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Welcome to /tech/, now with 100% less dolphin.
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Dumb/help/ advise questions in this thread.
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Anons, help me out.
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Can I install Windows using my phone as an usb?
Replies: >>139
How do I make my laptop fan less noisy? Recently clean everything and double the ram so I guess the processor has to work twice as hard. It's quiet when running light but turns into a car engine when playing games.
replace paste
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.m3u8 is a playlist text file. If you're actually getting 480p video when selecting 720p it's probably because the "(auto)" means DASH. It selects the best quality your internet can support. So although you have 720p selected it's still sending you 480p because the connection isn't good enough for DASH to select a high quality one. As always the answer is youtube-dl. "youtube-dl -F" will try and get all the qualities available for that video. You can then search up yourself on the youtube-dl documentation for how to select the quality you want.
Did that too.
Yes, but you'll need a rooted Android phone with DriveDroid installed on it (you can use Aurora Store to download it from the Google's Play Store), as well as the Windows-only media creation tool called rufus.
I had this issue and did undervolting as well as using a laptop cooler pad.
Undervolting is probably the only thing that will make a difference. Your laptop bios might have a fan curve in it, but I doubt it. Noise isolating headphones are really the only true solution to loud laptop fans while gaming.
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Is there any way to write into an executable while it's running? Some trick or hack or workaround that you could use. I don't give a shit how "ugly" or unintentional it is, I just want to do it.

The goal is to have a single-file executable that can remember settings without creating additional files or modifying anything else or leaving trash around the OS.

My idea was to create a long string starting with something like "{{{DATA_START}}}", and then a fixed amount of text after it, for example 2000 random letters. Then you could search for that from the executable binary and put whatever you want in the 2000 bytes after the starting tag. Problem is you can't modify the executable while the program is running. Maybe there's some way to get around that, like using some OS program restart function, or creating a second program that restarts the first or something?

Ideas for either Windows or Linux are appreciated.
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Should have specified that I'm talking about writing a program from scratch.
It's other people that I'm worried about.
>>2 (OP) 
What's a good liveUSB distro with a compilation of Desktop Enviroments and/or Window managers so show to non-/tech/ users?

I'm trying to get some friends the fuck out of the cult of apple, and 90% of the problem is them being woefully-confused by over-cluttered interfaces and drop-down menus. They don't really touch appstore shit, but just need a few specific tools; that part I can figure out, maybe with wine even. 

The real challenge is trying to find a DE/WM they're comfortable with. I tried to run elementaryOS on a liveUSB, but all I get are initramfs errors.

I've been tempted to use QEMU to make a fully-customized install of manjaro specifically for them, but I don't know how I would get the .iso of the system from the guest to the host.
Replies: >>167 >>168
people say Linux Mint is the closest to Wangblows, but I've found that KDE's Plasma is pretty good as well. You won't find a 1:1 replacement but they have to be willing to make that concession.
Replies: >>168 >>197
Don't user manjaro for anything ever, especially for teaching retarded normlafags linux. It's a buggy mess of a distro that breaks constantly and the developers have outright said it shouldn't be considered stable or noob friendly.

I don't know any distro's that have a shit load of DE's out of the box to choose from, most ship with just 1-3 to keep the .iso small. There are certain Arch installers that have something like that like Arcolinux, but Arch is a bad idea for normalniggers. Any standard ubuntu with gnome is going to be the most similar to macOS. KDE or cinnamon will be the most similar to windows.

My personal favorite distro has to be hands down MX Linux, which can ship with xfce or KDE. But as >>167 says Mint/Ubuntu is unparalleled when it comes to retard proofing.
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>/tech/ - Technology

How do I root a huawei p10 lite today? I read online you need some gay shit thing that you needed to get from some huawei service that's shut off making it impossible. is that true or what?
Replies: >>176
>I read online you need some gay shit thing that you needed to get from some huawei service that's shut off making it impossible. is that true or what?
Yes, that's true. However there's still an option to root Huawei goyphones. You need to pay some hackermans 4 shekels for a code that will unlock your bootloader.
I bit the bullet and did this a year ago, and it actually worked. If you want proofs, then I can post a picture of my unlocked Honor phone.
Replies: >>177 >>185
Forgot the link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/p10-lite/how-to/p10-lite-bootloader-unlock-june-2020-t4113315
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>>2 (OP) 
Why the fuck does my torrent client not want to upload despite having plenty peers and seeds? I'm getting berated by my tracker for not sharing enough but I don't seem to have a fuckin choice.
>you need to
>for freedom
are you out of your mind?
maybe you set a limit to the # of active torrents and the downloads are taking all your slots?
Replies: >>191 >>192
It's usually one of two root causes:

1. Your torrent tracker has "I was pretending to be retarded" default settings where upload speed is deliberately limited.


2. Your ISP is being a cunt somehow.

Find out a download/upload speed test to see how much upload/download speed you get and see how it compares to your tracker's settings.

Telecom companies- many of whom also have ISPs, are dogshit and set up with a catch-all-DNS that tends to alienate p2p and other tech-savvy stuff because it's easier to set up a blanket solution that appeases the copyright lobbyists than to actually fix their fucking service.

My solution to this was to use a VPN. Maybe you could get a fix by changing your DNS, but my network knowledge isn't enough to give you advice on that kind of solution. Networking is one of the most obscure fields among tech due to how much shit there is to learn and how annoying it is to find resources that don't suck.
Replies: >>192
Do you have anonymous mode checked off in your torrent client?
Replies: >>192
Then be stuck with an unrootable phone forever.
(199.7KB, 584x284)
90% of the time, all my (seeding) torrents are stalled and doing nothing, but every once in a while 2 and only 2 of all my torrents start seeding a little bit, then they gradually reduce from 100 kb to 100 b then to 10 b then to 0 and we're back at square 1. 

I do have Mysterium VPN which I have yet to bust out yet (still don't know how to buy their shitty little crypto currency to trade for additional time) so if that works, it probably was my ISP even though I do have the ports forwarded. With that said, if you have some better VPN recommendations, let me know.
Replies: >>193 >>194
Just tried with one of the offerred VPN modules and it did the same thing, all torrents at 0 upload. To call this shit gay would be an understatement.
Have you set a limit to how many torrents can seed at the same time? Most of the time your torrents won't be actively seeding. They only actively seed when someone is leeching, and even then you might not be chosen as a seeder if their client prioritizes a better seeder.

Usually private trackers will have free leech torrents to build up your ratio. So if that's a possibility try to find some free leech mega pack of games or something that has a lot of leechers to get your ratio up, if that's what your private tracker is complaining about. If it's specifically saying that you're not seeding torrents at all or doing "hit and runs" then there might be some weird connection issues. You'll have to go into more detail.
Replies: >>195
(115.7KB, 800x800)
I guess it could be I'm just extremely unlucky, but it isn't like I'm only downloading obscure shit, I download scene stuff as well. I guess that's the only explanation. Thanks, though.
I still can't trust them after their server got hacked (a few years ago) and the hackerman changed the dl links to point to a backdoored iso file. (Actually, didn't similar incident happened to FreeBSD as well?)

>Don't user manjaro for anything ever,
>It's a buggy mess of a distro that breaks constantly

Also, I don't trust Manjaro because the maintainers/devs have been sloppy in the past as well (anyone remember when the Manjaro devs forgot to renew the SSL cert on their website and then they just told their users to revert their clock?) Also, doesn't Manjaro ship with something similar to yaourt (ie. pacman wrapper) that may trick the user to silently install a package from AUR instead of the official repositories? If so, it's bad idea to let noobs install random stuff from the AUR.
What's the client? qBittorrent?
Replies: >>207
Fucking shit I bought an ssd too and replace the hdd with it and now the fan is even louder. What the fuck do I do? I read that ssd tends to die more from heat than from file transfer over time, do I need to buy a laptop cooling pads to ease it up too? The summer here is hot as fuck.
Replies: >>201
Did you look into undervolting? Other than that yes the only choice left is a cooling pad to put under it. If you're running windows linux may or may not quiet it down, but I figure since you talked about playing goymes you probably won't bother switching anyways. If you're bothered by fan noise and you end up getting a laptop cooling pad I'd make sure you research which ones have quiet fans.
Replies: >>202
I did dual boot man, but this ssd is 220 gb only, if i split that shit there would not be much to work with. I still have the hdd with both windows and linux in it. Another potential problem is that I installed new windows on the ssd while having the hdd plugged in and now everytime i want to access the ssd os I have to press f10 to choose which drive i want to use. I don't really care about that but I want to format the hdd so I can store shit in there, would that fuck up the boot of the ssd somehow?
Replies: >>203
You need to change the boot priority in the BIOS so it boots to whatever drive you want.
>would that fuck up the boot of the ssd somehow?
You'd probably just still have to hit F10 to manually input the boot option and it would error out if you tried to let it boot into the wiped HDD and say there's no OS.
Replies: >>204
I read that because i install windows with both ssd and hdd plugged in, the boot recognized both of those or whatever the term is, so if I try to change something I fear I won't be able to boot it ever again. Some fag also said that I can't just change boot priority because of the above. Also It wasn't saying which drives to choose from but open "boot manager" to access the ssd os. I still have both os on my old hdd, is there a way I can boot those two again? I don't see any option to boot from the hdd.
Replies: >>205
It could be that windows recognized the boot loader installed on your HDD and just used that and didn't bother writing one to your SSD. So you might be right. But I think if it was using the HDD's boot loader it wouldn't require you to press F10 in the bios screen, it would show you a selection of operating systems that the boot loader can see. Don't take my word for it though.
Is the Amiga OS any good? Just asking.
Replies: >>219
MEGA links do not load for me on Linux for some reason.
I'm using Ungoogled Chromium and this happened on Debian and Arch so far.
Replies: >>210 >>212 >>216
Have you tried not using Unjewgled chromium?
Replies: >>211 >>212
Firefox sucks so much and MEGA doesn't work on Pale Moon.
Replies: >>213
(194.4KB, 834x970)
>Unironically using mega's website
>Have you tried not using Unjewgled chromium?
Nigger, what do you have against Ungoogled Chromium?
Replies: >>214
Does this mean they work in firefox or that you refuse to test whether or not they work in firefox? If you're going to ask for free tech support at the very least learn how to appropriately ask for help. I shouldn't have to ask you 20 questions about which troubleshooting steps you've already taken.
Replies: >>215
I don't have anything against it, that was just a slight at jewgle. Though people should resist all chromium browsers whenever possible to push back against the browser monopoly they're getting.
Replies: >>230
I just refused to use Firefox. Megatools works for me atleast (never knew about it before).
I shouldn't have asked a very dumb /g/-tier question.
Try switching to Tor Browser UA or try installing ublock origin, if you don't already use it
Replies: >>217
I use UBO already. I could change my UA, but I have megatools to download mega links anyways.
qBittorrent is notorious for stalling torrents on some clients and OSes. Try a different client.
Replies: >>220 >>221 >>222
I haven't heard of that before. Source?
If you use Linux or OSX, try using Transmission.
Replies: >>221 >>222
When I used qBitorrent on linux I noticed it was using 800MB of memory. So it's got a lot of weird bugs and memory leaks apparently. Thankfully there are many alternatives on linux that run better.
Replies: >>222
I just switched from Deluge because I was having similar problems there. I am using a heavily modified version of W10.
Beside what others suggested. Is this happening even on public trackers with torrents where the seeder/leecher ratio is over 1:10?
If you're using a private tracker with dozens of faggots in seedboxes with gigabit upload speeds, then nothing will help you other than doing the same. Private trackers without a seed point system are retarded and not worth the trouble.
If I have a VPS, is there any point in encrypting the hard drive? Theoretically there's no, because the VPS provider could just take a memory snapshot and find the key in it. Practically the only advantage I see is that IF the provider didn't take a memory snapshot AND I shut down the VM, they won't be able to read the data until I boot it again. But it feels like a too big if and too much hassle to be worth it.

You can append data to the end of an executables, that's how self extracting archives and installers where the installer is one giant executable works. On Linux you should be able to do this while the program is running without problems, just be careful not to modify the actual executable because it will probably crash randomly. I have no idea whether it's possible on windoze.

Then what are you going to use? You can use the raped and killed firefox, which once was a great browser, but now it's just a lame chromium clone even if it has a different engine underneath, the numerous firefox forks that may or may not work with sites updated after 2015... or maybe you could try to use w3m/elinks/whatever if you're so lucky that you never have to touch anything with html5 in it.
Replies: >>231 >>234
Tor, tor without tor network, or palemoon all work fine for the most part.
(64.9KB, 453x604)
alternatives to Transmission that have a web interface and are free as in freedom? Keeps throwing an error about too many open files no matter what I try to do (I used to run an absurd amount of torrents at once with Tixati, but that's closed source so I want to avoid it)
qstalledtorrent shills need not reply
Replies: >>233
rTorrent + ssh/whatever web ui
Hardware raids where (((feds operators))) grub servers by the drives, assuming the VPS provider didn't comply to their requests or they straight up raid the data center without notice. More layers of protection is always better.
On my machine (x86_64): >sizeof(int_fast32_t)  8 >sizeof(unsigned int)  4
>sizeof(size_t) == 8
Which type is the best for array indices and length?

Bigger type
<less cache and memory density
<needs more memory bandwidth
>pointer size is 64bit anyway and saves a conversion
>if ALUs are 64bit based, processing 32bit data may be slower
Replies: >>236
Actually you can still pretty much do 32-bit arithmetic on amd64 (just ignore the upper 32-bits), and you get conversion for free in many cases. And even when you need to do it it's cheap as fuck. I'm not sure about arm64 and the likes but it should be cheap there too
Plus these days, it's easily possible that you'll be limited by memory bandwidth and not the actual cpu speed.

>Which type is the best for array indices and length?
C++ containers and C array indexing use size_t because that's the most generic type that supports everything supported by your HW. You can go with uint32 if you know that you will never need more than 4 billion indices. However if you try to do something like
struct Vector
  something* ptr;
  uint32_t len;
};On 64-bit, this struct will be actually 16 bytes: 8 bytes for the pointer, 4 bytes for the len and 4 bytes padding, because due to the pointer the whole struct must be 8 bytes aligned. So in this case you need to put something into that padding if you want to save any memory compared to size_t.
Replies: >>239
Interesting. At what point is it better to use a bigger type for performance?
Replies: >>242
On amd64? Probably not much, you don't have to use the full registers (e.g. you have rax, eax, ax, al), you have movzx which can read a smaller sized number from memory and zero extend it one operation, etc. I'm not sure what happens on the microcode level, it might end up with an extra operation in some times, but it will likely just disappear in the pipeline and wait chains.
Other architectures are more tricky, you have to look into them. But for example, char is unsigned on arm, because armv3 didn't have ldrsb only ldrb which meant sign extension had to be done manually costing two more instructions. Things got better with armv4, but it looks like there are still some corner cases when unsigned char/short work better than signed in arm: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3093669/why-unsigned-types-are-more-efficient-in-arm-cpu
For local variables just use int or size_t or int32/64, you're working with them, you don't want to convert them continuously back and forth, and hopefully they will be in registers anyway so you won't really save space either.
For non local variables probably go with the minimum size you need (but not bitfields), on a modernish CPU it's unlikely that integer conversion will be the bottleneck. Memory is slower than the CPU, so how much memory your code reads and how predictable your memory access patterns are usually more important.
And before you start optimising the shit out of your code, profile your app, because otherwise you'll likely optimize the wrong parts of it.
Replies: >>243
Playing with bit fields takes several extra instructions, but why is the linux kernel using it for fdtable.full_fds_bits (include/linux/fdtable.h and fs/file.c)? I think that's probably the point where space is more important than time.
>profile your app
Of course. I am still very slowly writing it up. Wouldn't it be better to design something better while working on it, so changes can be made easier?
Replies: >>247 >>276
>bit fields
I mean, that's probably where the speed difference becomes non trivial. Loading a byte vs an int is just a different instruction (in most cases). Loading a bitfield is suddenly involves shifts and masks, setting is even more complicated. Of course, this only really matters if you have a tight loop where you don't do much else. But even in that case, if you have to go through a lot of data, that bit shifting might be still faster. Heck, sometimes storing the textures compressed in the GPU memory can speed up rendering, even though the GPU has to do more calculations on compressed textures, it means less data transfer. And the likes. However, if you have fs code which has to hit the disk, actually accessing the disk will be the slowest by orders of magnitude, no matter what you do.
Oh and by the way, there's two kind of bitfields, I was thinking about the c language feature (the int foo : 3;), not where you manually emulate it. The former has a somewhat bad reputation, mainly because old compilers handled them like shit, but even now they're not really standardized and different compilers might lay them out differently.
Replies: >>248 >>276
Make senses. I manually emulated it.
polite sage, not adding value
guy came into the shop with some DVDs he needs ripped, one of them has some pits/bumps on the data side of the disc. is there any way to buff them out without damaging the data layer? The DVD cleaners I'm looking at on amazog seem to be better at destroying discs than actually cleaning them.
Any site where you can post some short notices about my site's status viewable by anyone? I mean there are sites like shitposter.club, but most of them nowadays run Pleruma and you can't even view them without javashit, and the good old gnu social sites almost completely disappeared. Obviously I could self host something, but that would pretty much make "look at this url if there's some problem with my site" point moot.
It doesn't have to be gnu social compatible, I don't care about fancy features, just to be able to post some messages without some sjw admin going ballistic over something that he found on some random site that has a slight remembrance to my username...
Replies: >>275
Static github, neocities, wordpress. There are tons of them.
I didn't read the conversation, but in terms of time cost, some bitwise instruction is absolutely nothing compared to the time required to load more data from memory into the CPU. If you pack things more tightly, you need to load less things from memory and can save tons of time. This mostly matters when you're looping through arrays of things though, if you just jump straight to X then it probably doesn't matter.
I want an E-Reader that
>accepts (micro) SD cards
>can easily take public domain and stolen e-books
>has e-ink screen
Replies: >>293 >>342
You want a SBC (running GNU or Android) with an e-ink screen. Preferably with an onboard emmc to store the system.
Is there any quick way to turn a ES6 module into a single JS file that includes all dependencies and works normally inside a browser?
Replies: >>327
It works normally.
I'll give you a non-faggot cocksucker answer. Get a Kobo Aura. It's not tied down by forced accounts or DRM like with Amazon's shit. Accepts micro SD and works with "ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM, RTF, HTML, TXT, Comic Book Archive file, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF."
Replies: >>345
(26.4KB, 905x1034)
I'm in the market for a NAS. Was thinking of getting a consumer-grade Synology with 4 bays. Anyone have any other suggestions? If it's not proprietery I'd at least like it to have RAID 5 capabilties - though I can be convinced otherwise.
Replies: >>351
>proprietary cocksucker
Replies: >>348
(38.8KB, 600x567)
You can't expect someone to build and program their own reader. Might as well suggest someone solder their own motherboard when asked for suggestions.
Replies: >>349
>installing Linux/Android is programming
Your are right about hooking up e-ink displays though.
But if you already have a gen-5 kindle: https://fread.ink/ looks like they got Xorg running.
You could throw some old or relatively cheap PC parts together and build something that runs free nas. ZFS should've got you covered when it comes to raid. Software raid saves you from being dependent on the raid controller which might not compatible with other raid controllers. If you go the hardware route, buy 2 identical controllers to have a backup.
How much power you need depends on how many extra capabilities you want besides a pure file server, but with ZFS you shouldn't skimp on the RAM.
If you have a little more money to spent you can get a small 19" server and SAS HDDs but that may be going too far. Also SMR is treacherous.
Replies: >>352
How exactly does ZFS work? Is it an operating system in and of itself or does it need something like BSD to run on?
Replies: >>353
It's just a file system, but with many modern features such as software raid, subvolumes and snapshots. And many other stuff you can enable, like deduplication. FreeNAS is based in FreeBSD but Linux would also support it. ZFS is a little like BTRFS' older, much more mature brother. It's very convenient but also requires some maintenance - ZFS and BTRFS hate when a volume is completely full.
(98.8KB, 722x1280)
Is there anything I can do to improve my cable management here? The PSU cables are too thick to really bend and I think there isn't enough room in the other side of the case to add sleeved extensions. I think it's the best that can be done but it still looks like shit.
Replies: >>356 >>357 >>359
>giving a fuck about "cable management"
nigger who the fuck cares about that shit
Replies: >>359
looks fine to me, I've seen and done much worse jobs
I don't know if there's enough cable length and room in your case to do this, but you could try passing the PSU cables through the underside to come out where the PCI-E cables come from. It's what I do in mine. The problem is that the power connector placement in your motherboard is pretty retarded, ideally it should be on the opposite side of the ram slots, near the edge.
>nigger who the fuck cares about that shit
Cable management matters for airflow.
I'd say >>355 is good enough though, I'd be surprised if the PSU cables make more than 1 celsius difference in average CPU temps.
Replies: >>360 >>364
>Cable management matters for airflow.
No it doesn't.Unless you're running an absolutely ridiculous amount of cables for some weird niche use case it makes absolutely no difference how you run your cables. At least not for an ATX tower build like that one with what looks like fucking 9 fans. It's pure aesthetics, and if anon cared about aesthetics he should probably just buy custom modular PSU cables and 90 degree 6/24 pin adapters.
Replies: >>361
I definitely care about aesthetics and would be interested in getting some custom PSU cables that look better and are easier to manage. Are those really expensive? Where can I get some? My PSU is a Seasonic 1000w 80+ Platinum but I'm not sure of the exact model. I can check when I open the case again in a few days to install the 3080 I have coming in the mail.
Replies: >>367
(29.6KB, 370x320)
>cable management matters for airflow
no? are you dumb lol
(18.1KB, 500x500)
Using q4wine, how do I get a wangblows program to display on a specific monitor? it keeps opening them on whatever one had focus last instead of my main one
Replies: >>366
STFW, you fucking brainlet.
As long as it's a modular PSU I believe any cables should work with it, but do your own research because I've never used third party cables myself before. The company I've heard jewtubers reference a lot for custom cables is cablemod.
They definitely aren't cheap though. There's also this site, which may or may not be cheaper depending on which cables you need. Has more customization options down to the cable length, but custom length will probably increase the cost significantly.
This site also categorizes their cables by PSU brand, I've linked Seasonic. Not sure if there's actually a difference between the brands, though.
Replies: >>368
I did a quick search and it turns out PSU cables are definitely NOT universal or interchangeable. You'll probably fry your computer unless you make sure they're compatible with your PSU.
Replies: >>369
This. Modular cables are not a universal standard, different PSU brands and sometimes even different models from the same brand (especially if they were manufactured by different OEMs) can use different pinouts.

Unless the cable is confirmed to be compatible with your exact PSU model, you'll be playing russian roulette with your hardware.

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