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According to this: https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/security-privacy-advice.html Linux is bad from security perspective, author advises you to use WIndows 10 in S mode, macOS or ChromeOS for more securit. Is it true or he is biased?
>>1694 (OP) 
does this fool not know how a dll works
>Cover or remove any webcams or microphones
oh nvm hes clearly mentally disabled
>Stay away from desktop if you can and stick to mobile devices. 
>Some of these operating systems do have some privacy invasive telemetry but it can usually be disabled in the settings and verified with a network analyzer tool like Wireshark if you wish to be certain. 
>Use Signal, preferably with a burner or VoIP number. 
what the fuck am i reading
yeah, and you know what, this guy is involved in developing on Whonix and some other projects, because of this, people can believe this nonsense because he is "expert" or "authority"
>>1694 (OP) 
I took look at https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/security-privacy-advice.html and...
>muh iphone good
>muh apple good
>muh non-free good
>muh Windows S and ChromeOS good because more (((restrictions)))
>muh mobile devices are more secure
>muh verified boot 
<only works if you use your own key
> bit (((buttlocker))) 
<implying proprietary crypto is good
<implying bitlocker is not compromised
>Always update. 
<You also get the latest ciaware when you update your non-free OS
>muh telemetry can always be disable in your proprietary OS
>Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. 
<Still advocating proprietary software
<not a silver bullet but it's true that sandboxing should be used more often.
<also OpenBSD's pledge(2) & unveil(2), NetBSD's secmodel(9), FreeBSD's CAPSICUM(4) and DragonFlyBSD's VKERNEL(7) are worth looking into
>Do not give apps excessive permissions. 
<Still advocating Botnet 10

> Is it true
>or he is biased?
Not that either; he is just plain wrong in most of his points.
Replies: >>2024
Seems like a knowledgeable one and knews flaws of foss/linux stuff but they just happen to use that for a quality troll post.
From security standpoint, those official devices and official builds are good, but let's not forget security and privacy are different.
Sure there is backdoors everywhere which is a different matter and more likely for targeted deanonymization which even your experienced cryptographer or privacy expert might not even know about.
Modern motherboards and laptops have UEFI firmware and ring negative access through the programs in ring 3, everything is compromised.
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>>1694 (OP) 
Madaidans is a cunt. He appears in every itoddler / brave / windows shilling thread on major imageboards. He doesn't deserve to be on the internet.
Replies: >>3028 >>3092
>backdoors everywhere are not a security matter
Go back...
Did you upgrade to Veyndows 11 already?
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Just for your image alone I'm going back to windows 10 and trying my hand on windows 11. No way I'm spending time with retards like you lot.
Replies: >>3093
Good goy.
Replies: >>3096
>>1694 (OP) 
>Linux is bad from security perspective
Not exactly a secret, you can find far better sources too.
Also keep in mind that security and prvacy are not the same thing, and that there are multiple ways to deal with either before even getting to the choice of OS.
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At least I'm better than it/you as a person, channy.
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cope faggot
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Good, keep spamming the same mentally retarded shit and see more and more people siding with your enemy. No amount of technical knowledge will save your cause if one keeps being a 4channy on the the internet.
Replies: >>3106 >>3108
No him. More retarded users leave Linux alone the better. No more freedesktop faggotry, shitd, dbus, all of those shit are because of having to cater to them which let (((redhat))) gained control over major distros. Side all you want with an inferior OS. Fuck off with that shit, more users is not always better. Majority of human living are niggers, go to Africa with them. Importing niggers inevitably lead to degeneration. Can't you see them same happening in your fucking country now? And you propose welcoming more niggers because they will be scared away? Let them be, better yet, keep them in Windows and Macshit. I am going to shill on plebbit and 4/g/ to make sure that happens.
Replies: >>3116
The reverse psychology is working as intended.
Freedesktop, maybe. Systemdicks and dbus going away isn't going to happen as this is what the corporate sponsors of Linux want - FAGMAN, Redhat, etc. Doesn't have anything to do with normalfags. What could become worse is general userland experience, thanks to more software hitching itself to Gnomefags that will continue to poorly imitate Apple and development of Wayland being rushed to the point of creating a pile of shit full of security holes identical to X.
Replies: >>3125
Systemd and dbus ARE Freedesktop. It's actually remarkable how much of the cancer plaguing modern Linux goes back to that group.
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