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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Try USE="-gpm" emerge -1 ncurses and then try again.
Replies: >>10118
Yeah. Well I made a seperate package.unmask file for ncurses. 
With the suggested safety measure to disable all other packages in the repo, I also had to unmask these dependencies in a package.unmask file: games-util/steam-meta
and likewise accept the ~amd64 keyword for them in package.accept_keywords:   GNU nano 7.2                                       steam                                                 
games-util/steam-meta ~amd64
games-util/steam-launcher ~amd64
games-util/steam-client-meta ~amd64
games-util/game-device-udev-rules ~amd64
Steam (or its dependencies I guess) builds now. Good night.
Just searched for random videos about gentoo on jewtube and on the top were of course your typical anime hipster faggots and that 4chan nigger with his obnoxious wojack thumbnails who lately pops up in my recommendations.
Makes me really self reflect on what an autistic hipster faggot I am and I'm seriously considering uninstalling gentoo again.

Seriosly I'll put a blacklist in my router tomorrow and rid myself all that jewtube crap etc.
Replies: >>10121 >>10133
>self reflecting over jewtube videos
>believing anything from jewtube videos
>watching anything on a platform designed for mass control
>deciding your os over what others think
>deciding anything basing on other people
>having even the desire to know what others think
You are in serious need of self reflection alright.
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I'm running Linux Mint on a wifi connection and at what seems to be a little over every 60 seconds my connection speed drops to zero for a brief time, killing any DLs ongoing and causing "ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED" errors in browser if I happen to be opening a new page at the time. The connection stays connected (video streaming will keep going). This error does not effect any other machine in my house, it happens across two USB wireless adapters (which use different drivers. One BrosTrend the other Panda Wireless) on the same machine but not when the same machine is using a phone tethering. Any idea what's going on?
Replies: >>10126
I was in serious need of some sleep.
I'm back up again, mana is recharged. 
Another day, another gentoo emerge.
>recommend me good VPS providers to run a matrix server on 
>should be privacy focused/ censorship free 
>preferably outside the realm of western europe or US
>is ITLDC a viable solution?
Replies: >>10133
Try disabling IPv6 in network manager. You can edit it by clicking on the nm-applet control panel and selecting "edit connections".
Maybe try the other suggestions from this article:
took me like a 10sec google search.
Replies: >>10128
The other suggestion is to disable IPv6 via a kernel parameter. Maybe that's the better method. 
But try doing it via nm-applet first.
Replies: >>10133
Thanks. Seems to have worked. I constantly hear PulseAudio is a trashfire, which explains why its defaults were so retarded (assuming everything is a laptop and shut down soundplay after a few seconds of inactivity) and needed to be manually edited. Why is basic internet functionality such an issue?
>took me like a 10sec google search.
Search engines give wildly differing results to each user nowadays, especially with generic sounding tech questions.
Replies: >>10129
>Search engines give wildly differing results to each user nowadays
that's why I use startpage
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What are some good VPS providers?
I want to run a matrix server.
Replies: >>10133 >>10136
>go to google and type in this word and then click on the 3rd result
t. my boomer family members
It's true that some dorks install Gentoo just to get nerd creds. They probably don't even select any USE flags themselves, they just copy+paste the Wiki and blindly copy everything. There are really some valid reasons why Gentoo is such a great distro, for example, you can disable stuff to remove some bloat (or stuff you don't need or even want) and you can easily apply custom patches or you can have a Linux system where most programs are statically linked (if you want to). And the USE flags and Portage automates most stuff. I'm not aware of any other distro or OS that allows these and that is as convenient as Gentoo/Portage (if you don't count Funtoo, but I have tried both and Gentoo > Funtoo).

>recommend me good VPS providers
The only good one is Mullvad.

>Maybe that's the better method. 
It is, if you don't need IPv6. Just add ipv6.disable=1 to your Linux kernel cmdline parameters (in /etc/default/grub).
>There are really some valid reasons why Gentoo is such a great distro
The main thing that made gentoo good was the hardened project. But now grsec is private and all the toolchain hardening has been upstreamed to gcc. Learning is the only other good reason to use gentoo, if you want to get into tech as a profession then learning the ins and outs of essentially rolling your own distro will teach you a lot. Hacking on your own ebuilds in an overlay will also teach you about how different software projects are built and distributed if you are interested in software development.
Replies: >>10165
VPS, not VPN. I want to host my own matrix instance and maybe create my own open vpn server.
The only one I can somewhat recommend is BuyVM. I think smuglo.li is still running on that, as long you don't host anything blatantly illegal they don't really care.
The uptime is not the best, though, and they're constantly out of stock, Buyvm stock notifier is your friend.
Replies: >>10138 >>10179
Some reflections on my experience thus far:
I think I already learned a lot I wouln't have learned on other distros. 
It certainly teaches patience and reading up on things yourself, although anons here also have been a great help.
 I certainly am not afraid of making my own custom kernels anymore after setting up the manual kernel from scratch.
Another useful aspect is I had some problems with my hardware on Arch and those are now gone,  now that I have individually selected every firmware component and kernel option needed.

I try to keep useflags to a minimum.

The control over licenses is also very useful and the ability to make exceptions for individual packages.
The eselect repos are more secure over the AUR and give me a sense of better security, that I can strictly discriminate what I want to have from those repos.

As far as I'm concerned another great feature of portage is that it can install several versions of the same package, avoiding a lot of dependency conflicts.

Overall I'm happy that I can finally maxx out my hardware and it is a pleasure to see how quickly packages are compiling my Ryzen 3600. Librewolf took under half an hour.

I guess its mostly placebo, also because I haven't used this PC in a long time, but everything feels much cleaner and incredibly snappy. Programs open in a matter of uSeconds.
I guess it would be more noticable on slower systems. 
I've seen some fag install gentoo on a 486 and running programs including a web browser on X. Might try that on my K6.
Though ofc. with the downside that compiling is a pain on such slow systems. 
Maybe there's a way to have another PC compile the packages.

Its always important to keep notes. With those portage quirks now obvious to me I think I could install, I think I could install a full system in a matter of hours.
A friend recommended me ITLDC. He made several OpenVPN servers with that.
Any experience with it?
Prices are better than on ITLDC, though if I get uptime as a downside, I don't really think it's worth it - at least for my matrix project.

I will definetely consider making a VPN server with that. The cheapest option having unlimited bandwith is unbeatable as far as I'm concerned.
That would far outdo anything Mullvad could provide, right?
Replies: >>10141
Sucks that BuyVM only has Luxemburg as european location. Will they care if I download my pirated movies whatever?
Replies: >>10141
The cheapeat option is out of stock. Of course it is
Replies: >>10141
>unlimited bandwith
That's actually bullshit, you get something 25Mbit/s per GB of ram, except burstable. So yeah, bandwidth is unlimited, speed is not.
>Will they care if I download my pirated movies whatever?
I regularly use my VPSes as proxy to download from crappy file sharing sites, nobody cares about that. Not sure about torrent though.
And yeah, Luxemburg is usually out of stock, since that's the only DMCA-free region.
Try 8 - 10 AM PST, especially on 1st and 7th day of the month, that's when they process most of the cancellations.
Replies: >>10142
On the other provider you have a bandwith limit of 2tb. 
>Try 8 - 10 AM PST, especially on 1st and 7th day of the month
Noted. Thanks!
How can I auto decrypt multiple drives upon bootup on Gentoo OpenRC?
Just putting the additional drive in my crypttab doesn't work.
It works creating a script in /etc/local.d but it will get decrypted AFTER fstab tries to mount the partitions and also I would like to think there should be a much cleaner, elegant solution.
Ok, it's called dmcrypt on OpenRC.
Weird that crypttab did work in conjunction with dracut using the auto root decrypt on my full disk encrypted system
Sorry for the late reply, what I was trying to say is that your dependencies in emerge is not able select which NSS version. Something is pulling NSS 3.79.4 in your current system, but the available version requested by librewolf is 3.89 and it doesn't know which to choose (likely because you are using an overlay). 99% of the time you can fix this by just upgrading to the latest version.
Try passing this:
emerge --ask --oneshot =dev-libs/nss-3.89
and emerge librewolf again.
Just a note you should NOT use wayland steam yet because sparkle animations for chat profile pictures is X11 only, bugged on wayland and basically lags the entire client out because of one dumb animation gimmick.
Replies: >>10147
I mean librewolf works, so I'm wondering if I should just ignore it?
Replies: >>10148
>Librewolf works
Okay, you can ignore until your next @world update. I thought the slot conflict was a hard block and preventing emerge from merging librewolf.
I have been thinking about getting a drawing tablet so I could get rid of the endless amounts of paper I print out and have no place to store. I'm not an artist, so I don't need a high end one, but searching the internets for things like these become more tiring every day with the insane amount of paid shills, plus the insane amount of retards using linux these days, so I'd like to ask you anons if any of you have any experience with them. What I'd like:
>hdmi + usb, connect to computer as a secondary screen
>pen + touch screen (so I can even use it without the pen if I don't have to draw)
>linux support
And by linux support, I mean normal support, not that binary garbage (aka botnet) some chink tablets have. Also preferably without OpenTabletDriver (who the fuck though writing driver a in .net is a good idea? And it also requires gtk3. Why does a driver need a gui, it's supposed to be just a config file with some variables, only retarded windows niggers have these preconception of every fucking thing needing a fucking gui for no fucking reason. And if you decide to write a fucking gui at least don't use the fucking worst widget toolkit in the whole fucking universe for fucks sake).
Nice to have:
>13-16" screen
>1920x1200 resolution (fat chance)
>doesn't break the bank
>not those super shiny screens that work better as a mirror than a monitor
Do you know anything that even remotely resembles this?
Replies: >>10165
I didn't get a single kernel panic on my fully manual gentoo install
Replies: >>10164
Good for you
No. The reason to use Gentoo is choice. I can choose to do without dbus, systemd, pulseaudio and *kit.
I don't know. If you want strong linux support, wacom has the best chances. As usual, search the model up before buying to make sure it works.
The only thing that comes close are recent 2-in-1s with a stylus enabled screen. For example a second-hand surface.
Replies: >>10189
Everytime I run the system for an extended amount of time and then change something about the screen configuration, the whole system becomes completely unresponsive for a minute or longer. 
If I can remember correctly, in the past it sometimes locked up completely, leading to a reboot.

I haven't used this computer for maybe a year or so and thought it somehow got fixed.
Alredy updated the uefi to the newest firmware. BUT THIS SHIT STILL HAPPENS
No matter what kernel/ distro.

THis is what I get from dmesg: possible language: csharp, relevance: 15
[73047.805571] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73053.089571] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73058.358874] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73066.263024] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73074.166533] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73079.458820] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73087.368954] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
[73095.278931] amdgpu 0000:07:00.0: amdgpu: 
               last message was failed ret is 0
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Any way I can get around providing all those personal information?
Replies: >>10189
You have an rx 380  with Gentoo right? Try setting in kernel or boot args for dpm to be 1 or 0, it's a bit fucked since they set it one way and then inverted the choice.
Also, kernel version, your graphics settings, and is your AMD GPU drivers built into the kernel?
Yes, it's r9 380x

AMDGPU is built as module. I'll build it directly into the kernel. Should work since I have dracut configured to include firmware in the initramfs, right?

amdgpu.dpm=1 ?
Ok found this https://www.mikejonesey.co.uk/linux/amdgpu-linux-driver-parameters
Won't this toast my GPU then if it can't dynamically throttle down clockspeed?

The arch wiki also suggested this kernel paramter for another error message that I don't know is related to this issue: 
Built the kernel, disabled dpm, let's see if this fixed it.
Just remember if you build amdgpu into the kernel, the firmware blobs must be included as well (see Gentoo wiki page)
Also, what is your performance governor? Performance seems to have issues at times with the old cgn cards (and has shit drivers for these... I know because Polaris has been an eternal shitshow). Use ondemand or conservative.
I think it's just dpm=1 (try 0 as well) since 4.xx kernel.
Another thing to check, are you using multiple outputs (like 2x HDMI etc)? That causes issues and has not been fixed since 4.14....
What is your kernel version?
>AMDGPU built as a module
That's fine. No need to build in initramfs, that's if you build it into the kernel. I was asking if the old ati module is not being built, or if it is, blacklisted.
> amdgpu.vm_update_mode=3
No idea

See these: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=204609
Replies: >>10185
[Hide] (107.5KB, 818x1025)
 It doesn't explicitely say to include it in the kernel and it is a pain to do so, but I'll try it anyways.
Replies: >>10186
I haven't set any governour
Replies: >>10191
>second-hand surface
You mean the microsoft one? But that's a complete tablet computer, I just need a display that I can connect to my computer. Something like Bosto 16HDT, except less shady (but even that sells for almost 300 burgerbucks on aliexpress) and proper linux support (it doesn't look lite it's working: https://github.com/DIGImend/digimend-kernel-drivers/issues/518) 
Bitcoin, VPN and hoping you won't get caught for providing false info?
>There's a default governor selected. You have to have one
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> want to move ~680gb folder  to different btrfs subvolum
>delete old synthing instance 
>move contents
>create new instance
>have this happening
Replies: >>10200
I can even delete the whole folder to no avail.
Can I delete some cache files or something to fix this shit?
and I can add this retarded .stfolder file. It will still display the folder as ~4tb even though it's just 680gb
Fixed it by removing and adding the laptop again.
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herro anon-
How can I save the number following = in a variable for a bash script?
*the number for Synaptics touch pad
figured it out myself. 
It's the 'cut' command
Ok. I can't into bash possible language: bash, relevance: 17
#! /bin/bash
touchpad_id=$(xinput list | grep TouchPad |tr -s ' ' |cut -c 40-42)
tapping_enabled_id=$(xinput list-props 10 | grep 'Tapping Enabled' |cut -c 36-38)
xinput set-prop $touchpad_id $tapping_enabled_id 1
Returns: X Error of failed request:  BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)
  Major opcode of failed request:  131 (XInputExtension)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  57 ()
  Serial number of failed request:  21
  Current serial number in output stream:  22
Replies: >>10206 >>10210
What are you trying to do, anon?

A tip: you generally want to use set -eu in scripts because you probably want to stop when you encounter errors. Adding also set o pipefail  makes the script fail if one of the piped commands fails (you don't want to use this always). Also, use shellcheck (unfortunately, it's the only way to make shell scripts less annoying to write).

If you want to enable tap to click permanently, the correct way to do it is to use xorg.conf.d:
language: bash
cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/43-touchpad.conf
Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "MyTouchpad"
    MatchIsTouchpad "on"
    Driver "synaptics"
    Option "TapButton1" "1"
    Option "TapButton2" "3"

I got this config from a web search result because I use libinput(4) driver on my laptop. I have this in my config:
language: bash
cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/43-touchpad.conf
Section "InputClass"
    Identifier "MyTouchpad"
    MatchIsTouchpad "on"
    Driver "libinput"
    Option "Tapping" "on"
    Option "ScrollMethod" "edge"
See also: libinput(4) or synaptics(4) and xorg.conf(5) Especially the comments about "MatchProduct", if you want this option to be enabled for 1 device (get the product name with xinput list).
Replies: >>10210
You can also learn to use the Gentoo wiki and a search engine https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Libinput#Touchpad_tap-to-click
Are there any FOSS "code-generating app"s (alternatives to Authy or Google Authenticator) for Android? Failing that, something as cancer free as possible.
Replies: >>10212 >>10220
I have syncthing set up to sync the whole directory structure, of my data drive - including complete massive virtualbox images - between different computers, all using btrfs, which runs snapper to provide additional security if something goes wrong. So it is a kind of backup system, while also providing sync. And surprisingly enough it all works great without an issue.

I'm just wondering will this lead to problems in the long run? How can I remedy these problems?

>What are you trying to do, anon?
Same poster: >>10205
Thanks! that's just what I was looking for and trying to achieve with the script.
I'll put this in my xorg.conf.
I mean I heard that fragmentation is an issue on btrfs
Replies: >>10220
Already answered. https://www.nongnu.org/oath-toolkit/oathtool.1.html
Use a search engine.
Replies: >>10220
I feel like I'm bloating my system installing something like kde or gimp. 
I mean we had this topic before in this thread, with flatpak having huge security vulnerabilities. But is this also an issue with such offline software?
Replies: >>10215
[Hide] (47KB, 594x704)
Jo. I used the "digital paper" or whatever it's called note taking application xournal++ for creating this chart of the backup/sync of my various computers. Are there any better, perhaps more minimalist tools for creating charts like this?
Replies: >>10215
Flatpak just hides the bloat. It's still there.

You mean something like Dia or https://www.drawio.com ? I guess Inkscape would be acceptable as well?
Replies: >>10216
>Flatpak just hides the bloat
yep, but I can easily remove it, if I want to.
Anon. You have helped me greatly. I haven't had a single freeze in over a day of uptime now.
Replies: >>10227
dpm 0 is what did it.
Replies: >>10227
You can mount with autodefrag, but that can have horrible impact on the performance of bigger sqlite databases, and maybe disk images, so I stopped doing that. Alternatively there is btrfs fi defrag to manually defragment a file, but  its effectiveness greatly degrades as soon as you start having snapshots/COW copies of that file. You can also try nodatacow to prevent the issue in the first place, but that interacts with snapshots in a non-obvious manner: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/285763/taking-snapshots-of-a-btrfs-volume-mounted-with-nodatacow
In the end, COW and data deduplication generally leads to higher fragmentation. If you try to defragment it, you'll end up with higher disk usage (but less fragmentation). I also recommend getting btdu, which can show you how much space is lost due to broken up extents.
One alternative that I use is to use LVM2 and create separate LVs for the VMs. They won't fragment, but also you won't be able to snapshot them together with the btrfs subvolume. (Look` into lvm thin if you need thin provisioning/better snapshotting support).
He asked for an android app.
I'm using andOTP, but it looks like it's unmaintained now, so you probably better looking for something else, considering how often jewgle likes to break android APIs.
Replies: >>10221
>asked for an android app
I realized that after posting. What about termux? https://packages.termux.dev/apt/termux-main/pool/main/o/oathtool/
Replies: >>10222
Can be useful if you really need some normal linux app on your phone, but in general using CLI tools on android is a huge pain in the ass, Small touchscreens are simply unfit for typing, and phones with physical qwerty keyboards are almost nonexistent these days (save for some niche products, like fxtec pro).
Just be sure to set the proper states yourself according to the AMDGPU page. The CGN cards seem to get horrible drivers for some retarded reason. My guess is because of the horrid fam15h CPU launch right before CGN came out so  they were just trying to do the "bare minimum"
Replies: >>10228
What do you mean? dpm is disabled.
The gpu is running passive and is at 60° idle right now. Looks fine to me.
Replies: >>10230
Nvm I was being retarded. I was thinking about manually clocking/ setting to performance dpm mode. Doesn't solve your issue.
Replies: >>10231 >>10235
will disabling dpm have an impact on gayme performance?
I just checked into metro exodus to test and it's looking fine.
Replies: >>10238
It's been a year since I used i2p. I didn't use it because I used to be on shit internet, and now that I've got better internet, I want to use it again.

I forgot to write down the account and password for my router, and I'm essentially locked out. I have salvaged all that I needed from my ~/.i2p and ~/.i2pd folders, completely erased them, erased the old install, and installed the latest version of i2p from the website.

No matter what the fuck I do, i2p still asks for an account and password. The only source about resetting passwords is a six-year-old reddit post that is outdated as fuck, and FUCKING NOTHING on the i2p forums.

I am at my wit's end. I don't care what happens to my router as I barely used i2p in the first place.

How do I get a fresh start on i2p short of backing up my personal data and nuking my ~/home partition?
Replies: >>10234
I think you have reset the config. From docs https://i2pd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user-guide/configuration/#http-webconsole the password is random and in the logs.
Replies: >>10255
[Hide] (158.2KB, 2050x452)
"man soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben".
I think I got a crash agin. While trying to suspend, the system became unresponsive and rebooted after a while.
Picreel is all it says in syslog regarding that.
Replies: >>10236 >>10240
dmesg, what does it say when this happens?
I've managed to find a page listing these as options for a FOSS code-generating app for Android. Anyone have any recommendations for which to pick?
>Aegis Authenticator
>andOTP (no update since 2021)
>FreeOTP Plus
See: https://www.phoronix.com/review/amd_radeon_dpm/4
Yes but it's not too big a difference unless you're pushing for max frames. More of a power saver. 
>Still crashing
Need more debug info, I suggest you check xorg.log and dmesg output.
>inb4 other advice
You might also want to check your suspend settings (maybe initramfs is fucked). I don't use suspend or hibernate. check also that in the kernel AMD_MEM_ENCRYPT_ACTIVE_BY_DEFAULT is unset (try passing kernel parameter mem_encrypt=off)
What was your dracut parameters? Try passing the module "resume" explicitly or  using genkernel's initramfs since it seems to be more stable for me.
I suggest you browse the gentoo wiki/irc/forum, otherwise. Like I said the Volcanic Island cards really seem to get the short end of the code quality stick. Your card might just be fucked and on the way out too.
Have you disabled SMT (Inlel calls it Hyper-Threading) in UEFI or Linux? Some motherboards don't support suspending on RAM if you disable it. If you are talking about suspending on disk, you need to make sure to set Linux kernel cmdline resume partition param.
My nvme started having controller reset issues in dmesg and the filesystem would be remounted ro afterwards. I transferred all data to another nvme drive with a usb enclosure. I had to point a fan to it and limit speed to be able to transfer the whole thing.
I noticed the issue only happens when there is a lot of activity, read or write. I haven't trimmed for a while.
Is the drive dying or not?
Replies: >>10243 >>10249
What does smartctl say?
Replies: >>10244 >>10245
Replies: >>10245
Sorry, I was away for work. How stupid to forget about my smarts.
SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED

SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02)
Critical Warning:                   0x00
Temperature:                        29 Celsius
Available Spare:                    100%
Available Spare Threshold:          10%
Percentage Used:                    1%
Data Units Read:                    6 [3.07 MB]
Data Units Written:                 0
Host Read Commands:                 393
Host Write Commands:                0
Controller Busy Time:               0
Power Cycles:                       2,849
Power On Hours:                     0
Unsafe Shutdowns:                   40
Media and Data Integrity Errors:    0
Error Information Log Entries:      0
Warning  Comp. Temperature Time:    0
Critical Comp. Temperature Time:    0

Warning: NVMe Get Log truncated to 0x200 bytes, 0x200 bytes zero filled
Error Information (NVMe Log 0x01, 16 of 256 entries)
Num   ErrCount  SQId   CmdId  Status  PELoc          LBA  NSID    VS
  0 281474976710944   264  0x044c  0x0000  0x000  34359738368  2560  0x40
  1 9345848836104   272  0x0000  0x0000  0x001     71958776     0  0x08
  2          5     8  0x0000  0x0840  0x000 281474976710920 71827688     -
  3 307653042898010132     5  0x0000  0x0000  0x000 8933531975688   260     -
  4 536834628116398592    28  0x0000  0x00c0  0x000     16777217     8     -
  5 34359738368 49592  0x0001  0x383a  0x773 307089852426616860     1     -
  6 72057598332895288     0  0x0000  0x0000  0x000 536834563691889032    28  0x58
  7 120384075812   760  0x0000  0x0001  0x100  34359738368 114984  0x28
Error counts look funny. I think this is dead.
Replies: >>10246 >>10247
That test looks fucked.

Have you tried removing and then reinserting the drive? How about putting it in the USB enclosure to see if it fixes the problem? If neither of these work then I'd feel confident in saying that the drive is dead by now.
Replies: >>10250
Instead of getting a new laptop because you can't get the drives in your country, maybe just install the OS on a small low profile USB 3 stick.
What's the best way to rip software CD/DVDs on Lunix?
Replies: >>10253 >>10259
Do you happen to have Samsung 990 Pro? It shipped with bad firmware: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/samsung-990-pro-firmware-update-released-ssd-health

I got an idea.

You can (optionally) run Alpine Linux off RAM and store changes on a SD card or flash drive (you need to do this manually). Alpine can be installed on disk, too. The only caveat with running Alpine as your desktop/laptop OS is that proprietary software doesn't work with musl. But GZDoom works, Chromium/Firefox works, and so on.  I recommend that you use stable release first but you can upgrade to edge (-current) if you want to. I ran Alpine Linux edge as my only desktop OS for like 2 months.

Some hints:
>>4466 && >>9958

Replies: >>10250
The drive is already in the USB enclosure. It is available for readwrite until it hits the controller reset and gets hots.
>990 pro
It is a generic chink nvme ssd, don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to buy it. It could be a rebranded 990 Pro.
>can't get the drives in your country
What? What country does anony live in that doesn't allow the trade of hard drives? Fucking North Korea...??
Replies: >>10252
have you been living under a rock
nk has more freedoms than any western kike run country
Can he at least salvage broken laptops for drives?
It started working again when I restarted my PC... Okay, I'll take that too I guess.
cat /dev/cd0 > cd.iso
Do any Anons know where I can pirate any of the books here: https://hdcookbook.jovial.com/ ?
I haven't had any luck with libgen.
Replies: >>10270
Are GParted-formatted drives simply not accessible from Windows? Why is that?
Replies: >>10270 >>10278
What do you mean by gparted-formatted? The partition table should be visible if you are creating gpt or mbr labels. Use disk manager.
No luck, it is an unpopular book.
Replies: >>10281 >>10307
You're really close. the return 0 in calcFinalprice should be the last line of int main. The line in calcFinalprice where you do your math shoud start with return. Also, you only need to #include <iostream> for your functions to work.

As an aside Ilike std::getline(std::cin, wholesalePrice) betten then cin >> because it will separate input by '\n'.
>Are GParted-formatted drives simply not accessible from Windows?

>Why is that?
You formatted your partition as a format that is not supported by Windows. Windoze doesn't support EXT4, for example. Use NTFS or FAT32 (for smaller partitions that you want to be easily accessible everywhere, like your flash drives.).
Replies: >>10281
What's the feasibility of using a docker-focused distro for daily driving? Or at the very least using it solely for vidya while the rest of the host is doing it's own thing?
Replies: >>10280
>What's the feasibility of using a docker-focused distro for daily driving?
What you mean by that? Are you talking about Alpine Linux? Or, do you mean that you want to play video games on a server PC that's doing $other_stuff at the same time or do you mean that you want to run games inside Docker containers? You can use nice/renice to make processes more nice to other processes (i.e. change their priority). If you are talking about Alpine... I used to run it as a daily driver for a couple of months and it works (provided that you don't need proprietary software because non-free software expect that you use Glibc. For example, GZDoom just works on Alpine, as do most other FLOSS games.). If you meant that you want to run proprietary programs inside Docker, then the performance penalty is smaller vs. using a full-blown VM but I have never used Docker like that. Either way, you want a lot of RAM (except, if you meant Alpine Linux without VMs or containers.). I think it's easier to run sever stuff inside containers and play your video games outside of containers.

Here is a quick overview: https://gursimarsm.medium.com/run-gui-applications-in-a-docker-container-ca625bad4638
Replies: >>10287
I tried formatting a disk, using GParted, as FAT32 but it wasn't accessible from Windows. Search results indicate that there's an issue with GParted and NTFS drives (see links below), but not FAT32...
Is GParted simply unable to format drives such that Windows can read them?
>Use disk manager
You mean on Windows? It can see the disk and partitions but can't access their contents or assign them letters.

Replies: >>10282 >>10283
>Is GParted simply unable to format drives such that Windows can read them?
No. I have used it for years and it just works. Have you tried disabling fast book (aka hybrid sleep) on windows? You can find it in the win7 style control panel => power options => IIRC (from left) "choose what the power button does".
Replies: >>10284
Can you try disk management in cmd (forget what it's called) to see why letters can't be assigned?
Replies: >>10284
It's already off, I'm on Windows 7.
>I have used it for years and it just works
Can you detail your procedure for formatting a disk as NTFS/FAT so that it works on Windows?

No idea what you're talking about, sorry. Also I would rather avoid cmd and terminals especially when it comes to manipulating disks.
Replies: >>10285 >>10286
>no idea what you're talking about
Use a search engine winigger.
>avoid cmd and terminals
And wait for a message box to show up on disk manager to tell you why you can't assign letters?
Replies: >>10295
>Can you detail your procedure for formatting a disk as NTFS/FAT so that it works on Windows?
This is what I do for my flash drives but I used similar method on my old PC for making a Fat32 partition for sharing stuff between windows and Linux.
I'm on Void Linux and I have gparted version 1.5.0.
1. open terminal emu
2. sudo gparted
3. select device from the drop down menu (first make sure it's not mounted, umount it if it is. you can use lsblk to check it).
4. (optional) If you want to nuke everything: menubar => device => create new partition table => GPT for partitions that are larger than 1TB, otherwise use MBR/MS-DOS.
  Or shrink/delete a partition.
Note: You should use Windows disk management GUI for shrinking NTFS partitions because I heard that there is an edge case that wasn't properly handled years ago.
5. Right click on the free space and select New.
6. select FAT32 as the file system format and press add.
7. press Apply from toolbar (green check mark)
8. Done.

You can alternatively use cgdisk (gpt-fdisk) or cfdisk on terminal. Then use mkfs.??? /dev/sd?n (change ? to correct letter and n to correct partition num) to format your partition (check the output of lsblk first). You want to set the partition type to 0B or 0C aka "FAT32 win95 LBA" or something similar (on GPT HDD, Botnet 10 used partition type 0700 for NTFS but pls use Windows tools for making the NTFS partition but use gparted to nuke or delete partition(s).).

>No idea what you're talking about, sorry.
different anon, but you can probably also use the disk management GUI or go to drive properties on the explorer GUI and change the drive letter there?
Replies: >>10295
>Details on docker daily driver.

Short answer - Steam does not play well with WMs on my system. I was wondering if using docker would keep steam and games not related to steam more stable, secure, and private while the host end I could edit what I want in regards to the WM/DE. Your link to "Gui in docker containers" is actually extremely relevant to my interests.

Long answer - Steam does not like it when I change from mainline DE (XFCE, KDE, etc) to just a straight WM. Depending on the WM I switch to, it will cause some form of badness that makes me unable to play vidya. Because of this, I've been using XFCE, but otherwise I'd prefer to use as little overhead on the WM/DE side of things within reason, but I keep going back to XFCE.

Don't get me wrong, XFCE is a perfectly-good DE, and it's light relative to all the bullshit on the market, but I wanted to "use as little overhead as I can" with my DE/WM, and thus, thought of keeping steam, other vidya, browsing, and anything GUI-related in a docker container that contains all the shit that steam needs to function at best (within the limitations of valve's programming).

What I was expecting, is that I could set up a docker container using say, either ubuntu, linux mint, or steamOS's (as a last resort) files, set up steam, and theoretically, be able to play vidya with as little problems as possible on a linux setup, while retaining the low drag of having just a WM on the X side of things.

The link you posted has shed quite a bit of light on what I am to expect when it comes to docker containers. What I want is a balance between the security of my system and the convenience of just being able to get shit running in a few clicks. With my current system, VMs are either too slow, or too clunky for me, so I've been using jails otherwise.

From your link, it shows that using docker with the first method doesn't stop spying at all, and I'd need to look more up on VNC before I'd decide if it's worth going through the trouble setting it up.

Either way, thanks, and if this helps, I hope to know what you think on this.
Replies: >>10288 >>10292
Not him and I don't know if launching games are related to steam. If you want to run steam in its own de, you only need to run an xephyr or xpra session. If you want more security, you can mount the xephyr or spra socket to a container.
Replies: >>10291
I'll keep that in mind too, thanks!
>steam not playing well
Are you using X or Wayland? Steam does not support Wayland because they literally haven't ported the animations over properly.
If you have an extra disk, I think one disk can work if you encrypt partition but I am not a fan of that) what about this setup:
>Disk 1
>Properly encrypted OS and minimal net connection
>Disk 2
<telemetry applications, 
<webrowswer like fagfox
>Encrypted Swap
>shared transfer disk
It's not like you can escape udev + dbus these days on steam  and dependency hell.
Replies: >>10293
>X or wayland
X. I doubt I'd touch wayland except for work or other use cases where vidya isn't as important. 

I'm currently on Slackware 15 since it's the distro I'm most comfortable with. I've had other distros break on the next boot after an update years ago, and I haven't quite got-gud-enough to install gentoo unironically, yet.

>Encrypted system with shared transfer disk.
Haven't really thought of that. I'll need to get another HD, first. The current ones I got are at least ten years old, and I don't know how long they'll last.

>It's not like you can escape udev + dbus these days on steam  and dependency hell.
Aaaaaaaaa I know that pain.
Replies: >>10299
[Hide] (12.3KB, 505x125)
I'm using Void Linux as well but version 1.4.0 of GParted.
>This is what I do for my flash drives
Thanks, that worked (for FAT32). But I think there's a problem when resizing partitions:
<burn ISO to flash drive using Rufus on Windows
<result is one FAT32 partition readable by Windows
<shrink partition and add a second one, also FAT32, using GParted on Linux
<second partition is unreadable by Windows
<attempting to "change drive letter" of second partition using disk mgmt on Windows results in an error (pic related)
<attempting to format second partition also results in an error
So I took your advice:
>use gparted to nuke or delete partition(s)
And did the following:
<delete second partition using GParted on Linux
<unallocated space is now properly shown in disk mgmt on Windows
<however can't re-create second partition on Windows, all the "New ... Volume" options are grayed out
So the bottom line is GParted can't properly handle NTFS nor FAT32 partitions. Other than simply formatting an entire disk as one partition, GParted is useless and produces unusable disks.
Is there a different GUI program that actually works? I'd prefer something on Linux so I can live-boot it and use it on the go where Windows is unavailable.

>use Windows disk management GUI for shrinking NTFS partitions because I heard that there is an edge case
Now that you mention it, I believe I experienced this problem some time ago... I formatted and multi-partitioned a new disk on a new PC in preparation to install Windows 10, where all the partitions were NTFS. But during the W10 setup I could neither format nor install on any of said partitions, despite the setup recognizing each one of them.

>wait for a message box to show up
See above.
Replies: >>10297
>So the bottom line is GParted can't properly handle NTFS nor FAT32 partitions.
>GParted is useless and produces unusable disks.
That's not true. But there is (or at least was) NTFS edge case that wasn't properly handled by gparted. The reason for that is likely the fact that NTFS is proprietary FS. I have used gparted extensively for creating and resizing FAT32 partitions and it has always just worked (it has worked fine for shrinking NTFS partitions, too. But I wasn't aware of the unsupported edge case, back then. I can't recommend using gparted for NTFS anymore, though.). The only thing that's not fully supported is working with NTFS partitions.

>Is there a different GUI program that actually works? 
I have no idea why it is not working for you but I have used gparted for the whole time I have been on Linux (10 years) and it has never failed me. gparted is the only partition editor GUI that doesn't suck.
Replies: >>10319
>Another disk
Yeah, the main idea for that is to prevent them from reading your personal data  If you wanted full anonymity you wouldn't being using steam. The telemetry will send your MAC address at a minimum though so spoof it. At least with LUKS they can't decode your shit unless your dumb enough to leave the keyfile on your compromised os.

Personally, if I had the monies I'd just get a RISC-V unit and falsify the user agent somehow to show a different OS and architecture since that's a dead giveaway, not too many people (relative) use Slackware.
What's really funny is that the Chinese government is trying to switch to riscv but keeps getting styimed cause all their shit was online web browser IE 9/11) only.
what's a good store for electronics, arduino, and optionally, 3D-printer shit that isn't pozzed or filled with chicom shit?

I want to break my bad amazon habits and get the fuck away from that site.
Replies: >>10303
Anon, everything is made in china nowadays.
[Hide] (166.2KB, 946x1024)
Might as well buy directly from chinkland.
For electronics I'd just recommend AliExpress. They have 15 day shipping for most things nowadays and you can get refunds if chang tries to fuck with you.
Just don't fall for their jewish schemes. The whole UI is maximum Pozz, the search function incredibly retarded and don't even think about downloading their jewish app.
I just check into the site if I really need something. Don't fall for any of their crypto jew scheme$!!
Replies: >>10315
Brave takes extremely long - up to a minute to start up for some reason. 
This is the error message I'm getting: possible language: ruby, relevance: 6
13785:13805:0610/205901.772249:error:object_proxy.cc(590)] failed to call method: org.freedesktop.dbus.properties.get: object_path= /org/freedesktop/portal/desktop: org.freedesktop.dbus.error.invalidargs: keine derartige schnittstelle org.freedesktop.portal.filechooser [13785:13805:0610/205901.772269:error:select_file_dialog_linux_portal.cc(274)] failed to read portal version property
Wird in einer aktuellen Browsersitzung geöffnet.
Sorry for the kraut language. Here's a rough translation: 

Keine derartige Schnittstelle »org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser Wird in einer aktuellen Browsersitzung geöffnet.

No such interface available. »org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser will be opened in a running browser session.

Any idea how to fix this?
It just started to occur recently. I don't know of any changes that could have led to this behaviour.
Replies: >>10306 >>10324
I managed to find one of the books off of archive.org, here's the pdf if any Anons here are interested in bluray video game development: https://files.catbox.moe/vopfub.pdf
Replies: >>10308
Interesting, how capable is a Bluray player?
Replies: >>10310
From what I've read, they run Java, and you're given 4 MB for program space along with a few MB for audio/video RAM. It's limited, but it can produce some cool stuff: https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=M_E9VaXywG0
Fuck... I don't know what to do now... I want to source my electronics and shit ethically, but fuck me, I don't want to give any more or less activity in the direction of the CCP or bezos and his stupid shit.

I feel guilty and ashamed for feeling like I'm forced to be a link in the chain that is fucking over my country by just wanting to play with electronics and make my own shit, yet at the same time, I know there's some cunt out there who's buying shittons of chinkshit as a business deal without a care in the world...

It's all so tiresome.
Chinkshit on its own is not a problem. Making your own stuff is also good. Even in a perfect world, it can't be expected that every country have every industry. Especially for electronics.
Why do you care so much about ethics? Ethics are comtrolled by 
>CCP or bezos
depending which country you are in.
It turns out Windows can't create multiple FAT32 partitions on [that] flash drive to begin with, so I think GParted is not to blame after all... But the problem with NTFS still exists, so are there alternative programs for that?
I did some searching and found KDE's Partition Manager, it looks and feels very similarly to GParted and KDE software is generally good. Should I use it for NTFS? Any anons tried it?

Consider checking used hardware shops, you'll save money while supporting small(er) businesses. Some shops also stock unused hardware on the side.
>everything is made in china nowadays.
That's not true a lot of things are manufactured in places like taiwan and vietnam to avoid CCP tariffs and other political bullshit.

If you've done any distro hopping you might have noticed when you try to open or save a file with a popular app like firefox, the file picker window looks completely different if it is a GTK based desktop or QT one.

The desktop portal service is like a proxy that the app connects to when it needs a file picker dialogue and it figures out which one to use instead of the apps themselves worrying about it.

So I would check if the xdg-desktop-portal service is running or crashed or isn't installed. That could be the issue. You can also try installing a different one (either xdg-desktop-portal-gtk or xdg-desktop-portal-kde).

Personally I think everything about GTK3 styling is ridiculous and gives me eye cancer so I replace the gtk one with the kde one and even though I'm running xfce I get sane looking QT file pickers in all my apps which is nice.

The "portal" and FileChooser stuff is a proxy service. When you want to save a file in the browser it connects to this
[Hide] (308.4KB, 1300x800)
I kinda get you. 
Sure it's evil, just looking at what the CCP are doing to their own people and its ambitions to take control of western countries and its ties with israel etc. 
On the other side the JewU, or "the west" as a whole is barely any better, actively genociding its own populations by controlled mass immigration and all the anti white policies. I just think the two are a different kind of evil with the CCP not really concerning us as europeans that much yet. 
Which is the lesser evil is up to you.

I myself have bought a lot of chinkshit in the past, mainly electronic components which has gotten a bit on my consience as well recently with all the scamdemic shit and the role CCP has played in the whole affair. 
As such being a tea addict, for my own consience I started ordering from Taiwan mostly.
On the topic of electronics though the other guy is right, just buying used shit is the best way to be independent from the globalized economy. Otherwise you can check out suppliers like Digikey or mouser. 
They stock european made electronic components. Sometimes the components are even cheaper than AliExpress - with the new EU tax - with the added bonus that you can be sure it's not relabeled bogshit. 
You'll have to plan in advance and order in bigger quantities though, since shipping is quite expensive.
How can I use a hosts file to block domains on a wireguard server?

I tried it on the peer computer, as well as on the server, but the file doesn't have any effect.
Replies: >>10358
DNS is normally resolved on the client, so you need to edit the client's hosts file, not the server's one. Alternatively you can block IPs using iptables on the server, but that works on IP level, not on a domain level. (Unless you use some kind of deep packet inspection, like this, but I never tried it: https://github.com/Lochnair/xt_tls), or set up a DNS server on the server, but in that case you still need to point resolv.conf at the server's IP.
Replies: >>10359 >>10360
Remove the ) anon:
Replies: >>10361
I want to use this blocklist https://github.com/StevenBlack/hosts 
Will this work with Lochnair?
Replies: >>10361
Tom should fix this fucking jschan instead to be not retarded.
>unz.com on fakenews list, cnn.com not
Why do you want to use such garbage?
Replies: >>10362
Luckily I select which blocklists I want to use and thus can avoid this joke of a "Fakenews" list.
Mainly I just want to block the usual filth: tracking, porn, social media
Replies: >>10363
Well, since you have a hosts file, probably the easiest is to set up dnsmasq (you only need to enable dns server, not dhcp/tftp/whatever else it supports), point it to the downloaded hosts file, then point your clients to the DNS server. You can actually even use this without wireguard, if you want.
If he's just trying to censor himself the easiest thing is to install privoxy and put all the websites you don't like into the blockfile. Then you configure your browser to use privoxy as a http proxy and you're done.

You only need something more complicated if you're trying to man in the middle someone else's connection without their knowledge or approval.
That sounds pretty complicated. I'm too retarded
[Hide] (303.3KB, 829x657)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1024x560)
any 3d fags here?
I want to create a new tea tray for my chink tea. Tinkercad seemed simplest to me because it just works inside a browser. 
The predefined shapes are a bit basic though.
Is it possible to somehow have the blocks overwrite the holes like I intended it in picrelated?
Replies: >>10386
install openscad
>blocks overwrite the holes
what do you mean?
Replies: >>10391 >>10392
Ok, I'll try Openscad. Thanks.
>blocks overwrite the holes
I have those basic shapes that need to be modified for the 3d print to turn into anything useful. For example ring which I utilized as hole would result in 2 seperate objects because there's nothing holding the outer with the inner side together.
Don't listen to >>10386
If you don't care about accounts, just use onshape.
If you want to experience pain, use any of the open source tools (freecad, openscad, etc)
If you want to make this more than a hobby, get solidworks.

By the looks of it, you're using tinkercad like you would any proper parametric cad software so it should be fast for you to learn onshape and solidworks.
Fusion360 is also an option, but they've done shady shit in the past two years.
Replies: >>10393
learn2code nigger, openscad is fine
I see. You need to add small vertical offset to embed the top ring inside the lower ring, they should overlap just a bit. Like this
   ________________      _        _
   |              |      |        |
   |______________|      |5.001   |
----------------------   -        | 10
|                    |   |5       |
|____________________|   _        _
Replies: >>10394
Might as well just scan in hand drafted shit at that point nigger.
The point of CAD is to make things fast and easy.
Coding outside of defining design constraints is pedantic at best.
I still stand by what I said.
Replies: >>10407
I guess I can just use retard prove pihole
I'm using openscad, it's fine for my needs. At least its something my coder brain can understand, I have no idea how can people use those visual cad mess. It's impossible to understand what is happening as soon as you have anything more complicated than a cube.
[Hide] (34KB, 802x574)
>It's impossible to understand what is happening as soon as you have anything more complicated than a cube.
How retarded are you?
Replies: >>10433
[Hide] (153KB, 960x1200)
Is it the third one?
Replies: >>10434
Sorry for sage, forgot to remove it.
Replies: >>10439
Actually you fucked up sage, idiot.
Replies: >>10440
Did I do it right this time (sorry for sage)?
[Hide] (28.1KB, 1408x188)
[Hide] (94.7KB, 1184x564)
[Hide] (30.4KB, 1156x439)
[Hide] (29.3KB, 544x409)
I have been unsuccessfully trying the whole day now to get this fuckshit to work now.
Anon. I'm asking again, because you've always been able to help me.

I have this unusual setup:
>connects to public wifi instead of WAN
>all traffic goes through a wireguard server

I want to run transmission on openwrt and it should pass through the wireguard vpn just like everything else, but it won't connect at all.

I tried all kinds of port forwards and shit, but I don't really know what I'm doing. 
I have the feeling that I'm just missing something essential here. 
Any idea?
this tutorial doesn't even mention anything about port forwards etc.
Did you do something stupid like stop transmission-daemon, configure, and then forget to start transmission-daemon? I've done that.
Replies: >>10448
I would have posted about how you should learn why port forwarding is used. But you got trips and I am in mood.
If I read it correctly, you have a wireguard peer as vpn server somewhere on the internet. You need to setup port forward on the wireguard server instead of openwrt.
>don't know what I'm doing
Try to learn about it then.
Replies: >>10448 >>10450
>Did you do something stupid like stop transmission-daemon
No. It's definetely running.
>If I read it correctly
you did :^)
>You need to setup port forward on the wireguard server instead of openwrt
I have opened the port on the firewall. But I guess this is something different again? A google search brought up this https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/vpn/wireguard/rules.html
Though it's too late now. Will bother with this tommorow.

Also if I run qbittorrent on my computer connecting to the fritzbox it works without a problem, so that's what made me doubt it's got something to do with port forwarding.
Replies: >>10449
>so that's what made me doubt it's got something to do with port forwarding.
*on the server side
[Hide] (26.7KB, 545x189)
This is the port qbittorrent uses
Replies: >>10465
Anyone know why my unjewgled-chromium performance is ass on linux? Can't even browse large threads with lots of images without scrolling being extremely laggy while using tons of CPU.
Librewolf works fine, never had any issues with Windows unjewgled-chromium on the same machine.
Running Artix and Xfce if that helps.
Replies: >>10458 >>10461
Are you using the bin package (AUR or universe repo) or ungoogled-chromium PKGBUILD from AUR? You could try changing -march=generic-x86_64 (or similar)  to -march=native /etc/makepkg.conf and remove --mtune=xxxx flag.
Replies: >>10459 >>10460
The reason why bin packages may have bad performance is that they may have been built without LTO. Or they might be debug builds because some AUR packages started to default to options=('debug') after Arch introduced the debuginfod server (this is one of the reasons why you should read each PKGBUILD from AUR!).
Replies: >>10460
Same repo as Librewolf. Don't see why it wouldn't have been compiled with decent but generic optimization flags. I'd rather not spend a gorillion hours compiling browsers, I've been down that road before.
Intel GPU? Try to remove that gay rainbow shit from devconsole, or switch to a theme that doesn't have a non-scrolling background. Chrome have abysmal rendering performance with certain Intel iGPUs. Also try disabling the WM's compositor if you have one.
Replies: >>10462
It's running in a VM with 3D acceleration disabled because they broke it. Disabling the rainbow animation was the first thing I did when it was added, it's not relevant.  As far as I can tell it only happens with lots of images. I already tried disabling compositing, HW acceleration and toggling a bunch of chrome flags but can't find anything that makes any difference.
Just seems like some weird bug that needs som magical setting to fix since neither Librewolf nor the Windows version of the same software has any issues.
Replies: >>10463
Then dunno, chromium is not really optimized for software rendering, so I'm not sure whether you can do anything about it. Chromium has been broken for at least 5 years in this regard on my notebook...
Replies: >>10467
[Hide] (39.3KB, 1234x291)
[Hide] (29.5KB, 1043x199)
now downloading gay torrents from my router is my last fucking concern

The most infuriating thing about those retarded NIGGER tutorials is that all they do is "click this shit, check that box" without ever explaining anything.
There are like a million options in this bogshit LUCI interface and a million ways I could have fucked something up

Anon, please. Do you have any idea? I'm at my wits end and too retarded and my brain is too fried to read through some manuals. I hate networking shit like this.
As a reminder, I'm connecting to the internet via a public wifi out of which the fritzbox creates a hotspot or whatever you call it.
The vpn definetely worked before I changed some fucked setting thuogh...
Replies: >>10468 >>10550
I thought this webm was playing Triple Baka for a second
Tried downgrading to a version with working 3D acceleration, had to enable the #ignore-gpu-blocklist flag for it to work. The lag with lots of images as well as the abnormal guest CPU usage is gone but it just breaks a bunch of other shit ironically the compositor is one of them on top of using more host CPU than the pure software renderer in the end.
Seems like the only real option is to use a browser with a functioning software renderer like whatever firefox fork is popular this week.
Replies: >>10469
Is the wireguard server working? It is hard to tell from the info you provided.
Replies: >>10478
Forgot to disable #ignore-gpu-blocklist with 3D acceleration off and it still works, now I'm just confused. Don't think it's worth the CPU overhead, especially on videos where it eats a retarded amount of CPU, but still.
Replies: >>10471
What does chrome://gpu say?
Replies: >>10472
[Hide] (49KB, 502x289)
Forgot to mention that, same as with 3D acceleration on. Meanwhile I've been setting up Librewolf and it just runs much better in every way except page load speeds but it's always been like that.
Yes, it works. A friend confirmed it for me.
I think there is some firewall rule or whatever screwed up.
Replies: >>10524
What the fuck Mozilla
>some decoders cannot into YUV444 so we disabled it everywhere even though it always worked on systems relying on ffmpeg while showing a message about "corrupted" video for "consistency"
No wonder Firecuckfags keep complaining about "broken" videos. Any fork that patches this out by default?
is kinda fun
and it looks like it could run on any potato from the last 25 years running lunix.
Thanks for the recommendation. I will post an update when I fishish my design.
Replies: >>10495
working through this tutorial now
Anyone have that image on free speech hosting providers? I'm thinking of setting up a forum.
Replies: >>10501
>>10499 (me)
nvm i found it
[Hide] (173.4KB, 1024x906)
Planning on migrating my home server from Kubuntu 18.04 to Devuan 3, which requires a full reinstall since there is no way to go from an Ubuntu distro to a Debian-based one. Currently has several programs on it and I need to know the best way to migrate each one.
>Transmission, specifically how I can keep my seed ratios and if there will be issues in having it relocate the data on the other drives, which will remain untouched
>Jellyfin, how it will migrate its watch stats, users, and other metadata edits. There is a script for this on GitHub but it's designed around a Windows to Linux Docker migration instead of Linux to Linux
>Syncthing, how it will keep its sync status the same and not cause issues in overwriting or wiping files on my other devices when I get them all linked together
Replies: >>10522
Keep your /home, and make sure in the new install you have the same username and uid. /var and /etc are also places where system-wide settings/data might be stored, but you shouldn't blindly copy it over (especially /etc).
Unless you're really short on space, I recommend you do the install on a new partition/disk, so if the shit hits the fan you can still go back or grab the important files.
[Hide] (50.9KB, 523x927)
Oh anon, please help me
Replies: >>10528 >>10531
Does he only have a single arm?
Problem can be on both sides. Check iptables rules. Change them back to a minimal working state, confirm connection, then work your way up to port forwarding.
Post iptables if you have trouble.
Nigger, if you are doing a serious configuration on a router, do it in the mother fucking command line. This requires you to login into root from your router through ssh, and from there you can know what the fuck was going by typing dmesg. Treat it as like your second linux computer. It's a same fucking shit. Right now I would suggest you to start it all over again by deleting your current vpn configuration and redo it from squere one. If you ever install any opkg pakages that is related to vpn, delete those too and reinstall it fresh back again.
[Hide] (205KB, 1600x900)
[Hide] (42KB, 1600x900)
>>2 (OP) 
>day one of trying to use an easy linux
>wifi shows two applets 
>try to get rid of one
>both go away
>try to fix
>tells me gobs of errors while showing four
>they go away
>also got it to show just one but after closing lxterminal it goes away too

All I did was right click something on the taskbar. Also, the desktop image keeps going away after I changed it to one of my own. I have to manually click it every time. It is installed on it's internal ssd I just put in a thinkpad t430 today. I figure I should install windows instead at this point if I can't get an icon to show up on a taskber without help nor get a desktop image to stay there. This shit's gay. 

>go to post shotted images
>documents shows nothing for some reason
>it's in home
Just makes no sense at all, linux. It's like it's broken on purpose.
>>10603 (me) 
Or maybe it was never in documents but I could have sworn it was supposed to be. That aside I'm just not having a good time so far. I wasted many hours setting up stuff other than this then realized I was losing control. Gimp, vlc (and it's dvd breaking thing), dolphin, mednafen, mupen64+-QT, etc, but also copied lots of files over. I've turned it off and on lots, so inb4 that, and of course I updated it before installing stuff. It's lubuntu 18 rather than 20ish though, I read 20ish is more broken and I used to trust this OS in an emergency but never REALLY tried to use it much until now. I basically did not do much to it but suddenly, and I do recall it happening before, this wifi applet bullshit? How do I even open it without the icon? manually it looks overly.... manual, to add a network. There's no searching when I go through the start menu looking thing. Network connections is not it and Network is not it either. It's just a pain. You should not NEED that icon and using nm-applet to make it show up temporarily is just plain broken.
>>10603 (me)
>>10604 (me)
Also it says indicator applet twice inside it's taskbar setting rather than once.
Replies: >>10606
>>10605 (me)
*three of them actually
Unfortunately, lxqt is going to be rough around the edges. And NetworkManager is uber gay, not that there's a good alternative for it if you need to use more than 1 wifi AP.
I'll install windows 7 later on I guess.
Replies: >>10618
>what is wpa_supplicant
Replies: >>10610 >>10611
Sure, if you want to mess with config files and restart the daemon every time you want to change the wifi network, then watch the log file to notice when the wifi finally connects.
Replies: >>10611 >>10619
I fixed it, never mind. Also, desktop image just hated being in an external hdd for some reason so that's fixed too. 

"To fix the Network Manager not showing up on the panel issue, from the Lubuntu menu select Preferences > Default applications for LXSession, then click on the Autostart tab and under "Manual autostarted applications" type "nm-applet", then click the "+ Add" button on the left."

It's there again.... so far.
[Hide] (207.3KB, 1600x900)
It's to the right of the power button icon thing though.... but working again regardless. Forgot image.
>go to post shotted images
Looks like your screenshots were taken with the scrot screenshot tool, the Lubuntu devs presumably didn't set the output path to your Pictures folder so that's on them.
>It's lubuntu 18
Lubuntu 18 (both .04 LTS & .10) is end of life, you should grab the latest LTS release online. If Lubuntu is still giving you trouble it's worth trying Xubuntu with XFCE instead.
Replies: >>10616
With how post 18.04 does not support both 32 and 64 bit I figured post 18.04 was soullessly developed. *shrugs* But how fast is it going to break? Old windows lasts ages after no longer getting updates so...
Replies: >>10617 >>10618
>post 18.04 does not support both 32 and 64 bit
Your T430 will have no problems with running a 64-bit OS.
>I figured post 18.04 was soullessly developed
The main motivation for distros (especially desktop oriented) dropping 32-bit support is that the number of 32-bit only machines still in use is very small, the maintainer time and server space for providing a 32-bit version and packages just isn't worth it anymore. Fortunately some distros still support 32-bit only machines, in particular those aimed for really old computers.
>But how fast is it going to break?
The main issue is that you won't get any security patches or software updates, since those will mostly come from your distro repositories. Unlike in proprietary software, updates for open source programs are genuine improvements more often than not (only a few exceptions come to mind and some of those are down to personal preference), problems do get fixed over time and useful features are added.
>day one of trying to use an easy linux
Which distro? Both Xubuntu and Linux Mint with Mate/Xfce4 just works.

> figure I should install windows instead at this point i
Just use a sane distro with a sane Desktop Environment.

>not that there's a good alternative for it if you need to use more than 1 wifi AP.
Have you ever tried wicd (tbh, I think it's dead) or ConnMan?

>I'll install windows 7 later on I guess.
Imagine using an outdated OS that no longer gets any updates (while you can get an OS that's at least on par with the features and still gets updates, and you can download it for free).

If you need a 32-bit OS, get Debian or Devuan. Use expert install option, so you can choose the DE yourself during the install, or use aptitude or tasksel after installation (but they don't remove the old DE, IIRC). If you are going to install Devuan, I highly recommend choosing OpenRC during the installation.  If you don't want Debian/Devuan, try Void Linux. It's very comfy (it also has a TUI installer).
Replies: >>10621 >>10622
>what is wpa_cli
Way to out yourself as a gui search-enginelet nigger.
inb4 terminal scary, install gentoo
Replies: >>10621
I've tried connman, half of the features and way more bugs. It was also very slow to start up, but maybe that was more due to the fact that I tried it on an old ass notebook with devuan. I think that also needs dbus, so another meh.
I don't even have networkmanager's gui installed because I don't have gtk3. nmtui/nmcli works, mostly, I only seldomly need to edit its config files by hand. nmtui-connect at least makes it easy to select which wifi network you want to connect to, and also it handles some vpn types.
>install gentoo
My gentoo install is fine, thank you very much.
[Hide] (192.6KB, 530x398)
>Imagine using an outdated OS 
Windows 7 is still ideal for 99% of windows software. Windows 1* is noticeably more bloated which slows down your software considerably and it frequently tries to kill itself with updates >inb4 the muh updates fags tells you to just turn the updates off. Wine works 90% of half the time after you spend 3 days debugging shit and wasting time that you could have spent just using the software, for each individual application. Playonlinux makes wine work slightly more often for considerably more bloat. 
Alternatively you could just use linux software instead, but if you're considering windows in the first place odds are the alternatives you have are just inferior copies which are not only lack multiple critical features, but are also bloated, prone to crashing when using their limited features, hardcoded to use systemd for no logical reason, and have a COC.
>Windows 7 is still ideal for 99% of windows software.
But an ICMP/ping packet could pwn an out-dated Windows box: >>8992
Replies: >>10624
Why would you let unwanted packets reach your machine? Anything connected to a network can suddenly get pwnd, be it by old or newly discovered exploits, if you let anyone and anything send whatever they want to it.
the only downside of windows 7 is that is incompatible with DirectX 12, if you play newer games. But newer games are shit, so in most cases you will not need it. 
But i think some linux distro like linux mint is better than windows 7.
Replies: >>10627
WINE just like werks for me about 90% of the time, though. You just probably need to git gud or something.
I've heard proton works pretty well. It's things like video editing that linux lacks.
>It's things like video editing that linux lacks.
That's gotten a lot better since Olive came around, even the MLT framework has hardware acceleration on its future roadmap now.
I've heard that old versions of Sony Vegas (i.e. pirateable versions) work well with WINE, so there's that.
just install linux mint godfuckndamnit
>video editing that linux lacks
Davinci Resolve.
Replies: >>10657
Replies: >>10659
You made the blanket statement that video editing in linux sucks.
Davinci Resolve has a native linux version.
Therefore, your statement has been proven false.

You would have been correct had you said that open source video editing sucks, because it's shit right now.
Every option is unstable.
The current best clipping tool is avidemux.
[Hide] (468KB, 1080x1080)
>Davinci Resolve
Still can't import opus audio from webms.
>open source video editing sucks
Actually kdenlive is good. Your statement has been proven false.
Replies: >>10664
kdenlive crashes frequently whenever I try to use it.
Replies: >>10665
Skill issues
>open source video editing sucks
You have ffmpeg, or cinelerra-gg if you need a NLE (ffmpeg can actually cut and concat videos, but it's only recommended for real masochists)
[Hide] (415.3KB, 690x780)
I'm trying to download the videos from this site but it somehow resisted every tactic I know of. 
Seems the way it works is it redirects you to another server that only gives you the video if you have the correct headers(?) but that site also has some JS bloat to kill the page if you open the page inspector. I even tried some third party addons but I only got one that could find the links (but hides them internally) and it required a third party tool to download the videos. 
Currently I've given up and I'm using the russian link to download it at 100kb/s but here's the link if anyone wants to try. 
Replies: >>10683 >>10704
Mostly copied from cafe/agdg/ but here's a summary of the current state of FOSS video tools:
>Screen recording
OBS Studio (GUI, main focus is live streaming with offline recording capabilities, most features & community)
SimpleScreenRecorder (GUI, focused on recording, easy to use but the most niche)
FFmpeg (CLI, swiss army knife of video programs, screen capture not a primary focus but lots of documentation and generally useful)
>Video editing
Olive 0.12 (GUI, hardware accelerated with OpenGL effects, most similar to tools like Adobe Premiere with major rewrite in the works)
Cinelerra GG (GUI, multi threaded with an FFmpeg backend, lots of features and not slow either but the UI is like nothing else out there so it has a learning curve)
Blender VSE (GUI, single threaded, not speedy but solid like you would expect from Blender)
AviSynth+ (DSL, a scripting language for video with multi threading, relies on tools like FFmpeg for playback and rendering)
Melt (CLI/DSL, single threaded library that powers tools like Kdenlive with ability to run scripts, slow and buggy like the editors based on it)
FFmpeg (CLI, capable of doing some editing too, doesn't have the standard features of other editors but can do some basic things)
Replies: >>10671 >>10715
>most similar to tools like Adobe Premiere
Premiere is trash. After Effects does everything premiere does and more, and with a better GUI to boot. 
The closest I've come across is blender of all things, but even then it's quite janky.
Replies: >>10673
I've heard Natron is somewhat similar (it's a compositor at least) but no idea how it fares.
You've tried yt-dlp obviously.

If you stream a video in your browser and open up the developer tools you will see something like this in the Network tab
The .ts files are the actual video+audio chopped up into like 10 second chunks.
The .m3u8 file is a playlist file, that tells the video player what the next few .ts files to download are and in what order to play them.

So first things first grab the .m3u8 file and look inside. That will give you the URLs for the .ts files. Normally they are just numbed 1,2,3... etc. So one thing to try is just increment the number yourself and download all the .ts files for this stream with wget.

If it's a live stream they might only let you download the last 10 minutes or so. Once you have all the .ts files (or as many as you can get) you can join them all together into a .mp4 file using ffmpeg.

The nuclear option if the server won't let you download the .ts files with wget. Run mitmdump, add the fake SSL certificate to firefox, and just play the video in firefox. Mitmdump will record all the bytes flowing through firefox into a big file. Then you can parse out the video data into .ts files and then glue them into a .mp4 video with ffmpeg like above.
Replies: >>10711
Open the inspector network tab, start playing a video, grab the m3u8 link and then run:
>yt-dlp blabla.m3u8 --referer "https://watch-wrestling.io/"
If it's still 403 you can right click the m3u8 in the firefox inspector network tab -> Copy Value -> Copy Request Headers to find the right referer (sic).
Replies: >>10711
I can't open the dev tools. They have a script that detects it and redirects you to a random page to break the connection. 
Due to modern browser bloat the JS redirect even ignores browser configs.
Replies: >>10713
Disable JS and try to figure out where it gets the stream playlist from the source I guess. Alternatively find the inspector script and block it.
Replies: >>10714
Stream doesn't load without complex JS bloat and the script that blocks the dev tools it bundled in with those scripts.
Replies: >>10716
You forgot Shotcut. Flowbade looks good too, albeit I haven't used it personally.
Replies: >>10718
Put a mitm proxy between your browser and the server and capture that specific packet.
Both of those use MLT (Melt), I've tried Flowblade but unfortunately a nice interface can't make up for the underlying shortcomings of Media Lovin' Toolkit, when the 8.x series is released and it has multi-threading & GPU acceleration all of its frontends like Kdenlive, Shotcut, etc. will benefit. Whether it will still suffer from general bugginess by then is anyone's guess.
[Hide] (334.6KB, 2048x1538)
Now that the dust has settled are goto statements le good or le bad?
You should generally le shy away from them, but in some cases they can be le useful like when getting out of very deeply nested le loops.
Fine as long you don't overuse them, but it also depends on the language. For example in C they are frequently used to jump to common cleanup code in case of errors, while in languages with deterministic destructors/finally blocks/etc you'll rarely use them.
Replies: >>10743
Goto is just a jump like any conditional, function call, or loop. There's nothing special about them. You shouldn't use gotos when other forms of jump are neater, otherwise use them. This is mostly in the way that is typical of C written by Unix hackers as >>10742 described.
Goto can lead to code that hard to read and has bad performance since it breaks some assumptions CPUs have about programs, but as long as you don't misuse it it's okay.
Replies: >>10745
>bad performance
Wut? You know that every control structure will be lowered to something like if (...) goto ...; when compiling your code, right? CPUs only have conditional jump.
Replies: >>10749
I remember reading a post a long time ago where the use of goto in certain cases caused the compiler to fuck up and generate code that wasn't as fast as the equivalent without goto. I can't find it right now though, and it seems it's not an issue for modern c/c++ compilers.
Replies: >>10753 >>10754
yeah the optimizer not the compiler, has more to do with what jumping in general does to cpu performance with the main focus of the optimizer being optimizing stupid branching or structure jumps in a way thats better for the cpu like grouping them as close as possible to make them short jumps instead of long jumps that require a different code segment to be loaded and messes with prefetching, goto doesnt have any jump pattern to it theres nothing to discern from it, optimizers just look for patterns so it gimps the optimizers ability to use common tricks for the patterned jump like unrolling the for statements or making jump tables with switch and if/else trees, or just getting rid of trivial branching like things that are just a cmov or some stupid arithmetic you can do with the cmp flags without having to jump
Replies: >>10754 >>10756
Well, I'd say it's probably not an issue with modern compilers. Older compilers, sure, but they suck at optimizing many things.
I mean, just look at the LLVM IR, it has no loops, only jumps. The optimizer will build a CFG out of it and operate on the resulting graph, i.e. there should be absolutely no difference between a code using goto and the equivalent code not using it, (Of course, if you produce an irreducible CFG using gotos, that can hurt things, as then you're creating graphs that are impossible to create using structured programming. But in that case, it's not trivial what is the equivalent code using structured programming, and its speed could easily vary a lot in both directions.)
Using goto doesn't inhibit any optimizations. Nothing stops a compiler from changing a goto into a cmov or turning a series of if-else into a jump table or reordering the basic blocks, but in practice there might be differences. switches will be usually turned into jump tables, but a series of if-else is usually not. But as I mentioned above, if you have a graph, most of these differences disappear after a few trivial optimizations (you need to turn if (foo) goto bar; into a single conditional jump, and not if (!foo) goto after_if; goto bar; after_if:, but afterwards they're the same). So yeah, there might be differences, optimizers usually have arbitrary limits when they stop optimizing, and if you happen to just push it over the limit with an extra goto it can hurt, but that should be a pretty rare edge case.
In any case, you should write your code for readability, and only mess with such low level optimizations when you really need it!
>optimizing stupid branching or structure jumps in a way thats better for the cpu like grouping them as close as possible to make them short jumps instead of long jumps that require a different code segment to be loaded and messes with prefetching
You're talking like it's the 1980s. The stuff you're saying applies to the 8086 and C compilers of the era. 

The 8086 had an instruction prefetcher, it fetched the next instruction into a circular buffer continuously and jumping invalidated it. Today's processors cache blocks of bytes and not the list of instructions to run, jumps don't flush the cache. 

The 8086 had a short jump instruction that could jump an offset that was a signed 8-bit integer, if the code you wanted to jump to was too far, you had to use a long jump which was slower. Today, x64 still has short jumps, but a short jump on x64 is 32 bits, you probably don't have more than 2GiBs of code inside a function. 

Back in the day what statement you used mattered because the compiler was actually looking at your C code and not some sort of IR, so less used constructs got less attention from compiler developers. Today, everything becomes a conditional or unconditional jump in the IR of the optimizer of a modern compiler (basically just GCC and Clang) and goto doesn't generate unusually worse code, just remember that compilers can't reimagine your code, they only try to produce the best assembly of the C you gave them.
Replies: >>10757 >>10758
>compiler was actually looking at your C code
Reminds me of old BASIC interpreters, where interpreters didn't turn your code into bytecode, but they were executing the actual source code, re-parsing each line every time they got executed. So if you wanted to speed up your code, you had to delete unnecessary spaces, shorten your variable names, and whatever else that would make your code completely unreadable.
>but a short jump on x64 is 32 bits, you probably don't have more than 2GiBs of code inside a function.
I wouldn't be surprised if modern games started hardcoding the uncompressed textures inside functions with how increasingly bloated and unoptimized they're getting.
Replies: >>10759
Nah, that's not happening. First that would mean the exe file itself would have to be > 2GiB, second compilers no longer like to store code and data at the same place, third the texture is needed by the GPU anyway, and they're usually not *that* stupid to hardcode it into the exe (for one, that's actually harder to do than writing a function that calls fread), two game code and assets are usually done by different departments, so they would just make their own life much harder if they would do that).
Replies: >>10760
Just you wait until we get a meme DRM that requires everything to be in the code to "prevent tampering with external resources".
Replies: >>10765
I'm working on making a Huffman encoder in C, and I keep getting a segfault whenever I want to get a reference of an array index. Is there a good way to do this?
Replies: >>10764 >>10770
>>10761 (me)
Nevermind, I found a way around it.
Replies: >>10770
its already normal behavior with arm to put static data in a literal pool between the actual instructions
Segfault means you have undefined behavior in a memory access, i.e. you ran off the end of an array or referenced memory after free()ing it or something of the sort. Run your program under valgrind and it'll tell you where.
Replies: >>10772
These days you can also try -fsanitize=address with clang/gcc, which might give you better or worse results depending on the state of the moon. But at least it's much faster.
Gitea 1.12.0 released, one of the changes is that they finally admitted that they don't care about users who don't want to run javashit garbage (I mean, from some of my previous discussions with that chink UI nazi it was obvious, but now it's official)
I guess it's time to bite the bullet, and migrate to sourcehut. Did anyone try to setup a sourcehut server? How resource hungry it is? Being separated into 19384 different daemons probably doesn't help. I only have a shitty VPS.
Replies: >>10905 >>10912
>I guess it's time to bite the bullet, and migrate to sourcehut.
What about a fork of Gitea like Forgejo?
Replies: >>10906
Well, if there's a fork of gitea that explicitly supports non-js users, maybe. Forgejo seems more like a rename-fork, similar to what iceweasel and the likes was when mozilla decided to go anal on trademarks. https://next.forgejo.org/ displays a fucking "This website requires JavaScript." at the top of the page.
Replies: >>10907
[Hide] (86.9KB, 859x677)
Just look at the bottom of this page:
Are there any project left not overrun by sjw tranny faggots?
Replies: >>10909
>comment redacted becouse of cock of conduct
Why is this even allowed to happen?
Replies: >>10912
Sourcehut sucks, way too barebones and the UI is retarded. Just use an old version of Gitea with noJS support, or make your own noJS fork if there wasn't one already.

>Why is this even allowed to happen?
Policing people for wrongthink is fun.
Replies: >>10913
>fork it
Might have considered it, if it were written in a language less retarded than go. Even brainfuck is more readable than that shit.
many freetards use cgit + a mailing list

the main issue being that mail is horrible and using mail with a set of kludges to send source code changes over mail to progrm is horrible squared.
[Hide] (51.1KB, 640x637)
What linux distro is right for me if I want to gaym while not getting stalked by mossad aaaand not deal with retarded problems?
Gentoo, Void, Alpine are the main good distros.
There are some others that might be good (Slackware, Guix, possibly others), but I haven't used them.
Replies: >>10917
Why not Ubuntu or Arch?
Replies: >>10919
>not deal with retarded problems
Debian or Devuan. If you don't know the difference between the two, Debian.
AUR distributes binaries compiled by randoms, can have malware, also no guarantee those package won't break the system when installed to it.
Has systemd. Generally takes all the RedHat jewniggercock.
The maintainer-side part of package management system is probably the least automated of all distros, they have to handle library versions and who depends on them manually for instance, so it's prone to human error. Arch in general has absolutely 0 quality control, so its packages are constantly breaking.

Also has systemd and generally takes all the RedHat jewniggercock. Has ads in /etc/motd. Is migrating to Snap. Has telemetry.

Remember that a Linux distribution is little more than a set of obligatory packages, a package manager, a repository, and what they require of those packages. i.e. Alpine mandates your libc has to be musl, Debian mandates your init has to be systemd, most distros have a "base" meta package with a set of packages that is the minimum you have to have installed. Debian doesn't build packages with non-executable memory on non-x64, gentoo hardened musl uses the strong stack protector for everything (by default anyway), etc. It's in those details that you're going to find out why a specific distro sucks.
Why would anyone suggest anything other than  Linux Mint for someone who wants to play videogames first and foremost?
Some people don't want to spend their whole lives figuring out why pipewire, GNOME, whatever broke this time.
>wants to play video games
>wants something that just works
>doesn't want to use a normie OS
>doesn't want to put in effort to learn non-normie OS
Why am I supposed to give a fuck about someone like this? They are just going to be a drain on anyone dumb enough to help them and once the free help dries up they will hop back to windows anyway.
Replies: >>10935 >>10936
[Hide] (49.7KB, 739x415)
DOS just worked. It didn't need updates constantly, and all the other bullshit that Linux has. It had shitloads of video games as well as useful software. And you didn't need a fucking botnet speculative supercomputer to run it, a 386 or 486 was fine for lotsa stuff. You could even do networking with NE2000 cards and install TCP/IP software. But hey just a terminal program like Telix or QModem was fine too. And you could also do basic multitasking with Desqview. I used to run that and have QModem logged into my ISP's SunOS shell where I'd be on IRC, and have another terminal open with my text editor writing Turbo Pascal codez.
I don't know wtf happened to computers since then but it sure fucking sucks.
Replies: >>10939
Spoiler File
(279.4KB, 2000x1347)
>I don't know wtf happened to computers since then but it sure fucking sucks.
Gee, what could it have been I wonder?
Firefox' font settings have a check box that says "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above". Unticking it makes my font settings apply to all web pages.

Chromium has no such setting, but I can install the "Force Fonts" extension that does it. However, this actually disables all remote fonts entirely, so the custom font in e.g. the https://alogs.space/ header isn't loaded. Is there a way to make Chromium override fonts but fall back to remote fonts when I don't have a font for the glyph?
Replies: >>10945
Replies: >>10948
Why is ffmpeg GPU encoding not working like it should? I have a RX 550 but the max speed it hits is about 2x, and that's just on a 350MB AVI file. On my other PC using CPU encoding and just putting it through QWinFF it encodes in only a couple minutes, but now it's been going for about 20 minutes and it's still not done.

ffmpeg -i \
        "$file" \
        -c:v h264_vaapi \
        -vaapi_device /dev/dri/renderD128 \
        -vf format='nv12|vaapi,hwupload' \
        -c:a aac \
        -b:a 320k \
        -qp 28 \
        -bf 0 \
Replies: >>10949
That doesn't solve the issue.
Replies: >>10962
Are you sure it is really using the gpu?
Replies: >>10950
It's telling it to so wouldn't it error out if it couldn't find a device at that path?
Replies: >>10951
It could be using the igpu if you have one.
Replies: >>10952
ls -l /sys/class/drm/renderD*/device/driver
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Jul 19 13:21 /sys/class/drm/renderD128/device/driver -> ../../../../bus/pci/drivers/amdgpu
so renderD128 is definitely the AMD GPU
Replies: >>10953
Post ffmpeg output and try hw decoding as well
Replies: >>10954
changing 'renderD128' to 'card0' produces this output which mentions amdgpu, so I guess card0 is the correct one

amdgpu_device_initialize: amdgpu_query_info(ACCEL_WORKING) failed (-13)
amdgpu: amdgpu_device_initialize failed.
[AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x557ee61d5a20] libva: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/radeonsi_drv_video.so init failed                                                       
[AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x557ee61d5a20] Failed to initialise VAAPI connection: 2 (resource allocation failed).                                                       
Device creation failed: -5.                                                      
Failed to set value '/dev/dri/card0' for option 'vaapi_device': Input/output error                                                                                
Error parsing global options: Input/output error
Replies: >>10955
Try card1 if there is one, usually there are two cards, one for encode, another decode
Replies: >>10956
There's only one.
ls /dev/dri
by-path  card0  renderD128
Replies: >>10957
post vainfo
check your setup with https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Hardware_video_acceleration and https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/AMDGPU
Replies: >>10958
libva info: VA-API version 1.14.0
libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/radeonsi_drv_video.so
libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_1_14
libva info: va_openDriver() returns 0
vainfo: VA-API version: 1.14 (libva 2.1.0)
vainfo: Driver version: Mesa Gallium driver 22.3.6 - kisak-mesa PPA for AMD Radeon RX 550 / 550 Series (polaris12, LLVM 15.0.7, DRM 3.35, 5.4.0-150-generic)
vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints
      VAProfileMPEG2Simple            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileMPEG2Main              : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVC1Simple              : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVC1Main                : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileVC1Advanced            : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264Main               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileH264High               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileHEVCMain               : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileHEVCMain               : VAEntrypointEncSlice
      VAProfileHEVCMain10             : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileJPEGBaseline           : VAEntrypointVLD
      VAProfileNone                   : VAEntrypointVideoProc
Replies: >>10959 >>11090
You have vaapi working and no permission problem from the output. The problem should be in ffmpeg only.
From http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI , you should use the render* card. At this point, I suspect the reason for slow encode is hwdec not being used.
[Hide] (58.6KB, 640x480)
But it does. You should've been able to figure it out from the examples for blocking third-party fonts.
There are other methods using uBO, but that's the simplest.
Replies: >>10969
It doesn't solve the issue. It whitelists one domain with fonts and blocks all others.
Replies: >>10970
It does exactly what you want. It whitelists multiple domains, any LynxChan imageboard (alogs.space, anon.cafe) using Font Awesome. No big deal to fix other websites by adding more.
[Hide] (242KB, 474x474)
Is there any web,archive backup for this sticky thead? Alot of useful information in the past have been pruned.
Maybe you can check Wayback Machine and other archives (archive.is, etc) and click on the different dates
And go to the approximate time if you still know it. Unfortunately cyclic threads are a bitch to archive.
Replies: >>10990
[Hide] (28.6KB, 505x600)
Because the web is stupid for this kind of discussion. Usenet made it easy to archive threads that lasted months or even years, as every message was self-contained. Plus you had smart clients with any kind of formatting and threading you wanted. And no moderation, just manage your own killfile. And no easy way to censor.
Try Void Linux.

Xubuntu/Kubuntu and Linux Mint are fine if you just want something that works but other distros can be better. Example: Void Linux doesn't get in your way, it has minimal base install (similar to Arch, Alpine or Gentoo) and you install just the stuff you need. Plus Void also has a musl version, which is good for Craptops and other machines with limited RAM. Void (Runit) also has the fastest boottime of any OS or distro I have used.

Ask your question(s) here and you will (probably) get help with whatever /tech/ thing you are trying to do!
Some additional pointers:
If you are trying to find a program that does XYZ: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_applications
If you are a beginner and you want to learn to use GNU/Linux CLI: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php
If you are a beginner and you want to install GNU/Linux: >>530 (install Xubuntu or Linux Mint with Mate DE. Or if you want something more lightweight, install Void Linux (glibc version)).
Has there ever been a single (actual) woman that used linux? Ever?
I've been working on getting my younger sister to switch to linux, so there might be hope.
Replies: >>11008
Are there any good books/resources in programming in Verilog/VHDL?
I've been working on developing some hardware in an FPGA.
<Has there ever been a single (actual) woman that used anything but the most niggercattle software?
All I saw was they using faceberg and tiktok and gachachit of the worst quality and I don't know what else.
Replies: >>11005
[Hide] (441.6KB, 1400x879)
Yeah but that was before the Windows virus, when most computers just had a command line minimal OS.
One day I just installed MX Linux on my (then 11) brother's laptop (with his consent), and he has been using it with little problems even without knowing much, if anything, about Linux.
Females aren't as bright as males (putting it lightly), but maybe it can still work out well with your sister too.
female + STEM = feminism
[Hide] (75KB, 798x434)
Why are there no trinary computers? What would be their advantages if they existed?
Replies: >>11013 >>11014
If I do rsync -avz /source /destination, does it copy the files to create duplicates of existing files or what? Currently I'm doing the -avz options. Before doing rsync, I did a manual file copy from file manager and then it ended up getting segfault. Not sure why that happened. I kind of underestimate how slow it is to do backup through conventional file copying method using file manager. There's no compression optimization in "cp" which is why it is slow as hell.
Last time I've read from some anon post. It was practically slower than binary. It creates overhead because of extra information process from trinary.
they do exist theyre just stupid, you get an extra bit thats it, instead of using two transistors you can just use one its just more complicated without any exclusive benefit, weve always been able to just add more transistors so why bother, that extra bit per transistor is a pathetic reward for how much more complicated things become and circuits are inherently binary anyway, its either on or off, ie. high or low voltage which is the principle of how semiconductors work which is the principle of how transistors work which is the principle of how computers work, once you start asking for a voltage profile thats hi/mid/lo youre just over complicating your components and youll need different kinds, and more expensive, transistors since the classic basicbitch mosfets used for literally everything become useless fast when going above the threshold voltage which is the only way youre going to get a third state with off/on/you-fucked-up-turn-me-off-before-my-threshold-degrades-to-zero 

only exception are quantum computers which are naturally ternary because qubits, or whatever they call their stupid phantasm, has three orientations so already base 3
Is there a mail client that sucks less than mutt already?
Replies: >>11018
I would also like to know this.
[Hide] (768.6KB, 680x674)
How does Abiword compare to Libreoffice Writer?
How does Gnumeric compare to Libreoffice Calc?
Replies: >>11089
Last time I check on gnumeric, there's some sort of running process in the background despite of not running gnumeric. Not sure what was it. is it a deamon? or is it a telemetry botnet? i dont know.
As for Abiword, I kind of like it. For someone who doesn't want a full package bloat from libreoffice and only just want to write nothing but documents, Abiword would serve you well on that. The only problem I had from it was that some of the options were pretty hard to find especially it you're not used to it. The option that you probably looking for is there, is just that you need to pay extra attention on the UI menu.

Other turbo nerds would prefer using Latex, but for the moment let's not get into that.
your mesa need to be custom compile in order for VA-API to active on GPU. Did you do that?
free and open sores ccleaner like program?
Replies: >>11118 >>11121
Replies: >>11131
[Hide] (217KB, 1920x1080, 00:06)
Replies: >>11122
Well, it's too bad GIMP and Pinta SUCK
Replies: >>11124
anon no one uses pinta wtf are u on about
Replies: >>11134
I would use BleachBit even on Windoze since it doesn't spy on you and it works.
I heard it was recommended as an alternative to paint.net.
Replies: >>11135
It is based on paint.net but a very old version before it went closed source, Gimp & Krita are the front runners for FOSS image editors.
Replies: >>11136
Wait, paint.net is no longer opensores?
Never really cared about it being wangblows only, you have paint.js for very simple things, and gimp/krita for more serious work. (And imagemagick for batch image manipulation.)
Replies: >>11138
>Wait, paint.net is no longer opensores?
Nope, classic story of man doesn't understand open source, takes his ball and goes home:
What is a good protocol to chat with others? There's tox that's pretty secure over tor, but as far as I can tell you can't use it from more than one device and doesn't work if the other peer is not online. IRC is basically the same except you also have to trust the server admin. Matrix can be used from multiple devices and works even if the other person is offline, but encryption support is very flaky, and without that you have to trust both your and the other user's home server's admin (and group chat is a different layer of nightmare, where every metadata about you gets synced to every server that participates in the room). Not sure how well it works over tor.
And of course there are shitloads of proprietary botnet protocols, but I don't want to touch any of them.
Is there anything that fixes tox's shortcomings without turning it into a dicksword style datamining dystopia?
Replies: >>11147 >>11153
XMPP is pretty good, but the clients all have some problems..
Replies: >>11150 >>11157
Does that have encryption though? I remember using some gaim plugin many many years ago, but that was a gaim specific plugin that didn't work with anything else (but on the other hand, worked on every protocol supported by gaim).
Replies: >>11160
where do you even find people who are willing to talk through tox? I could never even test the software, and it seems abandoned.
t. 8C7AB92CE37BC2C5022F8E90635621CDB14D5338E51866C93351A860AC89790B04F83F7ACE59
Replies: >>11166 >>11230
>XMPP is pretty good
It's not. But also, there isn't anything better.
It has encryption but in some clients you might need to separately install a plugin for that
Are you the same anon from /v/?
Replies: >>11167
[Hide] (78.9KB, 864x623)
What NeoVim plugins/customization options do you recommend? Is there also a plugin manager/starter template you recommend using?
......Or, is it better to just use Emacs after all?
yes gnu is powered solely by emacs and big macs
>>11168 (me)
This picture is so sovlful by the way.
[Hide] (1MB, 1599x2018)
i love that picturem,saved, thank you for sharing.
[Hide] (38.1KB, 250x250)
Never mind, I'm just sticking with Emacs. It's comfier, and less confusing to customize than (Neo)Vim. Also, it doesn't literally tell me to give my money to fucking niggers in africa, which (Neo)Vim does and I find insanely moronic (pic is my reaction).
Is it possible someone is using the same phone number as me?  When someone calls me they say I don't pick up the phone and someone else answers instead. What is going on here?
are they saying "this number cannot be reached"
thats not a real person you clown
Replies: >>11273
Do you use a landline phone?
Replies: >>11273
[Hide] (175.6KB, 828x928)
Does anyone know that story about how nipland wasn't happy with windows and tried to make their own OS back in the 80s-90s, which made MS so scared of competition they got the US government to step in and scare the nips and make them abandon the project?
You may have a redirection configured
XFCE is almost as fat as KDE is, and I'm having problems trying to hook up with a new WM.

-- I don't get along with tiling managers. 
-- I don't want a multi-workspace setup, I just need a way to minimize windows and easily switch between these windows
-- I wanted to use WindowMaker, but it has a ten-year-old bug with steam that makes it unable to move windows around, and that's a deal breaker for me
-- I've been playing with FVWM, but there are some annoying inconsistencies with window functionality that is driving me bonkers, certain programs and functionality won't "stay" when I click on it at times. That and the multi-workspace setup just screws with me.
-- performance is paramount to eye candy, my desktop is old, but not old-enough to where modern software can't run on it, and I want as little drag as I can on the GUI side.

currently on slackware 15.
Use LXQt or LXDE (LXDE is lighter) if you want a desktop environment (or just a session manager, everything else can be easily disabled). Default window manager is Openbox, though you can easily change it. 

I use PekWM at the moment, because every tiling window manager was having issues fullscreening certain things, and PekWM is configurable enough that I can make things spawn in the right place if I want to, so it's not too bad. It also tabs (so does Fluxbox), which combined with everything else make it fine enough as a Notion/Ratpoison replacement. Workspaces can be easily removed (though the thing that annoyed you in FVWM may have been viewports, not workspaces). 

If you don't care about tabs (having multiple windows per frame), you can just stick with Openbox, and you're pretty guaranteed to not have issues (though you can simply not use that feature, in the other ones). I remember FVWM having issues fullscreening games, so, maybe the older floaters aren't ideal for that. Anyway, keep in mind that only Fluxbox comes with a functioning bar, out of the box. So, you may want lxpanel, or something else, with something like Openbox.
Replies: >>11225
Maybe try JWM, it's one of the lightest window managers around but has a surprising amount of functionality. You get your standard features like keybindings, menus and window rules, plus a customizable panel which is able to swallow other applications. The only thing that would improve it for me is IceWM-style pixmap theming but that's just an aesthetics thing.
Replies: >>11225 >>11234
[Hide] (51.7KB, 800x600)
Try the old one called twm. I use this whenever I need X.
DWM if you're autistic, i3 otherwise...
>I don't get along with tiling managers.
...Never mind. Are you that jewtuber who paints xheir nails and makes videos complaining about people making fun of it? I'm talking of Wolfgang or whatever xheir name is; xhey did that stuff and xhey hate tiling WMs
Replies: >>11224 >>11225
[Hide] (19KB, 365x415)
>I use this whenever I need X.
>t. gayland fag
Replies: >>11239
[Hide] (552.3KB, 680x595)
[Hide] (6.8KB, 284x177)
[Hide] (51.5KB, 640x426)
Replies: >>11225
[spoiler]If Wolfgang used Wayland would xhey be referred to as wayhey?[/spoiler]
Alright, I'll check those out, thanks!

No clue who you're even talking about. Besides, I only have so much autism that can get me through the obscure and unintuitive software that I already use.

Sunk cost is a bitch. It may be a fallacy, but it's a bitch.
[Hide] (146.7KB, 937x883)
look at where these idiots put the table of contents
what more proof of being completely backwards do you need
Replies: >>11227 >>11228
>he doesn't automatically check page 456 for the table of contents
xlib is the old way of doing things, the modern one is xcb
Sent you an add request
[Hide] (129.5KB, 890x890)
Is Eshell good?
Replies: >>11234 >>11238
Try IceWM. It comes with a bar and a clock and simple config file format. IceWM is very similar to old Windows 95/2000.

This is another good stacking WM, very similar to IceWM.

Why not mwm - the Motif WM? It comes with OpenMotif package (least on Artix/Arch). I think both of them aren't good/usable anymore.

Yes but it's also a bit weird (I can't remember the details). Here is a good article:  https://www.masteringemacs.org/article/complete-guide-mastering-eshell
If you just want to use GNU Emacs as your terminal emulator, use M-x ansi-term  (or term)
Another shell that might interest you is Scheme shell called scsh: https://github.com/scheme/scsh
I have also tried using clisp (the common lisp implementation) as my shell. I followed these instructions: https://clisp.sourceforge.io/clash.html  || https://www.cliki.net/CLISP-Shell (better),  but it wasn't exactly "ergonomic".
Replies: >>11235 >>11239
>M-x term
Disregard that. (it exists but it's a worse version of ansi-term).  I was thinking about M-x shell  but it doesn't work with htop or vim or ncurses or the like.
[Hide] (99KB, 459x445)
Depends on what you expect from it. Eshell has access to both Emacs and shell commands (so it's a shell, but it also works kinda like M-x, and it also uses Emacs' own versions of some commands, like less), but it can't run most interactive commands. You can do that in vterm, which is the best (best performance) more conventional terminal emulator in Emacs, though it's a package, not built-in (and you also need multi-vterm to run multiple). But I wouldn't recommend using any of them except when you really need Emacs integration, because there's no real benefit in doing it otherwise. Other terminal emulators will just perform better. My favorite is Roxterm (it's the best for reasons that most people would not notice or care about), but repos don't have it anymore, so it has to be built from source. It has no sixel support like mlterm does, but that's more of a novelty than something to actually use all the time, and funnily enough, despite being the multi-lingual terminal, it doesn't work super well with an IME because for whatever reason using that option blocks your inputs for a moment when you open it, which is very annoying.

I did the whole "using Emacs for everything" thing in the past (including EXWM), and concluded that it's not the best of ideas, and that you should only use it for what it's better at than anything else. I use it for org, Sly, general programming, and RSS. Also have a custom emacsclient.desktop, with two different actions that I use. One for just spawning a new window from the daemon, and one for using it in a notepad kind of role, from graphical file managers. It opens the file in a new frame, and the buffer itself is killed when the frame is closed.

[Desktop Action new-window]
Name=New Window
Exec=/usr/bin/emacsclient --alternate-editor= --create-frame %F
[Hide] (6.9KB, 640x480)
No, I'm definitely in the tty camp. I run startx only if I have to use the nasty ass Web 2.0 browser. Like for example if I want to buy some silver coins on a dealer website.
Pic is typically what my screen looks like: a bunch of ash (BusyBox) terminals open in GNU Screen.

I tried most of the old window managers, and basically twm just werks for me, and it already comes with Xorg, so that's what I settled on. It helps a lot that the configuration is real simple and has just a single .twmrc file to hand edit. I don't like complicated fancy stuff. Fvwm is more powerful, but the config file is a hell. Mwm doesn't really add any benefits for me.
Can you watch anime or play SMBX on the TTY?
Replies: >>11242 >>11244
mpv --vo=drm
Try tmux, it's better.
[Hide] (19.7KB, 1920x1200)
Yeah, most SDL stuff works in the Linux framebuffer. I just use ffplay (from ffmpeg) for videos. Don't know anything about that mario game, but if it's an NES rom hack, then you can just use an emulator like fceux.
Replies: >>11245 >>11251
I know for a fact you don't do this shit yo ularper.
Replies: >>11249
[Hide] (940.1KB, 2048x1536)
Whatever helps you stay awake at night, mate. I'm just gonna keep stacking coins and computing however I want.
Replies: >>11250
Have fun stacking physical coins that you can easily lose in a disaster, etc. My crypto coins are locked behind a password I memorized, so no matter what happens as long as I have my memory I won't lose them. Baka.
Super Mario Bros X is a fangame originally written in Visual Basic, but there's an open source clone (TheXTech) made with C++ and SDL2... so I guess since it's SDL it could work?
Replies: >>11252
[Hide] (84.3KB, 426x679)
I should work, but there is a caveat: some games are programmed stupidly and expect a very specific screen resolution, instead of probing for the current screen resolution and scaling to it. This isn't  a problem in X, because games can just run in a window of whatever size. But the tty (at least with /dev/fb0, dunno about /dev/drm0) has a fixed resolution that's set at boot time. On some video cards this can be changed with the fbset command, but that doesn't work with my hardware. So on those stupid games, I have to make sure to configure them for 640x480 (that's what I set my framebuffer for at boot). This can usually be done with CLI parameters and/or editing the game's config file. It's often better to  run a game in X first, so it creates the config file, and sometimes the game has a built-in menu for graphics settings, so you just change it there.
But some games run at only a fixed resolution and I have to edit the code and set it to 640x480 (unless it needs higher resolution, then forget it). Sometimes a little bit of padding is required, if games was programmed for e.g. 640x400 (that's the case for opentyrian).
Now some games are programmed very, very stupidly, and they don't care if the screen isn't correct resolution. They'll just fucking leeeroooy jeeennnkiiiinnns and corrupt your display and then you have to use the Alt-SysRq to kill it. Only problem is is, although the stupid program is killed (and the shell as well, so you get dumpted back to a login prompt) the screen still remains corrupted, at least on my hardware. However, it's still possible to type blindly, and thus login and the run startx or another graphics program that unfucks the video registers. So then it's time to configure that game another way, or change the code, or just forget about it.
Things were ironically much easier when svgalib was the de-facto graphics library for the tty, and when CRTs where the most common display. Because there it would scale to whatever resolution, no problem. I used to run linuxsdoom at the game's native resolution (320x200 upscaled to 320x240 internally). Well my LCD doesn't scale down that low, and anyway fbset doesn't work here. So now I just use Chocolate Doom and it works almost the same, expect it's using extra CPU cycles to upscale the game 2x, instead of just letting the CRT handle it.
Replies: >>11253
I have only one question, why 640x480? I have a 1920x1200 monitor, I fill it with the smallest available terminus font (6x12), and sometimes it still feels too small and I need more space. (Fortunately I have a second monitor)
Replies: >>11254
[Hide] (80.8KB, 640x480)
My computer is a 32-bit ARM SBC, so it's not very fast. Like all recent ARMs, there's a GPU in this SoC, but the way they packaged the drivers is insane. Well the kernel part is fine, but they also split it into a userspace library, and this never quite worked 100% of the time for me. Sometimes, for no good reason, a program would complain it can't find the OpenGL driver, and would fall back onto Mesa, which is incredibly slow on this hardware. Since I couldn't pinpoint the exact source of the problem, I decided to simplify as much as possible so that everything can be done in software mode. This isn't as fast as hardware OpenGL, but it's much faster than Mesa emulated OpenGL. And more to the point: for the kind of games I'm interested in, software rendering is more than enough, because that's how they were originally written decades ago, before OpenGL became common.
So I boot the system to 640x480 because it's a standard VGA resolution that many old games and emulators support, and doesn't require this relatively slow CPU (by modern standards) to upscale much, or sometimes not at all. For example, pic is Chocolate Duke3D. It runs fine here natively at 640x480. As it should, because it used to run fine on a much slower 486DX/66 with 16 MB RAM, with just a plain SVGA card.
You can also use setfont or loadfont to change the text, but the default8x16.psf at this resolution gives me 80x30 text, which is sufficient for me in most cases.
Replies: >>11255 >>11260
>32-bit ARM SBC
My condolences.
I mean, I have an RPi 2 laying around somewhere, I tried to connect it to my TV and play some videos, but unless the video is in one of the 3 formats supported by the HW decoder, don't expect to play any video having a resolution larger than 32x32. Also tried to use it for other shit, but then I tried to compile a c file and it took like 2 minutes (when on my desktop it's <1 second). It also doesn't help that the only distro that works on that shit is their snowflake debian variation, which somehow managed to make debian even more insufferable. (I had gentoo on it (mostly by cross-compiling shit to it), but I haven't been able to update the bootloader/kernel on it for two years, because with firmware/newer kernel versions it doesn't boot, and I never been in the mood to fuck around for three days to figure out what its problem is. Newer versions of mpv are also broken, there's two graphics stack, which are completely incompatible with each other, and you can't have both at the same time because you need differently uboot config, etc.).
>80x30 text
That feels claustrophobic (yes, I know it's still 5 lines more than the standard 80x25 text mode).
Replies: >>11259
[Hide] (620.7KB, 838x587)
I can actually afford any computer on the market, but don't want to waste money on modern botnet, and don't want to fund/encourage the production of such hardware. This is the one I chose because it's new enough to be practical (I can get all the shit done I need to), and old enough it's not full of management engine, speculative exection, and the endless x86 bugs (for more info on these, read the papers by Christopher Domas). I didn't go with RPi because it's got that Broadcom video chip that boots before the CPU does, and I don't trust Broadcom very much. ;^)
It can play 480p videos fine with ffmpeg, no OpenGL drivers are needed here. But larger videos that need to be downscaled play back slow. The situation is a little better in X, because there I can use mpv, which does use some of the hardware features for video decoding. But 480p is good enough, and so I always run "youtube-dl -f 18" if I want to watch a video (which isn't very often).
This A20 board was actually more expensive than most others, because it has 2 GB RAM, a dedicated, native SATA bus (not routed through USB like some other boards), and a real VGA port that works well with the old 5:4 LCDs people are trying to get rid of for a few bucks. That's not exactly 4:3 but it's close enough that I can't notice the difference when playing the games and emulators.
Prior to this I used to have some old i386 Thinkpad laptops. I ran various Linux and BSD on those. But although the hardware was capable of 1024x768, I would run the display at 800x600 because that's what I was used to with a 14-inch screen, going back all the way to the 90's. Yeah, sometimes it's useful to have more text on the screen, but like I said you can load different fonts. And if you're not running the tty at 640x480 like I am, you'll already have much larger text consoles. So I don't see this as a big problem. In the 90's there was a program called SVGATextMode to allow more than 80x25 screens, but most BIOS also natively supported bigger text modes like 80x50, sometimes even 132 column modes.
Replies: >>11260
Very interesting anon. Out of curiosity do you typically use Links 2 on the WWW?
Replies: >>11264
First, when I was in grade 10, I  happened to have a crush on a girl, I was new to social media at the time so she introduced me to it, mainly Instagram, so she asked me to open an Instagram account and download a follower app from the play store on my device to track unfollowers which I thought was useful then

 Second, during late 2018, i got a text which was a weird link by my crush on Instagram and she asked me to click on it, download and install the apk but before doing this she asked me to unlock and open developer options and enable oem unlocking(maybe some more things?, Any theory which I may have done to cause this to happen?) 
There was no sign of the app after installing it 
The app was a known malware(trojan/rootkit ig) and I had to press install anyway because she was insisting me to (The name of the malware had around 3 words, some of them including the word love and girl (I think)
She then told me to delete the apkand then told me not to mess with my  phone (like root it and flash) and forget that it happened 

Later she got to know and told me to never use greenify, VPNs and swipe typing again 
I also told her that I kept some secrets in my phone that I wasnt ready to share,she asked me whether I had stored my secrets in a said space and I said yes and she then stole my phone 
She also did a sim swap with my consent, i even sent my digital identification card to her and (even my fingerprints I think) (I didn't know at the time that it could get this bad and was naive so please ignore this part)

As the year went on I realised that whatever I talked about(my interests) with my friends(some personal) became the talk around the students of the same grade which was strange but ok (maybe my friends were mad)

A year Iater i realised the follower app was also a spy app in because of the unknown logins I saw (crush used it to spy on me and reacted when I removed it) (imo this is redundant to the real malware and prolly used before getting full access if I'm not wrong) and I uninstalled it

A year later I realised the situation was getting worse as I lost contact with my friends and my interests were still being talked about and shared(updated version) so I decided that it may be the apk from before that was doing it and did some surfing and decided to factory reset the phone to close it
Then the sim started getting disabled so I told the complained about the sim swap they said ok but idk for sure, (ik that I could use sim lock but it's cumbersome)

But no, the malware still persisted as my personal media still got circulated and my search history became my enemy(keylogger) (i was slowly realising what I had done) I got to know she knew was I catching on
so after that I kept changing passwords she then logged me out of my password manager (which had all my accounts) and later she even called me to ask if I had a new phone when I stopped using it for sometime

I have a Redmi 4x satoni
My phone is not rooted and I haven't flashed it 
Then now the only option that was left was to flash it, i took the phone to a repair shop and he flashed it with a stock image without unlocking the bootloader using mi flash tool and now I thought it was finally gone but it wasn't the symptoms persisted and my google account, no backup and  new accounts for everything which was made from scratch only on the phone and told no one after reflashing and a factory reset, it was still getting logins by a Linux laptop (chrome) which is her ( and then it went of prolly due to the malwares features 
I tried to detect it first by using all avs but no luck I tried phone hardening,uad, tried using mobile verification toolkit( its complex), tried factory reset (from recovery also and the settings) and flashed it without unlocking the bootloader
Also is it really necessary to unlock the boot loader?
Some tell that it's needed to unlock bootloader while others don't
And also it can prevent me from posting on some sites(I used a different device and it checked out)
(I know I could buy a new phone but I want a solution) 
Please help me out here as I'm looking for ways to detect and remove it, how it functions, what is it and where I can find more information on this
Also any theories about what could have happened in case I missed it are welcome
Any suggestions which I can use which I may have missed?
>Any suggestions which I can use which I may have missed?
A knife to gut the bitch.
>Any suggestions which I can use which I may have missed?
Your schizophrenia medication, there's no fuckin way a 15 year old girl did all that shit.
>Rule 7. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this site.
Lynx, Links, Links 2, it's all good. But  the font rendering in graphical mode for Links 2 isn't so great at 640x480. It's a big difference from 800x600 (looks much nicer there). Maybe a better option would be w3m, since it uses the nicer console fonts but still shows images without needing an external image viewer.
>a 3DPD coordinated all this
That wasn't a girl Anon, lol.
[Hide] (324.5KB, 1044x931)
>tfw no qt yandere hacker gf
you're a retarded schizo
no someone else is answering it asking who's calling?
is it a bad idea to chmod -R 777 a folder and its contents when I get permission errors? does that open it up to access issues, even if it's on my home server that nobody is going to get access to anyways?
Replies: >>11279 >>11283
If they don't have access to the parent folder it's fine. But chmod -R u+rwx should do it most times. Also, permission checking is skipped for root users, so that might be an other option if you do not want to do anything fancy with the files. On linux you can try unshare -r to become root without becoming root...
>is it a bad idea to chmod -R 777 
Yes. Use 644 or something.
[Hide] (603.2KB, 1402x1732)
On Librewolf (and maybe other firefox-based browsers) you can middle-click on the New Tab button (the one with a plus sign) to open a tab directly to the right of your current one.
My question is, is there a hotkey to do this?
Replies: >>11313
ctrl+click or install Tridactyl
how do i set librewolf as my default browser, there's no option and the default apps menu won't let me switch from edge
uninstall edge
Replies: >>11364
I uninstalled it already
That's a common issue with LTSC releases of 10 if its what you are using, and the way they handle permissions. There might be a script somewhere to solve this.
Replies: >>11367
yeah that's what I'm using, I got rid of edge and all but it's still the default browser app and it's the only option in the app settings, doesn't help that librewolf doesn't come with the "make default browser" option in its settings, shit's fubar
Replies: >>11383
Go to about:config, set browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser to true for the prompt on next launch?
M$ will force you into using Edge as hard as it can and change your defaults whenever it wants, you can't remove it no matter what. It's like how 9x was permanently intertwined with IE, parts of the UI are built around it and are actually an Edge webview.
install gentoo
Replies: >>11385
isnt edge part of the fucking window manger now, saw a video where they broke it and got the url bar to show up in the start menu and task manager
Replies: >>11390
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[Hide] (236.3KB, 720x1280)
In point 11 I have fallen for the spear phishing scam which my jealous girlfriend did I just clicked on a link ,installed an apk and did something in developer options (oem) and a sim swap too(just OTP)which I'm not sure that it is fully gone, mentioned by this anon  they said to get a new phone and a new number, but I factory reset and a reflashed and it's not going, even contacted the provider (they said its ok not to worry)is the only solution is to buy a new phone and a new number
Replies: >>11387 >>11391
>only solution is to buy a new phone and a new number
Yes and kys.
>sim swap
wtf is this? You can have your sim physically swapped by installing an apk?
Replies: >>11389
No I meant you have to use an OTP it's a different process btw is it possible to flash stock ROM without unlocking the bootloader coz my repair guy did it and I suspect that may be the problem Is it necessary to unlock the bootloader to flash it ?
yes, it was a beta build so they may have changed it, but someone made a screencap showing how just about every part of the UI was just an Edge webview, so I have no reason to believe that's changed.
shut up schizo
Replies: >>11506 >>11507
>create new torrent on seedbox
>chinese ips immediately start downloading it despite posting it nowhere
How do they find it? And don't these chinks know they can get v& for downloading porn?
Replies: >>11428
>get v& for downloading porn
<go to pixiv
<90% of illustrators and users are chink
I guess they figured out how to do it.
Replies: >>11429
On a hentai site I use some chink who was a prominent creator got 10 years in jail for it. Thing is that accessing the sites is blocked in the first place so they have to use a vpn, but apparently chinese are retarded and connect their real info to something like patreon or whatever to get money, and that's how they get v&. Many such cases! I've also heard rumors that chinese feds will patrol the site and dm users to try to coax information out of them. Again, retarded.
So since they're getting the torrents with their raw ip and bittorrent is often unencrypted they could get in trouble. Not my problem tho
I have a script that uploads files overnight to cockfile since my upload speeds suck, but when I check on it in the morning curl is still running at 100% and hasn't uploaded anything. When I run this manually it works, but it still takes a long time (max upload speed is about 375KB/s) and the CPU is at 100% the whole time it's running. What's going wrong?

for file in *.h264.mp4; do \
    curl -i -F files[]=@$file https://cockfile.com/upload.php | \
    grep -e "name" -e "url" | \
    sed 's/\\//g; s/ //g; s/"//g; s/name://g; s/url://g; s/,//g' | \
    tee --append NamesLinks.txt; 
Replies: >>11479
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I got this internet friend from Brazil and he is looking for a computer to play modernish vidya gaymes on. 
Looking on ebay, it seems exceptionally hard to obtain somewhat decent hardware for an acceptable price in that country - most offers ship from the US - while in my first world country there are all kinds of offices throwing out ~6 year old office PCs for cheap.
I have been seriously considering shipping him one of the PCs I've had lying around, but a full ATX PC would be quite large and propably lead to high shipping costs that this would hardly make much sense. 
Perhaps any third world anon here have an idea?
Usually one of the cheapest ways to get hardware in the third world is to buy it abroad and then hide it in your luggage while going into the country. 
I remember it was specially bad with the PS4, to the point where taking a one week vacation to the US and buying the console there would be cheaper than buying it in the country.
>find old Dell or HP full tower, at least 4cores 4th gen i5/i7, at least 8gb ram
>find psu adapter cable for model
>get a good gpu and psu
>replace psu, you may need to put it of the chassis because of non-standard screw holes
>install gpu, you may need to saw or hammer the chassis until it fits
Alternatively, have you tried sending him money or get him to stop being poor instead?
Second hand? Gaming laptop? Third world here if you go used the price is very cheap. Gaming laptop like Acer nitro 5 and victus 15 is very affordable, especially if you buy online new. You don't have to ship him anything, the monkeys fucking with you
Replies: >>11467
Unless you want max setting, gaming laptop nowadays can handle all new games fine.
Replies: >>11476
Costs more.
Replies: >>11477
When you factor in screen keyboard speakers case and electricity cost gaming laptop is a better choice. Your monkey probably only play csgo valorant and lol so a gaming laptop is more than enough. Plus he can play it while working in the sweat shop/education camp too. You go tell him exactly what I said, he will love it. I can guarantee you he won't like a PC case as much as you ship him a gaming laptop. A PC gotta go with ups too, damn so much accessories, he won't like having to do and spend that much. Gaming laptop is king for a monkey
Replies: >>11478
Webcam and mic too if he wants to rp on Omegle too. Damn PC is a pain.
turns out this part of the script does work, it's just running incredibly slow. why would curl use 100% CPU when uploading something?
Replies: >>11480
Probably because curl is constantly feeding the progress meter through the pipe, try adding -s to the curl line (you should still get the output from -i).
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[Hide] (11.1KB, 540x57)
FUCK why won't BSPWM let me reorder my workspaces like I want to???!!!
Replies: >>11504
It's been going fine so far, switching to a window manager after a long time, but this one thing is just boggin me down so much. 
I have this old CRT which I only use for gayming, thus would like to put the last workspaces on it. 
I already chose my other screen as main, but it won't let me assort the workspaces like I want to.
[Hide] (20.4KB, 551x305)
Nobody cares
Nobody cares
[Hide] (195.4KB, 482x615)
How come charger for my thinkpad can last almost 2 decades of use, and usb cables for charging phones barely last a year?
Replies: >>11518 >>11520
Because all micro-USB/USB-C ports are shit and designed that you'll buy a new phone every anyway.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 475x250)
Hey yo. 
I want to create a Matrix server using synapse, preferably on my own hardware, with the issue that I can't forward any ports on the network I'm in and I'd also like to avoid exposing my IP.
Would it be possible to have a computer running a Matrix server to completely run over a wireguard connection or am I retarded?
The wireguard service I'm using right now is on a VPS over which I have full control.
Replies: >>11533
>Matrix server using synapse
No. Matrix is a jew honeypot and synapse is a fucking cancer on steroids. Just use XMPP.
Replies: >>11534 >>11535
>Matrix is a jew honeypot
coming from Telegram I don''t think it'll be a downgrade
>synapse is a fucking cancer on steroids
Replies: >>11540
Pajeet code that needs every resource in the world to function. Some matrix logs:
2023-07-25 06:26:25     &onekopaka:matrix.theoks.net    going to be updating the VM running the Matrix stuff now, to a newer Debian release (which includes a new Postgres release)
2023-07-25 18:22:00     &onekopaka:matrix.theoks.net    Mission looks to be fully successful now, sorry for the length of the unavailability. We did successfully compress down 42 GB by rewriting everything
Seriously, why do you even need 42GB storage to store a few text channels, let alone that much removed by compression. It needs multiple gigabytes of ram to join some rooms that has many join/parts in its history. Popular rooms need to be remade periodically because matrix/synapse is a fucking abomination. I really hope you have a nuclear reactor if you plan on using matrix with more than 5 people.
Replies: >>11541
> I really hope you have a nuclear reactor if you plan on using matrix with more than 5 people
Ok, I get it. I was planning on using it on a raspberry pi.
Problem is I want to use it as a pisscord and telegram replacement and clients like Element are almost an exact copy of this UI, so I have no choice.

But whatever I'll end up using, can I route a local server through a wireguard VPN like I intended?
Replies: >>11542 >>11544
I mean, it's probably okay if you only have a few trusted users and you never want to federate with any other server.
>route a local server through a wireguard VPN
Should work, on the VPS with the public IP you'll need some iptables/nft rules to forward the required ports of the VPS to the wireguard tunnel. But I'm not sure whether the synapse server will leak your real IP or not.
Replies: >>11543
>route local server through vpn
Yes, you can.
t. doing exactly this but not for matrix
But synapse may require additional config to make it work for coturn.
Replies: >>11544
meant for >>11541
I'm looking for a library (c/c++) that would allow me to read and write config files while keeping as much of the original config as possible (keep comments, don't reorder config keys, keep formatting of non-changed options, etc). Any ideas?
Replies: >>11579 >>11596
<stdio.h> idiot fread() specifically
Replies: >>11581
Why don't you suggest brainfuck instead, idiot? That's also turing complete.
The complicated thing here is not reading in the file but modifying it while keeping not modified parts as much as possible. It's shitloads of edge cases to handle.
Replies: >>11584
are you 2iq you dump the file to a buffer strstr() your gay keys to an array with the lengths and offsets  adjusted  for where its supposed to be written in the file when written back ie( offset - match len + replace len ) everything else you write back from the original buffer skipping the matched offsets ie( offset + match len )
Replies: >>11587
What if you need to add a new key? Remove an old one? What if values can be more than single strings, for example arrays, and you want to reorder the array?
strstr is not enough, you don't want to find your keys in values, etc. You'll probably need some escaping to be able to store values that contain spaces/newlines/other weird characters.
Replies: >>11588
the entire file is a string idiot the deliminator will alaready be escaped in the file or else the program itself cant fucking read it, use whatever the fucking format is scan for your gay key your trying to change and read until the deliminator or group pair
file = ".....retard = "50%  retard, 50% idiot"...."
match  = strstr( file, "retard" ) ; 
while ( match[ offset of value++ ] != '\"' );
while ( match[ offset of value + len of value++ ] != '\"' );
fwrite( file, 1, match - file + offset of value, peepeepoopoo );
fwrite( "100% retard", 1, whatever the len of that is, peepeepoopoo );
fwrite( "new = "i am new peepoo in between"", 1, <---len , peepeepoopoo );
fwrite( &file[ match - file + offset of value + len of value], 1, len of file - match + offset of value + len of value, peepeepoopoo );
===> ".... retard = "100% retard" new = " "i am new peepoo in between" ...."
Replies: >>11590 >>11597
Your code will give incorrect result if the file is like this:
foo = "asd retard blahblah"
retard = "replace this"
strstr will find retard in the foo line, you'll end up with something like foo = "asd retard blahblah"100% retardnew = "i am new peepoo in between"replace this"
Replies: >>11591
while ( on this idiot = strtok( file, '=' ) ) { previous code using on this idiot }
Replies: >>11597
Unixy programs don't typically have e.g. a settings menu, the user edits the config file with a text editor himself. You'll be hard pressed to find such a library in the open soros world.
Replies: >>11597
But that strtok won't work that way, you'll have to restart from the end of the value. But this whole thing misses the point, this is what I wanted to avoid, spending days to write a code that works in every weird case correctly. And >>11588 is incomplete even without problems like this, what if I just want to add a new key? What if there are sections (like ini files), and I want to add a new key to a section. There's no " escaping in your code, etc. Of course, I can write code to handle all this, but that's gonna be lot of work, and that's what I wanted to avoid, thinking someone must have written something like this. Don't reinvent the wheel when you don't need it.
Emacs has customize which rewrites your init.el, but I don't want to go into elisp unless I have to. Klipper has a weird solution where it appends the config yaml a second yaml but commented, and somehow on reading that commented yaml overrides the original, and the gui only writes that second part. Relatively easy to implement, but disgusting as fuck.
parser generator
Read whole config to array or linked list containing structs, including comments. You can modify the array and write back the file.
Replies: >>11602
Or you could use a programming language with data-code equivalence designed in and not have to worry about badly reinventing Lisp when you just want to programmatically edit a config. A fully left-recursive grammar constructing a user-manipulable syntax tree using the most basic datatypes of the language is a ludicrously neat way to write, edit, read or run code no matter whether you're a human or machine.
Replies: >>11603 >>11615
[Hide] (223.9KB, 718x513)
or you could use a computer with a high clock speed cpu like pentium dual zeon 2gb , a fully functional computer with a keyboard and alsa compatible soundcard is the fastest way do text processing
niggas putting executable code in they config file
Replies: >>11616 >>11634
[Hide] (32.7KB, 180x188)
But it's really cool, though. When you configure GNU Emacs, you are literally re-programming the editor, and you are using the same language (elisp) that's used to write most of the core editor functionality. This means that you can edit the .emacs config file and then EVAL-BUFFER and it just works (the config file IS a elisp program). Or you can open elisp evaluation buffer (by default Emacs starts with *scratch* buffer) and you can change the config (you can use SETQ or whatever) and then you can just press C-j to eval it. One of the great things about having a fully dynamic text editor is all of this just works. All of this also applies to Squeak (Smalltalk) and StumpWM as well (it's an extended clone of Ratpoison that's written and configured in Common Lisp).

Side-Note: in addition to writing elisp code, you can also record a keyboard macro to automate repetitive text editing tasks: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Keyboard-Macros.html 
tl;dr use F3 to start recording macro and then press F4 to end it. After this, you can use F4 to apply the last macro, You can also edit the keyboard macro as plain text with EDIT-LAST-KBD-MACRO.
What if I want to config the program to do something you didn't think of or design for?
Replies: >>11639
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[Hide] (137.9KB, 1024x1019)
Hello neighbour, this fa/tg/uy has come for a cup of sugar.
I've spent the last few days wracking my brain trying to figure out what CAD software was best for plotting out the greenery of a 28 acre cemetery, and I finally settled on GCAD+ for usability and price(free/95$ one time). 
I am now at the starting line of learning CAD with absolutely no prior knowledge, save for some Photoshop fiddling. This thing looks like an AOL era program, but it still recieves updates I have all winter to make it work. 

My question, is there anything I should know about CAD before delving into the tutorials?
Replies: >>11639 >>11647
Usually people ask questions after going through tutorials. Go with it and come back if search engines doesn't help.
It is cool, but that a massive source of bloat. That's how you get every program to be an email client.
Replies: >>11648
Why not just learn LibreCAD which is free and open source and has many tutorials on Youtube in all languages?
Replies: >>11648
I have no intent on learning CAD but for this narrow field and single use, which this one program seemed most apt to. No need 3D and other features. 
At least to my ignorant eyes, it seems the easier path.
Righto, will come back in winter if need be.
Replies: >>11649
LibreCAD is a 2D CAD program.
Does WINE know to not bother scanning for case-sensitive files in a case-insensitive file system?
Context: https://wiki.winehq.org/Case_Insensitive_Filenames
One of the primary differences between Unix and NT file systems is that file systems traditionally associated with Unix-based operating systems are case-sensitive. This creates a problem for devs who wish to emulate programs designed for case-insensitive file systems in a case-sensitive file system, since this necessitates scanning for every possible case-sensitive permutation of a file name. A solution is to run emulated programs, through emulators such as WINE, in a case-insensitive file system. However, I have no idea if WINE is calibrated to skip the process of scanning for case-sensitive files when the file system it is scanning is case-insensitive. Otherwise, setting up a case-insensitive file system for Windows programs, such as NTFS, kinda defeats the point.
Replies: >>11655 >>11657
>this necessitates scanning for every possible case-sensitive permutation of a file name

It doesn't though, all you have to do is a case insensitive comparison of the filenames. If WINE actually does what you describe, it's broken.

The correct way would be to use the scandir() function on each directory in the path, with a comparison function that matches filenames case insensitively, recursing into each directory in the path, until you open the basename of the path.

Slower than simply using open() on the given filename, but I bet doing this on your typical Unix is still faster than not doing it on Windows. I'm curious about what WINE does now, not enough to browse the source code.
Replies: >>11656
whatever, the point still stands, it's still an extra step--scandir() is probably very resource consuming--and if, by some easy mistake, there are two directories that share the same case-insensitive name, then WINE would have to scandir() both directories.
Replies: >>11657
Wine first tries to open the path as-is, and only if it gets an error it tries to scan directories along the path, so looking up existing files on a case insensitive FS shouldn't incur any directory scanning.
But if you need to prove that a file doesn't exist, well in that case it will still scan. It could avoid the scan if wine would know about case insensitive FS, but it doesn't.
>scandir() is probably very resource consuming
It is, but after the first time checking a file in a directory, the linux kernel will cache the directory in the memory, so subsequent scans shouldn't be that slow. And given how horribly inefficient the whole FS implementation on wangblows is, I wouldn't be surprised if most cases wine would be still faster, even with all that extra directory scanning.
Replies: >>11665
So basically you're saying that the problem with WINE scanning case-insensitive file systems is proving a file DOES NOT exist?
So when you try to find files in a case-insensitive file system on Linux the case-insensitive file system will automatically correct for capitalization, no recursive scanning on WINE's end necessary?
Replies: >>11666
>case-insensitive file system will automatically correct for capitalization
Yes, that's why it is a case-insensitive fs. (They'll likely have the B-trees made on lowercased/casefolded filenames or something like that, so all lookups will be case-insensitive automatically).
Back to wine, it can't really check for case-insensitive filesystems, since the Linux kernel doesn't really have that notion, it's only an implementation detail of some FS. Yes, it could check the mounted FS type, but that would require updating every time a new case-insensitive FS is added to the linux kernel. And you also have FUSE.
Plus an other problem, case-insensitivity is simple as long all you care about English. If you add internationalization to the mix, things get messy pretty fast. Unicode changes its case-folding algorithm with every new version, which is something you can't really do with FS (unless you want shit like two names are considered different by version n, then by n+1 if you consider them the same, you could end up with two files with the same name in a directory.) Also fun stuff, i and I are the same character in every language, except Turkish, where i and İ are the same characters (and you have ı as a pair of I). Or German, uppercase ß is generally SS. Should they be the same in filenames too? All this shit means that there can be subtle differences between different case-insensitive filesystems.
[Hide] (175.6KB, 828x928)
Is there any info on how the google algorithm used to work back when it was good?
Replies: >>11669 >>11670
I don't think you can find this info besides working on Google
It isn't open-source and you're literally asking for private code they developed
Even third party search engines can't replicate Google algorithm
most probably a graph distance algo to filter based on keyword similarity then sort based on hits
[Hide] (91KB, 762x477)
Alright so I've been fucking around with Steamplay's proton (Valve's fork of WINE) and I'm glad to say that it's better than it used to be. It also might just be that my hardware is more compatible with linux in general--I've since upgraded to an AMD laptop.
One thing I've been trying to figure out is how to emulate windows applications within a specific game's c-drive. I'm trying to install a mod, which requires running an exe. I've been pointed to trying out protontricks, but I've looked into it and protontricks requires installing winetricks, which requires WINE--too much stuff when I already have Valve's sandboxed version of WINE on my hard drive. There's gotta be a way to do this without having to fucking install five different fucking versions of WINE. I don't know why it doesn't just use one sandboxed c-drive per steamlibrary instead for every goddamned game.
Out of curiosity I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to run the installer through Steam as a "non-Steam game" and it accessed a c-drive which I'm pretty sure is the c-drive for proton itself; I don't know why it has a separate c-drive, that seems even more inefficient from an amateur computer programmer's perspective, but maybe that's just a template?
Whatever, I have to do this manually, but there's gotta be a way to just run the exes.
Replies: >>11674
>One thing I've been trying to figure out is how to emulate windows applications within a specific game's c-drive.
Simple. Just use the same wine prefix.
>I tried to run the installer through Steam
Pirate the game and use Lutris. No fucking idea how Steam works. I stopped using Steam while I was still using Windows.
Apparently the kiwifarms had a hardware error and all four of their NVME raid drives failed at once.  Jersh in his retard autisim just says they were in raid format and failed.

I am curious as to what everyone thinks of this failure was? Troons/CIA messing with him? Too dumb to setup raid properly? Or his forum is shit just like IN. Apparently he stated that the reaction emojis may have caused the crash... to which someone suggested he git gud at sql.
RAID can mean multiple things. You can set up raid for redundancy with copies or parity drives, or you can set raid for partitioned data which makes things faster by splitting data across drives but kills everything if any drive dies. 
If that's the Josh I'm thinking of there's a non zero probability he fucked up and went with partition raid only without any redundancy.
Replies: >>11682
did they fail or get fucked up by just writing garbage at 0x0
Replies: >>11678
>writing garbage
That reminds me, RAID is also not a backup system like some people mistakenly believe. It's possible the retard overwrote information on all drives without proper backups.
[Hide] (211.1KB, 723x720)
>I am curious as to what everyone thinks of this failure was?
He most likely has downloaded too much neko shota hentai with gallery-dl.
watch him write a massive wall of text on his now empty forum talking about how they will be lost dong jones, despite being deplatformed 30+ times. it's a war of attrition to see who of the two is more autistic and i hope everyone loses.
Replies: >>11682
lmao Jersh has so many enemies even his storage is conspiring against him.
I've archived the links for everyone to laugh at in case the farms goes down again. Ghostarchive giving me some issues today though. Pardon the plebbit spacing.
Some farmer with his autism seemed to have tracked down the exact model lol. Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN620? 
>>11676 You say that but....
Have an archive of his "postmortem" analysis.
>The Kiwi Farms went down at approximately 5:30am EU. The database locked up unexpectedly and the site became unavailable.
>@CrunkLord420 correctly identified it was a disk issue, so I called in the two guys who help me manage our storage array ("raid"). 
>They diagnosed that all four enterprise raid NVMe harddrives had failed simultaneously, which wiped out the entire database and all forum software. I verified we had a fresh copy of the backup and a recent-ish backup of the actual software.
>I had two options moving forward:
>1) Pull out remote hands on a US Saturday night and have them determine if the drives can be salvaged and overnight parts to fix whatever has actually broken, or
>2) Completely reinstall the entire forum on a different raid until we can do #1 and then move it later.
>I decided to go with #2 as the faster but more laborious option, which is why we've had data rollback.
>This is was very close to a total nightmare scenario where the server would be completely destroyed. I've reinstalled the Kiwi Farms so much at this point that I know the procedure very well, and it only took about 7 hours, where most of that was just waiting on the database to import over 120,000,000 post stickers.
>Anyways, sorry, we're back up. Let me know if there's any weirdness. I'll get chat up in a bit.

Meanwhile Null's helper (which proves he doesn't know shit probably) posted this:
>Made an account to clarify things. I'm the dude that helps Null with this stuff when he needs it. No, I don't monitor the server cause it's Null's. But maybe I'll setup some stuff for Null to monitor stuff including drive health.
>The storage on the server use ZFS pools. The SATA SSD array (SNEED Pool) bypasses the RAID Controller and is entirely JBOD passthrough.
>The 4 x NVMe drives are U.2 drives in the front and are in FEED ZFS Pool. The backplane handles SATA, SAS, and U.2. U.2 has it's own area for those drives and connects to the motherboard with a OCuLink cable to a JNVMe header.
>The 4 x 1.6TB WD Ultrastar DC SN620 NVMe U.2 drives disappeared from the server last night. But before that, the kernel reported write errors to one of them.
>There are a few reasons this could have happened, from most likely to less likely:
>- BIOS/UEFI Firmware stopped communicating with the NVMe drives. This happened with a certain BIOS setting when it was initially setup
>- The drives actually died from the workload. Unlikely considering these can handle 1.7 Drive Writes per day. But very feasible. >These are 2nd hand enterprise drives
>- The backplane/JNVMe headers exploded. Super unlikely
>The drives are likely still alive, and the server's firmware probably took a shit.
>We need to inspect the server's BIOS settings or possibly even update the firmware. Then we can determine if the drives are toast or useless.
>There was no foul play at hand here. At best a firmware bug, at worse, the drives sudoku'd.
Lmao nigga doesn't even monitor his server? I'd have a 24hr camera pointed at it in case it got gayopped by troons-in-waiting with explosives mounted to it just in case.

His dumbass is trying to find someone to sue dong jones (tangential to this thread). I await the shitshow that is.
Completely unrelated, but does anyone have any experience with running a MIPS/RISC-V based SOC for a NAS or router? I'm thinking of picking up a chinkware one and seeing how it performs. Just watch me find dozens of hardware backdoors planted by the chink glows instead of CIA ones.
>2nd hand SSDs
>doesn't even monitor drive health
>using WD drives
he deserved it lmao
>I've reinstalled the Kiwi Farms so much at this point that I know the procedure very well, and it only took about 7 hours
>knows everything and it still takes 7 fucking hours
just have a dockerfile at that point holy shit
>most of that was just waiting on the database to import over 120,000,000 post stickers.
forumfags and their reactions lmao
>The SATA SSD array (SNEED Pool)
>These are 2nd hand enterprise drives
>buying used SSDs
>His dumbass is trying to find someone to sue dong jones (tangential to this thread). I await the shitshow that is.
as much of a retard as he is i'd love to see that, whoever loses, we win. if it also means you can individually sue trannies for DDoSing your site that'd be fucking great too
Replies: >>11688 >>11701
> that'd be fucking great too
After I uninstalled openjdk and all its dependencies my computer stopped skipping the grub boot menu. There's no reason for this, it still boots fine, but it still won't skip the grub menu, even if the GRUB_TIMEOUT is set to 0.

These are the packages I removed? Could these be the cause?

 java-17-openjdk                (B x86_64            1:              @updates            1.6 M
Removing unused dependencies:
 ttmkfdir                       (B x86_64            3.0.9-67.fc38                    @fedora             124 k
 xorg-x11-fonts-Type1           (B noarch            7.5-35.fc38                      @fedora             863 k

 java-17-openjdk-headless          (B x86_64     1:                        @updates      205 M
Removing dependent packages:
 libreoffice-calc                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       26 M
 libreoffice-draw                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       14 k
 libreoffice-emailmerge            (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       25 k
 libreoffice-graphicfilter         (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      1.0 M
 libreoffice-impress               (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      1.7 M
 libreoffice-math                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       11 k
 libreoffice-writer                (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       12 M
Removing unused dependencies:
 Box2D                             (B x86_64     2.4.1-9.fc38                               @anaconda     243 k
 autocorr-en                       (B noarch     1:                           @updates      286 k
 boost-date-time                   (B x86_64     1.78.0-14.fc38                             @updates       16 k
 boost-iostreams                   (B x86_64     1.78.0-14.fc38                             @updates       95 k
 boost-locale                      (B x86_64     1.78.0-14.fc38                             @updates      668 k
 clucene-contribs-lib              (B x86_64        @anaconda     386 k
 clucene-core                      (B x86_64        @anaconda     2.0 M
 copy-jdk-configs                  (B noarch     4.1-2.fc38                                 @anaconda      20 k
 google-carlito-fonts              (B noarch     1.103-0.21.20130920.fc38                   @anaconda     2.6 M
 google-crosextra-caladea-fonts    (B noarch     1:1.002-0.15.20130214.fc38                 @anaconda     251 k
 gstreamer1-plugins-good-gtk       (B x86_64     1.22.5-1.fc38                              @updates       65 k
 hyphen-en                         (B noarch     2.8.8-19.fc38                              @anaconda     104 k
 javapackages-filesystem           (B noarch     6.1.0-7.fc38                               @anaconda     1.9 k
 libabw                            (B x86_64     0.1.3-12.fc38                              @anaconda     271 k
 libcdr                            (B x86_64     0.1.7-12.fc38                              @anaconda     845 k
 libcmis                           (B x86_64     0.5.2-20.fc38                              @anaconda     1.1 M
 libe-book                         (B x86_64     0.1.3-30.fc38                              @anaconda     482 k
 libeot                            (B x86_64     0.01-28.fc38                               @anaconda      77 k
 libepubgen                        (B x86_64     0.1.1-15.fc38                              @anaconda     386 k
 libetonyek                        (B x86_64     0.1.10-9.fc38                              @anaconda     2.5 M
 libexttextcat                     (B x86_64     3.4.6-6.fc38                               @anaconda     458 k
 libfreehand                       (B x86_64     0.1.2-20.fc38                              @anaconda     441 k
 liblangtag                        (B x86_64     0.6.4-3.fc38                               @anaconda     223 k
 liblangtag-data                   (B noarch     0.6.4-3.fc38                               @anaconda     2.1 M
 libmspub                          (B x86_64     0.1.4-27.fc38                              @anaconda     408 k
 libmwaw                           (B x86_64     0.3.21-6.fc38                              @anaconda     6.7 M
 libnumbertext                     (B x86_64     1.0.11-2.fc38                              @anaconda     752 k
 libodfgen                         (B x86_64     0.1.8-8.fc38                               @anaconda     753 k
 liborcus                          (B x86_64     0.17.2-8.fc38                              @anaconda     1.6 M
 libpagemaker                      (B x86_64     0.0.4-20.fc38                              @anaconda     163 k
 libqxp                            (B x86_64     0.0.2-21.fc38                              @anaconda     326 k
 libreoffice-core                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      302 M
 libreoffice-data                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      3.2 M
 libreoffice-gtk3                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      2.3 M
 libreoffice-gtk4                  (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      2.1 M
 libreoffice-help-en               (B x86_64     1:                           @updates       27 M
 libreoffice-kf5                   (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      862 k
 libreoffice-langpack-en           (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      172 k
 libreoffice-ogltrans              (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      326 k
 libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts      (B noarch     1:                           @updates      438 k
 libreoffice-pdfimport             (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      588 k
 libreoffice-pyuno                 (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      1.7 M
 libreoffice-ure                   (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      6.7 M
 libreoffice-ure-common            (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      2.4 M
 libreoffice-x11                   (B x86_64     1:                           @updates      610 k
 librevenge                        (B x86_64     0.0.5-4.fc38                               @anaconda     757 k
 libstaroffice                     (B x86_64     0.0.7-10.fc38                              @anaconda     2.3 M
 libvisio                          (B x86_64     0.1.7-18.fc38                              @anaconda     680 k
 libwpd                            (B x86_64     0.10.3-16.fc38                             @anaconda     728 k
 libwpg                            (B x86_64     0.3.3-15.fc38                              @anaconda     166 k
 libwps                            (B x86_64     0.4.13-2.fc38                              @anaconda     2.1 M
 libzmf                            (B x86_64     0.0.2-29.fc38                              @anaconda     185 k
 lksctp-tools                      (B x86_64     1.0.19-3.fc38                              @anaconda     271 k
 lpsolve                           (B x86_64                            @anaconda     1.2 M
 lua                               (B x86_64     5.4.4-9.fc38                               @anaconda     599 k
 lua-posix                         (B x86_64     35.1-5.fc38                                @anaconda     620 k
 mythes                            (B x86_64     1.2.5-2.fc38                               @anaconda      28 k
 mythes-en                         (B noarch     3.0-35.fc38                                @anaconda      21 M
 raptor2                           (B x86_64     2.0.15-37.fc38                             @anaconda     576 k
 rasqal                            (B x86_64     0.9.33-22.fc38                             @anaconda     887 k
 redland                           (B x86_64     1.0.17-33.fc38                             @anaconda     517 k
 tzdata-java                       (B noarch     2023c-1.fc38                               @anaconda     341 k
 xmlsec1-nss                       (B x86_64     1.2.37-2.fc38                              @anaconda     206 k
 yajl                              (B x86_64     2.1.0-21.fc38                              @updates       91 k
Btw I’m using the KDE spin of Fedora 38
Where did you set GRUB_TIMEOUT? Check that try regenerating grib config
Replies: >>11699 >>11700
Spoiler File
(27.6KB, 600x408)
What's a decent IRC application for Android? I've been messaging this girl on Whatsapp and I'd rather not have my private conversations stored in a Faceberg-branded server.
Cut me some slack faggots, how else are you supposed to talk to normalfaggots nowadays? Though I genuinely wonder if I'll get her to make the switch.
Replies: >>11695 >>11697
[Hide] (68.7KB, 715x960)
[Hide] (85.9KB, 706x455)
[Hide] (188.3KB, 474x266)
Is there any way of getting and playing Team Fortress 2 without Steam? Like, maybe a pirated version that connects to private servers or something?
Replies: >>11698
Any one on fdroid.
>talking to normalfags
>talking to girls
>how else are you supposed to
You don't
IIRC there are Steam emulators with some kind of multiplayer support for Steamworks games, though I would be surprised if there was much of a Steam-less community for a F2P game.
I did it didn't solve anything.
Replies: >>11700
I set the grub timeout in /etc/default/grub and I'm using grub2. I have tried running grub2-mkconfig
Replies: >>11702
Unfortunately he is trying to get Dong for deframation and tortorious interference in Commiefornia a state with the highest anti-slapp protections in the union. 
The DDOSing a criminal matter le fbi wont do jack shit about but apparently Dong Gone was dumb enough to send something in text or audio to someone to deplatform and it came into hands of josh.
I don't think brickface is dumb enough to pay for DDOS with his own cards but you never know.

Does anyone have experience with those chinese riscv chips? Tempted to buy an soc and see if works well for a NAS server or router. Yes I understand I am swapping burger glow with bugman glow.
How did you run grub-mkconfig?
Replies: >>11709
I'm not trying to flame but I had a lot of trouble with Fedora when I used it. It was a while ago (during Fedora 19-22) but the issue was that Fedora (more accurately Yum/DNF) would nuke GRUB when I tried to upgrade to next release (keep in mind that the only officially supported way to upgrade was to (re)install the new release form iso, back then). Also, Rawhide never worked for me for the same reason. I suggest you try either Arch Linux or Void Linux (depending on whether you want SystemD or not). Debian testing is also okay for PC use-case (Debian stable is excellent for servers but not very good for desktops or laptops). Arch Linux has archinstall installer now (I can recommend using it) but I heard that EndeavourOS is also fine, if you are looking for a easy-to use distro that's based on Arch.
[Hide] (154.2KB, 900x709)
It's so invigorating.
The standby battery usage os my chinkpad x230 is extremely high. If I leave it unplugged for 2 days, the battery is almost ceratinly completely drained.
How can I find out what's causing that?
*On Slackware
Try using powertop or iotop and logging it over time.
Replies: >>11718
So I had to run:
grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
And now it works.
Replies: >>11710
good job fixing it
There are even Slackbuilds for both.
It's incredible. There really hasn't been anything I haven't been able to find on the SB repo so far.
I would go so far claiming that it is on par with the AUR.
Replies: >>11719
[Hide] (39KB, 1022x211)
I tried using fatrace which doesn't work. Now powertop seems to display something. I guess it's got something to do with the wifi card?
Okay, I'm not a EE here but someone in my friend circle claiming that we're ~5 years  where anyone with enough dedication can make homemade semiconductors for "general" (read: gayme and office work) performance video proof from this guy:
Any thoughts as to this? The general use seems still pretty far off to me. I
Replies: >>11721 >>11722
>"general" (read: gayme and office work) performance
Based on that most SBC computers (that use real ARM CPUs) are still barely able to do that, I don't think it's anywhere near. Maybe some old/retro OS designed for the microcomputers of the 80s/very early 90s could be made run on this with acceptable speed, but anything after that, not really.
can you stop and just ignore everything that you hear if its coming from a fucking nigger, complete idiot this has been possible since fucking forever idiot, you draw and design the ic layout and send it to a foundry which prints it out, this is literally how intel made their shit until 2000 and how their designs got stolen by competitors every time like cyrix which were just tards working at the ibm foundry that intel sent their designs to
also this is totally useless for homelame, you can buy a 6502 for $5 what fucking idiot is going to waste their time with this just to make a knockoff of something that you can already buy for peanuts, you want a processor buy a processor like holly shit
[Hide] (1.8KB, 640x480)
Is there another way to access the archive.org files that's not via the WWW? Like some other simpler protocol that doesn't suck? Gopher comes to mind. FTP would even work, I guess.
> lynx https://archive.org/
504 Gateway Time-out
> links https://achive.org/
see pic (following that link also times out)
> w3m https://archive.org/
tries to load local filesystem url (kek) but otherwise would just time out like the other two
Replies: >>11727 >>11728
All of them are http or WWW if you are comparing with Gopher and ftp. Not sure what you are on.
Use a search engine. https://archive.org/post/240921/ftp-read-access-is-going-away
Unfortunately IA's no-JS capabilities have deteriorated over the years and the lite version (actually a recent addition) has been timing out for the past couple of months. Chances are they aren't even aware that it's broken, if you contact [email protected] that might get them to do something. Alternatively I believe felinks has some sort of JS support, maybe that will work?
Replies: >>11730
> couple months
Kek, it's been broken that long, huh. Yeah I saw "lite version" and thought hey that's new! I also know they have .torrent files but they're on the broken web server. xD
Guess I'll just wait, it's not very important. I just wanted to download some old retro magazines and games from the 70's, 80's.
Replies: >>11731
>I just wanted to download some old retro magazines and games from the 70's, 80's.
You probably already know but the /emugen/ wiki has lots of useful resources including links to places you can download from (don't know about magazines): https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
[Hide] (379KB, 471x610)
Will sugar make me program better? How about trans (unrelated to trannies) or saturated fats?
Replies: >>11747
No, but caffeine works. I recommend coffee (optionally with a L-theanine tablet).
Replies: >>11750
i only absorb my caffeine from my american sugar water
Replies: >>11751
[Hide] (706.5KB, 1600x1600)
>american sugar water
Replies: >>11752
[Hide] (1.1MB, 200x270)
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