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This board desperately needs a CSS thread. Why the fuck have none of the retarded board owners given themselves custom spoilers? Why the hell do no boards have custom load bars? I had both of these on fatchan because a nice fellow made them for me when I requested it to Tom but Tom had better shit to do. As far as I can tell that's the only board on JSchan to have ever had custom spoilers or loadbars. What's your fucking excuse? Bunch of shitbird elitist faggots on this site can't even figure out custom spoilers. You're fucking plebs. Either kill yourselves or get in this thread and figure out how to do it for your boards on this site.
Also general CSS but I really wanted to stress that fuck you idiots you're slow and stupid.
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My excuse is I wanted to have custom CSS but I was always too lazy to tinker with it because I am mostly incompetent and need guidance even though I know the basics.
Grabbed this template for custom .pdf pic off of fat. If you fucked with it a little I bet you could get it to do a fair bit more for other filetypes 
.attachmentimg[data-mimetype='application/pdf'] {
    background-image: url('/file/FILENAME');
possible language: css, relevance: 11
.attachmentimg[data-mimetype='application/pdf'] {
    background-image: url('/file/FILENAME');

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