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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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>Linux is only usable now thanks to things like pulseaudio
>and gtk3
Can you just go back to cuck/g/ already?
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Hi, I used startpage for image search until recently, it just desided it want's you to have js enabled.
Any alternative for people with meme browsers?
Replies: >>1990 >>1991
age_my_ass.jpg (u)
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What the fuck is this now?
I can't watch videos unless I provide jewgle my personal informaion?
Despite the fact that my youtube account is 16 years old?
I can't download it through youtube-dl or jDownloader 2, can't use a mirror site like invidious because it just gives me some nigress talking about codependency. Can't use any of my browser add-ons and the ones made specifically to bypass age restrictions are either malware or straight up don't work.
How am I supposed to watch the good stuff now?
Replies: >>1995
Not from youtube. We're back at times when downloading a fucking torrent is 1000x simpler than watching anything on these so called streaming sites. Anyway use a different instance, this loads for me:
(And generally keep the list at https://redirect.invidious.io/ at hand, because there are videos that are watchable on one instance but randomly does not work on an other)
Replies: >>1996
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cheers, mate
I tried like 5 of those instances at random and dropped it afterwards, should have been more thorough
Replies: >>1997
In that case I was lucky, it was like the second I clicked on. But anyway, based on bugreports it looks like jewgle fucked with age restricted videos again around mid-May, so it's possible that many instances are still not updated.
mpv https://ytprivate.com/watch?v=j3PLLOreTLY
[ytdl_hook] ERROR: Sign in to confirm your age
[ytdl_hook] This video may be inappropriate for some users. 
[ytdl_hook] youtube-dl failed: unexpected error occurred 
>Package 'youtube-dl' is up to date.
Replies: >>2000
mpv's youtube-dl hook automatically redirect to youtube's server for invidious links.
Replies: >>2001
Yeah, select the download link from the invidious interface and download audio and video separately. I once had a script that used invidious api instead of youtube-dl to watch yt videos in mpv, but most invidious instances now block API, so it's pretty useless.
Is it worth going for DDR4 or should I just wait for DDR5 at this point?
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is there some kind of chart or stats or something on languages and gender demographic

I want to use whatever language has the least women, I have a feeling lua is the lowest and java is the highest percentage-wise but I need to be 100% sure
Replies: >>2006
>least women
Try assembly, embedded C, Ada, FORTRAN and forth.
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 help explain 
hello matrix question here

basically i have a 2d screen with coordinates U and V and object in 3d space in coordinate Xyz, and a camera poitning to object in 3d space...

so given i rotate the camera around y by 90 degree which means objects will look like they move horizontally on my camera... how does a matrix relate to this?

image is camera pivoting/arcball but i imagine the case is similar...

basically writing screen space camera rule based on 3d array we established...
Replies: >>2011
no idea what youre saying
if you rotate the camera (ie. angular rotation) you would just use a sine function for x,y, ( and make sure its in base 360, ie %360 )
if you meant move, then if youre using a world reference point you simply add [0,+90,0], to the camera position, or if you use the camera as the reference point meaning it is global [0,0,0] then you subtract [0,+90,0] from all other entities
Looks like I'll have to find an other provider for disposable emails now. Why must everything go to shit?
Replies: >>2014
cock.li was always shit, what are you talking about?
>disposable email
https://10minutemail.com (for quick email verification, enough in most cases)
https://getnada.com (inbox is available for longer)
https://www.emailondeck.com (requires solving jewgle captcha, but is the only provider that works with websites that detect disposable emails)
I don't know if any of these work without JS
Replies: >>2016
Yes, it was shit, but at least you could register without having to provide any personal information.
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Besides imageboards, what else can you run on your server that offers social interaction with users? Preferably also supporting noscript users of course, but not a necessity.
Also it should be something that's very easy to install for retards.
Replies: >>2051 >>2058 >>2059
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How do I block all internet traffic using linux if my VPN drops? There's nothing more terrifying than accidentally posting something not kosher when you're not protected
Replies: >>2042
fking kys you fucking retard
Replies: >>2043
Gaddafi.jpg (u)
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where did all you fucking cuckchan niggers come from, go back to your containment site
Unironically reddit.
A PeerTube instance would be great, or a Mastodon instance. You can also go for an IRC server but hardly anyone will use it.
May as well throw gitlab/gitea into the mix, bug reports are guaranteed to be socially interactive.
What are some good openbsd laptops?
Replies: >>2067
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How do I prefer vp9/h264 over av1 in mpv config for streaming from jewtube? libdav1d drops frames on my potato.
Replies: >>2067
Openbsd support most laptops supported by Linux, looking for anything specific?
man mpv
youtube-dl --help
Replies: >>2068
Something that is not from lenovo

Doesn't openbsd have issues with many types of cards?
Replies: >>2069
What cards? Wifi cards? Usually Intel works http://man.openbsd.org/man4/iwn.4
Replies: >>2070
Wifi, graphics, etc
Replies: >>2071
You should look for WLAN Cards that have free-as-in-freedom drivers.
In my old Thinkpad I have one that uses ath9k and obsd runs out of the box.
Can anyone here explain to me why Rust programming Language even need a package manager? I can understand why python has it, because they're built with JIT compilation and it is majorly used for scripting and small program. Though, using pip is not necessary if you fetch python file somewhere else. The way I see cargo right now is they look akin to node.js package management system. If Rust is such a powerful language then why does it even need cargo as package manager?
Replies: >>2142
Language-specific package managers are retarded in general, even for Python, but the usual reason they are made is because the language's ecosystem moves much faster than most distros' package managers allow. This goes doubly so for Rust where even the language is still in flux. Being compiled or powerful has nothing to do with it so your last question makes no sense.
how to download black people???
Replies: >>2160
I've seen that the 8/tech/ wiki in >>900 is gone. Is there a full mirror of it?
Replies: >>2160
Not that I know of. Another one bite the dust.
>download black people
dd if=/dev/null of=$(findmnt -o SOURCE -n /)
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why are there so many fucking package managers? just fucking pick one or combine the best ideas from all of them into one and campaign like hell to use your platform
>snap store
>script installers
Replies: >>2171 >>2172
no you idiot this is called variety and choices, it's what makes Linux superior, you get to choose unlike Micro$oft Winjews, only gays like (((consistency)))
Replies: >>2173
There's tools like "alien" to convert between package formats, if you need to.  Normally you don't care and just use whatever your distro has.
Replies: >>2173
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no you colossal retard, standards are good and having a large amount of variety and choice for something that doesn't need it only obfuscates things and fractures the community more than it already is. every wangblows program is either installed from an EXE/MSI or extracted from a ZIP (I'm not counting the microdick store because that's been a disaster that nobody has used since day 1). you don't have to look up how to install it, you just double click it and run it. with linux it's either a deb/rpm package that creates broken packages, repo that doesn't exist for your system, snap package that uses systemdicks, flatpak which is actually half decent but not enough devs use it, script installer that doesn't satisfy dependencies, there is no reason for any of this to exist. it's one of the few advantages wangblows has in that shit just fucking works.

alien is only between deb/rpm packages and not what I'm arguing about. i'm saying everyone is trying to set up their own special needs camp of binaries at the community's expense.
Replies: >>2176 >>2181
Whole post:
>I am using debian/ubuntu and I can't read/look up how to install things, what should I do?
Install Gentoo

>standards are good
Windows is not a "standard". It is a monopoly.
>having choice for something that doesn't need it
>choice bad
>every wangblows program is either installed from an EXE/MSI
Every linux program is either installed by running some command or running some other command. What's your point? There are so many different ways for an EXE to install a program and so many ways a program can be installed even on Wangblows, it is nowhere near standardized. Some installers put their shits in %PROGRAMDATA%, some in program files, some in else where, what sort of standard are you talking about?
>inb4 the same from the user perspective
Guess what, running your distro's package manager does the same thing. And you only need to look it up once when you chose your distro.
>satisfy dependencies
How many programs have you installed that doesn't work because you are missing faggot.dll and .net/visual pajeet distribution? It's the same shit show. At least with a package manager you get to uninstall packages in a unified manner, instead of having to rely on the program's uninstaller which sometimes leaves shit over.
>shit just fucking works
Other users just are so fucking retarded, that the devs have to package all dlls into one massive shitpile of a binary and static link everything and you still double click and nothing shows up because you of course didn't install vcdist200x which can be found on microsoft.totallynotavirus.com.
Replies: >>2177
>There are so many different ways for an EXE to install a program

/bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin
Replies: >>2178
>loonix does it t-too! What now?
So what? Never said said otherwise.
Replies: >>2179 >>2180

>Never said said otherwise.
Maybe you should.

Linux don't need no fan boys
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Alien (http://joeyh.name/code/alien/) actually does more than just those two.  But tbh the only time I ever needed alien was to convert the odd rpm file once in a blue moon.  I can generally find deb files instead which can be extracted with the standard "ar" tool, and slackware tgz are even more trivial.  And I've never had to deal with other formats, ever.  Even BSD uses tarballs, so it's really easy.
Also the binaries normally work, so long as they're for your architecture and you have all the right libraries in place (check with "ldd").  I have an Allwinner A20 SBC running Armbian (based on Ubuntu 16.04), but I got a binary of Chaos Strikes Back (Dungeon Master clone) that was built for Raspian, and it worked fine here.  Later on I found the source code and built my own version, just because I prefer to have the code (so I can modify it for my needs), but the binary worked fine.
Is there a git repository where you can shitpost between dev and user? I really wish if there's  a site for git repo where you don't need to register in order to post comment.
Replies: >>2185
It is something I thought about and want to do. Ideally, the issues/posts should be hosted as another git repo with anonymous access or hosted as part of the main git repository. That would keep the discussion along as a sort of docs for the application.
For example, https://github.com/dspinellis/git-issue but with anonymous access.
A few things need sorted out.
>Allow anonymous access but not history rewrite (only add comments but not delete)
This should be possible with a restricted anon git user over ssh.
>Spam protection
This is hard but important because the server could be bombed by spam and that takes lots of space. If the repository is really anonymous, there is no choice but to use content based filter or some sort of captcha. Another possibility is to limit discussion to contributors (docs, code, anything), but it isn't really anonymous at that point.
Replies: >>2186
Make comment post auto prune in 1 week period but the comment that is approved by mod or dev will stay permanent. Also, you need a dedicated mod to manage spam. Give the power of deleting post to dev and mod.
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How can I generate catalogs like pic related? I was hoping to find the 90s-era program that makes these, as neither imagemagick nor feh can reproduce this exact style.
Replies: >>2209 >>2212
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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What do you mean? Like a clickable catalog or just an image made from your albums? 
If you want an image you could probably get it done with a quick python script.
If you want it to be clickable you can nigger rig something with hydrus. Hydrus shows pics and has a customizable title above the pic, but it doesn't suport audio files with covers, so you'd either need to look through covers and open the album in a new tab or save the albums as video files.
Replies: >>2216 >>2217
Anyone seen the new Brave Search engine? Any thoughts?
It's probably a DOS program, so you'll have to look through old BBS archives to find it.
Replies: >>2213 >>2217
Based on this from 92 having very similar files, it's possible that it's not even dos but something else (check the viewers dir). Unfortunately I couldn't find any info about what was used to generate these catalogs.
Replies: >>2217
realgamers.jpg (u)
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Maybe this should be a thread of it's own but does adding extra topology as in physical hardware such as ethernet adapter or RPI actually decrease attack surface and add anonymity? Or is it negligible? 

For one not using intel(lolol AMT and ME) . But looking at who produces most ethernet adapter for mobo(intel) we can already imply some things such as well known leaked "FIREANT" physical exploit, for all we know these capabilities come from the factory.

How would you increase anonymization of your network(including physical such as RPI)?  Or if you wish to share what would be your optimal opsec setup? Are there any guides? Ty.
Replies: >>2225
>euro girls torrent
What is this, anon? I tried to find something like that with girls in dresses and all I got was trashy porn.
Just an image. Thanks for the suggestion but Hydrus' style is far from the one in my pic.

I wasn't able to find any BBS archives that offered software, do you know of any?

Looking at the metadata of the catalog image I found Profile-gif:gdscatalog2
Searching for that only returned false results about "global data services", so I'm gonna leave this here in case anyone has an idea what it means.
Replies: >>2218 >>2221
Someone already posted cd.textfiles.com, so here's another one I have bookmarked:
Also search for "Simtelnet", it was a big repository of software for DOS and others from those days.
Replies: >>2219 >>2221
>search for catalog
>find a bunch of cd catalogue software
Oh, the good old times. When I wrote my own, because all I could find sucked one way or another. Or they simply didn't work on Linux
Answering my own question; the program is called Graphic Display System, version 2 specifically.

Thanks, I'll check it out.
Found a mirror here: https://ftp.sunet.se/mirror/archive/ftp.sunet.se/pub/simtelnet/
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i just cant figure this out from the back of my head,,,,

i know this is like old technology and shit and its underlying physics model r prolly 3d, but i also cant imagine how is its 3d designed piece by piece of in its entirety... basically need help to somewhat figure out this model, how sprites are billboarded, how objects collides like the car and the side of the roads or how the car tilt according to the street... or how much Z/foreard is rrquired until car register into the next "piece" of road... or how the whole road is "limited" inside a collission model and what is that model so they dont fallthru or connect between on curve to another... seems like Simple but i just cant find anything on the internet about this...
Replies: >>2224 >>2226
Anon, there's no 3d model in your pic related. It just nothing but illusion of 3d in 2d space. When the car made a left corner, the dev just add additional sprites that were tilted by design. Don't tell me you don't know how basic animation works?
>increase anonymization
Anonymity is different from security. Attack surface is possible security surface. Although bad security allows de-anonymization, being anonymous is harder than being secure. (IMO being anonymous should be what being secure is, but that is not the case for normalfags) Anonymity means not being able to be identified.
Improving anonymity is either preventing identity leak or protection against probing. Assume your identity is not compromised and there isn't an active backdoor detecting and reporting your communication. If your de-anonymiser is not resourceful enough to probe and verify a large possible targets, hardware level security would only be useful when you have leaked and undermined your anonymity. Fed won't be going anywhere near your home if they don't suspect anything there. At that point, you are already not anonymous.
Remember this assumes there is no mole actively reporting your communication. To achieve anonymity, you need to prevent all identity leak and have protection against probing.

Preventing leak:
You are only identifiable because you match someone's interest. Eg: I wonder who is behind this post (if you don't post, you can't be the poster behind it). But even if don't do what matches their interest, they may be able to predict by induction/statistics that you may be someone of interest. Therefore, well before you do what triggers them, the first thing is:
Hide in plain sight.

You have to assume they have access to all available leaked data and machine learning tools to correlate those to individuals, because you don't know about they inductive ability. Before you even do what they are interested in, they may already be able to predict you to be doing it by induction/statistics. That means you either provide them with no/as little as possible data (born & live innawoods) or pretend to be what they are not interested in (feed them normalfasg data). Otherwise you single yourself out by being a white in a nigger hood, at least paint your face black.
Then, for all actions that can link you to them (in the future). Examine what you do and how you do it to minimize data leaks. For the poster example:
what you do (and can you do it like a normalfag)
>writing style, grammar
>picture if any, meta-data
>when you post (relative to others)
>your username if namefagging
>locale if related
how you do
>dress like normalfags
>hardware: cpu with no backdoor, no speculative execution, no blobs, oshw, libreboot
>system: linux/openbsd with all security on, no blobs, no ntp, no default dns
>software: if browser, nojs, all privacy on, no cache, no cookie, no history, normalfag user agent
>network: anonymized network, Tor behind Starbucks, no default dns
>target: don't be a retard and do all the above just to post on their platform, don't use jewgle, jewtube, whatspp, anything that needs to identify you or anything you can't compile and selfhost (or even verify)
All information should be assumed to be used to correlate you to who they suspect.
Don't be who they suspect, and don't let them suspect you when you do.

Protection against probing:
Eventually they know something about you. Something is doing these bunch of events. They start probing around those they suspect. The first thing to do is let this happen as little as possible. Change you identity before every event that can be linked to the same person. When this happens, you can do the following expose yourself to be a normalfag (and direct their attention to elsewhere), wipe all data and destroy all computers that you have used, OR keep the data but be very secure (this is where your non-backdoored network adaptor may be useful).
Replies: >>2231 >>2257
I think it's mostly just scaling, and having different angles of the sprites to represent the direction car is facing, which way road is turning, etc.  So you don't need any 3D at all, just some kind of collision detection and a way to model the current track view onto the screen.
This guy made a racing game in QBasic, so maybe check it out (source code included):  http://piptol.qbasicnews.com
One way to sum this up is:
focusing on privacy is like having multiple accounts linked to your personal usage on a personal device and a personal password manager which one cares about
focusing on anonymity is having no care about immediately disowning such accounts, habits, or even devices.
An unidentified hacker before had deanonymized themselves by using a USB device linked to malware programming in a device with telemetry, they accidentally used the USB device on their gaming computer which as you may know has the security and privacy of an open or broken window.

>behind Starbucks
Keep in mind you have a MAC address of 11:11:11:11:11:11 as example, you would have fe80::1311:11ff:fe11:1111 as the IPv6 local address which is broadcast by your network unless you block ICMP and other stuff/port which might be impossible with a portable device (although can be easy if you use a router firewall in-between). As for the reason why they do this, I don't know. Maybe it's to catch people who change their MAC on public networks as most routers are able to store, identify vendor, and even share these information somewhere. It's not a "wild" idea, the same happens with covid tracking, even a lot of police use the covid database illegally even with good intentions - means that someone with worse intentions could easily do the same.

Apple devices does to an extent randomize the IPv6 local address for privacy reasons, while linux and other devices are required to have modifications and configurations at kernel or software level.
Replies: >>2257
Does Anon know any good network simulation software that doesn't require logging in?
92220fcf6a2388679b59adf01c94b952d55024eaf81e210c771af61620ecc4a5.jpg (u)
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Thank you for your exhaustive replies gents.
21603e20fa2eed2b81f0322fe6f1e8363801fe585d9ce25056c7cb0eda62953b.webm (u)
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is there a flash player for android that works and isn't filled with questionable spyware?
Replies: >>2264
Didn't the last flash player for android was released around android 4 era? Right now your best bet is probably just try to run ruffle in a browser.
wtf is the point of malloc() if the compiler is just going to complain that the memory location is not initialized 
I had to redefine malloc as calloc just to do a normal debug because of the thousands of errors that gets spat out when using malloc, wtf is this  retard shit even for, why ever use malloc instead of calloc is it some kind of vestige from the 70s when 1ghz was considered alien technology
Replies: >>2266
Because most times you're going to overwrite the memory anyway, so there's no point in spending time to fill it with zeros. If your code doesn't work with malloc but it does with calloc, you're not initializing your structs/arrays properly. If you're too stupid to understand this, use java or python or excel macros or whatever abomination you want.
Replies: >>2267
I checked and its only for pointers Im getting these useless errors, which makes this even more retarded
I have a bunch of pointers in a struct that I use to substitute or pass memory addresses outside functions, it gets wiped and freed all the time which is whats its for but unless I specifically set the pointers to =NULL after cleaning, I get this retard error, the pointers are already null pointers when declared and cleared so this is obviously pointless idiot proofing in the compiler
Buy a separate num keypad or buy one of those "cash register" keyboards and hack it yourself although it might be better to just get a driver board from a spare or broken keyboard, remake the keyboard flex membrane (the plastic grid which receives the keystrokes) and customize your buttons that way.
Never heard of that repository however you can use Chaotic AUR which works on both artix and arch.

They still do. I figured that out long ago when octopi refuses to show the Artix News and found out it's been giving me the cloudflare error.
You can just easily [ping] the website, and it throws you the ipv4, then you can just [whois] the IP (directly using whois on the domain doesn't work). You can even make a script to check such websites. Reminder that some NTP servers use cloudflare and it's also a reason why some NTP requests may fail, I try to avoid those ntp.org pools that have them, or at least you should check the IPs if they return cloudflare.
Although I kinda agree why you don't like it since it has a TOS problem (cf can false claim abuse and then track your usage, worse if cf already thinks you're a bot, which is form of abuse).

Even lineage os misses on a lot of things, for example they had Captive Portal app still use google for checking or even the Phone app having google as forward lookup provider and that was with los 17.1
You're out of luck if you don't know your shit, it's much worse now since there's already plenty of beacon tracking/spyware tech that even as simple as turning on your bluetooth and wifi can put you into several spy/tracking databases (look up illegal covid database access).

You can use different invidious servers to download them however it might still be blocked and you'd have to check all invidious instances.

<Poor cooling 
Just buy 14nm or less laptops.
A budget laptop is more superior than a budget desktop.
You can easily get a $400 ultra-budget 15.6" lenovo laptop with 1080p, 1-2tb, and entry level graphics card (Geforce MX) while with a desktop, half the budget all goes to a 23" 1080p monitor and you're probably able to only afford mediocre graphics with the budget left and get card that is the same level as laptop "but muh upgradeability" cope.
Don't forget the $200 clunky mechanical keyboard too.
Visit notebookcheck to compare desktop/laptop graphics.
Laptop manufacturers are able to leverage cost from bulk and direct contracts with hardware manufacturers.

If you're going to a school, a laptop should be better for group work and you can always buy a thinkpad with USB-C 3.2 and then use an external graphics card or pick one that has MXM graphics card support.

Be warned.

Just try using a fresh OS, and if the problem persists, could either be hardware, powerbrick is dying (charger), or electric grid has too much noise.
Have you tried running on battery power though? This immediately narrows down the problem.
hello /tech/
I'm kinda gnoob in shell scripting. Could you help me how to make this code better?

possible language: bash, relevance: 13

duhhh=$(xclip -out)
xdotool mousemove 847 223 click 1  | sleep 0.1
xdotool mousemove 30 733 click 1 | sleep 0.1 | xdotool mousemove 30 733 click 1
xclip -t -selection "primary" -quiet -silent > /dev/null 2>&1

 echo $duhhh

The thing about this script is, it doesn't work for the first run. But for the second run, it works as intended. "xclip" is a program equivalent to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V where you can save selected line into clipboard for X11. If it tries to copy new value than before, same symptom happen. It always when running on the second time that works.
Replies: >>2299 >>2310
youre saving before copying
move duhhh=$(xclip -out) to the end of the function after xclip -t -sel...
Replies: >>2300
ahh, that really fixed it. Thanks anon. Now i can gladly take easy and automate my work.
Oh crap, if I put decrement it doesn't work eg. ((duhhh--)) because it parse as flag like this (xclip -out--). How do I apply decrement onto expression arithmetic command?
Replies: >>2311 >>2320
ok it fixed now, removing the pipe and replace it with "sleep 0.2" additional line under it do the trick.
Earphone_Miniso.jpg (u)
[Hide] (110.9KB, 1000x755)
Try miniso. Most of their stuff are quite bassy too since the japanese like their bass.
Avoid chifi and IEM shit since those only have piercing and shouty "female poison" vocals due to chifi or 2017 harman tuning.
Explained in this article https://www.audioreviews.org/chi-fi-tuning/
I think earpods are using a proprietary 3.5mm jack called Apple CTIA which might not work on non apple so chances are Apple CTIA miniso  may not work on your current device (unless stated that it's for android), I've tried several miniso stuff and they all worked fine with android.
Replies: >>2355 >>2356
Externals are fine but that's if they're made bet. 2014 and 2017, any less or more might have faulty firmware, or shingled magnetic, respectively.
Also, the prices have markup since a person looking for the specific internal model might not look somewhere else.
The usb-sata controller can be pretty fucked up, I had a drive which is formatted on 4K sectors while the usb controller can only do 512 which means it works on "windows XP" and some obscure os but it fucks up the alignment thus reducing performance and causing unneeded cpu for the controller while the formatting (linux file system) is also fucked since the OS cannot detect the drive supports 4k unless I plug it directly to SATA.
I'd probably uncase the drive and use a different usb-sata controller presumably with 4k sector support.

The budget ones are worth but if you're paying double the price of a budget laptop, a desktop would be more worth it.
>10 years ago
That was when laptops were priced around 3-6x what a gaming laptop costs now but they were on metal case or plastic with metal sprayed beneath and were properly shielded ~ IEC 61000 compliant (unlike now either it's short circuit full aluminum or full plastic).
$() is a substitution command, youre not storing the command, whatever is inside $() gets executed and the output gets stored in the variable
youre probably copying strings or floats , ++/-- only works for integers,  

put duhhh=$( xclip -out | grep '^[0-9]*$'  ) instead to make sure your only getting integers
Alright here's another script, in order to get selection copy, there are times when double click emulation didn't work properly when using xdotool. For instance, I have to "0" out the existing form or else it just type up additional numbers into existing forms.

here's my code
possible language: bash, relevance: 73

  echo "Insert fret :"
    read f
    printf "\n"
  echo "insert which string :"
    read s
    printf "\n"

# declare real fret coordinate

  if (( $f == 0 ))
  elif (( $f == 1 ))
  elif (( $f == 2 ))
      fn=$(($f2 - (( 3/100 ) * $f2 )))
  elif (( $f == 5 )) && (( $s < 4 ))
      echo "fret is at 5 , switch string or not? (y/n)"
      read yesno
        case $yesno in
             fx=$((31 + ( 49 * ($f - 1 ))))
             fn=$(($fx - (( 3/100 ) * $fx )))
  elif (( $f > 2 )) && (( $f < 5 )) || (( $f > 5 ))
      fx=$((31 + ( 49 * ($f - 1 ))))
      fn=$(($fx - (( 3/100 ) * $fx )))
# declare real coordnate of which string
  if (( $s == 1 ))
  elif (( $s == 2 ))
  elif (( $s == 3 ))
  elif (( $s == 4 ))

# Begin to apply adjusting coordinate

  xdotool mousemove 366 327 click 1 | sleep 0.1 | xdotool mousemove 366 327 click 1
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key type $f
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key Return
      sleep 0.1
  xdotool mousemove 365 361 click 1 | sleep 0.1 | xdotool mousemove 365 361 click 1
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key type $s
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key Return
      sleep 0.1
  xdotool mousemove 365 396 click 1 | sleep 0.1 | xdotool mousemove 365 396 click 1
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key type 17
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key Return
      sleep 0.1
  xdotool mousemove 361 428 click 1 | sleep 0.1 | xdotool mousemove 361 428 click 1
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key type 18
      sleep 0.1
    xdotool key Return
      sleep 0.1
Anyone know how to improve this?
Replies: >>2322
just add one more xdotool mousemove 366 327 click 1 
the first click always gets wasted on activating the window

otherwise use
xdotool search --onlyvisible --name ##window title## | xargs -I @ xdotool windowactivate @
at the start to manually activate the window
I've used a command similar to yours for archiving a complete webpage but it introduces some issues on zzzchan:
>clicking thumbnails doesn't show the full size images, I have to open them in a new tab (webms work however)
>hovering over the replies at the bottom of each post doesn't highlight them or show them in a popup
>running the command a second time reports a 404 on CSS and JS files, because for some reason wget reads all file names `after having replaced ? with @`, which of course don't exist on the server
>Even when removing --restrict-file-names=windows it stills errors as it now replaces ? with %3F
Here is the command:
wget -P ${board}-${thread} -N -nH -k -r -l 1 -E -e robots=off --restrict-file-names=windows -I /file/,/css/,/js/,/banners/ https://zzzchan.xyz/${board}/thread/${thread}.html https://zzzchan.xyz/randombanner?board=${board}
Replies: >>2324
hyperlinks are preserved so all links are broken
run sed or awk on the html file and change href= "$board/thread/[0-9]*.html" to href= "/home/asd/filename"
Replies: >>2325 >>2326
wget only changes links to local files if the link target is downloaded. You need to download $board/thread/...html in the same command if you want wget to convert those links.
Replies: >>2326
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1012x848)
Expanding on the zzzchan command I wrote a similar one for antares, then lo and behold it pulls css/js files and fucking gzips them, despite them not being gzipped on the server and me explicitly telling wget not to gzip anything. Unbelievable.
Command is:
wget -P ${board}-${thread} -N -nH -k -r -l 1 -E -e robots=off --header='Accept-Encoding: identity' --header="Accept: text/html" -U "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)" --compression=none --restrict-file-names=windows -I /.media/,/.static/,/.global/ http://antares.oss/${board}/res/${thread}.html http://antares.oss/randomBanner.js?boardUri=${board}
And response is somehow:
--2021-07-04 16:04:31--  http://antares.oss/.static/css/global.css
Reusing existing connection to antares.oss:80.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 2641 (2.6K) [text/css]
Saving to: ‘misc-98/.static/css/global.css.gz’
>hyperlinks are preserved
Can I at least tell wget NOT to change links it can't find? First run yields a working ./[email protected] but successive runs turn it back to zzzchan.xyz/[email protected]. I just need it to be left alone.
>run sed or awk
Went with sed, not the prettiest solution but it works for zzzchan at least.

>You need to download $board/thread/...html in the same command
I'm already doing that in the command above... Is there something I'm missing?
Replies: >>2327
Have you tried using -p and removing -I LIST?
language: sh
wget -e robots=off -E -nH -k -N -P tech -r -l 1 -p https://zzzchan.xyz/tech/thread/2.htmlThis kind of works.
The gzip thing should be a combination of:
           If a file of type application/xhtml+xml or text/html is downloaded and the URL does not end with the regexp \.[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]?, this option will cause the suffix .html to be
           appended to the local filename.  This is useful, for instance, when you're mirroring a remote site that uses .asp pages, but you want the mirrored pages to be viewable on your
           stock Apache server.  Another good use for this is when you're downloading CGI-generated materials.  A URL like http://site.com/article.cgi?25 will be saved as

           Note that filenames changed in this way will be re-downloaded every time you re-mirror a site, because Wget can't tell that the local X.html file corresponds to remote URL X
           (since it doesn't yet know that the URL produces output of type text/html or application/xhtml+xml.

           As of version 1.12, Wget will also ensure that any downloaded files of type text/css end in the suffix .css, and the option was renamed from --html-extension, to better
           reflect its new behavior. The old option name is still acceptable, but should now be considered deprecated.

           As of version 1.19.2, Wget will also ensure that any downloaded files with a "Content-Encoding" of br, compress, deflate or gzip end in the suffix .br, .Z, .zlib and .gz
           Choose the type of compression to be used.  Legal values are auto, gzip and none.

           If auto or gzip are specified, Wget asks the server to compress the file using the gzip compression format. If the server compresses the file and responds with the
           "Content-Encoding" header field set appropriately, the file will be decompressed automatically.

           If none is specified, wget will not ask the server to compress the file and will not decompress any server responses. This is the default.Specifying -E when the server automatically returns a compressed file and with compression set to none renames them to gzip, you should use --compression=auto, it should decompress the file afterwards.
Replies: >>2333
Is there a way to make QoS work like a tcp/udp port blocker and igmp/icmp, non-tcp/udp protocols blocker?

I found out most routers have shitty iptables settings and only works with manual text-based configuration "script" and I'm not that well-invested into iptables commands.

The best one so far was from openwtr (right side) which provided me with a GUI setting but not all devices support them.

On the right side, I made a custom rules that works like HTTPS-Everywhere, microsoft port blockers (apparently infected routers on the WAN probe these ports and that's how they spread ransomware by infecting internet devices), some ping blockers (honestly I would prefer detection), blocking the WAN from making icmp requests (there's a option to choose the icmp types).
Replies: >>2330
QoS.png (u)
[Hide] (60.4KB, 940x475)
open.png (u)
[Hide] (174KB, 904x1118)
>pics failed upload
possible language: csharp, relevance: 9
:~$ watch -n 0.0001 -d "xdotool getmouselocation --shell" | grep X


I was playing around with /dev/null by typing this command
watch -n 0.0001 -d "xdotool getmouselocation --shell" | grep X > /dev/null 1>&2Now my watch command together with " | grep" shows nothing despite of not adding /dev/null in the command. How do I fix this?
Replies: >>2335 >>2336
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (28.6KB, 379x214)
-p and --compression=auto worked, thanks a lot! I had to keep the -I LIST though, as otherwise a lot of unnecessary pages get downloaded.
watch is an infinite stream it never exits so you cant do anything with it, if you want the mouse position to constantly update in the background then just make it a background process and save the output to a temp file
possible language: perl, relevance: 30
## background loop
while true; do
	a=$(cat /tmp/pos) 
	b=$(xdotool getmouselocation --shell)
	[ "$a" = "$b" ] || echo $b > /tmp/pos ## saving to temp if mouse moved
	sleep 0.1
pos &

## reading temp file
while true; do
	x=$(cat /tmp/pos | grep 'X')
	y=$(cat /tmp/pos | grep 'Y')
	printf "\e[0H\e[0J"
	printf "$x\n$y\n"
	sleep 0.1
Replies: >>2336 >>2352
watch uses ansi escape sentences to do mouse cursor positioning at it will likely have zero newline characters in the output. Use something like while true; do xdotool getmouselocation --shell; sleep 0.01; done | grep X

It's not true that you can't do anything with infinite streams. grep, head, etc work perfectly fine with them. Also your example is way too complicated, try something like this:
possible language: ruby, relevance: 9
while true; do
  out=$(xdotool getmouselocation --shell)
  x=$(grep X <<<$out)
  y=$(grep Y <<<$out)
  # do something with $x and $y
  sleep 0.1
doneIf you don't have bash, use printf '%s\n' "$out" | grep X instead of the herestring.
Replies: >>2352
40962c6f8db9201ed5666263f6ef386deb8430ac63f7c4dfe704b71291f4bbe7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100.9KB, 552x592)
>helped out grandma a couple months ago
>her PC was a mess, she had it stuck in tablet mode for months and didn't know where anything was
>remote in with external program, unfuck everything
>once that's done I forward the port for RDP on her router so I can always get in
>about a month later she gets ransomwared
could this be my fault
Replies: >>2338 >>2340
>he installed ransomware on his own grandma's pc
do you have no soul?
Replies: >>2339
it didn't even occur to me until a month afterwards that it could've been because of the port forward. please tell me it wasn't
Replies: >>2341
Why doesn't she just get a phone? But knowing dumb old bitches (no offense anon, we all have some in our family) she'll probably say something like "I like sitting at the computer". In any case, the blame is on the jews for making computers and the internet into a massive business (and now a "basic necessity") and taking advantage of people who can't into computers for monetary gain.
>didn't install linux
>keeping windows
>port forwarding rdp for windows
>leaving ignorant granny with windows
Asking for any random clicks to have her infected by ligma variant malware. You secretly hate her, don't you?
>inb4 she doesn't know how to use linux
She doesn't know how to use a computer, may as well install linux so there is less virus.
Replies: >>2342
i'll be visiting her later this month and i truly do want to put the linux on the computer box for her, but it is absolutely going to freak her out how much it isn't Windows and she'd be calling me endlessly asking how to do basic things, and i truly don't have the time nor patience to deal with that. and if something really breaks then i'd be completely fucked. my dad used to help her with all her issues but he's only slightly more adept than she is and he has officially delegated that task to me now. thinking about using Kubuntu but I don't think I'd have the time to get everything set up perfectly, it takes me several days on my personal machine to get everything how I want it, it'd be much worse for her.
Replies: >>2343 >>2346
Get her mint. It has that xp feel. Chances are she won't notice anything if you just tell her it's just a new upgrade.
>if something relaly breaks
Don't give her sudo access and keep root to yourself. Install zerotier, join private network, config sshd to local/zerotier network only, install a vnc server, limit to unix socket/localhost only. Remote vnc by ssh port forwarding. No one can access it without joining the zerotier network. Also get low latency as bonus because zerotier allows direct peer to peer. If you are really paranoid, use ssh certificates, but you are fucked if the certificate somehow got deleted.
>I don't think I'd have the time to get everything set up perfectly
Make a custom ISO at your own leisure then simply install that when you next visit her. There are plenty of tools for this purpose especially for Ubuntu/Debian, which is what you'll most likely use.
I knew about the workaround. It just that my "watch | grep" is no longer work anymore after the first initial /dev/null 1>&2 test command that I was playing around with. Do I need to restart my pc in order to fix this.
Are they even real if they don't have the volume buttons though? Also
>buying old ones
Can you get AIDs or other such diseases through earwax?
Thanks for the advice anon. I'll check them out.
>I think earpods are using a proprietary 3.5mm jack called Apple CTIA which might not work on non apple
Do you mean these earpods or Apple's earpods? I've used Apple earpods on other stuff for as long as I've had them and they work fine. The volume buttons don't work though, on anything other than Apple devices I assume.
Completely forgot about my post. Thanks for replying lads
Replies: >>2356
>proprietary 3.5mm CTIA
There are two main pinouts for TRRS connectors: CTIA and OMTP.
CTIA is left right common mic, most new and modern device uses this
OMTP is left right mic common, older device uses this
Not sure how a proprietary pinout can work as there are only 4 contacts.
>"female poison"
Balanced is the best, I'd rather listen to what the composer intend the music to be, instead of changing it to sound better. Both booming bass and high pitch blackboard scratch covers up too much of other frequencies.
If anyone looking for fork of audacity because of the recent botnet implantation into the software. You have 2 options of repo forks to choose from. One is https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity maintain by fags from /g/. The other is https://github.com/SartoxOnlyGNU/audacium maintain by some other fags I dont know with added coC in it.
Replies: >>2360 >>2362
>with added coC
The coc is in the main repo since 2018, they simply didn't care to remove it (of course this doesn't mean they're trustworthy or anything).
The sneedacity fork just turned it into a joke.
There's also this fork, to make things a bit more confusing: https://github.com/temporary-audacity/audacity
Replies: >>2362
Not sure how they manage pozz up a fucking audio editor of all things. wtf?

NetBSD and not dragonflyBSD follow in attempts to pressure their operating system users with unsolicited medial advice to get the experimental gene vaccine that has accrued many deaths and irreversible side effects which are heavily under-reported and censored globally, especially on nearly every big tech platform 

411,931 Reports
Through June 25, 2021
jump to browse highlighted reports
Heart Attacks
Low Platelet
Life Threatening
Severe Allergic Reaction

https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]om/
This presumably after the cringecuck linus torvalds is now following the (((trend))) in pushing unsolicited medical advice, and is self-declaring himself an expert in his mailing list, everyone else is "uneducated" and "insane" for not blindly placing trust for an injection that has not even completed it's safety trials and has reportedly injured 411,931 just in America. Lol.
Replies: >>2368 >>2370
scare.jpg (u)
[Hide] (31.9KB, 338x480)
Why do they do this shit?  It's like they don't want new users.  I sure don't want their OS now, even though I was considering NetBSD.
Replies: >>2369
image_php.jpg (u)
[Hide] (303.5KB, 650x450)
I don't know. There's always the saying "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity", but it just so happens I'm not gullible to believe in all these "pure coincidences" anymore. 

It's terrifying to me how these supposed "virtous" linuxs "computer freedom gods" are all going along with this (((narrative))) together, at the exact same time together with big tech companies they supposedly "hate" and themselves see absolutely nothing wrong, ironic, or strange or critique-worthy about it, when there is a extremely huge organized push for the concoction. A giant extortion racket.

Linus as well as You-tube and many others are now also deceptively marketing, barraging people with unsolicited medical advice pretending to be health experts without practicing medicine to push this weird drug, which is something technically in illegal and murky territory, it can make the party advocating directly liable for something like damages. 

I would love nothing more but to sue these crooks and that fag linus to make them stop and reach a settlement but I don't have deep enough pockets to battle these jews and I will never take the experimental vax so there's not a chance I will get debilitated. In order to sue such stacked odds I think the minimum requirement is getting disabled as fuck. 

I also recently found out I am unable to copy and paste or post sentences containing certain words VACCINE on group chats on (((Steam))) they get auto blocked, filtered, no resend option, VAERS data is impossible to send. Anyone else is welcome to try it to verify.

One thing is for sure though Linus' back is broken and he appears to be a piece clay in hands, as he stated to not even want to work on linux anymore. But at the same strangely, seems to have all the time in the world to supremely virtue signal shill for an injection that hasn't completed it's safety trials? Stressed, perhaps guilty conscience from all the cucking and treason? If that is true I hope he is the first to take it and get sparked out. I don't think he will though, deep inside he probably believes he is exempt and "that's just for the goyim" now since his faggy little man vapid ego complex has always been as high as mt. Everest. 

And let's be real, linux probably touched kids or done something equally by now with all the tranny pedophiles he's hanging around and cucking to even though its OOC for him. Because they would have canceled him by now and done a hostile takeover like they did with our Leftoid Autist lord Stallman.
Replies: >>2371
Replies: >>2372
Big corporations couldn't destroy open source and free software from the outside, so now they're trying from the inside.
free_fries_vaccine.webm (u)
[Hide] (8.2MB, 576x1024, 00:34)
Don't forget, there's also a burger.
Replies: >>2373 >>2374
They're openly, spitefully mocking everyone retarded enough to believe them lmao. Good. We will see how that works out in the long run.
>frozen crinkle cut fries
I could buy that shit for two bucks and get more
pipe.jpg (u)
[Hide] (49.4KB, 1280x720)
Where can I find an in-depth description of what pipes and stdin and stdout are and how they work? I can copypaste some shit in order to use them, but I'd like to actually understand what they are under the hood.
Replies: >>2384
Nevermind I found some. I searched like 10 minutes and got nothing but nonsense, but as soon as I posted I found what I needed.
This is two questions. The first: isn't this thread autosaging at 500 replies?

The second: I need a marketing term. I predict I'm going to either be asked to research, or have opportunity to avoid ridiculous spending by preemptively researching ... what to buy.

It's a database with front end. Right now, we're using an Access DB with a workgroup file and a shortcut we hand around so the database is on a hidden$ share and this reduces staff messing with the database but access lets anyone that can open it, mess with the tables.
The person who made the whole thing died fifteen years ago and while I'm "good with computers" I have very little experience with enterprise-level deployments of access except to know that's dumb. Also I don't know much beyond the idea of the "workgroup file"

It should be recreated with less-dumb components. The database would have either two, or three tables depending on how it's implemented. Big one is the list of things. Yes, that's it. Office chairs, kleenex,alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it's one big table.
Next table is the name of the office making the order. There are about thirteen in the existing database, should be fifteen for the next year but the problem that brings me here, is there are two permanent locations opening and our purchasing person doesn't know how (neither do we) to adjust that table without 'UTTERLY BREAKING ACCESS' or access to the access data base.
Third table, if we go that route, would be user/pass combos. This would be nice because there's a naming pattern in place, and all the offices call us to say "I'm in WD and we're having this problem" (or TC or LC or wherever) but because Access, the fifty or so people who are authorized to make purchases have to remember that for that circumstance, there is 'ONE USER' and 'ONE password' across the organization.

So, we don't have a web developer. Full stop, none. I can configure apache to create a virtual-host and answer from that directory when called by the wrong name, but I can't code my way out of a paper bag.
And those fifty-or-so people can barely mash the keyboard. We need a client that brings up a drop-down, or searchable fields, and lets them create a list of how many boxes of kleenex, staples, and a new office chair they want, who's asking, and get that list to the two-ish people responsible for responding to this list.

Whether the client emails this list, and promptly forgets entirely, or creates a temporary-table and purchasing copies it to Word, then once they're sure they have an outside-the-DB copy they clean out the temporary table, it won't matter. It can't possibly be more awkward than whatever the heck they're doing now.

But what is this software category? How do I search for "web page package that can be easily configured to talk to postgres DB" without winding up recommending SAP purchases?

"what is this kind of software called?" is my question.
When you quit laughing at my circumstance I'll thank you for your replies.
Replies: >>2388 >>2390 >>2398
>wall of text
Understand you problem next time and you could search your way out of it.
Faggot answer is "web framework", what you are looking for.
Real answer is 
>using bloated webshit
>having to use http at all
>not installing Gentoo on all users computer and writing a GUI frontend in C
>not using row level security to lock fuckers out
I guess you don't keep backups as well, make one now.
Now pick your framework and STFW you little retard skid codenigger.
Replies: >>2393
if I were in charge Id get rid of you immediately
Replies: >>2393
>Understand your problem
It's not really my problem it just bothers me this problem exists.

>web framework.
sigh. I was hoping for something a tad more pre-packaged. Mostly because, as I said, we don't have a web developer, and since this isn't my problem, and I hate web pages and especially "web 2.0" I don't want to learn.
But maybe this is the answer that will get us off Access.

> install Gentoo
You don't live in the real world, do you? I have, and can again, install Gentoo, yes. But normal people won't agree to use it, and management won't allow anything to change unless it looks like it was their idea, which usually means some vendor upstream tells us we need to install yet another version of .NET -- but linux? No vendor will require that, so we pay the microsoft tax.

No, PostgreSQL is an rdbms. Access can be, sort of. And I know about those...I need a client. A really simple, small client.

>If I were in charge
That I'm not in charge, is why this is still a problem for other people.
And you wouldn't have the opportunity to get rid of me because you wouldn't be allowed near our organization with your lack of solutions.

Thanks folks, I think you've managed to help despite yourselves.
Replies: >>2394
If you can do C++, try https://www.webtoolkit.eu/wt. If you need it right now, go for python flask, you can nigger rig some shit up fast.
Replies: >>2400
I wanna download Monero CLI on my android phone, but it says here that I need "docker" to do that, are there any other possibilites out there cuz I didn't find anything usefull, only mf GUI for windows or other wallets that idk for sure if they spy on me or not, tho I ain't taking le risk mein bratan. Thanks b0ss!
Holy fucking wall of text. Alright, let's break this down. First, let's talk about your database design. A "list of things" describes jack shit. Is it a list of possible things that each office can order? Is it a list of things offices have ordered?  Onto the next table. If it's just a table of names, what is stopping you from adding two more? This all reads like a game of broken telephone. There is no need for a third table because of what I'm about to mention next.

>So, we don't have a web developer
Don't try to reinvent the wheel then and don't fucking overburden yourself with engineering a new system for office boomers. You're using Access DB at the moment and you also mentioned Word, which leads me to believe your offices have some kind of M$ license anyway. There is no point in switching if that's the case. What you need to do is learn how your shit works in the first place and start reading about Access DB. It can be split into a front-end and back-end, you're going to spin up a separate database for testing this before deployment. This will allow multi-user access, which takes care of the one user, one password problem. Also, a separate backend will allow you to set individual permissions for groups of users. Every office shall have its own group, to which you add users as you see fit. The table layout right now sounds retarded, if there are only 15 offices (even if you add permanent locations or whatever), there is no reason every office shouldn't have its own tables for shit. I have no experience working on Microshit, so you're gonna have to read up on whether atomizing this shit is possible in Access DB.

>How do I search for "web page package that can be easily configured to talk to postgres DB"
That would be a frontend or client. I still recommend against it. You will waste your time setting it up and then waste even more time re-educating monkeys who only know how to launch MS Word and Excel. God help you with maintenance.
c++ should be called c-- 
real nigger shit
c++ is right though, it's a number increment, it's more modern, and as modern software is shit that means the bigger the number the bigger the blunder.
C+=0.1 when?
Also known as C peepoo
C Plus Equals Empty Point One
or C-cuckcuck are good alternatives
only faggots use C++, only legends use HolyC
Replies: >>2406
Bullshit, I'm a faggot and I use lua.
3566f3ce0f76bee30cbc3eeec22f9f66ecea5445e65b43be04788a5a0535ca80.png (u)
[Hide] (191.9KB, 473x488)
>want to ask some questions on the proxmox forum 
>make an account, but can't post because you need to be manually verified by an admin to post 
>log in some time later, got banned because of "spam", tells me to contact an admin but I can't do anything while banned 
>by anything I mean I can't even log off because being banned disables all actions 
Why is modern software so shit?
Replies: >>2449
Because modern people are shit.
C++ stands for improve C, don't use the improved C, and return the unimproved C.
Forgive me for being retarded but what are all of these random connections my computer is making when idle? Am I a leper?
Replies: >>2459 >>2460
NSA spying on you, what else do you expect?
Goatse.png (u)
[Hide] (27.5KB, 320x247)
Log all your traffic to a file before you go to bed, and check it in the morning.  Something like this should do the trick (maybe you have to change the interface name):
tcpdump -lnXs1600 -i eth0 -w log
Replies: >>2462
If you need to record your own network traffic, you have bigger issues to worry about. Specifically not being able to trust even your tools.
Replies: >>2477
It could be anything, doesn't even have to be malware.
I'm thinking of dualbooting Windows 7 with MX Linux on a modern machine (Ryzen 5800x, B550 Chipset, NVMe Drive)

I've dualbooted Windows & Linux several times, but on a 10-year toaster, so Win7 hardware compatibility is my only concern for this time.

Aside from the lack of NVMe SSD & USB 3.0 drivers, and probably compatible motherboard BIOS, what other problems I will encounter?
Replies: >>2556
Well, if you don't have NVMe drivers and you only have NVMe drives, then it won't boot at all. Also intel had some fuckery with newer CPUs, not sure how jew AMD in this regard.
Also check that you have CSM enabled in the uefi settings, because win7 only has partial UEFI support.
Replies: >>2557
Thanks anon!
>Well, if you don't have NVMe drivers and you only have NVMe drives, then it won't boot at all.
I can use an old HDD lying around if I can't install Win7 on the NVMe drive. 
I found a way to integrate the NVMe drivers into a Win7 image file recently so I'd try that first.

>Also check that you have CSM enabled in the uefi settings, because win7 only has partial UEFI support.
Isn't CSM enabled by default on most modern motherboards? I'll check again.
holy fuck based!, I've never thought mtpaint could be this good. This is a lot better than any simple program out there and its super lightweight plus 'layer' feature. I should have figure out how to use this paint software properly from the very beginning.
Replies: >>2562
That's nice, wish it didn't have an atrocious UI though. mtPixy is better in that regard (mtPaint successor by same author) or the lesser known Dibuja.
Replies: >>2565
Dibuja is too limited in features though. Can't change size of brush and there's no color swap for brush in one key press. This is no way any better than mtpaint.
I need a buying guide for hard drives and enclosure, or any sites for getting cheap shit that won't lose all my stuff on me.
Is buying refurbished going to bite me in the ass?
Replies: >>2591 >>2599
>I need spoonfeeding
I need you to show me your research.
Replies: >>2599
Another anon here I need to buy an enclosure as well why the hell are they so expensive, im thinking of just buying a bunch of usb sata cables, 1 usb hub and nigger rigging some enclosure. Probably won't be top speed but it'll work right.
Replies: >>2609
e9655dbfbe5eeef302de764ad76c467382fd7525e79ce7dd47e2ea11d534f728.PNG (u)
[Hide] (365KB, 611x494)
408d6b6063cf7978c9f70ac946664e727010f9116c9e628231aacf381032c3f6.PNG (u)
[Hide] (417.6KB, 607x462)
why haven't you installed the best download manager software yet?
Replies: >>2606
uGet is better
I just got a single hard drive enclosure for 30$ to my NAS server. I also can get the enterprise level ones at work for nothing since I work at a data center, people just toss em
Replies: >>2614
Enclosure is not worth it for NAS, desktop or sever. Either get an old motherboard combo, second-hand server (check ebay, get one with tons of drive slots) or a pcie sata card. I have seen cheap server under 100 with at least 4 hdd slots. If you go for pcie sata cards (or raid cards without enabling raid), you can also get a server chassis, pcie extension cable and grab a cheap psu.
what location would be the least bad for storing a bunch of pre-2008 hardware - somewhat humid basement (55-60% RH) or unconditioned attic?
Replies: >>2623
whatever has lowest humidity, temperature shouldn't matter as much as moisture. keep everything in mylar bags for extra protection.
I trashpicked an obscure-brand LCD TV from five years ago and have been trying to get it to work. It used to have absolutely no picture. The screen would turn on and visibly display a black screen, but no picture of any kind. 

With a bit of soldering and fuckery over the past few days, I've gotten it to show some picture. It shows a few-pixel tall line that extends across the whole screen horizontally and dithers (which I believe is probably the company logo, just distorted.)
With a bit extra fuckery, after the "logo" the screen now semi-randomly fades in pixels from black to white in a cloud or fog-like pattern. The screen will reset to pure black and do it again periodically but completely randomly - sometimes it can seemingly be toggled by the TV buttons, sometimes there's no response and it's entirely random, doing it anywhere from a few to a thirty seconds.

Does anyone else know more about these things? I've mostly just been cleaning the board of corrosion and resoldering a few connections that seemed fucky (and did that oven-bake thing a couple times which seems to have given some promising results too). Is there any component I should be focusing on that is causing this? I've been working solely on the motherboard with the ports so far.
Replies: >>2634
Find the schematics if you can, then do in circuit testing. If not, desolder one piece at a time and test individual pieces. If part is bad, replace it. Usually easier if you have a hunch where things are broken.
89974549fae65a4de0b40a29b774cce6a00fc13b3a7267de29f4286a29a65b30.jpg (u)
[Hide] (879.7KB, 2894x4093)
How to download youtube age restricted videos? 
Youtube-dl hasn't been updated in 2 months and jdownloader isn't working.
b19412d9a969c9efe15669c883ba05fe8c06d888a9fc8765995e7586716de6c6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (19.7KB, 403x400)
Got anything like ad nauseam that piss off big tech and furries? Something you can do to directly fuck with these abominations?
Replies: >>2643
No way yet, what else did you expect from jewtube? Better yet stop using that shit altogether.
Stop using all botnet personally, no closed source software, no cloud shit, no (((gmail))), install gentoo. Use ublock directly, block all js. Don't use chromium because jewgle. Don't use latest firefox because rust fags. You can also name the jews and remind they will never be women with throwaways over Tor.
If youtube-dl doesn't work, you can try an ividious instance. (They're always shit, so try multiple instances)
take it straight from their server
https://www.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/browse?key=????? ( i forgot just open a jewtube video and look it up in the network debug of your browser )
put the videoID as http post request
Replies: >>2646
You need an API key with that, op probably doesn't have one/want to.
b231ce56b946602a7a729055c6adf444950c50210d455b09228391a58a4e5383.jpg (u)
[Hide] (81.1KB, 726x960)
I want a hypervisor without systemd. After looking around a bit it seems the best options are Xen or Qemu on Devuan (or maybe Artix).
I want the VMs to be completely isolated from one another (data included) and to have control over the resources. 
What would be the best option?
Replies: >>2650 >>2654 >>2662
How the fuck does a hypervisor has to do with systemd? If you want libvirt, Gentoo has one without systemd (but needs dbus though).
Qemu is what Xen uses to emulate CPU, search it up: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10307323/whats-the-differences-between-xen-qemu-and-kvm
Replies: >>2651
>How the fuck does a hypervisor has to do with systemd?
Proxmox requires systemd, Qube OS requires systemd, hyperV is microsoft which is spiritual systemd. 
>Qemu is what Xen uses to emulate CPU
There's some differences between the two, Xen is modified Qemu with some features on top. I want to know what would be the differences between going with standard Qemu, Xen, or surrender to the botnet and get libvirt.
Replies: >>2652
Libvirt has no relation to systemd, other than being disgusting. I use plain qemu, it's not a rocket science to figure out the parameters. Xen may had it uses 10 years or so ago, when it was the only solution to paravirtualize a linux OS when CPUs didn't have any support for virtualization, but these days people usually migrate from Xen to qemu+KVM, which means in the future it might be hard to find support for Xen.
Xen uses qemu to emulate HW, but has it's own CPU emulation. Qemu can use KVM or simulate a CPU, but the latter is horribly slow.
Replies: >>2657
Olimex-A64.jpg (u)
[Hide] (136.5KB, 1280x721)
VMs aren't real isolation.  Just buy a cheapass ARM SBC for every different thing you want to keep isolated.  Get the ones with only Cortex-A53 or A7 processors if you want to be extra safe (they don't do speculative execution).  Get SBCs that don't need proprietary firmware for basic operation (Raspberri Pi is right out since it can't even boot without the Broadcom blob).  Olimex, HardKernel, and Pine64 have some decent stuff for not much money.
Replies: >>2655 >>2657
Agreed. But there is no fast machine with those. I can only see Telos as a potential solution, it's very expensive. What would you use for heavy loads?
Replies: >>2656
I don't do anything that requires big hardware, so even an A20 SoC (dual core Cortex-A7) is sufficient for most of my tasks.  I guess you could always try the  Rock64Pro though.  It's as fast as RPI4 but also has PCIe slot, and no nasty Broadcom chip.
Replies: >>2659
>I use plain qemu
Do you use anything to isolate the files? I've heard some guy used it with Ceph, but I'm not sure that's necessary.
>but the latter is horribly slow.
So would Xen be better for windows+linux? 
Also, what base OS would you recommend? I'm thinking of trying my luck with Alpine since it's pretty fast and small. 
As isolated as hypervisors can get I mean. I want both vidya and CPU+RAM intensive tasks, but I don't have the money or space for two computers.
Replies: >>2658 >>2660
>Do you use anything to isolate the files?
Other than having separate disk images for different VMs? No.
Actually I store disk images as LVM thin volumes so I can easily clone VMs without wasting shittons of disk space. My usual workflow is when I need to check out something new is to clone a base VM image, boot it, play with it, and delete the whole shit when I no longer need it.
>So would Xen be better for windows+linux?
I didn't really try Xen, so I have no idea, but it's more complicated to setup and no longer has any obvious advantage over KVM. Qemu+KVM is better with PCI passthrough, especially if you want to passthrough a turbojew nvidia card (even though nvidia started to officially support passthrough a few months ago, so no need to fuck with hv_vendor_id and the likes).
>base OS
I'm using gentoo, but I also run a bunch of other things on the host besides VM. If you only want to run VMs, something more barebones should be okay too.
I also like Alpine, but mostly as VMs at cheap VPS providers rather than a normal desktop system. It's a bit too barebones, and since it doesn't use glibc, expect infinite fuckery as soon as you need to run anything binary only. Or sometimes even with software which has source (not including correct headers, depending on some completely undocumented glibc behavior, etc).
Replies: >>2666
I have a couple of A20s with Gentoo on them. Compiling gcc takes two days. I am looking for a build machine to do all the lifting. I know about distcc but it's still too slow.
Looks powerful. Found a guide to blobless boot. Almost perfect except speculative execution. Comparing with i.mx6quad.
Replies: >>2661
>so would Xen be better for windows+linux
You didn't get it. He meant, Qemu without kvm is very slow. Qemu+kvm is very fast.
>isolate the files
What do you mean by this? The VM can only access what you allow it to. If you don't mount anything except the image on the VM, files won't magically touch each other. You sound ignorant to how VM works, research and try it out first before choosing and asking.
>what base OS would you recommend
Gentoo with binaries compiles on the VM host, will be very optimized for your processor.
Replies: >>2666
>Looks powerful.
Any idea how does it fare with ~current intel processors? Maybe I should replace my power hungry botnet router/nas/random server running shit with something else, but if it takes two days to compile a fucking gcc, that's unusably slow.
Also I'd have to figure out how to have 4-port ethernet and sata while I only have a single PCIe slot.
Replies: >>2663
Qubes OS
Replies: >>2666
>what is searching
Replies: >>2664
The page you linked says it has 8 cores, while the Rock64Pro has 6 cores.
Replies: >>2665
>what is SMP
CPU Architecture
    Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 2.0GHz CPU
    Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.5GHz CPU
    big.LITTLE architecture: Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53, 64-bit CPU
        1-4x Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) within a single processor cluster, and multiple coherent SMP processor clusters through AMBA 5 CHI or AMBA 4 ACE technology
        AArch64 for 64-bit support and new architectural features
        L1 cache 48KB Icache and 32KB Dcache for each A72
        L2 cache 1024KB for big cluster
        DSP & SIMD extensions
        VFPv4 floating point
        Hardware virtualization support
        L1 cache 32KB Icache and 32KB Dcache for each A53
        L2 cache 512KB for little cluster
>What do you mean by this?
I wanted to be able to pass files to and from the VMs manually while still keeping them isolated, but turns out LVM volumes are bootable so shared folder fuckery isn't actually necessary. 
>Qemu+kvm is very fast.
I understood that but I went retarded and thought KVM didn't have windows support. I wonder if that was an old version or if I just mistook it for another software.
>Gentoo with binaries compiles on the VM host, will be very optimized for your processor
Sounds good, I'll give it a try. 
Qubes has systemd by default, while it might be possible to remove it it's easier to just start with a clean OS instead.
Replies: >>2668
S8050D.png (u)
[Hide] (16.6KB, 498x268)
2N2222A.png (u)
[Hide] (34KB, 521x236)
I have small quantities(10 or under) of 20 something types of transistors.
At least for the time being I don't see myself using them in anything over 5V, .5A, at 100MHz, so these two (2N2222A H331 and S8050 331) are functionally the same. 
Would it be fine to just throw them in a big NPN pile or would I be fucking myself by doing so?
>shared folder fuckery isn't actually necessary
Satan, mounting/booting a mounted partition is dangerous. You can get qemu to spawn a samba server on the host with the "user" network. Or, set up samba/ssh/nfs(only safe for internal network) on quest and mount on the host. This way, the guest cannot affect the host because the server is on the guest. Guests are isolated and the host gets to decide if it wants to connect to it or not. You will need to correct the network config between the host and quest to get that working. Use separated bridges to make sure guests can't not in the same network.
Replies: >>2670
One last question because I hadn't considered this before. 
I have a small SSD and a bunch of HDDs. Would gentoo even benefit from an SSD install (ignoring swap), and if so, does the install do any automatic SSD optimization or would it be fine to install it on a HDD first then pass it over with clonezilla?
I want to test it first to make sure everything works properly before nuking my current OS. 
I figured if I closed the VNs before mounting it'd be fine, but that seems pretty useful.
Replies: >>2671 >>2672
Gentoo doesn't do anything automatically, it's not a distro for retards. However some fs format the disk differently if it's an ssd than with an hdd (btrfs does this, not sure about the others).
After moving a hdd to ssd, consider setting up discard in fstab or fstrim (depending on your preferences), and update metadata profile to single if using btrfs.
Replies: >>2673
They don't do that automatically, follow https://blogofterje.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/optimizing-fs-on-sd-card/ and https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/SDCard.
Testing for erasure block on ssd takes the same approach.
Replies: >>2673
>Gentoo doesn't do anything automatically
>what is -march=native
Moving it over seems pretty simple, but is it even worth it? I tried looking around and it seems people are only talking about it booting two times faster, I'm not sure if that's all they care about or if that's the only considerable gain, in which case I would rather just keep it on an HDD and use the SSD for swap and files.
Replies: >>2674 >>2675
That's a gcc flag, and you have to add itt manually to make.conf
>booting two times faster
It'll be more that two times faster. Where SSDs excel are reading and writing craploads of small files, and during boot you do exactly that. But of course, whether its worth it or not, depends on your use cases. If you boot it once, start n daemons that run constantly in the background, and don't reboot for a month, it probably won't help much. If you constantly start and stop random programs, then it's a different story, like you want to start your favorite program in 0.5s or 10s.
Replies: >>2675 >>2676
Correct. Moving to ssd is _the_ most significant change to any sufficiently fast enough machines. Check bestbuy and look though those shit low-end meme laptop/convertibles. Their CPU is utter shit like core m3 or pentium, but they can still be responsive running one-infinity-loo windows. As long as the processor isn't very slow (like an A20), storage access is the slowest part of the chain.
Replies: >>2676
In my case Gentoo will just be the hypervisor and I'll run pretty much everything else on VMs, I probably won't run any programs directly on the host to keep it as clean as possible. 
It shouldn't have any impact on the performance as long as the guests' main LVMs are on the SSD, right?
How do I check hash sums of all the files in a certain directory, and then write all of these hash sums into a text file contained in that directory? Also, is there any significant difference between sha256sum and sha512sum for hashes of audio files?
Replies: >>2678
Just write a script, which OS are you using?
Replies: >>2681
Seal.gif (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 446x252)
my old boss was a huge anti-amd sperg, and before i left he just gave me an amd gayming motherboard that may or may not work. the thing is worth about $400 and i've bought a ryzen to test it with, it should be here in a couple of weeks. on the off-chance that the board does work (i think it was pulled from a dead machine and we narrowed it down to the board being dead, but i could be wrong) what could i do with it? my main build is fine and i don't play many new games, my shitty home server does everything i need it to, but i don't want to just sell it either. should i just buy an overkill cpu and migrate the parts in my current build to it?
Replies: >>2682
>Just write a script
That's the problem. I have no idea how to do it.
>which OS are you using?
GNU/Linux. Can you recommend me a good book for learning bash?
Replies: >>2682 >>2686 >>2691
Any tutorial online. Just search. All the same at beginner level.
Host more stuff, mine coins, there is never enough computers.
Replies: >>2683
i know there's never enough computer, but I truly have too much computer right now
>main machine i use for gaming, nothing modern because modern games suck
>server with a pentium and rx 550 that i use for backups, file syncing, and media hosting
>early 2000s gaming machine for very old vidya
>all-in-one pc for stuff that only works on windows
Replies: >>2684
There are a couple of projects to test with.
>host stuff to separate you from (((their))) cloud. Eg mail/git/irc/matrix/xmpp
>host game servers
>be a binary source for some packages, maybe for non-x86 architectures
>host AI(reface/revoice/etc)/file converting services for ads income
>send it to me
Would do the same, if only I have more computers and time.
Replies: >>2685
>host AI(reface/revoice/etc)/file converting services for ads income
what are some services i could use and how much money could i realistically make taking into account electricity costs?
Replies: >>2687 >>2688
I don't know much about bash. 
Basically the way I learned the little I know of batch is just searching how to do shit, which involves separating tasks in steps. 
>check hash sums of all the files in a certain directory, and then write all of these hash sums into a text file
That has three steps, iterate through all files, hash files, then write output to a text file. 
To iterate though files you usually want to test it first, just to make sure it works, so I'd run 
for file in *; do echo $file; done 
If it outputs the files properly you know the syntax is correct. 
Next comes hashing which just is executing a program, sha256sum looks good enough as it outputs the hash and filename in one line. 
Lastly you want to write it to a file, which is where piping type commands come in, (> for writing, >> for appending, and | for |). Running "echo test" will write to the terminal, but "echo test > file" will throw that output into the file file. 
Then you throw it all together and it should be something like 
for file in *; do sha256sum $file > file; done 
I haven't tested this, try it in steps before you hash your entire system.
I haven't tried it. Look it up. But don't underestimate the pockets of horny celebrity-obsessed men. Especially when some services don't do porn.
The fact that this is up means you can make positive money.
Is there list of good programming projects/challenges? I know Project Euler.

>That's the problem. I have no idea how to write a script
Install perl (or something else)

>Can you recommend me a good book for learning bash?
and don't use bash if you need portability (install dash or perl) Perl or similar language is better for creating more complex scripts
I run an africa server for download
hhow do i make it COVID-19 safe?
i already vaccined me and my tech staff
Replies: >>2695
The variant is vaccine side effect.
Sorry for your loss.
Replies: >>2696
I love vaccine, I do it x3
I want vaccine everything 
even my africa server
how vaccine server to stop COVID like cyber virus
72c51523e6c9ca0dbfdcb9bb9432b3d1a9108b90c3046e2a683c3bd446f04e66.jpg (u)
[Hide] (77.4KB, 768x1024)
Not a question, but just to report back.
I give up, I'm too retarded for Gentoo. I might try it again eventually, but for now I'm just going with devuan just so I can finally sort my files out.
Installing is pretty straightforward, but after booting it all goes to shit, starting with having to overwrite a default config file with a blank file because otherwise it breaks internet connection, and then having to fuck with masks and USE flags just to still not be able to install anything with the only feedback being a blank (masked by: ) that --autounmask-write doesn't fix. I probably fucked something up with the kernel and I don't want to watch my computer compile shit for 3 hours, at least for a while.
Replies: >>2698 >>2703
You weel get there.
You weel try again.
You weel fix your make.conf.
You weel reconfig zee kernel.
You weel emerge world.
You weel install gentoo.
You weel be free.
And you weel be happy.
i don't really see why you need to install gentoo anyways, it really is a meme and only useful if you want control over every single fucking package in your system which is almost always more of a headache than it's worth. unless you have an Atom CPU from 2005 that you want to install it on just use Devuan, it's the logical last stop since I don't see any reason to mess with RPM-based systems.
Replies: >>2705 >>2706
I'd say there's at least one benefit. As you're autistically fiddling with your USE flags, you're cutting down the lines of code that make up your complete system. It matters most in the kernel, because you can exclude potentially exploitable old code for drivers and filesystems you have no need for. But other software could use a trim as well, if you can afford the maintenance of Gentoo. See Muratori's Thirty Million Line Problem, which in most anons' cases would actually be the 80-90 Million Line Problem easily. Binary distros can't do this by design, as they need to be as broadly applicable as possible.
Replies: >>2706 >>2723
Like >>2705 said, USE flags seem pretty useful. 
Even some basic ones will allow you to remove unused features that would otherwise just be bloat, and optimize the program for your system on top of that. It's not just programs being automatically optimized, but even the system they're running on is optimized, which can lead to considerable gain in size, memory, and speed.
That said the way it's presented is really messy, it suffers from a problem of not being self explanatory and relying on you having internet access, which in my case wasn't a possibility as I somehow fucked my system into not installing links I mean I had a phone, but still. 
Something as simple as a document with TL;DR answers for common problems would make it way more accessible.
Replies: >>2708 >>2711
Remember installing gentoo first time. No smartphone, no second computer, I actually printed the whole installation manual, because until I got to the point of having a working install with network and a web browser, that's what I all had. And yet I still fucked it at least once.
TL;DR get the handbook and make sure you have it in a format that's accessible even if shit hits the fan. And probably you should go with dual-boot the first time.
Replies: >>2709
I was reading the handbook on my phone and searching for the problems that popped up, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have gotten internet access working.
>Something as simple as a document with TL;DR answers for common problems would make it way more accessible.
the more accessible it becomes the more the unwashed niggercattle masses will flock to it. keep it complicated as a barrier to entry.
Replies: >>2715
Being limited to terminal already makes it normalfag proof. 
Besides the rot is already there as Systemd is one of the two main options.
Replies: >>2716
>Being limited to terminal already makes it normalfag proof
As if that would be a problem. Anything that requires more brain activity then the GUI of Android or iOS is normalfag-proof.
Replies: >>2717
>more brain activity
Normalfag GUIs require more brain activity by virtue of being bloated to shit, options are usually hidden away to prevent normalfags from using them and there's still bad design on top. Terminal is simple, you just have to remember the commands. 
Normalfags don't like simple or easy stuff, they like stuff that looks simple and easy, no matter how much of a clusterfuck it actually is.
Install_Gentoo-VjGSMUep6_4.mkv (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 544x368, 00:53)
Another benefit is that some packages just don't have a flag that you want turned on, or a combination of flags. A lot of people don't even realize that this is something they want because they are not aware of the flags that exist and what they do, so unless you are a developer, you kinda have to use something like Gentoo to even really understand why people use it, and then feel the need to do the things that it does. So, I think anyone that wants to know what they are doing should at least live in Gentoo for a while once they are ready to do so, to really understand it and whether or not they think it's worth it, and even if they decide that it's not, knowing how Gentoo works will still make them aware of USE flags and optimizations. One example of something disabled by default would be Emacs with JIT (and you may want to remove crap like the dbus flag, or want to disable X support, or want to use a different toolkit), I don't think that exists anywhere in package form.

You can also do that kind of thing on BSD, but the installations are easier and give you a vanilla system as a starting point. I think that would be close enough to easy mode Gentoo, though you also have access to binary packages. On the other hand, finding information online isn't always as easy so you better know what you're going (arguably less beginner-friendly than Gentoo because of that). That keeps the normalfags away to some extent, I suppose. My current computers are not very fast (the fastest is a ThinkPad from 2008), so I am using a mixed model on FreeBSD. I am using binary packages for the most part, but also building and installing my own packages (it can be done with Synth or Poudriere) when I want to change something (which is not uncommon, even if it's just to get rid of crap like pulseaudio and dbus and polkit). Mixing packages and ports can cause some issues, so that's how you do it. 

I think the ideal model is to do something like that, so you can go full binary, full source or somewhere in between, all in the same distribution. That's what perfection looks like, and I see no reason to not do both. My intention is for my main OS to be OpenBSD eventually, though, and they recommend avoiding the ports and using only packages. Naturally, I will ignore that in some cases, when there isn't a flavor that does exactly what I want. Not sure how mixing works there and if it causes any issues, but since people don't talk about it, presumably it just works.

TL;DR: Install Gentoo.
Replies: >>2724
e5504ec6bcb83ce3671334887ec7b561dca00e9ffd36273d07490a8832531d21.png (u)
[Hide] (579.7KB, 800x792)
Replies: >>2725 >>2746
Why does the reflection of the anime girl look like a communist hammer and sickle?
Replies: >>2726
Why do you think "anime is real" sounds like "anime israel"?
1. Is cluster computing using ARM SBCs usable for a server? I want to have my own server at home but don't want to deal with x86-tier electricity, noise and cooling demands. I wish to use the server to host multiple different applications, including as a NAS using nextcloud or something, an Autismblocks server, XMPP + Jitsi + Mumble combination or Matrix, personal website host and e-mail server. 

2. If ARM SBC clusters are a good option, should I use something like the Turing Pi or are there better solutions? If the Turing Pi is good are there any that don't rely on Pozberry Pi boards?

3. To get this all working I need a decent ethernet connection, is there an easy non-powerline adapter way of routing ethernet to another part of a building? If not are there options for finding a place to plop a server?
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is functional programming basically just pseudo scripting
like just making hundreds of small programs (functions ) and then use them like scripts in main()
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Read the thread and research before asking.
Define usable. How many users? Are you just the signaling server or do you need to reencode media?
>cluster computing
Cluster computing doesn't make sense when your application can't be deployed across multiple servers. If your personal page is static, load balancing is possible. I don't know about the rest, research on your own.
>good boards
Define good. What is good to you? Depending on that, answer may be in this thread.
>easy non-powerline
Ethernet cable. Storeroom, wardrobe, basement, fridge. Why is this even a question?
OH YES, MY ICEWEASEL IS FUCKING DEAD. NO INTERNET where else palemoon has internet!  wew!
Is FLV to MP4 compression okay from a quality standpoint? 
I just want a simple answer but normalnigger websites keep bloating searches with "FLV is bad because of lack of IOS support".
Replies: >>2742 >>2743 >>2749
>from a quality standpoint
What do you mean? h.265/4 can be lossless, if you don't care about the file size.
Generally you should avoid any lossy->lossy conversion, because it'll degrade the quality. Lossy->lossless won't result in quality loss, it's just retarded because you'll end up with a bigger file with the same quality.
Of course, if you must, you can recode, because if device/software A doesn't handle format B, you can't really do anything else. You might have to play around with the quality settings until you find a setting that doesn't degrade the quality noticeably but still doesn't generate a huge file.
Now to your actual question, MP4 is a container format, so you're probably interested in H264/265 and AAC, but they're bretty gud (just make sure to use x264 or x265 when encoding instead of ffmpeg's builtin codec), so it shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get smaller files without noticeable loss, especially with older FLVs, they used to have atrocious quality.
Why don't people like d-bus? 
I've seen the eventual post calling it shit, but unlike something like systemd there's rarely anything about why it's bad around.
Replies: >>2745
Other than being overly complicated and completely useless? I don't know. I guess people have more problems on the infrastructure that's actually built on dbus than dbus itself.
Like this: https://github.blog/2021-06-10-privilege-escalation-polkit-root-on-linux-with-bug/
1351284442244.jpg (u)
[Hide] (60.9KB, 608x428)
I love this picture so much
Isn't flv a lot more lossless and smaller compared to a h264 video?
Although most flv videos are just mistakenly attributed files (actually just mpeg 1/2/4 files) and usually named as flv so that vlc will open that file.
Afaik flv videos are usually a mix of mpeg and shockwave flash vectors and audio.
Chances are if the flv contains vectors, it's better not to convert them. Some of them are also interactive (I've seen visual novels or animations that are FLV/SWF/SWX files that contain all the raw content).

You might only find x264 "free open source" encoders which are the inferior encoder unless you find a studio class h264 encoder.

> "FLV is bad because of lack of IOS support".
I think flv files can be opened on older iphones and even nokia phones. I used to have flash games and videos stored on my phone. Weirdly enough, nokia can also open winrar files like a folder if the compression is not too much.
Replies: >>2750 >>2754
flv is vaccine
h264 is COVID19 
Im a registered nurse, vlc is flooded right now
23318ea3cea44de4766b10a252cb4c0f867a8d76bfb1dd01b2acf8139d70d754.jpg (u)
[Hide] (337.7KB, 950x800)
>finally install devuan on an old hard drive 
>have to restart twice and spend over 10 minutes waiting for shit to stop freezing because firefox is a bloated piece of shit 
>W7 pen drive I found doesn't even work 
I fucking hate computers. 
Anyway I still have my windows install on an SSD, is it possible to just route that entire disk through QEMU or does it only work with ISOs?
Replies: >>2753
How did you get it to run so slow?
>qemu real disk
I looked up how to a while ago. Totally possible, remember to change the mach uuid and drive uuid.
I double checked with ffmpeg, turns out it's just a h.264+mp3 file, it can't even be converted to FLV because a lot of the parameters are incompatible. 
There's my answer I guess.
7d063472771cd0b71cc9c8f1a5e3206a2eff9c1d534538d3d2c9924de68f17a7.png (u)
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Is it possible to downgrade from android 10 to 7, or 10 to 5? I have a very weak phone you see but it's so fucking hard to just root the damn thing and i think i bricked the fucking thing in the process. God I hate modern tech.
Replies: >>2756 >>2768
Downgrade your apps instead. The android system is so-so, the random apks that package every possible dependency in the world is the biggest bloat, and they get bigger with every update. Maybe also look for a lightweight ROM without every possible gulag app and manufacturer bloatware. Even if you don't update your os, if you let jewgle's play store to auto update, your phone will become a brick in a few years because of pajeets who can't code.
If you really want to downgrade, download an old rom, flash it and factory reset. Don't attempt to boot with your data partition from a newer android version, nothing will work if you do that.
Replies: >>2757 >>2759
Still bricked. Help. I flash some suspicious file with odin and the phone bricked. Then I use frija with odin again and it said pass but it still bricked. Fuck me.
Replies: >>2758 >>2768
ad91758d944c8d551f81e10de7cdd678a5dcf543d6f776548a9a60f1a5b62138.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 902x801)
Disregard that it booted again ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. God i was so worried. Fucking shit man, I thought my masturbation machine was a goner. Fucking pajeet man i just want to read hentai and imageboard without lag. I use frija to find the proper files and odin again to flash it but the damn thing just sit there with only the logo on. Fuck it took so long i fucked around with recovery mode and somehow it booted up again.
Replies: >>2760
You're right anon all i did as removing a few uninstallable apps and the difference is insane. Fucking gooks and pajeets man
>fapping to a phone
Why tho? At least use a laptop so you don't have to look at pictures for ant.
Replies: >>2761
Install Linux on a touch screen thinass 2-in-1/laptop, best investment of fap machine ever. My Gentoo laptop was so fucking stable the uptime was over a month before I upgrade the kernel.
Replies: >>2762
Are those 2-in-1 laptops good for anything? Aren't they just some crap tablets with an usb keyboard?
Also tell me more about how you use Gentoo with a touchscreen, because I don't think many software are compatible with that. Especially not keyboard optimized tiling WMs.
Replies: >>2763
Gentoo doesn't mean tiling WMs, you can install KDE, or other DE on it. Though I would happily use a software keyboard with a tiling WM. If you are only using it as a browser, firecuck works good enough with touchscreen with a few tweaks.
2-in-1 laptops are fragile and shitty but they are so fucking much faster and stable than a phone or android tablet, only true when you install Linux on them. They are comfortable and convenient to use in washroom or on your bed for specific purposes. 
Though I suppose Android shits would work equally well if I install Gentoo on them. Fuck those propriety Android-specific firmware, if only all of them boots on u-boot with sources available on mainline kernel without blobs.
Replies: >>2764
>you can install KDE, or other DE
Yeah, I know, but I'm not touching those garbages, not even with a 10 ft pole.
>Though I would happily use a software keyboard with a tiling WM.
I'm sure that would be a fantastic experience. Typing keyboard shortcuts on an on screen keyboard is a pain in the ass, even if we ignore the fact that those touch screen keyboards are a piece of crap to begin with.
>fragile and shitty
Does that mean emerge -u1D @world takes forever to finish? It's already taking me more than a day to update my gentoo on a single machine.
Replies: >>2765
>fantastic experience
Not hard if you spend some time looking it up: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Tablet_PC#Desktop_Environments_/_Window_Managers
>fragile and shitty
I just run emerge world at night and it's done tomorrow. Fragile as in mechanically fragile, I turned the screen into a spider web by pressing it hard with my thumb. No touchscreen for me. It's now nearly unusable without external kb & mouse.
Replies: >>2766
>that arch wiki link
Looks like an infinite amount of fuckery to get anything working.
>I just run emerge world at night and it's done tomorrow.
For me nowadays it's more l run emerge at afternoon, then at night, then at morning, and it hopefully finishes sometime during the day.
Replies: >>2769
A phone is bricked when it shows no signs of life when you try to power it up, you had a logo so ackshully it's less serious.
>suspicious file
You've already basically revealed that your phone's a Samsung when you mentioned Frija and Odin. Are there any special ways to root them or something? I was under the impression that the method is the same for all phones. Find a TWRP recovery port or do it yourself, unlock bootloader if you need to, flash TWRP to recovery and then flash Magisk from it to have root. It's still suspect Pajeetware, but if it was something else I'd say it's even more suspicious.

You can't port anything to most phones, even downgrading the OS, because the drivers are all binary blobs and the kernel tree is all fucked up. Look at the effort postmarketOS devs have to put in just to boot regular Linux on a smartphone and have it perform all the functions of an Android system.
Replies: >>2771
>Looks like an infinite amount of fuckery to get anything working.
Try bspwm. It's ridiculously easy, since the config file is just a bash script. Just remember to read the wikipages of bspwm, sxhkd, dmenu or rofi on Arch Wiki before executing bspwm through startx, sx or your display manager of choice. You can use nitrogen to set wallpapers, and autostart it in the bspwm config file by letting the script execute the following command:
nitrogen --restore &If you need a status bar, install polybar and learn how to configure it to your liking.
Replies: >>2770
Thanks, but I already have a working awesome config, I don't really want to switch now. My problem is how tiresome is getting tools that are normally keyboard focused (i.e. almost everything on a desktop that's not designed four double digit IQ retards) to work on a touch screen. And it probably doesn't work well unless you have a stylus or set every button's size to extra large. That's one of the reason phone UIs are so terrible, you have a tiny screen and a horribly inaccurate input device, so you have to make huge buttons and everything and you end up with 5 things fitting on the whole screen. The other reason is that "UX" designers are complete retards
So TL;DR I'm still having a hard time believing this shit could work for anything that needs more input than watching video or reading a PDF.
There is no twrp file for my phone so I have to take some sketchy Indian tutorials instead.
Replies: >>2778
"Porting" a TWRP image to a new phone usually involves grabbing a somewhat similar existing image, getting your own stock recovery (grab your system image off the manufacturer's website) and merging the differences in fstab mount points and some other minor things. Since this is /tech/, you could always give it a shot.
Replies: >>2779
phone is COVID19
TWRP is vaccine
I am a registered nurse, the hospital is flooded
Use yt-dlp. It bypasses them most of the time: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp
I need to dump some information on the Internet, but I also need to make sure it can't be traced back to me. Apart from the files themselves, what steps do I need to take? Is it enough to just drive around until I find some unsecured wifi, connect my laptop to it, and upload it? Or is it still possible for, say, the wifi's ISP (if coerced) to gain enough information about my laptop from when I connected to trace it back to me?
Replies: >>2807
Use some live cd so no trace remain on your laptop after you shut it down. No background service running that can accidentally reveal your identity. Do not log into any service that can be connected to you.
Change your mac address before connecting to the wifi. IPv6 auto config basically includes your mac address in your IP address. (Probably you should disable IPv6, unless you need to connect to an IPv6 only site, it's so fucking complicated)
Don't use a vpn/proxy that can be tracked back to you (duh). Tor is probably fine (esp. when using a live cd, where /var/lib/tor is not shared with your normal tor).
Don't take your phone with you. Don't use a recent car with all these built-in tracking devices (newer cars have built-in 3G, GPS, remote software update... you can't know what fuckery is going on when you use one of these). Try not to use a laptop with closed firmware.
I got a new EVGA GPU (3070 Ti), but am having trouble turning off the rainbow vomit LEDs.  Configuring them in EVGA's official software doesn't stick (lights revert to the default rainbow vomit on restart or sometimes even after just a few hours of running), and that software also causes serious performance issues so I don't want to run it all the time.  OpenRGB doesn't recognize the GPU.
Are there any working methods to either get an EVGA Precision config to stick permanently or use other software to configure the lights?
Replies: >>2815
I have a fucked HDD that that doesn't work properly and sometimes loses information. 
Is there anything I could use it for? The electronical parts are probably SMD which are fucky to use, but I don't know if anything else has any use.
Replies: >>2815 >>2822
image.jpe (u)
(5.1KB, 224x225)
Pic related
Replies: >>2816
pic.jpeg (u)
(5.1KB, 224x225)
Image fucked up.
20cd1e7432effb920528fedb0c6c3bd4404947594060af1050c75893e309300e.png (u)
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How do you guys get used to fondling a thinkpads nub? I'm so used the trackpad, and this is my first time practicing with the nipple.
Replies: >>2825
>Is there anything I could use it for?
Music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL3cv4NqNxc&t=2m
search_history.jpg (u)
[Hide] (148.4KB, 1152x648)
Anyone know why/how/where Tor saves entries into some html input fields like in pic related? I haven't found any mention of this behavior anywhere, nor have I found where the list is saved after poking through Tor's files. It's recording entries from multiple sites, and the list persists between browsing sessions.
If the file never leaves my machine, I guess it doesn't matter that much, but it worries me that this was happening without my knowledge.
Replies: >>2824
You mean tor browser, right? Tor itself shouldn't save anything like that, it's just a socks proxy. Tor browser is just a pimped firefox, check the settings, form history or something like that.
Replies: >>2826
df0f3fd91a0479e11121dc3ac96f0f9c19c7409967d35c32960e6e68bd6d307b.png (u)
[Hide] (875KB, 835x1080)
by using it. within a week you will never use a trackpad again.
I did mean the browser, yes. Should have been clearer about that.
Managed to find the setting in about:config, finally. It's browser.formfill.enable, for anyone else as retarded as I am who might need to know.
Thanks, anon
what can i2p be used with besides browsers?
noob in town. are source based distros less stable?
Replies: >>2830
>are source based distros less stable?
For example Gentoo allows you to pick muh bleeding edge versions of software on per package basis. The only downside of Gentoo is that it takes more time to install (build) packages.
Replies: >>2831
Girlfriend-vs-Compiler.jpg (u)
[Hide] (74.6KB, 1024x1008)
If compiling is essential for distros like Gentoo, what type of programming experience is needed or at least recommended to understand it?
it's not really programming, it's learning lots of Bash commands to understand what you're doing. learning how to do stuff you'd normally do in a GUI over a CLI instead, like partitioning disks and choosing what you want to install. there are guides that should hold you hand enough through it before kicking you out of the nest once you're ready. if you can't fly after that, you're not ready.
I don't know what is your experience with Linux, but probably not much based on your posts. If you're just starting, I'd advise against gentoo, you'll have enough problems with a simpler binary distro too. You don't want to add zillion USE flags and kernel configs into the mix, or having to figure out why package X doesn't build, and generally having to wait a half day until you have a somewhat usable install, while you have zero idea about how a linux system works.
Replies: >>2834
also what >>2833 says. you're a retard if you're starting with gentoo. use Kubuntu as a stepping stone from windows to get a feel for it, then take a bigger step with Devuan (debian fork without systemd, see >>1 for more info on why it's cancer) once you get on your feet. and if you have an Nvidia GPU you're going to have a miserable time, use an AMD card or even Intel integrated graphics.
Replies: >>2835
>if you have an Nvidia GPU you're going to have a miserable time
Why though? Yeah, the binary driver sucks, but at least it mostly works, unlike the intel driver which they break with every second kernel release.
There might be some problems if you try to use the wayland meme tough.
Replies: >>2836
before i really got into linux my 960 kept cucking me. nouveau was dogshit and never worked right, while installing the proprietary drivers always broke xserver. at that point i'd give up because i didn't know how to unfuck any of it.
Replies: >>2837
Yeah, that's a fucking joke, slow as hell, and hangs the GPU every five minutes.
I don't know about other distros, but in gentoo the nvidia ebuild worked without problems for me for the last 15+ years. Except when they had that bug when the driver didn't render text and you had empty windows everywhere. You might need to look at your Xorg.conf though, the one generated by nvidia-settings is a crap. Do you use a notebook? Because on a normal desktop, even an empty Xorg.conf should work.
Replies: >>2838
i ditched nvidia entirely and got an RX 580 for $100 off craigslist before the world went to shit, haven't had any issues with it besides having it run a bit hot, but I blame my shitty case for that.
Replies: >>2839
I had a notebook 10 years or so ago with an ATI GPU (yeah, that was still ATI). The fglrx driver was a piece of crap. I could never update kernel or Xorg because of that, and besides it was a buggy crap. The open source driver was nouveau quality. One year after I bought that notebook, they announced it's a legacy card, and I can go fuck myself. On win7 at least I could use the Vista driver, but on Linux where this kind of ABI stability doesn't exists, that meant that shortly after I was stuck with the open source driver, where the most complex 3D program I could run with acceptable performance was glxgears.
I've never touched an AMD card since that.
Replies: >>2840
ATI and AMD are two different companies, the former also sucking shit for open sores but they're gone now. AMD has been much better (in comparison to Nvidia at least) much better at making sure their shit works on all platforms.
Replies: >>2841 >>2843
>ATI and AMD are two different companies
Not really, AMD bought ATI a long time ago. IIRC they continued to sell GPUs under the ATI name for some time before they switched over to AMD.
The_Thirty_Million_Line_Problem-kZRE7HIO3vk.webm (u)
[Hide] (24.2MB, 640x360, 01:48:54)
Terminal man has convinced me that if it requires a driver it's shit, and they all require drivers.
>what type of programming experience is needed or at least recommended to understand it?
Nil. Building/compiling is 100% automated. You just need to tweak the USE flags to your liking (edit make.conf or enable them per package basis on package.use file/dir)
There is Gentoo guide at the distro thread >>932
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (783.4KB, 1307x665)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (660.4KB, 1271x642)
I have a large media library and I like being able to browse it properly instead of using the default viewers since they're generally garbage no matter what OS you're using.  The one thing I have struggled with is finding an image viewer that will play GIF files at the appropriate speed.  Since I save a lot of animations and other things that have very specific playback speeds, even small differences are noticeable.

Pic 1 is an animation of a cat woman walking as both a GIF and a video file, using ImageGlass for the GIF and MPV for the video.  I've synchronized them to the same frame of animation, and they seem to be identical at the start, but if I let them play for a while then they do eventually drift apart.  Pic 2 shows the drift after a few minutes of them both looping.

That said, the motion is very, very similar across the two of them so I'm not sure if the playback speed for the GIF is actually wrong, or if it's just that the video file is slightly longer.

I'm probably going to stick with ImageGlass for GIFs unless I can find something that works better (that isn't a web browser).  XnView, XnView Classic, and various purpose-built GIF viewers have never had the correct playback speed for me, and their shortcomings become more pronounced when I try to view GIFs with large filesizes.

Feel free to share other media viewing/editing/sorting software if you think other anons would benefit from knowing about it.

Yeah, yeah.
Replies: >>2850 >>2857
>>2 (OP) 
Just use honeyview.
Replies: >>2856
Install Gentoo fucking fgt
Replies: >>2852
Linux has shit for general purpose media software. You need a program for jpg/png, another program for gifs, another program for apngs, and all of those programs are shit and retarded in different ways.
Replies: >>2852 >>2854 >>2859
meant for >>2850
How do I create a mailing list?
Replies: >>2854 >>2859
Kind of like how that faggot is asking for a separate program for playing gif on wangblow.
>how do I use a search engine
Find search engine, click on big text box, type stuff to search, press search button.
Replies: >>2856
>>2848 works with pretty much every image format except csp
Is visually comparing the original GIF and converted video your only way to test this? I've done GIF to webm before in ffmpeg and there are a lot of subtle options that need to be set to keep the original framerate of the animation. If those are wrong, frame drift in your picture could be because of that.
Replies: >>2858
I'm pretty sure any video player worth using supports gifs natively.
Replies: >>2863
install imv

The sneedacity incident on 4chan is great lulz, you should read on it.
what is inetd/xinetd?
That's not what I meant. The pics he posted compare an original, unmodified GIF with a converted MP4 of that GIF. I'm asking whether he tested if that conversion process is responsible for these differences or not. Before jumping to the conclusion that it's somehow related to GIF viewer applications.
1619741567483-0.gif (u)
[Hide] (291.5KB, 500x500)
I got a laptop for work and upon going to the manufacturer's page I noticed it only had drivers for wangblows 10. Since I'm a win7 kind of guy I'm wondering if installing these win10 drivers on a 7 is going to damage the components, assuming it works at all.

If that fails, I'll bite the bullet try looking into the loonix and microblows office alternatives.
Replies: >>2866 >>2867 >>2868
Be a man and take the risk anon.
Replies: >>2869
WAT anime is this
Replies: >>2869
It's unlikely to damage the components (if you can damage it from software, there are bigger problems to worry about...), it's more likely it'll simply won't work. Many things changed between 7 and 8, especially kernel side, so unless they put in the effort to support win7, it won't work.
Replies: >>2869
dread_youjo_Umber_marches2.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 512x678, 01:10)
This isn't very encouraging.
Damn. No choice but to see if the default win7 drivers will work then. Thanks for letting me know I can't at least damage it if I try something. I know some newer games have managed to brick GPUs which sparked my concern, but I guess that's very different kind of an issue.
Replies: >>2870 >>2873 >>2874
gustavo's_surprise.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (711.8KB, 1920x1088, 00:06)
the GPU bricking as far as I know was from one shitty pajeet-tier loop that ran menus at uncapped FPS that fried one model GPU from one specific manufacturer. there are probably more but that's all i can remember
Replies: >>2871 >>2873
To be fair, Fallout 3 actually fried my 8800 GTS and I still don't know why.
Replies: >>2872
I cooked my Radeon HD 5770 to death on fucking CS:GO, but that's because i was a retard that couldn't into cable management and had two fans plugged into each other without knowing it
Replies: >>2873
I mean, it can sometime happen, like when the idiots at samsung couldn't write a bios and booting specific versions of linux bricked it, but it's pretty rare, especially on PCs where it can be expected that users will throw every possible shit at it.
To be honest, if you can fry a GPU with rendering without an FPS cap, then the GPU or its cooler design is pajeet-tier, not the software. People are mining crypto on a consumer GPU for years before it breaks down, and that's already way over their intended usage. Maybe if you have one of those passive cooling GPUs it's possible, but I never touch them.
I once managed to overheat my GPU in a notebook (there was some problems with the cooling), but at that time it just went into thermal shutdown. A few minutes later it was usable again.
Maybe, if you consistently run it very hot but still a bit under the threshold temperature, it's possible to slowly damage it. It's a good idea to look at the temperature readings every now and then.
09fa7e01dd41c785249235d23738147cb6a47b6c635ce82fde2a7d60be25b21a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (87.7KB, 758x748)
Learning software design, is top-down or bottom-up the better approach to make software with less complexity? I don't quite get how to make something bottom up, expect from reading unix programming books.
For example, designing a paint program. Top down would be cutting the problem down into GUI, internal representation and tools to modify it, file import/exporter, etc. I imaging bottom up would be to make an image decoder and encoder to raw pixels, a GUI tool to display raw pixels, a pencil tool to edit raw pixels, etc.
If all those tools communicate with textual interface, isn't it inefficient? If tools are not generic, don't I need to write and rewrite a lot? But I understand small programs that are specific and simple are easily changed. The question is how small is small?
Replies: >>2889
Why is XFCE, the small DE you'll probably install on an old laptop with a shitty trackpad, so fucking reliant on mouse by default? 
I'll need to configure the fuck out of this to get it close to the pure KB system that w7 was by default.
Replies: >>2886
I'm no professional software designer, but the example you laid out doesn't sound like top-down or bottom-up. Just regular old modular design. A top-down approach would inevitably choose already existing code libraries to integrate, which could affect overall performance. Bottom-up can get bogged down in rewrites for the sake of them and autistically niche corner cases. If you're designing a painting program, like you mentioned, you'd need an entire team of people, tons of money and years of research for bottom-up. Don't forget that, a lot of times, top-down also lets you skip past all the needlessly convoluted shit baked into every modern standard because already established software is pajeeting them up.
>If all those tools communicate with textual interface, isn't it inefficient?
Why would they communicate via text interface? UNIX-y stuff isn't really built for high performance, you're even encouraged to drop parts of your glue code in favor of C or anything similar for performance critical parts.
>If tools are not generic, don't I need to write and rewrite a lot?
Not really. If you've already implemented something, it usually stays that way once the project gets large enough. Or do you mean having specialized GUIs?
>The question is how small is small?
>make software with less complexity
Complexity is good when the intended audience for the program or interface is just educated professionals, for example CAD software. The range of what they might need to accomplish necessitates that interface. Small is better for regular people who have fairly tight and easy workflows. But small can be complex too if what you need to accomplish has a lot of steps. Imagine you can't put in very specific terms what you want to accomplish and you need to make a bash script for it. Where do you even start?
Replies: >>2894
Hello guys my pc cant install win 11 because it doesnt meet minimum requirement. What i do?
Replies: >>2893 >>2897
2746d807a71f6f950adf626b3eec5765a46a29a154d0f8a1e9d89b0f308df2dc.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.6KB, 805x571)
>What i do?
Install Ubuntu Mate/Xubuntu or Devuan.

Also see Wine/Proton:
Aso, AFAIK, Valve supports officially LTS version of Ubuntu Mate/Xubuntu, but Steam works without any problems on other distros too.
Replies: >>2897
Cool informative reply. My usage of bottom-up or top-down came from http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/taoup/html/ch04s03.html#id2899552 . I am not sure esr is using them the right way either. By simplicity, I was talking about not just about the interface. Mainly what is on http://quotes.cat-v.org/programming/ . From what esr said, bottom up doesn't mean writing all parts of it yourself but is the approach of writing a piece of software, where many small parts can be a library.
I am not sure what is bottom-up or top-down taught at school or in other books.
Still struggling with how small is small. I probably need to start shitting out code to find out.
4b47460b0125618aa1f5042912489f4fea48b1f80a69cd14c669515a807f205e.png (u)
[Hide] (138KB, 1595x817)
f492abc6a8f6ba6ac52529305db0e66d127668bcab9d6ea335884a1497c7d94e.png (u)
[Hide] (19.5KB, 583x182)
665ffff91ad84e5d0804c37b0c215296e678b67f4cc8db0e59f132a99cb7fd88.png (u)
[Hide] (95.2KB, 1373x445)
b1fded203733ccc036ba1cbda9376ee96a746d0118ae52402aa19a5ead78d5fa.png (u)
[Hide] (122.6KB, 1867x310)
You wanted to run Microsoft edge?
This, but I vote for Devuan/Artix as a good beginner distro instead of lulbuntu. Both of them have live installation images available, but I suggest using a minimal/base installation instead (if you want) to get familiar with your new system/the installation process. This may seem like a hard task if you are a nigger, but you can start by installing it inside a virtual machine first.
85c81976e0ab6ebe6d30579e7d007852d1ca7b8edf9495ffb9d2a27964dbbdf9.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x889)
I'm running a W7 VM through QEMU virt-manager but the network is all fucked. I can access some sites (e.g. ecosia, youtube), but not others. Linux VMs work fine so it's probably not a problem with QEMU. 
Fixing it with windows updates is not an option as it can't connect to windows updates, meaning even third party software like wumgr is out due to requiring .net and .net requiring certain updates and being unable to download them. 
I have tried installing KB3138612 manually as it was supposed to fix connection errors, but it refuses to install because it's "not applicable". I also tried other network modes including pass-through, but nothing worked. 
This is the ISO I'm using the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/Windows%207/en_windows_7_enterprise_n_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677704.iso I also tried the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/Windows%207/en_windows_7_enterprise_x64_dvd_x15-70749.iso but had the same problem. 
How do I unfuck this?
Replies: >>2922 >>2923
Is it a certificate error? You should be able to bypass it (depend on your browser, open advanced settings/details/whatever at the bottom of the error page), probably you have a decade old root cert list. My w7 vm in virtualbox also does this, but I couldn't be bothered to fix it.
Also you should be able to download any update you need from here: https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx
It's a bit more hassle, but it should work even if the VM has no net.
Replies: >>2924
have you tried shit like iobit driver booster?
Replies: >>2924
Screenshot_win7_2021-08-28_21:16:41.png (u)
[Hide] (63.7KB, 800x600)
Screenshot_win7_2021-08-28_21:16:53.png (u)
[Hide] (71.2KB, 800x600)
I don't think it is, it just completely fails to connect. 
>iobit driver booster
I tried updating the network driver through it but it didn't fix the problem. I'll try their network failure fix, but I'm not sure it's going to detect anything.
Replies: >>2925 >>2926
>No network errors 
It didn't work.
Try pinging sites that works and sites that don't. See what happens. Can be a DNS problem.
Replies: >>2927
Github just times out, google sends replies properly, and ecosia gives me a timeout too but I can connect to the site. 
I tried changing the DNS twice but it didn't have any effect on the sites or ping.
Replies: >>2928
Traceroute and check default route.
Replies: >>2929
It just goes VM -> host -> router -> ISP -> [...] until it either gets somewhere or a node down the line stops responding.
Replies: >>2930
Compare traceroute from VM host to a timing out target and from VM to it. See if the ips are different.
I guess either the DNS resolve to a different ip that doesn't work inside the VM or something's wrong with your network. In this case traceroute inside the VM should timeout before it hits your router or ISP.
Replies: >>2931 >>2932
You should also check the TTL, packet may stop before reaching the VM because TTL is not one more than the host.
4d41fa3000e07cf5293378d603022756ff7221bb20579ce9fb2d11f22367a7af.png (u)
[Hide] (296.3KB, 700x700)
I fixed it, turns out github not being accessible was an internet explorer issue and downloading chromium fixed that. No idea why I can't ping it (linux host can't either) but I'm just going to say it's on their end and not care about it. 
As for the windows update I got it working by downloading kb3138612 from catalog.update.microsoft.com . I had downloaded it from microsoft.com before but that forces you to download the x86 version and they don't even fucking warn you about it, which is why it couldn't install.
Replies: >>2933
the original version of IE that Win7 shipped with has been deprecated for a very long time. A lot of sites just don't work because of certificate errors and such. I would honestly gauge that 7 has maybe a year or two left before it becomes completely unusuable for modern tasks like XP did.
Recently reinstalled windows, despite using different browsers and imageboards, all of them have reload captcha error. It keeps repeating before i can finish. Though dual boot linux works fine, so does the linux vm. What is the problem?
Replies: >>2943 >>2950
>Recently reinstalled windows
Which version? 
I had the same problem before here back when I used w7, it might be an issue with the OS.
Replies: >>2944
It's 8.1 but there wasn't a problem with it back then.
Replies: >>2950
8a3591aaeb07a3aa3f3272eba040a9bbf6256452c2e08b3841ce9d95fcedb057.jpg (u)
[Hide] (48KB, 499x241)
I wanna know where tf is the battery in the plane. Couldn't find any cuz duckduckgo.com be retarded and shiet so I've come here for help, so plez help me.

Replies: >>3339
the problem could be because of browser useragent. try switching to the Torah Browser useragent.
What was the name of the GTK theme Debian used by default around 2013? It looked like classic Windows and I miss it. If you throw this into a search engine all you get is worthless SEO spam.
Replies: >>2960
dunno but try redmond
What are some interesting xmpp rooms?
ec98417f898f6fa2c546edd9bde492f41d1d3f63871cea82fc2afec84dd0761e.png (u)
[Hide] (441.1KB, 1006x851)
this is bad right? fucking Jimbo
Replies: >>2968
search the doc for .gov
Replies: >>2969
4ddf010bcb04ece7b914ba69f5e92e3cc9ecb017383ef2a136a74380535ddc82.jpg (u)
[Hide] (52.3KB, 600x452)
had a good giggle there
I have a HDD that is fucked to the point where it can't be mounted. What are the odds that the circuit is fucked but the plates are fine?
Replies: >>2971
Zero. You can't just replace the board either, they would basically have to be from the same batch (produced within hours of each other).
Replies: >>2972
Plates may be fine but reading them requires special hardware. You can try to hack the firmware on the board, but you risks losing more data. If it is very important, pay someone to do recovery. Either you had backups and you wouldn't ask this question, or you will start making them now.
t. ssd just died, fuck ssd jews
Replies: >>2995
I can't access certain sites (openbsd.org, catbox.moe) as of two days ago. DNS works correctly and switching to OpenNIC didn't change anything. It works over Tor and through a proxy, but normally, traceroutes fizzle out after a while (nothing but * * * entries after the last hop is something in my ISP's network). Is there any chance at all that this isn't my ISP fucking up?
Replies: >>2997
what is your ssd brand?
Replies: >>2998
>DNS works correctly and switching to OpenNIC didn't change anything
>Is there any chance at all that this isn't my ISP fucking up?
the only thing that comes to mind is you could try clearing (aka flushing) the DNS cache
Replies: >>2998
Only in that device? Try booting up a linux live and see if it happens.
Replies: >>3020
Before I had the chance to test it stopped happening, so my guess is ISP weather. The infrastructure is really decaying.
51cade4dbf0407521f5500b6c90aa8f73d32f2d9fe6cba89463b2fc997be92a8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (54.3KB, 800x800)
remind me what I'm supposed to do with a new Li-Ion battery again? don't you charge it up all the way then run it down to 0%, then charge it back up to 100% and try to always let it discharge as low as possible?
Replies: >>3051
>run it down to 0%
you shouldn't to let the battery drain to 0%. recharge it at when there is about 10-20% left.
Replies: >>3058
URWhPRv97YDV_640x360.jpg (u)
[Hide] (15.3KB, 640x360)
how extract audio from mp4 without transcoding
Replies: >>3058
80%, never go below 20 unless recalibrating
Any recommendation on a book that teaches you to abstract practical programming problems to some base types of algorithmical ones. As in to view a loop with some computation as the application of a transformation on some data structure, either one already existing like a (linked)list or one created implicitly by the loop/recursion itself. Explaining how loops modify the type of data structures.
Also analyze what common high level data structures implicitly use when used in specific ways. For instance many algorithms will use some attribute of a python dict or a numpy array in order to emulate a more primitive data structure.

SICP has some examples of this type but I'd like something that uses more realistic, higher level examples with less recursive and more iterative approaches.
Replies: >>3060
59f78f8127e0988999b1bdbec92362c22302a13c640a586d3bd1d255a85546c0.jpg (u)
[Hide] (384.7KB, 1400x2134)
Could anyone explain why my inkscape hanged my linux machine like mother fucker after awhile using it for few hours? I've compiled this software with -O2 and what got is sub par performance with bugs fucking up my linux OS. What the fuck is this shit made of?
Replies: >>3066 >>3077
Look this up on search engine first, then open a bug report for them?
They already provide an appimage and it's been very stable throughout my usage, give it a try?
Replies: >>3081
Just updated the software from version 1.1-5 to 1.1-6. I'll seethe post again if I encounter similar bug if like prior version.
If it hangs the entire OS it's probably a memory leak and you have overcommitting enabled.
09b30768c4bf98d5e7010538cd4338962f04519debc8429cf10a27c15bccc59c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (61.1KB, 474x474)
How do I start my own computer part manufacturing business as a total n00b to computing? I want to make computers that aren't niggerlicious that don't have backdoors and spy on users or any other glownigger shit, also want to bring back the beige/white computer components back, fuck all this darkest gorilla nigger black peripherals. What would be the best starting point? once I get the basics down I should be able to branch out to other hardware and open source software, right? Is opensource hardware + software a niche market for schizos or can I really make a difference in the world If I try my best at getting cheap and freedom computers to all?
Replies: >>3087 >>3089
The only way to be able to actually trust something is making it as basic as you have to. With electronics that means transistor level. THT is easier to work with, and something you should use for prototyping and beginner stuff, but it's too big to make a computer that could do anything. SMDs are somewhat better but it would still end up really bulky. 
Ideally you'd use ICs, but now there's a problem. The masks required to make the ICs (before even getting into production) cost like a few million dollars, it's not something individuals could work with. 
Above that there's ready made stuff like MCUs, MPUs, and FPGAs, they're simple enough that I'd trust them not to glow, but that depends on how schizo you want to get. There's also the problem that MCUs and MPUs are usually only available as 8 bit, 16 bit, and 32 bit, meaning a 64 bit system is straight out unless you want to scavenge the market for older CPUs, and I wouldn't recommend that as a business. FPGAs are different in that you can program them to do whatever, but the consumer ones aren't that powerful either. In other words, core components like CPUs and GPUs are NG, maybe motherboards too. Mice and keyboard would be easy as they're really simple but you're not removing any backdoors by changing your peripherals. 

The cheapest way to go about it would probably be to design and test the parts, then hire chinks to do it and hope they don't fuck you too hard. If you order in bulk it would decrease the price, but even then it would probably still be expensive for the performance. I don't think it would sell well, but that depends on how much you want to sell in the first place.

>Is opensource hardware + software a niche market for schizos or can I really make a difference in the world If I try my best at getting cheap and freedom computers to all
The correct answer is I don't know. 
Personally I wouldn't try it, as I don't think you'd be able to make anything with cost/performance so good that it would make /tech/fags drop their thinkpads, but I'm just a retard on the internet and I can't predict the future.
Replies: >>3113
>What would be the best starting point?
A few hundred million dollars for an IC fab or at least a five to six digit sum to pay marry yourself to one, because chip fabrication is obscenely fucking expensive and thus inherently centralized. And even then your hardware would be expensive as fuck (think four to five digits per computer) because you don't benefit off economies of scale. So arguably, the requirement is to find a Rockefeller who bankrolls your project. Let me know if you find one, I know a few people whose hardware projects could really use the infrastructure and cash.

Unlike software, hardware is very much not a field where everyone can play. Which is a real shame because there's so much you could do in it.
Replies: >>3113
motorola-ihdt5uv1-cell-series-dpc550-vintage-1990s-cell-phone-3.35__79930.1490088616.jpg (u)
[Hide] (77.6KB, 1280x960)
ok anons, what is the best privacy option for US phones
>no contract
>no carrier
>no globohomo
>no internet
just calls/text
Replies: >>3111
how do i stretch my 5skin  to recover lost
Nokia 1280
Sooo.. I'm trying to create a new project on Sourceforge, and they ask me for phone validation. What is this crap? Now where am I going to upload my secret project for world domination in 5 easy steps in Visual Basic?
Sorry for the OT
Replies: >>3109 >>3113
Make a jewtube video with poo-language voice over in notepad
What's a good mail client for android? 
K-9 went to shit and I used bluemail for a while but it's broke. 
I don't really care about the emails to not use it on a phone.
Replies: >>3113
Not in America, but in EUSSR the best way would be to get an illegal migrant to give his name and details for the sim card and you just buy time afterwards.
Obviously using a dumbphone with the sim card.
gitgud.io, codeberg.org, repo.or.cz, etc
K-9 mail, version 5.600. You can still get it from f-droid.
Also, disregarding money problems, even if you somehow manage to get your own fab and start producing your own ICs, how are you gonna convince others that your ICs don't glow, like every other one on the planet? Even if you're honest, it just goes through too many people. And unlike software, you can't say that here's the source code, read it and compile it yourself if you don't trust me, because even if the schematic itself is open source, how do you prove that the chip has the same?
So, until affordable "3D IC printers" become a reality, I don't see much opportunity in this.
Replies: >>3115
>affordable "3D IC printers
Imagine the autism
Replies: >>3129
>Imagine the autism
He didn't even say portable
Anyone here know how to unroot a phone without using proprietary unroot app or software?
Replies: >>3136
I mean root
Replies: >>3137
Phone model?
But if it's a recent one, the answer is probably no.
Replies: >>3163
is "static char* string" in a function the same as just a global string?
wtf does the static type even do other than not removing it from memory
Replies: >>3140
anime_girl_putting_her_disgusting_feet_all_over_gpu.jpg (u)
[Hide] (326.5KB, 1268x715)
Any (poor) anons have any luck with single GPU passthough? https://github.com/joeknock90/Single-GPU-Passthrough
I'm a bit of a linux noob still but I'm hoping to make the full switch to linux on my gayman desktop and play games and use other Winblows only shit through a VM. 
It says you need to give the VM root access for this method and I have no idea how bad that is though.
Replies: >>3140
static can mean a fuckton of things depending on where it is used, and whether it's c or c++. A static int foo; inside a function is a completely normal global variable in c, except that it's only available inside the function, so it won't clash with other globals, and it must be initialized with a constant expression, like normal globals. In c++ the difference is that is initialized the first time it used, not before main() like other globals, and since c++11 it's required to work correctly even in multi-threaded applications (i.e. exactly one thread will initialize it).
(In this case, static means a storage duration, because the default is auto inside functions (but auto means a completely different thing since c++11, just to make things less confusing). If you just write static int foo; outside the function, it will still be a global variable, but only available in the same compilation unit. In this case extern is the default, which means a global that's also accessible from other compilation units.)
Yes, I don't have a physical windows install, since like 5 years ago.
Running VM as root: yeah, might be problematic from a theoretical point of view, but it's still 10000x times better than running botnet on bare hw. Plus you have to trust your mobo to actually implement iommu correctly (which I doubt they do), if there's an issue in KVM, that's an instant kernel level code execution even if you run your VM as a normal user, so like the difference is that if there's a bug in qemu, the attacker will be able to run code as root instead of your user. I'm not sure how usual is this scenario, but unless you're the victim of a targeted attack, random viruses and other crapware won't care about a vulnerability that affects 0.00001% of the users. It's far more likely that you forget some vulnerable service on your network and you don't completely isolate your VM from the network to infect that. TL;DR don't run anything shady that you wouldn't run on a normal (non-vm) system and you'll be fine. Ideally don't even give network access to the vm, other than a samba server to share the game files with the VM.
Also, when will GPU prices normalize for fucks sake
Replies: >>3142 >>3145
>that is initialized the first time it used, not before main() like other globals
hold up
how the fuck does its memory address get passed to other functions then if its global but initialized after main()
Replies: >>3143 >>3144
oh nvm I get it now, its just a global with limited scope
Replies: >>3144
When the static int foo = whatever; line is "executed" the first time, it gets initialized. You normally can't get the address of it before that, and after that line it's already initialized. If it has a destructor, that also means an atexit call (at least on linux), so it's properly destroyed at program exit. So it's like a lazily initialized variable, with all of its advantages and disadvantages.
Thanks for the reply, anon. I wanted to play some online games and run closed source stuff in the VM in general. At least one game I want to play has anti cheat. I should probably just tell it to fuck off like I've been doing so far though...
Replies: >>3146
I don't really play online games, so I can't really comment on that. I think some garbage anti-cheat actually detected VM and banned some users, but I can't be bothered to search that article now. Still, probably you should search for it before trying it out, unless you have a throwaway account to test...
I have repeating issues with video playback in media players. CPU never overheats (over 60°C) GPU is limited to 70°C.
Replies: >>3159
bad driver
downgrade to an older driver
Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)
Replies: >>3172
Do you still have one that hasn't fallen to bits?
My relatives hand me their NPCmobiles and every now and then I get one that has a lot of cool stuff done to it by hackers, among them that exact same SII model. It's over 10 years old now, it has barely any use and is falling apart anyway.
Replies: >>3192
How do I profit from internet funny money in this day and age??
Replies: >>3180
If you have to ask, you won't. Why would someone give you tips on how to make money instead of making money himself?
Replies: >>3182
I seem to have confused my internet addiction with genuine interest in computer related fields and now I'm burned out with nothing but surface level knowledge on stuff that is probably years obsolete by now.
Do I stick with it or start from zero with something else?
Replies: >>3191 >>3250
One does not necessarily preclude the other.
Replies: >>3183
It does in internet funbux where competitors would mess with your gains. There are 7-8 years of documented history of anons fucking each other over with them now, don't fall for the same kind of scam the redditards fell for during the Gamestop saga. Most anons are absolute scum and you just don't notice it because nothing here matters enough to reveal that.
What are the odds General AI is being developed by the current superpowers in a Manhattan Project fashion?
Replies: >>3186 >>3188
Probably over 90% given how it's the new big thing and governments always want an excuse to spend money.
Replies: >>3188
I think y2k governments are too dysfunctional and computer illiterate for such things.
But then again pretending to be incompetent is what the bad guys do so you're always unprepared.
Replies: >>3189
Even if they're as retarded as they seem to be they're most likely trying something, even if they won't succeed.
Take a break from Internet and computers, focus on something else. When you come back, you'll be able to better understand if you still have an interest in it. Don't go full autismo and dive into new things head-first in the future. Leave that to cuckchan dwellers like Luke Smith. There are only a select few novel things your brain can process at a time.
>Do you still have one that hasn't fallen to bits
I bought mine 2nd hand and it still sturdy. I never use it though ever since I tried to root it but I don't know how. I was looking forward to install replicant phone OS but dunno how to root. There's no proper documentation how to root the phone by only using respected GPL3 free software. So I just keep it instead.
Replies: >>3193
I'd worry more about the random binary blobs on the phone that you'll have to keep if you want keep it using than some random tool that you have to run once and forget about it. With SGS1 there were some random program (not sure about its license) that you could just adb to the phone and run it, not sure how much SGS2 is different. I only used oneplus 1 and 3t afterwards, where rooting is literally reboot to bootloader, plug the phone into computer, fastboot oem unlock, and bam, you can flash anything you want. I didn't check, but I wouldn't be surprised if they jewed the process in the meantime
glowniggers.jpg (u)
[Hide] (59.6KB, 1024x544)
I live on the Space Coast and all the cybsec jobs here require a secret clearance from the department of defense

Do they check stuff that happened while you were a minor? When I was a minor (which was not too long ago), I had some behavioral issues because of le epic autism which resulted in some minor trouble with the law and at a lot of trouble in school. Will that fuck me over?

Also, should i go ahead and delete all my social media accounts? I only use them for shitposting, and I have a feeling that a federal agent might not like their contents

It sounds like a lot of trouble but the pay is so fucking good bros
Replies: >>3199 >>3200 >>3204
Like what did you do back then? Give us some examples.
the defense background check has nothing to do with a normal background check where they just check your criminal record
its just a codeword for nepotism, unless you have relatives already in defense youre not going anywhere
One of the main things is not to lie if they ask about something. That guarantees they'll deny your clearance.
I'm looking for somewhere to run a XMPP chatroom for myself and some friends. Selfhosting is probably going to be too much trouble, so instead I want to find a trustable provider.
Best advice I have seen after searching is to use something like Snopyta, RiseUp, or Disroot. But, I think snopyta isn't taking new users now, and for Riseup you have to have communist faggo friends to invite you. So that leaves Disroot as the main choice.
Has anyone used them (whether for XMPP or other stuff like email) and can say if it is good/trustworthy?
Replies: >>3206 >>3207
I'm open to using other protocols like Matrix as well; XMPP just seemed like the most straightforward option, and it has OMEMO.
Polite sage for double post.
>trustable provider
Trust is expensive. Unironically it is cheaper to trust nobody, only yourself if necessary.
>Selfhosting is probably going to be too much trouble
Then accept the risk and know none of them are trustable. Selfhosting is piss easy if you use Linux and have normal iq. Otherwise you may as well use whatever botnet apps for communication because anything is too much trouble.
inb4 still using win/macshit or stock Android/ifaggory
>using a "trusted" chatroom on a compromised system
Never learn.
Replies: >>3208 >>3210
All valid points. My main problem is that the friends are normalfags and I need to make this piss-easy for them. inb4 just stop being friends with normalfags
I am mainly counting on OMEMO to at least keep a provider from seeing the content of messages. We're not planning to use it for anything very sensitive, I'd just like a better alternative to more common platforms. That said, I think I'll look into selfhosting more closely.
Thanks for reminding me I'm a retard, anon.
Replies: >>3209
Then go with something like self-hosted riot.im or rocketchat. Yeah, setting up the self hosted part will be much more complicated, but then you'll have a retard friendly html5 client that only requires a browser from your users.
>Selfhosting is piss easy if you use Linux and have normal iq.
This. I've been using IRC with a bunch of fags from irl for years now. It really isn't any harder to tell them "here install Hexchat and enter this in the config" than it is to get them to use some flavor of the month garbage. The hard thing is to resist the inevitable bullshit requests in the vein of "but everyone is using diskike now, why don't we migrate to diskike" whenever the new flavor of the month comes around.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2000x2000)
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (708KB, 1200x1200)
I wasn't satisfied with my $60 JBL Quantum 200 headset (constant plastic clicking noise whenever I move my head, sub-par microphone, squished my ears a bit too much, not quite loud enough so I had to tinker with Equalizer APO 1.2.1).
So I bought a $160 Audio-Technica ATH-G1, recommended to me by two normalfags who work in media production. While it's a little louder and more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, the microphone is absolutely horrible. I even had to boost it by 20 dB for it to be audable in any way. The enhanced directional sound talking out of my ass right now, don't know if it's any better than JBL Quantum is neat, but it's not worth the extra $100.
I was told you couldn't go wrong with Audio-Technica and I didn't see any negative reviews before buying it. Only after the fact did I add "mic" to the search terms and all the negative amazon user reviews started cropping up.

TL;DR - Any good headsets you'd recommend for under $150?
Pre-requisite: no USB, separate 3,5mm jacks only.
Replies: >>3218
$149.99 microphone + any of your headphones (with micro ripped out and new mic glued/taped to it)
Replies: >>3219
Audio_Technica_Atr2100x-usb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (135.4KB, 1388x1500)
Gaffer tape, here I come.
Why is this site so easy to spam? It's the current year why are you still relying so much on manual moderation?
Replies: >>3230
>Krita no longer save your work right after it crashes
Since when their recovery save feature have gotten a lot worse than inkscape? This is ridiculous. It used to save my work if shit goes wrong but now it only rely on auto save based on minute schedule option.
Replies: >>3232
>t. Hoihoi
There is a word filter.
Krita is trash, use something better.
Are there any easy ways to diagnose bottlenecks?
Replies: >>3234
Use a profiler. If you want a quicker but less reliable alternative, interrupt the program randomly and inspect the call stack.
Replies: >>3235
I meant hardware bottlenecks in general, not of an specific program.
What's a good VPN for general torrenting/browsing? I feel for the NordVPN meme 3 years back, and now that it expires next week I want to get a better one. I use Tor for most privacy stuff, but a lot of normalfag sites block it.
Is Mullvad still the best one, or should I try something else?
Replies: >>3238 >>3239
Mullvad is probably still the best because you don't need to give them any info and they haven't done any gay shit yet. But look around places like torrentfreak for tests and court orders.
When will light browsing on tor not so terribly slow? Or is it just my end? I used to use tor for image board exclusively but I gave up in a few months due to the speed. Webm thread made me suffer the most.
I know that Apple is now fully compromised and going to be stacking fake charges on all its users. I am now wondering if Samsung does anything like that or if Samsung phones are safe devices to use for computing. I'm in the market for a new phone, and I want it to be secure.
Replies: >>3241 >>3244 >>3245
Safety comes from knowledge. Learn to use a computer and a phone before asking this question. You will fall for snakeoil and "as seen on TVs" if you don't know what you are doing.
Replies: >>3242
Yeah, but I'm just sort of wondering if there are hidden mechanisms built into mainline phones. Like how Windows 10 is just one big spyware thing.
Replies: >>3243
They are even worse than Windows. Brand doesn't matter.
There is no safe computing on a goy toy.
Get a phone that has a bootloader that can be unlocked. I suggest getting one of Goolag Nexus Pixel phones
Replies: >>3259 >>3260
Question is sort of vague and it's not easy to give any good advice based on it. If you're implying that you invested a bunch of time into specific proprietary applications or environments, which are no longer used, then yes, you looped back around to the starting line. Sometimes there will be transferable experience and information, but if it's too proprietary, it will be of no use. Sometimes experience and experties can be useful in some situations, but it's going to be rare.

MS certified Windows NT4 admins are not really in high demand at the moment.
0598ee22a931cc0a44209468f7c60eda63a81c952a112da37c26f0bb91c2aca2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (150.1KB, 1492x2300)
I know there is stuff like yandex that translates text on images, but is one for video text or video game text? Say I want to play some still not translated obscure jap games, is there one that translates it in real time? I know there is a method for visual novel, but not sure about something more complicated like actual games.
Replies: >>3254 >>3257 >>3276
Text hookers sometimes work for non VNs too. There's OCR shit like kanjitomo, but that expects you to have at least a basic understanding of nip grammar and will only work with nip (and maybe west-taiwanese) games.
I was thinking if I could use a 40w powerbank for phones to charge my laptop, which has a 65w charger? I would use a usb cable with the other end the shape of my laptop's plug. Would that work? How long would 10000mah last on a laptop?
Replies: >>3257
Ocr is only needed for rasterized fonts. If the text is found in game data, translating that keeps the resolution.
You could. Convert the 5v usb output to whatever your laptop using. If it is using usb-pd or "smart" shit, you need to get a suitable module for that.
>40w vs 65w
If the power usage is high, it may not charge at all (and drain your battery slower). Otherwise, it will just charge slower.
>usb cable laptop plug
The dc-dc converter output should be a dumb barrel plug or you need to solder something on it. Don't use usb for that, most usb cables are not good enough for power (maybe yes since it can carry [email protected], better be safe) unless usb-pd. Also don't use exchangeable plugs to laptop, they break like glass.
Not sure if they did the math with 3.3V. Say they did.
10000/1000*3.3 = Wh of the bank
Wh/(power of laptop) = hours at that power usage
Alternatively with current
Wh/(laptop voltage)/(laptop current) = hours at current
An unlocked goyphone isn't going to be super great. You're basically stuck using versions of Android someone has tried to un-google. You're still using the problem.
>Google sucks
>Give money to Google
The absolute state of phonefaggotry.
Replies: >>3264 >>3265
True I like to give money to Samsung instead.
Replies: >>3269
The idea was that you can flash android ROM like LineageOS
Replies: >>3269
After giving money to the corporation that you're supposedly against.

Not nearly as bad since their role is much smaller, but fuck them too. Get a PinePhone or whatever. Or just a pile of used phones that are compatible with something else. People have been throwing phones away for no reason for over a decade, there should be plenty. Or stop using all this garbage, I don't.
Replies: >>3270 >>3273
You're right old phones are dirt cheap so you would have to be a fool to spend 10 to 20 times the money to have a new one with a minor performance boost if not weaker. Pinephone is a retard buy because not only is it expensive but weak as well, truly a product of open source hipsters. Just tweak that used phone you got to your liking.
Replies: >>3273 >>3275
>>2 (OP) 
I have a shitton of DVDs I want to rip and turn into a "psuedo-live-TV" kodi server. My problem is, traditional video/streaming services are mechanically a "download the file and play it while it's downloading" process. I want to know if or how I can avoid that problem.

The thing is, I'm not too versed with servers, or even Kodi. What resources or tools should I look up to achieve this?
what's a good pinephone Distro/DE that has a balance between usability and performance? I've been trying out SXMO because it's basically the lightest postmarket OS DE out there, but certain things (texting most notably) are clunky as fuck.

>Pinephone is expensive
For a new device, and one that supports a native linux, pinephone is actually quite reasonable. Especially since most normalfag smartphones can go upwards of $1000+ USD, and that's what most phone dealers try to push you towards. 

That shit, is fucking ridiculous.
Replies: >>3275
It doesn't matter that it's weak (just like it doesn't matter for old phones), it's a fucking phone. If you want power, use a real computer. What are you going to do with a phone? Are you really going to open 1000 tabs in a browser while playing a VR game and rendering a video? Phones are shit for multitasking and really, shit for pretty much everything. Do that shit at home, phones are for making calls and carrying and taking notes, and other basic things. Maybe as a portable audio player, maybe.

It's like a laptop, if you're buying one for power, you are wasting your money, and definitely buying something shitty because new laptops are crap and have been for a decade. Those devices are always going to be relatively weak because that's the cost of portability, and increasingly difficult to repair. So, get something that you can control and that has easily replaceable parts, and that would be the PinePhone. It's also reasonably cheap by new phone standards, though not by used ones, since those are basically free and nothing can possibly beat that.

I don't own one. As I mentioned, I don't use those devices, though maybe I will get a PinePhone eventually, with the keyboard (the thing that makes it actually usable). I doubt that there are that many distributions, so just try all of them.
I've been trying to install windows 98 on a computer with easy2boot. I got far into the setup just fine but after restarting I get a bluescreen (A fatal exception OE has occurred at _ IN VXD acpi(02) + _).
What do?
Replies: >>3316
has occurred at 0028:*
>he tried to install win98 on ntfs partiton while ntfs itself didn't even exist in the year of 98
Replies: >>3296 >>3298
Is fat32 though. Idk the guy did it (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GioiRupslkU). What am I doing wrong?
Replies: >>3297
try formatting the partition after creating it, win98 is very finnicky with how it sees drives
Replies: >>3312
Wrong, NTFS existed as far as 93, probably years earlier internally in MS. Win98's installer actually detects NTFS partitions, and throws you an error along the lines of "this version of windows doesn't support ntfs" if you try to use it.
Laptop crashes at random points into a epileptic seizure inducing screen of light colors. Could it be a bad connection inside of it? I tried updating the video drivers but did nothing.
Replies: >>3300
most likely bad LCD cable
Is there any ffmpeg wizardry you can use to fix partially downloaded videos? Like the torrented ones that have random bits instead of being sequential.
Replies: >>3307
How do you fags get your cheap or free internet? Normally I would leech neighbor wifi by using aircrack, and recently I purchased a sim card that gives me 10 gig worth of data per day with only 3 euroes fee each month. It's fast enough to watch 1080p videos and stream HD anime without hick up.
Replies: >>3307
What do you mean by fixing? If the data is not there, it's not there.
Library, cafe, university, public network.
Replies: >>3308 >>3309
Those aren't available unless you are near them or have to pay for a seat inside. Got other alternatives for cheap internet in your room and on the go? Our dorm charges wifi fee though, and you're required to put in username and password of the account they assign you so I don't know how to crack that.
Replies: >>3311
>What do you mean by fixing? If the data is not there, it's not there.
I've had videos that were over 99% complete but wouldn't open, there's no way the data isn't there, but most likely some critical data is missing. I wonder if there's some way you can tell the encoder "it is some mp4 codec, try to salvage it".
Should have said it. Search term: ffmpeg repair mp4
Try asking people for their accounts, or find an ethernet port and put an AP on it. Also try putting an AP on a ethernet connected public computer, while pretending you are fixing it.
Replies: >>3319
Didn't work. What else could it be?
Replies: >>3314
not sure, i spent a long time trying to figure it out myself until i realized i didn't really care. are you trying to install it on a slave drive? and does it have to be 98 specifically? if you're trying to play old DOS vidya you could just install DOS and put Win3.11 on it, or just skip ahead to Win2K or XP if you're playing newer games, they'll probably work just fine on there.
Replies: >>3315
Fine I'll just try W2000 instead. I was so close too. 1 error screen away.
Don't old windows versions just fucking break if they don't support the HD size?
The file that was at 99% got a seeder with the complete file after literal fucking years, so I couldn't test that. 
I tried one that was at 62% and got a moov error which dijfix couldn't unfuck, and one at 70% gave me a " contradictionary STSC and STCO" error, but not even updating ffmpeg could fix that, so I can't say if that method works.
Replies: >>3320
Can't you seek around that percentage?
Replies: >>3329
You mean like in mpv? No, it won't even open.
Replies: >>3330
Seek around that time in ffmpeg and generate two or multiple files to salvage what's left
Replies: >>3332
How do I even do that?
Search: ffmpeg seek
ffmpeg time range
Replies: >>3334
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (5.9KB, 1491x27)
You meant manually trying to guess the time from the fragments to use with -ss and -to?
Replies: >>3337
You are fucked, write a script.
Something like 0 to 20 minutes, back off if failure, then inch 20-x to 40. Repeat until done.
cutaway-drawing-of-the-messerschmitt-me-109f-K70GTN.jpg (u)
[Hide] (194.9KB, 1300x1044)
76b5b9b464dad1752a83a2b59dce62f7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (885.6KB, 2500x2154)
46317399d40623441eae95747b128689.jpg (u)
[Hide] (723.3KB, 2281x1379)
Late answer, but here you go.
I dont know russian and in the other cutaway drawing the battery is missing, but the battery was pretty sure in the rear of the fuselage
Replies: >>3340
781a2dacd8a42ae09ca4d5d02239d3dc096d7e79b415ba02a22e8175e00d7911.png (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1500x984)
Sick pics, I'd post a poster detailing the Spitfire Mk. I's interiors but it's 11495x7690 for 57.7 MB so. Have a much smaller B2.
Replies: >>3341
Nice, love this one.
rip.png (u)
[Hide] (57KB, 1184x908)
Hello friends and family! I am looking for an image of a diagram/chart of all the imageboard software.
It was originally posted on 8chan's tech board in 2019: http://web.archive.org/web/20190622041930/https://8ch.net/tech/res/1059807.html
Sadly archive.org has blacklisted the media files domain for 8chan and it's not on archive.today either. So if any oldfag here has the image, it would be much appreciated.
Is one year of extreme hard work enough to land me a job? Assuming I don't know shit about coding.
Replies: >>3361
Absolutely, I got into the field in under a year and a half while being a lazy bastard. Biggest thing you need to do is pick a direction (web apps/desktop apps/sysadmin type work/etc) and your starting languages (c++/c#/pyton/rust/whatever, check how the job market is for whatever catches your eye) to start in and start learning from there. You can try a bootcamp where they teach you from zero for a few month but those are a mixed bag. Once you pick your tools and learn the basics, start designing an program/tool to build with whatever you pick and get building. If you're not going to get a degree then having a repo or two that you can demonstrate your ability with is going to really help you out. Protip: the most valuable skill that's going to make or break you is the ability to google. If you can't use search engines to figure out what you don't already know then you'll never make it. We all do it and we never stop doing it, so get good at it.

Now, that will cover the technical side of getting into this kind of career. The next hardest part of getting started is dealing with HR drones. A lot of them will see that you didnt waste 4+ years and 10's of thousands on a piece of paper despite being able to demonstrate your proficiency and will turn you away. A good sign is when someone on the dev team is involved in your initial interview, you should always ask what their process is and what they expect after the initial pleasentries. Either way, just apply to all the relevant jobs at first. Even if the first one is crap if you can hack it for a few months you'll look a lot better as an applicant with that on your resume. Also, get a 100% remote job if at all possible, it's never been easier.

So find some beginner tutorials (try python/html/css/js/c#/sql/anything else), build some simple things with what you like, and start planning a larger project thats going to require you to learn a whole bunch of new shit.
What's a good receipt scanner for Linux? I'm using an old Brother scanner which works okay, but because it's a basic scanner it leaves in a lot of artifacts and paper folds which messes up OCR. I also have to manually crop each receipt, or sometimes even manually clean up the receipt if it scans too poorly.
I can settle for an Android app if necessary. I just need something that's easy and works.
Replies: >>3366
Learning about dynamic DNS and wanna set up a custom host name for a small server I'm running alongside my pihole on my Ubuntu machine.
Most solutions suggest I just pay for a service, but that seems to just be inserting a middleman where I could just do it myself.

How do I go about setting up DDNS with a custom hostname for myself?
Replies: >>3366
Configuring can be a pain but it's worth it. You need something with a static ip that you can host a dns on, like a vps. Install bind or some other dns server that allow runtime config changes/reload. Configure a custom zone (you can do anything because you are not jewed by icann, like name it nigger.faggot) with forwarding the rest to upstream. I suggest either internic or opennic (better) for upstream. Then find a ddns script/server, quick search example https://github.com/SFTtech/sftdyn . Get them work together. Final step is setting all your devices to use your selfhosted dns.
Anyone can unjew themselves with just a little selfhosting. But your zone will not work for others unless they also use your dns or forward queries to it,
Are you looking for a hardware scanner or some scanner software that can clean and autocrop?
What's a good uncucked search engine?
Replies: >>3380 >>3388
Replies: >>3381
searx might be uncucked but it's a shit engine
Replies: >>3382
Works well enough for me, just adjust the engines in the preference menu.
Only wiby as far as I know.
Spoiler File (u)
(677.8KB, 1080x1440)
What's the best way to remove low bitrate noise from picrel so that it doesn't get worse after putting it through rife and realesrgan?
Googling led me to https://github.com/vapoursynth/vapoursynth and https://vsdb.top/ but the shit has 700 plugins and I don't know what exactly I need.
Replies: >>3391
find the original that wasn't reencoded 10 times
IMG_000116.png (u)
[Hide] (13.9KB, 300x400)
Oh it's original
Try this I guess
267434856db0b4ef5d31e3f5f97154d7a99952c7f1f086c98ee94223c8713327.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (711.8KB, 1920x1088, 00:06)
what is the probability of a dist-upgrade breaking my system? devuan now has a new stable release built on the 5.x kernel, i did an upgrade on my VM and everything went smoothly but that doesn't mean anything since it's very barebones. i just don't want to spend three days trying to unfuck an upgrade that will inevitably end in a reinstall anyways.
Replies: >>3395 >>3396 >>3397
Got backups? All your need is that.
Just install Gentoo.
Replies: >>3399
>what is the probability of a dist-upgrade breaking my system? 
Do apt upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade
Upgrading to next version of Debian stable has never broken my system and I'm pretty sure that Devuan is as stable as Debian. I don't use Debian anymore though
>using SystemD
Replies: >>3400
>using SystemD
>OpenRC is Gentoo's native init system, although other init systems are available (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Comparison_of_init_systems)
>OpenRC was developed for Gentoo
IMG_20211013_222042.jpg (u)
[Hide] (455KB, 614x1583)
anyone here learned alibaba cloud, nosql programming? how do you ace the test certificate? how much programming do you need to know for it?

and where can i apply for jobs with it?
Replies: >>3402
You need at least 2 jab vax and 1 additional booster shot  in order to apply tech job
Replies: >>3403
doesnt mention anything like that in the course. are you sure you are in t right forum? or moreover...have you taken your meds? or have you been skipping your theraphy session?
Replies: >>3404
Replies: >>3405
what else
>>2 (OP) 
I need advice for a not-shit chair.

I use mine constantly, and the shit I get from either costco or staples break within one to three years. I'd rather pay more for something that will last than something that will get fucked down the line.
Replies: >>3408
gen.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6KB, 320x240)
Find used office chairs on local online market, look for ones with most adjustability and look up reviews for it. 
And never buy a chair you haven't sat on.
88dc5716caf4fd5b17949d56f88284031493e04cca0793af3600b1dc84c1726f.gif (u)
[Hide] (44.2KB, 190x300)
>turn on puter
>devuan only detects 8 of my 16GB of RAM
>no major system change, no hardware change
>BIOS sees 4 4GB DIMMs in all slots, but only detects 8GB
>do a BIOS update, no change
>mess around with their positions
>sometimes when there's two sticks it only detects one
>in one case there were three sticks installed but it only detected one stick, like one of them was some sort of anti-RAM
>after switching them around for 20 minutes eventually it finally sees all four sticks and full 16GB
>but now it won't boot off my NVMe
>figure it has something to do with the BIOS update since it added support for wangblows 11 gay TPM shit
>downgrade to a pre-win11 BIOS
>still nothing, it sees the NVMe but no filesystem on it
>go to EFI shell, it sees it just fine
>point shell to GRUB EFI and boot it
>it just werks
what the fuck
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