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GoSeek has been unusable since Nougat. It's s real shame there isn't a functional client for Android.
>>1606 (OP) 
The fuck do you need an android soulseek client for retard? Just use your computer to download music.
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Some subhumans like myself do not own a computer or laptop
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2003 was 18 years ago lmaooo
>>1606 (OP) 
I just use youtube-dl to download all my musics from youtube/bandcamp.
>>1606 (OP) 
You can install Debian or friends with linux deploy, or install Gentoo with just any terminal with chroot (if you have root access). Then install/compile a cli soulseek client (museek+ has a tui).
>>1606 (OP) 
Just use other alternatives like torrent clients.
Don't feel bad for yourself.
use seeker anon, it's on play store, izzydroid and aurora store
>>1606 (OP) 
a pathetic existance of a zoom zoom
Why? There is lno reason not to own a computer. Buy a Thinkpad, those are like 200-300$. Go on craigslist, ebay, kikebook marketplace and you will find loads of cheap laptops and desktops. Go to goodwill or you local thrift store and look there. Don't tell you don't even have 200$ to spare? Fuck off right now and buy a computer.
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In places like india and africa there is no 2nd hand pc/laptop market they basically jumped straight to smartphones.
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