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I, Asukadomo Type VIII, issue a fatwah on Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare.

He pretends to be part of the infosec scene while he's actually just a lawyer.
He isn't even a real lawyer, just a dropout.
He conveniently invokes either identity when he needs to appeal to one side.
He has single-handedly blocked Tor, VPN, etc from the internet, for 11 years without rest, by making a trendy webshit as a service that blocks Tor by default, requiring each website admin of a Cloudflare-backed website to overcome philosophical and technical hurdles to even realize this is a problem and to fix it by configuring Cloudflare properly.
In the above, he violated the end-to-end networking principle.
For the vast majority of these 11 years he used ReCaptcha, the most broken piece of shit captcha on earth (which blocks Tor over 50% of the time). It could only be solved by all kinds of tricks like disabling JS which itself raises more red flags on the website that acts like a paranoid retard. If you are blocked by a Cloudflare-backed website, say "somewebsite.com", you have to fill out a ReCaptcha (and then a second one to access "cdn.somewebsite.com"). Each of these steps takes multiple minutes. If you're doing some research it will take hours just to do what took 10 minutes before Cloudflare was invented.
Due to the above, many billions of man hours were wasted browsing websites over Tor, VPN, offices, universities, cafes, etc, due to his broken dipshit idea of blocking "hackers" by IP and making them solve a captcha.
In the above, he violated the purpose of a captcha: to throttle bot comment posts (and similar use cases). There is no other purpose for a captcha, and none would be acceptable. "Thing that stops my site from being rooted" is not a valid use case for a captcha. If you just put a captcha somewhere and only justify it by your opinion, you deserve DEATH. A captcha is not something that can be taken lightly, in network protocol design. He was given high levels of authority, and abused it.
He has single-handedly fabricated a new concept where a website just gives you a captcha because you might be trying to hack it according to some heuristic which almost always gives false positives. Let me state this again: websites did not require a captcha for viewing content before Cloudflare. Not one single website. Dumbass kids getting into webdev now think a captcha gate on the front page is a thing, thanks to Matthew Prince. If you put a captcha on your website anywhere other than a comment or signup form, you are just a nudev eating feces downstream from Matthew Prince.
While implementing all the fuckery above using webdevs (AKA retards), he created the CloudBleed security vulnerability, which caused all of his client bank websites to leak user credentials literally all over the web. Cloudflare no doubt has more of such vulnerabilities, which were obvious and predictable even long before he disclosed Cloudbleed.
He claims that websites are properties, by consistently calling them "web properties", thereby aligning the web as some sort of real estate market where the land owners can sue / jail anyone for made up reasons just like the entertainment industry does with DMCA (or just like land owners do to anyone and everyone for bullshit like "hanging around"). When in reality the internet is just for lulz.
He aligns his philosophy of attacking users when it has a 0.000000001 cent cost to the "web property" with liberal politics. So if you argue that blocking Tor is fucking retarded and pointless, you are labelled a nazi by the left wing sheep. He got rid of 8chan because it was too far from the left - it allowed people to say things without "moderation" (actually it had heavy moderation and /tech/ was complete center). But 8chan made the mistake of not hiring N employees to "moderate" every single thing a user ever posts, and so /pol/ was allowed to exist with its 5 users, and then Tarrant posted his manifesto there. He then tried to formalize his reasoning as "8chan does not uphold rule of law", which means absolutely nothing, but he thought he was real smart for using a phrase he got from his half assed law degree. In reality, he just kicked off 8chan because it was not left wing enough. It did not ban people for saying "nigger".
He has centralized most of the internet. He MITMs every user of his service. He grants this access to the NSA. Not maybe, he does. Just like before Snowden, it was obvious before it was "revealed".
He started off his business by showing how he thwarted a gorillian pedobyte DDoS attack, which has left a mythos in the average script kiddie that "cloudflare is the only way to stop DDoS". On the contrary, what they actually sell to businesses is snakeoil like "blocking hacker IPs", and "blocking scapers", which is another nail in his coffin because the only fucking use the web has is for being scraped. It's literally impossible to use any website made after 2001 without a bash script to retrieve its contents and display it in a terse form.
On top of all of this, he protects child porn, piracy, and scam websites by obscuring their ownership as well as protecting them from DDoS, citing free speech and such while still terminating sites like 8chan.
This faggot's net worth is 8 billion dollars from making a glorified CDN any stupid fucking techie kid could (and did) back before 2010.
There is a cult surrounding this absolute hack of a company. Cloudflare is run by people who do not even understand the most basic engineering principles, who repeatedly show this by explaining how after N years they figured out how to do something previous net companies were already doing 10 years before them. If you say anything bad about Cloudflare you are automatically downvoted on HN and some faggot you're conversing with in a SF cafe will raise his eyebrow like you're one of "them". I'm not saying "bad" as in you called them niggers. I'm saying, if you even disagree with any single technical choice they made, or prefer some other company for one of their services.

Kill Matthew Prince. Behead Matthew Prince. Roundhouse kick Matthew Prince into the concrete. Slam dunk Matthew Prince as a baby into the trash can. Crucify Matthew Prince. Defecate in Matthew Prince's food. Launch Matthew Prince into the sun.

If you delete this post you're gay.
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Did you forget to take your cocktail today?
Replies: >>11314
>>11304 (OP) 
>big tech corporation ceo is evil
big if true
you can't help but feel bad for her getting duped by big pharma like that
Should public third-party CDNs above a certain size or number of clients be outlawed?
They are heresy and a waste of electricity.
Replies: >>11338 >>11356
niggers are a waste of electricity
and the rest of the world should pay royalty for using the white mans electricity
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Cloudflare recently terminated service to the Kiwifarms. Since they get ddossed all the time, they made a replacement. It's based on https://gitgud.io/fatchan/haproxy-protection/. I couldn't find their source code, and git.kiwifarms.net is usually down nowadays because they get shit from dns and isp companies. 

A serious attempt to censor the kiwifarms is made like every week. All because they make fun of semi-famous people. The upside is that Josh Moon is now extremely good at keeping a website online against attacks
Replies: >>11349 >>11368
Jewsh is an idiot. Plus this isn't even new. The Pirate Bay dealt with similar shit.
could you explain?
>>11304 (OP) 
>He has single-handedly blocked Tor, VPN, etc from the internet, for 11 years without rest
I can still access any Cloudflared website with any server my VPN with no problem, and my VPN is usually on public VPN blacklists. If he is really trying to block VPNs he is doing a shitty job at it.

Won't happen. As OP has mentioned, Cloudflare does work with the NSA and is also able to get away with protecting actual illegal websites. They are a state protected corporation.
Replies: >>11368 >>11736
You're just lucky. Even on clearnet IPs I sometimes get stupid cloudflare shit in my face.
They also added a thing in 2018 to allow tor browser (or anything that emulates it) to pass the block by default by checking if it has the common tor browser headers. Which is still garbage faggot shit and he should be killed for making such stupid non protocol decisions.
He's not "trying to block" anything. His retarded misconfigured firewall just blocks a huge portion of IPs for delusional boomer logic reasons ("otherwise the hacker could scrape or sql inject your website"). Once a shared IP gets flagged most likely from a false positive or because multiple users can use it so inevitably its used by a web exploit scanning bot etc, only then it gets blocked. And in his boomer mind he argues that "well the block is only temporary" and somehow doesnt put 2 and 2 together that obviously by definition every single proxy with an anonymity set over 1 will be permanently blocked forever in practice. It's unclear if he actually believes this or this is his lawyer degree put into play so he can cover up the fact that the NSA ordered him to make tor unusable. It took from when it was started (around 2010) to 2018 to even whitelist tor browser which makes sense because users kept complaining about it regardless of his stupid fucking attempts at justification which I have a hard time believing anyone fell for.
Wow a 10th generation wigger was able to discover the ancient art of slinging un*x script kiddie crap together to block ddos in a way that his pea brain can understand (bro i put dis and dat daemon here look at this brick wall logo in the diagram thats why it works), congratulations. Now if only the rest of the wiggers didn't suddenly forget that it's acltually possible and normal to mitigate ddos without cloudflare.
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Yeaaa.. fugg dem niggas.

Spamhaus can die in a fire, too.
You're looking at this from a very ignorant and butthurt perspective. If everything cloudflare does is stupid and pointless then nobody would pay for it.

>I can still access any Cloudflared website with any server my VPN with no problem
Presumably you're using a mainstream browser with full JS enabled so they can get a unique fingerprint to track you. And you're not doing any automated scraping with selenium you're just manually clicking around like a pleb. That's exactly what cloudflare and their customers want, to know that you are human and which ads you are looking at. That's what advertisers pay top dollar for.
Depending on what OS I'm on it gives me captcha and or blocks me from for example archive.is. Different operating systems with the same service provider and same IP. Android is let in, windows is let in, lubuntu is not. Oh capital. 

Also tor has not worked for me here for ages. Where I live it's broken here and I don't want to attemptt to fix it. It technically works but all the nodes are banned. that and, an imageboard but you can't post images even if it IS Working? It has worked more than a year ago but not now. It shows the same ID's over and over for x bans that were not me. I hate tor. Proxies work fine if not for them hating captcha. You can't post images with the proxy I use as well but at least it's not tor, that failed exerpiment. Cloudlare has a fingerprint I read but also browser fingerprinting I read about. One or both of those? I cannot use a computer that well but well enought to know when I'm being jewed.
Replies: >>11743 >>11774
Are you using the .onion to post here? http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion
Replies: >>11744
He already admitted he is too stupid to get tor working. Obviously it's somebody else's job to change his diaper for him.
>Different operating systems with the same service provider and same IP. Android is let in, windows is let in, lubuntu is not. 
how is it done? I could access archive.is no problem until recently
Replies: >>11775
so it only allows a normie user-agent in the http request
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