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Been a while since we had one and I've been thinking about it again so it's time to talk about some Monster Hunter. 
What are ya...

Or do you hate MonHunt and want to bitch? Well friend, come on over. We have room in this thread for many opinions, even wrong ones. I myself haven't played in a while. Rise didn't catch on with me the same as the other ones did. I hate the dogs, to much going on with all the palicios and everything during a hunt. Maybe I should give it another go. 
Also maybe we could get a hunting group together again. We did it a bit for portable 3rd and it was pretty fun.
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Some more art and an OST I have laying around.
I wish Capcom thought to include a switch for World/Rise that boosted monster AI and disabled or imposed limitations on all the easy mode mechanics they added. It would allow them to maintain their reputation as a hardcore action game company without driving away the retards they were trying to attract.
Replies: >>217895 >>217948
Normalfags think World is hard, so Capcom doesn't have to pretend to be hardcore to their new audience.
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>>217888 (OP) 
When do we play tripsman?
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This OP's missing a question I've seen arise quitea lot, and I think the thread would be missing out without it:
What's the cutest/sexiest female armor and why? Considering the kind of body female MonHun avatars have (wide hips, juicy legs, well-built abdomen, DFC), what armors do you think suits them the best?
I think Crapcum used to know well their games were dress-up simulators, and you can tell they knew they had to put some effort into drawing the player into collecting armors, that's the main gameplay loop at the end of the day.
I don't think I can blame fags for playing as the girl character in MonHun. For once, male armors are too busy and retarded to be cool. Sometimes I feel the same about female armors, too.
Replies: >>217928
I've been wondering, with all the dumb shit Crapcum has done in recent years, have they censored female armors in some way? Either outright or simply made more conservative designs? Been a long time since I've played Monster Hunter so I've no clue how things have shifted.
Replies: >>217965
I heard this as a rumor but someone picked apart the AI and besides a few scripted things they tend to act randomly. Never confirmed this rumor myself though. 

Which game would we play? Does 3U emulate well?
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Has anyone read the eARC yet? Does Chloe embrace the unreliable narrator thing as much as Chadwick did?
Replies: >>217964
I seewthese at the book store and was mildly interested
Replies: >>217970
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No, as far as Rise, it seems to me like they've made some revealing male armors to keep things "equal" and called it a day, a good way to sidestep those screeching about sexist armor design.
Replies: >>217968
That armpit armor looks retarded, they should have just made the male version not cover the chest.
Publisher has first one free. Be aware it's the author's worst book by far (besides general inexperience, the editing was done by an editor who primarily edits non-fiction).
>>217888 (OP) 
Tri and DOS of all things have online servers now.
Replies: >>217997
Ogay but wut about 3u. I could have sworn we played it here one or twice.
Replies: >>218077
If you are able to emulate it on the 3DS perfectly, which would be surprising, yes. You also need some codes so it doesn't look like shit.
Replies: >>218396
Ugh, I just want to play 3u with the lads here. Why does life have to be so hard?
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I like how Monster Hunter and Warframe are about fashion, while the core gameplay is considered secondary to advanced players.
More Western audience slop in 2025
Replies: >>227671 >>227795
It's not like rise was great either.  This is monster hunter now.  I feel no excitement for it at this time.
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R8 fashion
>try to copycat botw 8 years later
>keep the shit mechanics from rise than even the most retarded normalfags didn't like

wow nice gaem
Cat isn't obnoxious enough. Old man is fine.
Some of you niggers are the most neurotic unfun fucking buzzkills I have ever seen in my life.
You fags remind me of 8/vg/ back in 2019, those guys were downright miserable.
You're so pessimistic you can even write a game off when you haven't even seen any proper gameplay yet damn.

>default outfit
Come on anon, we all know that end game grind for layered armor is where the true Fashion Hunter starts.
Replies: >>228071
Omg! You like Ron Perlman too?!?
I have seen world and rise, and I have seen shitty botw copycats what else do you want me to see?
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So I've now played World enough to form a semblance of an early impression and I'm confused as to why the /v/ hivemind seems to HAET it so much to completely write it off. The one thing I actually disliked so far is the simplification of the gathering mechanics.
>minimap tells exactly you where shit is
>gathering spots are glow-in-the-dark and ruin immersion
>removed the need for pickaxes or bug nets
I get that it's the first release that isn't on a handheld or shitass underpowered Nintendo, so the maps are caught up with modern standards and cluttered with all sorts of plants, trees and whatnot, but making shit glowy AND also showing the exact location on a minimap is just a poor design choice used as a crutch to hide the fact you couldn't make the spots visually unique enough to grab the average player's attention. It completely takes out the exploration and replaces it with sleepwalking towards icon on minimap, since you have no need to actively look around yourself, and that's pretty gay. The fact you don't need to bring tools at all is also pretty retarded. I dunno maybe some disliked it but I liked having to plan what to bring and juggle the limited inventory slots, having to decide whether to bring some extra gathering tools or more healing and other shit instead, or just leave them free altogether for more gathering or something, having to do, you know, basic bitch tier decision making at all. Way to shave off another layer of depth from the game. Also I guess loading times could be a bit better, I'm on a top of the line, near empty NVME and it still takes a good few seconds between transitions, I can't imagine how it is on bargain HDDs.

That aside, the game seems fantastic. The music, UI, the design of the hub, the monsters, the general atmosphere, it's pretty much what I would expect from a MH title with QoL improvements and a fresh coat of paint. The fact the it's so seamlessly integrated with online services and kept updated is what kid me dreamed about of when playing older titles. Looking back, games that only had LAN multiplayer now would feel very lonely and empty in spite of the devs' efforts to prevent that. Dunno, maybe I'll find more things to criticize as I play but so far it seems like another episode of "/v/ hates video game because /v/ told him so".

Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.
>I'm confused as to why the /v/ hivemind seems to HAET it so much to completely write it off
The horrendous "female" characters and the forced cutscenes didn't help with first impressions. But mostly, it's because at this point it's a completely different game. Even GU kept some of the essence. There are other, better games with similar combat gameplay if I want to kill giant dragons or something.

The worst part is I thought maybe the next one would be okay if they took the good parts like the environments and all that, female characters you can look in the face for more than 2 seconds and more old gen like mechanics. And then they released rise, a game so bad even the most average retard playing on a PS5 hates it and prefers to keep playing iceborne. It blows my mind that they didn't even keep and improve the one good thing about world, the well crafted areas.

So yeah, in very very short, it's an okay game but not really worth it personally and absolutely not a monster hunter game.
Replies: >>228250 >>228312
I want to play MHW but my PC can't handle it on anything higher than minimum settings. Normally I don't care about graphics but in World's case, it seems that anything other than max settings looks like absolute diarrhoea. Everything is super pixelated and because the game uses this weird "fade-out" effect on objects during pop-in, the pixelation gets even worse. Doesn't help that the only AA options are dogshit (TAA & FXAA). I think the only way to enjoy MHW is maxing it out on on 2K res and then add Reshade on top. 

So yeah I'll wait until I get a new computer, whenever that might be. Thankfully from what I've seen people didn't like Rise and they don't seem excited about Wilds either, so the multiplayer should still be highly populated when I get to play it.
I think the reason most people dont like it is because how much handholding there was, that and forcing you to look at handlers ugly mug every few minutes. 

On release the game was also severely lacking in monster variety, I hear they fixed that over time with updates and iceborne but you have to remember that world game out ofter generations xx and while world was completely rehauled it still felt there was too much that was cut.
Replies: >>228312
Naruhodo, but are the girls cute?
Replies: >>228119 >>228312
If world didn't have the gay clutch claw shit it would have been pretty good. 
>Whats clutch claw
Lol, don't worry. You'll find out. 
How far are you now?
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Not the guy you're replying to and I haven't played it, but from what I've read and seen, the vanilla girls are for the most part ugly, but not western-tier trannies/lardasses. Thankfully there's mods that make them prettier. Pic related
Replies: >>228211 >>228312
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I think a huge problem with the game in addition to the problems others have mentioned is the balance.
The early games were more about small hunter fighting big monster by using everything at their disposal to tip the odds in their favor. In world they added so many abilities and ways to become so powerful, they trivialized most monsters.
The previous games most bosses were all about pattern recognition and learning their moves and weaknesses rather than just getting the next OP bonus so the monster doesn't stand a chance. 

I am not saying world is too easy, because they knew they made the hunter too powerful, and being the very talented devs they are they fix this by giving the monsters huge health pools and also giving them big AOE kill-you-in-1-hit attacks to balance it out, which isn't fun.
Replies: >>228138
insect glaive is fun
Replies: >>228131 >>228141
I liked it a lot in world. It's not the biggest hitter as if dps matters but it sure is fun.
Replies: >>228328
i only ever enjoyed monhun tri
Replies: >>228141
To be fair this cancer started in GU with the styles or whatever.
Replies: >>228141
It did, but the monsters were still fun to fight (with the exception of a few end-game G-rank monsters).
World just took it much further, then fixed the issue by making the monsters not fun to fight.

I'm a big fan of hammer. I hate how world made the horn a harder hitter though.

Wasn't someone working on emulating the servers/matchmaking so we can play mh tri over an emulator? I havn't checked on the project in a while.
Replies: >>228151 >>228328
>Wasn't someone working on emulating the servers/matchmaking so we can play mh tri over an emulator? I havn't checked on the project in a while.
It's been functional for a while afaik, could be fun
Every time I would pick up one of the games I'd have a grand time and make plenty of progress, but after putting them down I'd never come back until I got an itch for MonHun, where I would start all over again with a new character.
To this day I haven't finished a single title.
So I've been playing 4U edition on my 3ds and I have to say its pretty fun  Though it's pretty much the only one I've gotten a decent way into so bias is whatever
Ive gotten to the fifth tier of what I guess is the story quests and have just been ignoring the guild quests, because I don't really understand what is the point of doing both.  Seems like just doing everything twice for the heck of it. 
Also I just love going on an gathering mission, spend the whole 50 minutes mining every node I can find and then walking away from the whole thing with only 1 fire stone to show for it. just great
Replies: >>228222
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Great improvement!
>Ive gotten to the fifth tier of what I guess is the story quests and have just been ignoring the guild quests, because I don't really understand what is the point of doing both.  Seems like just doing everything twice for the heck of it. 
You'll be able to beat the single player story quests without ever touching the multiplayer quests with what the game gives you. However, what it won't give you are certain unlocks for the canteen and merchant. The max level upgrades for the canteen are unlocked by completing certain multiplayer quests. Same with getting certain material trades from the merchant that allow you to make weapons/armor you wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

In addition, certain single player quests don't unlock until reaching the appropriate HR, which only increases by doing multiplayer quests. If by fifth tier, you mean 5 star quests, I'd suggest waiting till you get enough high-rank weapons and armor before doing multiplayer quests on your own. Not to say they're impossible to do with low rank equipment solo, but it'd make the experience less annoying. The monsters in multi act the same way as the single, but expect to take a longer to kill/capture than normal (and hit a bit harder), since they scale for 2 or more players.
Replies: >>228265
Around 2016 I played some MHF, but for not particular reason I didn't continue for long, was typical for me at that time. Finally came back to it a few months ago. People were telling me I should start from the new titles or at least MH4U, I didn't listen.
Restarting MHF, I was actually nicely captivated and enjoying the chill progression, though it wasn't joy only. A very different atmosphere, it is a unique Japanese game of its time, not a lot more "modern gaming" standardized fifth gen. I beat Kut-Kut and then later rage-quited on yet another Velocidrome mission in the desert, getting overwhelmed by the small monsters.
Proceeded to do 130+ hours of World/Iceborne. Perhaps hypocritical to what I said earlier, making me a pleb myself. Modern slope is just easy, ready for consummation. Maybe as anon said, slope it too harsh, but it is how it feels, standardized, samey, so easy to get through it, the monsters might have larger than the player's models, but their presence is not as large as even that Kut-Kut was. 
ESGs aside, I was mostly okay with the game, though also a lot of small things that didn't make it such an amazing experience. 
It was probably late HR and early MR that I enjoyed it the most, as I felt the most motivated and had the most fun in grinding out some weapons and armors. I guess it is almost worth it for just that fun period alone.
If I had played it with the mods removing the Claw shit, I perhaps would have enjoyed it more. There is actually a combination of small mods that don't affect your save files, but didn't learn of them until too late. After beating the final boss of Iceborne, I had no motivation to continue with the post-end content, just did a few hours of Guiding Lands. Until I realized it is MR limited, so I couldn't get the Gold Rath and the parts I wanted for the weapon I wanted.
Proceeded to do 30+ hours of Rise. I really hated it at first, then was okay, but barely paying attention to what I was doing, thanks to super low difficulty. It didn't really become "difficult" at late HR, but finally started engaging with (mindlessly spamming) wirebugs and started to hate the game for how overwhelming of a mechanical presence it is. Like the Claw, but even worse. Couldn't stomach to even start MR.
At the same time on and off I actually did some MHFU, accepting that MHF will be something to play when I have exhausted later MHs.
So then I went back to W/I thinking I might go for Fatalis. Oh God, I hated the game so fucking much. I always had problems with the maps, especially Ancient Forest, but after playing some of the other games for longer, it felt unbearable. Just like this anon was saying >>228075 clutter, the fucking scout fly, the claw based fighting again, the god damn clutter, oh god. Except even the movement felt sluggish and unresponsive, not just to sonic speeds Rise, but somehow even to MHFU. I genuinely felt disgusted by playing the game. 
Suddenly Rise didn't seem as bad, at least it is a very fluid game. Actually went back to it, playing some early MR, farming for some armors, actually trying to engage the fights of the game for the first time. Maybe easy, would prefer it without the damn wirebugs and monsters being less chrazy, but for the first time I actually felt like I was starting to enjoy Rise.
Note sure if I even enjoy the franchise that much, I probably am, o am I just turning my brain and going to the motions. Are any of them good? Maybe getting too overwhelmed in opinions by the fifth gen.
I most likely should just play MH4U really, but leaving the best for the last is probably optimal, as after it I might not be able to enjoy many of the other games at all, especially fifth gen.

A meaningless thing to say, I assume, but did you make sure to get the latest version? It improves a lot in performance compared to original World and early Iceborne. There is also a small mod that removes some stupid coding that made it fixed 60fps for me. Stracker's Loader + Performance Booster and Plugin Extender.
Actually now that you mention it I do have a couple questions about multiplayer:
can you even play withouth people when using CFW and a pirated copy of the game or is that a no go?
I've haven't yet done any MP hunts so is there any etiquettethat I should know before getting into it?
Does anybody even play 4U MP or would it be better to play one of the other 3DS mon hun games?
Is there friendly fire in this bitch? I know I can knock over my palicios over  but what happens to other hunters?
Replies: >>228292
When are we playing monster hunter together? World, rise, p3rd, I don't care.  I just love huntan with anons.
Replies: >>228300
You can complete guild quests solo. Many people do. It is the main difficulty of the game.
MH1 has had online for some years, Dos got it recently, FU is the same dried and crusty game we've been playing since 8v, Tri recently got servers too, P3rd is the same situation as FU, and 3/4U are relatively easier to emulate now. GU requires you to download more RAM though but still "easy" to run for a console game.
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>gameplay is the most importantest thing in a game, not graphics
>t. /v/igger
>uhhh uhhh this game which focuses on hunting monster has one mediocre looking completely irrelevant side-side character and therefore shit game, literally unplayable, 0/10, absolutely disgusting, commie kike shit, into the trash it goes, not even worth pirating even though the series was never famous for sex appeal and the old models were ugly too
>also /v/igger
My thoughts exactly, fellow based and redpilled individual just like me.
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If the game doesn't have qt girls, what is the point?
Replies: >>228316
A game can be good without cute girls if it has good gameplay, but a game with girls that are ugly on purpose can never be good.
You gotta get off the computer man
It feels like a FF dragoon class fantasy. I want to try other bugs, but I just use the all-buff bug because I'm not consistent at tagging all body parts.

I haven't used it much on MH, but I did about 50 missions in a row with the equivalent on Wild Hearts. Its moveset kinda sucks on that game though. I was just doing triangle button aerial spam into trigger finishers because it seems like it has bad damage otherwise. I saw another hunter only doing moves off box jumps, so maybe that is how it is meant to be used.
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Iceborne fixed a lot of issues with World even though it introduced the gay Clutch Claw, and honestly I didn't even use the fucking thing till postgame and just dealt with suboptimal damage fine enough.

Even though my opinion has softened on World, it still lacks the special something of earlier titles. The quiet mindfulness of choosing loadouts, going on gathering missions, harvesting shit in your farm, hanging out in the hot springs, etc.
Of course it's all personal preference but I'd rather play FU, P3rd, 4U and even GU any day before I play World again.
Replies: >>228351
Addendum: Rise sucked ass and played like a hack and slash spinoff of Monster Hunter with absolutely none of the challenge or strategy I enjoyed in previous titles.
Spoiler File
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I rate this bait 5/10
You can do better next time.
Worldnigger, report. How far are you now? Thinking about jumping in today. I have an end game hunter at the Fatalis who is pretty much a massive wall to me but I can whip our or whip up some older equipment to grind with you.
Replies: >>228426 >>228428
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I haven't played much, I the first few quests and got to HR 2, that's all.
Replies: >>229247
Beat Iceborne, unlocked the Guiding Lands, but haven't done Kirin yet. Will have to farm for gear to be able to beat the postgame, except if it is actually not as hard as people say.
Didn't feel like it, so I just haven't done it and been playing Rise/Sunbreak since. Would consider finally playing with somebody and finishing the game that way. Though I don't know what effect would have on playability to connect across oceans.Usually active during Japanese time. Haven't stayed so late (5am) for a while now.
Replies: >>228430
>already beat world and iceborne
Wait, already? How long has it been? If that's the case then I won't need to redo any equipment. I'm a burger so times might not match up.
Replies: >>228434
It took me close to 130 hours, so it wasn't in a day. 
If we schedule it, we can probably play in the morning here, evening your time. Except today, as it is already almost 6am here. If you can find other people to play with, no need to force yourself to schedule shit with me.
I am a greatsword brainlet anyway. To stop bothering with elements I even transitioned into playing poison GSes exclusively, including in Rise. Though I did spend some time trying other weapons in Rise, I went back to the GS. Really liking the alternative moveset for GS in Rise actually. Though it took me until Sunbreak to actually try changing the basic moveset.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1492x2000) Reverse
I don't remember who posted it or where, but someone dug up the old julay MonHun Co-op playthrough thread here: https://archive.fo/H4Zh4
How unrealistic would it be to see something similar on this day and age? I wanted to give a go at virtual whore dress-up simulator, since I've never played any of these games. Is SP fun?
Then again, the attempt of a SS2 co-op playthrough here >>227755 went nowhere, and from what I can tell no one on this board is willing to do a long multiplayer game over a game they can log in and play for short bursts.
Replies: >>229435
Replies: >>229435
[Hide] (243.2KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Either my GPU is doing something funky or the Joker released its laughing toxin.
Replies: >>229436 >>229530
Oh and you can tag with me and this other dude if you're up to it.
Replies: >>229437
Did you restart? I think disabling volume rendering or something might fix it. I feel like I have seen that bug reported before.
Also I see you are using the defender weapon. Don't, except if you want to really trivialize the game.
Replies: >>229441
[Hide] (156.7KB, 600x600) Reverse
I had in mind something else, like PPSSPP interconnectivity or something.
What's the point of Steam games on an imageboard either way, if you'd rather talk to the other faggot through the friends list?
Replies: >>229438 >>229441
The 3DS games should be easier, as multiplayer room UI is built in the Citra emulator or even the Yuzu emulator, though less people might be able to run that.
[Hide] (215.5KB, 670x444) Reverse
Restarting seems to have fixed it, I think it was something with the scout flies because it started doing it during the quest and then it carried over to the hub.
>Also I see you are using the defender weapon. Don't, except if you want to really trivialize the game.
Oh is the defender sword part of the those bonus items they give you like that other armor with 50 def? I had to craft it so I didn't think it was but I was wondering why it was so good compared to the alternatives.

You can play with us or you can keep whining forever; these are your choices.

Do you recommend I get Iceborne? I still have a bunch of leftover gaben credits and it's on sale until tomorrow.
The armor had the same name, I believe, Defender something? Don't know the stats. They are for people that want to rush through World to get to Iceborne. Were introduced only with Iceborne. As the shitty clutch claw was. Maybe here is a good time to recommend the option to play without the clutch claw, these three mods, especially the first two at least for world:
I could link you to the files instead to the mod pages on nexusjews, but I doubt you wanna use that from a random dude. Also recommend the performance mod. Don't use the 3 claw related mods online. The claw is a shit mechanic introduced with Iceborne.
Replies: >>229445
Wait, I forgot to finish reading your post. I think if you don't have Iceborne installed you are safe form the Claw shit. So probably ignore it until you finish the World story at least. Winter sale is starting in 25 hours anyway.
Replies: >>229445 >>229446
[Hide] (74.7KB, 804x185) Reverse
Yeah I didn't buy Iceborn because I thought it'd be pointless to get DLC before even trying the main game and judging whether I like it or not.
>Winter sale is starting in 25 hours anyway.
Are you sure you got that right? It says here the sale ends in 25 hours and this has been the lowest it's ever been priced at since release so I'm kind of on the edge about getting it, which is why I asked.
Replies: >>229446
From reading online even if you don't have Iceborne the stagger and other damage modifiers introduced with Iceborne will be applied, despite not being able to use the clutch claw, which is the reason for the changes. Fucking weird.
Yes, I am sure, why do you think the sales finishes in 25 hours? Though it might be bumped to the old sales price, which would have been 20 bucks, but also they might keep it. They are cheaper as a pack, I am guessing you bought World before and never played it.
Either way if you already have World, you might as well get Iceborne, it is a lot of content and additional moves you can even use in World. Again I suggest applying at least the first two mods until you finish World, so you get something closer to the original World experience, which was better without the claw.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 200x200) Reverse
>you can play with us or you can keep whining forever
Yeah, OK, I'll stop whining. I'll make sure to buy a 10-year license for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Digital Deluxe on Steam so I can support the developers, the awesome folks at Capcom for making this hype game my favourite streamers love that I'm yet to try. I'll also make sure I buy it on the Steam storefront instead of a key reseller, since I first need to spend a minimum amount of $5 on Steam to gain access to its exclusive features such as adding friends or chatting; as well as verifying my identity through my phone number, lest an evil hacker steals my Steam account. Boi, I'm going to spend so much money on digital badges and cool backgrounds for my personal Steam account you'll be bruhing all over my profile once I send you a Steam invite. Take all my Steam points, kind stranger!

>multiplayer room UI is built in the Citra emulator
How does this work? Can you send fags an emulator ID to connect to one another?
Replies: >>229448 >>229452
[Hide] (90KB, 1008x979) Reverse
You can filter by name, you can create your own room and name it and have a password. Works same way for Yuzu, the switch emulator
Replies: >>229450
[Hide] (839.1KB, 640x358, 00:12)
>you can create your own room and name it and have a password
That's actually pretty cool. Have you tried it before? Does it work well, or does it lag to death?
Does it work something akin to that PSX gamenight, where you had to phone into a specific server, or is it P2P?
I'd set it up, didn't I already have enough vidya to play, but it looks like a decent idea to pull in the future.
What's the /v/ mindhive's opinion on the 3DS games either way, compared to the PSP games I haven't played either?
Replies: >>229451 >>229453
I haven't used it, but I have seen some videos, should work fine. It is p2p, the creator of the room is hosting the server. The emulator is just providing the listing. There is even a way to host a dedicated server, otherwise it closes with the host closing the emulator.

Replies: >>229453
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>I'll stop whining
>keeps prattling on
Sorry, forgot to reply to the rest.
3DS games are generally liked, many think they are the peak. I would suggest 4U as it is more standard gameplay than the more experimental GU/XX, though GU/XX have a lot more content including many mons from all gens. XX is the name of the Japanese version on GU, which has a Japanese patch, preferable to play as it has a bit of exclusive content. Then again, I would prefer 4U at the moment.
Spoonfeeding roms.
Replies: >>229455
Wrong link for the Switch (last one) https://www.ziperto.com/monster-hunter-generations-ultimate-switch/
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I need some help, anyone know where can I get all the episodes?
Replies: >>229457
nyaa.si? If not, animebytes.tv. Also on irc: https://nibl.co.uk/search?query=monster+hunter
Seems like I lied. That's the basic Buster Blade. The Defender weapons (at the top of the tree) have a more edge design. Sorry for the misinformation.
Replies: >>229556
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>mission: capture barroth
>weaken him
>catch up with him
>he or maybe my cat hit some fucking hazard or something
>he dies
>mission failed
Love it.

It was the defender blade, not the buster sword, it probably looked like the latter because of the low res and the fact it was sheathed, I swapped back to my bone blade btw.
Tell my why hunting horn is so cool and I'll tell you you're correct.
Hunting horn is just inferior hammer unless you're in a party
Replies: >>229836
You are wrong and you have wrong opinions. HH is fine solo and compliments a party well as any other weapon does. It's a weapon first, and a buff machine second.
Replies: >>229838
Replies: >>229842
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Your longsword might be flashy, but it will never play a tune
People who solo with hunting horns are a special kind of crazy, and I say that as someone who's been trying to "make them work" since FU. Infinite stamina and noise-cancelling buffs are pretty nifty, though.
Replies: >>229870 >>234452
I was looking through weapons in 3U, my first Monster Hunter. I saw sword, big sword, two sword, axe thats sometimes, a horn, and a bagpipe. I never looked back.
You in Worlds G rank yet? I need someone to carry- I mean hunt with me.
Replies: >>230585 >>230785
What platform do you play on?
If its PC I have both Icebourne and Sunbreak and I'm in endgame in both.
Don't know why you guys aren't playing uno, dos and tres.
Replies: >>230761 >>230806
2 old
Replies: >>230784
1 and dos sure, but tri is objectively the best game in the franchise and it's on the wii.
G rank my ass, I'm still at 4 and I still have to kill the Anjanoob
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[Hide] (618.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (689KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I've been playing Rise with a friend. Feels much better than World, but maybe that's just because it's basically P3rd 4K.
37 hours in and my sleeping schedule is completely ruined.
He's running laps around me, I've barely made it to HR7 and he's already 20.
Running Dual Blades, Charge Blade and trying out Heavy Bowgun. It was fun in Low Rank, but the longer I play, the less viable it becomes. Maybe I just keep crafting the shitty ones or not using a range-oriented armor like Wroggi and Pukei.
I play MH1. Kind of a hard sell though.
Replies: >>230842
play MH2, has an english patch for ps2 and a PSvita version
Replies: >>230856
Planning on it after I get a few more ranks in multiplayer.
[Hide] (9MB, 1280x720, 00:49)
How do I have fun playing the Bow? I want to have fun playing the Bow, but every time I play the Bow, I do not have fun. Why?

Using the Pukei bow in MHW and it feels like a slog, do I gotta just use elemental bows to get some real oomf behind it or does it always feel like a weak little bitch weapon?
You see lad, Bow is actually for homosexuals. Closely followed by chargeblade, and then longsword. So by not liking bow, it actually means you're not gay! Congrats!
Replies: >>233806
Are you using power coatings and shooting at critical distance? You should also charge up to level 3 as much as possible.
Replies: >>233806 >>234452
I enjoy chargeblade, but according to >>233785 I am a homosexual lala faggot.
Replies: >>233823 >>234452
Been playing 4U on citra after starting with World and Rise; I can definitely see why people who liked slower weapons felt fucked by the increasing pace of the series. Everything's slow, cumbersome, at times tedious, but the overall gameplay feels much more satisfying to make work vs endlessly mashing combo against meat sponge enemies.
It feels like the difference between dork souls 1 and elden ring. You aren't punished for not being a roll machine or cheesing with parry mechanics. I went from IG (World) to switchaxe (rise) to GS and in this game, it just feels right. No need for excessive fancy shit. You learn the monster and charge up, no amount of gear fuckery or getting 50 quality of life skills will save you.
Only really frustrating part is the small monsters not getting the hint and fucking off during a fight. The amount of times I've had a level 3 bounce off one of the little faggot pillbugs would be enough to make me drop the series if I hadn't played the easier, later games.
Replies: >>233834 >>234452
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He's right, the lance is the only choice for men.
Replies: >>233837 >>234452
[Hide] (92.7KB, 535x213) Reverse
Man if you hate small monsters you better stay the fuck away from Freedom Unite or earlier games.
Why not gunlance so you can put your stick in a giant monster's face and explode on it?
Replies: >>233838
[Hide] (258KB, 1204x1160) Reverse
Gunlance doesn't look for a hole it makes the hole.
Replies: >>234452
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Anyone still wanna play World or what? I kinda haven't touched it since I beat that electric snake thing with feathers that with the Narg moveset that was the final quest to level up to HR 4, Tobey something.
Replies: >>233909
What times you play? I probably have an old armor set I could bust out.
Replies: >>233910
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>What times you play?
Pic related is literally me. Draw your own conclusions.
Why not just play a good tps instead of worldrise gunner?
HBG is kind of fun before world. Bow is novel in dos I guess. The 'fun' comes from managing charge levels and correctly using pierce or rapid shots with the RE aiming and projectile arcs/travel time. There is not much fun to have .
Shooting a monster out of the air when it tries to run can be fun though, but that just about comes for free in world/rise wth every weapon.

The dos devs hate the hunting horn and playing it is CBT before 3u. After 3U they kneejerked and made it too easy to use. God they don't even give you enough hyper armor in recital mode to avoid getting tripped by an SnS basic swing.

HH provides a very rare pure scaling attack buff and significantly at that, but it rarely offsets the damage you get from playing solo as you could be sticking to the monster more.

You can enjoy it but you are probably a little bit of a dick-fetishist if it's your favorite.

I can't believe the main series died without gunlance ever being good excepting for killing god with a joke that one time.

It's nice that you are enjoying the functional gameplay over the spectacle and gear optimasation of new games. You might enjoy 3U as well, ironically, it is somewhat easier to avoid small monsters in that. Aside from rhenoplos.

I like lance I hope you guys aren't fags playing worldrise
Replies: >>234461
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x480, 00:27)
Are you afraid of some rando shoving his giant, thick lance into you against your consent, faggot?
What's you guys' favorite monsters to hunt and in what game? Zinogre's been my favorite ever since 3U, plus the armor is dope lookin
Kill konchus. Behead konchus. Roundhouse kick a konchu into the concrete. Slam dunk a konchu larva into the trashcan. Crucify filthy insects. Defecate in a konchus food. Launch konchus into the sun. Stir fry konchus in a wok. Toss konchus into active volcanoes. Urinate into a konchus gas tank. Judo throw konchus into a wood chipper. Stab konchus in their soft underbelly. Report konchus to the guild. Karate chop konchus in half. Curb stomp konchu eggs. Trap konchus in pitfall traps. Crush konchus with a hammer. Liquefy konchus in a vat of acid. Eat konchus. Dissect konchus. Exterminate konchus with poison bombs. Stomp konchu shells with steel toed boots. Cremate konchus in the oven. Lobotomize konchus. Mandatory abortions for konchus. Grind konchu eggs in the garbage disposal. Drown konchus in fried gargwa grease. Vaporize konchus with wyvern fire. Kick old konchus down the stairs. Feed konchus to yian kut-kus. Slice konchus with a long sword.
Sand Barioth in Portable 3rd. I miss that nigga. His armor still looks the coolest.
>Zinogre's been my favorite ever
You are everything that has ever been wrong with the game since p3rd.
Replies: >>249098
[Hide] (27.2KB, 313x260) Reverse
I'm gonna have to ask you to elaborate there.
Replies: >>249130
When I was a kid Yian kut ku walled me hard on the ps2. For months. I still get a sense of catharsis with each kill
It doesn't even attempt to be even slightly realistic, it's just a generic jrpg monster boss. It looks like it comes from an old final fantasy game with no attempt to make it look like it could be a real animal, its attacks are completely over the top, ridiculous and also just stupid (like doing a triple spin into somehow jumping 15 meters into air into SLAMMING ITS OWN BACK AGAINST THE FLOOR), all its gear looks as awful as itself, and it is voted the most popular consistently so it is readded to every game plus obviously the devs will guess that's what the fans want more of.

Every other monster I can think of modern or old makes an attempt at looking and acting like a real animal with various degrees of success, they have more natural colors they don't have random pointless evil edge spikes on them, none of them look like they completely threw all design guidelines out of the window and they don't attack like they are a dmc playable character. It is bad and if you like it we cannot be friends.
Replies: >>249150
>It doesn't even attempt to be even slightly realistic, it's just a generic jrpg monster boss
>what is Kushala Daora
>like doing a triple spin into somehow jumping 15 meters into air
>what is Rajang
>jumping 15 meters into the air
You've seen Blangonga or Rajang change zones, right?
How is a back slam any less realistic an attack than a belly flop?
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