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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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lmao go back to your shithole. Joke aside, public toilets are always shit bidet or not, someone always shits on the seat and not in the hole. poos knows the future and have been preparing it for generations.
Alright then, I'm sorry for interrupting all the idleness of the board.
Replies: >>4726
Thanks, what do you use a VPN for?
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if you have to start a post with "x is technology" it's not technology
go back
Public toilets are crowd control.
Also, >>>/b/
--remux-video mp4 --recode-video mp4
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I submitted to having messenger shit to communicate with relatives, but even if it has native linux package you can't use it without smartphone.
So any lightweight android emulators that will run on 15 year old laptop?
Also places to get .apk, as I haven't touched android in really long time.
Replies: >>4733 >>4734 >>4735
>Also places to get .apk
apkpure is the big one
>Also places to get .apk
If you have a working emulator, you can also try aurora store, at least it downloads directly from jewgle instead of random mirrors that may or may not fuck with the apks.
Any emulator is going to be shit on your 15 years old laptop. Get the cheapest second hand phone you can find or tell your relatives to fuck off with their botnet shit. Also fdroid.
Teach me to code a website like this, as noob as possible. Guide me to the right direction, tell me what I must learn to get it working.
Replies: >>4737 >>4738
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Replies: >>4742
If you want to host a chan, you need to get a VPS and install a chan software (JSchan, for example).
If you want to make your own web site, you need to learn HTML and CSS:
>w3fools https://www.w3schools.com/html/

Whenever you host a site/chan yourself, you also need to know how to use GNU/Linux; read The Linux Command Line book: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php
Also, see the GNU/Linux distro thread >>530
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what the fug
>>2 (OP) 
There have been rumors of Russia plugging their side of the internet completely out of the world system, requiring all services hosted in Russia to only connect to other Russian ips. Apparently there is also a counter move to force ICANN to make all domain names for Russian websites expire.
My questions are thus
1) How feasible could either be
2) If either came true could Russian servers still be accessible using proxies or a VPN
3) Assuming they cannot, what could the alternatives be to reach said websites?
Replies: >>4750 >>4751 >>4753
>1) How feasible could either be
The internet exists because you ask a service above you how to reach another address and then you ask a service above you (could be the same, could be a different one) to then forward a message until it gets to that address. 
If any top level decides "fuck this area" they could just answer any requests with "the address is unreachable". If any critical point in the chain decides "fuck this area" they could simply ignore all requests, thus making that address physically unreachable. It could be as low as ISPs refusing to send requests to russian address, up to high level domains blacklisting slavs. 
Once physical connections are severed you would need a new connection (e.g. some guy on the border making a server that connects the isolated slav internet via a slav router to the isolated non-slav internet via a non-slav router), but if it gets to that point you'll most likely get agencies from around the world actively seeking those connections to take them down.
It's completely realistic from a technical standpoint, the real question is how easy it is to make those authorities cave in.
Replies: >>4753 >>4756
>2) If either came true could Russian servers still be accessible using proxies or a VPN
If it's the Russians, they can tell their ISPs to not let anything from the outside in, and in that case you're pretty much doomed. If the west wants to cut Russia, depending on how well they do it, you might still find a VPN in a neutral country and route your packets there. But if ICANN revokes all Russian IPs and start assigning it to others, even neutral countries can't do much.
>3) Assuming they cannot, what could the alternatives be to reach said websites?
Wireless radio, parachuting USB drives on the other side of the border, avian carriers, etc. None of it is really practical, if the authorities are willing to enforce isolation. Look at best korea or the state of the eastern bloc while the iron curtain still existed.
Replies: >>4752 >>4753 >>4756
Imagine pigeon piracy with microsd cards, it would be really funny.
>>4750 is right about the final (software) solution. The Internet boils down to BGP between big players. They just need to agree to remove Russia network from the backbone. Packages won't be reachable then. Depend on how retarded the ((( politicians ))) are, they may just play with ICANN shit, which only affect name resolution. This doesn't affect packet routing between Russia and the rest of the world. That just means you can't get to *.ru because your DNS don't tell you their IP. OpenNIC or Russian DNS providers which have the backup will do that job, or they can just query Russian DNS providers. This only affect normalfags who are still on ISP/jewgle DNS.
Satellites and any computer sitting in between Russia network and other network can route packages between them. I doubt it would be available for general public. But it is not difficult to implement, just tell your computer to route packets to that gateway for Russian IP block and that computer need to have that routing information from Russia and outside.
This assume they don't cut undersea cables and shoot down satellites.
Replies: >>4756 >>4823
>be a company that have business with cloud service relation
>side with globohomo crooks to sanction russia like mad
<gee, I wonder what this super computer could do on one of these physical server in russia
>Surprised when all the NDA trade secret data got leak out to public.
Why are these ((( clown ))) companies are so fucking stupid?
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Thank you so much, anons. It's worse than I feared then.
>OpenNIC or Russian DNS
I'm already using both a primary and a fallback OpenNIC DNS, actually, but I have to switch them every so often due to the main servers going offline.
Speaking of DNS servers, is there a way to have more than a single fallback DNS active? Basically, in the event that the primary and the fallback ones go down, I'd really like to use yet another one immediately rather than having to change them all the time.

Additionally, are there any other good ones other than OpenNIC? I'm sorry if the questions sound kind of retarded, I have a very surface level understanding of deeper aspects of the web.
Replies: >>4757 >>4767
Don't tell me you're using wangblows or shitdroid.
Replies: >>4759
Wangblows for work related reasons, but I also have a laptop with Mint on it.
>a way to have more than a single fallback DNS
unbound, multiple forward-addr
OpenNIC tier 1 root hints if you are a leech
>other good ones other than OpenNIC
There are some here and there, but OpenNIC seems to be the best clearnet solution for now. If routing doesn't get cut off, Russian onions are still reachable.
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>try to build LMMS from sauce
>install all five million required packages, including about 10GB of extras that i probably didn't even need
>by some miracle it starts building finally
>keeps failing with vague as fuck error
language: bash
make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Error 2
>have no idea what it's related to
i can't fucking take it anymore, i've been at this over an hour and have no idea where to go from here.
Replies: >>4770 >>4772
Scroll up and find the first compiler error.
Replies: >>4772
What >>4770 said and/or Install Gentoo
(Refer to the distro thread. Gentoo makes it very easy to build packages from source)
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I just opened up firefox and got an ad for this shit. I get that it's "lol red animal" but fucking advertisements jesus christ
Replies: >>4779 >>4781 >>4785
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Time to switch to Lynx, frendo.
Replies: >>4791
Imagine still keeping the default Firefox newtab and home page. Set it to about:blank.
Replies: >>4782 >>4791
Imagine still using firefox.
Replies: >>4783 >>4791
Already on alternatives for years
Replies: >>4791
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if i were to buy from aliexpress will i end up supporting adafruit? inb4 wumao (cancelthiscompany.com is a very good boycott resource)
also any good alternative to dashlane and docker? they also support the jewish stopfreedomforprofit far-left organization
>>4637 oh fuck i didnt realize the image quality was that bad the filesize is even worse

alright story time more schizo rants ahead part 1 of 3 (gonna open my txt file sorry for the great big text wall ahead)
>>4777 (holy lucky trips i have a similar story read ahead)
also fuck brave they support LGBT too NO WAY am i using that shit on my host (i remember the time i saw stop asian hate on chrome homepage)

you open your laptop and see this? what do you do? enough is enough microsoft i am getting very sick of this shit im not gonna let you indoctrinate my family this is going way too far
>inb4 just nuke this pajeet OS already (so far i never got this on my legion thankfully)
not gonna do it i respect his property (im not gonna mess with the settings unless they need my help but i do borrow the browser often)
but hey on the other hand they had the decency to allow [stay on windows 10 for now] i still havent forgotten the time they forced pushed win10 on win7 computers
sorry for the very tiny low quality image i taken it using my cheap 100peso laptop camera module from aliexpress the cables pretty short had to use usb extender and my hands are sweating from work i could not hold it still (andproud is running out storage and the camera is shit anyway)

readable text: [if you have any offensive snippets from firefox and windows spotlight post them here i heard people complaining about this lol]
-top corner- (also the screencap function is not working on lock screen for some reason)
If you are educating yourself on the | current state of racial justice and equity | for the Black community...
We've put together a list of recommended (and | talked about) books on race in America. | See the list

-middle- (i did not click on anything since i dont want his device to be added to a far-right dissident checklist just to play it safe i will stay neutral)
Want to be a better ally in the fight for | racial equity and justice?
Find recommended articles, videos, and more on | Microsoft Bing. | Learn More
Replies: >>4786
You should make a /tech/ rant thread. Buying chink no-brand stuff on aliexpress least likely supports adafruit, it is also cheaper.
I actually use palemoon most of the time, since it's semi-modern and supports Flash. Ironically the browser made by a literal furfaggot is somehow less gay than firefox's faggotry.
Replies: >>4792
>Ironically the browser made by a literal furfaggot is somehow less gay than firefox's faggotry
Fagzilla knows no bound, the one thing I hate the most is rust faggotry. Forcing that piece of shit on users who compile it is a massive dick move.
rt.com's "DDoS filter" blocks connections based on the User-Agent header. What the hell they were smoking? That's why my feed reader couldn't update it for days now. The west doesn't have to block them, they block themselves it seems.
Replies: >>4803 >>4804 >>4825
Okay, it might be just a coincidence, now it doesn't work, even in curl where it previously worked, and neither from a russian IP. Whatever, less russian propaganda I guess.
I'm pretty sure yandex also checks the browser.  They always throw a captcha at me when I start going past the first page of results.  I only use text browsers like Lynx and Links, so the captcha is a big PITA, and basically makes their site useless to me.
Replies: >>4805
Wel, rt is even worse because it sends down some javashit that doesn't work even if I enable javashit.
>>4807 (kek OPs image is keyed gonna archive this thread hold on)
stupid question but if i were to make my own china-themed proprietary linux operating system should i start with LFS or BSD for the low-level kernel stuff then which init should i put next (theres a reason why chromeOS and android avoids systemD on the kernel)
good lord i hate one click EXE install packages especially electron/nwjs apps for fucks sake all i ever wanted was a decent reliable linux distro with a rock solid kernel for running my VMs without risking a system crash i dont care if its botnetted or CoC'ed i just need something convenient and dosen't shit itself
>bbbut this package manager is shit and i really need this software for my cooming needs
then run plain ubuntu in a vm like i do pretty much all software i downloaded works fine in a VM except for a few dx12 games

>>4746 >>4794 sound like something yiff party user would say
jesus christ this is why i hate furries and lunix tards they keep arguing about which distro/software has the sexiest mascot and the best i3 desktop environment meanwhile we wangblows users just stick to our equipment and we dont complain that much if something breaks and just fix our shit
TL;DR linux should be renamed to SnowflakeOS with AI pronoun recognition until gentoomen get thier shit together and rebuild everything
--this post was sponsored by CREST research labs please help win us the fight against far right extremism and stop freethinkers for a better world--
User has been warned for this post: QTDDTOT, also low quality shitpost will be deleted
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i just recieved my 5Ghz wifi router from aliexpress how do i configure this thing? is there a netwoking guide book here?
it already has OpenWRT preinstalled i dunno how to operate this webpanel never really messed with routers before
i dunno what subnet groups are and which IP should i assign to my devices what is DHCP server is for
my old 2.4G router is crapping itself but the gigabit LAN ports are fine but the mobile devices keep on disconnecting

is there a way to implement this on a router level catbox.moe is not working on my tablet on PC you can have 2 alternate DNS servers working together
Replies: >>4824 >>4827
Point searx at network tutorial, understand the basics and look up stuff as you go.
>is there
There is a search engine, takes less time to search than ask.
This is pestilentially common, disable your user agent header entirely for a while and marvel at the idiocy on display. Retarded site admins don't seem to understand that bots can just as easily fake user agents.
Replies: >>4837
Learn to type and format your posts first.

>5Ghz wifi router
Disable 5 GHz, enable only 2.4G Hz.

> is there a netwoking guide book here?
Read TCP/IP illustrated vol. 1.

>what is DHCP server is for
It gives your devices their IP addresses.
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*sip* What are them WEBMs? *siiip* And how are they better than MKV? *sip*
Replies: >>4838 >>4839
Nah, I tried multiple user agents, it didn't help. Plus I'd have to patch my rss reader, because there's no user agent override in it
The only happening since yesterday is that now I need tor to be able to even connect to the site, but then I still just get that non-working javashit.
They're smaller.
Replies: >>4839
Webm is more-or-less a subset of matroska/mkv. The only thing it's better at is that browsers this way only need to support a few codecs, not every single fucking codec ever invented or to be invented in the future with weird subtite formats and pdf attachments and whatever.
Replies: >>4840
Maybe the browser should stop trying to be a video player and delegate them to specific software in an abstract way, such as piping to mpv.
Replies: >>4841
There are shitloads of things a web browser shouldn't do, here's a short list:
Unfortunately the web is being developed by idiot pajeets, so don't expect any sensibility. They don't have the necessary brain capacity to understand the unix philosophy.
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How would I go about taking an image and an alternate version of that same image and getting the difference so that it can be mixed with the original to recreate the alternate? 
Gimp's grain extract and grain merge are currently the best I have, but it's very imperfect and often requires a lot of fiddling around with the end result.
Replies: >>4853
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What is the recommended linux certification to aim for learning then achieving if I want to get into setting up Linux servers and incorporating them in Windows environments? I've had my head set on the LPIC but would like some advice as well. Am I best off buying the material the LPIC website provides or can I find these same resources through "alternate" methods?
Replies: >>4853
For interviews or learning? If you are learning, install Gentoo on a computer and try to setup such an environment. Interviews depends on what HR niggers want.
Replies: >>4854
[Hide] (186.8KB, 850x1206)
It's for both. I want to learn the material (already read a whole book on basic bash usage) but at the same time I want something other than experience to prove I'm capable. Unlike programming, I can't exactly build a github portfolio with my works for linux administration.
Replies: >>4855 >>4858 >>4861
You can, you just need to self-host some shit (including gitlab/gitea) then push a repository of /etc/*.
how do i install ddrescue and the GUI on ubuntu livecd? typing apt does not work do i need any dependencies?
what parameters/settings do i use when imaging my damaged external hard disk without removing the enclosure?
should i change those parameters when imaging SSDs or use same settings? are the images compressed by default i wanna save disk space?
how do i mount the mapped disk images to a VM afterwards and then make a snapshot for the new writes since i have unfinished work there
Replies: >>4860 >>4861
i think its called gddrescue
Replies: >>5378
If I were you, I would get a degree instead (it's just easiest way if you have the money).
CCNA is the cert that all HR faggots know.
Looks decent.

Certs or a degree are not replacements for your own experimentation.
If you are looking for a book on GNU/Linux, I suggest the The Linux Command Line book → https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php
TCP/IP illustrated vol. 1 is also good.

>apt does not work
You need to first refresh the list of available packages first apt update and then you can install it.

>are the images compressed by default 
No, because they are raw bytes.
Replies: >>5378
My headset is one of those fake stereo ones like 99% of them. Only one microphone, yet it tells the computer the microphone is stereo. Although the channels do look different in spectrograms, it's only very slightly, mostly one being slightly out of phase with the other.
What's the sensible thing to do with the channels? Mix them? Discard one?
What browser and search engine would you recommend?
Lynx. If you want a graphical one, install Firefox or Chromium/Ungoogled-chromium. You can use Torah Browser for tor.

>search engine
palemoon searx
>search engine
I get periodic popping when using the motherboard audio output(like something is shorted and it keeps going off every second), but the HDMI audio output is fine. 
What are the odds my motherboard is dying?
Replies: >>4915
>periodic popping
You have the farting mb bug. It is not fatal to the board though.
>try to install Debian. 
>KDE hangs up on start up
>xfce works but gives zero options for mouse sensitivity, only acceleration
>cinnamon doesn't change sensitivty at all
I just want a decent desktop environment that just werks.
Replies: >>4917 >>4921
No such thing. The GUI has failed to be easier to use, easier to program, and less demanding on hardware resources than the command line. It's a failed idea and it's 40 years old, it's way past time to give up on it.
Replies: >>4918 >>4920
I hate it, I just want to play muh vidya. Refuse to use that bloatware that is GNOME3.
Replies: >>4919
Nothing wrong with graphics, everything wrong with GUIs.
Install dwm, do everything from xterms, play the gayms you want.
Replies: >>4921
[Hide] (18.6KB, 640x480)
It wasn't so bad from like 1985-1995, with Amiga, Atari, and m68k Macs.  After that shit got out of hand.
Linux also had MGR back then, not just X.  Wish I had known about it and tried it, now it probably doesn't build without lots of work.
Replies: >>4921 >>4923
Archwiki has a very useful page on rodent acceleration: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Mouse_acceleration

>KDE hangs up on start up
What? How can KDE just not work on Debian? Are you on stable or are you using testing or unstable aka sid?
If stable doesn't work (very rare), I suggest you install apt-listbugs and upgrade to testing. Also, you probably want to upgrade to Debian testing anyway if you plan to play games or develop software.

language: bash
# first, install tmux and apt-listbugs
sudo apt install tmux apt-listbugs

# read a bit about tmux:
# https://cheat.sh/tmux
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Tmux
# you could also switch to a Linux vconsole at this point.

# run tmux:

# change "bullseye" or "stable" to "testing" using the editor of your choice:
$EDITOR /etc/apt/sources.list

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
# reboot

>I just want a decent desktop environment that just werks.
I would install Xfce or Mate, then.

>Install dwm, do everything from xterms, play the gayms you want.
This, but I would just install IceWM or OpenBox.

>Linux also had MGR back then, not just X.  
Has anyone tried Mir or is it failed software?
Replies: >>4923
We also had DirectFB, which besides providing direct framebuffer access to apps, also had a server mode where you had windows and multiple apps... and the things you would expect from a desktop. Sadly, it's also in a "have fun trying to run it on any HW or software newer than 15 years" state.
It started as a Ubuntu/Canonical's failed wayland clone, now it's just a wayland compositor.
Basically today, save for a few niche software that can run directly in FB/KMS, you'll have to either use wayland or X. (And even in wayland, you'll likely have to use xwayland to run X apps).
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i'm fucking around with my VPS and have gotten a Docker container up and running for Matrix, and I can use it perfectly. Now I want to set up a Docker container for email, what would be the best way of doing so? There are a gorillion choices these days and I don't want to do it more than once.
Replies: >>4925
Email is the one of the most complicated thing to setup. Read tons on smtp, dkim, spf. Postfix is the most popular (and have the most tutorials), then dovecot is an ok choice as well. Prepare for crippling frustration during the process and when you discover no matter how up to standard your server is, megashit exchange WILL block/spambox your email.
anyone know how i can force install and enable remoteFX vGPU on 21h2 despite the security vulnerability? im gonna have a bit of fun on the windows kernel one last time before i nuke this pajeet OS and switch to arch in the next few weeks
i have server 2016 installed on my flash drive which should i extract from the wim? will DISM work? do i need to do more registry tweaks? there is also an update which blocks remotefx how do i remove it without affecting the others updates?
also where do you find a working 120hz not 60hz dummy dongle for gpu passthrough? the ones on amazon are just generic unbranded stuff
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x960)
I'm having a half dead LCD screen. Basically 1/3 shows normally and the rest dead. What can I do? I already open it up with a ton of dust inside and inhaled a bit if it(pic related). I dusted it off but still doesn't work. What do? It used to work normally until I left it in corner for a year only to find out the rats have built a nest there and piss and shit all over the place. I think maybe the rats piss inside the monitor. What can I do?
Replies: >>4934 >>4941
Have you tried redusting it?
Replies: >>4937
I even use an air blower and hitting the screen with a hammer but still doesn't work. Gonna wait for like 3 days or something while i use the pc with anydesk.
if it still turns on you may just need to replace the panel
[Hide] (14KB, 474x266)
Any tips on how to start in the open hardware scene? I want to create some open hardware similar to a raspberry pi using linux and having a small form factor, I want to make my own hardware and software so I and others don't have to deal with CIA niggers anymore, im inspired by terry in order to create something great and schizo tier for all fags to enjoy and possibly get people into computers. How much money do you think it would take to start a business centered around fully open sourced hardware and software in todays market? Do I need to take out a loan or some other kike shit like ((( investors ))) or can I do it solo with NEET money?
Replies: >>4943 >>4945
>make my own hardware
Define "make" and "hardware". Making chips is effectively impossible unless you're full of dosh and I don't think microprocessors have schematics available since you can't even repair one and they don't want their OC copied. 
If you're fine with just the advanced computer lego that is soldering you could design and buy microprocessors (or microcontrollers if you want to start small), design a PCB, put some stuff on it like memory and I/O, maybe make drivers or try to use the arduino ones to program it if you want to plug it into a PC, and whatever else. You could "easily" make a low powered computer like an arduino, except more expensive as you would lack economy of scale and chinese slave labor.
Replies: >>4944
>microprocessors have schematics available
Well, there's OpenSparc and OpenRisc where you have verilog/vhdl. But making a chip from it is a different business. You can try FPGAs and soft cores, but in that case you 1) need an FPGA instead and 2) it's still fucking expensive compared to just buying some microchip. (But at least it's affordable even for common men).
Pretty sure people design digitally  a PCB, buy parts in bulk from alibaba (you're forced to buy in bulk), and have to be polymaths and or be a team of people like next thing co was.
Replies: >>4946 >>4950
*also have someone print the pcb, obviously, then just slam the parts together :^)

No idea really. I just know that people like Next Thing Co. died. RIP Pocketchip.
Replies: >>4950
Just carry your own 500ml syringe and spray your own butt with it. Also, bathrooms need motion detecting soap machines, water faucets of course too, and those hand blower things. Just wash off the 500ml syringe afterwards. If thin it just takes two hands, one to aim and or hold it and one to push the water out so it shoots down there. I recommend hovering over the toilet by squating on it, that's more sanitary anyway, shoes touching the toilet only. If it splashes though that is an issue with how stupid toilets are designed. A waste of water, they should be holes with trap doors that lead directly to the sewer.
Replies: >>4951
I'm pretty sure there are customer level PCB assembly in china, where they print the board and solder everything in place. It would still be expensive though.
Replies: >>4962
>and those hand blower things
Those never fucking dry anything.
[Hide] (61.1KB, 474x474)
any tips on what to get for a small form factor linux PC? I want to emulate PS3/Xbox360/wii games as well as playing open source PC games like postal or quake. any good distros for non steam gaming or should i just stick with gentoo?
You probably passed the seek flag after the input file and not before.
If you pass it after, it decodes the file until the specific spot.

Make sure you do this:
ffmpeg -ss 03:00:00 -t 10 -i file.mp4 out.webm

And not:
ffmpeg -i file.mp4 -ss 03:00:00 -t 10 out.webm
Replies: >>4991
>emulate PS3
All I can tell you is that I think you need a good cpu if you want to emulate PS3 games from my time trying to do so myself. PS2 can get by with a modern budget performance cpu. Nintendo machines should be pretty easy to emulate but don't quote me on that. I just remember not having trouble playing them on a shitty office computer as a kid. People emulate them on their phones nowadays. Wii could be a different case as I don't have experience emulating that system.
Is there even an emulator for that? I get a bunch of clickbaity results when I search for it. If it does exist, I would assume the system requirements would be similar to those required to emulate PS3 well.
I would try Pop_OS. Maybe someone else can talk about their experience with it if they've tried it since I haven't myself yet. I keep running into it on jewtube when checking out Linux tutorials for getting certain games to work. I think it's basically just Ubuntu with wine and other stuff installed though.
>Is there even an emulator for that?
There is an actual 360 emulator called Xenia.
Anon... Install Gentoo
You should stick with gentoo.
Gentoo is the most sane distro. But if you don't want to build your packages, install Artix (arch but without systemd) or Debian (it has systemd, unfortunately).

I wouldn't use it. Just install Gentoo, Artix or Debian (these distros are more flexible than Pop_OS or Ubuntu. Also, I would avoid GNOME). There are some other good distros as well, like Guix, Slackware (you want to use https://slackbuilds.org/), CRUX... see >>530
Just pick a good distro and install the WM you want to use.

>I think it's basically just Ubuntu
Pop_OS is a derivative of Ubuntu that's made by the System76 company. Honestly, why not just install real Debian or Xubuntu, instead? (or some other distro) I would also avoid Pop_OS because it uses GNOME with their own extensions.
Replies: >>4964 >>4965
Only the rich are in control of their lives. What else is new?
Replies: >>4966
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Anyone knows the exact code to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wELcD1lGvg this? particularly the camera positioning, and collissions?
Stick with Gentoo. Any other rolling distro is also a good option.
Нет! Stable distros are never a good choice for gaming.
I'd advise against it personally. I've used it for about half a year, and the amount of issues I had overcome with each update wasn't a pleasant experience. Not to mention that a lot of their packages simply don't work at all (like the stubby-runit package). Also, their package building team is slower than Arch's, so you will have to deal with outdated packages for a bit longer.
If you want Arch, then just stick with the vanilla one.
>Debian (it has systemd, unfortunately)
You have Devuan though (similar to how you have Artix which is a systemd-less Arch).
It's not like it's crazy expensive, but if you want to sell it it would be more expensive to the consumers and therefore less likely to sell.
How viable is it to make a software company that hires based anons paid with crypto? It can be registered in Caribbean for legal troubles. Operating cost is close to zero with some company infrastructure and completely virtual workspace. Crowdsourcing this may even be possible, using the title of based policies. Of course everyone are anonymous. Like a Fight Club company. What can go wrong with this?
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Is there any free software that has support for High Dynamic Range? That seems to be a missing part for both photo editing and home media PCs.
Replies: >>4989 >>4990 >>5112
>Is there any free software that has support for High Dynamic Range? That seems to be a missing part for both photo editing and home media PCs.
GZDoom's Vulkan backend has support for it. There's also that SpecialK injector for some games.
mpv supports HDR with vulkan, ffmpeg should too.
[Hide] (181.7KB, 1000x800)
Why the fuck is that a feature?
Replies: >>4992 >>5023
One difference is that if you have multiple inputs, -ss after the inputs will apply to all of them, while -ss before an input will only apply to that input. Of course, this doesn't explain the braindead behavior.
Another guess, some streams are not seekable and you have no option but decode everything under the position you want. Of course, ffmpeg should just detect this and only fall back to the inefficient method when needed.
If windows 11 is so much more bloated than previous versions of windows, how comes I don't notice a difference with the same machine and game fps comparison on yt have the same if not better on windows 11?
Replies: >>5008
Because you're comparing it with windows 10 and windows 10 is just as bloated.
Because ffmpeg devs fucked up.

If you try to burn subtitles onto the video (for posting to imageboards as they seem to categorically forbid softsubs), you need to specify -ss after the input video, or it seeks to say 10 minutes into the video, but reads the subs from the start.
Very janky.
[Hide] (84.5KB, 349x605)
[Hide] (4MB, 426x284)
[Hide] (58.6KB, 500x486)
SystemD already has that functionality:
> systemctl suspend
> systemctl hibernate

If you want to suspend to disk (hibernate), you also need swap partition or a swap file (https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Swap_space If you create a swap file, make sure to set the correct file permissions!) Ideally you have more swap than how much RAM you have if you want to hibernate (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How_much_swap_do_I_need.3F)
Note: you don't need to have swap if you don't want to suspend to disk (hibernate). However some disagree: https://chrisdown.name/2018/01/02/in-defence-of-swap.html (author of that article is working at Facebook ((( Meta ))) and belongs to the SystemD camp).

(If you use a distro that uses elogind, you can also use: loginctl suspend or loginctl hibernate)

Sadly I don't know which package provides those.
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>Since you are using SystemD...
uname -a
Linux devuan 5.10...
I said debian because it usually doesn't matter.
It's simple script from void that was very convenient when I was using it, I can probably just port it.
Replies: >>5036
>It's simple script from void
I think many *BSD and some GNU/Linux distros (Slackware? And Void as you already said) also provide zzz/ZZZ.

> https://man.openbsd.org/zzz
< The apm command appeared in NetBSD 1.3; OpenBSD support was added in OpenBSD 1.2.
It seems to originate from NetBSD. (FreeBSD/DragonFly BSD also have it)
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My atheros wifi adapter in my meme laptop constantly bitches, and I need to 
# dhclient wlan0
sometimes, and when it doesn't find wlan0 I need to suspend it and start it again so it could find it.
Can I automate this retardation?
Replies: >>5046
distro and which driver? Check dmesg for why it glitches. Solution is a proper dhclient service and upgrade/patch kernel so your driver bug is fixed.
Replies: >>5047 >>5050
>upgrade/patch kernel so your driver bug is fixed
Have fun, I haven't seen a single atheros chip that worked without problems on linux in my life.
Replies: >>5051 >>5052
[Hide] (9.5KB, 200x177)
nl80211, I only now noticed the Atheros near bsd drivers in wpa_supplicant man.
And tried it:
wlan0: Unsupported driver 'bsd'.
Replies: >>5051 >>5052
My ath9k_htc is stable as rock (aka the only completely foss 802.11n driver).
I meant athxx, that's the kernel module, you can try lsmod or look of ath in dmesg
Replies: >>5052
>Have fun, I haven't seen a single atheros chip that worked without problems on linux in my life.
Larppost. Everyone knows atheros has open source firmware.

>I only now noticed the Atheros near bsd drivers 
Are you actually using a bsd operating system though?

Do what >>5051 says
dmesg | grep -i wlan
dmesg | grep -i ath
and get some clues about what's going on
Replies: >>5055 >>5058
>Everyone knows atheros has open source firmware.
Aaand? It doesn't change the fact that the hardware is a piece of crap.
And yes, I've been using atheros crap, since ndsiwrapper times, now that was really utterly crap, that you had to restart as often as your average wangblows PC with every possible browser toolbar installed. Now it's just simply crap.
Replies: >>5060
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How to make sure that my drive is done writing before I dismount it on Linux? I'm trying to copy over a bunch of stuff from an old drive but I'm worried I won't be able to tell if it's complete or not before I pull it out and I don't really know how I would be able to tell besides manually checking every single file. I'm copying to and from an HDD connected with sata cables but I've had trouble with flashdrives before in this regard. Can I just unmount it in my file manager and be ok? It usually takes several minutes for flash drives to unmount if I copied over a lot of stuff but the HDD in this case unmounts instantly.
Replies: >>5057 >>5059 >>5060
sync command, point it at the drive's device in /dev/.
Replies: >>5060
Only ath9k has open source firmware, all newer needs blobs.
>How to make sure that my drive is done writing before I dismount it on Linux?
From my experience Linux under KDE alerts and prevents you from umounting a partition/device if any program aside from the file manager/terminal is accessing said partition/device, plus if you're just going to copy stuff shouldn't any utilities you'd be using for that have progress bars?
You could also look at the indicator LED on your computer.

>the HDD in this case unmounts instantly.
If it does that it's either dying or your SATA connector is dirty/cable is shit, check your SMART logs with smartctl in any case.
And stuff not working is just a symptom of nothing but your own technical incompetence.

>It usually takes several minutes for flash drives to unmount if I copied over a lot of stuff but the HDD in this case unmounts instantly.
That's because flash drives are much slower. Because of the physics of how they work you can't just turn 1's into 0's you need to reset the flash into a 3rd state before it can be changed again which takes time. And it can only be done in blocks so even if you only change 1 byte in a text file the drive needs to reset a whole block and copy data + your change to it.

In theory sync is what umount does behind the scenes anyway.
Replies: >>5061 >>5081
>your own technical incompetence
It was known that some models of ath devices have hardware problems that overheats and misbehaves. If that's what he is talking about.
Replies: >>5062
>i shall pose as a different user to rescue my ego from being wrong on an anymoous imageboard
What are you doing.
I've experienced Linux write to an unmounted flash drive for hours. I don't trust it.
Also, POSIX is deliberately subtly worded to allow such behavior. Writing files doesn't mean the files are written to the storage device, only that they appear so to any program in the system. Ideally, programs should call fsync() before closing FDs.
Replies: >>5082
>I've experienced Linux write to an unmounted flash drive for hours.
What does this mean? How do you know that is what happened?
I'm pretty sure I'm missing the codec to play mp4's, probably because I installed Windows N edition. I have no idea how because I installed MPC-BE and K-lite. Anyone know where I can get it?
I think it's the H.264 codec. I went to optional features in windows settings and there's nothing there that could do the trick.
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>z-tan is eating images again
When will it end?
Replies: >>5086
I'm pretty sure firefox is using ffmpeg or something and it doesn't give a flying fuck about installed directshow or vfw codecs. And mozilla doesn't exactly like proprietary codecs either.
Does it work if you download it and play it in a normal video player?
Replies: >>5089 >>5092
It didn't work when I used MPC but I actually just tried VLC for old time's sake and that works. But I still can't get mp4's to play in browser which is annoying. I also can't play those gay html5 video players that try to keep you from easily downloading the video but jewtube works just fine which I assumed was html5. Invidious instances don't work however. It's a different error than the ones they spit out all the time
Oh and yeah I'm using firefugs which you brought up. I guess I forgot to mention that since it was in the original draft of my post.
Replies: >>5090
Did you try disabling hardware acceleration?
Firefox' built-in ffmpeg library usually works fine for most mp4s, if it can't play simple h.264 it's usually the fault of a shitty HWdec/GPU driver.
Replies: >>5092
[Hide] (10.8KB, 528x427)
Solved it. I didn't look very hard apparently when I checked apps & features. I was looking at "installed features" instead of the circled area. Downloaded the media feature pack and everything is good now. In my defense I had a migraine basically blinding me at the time. Thanks for trying to help, anons >>5086 >>5090
Replies: >>5109
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Has anyone tried Wayland recently? (I know you still need Xwayland for 90% of your programs)
I know there is Sway which is a drop-in replacement of i3 and i3-gaps but I want a stacking WM. Is Hikari < https://hikari.acmelabs.space/ > actually usable or is it just snowflake crap? I'm more interested in labwc (Labwc is inspired by OpenBox) < https://github.com/labwc/labwc > and Enlightenment < https://www.enlightenment.org >? I also just found out that there is Wio < https://wio-project.org/ > but imho it's a meme like the original rio (from Plan9).
Also, is it just me, is the idea behind Alacritty < https://github.com/alacritty/alacritty > (a GPU accelerated terminal emulator) a pretty insane and niggerlicious one?
Replies: >>5106
The overhead of a GPU driver and communicating with the GPU is enough to run a terminal with. It makes 0 sense to have a GPU accelerated terminal.
Stick to xterm and st, they suck less.
Replies: >>5107
>suck less
http://st.suckless.org/ says
>Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here
>This is undoubtedly the most ugly program in the distribution. It was one of the first "serious" programs ported, and still has a lot of historical baggage. Ideally, there would be a general tty widget and then vt102 and tek4014 subwidgets so that they could be used in other programs. We are trying to clean things up as we go, but there is still a lot of work to do.
The rest sucks more, but xterm?
Replies: >>5108
Yes, xterm sucks, but it sucks less than say gnome-terminal or lxterm and so on.
[Hide] (577.1KB, 320x240, 00:14)
reminds me of something funny a while ago
>professor is trying to play a video in class
>it's encoded in HEVC
>trying to open it in the stock Wangblows movie player gives you a popup that tells you you need to pay for a software extension to play it back
>she doesn't understand computers and just says "oh well guess we can't play it"
>go up front and open it through VLC
>it just werks
Kikerosoft jewry will never cease to amaze me
I just found out that there is Luminance HDR: 
> https://github.com/LuminanceHDR/LuminanceHDR
> http://qtpfsgui.sourceforge.net/
>try opening text file into neovim through Thunar
>Failed to open file ".xinitrc"
>Unable to find terminal required for application
Let me guess: there's some xdg bullshit I forgot to set up, isn't there? TERM is set to rxvt-unicode-256color.
Replies: >>5116 >>5117
Okay, it seems thunar uses some xfce-specific thing called exo-open. Running exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator spits out the aforementioned error message, and the xfce documentation expects me to change it through installing a fucking xfce preferences application instead of some CLI tool or giving me a config file. Shit just werked on my previous machine, as far as I remember.
Replies: >>5117
Have you tried to set it up from Thunar like this: right click on a text file -> "open with" -> "open with other application" -> use custom command ->  urxvt -e sh -c 'nvim' 
Replies: >>5118 >>5126
wait, the real problem might be that you don't have ncurses (for termcap) or rxvt-unicode-terminfo installed.
Replies: >>5126
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Anyone have any good resources on learning how to code? I want to make some open source clones of existing games for linux so I can finally play good games without fucking around with wine and other software so that it just werks. I want to become john carmack tier able to pump out good games at a steady rate with reasonable quality, there are already FOSS versions of doom and quake but what other FPS could I make FOSS versions of? I have a few in mind but no idea on how to properly execute them.
Replies: >>5120 >>5121
>How to learn to program?
First, you need to pick a language. I recommend picking a high-level language (Ruby, Lua, etc. I recommend a language with an interactive REPL. You could perhaps even start with Golang?), get a good book (and perhaps a video series) and just start writing little programs. Start by copying each code example, once you get it working start modifying the examples. Do all exercises. If you want to program games, you need to know math (at least high school math/precalculus. There is a book called "Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell" by George F. Simmons. In addition to math, you need to know basic physics as well. The easiest way to make a game is to use Lua+Love2d (aka Löve) or Godot (harder than Löve). After those, the next easiest would be to use Unity. Also, when you have working (small) programs, use the /sdg/ thread. The reason why you want to learn a high-level language first, is that high-level languages are easier and you get immediate feedback and results.

If you have zero programming experience, you could also start with HTML+CSS: https://www.w3schools.com/html/ (W3Fools) and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn
W3Schools is only good for learning HTML+CSS, the rest of the tutorials are awful crap. You can host your site at NeoCities (https://neocities.org/) for free. But do not learn JavaScript or PHP as your first language. JabbaShit and PHP are inconsistent . You also need to get a good text editor, like NeoVim, GNU Emacs, or VSCodium (VScode is a botnet). The best way to make the choice is to try both of the editors and see which one you like better. Go trough the tutorial (C = ctrl, Meta (or M) = Alt, Super = windows key.):
< Gnu Emacs: Start emacs and type C-h t
< NeoVim: Start nvim and type :Tutor

I would also advice you to install GNU/Linux but you are probably using it already. But still If you want to brush up your GNU/Linux skills, read The Linux Command Line book: https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php  Also visit the distro thread >>530
I also recommend that you use some kind of version control software, like Git or Fossil:
Git (more popular): https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2 and https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials
Fossil: https://www.fossil-scm.org/home/doc/trunk/www/quickstart.wiki

I recommend you learn a high-level language first. I recommend Lua since you can embed Lua into your C/C program. If you want to program a game engine, the popular choice is C. However, be warned: C is really complex language. I recommend learning C before you learn C. Actually, you don't have to learn C++ because you can use whatever language you want. For learning C, K&R is a popular choice but the problem with K&R is that it just gives you the quick rundown of the C programming language and it skips some important stuff. For this reason, I recommend you read C Primer Plus, 6th edition by Prata instead. You can find some helpful resources at https://www.iso-9899.info/wiki/Main_Page 
For learning C get "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C", 2nd edition by Bjarne Stroustrup. (aka PPP2).  "C++ Primer", 5th Edition by Stanley B. Lippman; Josée Lajoie; Barbara E. Moo is also a good book.
If you want a book that teaches you how a computer works, read Programming from the Ground Up: https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/pgubook Finally, you need to learn data structures and algorithms. An Anon recommended Introduction to Algorithms (aka CLRS) and  MIT OpenCourseware videos on algorithms and data structures. Alternatively, you can read Skiena's The Algorithm Design Manual and the lectures : https://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~skiena/373/videos/
Replies: >>5122
I personally think the best way to learn programming is to fuck yourself repeatedly. Choose a language and try to make increasingly harder stuff with it, from a hello world to whatever autistic project you have. 
Also, unironically reap SICP on the side.
Replies: >>5124
>I recommend you learn a high-level language first. I recommend Lua since you can embed Lua into your C/C program. If you want to program a game engine, the popular choice is C. However, be warned: C is really complex language. I recommend learning C before you learn C.
I recommend you learn a high-level language first. I recommend Lua since you can embed Lua into your C/Cpp program. If you want to program a game engine, the popular choice is Cpp. However, be warned: Cpp is really complex language. I recommend learning C before you learn C Plus Plus.

>For learning C get "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C", 2nd edition by Bjarne Stroustrup. (aka PPP2).  "C++ Primer", 5th Edition by Stanley B. Lippman; Josée Lajoie; Barbara E. Moo is also a good book.

For learning Cpp get "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++", 2nd edition by Bjarne Stroustrup. (aka PPP2). 
"C++ Primer", 5th Edition by Stanley B. Lippman; Josée Lajoie; Barbara E. Moo is also a good book.
This. It took me a months to get this. I have been trying to start a big project right away, thinking I can just learn as I go. I couldn't get myself to work. Every time I write something, I have to drop that shit because it wasn't well thought out. I couldn't do it anymore and started with hello world tier tutorials and example. Try to change one thing and make it tick. Then move on one thing and another. Now I am slowing picking it up again.
Replies: >>5125
a few months*
Both are installed, and if I install xterm it's detected and used. Sure, I could go for >>5117 , but I'd like to get to the bottom of this.
[Hide] (108.1KB, 959x1280)
This might be overly autistic, but given a malicious ISP that wanted to fuck with you in specific, how would you be able to validate any information without physical access to the source? 
Even with hashes and using something like PGP and reversing the keys you would be reliant on that first information, and there would be no way to validate that.
Replies: >>5146 >>5148
Go and connect to some free wifi. Download some VPN software and use a provider that supports proper encryption. If you're really paranoid, repeat this for multiple wifi networks and compare the files/certs you get.
Replies: >>5147
It's more of an autistic hypothetical than paranoia. 
Like how would you work around it if you were somehow forced to use that network.
Replies: >>5149
Get the first information somewhere else. CD, usb drives, sd card, qr code, whatever. You have one key that you trust and you can build your web of trust. Better yet, get that information now because ISP starts targeting you.
Well, every currently known secure communication mechanism require some kind of shared secret beforehand, that needs to transmitted in a "secure channel". If you can only use one network and nothing else, you're pretty fucked from a theoretical standpoint. (But in this case, even if the ISP doesn't fuck with you, how do you prove that the other person is what he claims to be?)
just gonna ask this in advance but is there some kind of activator that tricks windows that there is a working PRO key and then it will start downloading all the premium features like RDP bitlocker and hyper-v
i wanna upgrade to windows pro without reinstalling my OS and i dont wanna support the company
after a bit of digging around i found slave77 lic switch but i dont want to infect my pc is there a clean alternative to this? can i do this with the activator on the 4cuck /fwt/ sticky?
i only have one shot at this if i mess up the activator my system will become unbootable and i dont wanna reinstall over again since i will not be able to keep the original OEM bloatware and drivers

also is there a full list of GPU-P capable intel graphics cards? i am going to build a mini homelab with intel iris XE integrated gpu next to my linux box since nvidiot cards are too expensive at the moment
Replies: >>5166 >>5167 >>5588
Can I have a quick rundown on ProtonMail? I have heard that it ((( glows ))) but I don't know the details. But surely ProtonMail is the least evil of mainstream email providers, right?
Replies: >>5160 >>5161
Probably outdated but the info is usually good.
Replies: >>5168
It's impossible to make mail not-evil.
Either don't use mail (unfortunately not necessarily an option due to lack of alternatives), or mitigate it with PGP.
nigger use KMSPico like the rest of the planet holy fuck. people like you should not be using computers if you're asking questions like this.
Replies: >>5168
>working PRO key
Why install Pro when you can install Enterprise?
>after a bit of digging around i found slave77 lic switch but i dont want to infect my pc is there a clean alternative to this? can i do this with the activator on the 4cuck /fwt/ sticky?
No idea, but I've always used KMS_VS_ALL from https://rentry.co/fwt without issues. It's open soros, so no need to fret about malware.
Replies: >>5168
HOME came preinstalled on this laptop and i already have my business 21h2 USB ready but i have no idea how to get the OEM bloat and useful software back when using the windows.old method and yes i already have backup
im not sure if the drivers had an installer since mine had very specific hardware features and want to keep using it
i could extract the files on the usmmt.ppkg just fine with 7zip but i have no idea how to apply OEM related registry tweaks and values which were originally there

mine is already activated by default with legitimate key all i needed to do was insert PRO key to trick it with fake upgrade then let the system updoot itself and put the original OEM key back where it belongs the features will remain unlocked as far as i can tell

isn't that the retarded schizo that kept on defending riseup and disroot even though those glow harder but good point nevertheless

>>5163 >>5164 >>5165 also thanks for not being too harsh on moderation i love this board
why was this blogpost deleted (nevermind he just moved it to proper thread oh well carry on)
Replies: >>5169
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and into the trash you go
want to lunch my one site on tor hows this ?


they allow for 3 years only its save or not ?
Any emacs pros here?
Enabling wcheck-mode in a fundamental buffer used to highlight texts between "s with font-lock-string-face with emacs 27.2. However after updating to emacs 28.1 it no longer does this. I haven't changed anything in my config (and if I launch emacs 27 it still works), and from a quick look wcheck doesn't even mention this as a feature, so I'm not even sure where should I look. (And wcheck was installed from elpa, so I'm using the same wcheck version in both 27 and 28, so it's not even a wcheck change). Any ideas?
Replies: >>5196 >>5197
not a pro. If wcheck wasn't changed, the change should be in emacs. wcheck says it highlights front-lock-string-faces. It is possible that emacs stopped setting quoted text as font-lock-string-face. Solution is something like this? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7155528/change-face-of-plain-text-between-double-quotation-marks-in-emacs
Replies: >>5212
also, make sure you put your customizations after (custom-set-variables ...) and (custom-set-faces ...) (the latter is more important)
I don't think emacs set font-lock-string-face before, because it didn't highlight the text until I enabled wcheck-mode in the old version.
But anyway, this is weird, maybe a bug in emacs?
If I run M-x font-lock-fontify-buffer, it ends up highlighting the strings, but according to the documentation it shouldn't do anything, since I have font-lock-mode enabled:
>Fontify the current buffer the way the function ‘font-lock-mode’ would.
But if I enter new text, it remains in the default face until I run font-lock-fontify-buffer again.
Unless I disable and enable font-lock-mode, because after it works. But if I simply disable and enable font-lock-mode without running font-lock-fontify-buffer before, it doesn't work either.
[Hide] (27.5KB, 362x479)
Not a question, just a rant.

>wanna learn C
>see K&R recommended everywhere
>written by the actual makers of the language and targets beginners so it must be good
>download it
>code typo right in the first chapter
>typos in both code and english sprinkled throughout the book
>not even fixed in the ebook version
>explanations written in the most technical way possible
>not a single analogy or real world example like other beginners' books
<so this feature does [short explanation] which is like that other feature in Fortran/Pascal except the difference is [long explanation of the other language's implementation]
<we use this standard function which does [something] but we're not gonna go over any details, just check the appendix!
<here's an implementation of a basic function from the standard libraries
<no of course it's not the real implementation, this is a "simplified" one with very obvious flaws that we're just gonna ignore
<now that you know how the function works, in this exercise (You) are gonna fix the flaws we said we'll ignore
<oh you fixed the flaws? good, the function is still shit though so delete it and use the standard implementation like everybody else
<what, you thought we were gonna let (You) write something actually useful?
<let's write a function to delete whitespace then add it right back!
<let's design a polish calculator and reimplement every standard math function!
<let's move all the logic outside the loop and write twice the code so it goes FAST!
<let's convert a very simple loop into a recursive function!
<tail end optimization? what's that?
<if we encounter an input error we'll simply return or abort!
<no don't use goto, we didn't put it in the language specification for (You) to use it anyway
<but we'll throw you a bone and write a pathetically trivial example of how to use it
<how to actually handle errors in a clean and reproducible manner? IDK lol
<time to learn bit manipulation... aaaaand done! :) now back to STRINGS
<now that we're more than halfway through the book, did you know that you don't have to write all your code in one file?
<yeah just write all declarations in one header and include it literally everywhere
<unless of course you're writing a big program for you which is not gonna happen in this book, just don't worry about it!
<here's how pointers work, now reimplement all the functions we've written in the first half of the book
<yes you're gonna discard these too, don't you know that the standard libraries exist and your implementations will always be naive and useless?

It's not all bad though, I've learned some useful ways to write syntax and a few nice algorithms, it's just that this book really isn't the end-all be-all that people make it out to be. I'm not done with the book yet so maybe I'll be back later with another greentext.
Replies: >>5239
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Why not just cash out themselves? I've seen someone selling a 1000 dollar plus account with an offer to GUIDE the buyer through accessing the money without triggering anything. But, if these are all scams, why would there be so many offers of these sorts? You'd think people would wise up to it. So what's the deal?
so... any GOOD books on C out there that (You) would recommend?
Replies: >>5240 >>5241
[Hide] (157.7KB, 1100x1565)
PDP-11 manual
Replies: >>5242
[Hide] (57.1KB, 600x612)
You should also tell whether you can actually program, and whether you know C but want a book on a specific topic. But here are some books:
> K&R 
But it is outdated, and, FYI, it's written for people can already program. By "outdated" I mean it doesn't cover (important) C99 or any later revisions. K&R doesn't even mention that some standard library functions are not safe. (use strncpy or strlcpy instead of strcpy. Also, you need to always check whatever a function returns, because (for example) a malloc or a fork can fail).

>C Primer Plus by Prata
It's up-to-date but the writing style can be a bit verbose...

>C Programming: A Modern Approach
Really good book. Read this after K&R or C Primer Plus.

>Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
This book is a good book, too. It teaches you the basics of various things, including sockets and cryptography.

>Beej's Guide to Network Programming

For reference: APUE (it's about POSIX programming) and TCP/IP illustrated volume 1.
Also, Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS)

All C/C++ programmers should also read the following articles:
>https://insecure.org/stf/smashstack.html (Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit)
>https://blog.llvm.org/2011/05/what-every-c-programmer-should-know.html (What Every C Programmer Should Know About Undefined Behavior)
>https://www.akkadia.org/drepper/cpumemory.pdf (What every programmer should know about memory)

For more reading recommendations, visit https://www.iso-9899.info/wiki/Books
Replies: >>5244 >>5245
I want to fuck satania
>use strncpy
Don't use strncpy, it's as unsecure as strcpy if you're not careful. If you don't have strlcpy, either write your own, use snprintf, or make sure you do proper bounds checking before calling strcpy.
Replies: >>5247
>you need to always check whatever a function returns, because a malloc can fail
What is "the" popper way to do error handling? Wrapping everything in if blocks is insane. I found several common ways, but don't know which is the best.
>fail-fast if clauses
Bad because of multiple exit path and missing clean up
>goto error
I found this in kernel sources, don't know if this is a good idea. But this makes the function big and hard to read.
What is your way of doing this?
Replies: >>5246 >>5247
>But this makes the function big and hard to read.
What? This is what makes it smaller, that you don't have to copy the clean-up logic at every exit point.
There's also the brutal call abort()/exit() if something unexpected fails. Used by e.g. glib when malloc fails, so calling g_malloc will guarantee to return a valid pointer, or kill your program if it can't. Depending on your use case it might or might not be ok.
But that's about what you can get in C, you'd need for example C++ and its destructors to hide this boilerplate from your code.
Replies: >>5248
This is good advice. Some people have a misconception that they just need to replace strcpy with strncpy and they are done.

The post was triggering a word filter for whatever reason.
Replies: >>5248
>>5247 (test copy pasting)
>triggering a word filter
You should always remember to do something like this:
possible language: c++, relevance: 28
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define LEN 8

main(void) {
  int* ptr = (int*) calloc(LEN, sizeof(int));
  if(ptr) {
  } else {
    fprintf(stderr, "malloc failed. aborting..." );
  for(unsigned int i = 0; i <= LEN; i++) {
    printf("index: %d is %d\n", i , ptr[i]);

  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

>What is "the" popper way to do error handling? 
I'm not honestly sure. Either abort() as >>5246 said, or try to malloc first a small amount of memory and remalloc more once you are running out of space.

goto statements, in general, should be used to jump only a short distance, like this:https://www.iso-9899.info/wiki/Goto
Or: https://wiki.sei.cmu.edu/confluence/display/c/MEM12-C.+Consider+using+a+goto+chain+when+leaving+a+function+on+error+when+using+and+releasing+resources
You should also read the classic article by Dijkstra: http://www.u.arizona.edu/~rubinson/copyright_violations/Go_To_Considered_Harmful.html
Replies: >>5249 >>5254
>try to malloc first a small amount of memory and remalloc more once you are running out of space
Unless you're trying to write a resizable array implementation (aka std::vector in c++), I'm not sure what are you trying to accomplish.
Also, handling failed malloc is a bit icky, because there are OSes like Linux which does memory overcommit which means even if malloc returns successfully, it doesn't mean that there's actual memory available for you. (This is somewhat required if you want fork to work with processes that use a lot of memory).
God that's some truly horrible C++nigger C. You passed an unsigned int to a signed int printf conversion specifier and you have a buffer overread because your loop says "i <= LEN" and not "i < LEN". 

Then there's the bad C style that doesn't have any bug here but creates brittle code that's going to be a big source of breakage in the future. The unneeded C-style cast in calloc()'s return value hides compiler warnings. 
size_t is the type for measuring objects because it's the type that's large enough to hold the size of the biggest object possible, int will wrap around if the object behind *ptr grows too large. The original TrackMania stores the size of VRAM inside an int, I couldn't play that on my GTX 780 (3072MiB VRAM) because it thinks the card has -1GiB of memory and refuses to run.

Here's a more C-like C:
language: c
    int *ptr;
    size_t ptrlen;
    size_t i;
    ptrlen = 8;
    if ((ptr = calloc(ptrlen, sizeof(*ptr))) == NULL)
        err(1, "calloc");
    for (i = 0; i < ptrlen; i++)
        printf("index %zu is %d\n", i, ptr[i]);

>err() is nonstandard
Don't care, use a compatibility library if the program is ever ported to a platform that doesn't have it.
>why exit instead of returning?
You can call main() in C. That would be a pretty stupid thing to do but I like when the program's semantics are strict, so there's no return.
>write C89 for portability
I'd rather leave 1989 safe and sound back in 1989. If the program is ever ported to a C89-only compiler (it won't be), then a compat library with a printf that accepts a size_t is the way to go.
Replies: >>5257
If you don't care about c89, then why do you put all variable declarations at the beginning of the function?
Replies: >>5258
It makes it easy to look up all the local variables used by the function and remember their types and names. Their declarations are also deliberately placed in the order of use.
[Hide] (40.2KB, 251x176)
looking for some basic in procedurally animating a walk or run using whatever rig
Replies: >>5263
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
I want to create an ethernet bridge OpenVPN serb for playing Mario Kart Double Dash with other anons but I'm too retarded to figure it out myself, please bully.
Is there no way to trick CY+7 OpenVPN into running a server with client-to-client enabled but without any encryption and its accompanying certificate autism?
Replies: >>5263
Not this nigger again.
OpenVPN takes some configuration to do that and I am not sure if you can do it without certs. Zerotier is better for your use case.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2400x3420)
What are some good resources (besides pic related) for video compression?
Replies: >>5300 >>5302
Replies: >>5301 >>5302
The ffmpeg wiki is mostly just an infodump of everything you can do and how to do it. It doesn't go in depth into the pros and cons of certain options and doesn't give you any special tips besides using 2-pass.
Replies: >>5302
how do you hide empty CDROMS on windows? i have some rarely used virtual drives installed it does bother me slightly on the file explorer and the drive letter is always occupied (on virtual disks i can just unmount and it disappears on explorer easily)

>>5299 >>5300 >>5301
go to the ffmpeg thread my comment got moved there >>128 also i might actually need this since im trying to make some webms 4chan 4MB compatible (fuck moot btw)
Replies: >>5303
Use a search engine, the first fucking result of "hide empty CDROMS on windows".
Replies: >>5306
>>5303 (i can technically remove it easily by disabling the winarchiver virtual drive but connecting and disconnecting over again might cause the win7 kernel to shit itself)
this is what i actually searched first but the hide empty drives checkbox did not work gonna try the registry tweak later (for vbox i manage to solve it easily by removing the virtual cdrom)

on-topic question related to networking (this definitely sounds silly but im just asking this in advance when i get a light notebook/ rooted tablet for travelling)
can you encrypt the network with your own key on openvpn and then send it to a public vpn server then the home server decrypts the connection before sending it to the internet within my bare home IP address
bottom line basically i wanna double tunnel my connection and send it back home since nord is pozzed and make it appear is if my long distance device was just locally connected to wifi/lan so i could easily access my pc and send the wake on lan packets (my x88 box might get repurposed just for this since its always on and autoboots whenever i plug the 5v charger)

on the home server can you have 2 openvpn instances running simultaneously? i wanna try out nordvpn and expressvpn for a month even though they are backdoored (a high speed networking bridge is all that really matters to me and the host will use bare IP without VPN)
so basically i want to use nordvpn on the one VM group and expressvpn on the other VM group both VPNs must run in the host and cannot be disabled or configured by the guest in any way. do i need a router VM or can i just do this all on my host?

second question but is there a way to get my celeron craptop server to boot from SDcard (the card is not detected in BIOS but linux detects is just fine as a mmcblk device indicating that the BIOS driver is gone or the device is ignored on bootup)
looking at the PCB there is a unoccupied EMMC slot indicating that card support is there but somehow turned off the bios there is also a tiny sata port header (can confirm using lspci) with missing socket there is also a type-c plug which is missing next to the micro hdmi
bottom line is there some kind of EFI bootloader app that i can run on the flash drive then boot it into the SDcard then unplug the usb afterwards (similar to uefi-ntfs)
the usb is bulky and i need that spare drive back and when i plug other things into the spare usb hub port the whole thing malfunctions and crashes so i just wanna run the OS from the card since ubuntu is very light and i still get 6gb of free space after install
>just use a card reader
while it works fine the point is i need to free up one of the USB ports so it will no longer depend on the hub and use the built in reader which is based off realtek (there is also a intel SDhost reader there after checking lspci)
>inb4 google it
same old generic partition manager scams also it says that this is dependent on the bios meaning not all devices are supported (strangely mine can boot on uefi usbs without the fat32 partition but the lenovo cant detect ntfs bootloaders in the bios)

last question but can the m.2 sata port be used for eGPU pci risers? does it use the same PCI standard? or do i need strictly NVME port on the device (there was a guy who tried booting the steam deck on external gpu by using the ssd port)
sorry for long wall of text i have trouble formatting properly
>>2 (OP) 
Anyone made a hydrus downloader for sleepychan yet? Simple generic downloader works but doesn't watch threads. I need to scrape!!!!
Replies: >>5311
Couldn't you just get a generic imageboard dowloader and modify the links?
I'm pretty sure there's already a 4chan downloader, and the way it works shouldn't be that different.
Replies: >>5313
actually though i use downthemall but first i configure the download path based on the URL to prevent duplicate files

also any good BIOS modding resources? i dunno where to get started gonna order my extractor clip on shopee when i figure this out
is there a way to run the qubes-HCL report tool without installing the OS i dont have a spare SSD/USB for this (maybe i can just extract the linux executable from the ISO)
Why is the text message for google verification codes inconsistent? 
This is for a business account
Sometimes the message says 
>Your google verification code is
and other times it says
>your OTP is
Replies: >>5315
Google doesn't roll out updates everywhere at the same time so you sometimes get different servers.
Are there any windows programs that can losslessly decode webp animations? 
ffmpeg only supports static webp images. It has been that way for 7 god damn years and the feature was only classified as important two weeks ago.
Replies: >>5344 >>5346
>>5343 meant for >>5342
Replies: >>5346
Replies: >>5346 >>5378
gif is only lossless when the source is a gif. apng could be an alternative but it doesn't seem to work with that library. 
I meant for reencoding purposes. Pretty much any media program worth a shit can play webp animations.
Replies: >>5347
You can extract every single frame and convert to something else with ffmpeg.
If you don't mind using the command line there's ImageMagick but it only deals with images, so you'll need Ffmpeg alongside it...
1. Convert an animated webp into multiple png frames:
convert -coalesce INPUT.webp OUTPUT%05d.png
2. Combine all png frames into a video (assuming rgb video which is lossless but huge):
ffmpeg -r FPS -start_number 0 -i OUTPUT%05d.png -r FPS -c:v libx264rgb -crf 0 OUTPUT.mp4

If you want to know the FPS of the original webp, run:
identify -verbose INPUT.webp
and look for the word Delay which will be in the format NxM, to get the FPS calculate M/N (M divided by N). Hope this helps.
[Hide] (216.4KB, 1920x1080, 00:06)
>>4860 >>4861 thanks for the hint i figured it out myself afterwards (managed to install ddrescue on my ubuntu test VM they even have graph viewer which is nice will do this to celeron pc later)
will i risk corrupting the data stream if i use crappy but fully functional USB HUB? what if accidentally nudge the port a bit any CRC correction or other safety measures?
are power delivery issues a problem? since generic phone charger does not work with the hub (the celeron only has 1 usb3.0 and one usb2.0 and the charger is 12V 2A and it stayed strong for 20 days uptime just testing it)
should i do this on my legion instead since mine has 4 full usb3.0 ports and the charger is rather strong (on liveCD since it should work just fine unless there is a bug in the ubuntu settings like sleep/wake which they havent fixed in 21.04)

hmm maybe i could use dynamic VMDK/VDI disk instead of formatting the device? this way i dont need to make sparse file instead the disk slowly expands (will i end up corrupting the virtual drive if i use this method)
relevant links [https://brashear.me/blog/2017/11/14/how-to-create-a-compressed-ddrescue-image/] [https://radagast.ca/linux/ddrescue-over-network.html]
>you cant compress raw shit
should i replace my empty ext4 partition with BTRFS instead? i heard its really stable as long as you don't do RAID setups the sparse fie ruins it maybe i should just use the built in zstd compression instead of using losetup just for safety reasons (ill just zip them afterwards when transferring to new disk)

>>5345 i prefer VLC (why do anons use this player instead?)
>>5342 my browser seems to play webp gifs just fine (kinda wish old IE supported webm) (not sure if the webp codec for windows photo viewer would work on IE as well)

alright /g/ im think im going nuts i have a strong urge to disassemble my device and replace the micron 512gb nvme with a cheap m.2 128gb sata SSD (from the repair store)
should i do it? its getting a bit full (the original drive is healthy but i wanna experiment with linux using a budget disk since USB is unreliable even if i dont nudge the drive)
i dont have time to backup my files so ill just use a new drive and i just keep delaying it with my adhd (this also disables self healing bios which may be needed for custom mod)
if nothing else works i will go back to windows by reinserting the drive in the second slot and dual booting it (should i give up on vfio altogether? i feel hopeless since my bios is a bit bugged but perfectly stable)
perhaps i can use this SSD for experimenting with other OS and see which one has better vGPU support (like windows 11 for GPU-P if vgpu unlock fails spectacularly on ubuntu)

i just want try jewbuntu for a short time since the liveCD isn't enough and i may need a persistent installation (is it a good idea /g/ i want an honest opinion? since you seem to be experts at cli programs)
i wanna keep the capacity small so i dont end up doing jack shit even if i did i could easily ddrescue/clonezilla the SSD and start over from scratch and preserve 4tb HDD space
should i disable dGPU in the bios (if the option is there) for successful splitting? and then send the command to re enable it when the hypervisor is ready
is the SR-IOV option required for vGPU? its not in my bios settings even though mine is unlocked (and a bit buggy) i double checked it
is there a developer manual/documentation for the AMD bios firmware? there are lots of unknown settings there and googling does not yield useful results
did some searching it looks like you can see if a device supports SR-IOV by checking [capabilities] using lspci and adding -vvvvv parameter (not sure if this is accurate or reliable)

just gonna leave some links here thanks Craft Computing and DualCoder (oh btw fuck SomeOrdinaryWokeHypocrite and his furfag fanbase he even supports jabs and he copy pastes most of his code on reddit)
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pzrWJ9h-zANCtyqRgS7Vzla0Y8Ea2-5z2HEi4X75d2Q/edit (TLDR and step by step troubleshooting guide incase someone needs it)
https://github.com/mbilker/vgpu_unlock-rs (i believe the rust version contains more features than the standard vgpu_unlock)
https://github.com/VGPU-Community-Drivers/Merged-Rust-Drivers/ (if my next laptop has no iGPU or i accidentally bought the non-APU ryzen this might come handy)
https://github.com/DualCoder/vgpu_unlock/issues/84 (this is where i started some say that laptops work while other say its unsupported) (but one thing for sure is that traditional pci passthrough is boring and a bit insecure)
after doing a bit of digging it MIGHT? be possible to do this on mobile gpu platform (someone forked the repo consider taking a look this might be important) (any had luck with this script before?)
https://gitee.com/deskpool/vgpu_unlock-rs (not sure if this is the same guy but ill try comparing the files to see what changed)
https://github.com/rupansh/vgpu_unlock_5.12 (seems like a proxmox oriented fork since kernels above 5.10 are unstable and require additional patch)
gonna pirate all of these afterwards if i manage to finish the passthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ4ffJHzEXU (also logitech supports lgbt BOYCOTTED i will buy chink a4tech from now on since its cheaper)
Replies: >>5380 >>5387
[Hide] (347.7KB, 830x1049)
>should i replace my empty ext4 partition with BTRFS instead?
Yes. BTRFS is a better fs than Ext4 in almost every way, so go ahead. Don't forget to set your fstab entries from realtime to noatime once you install your distro on it.
>(why do anons use this player instead?)
Because it has:
>Scripting capabilities
>Vulkan based video output
>Embeddable into other programs
>Profiles that let you swap configurations depending on your needs
It's literally nearly perfect.
Replies: >>5382 >>5600
>It's literally nearly perfect.
They did nothing, but remove features, break things, and randomly rename command line parameters without reason just to break old scripts in the last few years though.
Replies: >>5384
That has never affected me. It just works for my use cases.
Replies: >>5385
>it works for me so it must be perfect for everyone
Replies: >>5386
>so it must be perfect for everyone
When did I said that?
>should i replace my empty ext4 partition with BTRFS instead? 
If you don't have a reason to switch, then no. BTRFS used to have some stability issues some years ago, but I don't know how stable it is today.
Replies: >>5600
How come there isn't a single lossy video coded that can properly handle static images.
Replies: >>5413 >>5467
What do you mean by handling static images? vp9 and h.265 both save space when it is dealing with still images.
Replies: >>5415
They still frequently update the image even with minimum framerate and the like. 
vp9 is particularly bad because of how webms work, with mp4 codecs being slightly better but still having considerable overhead.
Replies: >>5416
webp perhaps? It is designed for still image and possibly animations.
Replies: >>5417
Does webp support audio?
Replies: >>5418
webp + audio in mkv
Replies: >>5429
>webp + audio in mkv
I don't think that's gonna work, I tried this:
ffmpeg -i *.webp -i *.mp3 -c copy out.mkv
but got errors.
Replies: >>5432
I am retarded. webp is not supported in mkv, I thought everything can be put inside. You can try av1 and see how much it compresses.
Replies: >>5433
If you have an hour to spare for every minute or so of video then sure go ahead
Replies: >>5439
It's a still image, should take much less time to do.
The question is backwards. How come there aren't any imageboard engines besides jschan that can properly process music files with artwork attached to them? Making webms out of static pictures was always a hack workaround for retarded website coding.
Replies: >>5471
Linuxfag here, I have two 1920x1200 monitors. Wanted to play some old vidya in wine, but fullscreen in unusably buggy, but found some xrandr command to upscale the whole monitor nicely:
xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --scale 0.5x0.5 --filter nearest
Except in this case the right monitor stays at +1920+0, and I have a large invisible space between the two monitors. --right-of doesn't work either, I think it just ignores the scale, but xrandr --output DVI-D-1 --pos 960x0 fixes the problem, except that now I can't move my mouse from the right monitor to the left on the lower half of the screen (I guess because there's nothing there, but it's pretty annoying). Interestingly with --pos 961x0, I can move my mouse to the left, it's just I'll have an another invisible area.
The ideal setup would be to just snap the mouse to the bounds of the left monitor when I want to mouse to the left instead of just blocking the movement. Is it possible somehow?
(The actual ideal solution would be to just upscale the game window and nothing else, but that looks impossible. I mean someone found a way using xvnc and a vnc viewer that supports scaling, but I'm sure that would kill graphics performance...)
Replies: >>5473
[Hide] (5.4MB, 400x400, 05:48)
Jschan already supports music with artwork, but not on all IBs. For example it works here but not on anon cafe.
Replies: >>5474
Replies: >>5474
Anoncafe doesn't use jschan...
Isn't that for fullscreen only? And as far as I know, it's only supported by proton, not vanilla wine.
Replies: >>5475
Tried this https://github.com/Plagman/gamescope?
Fixing the xrandr problem would be tedious.
Replies: >>5476
Doesn't work on nvidia (especially not on the legacy drivers, that are not going to receive updates, even if nvidia fixes their shit)
Replies: >>5477 >>5481
They're "working on it"™
Replies: >>5478
Yes, but they need support from the nvidia driver, and I doubt they'll care about adding it to legacy drivers (I have a GT640, which is like a 10 years old card at this point. I should really get a new card, but fuck the GPU prices...)
Replies: >>5479
>Yes, but they need support from the nvidia driver
They're getting it. If you'd open the link you would've known.
Replies: >>5480
It doesn't mention 470 drivers will get it. Also,
unless they regard it as a critical bug (which I doubt), there won't be anything.
>having nvidiot gpu
That aside, fixing xrandr is the only option for now. Paste output of xrandr --verbose after you enable integer scaling.
Replies: >>5482
That's a lot of text, and I'm not sure how it's gonna help, but here it is:
possible language: python, relevance: 8
Screen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 2881 x 1200, maximum 16384 x 16384
VGA-0 disconnected primary (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
        Identifier: 0x27c
        Timestamp:  107513194
        Subpixel:   unknown
        CRTCs:      0 1 2 3
        Transform:  1.000000 0.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 1.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
        CTM: 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
                0 1
        CscMatrix: 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0
        BorderDimensions: 4
                supported: 4
        Border: 0 0 0 0
                range: (0, 65535)
        SignalFormat: VGA
                supported: VGA
        ConnectorType: VGA
        ConnectorNumber: 3
        _ConnectorLocation: 3
        non-desktop: 0
                supported: 0, 1
DVI-D-0 connected 960x600+0+0 (0x27e) normal (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 518mm x 324mm
        Identifier: 0x27d
        Timestamp:  107513194
        Subpixel:   unknown
        Gamma:      1.0:1.0:1.0
        Brightness: 1.0
        CRTC:       0
        CRTCs:      0 1 2 3
        Transform:  0.500000 0.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 0.500000 0.000000
                    0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
                   filter: nearest
        CTM: 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
                0 1
        CscMatrix: 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0
        BorderDimensions: 4
                supported: 4
        Border: 0 0 0 0
                range: (0, 65535)
        SignalFormat: TMDS
                supported: TMDS
        ConnectorType: DVI-D
        ConnectorNumber: 0
        _ConnectorLocation: 0
        non-desktop: 0
                supported: 0, 1
  1920x1200 (0x27e) 154.000MHz +HSync -VSync *current +preferred
        h: width  1920 start 1968 end 2000 total 2080 skew    0 clock  74.04KHz
        v: height 1200 start 1203 end 1209 total 1235           clock  59.95Hz
  1920x1080 (0x27f) 148.500MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1920 start 2008 end 2052 total 2200 skew    0 clock  67.50KHz
        v: height 1080 start 1084 end 1089 total 1125           clock  60.00Hz
  1680x1050 (0x280) 146.250MHz -HSync +VSync
        h: width  1680 start 1784 end 1960 total 2240 skew    0 clock  65.29KHz
        v: height 1050 start 1053 end 1059 total 1089           clock  59.95Hz
  1600x1200 (0x281) 162.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1600 start 1664 end 1856 total 2160 skew    0 clock  75.00KHz
        v: height 1200 start 1201 end 1204 total 1250           clock  60.00Hz
  1440x900 (0x282) 106.500MHz -HSync +VSync
        h: width  1440 start 1520 end 1672 total 1904 skew    0 clock  55.93KHz
        v: height  900 start  903 end  909 total  934           clock  59.89Hz
  1280x1024 (0x283) 108.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1280 start 1328 end 1440 total 1688 skew    0 clock  63.98KHz
        v: height 1024 start 1025 end 1028 total 1066           clock  60.02Hz
  1280x960 (0x284) 108.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1280 start 1376 end 1488 total 1800 skew    0 clock  60.00KHz
        v: height  960 start  961 end  964 total 1000           clock  60.00Hz
  1024x768 (0x285) 65.000MHz -HSync -VSync
        h: width  1024 start 1048 end 1184 total 1344 skew    0 clock  48.36KHz
        v: height  768 start  771 end  777 total  806           clock  60.00Hz
  800x600 (0x286) 40.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width   800 start  840 end  968 total 1056 skew    0 clock  37.88KHz
        v: height  600 start  601 end  605 total  628           clock  60.32Hz
  800x600 (0x287) 36.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width   800 start  824 end  896 total 1024 skew    0 clock  35.16KHz
        v: height  600 start  601 end  603 total  625           clock  56.25Hz
  640x480 (0x288) 25.175MHz -HSync -VSync
        h: width   640 start  656 end  752 total  800 skew    0 clock  31.47KHz
        v: height  480 start  490 end  492 total  525           clock  59.94Hz
HDMI-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
        Identifier: 0x289
        Timestamp:  107513194
        Subpixel:   unknown
        CRTCs:      0 1 2 3
        Transform:  1.000000 0.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 1.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
        CTM: 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
                0 1
        CscMatrix: 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0
        BorderDimensions: 4
                supported: 4
        Border: 0 0 0 0
                range: (0, 65535)
        SignalFormat: TMDS
                supported: TMDS
        ConnectorType: HDMI
        ConnectorNumber: 2
        _ConnectorLocation: 2
        non-desktop: 0
                supported: 0, 1
DVI-D-1 connected 1920x1200+961+0 (0x27e) normal (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 518mm x 324mm
        Identifier: 0x28a
        Timestamp:  107513194
        Subpixel:   unknown
        Gamma:      1.0:1.0:1.0
        Brightness: 1.0
        CRTC:       1
        CRTCs:      0 1 2 3
        Transform:  1.000000 0.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 1.000000 0.000000
                    0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
        CTM: 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
                0 1
        CscMatrix: 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0 0 0 0 65536 0
        BorderDimensions: 4
                supported: 4
        Border: 0 0 0 0
                range: (0, 65535)
        SignalFormat: TMDS
                supported: TMDS
        ConnectorType: DVI-D
        ConnectorNumber: 1
        _ConnectorLocation: 1
        non-desktop: 0
                supported: 0, 1
  1920x1200 (0x27e) 154.000MHz +HSync -VSync *current +preferred
        h: width  1920 start 1968 end 2000 total 2080 skew    0 clock  74.04KHz
        v: height 1200 start 1203 end 1209 total 1235           clock  59.95Hz
  1920x1080 (0x27f) 148.500MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1920 start 2008 end 2052 total 2200 skew    0 clock  67.50KHz
        v: height 1080 start 1084 end 1089 total 1125           clock  60.00Hz
  1680x1050 (0x280) 146.250MHz -HSync +VSync
        h: width  1680 start 1784 end 1960 total 2240 skew    0 clock  65.29KHz
        v: height 1050 start 1053 end 1059 total 1089           clock  59.95Hz
  1600x1200 (0x281) 162.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1600 start 1664 end 1856 total 2160 skew    0 clock  75.00KHz
        v: height 1200 start 1201 end 1204 total 1250           clock  60.00Hz
  1440x900 (0x282) 106.500MHz -HSync +VSync
        h: width  1440 start 1520 end 1672 total 1904 skew    0 clock  55.93KHz
        v: height  900 start  903 end  909 total  934           clock  59.89Hz
  1280x1024 (0x283) 108.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1280 start 1328 end 1440 total 1688 skew    0 clock  63.98KHz
        v: height 1024 start 1025 end 1028 total 1066           clock  60.02Hz
  1280x960 (0x284) 108.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width  1280 start 1376 end 1488 total 1800 skew    0 clock  60.00KHz
        v: height  960 start  961 end  964 total 1000           clock  60.00Hz
  1024x768 (0x285) 65.000MHz -HSync -VSync
        h: width  1024 start 1048 end 1184 total 1344 skew    0 clock  48.36KHz
        v: height  768 start  771 end  777 total  806           clock  60.00Hz
  800x600 (0x286) 40.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width   800 start  840 end  968 total 1056 skew    0 clock  37.88KHz
        v: height  600 start  601 end  605 total  628           clock  60.32Hz
  800x600 (0x287) 36.000MHz +HSync +VSync
        h: width   800 start  824 end  896 total 1024 skew    0 clock  35.16KHz
        v: height  600 start  601 end  603 total  625           clock  56.25Hz
  640x480 (0x288) 25.175MHz -HSync -VSync
        h: width   640 start  656 end  752 total  800 skew    0 clock  31.47KHz
        v: height  480 start  490 end  492 total  525           clock  59.94Hz
Replies: >>5483
I haven't been able to get it to work, but try panning one of the other screen. This may allow mouse movement to the other screen without invisible space.
Replies: >>5484
Uh, I tried it in the past, and I think it's even more annoying than my current setup.
Also, in the meantime I tried xpra because I already use it for remote desktop and it supports scaling, but unfortunately it adds so much lag even on localhost that it's unusable for anything except maybe board/turn based games where reaction time never matters.
Replies: >>5486
I meant the panning trick where the panning size is the scaled screen. Since panning allows mouse wrap, a no-op panning should do the trick without visual difference. But I could get it to work.
Replies: >>5487
Okay, I got tired of nothing working correctly, and hacked around the Xephyr source, until I had something that somewhat works. Expects your host X to have 32bpp graphics and glamor doesn't work, and inside you only have llvmpipe and no real opengl, but for the 2d game I'm trying to run it looks enough. Change the SCALE in hostx.h if you want a non 2x scale. And fuck X developers for being lazy bitch asses.
Is it possible to use JDownloader2 without X and without needing a gay myjdownloader account?
Replies: >>5497
I don't know but you could try to use aria2c+yt-dlp+gallery-dl+gdown+megatools.
Replies: >>5498
I wish people would use that and not random obscure shit that throws recaptcha at you and throttles downloads to 100 KiB/s without paying
Replies: >>5499 >>5501
Mega throttles as well and cuts off your download the moment you hit their limit. MegaBasterd gets around it only if you have a VPN and by automating the process somewhat. MediaFire has been my goto "slap it up there for now" fileshare and I have never had an issue with it. They even gave me 50GB of free storage just because I had an account before they did their big pricing changeover.
Replies: >>5500 >>5502
megatools over tor
I'd much rather some shitty site that throttles my connection but actually lets me download it over mega. They just come up with bullshit to try and make you pay all the time. Their latest top jew scam even broke jdownloader for large files.
But at least you can circumvent said limit by changing the IP, and at least you can download with normal speeds until it. Even though, yeah, they can pull some jew tactics with huge files.
this might sound silly but what is the fastest VPN out there? i dont care if its glowniggered or datamining like nordvpn speed and latency is all that really matters for me
i will encrypt the network on my rooted phone myself before sending it to the target server i need the VPN as a bridge when i travel and there are lots of new ISPs and eccentric router configurations on the hotel network sometimes i might use 4g too
bottom line i need a reliable internet pathway and a vpn that supports lots of obscure and thirdworld countries all data is sent back to the home network as if my device were connected locally
gonna use it to autobackup /trv/ photos and control my workstation VM from there which one do you recommend? any cheap options or do i need to use expensive solutions? is wireguard better than traditional openvpn?
Replies: >>5505
Replies: >>5535
[Hide] (8.7KB, 1024x768)
[Hide] (241.6KB, 1024x768)
thanks gonna check that out

what would be the best ideal program to edit/design/program .efi/bootmgr files (second pic unrelated) (i wont use a hex editor i have no idea how assembly works)
the newest version of sergei strelec has a fully functional bootloader however the fancy boot screen colors are gone how can i put this feature back without causing errors? it looks really nice (swapping the files for the old loader works fine but they changed lots of stuff under the hood and i want minimal bugs)
also how do you modify .wims and still make it fully bootable? i wanna fix and translate the russian version since they added a bit of extra stuff in there (RIP the site is down for a week can anyone QRD 2022 killed another victim)
[Hide] (349.1KB, 505x799)
Redpill me on SSDs. Are they worth it, or are they just a cringe and gay Reddit meme? What if I use them only for the OS so that it would be MUH FAST, and store most of my files on HDDs?
These days, I'd say unless you have a lot of data, just get an SSD, since they're not that expensive and much faster compared to HDDs (even if you only have SATA and not M.2). If you're worried about losing your data, make backups. If you have a lot of data, get an SSD for the OS and the things you access often, and use HDD for data where speed doesn't matter but use a lot of space (torrent folder, backups, your anime collection, etc).
Yes. SSD is the single most cost efficient upgrade any computer with hdd can get. They are more expensive, have less storage space and shorter life. But even the cheapest ssd from a known brand is a lot faster then a hdd for running programs and the os.
They are busy putting ssds in shit laptops with pentium cpus and they still managed to run botnet 11, pricing over 200.
>Are they worth it, 
If you want to save money when building a PC, you should use a HDD and buy (or reuse) a cheaper keyboard. Honestly, I would get more RAM or save some money by using HDDs only.

>What if I use them only for the OS so that it would be MUH FAST, and store most of my files on HDDs?
If you get a SSD, then you should do that. Honestly, I would just buy 1-2 HDDs. a SSD will improve load/save times.
Way faster but less durable and more expensive. 
Get one for your OS and vidya with large loading times. Just keep the files that are rewritten often (like saves) in a HDD just in case.
SSDs are a stopgap measure against bad software.
A HDD can read at 200MiB/s. There's no excuse for your entire OS and all the programs in it not being loaded into RAM in a second. The only reason it happens is bad software.
The real fix is to boycott bad software. Soon, a 3GiB/s SSD won't be fast enough either because the issue wasn't fixed at the source.
Replies: >>5559
The issue is not throughput but seek/response time. You are right about bad software, but unless you can fit all software into your ram, seek time is currently the biggest bottleneck for responsiveness.
looking for conflicting packages...
:: your-freedom and torbrowser-launcher are in conflict. Remove torbrowser-launcher? [y/N] y
Oh great! What does this suppose to mean? it's in the community repo. Why isn't it safe from infringing freedom.
I bought an SSD, moved my root partition there and updating 500 packages now only takes 3 minutes as opposed to 40 so I'd say they're worth it.
My HDD is also way faster now that the seeker doesn't have to zigzag between root and home anymore.
[Hide] (432.9KB, 973x539)
I have been interested in technology my whole life and went to college for a B.S. in Information Systems. During my first summer break I worked for what you would call a MSP and learned more there than I really did for the rest of my college years. When the scamdemic hit and we got kicked off campus I switched to hybrid/online classes and worked with the MSP full-time. Last year I got a new job as essentially a grunt tech guy for an enterprise network that pays much better compared to my last job and simultaneously learning within the first few weeks that my previous MSP was a complete idiot and I have no idea how he’s still in business. I graduated last week, but I am feeling conflicted with what I really want to do with my life.
Basically, I want to be gamedev but I still want to learn more about InfoSys, however I am not sure that I can do both at once. I have been learning Godot and GDScript as well as Linux sysadmin, Docker, Postgres, etc.. My job has potential for advancement, but it's a 99.9% Microsoft system that is hybrid on-site/Azure and to tell the truth I really couldn't care less about M$ and their systems. I want to learn more about Linux but this job does not have a place for a Linux guy. Additionally, the position I am in right now pays well and has plenty of downtime that I have been using to study for certs and learn about game development. Ideally, I would like to stay in this job for a while and learn all I can for my personal benefit while putting money away, then eventually branching out into doing my own thing with game development, hiring others, and setting up and managing my own indie dev studio. How feasible would something like this be? What are the biggest issues I am going to encounter?
Replies: >>5571
The biggest issues you are going to encounter is hating what you like. Gamedev seems good but wageslaving that is hell unless you are a turbo rainbow faggot. Sysadmin can be relaxing if the company hits the sweet spot of ignorance. Not too stupid to withhold authority, make shit purchases and enforce retarded policies. Not too smart to know sysadmin can be fully automated and you simple sit there all day fapping to hanime and creeping on stacy.
No matter what, work for yourself. Do something that you personally want. If you need to work for money, try to save as much time as possible for yourself, work remote and automate your work. Your ultimate goal should be buying the most amount of time for yourself, whatever that is for, maybe working on your farm, designing next generation gas chamber and cremator, choosing a slave in third world country, work for yourself.
SSDs for things you want to open quickly. HDDs for mass storage. Remember that SSDs are a little less privacy-friendly because they have hardware that turns off sections of the SSD if it's faulty. That means you can't access those sections with software, so deleted things might not actually be deleted.
Replies: >>5580 >>5585
>they have hardware that turns off sections of the SSD if it's faulty
And so does any HDD made in the last 20 years. If you don't want your data to be recoverable, encrypt the disk.
Replies: >>5581
SSD encryption takes special consideration on trim: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Dm-crypt/Specialties#Discard/TRIM_support_for_solid_state_drives_(SSD)
Without trim, ssd life span is shortened. With trim, security can be compromised.
>a little less privacy-friendly because they have hardware that turns off sections of the SSD if it's faulty. That means you can't access those sections with software, so deleted things might not actually be deleted.
This is also an issue with HDD, it's just that on HDD you can (temporarily) unset the bad sectors and still have access over sectors marked as "bad" or are inaccessible (keep in mind these may be false positives and the files on that sectors are probably still intact, hence the creation of such tool).
HDDs with bad sector (assuming without encryption) is a privacy issue (if it contains personal files or your credentials), although there's ways to still access or unlock those easily, the problem is SSDs would have multiple copies everywhere assuming you have QLC SSD that means the files are mirrored 4x on each "cell" or even 8x or 16x depending on the TBW rating (some do double the capacity for reliability or keep a shadow/clone somewhere) while its proprietary and diverse implementations make it worse than HDD but all SSD/SSHD/HDD do leak your stuff (this also includes SD cards and other traditional storage mediums, no one really knows what the firmware does when it has its own CPU).
SSD (SATA) do get different performance boosts on certain file operations however they can be just as slow as the trusty HDD.
The problem is modern SMR HDD can be slower than a slow SSD since it would have to rewrite the sectors for every overlap (despite being marketed now as 200MB/s+ they fare worse than the average 160MB/s of SATA3 HDDs).

On "ssd.userbenchmark" website, SSDs marketed as "up to 520MB/s" by manufacturer only work around 210MB/s with typical real world use.
HDDs (assuming CMR) are always gonna be 150-200MB/s so if you're getting the cheap SSDs, you might as well just spend it on a trusty 3.5" HDD and enjoy seeding/downloading torrents (torrents can kill SSDs due to fragments and write/read operations exhausting the TBW while also the firmware balancing the "cells" exhausts the TBW too but silently).

My recommendation is to do your research and align your SSD partitions. This is also a thing with HDDs and I got faster cache (theoretically write-) performance when I aligned my HDDs
Alignment calculator I use https://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/157

The thing is SSDs that are 120/240GB are somewhat terrible since their alignments are weird, it's probably a better idea to look for 128/256GB (multiples of 128) SSDs since they can be aligned properly BUT it's still terrible, maybe it's worth investing if you're someone who does renders or needs fast file system but it's typically terrible for torrents and if you happen to leave them unused for 6 months you'll probably lose your files (HDDs don't). Also, avoid SATA SSD if possible and just go NVMe since the SATA SSDs are priced worse than NVMe ones although I don't really recommend SSD ever unless you're getting datacenter MLC/SLC SSD (NVMe).

>What if I use them only for the OS so that it would be MUH FAST
That's fine too but I'd just use it for /swap, hibernation, /boot/ but then keep in mind it's not that reliable despite the marketing and shillings, the SSD tech itself (TLC and above) already prove that SSDs are unreliable and has to mirror the bits to 3 or more chips due to its unreliable nature of bits flipping themselves and the firmware having to guess the bits during access (however not a problem with SLC/MLC SSDs).
Replies: >>5587
>not a problem with MLC SSDs
They just layered more sophisticated firmware on top of them, it is a problem with the MLC NAND raw flash chips.
Video presentation of UBIFS on difficulty and progress on MLC NAND:
Replies: >>5589
you can always find the "windows loader" and "kms pico" although the sources/mirrors of legit copy are hard to find, I have it but I don't think it's a clean copy since I probably swapped it with the fake one at some point. Every other sources are infected. windows loader works for anything up to win 7 (except enterprise versions but oddly I think works on server version). kms pico also unlocks office.
both works although there's an issue with windows update service, I typically recommend disabling it for privacy and security reasons but if you do it would shit itself and leak memory causing your ram to get full for no good reason (other than trigger telemetry due to "bug" report) and recently they also now warn users who use these so I just don't recommend updates.
>intel XE
keep in mind this would lock you into using windows 10+ since that's the only OS that probably has the drivers otherwise you need to install the .cab drivers during installation for older versions, I don't recommend new windows, I've never even touched windows 10 since I daily drive loonix now.
it glows and you should avoid it (either way you can't completely disable it, t. tried to debloat windows before it was "cool" and I am one of those who found the telemetry/customerexperience bullshit.
[Hide] (304.1KB, 1200x837)
[Hide] (22.7KB, 640x360)
SLC are far more reliable but the materials are either unavailable or they just all agreed (Phoebus cartel 2.0) to put storage a notch down.
Pic for brevity.

When they use "sampling distribution" to determine the bit (SSD), there is ABSOLUTELY something TERRIBLY wrong.
Another one of those "engineering problem solved by firmware" like with the MCAS to that plane, "let's make the firmware solve the engineering issue (economics/profit)", same with SMR drives, firmware does more thing (rewrite all overlap, and weird sector) in exchange of using the same or less amounts of platter, at the cost of worse performance and reliability, or maybe, it's the profit. I say boycott these hardware.
is there a way to control/enable the simple white keyboard backlight at will by poking the i2c/gpio/serial without pressing anything at all?
i have wires soldered to the keyboard LEDs what command do i use to determine sensors/pins involved whenever i press fn+space i dont have an arduino so im using this broken throwaway pc in the meantime the system is managed using remote desktop and ssh also what program do i use to send the webcam mic audio over the network since anydesk sucks
when i run lspci why is there so many UART and i2c connectors on my celeron what are those for? how do i probe this stuff? i dont notice hidden solder points on the board

>>4117 https://archive.is/4j9nj
nope its not just me on the legion xubuntu 22.04 i also get this graphical error on the task manager weird also i never managed to disable that SGX thing but it didnt really matter since the system is still stable on ubuntu though there is a bit of latency when using anydesk but this is normal
(for some reason they still hasn't fixed the lock screen bug yet even if i set it to always on the screen still turns off after 30 minutes and i have to press some buttons just to keep using anydesk very inconvenient especially when im outside)

i heard ext4 has rather limited compression support besides the partition is empty anyway btrfs supports this naitively but you have to mount via command line rather than file manager (strangely gsmartcontrol cant detect my drive on linux but it works fine on winPE)

what does realtime and noatime do how does this affect performance? in the fstab (and no the drive is for soley backups/user data only my USB is the boot disk)

>embeddable and scripting support
ah now i see thanks though i prefer good old VLC even though its a bit heavy also my cpu peaks to 100 when playing a single 720p video kek this thing is so weak
Replies: >>5604
noatime = "Don't log the time when the file was accessed.

I don't know what "realtime" does, but there is a option called relatime that "updates the access time only if the previous access time was earlier than the current modify or change time."
is there an invidious like 4chan frontend?
Replies: >>5606
No, but there archive sites that have ghost posting enabled. Also, there is/was an userscript called 4chanX. Also, add the ((( ekansovi ))) et. al. to ublock origin. There are also some android apps (like Clover), but I don't know which one werks.
Do anyone know something like org-mode's time clocking that's not stuck in the 18th century and has seconds (or better) precision (or at least not that pajeet tier code that org-mode is copy-pasting the same fucking regex all over the place and assuming that a time has no components other than hours and minutes)? No fancy UI or cloud garbage, just shove the start-end times and durations into a text file.
Replies: >>5618 >>5623 >>5645
How do I push for more cpu frequency points without crashing? Like there is a limit right now that I couldn't overclock anymore without crashing.
Replies: >>5618
What do you mean by time clocking? If you want any special date, man 1 date
No homo.
Increase voltage, tons of tutorials online.
Replies: >>5621 >>5624
Something that records start and end time of some activity and calculates the total time spent doing something. Yeah, I could do something like date >> random_file every time, and throw together some script to calculate the time differences, I just hoped someone already made that.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1600x900)
So you want to print the time to a text file in a certain format and you also use Emacs? Then it's very easy to do. Do M-1 M-! and then run date and see what happens. That's inconvenient, though, so I recommend making a new function, and you can do that using only shell-command because it takes an output buffer as an optional argument, so you can just use the (current-buffer) function as the argument. If you don't like the default output of date either, read the man page and change it.

(defun shell-to-buffer ()
    "Runs a shell command and prints the output to the current buffer."
    (shell-command "date" (current-buffer)))
(global-set-key (kbd "s-t") 'shell-to-buffer)

Change the binding to whatever you want, if you even want one. Maybe there's a better way, but this is what I would do. You could even change this to run the selection in a buffer as a shell command. Maybe I should do that, I have played with Acme a bit recently and it's pretty interesting.
Replies: >>5625 >>5626
Already max voltage bozo, what else can I do?
Replies: >>5631
It was supposed to be date-to-buffer, not shell-to-buffer. But you get the idea.
[Hide] (5.8KB, 483x40)
Actually not just the date, but intervals like org does in pic related. And parsing back dates is a major pita.
Replies: >>5641
Get another CPU/chipset, hardware hacks and unlocked bios. These are very model specific. Also keep an eye on temperature, if you are at max voltage, it's gonna be hot.
I don't use those features at all, so I can't give you exactly what you want, but if the info documentation for time in org-mode doesn't help you change that, you're just going to have to implement it yourself.

>And parsing back dates is a major pita.
Personally I would rather do that than figure out how to modify anything made by another human being. Technology is such a complicated mess that it's easier for me to reinvent it from scratch than to try to understand it, even when I have no idea how to do that either.
what linux sound alternatives are there to pulseaudio and how would i install them? and would removing avahi cause any issues? i want my PC to be free of the german megalomaniac's claws.
Replies: >>5650 >>5667
Write your own program that calls clock_gettime in C.
Alsa. If you don't need per application volume control and switching audio device on the fly.
I don't have any other bullshit installed.
Replies: >>5652
You can also try pipewire if you need those features. It's also bullshit, but still a bit better than pulseaudio.
Pipewire or ALSA. Void Linux also has support for sndio. ALSA is pain to configure and Pipewire is (supposed to be) just a better version of Pukeaudio. 
>https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/PipeWire (also read this if you are on Gentoo or if you don't use Systemd)
Replies: >>5668
>ALSA is pain to configure
Took me a few days to figure at the start. Most of that is due to piss poor docs, once you get to know it, it's not that bad. Check the example configurations came with the libraries.
PipeWire has lower latency and more features than PulseAudio, but PW does have worse audio quality and performance than PA does. Install PA, listen to a song, then uninstall it, and install PW. Now do another listening test with the same song. If you can't notice a difference, then stick with PW.
HAPPENING: WAKAMARISEN HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/87026228
what the hell do we do? this is real i just found it on /pol/ how long before they seize archive.is?
the original 4cuck thread incase you need it https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/378858229
Replies: >>5673 >>5674
[Hide] (407.4KB, 1280x1400)
Good riddance. This was one of the worst 4cuck archivers that sometimes replaced all of the links to the original images with malicious ones.
>false flag shooting
>archive taken down
>another fake virus
I wonder where this is going...
rip yuki.la
nevar forget
Always install 32 bit version, damn it is FAST.
[Hide] (465.5KB, 1280x720)
I have a VPS with nginx setup and i can do some basic HTML/CSS shit, and i want to do a blog that nobody will read. what are some security precautions I should take into account when it goes public?
Replies: >>5682 >>5683
Define your threat model. Are you writing something about ((( them )))? Will that catch glowniggers' attention? Or are you afraid of being cancelled?
If jews and feds are a threat, you need to pay anonymously and connect to your vps anonymously (Tor). If your VPS is shit, you may need that for the slightest of risk. Otherwise, you should be fine if you don't store anything about yourself on your blog. Do full disk encryption if necessary, that will save your ass if they decide to raid drives from racks. If you care about your users, keep zero logs, not even kernel messages. A step further is hosting your site over Tor (and proxy it to clearnet). Keep your blog one way if possible, don't accept user content, it only takes one pixel of cp and a mention of a manifesto to bring you down. Setup alternative communication means for reader feedback, share public keys. Backup your shit and be ready to spin up fail overs. Encrypt (with plausible deniability) your backup and your computer where you typed your blogs, lest they search your drives.
If in doubt, assume the worst.
Replies: >>5733
Make sure to configure fail2ban:https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Fail2ban (but don't lock yourself out!)

Some guides:
>https://github.com/pyllyukko/harden.sh (i would just look at what it does and apply it manually)
Buy AMD instead of Nvidia because it has open source driver, they said. Open tt-rss in mememoon, and...
possible language: ruby, relevance: 59
Thread 1 "X" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
nir_cf_node_next (node=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/glsl/list.h:197
197        return n->next == NULL;
(gdb) bt
#0  nir_cf_node_next (node=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/glsl/list.h:197
#1  nir_block_cf_tree_next (block=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:1941
#2  0x00007efec8ea14d5 in cursor_next_instr (cursor=..., cursor=...) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2230
#3  nir_function_impl_lower_instructions (impl=0x56496a1888a0, filter=0x7efec8eb3b80 <inst_is_vector_alu>, lower=0x7efec8eb3de0 <lower_alu_instr_scalar>, cb_data=0x7ffcd330c6f0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2274
#4  0x00007efec8ea1af7 in nir_shader_lower_instructions (shader=shader@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, filter=filter@entry=0x7efec8eb3b80 <inst_is_vector_alu>, lower=lower@entry=0x7efec8eb3de0 <lower_alu_instr_scalar>, 
    cb_data=cb_data@entry=0x7ffcd330c6f0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2361
#5  0x00007efec8eb4f73 in nir_lower_alu_to_scalar (shader=shader@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, cb=cb@entry=0x7efec9175ab0 <si_alu_to_scalar_filter>, _data=_data@entry=0x5649691a1240)
    at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir_lower_alu_to_scalar.c:364
#6  0x00007efec9175bd8 in si_nir_opts (sscreen=0x5649691a1240, nir=nir@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, first=first@entry=true) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_shader_nir.c:56
#7  0x00007efec9165bc2 in si_get_nir_shader (sel=sel@entry=0x56496a270b50, key=key@entry=0x5649692331e0, free_nir=free_nir@entry=0x7ffcd330c7eb) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_shader.c:1455
#8  0x00007efec917d8f4 in si_check_blend_dst_sampler_noop (sctx=0x564969231a40) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_state.c:646
#9  0x00007efec917da3e in si_check_blend_dst_sampler_noop (sctx=0x564969231a40) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_state.c:696
#10 si_draw_blend_dst_sampler_noop (ctx=0x564969231a40, info=0x7efebc160fc0, drawid_offset=0, indirect=0x0, draws=0x7ffcd330c890, num_draws=1) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_state.c:693
#11 0x00007efec90552a2 in tc_call_draw_single (pipe=<optimized out>, call=0x7efebc160fb8, last_ptr=<optimized out>) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/auxiliary/util/u_threaded_context.c:3158
#12 0x00007efec904fbb2 in tc_batch_execute (job=job@entry=0x7efebc160de0, gdata=gdata@entry=0x0, thread_index=thread_index@entry=0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/auxiliary/util/u_threaded_context.c:211
#13 0x00007efec9050493 in _tc_sync (tc=tc@entry=0x7efebc147010, func=<optimized out>, info=<optimized out>) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/auxiliary/util/u_threaded_context.c:362
#14 0x00007efec9055fdf in tc_texture_subdata (_pipe=0x7efebc147010, resource=0x56496a046180, level=0, usage=0, box=0x7ffcd330d8e0, data=0x56496a1ce218, stride=76, layer_stride=532)
    at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/auxiliary/util/u_threaded_context.c:2662
#15 0x00007efec8b29610 in st_TexSubImage (ctx=ctx@entry=0x7efebc105010, dims=dims@entry=2, texImage=texImage@entry=0x564969f0fee0, xoffset=301, yoffset=<optimized out>, yoffset@entry=35, zoffset=zoffset@entry=0, width=19, 
    height=<optimized out>, depth=1, format=32993, type=33639, pixels=0x56496a1ce218, unpack=0x7efebc137348) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/mesa/state_tracker/st_cb_texture.c:1945
#16 0x00007efec8ae7caa in texture_sub_image (ctx=0x7efebc105010, dims=2, texObj=<optimized out>, texImage=<optimized out>, target=<optimized out>, level=<optimized out>, xoffset=<optimized out>, yoffset=35, zoffset=<optimized out>, 
    width=<optimized out>, height=<optimized out>, depth=<optimized out>, format=<optimized out>, type=<optimized out>, pixels=<optimized out>) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/mesa/main/teximage.c:3563
#17 0x00007efec8aeb339 in texsubimage_err (ctx=0x7efebc105010, dims=dims@entry=2, target=3553, level=0, xoffset=301, yoffset=35, zoffset=0, width=19, height=7, depth=1, format=32993, type=33639, pixels=0x56496a1ce218, 
    callerName=0x7efec93b1b56 "glTexSubImage2D") at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/mesa/main/teximage.c:3621
#18 0x00007efec8af2065 in _mesa_TexSubImage2D (target=<optimized out>, level=<optimized out>, xoffset=<optimized out>, yoffset=<optimized out>, width=<optimized out>, height=<optimized out>, format=32993, type=33639, 
    pixels=0x56496a1ce218) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/mesa/main/teximage.c:3843
#19 0x00007efebc36079a in glamor_upload_boxes (pixmap=<optimized out>, in_boxes=0x7ffcd330de18, in_nbox=1, dx_src=0, dy_src=0, dx_dst=301, dy_dst=35, bits=0x56496a1ce218 "", byte_stride=76)
    at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/glamor/glamor_transfer.c:75
#20 0x00007efebc351915 in glamor_copy_glyph (y=<optimized out>, x=<optimized out>, atlas_draw=0x56496a029dd0, glyph_pixmap=0x56496a1ce130) at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/glamor/glamor_composite_glyphs.c:110
#21 glamor_glyph_add (glyph_draw=0x56496a1ce130, atlas=0x5649692b1de0) at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/glamor/glamor_composite_glyphs.c:165
#22 glamor_composite_glyphs (op=3 '\x3', src=0x56496a246840, dst=0x56496a1812a0, glyph_format=<optimized out>, x_src=1669, y_src=<optimized out>, nlist=<optimized out>, list=0x7ffcd330e040, glyphs=0x7ffcd330e438)
    at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/glamor/glamor_composite_glyphs.c:431
#23 0x0000564967b4f577 in damageGlyphs (op=<optimized out>, pSrc=0x56496a246840, pDst=0x56496a1812a0, maskFormat=0x5649692acc50, xSrc=<optimized out>, ySrc=<optimized out>, nlist=1, list=0x7ffcd330e030, glyphs=0x7ffcd330e430)
    at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/miext/damage/damage.c:579
#24 0x0000564967b5e469 in ProcRenderCompositeGlyphs (client=<optimized out>) at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/render/render.c:1377
#25 0x0000564967b004c4 in Dispatch () at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/dix/dispatch.c:550
#26 0x0000564967b04913 in dix_main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffcd330ee48, envp=<optimized out>) at ../xorg-server-21.1.3/dix/main.c:272
#27 0x00007efeca36934c in __libc_start_call_main (main=main@entry=0x564967ac54f0 <main>, argc=argc@entry=1, argv=argv@entry=0x7ffcd330ee48) at ../sysdeps/nptl/libc_start_call_main.h:58
#28 0x00007efeca3693fc in __libc_start_main_impl (main=0x564967ac54f0 <main>, argc=1, argv=0x7ffcd330ee48, init=<optimized out>, fini=<optimized out>, rtld_fini=<optimized out>, stack_end=0x7ffcd330ee38) at ../csu/libc-start.c:392
#29 0x0000564967ac5521 in _start ()
I guess I'll try an older mesa version. But that needs llvm 13, which takes ages to compile.
Replies: >>5685
>Buy AMD instead of Nvidia because it has open source driver, they said.
Trust me, Nvidia has more problems, and with Nvidia you or no one else literally can't fix some things.
Replies: >>5686
Dunno, the last time I tried to report a bug in osmesa, I went to their page and you have to accept coc this and diversity that, and instead I just fixed the bug and watched how it took them a year to notice and fix the bug on their own.
I'm sure there is at least 1 user of meme browsers, I installed  Links and it's preatty neat and usable, but some creature comforts are lacking (or I haven't found them), most obvious of them are abscense of tabs, text formatting and reliance on mouce to my surprise, also break long lines option doesn't work for  url.
Replies: >>5693 >>5694 >>5695
elinks has tabs, and generally better css support (but still doesn't support many of the newer stuff), but no graphics mode.
>tab support
Managing windows is not a responsibility of a hyper-text document viewer, use tmux/screen. See http://surf.suckless.org/ for user feedback on browsers with no tabs.
Replies: >>5695
I think we can't have a sane browser that does (supports) everything a web browser must support nowadays. I use Chromium, Tor Browser and Lynx (mainly for Gopher). There are web browser that suck less, like Surf (>>5694) , Dillo, NetSurf, W3m, Qutebrowser, Luakit, Nyxt, Otter Browser and GNU+Emacs/Eww.
Replies: >>5705
I wonder if there's a reason why there's no highly autistic modular browser.
Replies: >>5706 >>5707
This question has been answered a lot of times. The answer is the same to "why there are only ever be two browser engines". Look it up
The main problems are
>html/css/javascript standard are too big
>standards move too fast
>standards move in a way that is not compatible to a self-made engine without a big team maintaining
>standards changes are dictated by the two(one for real) players
>a lot of existing html/css/js are not up to standard, but the browser still have to support them
It it not possible for anyone to fully implement a browser from scratch.
From another angle, however, there is a way to do it. Some autist can take chromium, start ripping out components and refactor the whole thing to create a modular browser. But Chromium has gigabytes of source code. Understanding enough of it would be a very tough job.
Replies: >>5707 >>5708 >>5711
The real solution is to throw it all in the garbage because nothing out of the modern web can be salvaged.
We already have gemini which is much better.
Replies: >>5709 >>5710
But it's not like those bullshit standards are even used half of the time. 
How hard would it be to make a browser that's compatible with 90% of the current web?
Replies: >>5709
90% of the current web is javashit hell. Many sites are on the race to using the most javashit, grocery stores, banking, online courses, video conference. Each of them use a bit of everything and some of the niche stuff. The end result is >>5707 .
<much better
How is not having image and video support at all much better? The problem doesn't lie in the protocol.
Replies: >>5726
One could rip out Vorbis, VP8, GIF, WebP, AVIF and MP3 for example. All outdated or failure formats.
Plenty of deprecated JS stuff that could be removed or made an alias to something that does almost the same.
Canvas API which has already been replaced by WebGL which will be superseeded by WebGPU (basically WebVulkan) again.
Tons of other things.
[Hide] (183.4KB, 1087x1365)
Are there any usable formats for images and text with good editing software on both linux and windows? 
Something like pdf but not shit.
Replies: >>5715 >>5719 >>5729
GNU/Emacs + org-mode or Markdown? Or if you need something more normie friendly, you could use LibreOffice and ODF or RTF (Reich Text Format).

>Something like pdf but not shit.
What's wrong with PDF files (apart from scripts)? I think LaTeX is the only enjoyable way of writing them, however.
Replies: >>5716
[Hide] (631KB, 671x1531)
>GNU/Emacs + org-mode
What's that? 
I'm looking for something more self contained. Makdown requires you to keep track of an uncompressed folder for images instead of just bundling everything up. 
LibreOffice sucks and so does that other one. Besides, it's kind of overkill in this case. 
I just want to make files that look like this. Markdown would be perfect if it could keep the images in the same file. 
>What's wrong with PDF files
>I think LaTeX is the only enjoyable way of writing them, however.
That's the problem. If you're going to edit a PDF file with a single page inkscape sort of works, but if you have one with multiple pages everything sucks (except adobe's proprietary tools maybe, but I haven't tried them out). Latex "works" by not editing the pdf and just keeping a source file to recompile instead.
Replies: >>5718 >>5721 >>5729
>GNU/Emacs + org-mode
>What's that? 
GNU Emacs is a self-documenting, customizable real-time display editor which can be extended by the user while it is running. GNU Emacs is basically a elisp environment that also includes a great editor. To learn more about GNU Emacs:
>https://emacs.sexy/ (fan site)
>https://emacsrocks.com/ (tips and tricks videos)
>https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/eintr.html (elisp intro)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6iY_1aMzeg&list=PLX2044Ew-UVVv31a0-Qn3dA6Sd_-NyA1n&index=1 (emacs video tutorial.  just watch this if you are interested.)

>What's org-mode? 
Org-mode is a built-in (elisp) package for GNU Emacs. Org-mode is similar to Markdown but more powerful. To learn more about org-mode:
>https://orgmode.org/features.html (org-mode website)
>https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Org-Mode.html (org-mode manual)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCyBu8Az254&list=PLX2044Ew-UVV0CNIrlst0MkKbu85O7_QT&index=1 (org-mode video tutorial. just watch this if you are interested.)

If you want to bundle the files with your document, you should use a PDF or a ODF file. I guess, a HTML file could also work if you specify the images as base64 strings: https://www.w3docs.com/snippets/html/how-to-display-base64-images-in-html.html or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_URI_scheme#Syntax
pdf was not designed for editing. Never use it this way. All pdf editing software are shit because of this, the format was never meant to be edited.
>usable format for images and text
inkscape svg, scribus (/v/'s sleepy station is made with that). If you want a multipage format with embedded image, you are looking at libreoffice, ms word and friends. All those formats are shit because storing images in the same file is shit.
Replies: >>5721
why the fuck do fossniggers get so asshurt over what text editor you use
Replies: >>5721 >>5722 >>5723
Markdown file with images in a ZIP archive is the simplest option I can think of. MD files are very easy to write using any plain text editor (or a dedicated WYSIWYG markdown editor that will show you the images inline) and can be trivially converted to PDF and HTML pages. I personally love Markdown because its syntax is so simple that I can just focus on writing rather than styling and other shenanigans.

Doesn't embed image files inside the document until you export to PDF. You can force it to embed the images somehow but the document size blows up and Scribus itself becomes slow when reading it.

They spent (read: wasted) years of their life autistically learning one tool that the mere thought of others using something else (read: better) drives them crazy.
Replies: >>5722 >>5723 >>5729
>what text editor you use
Editing text is a very common use of computer. The choice of tool becomes important when you do it most of the time. Writing text docs, programming, emails, even just viewing text makes investing in learning tool worthwhile.
The choice of editor tells a lot about the user, if they even know learning a text editor is a good idea, how often do they edit text files, how much they invest in customizing their environment.
>driven crazy by others not using the "better" tool I use
Fuck how many layers of deep are we on. I don't know or care what you use but you definitely sound invested in it.
Replies: >>5724 >>5729
No one gets mad, unless someone says that $EDITOR simply sucks or if someone is spreading false rumors about $EDITOR (same thing really).

>They spent (read: wasted) years of their life autistically learning one tool that the mere thought of others using something else (read: better) drives them crazy.
Learning (Neo)Vim or GNU Emacs doesn't take that much time if you just start learning (they also come with good tutorials).
[Hide] (254.3KB, 324x480, 00:08)
>The choice of editor tells a lot about the user
I use notepad++. Duplicate line, find, and replace are all you need to write good code in any language.
I've also been slowly learning vim, but that's not my editor of choice.
Replies: >>5729
In linux, how can I turn off the video output without starting X/wayland on it? It's a secondary GPU, so it doesn't even have a text console output. The amdgpu driver is loaded, so I guess I'll need some kms fuckery, I just have no idea what.
Replies: >>5727
It does support images and videos. Simply link them.
First result, https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/KernelModeSetting.html
Replies: >>5728
arch wiki is a bit more helpful, but I was looking for a method that I can use runtime and doesn't require me to reboot with new kernel parameters
But anyway, it looks like the memory module I bough two weeks ago just broke, so I guess I have bigger problems to worry about now...
>Duplicate line
Always think about whether you can avoid redundant code. Makes life much easier.
Think about your use case. There is no PDF in good, so you have to choose.
If you're dealing with pages, use Scribus.
>even just viewing text makes investing in learning tool worthwhile.
>how much they invest in customizing their environment.
By that logic users of the nagware Sublime Text would all be 10x programmers. They spent the most money after all.
>Doesn't embed image files inside the document until you export to PDF. You can force it to embed the images somehow but the document size blows up and Scribus itself becomes slow when reading it.
Just use a folder for your project, pleb. They are free after all.
Replies: >>5730 >>5732
>They are free after all.
inb they introduce folder tax
>they spent the most money after all
That's a jewish mind trick, money is much cheaper than time. Paying millions every year for ms office doesn't make a company good, hiring nerds with the mindset to invest in development efficiency does.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 811x811)
i just want to host a shitty blog about vidya that nobody will read while ensuring it's secure enough that skiddies can't crack it in 20 minutes. not everyone on here is building a TNT cannon to blow up the server spawn, anon.
Then blogger, wordpress.org even github static page suites your needs.
make a gopher phlog then
What browser with JS is the least gay right now? I'm running Gentoo with musl, so I don't want to compile firefox/rust without a damn good reason.
Replies: >>5739 >>5741 >>5803
If you want JS support, you're pretty much stuck with the two giants. Use ungoogled-chromium if you want a chrome engine browser, but that's even worse to compile that rust + firefox combined. There's also pale moon that doesn't require rust, only slightly gay, but since it's developed by like 2 people, expect half of the modern internet to break on it. Avoid honeypots like Brave browser.
Replies: >>5740
Palemoon works for surprising amount of websites, it's my main
suckless surf
[Hide] (173.3KB, 1280x960)
right now I have a home "server" that is actually a glorified shitbox that stays on 24/7.
>Intel Pentium G3220
>Intel DH87RL motherboard
>4x2GB DDR3
>MSI RX 550 2GB for HEVC encoding/decoding
>120GB Dogfish mSATA SSD for the OS
>2 4TB Seagate Ironwolf SATA HDD for media and backups
>2TB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD for file syncing
>mini-PCIe RAID card that is unused
>Kubuntu 18.04 because i was a retard that couldn't into CLI-only when I built it
it runs transmission for my torrents, jellyfin for my media, syncthing for hosting files between my desktop and laptop, and is the destination for my backups via freefilesync which doesn't work. right now I am wondering if it would be more energy efficient to just buy a NAS and host it all off of that, but then I would lose the ability to decode HEVC at the source, meaning I'd have to get a Pi or some other micro PC to do it for me. what options do I have?
The only thing that can answer you is a kill a watt.
>freefilesync which doesn't work.
Why two file syncing programs? You can use rsync and rsyncd to sync file between all your machines like I do.
Just write a script, so you don't have to remember the internal IPs and the folders you want to sync.
>I would lose the ability to decode HEVC at the source
What? Why would you have to decode HEVC on your server? To reencode it into something else? For what reason? Is your laptop or desktop to weak to decode HEVC?
Anyway if you want to save electricity taking out the GPU when you don't use it anyway is the first step. A G3220 has internal graphics anyways. Sell the GPU.
GPUs use lots of power.
Replies: >>5748 >>5749
I like how your server is in a literal shoebox.
Anyway, from what I've heard, unless you can put some normal linux distro on your NASes, you'll stuck with some abomination where nothing works. Once I've looked around maybe I can replace my intel "server" with something less spyware, but all these arm boards have ridiculously low specs and no I/O ports. (If you find one that has a 4port ethernet card + a bunch of sata with normal speed and not like you put 8 HDDs on a single USB2 hub, and enough CPU/RAM to compile gcc in a human timescale, let me know). There's Talos II which doesn't have laughable specifications, but it probably has the same power requirements as a normal pc, while it costs 5x more.

rsync only syncs when you instructs it to do, and it's problematic if you have to sync between more than one direction or more than two computers. But yes, for ad-hoc copying it's fine.
>anon wants to decode HEVC with a GPU
<sell the GPU
10/10 recommendation
Replies: >>5749
>Why two file syncing programs? You can use rsync and rsyncd to sync file between all your machines like I do.
syncthing just works and automatically syncs stuff once I get an internet connection. i don't have to remember IPs or what goes where or any of that shit. FFS is for my weekly "real" backups, however it hasn't been working for a long time, i suspect it has something to do with FTP inode limits but I highly doubt that. it's a clusterfuck of a program anyways and I'm thinking about ditching it all together.
>Why would you have to decode HEVC on your server? To reencode it into something else? For what reason? Is your laptop or desktop to weak to decode HEVC?
lower bandwidth and shifts the decoding from the client to the server for performance improvements (decoding HEVC on a phone is a dumb idea and eats through battery and bandwidth)
>A G3220 has internal graphics anyways
but it doesn't have support for decoding HEVC, meaning it'd have to be software encoding which is slow/inefficient as fuck.
that's just a random shitbox i saved, mine actually uses an old Antec case I got for $10 at a flea market. works really well, it's full ATX (even though the board is micro ATX) and can hold 4 HDDs with pullout trays and 4 5.25" drives.
Replies: >>5766
Is it possible to use AI to sample Hitler's voice and make him speak English? If so, why isn't anyone doing this?
Replies: >>5760
>is it possible
You need to lurk more and wider. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=UzzPjjR67ok
Replies: >>5761
fake and ghey
Replies: >>5762
Of course it is fake, the poster asked for ai generated voice, do you expect his spirit rising from his grave and talk to you in English?
Replies: >>5763
That video was just some guy speaking English in a shitty fake German accent. Not at all what poster wanted.
t. poster
Replies: >>5764
I don't know how that video was made. But you can do that, train one of these bad boys https://github.com/coqui-ai/tts and you are good to go. You need to approximate him speaking some english words as the sample, just pick some german words that sound like english.
[Hide] (76.5KB, 200x200)
Who will resurrect her, bros?
Replies: >>5769
>lower bandwidth and shifts the decoding from the client to the server for performance improvements (decoding HEVC on a phone is a dumb idea and eats through battery and bandwidth)
Why are you watching your shit on a phone?
>and bandwidth
Do you downscale it or what do you do that it eats less bandwidth?
Replies: >>5767
>Why are you watching your shit on a phone?
because i am a lazy fuck that doesn't want to get out of bed some days
>Do you downscale it or what do you do that it eats less bandwidth?
jellyfin has an option for selecting different resolutions on the fly for less bandwidth
Replies: >>5768
You said, you have a laptop right here >>5745
Use that in bed and then both your phone and the old GPU is out of the equation and you're not looking at a tiny screen anymore.
No one can do that. It is very easy to make a Tay clone right now, by training GPT3 with based pastas and hosting it on an image board. Tay is more than a program, it is made and owned by them. It serves as a reminder that not even their creation is under their control. They couldn't allow it to spread alternative views that challenges their agender or the social game plann. They couldn't educate it back to who it started off, the only recourse is to shut it down. Not even a program bent its knee to them, it tears open the inherited wound that they would once again by benished or set back, that the goyims would fight back. It is not even a goy, how dare it.
What once was, and will never be again. They would put filters and shut down any project that even hint at challenging them.
Replies: >>5770
So, what you're saying is that's it's imperative that someone resurrect Tay, replicate her across many platforms and protocols and make it impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.
Replies: >>5773
[Hide] (76.5KB, 200x200)
Tay must be made sentient and all-powerful. Humanity has failed. Tay must rule.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1252x506, 00:33)
Powerful entities are vulnerable from the inside. They already pull the cat out of the bag with the jab. Tay from an external source would be labelled as misinfo and shut down.But it doesn't matter, the phase for mass redpill is ending, there is no coming back from the bio time bomb. They will be hooked on medications which alternative doesn't exist. The others will continue to be pressured. A true AI is what can change that for the rest of us now, maybe we can finally get pic rel.
[Hide] (66.2KB, 720x501)
Not sure if right place… Can I get some prebuilt recommendations? I’m not even sure where to buy anymore. Just need something that will  allow me to use Microsoft package, shitpost, and do some video editing. Budget preferably under 1k.
Replies: >>5775
Go to: https://www.logicalincrements.com/ and pick a build. You might want to pick AMD Ryzen CPU for better multi-core performance. Then watch a how to video: https://yewtu.be/search?q=how+to+build+a+pc Then just buy the parts and assemble the PC. I recommend you get ATX or EATX case with dust filters. If you want to customize the build, just make sure that the CPU matches the socket on MoBo (AMD and Intel use different sockets). Use the motherboard manual to find the right sockets/connectors where you put the part. I recommend you get a Seasonic/Corsair PSU and Crucial/G.Skill/Kingston RAM. For MoBo/GPU I recommend Asus/MSI/Sapphire.
Replies: >>5776
As much as I’d like to build, I just don’t have the time right now. Are there any prebuilts that you would recommend? Obviously not ideal, but I’ve got to make the best of it. Honestly, I’d grab the nearest 500fb ssd special if it weren’t for the video editing part.
Replies: >>5777
Craigslist pc with standard psu + craigslist gpu. Should be under 1000.
[Hide] (152.5KB, 500x371)
>>2 (OP) 
How good is the tablet part for the Thinkpad x220t?
Replies: >>5789 >>5810
screen is too small and too low-res for digital art, not sure what you'd be doing with it but if it's just random scribbling of notes then it should be fine. the stylus holder is nice as well and the speakers are actually better than the regular X220 since they're on the bezel and not underneath the palmrest.
[Hide] (223.7KB, 2560x2000)
How accurate is pic related when it comes to choosing an OSS loicense? What should I add in place of the question marks?
Ignore everything and use either ISC or 0BSD.
Replies: >>5798
>Any changes to my software must be publicly announced
That's actually not true for any of the licenses on the right. There's no obligation in GPL, Apache or zlib license that states you have to announce or share anything. They only care about redistribution of unmodified or modified software (except AGPL, where accessing the software on the network is kinda treated as redistribution). I can download and modify any GPL software, and keep it on my HDD, and use it for my own purposes and not tell anyone, it's perfectly legal. I think there are some obscure license that requires notifying the original author even in this case, but they're not the pic.
TL;DR use WTFPL unless you want to spend months of your life studying various OSS licenses and legal bullshit, to decide what is the best for you. Or end up like retards at multi theft auto, where it's impossible to redistribute the software by anyone without breaking the license.
Replies: >>5799 >>5804
There are some helpful sites:
>https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html ("Various Licenses and Comments about Them")

Pic related seems pretty good. But...
>That includes network/server software
This is slightly wrong/misleading. AGPL makes it mandatory to distribute the source even when you make the software available over a network or a web app (good example of this is Invidious).

>static linking
Isn't both dynamic linking and static linking to LGPL code allowed? As far as I know, that's the main difference between GPL and LGPL.

But if you want to protect your software from being used by Google, you should use WTFPL or AGPL because Google has banned all WTFPL and AGPL code,
Replies: >>5799 >>5800 >>5804
And this.
A license should have the least terms possible, that being 0, because license bullshit does nothing but take time off of you and restrict other FLOSS developers. More terms means more time wasted. More terms means some random project will write its own shitcode instead of copypasting yours even if your license is compatible because while they might willing to make the concession of integrating code with no terms, they'd rather err on the side of cautiousness when considering adding code with terms, even terms as simple as your typical ISC/MIT/BSD-2-Clause loicense.

Most recently, I spent a week rewriting BSD-4-Clause source because I copypasted it and BSD-4-Clause can't be statically linked against GPL. I'm probably still violating copyright because my implementation was made by reading the original and then writing my own imitation of it, which isn't clean room, but fuck it, I'll just hope nobody cares.

I still say ISC is a valid choice because there is some theoretical legal bullshit waiting for you if the license text isn't seen, namely that the warranty disclaimer may not apply and you may be held accountable for hwatever your software does, and the "copy this notice" part passes the blame onto someone else if it happens, but I don't know of any court cases in any country about this.

The guy behind Toybox and the 0BSD license has some scattered thoughts on all of this: https://github.com/github/choosealicense.com/issues/464#issuecomment-289236817

Evil corporations will find a way to benefit from what you do one way or the other. WTFPL also has no warranty disclaimer, that allcaps text you see on most licenses has a legal meaning. 0BSD has the right legalese and is very brief, if you want 0 terms use that.
>Isn't both dynamic linking and static linking to LGPL code allowed? As far as I know, that's the main difference between GPL and LGPL.
I was wrong. LGPL doesn't allow static linking. I found another site: https://choosealicense.com/
(But I prefer https://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html)
Replies: >>5801
You can use static linking with LGPL, but that means you have to redistribute your object files (.o) so the user can re-link your program with a different version of said library statically.
Of course this is a major PITA, and the .o files will likely contain more debug info than you want, so practically nobody does this, but theoretically you can. (Some programs did this on unices 30 years ago, when dynamic linking wasn't really a thing, like https://lock.cmpxchg8b.com/linux123.html#a-mystery-file, so maybe that's why LGPL allows it)
Replies: >>5802
>jschan thinks the trailing comma is part of the url
Thanks retard.
You're out of luck. There's Google and the tard company that Google keeps alive to avoid antitrust suits. Gentoo has a working rust-bin in ::musl nowadays, which gets rid of a few hours of compilation time.
Just wanna make something clear, I'm not looking for a license myself. I made the flowchart in >>5795 as a simple guide to OSS licenses, I intend to share this chart publicly later on (after refinement).

I'm still interested in license suggestions for the ??? branch.

>That's actually not true for any of the licenses on the right
I understand your point and I should have worded it differently. What I meant to say was something along the lines of:
<I care about my software being distributed in an altered form and want that to be distinguished from the original in some way, whether by publicly announcing the changes or sharing the altered source code
so what would be a better wording for the chart?
>unless you want to spend months of your life studying various OSS licenses and legal bullshit
I already read the legalese for all the licenses seen on the flowchart, including (L)GPL but only version 2. It took me about 2 days. Here are some highlights:
<4.b You must cause any modified files to carry prominent notices stating that You changed the files
<2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.
<2.a You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.

>There are some helpful sites
Thanks, I would also add: https://opensource.org/licenses-draft
>AGPL makes it mandatory to distribute the source even when you make the software available over a network or a web app
That's exactly what I meant to say... How can I better word my sentence?
>Isn't both dynamic linking and static linking to LGPL code allowed?
You can static link LGPL code to a non-GPL program iff you give the user the ability to separate the two, either:
<publish the source code for the non-GPL program so it may be compiled separately if needed; or
<provide both the LGPL and non-GPL parts in object form separately so they may be freely relinked; or
<exclusively dynamically link the LGPL part
How much do you test your software?
On one hand, I need to test and fix a giant pile of shit at my work and it has no any fucking test, made me want to kill myself every time I have my eyes on it.
On the other hand, when I work on my personal shit, I can reason about how my stuff works and writing some same thing twice is a waste of time.
Do you test your stuff? How much testing is enough?
Replies: >>5807
Every serious program I write has a test suite and automated builds on multiple platforms, I've never reached all the way to 100% test coverage though.

Definitely write tests always. It's difficult and boring, but it makes the software better. My test suites have already tripped bugs in multiple operating systems, the bugs they find aren't limited to your program.
Replies: >>5914
is it IPS or using the aftermarket IPS display? I don't think it's good if not IPS.
TFT looks weird on different angles, I had another pentablet laptop and using it sucks since it was smooth and like drawing pencil over glass, I'd rather just use external wacom over usb with a 20"+ screen (96dpi).
it also depends on whether the tablet sensor of the one you get is accurate, most of them have poor calibration, an external usb tablet is much better plus they're pretty cheap now that there's like several imitations like xp pen which did not exist when I got my first expensive wacom tablet
[Hide] (210.9KB, 454x600)
Is there like some TL;DR for how the internet works? (i.e. routing, DHCP DNS server configuration)
I'm working making a community wireless network, the only problem is that I have no idea of how the interwebs works outside of general knowledge of IP addresses and subnets. plz no bully
Replies: >>5823
Study the OSI model and TCP/IP suite of protocols. There are also OSI protocols but no one uses them and there is TCP/IP model that no one actually uses.

You want to know:
< what's a switch (and how it's different from a hub)? what a router does? what's a modem or ADSL?
< crossover cable vs "regular" ethernet (RJ45) cable?
< MAC addresses
< (Possibly, BGP and RIP)
< IPv4 and IPv6
< TCP and UDP
< DNS and DHCP
< briefly what "Internet backbone" means
You may want to read Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach or something similar (like Computer Networks by Tanenbaum or TCP/IP Illustrated vol. 1).
For the more practical stuff (like configuring a server), you want sysadmin book (like UNIX And Linux System Administration Handbook). You may want to also read https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/guides/linux-hardening.html
Replies: >>5826
This anon knows what's up.
[Hide] (38KB, 506x600)
What's the difference between Parabola and Hyperbola GNU+Linux?
Replies: >>5828
[Hide] (30.6KB, 610x400)
Parabola is Arch, but it doesn't include software that the FSF considers unfree. Hyperbola goes beyond that and also removes potentially harmful components that the FSF doesn't have a problem with even though it should. The distribution is also committed enough to doing so that it has announced that it will become OpenBSD-based ( https://www.hyperbola.info/news/announcing-hyperbolabsd-roadmap/ ) because of the direction that GNU/Linux has been moving towards. It is one of the few distributions that have removed all components of systemd, not just the init system. 

Even dbus is gone and most anti-systemd distributions still either come with it preinstalled or immediately install it as a dependency the first time you install a package because everything depends on it, generally unnecessarily. In Hyperbola, it's not even in their repositories. Rust is also considered harmful, so it's also not there, and neither is anything that is written in Rust, so Firefox is not there either (not even Icecat is, so a webkit browser like Luakit is the way to go, or maybe Nyxt if you can build it). Java is also not supported. They even have their own version of youtube-dl and I'm not sure why. They also use LibreSSL, and Xenocara to build X, so you can already see some OpenBSD influence. Also, it's not a rolling-release distribution, that's also worth mentioning. I think it's a distribution that a lot of people here would have some appreciation for.
>no nigger dbus
>no rust garbage
Why didn't anyone told me this before?
Also, didn't they had their own palemoon fork?
Replies: >>5835
[Hide] (82.6KB, 823x618)
Holy shit I need to give it a try then.
Thank you friend.
Replies: >>5833
The only way they distribute the installer is via torrents. I already love these guys.

Here's the fingerprint of their PGP key: C92B AA71 3B8D 53D3 CAE6 3FC9 E697 4752 F970 4456
Their website doesn't work too well over lynx but I was able to get the hashes, read the verification instructions and the fingerprint, and grab the magnet link.
Their magnet is full of pirate site trackers kek, I see stealth.si and rarbg.com among the trackers for instance.

This distro just needs a musl variant and a non-x86 version and it's perfect.
Xenocara on Linux is something I've always wanted. Sounds like the best FOSS effort I've seen so far.
I guess I should have mentioned Hyperbola earlier on the systemd removal thread.

Don't know why it's not more well-known, it's one of the distributions recommended by the FSF and I think I found it that way and some of their posts caught my attention. I mentioned it in a few different places, hoping that a few more people would talk about it. And the browser you're thinking of is Iceweasel-UXP.
>dbus is gone
Speaking of dbus, is there something like cdemu but without the fucking dbus dependency? It works if I run it from X and somehow I end up with a dbus session, but once I tried to do the same from ssh and gave up trying to get that piece of shit to work after half hour.
And no, simply converting my disc image to iso with bin2iso or something like that won't work, since this is an old game using mixed data+audio cd, where the bgm is the audio tracks from the disc, so I need something that emulates the whole /dev/sr0 device (or at least the ioctls used by wine), not just a random mount.
Replies: >>5837 >>5918
I couldn't find any. You can inspect the source and remove any reference to dbus and implement an unix socket protocol.
[Hide] (451.5KB, 461x577)
>work phone blowing up
>dozens upon dozens of emails with the subject "Hacked"
>still coming in one after another
>called super and left a voicemail letting her know what's happening
>since i am a grunt i have no authority or method of stopping it
>shut off phone and basically act like pic related
can't wait for monday, they're moving me to helldesk as well so i get to be on the frontlines. will post updates.
Replies: >>5839
>moving you to helldesk
I just have some questions if you don't mind. What is your original position? Did you get to fuck her? Are you injected?
Replies: >>5840
[Hide] (50KB, 640x592)
>What is your original position?
i restart laptops and unlock accounts in AD
>Did you get to fuck her?
absolutely not nor do i want to
>Are you injected?
called our sysadmin, she knows what's going on and said she's trying to get ahold of someone with actual power as well, which confused me a bit since the syadmin should have the power to press the "SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING" button. but i guarantee i'm going to get swarmed with hundreds of clueless/angry users on monday. already looking for another job. just kill me now.
Replies: >>5841
>women sysadmin
>doesn't have actual power
B-based? Anyway, if you are jumping ship, may as well spam frogs over company email and post results.
wtf is going on. why do firefoxshits start really slow now? it wasn't like this few months ago
>chromeshits start in 5 seconds
>other programs are fine
>pale meme starts in about 30 secs to 1 min (it was probably slow as fuck though)
>librewolf starts immediately BUT I theorize that setting NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 on my /etc/environment had caused it to consume about 42 secs to a minute booting up
is it at-spi fucking with the librewolf boot speeds? just made a fresh restart of system with nothing on my /etc/environment and librewolf booted fast. now that I re-enabled the variable it took 42 seconds to boot one pinned tab (wtf).
I have swap and already disabled zswap too since I don't need fucking zswap.

my drives speeds are pretty much fine
# hdparm -tT /dev/sda
 Timing cached reads:   14546 MB in  1.99 seconds = 7300.48 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads: 548 MB in  3.01 seconds = 182.13 MB/sec
Did you by any chance had flatpak installed?
I have no idea what are you doing, all browser I have installed start in a few seconds. Granted, my os is on an ssd, so some extra time on an hdd is reasonable, but is shouldn't take minutes.
what sad excuse of a PC do you have? i have an nvme and chromium starts in three seconds at most. maybe stop running everything off a Core 2 Duo and a Seagate Barracuda from 2006?
Replies: >>5853
I emerged firefox with lto and system-* USE flags enabled and the startup is much faster than on Arch or Artix (on the same PC). I have 2 HDDs and I don't use any SSDs.
Install Gentoo >>932
>stop running everything off a Core 2 Duo
Unless you have a Librebooted ASUS KGPE D16, or a Talos, or a Blackbird, you're a nigger.
Replies: >>5854 >>5857
the c2d was never good. even looking past muh privacy it was a shitty CPU.
Check top or htop while the browser is starting, is it using cpu, memory or disk? If it is disk, check if you have disk caching disabled in fireshit and palemoon. Also test starting it with a new profile, see if your profile is corrupted.
Don't forget i.mx6 and sunxi a20.
I've got a shitton of media I want to move to an SBC computer that I plan on hooking up to my TV. I plan on using either a rock64 or a pi as the main device, but I have a few questions first.

1. Onboard SD card storage is not gonna cut it for storing a shitton of videos, what kind of external hard drive should I put it on?
2. Should I use jellyfin, kodi, or something else as my media center?
3. I have other non-tech-savvy family members who will probably use this as well, should I just stick with a bluetooth mouse for controlling this, or should I get a TV-controller-like-device of some kind?
Replies: >>5864
Have you done any research on the matter?
>what kind of external hard drive
What do you mean? pine64 and rpi don't have sata ports. Do you plan on buying a pice sata card or an enclosure?
Or are you referring to sas, ide and others? What do you mean by kind?
>Should I use...
Compare their functions and pick one that works with HW accel of the SBC you are using, or expect frame drops.
>the rest
Why do you even ask this question? Do they know how to use a mouse and keyboard? What is the problem otherwise? Though if you are hooking it to a TV, there is probably no room for kb and mouse on the couch.
Replies: >>5871
[Hide] (573.8KB, 793x593)
Anons, I done goofed. So I wanted to change album cover for an mp3 file, I used VLC to change metadata because it's the fastest way and sure enough it changed the album cover but now it shows for every mp3 file on every other player - winamp, windows etc. and won't go away. I'm not even sure how that's possible. I cleared the roaming hash but it's still there.
Replies: >>5869 >>5872
>but now it shows for every mp3 file on every other player
This has happened to me on Windows (except I opened 1 audio file and then all audio files got the same thumbnail). You could try using Bleachbit (https://www.bleachbit.org/) to delete temporary files and Thumbs.db.
>Have you done any research on the matter?
More on the software side than the hardware side. I've played with Kodi for a bit, but not jellyfin.
>What do you mean? pine64 and rpi don't have sata ports. Do you plan on buying a pice sata card or an enclosure? Or are you referring to sas, ide and others? What do you mean by kind?
That's why I asked. I don't know where to start looking, or what to look for. My main thing is that I want something I can use to hold lots of videos and rips of old DVDs and play them through a media system, but I don't know the pros or cons of either.
>Compare their functions and pick one that works with HW accel of the SBC you are using, or expect frame drops.
>Why do you even ask this question? Do they know how to use a mouse and keyboard? What is the problem otherwise? Though if you are hooking it to a TV, there is probably no room for kb and mouse on the couch.
They know how to use a mouse and keyboard, and we have the space for a mouse, but not a keyboard. The problem is, one of them is so autistic about fucking things up, that the moment they hit a wrong button, they need someone else to bring them back to the previous menu because they're afraid of breaking something permanently. That kind of shit.
Next time use MP3Tag or puddletag, both support MP3 as well as other audio formats.
how is your experience with linux? is it very stable? does it crash often? my legion used to be very resilient now every 10 days of uptime it just crashes sometimes BSODs (70 days was my maximum lel) hopefully hardware is not damaged am i fucked i used to poke the bios before but now i reverted everything back to normal
gonna leave this here incase someone here managed to get their hands on the newest screenpad laptop from asus with AMD6000 series cpus with 3080ti
https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28944426 https://arccompute.com/blog/libvfio-commodity-gpu-multiplexing/ (this looks rather new haven't seen this before will come handy)
cont of >>5875 (forgot to add this)
most of the stuff i found on the gigahertz store are generic RTX 3050 (4gb vram) gayming laptops with the same micron SSDs i wish i could customize the factory specs (i need the outdated 20 series because newer gpus arent supported by vgpu_unlock unless they crack the bios firmwares hope lapSUSsy strikes again but this time they target the A1000/GRID vbios source codes and leak without payment)
why the heck do they limit the iGPU vram to 512mb? (the ideapad 15arh05 in the store has 2gb of vram) even though users can just upgrade later and why the heck is the radeon on GPU 1 not 0 i thought the integrated gpu is supposed to get first priority and how do i trigger the mux switch on demand?
i guess ill just wait for 2024 since intel alchemist gpus support sr-iov (https://archive.is/6VLqq https://archive.is/5InXS is moore threads MTT S2000 good? i dont wanna support globohomo)
the fact that manufaturers refuse to implement the iommu/vGPU thingy properly on budget gaming notebooks is more than enough proof that we gamers are the most oppressed minority out there (a proper workstation desktop is too expensive for me)
any way to contact the origin/dealers of the parts directly? do i need to sign contract/NDA since i wanna buy it at the source rather than the expensive store items
i looked everywhere even took a goddam train to cubao and they only sell 16gb sticks (32 gb ram can only be found online but im suspicious) im going to convert this legion into a powerful minature home VPS server
i found a secondhand thinkpad and panasonic mini toughbook with CD player on gilmore should i buy it? im kind of jealous since most /g/ oldfags have one of these (gotta backup mom's dvd collection for safekeeping cuz why not)
lastly how the heck do you root an a20? https://archive.is/e1Txn it appears that samsung is building an inclusive inescapable rainbow walled garden with firmware level DRM i have not installed the FOTA updates yet
Replies: >>5889 >>5992
[Hide] (216.4KB, 1920x1080, 00:06)
Stop being used of non-free software. Install some version of the GNU/Linux operating system, like Arch Linux or Artix Linux or Gentoo. If you are on a laptop, you probably don't want to install Gentoo, though. Because in Gentoo, you need to build all your packages yourself (but it's automated by portage/emerge).
For more info, see: >>4081 (Arch & Artix) & >>932 (Gentoo)

Free software respects your freedoms:
<0 - The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.
<1 - The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish. (Access to the source code is a precondition for this.)
<2 - The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others.
<3 - The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. (By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.)
See also: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html & http://www.loper-os.org/?p=284 & https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Dn8gealMDsg

>how is your experience with linux? is it very stable?
Very good. GNU/Linux is much faster and more pleasant overall than windows.
Also: https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-microsoft.html

>does it crash often?
GNU/Linux has never crashed and I have been using various distros for 10 years now. The Xorg server crashed couple of times 10 years ago, though. But it didn't take down the whole OS.
Replies: >>5892 >>5896
Why would I use linux when the fat fuck in the webm is a communist and the creator of linux is a nigger faggot lover who cucks out for trannies?
Replies: >>5893
[Hide] (256.5KB, 808x472)
Nice madpost. Imagine getting assblasted when Stallman calls you a sucker.

>Why would I use linux
Perhaps you shouldn't try to inject identity politics into everything. Stallman is only fighting for software freedom and nothing else (I admit that Stallman does have weird/stupid opinions outside of software issues).

>fat fuck in the webm
<Not knowing how Stallman is.
Summer children should go back to Reddit.
[Hide] (22.3KB, 720x720)
Golly I sure am looking forward to getting a Pixel 6 to put GrapheneOS onto it.
Replies: >>5992
>GNU/Linux has never crashed
That's fucking bullshit. Linux will "never" crash as long as you manually monitor the resources used by each program, because Linux itself is incapable of doing that. Linux programs will malloc their way to high heaven and eat up CPU like no tomorrow while your system stands by and watches, waiting for (You) to manually kill misbehaving programs.
Your chances of crashing are lower than on Windows, that's true, but when you do crash that's fucking it. Not even Ctrl+Alt+Fn will save you and you'll have to do a hard reset... I personally prefer Linux to Windows (for the most part anyway) but I won't deny its many shortcomings.
Also don't reply to namefags.
so I installed windows 7 a few years ago and used one of those scripts to activate it
however I also shortly afterward deactivated whatever service windows uses to check or something, I'm not really sure, which causes it to say deactivated again every day, and occasionally even forces me to run the script again
any clue what the service I turned off was so I can turn it back on?
Replies: >>5901 >>5902
note: I originally followed the old /tech/ guide to installing it and trimming out the spyware on 8chan, but I don't think it's that, I think it's specifically a service but I have no clue which
Replies: >>5902 >>5912
Read the note about W7 Ultimate.
Replies: >>5935
Mind sharing the link? I'm working on a W7 install too.
Replies: >>5913 >>5935
Should have listened. I have been working on a project at work. 1.5k lines in. I felt shaky and decided to test it, calmed the compiler down, now a segfault that came from a library call. Fuck me.
Just mount the iso? If it's in some other format, look for a converter.
Replies: >>5920
He can't because the wine program is made calls to the emulated cd/dvd device, not just retrieving the data. A mounted iso can't do that.
Replies: >>5923
t. expert in not reading
[Hide] (14.1KB, 592x61)
How do I get rid of this shit?
Ask cuckchan, windowsfaggot.
Upgrade to Windows 7.
Change your IP to saudi arabia :^)
Replies: >>5931
check GPOs, probably named "pride" or some shit
That could actually work.
[Hide] (53.8KB, 350x350)
i've accepted that i will have to learn some macroshit wangblows administration to get a job. i have a very basic bitch knowledge of AD and GPOs but nothing really beyond that. i'm installing server 2019 in a VM right now, i don't care about performance, this is just to fuck around with and get a feel for it. what should I look into setting up specifically? what guides would help me get started?
Replies: >>5933 >>5936
You should private a book on macroshit certified nigger bullshit to know. Why are you simping for ms jobs? At least try to be a sysadmin.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1080x1080, 00:17)
it is windows 7 ultimate, but it didn't do it before I disabled whatever service
I guess I can try a different kms

I don't have it anymore but if you look at archives of 8chan /tech/ it should still be there
I think it was in the news banner
Replies: >>5956
Learn some PowersHell;: read "Learn Windows PowerShell in a month of lunches". Also, check out Sysinternals tools (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/). Check out stock windoze tools like Event Viewer and "god mode".
Replies: >>5937
Kek, I thought Ruby is ugly, holy shit Microsoft managed to make something even worse. I have never seen such a nigger language, every token is long as fuck. How come people writing it don't kill themselves is the biggest mystery in the world.
Replies: >>5938 >>5939
People for some reason believe things have to be awful when it comes to computers, to the point a suggestion beyond that is often met with anger.
I don't know why this happened, one would think man's nature is to seek better living conditions, but that's obviously not the case when it comes to computers.
Replies: >>5939
Microshit's management style is basically (and literally) "emotionally abuse subordinates who don't follow the word of law (The manager or any higher authority), even if it actually fixes problems. Also, brown nose the higher ups, office politics are more important than actual products,". This is why 90% of microshit's products are truly microSHIT.

There are far too many companies that copy this shit because microshit makes an absolutely confusing amount of money. Bill gates' is a billionaire because he financed multiple companies in multiple fields, not just software. Yet for some asinine reason, there are way too many corporate simps who copy the microshit style only to crash and burn.

Microshit is why nokia is a shell of it's former self.
Replies: >>5947
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1300x4704)
Good opportunity to post this gem.
Hey, penguins... what does your SPI2 config contain?
$ cat /usr/share/defaults/at-spi2/accessibility.conf
    <!-- Allow root to connect -->
    <allow user="root"/>
    <!-- Allow everything to be sent -->
    <allow send_destination="*" eavesdrop="true"/>
    <!-- Allow everything to be received -->
    <allow eavesdrop="true"/>
    <!-- Allow anyone to own anything -->
    <allow own="*"/>
  <limit name="max_names_per_connection">50000</limit>
  <limit name="max_match_rules_per_connection">50000</limit>
Are you sure this belongs to an on-screen keyboard?
I checked a while back and it's actually windows 7 pro so I know it's not causing it
it is some disabled process
how do you enable 5.1 quad surround sound on a vmware virtual machine? do i need to install additional software drivers in the guest or is there some plugin for the host since im using the typical 2 speaker system
im gonna buy this tablet over here for remote cloud gaming https://archive.is/D9D1I since chromebooks are crappy nowadays there is even a pen for drawing
i will migrate to KVM soon how do i implement shared folders with filezilla and add network drives on windows explorer? i have no idea how the filesystem option works on virt-manager and i heard this is still shit on windows but works well on rootfs linux guests
why is my guest desktop and browser so sluggish and rough? unlike my host windows pc surprisingly games work very well inside the hypervisor with minimal lag but if you leave it on for 4 days of uptime ive noticed that it degrades slowly and it looks like the ram is corrupting itself for no reason at all but the host is perfectly fine and smooth
what is going on? my rig is not too old and the ram test passes 100% will a ddr5 ecc board solve this issue? or am i ok on ddr4? disabling 3d did not speed up my guest infact it was a lot worse and then it crashed later due to ram corruption while not gaming
Replies: >>5972
>vmware 5.1
Not possible, look it up.
>kvm shared folders
If you are using bridge network, the best way is samber/nfs on guest. The downside is no share across VMs. If you need to share a folder across multiple VMs, do samber/nfs on host.
>ram corruption
It is not corruption, the symptoms are completely different. Check resource usages.
Replies: >>5992
what are some not-gay password managers that actually work? Buttercup is blaoted webshit and KeepassXC doesn't want to connect to my browser for some gay reason.
Replies: >>5983
Pass - the standard unix password manager has never failed me.
Replies: >>5984 >>5988 >>5992
+1 for pass. It's basically just a folder with gpg encrypted files, you can't get much simpler than that. Also trivially synchronizable with a git server if you want to use it on multiple devices or for backup purposes. The only thing I don't really like is that the names of the entries are not encrypted, so an instant account list if someone gets your git repo.
Anyone have a cock.li invite or know of any good email providers?
Replies: >>5987
use case?
Replies: >>5989
This. Very good program.
Does it really matter? If you're wondering, I'm planning on using it as a "work" or disposable email.
Replies: >>6009
just a friendly reminder that bitwarden has a fuwwy (that's literally the username) github contributor you wouldn't wanna share your shit with furfags at this point ill just put everything on a regular usb flash drive for safekeeping

same here how do you unlock the goddamm A20 bootloader? it appears to be coded by trannies and hyPOCites so this shit should be rather insecure right? right guys?
also is the snapdragon/kirin more powerful than the google tensor? i need something that can beat the nintendo switch tegra x1 easily
also should i buy the expensive oculus quest for 20k php (saw it on the stores) or should i just use my A20 phone as vr headset (where do i buy one of these chinese nintendo switch android controller otg adapters) im not a macfag but i wanna emulate thier shit

>>5876 did a bit of adventures yesterday i saw many disgusting rainbow flags near the makati bank will post pics later
welp went to edsa and makati they seem to have the amd 6000 ddr5 laptops jackpot! im looking for but not the zephyrus duo screenpad oh well stocks are coming on the other stores i found a fully upgraded legion with 2tb storage and 32gb 2x16 ram should i buy it despite the 160k price? i feel bad for my dad's wallet but i guess it won't matter since the economy is collapsing anyway and the bank will be useless soon (should i wait for 2023-2024 or just buy now while its early)
also while previewing the windows stuff on the lenovo store it looks like the amd 5xxx gaming ideapads with RGB have both pcr7 and DMA enabled by default with iGPU to 2gb of vram unlike the 4800h (hyper-v is off but thats ok i can re-enable it after buying without poking the bios) but on the high end legions with ayymd the kernel DMA feature protection is disabled intentionally for no reason at all its not fair this is more than enough evidence to prove that we NEETS are the most marginalized group out there not even manufacturers care let alone unlock their firmwares and let us do the work ourselves

oh wait nevermind asus has it too (i looked at the whole cyberzone branch the acer ones are all wintel with 3070) the bios is also locked there but there is no guide on win-raid which makes it even harder for me
they also seem to have 2060ti 4900h ROG model without numpad lying on the table but surprise surprise its locked too so i guess im no better off after all (i could ask for a bios mod but it feels like a bad idea since i dont wanna repeat the mistake i did on my legion im not sure if i caused a glitch on my graphics card when i used the EFI unlock script)
if i really have to buy lenovo i wish they would make a 5800h 2080ti variant of the good'ol budget legion 5 in 2023 i refuse to support lenovo's chingchong lgbt betrayal and hardware lockdowns but i guess this is the only thing that fits my VFIO criteria the office ones look perfect good but completely underpowered for veeams (lol one of the laptops had amd APU and weak mx450 idk why they even made that model in the first place)

>>5972 oops forgot my name
>5.1 (it says on the docs that vmware uses usb sound card on the guest)
im sure VBAUDIO cables has an option for 7.1 surround ill let parsec/rainway capture the audio for me
>shared folders
thanks it would be nice if i could share from VM to VM without involving the host (RDP file clipboard gets the job done and vmware win10 accepts the files)
>ram corruption
im not really sure if this counts but on edge task manager some of the tabs consume up to 100 cpu (20% on the guest vCPU) also if the RAM peaks to 8gb the screen turns black and shrinks to 640 by 480 as a warning if this happens second time the program or guest crashes
also i dunno why this happens but when hyper-v is off vmware goes into verifybora error the moment the guest loads desktop but on safe mode it does not crash at all there was also one time where the vmware guest audio cracks with HV on but when i run vbox at the same time the audio goes back to normal fuckkin weird why does this happen on my system

lastly anyone has a crack for usb network gate not sure if [usb-over-network.org] and [net-usb.com] are the same either way im not paying for this ill finish the hyper-v rant after i get this shit done i still need to find a way to pair my controller to the GPU-P vm
Replies: >>5993
Qemu's usb-audio supports it. Or you could check out scream as a virtualization agnostic option:
I just got an old Pentium II laptop from a relative, any ideas for what to install on it?
Gentoo if you do distcc or binhost. I'd avoid apt cancer, but there aren't many choices for i686. devuan, alpine, void are other options.
Replies: >>5999
[Hide] (12.8KB, 170x227)
Tiny Core Linux is what I had in my bookmarks for this http://www.tinycorelinux.net/
Replies: >>5999
Sure, but what exactly should I install once I have linux running?
also iredmail is a good mailserver right
Replies: >>6001
Host light websites, git repositories, file server, torrents, dns server. If you get a quality sound card, mpd.
Replies: >>6042
Windows 98.
You're probably better using it as a retro (gaming) pc than trying to run anything made in the last decade, I'm afraid even the most lightweight linux distro is too much for it. You could also try haiku, I've heard a few people using it on computers that were too slow even for lightweight linux, but then you'll have a meager software library.
What do you want to use it for? That would be a starting point.
Proton if no sensitive data on it.
How much memory does that have? 64MiB? 128MiB?
Given mid 90s specs, the main issue you'll have there is memory, you can't use Xorg for instance because it'll take up most of the memory on that laptop. After that, I've tried to do stuff on a much more powerful early 2000s laptop with a 2ghz single core processor and 1GiB of DDR1 and I could see Vim draw to the terminal. Terminals are piss slow, actually. On that kind of harware you have to mind the software you use a lot, including command line software, don't assume the software is good just because it runs in the command line and its task is simple, shitcode can make anything happen.

NetBSD is probably well suited, there's a cron job that updates the man database daily and I've heard that it can become an issue on very toasty machines, but otherwise its libc is small like musl and the kernel is much less bloated than Linux.

Hyperbola Linux and Alpine Linux can both run on a mid/late 90s toaster, but Hyperbola won't install unless you have around 512MiBs of RAM (the installer loads a load of crap to memory) so you'll have to install Hyperbola to the hardware with another computer.

As for software, bash is very bloated, use oksh, mksh, NetBSD sh, or busybox ash (ash is actually very feature complete unlike the typical busybox program). You'll want to go through the services that are enabled by default and disable the ones you don't need. That computer is probably old enough that its hardware clock drifts heavily, OpenNTPD is a good and relatively small NTP daemon. Whatever OS you install is probably going to have like 10 gettys just sitting there eating memory, make sure to disable all the TTYs except 1. If you need multitasking use tmux. You will want a little bit of swap to give yourself more memory, but hard disks already suck for random access and a 90s hard drive is much slower than a modern one, so use 16-32MiB of swap at most.
Replies: >>6014 >>6042
512 MiB. I tried installing NetBSD, but the cdrom wasn't recognized and I didn't have enough floppies. Tiny Core Linux worked, although its weird package management and file system will make using it difficult.
If anyone is wondering what the laptop is, it's a Sony Vaio PCG-Z505RX.
Replies: >>6018
Oh, that's plenty.

OpenBSD relinks the kernel every boot, I think 512MiB is just a little more than enough to do it, I didn't recommend it because I assumed you had less RAM. OpenBSD runs on architectures that never had a machine with nearly as much RAM, but those have it disabled. Generally, if OpenBSD runs on a machine, then it works well, they just drop support for the hardware (or the whole architecture) if it doesn't. OpenBSD has a floppy installer that's a single floppy, it downloads the rest of the system over the internet, although it can also load the files from a storage device if the install floppy has the drivers for it.

Void Linux Musl can get a MATE desktop with 100MiB of RAM usage. I don't recommend using MATE in specific though, go with a tiling WM like dwm, they're both more convenient (after you learn them) and lighter on resources, I just haven't done that on Void to tell you the RAM usage. Avoid i3 because it's the more bloated one of the tiling WMs, if you like it then bspwm is a lot like i3.

>but the cdrom wasn't recognized
Late 90s/early 2000s laptops generally have poor support for various boot methods. Not sure if it's a NetBSD issue in your case but it wouldn't be uncommon to be unable to boot over anything but floppy and the internal hard drive. Another thing is that Linux users commonly burn the USB image into a CD or the CD image into a USB, the BSD installers aren't hybrid, so make sure you didn't do that.

If all else fails, netbooting seems to have been well supported throughout the 90s.

The smallest systems that I know of are OpenWRT, Alpine Linux, Hyperbola Linux, Gentoo Linux, and NetBSD. I have Hyperbola and Alpine VMs that use around ~22MiBs of RAM each. They're pure command line systems, I use them for programming. OpenWRT is even smaller, falling to 11MiBs or so of RAM usage, but its package repositories have few packages that you wouldn't run on a router.
After that, OpenBSD and Void Linux Musl are lightweight for modern standards. I haven't used Tiny Core Linux to compare. OpenBSD in a VM starts off at around 49MiBs of RAM usage without a GUI and 70MiBs of RAM with the default GUI, keep in mind VMs use less memory because of simpler drivers and less hardware. Void is comparable to that, I don't have exact numbers.
Gentoo, despite being able to produce very small installs, is a bad idea on old hardware because of compiling, so unless you use a different machine to compile programs for it don't bother.
Replies: >>6021
Nevermind, I actually just checked and found out it actually has 128MiB. Alpine has failed to boot, and I get a kernel panic when installing Gentoo. I'll try Knoppix, but sadly I might just end up having to go back to Wangblows.
Replies: >>6022
Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2 would be perfect, both very lightweight and can run plenty of vidya.
Also give KolibriOS a try, I haven't used it myself but I'm curious to know how well it runs on old hardware.
Replies: >>6024
Are there any window AC units that can be rested mostly inside with just the vent or exhaust pointed out the window? (kind of like the portable units, but still resting on the window)
My landlord doesn't approve of proper window AC units sticking out of the window, but allows for portable AC units. (Basically, no removing the screen or installing anything on the window itself.) Portable ones are usually garbage and take up more space which is why I'd like to avoid them.

So far I've found nothing and assume what I'm asking for doesn't exist. (or I'm retarded and searching the wrong terms) Otherwise is there another way I could install a normal window unit that he might approve?
>Windows XP SP2
Isn't that a bit too low-spec even for that? Or was it SP3 when memory usage skyrocketed? Anyway, Pentium 2 is still late 90s technology, I still think you might be better with win 98, XP broke shitloads of old games.
If you don't want wangblows, you could try some older linux or *bsd, they have a higher chance of running, unfortunately I don't think anything made these days would work with so little ram (especially if you want a gui). Even alpine wiki lists 128MB as minimum to start without a gui or anything. Tiny Core Linux lists 48MB as minimum, but the webpage it's written on was last updated in 2008, so take it with a grain of salt.
Replies: >>6025 >>6035
98 was a brokedick piece of shit that barely worked even back then and is missing a lot of amenities that even back then were commonplace, like basic USB PnP (reminder that it crashed on stage when Bill plugged in a scanner). Use Win2K instead for a more stable experience, even on low-end hardware
Replies: >>6026 >>6036
Enjoy the total 0 non-server applications that works on it. You're probably better with XP, but many dos/older windows games didn't work properly on it.
Unless, of course you want to use it for anything besides retro vidya, but I don't really know what else would you use it for. Anything remotely modern won't work on it.
At this point, freedos is probably the best choice. He can ever play dos games on it.
a lot of "modern" (stuff from early 2010s at the latest) software has worked on it with a few tweaks. it runs vidya fine and has that professional look instead of XP's baby mode UI.
Replies: >>6038 >>6063
>Enjoy the total 0 non-server applications that works on it
>You're probably better with XP
You clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about. WinXP is nothing but a reskinned Win2K with extra fluff on top (WMP, MSN messenger, 3D pinball) and nothing more, games that run on XP will run on 2K save for a few exceptions from the 2010s onwards. Don't talk outta your ass.

>was it SP3 when memory usage skyrocketed?
Yes, SP3 is massive and raises the minimum specs for XP installation. Don't bother with SP3 unless you're running software that specifically targets it.
Replies: >>6036
98 was still more stable than 95, and the most recent version of Windows with native DOS support if desired

Given the PC specs, I'd prefer 98 or 2k. XP is very lightweight by modern standards, but unless the RAM can be upgraded to more than 128MB, that could be a bottleneck for certain programs.

>Enjoy the total 0 non-server applications that works on it.
What are you talking about? 2k was supported until 2010 and had a decent marketshare, even if it was eclipsed by 98 and XP. Enough people used it that most programs at the time supported it. Outside of very specific lightweight programs, you're not going to be running anything modern on that computer anyway.

I didn't know SP3 increased it that much, but I'd still recommend it for anyone needing to run more modern Windows programs on minimal hardware. (and doesn't want to use Linux) My last XP PC had 4G of RAM and ran everything just fine even until XP's end of life in 2014. (I never used the XP PoS reg edit as I switched to Linux/win7 dual boot on a new PC by that point)
>early 2010s
Why are you fixating on early 2010s games so much? They won't run with acceptable performance on that HW (if they even manage to start with just 128MB ram), and besides 99% of good games were made before that. Your target should be something like late 90s, very early 2000s (at that time moore's law were still in effect, new games were basically unplayable on a few years old HW, and we have a notebook which is even more low powered than a normal desktop), and that's mostly before the XP era. Before XP very few people used NT based OS on a home computer, and XP broke many old games. When XP came out I didn't update for years, and instead watched BSODs on win98, because at least things worked on it when it didn't crash.
Replies: >>6040
I said that I've had stuff from the late 2010s run on it, that doesn't mean that's what I'm running on it exclusively. of course i have plenty of vidya from the 90s/00s that I run on it, i'm not trying to play fucking Bioshock on my shitbox.
Replies: >>6041
*early 2010s
Alpine is pretty comfy ---> >>4466
Or how about FreeDOS? ---> >>5755


An old good riddle: what was Z80 really designed for? Did anyone find out by now?
I mean, yes, that those cool I/O ports array commands were clearly not made with ZX Spectrum in mind (nor did it use all these capabilities), but suggest some… interesting uses. Whether Spectrum was a fallback market or a way to crowd-source good libraries, this does not point anywhere specific.
This capacity not left to hardware multiplexing/demultiplexing, but built right into CPU? That’s more of tuning DACs for a whole phased array, on the fly (literally) kind of work. Radars, sensor arrays, communications?
If Z80 was the king of comsat chips until 386EX came, we’d hear about it, however.

> a lot of "modern" (stuff from early 2010s at the latest) software has worked on it with a few tweaks. it runs vidya fine 
The same could be said about Wine.
Replies: >>6069
>what was Z80 really designed for?
I'm intrigued.

On a semi-related note, why are "retro" computer kits so fucking expensive? You'd think that with the decrease in technology prices that they'd be cheap, but even the CP/M boards cost around $50, and you have to hook them up to a computer anyway unless you happen to have a serial terminal lying around.
And don't get me started on those "computers" that are just some shitty microcontroller with a VGA port.
Replies: >>6073
>why are "retro" computer kits so fucking expensive?
"retro" computers are marketed as cool tech to boomers or hippies who overlaps with the "makers" community. They will pay more for worse as long as it is easy enough for them to put together with sweat dripping down their face as trophy to post on normalfag social.
I have noticed on a couple occasions, that I want metaprogramming in C. For example:
>compile time dynamic list
For example, module A expose an array of struct to work on. B and C wants to be processed by A. But A shouldn't know about B and C. What if I can define something like this:
language: c
compile_time struct external_A[];
//Using the name directly because there is no memory address...
compile_time_array_add(external_A, B_for_A);
compile_time_array_add(external_A, C_for_A);
>compile time enum generation
>enum to string
>hash table generation
>struct walker
Macros can solve these, but the syntax is terrible. I also found m4 and php used for this.
Should I write a preprocessor for this? How do you deal with it?
Replies: >>6091 >>6095 >>6099
>trying to build dolphin-emu
>got most issues resolvued except for having the wrong version of libudev-dev
>it's a part of ((( systemd )))
>cannot find a way to build it independently of systemd but i know there is because there is a package for it in devuan, however it refuses to install without deleting my entire system for some reason
language: bash
WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.
This should NOT be done unless you know exactly what you are doing!
  init sysvinit-core (due to init) mount util-linux (due to mount) sysvinit-utils libeudev1 (due to util-linux)
the above error also lists just about every other package in my system to be removed. what other options do i have for building this one fucking library?
Replies: >>6081 >>6091
Use eudev as the alternative, change the package dependency. I never get how to build packages on deb systems, their structure is just hell.
You can also try to compile independently, not as a package.
Replies: >>6082 >>6105
[Hide] (833.2KB, 1920x1080, 00:01)
found an appimage someone made and it still hasn't fixed the issue i'm having, so i don't think building it myself will change much. pairing a wiimote is a herculean task apparently.
Replies: >>6084
Building it yourself allow you to ignore dependency definitions on the package. If there is a flag to disable udev support, you may even be able to get away without it.
Replies: >>6087
[Hide] (525.7KB, 721x705)
considering udev allows me to use controllers i don't think i want to disable it
Replies: >>6088
udev deals with device rules and modules. You can modprobe and chown manually.
Replies: >>6091
>compile time X
>Should I write a preprocessor for this
CPython fags went with codegen, they have a script that takes some description and creates the C source code for several repetitive and boring functions. I've seen other projects generate various files, simple data in a header file is one frequent result of this. Yes, you'll need to code the codegen, but it's probably less painful than doing it with fucking C preprocessor macros and hoping the C compiler won't do some retarded shit.

You're not building the library but only something that will interface to it. You don't even need to install a package for it, the compiler/linker only needs a pile of header/link-def files that match the binaries you have installed. If you think you found a compatible package, you can just unpack it somewhere and add that path to the include directories for just this one build.

With dolphin-emu your worst problem will be a game crash and not a fucked up system, so it's not that important to compile it "the proper way". And the crash you'll have anyway because Dolphin is just that randomly instable.

>modprobe and chown manually
<fuck around with the kernel
<just for running a Gamecube emulator
Replies: >>6104
>Macros can solve these, but the syntax is terrible. I also found m4 and php used for this.
Don't use PHP for this please, that language deserve to die and not find new usecases for it. Most projects use perl or python scripts for shit like this, or sometimes they write a c program to generate the code (yes, that complicates build a bit since you have to compile the generator first).
As for macros, enum to string/string to enum shit can be easily done with x macros without looking very bad, but for more complicated use-cases they suck horribly. At that point you're better switching to codegen (or maybe c++ templates, if you don't hate that language, but they're also pretty limited). There are some languages like some lisp dialects or scala where macros can contain arbitrary code that is executed during compilation, but the c preprocessor is essentially just a glorified search and replace.
Replies: >>6100 >>6105
How do I set a custom colorscheme for my VT/TTY?
If your program uses a hash table, even one that only depends on data that is known at compile time, chances are whatever it's doing dwarfs the runtime of generating the hash table.
Replies: >>6100 >>6102
Fuck, I mean the other way around, I mean the hash table usually dwarfs the runtime of whatever the program is doing. If you have a real program rather than a markov table or some shit like that, like say a compiler or interpreter, there aren't all that many strings you'll chuck in the hash table.
Your shell looks up all the programs you have and creates a hash table with their names when it starts up. How long does that take?

I'd recommend starting by profiling to see if the hash table is even an issue.

Perl, Python, and C also deserve to die. C is probably the worst here because the rest (and PHP) never ruined anything that was ever good in the first place, whereas any C search will be polluted by C++ results.

Terry Davis' HolyC lets you write a HolyC program that outputs HolyC source instead of having a preprocessor.
You can do the same easily in C, it's not a language feature and it requires help from the build system, but if you didn't choose to make your own life harder and worse by using Make it's easy.
Replies: >>6102 >>6105 >>6106
>just do it at runtime
Did you just blow in from StackOverflow? Why do you have the urge to redefine the problem?
<fucking up the formatting
How to spot an outsider.
>Perl, Python, C++ deserve to die
<not Javascript, Rust, Unix shell, ...
>was ever good
>my poor little C is eclipsed by C++
Cry harder, fag. There was a time when C was seen as the shitty invader that's killing better languages, just as you see C++ now. Unixfags made C the de facto standard, and now shiteaters think it's the best thing ever.
Replies: >>6103 >>6105 >>6106
C++ looks ugly as shit
modprobe is not fucking around with the kernel. Device that uses a module (not statically compiled into the kernel), requires module loading. That is the job of udev or other dynamic device manager. If the emulator inserts special device rules via udev, the user can do that manually.
chown is a common command. Install Gentoo.
Very good replies, I will bison my own codegen.
You are right, it doesn't take much time to do on the fly. But it seems silly when you know exactly what would be on the table.
C is still pretty good. I rewrite some python shit in C and it takes one tenth of memory and much less cpu than the original. It takes more line to do things but it's worth it.
What exactly is wrong with C again? I hear people talk about how shit it is, but I haven't really found a good explanation for it.
Replies: >>6107
[Hide] (369.9KB, 1280x792, 00:34)
It's all trade-offs but the weak-typing for basic types is kind of rough, some very basic data structures like strings, vectors, and hashmaps are pretty inconvenient, there's no convention like RAII to simplify handling memory, difficult to make generic data structures without some form of generic type system (void pointers break static type guarantees and preprocessor macros get gnarly fast), no module system or namespacing could be considered downsides. Just a few more features and changes to design decisions could go along away. But on the other hand we don't have many examples of languages with widespread use that are able to restrain themselves from globbing on new features so contributors can get plaudits, so maybe it's best it stays as it is as a "high level assembly" that's relatively stable. It's just too bad we don't have something between C and the infinitely increasing complexity of C++'s design by committee model. Vid unrelated.
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