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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Get an ITX case and https://www.mini-box.com/OpenUPS
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still having the boot issue from >>3416 , system doesn't see my SSD as a boot drive but i can still go into an EFI shell and browse/boot off of it. I've tried running update-grub a few times but that hasn't changed anything.
Replies: >>3499 >>3500
Hey guys I was wondering if a board on making an imageboard would be a good idea? I'm not very into /tech/ stuff but I thought the knowledge would be good to have in case this site goes down.
Replies: >>3500 >>3504
You need to manually tell your UEFI about the .efi file.
Use efibootmgr on Linux.

The UEFI only automatically detects .efi files if they're on external storage and inside an ESP partition with a /efi/boot/bootx64.efi file (there are a few other names too), it's mandated by the standard.
>a board on making an imageboard
Oh wait

Check efibootmgr: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Efibootmgr
Is grub your default?
Replies: >>3501
FUCK I meant thread, I am immensely retarded.
Replies: >>3502 >>3504 >>3505
All you need to know is searchable online, you want an infograph? The main problem is getting people to use it.
Replies: >>3507
>a board on
No. Make a thread on /meta/ or /tech/

>FUCK I meant thread,
Make one. With a good OP of course.
Everybody has their own idea on what good imageboard software is. Look at the decentralized thread to see how fast your own thread will devolve into a spergfest.
I wouldn't mind an infograph just to get some basic stuff down and I'll make a thread at a later date.
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Sometimes I can't access specific websites or subdomains. For example, occasionally I cannot access *.booru.org sites (booru.org itself works) and earlier today I couldn't access archive.is and its various urls. By rapidly switching between DNS servers I could kind of make some of the urls work, but they would quickly stop working but continue working if I tried accessing them through Tor. As of now, the problem has seemingly disappeared upon rebooting and I'm not sure if this affects other computers in the house.
Is there anything in my Linux installation that could be causing this? Is my ISP fucking with me? I recently installed dnscrypt but these problems predate it.
For all I know, it could also be some weird hardware issue. No matter what OS is on this machine, as of late I seem to go through wifi cards unusually fast before they all develop the same problem (my wifi simply stops working until I reboot), no matter what brand or chipset they are, and now there's this. Maybe it's time I replace this piece of shit.
Replies: >>3519
have you tried updating the BIOS/UEFI firmware? Does OpenNIC DNS work?
Replies: >>3521
Post /etc/resolv.conf. What OS? Which dhcp client?
>inb4 systemd-resolved
Also check if your ISP is hijacking your DNS port traffic
Replies: >>3521
>Have you tried updating the BIOS/UEFI firmware?
For that I'd either have to install Windows again or follow one of several methods to create a HP recovery drive, which arbitrarily work or don't work depending on what specific HP computer you have, and I'd rather not fuck up my BIOS right now.
>Does OpenNIC DNS work?
I've included two OpenNIC DNS servers in my dnscrypt-proxy.toml config file.
As of now, it's this because dnscrypt-proxy is handling DNS:
options edns0
Previously it was this:
# Generated by dhcpcd from wlp6s0.dhcp
# /etc/resolv.conf.head can replace this line
# /etc/resolv.conf.tail can replace this line
>Which dhcp client?
My dhcp client is dhcpcd and I am free of systemd.
>Also check if your ISP is hijacking your DNS port traffic
Not sure how I'd test for or find that specifically, but I ran dnstraceroute with the --expert flag and it didn't flag shit.
What's the error? If it can't resolve the domain, there's some fuckery going on with the DNS, if connection refused/timeout/lost/etc the there is some problem with the connection to the site. If you can check with a different device on the same network.
Also if you use OpenNIC check the server list, some of their servers are pretty shit and stop working randomly.
If nothing helps run wireshark in the background, then look at the capture after a failure.
Isolate the problem. Disable dhcpcd's resolv.conf hook and use the two main opennic dns (182.121...., type it in resolv.conf) for a while. See if it happens again. Also make sure the browser you are using doesn't rat you out and use its own dns server.
I've used dnscrypt-proxy in the past and it has a tendency to start answering with SERVFAIL if it receives too many answers at once. Happens often to me because I have a torrent client accessing loads of tracker domains all the time. It's a long standing bug.

dnsmasq with stubby works well.
unbound breaks if your connection isn't perfect.
unwind is the only good DNS resolver I've used.
>I fixed it, turns out github not being accessible was an internet explorer issue and downloading chromium fixed that. No idea why I can't ping it
CA cert trust authority maybe, browsers have their own list which update as you use updated browsers.
update your date/time
a few minutes behind or in future can make websites shat.
next time try to use "ip neigh" and see if someone's poisoning your dns if your gateway IP is shown with a zero mac or a device that isn't what your gateway mac is (possibly from a malicious client/hacker).

otherwise try to ping your isp provided dns, or other mainstream dns and check online "is it down" services to find out if it's just your isp.
opennic is notorious for having some occasional fuck ups and downtimes, if you use linux you can set multiple dns on the settings but it does not guarantee that it will pick the live dns (happened to me before why I stopped using oppenic)
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I've scraped hundreds of seed phrases from Github and Gitlab on November 2, 2021. I'm not sure which type of wallet each seed phrase belongs to, and have found I don't have the time to try every one in every wallet software. So, it is for sale for an amount that will provide my family with food and shelter for a little while. Thank you.

The seedphrases are in an encrypted KeePassXC file. The keyfile is included in the download, and the password is below.

Password for KeePassXC file 112021_Git_seedphrases.kdbx:
[email protected]!5QnH%Pbqv*m53KGm

Is there any way for an individual such as myself to shit up the tor network, slow down its speed and making everyone miserable? I hate tor developers and users with every fiber of my being. I hope one day seagull bans tor users from accessing the site, forcing them to do 5 captcha to post, only restrcied to 100 characters and of course no image.
Replies: >>3540 >>3542
> forcing them to do 5 captcha
Seagull should install mkproof
See if https://jvns.ca/blog/2021/11/04/how-do-you-tell-if-a-problem-is-caused-by-dns/ helps
torrent over the tor network
Are there any way to get a rss feed from imageboards?
Replies: >>3544
Which one? They are use different software. jschan doesn't seem to.
Replies: >>3545 >>3546
>They are
They all
I know, i checked vichans and jschans gits and found no rss support. i am asking for a hacky way to make a rss
Replies: >>3547
You can talk to their JSON API endpoints to get new posts. How easy this is depends on the software; infinity is a pain in the dick, Lynxchan is okayish, jschan is smooth sailing.
How would you reencode this video to be as visually lossless as possible but at a lower size? 
I tried reencoding it with ffmpeg's default mp4 codec can't remember if it's 265 in the newer versions but with a crf of 20 it was already over twice the size and had some quality loss, so I'm not sure I could get it lower even with options.
Replies: >>3551
>with a crf of 20 it was already over twice the size and had some quality loss
There will always be quality loss unless you do a "true" lossless encode (i.e. crf 0). Try a lossless H.264 encode and check the file size, if that's not satisfactory try a two-pass lossless VP9 encode.
Replies: >>3552 >>3553
Lossless coding will be almost surely be much larger than the original, even if it's some shit wmv, and lossy recoding will be... well, lossy. Try to play around with the settings until you find something acceptable, but don't expect miracles.
>some quality loss
I meant noticeable quality loss. 
I don't care for 1:1 frame integrity. I want to know if it's possible to reencode that video such that the file size is smaller and there's no human noticeable quality loss, or if that video is specific is just too fucky. 
I don't think that sort of video would work with webm, but I'll give it a try.
Replies: >>3554 >>3555
If you want webm, use VP9. H264/265 won't work with webm and VP9 is better than VP8.
Replies: >>3557
Set quality to best, calculate your ideal bitrate or size then do two pass.
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I tried it. It looks pretty good. There's some slight encoding blur in a few intermediary frames but I'll take it for the size and format. 
I remember webm being a shit for videos with artifacts, I wonder if that was just a problem with VP8 or if the movement being mostly centralized helped ameliorate that.
Replies: >>3558 >>3559
Aw shit I forgot the audio. Thank god -c:v copy exists.
Actually even codecs evolve, even when they're constrained to a specific format, so it's possible that a VP9 codec today produces better result than it did say 5 years ago when things were more immature. But yeah, the content matters too, I once compressed 5 minutes of full HD video into 12MB webm with acceptable quality... because it was a recording of a VN, which is basically a slideshow. Try the same with a video with a lot of fast moving action, 720p and 50MB where it stopped looking complete garbage.
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>smartphones that support Lineage and VoLTE are few and far because manufacturers are jews that refuse to release the VoLTE source
>phone is now not receiving any calls when they come in (straight to voicemail) and texts sometimes hours later
>found a libre phone online that supports VoLTE but it's $200+ and the specs are less than stellar
>could use the stock ROM that has VoLTE but filled with jewgle bloat
are there any other phones I can get in burgerland that support a libre system and VoLTE?
Replies: >>3566
Some searching yields https://review.lineageos.org/q/VoLTE , look for devices that the commit enables VoLTE for.
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Do you know any good hacking forums? I couldn't find any real discussion about hacking on the clearnet
Replies: >>3575 >>3576 >>3577
Spoiler File (u)
(98.3KB, 450x600)
Does it smell like his feet
>good hacking forums
Are you fluent in russian?
I finally have a tape drive.
I was planning to backup the bib archive from the-eye since it seemed to strike a good balance between size and number of duplicates.
The site has been down for around a month now.

Is there some other ebook collection in the 1-5 TB range that I can use?
Replies: >>3572
Probably not ebooks, but there are a couples of /pol/ redpill mega floating around.
First of all this problem could be browser specific.
Chrome, Firefox, Gecko-based, Blink-based, all of them have different interactions and may break website, also setting up the OCSP checking and verification can break a website.
>what breaks it

Here's the factors:
>DNS is down
recurring issue with opennic
>System Clock is wrong
you need to sync with a NTP provider, few minutes or seconds may break dns requests but it still depends on browser. Bad browsers will let you browse even if your clock is out of sync and this is bad.
You need your clock synced. Dual booting windows can fuck up timezones and your rtc clock so avoid that if possible. Wrong dates due to dual booting win/linux is also unhealthy for file systems since the dates will collide and may potentially break your file system if you hibernated linux, booted up windows which modified timezone/clock, and resumed linux. 
>you've been blocked
right, this is pretty uncommon but some sites block you literally
either you're in a pubic blocklist or did something stupid like portscan.
using "tor browser" user agent can also get you locked out of certain sites with automated management or because the same user agent had "abused" the website so they now block the same pattern or it's a local ddos protection
>dnssec fails https://rootcanary.org/test.html
of course this only works if you had set up dnssec,
using multiple dns providers will provide weird/mixed results from the test above which is unsafe to do and is not encouraged to do.
also, failing access over website means your dns might be forged by your either your ISP, infected router, or an infected browser (look up Superfish) that's why tor/vpn may work but everything else don't BUT this may also fail if your DNS configuration or provider is actually not working.

You can also test your dns, sometimes an ISP router or your local browser might provide a custom DNS when it fails that's why you might still be able to browse sites from other browsers but what actually happened in that scenario was your dnssec actually had failed completely and browsers that still worked may have been using a fallback.

>>>Is there anything in my Linux installation that could be causing this? Is my ISP fucking with me? I recently installed dnscrypt but these problems predate it.
>>>I've included two OpenNIC DNS servers in my dnscrypt-proxy.toml config file.
Looks like the problem. OpenNIC at least have 80% reliability or even 50% from my experience, it's only usable if you use multiple of them but from a privacy/anti-tracking standpoint it is a bad practice as it will show web services a unique DNS fingerprint.
>dnscrypt-proxy is handling DNS
This is bad since it might break other requests like NTP time updates and what you should do is have dnscrypt running over the router and not over your system, since you don't have systemd I can recommend you to do a #ntpd -gq and if it fails it means your system clock might be wrong all along and your DNS is broken.
Instead of seeking general hacking knowledge, figure out what exactly you're trying to accomplish and then go from there.
Learn GNU+Linux and networking. Also, read:
>Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook, 5th edition by  Shon Harris, Allen Harper, Daniel Regalado, Ryan Linn, Stephen Sims, Branko Spasojevic, Linda Martinez Hahaj, Michael Baucom, Chris Eagle 
>The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2nd edition by Dafydd Stuttard and Marcus Pinto
>The Art Of Exploitation, 2nd edition by Jon Erickson
>Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD: Tools and Techniques for Fighting Malicious Code  by Michael Hale Ligh, Matt Richard, Steven Adair, Blake Hartstein
>Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software by Michael Sikorski, Andrew Honig
>Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering by Eldad Eilam
Replies: >>3577
I read all those except for "Practical Malware analysis" when I was interested in "hacking".
I'd also recommend:
>Shellcoder's Handbook
>The Rootkit Arsenal
>Applied Cryptography

The second book includes a very well presented analysis of Windows internals (even better than the Sysinternals books).
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>chink drawing tablet only works wirelessly, but battery is shot to hell
>open it up to see what it takes
>can't find any concrete info on it
The closest I could find was https://www.ebay.com/itm/333393872830 , but nothing really beyond that. It's 2.5x1.5x0.25 inches and has a three prong connector (two ground). I've searched the GB code whateverthefuckitis and it's some chink standard. The manufacturer has already told me they don't send out replacement batteries, so I'm on my own. Any idea where I could get a replacement?
Replies: >>3579 >>3580
i'm finding a few similar batteries but they all only have one ground rail. is that second ground really important?
Replies: >>3580 >>3581
Maybe a data sheet for the battery would explain it? If you can find a battery with the same pin out, voltage, and size, you will probably be ok. The third wire is usually for a thermistor, but it is odd being the same color.
Replies: >>3656
Get a meter and see what is going on between the wires. Try to power with a dc power supply of the right voltage/adjustable, if it works you can stick a dc-dc converter on any battery and call it a day.
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Where do I get dirt cheap thinkpad? I can't find one that is both good and cheap, they are either sold out or too expensive for its own good. I did find one x60 for $100 but when I see guys like Luke Smith boasting that he got 4 thinkpads for $50 I lost all hope. No way I'm paying that much for one machine, not to mention the additional shipping cost that I might have to pay. I live in some third world shit hole though. Maybe I have to scout some Facebook group for used laptop in general and maybe find a thinkpad eventually? Give me some hints to find dirt cheap old thinkpad please.
Replies: >>3583 >>3584 >>3585
Local irl second hand market, eg craiglist, garage sells. Faggots like Luke Smith got the word out and bumped the price even higher. Supply only ever decreases but every nerd larper wants one. It's too late. Got a T400 for a hundred bucks a while ago and that was the cheapest near me.
What are you doing with it? It doesn't have to be thinkpad if you are not planning to libreboot.
Replies: >>3588
In general:
>t4xx, t5xx
Means laptop workstations with 14 and 15 inch screens respectively.
The xx increases with multiples of ten with every new version eg: t410 - t420 - t430 - etc
12 inch screen and overall a very portable design. xx as above. There are also versions with an "s" at the end (X220s) meaning usually some improvements on the base model.

You can easily find an x220 or t410 on ebay sub $100. x60 is pretty old and has been memed too hard. t5xx is usually pricier because people are anchored on a 15 inch screen. Imho the 14 inch is much better and in case you have never used one of the x series with the 12 inch screens, you should definitely buy one, best laptop I've ever owned.

Having said that, if you are looking for modern processors (such as i7) prices have gone up. Early 2020 I got one below 300 and one year later average price was 20% - 30% more, X2xx were still reasonably priced though.

>Luke Smith
I don't understand what people find in him. I know he has a lot of people following him but he seems severely mentally deficient.
Replies: >>3588 >>3590 >>3894
Luke and the /g/ memes made the prices go up by a lot, so don't expect any price that he mentioned to still be a possibility. Also, if there aren't as many of them in your country, then it makes sense that they are more expensive, if people still know that they are valuable. I bought mine earlier this year and paid a typical eBay price, because I wanted a laptop and my intention is for this one to be the last, and ThinkPads are not going to get any cheaper because technology will only become more invasive, crappy and evil. Anyway, you can consider looking for other computers as well and see if you get lucky. Panasonic's Toughbooks are huge and probably bulletproof, so you can one as a shield or to crack someone's skull in half. Maybe look into Toshiba Tecras. I'm not sure how comparable they are to the ThinkPads, but they have trackpoints and look kinda similar, and I have only heard people mention them a few times. Still, it's probably not nearly as easy to find parts for those if you need them. The Dell Latitude is also a thing, but they don't have real keyboards, so they are more like current laptops.
Replies: >>3588
f2158f2a0f2ce1631de28bbd10a039951e461f308630780424ccf1d8787f8801.jpg (u)
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If old thinkpad isn't possible, what are the alternative brand and models? Looking for something that is equally durable, light, has good keyboard, easily disassembled and cheap. Something that hasn't been hyped up yet. Doesn't matter if the cpu is old, I can just upgrade it with ssd and max out ram. Less than $100 would be good.
76590046_p5.jpg (u)
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>but he seems severely mentally deficient
Care to give any examples? Aside from him talking like a cuckchanner irl.
I bought a paperback off his book reprinting website, guy had a nicely typeset compilation of Enochian books and the Book of Jubilees for a good price. My only real complaint is it printing verses as separate blocks of text rather than together within paragraphs, but that's a fairly minor issue all things considered.
Replies: >>3591 >>3606
Well I didn't even know he had published works on religion. I had been seeing his tech takes on fedi and his videos he uploaded on odyssey. 
The problems he was complaining about, be it chat clients, linux UI, emacs, were always somewhat credible but the way he framed them was peak normalfaggot and his arguments were basically memes.
He gave me the impression of a tech enthusiast larping as something more.
Now if the guy is known for his literary work that is another matter.
Is WhatsApp backdoored? I use it for most text and voice comm
Replies: >>3600
It relies on a central server, uses a closed source application, and it's owned by facebook. 
What do you think?
Replies: >>3601
I guess I got pozzed by the e2e encryption meme.
What's a good alternative for ((( (((android))) )))?
Replies: >>3602 >>3606
I've heard telegram is "good" in the sense that it's not as shit as whatsapp but still normalfag friendly, but then you're changing NSA spying for KGB spying which might be a positive.
Replies: >>3603 >>3606
>implying they have a different paymaster
How do you remove metadata from images?
Replies: >>3606 >>3630
Yet another e-celeb shit. His arguments are all parroting of /g/ memes. Also he sells his face with videos instead of focusing on what he is talking about.
Self-hosted email
Self-hosted irc
Self-hosted xmpp
Self-hosted Matrix
>closed source central server
>needs a phone number
How can anyone recommend it is beyond me.
>What is a search engine?
Replies: >>3608
I checked the search engine, I don't think the method it provided was thorough enough though.
Replies: >>3609
Include that in your question and people may answer https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/13251/batch-delete-exif-info , first hit on mine.
Replies: >>3610
Okay, well my questions then is if the method of going into the image properties and selecting to remove properties and personal information is enough.
Replies: >>3611
>going into image properties
Sure, get your favorite hex editor and install Gentoo.
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Are there any good programs that allow you to treat use microphone as an oscilloscope and view the waves with a trigger?
I don't use qtox very often, but an earlier version didn't give you the option to go into settings until after you created a profile and logged in. Then you could change to socks5 proxy over Tor. I'm assuming that the default ID had already broadcasted user IP to the DHT network. So after changing the settings, I close program, restart, create a new profile and log in. That new profile is using Tor from it's first contact with the network. No real IP info is ever attached to that ID.

But the latest version I have changed behavior. I still can't go into the network settings and proxy the connection until after I create a default ID, log in, etc. But now, if I close the program and restart, create a new ID and log in, it still connects without the proxy settings. I have to go back in and change it again. But if I log out and log in with the default ID, the proxy settings are still saved and it connects to Tor. This change in behavior seems suspicious to me or maybe I'm being too paranoid. 

What do you think?
Replies: >>3615
Suspicious or not, I do not know. But I know being a paranoid should led you to knowledge and comprehension of your own tools. That is why you choose free and open source beyond all else. Which should also led you to https://github.com/qTox/qTox/commit/31fec7488f74dc2fe38f0a8515b415c21f3e2109. It seems you are susposed to launch qTox with commandline options for proxy configs.
Read source and use commandline.
Replies: >>3619
I used 

qtox -I off -U off -L off -P SOCKS5:

and it apparently worked, but when I logged in and went to the advanced settings page, the proxy settings were still blank. Is there any way to test that my connection is going through Tor?
Replies: >>3622
tcpdump or wireshark
Replies: >>3623
I ended up using:

strace -p $PID -f -e trace=network -s 10000

but thanks anyway..
exiftool handles metadata that doesn't require to you go full schizo. If you do, there's still hypothetical metadata because of imperfections, noticable image quality difference or artifacts camera hardware or image editing software might leave.
Replies: >>3638
So, just screenshot the image and save as new file for each time you share or transmit it. Unique fingerprint every time = no discernible pattern of usage. Just make sure you practice good OPSec in anonymity and transmission and you're all set.
Easy peasy.
efdf8c8fc7780b3627c4d1550e4ee1191c968f221eb901bca961596a30d64a7e.jpg (u)
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I have an lto5 HP tape drive that was probably pulled from a tape library. Apparently there is a "security" setting that the drive needs to be authenticated with an encryption key manager library even when it is not using encryption.

I've used some low level tools such as sg3_utils to find the relevant bits in the "security protocol in/out" pages but they don't seem to be changeable through the scsi interface. Sdparm can only change specific variables of mode sense (mode pages) that are not relevant to this problem.

Also tried to flash another firmware, in case it'd reset the settings, but couldn't find one that is compatible. They've put the firmware behind a paywall on the official site ffs.

I'm planing to open the drive and look for an undocumented way to factory reset the drive.

Looking for other suggestions on how to solve the problem.
Replies: >>3647
Not sure what your model is. Try page 204 of https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21419_04/en/LTO5_Vol3_E5b/LTO5_Vol3_E5b.pdf .
Replies: >>3648 >>3649
Those are the references that I am using and I've been able get these return pages (frames) with sg3_utils and find the relevant bits. I'm pretty sure that I need to change the "Parameters Control" bit in page 203 and potentially "CFG_P" in page 202.

But I've got no idea how to actually change them.
>The SECURITY PROTOCOL OUT command is used to configure the data security parameters for the I_T nexus in the device server and on the tape.

I'm pretty sure that this doesn't provide any way to change the values.

I've only been able to change some of the values from the "Mode parameter pages" in pages 88-89.
Replies: >>3650
Model is BRSLA-0901-DC It is a full height lto-5 drive with Fiber Channel.
Page 205, in the locked box. You may need to hard reset the drive.
Page 12 says a reset button is on the front panel.
Replies: >>3652
1557741458733.png (u)
[Hide] (114KB, 1230x877)
>Page 12 says a reset button is on the front panel.
Tried to hold it for more than 20 secs and it only did a power cycle reset, I'm not sure you can factory reset it with that button.

>Page 205, in the locked box.
Pic related, I can construct and send this, but how to pass the values that I need to change?
Replies: >>3653
Not sure. I am looking at other commands as examples. My guess is put the offset of the property in Inc_512 and the value in 6-9.
Replies: >>3654 >>3655
1557715575750.png (u)
[Hide] (614.6KB, 1513x918)
>My guess is put the offset of the property in Inc_512 and the value in 6-9.
Perhaps this can help https://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/document.07/07-074r2.pdf
It is the original specification of the interface.

More automated ways to change values don't even mention other pages only mode page settings, pic rel.
(source: https://sg.danny.cz/sg/sg3_utils.html#RefHeading_Toc254_3724309425)
Replies: >>3657
1557725072066.png (u)
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1557743153428.png (u)
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1557782032065.png (u)
[Hide] (56.2KB, 823x622)
>I am looking at other commands as examples
Also, here's what I've been doing.
Pic1 is the command that I run and the output. The hex after the /dev/sg5 corresponds to the "command descriptor block" from pic 2 to get the "Data Encryption Capabilities page".

The fifth byte from the output 0x0a corresponds to the field containing the CFG_P value.
0x0a = 00001010b which means that CFG_P = 10b
would i be able to just get a two-wired one without issue?
Great pdf. 8.BB.1.3.1 seems to indicate the you should send the whole security page after you send the command with INC_512 set to 1 and allocation length set to the length of the page.
Replies: >>3658 >>3668
Thanks I'll try it tomorrow and report back.
44201e7cd3f74b65f39a0d7271873a14ecbd1fffda211bfb69344eb59a214be1.png (u)
[Hide] (152.7KB, 619x1264)
Looked into the source of a program that is setting encryption options for tape drives https://github.com/scsitape/stenc/blob/master/src/scsiencrypt.cpp and it is doing what you are describing. (pic rel)

But it fails with 
>Encryption settings are controlled by an external device, such as a tape library, so encryption parameters cannot be currently changed.
I hate hp so much.
Replies: >>3669 >>3670
Page 15/16 of manual. You should make sure all ACI signals tied high, whatever that means.
Replies: >>3672
whoever wrote that struct needs to learn programming anew
Probably will try but I'm pretty sure that it is not only checking for presence but actually tries to communicate with the library.
Next step is to make a connector that goes into the rs-242 port, used for ADT and ACL, and then use an arduino to implement the adt-2 protocol.
Both ADT and ACL are protocols to communicate with the drive and configure it. It is the way a library interacts with the drive. ACl is proprietary though and I haven't been able to find the specification whereas for ADT there is a reference.
Replies: >>3673
The manual says the drive will think it is not connected with a library if all ACI signals are tied high. Implementing a library may not be necessary.
>The drive knows it is in a library or other ‘managed’ environment since one of the signal lines on the Automation Interface will be tied down.
>If a drive is removed from the library, it will not have the ACI signal tied low ...
Replies: >>3674
Well yeah, I'm gonna test it before I write the whole interface but the initial error was about inability to authenticate with a library even though encryption was turned off.
It may allow you to change the settings through the scsi interface if it just detects presence of a library though.
Just building the connector and connecting VCC and GND should do it.
Why the fuck has nobody told me that ffmpeg encode is much faster if you do the video and audio separately.
Anyone here use UTAU and can say whether it's spyware?
I want to play around with it but I'm worried about telemetry and such since it's closed source and I can't audit the code before I install it.
Replies: >>3687
>trusting closed source
>not spyware
Get a VM or a spare computer, disable network, usb passthrough for audio. Make a raw image for data exchange, mount with loopback on host.
Also Miku best girl.
Replies: >>3895
How does H265 fare against VP9 for real life videos?
Replies: >>3695 >>3698 >>3699
Search around and found some research papers. There isn't a clear winner, check it out yourself.
For a specific resolution and bitrate, encode some video and do a blind test.
If you don't care about your video playing in browser, the h265 is just more convenient as you can limit bitrate unlike vp9 where the only working dial is -crf and -qmax.
Replies: >>3699
That was the case 6 years ago, VBR works fine now in libvpx.
vp9 works a little better for smooth footage, but if it gets grainy or sharp h265 takes a significant lead.
Replies: >>3705
Is there a way to buy cheap equipment just to transmit simple, short morse code message over radio? I don't want to become a HAM or CB operator. I just want to be able to send simple messages over a distance without the need for the internet, cellular network or a big, expensive and complex HAM rig.  Is it possible?
Replies: >>3701 >>3703
I should add that I know you can do this with simple two-way radios, but I was thinking of sending over larger distances than what a two-way radio, even GMRS would normally allow.
Replies: >>3706
>I don't want to become a HAM or CB operator. 
Why? It's pretty easy to get a ham license, and a CB license doesn't require an exam (but CB is too limited tbh).

>or a big, expensive and complex HAM rig.
You don't need anything fancy for CW (commonly called "morse code"). You could even get a DIY  kit. Another option is to get a used rig. You want to get a directional antenna (like Yagi-Uda antenna. See, ARRL Antenna Book. ARRL also has a book about CW.)

>Is it possible?
Yes but it's illegal without a license.
>>3651 was encoded with 2-pass VBR at 200Kb/s
Armachat-Hero-New-1.webp (u)
[Hide] (168.2KB, 1200x911)
Lora can go up to 15km. 
Armachat is an implementation using a pi to send text messages over Lora.

You could install Lora repeaters and extend the range.
Replies: >>3707 >>3713
Looks interesting. I did a little research and apparently you can link up to LoRa satellites in space. So, this would essentially allow you to text anybody in the world as long as you had a source of electricity and they had a similar set up?
Replies: >>3708
Where do i begin to learn C++?
Replies: >>3709 >>3712
Search "learn C++"
There's a folder in my local directory for appdata that's called BLS. It has a saved games file in it but the file doesn't say what game it is.  Looking it up online just brings up the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Any idea what it is?
Replies: >>3895
capsule_616x353.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.1KB, 616x353)
it's probably this https://fileinfo.com/extension/bls
which is for Blockland an online multiplayer building game
* If you don't know how to program, read Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd edition by Bjarne Stroustrup. (aka PPP2).
* If you know how to program but don't know c++, read C++ Primer, 5th Edition by Stanley B. Lippman; Josée Lajoie; Barbara E. Moo.
* Install GCC or Clang. Also, install cppcheck, gdb and valgrind. You also need an editor, like Emacs, Neovim or VSCodium.
* Follow a style guide: https://suckless.org/coding_style/
* Use a reference: https://en.cppreference.com/w/
Replies: >>3714
* https://blog.llvm.org/2011/05/what-every-c-programmer-should-know.html
* https://lwn.net/Articles/250967/
* https://blog.regehr.org/archives/213
One of the computers on a local network is running Tor. I'm trying to proxy a phone app to use the sock5 port on that computer, but it's not working. I've got the address and port right and the service is running fine. 
What am I doing wrong? Router setting issue?
Replies: >>3731
dcdb5f29230a776300226bd63d9363ddd4004ce384ca087d489c5f7c8a910870.png (u)
[Hide] (241.5KB, 626x900)
I had a weird problem. On windows, all chromium browsers boot up in a second, but when you type shit to the search box and press enter, it takes around 15 seconds or so for it to load properly. Not a problem on firefox, 1 second to boot up, and instant search found when press enter. Not a problem on linux however, both kinds of browsers work fine. My spec is an old laptop with i3 and chink ssd.
Replies: >>3730 >>4068
Chromium does the same for me on Linux too, sometimes (usually shortly after startup) it becomes unresponsive for a couple of seconds. I have no idea what is this shit doing, since it usually has 0% CPU and 0% disk io during this, blame the pajeets at google.
Replies: >>4068
Have you set the following somewhere?

## Tor opens a socks proxy on port 9050 by default -- even if you don't
## configure one below. Set "SocksPort 0" if you plan to run Tor only
## as a relay, and not make any local application connections yourself.
#SocksPort 9050 # Default: Bind to localhost:9050 for local connections.
#SocksPort # Bind to this adddress:port too.
SocksPort <-----------------------THIS

## Entry policies to allow/deny SOCKS requests based on IP address.
## First entry that matches wins. If no SocksPolicy is set, we accept
## all (and only) requests that reach a SocksPort. Untrusted users who
## can access your SocksPort may be able to learn about the connections
## you make.
#SocksPolicy accept
#SocksPolicy reject *
SocksPolicy accept <--------------------Something similar to THIS

There is a torrc file in tor-browser_en-US/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc where some configuration needs to be done. You might be able to set the options through the graphical interface too.
Replies: >>3735
Isn't that a security risk? Isn't it better to enumerate the precise address of the device running Tor? 
>SocksPolicy accept
Again, wouldn't it be better (for security) to enumerate the device wanting to access the service instead of authorizing any and all devices on the network?

>Tor browser
torrc files is on /proc so I don't think it can be manually edited. It's probably better to just configure Tor browser to use an independent Tor service, so that two Tor services don't need to be run simultaneously, one for the browser and one for the network device wanting to proxy through.
Replies: >>3736
> Isn't it better to enumerate the precise address of the device running Tor? 
Well yeah but in this case we are talking about the case that the host has multiple IP addresses, for instance two nic devices, essentially a router. Usually you're gonna have only one and you can just go with the wildcard to at least test if everything works as intended. 

>Again, wouldn't it be better (for security) to enumerate the device
That's why I wrote "similar to this".

Personally I've never used it like this. Back when I was testing different secure oriented configurations I used something similar to a whonix setup where I'd ssh port forward from one machine to the other.

>torrc files is on /proc 
>It's probably better to just configure Tor browser to use an independent Tor service
I don't know how you installed. I was referring to the zip you can download from the official site. Of course it's better to run it as a service.
Why doesn't Tor support udp?
Apple_Business_Strategy.gif (u)
[Hide] (55.8KB, 640x199)
>friend gave me his old Fagbook Air mid 2011
>had a cracked screen but still worked
>sat collecting dust for a while
>eventually buy a replacement screen assembly for it
>go to test it without replacing it first, doesn't turn on now
>new assembly arrives, replace it, still not turning on
>replace MagSafe board since that's a common issue
>still not working
>tried with three different chargers, light doesn't come on on any of them
>remove SSD, WiFi card, disconnect all unnecessary cables, breadboard it, still nothing
>with an older charger (with the wrong voltage) the light on the charger will blink green and the fan will twitch ever so slightly, but nothing beyond that
>out of ideas
i don't want to sink any more money into this, could it be anything else besides the logic board?
Replies: >>3741 >>3743
Never tried fixing Macshit, does it charges or does plug light up when you plug it in?
Replies: >>3742
nothing at all, the two fagsafe chargers that were made for it both do nothing (I bought one off ebay that said it was tested and working)
Louis Rossman has a bunch of videos of him fixing fagbooks up on youtube, and a wiki with common problems. Try checking it out.
20211126_002337.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 4000x1800)
20211126_002325.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 4000x1800)
I don't have access to my gaming PC three days a week and I was given this PC from 2008 recently. What's a decent cheap graphics card I could buy and put in it to play my games? Most of them are 2D indie games/visual novels and 3D titles from the late 2000s/early 2010s. My most demanding games would be the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Nier Replicant and all the 3D Final Fantasy games. I was thinking of a 970 but would I need to also buy a new motherboard and CPU? What should I do? Pic related are my specs
2b1b9c60fb6429ac47553fe955a1581d725afdb46b69f965d3850443583ff6c3.gif (u)
[Hide] (496.4KB, 500x455)
>cheap graphics card
Unfortunately anon, GPU prices are at an all time high. Memecoin mining plus the covid situation has annihilated supply.
That cpu will play visuals novels and some 2000/2010s games but spyro reignited and nier are out of the question. 
A 970 would be good enough but prices are fucked
Replies: >>3749 >>3751
>spyro reignited and nier are out of the question
And nothing of value was lost.
Replies: >>3750
The original Nier is good. It's a shame the remake was on squenix's hands.
Replies: >>3751
If you can afford one at current inflated prices, a 970 is good enough, yep. It will work fine with the current motherboard and CPU.
What you should be concerned about in such an old PC, is the PSU. You should make sure the power supply supports a 970 (proper wattage and auxiliary connectors). Some 970s can also be quite long and you should make sure they will fit in the case.

If you really have no idea what you're doing (as it appears to be the case from your questions and posting phone pictures instead of proper screenshots), maybe something like a 960 or a 1050ti are a safer (and cheaper) purchase. The 970 will be heavily bottlenecked by that CPU anyways.

>spyro reignited and nier are out of the question.
FFXV too, obviously

>The original Nier is good.
Papa Nier is good
Brother Nier is insufferable
Even Taro agrees.
Someone is selling a prebuilt with a 1660 Super for 770 euro, is this a good deal?
Replies: >>3753
GPUs aren't going to get cheaper anytime soon. I'd say it's a good deal if you're not planning on playing the latest shiny trash at ultra settings.
Replies: >>3754
Fuck. I've been wanting to buy a new rig for like a year now, first the CPU prices were fucked, now the GPU. And I have a feeling that if I decide to bite the bullet and buy one of these overpriced shits, everything will go back to normal in a month.
Someone kill this fucking WHO so economy can go back into a working state.
lenovo-laptop-ideapad-gaming-3-gen-6-15-amd-gallery-1.webp (u)
[Hide] (52.6KB, 1060x596)
Is the Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3 good?
Replies: >>3756 >>3758 >>3895
633cb3ada792bb21664d10d8eb88401e3e2895c691fca03ed3dc5909230031f3.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (45.4KB, 749x563)
>anything lenovo besides the X220 or T420
Replies: >>3762
It is good for posters who ask questions like this with no effort.
What are some good software and stuff for determining network security, preventing MitM attacks and all in all, good for personal and info security?

I know about wireshark for starters, but what other tools or stuff can I use to make sure shit isn't tracking me?
Replies: >>3761
Replies: >>3763
633cb3ada792bb21664d10d8eb88401e3e2895c691fca03ed3dc5909230031f3.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (45.4KB, 749x563)
Replies: >>3781
I got a prebuilt GTX 1660 Super with a 500GB drive for 600 euro
e887d8cc5e036dc907754261baa5fbebd635bb60bd22db0f5bc439b31fc9c113.png (u)
[Hide] (561.6KB, 981x965)
I'm using ConvertXtoDVD for Windows 7 to easily convert .mkv files and then burn them on to a disc for my anime. Some anime i've had no issues with, but a few have subtitles that are totally messed up, and it's apparently due to subtitles being .ass or something. Anyone know a fix for a situation like this? Or better yet, some more agreeable conversion software that accomplishes basically the same thing?
Replies: >>3766
Just like use ffmpeg. It's not that hard and you can make batch scripts.
Replies: >>3767
be9236d88758f29fdb1dae550abdb0c699962130fc23e0dce677b735cddd9807.gif (u)
[Hide] (522.1KB, 250x301)
Ok, now teach me how to do that using ffmpeg
Replies: >>3768 >>3769
Softsubs or hardsubs? And where are the subtitles?
Replies: >>3770
Install gentoo and ffmpeg. Use a fucking search engine.
Replies: >>3770
They're embedded into the .mkv file, but I can disable the subtitles. Don't know if that means hard or soft. 

OK, I installed gentoo and ffmpeg, what now?
Replies: >>3771 >>3772
Just ffmpeg -i video.mkv -vf subtitles=video.mkv video.mp4
Now you lick my butthole
20.png (u)
[Hide] (49.1KB, 2560x1280)
Is there a linux program that can 'read' the text of this image and send it to stdout?
Replies: >>3779
What's the best way to convert a video from webp to another format in wangblows?
ffmpeg supports conversion to webp but not from webp for some reason, and I'd rather not go the retard way and record my screen.
Replies: >>3779 >>3783
This kind of program is OCR, look them up. I use tesseract
Install Linux, or use https://github.com/webmproject/libwebp then ffmpeg.
Replies: >>3780
>no releases and build requires Visual Studio 
Are there any decent alternatives?
Replies: >>3789 >>3790
Follow this guide: https://www.gentoo.org/get-started/
1557792563793.png (u)
[Hide] (61.5KB, 1494x540)
Replies: >>3790
Those are tags, not built binaries. He doesn't want to build it.
Imagine using a system where compiling software is so fuck hard. Look for another decoder on github/gitlab wirt binaries. Or just get wsl or a vm.
Replies: >>3791
Yeah, wangblows fucking sucks. Once I manually patched a windows build of synergy with a hex editor because that looked 1000x times simlper than getting a working visual studio.
Right now, all my software that has windows version is being cross compiled from linux because windows is fucking unsuitable for anything, but zero IQ users somewhy like it.
Is veracrypt still good?
Replies: >>3846 >>3851
>encrypting on wangblows
use case?
Replies: >>3847
Linux is shit, hypervisors don't work well with my PC, and hardware prices are fucked. 
I'll switch whenever I can, but that's going to be in a couple years at best. Until then I want to encrypt my stuff just in case it gets stolen.
Replies: >>3848
Not up to date with veracrypt.
Replies: >>3849
I'd rather default to veracrypt. Bitlocker is microsoft software, meaning there's a big chance it has backdoors making it less secure and more vulnerable to attacks.
You could install git and use GnuPG
20211203_190111.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2586x1800)
   What is this port on the back of the PC called?
Replies: >>3855 >>3856 >>3864
Why are all people who use 2 space indents nu-"grammers" and where does this style come from?
Replies: >>3862
DVI, which exact variant I don't remember.
Replies: >>3856 >>3858
what >>3855 says but their are about 3 different variants. some cables have extra pins around that lone horizontal slot.
af0bd5d514acb3f8455eb7bd38b377c4648aa0b6d4a37a42afe7eb3e851e856b.png (u)
[Hide] (18.5KB, 512x1002)
DVI-D, so no easy D-sub converter for ya.
14609896907730.jpg (u)
[Hide] (569KB, 1381x934)
14613442673110.jpg (u)
[Hide] (910.4KB, 2448x1836)
Is there any place to talk about technecrophilia?
Replies: >>3860
As far as I know 2 space indents come from Javascript and Ruby because they use very heavy nesting.
Dvi 24+1. The plus looking one is 24+5.
1352870277605.jpg (u)
(4KB, 169x169)
Can somebody help a retard to install a .py script for gimp.
1) get file with .py extension.
2) Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Plug-Ins and see the folder/path listed. ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/plug-ins
3) Copy/Move the .py file from step 1 to one of one of those folders.
4) make file executable
5) Restart GIMP.
6) And now plug-in is active for use.
I have tried everything except for restarting linux. And the only time I had success with installing a gimp plugin was with AUR, but I'm not on arch based distro currently.
Tried to execute them in shell, and got '/usr/bin/env: ‘python3\r’: No such file or directory'
Apparently plugins were edited in winglows and I had to use dos2unix to get them 'working'.
Now they look for gimpfu and still don't work in gimp.
Replies: >>3878
Oh and a thing I wanted to install: https://gimplearn.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=386
This site is impressively bloated for a site about free software.
Does your gimp support python plugins to begin with? I think 2.10 is still stuck with python2 and distros are nuking python2 support for some time now. If your plugin needs python3 (based on the error message), I think it also need the development version of gimp, 2.99 or something, with the awful gtk3 interface.
Replies: >>3879
aa.gif (u)
[Hide] (5KB, 182x169)
I missed gimp-python package, no one had mentioned.
There's a linker flag to ignore duplicate symbols (-Wl,-z,muldefs), and given debian's tendency to patch everything into oblivion, I wouldn't be surprised if they did something stupid again to accept incorrect code. Or maybe just the gcc update breaking things (gcc unfortunately has shittons of extensions and it's easy to accidentally depend on one)
Anyway to fix, put extern in front of the variable declaration in the header (so something like extern void (*debug)(char*, ...)), and in one .c file (probably debug.c), put the definition (just what you have in the header now).
Replies: >>3882
I deleted the post because I got it working immediately after, but immediately ran into a whole host of other issues. Tons of functions not being correctly imported, both the program's own and built-in math ones like log10. The log10 was fixed by moving the -lm flag to a different position in one of the makefiles, but that was the only one it fixed, and if the solutions to the rest of the incorrectly-imported functions are equally inscrutable, then I'm probably fucked.
Replies: >>3883
Damn, I was close. I actually got a good chunk of it working and thought it'd be smooth sailing for the rest. The way the code is structured has one makefile calling a couple dozen others for various modules, and I got the first few working by moving  $(LDFLAGS) to the end of the line when the module's makefile calls gcc, and that change in order fixed it. But then I ran into a couple makefiles that set LDFLAGS but don't explicitly use it, and don't have an equivalent line to the ones I changed in the other modules.
Replies: >>3884
If your distro fucks with your toolchains, try chroot into an Arch/Gentoo environment and compile there.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (176.6KB, 1170x1060)
Hey /tech/, I need a laptop, I'm /tech/nically illiterate and you are the only ones I want and can ask. Pic related are the requirements for the programs I need. Price range is 2000-3000$. Are newer Thinkpads good for something like this? I've usually preferred Thinkpads and HP laptops, because they just worked™, but then again I never really needed requirements above visual novels and Freelancer. Well? Help an anon out, please.
Replies: >>3886 >>3893
Architect anon, you should build a desktop (second-hand server and gpu) and remote it instead. You won't break your back and it won't be as expensive, can possible last longer with higher resell/reuse value. You can use zerotier to workaround dynamic ip without port forwarding. Also stay unjabbed even if your college "mandates" it.
Replies: >>3893 >>3903
i already got the sinvoac is it too late i did not feel any side effects whatsoever

maybe use a mobile workstation? rather than a gaming pc
is there a way to buy a thinkpad without supporting lenovo's lgbt agenda
is buying in person enough?
Replies: >>3899
>playing hentai shit inside a VM
kek keyed (based is overused)

i see you played the black lives splatter game as well on 8coom /v/ (lol it works inside my vm with the -dx11 command line but its laggy AF)

actually i use the legion 5 its a pretty budget machine for gpu passthrough (this is what they said on wokehub) also why yall hate gamers so much

is 1650 ti SR-IOV supported? (passthrough should work fine) but do i need a better gpu for vfio? single vGPU passthrough is boring
i saw someone on reddit successfully did it with the amd version (there is a a thread on win-raid)

how can you check if iommu is enabled in windows in the meantime? (on linux you can check using the grep command on archwiki)
when i boot ubuntu with switchable graphics my 1650 seems to be asleep and plugging hdmi does not wake it up how do i enable it?

sorry if namefag is against the rules i didn't get any replies on 4chan /g/ and i have no idea where to post this (is this thread archived)
Replies: >>3898
Holy fucking shit use a fucking search engine you mega faggot. I got all results in top 3 hits.
>1650 ti SR-IOV supported?
>GeForce GPU passthrough supports 1 virtual machine. SR-IOV is not supported on GeForce. If you want to enable multiple virtual machines to have direct access to a single GPU or want the GPU to be able to assign virtual functions to multiple virtual machines, you will need to use NVIDIA Tesla, Quadro, or RTX enterprise GPUs.
>iommu is enabled in windows
>1650 seems to be asleep
Did you install non-free drivers? Otherwise try https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PRIME
It is not against rules. But fuck your spacing and zero effort question.
Replies: >>3901
>buying in person
how is that related to lgbt?
>is there a way
Replies: >>3901
f156e90ab5e44432c874ac547314507b4b482c6684d31560dc1251c5f7b14b18.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.9KB, 700x990)
I think one of the ram slot in my mobo has some issue. If I stick one stick in that place it would crash my windows and even bootable usb. The error is usually something unrelated like missing critical windows file and shit, but using the other slot would fix it. However putting sticks in both slots and the bios still recognised them all, just that I couldnt boot. Maybe upgrade the mobo bios, but I couldnt find anything like that for my model. What do? Linux doesn't fix anything by the way.
lenovo supports LGBT i want to buy the thinkpad without supporting them
the product is great but the company deserves to be boycotted for thier past unethical practices

sorry man i removed the name/tripcode didn't expect such an early reply
>geforce is only limited to 1 VM
actually im talking about vgpu_unlock it says on reddit that you can split your budget geforce gpu without needing enterprise GRID shit by swapping the IDs theres even a guide on this on levelonetechs
i also nabbed a leaked copy of the grid drivers (for use with linux)
though im not sure if my 1650ti is strong enough for this or if i need RTX card
after a bit more digging around i saw a post of a successful GTX1080 splitting hyper-v
nvidia recently announced that they will officially support traditional pcie passthrough but not sr-iov which is a bit dissapointing since i dont want my cracked games to load malicious Vbios with the jellyfish rootkit on my gpu when i return it to linux

>proprietory drivers
is there a way to pre-load this on the liveCD on manjaro there is an option to use proprietory drivers by editing the GRUB command line then adding noveau
typing the same thing on ubuntu livecd does not work however putting iommu=pt and amd_iommu=on works just fine while testing the mobilepassthough script
Replies: >>3902 >>3903
>is there a way to pre-load this on the liveCD on manjaro
1) Don't use ((( (((Manjaro))) ))), install Arch or Artix.
2) https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Archiso
Replies: >>3906
>buy thinkpad without supporting them
second-hand or stop using laptop, see >>3886
>1650ti strong enough for this
just try it out, nvidiot rebranding is usually just the name
Replies: >>3906
yeah i know the dev team are cucks but what else did ((( (((they))) ))) do im a newfag can someone spoonfeed pls
just testing the livecd i did no install anything yet (i saved the mobilepassthough logs to gdrive since i don't wanna mess up the ntfs filesystem by creating/editing txt files)
also there is no option to load proprietory drivers on startup on the liveCD this is really important kek vbox and vmware works fine in the live environment but only the igpu is used not the dgpu

i haven't seen anyone pull this off with a mobile gpu wish me luck though i seen a redditor with a 4800h 1660 laptop on the gpu-p thread
is there a way to increase my radeon vram to 2gb 512mb seems bare minimum maybe i can mod the insydeh2o bios RIP win-raid

anyways i gotten myself a seagate 4tb drive (is ST4000dm004 any good) fuck WD tanya eshar is a literal jewess
why does it say 3.7 TB my old drive also says 465gb instead of 500gb weird also anyone know any good SATA 6.0 usb caddys 80mbs a second is too slow
which filesystem should i choose i want to use this drive for both windows and linux should i just make 2 partitions? how do i prevent windows 10 from accidentally formatting the ext4 partition when i connect it to a windows pc
on my plan i will create a 500gb partition on the first area of disk and 3.1tb ext4 for the rest and use the big one for clonezilla diskimages
Replies: >>3907
3dab180f068f9ba95696879e1ee8723468f9aa120c9fac6a0f5e69cdff3680b0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (75.9KB, 500x500)
>what else did ((( ((( (((they))) ))) ))) do 
The manjaro developers ((( (((forgot))) ))) to renew their SSL cert 2 years in a row. Either they are incompetent or they don't care (or both). Their official ISOs sometimes won't work.
And the whole design of Manjaro is not sane:
they take packages from Arch and """make sure that they are stable""" (i.e. they don't push the updates to their users). But because Arch is, by design, a bleeding edge distro that frequently has packages that contain bugs. Which is why it is not sane to use Arch as basis for """stable""" distro (which Manjaro claims to be). This is also the reason why you should update Arch at least weekly, if not more frequently.

I also found an interesting article https://itsfoss.com/libreoffice-freeoffice-manjaro-linux/ which proves that the distro itself is cucked:
>In the last week of July, Manjaro Linux suddenly decided to drop the popular open source productivity suite LibreOffice in favor of Softmaker’s FreeOffice.
>FreeOffice is free of cost but not open source. It is the limited version of Softmaker’s premium office suite.
The Manjaro developers formed a company, but I don't know if there is something suspicious about it (https://itsfoss.com/manjaro-linux-business-formation/).

As far as I know, Manjaro comes with an AUR helper. A beginner who doesn't know how to use Linux or bash should not use AUR. Anyone can submit a package to AUR, which means you absolutely have to review the PKGBUILD script (you are giving the author of the package ROOT access to your computer!) And there are much better AUR helpers. Instead, use rua or aurutils:
>https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rua/ (rusted but good)
Finally, ((( (((Manjaro))) ))) doesn't really offer anything new. Noobs should just install some flavor of Ubuntu (But not vanilla Ubuntu because GNOME sucks) or someone should set up Debian stable with unattended upgrades for them. A power user should just install Arch/Artix, Gentoo, Alpine or Void. If you know the basics of sh and GNU+Lunix, you can easily install Arch or Artix, see >>3474

To get a working GUI after installing Artix (I assume you use OpenRC, change the names of packages if you chose another init system):
possible language: php, relevance: 35
# For Arch repos
pacman -S artix-archlinux-support
pacman -Syu

# install texinfo and man-pages
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Man_page
pacman -S texinfo man-pages mandoc # you can also use man-db

# Install firmware and microcode
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Microcode#Installation
pacman -S linux-firmware amd-ucode intel-ucode
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

# Install a NTP daemon
pacman -S openntpd openntpd-openrc
rc-update add ntpd default
$EDITOR /etc/ntpd.conf
rc-service ntpd restart

# Install firewall
# see https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Uncomplicated_Firewall

# for AUR support
# instead of sudo, you can also install opendoas and opendoas-sudo
pacman -S base-devel git bubblewrap-suid rust sudo

# install the rua AUR helper
git clone 'https://aur.archlinux.org/rua.git'
cd rua
less PKGBUILD # check the script
makepkg -si

# install X11
pacman -S xorg-server sddm sddm-openrc ttf-dejavu xf86-input-libinput xf86-video-vesa mesa feh rofi terminology icewm
rc-service sddm start # test that it works
rc-update add sddm default

# install wayland
pacman -S xorg-xwayland sway swaybg wofi
# configure it...
sway --validate # test it

# see also:
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Vulkan
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Hardware_video_acceleration

# Install pukeaudio (you can use ALSA, sndio or pipewire if you want)
pacman -S pulseaudio pamixer

# add regular user
useradd -m -G audio,video,wheel,games -s /bin/zsh madotsuki
Make sure to subscribe to Arch news (https://archlinux.org/feeds/news/) and Artix news (https://artixlinux.org/feed.php) RSS feeds. (install liferea, newsboat or Gnu Emacs+elfeed).
It's that easy and it just works. Just run pacman -Syu often (daily or at least weekly). You also want to install zsh+ zsh-completions or bash-completions.
My network connection to my ISP is ipv4 only but can I set up my internal network to use ipv6 (for more potential address space)? If so, could you link me to a beginner's guide?
Replies: >>3909 >>3910
You can, but there's not much sense, since if you want to use the internet, you'll still need to give your clients IPv4 addresses, so IPv6 would be only usable for local network. And IPv6 is so fucking overcomplicated, it's just not worth it.
If you need more IP, just set up as your LAN, that should give you some 16 million IP addresses. (Unless you have to VPN somewhere that uses the same subnet. There's also which is probably less often used but still has about a million addresses)
>>2 (OP) 
What's a good, lightweight i686 distro that works on older laptops? Last time I tried AntiX but I don't want to support a distro that is run so blatantly-political.

I looked at Artix, but it's Amd64 only. I don't have the patience right now to install gentoo or arch, I just want a simple workstation that I can use and run a few wine programs on it.
Replies: >>3912 >>3914 >>3919
Gentoo is your only option in the future, no one is building i686 binaries anymore.
But for now https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/
Replies: >>3913
Well, gentoo is your option as long as compilers and libraries/programs don't drop support for x86. I think it's already pretty much impossible to get a newer java working on x86 because they dropped x86 support from their JIT.
Also you might want to look into cross compiling/distcc, because building a full gentoo system on an old laptop will take ages (if it will succeed at all, because some programs need ridiculous amounts of ram to compile).
>What's a good, lightweight i686 distro that works on older laptops? 
Alpine (download Alpine Standard) or Debian testing (Use netinst .iso and remember to do a "expert installation" and don't select any package sets. Also, disable recommended and suggested packages in apt config)
tips.png (u)
[Hide] (218.9KB, 469x463)
I was going to install a fresh OS and while Debian has worked well for me so far, I decided to look elsewhere. Partially because a project that has a "diversity team" doesn't exactly evoke confidence in its competence or ethics and partially just for the sake of curiosity.
So I tried Fedora and I was not impressed. The GUI is ugly and phone-like, they call everything an "app" and it comes with nosebook/jewgle/etc sharing bullshit. I thought Fedora was supposed to be more anal about FOSS? I've heard that Microsoft has been pulling some CIA shit on both Debian and Fedora but at least the former never tried to pander to corporate whores when I installed it.

So to any enlightened atheists here: Is it better than it looks?
And how much can I trust any distro to be  free of spyware, sabotage and other corporate kikery these days?
Replies: >>3916
>Is Fedora better than it looks?
rpm/dnf is better than apt, but otherwise Debian is better. If you want to be sure that you have 100 % free software, install Gentoo or Guix. Also >>>/tech/2
Go look up non-systemd distros and install one, except Devuan and Artix because removing systemd is not enough to make Debian or Arch not garbage.
Install NetBSD or OpenBSD at that point, Linux is too backwards these days to run on 32 bit.
So say, I want to use a program but I want to isolate from my system while it's running or starting up.

I've been looking into chroot, and it had me thinking. What if I could write a script where when I run the script, the process will change users, chroot to that user's home directory, and that user will not even be able to touch anything except what I specifically designate.

The idea is to keep threats on the web from snooping into my other files. What do you guys think of the feasibility of such a thing?
Replies: >>3921 >>3925
Docker, LXC, VM
Install Gentoo.
Chroot isn't a security mechanism and the most secure isolation is a separate machine. Otherwise, look into containers and VMs. Docker is a joke.
Replies: >>3926 >>3927
>Docker is a joke.
Chroot is a security mechanism, but it only protects the filesystem and nothing else (in particular, you have to make sure the user inside can't get root and you don't fuck up the /proc mount). Containers are chroots extended to also secure other contexts (isolate IPC, network, pids, user ids, etc). While docker might be overhyped, it provides an easy framework to set up a container with mostly safe defaults.
VM is better, because with containers, an attacker only has to find a bug in the kernel to get out, with VM (provided you don't run the shit as root inside) the attacker has to find a bug in the kernel, the hypervisor, and if you're running the VM as a separate limited user on a different kernel, also in that kernel.
Getting a completely separate machine is only worth it if you're making it completely airgapped, and possibly on a non-nigger platform (no intel, amd bullshit, but on some as deniggered as possible open hw).
Replies: >>3928 >>3929
A niggered separate machine works if it is disconnected with no radio capability, ideally in a faraday cage. And only transfer data in a single direction.
Replies: >>3929 >>4108
Alright. Here's a few other questions.

1. Jails like firejail, and flashpeak are functionally containers similar to docker, right? If not, what's the difference?

2. Last time I tried VMs through qemu, I got my gpu passed through to a Win-7 machine along with a KVM switch. My problem was, loading vidya was slow, and USB controllers just DIDN'T fucking pass through no matter what I tried. 

3. What's your opinion on Xen and VMWare as hypervisors?

Neat idea, but not feasible for my setup right now.
elaboration to question 2: I'm aware that passing through a whole partition to a VM would make things faster, but I'd have to look more up on how exactly to do that.
Are there tools in existence that can detect jpeg images saved as other formats?
Replies: >>3932
>what is a search engine
They are all a bit different, you need to read and search a bit to know. Not sure about flashpeak, firejail uses namespace and Docker uses namespace and cgroups. In terms of isolation, they are similar, you should try them out and see which works best.
>loading vidya was slow
Either: your computer is too slow, or you didn't enable all possible accelerations
>USB controllers just DIDN'T fucking pass
What did you do to pass it? Did you do what https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/QEMU#Pass-through_host_USB_device said?
They are type 1 hypervisors, are you only going to run many VM?
non-free shit
Replies: >>3934 >>3962 >>4108
>firejail, docker
They use the same underlying technology (namespaces, cgroups, seccomp), so yeah they're similar, their use-case is different though. Docker is designed to download and execute a full linux system inside a container with zero configuration, while nsjail only really concerns itself with the sandboxing part. Nsjail is a bit more bare-bones, especially if you want a seccomp sandbox too, but it allows you to just run a normally installed program by for example giving access to /usr, /lib, etc. but nothing in your home. Of course, this means a bit worse isolation, but on the other hand you don't have to download 19373 different linux installations.
>win7, usb passthrough
Did you perhaps try to pass through USB3? I had problems with that (even passing through an USB2 device to an emulated USB2 port, if the computer had an USB3 port, it fucked itself up).
I'm not sure what's the status now, I stopped using win7 because it has no UEFI support and fighting with vgaarb is a fucking nightmare. At worst, get a PCI usb card, and pass through the whole PCI device.
Never tried
Used before virtualbox got normal snapshot support. It works, especially if you try to emulate some proprietary wangblows/mac shit and you want normal GPU performance without passthrough, but even in that case I'd more likely recommend virtualbox these days, if qemu is somewhy not ok.
But please note that KVM and virtualbox (and I think vmware too) are incompatible, which means if you run a VM in qemu, you can't start one in virtualbox.
Replies: >>3934
>Did you perhaps try to pass through USB3? I had problems with that (even passing through an USB2 device to an emulated USB2 port, if the computer had an USB3 port, it fucked itself up).
Oh fuck, that might've been the problem. my case has a few fucked-up USB ports and the most-usable ones were USB3, so that might've been the problem.
>They are type 1 hypervisors, are you only going to run many VM?
I plan to run at most, probably 2 or three Containers/VMs at once.

 I also have been unironically installing Gentoo in a VM to try it out. I've been getting the itch to switch, but I want to make sure I can get particular shit running with it. As such, I have one more question to go with this:

What are some ight-as-fuck WMs that has the ability to switch screen workspaces like most DEs? If I'm gonna go back to VMs, I might as well have something I can switch on a whim, and keep a full-enough screen.
Replies: >>3935 >>3936
>ight as fuck
That's what I get for not proofreading. I meant 'light as fuck'.
You are asking for a VM viewer to do the job of a DE/WM. Customize your DE to switch between programs easily or use a WM with such function (eg: i3, dwm)
>at most 2-3 Containers/VMs
qemu + kvm is enough
Replies: >>3939
minecraft_Steve_wondering_what_the_purpose_of_life_is.jpg (u)
[Hide] (111.9KB, 1920x1080)
Hey /tech/ I'm having trouble with a Minecraft 1.18.1 Java launcher. Every time the launcher is started up it crashes. I have tried these things and it's not working.
>Uninstalling it and reinstalling it
>Downloading the alternative launcher
>Redownloading Java
>Restarting the computer
I should mention that before this, Minecraft was installed previously on the computer and deleted. then it was reinstalled when 1.18.1 came out. 
I apologize for my strange wording, the PC isn't mine and I'm not willing to say who it is for opsec reasons. Call me paranoid  if you wish.
Replies: >>3938 >>4068
>didn't use a search engine
I'd minecraft you for real in minecraft.
Replies: >>3940
alright, thanks. I wasn't talking about the VM  switchging between programs anyway, I was talking about DEs/WMs.
internet_tough_guy.jpg (u)
[Hide] (124.8KB, 660x880)
Nigger It's not my PC. I'm trying to help someone and I did use a search engine. I couldn't find anything so I came here. 
>I'd minecraft you for real in minecraft.
Good one, internet tough guy.
Replies: >>3941
>internet tough guy
How did it crash? Try running it from cmd, does it show any error message? Look for cache, save files and move them else where. Then try again.
Replies: >>3942
No problem.
>How did it crash? Try running it from cmd, does it show any error message? Look for cache, save files and move them else where. Then try again.
It crashes when ever the launcher is open. 
Here is the crashing error that I got after running it from cmd.
Faulting application name: Minecraft.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x618b0357
Faulting module name: ucrtbase.dll, version: 10.0.19041.789, time stamp: 0x2bd748bf
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x000000000007286e
Faulting process id: 0x3978
Faulting application start time: 0x01d7efe9345c41c7
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.4297127D64EC6_1.0.104.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Minecraft.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll
Report Id: fb1d7716-f542-4ea8-94d7-71363b39ec13
Faulting package full name: Microsoft.4297127D64EC6_1.0.104.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe
Faulting package-relative application ID: MINECRAFT

Can you tell me anything from it?
Replies: >>3943
Yes, searched with: "minecraft ucrtbase.dll crash"
Try the following:
Installing media feature pack
In my case, the issue has been fikset by installing the windows media feature pack.
I'm using a fresh Windows Pro N version.
This site was the right way to go:
After activating the feature and a restart, Minecraft worked again.
(Re)installing .net c++ dist
Replies: >>3944
terrydavissmile.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (15.2KB, 292x268)
Well, thank you for the help anon. Your solution didn't directly help me but it did lead me down the path that would ultimately give me a solution. I have a few theories on what was wrong but I'm quite tired right now so I'm off to bed.
Glory to God.
Ignoring the corona economy prices, is a full AMD computer a good idea?
Replies: >>3947 >>3949 >>3994
you get what you pay for, jewvidia costs a premium because it works, amd is cheaper and performs more or less the same but it's prone to fuckery with drivers and whatnot, at the end of the day they're both kike corps so you should not feel like one deserves your money more than the other
Replies: >>3948 >>3949 >>3950
>jewvidia costs a premium
Isn't it cheaper for equivalent performance?
x86 is a compromised platform, only reason for using it is non-free work programs or vidias. Only AMD gpus has mature open source drivers. You paid more for a more non-free product.
>at the end of the day they're both kike corps
Yes, he is also using wangblows, so all points are moot.
Replies: >>3951
Because nvidia driver is not a fucking garbage, riiight?
The better question is when will this shit end, because I've been holding off buying a new computer for almost a year now.
>x86 is a compromised platform, only reason for using it is non-free work programs or vidias.
Good luck getting a non-x86 CPU for anything resource intensive.
Replies: >>3952 >>3953
>Talos™ II — the world's first computing system to support the new PCIe 4.0 standard — also boasts substantial DDR4 memory, dual POWER9 CPUs, next-generation security, and a price that won't break the bank. Let the power of Talos™ II accelerate your computing!
Replies: >>3955
>a price that won't break the bank
>cheapest is 4 thousand dollars for a motherboard and a quad core CPU
How does it fare against a cheap x86 laptop given that it will have to emulate 90% of what you'd want a computer for?
Replies: >>3956
Never owned one, too expensive. But it does fulfill
>getting a non-x86 CPU for anything resource intensive
>How does it fare
I really want one and use it as my arm thin-client "cloud".
Replies: >>3957
>JavaScript is required to view these results or log-in to Phoronix Premium.
Replies: >>3958
phoronix has been doing this shit for a while. Do they know ublock works even js is enabled?
>>what is a search engine
Post search results and/or the exact wording you used then, because all I could find was "Which Image Format is better JPG or JPEG?" type tech-jew articles.
Replies: >>3963
Search word: identify image type
How did you not get anything?
>inb4 using jewgle
>inb4 keyword is a question
Search how to search, retard
Replies: >>3987
A couple weeks ago I created a free account on Freedom Hosting Reloaded. I'm trying to create a shared folder accessible via browser, but if you navigate to myaddress.onion/www/foo it responds with a 403 Forbidden error, even though the folder and file permissions are 755
What do?
Replies: >>3965 >>3966
By "shared" I don't mean visitors would have write privledges, just access, but that's already implied by the 755 permission.
Also, the path is 'address.onion/foo' not 'address.onion/www/foo' not that it probably matters.
Check the permissions on the parent folders too, if the http server doesn't have at least execute access to them, it won't be able to read anything inside them.
Replies: >>3967 >>3968 >>3973
I set 777 on everything and it's still not working. If someone wants to create an account and test it, here's the address:
I just had to create a index.html with a tree listing.
However the configure their server disallows displaying a folder without an index.html or .php
Replies: >>3969
Can't you upload a .htaccess? Some hosts allow it. If not, you'll have to either generate the index files somehow or find some php script to do the listing.
Also, don't set your folders to 777, in that case anyone on that server can edit anything in your folders.
Replies: >>3970
I can upload any kind of file, but I haven't tested .htaccess to see if it works. This account is mainly just for experimentation, but I'm probably not going to bother with too complex a set up. If you try testing it, let us know how it works, though and thanks for your advice.
Replies: >>3972
According to this, you only really need to add a single line:
But if that doesn't work then yeah, you'll have to do a bit more work.
Replies: >>3974
Enable indexing
This is a great link. Worked perfectly, thanks!
external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (357.5KB, 1440x1080)
gn brothersss
you guys have some indication about a good material to study blockchain and crypto stuffs? i can teach something in change, i`m from surface trying to get material and foruns to learn more :p
shinji_interrogation.jpg (u)
[Hide] (29.6KB, 452x360)
I'm back.

The more Scheme implementations I try the more I'm convinced they all suck. And the language's limitations create this awful vendor lock-in situation where you have to use your implementation's extensions which slows down the process of trying out all the implementations to find out which don't suck because you have to relearn stuff every time and nobody wants to do that.
It also splits the community heavily.

Great language, terrible implementations. Completely unusable until they fix that. I just wanted a good higher level language to accompany my C.
Replies: >>3977 >>3994
That's the problem with Schemes, yes. There's a huge standard that then gets partially implemented in a bunch of dialects, as opposed to Common Lisp. Use that perhaps?

>I just wanted a good higher level language to accompany my C.
Good for what? Almost all script languages have decent C FFI. Python, Lua, Tcl. There are even compiled languages that have good C integration like Nim.
Replies: >>3984
Where can I find a template or guide to Qemu VM scripts? I heard that libvirt and programs associated with it are needlessly bloated, so I'd rather have a reference to do my own scripts rather than something that could cause problems on my system.
Replies: >>3994
>Almost all script languages have decent C FFI. Python, Lua, Tcl

I want to make good software, not shit on the street. 
The LISP dialects and particularly Scheme which is the one I've tried have the best syntax I've ever seen and the functional programming paradigm as well as the fact that the Scheme standard has a phrase that proves its designers actually tried to make a good language baked into it interested me.
Quote from R7RS:
>Programming languages should be designed not by piling feature on top of feature, but by removing the weaknesses and restrictions that make additional features appear necessary.
This is the exact opposite of nu-languages. This phrase alone proves the designers of Scheme are among the few language designers who actually know what makes a good programming language, it's not that what the phrase describes is the only thing that matters, but the phrase shows they have the right mindset.

The implementations on the other hand are completely rotten.

I think I'll just forget high level languages for now and stick to C and until R7RS-large comes out and hope it has more or less the same functionality as POSIX, maybe by then I'll know compilers and interpreters.
Replies: >>3985 >>3993 >>3996
This may sound very stupid, but what about making a language you want on top of C? Does that fix your high level language problem without having to write your own asm compiler? You can even implement LISP on C.
Replies: >>3986
I don't think I can create a better language than Scheme and I don't know enough to implement a transpiler, nor do I want to implement one. At most I'd compile to a backend like QBE.
God fucking negroid, I know how magical numbers work.
I said
>saved as other formats
>saved with a different extension.
Replies: >>3989
b02fa7998683d63e6daebf771169f144b4577580a48491f8c34cc9f544e2f47f.png (u)
[Hide] (64.8KB, 660x779)
So, apparently there is some tranny secret society dedicated to decensoring malayan tapestries post-DCP creator randomly leaving unlocked laptop with logged-in github at his local starbucks.
Is anyone here brave enough to risk AIDS for the greater good?
Replies: >>3989 >>4109 >>4222
You mean things like a jpg inside a mp3? binwalk.
Never touching dickcord
Replies: >>3990
[Hide] (82.5KB, 1280x720)
Stop being a fucking nigger, you know what I mean.
Replies: >>4002
ANSI Common Lisp at least has a track record going back decades. With a new standard of Scheme you'll be at the mercy of whoever is implementing the dialect unless you write your own.
Replies: >>3994
>is a full AMD computer a good idea?
AMD is better than Inlel. For most use cases, Novideo is worse than AMD.

>I just wanted a good higher level language to accompany my C.
Guile or Chibi Scheme? Or how about Lua or Tcl?

>guide to Qemu VM scripts?
You want to create a correct (i.e. one that works) command-line to run the VM and just paste it in a .sh file. Try finding an existing script and adapt it to your needs. Also, Archwiki, Gentoo wiki and Qemu docs have some tips:
> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/QEMU/Options

language: bash
# Get the installation .iso file
aria2c 'https://archive.org/download/TempleOS_ISO_Archive/TempleOSCDV5.03.ISO'

# Create a virtual HDD:
qemu-img create -f qcow2 TOS_disk.qcow2 3G

# Run the VM and install TOS
qemu-system-x86_64 -hda TOS_disk.qcow2 -machine kernel_irqchip=off -smp cores=2 -enable-kvm -cpu host -m 2048M -rtc base=localtime -soundhw pcspk -cdrom TempleOSCDV5.03.ISO -boot d

# Run the VM
qemu-system-x86_64 -hda TOS_disk.qcow2 -machine kernel_irqchip=off -smp cores=2 -enable-kvm -cpu host -m 4096M -rtc base=localtime -soundhw pcspk -boot c

Replies: >>3995 >>4190
Just tested the example Qemu script. It seems you have to remove -machine kernel_irqchip=off to get it working (you don't need the setting anyway).
>The implementations on the other hand are completely rotten.
The implementations are rotten because the language is minimal to the point of uselessness. Just learn Common Lisp.
Fuck you nigger. I got the idea right when I was taking a huge shit. You mean detecting jpg re-encoded into other formats? Fucking ask better questions next time.
Search word: jpg artifact detect
This is in the field of image forensics.
is there a place where i can buy a legit second hand minecraft account for cheap i don't wanna support mojang's woke agenda (they are polluting little kids with LGBT on thier minecon video)

i wanna meet fitmc 2bt2 one day unfortunately the server is not cracked
Replies: >>4017
>don't wanna support mojang
>plays minecraft, increases user count
Minetest. If you want to meet people, do you want to meet people that support mojang? (Regardless of your reasons) It is no longer the time when you can meet cool dudes in lan parties, if you want to meet people, go to a forum, go outside, unless you want to get to know normie simps niggers fags retards trannies in a jew closed-source time waster game.
Replies: >>4109
i just prepared my other hard drive which OS should i deploy to it

windows 10 21h1 (is 21h2 better or worse)
or windows 2016 (is 2019 faster for VMs)
which version of windows is best for hyper-v and GPU-P (not DDA)
im reluctant to try out linux because of the CoC bullshit but they said sr-iov is faster

is it possible to use both vmware and hyper-v at the same time it says here that vmware has a special mode for this would be nice if i could run vbox as well (on eightforums some guy managed to run both)
>which OS should i deploy to it
Dual-boot windows 10 and GNU/Linux or a *BSD.

>im reluctant to try out linux because of the CoC bullshit
heh, do you think that windows is any better in that regard?
Replies: >>4109
>worried about CoC
>using Windows
Replies: >>4109
>CoC bullshit
If you're that worried about it, use something like OpenBSD. That is, if you don't mind zero hardware and software support. Otherwise you're still 1000x better with linux that wangblows, just avoid distros like jewbuntu or manjaro.
Replies: >>4109
Microsoft_security.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (986.4KB, 864x400, 00:22)
get out
Replies: >>4109
Still waiting to see examples of how CoC has a direct negative impact upon code. INB4, unqualified diversity hires. I get that, but what I'm talking about is a situation where a driver or something would not be allowed to function properly because CoC said that mean words are bad or whatever. Seriously, any examples of this?
Also, why not weaponize code of conduct in our interests? Take Firefox as an example and how it can be argued that it has become a woke botnet. Why not bombard Mozilla foundation with sentiment like the following?
>I am an oppressed Uyghur behind the great firewall of China and the fact that Mozilla's Firefox utilizes Google and leaks metadata puts my life at risk.
>I am a gay rights activist in Iran and the metadata leaking from Mozilla's Firefox puts my life at risk.
>I am a transexual latinx fighting for social and economic equality in my South American shithole and the integrated advertising in Firefox allows for a personality profile to be kept on me in insecure databases that could fall into the wrong hands.
Sane people could hijack the discourse and repurpose it or, at the least, have fun shitposting and potentially watch Mozilla squirm trying to address a potential PR problem.

This post is and it's contents have been written under a copyleft +NIGGER license.
you go first, open some issues on GitHub and let us know how it goes
Obviously the CoC doesn't immediately shit up the code, it's the indirect effects that are the problem. CoCs are an entry vector for useless parasites who push out competent contributors because they didn't suck tranny cock fervently enough and tie up the already scarce resources in pointless wokefaggotry like outreach programs.
>Also, why not weaponize code of conduct in our interests?
Because the rules are a misdirection. CoCs are deliberately vague so that everything you try can be deflected whereas everything they want can be justified under it.
Replies: >>4109
Do you mean direct negative impacts? There are probably none. CoCks mean more mouthbreathing HR retard types can crawl into open source repositories and shit them up like they have been doing to corporations. Unfortunately, unlike globocorpo, not only do regular devs not have the money and resources to tard wrangle these people, they are also pathologically altruistic nerds and receptive to the poz to begin with. Not all of them, mind you. Just look at the seething sqlite has produced by adopting a very simple CoC-like that boils down to "be nice". It was simple, inoffensive and straight to the point; meaning no liability can worm its way in under the guise of enforcing it.

>Also, why not weaponize code of conduct in our interests?
Terms of conduct only apply to contributors. This is why the ogre tranny Corey Ehmke also calls it the "contributor's covenant". Good for driving productive people out, giving yourself a nice slice of money/clout for doing nothing of value and not much else.

>This post is and it's contents have been written under a copyleft +NIGGER license.
The only good idea. GPL forbids additional freedom limit clauses, but MIT & BSD will do just fine.
Replies: >>4109
>how CoC has a direct negative impact upon code.
- CoCk can be used to bully and harass developers. Want to get "#metoo'd"?? Want to get censored for nothing??
- CoCk endangers the freedoms of contributors and possibly the users as well.
- CoCk is simply just BS. CoCks add no value whatsoever. People behave like adults without a CoCk.
- CoCks are added by complete outsiders (to the project).
Replies: >>4109
my 512GB laptop ssd is hot to the touch the ssd is far from the CPU but the cooling pipes are not attatched there
it says on crystaldiskinfo 59C red and 100% health and 5TB writes
however it passes SMART extended tests just fine is this normal?
Replies: >>4053
>is this normal?
No. Most likely, you have some issue with cooling.
e375b0d121d82f04f3facc28550d21e143e260d2a01264f8638e8a76ee4eb799.png (u)
[Hide] (211.8KB, 878x562)
Is there a way to get rid of the gay integrated search engine shit in Firefox? Maybe an older version of Firefox that doesn't have it? I've tried using ungoogled Chromium as an alternative to Firefox but adblocking is broken and I get weird performance like these anons >>3729 >>3730

I dunno. Maybe Java is fugged? Try to uninstall and reinstall it. I don't know if it makes a difference but you can try something like BCUninstaller to remove registry entries and extra shit left behind. Just make sure to double check what the program wants to delete after the initial uninstall.
There are minecraft files in one of the user appdata folders (local, roaming, etc. Can't remember which one). You can try to delete those if uninstalling leaves them behind still. Just make sure to back up saves, screenshots, etc. if whoever was playing it actively played it before it started shitting the bed
You could also try installing Mineshafter and see if that works. You could at least see if the problem with the legit launcher.
Replies: >>4069 >>4070
>Is there a way to get rid of the gay integrated search engine shit in Firefox?
Not sure what you're talking about, but try Librewolf.
Replies: >>4071
Preferences, search in search bar, remove search bar from interface.
Replies: >>4071
>Not sure what you're talking about
If you enter something into the address bar that isn't a url, it will automatically search using a search engine. You can remove the add-ons that come with Firefox that allow it to search with different search engines EXCEPT one because reasons. So this feature is always there and working as intended.
>try Librewolf
It doesn't seem to solve the problem but I'll keep giving it a spin anyhow. Thanks anon.
Thanks, but I tried that. The address bar still functions as a search bar either way unfortunately.
Replies: >>4072 >>4073 >>4077
Tried this https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1292155 ?
I was going to ask you to look this up, but you are trying to remove search... idk what to say
Replies: >>4074
Then I don't understand why did you try chromium, unless you enter a completely valid url, it will search for it. Firefox at least doesn't search for things that almost looks like an url, but you mistyped one character in it.
Anyway, in mememoon, and maybe in firefox, unless they decided to remote it because you know that's not how gulag's chrome works, about:config -> keyword.enabled and double-click to set it to false. It'll just paste .com to the end of whatever you enter, so I'm not sure whether it's an improvement or not.
In old firefox versions (and maybe even mozilla, I don't remember anymore) you had a separate url bar and a search bar, and in the url bar you could only enter an url, you couldn't use it for searching. Sometimes later they decided to allow searching from the url bar too, and even later they removed the (now) unnecessary search bar. If you ask me, a single bar is much more productive (less inputs and 99% of time it does the right thing and when not you can just prefix it with ? to have it search), but apparently some users prefer the old behavior.
Either that, or we have a weird anon who never wants to search for anything on the internet at all.
Arkenfox's user.js for Firefox has that disabled by default. The value is called "keyword.enabled", so search it up in about:config and disable it.
Why do almost all apps nowadays store their settings in the dconf file instead of inside .config? It's like I'm back on Windows with the massive registry.
Replies: >>4080
Because you use too much gtk3/gnome3 garbage.
ok so i have a celeron N4100 laptop from aliexpress on the bios the advanced settings is not there is there a way to unlock it i need to configure some things (ubuntu says SGX is disabled)
also vbox says 8 threads even though hyperthreading is not supported in the cpu

brand ZSCmall pink crappy 512GB ssd 8gb 2133 ram 14 inch
bottom Version 2.19.1268 Copyright 2020 American Megatrends
Core Version 5.13 Compliancy UEFI 2.7; PI 1.6
BIOS Version K66_S133G_V1.20_P2S2D2P0_XC
Replies: >>4083
Can you get to UEFI settings at all?
You should be able use efibootmgr to access the UEFI settings. Also, Arch/Artix and Xubuntu liveUSB has a Grub menu item that allows you to access the UEFI settings.
>https://artixlinux.org/ (I'm pretty sure at least Artix has that menu option)
Replies: >>4087
i can access the bios just fine by using the ESC key however the only thing shows is the [Main/Security/Boot/Save & Exit] there is supposed to be an advanced tab but is not there? also device refuses to boot from sdcard even if i select boot from next media in winPE

is there a key combintion to unlock tried everything on google but still didn't work
Replies: >>4117
alright apologies for the schizo rant once in a while (i asked on halfchan /g/ but got no replies)

>LGBTea cafe >4 locations next to manila
>PANIC oh fuck i forgot to enable my VPN now google knows my where i live even though i never allowed location on my chrome VM
>i live very close to those areas (im fucked IRL if they find out i am opposed to this)
is there a way to avoid this abomination? is escape still an option? they are everywhere not even my shithole country is safe from this
can this leftarded disease be stopped? is there still hope for hummanity (i have nothing against blacks or women but i will not tolerate lgbt)
xiaomi and asus are the good companies left i hope they don't get pozzed (huawei/vmware/AMD supports this DEI bullshit)
is 2022 a even bigger clownworld than the last 2 years? or is it all over at last? should i worry too much about the future?
also thank god there are no furfags in the JWST youtube livestream maybe there is hope after all GO WEBB
Replies: >>4093 >>4096
They can log everything.

This has to be a bait. Also, install ungoogled chromium or something else if you are on Android.

>is escape still an option?
Use open-source hardware and free software. Use "alternative" networks: >>>/tech/3595 >>>/tech/769

>can this leftarded disease be stopped? 
Eventually, yes.

> is there still hope for hummanity
Perhaps a gigantic solar flare or something. Otherwise you will live in a world that is worse than Orwell's 1984 (you are probably carrying a Telescreen in your pocket right now.)

>should i worry too much about the future?
No, but don't let fear take over your mind. Idk, read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or something.
Replies: >>4103 >>4105
ffmpeg is slow as shit when seeking through videos. Wanting a 10 second clip that starts 3 hours into a 5 hour video can take minutes, but video players can do it almost instantly. Is there a way to speed it up?
Replies: >>4098
go back
>chrome in VM
lmao you are asking for them to know
>avoid abomination
>xiaomi asus
>using jewtube
OSHW, no blob linux (eg allwinner a20, rock 64 can be used blob-free too). The usual debotnet suite, no jewgle, closed-source anything. Use custom android rom, or better yet don't have a phone, tracking is unavoidable with a phone. New ARM are pozzed, modem firmware is closed-source.
Why are you still sucking up jewish video poison straight through the eyes?
>still hope for hummanity
>can this leftarded disease be stopped?
>nothing against blacks or women
Fuck niggers.
Fuck kikes.
Fuck trannies.
Fuck hoes.
Fuck you niggerlover simp.
TNT oven all villagers, then deport all enderman.
It may be necessary to hunt down traitorous NPCs as well.
Remove all women rights, properties can't consent, all depends on father's decision. Send them back to the kitchen, the few wise ones can be allowed to work if their husband let them.
The rest will solve themselves.
>even bigger clownworld
>escape still an option?
The rebranded flu tells you all nigger cattle will obey ((( (((them))) ))) and hunt you down. It is only going to get worse, until ((( (((they))) ))) are removed.
>worry too much about the future?
You are worried because you don't do anything about it. If you are in the fight, you don't have to worry. If you win, they are fucked. If you lose, your mind is still free, they still lose. Worrying is your excuse of not doing anything about it. Stop interacting with the botnet, and save yourself right fucking now. No non-free os, no non-free software, no NPC "friends", cut them off your life. You need to work on your mind, harden it and free it, then you will figure out the next steps.
Replies: >>4105
??? did you forget -c copy?
I don't have video longer then 2 hours saved, but I use this when I need to download part of youtube videos and it works fast.
ffmpeg $(youtube-dl -g 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0' | sed 's/^/-ss 00:05 -i /') -t 01:00 -c copy out.mkv
And video player cache as much as they are allowed.
Replies: >>4102
There were a free software with a black furry girl as mascot, does anyone know the name of it?
Replies: >>4100
openyiff kemono has  a new mascot

>>4100 GET
Replies: >>4101
AROS_mascot_Kitty.png (u)
[Hide] (87.5KB, 337x360)
found it,it was AROS.
Replies: >>4103
When using a stream like that it's faster, but with actual downloaded videos it takes minutes just to get to the encoding for some reason. 
>-c copy
That doesn't work if you want to reencode.
1/2 (my post may get auto discarded due to sleeping tabs)

implying TOR isn't pozzed (they are enabling jewish pedo activists to spread their degenerate fetish under the guise of speaking up)
also sergei strelec winpe supports VMware SVGA (i played a couple games in there and discared the incognito VM afterwards)
openvpn sometimes gives me my real location i dunno why even though my IP changed (maybe its a bug on chrome portable)

found some YT links while browsing imageboards got a little carried away and i got hooked to the rocket countdown stream
very sad to know that only 50k people are interested in webb the rest are NPC cattle (saw this on the comments myself)
also is rumble a good alternative? im making my own channel (searching for furry only yields cute eyebleach) the site seems really chill and politics dosen't get too much attention
odyssee is just youtube undeleted 2.0 (its almost as if they accidentally mirrored their userbase while they are saving YT videos)
is goyimtv better? their content seems wayy too right-ish (and yes this is a human-only safe space why did you ask) (RIP mysteryromaticgames and wecwec you will be missed)

oh god WHY furries are literally the jews of the internet they control the major big platforms the control the github code repos woudnt be too surprised if they put messy cum filled code that can be easily zer0day'd and actively inject D&I into normal sane projects they spread their uwu touch my bulge BS on uncolonized platforms and lastly they force their egoistic "fursonas" just like systemD except they are a whole group not one person that you can just block they are also known to convince young coders to join their "nonprofit social issue games" on itchio the same way the jews force lgbt on schools
TL:DR they are basically the number one pushers of "cancerous tech standards" and they force lgbt everywhere under the guise of positivity and cry {why do you wanna gas us so much you uncultured swine go back child}
anyways is there good software that actively excludes lgbt/furry cancer on their code base (not necessarily far right leaning) i want good clean/sane code that isn't filled with "cum stings" god i fucking hate what github turned into (any uncensored alternatives?)

holy shit they are literally rewriting history (they are making it appear as if they invented all the retro stuff back in the nineties)

sorry my meds ran out of stock i coudn't resist shitposting at night didnt expect the fast reply
Replies: >>4104
If you consider programming to be masculine and conservative field this is a reality check for you, most good programmers are furries. Autism is pre-requirement for programming atp and all autists become degenerate one way or another. This was observable back then too but you didn't realise it because you thought they were just joking. Furry mascot was popular against Tux for a reason.
>Is there good software that actively excludes lgbt/furry cancer on their codebase
suckless.org and openbsd.org . I don't think there are any other group with focus on writing good software.
Replies: >>4105
>can it be stopped?
god i hope so but how? there has to be a way that doesn't involve nuking hummanity?

>solar flare
are my hard disks safe when that happens? will my ssd be fried my crap is important to me
and what do i do in the meantime when the whole grid goes down god how long before they recover

>should i worry
im not worried about 2022 rather im very concerned about 2030 sane humans will be a very small rebellious minority while everybody puts on their rainbow fursuit and livestream themselves having sex in the road while crowds are watching not just in america but on other countries as well

im not using android right now however i did phonepost a few days ago the battery died and i had to rebuild the text from based on what i remember

i needed some help on my PC issues on /fwt/ since i dont wanna bother smaller chans (and they all called me schizo since i run everyting on VMs)
boy you sure were right all along halfchan is indeed full redditors and furfags i learned the hard way and the jannies defend them like white knights except they carry a hammer as a weapon of choice (god they polluted the site faster than the /b/tards)

>xiaomi ASUS (cancelthiscompany-com recomends asus and 8bitdo on their good companies list)
while chinese companies tend to have rather similar tactics when it comes to money one thing for sure is that they morally oppose lgbt even if means most of their consumers will hate them for it so they decided to steer clear from woke politics just to be on the safe side
in other words they are the lesser of all evils (MSI is known to censor critisism on their gaming laptops and gigabyte is has crappy motherboards and timebomb PSU)
TL;DR if a company is woke and supports lgbt chances are they are deeply corrupt inside and done lots of unethical practices (take a look at pfizer and merck)

>use opensource x86 hardware
thats gonna way too weak for VMs let alone vmware gpu acceleration (amd does not actively push the market unlike intel and apple even though they support this shit)

>use non pozzed linux
Artix can't do VFIO let alone pcie passthough i bet my system will crash often if i use spawn multiple VMs at a time

>use allwinner or rockchip
i do have an android tv box (is S905X3 pozzed or safe?) gonna use it for hosting imageboards after installing termux (is there another way for google to hack my box after i put microG there)
im going to keep android the way its intended since the linux version lacks proper drivers and i want to utilize the GPU for webm encoding (there is also a tensor unit it says on the datasheet)

>fuck niggers
unlike america politics isn't really much of a big deal we have better things to do here than use FB all day long
im not one of those mgtows virgins nor have i got laid but why yall hate women so much personally as long as they're actually competent and enjoy their job and do not get involved in woke politcs i don't really see the problem here (care to explain)

>>4104 #StayHuman
using a normal animal mascot is fine by me but sexually suggestive furry art is a completely different story i swear if i make my own company one daylgbt and furries will be banned on sight the moment they come out and show their "true depraved personality"
(there are lots of sucessfull ADHD people but the jews will do everything to supress them) 
am i the only one who has some kind of fear that one day everyone will be forced to have their own fursona those who refuse to conform will be labelled outcasts just like how whites are treated in our modern day society (fun fact there is a straight hate movement somewhere deep inside tumblr/twitter if you look hard enough)
i know this is getting really offtopic (plz dont janny my post) but what causes someone to be attracted to anthros i heard that some wires in the brain are crossed which causes them to be turned on to (this maybe this can be cured using new neuroscience technology)
Replies: >>4106 >>4110
I have always thought the main reason some people evolved to like animals is because before abrahamic religions if you were attracted to some animal or a monster and draw art based on animal/human relations you were seen as a great artist because animals were seen as gods. This didn't stop with abrahamic religions tho, it just slowed down. Greatest example of this is probably black bull raping Europa which if you asked the artists depicts Turks killing europeans but Turks are correlated with wolfs, not bulls, expecially not black bulls. I am pretty sure people that drew these fucked a lot and had kids thanks to the fame it gave them. This is just the art side, if you talked about fucking a wolf in a pagan religion you would be seen as godlike, if you deleted fucking animals and monsters from myth all the legends would be gone. Just imagine how much pussy these deranged schizos fucked thanks to their monstergirl fetish.
Replies: >>4109
will a broken laptop work (i found lots of results for broken laptop with working motherboard on aliexpress it even came with a charger but the ssd is removed)

holy shit you did it? keyed VMfag (based is overused)
no idea about Xen but vmware workstation is confy i can run my pirated patreon-ware DX11 games inside with peace of mind knowing i will not infect windows with aids (i can passthorugh the usb dongle and pair my controller in the VM)
90% of all the shit i downloaded off IGG works in there just fine in there (this is why i never complain about virus in the comment section)
however my mouse glitches a bit when clicking buttons on the desktop idk why maybe a bug on vmtools
anyways what do you think about GPU-P hyper-v i wanna give windows one last shot before i move to linux for good
Ynglet and AER runs fine on my 1650ti with very minimal lag (its actually very smooth pic related im playing terratech and extremephysics on vbox) sad to see winraid closing

use kvm and hyper-v double virtualization (someordinarygmaers made a video about this)
also the fact that he chose to run his games on bare metal using proton even though he can setup a vm in at a drop of a hat on his 64gb ram rig makes me a little mad inside

yup thats fits me well (man i feel bad for my dad he worked very hard for this and im too ADHD to figure out programming even though this is my interest)
i wanted a full desktop but this is way to expensive (networkchuck used a gaming laptop on his proxmox VM demonstration video)
now a better question would be does my underpowered 1650it support sr-iov (traditional passthrough is boring)
(i dont want the guest vm flashing my Vgpu bios with the jellyfish rootkit)
PROTIP for those buying a new rig soley for virtualization should stick to AMD cpu since youre gonna need all those precious cores

>give the VM root
dosen't qemu-kvm run on the kernel level already by default infact the libvirt user account requires root access to spawn vms

>>3932 (thanks anon from snootgame)
search for vmware key github (the dmcafags are catching up) (fuck VMinclusion i wanna support the devs but no thanks after seeing this)
its too dangerous to go alone take this https://archive.is/O6s5t https://archive.is/H07XC https://archive.is/hfQXO https://archive.is/fUsSL

>>3240 >>3264
>creating a walled garden of inclusion
nope stick to humble xiaomi (huawei appears to support DEI as well)
dont forget to unlock your bootloader the day you unbox it goy

kek i used this to evade bans in some rare cases i have different sims on my phone whenever i get banned on an imageboard i can just select sim2

bump this is interesting i wanna make my own board soon also nice dubs

>cringy gaymer
hey thats rude dude also just get a mobile workstation for the gpu get the 1660 or 2060 (1650 ti only has 4gb)

>lgbt LEDs
just set it to plain white or red depending on the color of the outer shell also gamers rights are human rights stop opressing us (im not a tranny its just a joke)
Replies: >>4190
iommu_working.PNG (u)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080)
well i guess you are right there is no cure for this but hopefully atleast we can limit their power so they dont make to to presidential postions
look i know this is complicated but the only reason i hate furries in person because they see hummanity as inferior shit species the moment you pick human character on thier RP session you are guaranteed to get yourself banned in no time
furries are known to secretly hate humans the same way LGBTwitter is heterophobic its like an itch to them similarly to how jews are loxist towards whites
if they want to film themselves fucking non consenting animals or other sick fucks they should atleast have the decency to keep the footage to themselves
for some reason i have the urge to collect thier art samples and put it in a VM for scientific research purposes even though im a furry hater (and no before you ask i fap to generic pornhub shit)
>inb4 closeted hypocrite

>from kemono(dot)party (oy gimmie link)

i just wanted to play on 2bt2 for a bit imageboards are a little too boring (dunno if oldfrog uses cracked server openanarchy.cf is down)

>>4032 >>4035 >>4038
well to be fair pretty much all alternatives are pozzed beyond repair also windows has better memory management and kernel compared to linux
basically i want the least broken OS even if it means i have to embrace the CoC (since my lenovo bios is probably coded by trannies anyway)
(back then when i was using ubuntu my system crashed a lot on win7 stability wasn't an issue)
if linux were to one day break itself i will have no idea how to track down and fix the error windows just seems more stable at this point also the community is rather chill meanwhile ubuntu is full of elitist deviantart users who rice furry themes on their system

>>4047 >>4046 >>4045
a little offtopic but im gonna play the devils advocate for a bit hopefully thats not a bannable offense
if i were to make my own project and add my own CoC but this time i were to put
>strictly no furries allowed this is a human only safe space
>lgbtqSJW will be kicked on sight
>if you are caught all your code will be reverted to protect the safety of our users
>we have nothing against women blacks for as long as they dont spout woke shit and are competent on thier job
what will happen? will the trannies still somehow make their way in

xbox pride is one thing but holy shit i didnt realize it was THAT bad they even had edge themes for that shit (i had to check from my vm so i don't accidentally install aids)

>get out
i just wanted to to try it out one last time since my install is a bit borked im setting up a gaming laptop and some of the drivers aren't gonna work on linux and by prepare i didnt really wipe my drive i just copied my config since and moved all user data to C:/ since i don't wanna deal with duplicate files
>dolby surround dosen't support linux
>you cant get a vantage like control panel on linux
>you can't run vbox vmware and kvm in tandem on linux
TL;DR i wanna use my pc as intended unless i somehow become an expert on non systemD distros

on a serious note which windows OS do i use is server pozzed as well? personally the only reason i use linux is solely becuase of GPU passthorugh but windows now supports it as well so i no longer need different filesystems on my backup drive
sorry for the veery late reply i was gone that that time with my other PC on didnt expect so many replies

is 21h2 better than 21h1 (on the ISO) (is 21h2 too new and unstable) i am unsure on which iso to pick (some apps debrilately refuse to run on windows server unless you pay for license)
will my chances of sucessfull passthrough be higher if i install server 2019 instead of 21h2? (2016 only supports DDA not GPU-P)
anyways which edition should i choose to maximize all features [home or pro or workstation or enterprise edition] i can't pick

if i install win10 pro trial/evaluation key and install the home OEM key that i originally have will the pro features re-lock themselves?
(installing hyper-v on home borks my system) i don't wanna deal with cracks and KMS tools which beats the purpose of VMs in the first place
also i heard that pro users get stable updates while the home users test unstable tranny coded shit
what the hell does N mean on the windows edition is it different?
gonna ask this in advance but is there a way to backup the windows.old folder without errors (or create diskimage but exclude the user data folders)
or better yet is there a way to extract the UWP APPX files and programs inside the usmt.ppkg and install them manually one by one
Replies: >>4357
Format your post better if you want a chance a bored anon even skim through your wall of shit.
>artix can't do VIFO
If gentoo can do it, artix can do it. You don't even need libvirt if you launch the vm via qemu directly.
What was the error message?
Replies: >>4127
What are some good torrent sites?
guys i think i fucked up big time how do i fix this i dont want to put my cheap celeron to waste
>be me >mess around ubuntu livecd
>warning [SGX is disabled in bios]
>system boots fine afterwards
>carry on after doing my work
>few days later boot ubuntu again
>for some reason i have the urge to enable SGX
>reboot >livecd hangs and i have to hold the power button
>warning [SGX there are zero epc sections]
>umm ok i guess this is fine what does this mean
>system is stable at first
>glitchy screen tearing happens whenever the cpu goes up a little
>there is a diagonal line on the ubuntu task manager
>firefox is dogshit and pages barely render
>restore bios to defaults
>nothing happens PANIC
i didnt realize i could screw up my bios so badly just by running stuff as root
i thought a single reset can fix it fine boy is sure am dead wrong
how the fuck do i reset efivars without screwing my system
it says there that sometimes its better to leave SGX off if unused

any luck? i need to unlock the bios since it refuses to boot from sdcard

unrelated but on my legion after i used the unlocker tool on win raid my bios is still unlocked even after i flashed new firmware for some reason (its supposed to revert itself to default)
Replies: >>4120
Try looking for manuals for motherboard/laptop to reset bios. Otherwise, install stock bios again with whatever method recommended. If they need windows, try installing Windows on a separated drive and transfer it there.
Replies: >>4127
the laptop has a generic chinglish instructions manual no drivers software support website
searching for [zscmall bios update] yields no useful results whatsoever nada just unrelated things

>Software enabling is a one-way operation: Intel SGX cannot be disabled via software.
>The only ways to disable Intel SGX once it has been enabled are to do so via the BIOS

well im fucked am i? any way to extract the bios or some shit? maybe someone can patch it for me
maybe there is a tool for linux to extract the UEFI from the chip and patch/flash it again? sorry for the late reply

>whats the error message
back then when i used to do this on windows 7 i get permission related errors winrar due to the file structure
in the end i made a ADI backup of my C drive (D and E are excluded)

i formatted my other flash drive to deploy windows installer
all of my files have been backed up and the original copies have been moved to C:/mystuff to prevent the installer from touching it since i will use the windows.old method

>inb4 stick to arch
look i wanna give win10 one more try since my OS is damaged (i hope its not hardware related)
if that fails im gonna make diskimage and install ubuntu (since artix is too hard and lacking support despite the tranny BS)

anyways what should i pick on tbrgadguard (i havent downloaded the ISOs yet)
win10 21h1 or 21h2 (is 21h2 too early/unstable/broken?)
server 2016 or 2019 (goddamit i should have never mentioned the CoC bullshit on my other post)
Replies: >>4130
Can you take out the CMOS battery? Sometimes, taking out the battery will reset the UEFI settings (mostly on very early laptops with UEFI support)

>look i wanna give win10 one more try
>since artix is too hard
Even Terry thought that dual-booting is a good idea: "I would prefer one machine that dual booted your primary-networked operating system and had a partition for a native boot of TempleOS. If it is two machines, I have a bad feeling."
Also, Artix is actually easy: >>>/tech/4081 >>>/tech/4129 and vanilla Ubuntu sucks (at least install Debian and upgrade to testing release) You can ask advice ITT or on the distro thread.

>and lacking support
Replies: >>4131 >>4137
>Can you take out the CMOS battery?
>Sometimes, taking out the battery will reset the UEFI settings (mostly on very early laptops with UEFI support)
*Also, sometimes taking out the LAPTOP battery will reset the UEFI settings (mostly on very early laptops with UEFI support)
Replies: >>4222
theres no cmos battery inside this is one of those newer generation laptops that are super thin and fragile does disconnecting the backup battery for an hour count?
nevermind even after i booted it on ac power only i still get that SGX warning i (heard that the settings are written to flash rather than cmos ram on modern devices)
also i noticed an unused EMMC and type-c slot in the board indicating that this must be some kind recycled mobile board (most chromebooks use atom or celeron i3)

>lacking support
it says on the AMD page 4800h only supports redhat and ubuntu artix/BSD is gonna be choppy on my hardware
this pc is soley for gayming (in a VM) however i do have linux installed on a flash drive for the other laptop since winpe keeps shutting down after 10 days

>dual boot
no thanks i wanna keep my partitions the way it is if i were to install linux i would just wipe the whole thing clean after verifying the clonezilla image
im not really trying to reinstall but rather to repair the OS since sfc scannow just makes things worse

>use debian instead
dunno if thats gonna be faster but i guess that should fine since proxmox is just based on debian

>look anon i genuinely wanted to help you 
i understand that feel however i am more interested about usefulness and power rather than privacy since this is a gayming pc my lenovo firmware is probably coded by tranies anyway
no worries though i do have my livecd ready on the sdcard when the day comes that microsoft cucks my pc by installing lgbtware themes without my permission
tried asking on cuckchan /fwt/ however all i hear is baby ducks preaching the LTSC pill while the other group bashes win7 users (the sane anon even called him out for this)
when they said 4chan is cancer they really werent kidding it IS indeed cancer i learned it the hard way on the other hand i can find fine specimen on the /trash/ board for my research
Replies: >>4139
>it says on the AMD page 4800h only supports redhat and ubuntu
Artix is GNU/Linux. Artix should just work, Only the Linux kernel version (and perhaps microcode; install linux-firmware and amd-ucode) matter.
The reason why I recommended Debian testing, is that Ubuntu is a clusterfuck. Debian testing is also stable in my experience (used to use it for like 1.5~2 years).

>when they said 4chan is cancer they really werent kidding it IS indeed cancer
Yup. It has been cancer for many years now.
Replies: >>4148 >>4222
penguin.gif (u)
[Hide] (53.4KB, 90x76)
I remember one anon made a post about ways to avoid poz in your public software project, one of the ways was using a license such that anyone contributing code automatically gives up the exclusive rights to that code and can't "take it back" at any point...
Are there any existing licenses that satisfy this?
Like, any open source license? If someone downloads something under an open source license, then as long as he doesn't break the license terms, he can do whatever fuck he wants. If the original person decides he doesn't want to distribute the software under the original terms, he can do, but whoever downloaded the old version under the old license can use/modify it under the old one.
Some projects do shit like requiring the contributors to practically assign the copyright to the project, that's a bit more secure about fuckery of previous contributors, but that's usually used for things like allowing the owner to later relicense the project and hoard shekels from free work.
Replies: >>4148 >>4150
MikeeUSA argued GPL2 can be rescinded.
https://archive.is/4FiPV https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/
https://archive.ph/e5UWR https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/
Replies: >>4144 >>4150 >>4187
Then Eben says it's FUD:
https://archive.ph/HGh1R https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/
But the thing is, if you get to the point of needing to go to court, laws and licenses doesn't really matter, only who has more money, so you're fucked anyway.
Replies: >>4145 >>4150
Yeah, who got more jews and more money. Laws don't really matter. If you don't want to rescinded, never let ((( (((them))) ))) in and always be in charge of your own project. You can have others working on it but never let them have any sort of master key. Or just preemptively use a +NIGGER license and stay anonymous to avoid dox.
Replies: >>4148 >>4150
Do you guys have a link to this talk?
A year or 2 ago I watched part of a really good programming talk about memory. The thing is I never finished it and lost the link, now I can't find it again. 

The talk was made sometime in the 2000s, 2008 is the year I have in mind.
The speaker compared the relative increases in performance between CPUs and memory, he compared the computer used in the moon landing, a VAX workstation, and a ~2008 desktop. 
He got a bit into memory barriers for whatever reason, but then he went into CPU architecture and what CPUs have done to make the best out of the relatively poor speed of computer memory these days.
The speaker talked a lot about Java (still a good talk though) because he worked in its implementation.
after a bit of digging around i decided to stick with 21h1 since i can just update later
windows server 2019 is based on older windows 1809 version with stripped down features
workstation seems much better since enterprise felt like a stripped down version of windows
and for the reinstall i can redeploy it back to C: without formatting it and the other partitions will be reused
any luck on unlocking aptio bios? i really want to un-fuck this laptop even though i can get a celeron mini pc for cheap

also how do i stop my habbit to browse imageboards for some reason i am starting to get bored on namefagging
but on the other hand i check imageboards since moder social platforms have propaganda news and i need real information
(jesus christ even though i turned off my trip and name /vg/ users are toxic as hell man i miss the old internet with askjeeves)

lets face it laws and order is nothing more than a social construct if the jews really wanted to get in they can just bend the rules and no one will even notice

>>4141 >>4142
i saw a thread like this on /g/ before but it became stagnant due to bots bumping the other slide threads (dunno if i have still the link?)
i know my goals and dreams definitely sound unrealistic but i wanna build my own company company one day that strongly oppses LGBT and furry but inclusive to women and hispanics given that they are competent and smart enough for the job

how do i prevent the jews and trannies from getting in i wanna build my own tech comapany someday
i prefer it to be low profile and obscure since fame just attracts potential bad actors and i dislike news PR bullshit
based on what i still remember it says there that you should make a small club of people and slowly expand it
Replies: >>4149
Mods please don't delete, just replying, not trying to derail.
Women in workplace is a bad idea because they always cause dramas. If you live with them for sometime, you would understand. They were never selected for intelligence and cooperation. The women in workplace idea came from jews who wants to reduce birthrate, lower wages, lower male values, and ultimately monopolize women as their flagship product. You can see free porn, onlyfags, slutty fashion, rape laws, women rights, all of them are advertisements and "don't shoplift" laws. All designed to milk simps dry. Males are hornier than ever, but if they ever even ask for a number, they are arrested as rapists if they fail the appearance test.
tldr don't hire women

>how do i prevent the jews and trannies from getting in
Easy. Be a public company while being completely anonymous. Offer money per unit of work, not by contract. You can stay completely off the grid by using anonymous crypto for salary. Have a public handle as the company, but don't have a office. No one knows who is the CEO, they only need to know that piece of work. I heard smart contracts can be used to avoid all lawyer shit. Also hire me. They can't dox/sue you if they don't know who you are.
Replies: >>4160
That's not the point, the point is individual contributors taking back their code at any point because they own the right to it, even if it was already published... There has to be a license that directly forbids this.

This is valuable insight, but what is the alternative?

>meme license
Replies: >>4151
Like I said, (almost) all open source licenses were designed to be not be able to take back what you already published. But of course, there are moral rights and other bullshit, which means depending on the judge you can break pretty much any term of the license, so it's mot. The only solution here would be throwing the whole legal system out of the window, and creating a new one that's not controlled by jews.
Other than open source licenses? Well, maybe you could try to have contributors sign a work contract and complete the contribution under that, because that way the copyright owner will be the employer. But that's shitloads of extra paperwork, not sure if you can do it without salary, and well, a bullshit judge still can decide against you.
But a bullshit judge still can rule against you even if you have no contributors, so w/e. Probably the surest way is to remain completely anonymous, and just ignore any complaints.
Basically anyone can copy and subvert your stuff no matter what license you use.  But if you make your stuff unattractive, then nobody will want to.  Like if you code all your shit in Ada or Pascal, or Tcl or Perl, who's going to even bother to even look at it?  In fact you could take this even farther and write your own language and compiler...
Replies: >>4153 >>4160
Then what is the point of making it open sores if you don't want anyone to contribute?
Replies: >>4154
At that point it's basically a filter, that filters out all the rust trannies and other trendy soybois.
Replies: >>4156
A better way is to stay anonymous and keep trannies and soybois out by having dirts on them. Eg the requirement of accepting the job is to have them record a timestamped video with their id, saying fuck niggers, fuck kikes and fuck trannies. Since trannies and soybois won't do this, you filtered them out. An dif some of them decided to infiltrate your company, you can release those video and kill them with their friends. Kind of like using their coc against them.
Replies: >>4157 >>4160
Grow up manchild
Replies: >>4158 >>4160
Found the tranny.
or why not just make it proprietory but the source code is available similar to unreal engine
since everyone is sperging about cucked licenses i might as well do my part here like any schizo would
>be me >look for software on github
>ooh this is interesting maybe i can finally fix that issue once and for all
>look at the contributors
>one of the maintainers have a LGBT flag on his profile and trans pronouns
>check the scripts in the folders
>i dont fully understand this code it looks like poorly programmed hairballs almost as if it were obfuscated
>no thanks i dont wanna download the software anymore even inside a VM (this is for online imageboards not local apps)
TL;DR i found some cool web related software but its coded by a tranny furfag should i trust it? i heard that elitistic programers tend to put backdoors and threaten to sabotage everyone if his demands are not met
i swear i cant be the only one who has some kind of furry phobia everytime i go to github i have the uncontrollable urge to check the user profile for furry avatars (thankfully all VM gpu-p related software is all clean)

if you were to make a project on github and then kick the tranny contributors on sight will you get banned/canceled for excluding them? if yes what are some good non cucked gitlab instances (i wanna make my own github enterprise clone using the leaked source code someday)
also furries are the jews of the internet so dont forget to add a [No Furfaggotry] sign as well just to be safe

offtopic but why does 4chan hate chinks so much? what makes them worse than joos? can someone spoonfeed me

Anonymous 1/2/2022, 3:16:54 AM 4157 >>4156 Grow up manchild (check his IP he might be from a spambot factory)
Anonymous 1/2/2022, 3:35:05 AM 4158 >>4157 Found the tranny.
AAAND ARCHIVED no need to thank me

ok i plan on making another 2 VMs which one should i use
windows 7 or windows 8.1 (on the first VM)
win10 1809 or 20h2 or 21h1 (on the second VM)
help me decide i wanna keep things lightweight to save disk space CPU and gpu load is not a problem
for the browsers should i choose crouton or muttzilla which engine is faster (no worries i have palemoon on my XP vm for browsing chans)
Replies: >>4169 >>4222
chirumiru.webm (u)
[Hide] (6.4MB, 512x336, 00:43)
Why is jpg of yuv420p is standard and clearly visually superior yuv444p is so unsupported?
Replies: >>4162
Because that way you can save a few bytes, and retards can't tell the difference. But then there's jpeg2000, which is even better, but have fun finding anything that supports it. Webp might change things a bit, but currently support for it outside web browsers is still lacking. Same reason every music is still in mp3, and not he-aac, opus or anything not made in the last century. If you want a not retarded lossy format, you have to find a lossless source and recompress it yourself, because you can't trust retards not fucking it up. And also find a non-retarded program to open it.
chirumiru_420.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 512x336, 00:43)
chirumiru_crf45_420.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 512x336, 00:43)
chirumiru_crf45.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 512x336, 00:43)
On second thought I can't think of anything besides .swf and pixelshit games/media lossless.
1456385720813.jpg (u)
[Hide] (54.6KB, 720x480)
>hey /tech/ how do I keep my hypothetical project based and tranny-free
>repeat ad nauseum for several years
Maybe you should write some fucking software first and then decide how you'll license/govern it or whatever. Also, while going for a not-so-trendy language will keep out some entry level soys, do realize that many trannies are both autists and hipsters and will thus swarm around anything weird or obscure like flies. Use a language or framework because you like it, and don't intentionally cripple yourself to repel trannies: it won't work.
Replies: >>4170 >>4175 >>4222
Why i called him manchild is because he was posting retarded shit, no project needs all that literally impossible tasks to stay out of pozz.  "How do i keep trannies out of projects" is literal spam that never goes anywhere. There are more than 10+ non-pozzed projects and none fo them uses +nigger or other shit. People that act anti-pozz know what non-pozzed software are and what they have to do but if you say what they are they will attack you because good software is ableist or something. 
Try this next time some faggot talks about non-pozzed software without examples.Write "openbsd and suckless are non-pozzed because they put "software quality" in project descriptions" and wait for their denial of these projects or straight up getting offensive. This isn't the first post about pozz in software, this isn't even the first time in this thread. Non-pozzed software is there, always will be but niggerpilled faggots that post about pozzed software 10 times a day will act like they don't exist, always have been always will be.
Replies: >>4176 >>4179 >>4222
Those languages aren't "crippled" and are actually very solid, and they even got lots of libraries so you don't have to write everything from scratch.  They're just unpopular or even outright derided.  That works in your favor because even the throught of them elicits feelings of disgust from the trendy crowd.
Replies: >>4171 >>4211
How hipster do you have to be to defend a hypothetical language with the only description not-so-trendy.
Replies: >>4173
There's nothing "hypothetical" about the  language examples I gave.  I used them all to some degree, and I prefer them to the stuff that's popular today.  The only hypothetical is the case of the language and compiler you write yourself.
Also you can call it hipster if you want, but that doesn't move me emotionally.  I only care about results, and avoiding the trash human beings give who cling to trendy stuff brings good results.
Replies: >>4174
Can you even read? You literally didn't give any example of those not-so-trendy languages that are actually good.The only thing we know about your great language is it isn't popular today.  You are soo retarded that you are defending a imaginery languages with the only feature of "not trendy" right now.
Replies: >>4181
Planning ahead is nice.
Why don't you write one license that properly prevents poz so all this discussion is laid to rest? Memes and shitposts won't help you.
Replies: >>4176
You can obserce what i was saying in >>4169 in >>4175. Niggerpilled fags work like clock.
>literally impossible tasks
>using a license is impossible
Changing the license midway is impossible once you get many contributors. Better start right.
>act like they don't exist
lamo typing this on dwm openbsd.
>none fo them uses +nigger or other shit
They can do this because of at least one of the following:
>based leader is in control of the project and is well-funded.
Theo is not afraid of doxing because he is the face of openbsd. He also can't get fired because he is in control.
>project isn't popular enough
dwm is cool, but few people use it.
Any project popular enough gets fucked by pozz. Unless there is active push back against it.
Reason for not getting pozzed is to avoid being affected by them. I can't think of anything more cucked then using a programming language just to avoid them.
Replies: >>4182
> imaginary
Pfff, try harder.  All those languages are still used today, and they're even packaged for Linux distros, and also Windows and OS/X.
Theo didn't even write his own compiler, he's a fucking nigger.
Is there an open source program that allows you to create a text to speech mimic of someones voice provided you have enough voice clips (similar to Not Jordan Peterson)?
Replies: >>4222
MikeeUSA is also a fucking retard. I wonder how many of the posts here are his.
Replies: >>4188
Who is MikeeUSA? Never heard of him. Another eceleb?
Replies: >>4189
10964.png (u)
[Hide] (5.9KB, 653x454)
It's some guy that made text games for Linux, also active in the Crossfire scene where he made a mod that had subservient women slaves or something, and all the SJWs got up in arms about it, thus making him famous.
Replies: >>4222
>If you choose to install Artix, enable Arch repos: pacman -S artix-archlinux-support
just did this in a VM, and I have a huge fucking problem.

$ sudo pacman -S artix-archlinux support
 error: config file /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist-arch could not be read: No such file
>look up on the wiki what the problem is
>"To enable them, install artix-archlinux-support and follow the on-screen instruction..."
>that doesn't tell me anything
>check the forum
>https://forum.artixlinux.org/index.php/topic,2718.msg17915.html#msg17915 is literally the ONLY result, and it's STILL doesn't help or fix fucking anything.

What the actual fuck? This is literally just a fresh install of artix-lxde on a VM, how else can I proceed?

thanks for the script man, I got my first qemu vm running without a need for any extraneous programs. Just having the problem listed above/

Getting that working was... Rough.

I basically fiddled with settings until it magically worked, only to find out that I had USB passthrough issues. So the solution I found was to setup ANOTHER VM that didn't work with the GPU, but it could passthrough USB, link both VM's disks, and copy shit to the GPU-passed VM's disk.

It was a fucking jankfest, but it worked for what I knew to do. I think I may need to get a new PC case, so I can have USB ports that actually work.

>VM root
I didn't even know how to do this. To be perfectly honest, I'm pretty sketched out about giving VMs root.

>Huawei vs samshit/appleshit morton's fork.
I really wish there was a better option than any of those. Telecom companies are cancer incarnate, and the biggest ones ALL do the walled-garden approach to the worst degree. Part of me really wants to get my pinephone working so I can rice the fuck out of it and do phone calls, but I don't want to risk a ban for IMEI-swapping (family member works with AT&T, we get discounts).
Replies: >>4191 >>4222
>What the actual fuck? This is literally just a fresh install of artix-lxde on a VM, how else can I proceed?
did you have a type: sudo pacman -S artix-archlinux-support
Replies: >>4192 >>4195 >>4196
>did you have a type: sudo pacman -S artix-archlinux-support
My bad, I didn't put sudo in my post.

And to answer you question, yes, I did sudo as I did the command.
Replies: >>4195
Try running sudo pacman -Syu before and then try it again, copy-paste it from >>4191
also, you need to edit both /etc/pacman.conf (enable community/extra) and /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist & /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist-arch (choose mirrors)
Replies: >>4196
well, now I understand the problem more: there is no mirrorlist-arch file in /etc/pacman.d.

There -is- mirrorlist as a standalone file, but not mirrorlist-arch.

it's still weirding me the fuck out as to why it doesn't exist at all.
Replies: >>4197
pacman -S archlinux-mirrorlist
Replies: >>4203
Is there a Linux distribution built with a libc other than musl or glibc?
I want to test the portability of my programs further.
Replies: >>4200 >>4202
Why not just statically compile your program with another libc?
Replies: >>4201
After some googling I found a dietlibc gcc wrapper for this, I had no idea this was a thing.
But generally, if you want to test portability, try out some BSD or other unix flavors. Linux is unfortunately de facto glibc, just look at the amount of shit alpine developers have to patch to work under musl.
Replies: >>4301
I don't fucking know what to do anymore.

I tried your command didn't work. Ended up looking around and noticed a typo in the error I was getting. I corrected the typo, ran it again, same result.

I ended up commenting out all the artix-archlinux and community repos I had added in /etc/pacman.conf, and ran pacman -Syu. It updated successfully, but I when I uncommented the artix-archlinux repos, I still got the 'same fucking result.'
Replies: >>4206
God this is a mess. Well, I got it fixed, here's what I stumbled through.

>Sudo pacman -S artix-archlinux didn't work
>Notice a typo in the error message, eventually figure out it's in /etc/pacman.conf.
>comment out all non-mandatory repos.
>system syncs and upgrades.
>re-add the artix-archlinux attacks
>same fucking error.
>comment the repos out out.
>sudo pacman -S artix-archlinux
>god fucking damn it, what now?
>Sudo pacman -S archlinux-mirrorlist
>uncomment lines
>it fucking works

well, that was a pain in my ass, but it works.
Replies: >>4207
There was never a package named artix-archlinux.
Which is why I said
>Use a language or framework because you like it
As in, use Ada/Common Lisp/whatever because YOU like it, not because some /tech/fag told you to repel trannies with it.
Replies: >>4214
Any sites/forums/info on Cutlet Maker and jackpotting points of service?
inb4 cracker this cracker that. Dilate
That doesn't solve the CoC problem at all.  If you just want to have fun, you don't have to release source code.
Replies: >>4215
That's why fighting fire with fire works. They use politics to fuck you up, you use politics to stop them from entering. You know they will dox you if you tell them to fuck off. Stay anonymous. You know they will still try to get in. Use license or offensive coc to stop them (they agreed with fuck niggers if they contributes). You know github will cancel your account. Host it elsewhere, selfhost if needed.
The point is this doesn't affect people who only want to contribute and doesn't want politics. You don't cuck your code to their coc. You active fuck them up on their own field.
Replies: >>4221
I need some WM advice, I'm looking for the following features.

-Low footprint, ideally as little as possible
-workspace functionality and a quick way to change workspaces on a whim, preferably with keyboard commands.
-No preference to tiling or floating WMs.

Also, How functional -is- the suckless suite? Is it really worth using it, or is it just pretentious as hell?
Replies: >>4219
You guys lied to me, in an enterprise environment, most servers, I'd say even 90% of them, are Windows. Very few linux boxes. Are linux servers just used for very niche cases or what? Why am I not seeing them?
Any suggestions for headphones with nose canceling without pozz like: bluetooth apps etc?
Probably the most recent headphones released like this are bose qc25, are pretty cheap on used market too. 
They don't even have internal battery to go bad, it's just AAA.
Dwm fits your criteria perfectly.
>Also, How functional -is- the suckless suite? Is it really worth using it, or is it just pretentious as hell?
It depends. Dwm is literally perfect, and I see no reason for it to have more features. Besides maybe the systray patch, I don't see any more reasons to patch it further. There's also a fork of it called dwm-flexipatch that pretty much includes every patch ever made in it's codebase, but by default they're all disabled. This is very handy, since if you feel like that you no longer need a certain patch, then you can just change the value from 1 to 0 in the patches.h file before compiling dwm and the feature that patch added will no longer by there after you restart dwm. Just make sure to change the ModKey from LAlt to the Super key in your config.h.
Now on the other hand, dmenu, which another suckless utility, has no support for aliases inserted in your shell's config file (unless you make a bash script that adds that functionality of course), and that is in my opinion a crucial feature that every a program/shell script launcher should have, and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't have it, just because the suckless devs wanted to keep these few lines of code away from the codebase, which is in my opinion beyond retarded. St, however is yet another nearly perfect program, and the only nitpick I can find about is it that it's input latency is not as small as xterm's.
TL;DR: Install dwm, dmenu and st, and. try them out. If you won't like them, then replace them with rofi and your terminal emulator of choice.
Replies: >>4220
alright, thanks for the tip. I'll probably figure it out one of these days.
>The point is this doesn't affect people who only want to contribute and doesn't want politics
Wrong. No normal person who wants to contribute code will accept a nigger license, you'd be repelling trannies AND regular apolitical people.
Instead of fighting ideological extremism with more extremism, fight it with moderation. Write clauses in your license/contributing file forbidding political discussion, explicitly reject the idea of CoC, and don't give trannies and the like any attention.
Having all contributors give up their exclusive right to their contributed code by giving you equal right to it is also a good idea, because it'll prevent malicious contributors from pressuring you into changing policy or "they pull their code". There should be a legalese version of that though.
Replies: >>4223
>>3988 https://kemono.party/patreon/user/29112180/post/55830170 found it NVM

apolgies i thought you were a bot next time elaborate what you are trying to do

>be me >post furryh8 on 4chan pol
>lots of users spam furshit >i feel outnumbered
>final post contains powerful redpill >Cap this post
>jjjj-janny'd (link https://archive.is/7l8Rw)
why does this even happen (in many such cases)
man i kinda wish i never mentioned the coc thing on one of my first posts sorry for derailing the thread guys

well disregard that i installed an older version of xubuntu and it works without glitching
21.04 works but for some reason 21.10 broke anydesk (also the iso is larger indicating that there are lots of changes probably kernel related) ill stick with that one instead 

if i were to pick win7 7601 instead of win8 do i need to install the simplix pack or not? does this program have checkboxes? i want to install only ceratin features not the whole thing

serious question but if i were to make my own github project and ban trannies on sight will my account be suspended? is gitgud.io pozzed? any sane gitlab alternatives?

i saw a deepfake demonstration before on youtube but they chose to keep the software for themselves for whatever agenda they are planning *cough* *cough* i mean keeping it safeguarded for the better of humannity and to deter the bad actors

is it me or underground scene groups tend to strongly oppose lgbt (kek they havent pozzed the assembly language yet)

vmware passes my USBs just fine (is it possiible to use vmware and vbox and kvm simultaneously? on linux)
if you can get vbox to work install USB-over-IP (or you can do it on your host) and then add the reciever to the KVM guest
shame would be really nice if hyper-v and qemu-kvm had some kind of shared folders feature (maybe there is a manual alternative for linux)

>telecom is cancer
stick to xiaomi pal they are the least cucked alternative (good work china TAIWAN NO 1)
also i heard that you can unlock the bootloader of some redmi phones without cucking the data partition

also for some reason vmware does not respect my system config i assigned it to my 1650 but whenever i launch it it keeps using my radeon instead (and yes the vram tweak is paying off but i need 2gb of vram)

dunno if this is a bug on win10 or my gpu drivers but whenever there is slight graphical activity the disk goes to constant 1mb/s even if i play music on my browser (not just the vms but my host as well)
i seriously hope this is not a hardware problem since i never got any BSODs or crashes and rebooting fixes most problems there are also memory leaks related to win10
This could work for a while. Until they really want to kill your project off.
Normalfags are a liability. When they launch an attack, just like the lkml thread above, normalfags will vote yes with maintainer work as hostage, because they don't want to be seen as raycis. They may not pull their code, but they will quit and that is still a problem. Most problem in the world are caused by useful normalfags playing as their pawns, just like the sjw trannies.
Your approach sounds more normal, that anon should use this. But I'd go even further by excluding anyone not explicitly anti-jewish tricks.
>be me >10 days of uptime and 2 hibernates later
>lol this is gaming laptop is super rock solid and resilient
>alright i finished formatting the USBs now its time to deploy the OS
>mess with imdisk ramdisk the drivers crash and USBs no longer mount
>explorer shits itself but my edge windows are still fine and i finished my work
>waited for an hour in the bathroom while the circle is spinning
>had to force reboot system upon starting [getting windows ready] is there
>no files were damaged whatsoever after running check disk on explorer properties
>look at windows update [This PC can run Windows 11] then i installed the optional drivers
>what the fuck that feature used to be broken but its working now and that fucking error 0x800f081f still persists
how long before windows decides to auto wipe itself just like what happened on windows 7
vid related its no longer a meme its reality and its horrifying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDgWvscl8yI
i fucking hate the antichrist now they decided to come for me and my legion whos gonna take care of the veeams when my bios breaks itself (like what happened on HP laptops)
Replies: >>4226 >>4227 >>4230
lol just another day of a windows user
Replies: >>4227 >>4235
>>4226 sorry for the schizo rant i really coudn't resist it this time
>be me while on final days of VACation
>shitposting and ban E-Vading on kemono with 4g simcard at night
>kek that was fun suddenly fall asleep while my post is unfinished
>i had a dream where one of my hen-tay furfag gaymes escape the the veeam
>wakeup few hours later phew its just a dream and vbox was closed the whole time
>welp time to hibernate the laptop and pack my baggages i miss my house
>fast forward to today everything is fine
>had another dream this time one of the mods of KP sent me a link to an exe
>i was gonna rename it to exe.bin but for some reason i executed it instead
>goto virustotal it says ransomware and the others say cracktro/keygen
>nothing happened to the dream PC then i woke up lazybones style
what is my mind telling me? yes i actually had this dream a week ago before i got home
and yes im gonna re-sync my files with the hard disk now incase my files get pozzed IRL

>>4225 continuation of this post
after maintenance and a few reboot later i finally deployed 21h1 to my usb
while rufus is flashing image i checked system restore
>6 snapshots totalling 20GB
>3 snapshots on january 5
>in just 1 week (in 2022)
>windows modules installer
the hell is windows doing behind my back? i swear on day my PC will bsod all of a sudden while the lid is closed because it keeps updooting in the background for no reason at all
how the fuck do i stop this is there a way to set the updates to manual (if microshaft is gonna push forced updates then atleast add a warning first or better yet give us the option to delay the invevitable even for just a few days)
is shutup10 enough? i dont wanna ruin my brand new installation (once i finish sorting my files)
Replies: >>4228 >>4229 >>4230
Seriously, don't use windows, or at least don't use anything >= 10, it's designed to be a fucking botnet.
Replies: >>4229 >>4235
What >>4228 said, you have it coming;. Install Gentoo.
Replies: >>4235
>be me
What utter cancer.
Replies: >>4235
>>2 (OP) 
I'm tired of feeling like my ISP is breathing down my neck for no reason, and need some advice.

What are some good VPNs? Most recommendations I've seen on other sites, (/r/vpn, installgentoo, piracy.vercel.app) have me sketched-out. The giganews bundle (their services and vypervpn) looks cool, I don't -quite- feel sure about them. Are there any gotchas with them?

Also, what are some good alternative DNSes?
Replies: >>4234
A VPN will just have the VPN breathe down your neck instead.
Replies: >>4235
>>4226 >>4228 >>4229 >>4230
>calls people cancer as if it were 4chan
>hostile to windows users even though its allowed on /tech/
ok samefag you aren't fooling anyone you can put on your trip now

is it me or vbox automatically lowers down the process priorities if i launch a ubuntu vm on fullscreen then run something on the vGPU the radeon goes up but when i return to my desktop the gpu goes down even though its still running but the cpu is still high
did a bit of testing and finally deployed 21h1 on my usb i installed home version on vbox and then i got a fully transparent taskbar (i managed to figure out the EFI shell thingy)
then i did the same on vmware but this time i picked the pro workstation version the cortana voice on the setup is gone and there are only a few bloat apps on the start menu and a regular taskbar (i have to say there is a big difference between windows versions i know what to do now)

lel i got my 4g ready incase my ISP shits itself (or i get banned on 4chan)
Replies: >>4236
How can you get burner 4g that isn't tied to your name?
window users being allowed doesn't mean they don't get bashed. I yell faggot when I see one.
Replies: >>4237
i buy one of those prepaid sims on the local 7-11 store and load it using the cliqq machine then pay in cash RMS style
and yes i will move to linux soon i just wanna give win10 pro one last try and get GPU-P to work (hopefully my 1650 is sr-iov supported)
Replies: >>4238
Those are usually 3g only, no?
That's how men get tricked. Learn from this anon.
>I will give this back stabbing cheating bitch one last try
Replies: >>4247
i know pfizer is dangerous and experimental but what about sinovac is this safe? i just got jabbed few weeks ago 4chan does not seem to be mentioning it
Replies: >>4240 >>4241 >>4245
They aren't much better either. Like https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34849657/
You just hear less of them because 99% of the western world went with pfizer and moderna shit, and in eastern regions people are less likely to speak out.
Replies: >>4247
covid is not real. covid is rebranded
>some seasonal cold/flu variant
>vax side effects
>reason for all deaths (including car crashes)
>media fear porn
>excuses for them to take your freedom and lives
You have killed yourself if you took any covid vaccine.
Replies: >>4245 >>4247
For a simple C UI with scrolling and search bars are there any graphic libraries around that have good performance? 
I did some tests with QT for python but the startup time is really slow, and I'd rather not go down to pure SDL.
Replies: >>4246
i1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (231KB, 1080x2340)
There's nothing safe about any of these "vaccines" that haven't even completed phase 3 trials yet, and for which the manufacturers have waived all legal liability through their contracts with every government that bought them.
If you want something safe, you take ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.

He didn't necessarily get a killshot.  There are different batches, and some are even just saline.  If everyone got the killshot, then it would be immediately obvious there's a problem.
Replies: >>4247
Replies: >>4258
>i wanna give this piece of shit another try (this time its a different version trust me bro i know what im doing but i need assistance)
i know home is known to snoop on users but what about pro-workstation? there is no cortana BS on the installer and the start menu is clean and no ads whatsoever
it says here that pro users get stable updates and less forced bullshit (because workstation is for serious gaymers like me)
\/ btw dont forget \/ (look /g/ plz dont be too harsh towards us we all gamers came here due to pc problems)
>lenovo vantage/hotkeys gaming control panel does not have linux version
>dolby surround will not work on linux nor is there a free alternative

for some reason i get VERIFY BORA errors on vmware while mock-testing my 21h1 usb anyone know how to fix this? i wanna testdrive my new windows install before deploying it to real hardware
gonna ask this in advance but if i were to stick with the pro trial key and then re-apply the original home OEM key ( stored somewhere in the bios)
will the windows features revert itself as well? will the ads auto enable later on? (even 4chan/g/ does not trust the windows loader cracks on github)
is there a program to extract the contents of the usmt.ppkg i want to install the original apps and tweaks one by one and avoid the bloatware
how do i reinstall the drivers folder on my C:/ drive do i click some kind of exe or do i go to device manager and do it there? do i need to find/download it from the official site? (need some clarification since i dont wanna mess up)

>>4245 >>4241 >>4240
my family got the sinochip none of us felt any side effects whatsoever still going strong (well except for a slight pain in the arm for a few days due to the long needle)
got the first and second shot and one booster and nothing happened (how long before they put something sussy in the next batches should i worry?)
and yes /pol/ really wasn't kidding around every mall we are strictly required to sign covid checks (in some areas we had to show our vaxpasses or no entry)
Replies: >>4248 >>4250 >>4251
Of course you're not feeling any side effects now, because otherwise even the moronest morons would recognize that it's not good for them. Wait a few years, but most likely the only side effect will be a reduction in your life expectancy, they want to kill the elderly after all.
And well, there's also the chance of getting a jab that's basically saline. If you like playing russian roulette, go ahead.
Replies: >>4250 >>4251
Killing cattle is retarded, just making them unable to reproduce is much more effective.
Replies: >>4250 >>4251
my re-trad-ed mom is the one that is pressuring the jabs my dad is just playing along just like the rest of us i dont wanna give in into the covid BS

>its just saline
dear god i hope we just got extremely or we fliggas are the blessed race lucky either way i dont wanna risk the second sinovac booster
how the hell do i convince mom to snap out of it (if we stop taking the boosters shots will our vax passes no longer become valid next year?)

>you dont feel them for now
got my jab on late 2020 yet i never felt any side effects however my dad got covid once and he recovered after 3 weeks and still fine afterwards
based on what i heard on imageboards the effects would take a few weeks before your organs starts to mutate and clot itself to death
there is also that one article related to duterte abs-cbn where sinovac bribed approval (i hope this is just misinformation japan was right all along)
AVOID the FIVE [pfizer moderna j&j astrazeneca merck] THEY HAVE RAINBOWS IN THE jab SYRUP (not sure if russian sputnik supports lgbt)
also i checked the sinovac and sinopharm chingchong website they are all clean with no LGBT crap based chingchong *coof* i mean taiwan #1

yeah fuck the furfags like diives who keeps promoting this BLM/vax propaganda on patreon videos in the next few years we will see the fandom slowly fall like birds in the sky one by one for taking the jab
(but on the other and more ethical hand i think its better to just leave them unable to bear more furry children so the younger generations can witness and their degeneracy one last time before they naturally go extinct)

>>4247 found it myself but there is no GUI and i have no idea how to use it
s.png (u)
[Hide] (8.5KB, 640x480)
> how long
The great reset timeline goes to at least 2030, so there's no big rush.  And see pic about how people kill rats.

Yes, they especially want to kill the elderly boomers, so they don't have to explain why they can't afford to pay them their pensions that are due.  And they already killed many of them in hospitals and nursing homes by putting them on ventilators, or denying them various treatments they needed because the management made "treating COVID" a higher priority.

If they can kill you before you can claim your retirement benefits, and after they've extracted every useful resource (work) out of you, then why not?  You have to understand what the great reset is really about.  And there's no better way to do that than by following the financial and patent trail.  I recommend you watch the two full interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts linked here:
Watch them in order (the 2020 one first).  She even talks about the BLM riots and what exactly they were for.
Replies: >>4357
fd93ad2a0f113a73b3ec2e4c2a31234ad3cd2a96a29d3d67307211a78fabf294.jpg (u)
[Hide] (325.6KB, 1920x2160)
Start your retarded distro strawmanning here.

You niggers shouldn't even use a monolithic kernel to begin with.
XPSM1530-6cell-1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (79.7KB, 697x480)
Which GNU/Linux/BSD laptop has a great battery life of about 12+ hours with good third party battery replacements available? The old Thinkpads that I see don't have enough battery capacity for even 8 hours.
Replies: >>4256 >>4357
download_(2).jpeg (u)
[Hide] (47.7KB, 800x600)
None. All laptops from the begining of time to today have improper battery management SEPARATE from the operating system which should work as a responsive PSU with multimeter diagnostics. This is separate from usage, and the battery type. These days hydrogen cells (thank US DoD for censoring for 30 freaking years) and the new upcomming solid lithium cell will last you depending how much boost performance and heat you're dissipating. But on idle-low power, we're talking about days before you need to charge at all. Recall, these are 6-8 serialized 18650 cells. You could use a lead battery with a proper transformer just fine, and an fuse if you don't trust yourself.
I tried TK 8.6. The documentation that came with it is so outdated I couldn't even get a window to show up. 
Are there any versions that still have TK_init or should I just go for something else?
Replies: >>4261
Forgive my ignorance, for I'm a complete novice and have only recently started to learn. I just want to know, can you run the Linux kernel alone? I should really read LFS.
Replies: >>4260
No pid1 gives you a panic.
Just looked it up, nigger ragged this from their wiki.
language: c
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <tcl.h>
#include <tk.h>
Tcl_Interp *interp;

int main (int argc ,char *argv[]) {
    interp = Tcl_CreateInterp();
    if (Tcl_Init(interp) != TCL_OK) {
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    if (Tcl_Init(interp) != TCL_OK) {
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    Tcl_Eval(interp, "button .hello -text \"Hello, World!\" -command { exit }\npack .hello");
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
Replies: >>4265
Nigger, I tried downloading it from multiple sources, including binary distributions and the official source distributions, but they all come with header files that simply don't have the required functions such as TK_Init or TCL_Init, making it impossible to compile programs that do anything with TK/TCL.
The only instances of TK_Init I could find were in a TK 1.2 header file in a github repo.
Replies: >>4266 >>4268
What distro are you using?
>inb4 windows
Install Linux for development.
Replies: >>4357
See https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Adding+Tcl%2FTk+to+a+C+application
> Take a look at the tcl/unix/tclAppInit.c (or tcl/win/tclAppInit.c) files in the tcl source distribution

The header files tk.h and tcl.h are found in /generic, Tcl_Init and Tk_Init functions are in /generic/tclInterp.c and /generic/tkWindow.c respectively. But, that doesn't mean you can just use Tk separately. The devs normally recommend using the Tcl interpreter to talk to Tk, which is how Python's Tkinter module works, for example.

If you don't want to learn Tcl just to create a UI window from C, you can try something like FLTK or the poz itself, GTK.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (26.8KB, 342x399)
Since my posts on /v/ were deleted I'm gonna rewrite them here where they belong.
Long story short; running games on WINE causes my PC fan to go berserk for seemingly no reason. I tested the game Rayman 3 (2003) yesterday and today to get some concrete numbers for the anon who was asking:
>CPU taken by WINE alone is 10% minimum, and fluctuates between 10-19% (it capped at 15% yesterday but it seems it can go even higher)
>temperatures (through Psensor) are in pic related
>RAM total 16G, VRAM total 256M
Other "fan-heavy" games I tried lately:
>Crazy Taxi (1999)
>Shadow Man (1999)
>Cuphead (2017)
Of course there are other problems with WINE, such as varying framerate and crashes, but that's a topic for another day.
Replies: >>4272
I'm not seeing GPU temp readings. Is that temp1? Why are there 3 different temp1s?
Why do shortcuts exist when symlinks are a thing?
Replies: >>4275 >>4277 >>4344
Because they want to sell computers to winiggers and GUI faggots
Replies: >>4276
But why not just make symlinks replace shortcuts? From my understanding symlinks are just better shortcuts, so making it so GUI options such as "create shortcut" create symlinks instead wouldn't have any negative impact.
Replies: >>4277
4f5ae41b3e1d258974646072de3bdf262d01eea2193d028b808ba31d180c5cec.png (u)
[Hide] (53KB, 630x674)
Because, a) windows is retarded and you can't make a symlink without being root, and b) shortcuts can contain some extra info related to launching the program, like the initial working directory, custom icon, some launch flags and shit, see pic related.
Yes, on unix you would make a shellscript for this, but this is windows, instead of simple and flexible tools you have overcomplicated, inflexible shit.
The problem with that if you have shitloads of legacy programs that doesn't know about it, and you have a symlink to a folder, and you want to delete the symlink, apps would think it's a directory and recursively delete the whole shit. Or if you have a recursive symlink, that can easily send them into an infinite loop. That's why you have stat and lstat, but gluing it into a system without causing compatibility problems is not that simple. Probably this is why it's admin only, so normal users can't shoot themselves in the foot, but with it they also made sure it's completely unsuitable for anything.

P.S this is all assuming shortcuts = windows lnk files. Some linux DEs use .desktop files, somewhat similar, but they're only for launching programs and to store some info you can't get from the executable, like icon, supported file formats or a human readable application name.
Replies: >>4278
Oh, and here's the PDF in case you want to see the true horror (not attaching because the stupid fish can't fix his website)
Heh, I remember once launching some game on linux by typing game/folder/run, and then wondering why it crashed. Had to do cd game/folder, and then run. Fuck linux, fuck console, shortcuts are great.
Replies: >>4280 >>4286
>t. nigger who can't script
lol fuck off back to your winbotnet
Replies: >>4281
>>4280 is a nigger who eats shit and wants others to eat shit
Replies: >>4282
>anything I don't understand is shit
>want others to eat shit
No, go back to your clicky toy os. You are what dumbed down os and software developement. See the footfag gnome, turning all to shit. You want all others to eat your stinky shit because that saves 2 minutes of learning. Fucking dbus, systemd all of that, same shit.
Enjoy your toy os that breaks all the time and is inferior in almost every way, as long as it makes you feel smart.
Replies: >>4284
>anything I didn't learn only makes others feel smart
Anyone who is not a lazy nigger ass can learn it. Back then they taught people about computers before letting them use it. Shit's just so dumbed down, even kids are brain fucked with their shiny clicky toy os. It is not computer that takes smarts, it was just marketed to be so retarded that users thinks anything not GUI is haxer matrix neo shit.
Replies: >>4285
you replying to him won't un-communist his brain. Never ever reply to someone that talks about how hard linux is.
This is bad design from the game designer, you can circumvent that though. Write a single sh file to cd <gamedir> && ./<game> and set it as executable. Done.
You can additionally (or alternatively) write a .desktop file so the game integrates into your start menu and similar.
Replies: >>4287 >>4288
Or the faggots could leave a fucking readme somewhere with a list of basic commands and a link to more advanced shit. Sure you can learn the command lines, but I guarantee you that once your distribution stops getting updated, and it will, then the same retards will sperg incessantly about how the previous “best linux distribution 5ever” is now shit and broken within 3 years.

Meanwhile windows 7 works just fine over a decade later and 99% of the time linuxfags are just redditors and retarded bots that also shill crypto scams.
Replies: >>4308
Don't reply to literal braindead retards. That guy probably has issues comprehending what "executable" even is and you are trying to teach him working directories and basic scripting, you can't force-teach people.
I have my program building against Android's NDK but I can't figure out how to use a scriptable emulator or some such to run it so I can run tests.
Do you know how?
Replies: >>4302 >>4303
It happened again, I spent days struggling for this and now that I finally ask for help I find the solution right after.

If anybody here ever wants to test their program against Bionic, there's this niggermobile app called Termux which provides an unix shell with a package manager and its lead developer provides a docker image that's just the shell: https://hub.docker.com/r/xeffyr/termux

No cross compilation asspain needed, you can install clang, Make, your dependencies, and build and test the program inside a native Linux container running the Bionic libc.
If you start the normal emulator, you should be able to connect to it through adb and execute shell commands. Alternatively install an ssh server inside the emulator.
This is all assuming you have a normal executable, not an "android app" with java and shit, In the later case I have no fucking idea, you have to probably study the nigger android java api and figure out something.
How do I download videos from daftsex.com?
Youtube-dl and downthemall are unable to recognize the videos, and it uses some sort of referer and cookie DRM that makes the video link by itself not work.
Replies: >>4308
Try finding real link to a video with f12 and link that to yt-dlp.
Replies: >>4306
I managed to find it in the requests tab. Despite using 50 scripts to fetch the video and make it harder to find the link, it just fetches the whole video at once instead of fragmenting it like other sites do. 
I don't know if it's possible to automatize that though.
Replies: >>4307
I think there are some addons that allows you to download any video played by your browser, or just browse through mitmproxy.
If you want something more automated, you'll likely have to reverse engineer the javashit code or at least somehow figure out how the video url is generated. And send a pull request to yt-dlp when done
Replies: >>4308 >>4357
How can I approach learning to write "endian-agnostic" code? Specifically in C/C++? Searches on Stack Overflow didn't yield any meaningful answers or resources, and I'm not well versed on the topic.

>a list of basic commands and a link to more advanced shit
You mean arguments for the game command? Yes that should definitely be included in the readme, however most programs (games included) respond to command --help or command -h by displaying all possible arguments.
>once your distribution stops getting updated...
...then the user can just distro-hop. There are plenty of distros to go around.
As for the distro repos being ancient, I agree that's a very valid concern. Thankfully nowadays more and more devs are releasing their software as AppImages for linux, which are like standalone EXE files on windows that you can download and run right away. There are also Flatpaks but I'm not a fan of those.

Have you tried yt-dlp?

Seconding a pull request to yt-dlp.
Replies: >>4309 >>4312 >>4314
afaik endian only matters for bit level data structure/operations. If you don't do any of those, you are good. Else you either standardize endian in your program or write code twice.
Replies: >>4310 >>4314 >>4320
Not really, if you write binary files, do network comunication, or anything where the same not byte based data have to be interpreted by different computers that might have different endianness, you have to deal with the issues.
If you're using c++ and boost, one mostly pain-free method is to use boost endian, it has types that automatically convert to the target endian. Otherwise you'll probably have to implement byteswaps in your c code. Searx "c byte swap"
Replies: >>4320
Endianness is what makes a conversion between different "sizes" (bit, byte, word…) well-defined. It makes no sense to talk of "the first element of an unordered set" - you have to pick an ordering first. Likewise, it makes no sense to speak of "bytes considered as a word" - you have to pick an endianness (or some other scheme, but little/big endian are the most common).

As a consequence, if you operate on e.g. words only with operations that are meaningful on them (rather than operations like "get the first byte" - there is no first byte!), you don't need to care about endianness at all. When you do convert between sizes, always keep in mind that this requires a choice of endianness. When you convert e.g. the first two bytes of data to a 16-bit word via little endian, the correct code is not ((uint16_t*)data)[0], but data[0] | data[1]<<8. The latter will produce the same (correct) result regardless of computer endianness because it is a well-defined operation whereas the former is ill-defined nonsense that implicitly depends on a mapping from uint8_t[2] to uint16_t (and the goodwill of your insane compiler vendor but that's a different matter). Similarly, if you read a description of a byte-based format and see "octets 1-4 are a 32-bit unsigned integer", you should immediately ask what the fucking endianness is, because otherwise this passage makes no sense.

Most endianness issues I've seen in the wild that aren't caused by underspecification come from inane attempts at microoptimization and code golfing. Let me assure you that the performance difference is fucking negligible in the first place and last I checked GCC recognizes the common well-defined conversion idioms and emits a byteswap/nop anyway. Do the correct thing, not the """fast""" thing.
Replies: >>4320
>How can I approach learning to write "endian-agnostic" code? Specifically in C/C++? Searches on Stack Overflow didn't yield any meaningful answers or resources, and I'm not well versed on the topic.

Check out this article:

Practice of Programming's 8th chapter is called Portability and it has a section and a very thorough exercise about this. It's on libgen.

Endianness exists whenever you read or write data to memory using a data type other than the machine's smallest addressable unit of memory (the byte).

If you use an UTF encoding other than UTF-8 your text has endianness. That's why the BOM exists, to mark the endianness of the text.
If you read a TCP packet from the internet, its headers contain numbers wider than 1 byte and thus it has endianness, the internet is always big endian. The Java (cursed be its name) VM presents itself as big endian so javashitters don't have to worry about the endianness of the machine, it's always big endian, even when it runs on a x64 PC, x64 being a little endian architecture.
Even assembly instructions have endianness, though a CPU's registers don't because they're not addressable memory.
Replies: >>4320
attention_all_games.png (u)
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I think my both my ssd and other components of my pc is causing memory leaks. Even with no applications opened, ram usage slowly increased until the system crashed. I thought my cheap ssd was the cause this problem, until I plugged it to my laptop instead, with the same os installed on the pc, there was no memory leak. I should also note that when using an old laptop hdd for my pc, there was no memory leak. I don't even what to do anymore. I tried windows 7, 8.1 and 10 but all of them had the same issue, Updating windows didn't help. Changing registry from youtube tutorial didn't help either. What do, bros? I'm writing this like a madman because there's no telling when my pc fucking choked itself to a temporary death. 
Here's anime tiddy to attract your attention, because I'm desperate.
Replies: >>4318 >>4320
My spec is pretty old if that helps. Main h61, i5 gen 2.
Thank you all!

>Changing registry from youtube tutorial
Never do that.
I don't know an answer to your problem however you might wanna try booting into a live Linux distro and see if the problem persists... Because if it doesn't, then that means Windows is the culprit.
Replies: >>4321
f7ace2646e62c7dfe2d2373c906dd5da30dcb35a73cc56b868168db036e55125.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.6KB, 241x326)
Nevermind fixed it, by disabling fucking audio in bios. What the fuck is going on? How it this supposed to be the memory leak, it makes no sense. I teared my pc apart and messed around all day on hardware and update when I could just change one setting in the bios. And now the gpu is my new problem. Plugging it in crashed the boot, screen didn't recognize it, keyboard and mouse didn't light up. Change one setting like I usually did in bios for ram and now it wouldn't boot again. Please bros help me again. More giddy tiddies for faster answer.
Replies: >>4324 >>4329
Download BIOS update/original version of BIOS.
Buy new BIOS battery. Remove original battery, wait 5 mins, install new. This reset the BIOS. Reboot, see if problem persists. If yes, try flashing original version. Test again. Try flashing new version, test again.
Test in linux, does it leak on Linux? If it doesn't, wipe that piece of shit of a pajeet OS and install Gentoo.
Replies: >>4329
Does anyone have that youtube video of a guy shitting on systemd and implying that redhad is shady as fuck?
Replies: >>4326 >>4330
Do you even need a jewtube video for that?
Replies: >>4327
Yes, to convince retards in denial.
BSD.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.8MB, 640x360, 02:53)
Sauce on this video would be nice.
I'm giving up bros, nothing fucking works. It just doesn't boot. I have spent so much time messing around with this, and all sorts of weird non sense problems kept popping up every single time I changed a component. My laptop just works no matter how much I break it, but this shit doesn't. Fuck.
Replies: >>4331
Also, I think that video is from the same guy who was making a systemd-free kali linux with devuan.
>I'm giving up
>3 methods listed in thread
What did you try exactly? Another anon suggested you boot a live Linux to check, no reply on that. Did you? Those live images normally come with memtest as well, do that.

Did you monitor task manager/process explorer for what is eating your RAM? Which processes are using the most CPU & HDD? How fast does the RAM usage increase, does it spike at times or does it steadily go up? Give more details.
Replies: >>4335
a968494f40b1b8c9447c2e229eaba83236c800383d9eace2522fc226e7bd6be7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (45.4KB, 500x511)
Linux beginner here.
I'm writing a script that uses 'read' to give me a key variable which will be used throughout the script. I'm testing out some theories with the scripting and usually I'd be using [[ ]] command to run tests on the variable, but this time I'd like to try doing the same with the 'test' command instead. 

Here's an example of one of the tests I run on the variable
if [[ "$REPLY" =~ ^[-[:alnum:]\._]+$ ]]; then
    echo "'$REPLY' is acceptable."

Now how can I write this if I am using the 'test' command instead of [[ ]] ?
And also as a separate question, is there a way I can 'alter' read input? For instance, if the user inputs 'answer' or 'Answer' in response to read, can I put some commands in to change the text to be all caps or all lowercase or whatever?
Replies: >>4333 >>4334
You can't. man test tells you it only match strings. You need to use something like grep.
>alter read input
Yeah, use sed, awk, anything that input text and output text and save that to a variable with ALTERED_ANSWER=$(somecommand "$REPLY"). You can even use the same variable name if you want to replace the original value.
Replies: >>4355
tr a-z A-Z
Replies: >>4355
It doesn't boot dude. No keyboard no mouse no screen nothing, but how can Linux help with anything? . Linux is not a God. As for the ram Ive already fixed it with bios setting as said above.
Replies: >>4336 >>4338 >>4339
Most likely your hardware is damaged beyond repair. Wageslave new hardware.
Replies: >>4337
Cool advice bro.
Does it beep at least? Power light flashing? RAM can sometimes fuck up and only accept magical combinations of certain sticks in certain slots. Can't fix that from BIOS.
It's possible you fried your mb with statics when you install the GPU.
Replies: >>4342
No its not. Plugging the gpu in only resulted in not booting up, when I removed the gpu it still booted into windows fine. Only when I changed the bios setting due to the fuckery with dual ram that it fucking died. I swear I only did the same things as before with the bios, but who knows maybe I fucked up somewhere else without knowing.
Replies: >>4343
Brought it to the fixing shop but he thought the motherboard died and gave it back to me. I don't buy it, I'm going to make it work again I'm going to make it work again.
Replies: >>4344
dec_pdp-7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (44.6KB, 1200x794)
Because symlinks (and the other eunuchs-ism of hardlinks) are extremely brittle, overloading what should be unrelated ephemeral metadata (path/filenames, inodes) in place of dedicated stable UUIDs.

Windows shortcuts aren't as powerful as some other alternatives, such as Mac aliases or OS/2 shadows, but they're a step up from the garbage legacy eunuchs is restricted to.

Sadly, because the dominant WAN ended up being the eunuchs-based Internet, modern OSs all have to conform substantially to the eunuchs POZIX standard, so that means supporting symlinks as a lowest common denominator.

Is your mobo still within warranty period, 3+ years for most brands of mobo? If so, you may be eligible get it fixed/RMA'd, sometimes with the RMA being an upgraded model.
Replies: >>4345
No I don't care anymore. I will wait for a few more days and then finally attempt once more. If a miracle doesn't happen by that point to revive my pc, I'm going to smash everything and throw them to the trash. If I can't have it I will break it, no one else can have it. I have already dozega and begged for God's miracle, but if nothing happens by that point there's nothing else I can do.
Replies: >>4346 >>4347 >>4353
Make sure to film it, just put a banana on the motherboard and ook for the camera before you smash it so we know it's you.
>begged for God's miracle
>didn't even tribute his own heat paste
7ab102d84ae26c807aad059b3ee807f36568780dc46245a414e48472bf1ec680.jpg (u)
[Hide] (728.8KB, 2073x2701)
is this you?
3d426562a891d7e1093961b61aefb1a30b2ec4c9fda7714703c5f2dcfd63afde.jpg (u)
[Hide] (527.9KB, 2012x2048)
Let me explain it a little better:
I'm being told to rewrite a program using 'test' rather than the compound command of [[ ]]. I have also been told to use grep by the book but but I just don't see how I could even use grep in this way. Here's one of the programs it wants me to rewrite. 

possible language: php, relevance: 40

# read-validate: validate input

invalid_input () {
     echo "Invalid input '$REPLY'" >&2
     exit 1

read -p "Enter a single item > "

# input is empty (invalid)
 [[ -z "$REPLY" ]] && invalid_input

# input is multiple items (invalid)
(( "$(echo $REPLY" | wc -w)" > 1 )) && invalid_input

# is input a valid filename?
if [[ "$REPLY" =~ ^[-[:alnum:]\._]+$ ]]; then
       echo "'$REPLY' is a valid filename"
       if [[ -e "$REPLY" ]]; then
               echo "And file '$REPLY' exists."
               echo "However, file '$REPLY' does not exist."

       # is input a floating point number?
       if [[ "$REPLY" =~ ^-?[[:digit:]]*\.[[:digit:]]+$ ]]; then
               echo "'$REPLY' is a floating point number."
               echo "'$REPLY' is not a floating point number."

       # is input an integer?
       if [[ "$REPLY" =~ ^-?[[:digit:]]+$ ]]; then
               echo "'$REPLY' is an integer."
               echo "'$REPLY' is not an integer."
       echo "The string '$REPLY' is not a valid filename."

Also, while I'm at it, what is the point of  ">&2" both in this context and in general?
No, this isn't homework, I just picked up some Linux/Bash books as a way to start learning it and came across this question I don't know the answer to
Replies: >>4356 >>4362
test is more-or-less a stupider and not built-in version of [[, imho there's not much sense in using it, unless you like confusing mechanics or you want to run your script on 20 year old commercial unices...
By grep I guess the book want you to use something like echo "$var" | grep -q regex, which is useful if you don't have a [[ that supports regexes, again, only if you want your script to run on ancient systems. Even newer busybox versions support this, which has like the most barebones shell implementation available today.
>&2 redirects the output to stderr, where errors usually goes. That way if you redirect the script's output, you can still see the errors.
I think you should get a book not written in the last century.
Replies: >>4358 >>4359
>>4251 (apologies for the tardgasm once in a while)
for some reason my adhd gets a productivity boost on every shitpost its as if it were some kind of mental reward
>be me >look for hyper-v tutorials in the meantime before i reinstall my system
>open google search since bing does not yield too many results and is sometimes delayed
>see this doodle on the front page https://archive.is/LnRDH what the hell do you do? (it was just a few days ago)
>i clicked it and it said [covid vaccine near me] with .ph domain site im screwed
>news report says that those who get caught unvaxxed will be taken to the jabbing centre i head on my dad's phone speaker
>du30 favored mandatory vaccines after doing quick web search (hopefully this is just a hoax)
>browse the trash happening on /soy/ jak party last week while e-vading bans left and right with the help of my trusty simcard (RIP cum/g/ sharty got reverted)
>get carried away a little while enabling auto fetch replies and browse catalog
>furfag vaccination rate i heard that over 20% of employees are furries is this true? guess ill have to search
>this cant be real right? i guess this was designed from the start to kill or dumben down the last remaining sane skinny humans
>while making room for so called rainbow minorites
>I HATE THE ANTICHRIST here is archive links btw https://archive.is/yDjNL https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/44648878
i heard that in rwanda police are making door to door inspections for purebloods some of them decided to flee the country to escape the evil vax but instead got deported
ok assuming i were to sucessfully dodge the the jabs how am i going to work or survive constantly buying food on shopee isn't gonna last forever due to cashflow issues

>>4109 i know this is old but im gonna leave this here incase other anon needs it (and yes the windows.old method works on my VM i tested it)
>which one should i pick (since gpu-p is all i needed and server looks like ltsc which lacks UWP features)
PRO workstation is definitely the best start menu is clean with no bloat home has candy crush BS and all the apps have download arrows

>how do i install appx (had to make account on their forum thanks SERGEI)
you can do it through PowerShell Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:\*. Appx"

what about a ultralight chromebook with ARM cpu these should last like 10 hours or so streaming games

im using jewbuntu on a vm for online classes .t winfag

mitmproxy just opens a command line window how do i even use this thing theres no tutorial
is there a way to just dump the content after loading it on ram?
Replies: >>4361
Thank you sir
No, you want to use test instead of [[ which is bash-specific. test is posix and can be used for all posix compliant shells. Default shells are usually posix, not all of them is bash. For example, default non-interactive shell for debian and ubuntu is dash, which doesn't have [[. dash is also a lot faster than bash.
The way to use grep is right, grep returns 0 if the pattern is found.
It's not last century but to write scripts for posix shells than bash. I had my fair share of "turns out it's not running bash" experiences. On minimal linux installs, bash may not even exist, even if it does, running takes more resources and is slower.
Replies: >>4360 >>4362
And POSIX has [.
Replies: >>4362
>be me
Who the fuck else could you be, asshole?
Except alpine, and maybe some other linux destros, the default user shell is bash. And for scripts, all that matters is what you have in shebang, and >>4355 clearly wrote /bin/bash there (even though it should be #!/bin/bash and not #~/bin/bash), and if you're using bash, it makes no sense in using the older ones, since they're likely slower and it's much easier to fuck up quotation. And let's not talk about how pain in the ass is to use arrays in the posix shell...

test and [ is the same, [ is just a normal executable with a weird name. (They're both builtins if you're using bash though, but that's just an optimization and doesn't change how they work)
Replies: >>4366
82db19f8724e74462a488c7e932bba4f92fe23f5182d959fb47e1d6108a23a0f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.6KB, 342x342)
how does red hat make any money? if RHL is open source and anyone can download, build, and install it, is their only income from custom support services? why do i need to purchase a subscription? do i have to pay for updates or can't i just install those myself as well?
Replies: >>4365
>anyone can download, build, and install it
No, it requires a functioning brain, which most people working in the IT lack. Also, it's targeted for larger companies, where having a paper about some fictional service or some kind of certification is more important than anything else.
Unless you're an enterprise, get Alma Linux or Rocky Linux or something like that, you'll receive practically the same thing (except the "support").
Replies: >>4367
User shell (interactive) is not the same as non-interactive shell. Eg ubuntu defaults to bash as user shell, but dash for scripts. shebang is a solution, but bash being not present is more likely than you think on containers, vms and some servers. For someone learning, writing posix shell script is better than assuming bash is everywhere.
>no array
Really a shame, wouldn't have to resort to other language/tools if posix sh has that. Space separated string doesn't really work unless there is no space in elements.
is there any reason to use a RH-based distro over something like Debian for a server? does it have any differences/advantages/disadvantages?
Replies: >>4368 >>4371
Both are not really good. I'd use gentoo, artix or openbsd. The reason to use RH distro for server is to gain RH experience for you resume.
Replies: >>4371
not tech related but what games do trannies usually play on thier PC when they aren't using dicksword
i am trying to conduct a survey here dont mind (im not a glowie)
Replies: >>4370
>on this /tech/
Do your datamining on reddit
Replies: >>4372
Honestly the only good thing about these enterprise distros is that they have ridiculously long support cycle, so you can install your server now, and forget about it for the next 10 years. (Then end up in a huge mess after, because at that time you'll have a software that doesn't run on anything that's remotely recent, so you'll have to spend shitloads of money to port it to something newer or pay shitloads of money for some extra super extended support. But that's how large corporations work.)
I don't think using some rolling distro is such a good idea, because any update can potentially break things, which is fine when it's your local computer, but not that when it's a server that needs to be available. At least with non-rolling distros you can be pretty sure that a normal update will only bring security fixes and it's extremely unlikely that it'll break things. And usually you don't need the bleeding edge on a server anyway.
I use alpine on my VPSes, it's perfect when you don't need anything closed source or too fancy, and it's fairly lightweight.
Replies: >>4373
im not trying to datamine i am going to post this on another chan
this question was originally intended for those who observe and study trannies from miles away

no fucking way dude i posted this on 4chan myself yet i never got any replies
imo rolling is far more stable than "pretending there is no update for a few months". Every one of those upgrades gave me far more headache than a rolling release, as least I get to fix the problem without having to worry about fix on another library is still in testing.
Replies: >>4374
I mean, with not rolling distros you can pretty much just auto install updates, and then you have a relatively secure server, and you can do the more painful bigger updates when you have time for it. Yes, a distro update there will be a bit more painful, but I don't think rolling is more stable, it's just the breakages are more evenly spread out and less deterministic (many small vs few bigger)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (560.8KB, 1000x1000)
anyone managed to host a server/dynamic website with one of these cheap bad boys?
is 4gb of ram enough? or will i need 8gb since i dont wanna support raspberry pi gamergate
based on 2021 tech standards it seems that 16gb of ram seems like bare minimum for desktop workloads but this is just for light applications
Replies: >>4377
>is 4gb of ram enough?
Well, unless you want to host some high volume shit, or the server side parts are badly written, it should be more than enough.
Fuck, I host an image board on a VPS with 512MB of ram. I have a computer which works as a nas, router, has a mail server, postgresql + php + ttrss, weechat, syncthing, rtorrent, anki server and probably some other things I forget about, now it's using about 1GB of the 4GB ram it has (the rest is disk cache, so it's not entirely pointless to have some extra ram).
Desktop is a completely different scenario, web browsers needs fucking gigabytes of ram to display 5 lines of text, and all user apps are filled with useless eyecandys, that does nothing useful but eats enormous amounts of resources.
Replies: >>4378
This is all of course if you can install normal linux on these fuckers, not just android. Android is fucking unsuitable for anything like that.
Replies: >>4379
Correct. I have been trying to do that on my old phone. What you want to do is to get to a serial terminal to u-boot (usually the bootloader) and find a way to flash your own. Make sure the cpu is well-supported on mainline linux and u-boot. Once you do that, you can go nuts and install Linux normally.
Usually you are troubled by:
>No serial output
You need to point Rx and Gnd everywhere on the board and keep on rebooting
>No official dtb/using other stuff
Mainline linux works with dtb, try to extract a dtb from the device or modify one that's close enough. You only need to have storage, usb, and wifi working. Maybe even display output.
If it's not using dtb at all, it's a lost cause.
Replies: >>4380 >>4381
There is another way if you have root though. If the kernel is new enough (usually not, some are still on 3.x), you can chroot and use linux that way. You only need ssh and network anyway.
Replies: >>4381
The bootloader is sometimes locked down and hell and in many cases not even uboot. And android devices like this are full of blobs, sometimes it's only the graphics driver you don't care about, but sometimes it's basic stuff like wifi, which means it's pretty much impossible to use any kernel and part of userspace other than what the vendor provided, which is as >>4380 mentioned, usually ancient and has the weirdest config you can imagine.
The problem with chroot is in that case you still have to run android, which can be a huge resource hog with all its java shit and background processes and whatnot. Of course, still better than nothing, but at this point I'd look for a different board, even if it means that I have to pay a little more.
is there an alternative to the KATE text editor for windows i need a notepad that makes auto backups and revisions whenever i hit save in case of accidental edit so i can revert my mistakes

is autohotkey good? anyone tried it? i want to utilize my numpad whenever i press FN and numpad 1-9 it switches virtual desktops when the big numpad 0 is pressed all apps in the current desktop is auto-minimized (just like the corner button on the taskbar)

can i use AHKscript to change scrolling wheel and mouse speed when the dpi switch is pressed my rgb gaming mouse has shitty software
Replies: >>4384
does anyone know that one website game where users would compete for highest uptime in thier browsers? when a player in joined the cell is green and when disconnects the cell becomes yellow and red if it dies?
go back to 4um
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