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Please write a Violentmonkey script to hide threads. I wrote such script for prolikewoah, but I can't be assed to do the same for this shit. ttps://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/26529.html#37226
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Does jschan have an api?
>>5780 (OP) 
I'm pretty sure you can hide threads in jschan settings.
I want to be able to hide threads with javascript disabled. I don't trust javascript I haven't wrote myself, plus they can put anything they want in javascript without noticing you.
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I don't think you'd be able to manipulate html data without using javascript over https.
>I don't trust javascript I haven't wrote myself
Then just do it yourself faggot, it shouldn't be too hard to find the <div> element for a thread and write a script to remove it.
But I'm lazy. Please you do this. You use this site more anyway.
Please, /b/ is fucking drowning in shit threads.

By the way, is it safe to use firefox addons with tor browser?

I will maybe do this myself, I just want to remind you how shit the html code of this site is.
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Safe? Yes. You will stick out from the herd of other TBB users, however.
>I just want to remind you how shit the html code of this site is.
Select by class "thread", first div child's id is the thread number. That's all you need to know to ignore threads, I'm pretty sure you can even filter them through uBlock. Have you tried not being a gorilla nigger?
>You will stick out from the herd of other TBB users, however.
will i?
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Yeah, every TBB instance is meant to appear identical to a website, so installing addons that modify detectable browser functionality or edit  the contents of a page will make you fingerprintable.
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Are you implying there are users that enable javascript on TBB? Otherwise the server has no way to know that.
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If your addon stops certain resources from being fetched (images, video etc) then that's one possible vector. Most tracking avenues require JS but not all.
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monke scripts filters after the dom is fully loaded. Otherwise the script can't be sure there wot be more match after the filter.
Group 1: Users that use TBB with JS allowed (Standard or Safer profile)

Group 2: Users that use TBB without JS (Safest profile), smaller than Group 1

Group 3: Users that use TBB without JS and also have addons that you might be able to fingerprint through CSS queries (see https://noscriptfingerprint.com ), smaller than Group 2 while not having many advantages over it.

Tor Browser on Tails OS has uBlock installed by default, this is a fingerprint you can blend into. Note that this is just about privacy, safety is an entirely different thing.
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Group 1 can be further split into subgroups for each OS since IIRC the TBB devs gave up on trying to hide the underlying OS from JS (they even disabled the Windows user agent override for a time until people requested it to be restored).
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I didn't want to make too many groups. Besides, all three can produce an OS fingerprint using the CSS query technique.
So, you probably need to disable css as well then.

Or just not touch the page in any way, but grab info you need from it and display it on a separate page.

Anyway, not running default javascript calms me down for other reasons, like not having to worry about miners. Privacy is fucked anyway.
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At this point, not enabling css is itself a group of users. In any cases, if the site you are browsing makes you worry about sophisticated tracking like this, you have bigger issues.
lol no
Please do this. I suck at programming, I'm busy and I'm lazy.

Also, apparently android browsers have no way to install userscripts, android fuckers are fucked as usual.
>>5780 (OP) 
>please help me innovate so that I can ignore a problem
Being able to close your eyes is awesome. With internet, if you don't see something, it doesn't exist. Wish real life problems worked like that too.
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I made my own but it also does a bunch of other things.
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Please post it.
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Are you trying to sell me some kind of anti-adblock solution?
It won't work because it also assumes that <noscript> tags don't activate.
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