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What happened to the creator of mpv exactly? Why did he get kicked out from his own project? What lead up to the mpv creator getting kicked out?

I posted this thread on Lainchan earlier, but I didn't get to see any replies and then when I went to check back on it, it got deleted most likely because it was offtopic despite it relating to FOSS. There is no ban message.
Please do not del this thread, janny.
>>1115 (OP) 
What the hell? MPV is great software and it better stay the way it is.
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>>1115 (OP) 
That account isn't him,github is just being nigger-tier technology and letting someone else grab the name because the actual person left.
Though,the dude might have actually gotten kicked off since his disappearance was not well explained and there are some posts of plebbitors complaining about how his linus tier dev rants are 'toxic' around the time he went awol.His big rant against GNOME's retardation in regards to protcol conformance got a bunch of cucks all fired up.
At the same time the now maintainer(who I remember being a contributor for a long time) seems to be acting respectful towards him and I can't help but feel that they wouldn't be able to keep themselves from gloating about the 'victory' if they actually drove the dude off.
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Replies: >>1121 >>1129 >>1136
Incredibly gay. I guess if I ever come up with an idea for something useful I'll release it as closed source shareware so I can't be bullied out of my own project.
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Replies: >>1163
>>1115 (OP) 
He seduced a guy in his project group while he was going out with another guy in the group. So it made a problem in their project.
Maybe that's the best way to avoid it. How does a (((board of directors))) even begin to form around an open source project? I can't find any of their names. Maybe it doesn't exist in an official capacity, but they obviously consider themselves to be a (((board of directors))) based on their statement to "have a full board room meeting" to discuss the "issue" of bad manners online. You think they'd do everything to placate the creator and major contributor of the project. No, the opinion of some fag on twitter, who wasn't even involved, is more important.
Replies: >>1137
>and it better stay the way it is.
Why would you expect them to allow you to have good things Anon? Learn to code, and at least you might have something to say in the matter. Otherwise just be a good goy and go back to sleep. Trannies have projects to corrupt...
>>1115 (OP) 
Fuck trannies and their kike masters.
That's why LainChan is gay
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>it works in C. use a real language, asshole
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Every, single, fucking time.
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>How does a (((board of directors))) even begin to form around an open source project?
Rentseeking parasites is how. The bureaucracy runs so deep in retards' minds that they have to emulate it everywhere they go.
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>terry a davis porn
What the fuck.
I'm gettin real tired of this "preferred pronouns" bullshit. For some reason, everyone (women especially) now feel the need to put shit like "she/her/hers" in their email signatures and twitter profiles. Fuck that noise. A mere 7 years ago you'd be laughed out of the building for that shit. I can think of 1 guy off the top of my head in #lainchan who uses nixOS and is very active in there, but I can't see him using twatter.
>>1115 (OP) 
A meido is sexy and rapeable.
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>he thinks he can't make an open source project without getting bullied out of it
This mentality is retarded. Even if you were dumb enough to set up a bureaucracy for your project that kicked you out, it's a fucking freetard project. You can fork the project and continue pulling their improvements for your own version, and there's nothing the salty faggots can do about it.
Proprietary software, copyright, and (((intellectual property))) in general are anti-traditional garbage and you are a wimpy, limp-wristed faggot.
Replies: >>1154 >>1213
>>1115 (OP) 
Even for an open source software, the first developer has a right about its brand name and logo.

The name Linux is owned by Linus.

The name of Red Had Enterprise Linux and its logo are owned by Red Hat company.

Firefox's brand name and logo are owned by its foundation.

They open only their source codes.
Replies: >>1154
What's the problem with releasing the source while keeping the project a one man job? Anyone trying to join is told to fuck off, and anyone asking for a CoC is promptly told to dilate and blocked. If on some rare occasion a fag comes along and positively contributes to your project you can add him at your own discretion, but keep the keys to the kingdom in your hands. And don't let "women" in...
Worst case is some troon makes a "welcoming" fork of your project only for it to get instantly filled with STD code before it crashes and burns. Just make sure to stay away from GitHub and use any of the FOSS alternatives.

Yeah and now the name seems to be in the hands of this alleged board that will most certainly drive the project to the ground. Nothing's stopping anyone from making an mpv2 though.
Replies: >>1155 >>1158
>anyone trying to join is told to fuck off
That's the problem. A (big) part of open source software are done for resume padding, thus real names are used. Kicking fags and SJW away immediately activate their trap card: social pressure and job prospect threats.
Anonymous git repo or single use pseudonyms (or even better a public key as username) prevent this from happening at all.
Replies: >>1157
>Anonymous git repo or single use pseudonyms (or even better a public key as username) prevent this from happening at all.
That's what I had in mind all along. I didn't even know people use FOSS projects to fill resumés, but I guess it makes sense when you can't fill it with corporate references. If you are forced to use your real name when creating your own project you can just make your repo private and only give access to select people, or alternatively disable pull requests and other areas of outside feedback.
Replies: >>1162
>and anyone asking for a CoC
Just copy meguca's CoC.
Replies: >>1161 >>1164
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Did the thought ever appear in your tiny nigger brain that a smart-aleck /g/oon might use sarcasm on the Internet? For all we know at this point the original dev may have just grown sick of it all. It's a reminder to git clone software you care about but if you percieve comments like that one as an attack you should probably stick to using TempleOS.
Replies: >>1160
Replied to the wrong post?
I prefer 9front's approach: they replace all the proper nouns in /doc/ files with "Code of Conduct" and show a random one every time you load the page.
Replies: >>1164 >>1168
>I didn't even know people use FOSS projects to fill resumés, but I guess it makes sense when you can't fill it with corporate references.
Github or Gitlab ID is one of important part of your resume when you get a job as a programmer.
Replies: >>1164
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https://github.com/wm4/mpv2 just has the AGPLv3 in LICENSE, no actual code. Either way the project has sucked CoC since last August so you have neither you nor he have any right to start complaining about this shit now.
This is perfect! But nothing will top blacklist's CoC, which is basically a reverse "I'd like to interject for a moment".


Ah, good to know. Thankfully I have a "clean" official account on github for such personal matters, and a different anonymous one for real shit that can be deleted at a moment's notice.
Doesn't 9front actually have a real CoCk, too? One of the developers got kicked out because he said something wrong in the IRC/Mailing-list 2-3 years ago.
>anti-traditional garbage
Being traditional would mean everything is proprietary but everything is cracked as well and the cracking itself is proprietary as well because the release groups don't want other groups to steal their shit. Damn I miss those times, a whole lot more fun than frettard bullshit. The whole GPL thing just turn people into faggots who think things like licenses and legality are actually relevant. Almost as gay as the RPG Maker community that at some point realized they can monetize their games and in turn stopped ripping SNES assets.
Replies: >>1632
being traditional would mean everything is exchanged freely as was the case during the early days of computing
Replies: >>1633
Bring traditional means the source is distributed with the software, which is distributed with the hardware with a manual detailed enough to modify all aspect of it. And modifications were normal instead of illegal. This was the case before proprietary software became the norm.
Replies: >>1635
PDP-series computers had detailed manuals of their microcode and how to write your own.
>>1115 (OP) 
This cuckold is back.
Presuming mpv is or will be shitware now, what's the alternative? Write my own wrapper to ytdl videos to /tmp and start a more minimal player?
Replies: >>3354 >>3370
You are a few years late to the show when Linus cucked for his daughter and Stallman was cancelled. There isn't much of an alternative except examine the commit logs and throw out bullshit from it.
>what's the alternative? 
Mplayer, I guess...
wm4.png (u)
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>>1115 (OP) 
Reminder that this faggot single-handedly relicensed parts of mpv's code to LGPL from GPL. Cucklicenser got what he deserved.
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