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Prep work is done.

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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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i believe downthemall for FF is the best option
Where is the best place to download music files (particularly FLAC)?

I used to torrent my music but have used Spotify for the past 5 years. I have grown disenchanted with the convenience of Spotify and want to move back to using a separate Digital Audio Player instead of my phone. I started looking around at torrent options to make sure I could find a lot of what I listen to before leaving Spotify, but I can't find jack shit. Did streaming services kill music torrents? Thepiratebay doesn't have much, and other sites are even worse. I don't want to jump through hoops for a private tracker as I will not be able to leave my PC on all day for seeding. The private trackers I did find don't seem that great. What do?
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I'm in the process of assembling a PC in a small form factor case (SSUPD Meshlicious).  The parts are compatible and the case can be modified to allow more/less space in certain directions within it, but one issue I have encountered is that the motherboard I'm using (MSI B550M PRO VDH) has a corner that is ever so slightly too long for the case.  Whenever I try to mount the motherboard, that one corner collides with the front top of the case where the front panel USB, etc. connections are and prevents the motherboard screw holes from aligning properly with the case holes.  Pic related is the offending screw hole, which doesn't align with anything in the case.

I've already mounted the CPU with thermal paste, so returning the board and simply getting a smaller one is no longer possible.  My two options seem to be cutting the PC case (infeasible, since the board would stick out too much to allow the front panel to be reattached) or cutting the board.  Without that one useless screw hole on the corner, I know the board would fit, but I'm not familiar with hardware modifications, even small ones like this.  I presume it should work because nothing near the screw hole on either side has any obvious circuitry on it, but I wanted to check to know if I'm just being retarded.

I tried looking for information on the normalfag internet but I couldn't find anything aside from generic PC build videos (useless) or hardware shop guides on how to cut/configure circuit boards.  The latter seemed to imply that cutting a circuit board was pretty simple, but there are a lot of connected parts on a PC motherboard so I'm not sure if I'll accidentally break something.
Replies: >>6373 >>6376
Aren't the screw holes used for grounding?
Replies: >>6375
TIDAL, make an account using an argentinian VPN, literally 1 dollar. Then you can rip the FLACs on HiFi or higher quality if you get the studio plan.
This screw hole won't be connected to anything so I won't risk shorting the board.  There are six holes on the board, only four of which are used in a small form factor case.
Can you post an alignment attempt with the board and the case? You done goofed by picking a mini-itx/dtx case to go with a matx board. You board is at least 4 cm longer. 
microATX 	9.6 × 9.6 in (244 × 244 mm)	<-- your board
mini-DTX 	8 × 6.7 in (203 × 170 mm)	<-- case's claimed max size
mini-ITX 	6.7 × 6.7 in (170 × 170 mm)
And I don't see how it is just a screw hole that needs to be cut off. I see several options other than cutting.
>return the case
>rig something to extend the case
>move the front io around or chop it up
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Upon further inspection, you're right and the board and case are simply incompatible - I'd need to remove about a square inch of the board in order to make it fit in the case, which would interfere with several important circuits/attachments.
>microATV vs mini ITX
Ah.  I didn't realize there was a spectrum of sizes like that; the case was mini ITX, which I thought meant "small with ITX mounts, etc." and I believe the motherboard said "ITX compatible" but they're different sizes entirely.

I'll have to return the case and get a micro ATX one, then, which isn't the end of the world.  I just hope I'll be able to talk to a human about it, since I'm a few days past the return period.
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Update: I just spoke to the store and they're pretty strict about their return policy, so I'm not getting my money back.  I'm out $140 canuck bucks but it could have been worse.

Kids, do your research better than I did.
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Exchange policies?
Replies: >>6380
They don't have one.
Well, you can eventually use it for something if you keep it around. It doesn't have to be a waste of money.
Replies: >>6383
Yeah.  Who knows - maybe I'll put together a bare-bones PC with minimal parts and sell it for a decent markup in a year or two, or just sell the case itself secondhand.  I'm lucky that the money isn't an object to me either way.
anyone mind sharing msstyles for Wine? It sucks ass. might do color scheme on a vm and save the msstyle but damn it kinda looks bad.
I no longer remember the old msstyle thing I used before.
Replies: >>6396
I have no idea whether these msstyles even work, but you can always try. They're located in the zip files.
Any GUI libraries that aren't as shit as Qt but not as autistic as SDL?
Replies: >>6421 >>6425
SDL isn't a GUI library it's a windowing+events library, although there are simple GUI libraries built on top of it like Nuklear and Dear ImGUI.
Replies: >>6428
Xorg has broken support for anything other than 8-bit RGB. Haven't looked at Wayland, but I don't have hopes for it either.

Otherwise, HDR is just a combination of a colorspace, a bit depth, and a certification that a display passes a certain bar in complying with both (i.e no dithering 6-bit and calling it 10-bit, display's colors are at most a certain % off, both very common in the sRGB world). This has been supported by basically every industry standard for dealing for video since before sRGB became the standard, it's just that nugrammers have no idea what a color space is so most graphics software doesn't actually support sRGB in the first place, let alone a new colorspace.
Tk or wxWidgets. QT is actually pretty good.
Replies: >>6428
>Nuklear and Dear ImGUI
>Tk or wxWidgets
Tried all of those, they don't really work for my case. I'm the eroge matrix guy.
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>>2 (OP) 
I need some smartphone purchasing advice:
>Budget: somewhere in the 300-450 USD range
>Country: USA
>Features: headphone jack
>Size: not too massive, but honestly the headphone jack is the most important thing
Are there any good options out there for me? Or am I just fucked now? I see the Samsuck A52s 5g and the Pixel 5a from last year, but is there anything else I'm missing? I prefer bigger names because they usually have better support for custom roms if I decide to go that route.
i carry my phone in my fannypack for maximum gaming
The first rule of buying a phone is don't. It is a tracking device, with remote arbitrary code execution built into the modem. SIM-cards are processors that runs closed-source god knows what. Even disregarding the 4G 5G radiation theory, it is a spy device.
If you must buy a tracking device, a smart tracing device means more tracking. Have you considered getting a music player instead?
If you must buy a smart tracker, consider a pinephone or diy (linux) phones with a sbc. You can replace components and have total control over it (other than the modem and blobs, if not using mainlined mcus).
If you must buy a goyapp compatible phone, the most important points are
>open source custom rom support
Stock roms are bloat feasts and pure botnet. Look into lineage and others.
>replaceable battery
Despite what the jews say, most phones last longer that its battery. As long as you don't run bloat shit, the performance is acceptable most of the time.
>modem technology
Other than radiation, I wonder what is the point of deprecating all 3G phones by replacing them with 5G.
Fuck bluetooth cancer, security hole, lossy encoded audio, more things to charge. More battery planned obsolesce.
After that, min max the processor, ram, battery capacity, display, sd card support, release year and other features.
Replies: >>6444 >>6448
>Pixel 5a
It's one of the best phones you can currently get imo. It should be trivial to unlock the boot-loader, too. Custom ROMs usually have great support for Nexus/Pixel phones.

Replies: >>6446
>not lg v20
>the most powerful phone with removable battery and 3.5 jack
>Even disregarding the 4G 5G radiation theory, it is a spy device
ah thank you for pointing out that your post doesnt need readiung
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>i found an unused variable in your code

>join fortune 500 hardware company
>first day meet senior devs
>>yeah, we follow the utmost stringent security policies, for instance, we use languages that disallow unused variables
why is charlatanry an accepted practice in tech?
What is wrong about that normalfag? Too different from what they said on TV?
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is it down syndrome hour again?
Replies: >>6457
Yes, an hour just for you.
so I just installed the newest linux drivers nvidia 515.57 (proprietary).
all right. I'm fucking done. you've done it again nvidia.
nvidia-open was just massive cope.
now I can't fucking access my TTY. when I try to ctrl+alt+f# my monitor goes powersaving mode.
it also now has a weird blink during boot (monitor goes powersaving for a second) after loading nvidia-uvm.
fuck this proprietary garbage. boycott nvidia even with open source copium. I'm selling my GPU.
this is utter garbage. can't even access TTY right now.
nvidia you fucking suck. I hope you get bankrupt and cursed.
Replies: >>6459 >>6460
>having nvidia gpus
Use a search engine. Have you tried nomodeset?
Uefi or bios? WIth uefi simplefb + nvidia modeset worked almost reliably ~half years ago (not as reliably with open sores intel or amd). Bios mode was always a PITA because you could pretty much only use VGA text more or some generic vesa fb implementation which were slow and shit, not sure if things improved there.
lurk moar
is there a barrier KVM equivalent for game controllers? i dont wanna use this piece of shit BT dongle anymore for VM usb passthrough i think the 'visor messed up my drivers there is a software named usb network gate but im not paying for that shit
how come virtualbox has natural support for mouse and keyboard but they didn't make a controller plugin i wish they would code this soon for the guest current options aren't vaible (ViGemBus is coded by a fucking bronyfag)
rainway remote gaming on the other hand already has controller support but its pointless since RDP works just fine and i dont want slow latency from thier servers
if i were to host my own no-ip/duckdns site with my naked bare IP will it be possible or easier for automated botnets to pwn my crap isp router with dns adware if they did can the attackers travel laterally and hack my legion one of my VMs use completely outdated windows 7 OS

help i need any advice when setting up a PC for completely unattended use? (very hard for desktops) i might leave this on for VACation (that's why i need the screenpad model for remote)
how do i ensure this thing does not catch fire unexpectedly if my shit goes wrong im literally dead no joke (shame i guess ill stick to the tablet instead not like internet there is fast anyway)
i already taped the main extension wire to my ceiling incase the one of angry rats chew it (for some reason the rat does not want to drill the thin tape on one of the patched holes in cabinet)
how do i keep this thing ventilated since all windows will be closed the whole time due for security and unexpected weather (room gets really hot in a matter of hours with little oxygen flow)
i could go the radical option and blow the air for a few hours a day using smart plug but these things tend to be unreliable (since the laundry room is open air and the warm pc isnt that far)
there is also the problem of my router going down randomly atleast once a week and requires manual reboot (i swear im gonna panic if home internet goes out while we are very far away)
so far i never had any battery issues at all and the legion had no problem surviving months of uptime without overheating (is the surge protector fuse on my extension omni cord sufficient?)
if nothing works i might be forced ditch the plan and end up bring the additional weight while let the TSAssholes molest my files or to leave it home powered off (man ill miss those veeams)
sorry for the weird formatting and schizo rant im not sure if you any of you NEETS attempted this before since since remote work became the norm even after the shamdemic news is over
Can someone explain to me how PHP object injection works?
Replies: >>6475
What do you not understand about it? https://owasp.org/www-community/vulnerabilities/PHP_Object_Injection explains it pretty clearly.
Does anyone have some Judeascript for testing Retbleed?
Get a Galaxy S5, it's one of the last phones with a removable battery and has great LOS support.
I didn't see your post originally, only now.

Linux has no limit on how many writes can be cached. If you have say 10GBs of memory free for use as write cache and write 10GiB to slow flash memory that can only write at say 300KiB/s, it's going to cache those 10GiBs, return success, and write it in the background. There is absolutely no limit in this, you could write a terabyte to a tape drive on a huge server with a terabyte of memory, it WILL return as soon as that terabyte is cached in kernel memory and spend an eternity writing it.
Hello niggers. Can you help a retard out with two things: trying to buy a new mouse (non-gamer mostly, just a reasonably priced peripheral resembling the norm so long as it has a 160cm/5.3ft+ cord) and a Noctua that will provide superior cooling to stock AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (AM4)? Quite literally asking for my family. Just gonna buy a more basic mouse in the meantime.
Replies: >>6496 >>6499
everyone is gong to have their own personal preference for what they want in a mouse. usually what I would end up doing is buying whatever flavor of Chinesium-made mouse is on ebay at the time and just adapting to that until it died a couple of years later. however then my hands would get used to that exact mold of mouse which is no longer available because chinese companies are mushrooms. and disappear overnight. all I really want in a mouse are that it's reliable and has side buttons for muh gaymer FPS, i don't give a shit about LEDs. find one at a good price, buy it, and make sure whoever gets it gets used to it.
Replies: >>6497 >>6498
>>6496 what about vertical mice? are those any good?
Don't buy the cheapest crap you can find that will likely break down in a few years, add a few more bucks and you can buy something decent. I still use an a4tech mouse I bough something like 15 years ago, it still works perfectly (or maybe 20 years, searching for the model number I found win98 drivers).
I've had a M90 for years now and it's still working properly. Cheap logitech stuff usually lasts and it's good enough for the price.
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what's a good resource for learning about web hosting/DNS/records/certs/etc. for a retard like me?
Replies: >>6501 >>6503
Self host webmail. Search you way up. No joke, an email server is one of the hardest thing to selfhost.
Bonus: fully deliverable to ms exchange.
This is easy tl;dr guide: https://landchad.net/ 
But be sure to also read Archwiki pages and docs for the services (daemons) you plan on hosting.

Some tips:
* Use nginx or Apache for hosting your web site.
* MariaDB > MySQL.
* To get free SSL cert, use Let's Encrypt and Certbot: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Certbot & https://letsencrypt.org/ & https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Transport_Layer_Security
* Use MDN for learning HTML+CSS+basic JS: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn
* For learning more advanced JabbaShit, read: https://eloquentjavascript.net/
* If you want a book about the protocols, see: >>5823
* Use these sites for inspirations: https://makefrontendshitagain.party/ & http://bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com/
Replies: >>6504 >>6506 >>6577
Forgot: Don't use Arch Linux for hosting anything. Install Debian stable instead. But use the Archwiki pages.
Replies: >>6507
>recommending certbot with its 192385493 python dependencies and not acme-client which is a tiny c program with minimal dependencies
is devuan better for hosting? sysd has lots of undiscovered vulns
Replies: >>6510
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I have a Fujitsu Lifebook T904 with Intel HD Graphics 4400 and it runs like garbage. The screen is 1440p and KDE Plasma struggles to render it at a constant 60 FPS (having chromium open with about a dozen tabs drops it to 45). Even typing this post in causes an unnecessary amount of lag and makes the fan ramp up to max. I already installed the mesa drivers and intel-firmware, messed around with compositor settings and still no change.
Current settings are:
>Scale method: Accurate
>Backend: OpenGL 3.1
>VSync: Only when cheap
Why is it running like trash?
Replies: >>6511 >>6515 >>6527
Probably, but most VPS hosts only let you choose from a set of their images, which is usually Ubuntu Server, Debian, or CentOS.
Replies: >>6513
Are you running it with Wayland or X11 (Xorg)? Try using Xorg. You can use the DM settings to change it (For example, Lightdm has a menu that can be used to change the session).
Replies: >>6512
I use X exclusively, I've heard wayland has too many issues
Replies: >>6515
I think you can still turn a debian install to devuan by editing the apt sources and doing a distupgrade. But if all else fails, you can upload the install iso to your vm and boot from it. It's easily doable on alpine (I've done it on cheap VPS providers that only provided garbage linux distros and no iso upload), probably a bit more complicated on devuan:
Do other DEs work? Try something like xfce4.
You chose bad software and had a bad experience. I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Should I be seting up everything on my sever as a docker container? Part of me thinks it's a good idea security-wise but the added headache of making a bunch of virtualized programs talk to each other is starting to make it not seem worthwhile. For example, I have Matrix/Synapse set up as a Docker container, but the docs advise you to switch from it's default SQL databse to Postgres, which I would also like to set up as a container, but the docs for all these programs assume you're installing it bare metal and dont offer alternative explanations for doing so via Docker. Is it really worth it?
Replies: >>6538
Database is a special case because the next step of docker is kubernetes and hosting a database over kubernetes means network storage.
But yes, you should do it, when you want to move host, you'll thank yourself. Nearly all serious sql database has network access, just switch the config to use it. Make a custom network, so it can resolve too. Save data on mounted volume.
what the actual fuck is this website https://archive.is/z9TeD original thread? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/204414990/
another example https://archive.is/lKDOK but i could not get the source
searching for google also yields /database/last.txt and it seems like an ad-filled 4chan mirror
Why can't i unzip thiz zpaq?

$ lrunzip -z  Tangledeep.zpaq
Output filename is: Tangledeep.zpaq
Failed to create Tangledeep.zpaq
File exists
Fatal error - exiting

$ lrunzip -z -o Tangledeep  Tangledeep.zpaq
lrunzip -z   Tangledeep.zpaq -o Tangledeep
Output filename is: Tangledeep
Not an lrzip file
Fatal error - exiting

$ lrunzip -z   Tangledeep.zpaq -o Tangledeep
Output filename is: Tangledeep
Not an lrzip file
Fatal error - exiting
Replies: >>6553
Use a search engine. First result on "lunzip zpaq" and "linux unzip zpaq"
Replies: >>6555
I have readen the man page,no success tho.
Replies: >>6556
Have you tried without -z and the zpaq package instead?
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Are AMD 15h CPUs practically vulnerable to retbleed?
I tried running one of the PoC exploits on my Piledriver with retbleed=off but it didn't werk.
Also why does CMake think my CPU can into AVX2 when it only has AVX1 support, having to manually disable AVX2 before compiling is slightly annoying.
Replies: >>6562 >>6564
>Are AMD 15h CPUs practically vulnerable to retbleed?
As far as I know, the problem is the fixes will slow down pre-Zen3 CPUs more than the fix for Inlel CPUs. But the affected AMD and Intel CPUs are as vulnerable. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
Replies: >>6563
[Hide] (128.6KB, 840x860)
The CPUs are listed as vulnerable but all the AMD-specific exploits so far target Zen 1-2 CPUs, I haven't seen any of them running on a Bulldozer/Piledriver/Excavator yet.
/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/retbleed lists my CPU as "SMT vulnerable" which is retarded because AMD 15h CPUs use CMT which differs considerably from SMT, yet I haven't seen any mention of CMT-specific OOO vulnerabilities and mitigations anywhere.
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sorry if this is a noob question but, what do sandboxing programs like firejail or bubblewrap offer over running a program as an unprivileged user
as suggested here?
Replies: >>6571 >>6573
A jail offers file system and maybe other isolation. Running as another user doesn't prevent the program from accessing /tmp or read other files, eg /etc/*. Some jails also isolate the program others by using kernel namespace.
See https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Sakaki/Sakaki%27s_EFI_Install_Guide/Sandboxing_the_Firefox_Browser_with_Firejail
Replies: >>6581
The idea is that if the program gets pwned, the hacker could make the program do things it would never do under normal behavior. So OSes came up with ways to signal that a program will never do certain things when behaving as it was intended to. That way, you severely limit the damage that a program can cause if it's hacked, without changing or limiting the program's functionality. It's a security mitigation.

How this is done exactly varies wildly between OSes, and some are much better than others. Sandboxing is only one way to get at it and probably the worst because you have to build the sandbox and it doesn't limit syscall access.
Replies: >>6581
First of all, is it possible to decentralize the internet and if so how do >we do it? also whats the deal with open source hardware?
Replies: >>6575 >>6577 >>6578
The internet has always been decentralized.
The problems with Internet and WWW are that Faceberg, Goolag and similar sites dominate the landscape, and that ((( ICANN ))) has a monopoly (well, there is also, OpenNIC). Of course, the web has other problems, too, like content hell, "hamburger menus" and JabbaShit (Gopher is one of the possible solutions). Also the fact that whatever Pozzilla or Goolag adds to their browsers is considered the standard.  A big part of the solution is to get your own VPS and a domain (and host services), see >>6503  Alternative "internets" are also worth noting: >>769 & >>3595 (I2P is the most interesting one).

>also whats the deal with open source hardware?
You could have a botnet-free HW that's also cheap (no more duopoly of AYYMD and Inlel). But most open-sores libre HW doesn't support ((( x86 ))) which is actually a good thing except for software compatibility.
Replies: >>6578
Don't forget about the ((( IANA ))) and the Internet backbone. The physical backbone are controlled by either the government or big corporations. Only so many people have money to lay underground and deep sea cables, or launch satellites. To decentralize the physical layer, people need to crowdsource satellites everywhere. Everyone can have their full port open with unlimited bandwidth and static ip if this is done.
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>previous network setup was router > very long ethernet cable (100ft) > gigabit switch > PC
>new temporary setup, cut out the middleman and connected ethernet cable to PC directly
>will stay connected for a while but then cut out and not come back unless it's unplugged/replugged
>tested different ports on router, tested with different laptops, connected long cable from router to modem, same result, will cut out at random so it's definitely the cable
>just for fun, add the switch back into the mix so it now mimics the original setup
>100% uptime
what the fug
Replies: >>6601
>me want to report bug in Linux kernel
>even bisect the exact commit causing the problem
>rtfm, collect every info, send it to the correct mailing list
<BOUNCE: Message too long
Well, fuck you.
Replies: >>6587
I want to play Russian-patched VNs under Wine on GNU+Linux (Artix). However I've heard that programs running under Wine can fuck up your system (and in this case, they might even send all my files to KGB or something kek).
Do I need to make a secure separate user account for Wine (and how should I configure it)? Or am I just being too paranoid?
Replies: >>6587
Well, at least the maintainer replied, so everything is god, but damn it.

Would you run said game on a physical windows machine? If yes, running under wine is not too much different (actually, it's a bit less likely to fuck things up, as whatever malware the game has have to be explicitly designed to run under wine). If not, look into some jail solutions, like firejail (but note that X is completely broken in this regard, so you probably want to run it under Xvnc, but that will have horrible performance). Or in a restricted VM.
Replies: >>6588 >>6600
Ok I might consider using a VM. By the way, weren't there unofficial custom Windows 7 ISOs that enhanced the OS (probably by removing some bloat an botnet, etc)? Does anyone here know anything about them?
Replies: >>6589 >>6596
>Does anyone here know anything about them?
Don't bother, unless these isos have a good documentation on how to turn one of the official isos from Microsoft into the same state as theirs.
Replies: >>6600
Ok, I went with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. Internet doesn't seem to work and I don't even want it to work (I don't want Micropenis to spy on this VM).

How can I transfer files (in this case "games" (visual novels)) from my host machine to the VM?
Or maybe this is all too schizotistic and just running them under Wine would be fine?
Replies: >>6597
Bruh, I didn't even say the VM software. I'm using QEMU with libvirt, with Virt-Manager as a front-end.
Replies: >>6598 >>6604
You have a few options:
>virtual fat disk
You'll need to manually install the windows drivers
>samba share
You can use user mode networking with the built-in samba server:
or use some other network configuration, running samba manually and firewalling the VM properly (I use -netdev bridge and ebtables, but that's probably overkill).
>just mount the disk image in linux and copy the files there
You'll need qemu-nbd, unless you're using raw disk images, in the latter case losetup+kpartx should suffice.
I think you can also just drag and drop files if you have a graphical file manager, spice client&server installed and properly set up, but I've never tried that.

You should be able to do all of this with libvirt, but I have no freakin idea how. I could never understand that overcomplicated xml bloat.
Replies: >>6599 >>6600 >>6604
Ugh, that looks complicated.
I guess I'll just create a separate user account without permissions to access my main user account's home folder, and run those Russian-translated "Chinese picture books" on Wine on said account.
Replies: >>6622
But thanks anyway
Seems the switch has a higher quality network card that can produce a signal that survives 100ft, unlike your PC.
Or just use VirtualBox... Why would anyone use Qemu if they're not doing GPU passthrough or similar?
Replies: >>6605
For me virtualbox + alsa sound output rarely works. But yeah, if you don't need/can't vga passthrough, virtualbox is probably better, it has a built-in file share thing (that doesn't need a network connection), and the emulated vga with the guest additions installed is usually much better than anything you'll have with qemu emulated vgas.
Replies: >>6606
qemu is better because I can use the commandline and has less dependencies to compile. I don't even have libvirt installed.
>want to try some of the "text prompt to ai-generated image" tools similar to dall-e
>go on github
>all the projects are written in python
>easy installation instructions, or so it seems
>pip install blah blah blah
>downloading gorillion gigabyte packages
>takes forever to install
>finally done, try running the program
>try another program instead
>same exact shit
>go through half a dozen programs
>same exact shit with every single one
>try googling the error
>no results
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
Replies: >>6617
is there some kind of script/program that scans my pictures folder and extracts the lossy thumbnails for my images im currently running low on space incase of accidental deletion i dont wanna store a second copy of the data the files aren't highly important since i can just redownload them from the respective chan board/archives and ive written most of the important details such as thread name on the filename
PROTIP to backup the filenames and the related info use search everything on the target folder and click on "export" incase i rename or move it the original file details is still saved in the efu which can be easily compressed alter on
Replies: >>6617
Post what you did and all output.
imagemagick + shell
Replies: >>6705
Wine ended up being even more complicated. I returned to my plan of using a VM. At this point I don't care anymore about Micropenis spying on a VM for playing Thailandese adventure games. I solved the no internet issue by installing drivers from an ISO made by the Fedora GNU+Linux guys. After solving a few other problems, it now just werks.
Since a few weeks or maybe a month, if I suspend my computer and wait a while, cifs shares that I have mounted before start throwing operation not supported errors after resume, and I can't list the directories, open the files, or basically do anything with it. I have to umount and mount again to fix it. Anyone noticed it? Any idea what could I do other than randomly downgrading my kernel until its fixed? Tried searxing for it, but I only really found posts about cifs not working at all, not not working after suspend.
Replies: >>6629 >>6634
Does "operation not supported" came from dmesg? If not, what does dmesg say when you access the mount after resume?
Replies: >>6630
Operation not supported come from any syscall that tries to access the mount point. In the dmesg all I have is
CIFS: VFS: \\servername\stuff error -5 on ioctl to get interface list
repeated a few times.
Replies: >>6631
I didn't find anything either. You can implement a workaround by auto unmount and mount between suspend/resume.
You can also try looking around dmesg when resuming for anything related to your mounts.
Found your problem, you're using CIFS.
Migrate to NFSv3, it sucks less.
Replies: >>6636
>using ip based authentication
>or set up kerberos which is a fucking abomination unless you have 1000+ users
Yeah, thanks, no.
Is whonix decent?
Replies: >>6655
Maybe, for what?
Replies: >>6665
How do I converted the in-ear HRIRs at https://gofile-36477a4a30.us5.quickconnect.to/fsdownload/67b2jfkjw/Public-Data into .mhr files?
makemhr spergs out about unsupported emitters and ffmpeg says the SOFA files are invalid.
Replies: >>6664 >>6758
Is jdownloader2 dead? Normally there's a new update every fucking day, but I haven't seen an update since at least a month.
Replies: >>6758
Tried this? https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft/blob/e0097c18b82d5da37248c4823fde48b6e0002cdd/utils/makemhr/makemhr.cpp
General security.
Replies: >>6666
The only way to achieve general security is to understand what you are doing and why. No system can protect you if you browse sites full of virus.
Replies: >>6758
Wouldn't it be wiser to embrace the normalnigger life and actually have a Faceberg/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat account and blend in with the sea of faggots, rather than not having any of those and sticking out like a sore thumb for the glowies trying to track you? Since they already have a list of bad goy that they can verify just by looking at who doesn't have any of the above (similar to how they can simply look at the list of who got da jab and see who isn't on it), wouldn't blending in with the rest be an optimal strategy?
Replies: >>6684
If bait, fuck off glownigger.
On the off chance otherwise, no, blending in is not the best strategy.
Glowniggers are already tracking everyone. Unless you were born unheard of innawoods, birth certificate, hospital records, the millions normalfaggots with phones would do the job.
That means any means of hiding is moot unless a person disappears completely. If they really want to find you, they can. It's programs that is tracking you, if you spend so much time socializing with normalfaggots and behave like them, you are them. Subconsciously or not, human are easily affected by the environment, including other humans. Unless a specific goal is to be achieved by joining normalfags, it is a waste of time.
You need to define why you need to hide and what to hide from. Ultimately, it is fight or flight.
[Hide] (25.4KB, 438x233)
Replies: >>6686 >>6687
You kernel is doped.
[Hide] (5.2KB, 259x194)
>Dazed and confused but trying to continue
you lost the moment you allowed XML to tarnish your computer
>Post what you did and all output.
I'm following the same procedure outlined in all of these:
The error is RuntimeError: CUDA error: CUBLAS_STATUS_EXECUTION_FAILED
Replies: >>6875
[Hide] (193.8KB, 1176x891)
I am going to have to get a new HDD since I'm running out of room on my craptop. I've never had to purchase one on its own before; I kind of wish I paid attention to the autism in the past. Is it better to get an internal one as opposed to an external?
Replies: >>6709
External hdd are usually cheaper.
But internal hdd + usb adapter allows repairs and replacement. If the external hdd is toasted, cracking it open can be hard and the resulting drive maybe soldered to the usb adapter.
Always buy internal and use it with a sata to usb adapter. Make sure the adapter comes with a power supply.
Replies: >>6710
>But internal hdd + usb adapter allows repairs and replacement
Didn't know that much, that's pretty neat.

>sata to usb adapter
I'm sure I would've completely neglected to get one of those. Thanks for the help.

What about brands? Are there any I should avoid? Seagate looks to be the cheapest from what I've seen so far, but is that a "I get what I pay for" sort of thing?
Replies: >>6711
Use a search engine. Sometimes a particular batch / series of drives are faulty. Brands don't really matter unless you don't have backups.
the heck is going on? is 4chan modifying my files? i posted a 250kb image and then it says 232kb? i thought my filesystem was corrupt for a second because the thumbs would not load however i tried uploading to postimage and the hashes match is this normal? turns out they did something what have the 4um jannies been smoking recently?
also how do enterprise cloud VM companies with graphics even make their instances very fast and stable? do i need a new supermicro board? my old xubuntu PC and the legion had the same buggy feel when using vmware i feel jealous i dont know what's missing i thought it was my specs even linux liveCD performs the same
Replies: >>6720 >>6726
just like
don't use 4chan
How to configure mpv to name its screenshots like vlc?
Replies: >>6726 >>6729
They trim metadata, many sites do that.
>how do enterprise ...
Server grade hardware, dust free room, stable power with backup generators.
Buy second hand servers
man mpv, screenshot template
Replies: >>6727
I don't remember vlc name format.
Replies: >>6728
Search "vlc screenshot format" or download vlc?
I don't use VLC, but I configured my mpv screenshot name format to this:
possible language: perl, relevance: 7
So screenshotting [Trix] Made in Abyss S02E08 (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs].mkv produces the following output: [Trix] Made in Abyss S02E08 (1080p AV1 AAC)[Multi Subs].mkv-
Has Symbiote been patched? Should I still be concerned about it? Should I have been concerned at all? Or was it only trageted at big corps with big servers?
[Hide] (12.9KB, 251x231)
if I have a crypto account on a computer that have proprietary bios but without ME like botnet in the processor. Would the Glownig able to steal my crypto?
Replies: >>6744 >>6754 >>6755
Of course they can because you need to trust creators of wallet, operating system
Replies: >>6745
I'm making my own wallet in my pc, not from some 3rd party. Obviously my OS is 100% free software.The only concern I have is the bios in my pc which is not free. Am I secure enough to run crypto?
Replies: >>6748
Get an offline wallet generator and use it on an airgapped computer. Do not ever connect it to internet or any network. When you want to spend it. you'll have to compromise security somewhat, so it's the best to have many small wallets.
Replies: >>6750
if I put my wallet in external drive, would that be secure enough? or should I put the software in external drive too? Which means I have to put symlink connected to external drive.
Replies: >>6751
If your bios is compromised, it can store the keys in it's flash or an internal hard drive and send them out when the computer is connected to the internet, so no, it's not enough.
Replies: >>6758
[Hide] (27.5KB, 360x400)
You should worry about your online identities and how you access Internet (always use Tor or i2p).
is there a way to include # or // comments inside a binary? i heard before that these little bits get lost when the final executable is created and protected with optional jewish DRM basically i want users to notice this little easter egg when they try to decompile/modify my obscure little program just for fun

isn't that pluton's job? https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/609014356/

i just use downthemall for crouton


nice satan GET and advice thanks
Replies: >>6759 >>6788
have you tried put them in hex code?
How can I limit the amount of memory zpaq uses when compression? It eats up all available memory and then dies.
Replies: >>6764
man zpaq says
>A numeric argument may be appended to CONGIF to increase memory usage for better
>compression. Each increment doubles usage. There should be no space before or after the
>comma. For example:
> zpaq cmax.cfg archive files...    = 246 MB
> zpaq cmax.cfg,1 archive files...  = 476 MB
> zpaq cmax.cfg,2 archive files...  = 938 MB
> zpaq cmax.cfg,3 archive files...  = 1861 MB
> zpaq cmax.cfg,-1 archive files... = 130 MB (negative values allowed)
Use negative values
Replies: >>6765
would that reduce how compressed the final zpaq is?
Replies: >>6770
It's right there...
>increase memory usage
>better compression
You tell me.
[Hide] (514.2KB, 792x294)
I recently rediscovered a laptop in my basement, a Lenovo B590, and I forgot just how comfortable the keyboard on it was.
I can type away on this baby for hours even though I much prefer fully raised keys over low-profile keyboards.
Is there a keyboard similar to this or maybe there's a service/add-on I can use to convert this keyboard into a stand-alone USB keyboard for a desktop PC? This laptop has been through a lot of shit (it's basically Ship of Theseus at this point) and its days are numbered, but I don't want to let go of this keyboard.
Maybe there's a modern laptop that has the same kind of keyboard? I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for it since it doesn't have a name of its own. I only know that according to aliexpress it was used on Lenovo models V570 V570C V575 Z570 Z575 B570 B570A B570E V580 V580C B570G B575 B575A B590.
Keep in mind, I have very few resources, live in a european hellhole and absolutely resent aliexpress and amazon.
Replies: >>6774 >>6783
just found this thing too, but Teensy's appear to be out of stock entirely.
Replies: >>6783
You don't need a teensy. Any mpu works, even an Arduino works:
I suggest going with an esp32 (bluetoooth capable) or a stm32 bluepill.
Replies: >>6796 >>6812
Is there a service out there that will help verify accounts requiring a phone number, for monero? Kind of like buying facebook accounts, when that was in demand.
Needed for shitty chat programs like telegram
Replies: >>6787 >>6790 >>6794
I believe that's called wearing hoodies and buy burner sim in cash.
You can put it in a string and pray it isn't optimized out, or play around with a linker.
Replies: >>6789
Do that with optimization barrier
In the past I used sms-activate.ru Although they added more cuckflare and js it seems usable and supports XMR
Maybe you can also try something from https://kycnot.me/services
I've used JuicySMS before. For me it took a few tries before I could verify my account. They don't charge you per phone number though, only per text received, so if the service you're trying to verify has blacklisted the given number you can just generate another one.
[Hide] (20KB, 812x376)
thanks, I'll look more into it, but after reading the article itself it seems to only cover ThinkPad keyboards. I would need to see if mine is compatible. And secondly, I am not a fan of these weaknesses, especially regarding NumPad and non-printable characters.
Replies: >>6797
It's just an example of how to do it. Adapt it to your keyboard, probably with https://qmk.fm/ and a much faster chip.
Replies: >>6812
Something that I've wondered about is why when I click the go back one page button on a web browser using a mouse there is a considerable lag in going back one page compared to the alt-left arrow keyboard combination and  that seems to be the case with different browsers in different desktop environments. What could account for this?
Replies: >>6816
[Hide] (188.3KB, 1042x723)
Boy thats a lot of work.
I'll try to find a Lenovo Professional keyboard and see if it feels as much as it looks like the B590 keyboard.
Replies: >>6834
my guess it opens the previous page directly from your cache while going back the default way reloads the previous page (at least partially)
Replies: >>6823
>reloads the previous page (at least partially)
Good thought and that's a thread to pull on. Something that could be verified by looking at network traffic. I've noticed that lag to not be the case with more minimalist browsers and was scratching my head thinking it might have something to do with some way in which the GUI is implemented on more common browsers, because the lag can be very subtle.
Isn't that a membrane keyboard? A "good membrane" is still hot garbage.
>Checking if the site connection is secure
>Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue
>zzzchan.xyz needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. 
proof that wiggers cannot figure out how to use the computer
Replies: >>6837 >>6838
Lets all point and laugh at the kid trying to post with his real ip address.
Replies: >>6838
[Hide] (439.6KB, 608x660)
There's an .onion, retard.
>Lets all point and laugh at the kid trying to post with his real ip address.
So basically you're saying that...
...should all laugh at majority of this website's userbase?
Replies: >>6839
>we should all laugh at majority of this website's userbase?
I didn't even know there was a clearnet version
Also regarding Kikeflare. It seems like they've recently strengthened their anti-Tor resistance. It's much harder to go past their "Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue" page, to the point that you can't even pass through it even when you enable JS and cookies in Torah browser.
Replies: >>6858
Kikeflare blocks my palememe now. Fucking jews. No matter how many captcha I completed, fucking nigger still check if I am human.
Replies: >>6859
The Kikeflare captcha in general appears more often now.
[Hide] (423.8KB, 195x192)
Have a raw NTFS partition that I am trying to mount, however mount is throwing a bitchfit despite me giving it the right blocksize and offset.
language: bash
Disk /media/anon/Data/Backups/Windows Partition Backup 7-6-20: 301717258240B
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: loop
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start  End            Size           File system  Flags
 1      0B     301717258239B  301717258240B  ntfs

language: bash
sudo mount -o loop,ro,offset=301717258239 "Windows Partition Backup 7-6-20" /tmp/mnt
mount: /tmp/mnt: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.
What am I doing wrong?
Replies: >>6871
Turns out it was already partitioned accordingly, no need to give it a blocksize or offset. Mounts without any options.
[Hide] (103.3KB, 317x314)
/tech/, is there anything wrong with visual basic?
Replies: >>6873 >>6874 >>6899
That's a cool logo. I miss when M$ made all their logos abstract 3D shapes.
Replies: >>6882
>made by microsoft
>shit syntax
>non-free toolchain
>small amount of libraries
Why would you even think of using this piece of crap?
Replies: >>6882 >>6899
Anybody got a solution to this?
Replies: >>6876
Use a search engine?
says the issue may be fixed in cublas 10.2.2+, what is your installed version?
says a possible reason is old cuda version. That guy fixed the problem with cuda 11.2.
Replies: >>6883
I think it's a cool logo too. I miss a lot of 90's and 2000's logos for computer books and programs. Everything has that disgusting, simplistic, soulless silicon valley look to it.
I use it because my job requires me to.
Replies: >>6899
You mean the cuda toolkit? Looks like I don't have that installed at all, and it's not in my distro's repos (void) but I may (?) be able to build it:

Gonna set this aside for now though as I have a bigger problem; OBS can't use the hardware encoder anymore after I updated my system. The message displayed in the main window is "Failed to open NVENC codec: Unknown error occurred, Please check your video drivers are up to date."
Meanwhile the console shows:
info: NVENC supported
info: FFMPEG VAAPI supported
dl_fn->cuda_dl->cuInit(0) failed -> CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE: no CUDA-capable device is detected
warning: [NVENC encoder: 'streaming_h264'] Failed to open NVENC codec: Unknown error occurred
I don't think this error has anything to do with the cuda toolkit as I never had that installed before and OBS worked fine, so what could be the issue here? My nvidia driver is up to date, I just checked... I searched for these error messages and all results either "solve" this by re-installing OBS, which didn't work, or get no solutions.
Replies: >>6899
FreeBASIC and Gambas exist. Plus everything >>6874 said and BASIC (in general) is also regarded as a bad language, mainly because it's not very expressive and it often lacks proper Structs/Classes (or at least used to lack...). And there are other languages that are simply better than BASIC: For learning/pedagogical reasons, there is Scheme and Smalltalk (Squeak or Pharo), and for those who want a popular language that just gets things done, there is Python.
But I understand that you have to use Visual Basic at work.

I don't think you need anything else besides the non-free Nvidia drivers to run CUDA applications.
Replies: >>6910
I am thinking about getting a new PC for gaming. Even though the most simple way of doing things would be to have it pozzed and have another pc with some nice linux distro it bothers me to have windows on it, I´d like it to be as unpozzed as possible. What is the best course of action here?
It would have an AMD gpu and processor to make it friendlier with linux, but besides that I am not sure what else to get. I bet that gaming laptops are hared to unpozz.
Replies: >>6905 >>6907
There is not much you can do on x86(_64), except sticking to ethernet (lookup mb's ethernet model for linux support) or using atk9k/_htc for wireless.
Replies: >>6906
I know it´s pretty hard to stay away from the pozz if you want to play, so that´s why I asked if it just was a fool´s errand. Thanks for your reply. I fucking hate how everything has to be backdoored and you simply can´t have nice things anymore (for the most mainstream hardware at least). Life shouldn´t be this gay.
Replies: >>6908
>it bothers me to have windows on it, I´d like it to be as unpozzed as possible. What is the best course of action here?
Get a separate HDD for Windoze. If you are really paranoid, you can use LUKS to encrypt your GNU/Linux HDD (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Dm-crypt/Encrypting_an_entire_system#LUKS_on_a_partition). 
Also, the EFI System Partition should be at the beginning of the Windoze HDD (It should be a ~550MB FAT32 partition with the type EF00. Make a mount point for it at /boot/efi). 

>It would have an AMD gpu and processor to make it friendlier with linux, 
Inlel also has great support for Linux. The only troublemaker is ((( Nvidia ))) but even Novidio works with non-free drivers. But get an AMD GPU! It will save you a lot of trouble and the libre AMDGPU driver just works. Also, (because of Retbleed) make sure to get Zen 3 CPU or at least 10th gen Inlel (or better) CPU. But all X86/X86_64 CPUs are glowed.gov and it doesn't matter much whether you have a CPU from AMD or Intel (perhaps AMD is still the lesser evil as company but otherwise it doesn't matter much).

Some part recommendations:
>CPU: I would get either AMD Ryzen 5 5600 or Intel Core i5-12400F
>GPU: get AMD GPU. Sapphire is the best manufacturer, but MSI and Asus are decent as well. I don't know which model you should get but make sure that the GPU has at least 8GB of VRAM.
>MoBo: I'm not sure which MoBo or chipset you should get. I would probably buy Asus TUF GAMING B550-PLUS. But if you want ((( wifi ))) get Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS.
>Case:  I highly recommend getting the Fractal Design Focus G case.
>Storage: Get 2 or more Toshiba HDDs.
>RAM: G.Skill RipJaws RAM is good. Corsair and Kingston are also good RAM manufacturers.
>PSU: Buy either SeaSonic or Corsair PSU. Get a slightly better than what a calculator recommends.
Also, disable ((( fast boot ))) on Botnet 10 or Botnet 11 (it's in the control panel's power settings).

>I bet that gaming laptops are hared to unpozz.
Never buy a gaming laptop. They are a scam. It's much better to buy the parts and assemble the PC yourself. This way you can choose the parts and you can upgrade/replace broken parts. Also, laptops also often have a cucked UEFI firmware software.
Replies: >>6909
You can also insulate the computer from internet, which stops 50% of the pozz. The rest comes with the game.
FYI, there appears to be 2 models with the same name: one has Intel wifi and the other doesn't have wifi. 
I would still get Asus TUF GAMING B550-PLUS  if you don't need wifi. Also, if you want to save some money, either use your old keyboard and mouse or get a cheap keyboard (like Logitech K120 keyboard) and Logitech MX518 Legendary mouse (if you can still find it).
>I don't think you need anything else besides the non-free Nvidia drivers to run CUDA applications.
Then where is the problem?
Replies: >>6912
Try to install this: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk
Replies: >>6913
>for application users:
<just install ffmpeg bro
>for developers:
<you must be part of our developer program goy
Any other suggestions?
Replies: >>6915
obs uses ffmpeg. From https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/ffmpeg-doesn-t-detect-cuda-capable-device-cuda-error-no-device-no-cuda-capable-device-is-detected/203758
can you check dmesg?
There are other possible solutions in the thread, try them out and report result.
Replies: >>6938
[Hide] (113.2KB, 1200x1197)
If you're thinking of replying from a closed-minded cult-like freetard point of view, please don't.
What do you think about the Vivaldi browser? In a nutshell it's what Opera was before it went to shit. Supposedly it's the browser with the most features. I know many of you would say "dood dass bloat" but my computer is not from like 1995 so that doesn't matter to me. And yeah, I know, part of its codebase is proprietary, but whatever. As long as it doesn't spy on me (sending my screen resolution or whatever to the developers doesn't count as "spying" to me. My definition of "spying" is more like sending my browsing history or something to them) it's fine, and supposedly it does in fact not spy (by my definition of "spying"), and also most of its code base is open source anyway.
So, what do you think? Is it good?
[Hide] (84.1KB, 731x731)
fuck vivaldi
t. closed-minded cult-like freetard
I tried Vivaldi once a couple of years ago when I was still primarily using Windows, it was alright but was missing some QoL features compared to Chromium. Might give it another try if I can manage to get it running on my distro somehow.
The problem with non-free software is that you can't be certain what it does. Vivaldi does send telemetry (that contains unique ID) once every 24 hours. Also, I don't see the point of Vivaldi. It's just another Chromium reskin and I prefer Chromium (with UBlock Origin), Liferea (a RSS reader) and Claws Mail.
Replies: >>6920
It's the worst browser I ever used. Basic features are missing and despite claiming to be highly customizable, I was endlessly frustrated trying to set up my home page. Modern Opera is better.
Replies: >>6922
>blink engine
>yet another chromium reskin
Why would anyone use a chromium reskin than just installing extensions and themes? There is no positive from doing this, no privacy, no "easier to install", no special feature that isn't on an extension.
>closed-minded cult-like freetard
How open-minded of you to exclude any group without reason.
Replies: >>6925
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080)
"''>closed-minded cult-like freetard
How open-minded of you to exclude any group without reason.''"
Without reason? Freetardism is a cult - their adherents are defined by having their minds programed to automatically love any piece of shit as long as it has a label of their Orwellian newspeak term "free" attached - which means that it adheres to a list of random rules (not 1:1 correspondent to actual freedom) created by a random literal communist who's also a literal autistic fat pedofag (like most of his followers) - and if some program doesn't adhere to those arbitrary made-up rules, it's automatically tagged with another Orwellian newspeak term - "non-free" - and the cultists automatically start avoid it like the plague and chimping out whenever they see it being mentioned in a positive or neutral light. Very open-minded and free people indeed, right? And you can observe that very easily by lurking for a few days/weeks on Internet communities that contain freetards, and let me say a thing - I was one too, but fortunately I broke out of it not too long ago, so I know what I'm talking about. Breaking out of the freetard cult made me actually freer. I don't have any mental chains anymore that restrict me from not seeing 95% of computer software as the devil. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying open source is bad. It's just that open source doesn't correlate 1:1 with either being a good program or giving you "freedom", so I think it's better to choose good software rather than Orwellian newspeak software. A lot of open source software is really great, like Linux, so I still use it, though. I don't have time right now so I'll just leave this link and go https://web.archive.org/web/20220422164954/https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/freetardism.html . I don't agree with everything the article says and I think there are some important things that aren't mentioned in it, and I don't agree with a lot of the author's opinions, but I still think it's worth a read.
PS: freetards will never be able to experience the awesome work of art where I got this picture from
Replies: >>6930
You are finding excuses for your choices. Stop.
At the first place, what even is "good" software? Some think it's fast, small, cheap, some think of its brand, some think of logos or even some "made-up" rules. People have different definitions of good. A phone repair guy may pick a phone for its ease of maintenance, an Android guru may pick a phone for its unlocked bootloader, a faggot picks a phone with an Apple logo on it. A certain definition of "good" is better than the others, is a different problem than just being different. The latter option fits your argument. Your anger is a projection of hate of your previous self, or an attempt to fit in to the even-cooler kids.

"Open-minded" to you seems to mean, giving up some values for others on a whim. That is not principled, not "open-minded". Open minded means acceptance and the ability to change one's opinion given a sound argument. It is not open-minded to take bribe for a cop who has principles and values justice.

Everything is a cult if the person is not thinking. Considering "free", "non-free" and any specific definition of freedom without reasons is a cult and the person is not thinking. You were a "freetard" because you were not thinking, you were trying to fit in to a group just because someone say free software is the cool thing. You have never really supported free software or agreed with free software principles. It is ok to do that, but finding excuses to avoid social shame from another group is bad.

Most people have the choice to pick their software. Thinking you are limited in choice because of some random definition of freedom means you are outsourcing your decision to others. I can choose to play your game right now, but I CHOOSE to not because I understand the reason for my principles and I value my principles more than the art in the game. It is a deliberate CHOICE, not a limitation put onto you like a slave collar you were doing to yourself.

Stallman's definition of freedom is reasonable. It is not perfect and I have my own definition. If speed, cost and enjoyment are your reasons of picking software, it is fine, just admit it and own it. Valuing free software and software freedom provides greater freedom that I want to have in the future, instead of my short-term instantaneous enjoyment. You are doing yourself a disservice by being dishonest to yourself.

Non-free software is bad because it take away control from the user. It is the same deal with unfixable cars, glue sealed phones and 3.5mm ports. All of these are removing power of the user to fix their own device or have someone not from the vendor to fix it. This allow the vendors to produce subscription products via planned obsolesce. Non-free software users are giving away their power and freedom. More important than that, using non-free software, even pirated, is an economical, statistical and ideological attack on freedom.
Replies: >>6933
Ok, I'll get my main point across more clearly this time.
Freetardism is a branch of confirmation bias. Many programs not adhering to the FSF rules do in fact disrespect the user's freedom, but freetards interpret that as ALL programs not adhering to the FSF rules as disrespecting the user's freedom.
Replies: >>6934 >>6935 >>6937
According to FSF/GNU/GPL your freedoms also include the freedom to distribute and modify the program. Also, if a program is non-free or not open-source, you can't be certain (theoretically) that it won't do anything malicious (examples: https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/proprietary.html). And in the case of Vivaldi browser, it doesn't do anything that other (libre) programs don't do better.
The only thing wrong with the FSF's standards is that they don't go far enough.
Programs that don't adhere to FSF's 4 freedoms by definition disrespects freedom, whether the user accepts the 4 freedom as user freedom is another matter.
Just because you think a program met your definition of freedom doesn't contradict another who thinks different.
You can argue which definition of freedom is the best, but others having a judgement of freedom basing on a different definition of freedom is far from "freetardism". Your main point is a misdirection of your failures to reconcile your definition of freedom and FSF's, or others'.
No luck... I don't have any /usr/loca/cuda* on my system.
Replies: >>6942
[Hide] (178.7KB, 592x479)
>made a completely agpl based vpn software that incoperate with  mesh network structure
>documentation is in taco language
Why are south american people like this? Btw, are there any free as in freedom software that I could used which is similar to google translate?
Replies: >>6947 >>6950
You may need to install cuda toolkit, then.
Replies: >>6945
That's not going to solve it and you know it. OBS worked before just fine, I never had the toolkit installed.
Replies: >>6946 >>7383
It may. You didn't install cuda yourself, but it may be bundled with the driver, obs or ffmpeg previously. One of them stopped doing that and you don't have cuda anymore.
Replies: >>7383
Search engine?

>Firefox Translations provides automated translation of web content. Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally, on the client-side, which means it is free as in freedom.

Languages supported:


Persian (Farsi)
Norwegian Nynorsk
Norwegian Bokmål
[Hide] (231.4KB, 1360x1020)
Can someone tell me if this is a retarded layout for an internal server network?
>Security/Gatekeep server
<Acts as IDS, Firewall, and manager for AV endpoints
>File server
<Acts as file host for usre files and all apps on the network. Includes uesr folders shared via NFS, and all appdata such as databases, fileshares, and email
<Acts as host for all apps on the network, including the mail server, git, internet messaging, remote management, etc.
>Workload server
<Acts as render and build server for 3D rendering and compiling
Each application runs bare metal in its own Docker container, so each app is sandboxed from one another as much as possible and should make portability easier. I can't help but feel that this is a retard's way of building a network, although I can't be sure.
Replies: >>6952
The firewall should only be a firewall, in case the firewall is exploited.
NFS is very client dependent. Have you considered something like Ceph?
The appserver needs to be very secure for your use case. Use privilege separation. It is your single point of failure, I recommend at least getting a fall back for emails, business emails can be very expensive to miss during down time.
>retard's way
Not really, but your setup involves quite a bit of manual scripts and commands. You can go one step further with Kubernetes and store everything in git.
You also need to think about replacing servers without interruptions and expanding in the future. Disks always fail and the network is always down. It is more about being able to rebuild the whole thing quickly once you have a good setup.
Is https://github.com/rkd77/elinks/ better than original Links?
Are there any good terminal-based image/video viewers? (mpv is shit)
Replies: >>6955
What do you mean by terminal image/video viewer? Rendering the picture as text? I've always been using mpv, why is it shit?
Replies: >>6956
>Rendering the picture as text?
Yes. Something that renders the image to coloured characters, using escape sequences or whatever else. But none of that sixel bullshit that needs a specific terminal.
For images, I'd like something that can actually pan/zoom the picture and not just scales the whole thing down to the size of the terminal.
For videos, just anything that can keep the video in sync with the audio, even if it is a slideshow.
MPV takes half a second to render each frame, and can't skip frames to re-sync video and audio in terminal mode.
Also, both terminal output modes are officially considered memes and not unsupported at all.
Replies: >>6957 >>6959
Have you tried libcaca with mpv?
Replies: >>6958
What terminal? Does cacafire lags on it?
Replies: >>7080
[Hide] (6.5MB, 1280x720, 00:51)
Trying to build Firefox but can't get past Poojeet Rust garbage.
 error: failed to run custom build command for `style v0.0.1 (/home/anon/mozilla-unified/servo/components/style)`
 3:02.49 Caused by:
 3:02.49   process didn't exit successfully: `/home/anon/mozilla-unified/obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/release/build/style-3144d97308b33a6a/build-script-build` (exit status: 101)
 3:02.49   --- stdout
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=build.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:out_dir=/home/anon/mozilla-unified/obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/release/build/style-34b7dc5dc69d1421/out
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/gecko.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/computed_value_flags.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/counted_unknown_properties.py
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/helpers.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/inherited_box.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/text.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/column.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/padding.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/inherited_table.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/effects.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/table.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/svg.mako.rs
 3:02.49   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/margin.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/background.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/border.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/ui.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/position.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/counters.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/box.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/outline.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/inherited_text.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/inherited_svg.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/xul.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/font.mako.rs
 3:02.50   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/list.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/inherited_ui.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/longhands/page.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/declaration_block.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/text.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/column.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/padding.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/svg.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/margin.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/background.mako.rs
 3:02.51   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/border.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/ui.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/position.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/box.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/outline.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/inherited_text.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/inherited_svg.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/font.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/shorthands/list.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/helpers/animated_properties.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/cascade.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/build.py
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/properties.mako.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/properties.html.mako
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=properties/data.py
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=build_gecko.rs
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=/home/anon/mozilla-unified/obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/layout/style/extra-bindgen-flags
 3:02.52   cargo:rerun-if-changed=/home/anon/mozilla-unified/layout/style/ServoBindings.toml
 3:02.52   --- stderr What do?
Replies: >>6964 >>6969
I'm triggered rn
[Hide] (87KB, 421x237)
How spyware is Chrome OS? Is it worse than even Windows in that aspect?
Replies: >>6966 >>6967
It's a proprietary OS made by Google, who is arguably more intrusive than Microsoft. What do you think?
Replies: >>6979
It may actually be even worse, if you can believe that. Just use normal uncrippled Linux.
Replies: >>6968
Knowing how much spyware there is in stock Google Android with Google Play services, it most certainly is as bad as their cancerous software in phones.
Replies: >>6970
Use a search engine.
https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/45403 (no solution), links to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1542622
>this was solved by exporting sysroot through BINDGEN_CFLAGS
Although not the same issue, it may work for you.
It is interesting considering Android is patch Linux kernel + custom user land & libc. I guess they were trying to avoid any GPL software and build an environment where pajeets can write everything in Java.
Replies: >>6972
Well, Linux kernel is the ONLY component not made by jewgle in android, and of course they use a heavily patched linux kernel. And most of the botnet/spyware is in the google services and the craploads of bloat apps that ship with a default OEM install of android, not in the kernel or libc.
And you can turn a normal linux PC into a botnet too, just install chrome, it has nothing to do with the kernel.
Replies: >>6976
I get that. My problem with Android is the new user land is not needed technically (politically and license-reasons maybe). Doing that throws away years of development and thousands of software just because jewgle said so. I can't just install Gentoo on my phone natively and everything is abstracted so far away. Android audio for example, is shit. I tried to get direct alsa output, the only way is to install linux on a chroot.
Replies: >>6979
>It's a proprietary OS made by Google
ChromeOS is Gentoo with a Google portage overlay.

>My problem with Android is the new user land is not needed technically 
Android needs to run on low end devices with limited cpu, ram and disk space.
And it started a long time ago before musl/uclibc were what they are now.
Replies: >>6981
it's not Gentoo anymore, they moved to Debian a while back.
where can I get a reliable free phone number that works to receive sms and can be used with telegram etc?
Replies: >>6988 >>6989
>phone number
Pick 2
Try using your money. Its not expensive. Try 5sims or real sims, both are cheap.
Can you give me some advice? I have a script that collect some stats (memory usage, cpu, temperature, whatever) and writes them into an rrdtool database. Unfortunately I made them using pretty shit retention parameters many years ago so I would have to somehow rescale them anyway. But my bigger problem is that due to its bucket nature, it's good if you a constantly changing signal that you sample periodically and the actual timestamps of measurements are not important, not so if not. Also it only works with numeric values, so I can't add things like "restarted the PC here" or UPS state (which is a string, because apcupsd).
There are the hype things these days, like influxdb, questdb and prometheus, that are designed to store (timestamp, data) pairs instead, which is better if you have events instead of a continuous signal, or the signal rarely changes (like the UPS state above, if you don't live in a third world country), or you have something that's not easily aggregateable. On the other hand, they completely suck at aggregating (influxdb's support is a joke, write some script in their gay flux language that will copy the aggregated data to a different database, and then expects you to figure out at querying time which db you have to use manually; with the other two I haven't even found any mentions of anything like this). Yes, I know, you can aggregate N numbers, while it's more problematic if you have N json objects, but come on, rrdtool could solve this problem in 1999. I think the ideal solution would be to aggregate what's possible to aggregate, and where it's impossible just drop them (maybe using a different retention policy, maybe deriving some secondary data from them that's possible to aggregate).
There's also timescaledb, which is supposed to solve this problem properly, but unfortunately continuous aggregates are only available in the proprietary version, and without that I fail to see any advantage of it over plain postgresql.
>inb4 use proper tool for each use case
Yeah, I know that, but if I store half of my data in dbengine A and the other half in dbengine B, but in that case I'd need a tool C that can talk to both and combine the data, and do some pretty graphs. And it's not like I'll have trillions of datapoints each second, so I'd go for ease of use instead of pure performance.
Any idea? Worst case I could try to massage every one of my inputs into something that's manageable by rrd (or graphite, it has a server that would make it easier to gather data from multiple locations and makes it easier to play around with graphs, but I like rrd's ugly graphs better), or bite the bullet and go with timescaledb, unless someone can suggest me a good tool C.
Replies: >>7011
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1427x964)
>have an appimage for ungoogled chromium
>every time I run it the actual browser is run under a different icon than the appimage itself
>every time I run the appimage from my taskbar it creates a new window separate from the appimage icon
>have to pin this icon to the taskbar to actually select the window
>everytime I close chromium this pinned icon is no longer valid, so I have to launch the application from the menu, then unpin the old shortcut from the taskbar, then pin the new application to the taskbar, every time
can I somehow tie the shortcut and the appimage together?
Replies: >>7003 >>7004 >>7006
[Hide] (979.8KB, 1280x720)
Create a new .desktop file under ~/.local/share/applications with these contents:
[Desktop Entry]

Name=Ungoogled Chromium
Comment=A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency
Exec=/usr/bin/flatpak run com.github.Eloston.UngoogledChromium
Categories=InternetFor the icon to work you need to first download it, and then save it in ~/.local/share/icons as chromium.png. Here's the one from Flatpak's official website:
For some reason I've read AppImage as Flatpak. Just replace /usr/bin/flatpak run com.github.Eloston.UngoogledChromium with the AppImage
[Hide] (3.9MB, 669x641, 03:32)
What's a website where I can listen to music without any registration bullshit or anything like that.
Replies: >>7009 >>7010 >>7014
Various radios (r/a/dio or chiru.no) and http://tracker.modarchive.org/ (i.e. just fucking download it)
[Hide] (366.3KB, 2000x1100)
mpv + yt-dlp + bandcamp/invidious
Automated continuous aggregations is available in the free timescaledb.
Replies: >>7012
That's the marketing bullshit, here is the real table:
The """community""" edition is only gratis, but not free. Fortunately the gentoo ebuild has an appropriately named USE-flag called proprietary-extensions, so I noticed their jewry before I invested too much time into it.
Replies: >>7013
Damm. Tricked me into thinking the community version is the compiled version.
Can you confirm that you want something that stores and allow queries for date + data with continuous aggregation?
Druid seems to do the job: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50611108
Replies: >>7015
Torrents, dumb nigger.
>Can you confirm that you want something that stores and allow queries for date + data with continuous aggregation?
Yes, except that I'd also need rrd style multi-level aggregation (or what it is proper name). Like have 1 minute resolution for a week, then 1 hour resolution for a month, then 1 day resolution for a year.
Seems like this only supports a single granularity per table, so if I want to do the above, I'd need multiple tables and figure out what to use query time manually, like with influxdb,
Also this part of the docs is slightly worrying:
>The nano-quickstart is an even smaller configuration, targeting a machine with 1 CPU and 4GiB memory.
If that spec is the absolute minimum they think is possible to run this thing on, I'm going to have problems, especially that it looks like I'd also need to run Kafka to stream data into this.
Replies: >>7016
>1 minute resolution for a week, then 1 hour resolution for a month, then 1 day resolution for a year
Do you mean on the same table?
An idea in influxdb. Depending on what you were aggregating, you can apply aggregation to table A range limited to the past week, store them in table B. Then apply aggregation in table B range limited to between the past week and month, store them back in table B. And so on.
Or if this is not possible to do, create as many table as you need (all limited to their respective sizes), then join them in queries.
Replies: >>7018
I need to use restricted websites.  Websites continuosly vlock tor nodes.
Anyway to bypass using a proxy?
If yes, how?
Replies: >>7020 >>7024 >>7054
>same table
Not necessarily in one table, but in a way that allows me to treat it like them in queries. In rrd you can do something like RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1m:7d RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1h:30d RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1d:365d, and you'll have that. Yes, this actually creates 3 datasets in the background, but that's mostly an implementation detail. When you graph it, you just specify the file containing the RRAs and it will automatically select the highest resolution one that still covers your requested timespan.
>aggregate into B then again into B
Not sure if this is possible/good idea, time series databases are usually designed to be append only, changing old items is problematic. But to be honest, I couldn't get myself to try to understand that flux language influxdb is trying to push these days, it looks really gay.
>join them in queries
Yeah, that's what I meant by doing it manually above. You have to know the lengths of the datasets and depending on the time window you're interested in choose the correct one. Heck, somewhere I read a fantastic "suggestion" to create a dashboard with all the queries you need, then copy-paste it for each resolution you have, and manually select the correct dashboard depending on the time range you're interested in. Seriously, even pajeet logic is better than this.

Anyway, any decent TSDB out there? Normally I'd go with timescaledb, at least it's written in C and runs on postgresql, not some hipster go shit with a query language that makes me want to puke, but after discovering their license fuckery, I don't want to touch it, not even with a 10 foot pole.
Replies: >>7020
[Hide] (111.6KB, 225x350)
Help a 'tard: where can I get a cracked version of Microsoft Office that's not malware I'm not a NEET and I do actually need Office... so if you were going to answer "all proprietary software is malware" or something, please don't waste your and my time on that? Preferably one of the newer editions
all proprietary software is malware
>claim to be a tard
>ask for solution
>want to filter
What a fucking retard to ask while filter away answers prematurely.
Go (back) to plebbit piracy for the tool and links for office. Seriously that should be the first result from search engine.

What about using postgresql for storage and make a view of joins with a cron job or something to aggregate data?

Tor to proxy is not a good idea. If you really want to do it, use web pro
Replies: >>7021 >>7022 >>7024
web proxy, proxy service on a page. Those suck a lot.
So I guess being in education, employment or training, and having to use specific tools for that makes me a "redditor". Nah, I guess the average regular /tech/ user (or imageboard user in general) is even more 'tarded than me.
Replies: >>7023 >>7025
Learn to fucking read nigger. If you took 5  minutes on a search engine, it is on the first page. You can deduce it is most likely safe because the official installation media is used and the tool is open source.
Unironically what >>7020 said. Assume it's all malware and run it inside a VM with no internet access.

>Anyway to bypass using a proxy?
A program called proxychains lets you add a socks5 or https proxy after Tor to keep your anonymity and get passed the blacklist.
If you are not NEET, your organization should provide you M$ Office. Otherwise, just use LibreOffice. It's good enough for 90% of use-cases. You could also use the ((( cloud ))) version of M$ Office or Goolag Docs.

Kek, butthurt. Go back to Reddit.
[Hide] (247.6KB, 400x338)
If, theoretically, you absolutely couldn't use GNU/Linux (or any other free software non-botnet OS for that matter), would you use Windows 7 as your main OS? Why, and if not, which OS would you use and why?
Replies: >>7027 >>7028
OSX since it's unix based and apple doesn't have a side gig selling personal info like microsoft.
Replies: >>7028
Windows 7 was a terrible os and the only reason it's popular now is nostalgia.
>apple doesn't have a side gig selling personal info like microsoft.
Naivete is funny.
Replies: >>7029 >>7037
It runs 99% of modern windows software without requiring the downgrades that come with every iteration since windows 8. It also doesn't require the fucking around with no guaranteed results and retarded community that comes with trying to run windows software in linux. Plus it's arguably one of the better looking post-XP OSs out of the box (which is important as the tools to rice doesn't guarantee a good result).
Replies: >>7030
Are we talking about the same os? It barely ran back when it first came out. Getting anything to work on it was a nightmare. Also it's the ugliest os I've ever seen. Obvious nostalgia blindness if you can stand looking at it.
Replies: >>7031
>It barely ran back when it first came out. Getting anything to work on it was a nightmare.
It was released in 2009 and had over a decade of updates. It was perfectly usable back when I first used it and still is. 
>Also it's the ugliest os I've ever seen.
So you've never installed linux or seen a modern windows?
Replies: >>7032
>never installed linux
My framebuffer terminal and dwm look better than anything I have ever seen
Replies: >>7033
>terminal only 
I guess if you've only ever seen dwm and w7 it's fair to think 7 is the worst looking OS. 
Just don't ever touch any mouse oriented wm.
>Naivete is funny.
Butthurt is funnier.
[Hide] (81.5KB, 491x369)
What is Best way to Disable WiFi Radios on Router at night?

> Have used a Automatic Timmer plugged into router on the outlet before.

> Have used a Remote Controled RF Switch plugged into router on the outlet before.

> Have set a "Wi-Fi Schedule" on the router setting to turn of wireless radios at certain times before.

Like this >>> https://emfknowledge.com/2019/09/06/set-wireless-router-wifi-schedulehttps://emfknowledge.com/2019/09/06/set-wireless-router-wifi-schedule/

So question/s are what is better for security? 

What is mainly better for the Health of your routers Hardware?

I personally think its hard on the Pysical Hardware of the router for you to be turning off the power source every night.

Therefore I myself beleive thats one of the reasons my router died out quicker when I was using the top two things.

> The Remote Control Switches are much easier then using a automatic timmer cause you can just put the RF remote in the dirrect an turn it off when you want. Opposed to being confined to schedule of when it's gonna be turned off.

When using / setting the WiFi Schedule on the ((( ISP ))) router the devices indeed get disconnected and the SSIDS aren't vissible to the devices as a AP to connect to.

However though when doing scanning with Wigle Wardriving App from F-Droid on android phone it shows two SSIDs with same name but with slightly different MAC Addresses at the time the "Wireless Schedule" was on and Wireless Radios are supposed to be disabled.

I assume this is cause one it has dual bands 4-GHz and ((( 5-GHz ))) two antennas and option for it to broadcast either bands for diffrent AP's.

The weird thing is why is the SSIDs showing up when doing scanning when supposedly the wireless schedule has disabled WiFi Radio for those SSIDS?

I haven't tried connecting to those SSIDS as hidden network to see if that what it is really doing. One would think if it was a hidden network and the connection is saved it would auto connect if the SSiD switched to a hidden network instead of actually disabling the built in wireless radios.

So Security wise this is ((( ISP ))) router havn't set up openwrt fully yet. 

Regardless Does "Wireless Schedule" Actually disable the WiFi SSID's from being connected to by l33ts or glowboys unlike fake ((( hidden networks ))) which can actually be found and connected to???

> Should Enabling "Wireless Schedule" at a time before a have a Sleep Timer or RF switch turn it off help take the load of hardware compared to just disconnecting the power with sleep timer?
Fuck your spacing troll nigger. Install openwrt and cron rfkill.
>leddit spacing
>not knowing the proper use of ((( detected )))
You have to go back.
(But to be somewhat useful, first get openwrt, because you can't trust proprietary garbage.)
Replies: >>7052

Its a serious question premium douche...I guess you like getting your Nutz EMF'd at night or sleep next to router. Can also tell you have brain damage from the DEW's

>cron rfkill 

on openwrt that sounds good.  


lol have lurked chans for long time but newfag just not trying to use cuckflare 4chan or other JS honeypots

Have to pay you shekels to get Zzzchan Premium huh?
Replies: >>7081
[Hide] (208.3KB, 1000x1600)
Don't think thats possible unless maybe using an SSH tunnel or something....You could just use whonix Gateway to VPN or somting like dat.
>unplugging the router at night somehow protects you from hax0rs
My boomer dad does this too.
Replies: >>7057

Lol thats stupid when u could put a sleep timer on it.
If your dad uses Telegram you are already DQQMED.

Well like I said ((( hidden networks ))) are not actually hidden... So making your router only wired only at night and disbling Wireless Radios makes sense.

However How come scanning on wiggle shows them?

Should I try connecting to them as a hidden network to see if its just turning it into a hidden network?
Replies: >>7058 >>7069
> One would think if it was a hidden network and the connection is saved it would auto connect if the SSiD switched to a hidden network instead of actually disabling the built in wireless radios.
>Should I try
Yes. And stop putting newline every line, you fucking new faggot. You post takes a lot more screen space than it should.
Check moderation logs. Your post was deleted not because of the formatting, but duplication. Your first post was moved, >>7045
I am deleting this one as well for duplication.
Replies: >>7068
>I'm not a NEET and I do actually need Office
Then buy the damn software like the rest of your typical consoomers reddit friends out there. You have the money right?

>if you were going to answer "all proprietary software is malware"
Yes it is, if it's not then their company should be able to prove it with their source code.
[Hide] (107.8KB, 281x338)
> just curious of what torrc configs/flags might be good that are not default or may be overlooked by Tor devs too busy dying their hair pink and attending BLM protests.
>Well like I said (((  hidden networks  ))) are not actually hidden... So making your router only wired only at night and disbling Wireless Radios makes sense.
If you network is secure then it doesn't matter how long it is up.
If you network is insecure then it doesn't matter how long it is up.

>However How come scanning on wiggle shows them?
"Hidden network" just means the network name is not included in the beacons. So you can detect the network is there but you can't connect without knowing the name. The name is sent in the probe request when someone joins so all you have to do is deauth someone who is already on the network and watch them rejoin to find out the name.
Replies: >>7081 >>7087
Yakuake, Kitty, Termux
Cacafire only slows down close to the smallest font size.
But that doesn't matter, as mpv does nothing to sync video and audio streams in terminal modes, so unless it somehow redraws the image at 30+ fps, the video will always lag behind the audio.
Replies: >>7085
Fix your fucking post formatting. 1 sentence doesn't make up a paragraph.

>a Automatic Timmer plugged into router on the outlet before.
This is the best way of doing it, but a "Wi-Fi Schedule" can be more convenient. Obviously, powering off the whole router is better for security.

>Hidden SSID
That only keeps normies out, see: >>7069
Also, turn on access point isolation if you want more security, and consider using ethernet cable.

>The weird thing is why is the SSIDs showing up when doing scanning when supposedly the wireless schedule has disabled WiFi Radio for those SSIDS?
Then the Wi-Fi Schedule feature doesn't work.

>lol have lurked chans for long time but newfag just not trying to use cuckflare 4chan or other JS honeypots
>Have to pay you shekels to get Zzzchan Premium huh?
The whole point of lurking is to learn how to behave in a community.
Replies: >>7084
>The whole point of lurking is to learn how to behave in a community.
I am Autistic
>This is the best way of doing it, but a "Wi-Fi Schedule" can be more convenient. Obviously, powering off the whole router is better for security.
Yeah but does this degrade the health of the hardware overtime? I don't think routers were meant to be powered off all the time...
>Then the Wi-Fi Schedule feature doesn't work.
Could it be a Firmware glitch or what?...it shows the main AP name but not the guest network name.
Gonna try testing it by selecting connecting to a ((( hidden network ))) and then enetering the credentials see if it works...
Replies: >>7086
Try using tct or caca in framebuffer vt. If that works, try xterm.
>don't think routers were meant to be powered off all the time
What do you think they are doing in packaging on a cargo ship for a few months? It is fine to be powered off all the time, switching them on or off causes more problems. Inrush current and high load during startup degrades the hardware more then keeping it running, unless you overload the cpu and overheat the system all the time.
Replies: >>7089 >>7096
>If you network is secure then it doesn't matter how long it is up.
>If you network is insecure then it doesn't matter how long it is up.
lol obviously mate but to think ones Network can't get le hacked or attacked if it has Wireless Radios enabled or is not airgapped then your lying to yourself mate. 
>"Hidden network" just means the network name is not included in the beacons. So you can detect the network is there but you can't connect without knowing the name.
Yes I know this but I remember doing some scanning on le hacker os kali and it showed a bunch of hidden networks and pretty sure the names without deauthing them.
>It is fine to be powered off all the time, switching them on or off causes more problems. Inrush current and high load during startup degrades the hardware more then keeping it running, unless you overload the cpu and overheat the system all the time.
Basicaly this
I'm looking for something like autossh, but on-demand. I want it to open a tunnel to a remote machine, but the tunnel itself would be rarely used, so ideally it should open the local socket on startup, but only establish an ssh connection to the remote server when something connects to the socket (yes, this will mean that the first connection will take a bit more time, but that's okay). And if there is no traffic, say, for 10 minutes, it should terminate the ssh connection, and only reconnect when there is a new incoming connection to the local socket (which will probably not happen for days).
Any ideas?
Replies: >>7093
I don't think there is, but you can script something up with socat.
>>7086 >>7044
Tons of new routers and devices have shitty chipsets that aren't even common causing firmware issues cause the soy devs of these machines are shite
[Hide] (375KB, 800x1085)
Notepad++ or Kate - which is better for text/code editing, on Windows (aside from switching to GNU+Gentoo+Emacs)?
Replies: >>7102 >>7103
[Hide] (273.9KB, 1535x1045)
Notepad++ is the best text editor that's not (Neo)Vim or Gnu Emacs.
Kate and Geany are very similar to Notepad++. VSCodium is also pretty decent (but vanilla VSCode has telemetry that you can disable (?) according to M$). 

You need to just try each editor to find out which editor works the best for you. I recommend that you try even NeoVim and Gnu Emacs. 
Go trough interactive tutorial (C or ^ = ctrl, Meta or M = Alt, Super = windows key.):
> GNU Emacs: Start emacs and type C-h t
> NeoVim: Start nvim and type :Tutor
Replies: >>7106
Install Gentoo.
(Neo)Vim better then normal Vim?
Replies: >>7108 >>7109 >>7119
What does QRD mean (I looked that up and didn't get relevant results)
Replies: >>7109 >>7110
quick run down
Just vim with some plugins and config.
Replies: >>7110
[Hide] (52KB, 1089x893)
>>7108 >>7109
>Fellow users how can one find help for how to format text on different chans?
For better words where is examples of differnt formatting like bold, strikethrough, hidden, and so on?
Newfag here all I know is git formating and shiddit formating for text cause i'm gay.
Replies: >>7112 >>7116
You are gay and blind.
Scroll to bottom, faq. No links for (you).
Replies: >>7113
ok sorry for being gay tard.
is that universal for all chans basically 
Give me links to other good chans besides nano and end you twink.
Replies: >>7114 >>7116
Look it up yourself with a search engine.
[Hide] (168.7KB, 512x290)
Happy to actually help!
Anyway, I don't recommend browsing imageboards. The replies you got to your posts before my one basically show what average discussion on imageboards is. I'll say it directly - excessive "free speech" makes an internet forum go shit, just like if there were no laws in real life, all niggers would be killing and raping and shooting people on the streets. You're better off on a normal internet forum. Hell, even Reddit is better if it's a less mainstream subreddit without many SJWs.
[Hide] (10.4MB, 06:14)
Personally I like the implicit bully protection being Anonymoose brings with it, on an IB you have to put effort into getting people to identify and bully you unless you're a tripfag.
Plus no user that isn't a mod or glownigger can look up your de facto post history in order to shut you down in an argument, even less so when you're frequently switching IPs and your posting style doesn't stick out from other Anons.
I also like that the lack of a user identity makes people focus more on the content being posted as opposed to the person posting it, in my opinion this is the single greatest advantage IBs have over more "traditional" forms of communication both online and offline.
And even niggerish discussion has positives in that it can broaden your intellectual horizons by desensitizing you to words, phrases and opinions that normalfags these days are programmed to promptly report to their politically correct Reddit/Discord moderators for ungoodthink and semi-fascism.

Another thing to remember is that there's no penalty for not posting here, you don't need to get X amount of upvotes in order to post in certain subforums/threads and there's no mathematically quantifiable reward for posting in a thread aside from (You)'s, which are temporary and don't carry over into other threads/boards provided you stay Anonymous which once again makes IB users focus more on what's being posted rather than which opinion/meme can bring them the most updoots.
kys nigger faggot.
You are not "helping". The poster shown zero research for something so simple, When given an example of how to find the info, he couldn't extend it to find the same info for other places, Spoon feeding like what you were trying to do is what "helps" people to develop habit like this, not thinking, not learning and not even helping themselves.
The reason for this response compare to other questions in this thread, is that the information he seeks is very easy to get a hold of. It is not any research-worthy interesting question, just type "imageboard text formatting" on a search engine and he can get all the answer he need faster than typing out his question.
This is not a tech support forum, there are lots of them on the internet, At best these questions can be seen as a form of amusement, at worst they should be ignored, "Helping" these posters attracts other stupid question askers and answerer like you to fuck each other for social creds. This is an anonymous ib, not your discuck plebit shithole, it is not about being nice here. It is about learning more from the content and be amused by it.
If you hate free speech and place going to shit because people don't feed stupid posters like you, why don't you go back to discuck or tom's hardware? You can be a golden member there answering stupid questions like "my computer says it's out of space, what do it mean?" all day and feel like you have "helped" the world to be more stupid. If you are really so nice, you should have time fucking around imageboards, because irl with laws you like so much is full of beggers and homeless niggers that you should be spending hours helping.
Replies: >>7119
[Hide] (55.5KB, 660x660)
>Is NeoVim better then normal Vim?
Yes, it's better in every way. The biggest benefits are:
* NeoVim developers got rid of unneeded cruft (like the GVim GTK GUI) On GNU Emacs, the GUI is actually useful because you can view pictures and follow links by clicking on them (for example, in M-x man)
* VimScript sucks. - That's why NeoVim can be also extended using Lua (but VimScript is also mostly supported).
* It comes with LSP support.

>Hell, even Reddit is better if it's a less mainstream subreddit without many SJWs.
Upvotes and downvotes are cancer:
> they make it hard to follow the actual discussion (because by default posts are sorted by the count of upvotes
> it discourages thinking for yourself because if you break the status quo or say a controversial opinion, you aren't going to get upvotes (usually)
> Downvotes shouldn't be used if you just disagree with post. Instead, you should upvote posts that are written well (regardless whether you agree with the contents!) and downvotes should be used on off-topic posts, trolls, etc.
Also, moderators on Reddit/Sub-Reddits usually censor opinions that they simply do not personally like.

>The poster shown zero research for something so simple. Spoon feeding like what you were trying to do is what "helps" people to develop habit like this, not thinking, not learning and not even helping themselves.
>all niggers would be killing and raping and shooting people on the streets
You say that like it's not already happening right now, done both by literal niggers and by the niggers defending the government's niggerlicious laws. The world rule necessary for a board to be good is "no normalfags allowed".
 >criminals don't commit crime because crime is against the law
yeah ok retard
Replies: >>7126
What are some good books or courses recommendations for "learning linux"? What I mean by this is that for example I wouldn't be able to argue exactly why systemd is bad, wouldn't be able to play around with kernel stuff etc.
Replies: >>7125 >>7127
This book: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:AMD64
Replies: >>7127
Some criminals don't commit crime because they fear the punishment. Which is why lawless shitholes like NY can instantly ramp crime rates up by legalizing theft and ensuring criminals won't be punished. 
Law works but only with proper enforcement and punishments.
[Hide] (656.1KB, 742x720)
>What are some good books for "learning linux"?

Read these in this order:
< The Linux Command Line: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php (gratis) Start with this!
< https://automatetheboringstuff.com/ (gratis) - Learn a scripting language.
< C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition. http://knking.com/books/c2/
You must know C to understand UNIX (and Linux), and this is the best book on C. Use GCC or Clang and enable the recommended compiler flags: -std=c99 -Wall -Wextra -Wformat=2 -Og -g3
< APUE or The Linux Programming Interface (both are mainly useful as reference. APUE focused on POSIX and stuff that's portable)

Also, working through LFS (in VirtualBox/qemu) teaches you a lot about the components that make up a GNU/Linux system: https://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/read.html 
But do not use LFS as your actual OS! 
LFS means that you must also maintain all packages yourself and that's not feasible. If you want a minimal Linux distro, install Alpine Linux instead (Gentoo is another good option if you have a CPU from the current year or later). 
If you decide to try Alpine, you may (?) want to install udev (setup-devd udev) and install Connman or NetworkManager (but make sure to install the needed sub-packages as well!)

> I wouldn't be able to argue exactly why systemd is bad
You need to also study more the specific components that you are interested in. 

For example, if you want to learn what an init does, you should first study sysVinit (https://github.com/slicer69/sysvinit/blob/main/man/init.8) and BSD style init (https://man.openbsd.org/amd64/init.8). The biggest difference between sysvinit and BSD style init is the concept of runlevels. BSD style init doesn't have the concept of runlevels (instead it just runs /etc/rc script that decides what to do) but sysvinit uses the concept of runlevels to decide what to do (basically there are different set of scripts for each runlevel. See also https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Sysvinit#The_inittab_file). A great way to learn all this is to actually try it. Install OpenBSD and Gentoo in a VM (actually Gentoo uses sysvinit to only launch OpenRC but you can have an OS that uses sysvinit only (that's what Linux distros used to do). Also, you don't have to actually install Gentoo because you can just use the LiveCD to explore around).

Also, I'm not saying that sysvinit or BSD style init are particularly good but they are init systems that used to be commonly used (basically the only thing "we" had). Also, most of the arguments made by pro-systemd folk usually only apply to sysvinit. Suckless Sinit is probably the simplest init there is but it's not good for actual use. But I still recommend looking at the code to understand what init does: https://git.suckless.org/sinit/files.html

An init system must at minimum:
* Start some processes (usually daemons)
* Reap zombie processes.
A zombie process is a process without a parent (Zombie processes exist because the parent died before its child process died). If you use *NIX operating system, all processes have parents (list of all processes form a tree structure), and the init is always PID1. If init (PID1) dies, the whole system usually dies with it. But an init can try to deal with it anyway, like Systemd tries to keep the system going  in a degraded state but I think this is a harmful feature because the system is not really operational and a reboot would be more desirable.

And these articles about S6 init system are also worth reading:
>https://skarnet.com/projects/service-manager.html (this article also mentions other terms that are closely related to the concept of init)
>https://skarnet.org/software/s6/overview.html + https://skarnet.org/software/s6/why.html
If you have time, I recommend reading this as well: https://github.com/davmac314/dinit/blob/master/doc/COMPARISON (from different author)

I also recommend reading the sites that document what's wrong with Systemd:

The biggest flaws of Systemd are feature creep and overextending the project scope (and the implications of these: more complexity, more bugs and the fact that it's much harder to replace Systemd with an alternative when compared to any other init system). Systemd has a political side as well, since Red Hat is the company behind Systemd. 
For more discussion, check out the Systemdick thread >>1 

>wouldn't be able to play around with kernel stuff etc.
Install Gentoo and compile the kernel manually. Use lspci and hwinfo to find out what HW you have. Gentoo handbook (>>7125) walks you through everything (including compiling the Linux kernel). I recommend you use OpenRC (but Gentoo supports systemdick as well). There are also some additional tips in the distro thread: >>932 & >>5037
How do you enable widescreen in Verok's 1.06 patch for Need for Speed Porsche?
The game runs fine in wine but the edits he made to graphicssettings.lay remove the built-in widescreen option from the menu and there doesn't seem to be a way to enable it with the included renderers, leaving the old layout file in place and enabling widescreen in the settings menu results in a crappy letterbox partially covered by the hud.
There's plenty of Jewtube videos showing the game running with legit widescreen as opposed to the old widescreen fix from 2014, what do?
[Hide] (2.8MB, 3484x3484)
I want to install Artix on a spare laptop but I see it has four init systems. Which one is better in terms of booting times and performance?
I don't know anything about dinit, but s6 is supposed to be slightly faster than runit, and both are considerably faster than openrc. Not speaking from personal experience, though, I don't like Artix.
Replies: >>7145
[Hide] (38.6KB, 324x360)
I enjoy BSD more than linux, I'm using GhostBSD and it's really nice, few bells and whistles but no bullshit. Am I mentally ill?
Replies: >>7143 >>7145 >>7147
No, the mentally ill person is the poster above you.
I guess I'll have to check BSD one day, linux is becoming gayer and worse every day.
seconding this i have an intel nuc with me which kernel init should i pick? i want something rock solid since ill do heavy work on this mini server god no not SoyenceD

i dunno i just want good gpu compatibility like any other normalfag
also how the fuck does one pair a gaming controller on hyper-v is there some kind of platform agnostic solution that works on KVM as well? something like remote mouse/keyboard but for xbox controllers since the usb over ip is crappy as hell
no parsec/rainway please i want to keep this locally hosted
Replies: >>7205
Interesting. I'll run some tests with those two.
BSD could also be a good choice from what I'm seeing.
I never used GhostBSD specifically, but it's FreeBSD, and FreeBSD is pretty good. Like what you like and don't worry about it.
[Hide] (98.1KB, 681x720)
Are TAP bridges on a LAN a security vulnerability?
Messing around with Dolphin's HLE BBA revealed that it uses SSDP on port 1900 for everything which I had to open on my firewalls before it worked, but when using OpenVPN TAP bridges I was able to establish connections with no firewall configuration required.

t. retard
Replies: >>7185
What is your topology? Do you have two computers each running Dolphin and both connected to the firewall?
Replies: >>7251
[Hide] (102.7KB, 700x467)
Where do the cool kids hang around nowadays? The internet used to be this place where you could find really interesting people and talk about anything. But now it's just an extension of meatspace.
right here
[Hide] (413.8KB, 425x600)
The internet is fake, go rather talk to people in real life. If you want to talk to people interested in tech, find them in real life (eg. by joining a local group or something), or maybe even convert ""normal fag"" friends into techbros. Though the best option is to marry and have kids, and raise your kids to be techbros. Don't fall for the memes, real life interaction is not that hard, and getting married and having kids is far from impossible. Just put some effort and don't give up, and don't think about negative things like "I'll never get friends let alone a wife because I'm ""autistic""". Have a great day!
Replies: >>7203 >>7206
>says one shut-in to the other
>>4828 (forgot to add to >>7176)
>use NIGGER license to prevent POCs from making inclusive clone
nah that would instantly trigger red flags and we need something innoccus i prefer proprietary because it gives me ///authortarian\\\ control over my team so they dont backstab and insert WhiteHat Appproved™ horseshit inside (if i were to make a legit company)
basically i want it to look as ordinary as possible without fancy licenses like most unbranded chink software there will be a hidden strict no DRM/obfucation policy for everyone on board the project (since some programmers hate sharing their tricks)
the team will also have a rather lax stance on reverse engineering and forking so this should be no problem for those who genuinely want to contribute intead of stir CoC shit up (despite the fake "you may NOT decompile our product" rule in the agreement)

>>7158 (>>7177 thanks)
firewalls might not be enough everytime one of the maintenace scripts run and look for something there is a slight but of CPU lag
what if denying internet to these programs cause them to crash? this does not turn off the auto offline cleanup on windows 10
is there a program that toggles off these updates OFF without messing with network settings? i just wanna leave it as is and disable the problem at its source

nobody? i really want a reliable solution to pair my gamepad on a VM will droidjoy and a fake emulator device work? inb4 gb2 /v/ wintoddler im not gonna run random untrusted tranny made pokemon rom emulators on my host

dunno why this happens on my VM but why do 2d textures go black before for a second being redrawn swiftly? games are fine but it happens on regular windowed software and sometimes on my task manager
what causes pink 3d textures on intel HD? can any competent /agdg/ developer explain this bug? it never happens on my radeon when VM gaming how the heck does texture compression even work? im sure you guys know a thing or two about custom engines (funnily enough on my intel host everything loads fine)
sorry for posting here i dont wanna buried in the flamewar clusterfuck on the other thread
I tried looking around the fediverse but found only garbage outside, maybe, pawoo. Being a twitter clone, the fediverse is plagued by people with twitter personality. And it seems anything not mastodon requires javascript.

Both become more impossible the older you get. I have to accept that my total lack of life experience makes me neither interesting nor enthusiastic enough to maintain a friendship.
Replies: >>7207 >>7211 >>7220
1. If it's open source, is it really that bad if it has JavaScript?
2. ""Normal fags"" have friends and/or a romantic partner despite being uninteresting people, so really the only thing preventing you from getting those is your ""doomer"" loser mentality. And being a schizo (as it can be seen by your irrational aversion to JavaScript even on open source platforms where you can be sure that it's not used for malicious purposes) can be detrimental to sociability too.
Can you really have a healthy friendship if you're pretending all the time?
Replies: >>7210 >>7215
>1. If it's open source, is it really that bad if it has JavaScript?
The bigger problem is that when you visit a site, it downloads a random script and blindly runs it. Even if it's open source, nothing stops a malicious (or hacked) server to send some bad js to you.
Normalfags can have friends/partners because they're both normalfags, they won't realize how swallow they both are. That means you either have to find other non-normalfag friends/partners (which is hard, plus also every two NPC people will have a different opinion on many things, which will end up in fights, which can easily ruin any kind of relationship), or you can play the pretend game suggested by >>7208, but that's also taxing on you.
TL;DR idiocracy wins again.
Replies: >>7212
>not bad
Remember a javashit module blocked Russia ip despite being open source? Disabling js can dispel paywalls, remove ads and make your browser much faster, even if you don't care about privacy,
Not something a ((( sociable )))) person cares.
Wanting friends is a trap. It has the same problem with democracy. Most people cannot or don't think for themselves. To fit in, they follow whatever is popularized. Whoever control the discourse, control their action. A social block for those who don't fit in is thus created. They have the numbers and authority image, to make friends with most people implying you need to hide your thoughts. Slowly, you begin to get infected by the mass think and lose yourself.
Wanting to have friends is a human nature. But there is fate worse than starving to death.
50% of marriage end in divorce. You are a coin toss away from losing your kids, half of your money and emotion investment.
Women are the greatest product they have ever made. Making use of their unevolved nature, they were given half the consumer market. Since violence is monopolized, women's can spread whatever is seen as good and/or popular without getting shut up. They have the pick of dicks to put in because of women rights, while they used to be married off to a upstanding men by their father at young age. These combine to form the ultimate product that men would lay down their principles, years of life grinding at a job, individual thoughts and much more just for a chance of being considered. Without them, many wouldn't work as hard or even at all  for those who created this situation.
Replies: >>7212 >>7215
[Hide] (485.6KB, 728x410)
If I remember correctly OpenRC is the slowest. Not sure about which place dinit is in, but it's surely faster than OpenRC.
1. It's true that even on open source platforms JavaScript can do malicious things, either on purpose or purposelessly, but honestly that doesn't happen too frequently, and you can just look up or ask if that specific website is known for doing those things. If you're so insanely paranoid about ""security"", why don't you stop using any program not written in Rust and maybe stop going on the internet entirely and maybe even throw your computer away? Also adblockers can remove ads and make your browser much faster too, but without breaking websites. And even if you theoretically stumbled upon a website that has a paywall or blocks your country's IP or something, you can just disable JavaScript for that specific website without having it always off. Quit the black and white thinking.
2. Your depraved views on human interaction disgust me. They're literally satanic because of the extreme focus on MUH INDIVIDUGAYLISM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanism#Atheistic_Satanism (inb4 that's a good thing since 4chan /pol/ says Christianity is jewish or something). Go on, live alone without ever experiencing any kind of love and die alone and miserable, but please don't drag other people with you (ie. don't advertise your depraved views).
Replies: >>7213 >>7214 >>7217
>insanely paranoid
There is a difference between being insanely paranoid and not running every exe file you download from the internet like a retard. The insanely paranoid thing would be living inside a Faraday cage and only ever using completely airgapped computers. Not running unnecessary scripts is not paranoia.
Where did I mention individualism? Not wanting to ruin your life just to give some cock carousel riding bitch a good time for a few days is individualism?
Replies: >>7214
>If I remember correctly OpenRC is the slowest. 
OpenRC doesn't start up services in parallel by default. You need to uncomment rc_parallel="YES" to make it fast.

Yes. Even without malicious code javascript is slow and buggy. Plemora randomly starts opening images behind CSS elements. Make it optional if you absolutely need a feature beyond HTML and CSS.
I'm not a doomer. I'm a wizard. The gap between wizards and people is big enough without the added detriment of having wasted half of my waking life up till now laying in bed. Years of friendship didn't matter when better friends appeared. Years of friendship didn't matter when first pussy appeared.

Maybe for normalfags. Pretending made me feel more isolated than being alone. There was a time when it didn't feel like pretending but now it always does from the start.

I agree but I still daydream about having friends.
>Slowly, you begin to get infected by the mass think and lose yourself.
First pussy does that too but fast.
>all black and white thinking is bad
>you must either open up to all jshit or throw your computer away
Quit the black and white thinking, or your attempt at strawmaning by polarization. Many sites work without js, if it breaks, you can just enable it for that specific website without having it always on.
>any program not written in Rust
Go back to discuck and plebbit. Rust faggotry and javashit are BOTH shit.
>eww, x disgust me
>please don't drag other people with you
Appeal to social emotion from the get go. Who is dragging everyone down with his social bullshit again? Accuse others with your own crime? You attempt at kikery is for all to see.
Fuck off with your enumeration, it looks like shit. Not sure if this is a plebbit habit or something.
Since the subject popped up, can someone give me a quick rundown on Rust and why is it such a hot topic?
Replies: >>7221 >>7222
Mostly in the more obscure places, kinda like this one. And those can't be mentioned anywhere or the shitters will ruin them, and even here you get some of that. I think trying to find people in real life should be your final goal even if it can't be done in the short term, though, and even if you do use the internet for that somehow. 

Think about how much worse the internet has gotten in the last few years and you should be able to imagine how bad it will be in the future. Even what you have now will be taken away soon. Eventually the internet will be useless for communication, and then what are you going to do? Going to real life things related to any interest you have I think may be good advice. To as many as you can until you find your circle. If there's nothing in your area, you may have to move, a lot. You also have to be honest, no pretending to be someone you're not, and you have to accept failure as part of the process and even kind of a desirable outcome as long as it prevents you from wasting your time.

I haven't done this yet myself, so I can't tell you how likely it is to actually work even dedicating most of your life to it, but it's a goal, and I don't see an alternative. When the internet is gone, there will be nothing to compensate for lack of social interaction other than actual social interaction. And the way that the world is going, being part of a community will be a necessity. Anyway, very relatable, I feel exactly the same way.

>Both become more impossible the older you get.
Friends not so much, there are plenty of people in the same position. Also, you don't want to be friends with young people in general anyway because they are insane and unstable, while older people are typically going to be what they already are forever, at least from mid 20s and onward. Anyway, just learn a lot and don't worry about what people think about you and you will probably be interesting by the end of it. Get rid of self-imposed limitations. You have nothing to lose. If someone doesn't like you, so what? Who cares?

>""Normal fags"" have friends and/or a romantic partner despite being uninteresting people
That is true, but it's nothing too deep and it typically doesn't last. New relationship every couple years. If marriage happens, it generally ends in divorce, and even most of the ones that don't are unhappy. Having no standards and being fake makes getting these things easier, but not making sure that they're good and making them last. Even some cool people that I talked to, that aren't unhappy, they married women that don't care about a single thing that they do, and I don't get the appeal of that. To a degree you maybe do have to be willing to cycle between friends, because unfortunately people just go away or turn on you for some reason or another, or become huge pieces of shit out of nowhere. At least until you find people that are actually stable. It takes time to really get to know people.
Use a search engine; is what I would type, but I hate Rust so here goes.
>"People" about Rust
Mozilla has a bad track record. Getting paid by jewgle, promoting faggotry. Requiring Rust to build Firefox is the bigger red flag ever. It is not trustworthy.
Faggots and trannies creates/promote Rust. Needless to say, stay the fuck away. When a language gets political, it spells unreliability and botnet.
>Rust's promotion
Cancerous spread of the language in everywhere given the state of the language. See >>7072, >>7164 . It is inorganic and doesn't make tech senses to adopt a fast moving language in projects with established roots. 
>Rust implementation
Rust is not standardized. The ((( community ))) decides what to change about the language and it can change tomorrow, no RFC, closed discussion everywhere.
The compiler is slow, fundamentally slow because performance was not the concern. https://archive.ph/F7MSr ( https://www.pingcap.com/blog/rust-compilation-model-calamity/ )
Rust requires Rust to bootstrap. https://archive.ph/LMiNT ( https://sabotage-linux.neocities.org/blog/3/ )
>Rust's approach to security
Programmers should be taught to write safer programs. Lots of safe programs have been written in C. Relying on "safe" language teaches the programmer to be careless, which can lead to poorly performing code, unmaintainable crap and other bad software practices. Instead of fixing the problem, they hide it. See how Java fucked up the industry with the pajeet army.
Replies: >>7222 >>7223
[Hide] (30.9KB, 1320x275)
Rust is a memory safe language for systems programming developed by Mozzilla.You could argue that unsafe blocks voids the memory safety that Rust has. Unsafe code is not allowed in Ada (which is another language that provides similar level of memory safety as Rust). Or you could just use Lua or Go (or something else) that are more memory safe than C or C++. Rust is heavily pushed by its users (many of whom are also trannies btw). For example, they pushed it until it got adapted in the fucking Linux kernel (https://lwn.net/Articles/904681/). And there isn't any noteworthy software developed in Rust, except ripgrep (a fast grep), alacritty (terminal emulator that is not even so fast... But hey, at least it supports Wayland) and rua (great AUR helper for Arch/Artix). Also, Rust fans usually push "let's rewrite it in Rust!" meme. Rust programs can have a lot of dependencies since Rust programmers usually just use the Rust package manager (cargo) to install "creates" when they need something (some people don't like this). Also, compiling the Rust compiler takes a lot of time (which is why Gentoo users don't like it very much, but there is also rust-bin package available). On the bright side, Rust actually has pretty good docs and there is even a free book available. 

Pic related is from code checker that the Rust compiler itself uses (but it's only used by the Rust compiler developers).

Replies: >>7223
[Hide] (178.5KB, 850x1035)
>"People" about Rust
My main issue is that rust tries to be a "systems" language but most people involved with the design and development come from a web background.

You see this in the way cargo cannot operate offline. If it can't phone home it can't do anything, even if you already have all the packages you need. It literally never occurred to them that someone might not have 24/7 internet connection.

I don't necessarily care if they are faggots and trannies as long as they can actually code. But people who make sexuality their entire identity are rarely good at anything else.

>there isn't any noteworthy software developed in Rust, except ripgrep
What's longer is the list of projects that tried to re-write in rust but gave up. Coreutils and Tor being famous examples.

Anything low level basically ends up being 90% pointless high level abstractions and then 10% a giant unsafe block with the original C code inside. Because no amount of software magic can change the fact that 1. systems programming needs to touch memory at some point and 2. touching memory is still dangerous. Sorry webfags.

And if you're not doing low level memory manipulation then we already have 6,000,000 garbage collected languages to choose from.

>Rust fans usually push "let's rewrite it in Rust!" meme
It cannot be overstated how fucking obnoxious these people are. It is literally a religion, steve klabnik died for our sins and if we re-write in rust all our problems will go away. It takes a lot of restraint not to slap these speds at work (I'm a firmware engineer).
Replies: >>7224
[Hide] (560.8KB, 798x774)
I've written a package for a program that had Rust in it. Pure hell. Even worse than writing packages for C++ programs.
Replies: >>7232
I've been thinking about learning a new programming language, and I'm looking for something that will still be in demand a couple of decades from now. 
Any suggestions?
Replies: >>7232 >>7235
Any tips for writing packages for a Linux distro? Should I just try to package something and ask someone to review it?

>I'm looking for something that will still be in demand a couple of decades from now. 
I expect that Java and C# are still used in legacy codebases  (Read Head First java and (possibly) Head First Design Patterns., Complete the MOOC (https://www.mooc.fi/en/). If  you want to learn C# instead, read Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step by John Sharp instead). There will be legacy code written in Python, too (read Mark Lutz book(s)) as well (but I suspect that Python will get replaced in the next 10-20 years, much like Perl got replaced). I'm pretty sure that C (C Modern Approach) or C++ (PPP2) won't die either, but there will be less jobs for C and CPP programmers (and I expect that CPP is going to replace more and more pure C codebases).
Replies: >>7598
On the topic of learning programming languages, do any anons know of some good resources on learning to program in PHP?
Replies: >>7234
[Hide] (151.7KB, 500x700)
Replies: >>7240
>learning a programming language
>in demand a couple of decades
Computer changes quickly. Most languages are made of similar elements. Once learnt, picking up a new language is a matter of days, not weeks. Learn iconic languages such as C, then C++ and maybe some lisp/scheme. Know enough to write and read programs. Then look at the job market and pick up whatever that you need. Though it is more of a problem about knowing people or grinding years of exp when it comes to jobs.
I know the syntax is ass, but I'm trying to get a job as a PHP developer.
[Hide] (107.6KB, 1219x712)
[Hide] (25.3KB, 360x240)
It runs fine on OpenBSD, but after closing it hangs at "Populating Dooble containers." the next time I try to launch it. I have to reboot to launch it again. Anyone have this problem on OpenBSD or another OS?
Replies: >>7242 >>7244 >>7247
I don't know who is this guy, but he's very good at writing long messages that fail to convey any actual information.
Replies: >>7244 >>7246
Yet another blink clone, except I don't even know what makes it different like >>7242 said.
The message is produced on the splash screen on program start.

  splash.showMessage(QObject::tr("Populating Dooble containers."),
		     Qt::AlignHCenter | Qt::AlignBottom);
What ever it is doing, it is not "Populating Dooble containers." at program shutdown. Probably it's stuck doing something else, try ktrace(1).
Replies: >>7246
can i get some opinions on good external hdds? i dont have much personal inclination to use them, but i would like to save the UIDs or whatever of all the hacked nintendo consoles that i spent time on for my brothers
Only three sentences conveying I tried a browser and I'm too retarded to know what's wrong. Whomever you think I am ITT, I'm not.

I don't know, I tried it because I hadn't seen it in ports before. It runs smoother than I remember chromium running, but I might be imagining things. Too bad not everyone does web design with a Lynx-first mindset. Thanks.
looks like a shitty chrome reskin for android tablets
[Hide] (16KB, 474x266)
>try to install and or play game on linux
>it doesn't werk
OK so...how do I make my own games for linux using godot game engine? and what type of game should I make first? real craving to play literally anything fun or challenging like metal gear or resident evil.
Replies: >>7249 >>7250 >>7252
>give yourself brain damage
>can't remember anything from a few days ago
>forget about metal gear and resident evil
>get to experience the fun of the games again
>game engine
Go learn C and write your own faggot.
2 PCs running Dolphin each with their own firewall connected through ethernet and a router.
>try to install and or play game on linux
>it doesn't werk
There are a lot of games that just work on Linux:
>https://www.protondb.com/ || https://appdb.winehq.org/index.php
You can also install emulators and source ports/"engine replacements".

>how do I make my own games for linux using godot game engine? 
Ask in this thread: >>>/v/166182
But you really should learn to program in some language first.
Learn Python or something similar: https://greenteapress.com/wp/think-python-2e/ || https://automatetheboringstuff.com/
[Hide] (27.4KB, 1500x1505)
I'm trying to do something retarded and need you're help.

My goal is to get two Dolphin instances to connect to each other using the HLE BBA over a virtual LAN for Mario Kart Double Dash purposes without relying on proprietary third-party services such as Xlink Kai.
To that end my master plan currently is to use https://github.com/mborgerson/l2tunnel.git in combination with firewalld to first forward port 1900/udp to port 9999, then use l2tunnel to tunnel traffic from 9999 to a given port at a remote address hosting a virtual hub.
Directly tunneling from port 1900 doesn't work since Dolphin and l2tunnel both try to bind to it hence the firewalld port forward from 1900 to 9999.
Now with this setup Dolphin no longer complains and shows successful initialization of its HLE BBA in the logs, but the two Dolphins on my local network used for testing can't seem to find each other that way.
I know for a fact the HLE BBA isn't broken since it works fine once port 1900/udp is opened on both machines and I'm fairly certain from earlier observations of the HLE BBA in its natural habitat that I told l2tunnel the right MAC addresses.

What do?
Replies: >>7258 >>7259
Why do you need them to be on a virtual lan? If the two instances are located on different network, use zerotier or vpn and port forward with only iptables or firewall.
Replies: >>7260
fuck off RedHat
[Hide] (410.7KB, 514x616)
<proprietary niggervice based in SoyCal
I don't think Mario Kart warrants OpenVPN's cert autism.
As for the vLAN it's there to allow more than two instances to connect without going through too much trouble, I'm only using two to verify if I can connect at all.
Replies: >>7262
You can selfhost zerotier, it's open source. If you don't want that, setup openvpn/wireguard/ipsec and get dolphin to use the tunneled network (eg by bridging). This is assuming the two instances are not on the same network. Fixing your software firewall gives you less latency on a lan.
[Hide] (214.2KB, 1977x2048)
So, new Intel 12th gen processors have both  P-Cores (golden cove) and E-Cores (gracemont). What's the difference between these cores? Just the power consumption and performance? Are the E-cores there to keep power consumption (and thus temps) lower? (Even though the whole new gen is a housefire). Or is this just some kind of ((( marketing ))) trick? Also, does the CPU automatically distribute the load between the different type of cores or does it require OS support?

Another question. Which version of QB64 (a clone of QBasic) should I use:
For context, there was some drama: https://lunduke.substack.com/p/the-wild-events-that-nearly-took
Replies: >>7275 >>7276 >>7295
>2018 + 4
>intel cpu
Nfgmi. Answer to your question is use a search engine and find performance review for them, and compare benchmark scores. Also it is always a ((( marketing ))) trick since they locked down overclock from non-k processors.
Why Basic? If your work requires it, use the one others are using or, if you are in charge, pick the one with less drama and maintenance headache.
P-cores are performance cores, which is the usual CPU core. E-cores are economy cores that are slower and sometimes have less features (e.g. no hyperthreading) but use less energy. They came about because of phones having bloated features which ruins battery life, and that was the bandaid fix. 
Currently desktop CPUs are getting e-cores purely because CPU manufacturers want to merge the architectures together and make their jobs cheaper and easier. There isn't a real reason to have e-core on a desktop or even a laptop to some extent.
Anyone on Gentoo notice the new atk update? Apparently atk has been integrated into at-spi2-core upstream, which has a hard dependency on dbus. I've been building GTK from the ::mv overlay to avoid dbus (it makes atk-bridge optional, disabling it in turn disables dbus). Other than not updating, anyone know a workaround?

If I have to install dbus I might just switch to a binary distro. 90% of the reason I went with Gentoo was to remove freedesktop shitware at compile time.
Replies: >>7281
I haven't synced for a few weeks. I don't even have at-spi2-core installed, what's your equery d at-spi2-core?
Replies: >>7282
Me neither. But it gets pulled in if I try to update atk. Looking at the ebuild, atk 2.46.0 is just a dummy package that RDEPEND's on at-spi2-core now, whereas it didn't before. I'm currently trying to jury-rig at-spi2-core's meson.build file to only build atk and nothing else. Will report back.
Replies: >>7283
I see. 2.46 is not stable though. To avoid atk, -introspection and no gtkmm are needed. That means no inkscape or gimp.
Can you try if compiling inkscape or gimp works with atk in package.provided?
Replies: >>7286 >>7288
Is there a command to make mpv pause at the end of each video in a playlist instead of automatically playing the next video?
Replies: >>7287
[Hide] (4MB, 426x284)
Well, I need introspection anyway since nicotine+ depends on it (through its pygobject3 dep). In any case, I managed to split out atk from at-spi2-core, and it builds without DBus just fine. I've pushed an ebuild to the NymphOS overlay in case anyone needs it.

I've realized my setup is slowing becoming a meticulously crafted series of fragile kludges just to remove freedesktop/poettering/redhat-ware, kek. Not to say it isn't worth it, but man, do they make it hard to avoid their shit code.
Replies: >>7292
man mpv
look for --keep-open
Replies: >>7289
I don't think this would have worked anyway since GTK hard depends on atk.
keep-open keeps mpv open if there are no videos left in the playlist. It won't pause if there's still videos left.
Replies: >>7290
It does with --keep-open=always
Replies: >>7291
I'm retarded, I thought yes and always were interchangeable. Thanks dude.
Don't you want to patch out dbus from cdemu? It's a fucking cancer (once I tried to use it from an ssh session, but gave up after an hour, I don't know how can people use that abomination, plus free security vulnerabilities), but that's like the only way to have a virtual cd-rom with audio tracks support (some old vidya used mixed data+audio discs).
Replies: >>7293
I tried using cdemu once to install a VN (the installer expected a CD to be inserted. This was all in wine, not sure why I thought it work but I was at my wit's end). Total crap shoot. Ended up just getting a repack of the VN without the installer.
Replies: >>7294
As long as you have an iso mounted at a dir and in winecfg you mark the drive as a cd, it usually works. Audio discs are where the problem starts, because in that case wine tries to issue ioctls to the underlying drive, but that of course only works when you only have a disc drive, not a loopback device. Cdemu emulates a real disc drive (you get a /dev/sr0), if you can get through its dbus fuckery.
If it's a really old game, you can use dosbox-x, it handles cue files, so yeah, you only really need this shit with wine.
since we are talking about 12th gen can someone test out if all of thier processors support ECC including thier gaming laptop cpu lineups?
type these commands in your terminal for wangblows users [wmic memorychip] for lunix fag [sudo dmidecode --type memory] can you post results here? feel free to edit if needed
does amd 6000 series apus support ECC as well? it says on thier site that its only up to 64gb and no correction but i wanted to see for myself so basically its just upgraded 5000 series with ps5 technology embedded inside
i kinda want the intel one due to stronger power and big ram support but this particular one has very strong igpu i genuinely have trouble deciding? if budget is really important i guess ill just go with AMD for now
all of the 128gb laptops are eurocom sized with two hungry power bricks and cost a shitton of money im not even sure if they deliver to my shithole country since i just want something normalfag friendly
[Hide] (230KB, 1115x894)
Could anyone explain to me why couldn't I build rust program in peace without making connection to crates.io? I'm getting this shitty error while building rust program offline, which promps:
spurious network error (1 tries remaining): [6] Couldn't resolve host name (Could not resolve host: crates.io)
Seriously what the fuck is this? whenever I tried to route the connection through tor. The compilation happened to be stuck, and there's no progress during build time whatsoever. Is this has something to do with cargo? because it seams like it has hard dependancy on it. Can I just pull export CC='gcc' since gcc now has rust language build in I think.
Replies: >>7297 >>7298
So read the first few lines of description about rust gcc here https://github.com/Rust-GCC/gccrs and guess what does it say
Please note, the compiler is in a very early stage and not usable yet for compiling real Rust programs.
AFAIK cargo is like npm, gradle and other modern abominations that expect you to be online 24/7, and fails to compile shit even if you have everything downloaded unless you set 245828 almost undocumented settings beforehand.
You could try looking at some gentoo ebuilds that compile rust programs, fortunately they have a policy against accessing the internet from ebuilds (and a sandbox to enforce it).
Is LibreWolf an OK browser?
Replies: >>7306 >>7342
define "ok"
if you want to browse modern bloated web you have only librewolf and ungoogled chromium if you don't want to bother yourself with setting everything up in about:config or writing custom patches for sites as in palememe
for oldschool web there are alternatives
Where do I start if I want to design and produce my own tech? computer science? electrical engineering?
Replies: >>7347 >>7348 >>7351
Depends on what you mean by tech.
Replies: >>7349
>Where do I start if I want to design and produce my own tech? 
What do you mean by "tech"? If you want to make software, learn computer engineering or computer science or software engineering (check out the curriculum). I recommend you start with https://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html or https://greenteapress.com/wp/think-python-2e/ . 
If you want to design hardware, go study electrical engineering. A good place to start --> https://www.nand2tetris.org/ (it's free) 

You might be interested in https://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/pgubook/ as well.
Replies: >>7349
I mean building the computer hardware and software from scratch, i'm sick and tired of all this CIAniggerware plaguing the world and want to create something better, If I could start production of lets say a small computer with modest specs for a small price point then I'd be happy as long as it can play vidya.

Linux is great and all but whats the point of having free and open software if the hardware itself is not free nor open? theres still a backdoor there and there can be improvements made with current technology, like those risc-V guys making their own thing
Replies: >>7350 >>7351 >>7361
How far down do you want to go? 
Are you willing to trust microprocessors?
Replies: >>7353
[Hide] (108.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (40KB, 500x389)
[Hide] (11.2KB, 166x243)
If I'm going to be quite honest with you, I would suggest both or perhaps work with people. I think a good place to start would probably be computer science. My major right now is computer programming and I'm enjoying it. I personally want to work on AI for the purposes of robo waifus but coding AI is a daunting task and despite that I enjoy working with computers, I have never been good at math. I don't even have a firm grasp of algebra which is something I need to work on. 

Something I'd actually like to work on as a project of mine is to build the board game "Dungeon Dice Monsters" in either C++ or C#. I think It would be something that I could do to test my own skills and also just because it sounds fun and challenging. Images related is what I'm talking about. 
That sounds really cool. If you were to make something like a non-niggerlicious 3d printer, I'd would love to buy it from you.
Replies: >>7352 >>7353
[Hide] (648.2KB, 819x1157)
>I'd would
I would would
I must commit sedoku for this grammar crime
>how far down do you want to go
Into the mines to get some gold and silicon. I want to make it so that anyone could go out and buy the materials needed to make their own PC/console/whatever.

I want to streamline the process so that with a few homemade machines that are all open source you can make something out of it, think raspberry pi but actually open source. its not just the fact that I can make my own PC/parts within a small company its making sure the customer if they so wish be able to make it themselves, too much candy ass roody poos out there that just accept this modern hellscape that is The Botnet but I want to break free! Im hoping to start a small company one day soon to make free and open source hardware for vidya and that vidya is also free and open source.

I see a huge gap in the market for games that run on linux so thats where my focus will be, hopefully when i create niggerblaster 9001 and it sells millions of copies then i can self fund my adventure into creating hardware 

>non-niggerlicious 3D printer
I thought that there was already a free and open source 3D printer out there? if not then i've got work to do, ironically though i'll probably be using a 3D printer to make the components of my own 3D printer.
I'd like to make my own non-niggerlicious 3D printer so it can print gun parts and other useful things
Replies: >>7354 >>7355
>think raspberry pi but actually open source. 
Do you want something like Arduino? Anyway, you want study electrical engineering.
There actually is an autismo that is making SMD-sized transistors at home
and here's a 32-bit computer made using ICs without any programable parts like microprocessors for comparison. 
Going full minecraft probably wouldn't work, but if you accept that chemicals aren't compromised and start with some premade components like in the first video it would be doable. The result would be chunky and have horrible cost performance, but again, it is doable.
Replies: >>7361
Did anyone try one of those ultrawide monitors? Is it a good idea? Thinking that I might replace my two aging monitors, which works fine, but for vidya I'm basically restricted to only play on one (since otherwise you have that split in the center of the game, very annoying), but for anything else I like that I have different workspaces per screen and can arrange windows independently at worst, I'd have to spend a few days and mess around with my already horrible awesome config even more, to create some kind of "virtual screens". Also, can I use them like two separate monitors (with two inputs connected to different computers)? Sometimes I need that.
As >>7355 said, it is possible but not realistic for most people. One way is to design a chip and get a fab to make it for you. The fab can be compromised, in the future a fab focused on verify-able and open source process needs to be crowd-sourced.
For now, you can get the hardware with most freedom, librebooted T400, i.mx6, sunxi a20 and raptor's openpower are among the most free setups. I believe they require no blob.
To be able to trust your own software and chips feel damn nice. But once hardware are involved, there is a great cost to ultimate trust, ie. learning the technology and creating your own. ISPs and the internet is an example, not everyone can launch their own satellites and get others on board with the new network. At one point, freedom would need to depend on some collectives; such as a crowd-sourced fab, ISP, or even farms and food processing plant. In this case, freedom means to be able to verify and possibly change. To be able get look inside the facility and understand fully what it is doing any time the user wants. If companies were competed on this area, we'd have been free a long time ago. It also depends on the users knowing it is important to enforce such competition.
is kubuntu 18.04 still getting security updates? i've been looking but i can't find a definite answer. i still get some package updates but i don't know if i'm getting actual security fixes or just basic bugfixes.
Replies: >>7386
Update: I fixed the OBS issue by downgrading the kernel to 5.15.
>is kubuntu 18.04 still getting security updates?
According to wikipedo it is still getting updates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_version_history#Table_of_versions (Also, I wouldn't run a system that has a version that no longer gets "standard support".)
Could not mount the media/drive 'C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' (VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED).

Result Code:
E_FAIL (0X80004005)
IConsole {6ac83d89-6ee7-4e33-8ae6-b257b2e81be8}
IMachine {300763af-5d6b-46e6-aa96-273eac15538a}

How to add fullscreen to VirtualBox? VBoxGuestAdditions won't work on any linux distros I want to try out.
Replies: >>7393 >>7402
Search engine first result for "VERR_PDM_MEDIA_LOCKED". Chances are you already have the iso mounted. Install kernel headers and run the installer manually. Or follow the first result.
>VBoxGuestAdditions won't work on any linux distros I want to try out.
On Linux guests (VMs), you need to use the package manager to install virtualbox-guest-utils or virtualbox-guest-x11 and enable VirtualBox service (it will automatically load "vboxguest", "vboxsf" and "vboxvideo" kernel modules). On Linux hosts, you need to install the VirtualBox kernel modules (probably kernel headers + dkms + virtualbox-dkms) using your package manager. Use the iso only if there isn't a package.

>How to add fullscreen to VirtualBox? 
I can't test at the moment because Alpine Linux doesn't package VirtualBox (I use qemu instead). But you need to install the VirtualBox kernel modules on your host OS and then install virtualbox-guest-x11 package on your Linux VM. Then you should be able to use one of the menus to select Full Screen.
Replies: >>7404
>you need to use the package manager
You can also use the cdrom, which comes with the a script to compile and install the modules. https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#additions-linux
Replies: >>7405
Yes but it's better to use the distro package manager if you can. I'm speaking from my experience (I have used VirtualBox for years).
Do anyone know some lightweight tool that automates wine version management (and maybe wineprefix)? Something like lutris or playonlinux, but without the bloat gui that just gets in your way. Unfortunately gentoo only includes the last few versions of wine, and new wine versions are like fix one bug, create two new instead, so you need specific wine versions for specific apps/games.
Replies: >>7455 >>7461
Write a script, example: https://askubuntu.com/a/1193281
Replies: >>7460
I'm trying to translate my Makefile into a meson.build file, but I'm having trouble writing multiple targets/executables with different dependencies. Meson always needs all dependencies available instead of letting the user choose one target with its unique dependencies only... So is this possible at all?
But is it going to work without downloading the 19282 dependencies they have? Debian/ubuntu is know to patch their system libraries/software beyond recognition.
But in the meantime I've found that the binaries used by PlayOnLinux are available here:
they're standard .tar.bz2 files (despite named tar.gz...), and they're probably more portable than random ubuntu packages.
>and maybe wineprefix
Replies: >>7462
>without gui
>gnome3 abomination
Nah, I'll pass. Actually, I'm more interested in wine version management, I can write a shell script that sets up the required environment variables and calls the app with the correct commandline flags, that's the easy part. What I really meant there is that I'd need something that can download and manage wine versions, if it has some helpers for wineprefix management, that's nice, but it's not a requirement. I'm not really interested in something that's just a wineprefix manager.
Replies: >>7469
Looks like this might work: https://github.com/theRealCarneiro/minlau
And for those that just want the prefix management, there's this: https://github.com/2xsaiko/winepresets
Replies: >>7470 >>7481
I found this one too. It's just a prefix manager again: https://github.com/Jelmerro/carafe
[Hide] (77.9KB, 351x351)
Anyone here could help me how to write an openrc script properly for redshift. My noob redshift script looks like shit and messy. I would prefer a real openrc script without depending on bash. So here's my current script that I use.

possible language: bash, relevance: 11
/usr/bin/redshift -l 52.13481008:21.0495216

possible language: javascript, relevance: 15
description="Running the redshift"

start()	{
	export DISPLAY=:0
	export XAUTHORITY=/home/nerupeta/.Xauthority
	nohup bash /usr/bin/run-redshift &>/dev/null &

stop()	{
	killall redshift

status()	{
	killall redshift
Replies: >>7481
Yeah, I was looking for something like this. Will check it out.

I don't think this will work, unless you also make passwordless auto-login into X into a service. OpenRC is not involved in what happens after a normal user logs in (systemd has some abomination for that, but without that your best bet is probably just sticking the shit you need to start into your .bashrc or .xinitrc or whatever), and you won't have an X server to run redshift against until it.
And generally, don't call killall redshift, look into pidfile support (man openrc-run, pidfile and command_background that you'll likely need, if your program can't make pidfiles on their own).
Replies: >>7485
Anon, the script works fine as it is currently but I haven't tried rebooting my linux yet. That might be a problem if it loads before display manager as default.

>don't call killall redshift
how do you write with pidfile and command_background?
Replies: >>7486
Check examples in /etc/init.d and read man start-stop-daemon.
language: bash
RS_OPTS="-l 52.13481008:21.0495216"

start() {
	ebegin "Starting Redshift"
	start-stop-daemon --start \
		--background \
		--make-pidfile \
		--pidfile "${RS_PID_FILE}" \
		--exec "${RS_EXEC}" \
		-- ${RS_OPTS}
	eend $?

stop() {
	ebegin "Stopping Redshift"
	start-stop-daemon --stop \
		--pidfile "${RS_PID_FILE}" \
		--exec "${RS_EXEC}"
	eend $?
Replies: >>7487
[Hide] (29.2KB, 800x473)
Neat. Thanks for the template script anon.
Replies: >>7488
It is not a temple, it is a solution. Variables are defined at the top. It should be a dropin replacement.
How do I rtorrent?
I Just installed it, added the recommended config template, and now I'm trying to actually start a torrent. I have the magnet link from a torrent I was downloading with qBittorrent, but it just spits out "Could not create download: Could not find any trackers."
Replies: >>7512
Search engine first result of "rtorrent magnet Could not find any trackers"
Do anyone remember or have some good links on when was the time when they started to put a 3D accelerator into every fucking VGA? I tried to search for it, but I only found info about 3dfx and high-end nvidia/ati, nothing about the cheapest VGA you could buy in 200x, that they put into office computers and the likes.
If I'd take a guess, it would be somewhere around 2007, since it was windows vista with its DWM that made having a 3D accelerator pretty much a requirement, even if you were only using basic 2D gui apps.
Replies: >>7519
I tried looking it up, and it's not easy to find. I suggest coming at the problem from a different angle.
Get a list of most common office computer from 1980-2010 and find their spec. For each gpu listed in spec find the first one with 3d capabilities. It may worth noting 3d accelerator is not binary. Some gpu is partially 3d accelerated.
Fuck, how long does this take to finish on normal 200GB drive?

[code]dd if=\dev\urandom of=/dev/sda count=1; sync[code]
Replies: >>7592 >>7595 >>7597
dd if=\dev\urandom of=/dev/sda count=1; sync
Replies: >>7592 >>7597
Probably 0 seconds, since it won't be able to open the source file. If you correct the filename, maybe an hour? Much more if the drive is on a slow usb2.
Replies: >>7593
[Hide] (279.1KB, 555x558)
It's been more than 2 hours already and the temperature got up to 45C consistantly. I can't wait any more longer!
Replies: >>7594
also, this is done on internal hd, not usb
Set bs=64M, dd by default uses very small value (256/64b), that generates tons of system calls. Ideally you should set bs to the cache block size of a hdd or an erasure block size of an ssd.
wtf are you even doing?
count=1 is going to finish almost instantly because it'll only write one block. Do this:
$ cat /dev/urandom > /dev/sda
Replies: >>7599 >>7600
>Any tips for writing packages for a Linux distro? Should I just try to package something and ask someone to review it?
It helps if you know programming, there is a very large amount of programs that are so poorly written they don't build anywhere without patches, very often they only build on one corporate distro or only on glibc. Actually, I think every programmer should try writing a package because it will raise some awareness of what you need to do to write programs that can be packaged.

I don't think there's any true requirement, packaging is simple enough, it only becomes difficult when the program that is being packaged sucks. Don't write a new package, much less for a program you won't even use, a new package is a long term commitment that you will keep it updated. Read all the documentation, find a simple program and update it.
Or ddrescue if you want to get a bit more saner defaults and a progress monitor for free (although I'm not sure how well it handles /dev/urandom). Alternatively try pv
count is relative to bs or ibs, which is 512bytes default.
[Hide] (76.7KB, 800x1440)
Is there a good version of Windows 10 or even 11?

I love my Win7 machine and absolutely detest Win10 and everything that comes with it.
I'm forced to work with it at the office and hate every minute of it.
However lately more and more issues have cropped up, including bottlenecking, on my machine. I don't really want to get into the nitty gritty of it, but my question stands:
Is there an uncucked, de-bloated, spyware-free Win10/11?

>install gentoo
I don't want to. End of discussion. I know I'm coming off as a confrontational asshole, but I DO NOT WANT to use linux anymore.
>Win10 LTS(B)
Still connects to microshit and forces updates in spite of disabling everything. I have a secondary machine without any personal data on it with LTSB and it updated this weekend somehow.
>Win10 AME
Windows 10 Amelioretarded only allows you to use the default user without administrative privileges "for your safety because that's how linux does it". I've toyed around with it in VM and even after granting the default user admin privileges and disabling UAC, I can already see it will remain a pain in the ass to use.
Wouldn't pirated windows lack these issues? Does a pirated windows still try to connect to microshit's servers?
Replies: >>7651 >>7652
Also I'm retarded and I forgot to ask you, why don't you want to use Linux anymore? Are you forced to use proprietary shitware that doesn't work on Linux or...? i use Artix and it's been a pretty smooth experience, even for gayming.
Replies: >>7652
Yes, it does.
Had friends with pirated versions who got tired of the restrictions microsoft puts on the "demo" mode win10 goes into after the key fails authorization check.
And then one of them fucked his pc up with a KMS he got from some russian site.

tl;dr: yes
Replies: >>7653
Not sure what distro you used, but some of the bad experiences Iv'e seen is from people using distros with relatively old kernel versions like Ubuntu on very new hardware, even worse if you have a gaming laptop. 
>Software not just working
To be fair this has happened on Windows too.  I assume you tinkered a lot/searched info on how to fix it and not just gave up at the first hurdle.
This is weird, what distro were you using? Really curious.
>The third issue
Yeah, that sounds like you still had to get used to how linux does stuff. To be fair, we are used to windows because you get it  shoved down you throat since we are kids and start using a pc.

Now about the pirated windows, I suppose that at the very least it pings the servers so you get the "this is not an activated copy of windows" or wahtever that thing said. Personally I'd be wary of installing a cracked windows because who knows wtf those images bring. I consider wangblows to be borderline malware but at least if it is the legit one it will allow you to run what you want to run I guess. Maybe you could ask on the QTDDTOT for your linux issues, see if you can play around in a VM first to get everything running or dual boot (I'd recommend dualbooting but from another drive, windows behaves like a jew when it shares the same disk with linux).
Replies: >>7654
I've used Ubuntu, lubuntu, Manjaro, Mint, Puppy Linux and Trisquel on relatively old hardware as well as modern hardware.
>I assume you tinkered a lot
the days I've lost trying to get Samba to work...
>which distro
nigga I can't remember at this point, I think I was tinkering with RasPi OS at that point and some Java thing didn't install properly and I couldn't remove it either.
>Is there a good version of Windows 10 or even 11?
The best way to use Botnet 10 or Botnet 11 is to either dual-boot it and GNU/Linux or use a VM. You can use something like https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater and https://www.safer-networking.org/products/spybot-anti-beacon/ to try to mitigate the spyware features but you still can't disable it completely (and some updates are known to silently revert some of these tweaks). Also,  I think these only work for Botnet 10 (but you can probably find similar scripts for Botnet 11).
The best way to mitigate the spyware features of Botnet 10/Botnet 11 is to use it only for the program that require Windows and use GNU/Linux (or a *BSD) for everything else.

Be sure to use a sane distro. Install something like Arch, Artix, Debian stable (or testing), Void or Gentoo. Linux Mint is good for beginners. And do not use GNOME 3 or KDE (although KDE is ok if you personally like it). Use something like Xfce4 or Mate. Read ArchWiki and the documentation of your distro always when you encounter problems. ArchWiki also has a list of applications that's handy when you are trying to find a new program. Also, you can often get real-time support in IRC (use Hexchat). 

As end user, you are mostly interested in /etc (system-wide settings) and /home/ (dir that contains user profiles, files and settings). You can read hier man-page (https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man7/hier.7.html) if you want to get more in-depth overview.
Replies: >>7656 >>7657
[Hide] (31.7KB, 695x408)
[Hide] (41.3KB, 1093x247)
[Hide] (155.6KB, 516x476)
doesn't resolve the root issue
>use a VM
not good enough for my use, used it for testing purposes though
>use Win10 debloater and spybot
I already use both on my win10 LTSB laptop and it's still not enough to stop it from contacting microsoft
that's pretty much exactly what I've been doing up to this point.
ay, thanks, that will definitely come in handy in the future

While reading through the Amelioration documentation, I noticed that they removed administrative privileges from the default user for "security" reasons without stating what exactly those were. Yes, in a manner broader than yo mommas ass, it keeps bullshit software from being installed on your machine. But I have kept my machine in a near pristine condition simply by using common sense and scanning any and all slightly suspicious files I get from the web. So I'm pretty sure I can just skip this step entirely. Like I said earlier, I re-added administrative privileges to my user, but it didn't work out the way I had intended.
Replies: >>7662
>Arch, Artix, Debian stable (or testing)
>Linux Mint
None of those are sane distros.
And install gentoo or get out.
I'm curious if you can set up some kind of firewall that blocks internet traffic to all domains except those on a whitelist, bonus points if it plays nice with your web browser as long as it's not Edge to automatically whitelist websites you manually navigate to.
Replies: >>7663 >>7664 >>7667
you can edit the hosts file, but it wasn't enough:
Replies: >>7664
For some time, while using a windows VM, I completely cut it off from the internet and set up a socks proxy, and pointed the browser to that proxy.
Setting up a hosts entry won't help if the program is trying to connect to an IP address directly instead of using a domain name, for that you need a proper firewall, but then you're going to have problems with virtual hosts... so yeah, it's sucks anyway. The best course of action is if you don't have to run a botnet at the first place, or you can completely airgap it. Everything else will suck.
Replies: >>7665
[Hide] (77.9KB, 387x704)
I just want to be prepared for the day when I finally run out of the ground beneath my feet and will be forced to migrate to newer microshit OS to function.
I have a WinXP machine as well and it was a pain in the ass to set up and I'm still unable to browse the web properly on it.
[Hide] (65.1KB, 728x590)
>Is there a good version of Windows 10 or even 11?
No. But the previously-mentioned debloater script could make 10 a little less bad. But you're still in Microsoft territory and they own your computer. Anyway, you are in a sinking ship. If you refuse to learn something else, you are more fucked than you can possibly imagine, so I recommend learning how to swim before the water gets up to your eyeballs, because it's only going to get worse from here. I don't recommend dual-booting, I don't recommend distributions that require learning to be a bit usable. 

My recommendation is that you should run Windows 10 in your main computer, with the script, but also have another computer (it can be a cheap used one, doesn't matter) to run some basic Linux distribution, doesn't matter which as long as you can use it (don't fall for any memes too early, and don't worry about things that people complain about, that's for intermediary or advanced users to worry about, not you). Then use that one to learn the basics and to figure things out, and to install programs and figure them out, and find the ones that you like.  If you are in a hurry to get things working, that's not gonna work because learning can take time. And you should learn, because frankly, most distributions "for beginners" are designed by retards, and unfortunately the people that aren't retards tend to not care about beginners being able to use their stuff at all. In my case, I took it really exceptionally slowly myself (I started using Linux in 2012 and I think it took until at least 2017 for me to even install things in the terminal, without the GUI), because I knew I wasn't going to switch to Windows 8, as soon as it came out, but I wasn't in a hurry either, especially until 10 came out.

Also, most of the computing experience isn't about the OS, it's about the userspace programs that you use, and figuring out what you want to use, because you have a lot of options for everything. And if by the end of it, something that you need doesn't have an alternative that runs on Linux, you can always have a separate Windows computer just for those cases, and keep your personal files and browsing in the Linux system. it's what I recommend to people that want games, just get a computer to use as a console. 

The filesystem isn't much of an issue. If you're struggling with that, only the home directory matters, you shouldn't be messing with anything else because you don't have the knowledge for that to even be necessary. Anyway, you can just watch a video or read a tutorial, to learn about that, if you need to. But this image sums it up. When you open your file manager, you will be in /home/yourusernamehere, and that's basically all you have to think about as a beginner. Normal users mostly only have access to their own directories in /home.
Replies: >>7668
stupid question but is it a good idea to replace windows 7 with windows 8.1 on my gaming VM any performance gain from this? any new features to expect from thier newer kernel? i use it mostly for DX11 unity stuff on vmware

yeah but how to i turn the update mechanism itself off? i remember that time mac OS shit itself because apps cant verify hashes due to telemetry server down i dont wanna waste CPU resources on useless background maintenance cleanup tasks that im supposed to be doing manually
Replies: >>7669 >>7670
[Hide] (153.7KB, 360x360)
You can't turn it off. All that you can do is disable automatic updates, and block the connections. Though the anti-virus can be disabled, but the service will always be there to eat some of your RAM. Welcome to hell.
>any performance gain from this?
It's modern windows, what do you think? 
The only reason to "update" from 7 is if the bloatware you want to run requires a newer version like 10 or 11, but since it's a VM there's no reason to replace it instead of just making alternate VMs for those games.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 2124x920)
>don't want to use proprietary software
>consider my online life a part of my personal life and separate it from my professional life

>job's payroll service is going paperless (online service)
>of course, it asks for e-mail
>also has clauses in the terms of service for biometric data (mobile app)
>told HR I didn't want to sign the new contract for the  new online service

>opening new checking account
>they ask for e-mail on the registration form
>tell them I don't have an e-mail to give them
>they give me another option and give me paper statements at least

How are other free software enthusiasts sticking to their principles when it comes to finance? I avoid online payment processors like Paypal and Stripe, mobile banking apps, tax programs, and so on. I get the idea finance is where one can not abide to exclusively using free software. But it'd be nice to hear if anyone has it any better.
Replies: >>7673
[Hide] (41.4KB, 640x487)
What custom css do you guys use on this site/other IBs? I use the default theme but want to make it look cool so feel free to give suggestions
Selfhost email
Replies: >>7681
What libre software has the best image stacking algorithm? One that doesn't merely align, but that can cope with shaky images.
OpenCamera for instance has a really good one, but only in its HDR mode, and only 3 pictures, and I don't want HDR or only 3 pictures.
[Hide] (61.6KB, 260x200)
Realistically speaking, is there a point to running multiple terminal windows on X with a multiplexer like Tmux? Not only can you tile terminal screens with it, you can even access different sessions from one screen; I of course ask that as someone who primarily uses CLI programs.
Replies: >>7682 >>7686
Not really what I'm asking. I know about self-hosting an e-mail addresses for myself. I feel rather fortunate that the option not to give an e-mail stil exists, but as things are going, the option may not exist in the future.

The investing world is also something I haven't touched upon in the slightest. Does the foss community avoid it as well to avoid contributing capital to tech stocks (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc)?

I know crypto are generally released under public licesnes, but almost always the trading platforms they are traded on is proprietary and the finance companies runing the platforms have been sus lately.

Also curious to hear any interpretations of the talking heads pushing "crypto regulation" when in many cases, the general public doesn't distinguish cryptocurrency exchanges and the cryptocurrency itself. So inviting the government to regulate easily implies giving the government authority to levy fines or penalize the writing or deployment of software for any purpose.
>is there a point to running multiple terminal windows
Yes. It can be somewhat superfluous if you have a proper tiling window manager and you never restart X and don't want to connect to your computer with SSH, otherwise it's quite handy.
I have different color schemes and prefix keys by computer, so I can run tmux inside ssh inside tmux inside ssh inside tmux without problems.
Replies: >>7685
>It can be somewhat superfluous if you have a proper tiling window manager
Perhaps my phrasing was unclear; what I meant is whether there's any point to creating multiple windows on X when you can access different terminal sessions from one window using a multiplexer like Tmux. The way I see it, it would be more efficient to either use a multiplexer or multiple windows (especially with a tiling layout) alone, but superfluous to use them together (of course, insofar CLI programs are concerned).
Replies: >>7687
Of course there is, the reason I use it is because I prefer using all those programs from a single CLI interface instead of a myriad of different terminals.

Tmux has a lot of great features including easy switching between windows, multiple sessions, and even some commands that do some amazing things. Here are some things you can do:

Move between and change windows (man pages for info):
# Move from window to window to show windows$ tmux move-to-window-one
# Change the window you are in to window2$ tmux move-to-window-one window2$
# Switch to the last window (it is in this window)$ tmux move-to-window-last$
# Get a different window's status$ tmux show-window
Replies: >>7687 >>7688
I guess it depends on your usecase. If you have multiple windows, it will work and feel like every other window, you don't have to learn new keystrokes, copy-paste will work correctly, etc. On the other hand, screen/tmux/etc works even if you restart X, can use it over ssh, might have some extra features your WM don't have.
But you can do all of it with a decent tiling WM. Try to split a display into a 2x2 grid, three terminals and one image viewer with tmux.
Replies: >>7688
I'm aware of the benefits of using Tmux, which is why I am asking if there's any reason to open multiple windows on X rather than just do everything on one window using Tmux; sorry for being imprecise.
<If you have multiple windows, it will work and feel like every other window, you don't have to learn new keystrokes
<screen/tmux/etc works even if you restart X, can use it over ssh, might have some extra features your WM don't have
<Try to split a display into a 2x2 grid, three terminals and one image viewer with tmux
You raise some interesting points. Perhaps it isn't as superfluous to combine both as I suspect it is.
Replies: >>7698
>login immediately after computer boots
<data drive does not automount and i have to mount it manually
>wait at login screen for 10-15 seconds
<data drive automounts
but why yes this is linux
Replies: >>7692 >>7698
[Hide] (115.8KB, 1208x796)
Found this on /librejp/ and just wanted to ask how much this glows (or not)
Replies: >>7691 >>7698 >>7772
>don't use VPNs, use VPNs
I hate marketing.
What do you use to automount? Maybe the drive is slow and not ready when you login immediately. Check dmesg and syslog, or whatever else your automounter might log to.
Replies: >>7698
What distro? What drive?
All VPN services places trust on the VPN provider, since they have access to whatever is flowing out of your socket. That is just another VPN as >>7692 said. VPNs mitigate against sites knowing your identity. By having enough users from a server, sites cannot differentiate right away who you are. All that is moot when you don't isolate cookies. They are suitable for mitigation against small sites, geoblocked or piracy, but not for privacy.
I never bother making a tmux config. Another point is whatever wm capture keys with higher priority. It is hard to find convenient keybindings that doesn't overlap. Using wm makes it easy to work with terminal and other graphical programs at the same time, usually the browser.
One thing I haven't figured out is how to efficiently copy text between windows with keyboard only. Even with vim extensions in browser, selecting and copy text is clunky.
Did duckduckgo just go down?
Replies: >>7701
works on my machine
and that's exactly what i'm doing now, i have my old parts in a shitty gateway case under my desk, and it plays tf2/l4d2 just fine.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1020x1404)
Hey anon I need help on updating my libreboot laptop with newer version of libreboot. I have never done this before I hope anyone here could help me. I'm not really sure on which rom file should I use for updating my flash chip. According to the person who sold this libreboot laptop long ago, he said the flashchip was a SOIC8 type. Here's some more info after I did flashrom -p internal command*
possible language: kotlin, relevance: 13
flashrom v1.2-1058-g4df64d93 on Linux 5.18.14-gnu-1 (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at https://flashrom.org

Using clock_gettime for delay loops (clk_id: 1, resolution: 1ns).
coreboot table found at 0x7fad6000.
Found chipset "Intel ICH9M-E".
Enabling flash write... FREG0: Flash Descriptor region (0x00000000-0x00000fff) is read-write.
FREG1: BIOS region (0x00003000-0x00ffffff) is read-write.
FREG3: Gigabit Ethernet region (0x00001000-0x00002fff) is read-write.
Found Winbond flash chip "W25Q128.V" (16384 kB, SPI) mapped at physical address 0x00000000ff000000.
This flash part has status UNTESTED for operations: WP
The test status of this chip may have been updated in the latest development
version of flashrom. If you are running the latest development version,
please email a report to [email protected]flashrom.org if any of the above operations
work correctly for you with this flash chip. Please include the flashrom log
file for all operations you tested (see the man page for details), and mention
which mainboard or programmer you tested in the subject line.
Thanks for your help!
No operations were specified.

Which rom size should I use to update my libreboot? is it a 4mb, 8mb or 16 mb?
Replies: >>7706
>Found Winbond flash chip "W25Q128.V" (16384 kB, SPI)
That seems to imply a 16 MB Winbond chip, SOIC8 refers to the number of physical pins. For future reference you should make sure you have an SPI programmer and a good ROM backup if you don't already.
Replies: >>7707 >>7710
I have the vendor rom backup but I dont have a spi flash yet. Maybe I should get resbpi in case I have to flash it externally. Thanks anon.
Another question Anon, since my laptop already librebooted. Does that mean the rom in my flashchip doesn't have anymore gbe region?
Replies: >>7711
If I understand correctly Libreboot has a tool for generating GBE blobs, I would assume the prebuilt images use a GBE region generated by that tool.
So after using OpenRC for a while I have to ask... why would you prefer systemdicks over it? It's pretty easy to use and it is very well documented. I don't get it. Just a mini rant at the rampant retardation all over the tech world.
Replies: >>7726 >>7736
Because debian, ubuntu, and redhat uses it.
Replies: >>7727
More like redhat shove it down every other distribution's throat. The same with pulseaudio, gnome3, dbus, the whole freedesktop cancer, etc.
The systemd people pushed distros to adapt systemd. They pretended that the only alternatives are continuing using sysvinit or switching to upstart. The systemdick thread has more discussion: >>1
Replies: >>7770
[Hide] (10.6KB, 229x220)
Anon, I need help how to setup securityfs for apparmor in etc/fstab manually. According to gentoo wiki, I need this line in fstab 
none     /sys/kernel/security securityfs defaults            0      0

lets say if my fstab layout is like this
possible language: bash, relevance: 6
# /dev/mapper/mtx-osvol
UIID=123-123-123-123		/	btrfs	rw, blabla 	0 0

# /dev/mapper/mtx-osvol
UIID=123-123-123-123		/home	btrfs	rw, blabla 	0 0

# /dev/mapper/mtx-osvol
UIID=123-123-123-123		/boot	btrfs	rw, blabla 	0 0

# /dev/mapper/mtx-swapvol
UIID=234-234-234-234		none	swap	default		0 0

should I just add a new securityfs lline below swapvol UUID? Which mean securityfs line doesn't have an UUID. I kind of confused here.
Replies: >>7742
The first column is the device you want to mount. Traditionally it was something like /dev/sda1, but these days you can have lvm lvs and uuids and whatever else. There are some virtual filesystems, like procfs, securityfs, etc. where you don't have any physical device, so you just specify some dummy value, the kernel will ignore it.
Also tell me how it goes, in the past I used selinux, but I got fed up with having to spend a half day after each system update to fix everything that broke, and of course using a service that doesn't have built-in selinux policies are a huge PITA. Apparmor is supposedly more automatic in this regard, but I never tried it.
Replies: >>7744
>Apparmor is supposedly more automatic in this regard, but I never tried it.
Different anon, but Apparmor just works™. Just add it (apparmor=1 security=apparmor lsm=capability,yama,landlock,apparmor) to kernel boot cmdline options (in grub config) and enable the apparmor boot service that automatically loads the profiles.
Replies: >>7747 >>7750
Is there any reason why the guide between arch wiki and gentoo wiki are not similar? I have tried the arch guide which looks like your setup but that didn't boot my computer. In gentoo way, they dont put lsm=capability,yama,landlock parameters.
Replies: >>7748
In the gentoo guide, they change the kernel config so it boots into apparmor by default. With a binary distro you can't do this, so you're stuck with editing the kernel command line. Also there are multiple mentions of systemd in the arch wiki, if you don't use that crap, some steps will be different.
Generally you should follow the guide of your own distro (or something very similar to it), especially when you're doing low level shit like this. There gonna be subtle differences.
Replies: >>7749
I'm using arch based distro without systemd btw, I'm trying to figure out what went wrong.
Alright it work now, I didn't distinguish between "space" and "," in kernal parameter which is why it didn't boot. I thought there were no difference between them. Infact, there's no proper guide to setup apparmor particulary for my distro. Anyway thanks for your input anon.
can somebody QRD me on this "Amd is bad at IOMMU management meme?" I've heard before on other forums if i were to build a proxmox gaming server am i better off with intel in the long run? both options seem decent enough

yeah its kinda weird why doesn't android or chrome OS use this DE facto standard as well? i guess they dont want users jailbreaking thier devices by penetrating the insecure kernel like a bad little goy! i kinda wonder what init the ps5 uses and how they secured it properly
Replies: >>7774
>>7690 i just found this after searching [privatealps legit] lel
no idea where to ask but does this glow as well? https://u.is/ strangely enough the interface reminds me of Ares galaxy
the videos look like marketing gimmicks and the client is proprietary for some unknown reason as stated in the faq
though they had a really neat 64k animations (no executable sadly) and the site is still up since 2013 makes me wonder why
though i kinda have the urge to host a static site or a chan board there since ((( lokinet ))) is run an maintained by literal furfeds and tor is israel owned
Replies: >>7774
>amd iommu
Use a search engine. Also use a separated computer for those stuff.
Licensing and controlling up the platform for millions of java pajeets.
Probably not running linux
I don't see links to source code.
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Anyone doing 3d printing here? Any advice for newcomers? Of course, I tried to search for it, but having no knowledge of the subject I find it hard to discern valid articles from paid shills, like I've read shit, ranging from Creality Ender is a very good printer, to they're so garbage, that setting your money on fire is a better investment. Is there any reliable site/source I should look at? I fear not, given the general state of today's internet, but who knows...
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I have an Ender. Same as any other (massively shilled) field, learn the theory and basics; set a goal and allocate a budget.
Start from knowing what 3d printing is and how it works. Look at different forms of printers and their structure. By the end of this point, you have basic knowledge on how much effort is needed for doing X in this field.
Set a goal and budget. Do you want to know it all? Do you want to minimize cost? Do you want no fuss just print? How big of an object do you want to print? What material? Do you have room in your house for a printer? Do you have good ventilation for magic smoke materials? You should be able to learn additional stuff if needed to decide. Come back when you are not sure at this point.
There is no general site for anything right now, you need to filter information.
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>website doesn't load on my browser, probably blocked by my ISP or some shit
>I open an SSH connection to tunnel through
>I need to adjust the system proxy to use the SSH connection
>website suddenly fucking loads without me touching the proxy
What is going on?
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>doesn't load on my browser
How? Did you try curling the page and check verbose responses? Pinging? Resolving (digging)?
It is hard to say more without more info.
there isn't its proprietary like the FAQ says protocol looks really suspicious
>use a search engine (i thought you guys know more about this)
i originally found it on tomshardware and plebbit inb4 go back. Have things changed after they released the Zen 3+ series? (this has nothing to do with older amd 3XXXG processors)
>use separate pc
as 2020 goes on ive seen more and more linux tutorials use amd processors indicating they did lots of work on the newer models but still i wanna keep everything within one machine

god i wish i had one of these bad boys not sure if pcbway ships to flipland though as they recently added STL support a few months ago

alright lets answer this question once and for all is linux good enough for gaming and intense 3d work nowadays? kernel/system/driver wise? as someone on github already made linux scripts my hardware and the support from lenovo seems pretty good in general but idk why this X.509 error pops up on boot
>use lutris or proton
no i hate WINE but what i was saying was will vmware workstation perform slower or faster on ubuntu compared to windows? are the radeon drivers mature enough? will multiple VMs crash my iGPU or kernel panic my system? can linux properly utilize shared UMA igpu ram? just need this little advice from other experienced users here
turns out wangblows is the one that's shitting up my gpu this whole time not vmware but i still can't pinpoint the problem on my host either way im ditching W10 for good
>AMD GPUs are officially supported all the way back to GCN 1.0, though pre-GCN 1.2 cards need an additional Kernel parameter in order to enable the official amdgpu driver else they'll use the unofficial Radeon driver which supports all AMD GPUs from the R100 to the R9 200/300 series, but lacks Vulkan support.
Gonna leave this one here from /v/ also how do you bench test vulkan and CUDA on linux from live cd

one thing ive noticed while browsing Ali is that why are ARM tv boxes so dirt cheap yet even the lowest end celeron pc is 10 times more expensive? was it due to the fabrication method? where the hell do these chinks get so many of these at once for an inexpensive price? are those discarded remains in the factory batches?

what program do you guys usually use when extracting godot engine games? trying to extract some soundtracks from indie shit. PCK looks simple inside

is there a colored group tabs feature on vanilla chromium as well? (not msedge) ill be using this for linux as the vertical tabs look like dogshit on chrome windows
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>ive seen more and more linux tutorials use amd processors 
This is because years ago intel used to be the better choice, but now AMD is the best.

>will vmware workstation perform slower or faster on ubuntu compared to windows?
You need to try it or look up a benchmark. But I suspect that virtual HDDs (I/O) are actually faster on Linux.

>is linux good enough for gaming 
Yes. As long as Wine or Proton supports your games. Of course, some Linux ports exist meaning that some developers publish native Linux binaries  and there are sourceports also called "engine replacements" for some games (GZDoom/Prboom+, eduke32, OpenMW, ...). But you should keep Botnet 10/Botnet 11 around, if you can, since that way you can be certain that all your applications are supported. I recommend buying a separate HDD/SSD for Windows and Linux, if you can. Be sure to buy AMD GPU (or use the integrated graphics on you AMD CPU or Intel CPU). Nvidia works but it can cause more hassle (depending on your distro) Because you need to use the proprietary Nvidia drivers .

>are the radeon drivers mature enough? 
Yes, but the open-source/libre drivers are now called "AMDGPU". You don't ever need the proprietary AMD drivers (that are called "AMDGPU-pro").

>will multiple VMs crash my iGPU

>... or kernel panic my system?
No, unless you run out of RAM.

>intense 3d work nowadays?
Yes, if Blender works for you. I don't know anything about other 3D modeling software.
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As long as the program/game is supported by Wine and/or Proton (Check Wine AppDB and ProtonDB) , there is no reason to avoid using Wine or Proton, other than the fact that you are (most likely) using it to run proprietary software. Using Proton is easiest if you install Steam and use it to run your games using Proton (I think you can add non-Steam game to your library and run them using Proton via the Steam GUI). But Lutris makes using Wine really easy (if you don't want to be tied to Steam).
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Where do I start if I want to write a widget for linux destkop, I'm using xfce and I want to add a button in the taskbar that enables/disables the audio output devices available in the machine.
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With a search engine, keyword xfce add taskbar button command
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[Hide] (27.3KB, 192x206)
That is not it, I need to create an icon in the taskbar, that connects to a service, when clicking on this icon, a dropdown menu will show up with the currently available list of audio devices, and a checkbox on each entry, clicking on the checkbox disables/enables the audio device, the problem is not the service, but the desktop GUI.
I don't know where to start, and I want to make it desktop agnostic and GUI needs to decoupled from the service, the only option that I found is this one, https://github.com/p-e-w/argos, but, I don't know if it will work on XFCE.
Searching doesn't not give any meaningful result related to my question, maybe I'm wording it wrongly.
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Sounds like what you're describing is a tray icon (called a status icon in GTK), for example the NetworkManager tray icon pops up a menu on left click, maybe start there.
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>>7784 >>7785
>virtual disk IO is faster
what about internet? on virtualbox guest some programs can't download their contents properly but browsers have no trouble connecting. What causes this? ive seen this on vmware too (might be a dns problem). On hyper-v ive noticed a less severe version of this network problem (yet strangely msedge slightly glitches on GPU-P)

>intense 3d work
i was talking about the DX11 engine on VMsvga3D. Anybody had problems with it so far on linux?
also speaking of 3d why does autocad have orange textures on vmware but works just fine on mx150 (it was a school project a year ago) and on intel HD some of the 2d game textures fail to load in virtualbox what causes this? was it due to host drivers or incompetent hardware design

>avoid WINE like a bad goy!
haha all of my games are IGG pirated i aint installing paypig ware host in a million years however i do intend on using steam/itchio on VM windows guest (specifically due to woke poz related drama just for safety)

>proprietary nvidia drivers (for host)
offtopic but are these required for vgpu_unlock? i do not intend on mounting one of the gpu slices after splitting my card my host is gonna be radeon only (is the guest gonna need a different driver? due to vgpu features)

how do you configure SWAP and how much should i give? (for 64gb ram) im enabling hibernation incase my laptop server runs out of battery during unattended blackout (im asking these in advance before i buy my ssd on January)

ok thank you but another quick question how do i get windows kernel 10 ram usage to 1gb/2gb? when i shrink my VM ram it automatically compacts itself but how do i keep it small when i re-expand the ram capacity on next reboot?
will compressing or truncating that 4gb bloat affect my system stability? why the fuck does the system alone consume that much wtf microshaft? perhaps some kind of trick to make windows think its running on a low end tablet to force everything to be super efficient? ill check /r/SBCgaming again later on but its all linux centered last time i looked. Im rebuilding a hyper-v VM with only 8gb of ram and want to make the most of it without squeezing my host?

article related: https://www.techspot.com/news/84735-twitter-user-runs-windows-10-192mb-ram.html (based weeb)
ive seen some cherry trail (atom) processors run windows 10 swiftly how did they do it? i kinda have the urge to get one of these 2gb ddr3l hdmi compute sticks

can my n4000 compete with the rpi4 8gb? im not gonna support gamergate BS what are some practical server related uses for my underpowered celeron system? will the pentium n6000 be sufficient for browserfagging and webgl/flash gaming? strangely enough why does the n5105 score better on notebook check

also one thing ive noticed is that why do manufacturers disable IGP by default when a discreet gpu has been connected on desktop boards? what is to be gained from this? on some OEM prebuilts the hdmi port is not soldered at all why do they hate integrated graphics (like my radeon) so much was it due to gpu-passtrhough? i legit dont understand why they do this at a firmware level

This. i want coed some small scripts infact ive already made a batch file for my winpe to autostart anydesk
what >>7793 says, it can either be the dock, system tray, notification center, they all have similar names
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