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I am currently using Colemak CAWS. It is the best currently available keyboard layout for ANSI/ISO column staggered keyboards. If you're a split/ortholinear chad then DHm is enough.
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Sounds like a massive waste of time to use alternative layouts. Unless you make a significant amount of money based on your WPM to make the time invested into increasing your WPM worth it, and have calculated that the time invested into learning a new layout will yield higher results than investing that time into simply practicing QWERTY more, then it's just a retarded pretentious hobby. And the number of jobs where WPM is actually make or break is few and far between. The only one I can think of is a court script, but those use some insane typing contraption for maximum WPM that isn't even a standard keyboard.
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Sit down nerd, you have no idea what you're talking about and being all high and mighty about it. Alternative layouts are not for improving speed but ergonomics.
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How does an alternative key layout improve ergonomics? Your wrists are still going to be pronated. Maybe if you have some crippling wrist problems minor decreases in movement might help, but at that point you're probably better off just getting a split keyboard and not even bothering with changing the actual typing layout.
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Your fingers move less and stay on the home row most of the time.

Here's the info you need: https://colemak.com/
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at last I truly see
>my fingers move less
No they don't, you still move you fingers laterally, moving your arm more doesn't matter
>>1525 (OP) 
Just use QWERTY its the standard.
I have a .txt document with a few 104-key layouts I'm reminding myself to try someday.

Dvorak, normally.

  kyu." zlmdpv
  rieao hnstcw
  x*?,/ jqfgb

Why doesn't someone reprogram their keyboard with the above, and let us know how it compares to dvorak, or I guess colemak, etc?

I will too. Someday.
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>>1525 (OP) 
Will all this autism about WPM, I'm surprised nobody here has mentioned Plover, Opensteno and other stenography content. That stuff is designed to keep up with real-time speaking in terms of WPM speed. Speaking speed is 220 WPM, some steno typers have even gone up to 300 and above. It's really different though, most of if it is simultaneous keypressing with software interpreting the presses as words, so N-key rollover is important. 

Honestly, if you're willing to play with alternative key layouts for faster typing, I think it would be more efficient to learn stenography. But stick to the open-source stuff, professional-tier steno gear is anywhere from hundreds to thousands in costs.
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I started with QGMLWB yesterday, I'm already doing 10WPM. Definitely more ergonomic, I just need to practice to see if it's faster.

Essentialy, a guy came up with a way to measure the quality of a layout and then wrote a program that tries to create the most efficient layout for a given input set. Then he published layouts for the English language.
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Forgot links: http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/carpalx/?keyboard_evaluation http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/carpalx/?full_optimization
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Playing typeracer to practice. I'm so slow that the website placed me on "Beginner Mode". On beginner mode, you race against women.
And this website's layout is dogshit.
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22wpm is good enough for today. I can't be the only one doing this, what are you anons up to?
I've committed myself to doing 20 typing tests on typeracer a day. Why? Higher WPMs doesn't just mean slightly faster writing. It's like a closer connection between your brain and the computer. Faster typing means my brain can think more about what I'm writing and less about how to type or trying to keep it all in my head while I wait for my fingers. Faster typing means more reviewing and editing, more of typing two versions and comparing them, and more of all that stuff which really improves writing and code quality when you need it. 

Why typing tests? Because focused practice in continuous blocks of time creates faster improvement than "hey I'll try to also think about typing faster whenever I type something, which will mostly happen in small chunks throughout the day."

I'm just using a QWERTY laptop keyboard. I also heard no layout is faster than the others. Maybe I'll learn colemak or try ergonomic keyboards sometime in the future.
This guy gets it. I had the exact same thought. I felt like a god after daily training and reaching over 130wpm. Then I fuck it all up with faps and less sleep.
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I only truly noticed the damage wanking and nosleep does when I started getting stuff done. I could easily notice that I was doing worse when cooming or tired.
Have you tried vim keybindings for code editing? I think it can be more important than raw typing time if you're already pretty fast on QWERTY.
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Yesterday I topped out at 22WPM, but I must have been averaging 17 or so. Today I'm consistently doing about 23WPM, and I just got 24 for the first time.
I also figured out how to fix the website's layout, forcing a monospace font was breaking it.
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I spent almost the entire weekend on my new layout and didn't bother to do typeracer,
Now I'm faster but my speed is all over the place. I also feel like typeracer is giving me harder texts.
Colemak confirmed

Better layouts are faster, but the upper end of qwerty speeds are faster than you need for programming and creative writing. Being proficient with qwerty allows you to sit at nearly any computer desk in the english speaking world and blast out 90 wpm without even thinking about it or configuring an alternate layout.
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