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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

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Have you been working on your site anon?

Discuss anything about website building such as document preparation, layout design, custom static page generation, cgi scripting. Shill your website here, post about your updates, and read other anon's websites.

Pic related. People on neocities have been using discord as a guestbook, so I decided to make an email-based guestbook for my fanfiction hobby site.
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My website is just a way of sharing information or things I've made, it's not a community or expression thing for me. Never really understood Neocities in that way.

I have been wanting/trying to make a custom imageboard for a long time but maybe that's off-topic.
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Well I didn't join neocities for community.

I made a neocities site because I saw it as more flexible and optimal than a platform if I could keep everything organized in plain HTML. I didn't care too much about real-time interactivity like retweets or likes, and I don't have to care as much about an overbearing fediverse admin having controls over my content's visibility.

I can put my blogs, photography, game screenshots, or anything that comes to mind on neocities without having to join different specialized platforms.
Replies: >>9134
I used to run an obscure imageboard. I only shared it with anons I played games with. I started with else's software but got better at web dev and made my own. It was a cozy site and taught me a lot about programming. Good memories. I lost interest in it and took it down. I would enjoy working on it again but I can't justify that kind of project now. Not enough time.
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I have a Neocities website for art and ramblings but I haven't updated it in a while.
At the beginning I struggled to come up with a design that's pleasing but not busy or eye straining, until I gave up and went with a bare-bones look (pic related) and never looked back. It's simple enough that the HTML can be written by hand while the CSS stays small and readable, no JS needed. Looks comfy and displays nicely on older browsers.

>>9033 (OP) 
What's the link to your website? I like discovering new sites and linking to them if they're nice. Here's mine:
You can find buttons for other interesting Neocities sites I found at the bottom of the page.
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>the year isn't even there
Y-you're still making things right?
Replies: >>9142 >>9797
Yes I am, don't worry anon. :-D
I have a few 3D scenes I'm working on but things have been slow... I did publish a couple tutorials in 2022 though!

Forgot to mention that a few of the websites linked on the page are in fact run by fellow anons from /retro/. They're mostly journals/blogs but I enjoy reading them from time to time.
Replies: >>9146
This is mine. If you leave a comment on my site profile, my script will pick it up and add it to the guestbook.

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I bet /retro/ doesn't even work with a non-botnet modern browser. Most of these nu-imageboards don't.
Replies: >>9297
Holy shit finally found you intraverse anon. When are you publishing my lain article?
Replies: >>9151
>intraverse infinity
Weren't you the fag who opposed Sleepy Station because you wanted anons to contribute to your magazine instead?
I contributed to Intraverse issue 3 and 4. I'm not the editor or graphic designer.

I commented out the contributor tags from my index page (where the download links are posted) because I had trouble getting things to look the way I want, but you can still see the text if you view source.
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Still working on mine because I can't decide on a layout, plus I'm trying to clean up all my terrible HTML and CSS. I plan on hosting on neoshitties initially and then moving on to my own domain once I get enough money to afford a VPS (Yes, I am very broke right now and looking for another job).
I'm so terrified to post my writings anon. I admire you for you boldness. And you should be bold, you have a knack for writing, as I find myself really enjoying your mnemosynes-heretic story.
Love your site anon, I first visited it when you mentioned it in that one /retro/ thread, and I bookmarked it because eventually I wanted to get into 3d graphics. Keep up the good work.
Replies: >>9156 >>9159
>I can't decide on a layout
What's the nature of your content?... Photos and art? Writing? Music? Videos?
>I'm so terrified to post my writings anon
Post them ITT so we can rate.
Replies: >>9160
You could try to start with something simple then build upon it as you add new content.
Replies: >>9160
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What's the nature of your content?
Just reviewing books and writing some articles. Also a technical blog too specfically when it comes to testing my front end skills.
>Post them ITT so we can rate.
I-it's just a bunch of fanfiction, I haven't actually gotten the bravery to try and write an original piece outside of what I did for school and contests...
That's what I'm thinking about doing, just using my first site as a test grounds/putting my foot in the water to see what I like.
Replies: >>9173
>Just reviewing books and writing some articles
Go with a blog-like layout; tall horizontally centered area containing written content with an optional side menu to the left. Keep the reading area narrow with a relatively small width so reading it is easier, you don't want readers darting their eyes across their HD screen.
>I haven't actually gotten the bravery to try and write an original piece
Now's the time, start writing. And stop it with the faggy stuttering and waifuspam, faggot.
Replies: >>9189
>Go with a blog-like layout; tall horizontally centered area containing written content with an optional side menu to the left. Keep the reading area narrow with a relatively small width so reading it is easier, you don't want readers darting their eyes across their HD screen.
Thanks for the tips. I originally wanted to just leave the menu at the top, but I like the side option better now that I think about it.
>Now's the time, start writing. And stop it with the faggy stuttering and waifuspam, faggot.
Ok, I'll stop being a faggot.
What do you consider non-botnet? Works fine with Tor Browser without JS (same with the rest of the cafe).
Replies: >>9299
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I use Links browser on the Linux framebuffer console. Worked fine on 8ch.net, and most other small imageboards until the past few years when they made newer, more complicated captcha designs. I guess most people just accepted the modern browsers and botnet hardware that's required to run them well. But it just never felt good to me, so I avoid it at as much as possible.
Replies: >>9307 >>9468
>I use Links browser on the Linux framebuffer console
Neato, I'm working on a website and have been testing Links and similar browsers to ensure compatibility.
>until the past few years when they made newer, more complicated captcha designs
Does Links not work with form+static image designs?
>modern browsers and botnet hardware that's required to run them well
It is a shame that less powerful computers have been left behind by all the extra cruft added to what was meant to be a mostly plaintext with some images format.
Replies: >>9355
It works, but the captcha image in nu-boards often shows up in the browser as a sort of "embed" text link, so you have to navigate forward to see the image, and then back to type in the captcha. And if you don't get it right exactly (hard to remember if it's complicated) then there can be problems to refresh the captcha and get a new one. In fact, when I tried doing the "chess" captcha on /b/ I could never get a new captcha, even despite clearing the memory cache (in the menu: File -> Flush all caches).
Replies: >>9356 >>9371
delete cookies not cache
Replies: >>9357
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Unfortunately (and unlike Lynx browser) there are no settings or anything related to cookies in the Links menus or key bindings. In fact, even the man page doesn't mention cookies.
Replies: >>9358
rm ~/.lynx_cookies ?
Replies: >>9359
Wrong browser, that file is for Lynx, but it already has a key to manage the cookie jar: ^K
Links just doesn't have anything at all like that. But it has some advantages over Lynx, such as asynchronous DNS lookups, and the option to display graphics in the framebuffer console or X11.
>learning to build website
>discover css variables
>I can finally define a name for a color once then use that name for multiple elements instead copy and pasting hex codes
>somewhat recent feature
>doesn't work for browser from before 2015
>these posts about using old browsers
I guess CSS is a bloated enough spec (and its implementations) to leave room for interesting vulnerabilities. Paper talks about a timing attack that could be used for fingerprinting Tor browser with javascript disabled.
Personally I don't even bother with Tor, so this particular attack wouldn't matter to me. But there are problably other kinds of bugs hidden in that big mess. The older, smaller browsers that are just HTML have less attack surface overall.
Text browsers don't care about stylesheets, formatting is generally limited to linebreaks and tables, HTML4 seems to be as much support as you get.
You can fail the captcha on the cafe and it won't immediately expire, other boards with that software are probably the same.
You can just use M4 macro pre-processor to to just #include files and #define variables (note that it's a bit different from C Pre-Processor). But I still haven't decided whether M4 macros are a good thing or if they are outright harmful. It's worth a shot anyways.
>http://www.jpeek.com/articles/linuxmag/2005-02/ + http://www.jpeek.com/articles/linuxmag/2005-03/
Replies: >>9374
its the 21st century grandpa we have shell scripting now with the holy trinity of sed/grep/awk pp hehe when not used as a pp hehe is a waste of time
Replies: >>9378
[Hide] (95.8KB, 800x1000)
> sed/grep/awk
Uhhhhhh those are also Unix software from the 70's.
> A sed command appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.
> The grep command first appeared in Version 4 AT&T UNIX.
> An awk utility appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.
t. OpenBSD man pages
Replies: >>9380
thats the joke
The internet would be better if you had to make your own website before you're allowed to post comments anywhere.
Replies: >>9445
You mean like lurking more?  It's always been an issue, but there was a certain fun to the time delay imposed by using a local BBS, international mail our on fidonet, USENET propagation, having to use dialup to check your email, mainly only university and industry dweeps having permanent connections, and so-on.  Heck, member having to wait for the machine to boot instead of just leaving it on all the time?

(oh right windows people have to suffer constant arbitrary updates and reboots these days el oh el)
Replies: >>9447
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> waiting for boot
Most of mine were faster than Windows 95 and later crap. In relative order, I went through:
Osborne 1 (my parents' computer): booted CP/M 2.2 from floppy, pretty slow disk drive but CP/M was tiny OS, so no biggie
Amstrad CPC 6128: booted ROM BASIC instantly, and you could also have other softwares in expansion ROMs like word processor or modem comms software (I posted a video here about this last one some months ago). But of course modem is slow, as probably most 8-bit systems couldn't handle > 2400 baud (except maybe with more advanced CPU like the 16 MHz Z80 variant that came out in the 90's).
Amiga 500: kinda slow loading Workbench from floppy disk, but hard disk expansion fixes that.
486DX/33 with DOS: booted pretty quick, because DOS is pretty small. I can't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure most of the boot time was the BIOS shit.
486DX/33 with Slackware: Linux booted much slower than DOS, even though ext2 filesystem was faster than FAT32. Still probably faster than Win95, unless it had to fsck the disk after power failure or crash. Helps a lot the /sbin/init was small & tight and wasn't starting a shitload of processes like today's Linux distros tend to do.
486DX/33 with OS/2: Ugh! Forget it, I  never even got past the install. They said 8 MB RAM miniumum, 16 MB recommended. Don't even bother without 16 MB tbh. I can't remeber the exact oversion of the OS, but this was in 1996.
486DX/33 with Win95: HAHAHAH! This never happened. Fuck Bill Gates! Also I didn't pay for his DOS, because I built my computer from parts and got a pirate copy of MSDOS 6.22 from a friend. But then I found a WaReZ BBS with IBM PC DOS and installed that instead for fun. It was basically the same shit, so whatever. I also downloaded QEMM and Desqview, which came in pretty handy.
Replies: >>9448
When AMD released the 486DX/2 80MHz with the 40MHz bus speed, it was mental.  It was almost like getting SCSI drives to replace your shitty IDEs sitting on the same bus and shuffling expansion cards around for IRQ priority.

Nice amiga btw.  The trick with OS/2 was to register for the beta tester program, even if it meant getting a box of 50 5.25s instead of a CD back when CDs were speshul.
Just use variables. Don't worry about the autists ITT, using a deprecated browser is a massive security risk anyway.
What is your website about, if you don't mind me asking?
Replies: >>9454
>using a deprecated browser is a massive security risk anyway
How could that possibly be true with a browser that only accepts HTML?
Replies: >>9456
vulnerabilities have to do with how its programed, its connecting to another computer what you download is irrelevant it can be bad socket code that has a vulnerability or something as stupid as a format string when rendering an html page not to mention those old browsers dont even support https so you have all the standard network vulnerabilities of http which has nothing to do with the browser and since its old with a userbase of ~1 means they wont get reported or fixed and even if they do its unlikely people using outdated browsers even bother with security updates
Replies: >>9458
> don't support https
0/10 troll
Replies: >>9459
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look at your own gay recommendation idiot
Replies: >>9468
>Recommends: ca-certificates
Read your own image anon, anyway that description probably hasn't been updated since the package was added to Debian (presumably when http 1.1 was current), and it isn't links2 like in >>9299 screenshot.
Replies: >>9471
yeah its completely wrong so there you go, its not even being maintained properly so its anyones guess what youre even running with these browsers unless you bother to audit the code yourself
Replies: >>9472
>yeah its completely wrong so there you go
It depends on libssl1.1 and features an SSL section in the Network options. Given that zzz is served over https how do you suppose that Links anon is able to post here with Links exactly?
Replies: >>9473 >>9476 >>9479
meant the package description and tags are wrong, i saw https and ftp in the source code, the package is  maintained by a no name rubber stamper not a package team which just shows why using an obscure novelty browser is a security risk no one is actually doing testing or audits and the 5 people that actually use it is too small for serious testing and reporting if any vulnerabilities actually exist
Replies: >>9481
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Even if it didn't have SSL, I would probably use it via a local proxy.
>Given that zzz is served over https how do you suppose that Links anon is able to post here with Links exactly?
The onion site is not https.
>using an obscure novelty browser is a security risk
This could be said of a lot of network using software outside of the mainstream tools and libraries that most people use, even then the attack surface for a browser that renders some HTML and maybe images is arguably smaller than one that tries to support every technology of the modern web, novelty isn't really accurate either as a program like Links or w3m allows very weak/old computers to remain online in some form (and e-waste is already enough of a problem). Since the thread is about website building anons may find this interesting: https://www.anybrowser.org/campaign/
Supporting text browsers isn't about identical presentation (unless you want to put in the work) but ensuring that your site is reasonably accessible without all the bells and whistles, if your HTML is good this doesn't even require much work, IME all I've had to do so far is add some <br> tags and spaces for elements that usually use CSS for layout.
Replies: >>9485
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1000x750)
Anyway HTML was designed to decouple content from presentation. So all the ones forcing a certain look (and designing only for latest GUI browsers by FAGMAN) are doing it wrong.
I remember the Any Browser campaign from back when I used to browse slashdot, where they talked about this kind of stuff in the late 90's - early 00's. Not too long after that slashdot itself went full retard with javascript and forcing people to post with ID (or have -1 score and thus be effetively invisible), so I bailed out.
Replies: >>9486 >>9487 >>9522
It seems like the history of the personal computer is plagued with philosophy being washed away by the tides of style and convenience.
[Hide] (44.7KB, 720x405)
>Anyway HTML was designed to decouple content from presentation. So all the ones forcing a certain look (and designing only for latest GUI browsers by FAGMAN) are doing it wrong.
Replies: >>9894

That seems to be the intent for older markup languages, LaTeX including. But nowadays, manuscripts ("the content") tends to be written in Markdown then applied to an HTML template.

After enough time, some things are no longer the best in its design goal, and get used elsehow.
Replies: >>9584
Yeah the authoring aspect is a part of it, but what I really meant is HTML wasn't designed to render exactly the same on every browser, or even on every terminal (in the case of text browsers such as Lynx). It was understood that people are using vastly different hardware and browsers, and HTML was adaptable enough to support this kind of environment. But over the years they changed all this. They started trying to force a very particular look, and they started to only design websites for browsers that supported that kind of look. And then they added javascript code that made the website non-functional if you didn't run one of the big monster FAGMAN pieces of shit code.
[Hide] (153.4KB, 651x700)
Recently I've been working on backend code and now my site is no longer static. So far there's not much dynamic content, but eventually I want to make a comments section.

It took a lot of time. I made the backend with some Rust libraries. Also the site is still made with Hugo, so my code just writes json files and then calls hugo. idk if that's the way you're supposed to do it.

This is the link: http://f6apvocrlyqxjxcfb5vpbapt42mug25qsxhqjkyohcpjfvleb4e6rzad.onion/
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Replies: >>10376
[Hide] (173.9KB, 1276x1401)
update: I made a web page about the microblog generator I wrote.

Replies: >>9795 >>9803
Very nice anon, it's like they say, a programmer will sooner write their own site generator than learn an existing one.
[Hide] (111.4KB, 800x600)
I finally updated the website by adding pic related, a render I finished yesterday.
This is really nice, I plan on testing it out later on this month. Good job as always anon.
Niggas, how do I get my hands on a computer that I don't have to worry about too much, which doesn't cost more than 7$ per month and gives me access to a unix-like operating system?

I need that for my autism.
k, thx bye.
My old website is down, because I moved my home server laptop and don't have a place where to put it. Also Onion only is not a big issue. The issue is clearnet. It's such cancer to get a domain and rent a server. What If I cancel my bank account in the near future? R.I.P.
What's this centralized BS. Where is the distributed net yet?
Replies: >>9807
Per month to run? As far as low power computers go obviously there's SBCs like the various different brands of Pi, and you might want to look at used thin clients too.
Replies: >>9814
> Per month to run?
Yeah. But I have no place to put such a raspberry pi.

I don't even want privacy. Just something that's not too expensive...
Replies: >>9817
They're the size of a credit card and typically run off micro SD but if that really isn't possible you might want to try getting into a tilde server, they give you access to a remote shell, oftentimes for free. What you can do with it varies from service to service but if you have no space at all it's a possible option.
Replies: >>9849 >>9850
> They're the size of a credit card
I own three Raspberry Pis, but my physical location is changing from time to time.
The little computers wouldn't be safe, others could unplug the ethernet cable and I wouldn't be able to fix it, when I'm not there for a year or so.
> you might want to try getting into a tilde server
That looks interesting. Thanks for the hint.
They have a coc(k).

4. unacceptable behavior §

the following behaviors are considered harassment and are unacceptable within our community:

    violence, threats of violence or violent language directed against another person.
    sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language.
    posting or displaying sexually explicit or violent material.
    posting or threatening to post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”).
    personal insults, particularly those related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.
    unwelcome sexual attention. this includes sexualized comments or jokes.
    deliberate intimidation, stalking or following.

I was almost about to support them with money to get a simple sbcl process on a server, but I can be edgy at times... the cock forbids to be edgy...
Replies: >>9860
tilde is a concept rather than a single service, you can look around to find one that fits your needs.
Replies: >>9889
for example these; https://tildeverse.org/members/
It was once thought that how a website looks should be up to the user.
Replies: >>9895
What a beautiful gallery of websites
[Hide] (43.7KB, 640x480)
I've just opened my website, if you like retro computer graphics then come on down: https://19100.neocities.org/
Let me know what you think anons.
Replies: >>10017 >>10070
Those links hurt my eyes, add this style or something:

Replies: >>10079
sorry already not visiting because I saw Debilian
Replies: >>10079
I've updated the CSS, is that better?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It just werks.
Replies: >>10085 >>10193
Don't reply to bait, your website looks fine. Reminds me of old geocities.
Replies: >>10090
Thanks anon, that's what I had in mind.
>I've updated the CSS, is that better?
Yes looks ok now.
The intent of the button was to see how many visitors I had, because idk how I to do analytics
Your CSS defines a foreground color but not a background color, so anyone using a dark color scheme by default can't read anything.
your blog is the most retarded shit i've ever read. people like you should have never been taught literacy
I made a website on a free hosting service!

Joke site :D

Nardcard Hosting:
Replies: >>10381
[Hide] (45.1KB, 989x558)
Hello Mr. Glownigger. It's fucking amazing you people get paid a salary for this stupid shit. Try harder.
Replies: >>10382
I pay nothing for it. you know? The hosting was posted by someone somehow on somesite.Try easier if you can!
Replies: >>10385
You fucking people are exhausting. I hope you know the government that pays you will be bankrupt in 5 years. You can't even change the .env to set the title of your honeypot to something or make a logo for it. No one is going to use this, not even the most mentally handicapped like yourself.

How much do you make a year? 70k? 80k?
I notice that most glowniggers that operate online:
- tend to have very poor English skills, even if they are from the United States or an English speaking country
-  lack of in-depth knowledge on the subject matter / task they have been assigned. they have a surface level understanding and that's it
- seem to have some type of actual autism. complete inability to understand non-tangible ideas such as figures of speech, metaphors, site culture, and humor.
- have repetitive behaviors they never seem to modify or adjust even when the methods they use aren't working

do you guys outsource FBI work to India now or what?
A lot of that sounds like chronic chatfaggotry. I guess it still fits in with your theory - glowniggers tend to be huge degenerates, and D*scord is like heaven for child molesters.
It could be a scammer chink or pajeet. If it was glowies they would probably attempt to blend in.
They're chatbots. If they are humans, then they're functionally non-human as biological automatons.
>very poor English skills
To be a law enforcement or intelligence officer you need security clearance. To get security clearance you basically need to be born in the country you want to work for. inb4 glownigger is just another meaningless slur now
Replies: >>10409
not every person working for TLAs online is a "intelligence officer" or law enforcement, and I think you know that very well
I made a website to put up my shitty movie reviews, plz r8 mah html skillz:
Replies: >>10422 >>10454
i like it, though why is the content separated into different pages for each article?
Replies: >>10423
I dunno lol, I thought it might make the site more professional and/or make it optimized for slower internet connections.
On another note, should I include the title in each article?
Replies: >>10424
You should. I don't think making each section of the article it's own page is a bad idea, but you should probably make the pagination arrows a bit bigger and more visible
>>10411 (checked)
Love the design, and interesting idea for a website. Great job keeping the interface simple but colorful.
>plz r8
You have 2 options:
1. Keep each review multi-page, but make the pagination bigger and more obvious.
2. Make each review a single page, but replace full-size images with small compressed thumbnails, to accommodate users with slow connections. thanks for that by the way, t. third world anon
[Hide] (32.7KB, 1222x369)
In case you are wondering why no one is posting their websites in a thread which asks for them, it is because mods are deleting them. I made two posts here last night. One about CF and the deleted one. 

My site is not in violation of any rules except maybe a software copyright. See, this is why I don't come to zzzchan and contribute hardly ever. If you don't want quality posters just say so - I'll not send 1 more byte of traffic to this place. No need to tranny-janny. 

See you on 998fun or CC (.onion).
Replies: >>11691 >>11711
I had no idea. But that does line up as this board really stagnates for months.
Replies: >>11692
The board being slow has notjing to do with that. It is mostly me being too busy and sick to reply.
Glad it's not just me having that experience then. I visit the site less and less now.
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