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If needed to privately contact me, send me an email at wizard30 [at] tfwno [dot] gf
Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
I thought we should have one of these. Someone from the QTDDTOT suggested these questions for the thread.

>best private mail host?
>best private browser?
>how do you stay private online?
>how do you airgap your phone?
>Best VPN

I imagine some people have made guides on privacy, so if you have any you can post them in this thread too.
Nobody wants to make the thread edition

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
My mom just picked up a commodore PET that was given away for free by a relative :^)
Lets have a proper retro computing thread. 
Post about practical uses of this ancient computer hardware - how this simplistic architecture can be used as a learning tool.
Planned pojects: Restore this decayed machine.
Write Tetris in 6502 assembly.
Discuss radio-related stuff here. 

Bitch about telecom being cunts to Hams. laugh at VE7KFM's (and the rest of 14.313mhz's) continuous antics. Talk about how despite "radio's death" in the 90s-00s that radio as a technology being used even more during then and now. Bitch about how many chinkshit appliances that leak RF into the airwaves and the FCC doesn't/can't do shit. Have an existential crisis realizing that Wifi is pretty-much just radio.

I've been trying to make my own go-bag as a means of either listening/communicating on vacation trips, or in case of SHTF. Still trying to figure out my use cases and decide what I need and don't. It's so fucking hard trying to find a mobile rig that actually can listen to a wide set of frequencies and transmit only on what it needs to. Too many mobile rigs are just X amount of bands, and that's it, no FM broadcast, no AM no EMS or Airline.
According to this: Linux is bad from security perspective, author advises you to use WIndows 10 in S mode, macOS or ChromeOS for more securit. Is it true or he is biased?
Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
Ptychographic X-ray laminography: No trade secret or hardware trojan can hide

Every cell transmitter, phone and computer must be inspected. Silicon Trojans must perish.

Freedom for all is encroached when a few cyber terrorists can freely CONSPIRE to use microwave weapons and silicon trojans. While you are distracted with THEORY, they spread the PRACTICE: surveillance, theft, sabotage and murder.

Havana Syndrome is the result of hacked cell transmitters being used as a microwave weapon. Civilians are victimized daily, children included.

“Havana Syndrome: Are You Next? Electromagnetic Terrorism and Cognitive Warfare” at "hxxps://".

The future of privacy/security is clothing made of metallized fabric to block microwave imaging (enables theft of inner speech by observing minuscule throat/face muscle movements) and block directed energy attacks.

#BadBIOS #Havana Syndrome #Conspiracy Practice #Freedom #Faraday Cage #Firmware Vulnerability #Electromagnetic Surveillance

>Eric Schmidt: Our report says that it’s really important for us to find a way to maintain two generations of semiconductor leadership ahead of China. China has had over 30 years to plan to try to catch up. It’s really difficult.

>Eric Schmidt: We don’t want them to catch up. We want to stay ahead. This is important, by the way, for our commercial industry as well as for national security for obvious reasons. By the way, chips, I’m not just referring to CPU chips, there’s a whole new generation, I’ll give you an example, of sensor chips that sense things. It’s really important that those be built in America.


What are the chips that “sense things” that Schmidt wants to prevent from being available to any other country?

Since the 1980s, Silicon Valley has used semiconductor radars to collect data about what you think (your inner speech) by means of machine learning with data extract from wireless imaging of your face and body. It has proved very convenient for them, as this enables blackmail, extortion, theft, sabotage and murder like nothing else. They can do this because they design the semiconductor used on your phone, computer, TV, car and for your telecom supplier’s network equipment, which makes possible to embed silicon trojans everywhere.

Don’t underestimate what machine learning can do. e.g. Study shows AI can identify self-reported race from medical images that contain no indications of race detectable by human experts.


Also, don’t underestimate the number of people Silicon Valley is willing to kill to maintain a monopoly, as you may be the next victim.

“Protesters turn to tinfoil hats as increasing sickness blamed on Gov beaming radiation rays”


Prompted by this, someone made the video “Defeating Microwave Weapons!” about how microwaves work and how to defend against this kind of weaponry.


Blame Silicon Valley for inserting "Silicon Trojans" and "Defeat Devices" in microwave cell transmitters and processors, enabling them to be used as weapon (SDR phased array with beam steering).

The "Electromagnetic Emissions Scandal" shall be bigger than the "Diesel Emissions Scandal" and the fines shall be paid in something more expensive than money.


Your priority is to make a shielded room to defend yourself, then make portable shields for when global riots start to end this all. For every cell transmitter on your location, you need to add one more layer of shielding. Make it thick. Consult to see how many cells are around you.

For more: hxxps://
Lately I've been interested in looking for a final solution to the imageboard problem, deplatforming and relying on centralized authorities for hosting. P2P through TOR seems like the most logical path forward. But the software would also need to be accessible, easily installed and understood by just about anyone, and easily secure/private by default.

Retroshare seemed like a decent choice, but unfortunately its forum function is significantly lacking in features. I haven't investigate too much into zeronet either but from what I recall that was a very bloated piece of software and I'm looking for something that's light and simple. Then there's BitChan (>>507) which fits most of the bill but contrasted with Retroshare is not simple to setup.

I know there is essentially nothing else out there so this thread isn't necessarily asking to be spoonfed some unknown piece of software that went under the radar of anons. But I think the concept of P2P imageboards should be further explored even though the failure of zeronet soured a lot of peoples perspective on the concept. Imageboards are so simple by nature I feel this shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Retroshare comes close but as I understand it you can't really moderate the forums that you create. Plus the media integration is basically non-existent, though media is a lesser concern. But having everything routed through tor and being able to mail, message, and have public forums all in a single small client available on every operating system is the kind of seamlessness that a program needs for widespread adoption.
Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
>I’ve been working as a mobile developer for 12 years. I’m a straight white male who knows what I am doing in my occupation. But lately I’m struggling to find another place to work.
>I applied for a job at DuckDuckGo, and got told to go fuck myself right away. So I reapplied as a black lesbian 5 years of experience who can’t program or spell. They are moving me to the 2nd round of interviews.
>What do we do in an industry that fucks straight white men over so relentlessly? >Do I just become a NEET? Feeling down and super blackpilled atm. Fuck this gay clown world where nothing makes any sense.
I, Asukadomo Type VIII, issue a fatwah on Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare.

He pretends to be part of the infosec scene while he's actually just a lawyer.
He isn't even a real lawyer, just a dropout.
He conveniently invokes either identity when he needs to appeal to one side.
He has single-handedly blocked Tor, VPN, etc from the internet, for 11 years without rest, by making a trendy webshit as a service that blocks Tor by default, requiring each website admin of a Cloudflare-backed website to overcome philosophical and technical hurdles to even realize this is a problem and to fix it by configuring Cloudflare properly.
In the above, he violated the end-to-end networking principle.
For the vast majority of these 11 years he used ReCaptcha, the most broken piece of shit captcha on earth (which blocks Tor over 50% of the time). It could only be solved by all kinds of tricks like disabling JS which itself raises more red flags on the website that acts like a paranoid retard. If you are blocked by a Cloudflare-backed website, say "", you have to fill out a ReCaptcha (and then a second one to access ""). Each of these steps takes multiple minutes. If you're doing some research it will take hours just to do what took 10 minutes before Cloudflare was invented.
Due to the above, many billions of man hours were wasted browsing websites over Tor, VPN, offices, universities, cafes, etc, due to his broken dipshit idea of blocking "hackers" by IP and making them solve a captcha.
In the above, he violated the purpose of a captcha: to throttle bot comment posts (and similar use cases). There is no other purpose for a captcha, and none would be acceptable. "Thing that stops my site from being rooted" is not a valid use case for a captcha. If you just put a captcha somewhere and only justify it by your opinion, you deserve DEATH. A captcha is not something that can be taken lightly, in network protocol design. He was given high levels of authority, and abused it.
He has single-handedly fabricated a new concept where a website just gives you a captcha because you might be trying to hack it according to some heuristic which almost always gives false positives. Let me state this again: websites did not require a captcha for viewing content before Cloudflare. Not one single website. Dumbass kids getting into webdev now think a captcha gate on the front page is a thing, thanks to Matthew Prince. If you put a captcha on your website anywhere other than a comment or signup form, you are just a nudev eating feces downstream from Matthew Prince.
While implementing all the fuckery above using webdevs (AKA retards), he created the CloudBleed security vulnerability, which caused all of his client bank websites to leak user credentials literally all over the web. Cloudflare no doubt has more of such vulnerabilities, which were obvious and predictable even long before he disclosed Cloudbleed.
He claims that websites are properties, by consistently calling them "web properties", thereby aligning the web as some sort of real estate market where the land owners can sue / jail anyone for made up reasons just like the entertainment industry does with DMCA (or just like land owners do to anyone and everyone for bullshit like "hanging around"). When in reality the internet is just for lulz.
He aligns his philosophy of attacking users when it has a 0.000000001 cent cost to the "web property" with liberal politics. So if you argue that blocking Tor is fucking retarded and pointless, you are labelled a nazi by the left wing sheep. He got rid of 8chan because it was too far from the left - it allowed people to say things without "moderation" (actually it had heavy moderation and /tech/ was complete center). But 8chan made the mistake of not hiring N employees to "moderate" every single thing a user ever posts, and so /pol/ was allowed to exist with its 5 users, and then Tarrant posted his manifesto there. He then tried to formalize his reasoning as "8chan does not uphold rule of law", which means absolutely nothing, but he thought he was real smart for using a phrase he got from his half assed law degree. In reality, he just kicked off 8chan because it was not left wing enough. It did not ban people for saying "nigger".
He has centralized most of the internet. He MITMs every user of his service. He grants this access to the NSA. Not maybe, he does. Just like before Snowden, it was obvious before it was "revealed".
He started off his business by showing how he thwarted a gorillian pedobyte DDoS attack, which has left a mythos in the average script kiddie that "cloudflare is the only way to stop DDoS". On the contrary, what they actually sell to businesses is snakeoil like "blocking hacker IPs", and "blocking scapers", which is another nail in his coffin because the only fucking use the web has is for being scraped. It's literally impossible to use any website made after 2001 without a bash script to retrieve its contents and display it in a terse form.
On top of all of this, he protects child porn, piracy, and scam websites by obscuring their ownership as well as protecting them from DDoS, citing free speech and such while still terminating sites like 8chan.
This faggot's net worth is 8 billion dollars from making a glorified CDN any stupid fucking techie kid could (and did) back before 2010.
There is a cult surrounding this absolute hack of a company. Cloudflare is run by people who do not even understand the most basic engineering principles, who repeatedly show this by explaining how after N years they figured out how to do something previous net companies were already doing 10 years before them. If you say anything bad about Cloudflare you are automatically downvoted on HN and some faggot you're conversing with in a SF cafe will raise his eyebrow like you're one of "them". I'm not saying "bad" as in you called them niggers. I'm saying, if you even disagree with any single technical choice they made, or prefer some other company for one of their services.

Kill Matthew Prince. Behead Matthew Prince. Roundhouse kick Matthew Prince into the concrete. Slam dunk Matthew Prince as a baby into the trash can. Crucify Matthew Prince. Defecate in Matthew Prince's food. Launch Matthew Prince into the sun.

If you delete this post you're gay.
Repost of the Julay /tech/ sticky with some minor edits:
Beginner Info
If you would like to try out GNU/Linux because of, you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine (preferably using KVM or Oracle VirtualBox for newfriends).
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything (keep in mind that the performance of live distros might be very different than from distro that was booted from your HDD, as most distros are loaded in RAM and don't include the proprietary drivers for NVIDIA GPUs or up-to-date Mesa libraries in their isos).
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows (make sure to install Windows first, as it can "replace" GRUB or other UNIX bootloaders, and troubleshooting of Windows replacing your bootloader of choice might be painful for people that just started learning about the Linux kernel)
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux (you really shouldn't do this, if you don't know what you're putting yourself into, see:

Use your web browser and search engine of choice. Good comparison between them is hosted here:
If not sure which browser to choose, just use the Tor Browser Bundle:
or paste these commands to your terminal emulator of choice (please make sure to first learn what they're exactly doing):
$ sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint or just simply apt-based distros)
$ sudo pacman -S base-devel git python && git clone && cd pikaur && makepkg -si
$ cd .. && rm -rf pikaur && pikaur -S tor-browser (pacman-based distros)
$ xbps-install -S torbrowser-launcher (Void Linux)
If you "bricked" yourself and can't launch Xorg/Wayland, then try installing an terminal-only browser like Lynx and using it troubleshoot your mistake.

Type these commands to your terminal emulator to learn more about various commands:
$ man command
$ info command
$ command -h/--help
$ help builtin/keyword

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos something

Check the wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):
8chan /tech/'s wiki on GNU/Linux:
4chan /g/'s wiki on GNU/Linux:

Watch videos on JewTube: (Invidious is unreliable now, keeping this link anyways) (Either install it from pip or the distro repos)

>What distro should I choose?
1. Ubuntu, or it's flavors like Xubuntu, Kubuntu or even forks like Linux Mint (only LTS or LMDE) and KDE Neon (only LTS)
- Groovy Gorilla 20.10 is the semi-rolling release of Ubuntu (still containing mostly stable and out-of-date packages)
- Focal Fossa 20.04 is the current LTS (long term support) release of Ubuntu and thus is the most supported by corporations like Canonical (corporation behind Ubuntu) and it's partners, Valve, and hardware manufactures in general. It just works™
2. Debian GNU/Linux
- Stable (“buster”)
It's the stable/LTS and the "true" release of Debian. Contains a lot of outdated, but stable packages and is the easiest to install release of Debian.
- Testing (“bullseye”)
Is the testing release of Debian, which still contains a few outdated packages to be more stable. It's packages later go to the stable channel.
- Unstable (“sid”)
Is the rolling release of Debian and with the help of Debian Experimental, can be nearly as rolling as Arch or even Gentoo. It's packages after enough testing (usually a week) later go to the testing channel.
>How do I install Debian's experimental packages?
If you want something that has insane support and one of the largest communities out there, or just simply something that gives users more choices than Ubuntu, then this is the distro for you.
3. Arch Linux
Is a rolling distro with a semi-minimalistic approach to GNU/Linux, meaning you install it only from the console itself with pre-compiled binary packages (packages that are ready to install). Can be easily broken, if the end-user doesn't know how to avoid troubleshooting it. It's primary audience are users that want bigger control of their system. and people who want to stay on the most-up-to-date versions of their favorite programs. Good for learning how GNU/Linux works.
4. Manjaro Linux/EndeavourOS
Are forks of Arch Linux with the Calameres installer. Manjaro has it's own repositories, with package release channel similar to Debian's, while EndeavourOS tries to stay as close to Arch as it is possible. Decent, if you're one of those people which never read manuals.
5. Gentoo GNU/Linux
Is a distro that is very similar to Arch, but is much more stable and up-to-date thanks to you getting in control of configuring and compiling everything from the source code. Is also much harder/longer to setup than Arch's installation process, but compiling everything from it's source can result in overall better performance of programs that you use daily. Nothing can beat it when it comes to avoiding systemd. Perfect for learning how your UNIX systems actually work.
6. Linux From Scratch (LFS), Guix or NixOS
if somehow Gentoo didn't made you comfy with it, then with these distros you possibly can't get comfier except if you make the switch to BSD-based systems.

Even more info here:

If you don't care about having a modern desktop and want to avoid systemd, make sure to give the distros listed by this website a try:

If you prefer 100% libre, free as in speech distros:

>What are some cool programs?
>What are some cool terminal commands? (doesn't work without JavaScript enabled)
>Where can I learn the command line?
>Where can I learn more about Free Software?
>How can I run Windows software?
Install the drivers for your GPU:
Then install Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) and preferably the 'Staging' branch of it:
Lastly read this:
Also, make sure to learn about winetricks, DXVK and Windows .dll files in general.
Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
Are you employed in a technical capacity? What job is it? How did you get it? What does your daily wokload look like? Are you looking for a different line of work?
I'm starting my journey of making money online. I will be documenting everything that I do here in hope that i can stick with it and help fellow anons make money from the comfort of his room without having to show his face anytime.
My friends made an app. It's very cool. Imagine a youtube-like interface except you fetch videos and data from different sources and people write plugins for each source. As a result, a creator can switch from e.g. Youtube to Odysee to whatever else is the best without losing their audience. There's also decentralized comments and thumbs upping and downing

We are destroying Youtube's network effect. They are fucked.
It's an open source android app. There's no desktop version yet because making it work well on another platform is a lot of work.

Another interesting thing is that Youtube is now deleting videos that mention Grayjay
> Made using 100% free software
> 3D Animated movie
> One guy rigged models, wrote story, voiced half of the characters, composed music
> Took 3 years
> Out since October
> In total has less than 300 views
> Sends an email to Free Software Foundation. They don't promote it.

Why isn't Moria's race more popular?

TOR: http://ttauyzmy4kbm5yxpujpnahy7uxwnb32hh3dja7uda64vefpkomf3s4yd.onion/films/Moria'
Odysee (LBRY):
What happened to the creator of mpv exactly? Why did he get kicked out from his own project? What lead up to the mpv creator getting kicked out?

I posted this thread on Lainchan earlier, but I didn't get to see any replies and then when I went to check back on it, it got deleted most likely because it was offtopic despite it relating to FOSS. There is no ban message.
Please do not del this thread, janny.
Any ideas on how to shield internet discourse from highly proficient, Turing-Test-passing chatbots sicced on given economical, political and cultural goals set by an unchecked and unbalanced third party?
ive always ignored my dad's insistence on Arduino on me until i started doing CS in college, where should i start? I did a little bit of soldering but i have no idea how a breadboard works, or what the fuck is grounding.
Discuss methods to remove >systemd.
Discussion about "AI"s, deep learning, llms and others.
I'm looking for a way to get notifications when posts are made on all my favorite imageboards as a way to 
A) Discourage myself from spending hours aimlessly lurking dozens of sites and finding maybe one or two new posts, while I have stuff I really should be doing.
B) Encourage activity on these places by being able to respond promptly.

I want these notifications delivered to my phone, because I spend most of my time outside. I know /whitelist/ on Junkuchan has an RSS and an Atom feed, but I don't think most boards do.

If there's some app that already does this that would be cool, but it needs to work for any IB. I've tried out some IB browsers but they only work on a handful of boards, and never the ones I actually use, and with the current state of IBs to rely solely on some guy, who's probably knee-deep in a computer science major, and working on 6 other projects, to learn about every new IB I like and get it on their app doesn't seem practical.

And besides, I don't need a IB browser, just something that notifies me when a post is made. If this is something I'd have to make myself, I'm willing to do that, and if so, I'd love to be pointed in the right direction(s). I'm not particularly learned on computers or programming, but I've always been able to mash out anything that I set my mind to. So, I'm up for giving it a shot.
Please write a Violentmonkey script to hide threads. I wrote such script for prolikewoah, but I can't be assed to do the same for this shit. ttps://
>be me transferring music from tablet to phone
>tablet has vlc android
>get vlc on phone
>vlc can import playlists
<vlc android can't export playlists
>oh well it can export the whole db
>i'll just look at the schema and export a playlist from there
<the schema:

(...)CREATE TRIGGER media_group_update_media_count_on_import_type_change AFTER UPDATE OF group_id, import_type ON Media WHEN ( IFNULL(old.group_id, 0) != IFNULL(new.group_id, 0)  AND new.import_type != 0 ) OR new.import_type != old.import_type BEGIN UPDATE MediaGroup SET nb_video = nb_video + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.type WHEN 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_present_video = nb_present_video + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE new.type WHEN 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_audio = nb_audio + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.type WHEN 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_present_audio = nb_present_audio + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE new.type WHEN 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_unknown = nb_unknown + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.type WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_present_unknown = nb_present_unknown + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE new.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE new.type WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_external = nb_external + (CASE new.import_type WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END), last_modification_date = strftime('%s') WHERE new.group_id IS NOT NULL AND id_group = new.group_id; UPDATE MediaGroup SET nb_present_video = nb_present_video - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE old.type WHEN 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_video = nb_video - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.type WHEN 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_present_audio = nb_present_audio - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE old.type WHEN 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_audio = nb_audio - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.type WHEN 2 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_present_unknown = nb_present_unknown - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.is_present WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE (CASE old.type WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) END) ELSE 0 END), nb_unknown = nb_unknown - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN (CASE old.type WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) ELSE 0 END), nb_external = nb_external - (CASE old.import_type WHEN 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END), last_modification_date = strftime('%s') WHERE old.group_id IS NOT NULL AND id_group = old.group_id; END;
>be Thomas Buchler
>gay jew record producer
>become Orthodox jew (but remain a massive faggot)
>try learning Torah chant
>through tapes to save time and probably shekels
>oy vey rewinding tapes is too slow
>my time is valuable
>I could be writing computer software and making money instead
>licenses DECtalk
>uses it to make TropeTrainer
>the definitive software for learning torah chant
>software that sings the word of god
>it's really fucking good
>loads of jews buy it
>along the way he preserves loads of obscure jewish chant traditions
>meanwhile he's surrounding himself with loads of fags and trannies
>he's a massive fucking faggot in another way too
>he won't let anyone see TropeTrainer's source code
>no one
>not even the people he works with
>and his software is struggling with newer operating systems
>aka it doesn't fucking work on newer macOS versions and Windows 10
>he's also married a gay nigger intersex HIV positive jew
>makes a surrogate child
>then he fucking dies
>totally from cancer goyim
>jews upgrade to Windows 10 and the new macOS en masse
>suddenly their super important teaching software they're relying on doesn't fucking work
>find out he's dead
>and his niggerjew "husband" has lost the source code
>may have fucking given away the computer to some jew charity shit where it was probably wiped
>the phone app stops working too
>some DECtalk tranny he collaborated with won't release what little code he has because muh intellectual property
>kikes seemingly can't reinstall his donut steel software on Windows 7
>probably because of DRM or some shit
>have to resort to using an ancient build in a Windows XP VM
>another kike nabs the trademark to TropeTrainer
>calls his new software TropeTrainer™
>it's a fucking web subscription program
>and it can't sing

And thus ends the tale of Jewish Terry Davis, a fat fucking faggot who took over the world of jewish chant training and demolished it because he was too gay and jewish to release his source code. St. Terry made a Temple for free, Kike Terry made a bunch of shekels off a clever singing program but screwed everyone over through short-sighted jewish schemes.
I just had an interaction with the website of some average business, and it made me wonder if email and regular communication is dead. That business has a contact form on their site, they receive 5+ spam emails every single day even though their contact form has a google captcha on it. Meanwhile, people struggle to receive legit emails because every email provider blocks literally everything.

If you put more heavy-handed captcha solutions on the site, you start filtering normalfags and hindering your business. While being able to filter bots would be a great victory, but it's only a half-victory because spammers can use some third world captcha farms to use human labor to solve captchas.

How would you logically fix this? How do you allow people to contact each other without having to deal with this AIDS? The dude who created Freenet has talked about a few techiques that sound interesting. The first is a token cost-based system, there's some thing that generates tokens over time or whatever, and then you must pay those tokens to send messages, and the received can customize how many tokens are required to send a message to them.

The second is a human network -based system where you choose to trust certain people, and whoever other people create a linked list from you to other people, the closer they are to the people you trust the less suspicious they are. The network of trusted people could then be used to judge people and websites/services as trustworthy or untrustworthy.

Also as a side-note: there's several contexts where spam exists. Filtering posts that go into a social media website is different than filtering messages that a business contact email receives. In the former case it doesn't really matter if some people have a hard time or even if some real people get filtered, but in the latter case it could be the difference between staying in business and not. You can use a more heavy handed barrier of entry like requiring a phone number or a really difficult/long captcha when creating an account or mark new/inactive accounts as untrustworthy until approved by a moderator or some algorithm, but that kind of tricks don't really work for someone's personal/business contact or whatever.
Anon, why aren't you using SimpleX on your LineageOS phone yet?
- just werks
- no phone number needed
- profile is on the phone and not on servers
- chat, voice calls, video calls, file transfer
- has servers, so you send stuff to people who are not online
- you can host your own servers if you want to
- has an a
- FOSS and on F-Droid
- has desktop application
I already moved my relatives to it.

SimpleX and Session are the only messengers that don't tie all your data to a phone number and my prepaid card is video verified with me and my government issued ID card and charged up using my bank account.

I had some doubts regarding Session:
- fork of Signal which I don't trust because it requires a phone number, has closed source components, took the open source build from f-droid by complaining there despite the license permitting it and is shilled by msm
- relies on a cryptocurrency, so maybe it's just some get rich quick scheme by the creator
- made in Australia
- shady black green website which looks like a glownigger honeypot
but maybe I'm totally wrong and it's a fine messenger.

All the Tox clients I tried were awful, so that was off the table too.
XMPP and Matrix need you to set up a server and neither me nor my grandma will set one up, buy a domain name and maintain it for all eternity.
 Discuss alternative OSes that are not Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. 
Also post your criticism of UNIX, Windows and Fag OSX design ITT.
If you want to discuss GNU/Linux distros, there is already a thread for it: >>>/tech/530
The package manager thread can be also useful: >>>/tech/4739

Some hastily written notes...
* everyone thinks UNIX ( is still the state-of-art. Ignorants praise Windows, not knowing it's originally a dumbed down clone of VMS that has some patches ported from OS/2 ( Some say that Windows is also still mainly a single-user system that emulates a multi-user system. I think we are living Higurashi tier time loop when it comes to operating systems...
 (and CPUs: X86 is relic from the times of Vaxen. ARM, PowerPC/Power ISA, MIPS, RISC-V are more modern and better. Even modern X86 CPUs converts CISC to RISC in the microcode!)
* Plan9 (9front? Also, see plan9port and 9base), BeOS (Haiku) and TempleOS were the last innovative operating systems that I know of. Even the OSDev people imitate UNIX.
* It's awful that a misbehaving device driver can take down the whole system. Microkernels (e.g. MINIX, GNU Hurd, seL4) or muh """hybrid kernels""" (e.g. DragonFly BSD, Haiku, ReactOS I don't know if modern Windows has a hybrid kernel.) should be the norm. MINIX is incidentally perhaps the most used OS because ((( Intel ME ))) uses it as a basis for the CIAware that runs on our fucken CPUs!
* Nearly all criticism of UNIX is historic stuff: The UNIX-HATERS Handbook ( a joke), Multicians ( and LispM ( users...
* Worse is better or do the right thing? &
* Some modern UNIX-related innovations: 9p, DTrace, Solaris Zones & FreeBSD Jails, Nix & Guix...

User interfaces and GUIs
* #rC3 - What have we lost? 
More vids...
< LispM (emulator):
< Smalltalk (also, see Squeak and Pharo): & &
< Lucid Energize:
< TempleOS: &
Plan9's Acme is cool too: & &
GNU Emacs and SLY/SLIME can also be a source of inspiration: (also try Emacs' M-x customize)
Oberon Systems:

Links and instructions for running TempleOS using qemu can be found here: >>>/tech/934 & >>>/tech/4146

other stuff...=
Plan9 - Process Sleep and Wakeup on a Shared-memory Multiprocessor:
Reposted from >>>/v/122313
Plan9 had some cool stuff &
>the front fell off.

>criticism of UNIX
I also remembered the A fork() in the road paper: (it's not like the windows' way is any better... see, CreateProcess() )
and this paste: ("fork() is evil; vfork() is goodness; afork() would be better; clone() is stupid")  P.S. vfork() sucks Also, see rfork() of Plan9 and FreeBSD.
Also, like malloc(), fork() can fail:
This whole post is probably going to read like a giant advertisement for Yandex.  So, I apologize in advance for sounding so shill.

I was comparing search engines not by how botnet they are like people on /tech/ usually do, but by how "Basically Google with a VPN" the search results were, and I noticed how on...let's say "politically divisive" topics...Yandex gave me COMPLETELY different results.  I also noticed how likely I was to get ONLY major corpos as the results.  Like Google/Bing/Brave/DDG/etc. would all repeat the same Mockingbird media corpo links and tend to keep the narrative pretty tight, but Yandex would give me none of that.  I just wanted to share some of these:

Google results for "school shooting SSRIs":
"The Misperception of Antidepressants and Mass Shootings"
Almost every result is a major corpo
USA Today
Business Insider
LA Times
The Hill
No counter opinion

Yandex results for "school shooting SSRIs":
Same USA Today article, but then
"How to make a school shooter. Pharma pushes SSRI’s on..."
"The Decades of Evidence That SSRI Antidepressants Cause..."
The actual results are not corpos.  Substack,,

Google "trump had nothing to do with jan 6":
"Trump refuses to say what he did during the Jan. 6 attack"
"Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump's ...
Again all major corpos Business Insider, ABC, AP, Wapo, etc.

"The FBI Finally Proves That Donald Trump Had Nothing to..."
"Trump Had 'Nothing to Do' With January 6, Claims Barry..."
Actual sites outside of the norm

I suspect what's going on is that the Russian government downranks U.S. MSM sites, but I'm so used to Google/Bing/etc. upranking U.S. MSM megacorps that it's nice to have a way to undo it.  But really it's nice to just get what I'm searching for rather than getting a giant "fact check" in my face that's patently absurd to the point of gaslighting.

Alright, I'm going to collect my check from the Russian government now, thanks for listening.
What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
>inb4 selfhost your email
most info taken from:
probably incomplete quick list, but you could read the dippity dopper article for more information

<gmail, yahoo, etc.
>big corpo trash
>sells data to 3rd party advertisers
>Shady metadata policy (retained for an indefinite amount of time)
>URLs in onion hidden service site point to the clearnet (information is from 2019, cannot reconfirm as the hidden service never loads as of the time writing this)
>Account creation verification blocks some email domains from being used to verify the account (Riseup and possibly domains for example)
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and forces their private keys generated on their servers instead through a JS web interface, many backdoors
>Requires to use their stupid bridge thing for mail clients, possible backdoor
>Blocks registration through Tor and VPNs (possibly tested with RiseupVPN only, didn't test with MullvadVPN)
>Only allows 1 account per IP
>Doesn't allow to use external mail clients (Thunderbird, Claws Mail, etc.) except the Tutanota desktop mail cleint
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and shills against PGP | see here:
>often has issues with signing in to view mail
>all the email domains offers are usually blocked by other sites since is mostly used for throwaway accounts and spam
>TOS is a bit restrictive and Riseup is intended to be used by activists exclusively
>claims that they will pull the plug if compromised by the government, but they handed over data to the government one time
>restrictive TOS like Riseup, but the admin claims the service is not activist exclusive
>greylists some rarely used email providers
BitChan has been updated to v0.10.0 and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symmetric password. Owners can globally change CSS, banners and wordfilters. Owners can even wipe a board if they want. You can join and create as many boards as you want. There's also a prototype steganography thread running alongside of every normal thread. The steg thread shows decrypted steg from jpg/pngs. There are also public and private lists. Lists are just collections of links to boards or other lists. Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards. They can be updated and edited after their creation. BitChan is fully dockerized so it is cross-OS compatible, but has only been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and the most recent version of Whonix. I could go on about all the features (there's a lot more), but I just wanted to give you a taste. It's surprisingly fast for text only messages that total around 20kb or less and using hosting services for file attachments, taking usually only a few seconds to a minute depending on how many people are on your part of the BitMessage network.
Just so you can be careful, this idea has fallen into my brain lately, and I think it's kind of smart.
Internet swindlers, especially beginners, have a problem with the domain. For example, you find suspicious sites that have a strange name domain and not as usual, so the victims ignore it.
What if someone had a kind of conversation with these nowadays zoomers who interested with " Darknet Bullshit" and gave himve a onion site to try on for exemple Facebook on Tor " facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion " and tell him that you can login in Facebook while using tor and shit, or you can do any site that pretending " Green Machines, Gore sites".
.Onion domains is too tall and cant be detected or suspicious specially for those kids around.
Users of all levels are welcome.
Remember, don't go full autismo like billy-o. Productivity takes priority.

>What is software minimalism?

>Recommended Operating Systems & Linux Distros:
Alpine, Artix, Devuan, Gentoo, Glaucus, Guix, Oasis, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Plan9(front) and Void.

>Useful links
I'd previously assumed that Electron-esque garbage like Snap and Flatpak were just a fad confined to lazy commercial software, but along with a slow general decline in community packager activity, I've recently noticed more and more dev projects like GIMP and Handbrake abandoning official Linux builds for distro-native package formats. Reading a bit about it, the underlying tools and standards for packaging appear to be in general decay, and I was surprised to see some distros like Ubuntu and Fedora making noises about completely abandoning their package managers at some (usually vague) point in the future!

Throughout the span of modern Linux distros, before the need to resort to manually installing every single version of a piece of software, as an alternative to waiting for the distro's repo to update from (sometimes painfully outdated) stable versions, there were pretty much always builds of whatever available from either the developers themselves or some helpful person's PPA. Without that, Linux will become much less convenient to use at best, far more bloated and broken at worst.

It has been suggested by some, such as this article:
that the main problem which allowed such moronic software to gain momentum (aside from security flimflam exaggerating its sandbox capabilities) was Linux's notoriously unstable ABI, a problem that is gradually fixing itself. But I worry the only real solution to lazy devs would be package managers that cleanly install multiple versions of the same dep, and an explicit way for packages to specify minimum/maximum versions for dep compatibility.

I'm also unsure as to how much inertia there is behind this. In the case of Ubuntu, for instance, is this something that's definitely going to be forced down all the other big forks' (e.g.: Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.) throats? Or is this something that will probably remain opt-out beyond Ubuntu Desktop? I'm also unsure of how strong awareness or backlash against it is, as in the case of Mint balking at Ubuntu upstream's silent replacement of their web browser packages:

I realize this is a very Linux-specific problem, moreover one of less immediate severity for rolling distros, but is the heart of Linux's ecosystem dying? Or am I blowing this out of proportion?
Here's how you could "fix", or make a better version of the C programming language.

How would you improve C or another language?

Most important

- #import, imports the file into the program, but only makes the contents (variables, functions, types) available inside files that include it directly. It does not place the contents where you #imported it like #include does. Header files and compiler settings are unnecessary for #imported files. #defines do not have to be compatible with it, if that's what it takes. #include is still useful though, although I would probably call it #paste instead.
- Use . instead of -> for dereferencing struct members. It seems like a nitpick but it's important because of how prevalent and annoying and totally pointless (insert pointer joke) it is.
Post about /tech/nological cancer that you've dealt with in the past.
Have you been working on your site anon?

Discuss anything about website building such as document preparation, layout design, custom static page generation, cgi scripting. Shill your website here, post about your updates, and read other anon's websites.

Pic related. People on neocities have been using discord as a guestbook, so I decided to make an email-based guestbook for my fanfiction hobby site.

The AGO has confirmed it has received complaints from Incognet and Crunchbits and that the complaints fall under the scope of their office. I am filing mine this week.

Residents of Washington may be needed soon.

Edit 1: Small update but when we tried to route another /48 off my subnet it was also blocked immediately before ever being pushed live as an AAAA record. In short, this means the company is actively hawking my subnets and terminating them as soon as they go up to deliberately deprive Washington residents of Internet access to websites of their choice.


Edit 2: Actually, they blocked my /32, which means Hurricane Electric is blocking 65,536 network blocks containing 65,536 subscriber blocks each with each subscriber block containing 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible addresses. With this number, I could assign each gram of the Earth's total mass 74 IP addresses each. They have done this specifically to accomplish keeping Washington residents off the Kiwi Farms.

c 4 urself
This is largely due to legal and extralegal influence from Liz Fong-Jones / Elliot William Fong and persons associated with him.

For the benefit of anyone who doesn't understand Internet routing: an ISP deciding to block an entire subnet is akin to the President deciding to barricade all roads leading to a neighborhood because of an individual in a single house.

Without a court order, or even a statement of laws broken. Just because some suit in an office said so
Was uncle ted ultimately right? Is humanity fundamentally at odds with modern technology?
ITT we discuss how technology will assist in our survival during various SHTF scenarios
Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
Thoughts on a new standard for cross-site tripcodes for open-source imageboard software.

The current implementation of tripcodes (as used by futaba channel -> 4chan, tinyboard/vichan boards, and many others including this site) uses an ancient method involving a very strange DES system that has many collisions and has a password limit of 8 characters, with an output of 9.25 characters encoded in pseudo-base64 for a total of 10 displayed characters with the last character space having only 16 of 64 possible values. It's still used to this day for its software support including the ability to generate vanity tripcodes for use with cross-site verification, but it is quickly showing its age and the entire thing does not seem very well thought out.

I have a proposition for a new cross-site or "insecure" tripcode standard. By "insecure" i am referring to the fact that it is not salted and therefore would be able to work across websites which is actually a desirable feature; "secure" tripcodes which are salted and only work on a per-site basis. This is not to say my methodology is not secure: mathematically, my "insecure" tripcode would be far more secure than, say, 4chan's "secure" tripcodes.

My proposition is to use SHA-384 and instead of encoding the digest into hexadecimal (which would be longer) you would instead encode it into base64 to make it shorter. This has many advantages:
-Base64 is very similar to the character space of existing tripcodes. The only difference in character space would be the removal of the "." character and the addition of the "+" character.
-Would contain the entire english alphabet unlike hexadecimal, same as old tripcodes.
-Pretty secure, low chance of collisions, I don't see why there would have to be a password length limit either.
-SHA is pretty fast and therefore the generation of vanity tripcodes should be possible, while still being considerably secure.

The use of SHA-384 is due to the fact that you would be able to encode the digest into base64 without the need for padding. The total tripcode length would be 64 characters long after the "!" but fear not, because I propose that using CSS and/or HTML, you would hide the last 75% of the tripcode (but not actually truncate in a destructive way) and only display the first 16 characters for appearance reasons. Vanity tripcodes would still be rather attractive as it would be easier to attain an attractive-looking first 16 characters, however, the entire 64 character tripcode could be displayed to anons by either hovering over the tripcode or clicking on the tripcode. Someone wishing to impersonate you would still be inclined to "crack" this entire 64 character string, which would be quite a feat. As far as hiding most of the tripcode and hovering or clicking to display the entire thing, I do not believe that this would require javascript to implement for any reason.

These should be able to work across any imageboard, textboard, or any kind of website that implements it. You would be able to cross-site verify with ease. The developer of whatever imageboard software would need to run the password through sha384 and encode the binary output as base64. It would need support from the open source IB developers (lynxchan and jschan, possibly others) who are not exactly good company. It would also not need, but very much benefit from, the same kinds of tools that are used to generate vanity onion addresses and current tripcodes. A tool that could generate vanity tripcodes for this new standard being made would be a significant help to its implementation.

Tripfagging because it's related.
Seemed like it would be a good idea for users both old and new.

[Materials to avoid]
Codecademy and other flashy looking sites (KhanAcademy might be okay)
"fishy" Youtube videos such as those from FreeCodeCamp
"Learn X in 24 hours/three days!"
Anything that deviates too far from a specification (Very obvious if you're reading a spec. in parallel with a primary learning resource)
Most blogs, especially anything on Hacker News that isn't being written by someone obviously trustworthy and/or qualified

You should use a metasearch engine. Not only are they better for your privacy, but I've observed better results than single engines like DDG or Yandex.
Bookmark 3-4 reliable instances at the top of your browser and rotate between them or use an add-on such as LibRedirect.

Hacker News has lots of developers and skilled people posting on it. If there's a particular project/idea you're interested in its worth looking it up with their search engine.
My case: Researching CPU architectures/features -> "Cache associativity" into HN -> ->
Some interesting comments and an extremely useful resource, both from simple curiosity.

For some additional perspective its worth acknowledging various discussions, even in less-than-desirable places. It can accentuate your understanding and knowledge.
Templates: GOES IN HERE/ - Look for posts based on keywords GOES IN HERE/type/op/ - Look for threads based on titles GOES IN HERE/test/type/op/ - Look for threads based on keywords

Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart -
Get yourself a nice notebook and some pens. More effective at retaining knowledge than typing into a document. I use Pilot size 10 pens because of their low writing resistance (Can use them for longer periods of time).
Get yer books from the high seas - and


If you've got anything else to say/have materials you like you should post them here!
I think it's worth having a thread about ARM linux as it's on the verge of becoming viable in phones and mobile devices. Discussion around whether or not this hardware is or will ever be worth actually buying is important. I understand that a lot of the PINE64 hardware is explicitly not consumer ready, but I've seen some videos of the recently officially launched Librem5 that shipped the product with a fucked screen protector that wasn't applied properly, and that's a fucking $800+ device. I'll try to get around to making a webm of it.
GoSeek has been unusable since Nougat. It's s real shame there isn't a functional client for Android.
Do you like shiny lasers that blind people?
Because I like shiny lasers that blind people.
>have imperfect vision
>sit about 1 meter (3 feet) from the computer monitor
>be in video gaming clan
>they use mumble
>pic related is mumble
>can't just scale up fonts and elements by ctrl + scroll up like i can with my terminal emulator or web browser
>have to lean in every time I need to do something with the program

Is this why javascript and web apps are subsuming desktop application development? It is trivial to define a general page layout and theme and let the user zoom in as needed. Is it not the same for GUI frameworks?

second pic is comfortable reading siz except for the URL and title bar.
There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.

Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.

There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.

If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.

If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them.
We talk all the time about our preferred operating systems, programs, and window managers, but how do you think software affects people beyond productivity? Can an operating system push people towards creativity or make them lazy? Can chat protocols or different kinds of message boards shape how people think and act? Does using a window manager or the raw virtual console benefit you as a person more than suffering through Gnome Shell? Or are all our software choices just personal tastes that don't affect anything?
OpenRC Embraces The CoC

The OpenRC maintainer, together with the user (nicknamed vapier) discuss how to be handle their incoming megaqueer reports with the new pull request which is titled add CoC based on the Contributor Covenant project #453

The community manifests their disagreement, but the repository owners completely ignore it.
Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

The same way AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can also be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS vastly nastier than Stuxnet.

American military made a grave mistake to partner with the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
What is the final document format? Not text file (unformatted). I am asking for formatted text document, with tables and embedded images. What is the final solution?

-ODF (.odt)
-Rich Text Format (.rtf)
-DOC (.doc)

-is the format simple, efficient, small?
-is it open source, free, or at least without patents or some other shit
-is it supported by large amount of software? for import and export
-is it malware? has hidden metadata and other shit? complex and proprietary?
-does the format allow for huge documents?
-what the format supports? formatted text, embedded fonts, images, tables, embedded files, hyperlinks, what else?
-is it simple to open both for viewing and editing?
-are the editors of the format small efficient or bloated and buggy?
It's like /agdg/ except without videogames. Well there wasn't any videogames to begin with, but now there may be other software.

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
What do you think? Any problems? What would you change? Is there anything you don't like about current keyboard layouts or keyboard designs (besides switches)? Any symbols that you use often and would want to be on the keyboard?
What do you think is the most complicated piece of software? Like if someone were to attempt making an alternative that has comparable features and performance, what piece of software would be the hardest to match?

You might instinctively say operating systems, but I think they're actually pretty simple relatively speaking. I think the main reason many people don't make them from scratch is that there's a huge barrier of entry, you can't even program it normally and will have to set some assembly and weird data sections, you don't really get experience for that kind of thing anywhere so you have to learn from some half assed guides how to do it. And if you got it going, the most complicated part would be hardware drivers, but in my opinion those don't count as part of the OS, rather they're a bridge between the OS and the hardware. It would also be hard to define what drivers count as being part of the OS and what don't.

Next is web browsers, but similarly, I think they're not as complicated as they may at first seem. Instead of being somehow advanced, there's just a lot of shit in them, I'm sure a lot of people could make a web browser if given enough time in a time chamber. I suppose that counts as being complicated though.

My candidates for the most complex pieces of software are Photoshop and Unreal Engine. My reasoning is that if you wanted to make an alternative that has the same features, almost nobody could do it no matter how much time you gave them. A lot of the features they have and the performance they can accomplish would require a very high level of expertise in very specialized subjects. Photoshop for instance has some tools that simply no other program has, or they have some similar equivalent that isn't as good.
How do I join?

- a link to your website
- a 240x60 banner of your website

then add the others also in the webring

I'll start:

What are the possible ramifications of Github becoming woke and becoming pozzed? In light of this debacle. It is possible that Github could possibly look into changing it's Company Policy and thus code of conduct

>GitHub regrets firing Jewish employee who called Trump-incited mob “Nazis”
>GitHub Inc. yesterday apologized for firing a Jewish employee who had urged colleagues to "stay safe" and avoid "Nazis" on the day a mob incited by President Trump stormed the US Capitol. GitHub said it "reversed the decision" and indicated it is trying to hire the employee back.
>"Stay safe homies, Nazis are about," the employee, whose identity hasn't been revealed publicly, wrote in an internal Slack chat room on January 6. He was fired two days later, after one "coworker was quick to criticize the employee for using divisive rhetoric"
>"I did not know that, as a Jew, it would be so polarizing to say this word," the former employee wrote in a Slack group for Jewish employees shortly "before his corporate accounts got deactivated. The former employee is Jewish and had family who died in the Holocaust
>The sacking was reportedly explained by the human relations representative who did the deed, with a “pattern of behavior that is not conducive to company policy.”

>The fired employee spoke with TechCrunch last week before GitHub announced its decision to reverse the firing. The man "says he is currently seeking counsel to ensure his family is protected, as well as figure out if he can receive damages or some other form of reconciliation" and that he "is waiting to engage with the company until he has legal representation in place,"

>The fired employee said he was also threatened with being fired in October when he complained about a lack of diversity in GitHub leadership. "I feel like this could be an opportunity for GitHub to really do a purge and say, 'Do we want white supremacists at this company and how do we get Black leaders into executive management?"
I was looking through the video editing thread on /v/ and figured it would be appropriate to have something similar here now that /tech/ exists. Except I think it would be ideal if the focus was on free software solutions, and also encompassing a broader spectrum of content rather than just videos.

In this thread give tips and ask questions about image editing, video editing, encoding, and anything else you think might be relevant for creating content.

Recommended Software
Video Editors
Recording & Streaming
>OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
Image Editing
General Tools
>FFmpeg (Encoding)
>HandBrake (FFmpeg GUI)
>youtube-dl (Downloading video files from virtually any site)
cat tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
strings tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/*
>To get the tools, one can recompile distro's gvfs package and then, from the build directory, subdirectory metadata/.libs copy the files meta-get , meta-get-tree , meta-ls and meta-set to say /usr/bin/gvfs-meta-get etc
The simple usage instruction can be gotten in the usual way, through the "-h" option.
>Now to see what ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata actually is used for, you can run:
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/user /
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/root />And after analyzing the output on my Slackware 14.2 system I discovered that the ONLY extended attribute stored in this whole sorry mess was numerous "download-uri" put there by Mozilla browsers for everything they've ever done. As some perverted kind of permanent, indelible download history.
>One can compile and run the above tool to make sure that on his/her own system, deleting the ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/* would not lose anything worth keeping. If so, the cleanup can be made a cron job or put into a shutdown script or whatever.
After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
This is a project I've been working on for some time and I would like to see it get used. It's using libvirt and sqlite, and it's written in C. You will be assigned a port range to use (NAT). cloud-init and all of that nigger shit, is not being used here, only a small shell script and a daemon written in python. #vmbot #vmbot
>11:12 <VMBot> VM IP: (external: [redacted]), password is "npsmxurrdphieemkgmkfcceoiuxtfm", admin/SSH port is 2094, port range is 2094:2124
Commands are !vm template and !vm deploy [template]
Register your nick through services, that's it.
>are the templates backdoored
No, I have created the devuan one through debootstrap, installed what was needed, and added in the first run script, before packaging it up. Alpine was done by manually installing it and configuring it.
>source code
Licensed under GPLv2, code should be of OK quality.
Close the board. The topic of "Technology & Computing" has ended. There's no point in going on anymore.
what in the cock sucking nigger shit are people thinking with build systems?
every fucking project i build either works by pure luck, or breaks because some package is the wrong version and the softwareniggers are too fucking dumb to grasp the simplest fucking concept like specifying dependencies correctly. to top it off there's always some new fucking stupid feature added to every fucking build system every week. even portage. every fucking time i have to read up on these new features to figure out what in the fuck these morons were trying to do. YOURE NOT SPECIAL STOP REQUIRING SPECIAL FEATURES YOUR PROJECT IS LITERALLY CRUD AND THERE ARE 10,000 OTHER PROGRAMS THAT ARE THE SAME AS YOURS
When you build a new PC or want to try a new distro (or any type of technology, really), what are some common things you do in order to get a feel for how it works?  I feel this topic is meaty enough to be worth its own thread, and I'd prefer for it not to be buried in the QTDDTOTT.

I've just finished building a PC to use as a Linux workstation, so now I can begin the time-honored tradition of distro hopping and bitching about how no single one has everything I want before ultimately settling on [distro you hate].  There is a decent volume of information about different distros out there, but most "reviews" are simply a feature list, a copy-paste from the distro's website, or a video of an installation.  They aren't very helpful for anyone who isn't a complete troglodyte, and I like to think I'm not that stupid.

I have a handful of things I want to do that will help simulate routine tasks, but so far they're all pretty basic:
>compile and run a simple C program
>install a new package with the package manager
>install a new programming language/SDK
>configure a chron job to clean up a folder every day
>ssh into a remote server and make changes to a file on it
>create a local git repo and push changes to a remote one
>adjust the desktop environment to look pleasing

What are some more complicated tasks that you guys do to get a feel for a new operating system, especially stuff going on under the hood?
Today is Windows XP's 20th birthday. Say something nice about it.
I've been thinking about writing a blog. Nothing fancy. No private lives. No pictures. No product-shilling. Just writing words.

I tried Blogger and Wordpress and I had a bad experience with them, considering that the ToS became more restrictive over the years.
What is the reason for the govt to spy on us? Do they really do it or is it just schizo shit? If they really did, how come the school shooter who says he will shoot up a school in instagram DMs the day before the shooting, doesn't get caught? Or is it that they don't think school shooters are more likely to be on sekrit clubs like 4chan, as proved by the neoouroncha shit how the japanese police was monitoring 2channel for violent people and caught the neomugicha copycat before he did anything, so they didn't pay any attention to normies threatening shit?

It's not like even they enforce their political ideology and curb wrongthink by spying on us. What do they get from spying on people? Ross Ulbricht was caught because of bad opsec and a simple google search, they can't even track a literal drug cartel with all the spyware they use.
Author of the Randonautica app confirmed on a Livestream that both his app and TikTok are using data they steal from user’s minds with hardware backdoors.

His naivety is thinking the military isn’t using this for terrorism.

Source: [38:50 – 42:59]
Finally, we have /tech/ back. I uploaded these right before Zchan kicked the bucket, let's see what the anons around here can make.
I am currently using Colemak CAWS. It is the best currently available keyboard layout for ANSI/ISO column staggered keyboards. If you're a split/ortholinear chad then DHm is enough.
Something I've noticed with the failure of art teaching in schools is something that parallels with the failure of teaching programming in schools: Lack of structure.

When I say 'structure' I mean the teaching of craftwork that can be used as baselines to make things solid, sound and good. pic related is one of 25 pages dedicated to guidelines and overall structure of drawing figures. Anyone can draw or make art, but everyone knows the difference between good and bad art- except for idiots, that is. 

What I'd like to know, is how this can be paralleled to it's programming equivalent. I hear from programmers about how important math is- and I agree, but my problem with that, is that math's emphasis feels like it's either for magus-tier programming, or is so basic that it immediately fades into the background. Because of this, I feel like I've learned all I can at this stage but nobody knows anything on the level up except for pros who want peers rather than students.

I've heard "just do it" or "practice dude" but here's the thing: practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. Trying to undo the damage of bad habits is effort on top of learning things the right way, the only saving grace is that is gets easier as you do it more. 

In conclusion, what is good programming structure? How can use it to be a better programmer and actually feel more than a just like a permanewb?
I've had taken a break form programming since mid 2020. Lost overall interest and such. But now it's quite hard to get back at it and get any motivation, especially having learnt how shitty the job market for programmers really is. 

So my question, is it even worth getting back at this? I liked it as a hobby but I don't want to be a code monkey in the future. Would I be better off becoming a teacher or studying medicine?

Please let me know.
What's the simplest way to work with Linux sound? If I install Gentoo or something, presuming I have X and a WM up and running but no sound, what's the simplest way to get desktop-quality audio?
Pastebin went full retard and is locking and deleting files that trigger any of their retarded broken filters for "offensive" words, so if you have something of value better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe.
Discuss the pros and cons of the network, dev news, tips, hacks and other useful information.
>For a few hours today all v3 onion addresses on the Tor network were down. This appears to be a new kind of attack which affects the entire network and involves overloading the consensus authority nodes.
>You will currently not be able to access any v3 onion addresses, what is happening is unknown, but it is potentially a huge attack on the entire network. Earlier today I made a post outlining consequences I would be putting into place to deter markets from funding DDoS attacks against each other, as the potential to scale and completely kill every node on the network is a very real potential outcome. Now everything is down and I have no idea if this has sped up the process of this occurring or if it is even an attack at all, all I know is, this is big.
>Reddit post by u/hugbunt3r This attack began after Dread forum owner, HugBunter made a post stating the consequences for market owners who continue to attack rival markets.
>The recent/current attacks on multiple markets have been troubling after we’ve all had a good break for some time and things started to heal and become stronger.
>We’ve now had large scale attacks hitting the likes of WHM, DarkMarket and apparently some other services, although I cannot really confirm any others.
>I’d like to outline the main issues with this here. Firstly, /u/Paris and /u/mr_white ‘s work on /d/EndGame has been amazing and has allowed us to all have some really good filtering processes to limit malicious traffic from hitting the application layer and dropping their connections for v3’s where possible. Along with our collective knowledge of the attacks since February 2019, we have some very solid configurations that allow us to scale enough to stay ahead of the attacks and continue scaling alongside it. This is the absolute best protection we as service operators can currently provide and it works, but at many costs.
>We’re not really any closer to seeing a Tor PoW implementation that will seriously improve the situation, but the position we’re in with our own developments is a hell of a lot better than when this all started. There are things I haven’t disclosed publicly because of the potential for abuse, but a lot more worrying things have come from these attacks, costs that aren’t of the monetary kind. The seriousness of the attacks’ will probably become clear at some point. Consequences for Markets
>Consequences for Markets I am aware of at least 2 markets that have paid for attacks against other markets within the last few weeks. I also know of one wishing to pay for retaliation attacks.
>This behavior from market admins is absolutely unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. You have [b]no idea[/b] of the ramifications this has, it is way beyond just taking your competitor offline, inadvertadly, but you are causing a problem that is a great deal worse without even knowing it, if market admins wish me to disclose these other issues to them, they can contact me directly and you will soon rethink your poor business strategy.
>– From here, there will be extreme consequences for any Market admin found to be funding attacks against any other service, market or not. You know who you are and I won’t publicly out you here for it, for the time being.
>Any Ads/other promotional material will be indefinitely disabled You may have your Subdread banned You will be delisted from Recon You will be delisted from DDF Most importantly, your own service will be attacked. This is where it ends, I’m not sitting through another storm of attacks.
<—–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—– iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEYTOs4fS4fFHb8/6l6GEFEPmm6SIFAl/5pNwACgkQ6GEFEPmm 6SIJWA/+M0KfiK5D4T9D3ELwqtAHRBjU8cPqP1yxMYmoZrnZPKO81SuP+fH59xMj XtQn01rIPmRwuLntitf4zGo05LvPWBu8eDErLw4va9yqZtcBVKpP7Jaj+pr8vuRx XgqBA+bdcYpESHs1dzl10HVmeDe2dT7QuuJk63sohw9xf+31wgp9TI2wr8VM48Sv enbO9UUf+dHOajHqmbvNbUOIcf6EPcIUgCA/iedm5WhUfKDOt1AHK4xLYJA7Mmbz 7Y+vCBbPitx0kGMth/xWUsvKWhHeTsv/eSAlsbxmMaVQ4S7zJqJKvHAjxpxT1ZDG lNZqGAH5E4geylibg/mfntJmo4bIg62jQTCT3/kd9Q4ZNWp84Y6FXq55kTTIzrZt ii5Q5wdSIAtUG+mk7gKsPSO2vgvh7TIh8Y6LYg89xvCV1kS9SHC6d2bTiRDqJH7F qo/+qf3ml4jgYqSv4rJIZ7NqmJVGRqQpMMwHxp8zUZyW0ArmE78nTf9I3rRRvaJN OiPnCXDi1i/gK3TrwHOrek4VXhqT+VRBAbUWUPCu1i0IHsfJv3UKgDYLRP2S8x6q A9ed97mTwqNnIKxrXOozvvfE5CJj/N+6Mfu5Q9+3mFNI9FRQtTmoWSpzxrZZdozx nbexW83LKN/b6/zu+KRE/uaabDLg8kvdE/iRiYYAR6gzHlDlHPk= =wZW1 —–END PGP SIGNATURE—–
>An explanation of the attack from Paris, the co-admin of Dread.
>The Tor network is not fully decentralized. When you first connect to the Tor network there is hard coded IPs that your Tor process uses to bootstrap your connection into the Tor network. These IPs allow your Tor process to load up the network’s consensus. This consensus tells the Tor process things like what relays are within the network, which are good relays, bad relays, which are guards, exit nodes, how much traffic a relay can handle, that kind of idea. Your Tor process gets all that information and validates it by signatures of these hard coded IPs. These hard coded IPs are called authority nodes. There is currently 10 of them on the Tor network. And they are why the Tor network cleared out V3 onions for a period of time.
>The authority nodes “vote” on a majority consensus they all share with the Tor network. Generally a new vote happens every hour and the voting process takes 5 minutes. If there is no consensus for three times in a row (as in for three hours) the health the network goes massively down. You can check consensus health at this URL The vote decides a lot of things in the network and when the consensus can’t be succeeded, there is a lot of issues that can occur. Things like V3 Directory variables not being included within a valid consensus so all V3 onions become unreachable.
>The attack basically overloads the authority nodes by sucking up all their bandwidth so the authority nodes can’t communicate between themselves to vote and make a consensus. This fundamentally breaks the network if it goes on too long. This isn’t so new. Like a lot of the Tor attack issues which get exploited in this way there is a closed issue on it.
Is it more hype than help? Overly complex or not complex enough? True internet 2.0 or already obsolete?
Have you've ever tried to test pit an prototype or other lesser known OS.
And download one that sounds great. 
I don't know use a WM or something.
Tell in this thread what was your experience with it and what do you think of it and the pluses and minuses
You van also use other sites for more OS.
>he saw the problem decades in advance.
Truly, a man like no other.
>try to search something on an invidious fork
>as per usual, it doesn't work
>end up needing to search on and open every link to see which fork is working today
Is this because of Jewgle's mischief or host incompetence?
Excuse me for the low quality thread, but
Yes, I stole these screenshots from Twitter. News this fucking retarded does not deserve a good thread.
The absolute fucking state of Microsoft.
>invest in an expensive mechanical keyboard because if I'm typing on it all day anyway then it might as well be the best I can get
>find a keyboard with "speed silver" switches because supposed to be quiet and I hate pressing the keys very deep down
>turns out the fucking brick is thicker than your mom and I have to bend my hands up in an awkward way
>keys activate at like 20% the way down, which means you have literally no physical feedback whatsoever for when it activates
>need to press the keys almost a whole centimeter before it's at the bottom
>loud as fuck "clack" sound if the key hits the bottom
>the fucking keys are laid in a niggerlicious concave curve where I need to lift my fingers higher to press the key above the current one
I've literally never touched a keyboard that felt worse to use, this thing cost like $200 or something. I could have gotten one for cheaper but this was the only one of it's type that didn't have disco lights all over it. Speaking of which, it's almost impossible to find a mechanical keyboard that doesn't bleed rainbow lights out of it's ass, some of them even advertise themselves as having "blinding lights".

Are mechanical keyboards the biggest meme in computers? I've used a flat chiclet keyboard (pic related) for years and never had any kind of issue with it when playing games or typing. The keys never fail to activate, the travel time to the bottom is very small and there's a slight bump inbetween so the feedback for pressing them is perfect, it's slim without any excess bulk, it's quiet, and doesn't require weird hand movements. The only downside is that the keys feel slightly wobbly.
is this really what sex will be like in the future?
Holy, Holy, Holy. Powered by IBM. Technology, that humanity can rely on.
This board desperately needs a CSS thread. Why the fuck have none of the retarded board owners given themselves custom spoilers? Why the hell do no boards have custom load bars? I had both of these on fatchan because a nice fellow made them for me when I requested it to Tom but Tom had better shit to do. As far as I can tell that's the only board on JSchan to have ever had custom spoilers or loadbars. What's your fucking excuse? Bunch of shitbird elitist faggots on this site can't even figure out custom spoilers. You're fucking plebs. Either kill yourselves or get in this thread and figure out how to do it for your boards on this site.
Also general CSS but I really wanted to stress that fuck you idiots you're slow and stupid.
This is a uBlock Origin filter list that removes shit like BLM banners from sites. PRs or patches (just post here) are welcome, it's pretty barebones right now.
Android has been ported to a RISC-V board

January 21, 2021
Google’s Android operating system currently supports a handful of instruction set architecture (ISA) families, including ARM and x86. The vast majority of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches that run Android today feature ARM-based chipset designs, as Intel has long since abandoned its handset CPUs while support for MIPS was dropped with NDK revision 17. While Google does not officially provide support for compiling Android on hardware based on the open RISC-V ISA, several development teams are working to run AOSP on RISC-V hardware. One such effort is led by T-Head, the business entity of Alibaba specializing in semiconductors, which today announced that they’ve successfully ported Android 10 onto its in-house RISC-V hardware.

A few months ago, PLCT Lab successfully booted Android to a command-line interface on a 64-bit RISC-V core emulated in QEMU. The team launched a project on GitHub they’re calling “AOSP for RISC-V” and are still in the early stages of cross-compiling AOSP and booting to a GUI. Meanwhile, T-Head, which designed the ICE SoC with its in-house, RISC-V-based XuanTie C910 cores, has managed to boot Android 10 with working graphics and touch.

The ICE chip from T-Head with 3 XuanTie C910 (RISC-V 64) CPU cores.

It runs quite slowly, as you can see in the video embedded below, but this is to be expected given the status of this port and the hardware it’s running on. In the video, a couple of stock AOSP applications are launched, including the clock app, the contacts app, and the mail app. More complex applications such as games aren’t shown off on this prototype as these apps would likely need to be recompiled to target RISC-V.

This Android 10 port is based on the android10-release branch in AOSP, and the source code developed by T-Head can be found on the company’s GitHub page.

This is an exciting development for the open hardware community. Since RISC-V is a free and open ISA, anyone is free to design chips based on it without paying any licensing or royalty fees. That doesn’t prevent companies from extending RISC-V with custom instruction set extensions — after all, RISC-V has a permissive license — but it does significantly lower the barrier to entry for new companies seeking to design their own chips. Vendors that want to make cheap IoT products will be interested in using RISC-V to develop low-cost chips, while companies seeking to reduce their dependence on competitors or foreign entities will also express interest. With NVIDIA acquiring ARM and the U.S. government forcing ARM to cut ties with Huawei, we’ll undoubtedly see more and more interest in RISC-V from tech firms around the world. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to actually tell just how much traction RISC-V is gaining since there’s no requirement for vendors to disclose its usage.
hi... i guess this is considered computing? taking animation from my favorite animator toniko pantoja (credits to him pls let me know if it is not okay to post i ll remove)

his walk cycle is so balanced and i always made walk cycle that is kinda 'sliding' or 'limping' unconciously and somehow fixing it alot of time doesnt help

i suppose this is cause i dont know how to fix it too so i wonder how do you make it balanced and good? like what do you need to consider to make the good animation? things like center of weight or baseline , where are those and how do we mark them properly?

i look to make straight ahead animation that are always correct so i guess preparations before hand is everything?

I2P can import/export reseed files. Yggdrasil pretty much requires that you manually specify peers to connect to (for the first hop, anyway). ZeroNet will work with pretty much any tracker you throw at it. What does Tor have if the indexing servers and dirauths go down?
Ricochet Refresh is what you want.
It's fork of Ricochet (now abandoned) which was an alternative to TorChat.

About Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet was launched in 2014 as a different approach to instant messaging that doesn’t trust anyone in protecting your privacy.

Ricochet Refresh uses the original Ricochet open-source software but has improved on it substantially, such as upgrading its security and making it compatible with Tor Onion Services v3 instead of the older v2.

We believe software like Ricochet is important to protect freedom of expression for whistleblowers, activists, and journalists worldwide.
While soycial marxist (((big tech))) is busy mass censoring all political outside left wing incl normies for disagreeing and lose 52 billion: https://www.

Toe cheese eating Stallman on his blog is completely silent and calls for arrest and praises arrest of anyone who won't denounce left wing tech censorship and mistreatment, while calling for "preserving democracy"(which means preserving something DEAD as long as it's left-wing trannytarian skewed).

What a fucking jew lol I wish FSF was genuine but it's just literally another leftypol tier freetard kike club to scam goyim at this point. Reminder to not donate to such frauds.

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