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>be Thomas Buchler
>gay jew record producer
>become Orthodox jew (but remain a massive faggot)
>try learning Torah chant
>through tapes to save time and probably shekels
>oy vey rewinding tapes is too slow
>my time is valuable
>I could be writing computer software and making money instead
>licenses DECtalk
>uses it to make TropeTrainer
>the definitive software for learning torah chant
>software that sings the word of god
>it's really fucking good
>loads of jews buy it
>along the way he preserves loads of obscure jewish chant traditions
>meanwhile he's surrounding himself with loads of fags and trannies
>he's a massive fucking faggot in another way too
>he won't let anyone see TropeTrainer's source code
>no one
>not even the people he works with
>and his software is struggling with newer operating systems
>aka it doesn't fucking work on newer macOS versions and Windows 10
>he's also married a gay nigger intersex HIV positive jew
>makes a surrogate child
>then he fucking dies
>totally from cancer goyim
>jews upgrade to Windows 10 and the new macOS en masse
>suddenly their super important teaching software they're relying on doesn't fucking work
>find out he's dead
>and his niggerjew "husband" has lost the source code
>may have fucking given away the computer to some jew charity shit where it was probably wiped
>the phone app stops working too
>some DECtalk tranny he collaborated with won't release what little code he has because muh intellectual property
>kikes seemingly can't reinstall his donut steel software on Windows 7
>probably because of DRM or some shit
>have to resort to using an ancient build in a Windows XP VM
>another kike nabs the trademark to TropeTrainer
>calls his new software TropeTrainer™
>it's a fucking web subscription program
>and it can't sing

And thus ends the tale of Jewish Terry Davis, a fat fucking faggot who took over the world of jewish chant training and demolished it because he was too gay and jewish to release his source code. St. Terry made a Temple for free, Kike Terry made a bunch of shekels off a clever singing program but screwed everyone over through short-sighted jewish schemes.

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It's always funny to see the Jewish nature in action, they have to fuck everyone over including themselves. You can't even talk to God with this 32-bit Kikaloid.
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Believe it or not, the "gay nigger intersex HIV positive jew" thing wasn't hyperbole or an insult.
Replies: >>4955
Read >the circumcision of a spiritual journey
Indeed. I love jews screwing each other over like that. It gives me hope, seeing that kikes aren't the uniform group everyone thinks they are. There is still hope we can turn this strife to the goyims advantage.
Replies: >>9975
>>4939 (OP) 
A cracked version is impossible to get? Also, it doesn't support Wine at all? Maybe attempting to reverse engineer it would result in putting you on the ADL's list.
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>>4939 (OP) 
>be jew
>fuck yourselves over
>cry about it
Meanwhile Terry and his conduit to god will live as long as autists exist.
Replies: >>9975
>>4939 (OP) 
Terry Davis was also a jew.
Did you actually not know?
You christcucks are all the same you worships jews and worship a jew god, bonus point for being an americuck and sacrificing your foreskin to kikes.
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((( 9975 )))
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>schizophrenic man creates operating system to commune with his god
>it's prophetic motd program spits out actual prophecies
>nooooooo that's not god talking!
>he's a jew!
I'm not even a christcuck and that video shows that he made something special that touched something we don't understand.
Replies: >>11176 >>11181
If every christian was like Terry Davis, then I think it'd be a pretty alright religion.
You don't understand, terry is biologically jewish.
He was supposed to be our new messiah!!
Replies: >>11178 >>11182
>actual prophecies
what can you prove it predicted without resorting to Revelations-tier interpretations?
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Blasphemers against King Terry get the rope
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