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I've been thinking about writing a blog. Nothing fancy. No private lives. No pictures. No product-shilling. Just writing words.

I tried Blogger and Wordpress and I had a bad experience with them, considering that the ToS became more restrictive over the years.
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>>5598 (OP) 
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 Bear Blog, preferably self-hosted.
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How come you don't want to try self-hosted hand-written HTML/CSS or  static site generator?
>>5598 (OP) 
You could consider https://write.as/
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this. there is also https://txti.es/ but NeoCities are probably better for you usecase.
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Trash, just use Neocities.
org-mode can export to HTML and there are cheapo webhosts that cost less than 5$/mo.
If you what you are writing is not controversial, github static page with a fake account.
>https://herman-the-merman.itch.io/pandabutts i dont trust anything made by creatorfags)
>merckgroup.com hackathon (the same evil corporation who invented the covid rainbow pills)
SUS! SUS! he looks like a furry judging by the writing style and the pixel art might wanna steer clear of this one

>>5598 (OP) 
>but anon what will i use for selfhosting? (THIS im gonna make my own blog next to the goyimTV channel so i can put my schizo rants there)
maybe dokuwiki? or custom made wiki/blogger software with custom simple theme or just plain HTML? (EWW wordpress and mediawiki supports the LGBT agenda AVOID)
>can you just selfhost this a VM like you do with the gaymes? how is this any different
unfortunately that's not gonna work for online based server software you see the VMs dont magically remove lgbtware backdoor inside and i want the site to be publicly open so users can make their own pages (like disroot but for cyberspace pirates)
also i swear if one day i were to update my system and the rainbows pop up on wangblows or edge im gonna do a quick format before this STD spreads to my uefi no questions asked 
two more weeks left (((  pri DEMON th  ))) is approaching (the vaxsexuals are gonna trample our streets and invite our kids in flipland)

TLDR if any website encourages free speech (in many such cases leftist) RUN for your life its always a false sense of (((  privacy  ))) 9/10 times
if a platform actually cared about privacy it would make its intentions very clear and will not pretend to care about protecting users but shield itself from trouble
What do you think about Substack?
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What do you want out of it? Do you want people to be able to comment? Do you want fancy JS-based navigation? Do you want dumb social media buttons for people to share to their Twitter/Facebook/Etc?

If all you're doing is writing little pages, then your own custom site should be enough. HTML/CSS are pretty easy to get the hang of, and if you learn JS you can do all kinds of cool shit on your own site with no limitations. VPSes are pretty damn cheap too and your site has more resilience than if you use Neocities or some other service that can boot you for whatever reason, not to mention security/privacy concerns on both your end and the viewers (like Cloudflare and JS outside of your control + user accounts...).
The guy who runs write.as also runs writing.exchange (Mastodon) and limited my account because a bunch of SJWs reported my account over "racist anime fanfiction". Just stay away from write.as.
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I've seen a lot of anti-vaxx/covid "disinfo" on it, and the company has pretty clearly stated that they just want to be a platform for people to speak their mind and share information.  Given that it's so far resisted the ire of globohomo, I think it's a safe bet if you want a normalfag-friendly interface and decent exposure on search engines and the like.  Substack blogs can also have mailing lists and potential monetary subscriptions, which are nice features to have integrated if you ever plan to make use of them.

I think it's a solid option for blogging, especially if you aren't saying anything truly controversial (read: true), but keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.  I wouldn't try to make a home there, given what happened with Medium and Patreon, two other platforms that had a single simple job - to let people be supported for producing content that their fans liked - and both managed to fuck it up with pricing and ToS changes.

>racist anime fanfiction
You can't just tell us that and not snare it.
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Neither the fanfic or the anime was racist. I only teleported gay anime characters to the 1830s to make a dumb buck breaking joke. No character actually gets hurt or raped in the fanfic.
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I demand that you correct this at once.  The Internet needs real racist anime fanfiction.  With extra >rape.
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If you post that shit on my site, you will get banned for supporting globalhomo.
>With extra >rape.
How about you find some black boys to buck break, start your very own gay sex farm, and write about it?
except that it's called "substack" which reeks of nudev faggotry
it will be unusable within a year (if it isn't already, everything i've seen posted on there is pretentious and worthless crap like when medium just came out).
then again if you're just trying to get your info out you would be using multiple hosts and just springing up a mirrors on other hosts when a few go down, as opposed to being hugely worried about branding and having a central SEO optimized domain name like a braindead LARPing faggot like you
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that's fine. i wouldn't want to read one more letter from you.
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