and to be ignored in favor of games that have better features. Then Garou CotW's population will dwindle and you can go another decade without SNK being a relevant name in any casual fighting game conversation north of the equator and outside of China.

>You mean being able to post lewds in chat and scream "Nigger" as much as you want?
>post lewds in a source text box
You mean sprays, newfag? Then yes. And double yes to calling people niggers and faggots. Are you pro-censorship?
Replies: >>240112
>I was playing Guile vs Juri in SF6
And, stopped reading there.
Replies: >>240117
[Hide] (45.5KB, 890x545) Reverse
>i'd better claim the moral high ground before i'm forced to admit how fucking retarded I am!
Sorry, did I say SF6? I meant SF4. Yeah, I'm a real oldfag who joined the scene in 2009 and I was having trouble punishing Juri's fireballs, and the lack of training mode features in SF4 meant I couldn't find out how moves worked. Ignore all the parts where I said the opposite.

See? Now we can talk about playing fighting games, which I'm sure you do instead of being a faggot on the internet all day.
Dragonball fan here. Oh yeah, they are absolutely going to fuck it up. The vast majority of Dragonball fans I’ve met in my life have been some of the most docile, complacent and retarded niggercattle I’ve ever seen. They gargle Bamco’s balls almost as hard as Pokemon fans deepthroat Gayfreaks dick. Sparking Zero is guaranteed to have Day 1 DLC, a season pass for OP new characters, a gacha shop with abysmal drop rates and no pity timers for legendaries, Denuvo, and a horde of niggercattle defending a soulless corporation every step of the way. Niggercattle who defend soulless jewish corporations like Bamco, Gayfreak, Jewtendo, and other companies that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire deserve to get assraped by HIV+ sub-saharans. Imagine defending an anti-consumer ((( corporation ))) ever. It’s like cows fighting to defend Burger King.
Replies: >>240164
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>The vast majority of Dragonball fans I’ve met in my life have been some of the most docile, complacent and retarded niggercattle I’ve ever seen.
Yeah, they're almost as bad as people who virtue signal on anonymous imageboards with about 100 users.

Do any of you fags know if there's a KOFXV mod to port the "progress bar" frame data thing from SF6's training mode? I thought I read about someone trying to do that in a previous fighting game thread and seeing exactly when you drop your combo is the best idea I've heard of for a training mode in years.
>Yeah, they're almost as bad as people who virtue signal on anonymous imageboards with about 100 users.
I mean how do you faggots expect to grow as a board when you lash out in a passive aggressive and effeminate manner whenever someone disagrees with one of you virgins.
meant for >>240164
I think that you might want to take a break from imageboards.
>how do you faggots expect to grow as a board
By talking about videogames for once. 08808a is right, it's pointless to complain about normalfags for the umpteenth time on such a small site where everyone browsing already shares the same opinion.
Stop arguing and engage in something you find enjoyment in, that's how communities and counter-movements grow.
[Hide] (233KB, 1080x746) Reverse
[Hide] (182.1KB, 740x683) Reverse
Fighting games are for soyboy faggots who can’t fight in real life. They’re for losers like you who didn’t have the balls or the strength to fight back at Chad when he bullied you in school. Maybe you should learn how to lift weights and defend yourself irl instead of learning little button combos like a child in order to live out your gay ass little revenge fantasy.
[Hide] (575.6KB, 600x600) Reverse
why are western fans of fighting games so gay
Replies: >>240185 >>240205
It's a social game genre that rewards huge amounts of time spent into it, but cooperation with other players (ala something like an online first person shooter or an MMO) is mostly a non-factor.
[Hide] (484.2KB, 750x943) Reverse
The only faggot on this board is (You). Instead of doing something of use with your worthless life like hosting a videogame or setting up a cytube stream to have some fun you're here posting faggot flags at any given opportunity and reminding everyone on this tiny site for the reminder of their lives that gay niggers exist.
You're cut from the same cloth as any Twitter user gossiping and spreading the gospel of niggerfaggotry, given that's what you do with your spare time every day of the week. Do you think you have the gall to call anyone but yourself a HIV-infested sack of shit smeared in cum and piss?
If I were you I'd reconsider my entire existence for saving that shit onto your computer in the first place, or for browsing whatever place you got those pictures from in the first place.
>lash out in a passive aggressive and effeminate manner 
I personally think it's faggier to make a post littered with Epic Power Words like GARGLE COCK and RAPED BY SUB-SAHARANS and ((( ECHOES ))) so the post makes us aware how cool and plusbased uncucked he is.

The only frame meter mod I've seen is one for GG Strive, which is mostly functional but breaks on certain animations like Sin's eating. Does KoFXV even have a lot of mods?
Money of you-know-who creates a scene where the gays aren't simply laughed out by the supposedly non gay players.
[Hide] (186.6KB, 275x234) Reverse
>If we go with the voicelines from the first animated trailer, this game's gonna have both FF and Garou characters in it.
>B. Jenet
What this Fatal Fury should have done, was pulling a Street Fighter 4, meaning focus on the Fatal Fury to Real Bout 2 characters, with their original design, and only add the less shitty ones from Garou, meaning B.Jenet and Tizoc.
All the other ones can fuck off.
The only Fighting game that managed to pull the whole "new generation" of fighters successfully to replace the older ones was Tekken, the other ones that tried it always resulted in a worse roster, especially when Street Fighter did it with 3.
Replies: >>241018
[Hide] (134.4KB, 977x846) Reverse
Update: Bamco has filed copyright strikes against YouTube channels run by modders.
Replies: >>241656
>the only fighting game that managed to pull the whole "new generation" was Tekken
Did it? From what I can tell Kazuya is still more popular than his son, Xiaoyu and Hwoarang are not all that popular and Eddie might as well not exist.
Funny enough the only character from T3 that truly became a mainstay to the series while replacing his T2 counterpart was the secret character, Bryan.
Replies: >>241059
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Hwoarang is definitely better than Baek.
Bryan was meant to replace Bruce and it is way better.
Jin was cooler than Kazuya until Kazuya came back in 4 looking more badass than he ever did before.
Julia is essentially Michelle with a different name, so i guess it doesn't change anything.
Same for Forest Law.
Anyway still way better than the garbage characters Street Fighter 3 tried to replace the OG characters with, same thing when Garou replaced the old Fatal Fury characters.
Street Fighter 3 had definitely the worst roster change, i would only save Ibuki, maybe Urien, and that's it.
Garou's were all lame except for Gato, B.Jenet and Tizoc, all the other ones were trash.
Give me back Mai, Cheng, Andy, Big Bear, Kim, Blue Mary, Krauser, Sokaku, Rick, Xiangfei and substantially all the Real Bout 2 characters over Karate nigger, edgy emo ginger faggot, Kim clone 1 and 2, ninja kid, and generic anime girl.
I just don't see the reason to replace an entire roster of characters when said characters are beloved, for an inferior version of them.
Replies: >>241087
>Street Fighter 3 had definitely the worst roster change, i would only save Ibuki, maybe Urien, and that's it.
Necro, Twelve, Q, Hugo, Makoto, and Gill are great designs that far surpass most characters in SF2 or SF Alpha.
>Garou's were all lame except for Gato, B.Jenet and Tizoc
Gato is super lame, but I agree about Garou's designs being underwhelming even if I'm not comparing them to Fatal Fury/KoF.
Replies: >>241099
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[Hide] (2.1MB, 346x194) Reverse
Design-wise i would save Poison even if it is not a playable character even though i hate the tranny head canon some people want to push
[Hide] (72.9KB, 500x615) Reverse
It's not headcanon, Poison was always an anime transvestite (the kind that looks like a woman and not an balding middle-aged man in drag) going back to Final Fight. You were gay the whole time, anon. I'm sorry you had to hear it from me.
Replies: >>241145
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Now we even have the trapfags on /v/. I was really glad that they chose cakechan over this site.
Fucking hell.
Replies: >>241122 >>241128
[Hide] (285KB, 500x370) Reverse
We must purge them now before they start posting about how they dress up in women's clothing and like being fags and getting their shithole expanded
hasn't /v/ liked dickgirls since the 2000s?
I thought they originally designed Poison, intending it to be female, and changed it to a troon after worrying about feminists in the West being upset that you can hit girls in a game?
[Hide] (568.5KB, 1175x607) Reverse
[Hide] (434.6KB, 1210x620) Reverse
[Hide] (455.4KB, 1219x679) Reverse
That's what many people believed, but concept art, early character illustrations, and manuals use the Japanese term "newhalf," meaning male-to-female transvestite/transsexual. Oddly, Roxy is described as not being a crossdresser in the character profiles for Capcom Classics Collection on PS2.

The first 5-7 minutes of this video have a concise explanation.
Replies: >>241177
I dunno, that seems like trying to rewrite history to me in order to match "modern" values - I distinctly recall the outrage and true translations vs the localization back in the day.
>I thought they originally designed Poison, intending it to be female, and changed it to a troon after worrying about feminists in the West being upset that you can hit girls in a game?
That's the story, the rest is
>seems like trying to rewrite history to me in order to match "modern" values 
Like this anon said.
Replies: >>241193 >>241198
If that were true then why would they describe Poison as a transsexual during development of the Japanese version of the game, years before the port to the West?
Replies: >>241195 >>241196
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>why would they describe Poison as a transsexual during development of the Japanese version of the game
I don't know, you seem to know about this subject more than anyone else here.
Replies: >>241198
Gee, I can't imagine why a company that's been known for decades to appeal to social justice types would try and change their history for brownie points. 
Also funny thing: The creators also say that Poison is canonically whatever you think she is. So if you're insisting that she is actually a he, then that might say more about you than anyone else.
Replies: >>241198 >>241205
[Hide] (5.7MB, 640x480, 01:35)
[Hide] (503.3KB, 1233x647) Reverse
I get that you want to say "no, say it ain't so" but the reality is Capcom had some funky stuff in the Kool-aid back then. Vid related. Lilith had this going on too. 0:26~1:00. The VA being the same as Bridget is just icing on the cake.
supports the vid.


MTL of it
>And in 1997, "Vampire Saver" will appear。
>There are various development episodes in the development of this work, such as Lilith, who was originally produced as Morrigan's Compachika, was a "man's daughter" setting, but this is also the next opportunity..。

>Capcom legend
>Lilith was initially a "disequence" and "male" setting (eventually in a gender unknown setting)。
>According to the planning Murata, it was "too early" setting of "the daughter of a man""。

>The "Vampire" series is still desired for the sequel。
>There may be a fir... as soon as the game of the future fighting game rises。
https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=3Lj-9npanOI at 1:46 shows the JP SNES manual saying newhalf. 1:56 defines what newhalf is. 2:28 has concept art that says newhalf, predating everything else, arcade release included. 3:07 shows the Sharp X68000 manual of the JP version saying newhalf. The argument starts and dies right there from that alone. 10:42 sums the whole story up, see pic. You tell that anon to show proof yet didn't even watch the first few minutes with proof, same for >>241196
>The creators also say that Poison is canonically whatever you think she is
They're bullshitting. They think the internet won't have info to out them, somehow.
[Hide] (72.9KB, 600x1040) Reverse
>draw a female character
>have a woman voice said character
<"Nah he's actually a dude and you are gay ha-ha!"
Replies: >>241205 >>241245
I bet you think Nanachi is not a girl
>change their history 
The notes are on the original fucking sketches for the original fucking Final Fight arcade machine, you nigger.

>Capcom had some funky stuff in the Kool-aid back then
And the Japanese are also a bunch of pervs for varied reasons. I've noticed a fair number of what I recall being manly, red-blood anime and manga series having a one-off character who was transgender, transsexual, or some odd blend of masculine and feminine due to phlebotinum in the setting.

Many such cases.
[Hide] (201.8KB, 354x375) Reverse
>evidence of Poison being 100% female
Because Poison should be a biological female.
Do your d*scord infographics have an argument against that, gayboy?
Replies: >>241243
Shit fetish, what can I say from the yellow monkeys.
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What are the odds he gets convinced? The odds of Waffle House allowing their brand in a fighting game are zero.
Replies: >>241381 >>241404
We live in a society where Wendy's all but requested the internet draw lewds of the company founder's daughter, followed closely by a Colonel Sanders dating sim. Anything is possible.
as someone who worked at and witnessed some shit at waffle house, i fucking hope that shit does get in tekken.
i hope the stage has transitions into, out of, and in between the parking lot, restaurant, and storage.
Replies: >>241424 >>241426
What is it about Waffle Houses that makes them magnets for fights? When I used to drive around the south for work I'm pretty sure every time I went to one there was some kind of altercation no matter what time of day and no matter where it was located. Even McDonalds wasn't as bad and that's a pretty reliable place to go to see chimp battles.
Replies: >>241431 >>241456
>as someone who worked at and witnessed some shit at waffle house
I know someone that use to work at a waffle house and has seen a lot of fights there. I asked about the racial demographics of said fights and they told me it was 100% niggers chimping out every time.
From what I read in a trannyera thread about this Tekken 8 shitpost I found in an internet search it's the combination of Waffle Houses being located in Inner Niggerstan and while also being the only place open on a weeknight after the bars close.
[Hide] (137.6KB, 400x400) Reverse
>open 24/7/365
>second chance employment
>no one isnt welcome
>locations include but are not limited to poorer areas
>naturally loud interior
>fair prices
One or more of these factors at any given time make the Waffle House an arena conducive for fights and brawls. 
First you have the location, a single room that is typically long and narrow containing all customers and staff, cooks included. The system used by the staff for communicating orders to one another is exclusively verbal due to the fact that when Waffle House was first opened in Avondale Estates the niggers there couldn't be expected to be literate. This verbal communication isn't itself an issue, but it can add to the high volume prone in the Waffle House environment. I'm sure you've been exposed to situations in which volume from multiple groups continues to rise so that the separate groups can hear themselves. This itself isn't an issue, but let's just say volume doesn't tend to relaxation. Finally concerning the location interior is the temperature, being typically kept cold but also getting hot at the grill. Once again, not necessarily relaxing. 
Second you should consider the staff, of whom there are people with all sorts of histories, from meek first job teenage girls to hardened felons. Your server might be a stoned spook eager to get a good tip while your cook has served multiple times for a serious crimes. The manager might be struggling to feed multiple children while also giving temporary housing to a new hire while he earns enough money to rent an apartment. What I'm getting at is all sorts of people work at the Waffle House and so the types of people working there vary significantly from their ways of dealing with problems to the problems they actually have to deal with. Remember, this staff likely has to have this job. This is effectively their home away from home. As corny as that sounds it really is like a home that they are in, they don't have an option to just move home when a storm knocks the walls down.
Thirdly the most volatile part of the equation - customers. Morning is mostly the elderly and men with real jobs. Afternoon is dead, second shift does a lot of prep work and other time consuming tasks. Second shift might also cook a meal for a homeless in exchange for sweeping the parking lot once a day or something like that. Nights are where the antics really get going. Bums, addicts, drunks, teens, families, late shift workers, you name it. At some point during the night at many locations you will find some or even all of these groups. These people, they don't live at the Waffle House. They don't need the Waffle House in the same way others do. Sure, they need to eat, but clearly they can afford to lose a couple bucks having someone else cook for them. Sometimes they afford more than that, too. Really it is the volatility of the customers that bring the situation to a head more times than not. Being that Waffle House is one of the few, if not the only place open in the middle of the night there really isn't an option to "be smart" about where to eat after the bar closes and you know the guy who was trying to fight your friend is likely also going to the only place you can get food at 3 in the morning. Maybe there's an uppity person who is dissatisfied and decides to take their frustration out on a member of the staff who has had to use violence in their own life in scenarios much more serious than the uppity one is bringing issue with. Fuck man there's no telling there could be two groups there that just don't like one another, or someone misheard another person and now wants to be physical about it, someone could have been dealing with problems concerning the parent of their child that they had out of wedlock. But hey then the staff are there yelling out orders and the grill is hot as fuck and those tensions are naturally high trying to keep everyone happy when you're understaffed in a high turnover rate short order restaurant but then the cook thinks he heard someone talk badly to a server so he's gonna go deal with that in person right now and he's working at Waffle House because no one else wanted to hire a two time felon and now he's about to deal with a customer service issue right now and the cook is already convinced the customer is the issue.

pay the twenty dollar subscription fee to read the full post on whydiditypeallthat.org
were you a waffle house employee or what?
Replies: >>241535 >>241642
I'd be surprised if he wasn't. He hit the nail right on the head on all accounts, right down to the culture.
Replies: >>241648
Well I didn't expect that in depth of an explanation but it makes perfect sense.
[Hide] (111.2KB, 1200x900) Reverse
Well, that was interesting and depressing at the same time
High quality post. Thank you, anon.
Replies: >>241609 >>241642
[Hide] (245.1KB, 549x659) Reverse
>high quality post
>it has nothing to do with video games like at all
ah yes, /v/ - corporate fast food chains reviews & culture
Replies: >>241611
[Hide] (1.5MB, 220x220) Reverse
[Hide] (92KB, 1078x1313) Reverse
[Hide] (410.3KB, 1758x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (219.3KB, 1573x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (315.6KB, 1668x2085) Reverse
Yeah also just a big fan of the place.
No, anon, thank you.
Replies: >>241651 >>241659
Yeah but now he has to post storytime, you can't just drop a bomb like "I used to work at a wafflehouse" and not post your war stories.
[Hide] (520.1KB, 1163x1645) Reverse
[Hide] (146KB, 620x728) Reverse
Judging by that gif, all those things you said may be true, but i think that the root of the issue is just niggers being niggers more than everything else you described.
Replies: >>241663
[Hide] (193.6KB, 280x539) Reverse
Update: Bamco have patch the game to version 1.03 and removed an entire wall combo mechanic in order to nerf an exploit that Devil Jin could perform which reset combo scaling. This has broken most hazards like wall breaks and floor breaks for most characters' combos, and made many stages barely functional or broken.

Eddy Gordo, the first DLC character, is out 3 days early if you buy him via the battle pass. If you don't have him and attempt to view a replay you played against him, you are prevented from viewing that replay because you don't own the character.
>slapfight over some explanation of why Waffle House gets so many fights
They should ask him to make an imageboard stage and make an autistic character to go along with it.
Replies: >>241660 >>241671
Wasn't she a coal burner or something like that?
Replies: >>241663
Reminds me of jewt whining about "tertiary" discussion or whatever it was.
[Hide] (122.6KB, 1035x1280) Reverse
You're not wrong.
Well she talks like a nigger if memory serves so probably.
Okay I'm done with the Waffle fun just had to get a couple more posts in to please the crowd :^)
>autistic imageboard fighter
>obese with weak flabby arms, superiority complex, an unhealthy obsession with [insert socially unacceptable/embarrassing waifu here], and he does it for free
>normal mode is doing soft damage but tanking punches
>has a fedora he can throw around like Oddjob for ranged attacks 
>if he gets triggered, like when you insult the honor of his waifu or call him a fat loser, he goes into sperg berserker mode where he'll deal significant chunks of damage before suffering an asthma attack/tiring out due to being out of shape
You know that would make for an interesting character actually
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