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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

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This whole post is probably going to read like a giant advertisement for Yandex.  So, I apologize in advance for sounding so shill.

I was comparing search engines not by how botnet they are like people on /tech/ usually do, but by how "Basically Google with a VPN" the search results were, and I noticed how on...let's say "politically divisive" topics...Yandex gave me COMPLETELY different results.  I also noticed how likely I was to get ONLY major corpos as the results.  Like Google/Bing/Brave/DDG/etc. would all repeat the same Mockingbird media corpo links and tend to keep the narrative pretty tight, but Yandex would give me none of that.  I just wanted to share some of these:

Google results for "school shooting SSRIs":
"The Misperception of Antidepressants and Mass Shootings"
Almost every result is a major corpo
USA Today
Business Insider
LA Times
The Hill
No counter opinion

Yandex results for "school shooting SSRIs":
Same USA Today article, but then
"How to make a school shooter. Pharma pushes SSRI’s on..."
"The Decades of Evidence That SSRI Antidepressants Cause..."
The actual results are not corpos.  Substack, ssristories.net, brutalproof.net

Google "trump had nothing to do with jan 6":
"Trump refuses to say what he did during the Jan. 6 attack"
"Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump's ...
Again all major corpos Business Insider, ABC, AP, Wapo, etc.

"The FBI Finally Proves That Donald Trump Had Nothing to..."
"Trump Had 'Nothing to Do' With January 6, Claims Barry..."
Actual sites outside of the norm

I suspect what's going on is that the Russian government downranks U.S. MSM sites, but I'm so used to Google/Bing/etc. upranking U.S. MSM megacorps that it's nice to have a way to undo it.  But really it's nice to just get what I'm searching for rather than getting a giant "fact check" in my face that's patently absurd to the point of gaslighting.

Alright, I'm going to collect my check from the Russian government now, thanks for listening.
>>12611 (OP) 
It's a shame that Yandex isn't supported by Searx
Replies: >>12614
That is caused by Yandex captcha wall
My friend wrote a document detailing some of the evidence for Pearl Harbor being a false flag attack:

tl;dr all the damage was done from the ground, and no evidence of Japanese aircraft being present

For a while, it was the top article on this topic on all the major search engines.  But then it dropped out of google, bing, qwant, baidu. The very last one that had a link to the actual site, was Yandex.

A tool for censoring has been the creation of a lot of "Pearl Harbor False Flag" links that do not contain the kind of information you would expect, instead they talk about how the United States had decrypted Japanese signals and they knew that Japan was going to attack, but they didn't do anything.

I do not know if Yandex is complicit in censoring or they fell victim to SEO by the anglos.
>I do not know if Yandex is complicit in censoring or they fell victim to SEO by the anglos.
Link to pdf instead of making normal html website is not SEO friendly.
>>12611 (OP) 
More and more I've been caring about 'uncensored' search results as opposed to 'private' search results.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

Yandex does get around _some_ of it, but not all.  E.g., if I search "antivax" or "mgtow" I only get "This is why what you searched for is wrong" sites.  Those are the first two examples I thought of, but you get what I mean.
Replies: >>12707
I don't think there is any solution to this other than niche small search engines such as https://yacy.net/
Replies: >>12713
That was a good read
Yacy has gotten a lot easier to use since I last used it.
>>12611 (OP) 
>Site for a political party
>Google claims it is spam because same domain used to spam 
>Tell Google look at whois we new owners nao
>Ignored for months
>Party undergoes an hostile takeover attempt, that as any other coup includes the info outlets, site included
>police gets involved
>48h later, google indexes the site

I guess police probes help resolving stale situations
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>>12611 (OP) 
Western search companies are all about that information control now. It's so bad that now just basic things that are totally apolitical are suffering as well, severely too. I dont even bother using google anymore, as soon as I find myself typing it I just change it to startpage.com or anything else because every time I don't find what I'm looking for and have to switch to another engine anyway. Yandex is also nice because they have 0 respect for american copyright law, so if you search for any kind of illegal streaming sites or copyrighted material you get fully unfiltered results with 0 DMCA takedowns. It's insanely refreshing. 

The stranglehold google has is really terrible for everyone now and most people don't have a clue just how bad it is. I think they realize search is worse, but not how bad it really is. They maliciously redirect you to garbage news and they just have incompetent bad results because of their reliance on ads.
Replies: >>12921
Google is most likely a DoD project. They even call themselves Alphabet. ;^)
Anyway hold onto your seats, because with "AI" their leverage to fuck with everyone is increasing. The web is going to become much worse still.
Replies: >>12922
Is that not just dead internet theory? Endless bots serving to create narratives out of thin air? How do we even counteract something like that other than giving up on the internet entirely?
This sounds like it's more adaptive and also targets problematic users for shadowbanning. So like instead of having a bunch of fact-checkers running a counter-narrative and at the same time pumping them up in search engines, they just straight up eliminate the opposing side altogether before they can communicate and replace them with kosher bots (so that the social media doesn't become eerily silent).
>How do we even counteract something like that
One thing is proof of work. Make it easy to post at a human pace but sending 1000 posts per second becomes computationally expensive. Another thing is reputation systems. Everyone has a public-private key and software to filter out posts signed by known bot keys or only show posts signed by keys you trust or trusted by keys you trust. With zero knowledge proofs you can also do this in a way that nobody can enumerate all your posts and attribute them to your key.
> How do we even counteract something like that other than giving up on the internet entirely?
Not sure, maybe isolated intranets that vet users or something. I think Tor/i2p/freenet may become the only kind of option soon.
>giving up on the internet entirely
>implying there is anything on the internet worth not giving up on
Think about why does a person uses the internet. Roughly speaking it is to exchange information. Information including news, political views, memes, private messages, etc. Where do they come from? Who compose the majority of the other end of any information exchange?
Assume that bots and AIs are not already flooding the Internet, that is to say most other users are humans. Most humans are normalfags. Since the Internet getting popular, most places gone to shit because of normalfags. One reason normalfags turn everything to shit because they are inherently more socialized, which means they are more affected by social norms and peer pressure. Even without AI, the ((( media ))) has been pumping normalfags full of degeneration, niggerloving and other literal faggot crap. The so-called culture war.
But there was never any war, it is just replacement of any resemblance of anything nice into jewish bullshit. The game was rigged from the start. It is similar to white replacement, free-thinkers and based individuals are being drown out by the sheer number of normalfags, with more and more newfags (migrants) invading from all parts of the Internet. The September that never ended.
As for the stragglers, we are getting ground away bit by bit. Either by the soul crushing work (me), getting blackpilled by the current situation, or converting to the botnet to get ((( women ))). Sites are getting silently dropped left and right. 8ch, kiwifarms, etc.
A few days ago I checked half-ch, the whole board was slid. Sliding was used to be done to remove useful threads. Now the board is slid, to keep ANY useful discussion as short-lived as possible.
You speak of giving up the Internet, what's left to give up?
I am not writing this to blackpill. My point is, we may as well be the last surviving bastion of humanity that's worth anything more than being goyims. There is no hiding in the darknet or something, we are already backed up to the corner.
Been thinking about writing something about this, finally this gave me the push
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