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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
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Reminder that this custom CSS code based on >>156 doesn't work for the board CSS settings due to pic related (intended behavior is to use a custom image thumbnail for files that aren't images). I assume it is a security measure. It works if the user puts the CSS code on the settings (replace FILENAME with the filename of an image uploaded on sleepychan).
language: css
.attachmentimg {
    background-image: url('/file/FILENAME');
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Steps to keep sticky thread ordered:
>if thread locked, unlock
>bump stickies until they are ordered
>bump lock all stickies
>delete bumps if needed
>lock thread if needed
Replies: >>255
I tried some steps that were needed, but they didn't help out in the long term. I'll wait for Tom to implement custom board assets or wait for him to implement sticky thread positions.
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>4. Don't make low quality posts or shitposts.
What does that mean? Can I just say "fuck jannies tbh" after someone else gets banned and that would be grounds for the DELET? Or does that mean adhering to some sort of nonsensical standard?

fuck jannies by the way
Replies: >>274
Spoiler File
(66KB, 533x166)
Spoiler File
(82.1KB, 345x190)
Spoiler File
(26KB, 167x186)
Wojaks and other shitposts that would be considered spam will be deleted on sight and the poster will be banned. I do need to clarify rule 4 more.
Low quality posts are considered to be 4/g/-tier posts or thread OPs, pic related if you don't want to take a quick look at cuckchan.
Saying "fuck jannies" and something else similar will either be deleted, moved to this thread, or it can stay on the thread it was posted on as long as it doesn't derail the thread heavily, whichever action is better I'm a bit unsure on what to do exactly, my first moderation experience is this sleepy board.
Also the regular /tech/ rules don't apply to this thread, I should create /tech/ meta rules on this thread OP.
Replies: >>277
It is my opinion that enforcing quality of the board at banpoint is unsustainable and provides the same type of "quality" as PHPBB forums. As for gatekeeping, ideally the userbase is supposed to do that, not admins. Take it easy t. SHITPOSTPRO
Replies: >>278 >>283 >>284
Maybe 4/g/ fits you better.
Replies: >>282
>fuck off
no you
It's sustainable as long as it's well defined. Rules against cuckchan-tier posts are well defined, everyone knows the standard cuckchan template posts and retarded "memes". It's perfectly possible for a board owner to moderate for quality. As long as moderation is transparent and responsive to criticism it can work well. The BO has even already provided multiple examples of shit threads.

I'd say a good rule of thumb is to apply quality control more strictly on thread OP's and less strictly on the posts themselves, though.
>no you
Posters like you is the reason why there are rules. Userbase can't gatekeep hoards of shitposting nigger faggots (you) and newfags. Can they ban anyone? Can they delete spam and baits? No. They don't do shit. Now there is finally a nice BO and you fags have to talk about your retard fantasy.
Replies: >>286
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>I am a proud member of an anonymous society that does not tolerate anything that >we consider spam, anything that >we deem desperate enough for replies and retards like you. It is a true miracle that we have been able to achieve a consistent ideal posting style of tolerated speech within our sacred board. Please proceed to your designated ban page.

This, on the other hand, is fair.
Replies: >>287
>muh freedom of speech
You can get that, along with shills and whatnot on many other boards. Since the downfall of 8/tech/, there had been numerous clearnet alt /tech/ boards. They are either slow or filled with low quality shit. This is a fresh start, free from those subhuman filth.
Yes, shitposters should be banned. Freedom is not free and not everyone deserve it. Don't go larping as a free speech warrior. You'd have made your own board if so.
You'd notice I never contradict >>283, who didn't propose any big changes. Learn to read, Mr Freespeech.
Computer got worst because they start dumbing it down for niggers.
Replies: >>289
Updated the rules just now, following suggestions from >>283
Replies: >>289
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>shill shill shill
once it starts it never stops
>Since the downfall of 8/tech/, there had been numerous clearnet alt /tech/ boards. They are either slow or filled with low quality shit. This is a fresh start, free from those subhuman filth.
find the "hide post" button
>Yes, shitposters should be banned. Freedom is not free and not everyone deserve it. Don't go larping as a free speech warrior. You'd have made your own board if so.
picrelated, but also how do you know I didn't have already
>You'd notice I never contradict >>283, who didn't propose any big changes. Learn to read, Mr Freespeech.
one post tries to turn "acceptable and unscrutinized posting" into a strict standard that reduces the number of people that will lurk and post here (that is already too low), turning it into an even bigger circlejerk calling people that shitpost retards, as if a good shitpost cannot ever contain QUALITY that is often lost within post-2014 era under both cuckchanners, rulecucks and wannabe-rulecucks
the other just wants to fuck over cuckchan lingo, as was directly mentioned earlier within that post
if you keep the ban threat looming over posters if their post doesn't meet the standard, of course nobody will want to post
yu want to rm rf my retard fantasy? click the filter button on your monitor
Thank you. Have a good day.
Replies: >>290 >>291
>under both cuckchanners, rulecucks and wannabe-rulecucks
please excuse this lack of spellcheck and remove the word "both" from your memory
Nice meme.
>once it starts it never stops
Who started it, I wonder?
>find the "hide post" button
find the "hide post" button
>I didn't have already
Because you'd be busy dealing with spams and not have time to dream
>one post tries to turn
Learn 2 read. Point me to the line where this is implied.
>good shitpost cannot ever contain QUALITY
Clean your greasy glasses and fingers. Illiterate.
<enforce quality is unsustainable
>it is necessary, nothing about turning anything different from now
<userbase gatekeeping
>users can't do shit, nothing about turning anything different from now
>implying you are shitposting now, you were
>click the filter button on your monitor
click the filter button on your monitor
Hiding the problem doesn't mean it is not there. The sooner you see the problem about boards is the users, the better.

Perhaps you'd appreciate a more "friendly" approach. on an anonymous imageboard, fucking snowflake 
>Quality is well defined in the rules
>Freedom without quality can be found everywhere else (lol, nobody is even checking those boards)
>There are many low quality users (checkout 4/g/)
>Being famous attracts all kinds of users
>Most new users are low quality
>Without regulation, place trashes into yet another 4/g/ <-- Where the problem I point out
>Current rules allow mods to do their jobs <-- brice of freedom, exactly
>Higher quality board attract higher quality posters, at least there are interesting ideas and new stuff to learn
>successful /tech/
Nothing users do can stop a hoard of illegal immigrants, except bullets.
Replies: >>294
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>Nice meme.
thaunk yu I trid
>Who started it, I wonder?
the one that first drops the S bomb
>find the "hide post" button
find the "hide post" button
>Because you'd be busy dealing with spams and not have time to dream
good theory, but what if I REALLY like to shitpost
>Learn 2 read. Point me to the line where this is implied.

>Userbase can't gatekeep hoards of shitposting nigger faggots (you) and newfags. Can they ban anyone? Can they delete spam and baits? No. They don't do shit.
once you start to ban all discussion that threatens your loosely defined "quality" you establish a specific unknown standard that is just what you CONSIDER "quality" even if you're really just a fucking idiot that is unknown to most anons
don't have punctuation? ding dong bannu sasuga /a/
used an outdated doge meme in your post? poor taste ding dong bannu
called mods gigantic queers in drag blowing cocks from glory holes in a back alley and getting fucked by a bunch of huge cuck systemd worshippers? ding dong fucking bannu
by naming the standard your post goes from spanish inquisition to something resembling tangency

>Clean your greasy glasses and fingers. Illiterate.
<<enforce quality is unsustainable
>it is necessary, nothing about turning anything different from now
content informs genjitsu
<<userbase gatekeeping
>users can't do shit, nothing about turning anything different from now
unleash your inner hide button sharingan
>click the filter button on your monitor
click the filter button on your monitor
>Hiding the problem doesn't mean it is not there. The sooner you see the problem about boards is the users, the better.
so your plan is to remove everyone you don't like from the board? I can understand spammers that don't want the board to be about it's main topic and/or are plain malicious but you are on a barely not dead h*cking board struggling to stand, barely not dead site struggling to stand and a half-dead webring
(you) and this board just do not have the leeway to be picky with rules if this place wants to grow faster and get some good shit going
to have F U N and informative experience for everybody
but if you want to keep pretending that rules make people post good shit I won't stop you

oh wait fuck here it comes
>Quality is well defined in the rules
"quality" as in "we fucking ban for posting this cuckchan garbage on our ELITE, CLEAN and UNBLEMISHED BOARD", I can understand this, this is good and eliminates confusion
"your post must meet this social credit score" and "if your post is trash our meido team will swat you" is not okay

>Freedom without quality can be found everywhere else (lol, nobody is even checking those boards)
but I want to post here
if you tell me to go to cuckchan go fuckyourself kudasaaaaaai
>There are many low quality users (checkout 4/g/)
EVEN IF YOU AND I HATE IIIIIIIIIIT there's some good shit in huge public shitpost places, the kind of posts that are PLATINUM POSTS not even 8CHAIAN GOLD even by oldfag standards
I refuse to entertain cuckchan (jewt) and discord (chinese party) so install arch linux and code on brainfuckckckkckk if you want me to go there
>Being famous attracts all kinds of users
well shit now you indirectly admit it
with hordes of low quality there's some good people that come in
with proper use of hide post button you can talk to gods now
>Without regulation, place trashes into yet another 4/g/ <-- Where the problem I point out
gee nigger so you do not want 4/g/ so we stay 5 pph on average across all timezones instead and no EXCEPTIONELLE TIER fags worth their salt find this place
and then this place turns out average as FUUCKCUDFI because someone couldn't FUCKING USE THE FILTER FEATURE and maybe sorta post oc muh libbie vn I wonder if it even counds :^(
what DO you want
>Current rules allow mods to do their jobs <-- brice of freedom, exactly
Never forget the billions of proxies that have been put up against the wall and shot by tyrant janitors and their Masters - MODS. Volunteers plague the land with their drivel, despicable lies spouted from mouths of the heretics worshipping the lawbook as means of inducing favorable activity. The true creed - the SHITPOST creed - it permits all allowed by global rules and just enough not to get the site into deep trouble. It revives the spirit, resurrects the soul and gives a divine breath of inspiration. It cannot be killed. GLORY TO ANON'S BROXYPOST
>Higher quality board attract higher quality posters, at least there are interesting ideas and new stuff to learn
auheuheuehhhhhh oh holy shit go chuck a spinning fan blade at an old man in chuck-e-cheese sitting with his laptop out here's your 
[HQ poster]
jokes aside there's two ways of getting better fags in here, one is to PPH it up and then shut the lid on the bottled lightning (the method still works, it's just that dudley blew that one) or go full-on cult of progress with emphasis on cult (pump out enough projects/oc/bait for good users to come and rulecuck really, really hard), the latter part is ironically harder and will get you and your shitboard into smug/a/-like state where any bad word and/or language is haram and is grounds for proxy execcution
and then you kill like a trillion more proxies and some fags take offense and it's really a tightrope walk
and the first method is, the lightning's not even in the bottle yet, but there are a few sparks
if you want a second method buy a red bathrobe first lamo
>successful /tech/
listen to grandmaster ***pill and be amazed
once there was a time when /g/ was good
but then it went to shit with the rest of the site
the end
>Nothing users do can stop a hoard of illegal immigrants, except bullets.
does indian code smell of cow urine?????????????????
Replies: >>295 >>296
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I see you are a man of culture as well.
Stop pretending I like rulecucks, there are tons of bigger boots to lick (jewbook, cuckdit). You can exactly see how (((they))) sabotage boards with botnet discussions, gnu-shaming, and fagshit. That is what low quality means. Your post is of high quality, both in content and culture. GOD I HATE NORMALFAGS POSTING WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. That's what I mean by quality. I am sure the BO takes a similar viewpoint.
Not everyone hard on quality is rulecucks and no-fun-allowed.
>Gold in shitposts
No shit, even I know that. That's why we don't give up.
>Use filter
That's where you are wrong. There are many source of users. Filtering bad ones out should be done on the board side. Or a /btech/(thread/board) should be made for really random tech. Newcomers who lurks will pick up bad trends and the quality will never grow. Oldfags who pop up once in a while will 360 Ctrl-W given a warzone board. Really malicious posters stays and drives the board down with no survivors.
To preserve lurkers(who will turn into poster after a while) and attract gold poster from shitholes. A high quality board do the job. Reminder: quality means no 4/g/ kind of shit, means full of fun and knowledge.
>2 methods
"I don't trust humans" May be we are betrayed too many times that we forget how benevolent BO and mods can save the city. I trust the current BO, I see him as a fellow shitposter, tired of all those trash sites and dead boards.
With this trap card in play, there exists a third method.
Once mods are ready, advertise EVERYWHERE. Yes, everywhere. As the initial flush of shitposter gets banned. What remains is the history of mods slaying fags and bad actors. That's what gold posters are looking for, a place that values quality, a place that is the last bastion of freedom. When there is a massive amount of gold posters, there is sufficient self defense mechanism by the userbase: gore, insults, banter and memes. The moderation can then be relaxed.
If only the PPH goes up, but the quality doesn't, the board is still dead after manual filtering. Good posters will still leave.
It may be slow and will take more time. The board may get bombarded by pure shit. But isn't this why we are here? To make something more exciting and noble? To erect a bacon in this shitshow of a timeline? 
BTW, I hate Java and pajeets.
Replies: >>297
[Hide] (132.2KB, 777x666)
>GOD I HATE NORMALFAGS POSTING WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. That's what I mean by quality. I am sure the BO takes a similar viewpoint.
while I still posit that a public normalfag execution via users is better than public normalfag execution by mods, public normalfag execution by both is sometimes even funnier
it's just that absolute power corrupts absolutely and unless you shitpost enough, it will probably end up with even more powertrip-focused IRCs and, may god forgive me for uttering this word, d*scucks
is also why I pushed for accurate definitions
also shitposting is still banned rule 4 lel
>That's where you are wrong. There are many source of users. Filtering bad ones out should be done on the board side.
fucky filtering prevents anons from posting spur-of-the-moment posts
most of the REALLY GOOD posts very, very often emerged from such occurences, it's what made 4chan (pre-split)'s chaos a great place back when it wasn't too bad (it was always shit but don't tell anyone)
if you really MUST put out some rules, at least try not to put consequences of the "delet" button on the front page of the board
>Newcomers who lurks will pick up bad trends and the quality will never grow. Oldfags who pop up once in a while will 360 Ctrl-W given a warzone board. Really malicious posters stays and drives the board down with no survivors.
most will do that, yes, this is correct BUT
those are general trends that follow the board and not the 100% of it
some boards back on *chan (RIP 200X-2014) were a warzone with conflicts between 
raging on for a long time
hell, /v/ had a tripfriend invasion for most of it's post-2010 shelf life (/g/ probbly too, I think only small boards were somewhat spared)
with the webring, fags can now pick and choose their favorite board to browse, so it would make sense to cater like that (so you get more good posters than bad), but should the board really take off, all this absolute pandering will backfire because users will stop learning how to gatekeep (uh what do we do it's the wojack poster MODS MODS MODS) and when (you) stops being able to outshitpost the wild 9gag poster and mods are asleep the

>Reminder: quality means no 4/g/ kind of shit, means full of fun and knowledge.
forcing this is kind of like forcing memes at this point or maybe even fishing
just like kind of post and make OC, maybe it'll come from other fags or maybe it won't, you can't mind control others, just make it somewhat pleasant for them while keeping the board strong

>route 3 AKA the shill till the board kill
but that's just the first method only with a lot more advance preparation fellow man, you just janny it real hard if it doesn't take off
and instead of even jannying you can just outbuttblast them quite severely because the administration can prevent itself from deleting it's own shitposts
I'm on board, it's just that the rules section needs some more work, "No shitposting" can be made extremely easy to misinterpret and if you have too many stipulations people will think that you worship Codex of Bavarian Janitorial Conduct, tome 3 section 1 on your days off (thanks /a/), there is genius in simplicity
>BTW, I hate Java and pajeets.
I hate java and pajeets more. 
content informs reality
Replies: >>298
>at least try not to put consequences of the "delet" button on the front page of the board
addenum 1: consequences in this instance include: severe MODS = FAGS asspain, shit throwing and general discontent that staff is usually the source of, not the rules sticky
[Hide] (383.4KB, 640x480)
I feel a bit lost on how I should convey rule 4 more correctly. I don't want to go the smuglo.li hoihoi path. I'd certainly show no mercy for cuckchan normos who spew their low quality garbage here (their shitty wojak memes, >he doesn't use x, etc.).
I'd be lax on moderation, but not too much (the 4/g/ head mod was being too lax, possibly to make 4/g/ a clickfarm and that board turned into a shithole as a result).
These good meta effortposts are just confusing me a bit, it took a bit long for me to respond to all of this.
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Replies: >>300 >>301 >>325
[Hide] (397.3KB, 1536x986)
>smuglo.li hoihoi path
Pic related
Replies: >>302
I suggest adding examples for SHITpost and (fun)shitpost in the rules.
Replies: >>363
[Hide] (23.5KB, 300x100)
Well, he used the "word" thot, so she shot him: https://smuglo.li/a/automaid.html
[Hide] (57.5KB, 971x733)
[Hide] (205.2KB, 971x733)
[Hide] (5.6KB, 700x960)
[Hide] (6.7KB, 500x250)
[Hide] (304.2KB, 1208x1080)
>have a pipe dream of making wojack and pepe great again
>situation has gotten so bad that boards are outright banning them
Is it worth trying or should I give it up? I feel that good wojack and pepe edits have this "medieval art" quality to them, and that cuckchan nujacks have lost this quality and become less expressive.
What I really wish is that anons would doodle more often, even if their doodles suck. Even if your drawings suck, you can still make something funny or something that conveys a feel.
>>have a pipe dream of making wojack and pepe great again
>>situation has gotten so bad that boards are outright banning them
if your oc is good enough, you can just brute force with quality past the mental "THING X BAD" since the reason why fags think that is because most edits like that are effortless (eg rage comics)
do not even think about "post or don't post quality HMM", do not hesitate, there's only one life and even if you somehow fuck up posting in the worst possible way you'll just have to broxy up, no one really can deny you the god given privilege of posting trash on an imageboard
Replies: >>318
[Hide] (802.6KB, 564x628)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 2992x2336)
[Hide] (1MB, 1705x2238)
[Hide] (179.3KB, 1354x757)
[Hide] (281.2KB, 1024x821)
I should clarify that those first two images do not have that medieval quality I referenced, they're just some crap I made several days ago. There's something specific about the way medieval and very early reformation/renaissance art treats figures and space, something a lot of anons accidentally came close to, and it hurts to see the beginnings of such an interesting art trend cut short by shitters and their nujacks.
There is a reason behind every rule. If the reason is no longer valid, rules should be changed or exceptions should be set.
Replies: >>319
There is a reason behind every shitpost. If the shitpost is no longer valid, shitpost should be changed or poster should be hid.
Replies: >>320
Hiding for public is ban.
>inb4 banning for private is hid
Correct. The problem is bigger than personal shitpost pleasure.
Replies: >>321
>The problem is bigger than personal shitpost pleasure.
prove me wrong, you can't
stop expending effort to argue about meaningless bullshit and "solving problems" instead of taking effort to post or make good shit even if it gets deleted
also stop arguing against posting good shit AND personal shitpost pleasure it's realy not nice
Replies: >>322
After you.
You don't need to be specific down to explain what exact kinds of posts are allowed. Just say no cuckchan-tier posts, which covers many well known post traits and mannerisms.

Board owners should have leeway to moderate on good faith until they display that they're otherwise too incompetent to do so. It's incredibly rare you're going to find someone who doesn't understand what is or is not culturally permissible, and when you do they'll get berated by the posters enough that they probably won't need their posts deleted anyways, maybe just a meme ban slap on the wrist.

It should be obvious when someone is a bad actor spamming cuckchan just to shit up the place. Don't be afraid of having a generalized rule that basically just states "don't make low quality posts" because some people have post traumatic mark syndrome. But also don't just do what I say either, I'm just one asshole. Open your ass and your heart and mind will follow.
Replies: >>363
What you need to understand is that people don't just not like wojak and pepe because they're popular. The issue with them is that they're template "reaction images", and reaction images are by nature antithetical to effort posting. Don't get me wrong, I understand that they're a large part of imageboard culture, but at their core they can be, and often are used as a force for terrible low quality posts.

Normalfags latched onto pepe and wojak because they're simplistic enough that they can be adapted to anything with simple paint edits. So they can express themselves and convey emotions with needing to put an iota of effort into their posts. This is why the modern application of pepe's and wojak's is them being incessantly spammed in twitch stream chats whenever the horde of retards wants to signal to their favorite e-celeb whether they like or dislike something.

This is also why they're so fucking detestable on imageboards. You ended up with cuckchan culture where people don't actually engage in conversations anymore. If you express ideas and someone disagrees with them they just post whatever smug variation of pepe or wojak, or make "this is you" responses showing a pepe or a wojak. It's just endless strawman bullshit. As I said, nothing about this reaction image shit-posting is necessarily unique to pepe or wojak, but they're just as cancerous none the less.

Even if you want to use pepe or wojak for their original intended purpose, just making a feels post, they've been overused to the point where I feel legitimate disgust every time I fucking see them. It isn't that hard to find pictures that convey your emotions that are more interesting. A painting perhaps, maybe a drawing you made yourself no matter how shit, as you said. Fuck pepe, fuck wojak, and fuck cuckchan's normalnigger culture.
Replies: >>363
[Hide] (314.3KB, 1000x1000)
I might enable the captcha tomorrow sometime in the afternoon at burgerland just in case.
Replies: >>330
Is there something happening tomorrow?
Replies: >>331
No idea. Nothing may happen tomorrow but I'll either enable the captcha soon or just leave everything as is. 
The TPH and PPH triggers are low due to the current normal speed, so maybe this isn't necessary.
Maybe it isn't even necessary to announce about manually enabling captcha.
Last edited by hisuimeido
Replies: >>336 >>346
You should enable captcha just to have an IQ test before posting.
captcha doesn't work well without JS
Replies: >>347
I see. The captcha seems to not work when frames are blocked. Just checked now.
I'll disable the captcha now. Just remember that It'll be re enabled automatically by the TPH PPH triggers if spam does happen.
>should I give it up?
Yes. Wojacks, spurdos (literally a newfag meme) and pepes are shit-tier and low-effort. Before these "memes" there were more creative reaction pictures but nowadays newfags just recycle the same ~3 pictures. +see >>326

>You don't need to be specific down to explain what exact kinds of posts are allowed. Just say no cuckchan-tier posts, which covers many well known post traits and mannerisms.
>I suggest adding examples for SHITpost and (fun)shitpost in the rules.
imo, the rule no. 4 is fine as it is currently, but if there are problems with it, BO should provide like 2-3 examples.
Added one vol to this board in case I may have to go dark for some time (low chance of that happening, but it feels likely these days).
Replies: >>386
Replies: >>387
The spot is filled already. The vol is just a friend of mine who agreed to be a vol in case I have to go dark for some time or /tech/ becomes faster.
I might be able to still be around here anyways.
Replies: >>388
Free for hiring if you want to more men for the GNUs.
This board has been pretty quiet lately. Maybe this board should be advertised?
The /fit/ thread was deleted sometime last night. Was the bomb moved?
Replies: >>535
It got moved to /cow/ but nobody is replying to the thread.
Apparently the bomb or a new bomb is at kissu /jp/ now.
>[email protected]
And you wonder why the board's dead.
Replies: >>549
>not using the onion
Classic blunder anon, how embarrassing.
did it work?
wow this is the only chan I've been able to post to from links so far
Replies: >>605
[Hide] (2MB, 708x380, 00:36)
Replies: >>1613
[Hide] (160.4KB, 750x750)
>>190 (OP) 
Where is /a/?
Replies: >>725 >>726
Fish is a cuck that is afraid of "board drama and fraction."
Replies: >>728
who knows
I don't really get on why fish wants to add a fucking /pol/ of all things to this site, but he doesn't want to add /a/ because of "muh board drama".
Replies: >>729
My intentions for /pol/ are misrepresented. I do not have a plan to add /pol/ at this time, I just have someone who has offered to be BO for it and doesn't  mind waiting. My previous stance was to wait a month after the election to actually consider it. that turned into a month after the president was decided, and now I've lost interest after the insanity regarding that process. 

tt;dr: there is no plan for /pol/, only a volunteer.
Replies: >>770 >>773
Yes. Currently I'm not the BO anymore as I suddenly ran off, but I sent sturgeon an email just now.
I sperged out about tiny things and decided to run off after losing interest in hotpocketing temporarily. Dumb but that's what happened. I'm willing to become the /tech/ BO again and I won't run off again like what happened with /a/.
gomen gomen
Replies: >>773
I return.
Last edited by hisuimeido
Replies: >>772
might be a good idea to go over what happened, your choice.
See >>770
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[Hide] (198.2KB, 700x802)
this is what happens when you untake the council pill
Cockmail is broken for me. I get server errors when accessing my mailbox, so I can't see any mails or send any new mails.
Luckily I got a NixNet email address some time ago after a week of waiting for the credentials.
hisuimeido [at] nixnet [dot] email

I'll keep around the cockmail address (mahoro [at] airmail [dot] cc) just in case.
Last edited by hisuimeido
>>190 (OP) 
>Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
Ban all these faggots with red in their names
While I may be a board vol for now and Sturgeon being the /tech/ BO for now as a trial process due to what happened some days ago, I can still make changes to the /tech/ rules and I may technically become the /tech/ BO again soon at an unknown time.

Posting this here since I can't change the board announcements for now and it's better to make posts about rule changes here going forward. The rules have been updated as of the time making the post. [ >>470 ]
The previous rules can be seen here: https://web.archive.org/web/20201214171449/https://zzzchan.xyz/tech/thread/470.html

The "posting guidelines & recommendations" are now just "posting recommendations" and won't be enforced by any mods. Rules have been revised and moved around taking suggestions from the meta discussion in the QTDDTOT thread. About the "shitposting" rule, it's more lighter now even if I don't exactly change that rule right now.
If there are still improvements needing to be done, just suggest more here.
>opening the door for cuckchan soyjak posting
Sounds like a wonderful idea, go for it.
What would be a nice board theme and a code block theme to use on /tech/ that isn't custom CSS? I haven't looked into code block themes yet.

Some board themes I'll suggest (not a full list):
rei-zero (You are here)
Replies: >>1098
But every one of those and several others are already available here Anon. It's just part of JSchan.
Replies: >>1099
Yes I know, but which one should be the default theme for /tech/?
>>190 (OP) 
Only faggots and pedophiles use Linux.

So I use GhostBSD.
Replies: >>1109
>based on freebsd, the original cuck pozzed faggot bsd
>started writing down my thoughts on free software and the FSF last night
>ended up being over eight pages
at least i have my beliefs in order haha
Replies: >>1128
post it as a .txt coward
Replies: >>1141
only if enough people want to hear my autism
Replies: >>1142
Autistzine Issue 1
Post it fgt.
Replies: >>1144
[Hide] (502.2KB, 1100x619)
The Main Issues with the FSF, Modern Computing, and Why Richard Stallman is a Burden to the Linux Community

To many, Richard Stallman is seen as a hero of the free software movement, and the Free Software Foundation is the only real organization that shows any semblance of caring about free software. However, their rhetoric has shown to be ineffective, vilifying, and anti-freedom, primarily stemming from a flawed interpretation of what freedom in regards to software is.

Stallman is credited with defining the four basic freedoms of software (which I will list off starting at 1, not 0 like he does, which I will get into later), which are the freedoms to run, read and write, copy, and distribute software any way the user sees fit. He defines any piece of software that does not meet all four of these criteria as proprietary and "should not be used". In reality, the only freedom that is necessary is the ability to read the full source code of a program, as all other aspects stem from that single fact; the source code can be changed to the user's will and compiled and ran for their uses, and the source code and compiled binaries can be shared with others. Only if the complete source code of a program is not publicly available is it proprietary.

So why are many programs that have their source code publicly available still classified as "non-free" by Stallman and/or the FSF? The issue lies in the licensing terms of these programs; a program may be open-source, but its license only permits the user to use the source code in the terms defined by the owner. In reality, these glorified walls of text mean absolutely nothing; as long as the source code is publicly available, the user can do whatever they want to with it, licenses and strings-attached be damned. It's the software equivalent of a zookeeper giving an orangutan a banana, but telling the orangutan he can only use the banana for consumption purposes and may not use the banana to engage in any acts that may be harmful to other orangutans, the zookeepers, the zoo's patrons, or the zoo itself. Likewise, upon consumption of the banana the peel must be immediately discarded in the correct location, etc., and so on and so forth. It all boils down to this: that orangutan does not give a single fuck about what he can and can't do with the banana; the zookeeper gave it to him and there's not a damn thing he can do to get it back. If he wants to smudge that banana on the glass and wipe his ass with the peel in front of the zoo's board of directors, he's going to do it no matter how many lawsuits you threaten that orangutan with. The amount of money you'd be able to squeeze out of that monkey won't even cover the court costs. In short, users should not be afraid of having their doors kicked in by the alphabet boys for not using software exactly as the license permits, and should ignore the FSF's fearmongering over using what they define as non-free software.

The next issue arises in regards to the list of FSF-approved software and operating systems. The FSF maintains a list of what they call "truly free" software which meets their standards. Nowhere on this list will you find common Linux-based distributions such as Ubuntu or Debian, but instead an incredibly small list of distributions you’ve probably never heard of, with names such as Dragora, Trisquel, Ututo, and Replicant. However, should you try out one of these distros for yourself, you will find that they are incredibly barebones, have a small set of basic system utilities, and few (if any) programs installed or available in its repositories that would actually be useful for day-to-day tasks (and this is all assuming you're able to even install the distro at all; more often than not, it will throw some obscure error during the installation process that will cause a kernel panic and throw you back to square one, do not pass go or collect $200). Should you add any non-kosher repository to this distribution, you've essentially voided your FSF good boy points and the system has been tainted by "non-free" software. Attempting to actually install useful pieces of software will result in several missing dependencies that aren't included because, once again, you've been trapped by the FSF's definition of what is and isn't free, and at this point you're better off just starting from scratch and installing an actually useful Linux-based distribution.

The FSF sanctions distributions that are of no use for daily tasks, locks them into an environment where it is difficult if not impossible to install actually useful software, then chastises them for returning to Windows when they don't want to spend several days configuring something that may or may not work how they would like it in the end. What's the purpose of "free software" when it doesn't even work? The FSF is always talking about the latest spyware implementation in Windows 10 or macOS and cry about how user freedom is eroding, but provides no meaningful alternatives to the loss of freedom. They're all bark and no bite, and have delivered nothing of value to the end user except contempt, frustration, and broken packages.

One argument I am always able to use against FSF advocates with 100% success is the Grandma argument, and I encourage all of you to use it as well. The premise is simple: pretend that you are your grandmother, and the other person has to convince you to switch away from Windows or macOS to a Linux-based distribution. Typically, your average grandmother is in her late 70s and has little (if any) knowledge of what a computer is or how it works (beyond pressing a few buttons to make Facebook come up on the picture box), compounded by the mental inability to learn something new and the potential presence of Alzheimer's or dementia. They'll try to explain to you the idea of software freedom, how Microsoft and Apple spy on their users, and how installing a "free as in freedom" operating system will let them take back their privacy. By the time you're done explaining, they're still trying to figure out what a Linux is and think that there's a literal backdoor somewhere on the computer box. Nobody besides their own grandchildren are going to have the knowledge nor patience to convince them to switch to Linux, because there is absolutely no way they'll be able to do it themselves. 

I have been working in the consumer PC industry for several years, and one thing I was able to grasp very quickly that the FSF has not is this: your average user has no idea how to use a computer. This simple fact explains everything in modern computing: why Windows 10 and macOS have a Fisher-Price user interface, why modern laptops are made of cheap plastic and frail components, why big companies are able to apply boot-to-face with no repercussions: they've created a system where the user is simultaneously dependent upon and abused by major corporations, and are unable to stand up for themselves. They are coddled by easy-to-use software and cloud storage, then punched in the face by software licensing fees and having their personal documents deleted for violating the Terms of Service. But they won't seek out any alternatives because there are none (no viable ones, that is). It is simply asking too much of the population to possess the basic knowledge of even installing an operating system, Windows included (buy any new PC and it's already installed for you, just give them your name, tick a few checkboxes and you're done). Linus Torvalds states the main reason why most users don't use Linux is because it's not preinstalled on new PCs, a chicken-and-egg problem: nobody uses Linux because it's not preinstalled on new PCs, and it's not preinstalled on new PCs because nobody uses Linux. The FSF is doing nothing to alleviate this issue by providing the user with the software equivalent of a soup kitchen meal when they could get a Porterhouse steak for free* instead.

Although Richard Stallman is no longer the head of the FSF (after stepping down last year over leaked emails in regards to the Jeffrey Epstein debacle), his influence is still prominent in the free software community, largely for the worst. If you're still curious as to why there hasn't been a free software renaissance, look no further than an overweight, far-left socialist that enjoys creating pointless arguments over made-up terms while chowing down on some foot-de-la-creme. Stallman is widely seen as the head of the free software movement and its de facto leader (some would argue for Linus Torvalds, but he's more of a passive member of the community that approves a few commits to the kernel every now and then rather than an active campaigner for software freedom), and you would be hard-pressed to find someone that could be a worse figurehead. When people think of Microsoft and Apple, they'll always come back to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, two businessmen that, as controversial as they are in what they themselves actually achieved, were still able to create the consumer PC industry as it is today. Compared with Stallman, an overweight, long-bearded hippie that seems to do little more than argue over names all day, it's obvious why Linux hasn't (and may never) hit the mainstream market. This may seem like a low-ball attack, but it is simply human nature to judge everything at face value. If you were to show them a picture of the man behind free software, they're going to recoil in disgust and permanently associate Linux with "literal basement-dwelling manchild that's never seen a razor a day in his life".
Replies: >>1145 >>1146 >>1156
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
>>1144 (cont.)
Now that I'm over the personal attacks on Stallman, I will get into some actual credible arguments for why the Linux community would be better off without him. A quick trip to his blog should suffice, specifically the page on his own made-up terminologies. You will find a page with several explanations for buzzwords he uses throughout his posts, and while some are legitimate explanations, most of them will do nothing but sow contempt and division to whoever reads through it. You will find made-up terminologies for common terms, such as referring to users as "useds" (which I at first thought was a typo when reading one of his posts, only for him to use it several times throughout did I realize he was serious),  as well as at least a dozen various generic insults that he scatters throughout his posts which all refer to Donald Trump, which he states is to not give him the satisfaction of using his own name (surely, not calling him by name but instead painstakingly using a different insult each time in each post will show that he is indeed not upset at the mere existence of this man). A header that spans each page of his blog provides links to reasons to not use specific services such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft, Airbnb, and pay toilets. Many of the reasons he lists not to use them are based on tertiary resources or none at all, as the actual source comes from a website that uses non-free Javascript, and God forbid he should provide concrete facts from a website that would dare run a pop-up on a user's PC. All this is topped off with Stallman stating in a recorded interview that he has never personally installed Linux himself and actually discourages new users from doing so. Have you ever heard of a software developer that tells you not to install software?

Even so, all of this pales in comparison to Stallman's single biggest weakness: someone, somewhere on the Internet referred to a Linux distribution as simply Linux and not GNU/Linux, or GNU+Linux as he has recently taken to calling it. Such an attack against the free software community must be dealt with swiftly and with the same copy+paste paragraph that has been spreading like a cancer across the internet since he typed it out. Stallman's insistence on applying his own, made-up terms to already existing ones is his single most annoying and detrimental flaw that damages the free software movement in its entirety. Should you ever enter a conversation with Stallman and use a forbidden term such as "open-source", "Linux operating system", or even "free software", you will be rebuked and corrected like a seven-year-old being given a stern lecture from their parents. His various other habits are also not helping his case, such as counting from 0 instead of 1 as if the whole world is one giant program. Stallman's programmer contributions to the GNU project and free software have helped make Linux a viable operating system, yet he is incapable of stopping himself from creating mountains out of molehills, driven by a stubbornness to correct everyone on every minute detail and what he perceives as a mistake. He is missing the fundamental concept of marketing: you have to make the product appealing to the consumer and give them something they not just want, but need. If Stallman remains as the figurehead of free software, it will not satisfy either of these requirements.

Free software is an oxymoron; ever piece of software can be obtained for free through the right channels. If more than a dozen people use it, you can guarantee that some Slav or Asian in a remote village has already cracked it. The issue comes in whether or not this software is violating your personal freedom. It is necessary to assume that all closed-source software is collecting information on the user in some shape or form. One can't begin to count how many articles there have been on "Man claims to have removed all Windows 10 backdoors for the 2394th time this year". Open-source software alleviates this by allowing the user to see what a program is actually doing on their PC. Whether or not an open-source program has a free or restricted license attached to it is irrelevant; if the full source code can be read, it can be changed to suit the user's needs no matter what the license permits. It will not be enforced on individual users and only on major corporations if they are found to be using it (which many companies do in some form, the only reason they are caught is if they're already being investigated for other wrongdoings or they publicly admit to doing so). If an open-source alternative for a program does not exist, or the only options are unusable, then you should not feel shame for using a cracked, proprietary program as the FSF would like you to. It will only serve as an incentive for them to straighten their priorities and end their petty arguments.

While Stallman and the FSF are dancing around in circles and declaring what is and isn't "free software", I'll provide some actual solutions for what you can do if you want to actually change the free software movement. As stated earlier, if an open-source alternative to a program you need does not exist, you should use a cracked copy of a proprietary program instead. Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever pay for any piece of software, especially if it is developed by a corporation that already has more than enough money.  The only plausible exception to this rule is if the program is developed by actually good people that are working independently and will use the money to actually focus on improving the software. The ideal circumstance for this would be if the program they are developing is already open-source, but provide a method for donating to them through other channels such as PayPal or cryptocurrency. Companies rely on income from licensing their software to survive; by instead using cracked software and not giving them any income from doing so, you are sending them a message in the only way they are capable of receiving it: through their wallet. Obviously, non-paying users are vastly outnumbered by paying ones, and publicly campaigning for cracked software is going to get you shut down very quickly. However, this is the only solution going forward. The FSF is seeking to reform a broken system while playing by the system's rules. Nothing will change until a substantial amount of users are able to scare those in charge into playing by their rules. Here's a few things you can do to get started:

Cancel all your software subscriptions and seek out open-source variants instead. If an adequate one doesn't exist, install cracked copies of proprietary programs in their place. Cancel your streaming subscriptions, create a home server, and (after getting a good VPN) fill it full of movies, TV shows, and music that you've torrented. Set up a Linux distribution in a virtual machine and play around with it for a while. If you're ready, install it alongside your existing operating system and force yourself into using it as much as you can. Once you're using it more often than your other OS, delete Windows/macOS from your drives. If you're not sure how or afraid to do all this yourself, find a computer-savvy friend of yours that can help you. If they don't want to do any of the above because of ethical reasons, show them this document. If they still don't want to help you, find someone else who will.

You can change modern computing for the better. Once you're able to get enough people to rebel against this broken system, they'll start listening to you.
Replies: >>1146 >>1156
You missed the point. And made the assumption of free software is about making people use free software.
Free software has always been about ideological freedom. It is not because of higher quality, speed, features or free as in money. It is not about being practical, or "It's only a problem if you get caught".
>Previously you can only stop using computer, now you have free software --Stallman guy
It is about the current laws and power structures are taking our software freedom away. Their software denies you of your freedom. A deal with devil, trading soul with a partial piece of software. In 4 freedoms, that's why those laws are abused to the extent where it is not possible to abuse user's freedom. It is not about being caught or not, it is about it being illegal when the opposite should be. It is about using the very protection of law for non-free software against them, protecting users instead.
Stop strawmaning with grandmas, the choice is clear: You want freedom, use free software. It doesn't matter at all if others are using free software or not. It is about boycotting non-free software because they are not free, a kind of self-preservation from the jails of non-free software.
Granted, you don't have to agree with anyone's definition of freedom; you may not even want freedom. But that is not the problem of FSF's free software.
Stallman maybe a turbo liberal autist, have faggot opinions and smelly dirty asshole. That doesn't change what he did for free software. He forever have my respect for it. It also doesn't change what he is wrong about freedom: Not everyone deserves it.
Anyone who trades freedom for convenience deserves neither.
Replies: >>1156
I'll try to sum up your main arguments and answer them one by one.
>the Free Software Foundation is the only real organization that shows any semblance of caring about free software
Because they're its originators and it's too lolberg-y for people with IT jobs.
>source code is all you need, use it as you see fit laws be damned
>use cracked proprietary software if you can, "free" software
Practical, but you have to be absolutely certain laws regarding software piracy will not change in the foreseeable future. This is fine if you live in some third world wasteland with every law being a shade of gray and nobody giving a shit. But, if everything does turn for the worse, things made by the FSF will still be there as a base, along with their "contribute back" clause. It's simply the other extreme end opposite the usual closed source software, with like MIT and BSD licenses being the middle ground. Even now company lawyers try to steer clear of GPL-licensed things because, if a precedent about violating its terms is set in the future, everybody will want a piece of you.

As for the use of proprietary software, it can't be helped for some jobs and tasks. However, even by using its cracked versions, you are feeding into a monopoly that creates the need for this program only and contributing to the public consensus that its inevitable.
>list of FSF-approved software and OS is lacking
>contempt, frustration and broken packages
See my point about lolbergs and IT above. Because it's the other extreme, you get to see how truly fucked both software and hardware are if any company decides to tighten the leash just a little bit. You don't have to be as radical as the FSF itself with your daily computer interactions, but it's useful to see how far you need to go to do that.
>far-left socialist that enjoys creating pointless arguments over made-up terms while chowing down on some foot-de-la-creme
>it is simply human nature to judge everything at face value
>Gates, Jobs and marketing
Marketing needs money and slimy PR people constantly working on maintaining brand image. The budget Microsoft and Apple have to do that makes the entire budget of the FSF look like charity for the homeless. There also needs to be a willingness to do so. Advocating for fucking companies over for your hippie principles won't look good on your resume if you are a PR person, so nobody but mentally ill trannies looking to co-opt another niche are willing to do community interaction in these circles. As for GNU/Linux and Stallman's general weirdness, never put an engineer into speaking roles unless you want a torrent of autism and crass remarks. But, like I said before, there is no money or general interest to fix that. The good part of this is you can see the insane steps one would need to take to avoid tracking and proprietary shit in your day-to-day life. His lefty tendencies don't bother me because free software, or even just open source software, doesn't have a political lean. I'd have to stop using Linux as well if it did, since Linus' parents are literal commies, he lives in Oregon, AIDS capital of the US and his daughter is a danger hair retard.
>Grandma argument
>your average user has no idea how to use a computer
>won't seek out alternatives because there are none
First of all, you should never use "normalfags are stupid" as an argument in favor of anything. You've already missed the point of FSF software, which >>1146 already pointed out, so I'll expand on grandmas and users instead. Alternatives always come with a change in habits and different usability principles. Do you know why people won't switch, even if there are things to jump to? Because normalfags are maliciously ignorant, the words "unable to" and "seek out" don't apply when nobody cares. As long as my grandma can say Hi to me on Facebook, send me a photo from her Google slab's cloud and if I can get a whiff of e-pussy on another data harvesting platform, I'll throw every other person under the bus, cheer on the passing of laws limiting my freedom on the Internet and in real life, and continue to act really shocked and surprised every time it's revealed that a company whose services I use abuses the information it's given or just fucks over its users in general - only to go back to using them again once the hype of outrage dies down. Because "my time is precious" and I'm a fucking moron who just rides along the basic flow. The argument you use with "100% success" has its ultimate conclusion in going back to the common denominator, not even attempting to shift the usage demographics and blocking out any negative consequences of doing so. Since that's what grandma would do.
Replies: >>1165
Words on the street is that Linus the cuck caved for his brainrotten traitorous turbo SJW daughter.
Replies: >>1166
[Hide] (106.9KB, 1280x1024)
Linux ≠ Free Software/Open Source and Linus ≠ Linux.
Replies: >>1167 >>1211
*Linux ≠ the Free Software movement /the concept of Open Source
dead board
Replies: >>1209
Alive and kicking.
Replies: >>1271
In Linux world, Linus Torvalds is God and Richard Stallman is just a mere rebellion.
>0 PPH
Yeah right.
Replies: >>1272
PPH is a shit metric.
Replies: >>1273
only when it suits you
Lol dead board. Even smugloli which everyone hates because of HoiHoi has a slightly more active /tech/ despite having HoiHoi enforcement.
Go back there then, faggot.
Replies: >>1285
[Hide] (149.5KB, 450x437)
[Hide] (289.6KB, 1271x1883)
[Hide] (61.5KB, 806x783)
Yes sweetie. I only came here to laugh at your dead board, fake meido. Enjoy your dead board that will break the 2000 posts mark in a few months.
Replies: >>1286 >>1292
I will. See ya, nigger.
Install Gentoo
Enjoy your splashing shitshow of a board.
why was there a need for another /tech/ when this is already a small as fuck community? same goes for /tg/ here tbh, I don't get it
Replies: >>1320 >>1321
I was checking it out when I was browsing smug and saw they added a new board. There doesn't seem to be a huge difference when it comes to activity.
At times the /cafe/ thread turned into /tech/, I guess they just wanted to split that off.
Replies: >>1321
Are smugloli fags the anime equivalent of ni/GG/ers? Incapable of using the webring and fanning out into other spaces and can only talk about things if they have a psuedo-IRC chat room where they spam about retarded off-topic bullshit? What a joke imageboards have turned into.
Replies: >>1326
Most boards on the webring are just doing their own thing though. And why wouldn't they, they're indepentend sites, loosely federating in the webring. I'd say it's working as intented. I guess most people post on more than one site but probably most people also have their favorite site that they check first. They're all slightly different communities with slightly different mentalities and I don't see anything wrong with it. Much better than trying to make it right for everyone.
Since the previous /tech/ BO resigned a while ago, I thought it's time to announce that I (the former mod) step in as the new /tech/ BO.
Replies: >>1381 >>1382 >>1383
[Hide] (432.7KB, 532x582)
[Hide] (55.4KB, 571x570)
Any drama to disclose?
Replies: >>1384
Nope, there wasn't any drama really. I'm just going to look for a vol now. If anyone would like to apply for the position, my e-mail is in the sticky.
Replies: >>1385
An ads campaign will be held. Brace for potential shit flood.
Welcome to ads target suggestions.
Replies: >>1393
hit me with some confusing new age lainfag shit please
Replies: >>1394 >>1399
Done, we will see if anyone answers.
Replies: >>1399
Fuck no fun allowed lainfags gunned down my post.

Someone make a new one the last one is full
Replies: >>1440
It's just bumplocked.
Is it me or does he look like [spoiler]moot[/spoiler]
[Hide] (179.2KB, 700x1280)
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ )
We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u
Replies: >>1688 >>1703
Getting the BO on this.
Replies: >>1703
It's a fake spam message. Sorry.
Letting you guys in this, I am the BO now. Garu is busy.
Why use an imageboard hosted on cloudfare? Are there any plans to migrate to another board?
Replies: >>1999
Onion address is http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/tech
Complain to Admin on >>>/meta/
Replies: >>2074
A Tor spammer is spamming 'nigs', niggered pc and other shit.
Depending on frequency, captcha is on the table.
Not sure if the ads back then worked or some containment sites went down.
[Hide] (830.3KB, 477x638)
So...pic related then?
Yeah, I'm not dealing with this shit. See you fuckers on a truly private/secure imageboard.
Replies: >>2075
Unfortunately yes, wake me up when you get your anonymous satellite net online.
um sempai u know u gotta mention that u listed on big famous tor onion thingeh!!!!!


it make site bette an mor kawaii!
Replies: >>2102 >>2113
congrats on this 
Replies: >>2113
Now I know where the spammer came from.
Replies: >>2120
where then?
Replies: >>2122
I guess he meant some random Tor autist rather than really knowing him.
rename this board to /techsupport/
Replies: >>2849
We could get in touch with the BO of http://picochanwvqfa2xsrfzlul4x4aqtog2eljll5qnj5iagpbhx2vmfqnid.onion/tech , the board is based. It could be useful for setting a bunker or some other form of cooperation.
https://wiki.cloveros.ga/Main_Page is dead.
So, I want to make multiple posts about various *BSD and alternative operating systems. I should I just post in the distro thread, or should I create a new thread?
Replies: >>4930
both works
Solution for the ads spammer.
I need ideas for a name for permission isolation later on.
Replies: >>5630
Hey, BO! You should perhaps set up a /tech/ bunker at fatchan?
Replies: >>5630
>Link related https://fatchan.org/tech/thread/2.html#24
Replies: >>5630
I will consider it. Any reason fatchan specifically and why do we need a bunker?
I relief my maid of board watching duties, as boards configs are working now.She should tend to me and me alone.
Replies: >>5635
> Any reason fatchan specifically
It has the same software and it doesn't have many other boards.

>and why do we need a bunker?
I thought just in case.
[Hide] (41.9KB, 500x500)
Is there a way to unlink files from a post? I'm sick and tired of seeing the fucking soyjaks that's what the report was for
Replies: >>8853 >>8859 >>8879
Yea, but the picture and post didn't violate any board rule.
Replies: >>8884
just hide the post/thread/image on your end friend
Replies: >>8884
My faggot, what's the problem with soyjaks? Do they hit too close to home to you?
Replies: >>8884
[Hide] (48.7KB, 341x481)
Fine, I'll hide those. Thanks for replying either way.
They're fucking ugly as shit, simple as.
>Do they hit too close to home to you?
Oh yeah, I can't imagine who else would use those things other than furfags with a scat fetish.
yes, some fun allowed
Replies: >>9309
[Hide] (4KB, 300x100)
turn the /tech/ news thread into a cyclic thread
Replies: >>9529 >>9537
Why not a new thread?
Replies: >>9537
I think a cyclic thread might be better choice because it doesn't fill up the catalog with old news.
Replies: >>9560 >>9562
>>190 (OP) 
>he probably stores CP on his computer

that comment defines every Tails OS user
Replies: >>10731
Replies: >>9562
Replies: >>9573
the /tech/ news thread is anchored/bumplocked
Replies: >>9577
Why did you delete all those posts, mod kun?
Replies: >>9724
Those are spam in the format of
Title: cheese pizza, small girl etc

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[Hide] (195KB, 2048x2048)
[Hide] (312.5KB, 1000x1000)
There's been some talk over at /icup/ for a revival of the Infinity Cup and amongst those boards mentioned was /tech/. Would anyone here want to participate in virtual divegrass simulation? For those who don't know, the cup consists of a bunch of webring boards pitted together to fight in an elimination style PES 2017 tournament where each team's controlled by a CPU.
In order for your team to participate you need to meet the following criteria:
>16 (maximum being 23) player names to compete in the team, 11 being the starting lineup
>player positions for each of the players with at least 1 goalkeeper, see the 1st picture
>player medals assigned for each of the players as well as choosing the team's captain, for more information read https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Player_Cards
>a team logo (the old one from 2016 suffices, see the 3rd image)
>a minimum of 2 player kits, one bring the home team and the other being the away kit, as well as one kit for the goalkeeper. use the 2nd image as a kit template
>a team strategy, read https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Team_Strategies

For more information lurk https://anon.cafe/icup/
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Bumping this, though I think I might be too fucking lazy
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>too fucking lazy
It's not that hard. As long as you can come up with a list of names for players and whether they should defend or not you'd almost have a proper team to compete. The real problem is getting the ball rolling heh and generating interest here on the board.
Kits shouldn't be too hard to create either consider what we're dealing with. Plaster a white T-shirt with GIMP peppers and you'd be sitting on a free as in libre football kit.
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Forgot this completely. /tech/ is going to participate.
Is there a deadline on submitting required materials?
Help with designs welcome. To avoid conflicts, post here to apply/reserve part of work and your own deadline.
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Glad to know there's some interest here, /tech/'s been missing from the cup since 2016 and would be a very welcome addition to the current roster.
>is there a deadline on submitting a team?
The guy who organized everything last year is MIA and there's not enough consensus on the /icup/ board on anon.cafe to set a deadline for team submissions.
Hence, you're welcome to work on the team at your own pace. I'd recommend deciding on all the team players first to at least have some foundation to work on, then figuring effective strategies in-game for instance, though this would require installing the game (PES '17) note that the tournament is played by CPUs and not by Anon, so the best strategy is to figure out what works best for the computer and what doesn't.

In any case /tech/ is free to create a thread on https://anon.cafe/icup/ to ideafag and organize their team. There's in fact one thread already dedicated to /tech/ sitting at the bottom of the catalog, specifically 8chan.moe/t/, though that board never finished their team nor has shown any recent interest in participating.
No, some are probably just drug dealers/users
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