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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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I think the channel is good for normalfags.
larping "le anomalous expecto patronoum" faggot raking views off "alt right" sub 90 iq larping mutts
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>wiggers cannot write a program to lock the screen and unlock iff a certain string is entered, in a period of 20 years
You've got mental issues
>>5514 >>5513
relatable there was that one time where xubuntu literally took one hour to reboot/shutdown because of a problem on my motherboard (the HDD is malfunctioning but it turns out it was the sata controller)

same for LTT-ranny and mu-tard-har i used to like his past videos but ever since 2019 2020 he started being really woke and its really making me mad the fact that he buys his shit from steam instead of pirating pisses me off even more the worse part isnt his furfag fanbase but the fact that he supports vaxxes and burn loot murder the copypasting of reddit XML code is just the tip of the cherry i no longer watch his shitnot even inside my incognito VM

the irony is that most tech youtubers are cowards themselves especially the ones who talk after social issues an political madness (no matter how good their content is) they constantly bash social media and tech companies yet they are completely afraid and shitless to mention the plandemic 2020 made then show their true self nobody really gives a shit nowadays they only do it to make it appear as
less than 10% actually had the guts to move to bitchute and spread myocarditis awareness even if it meant getting prosecuted truly clown world the fact that encouraging people to move to protonmail without risk of getting banned set off some red flags like seriously in the real world why would jews allow others to move to non jewed platforms something is definitely not right (arent they supposed to be banned on sight its almost as if big tech acted as a scapegoat i swear i never heard the word pfizer until 2020 started rolling not even chans mentioned it holy shit i didnt realize their censorship was THAT good)
TL;DR if a tech youtuber mentions (( ((privacy)) )) RUN! and unsub they tend to be massive hypocrites (and also hate piracy) dont worry though there are lots of good chill ones out there that never engage in this BS (if you are seeing this keep it up me need more neutral-tubers like you)
>bbut apathy and ignorance is bad not only you but for other NPCs as well
can you fucking cut it out already? im fucking tired of woke-BS being shoved on my face and bombarded on my feed with no escape at all if wanna watch the news i know where to go and i visit it often (altchans /pol/)
god christ all i ever wanted was a social platform where drama is never tolerated and censored on sight NO EXCEPTIONS i just want some good content from talented people and a place where i can get information/guides without distractions im fucking tired of reddit styled empathy/justice-baiting its slowly making me nuts imageboards were much better but people still mention things from time to time but everything is much more serious and no normalfags there

thanks for coming to my TED talk sorry if that was too long
lastly is brilliant.org jewish? havent seen anything related to lgbt so far? the courses look fun and adhd friendly but i dont want to support globohomo if they are P& (ozzed) then what are some good alternatives? (there is no way to pirate the HTML5/WebGL scripts)
also for some reason i dont see any jewish individuals on the trevor project (did i miss anything the early life seems missing) also cancelthiscompany had a link of all the foundations supporting ADL you might wanna check that out
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>A stop job is running for ... [50sec /30sec] (timer increases infinitely btw)
This is one of the reason I stopped using that shit. Openrc or bust. I don't wanna deal with shutdowns/hibernation lasting fucking 3 hours, one time I tried to shut off my latpop since the batteries were already worn down and it fucking didn't make it since the stop job timer was infinite.
It didn't even unmount my shit so I got bad sectors afterwards, NEVER AGAIN.

Now I remember the right way to shutdown a systemd distro:
Protip: get to tty2 or something (ctrl alt f2) and press the power button.
Replies: >>5593
This usually indicates some misconfiguration or failed hardware e.g. unable to unmount a disk. It is very annoying though.
If you hit ctrl-alt-del 7 times within 2 seconds (a systemd thing), I think it will override that and trigger an immediate reboot. Not sure if you would still suffer the same disk issues.
Replies: >>5597 >>5639
Good old reisub should work too, if systemd doesn't disable the keyboard.
Replies: >>5639
windows tier
Stop namefagging
Replies: >>5875
I did do that ctrl+alt+del a lot since sometimes even tty2->power button won't work every other update or the shutdowns just take forever BUT even that sometimes refuse to work since it somehow unloaded my keyboard first before trying to unmount my drives and at one update (arch) systemd even forgot to fucking unmount my drives which I saw in the logs.
Btw the biggest problem was arch defaulting to use systemd coredump.
It would sometimes cause the HDD to be on 100% load when KDE-X11 compositor casually crashes dumping whole 4GB of multiple files on my slow drive and small root partition, it even disgustingly tried to dump shit when my drive was at 0MB left, also crashing the system again, causing it to dump over and over, this is worse than fucking Windows 10 boot loops which I've not experienced but I'm pretty sure it's more workable than having to go through your systemd binary logs just to figure out the root of the problem, well the solution was simple >>1 never had problems ever since I stopped using that shit.
What's worse is at the time there was no way to disable them completely at first, undocumented shit back then and even if you set storage to none or do as said on manual it would just dump anyways if the crash was not userspace or randomly just ignore your settings (classic red hat). Even remember that systemd bug where pressing arrow keys just switches to tty and makes that bios beeps lol.
Fucking disaster. Never do I want to see systemd on my machine. Pulseaudio is fine though since Pipewire is the systemd of audio, too many issues, I have NO FUCKING TIME to be a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2024" issue tracker and there's a reason RHEL still uses old as fuck systemd and pulseaudio while you don't because you're the product (gotcha lol, who thought leaving windows frees you from megacorps? not really).

reisub didn't work, or at least my laptop doesn't, I think the sys rq key was broken (even using Fn) like some of my numpad keys, maybe keyboard acpi/bios problem.
Replies: >>5640
Some laptops have the sys rq key mapped to super. Try this in a framebuffer tty: alt+sysrq(maybe fn+prtscrn or fn+super), release sysrq while holding alt, press h.
You should see a help message if it works.
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Anyone have a working torrent for Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp (https://vndb.org/v7754)?  Here is something completely different: https://llvm.moe/  Also, when the SICP VN will be done/released?


Goddamn. Fuckers like him are part of the problem. At least the commenters are setting things traight.
>my threat model is everyone else's threat model
There's your problem.
Replies: >>5698
>>5697 <-- wigger
Only thing that makes phones "more secure" is that you normally can't install software outside of the app store, and you have less control on a phone (in general)!
Replies: >>5699 >>5703
>Only thing that makes phones "more secure" is that you normally can't install software outside of the app store, and you have less control on a phone (in general)!
Yeah. Of course, my problem with THOt, is that his MO for views is clickbaiting, fearmongering and putting too much emphasis on lowest-common-denominator targeting. At least mental outlaw and rob braxman are personable and don't need to pull CNN/MSNBC/Foxnews/tabloid-tier tactics to present issues with technology security.

The problem I have with the argument of "software security through walled gardens", is something that I feel can be explained with a gardening analogy: the monoculture problem.

Monoculture gardens (single plants of the same species) are susceptible to diseases the same way a singular OS or software is vulnerable to exploits, viruses, and the like. Likewise, the more-widespread something is cultured or grown, the more destructive a disease will be if it can attack a particular plant. This is why windows is notoriously-targeted for malicious software.

The problem with a walled garden approach, is that diseases aren't stopped if they're either floating in the atmosphere, or spread by contact to contact. In this case, all it takes is one bad actor with an internet connection, coding skills and the OS SDK to cause problems or fuck people's lives up. Now really, the walled garden problem is ubiquitous for a lot more than just windows. Hell, it can apply to hardware, it can apply to linux in ways too, the difference is that both people who want alternatives to other software, and people who are software purists are actually working against this problem. 

Ultimately, my problem with THOt and other channels with tech-fearmongering is the same reason anti-drug campaigns actually make more addicts than stop addictions: 
"If the fearmonger is wrong about something, what else did he get wrong?" 
"Would he even care that it was wrong?" 
"Would he lie to me?"
"Has he been lying to me this entire time?"
"Why the fuck should I trust him if he's wrong?" 
"Why should I trust him if he's been lying?"
"Why should I trust anyone that sounds remotely like him if his actions and arguments are based on falsities and lies?"
"He made this stuff sound so horrible, but he's wrong about it, it's not that bad, why should I care?..."

This is how people get apathetic to real dangers that cause real problems. This is why people like THOt piss me off.
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>what is flatpak
>what is apparmor
>what are VMs
>what are dedicated security autism distros
>what are password reminders written on paper stored in a fake bottom inside your desk drawer
>what is affixing a GNU/bomb to your HDD/SSD that explodes if it's removed or someone puts in the wrong key 3 times in a row
Who cares if it's more secure? This added security isn't worth the walled garden of app stores, locked down firmware and lack of intercommunication between programs. Not to mention that you're mostly limited to the cuck shed of Google's JVM knockoff (which is another reason it's more "secure").
Replies: >>5703
You are right. But the walled garden don't even add real security since no one verifies the apps that got put on app store and even if they did, they can't find every piece of hidden behavior.

Also, remember Stagefright?
<This presentation centers around the speaker's experience researching a particularly scary area of Android, the Stagefright multimedia framework.
<Google Android - 'Stagefright' Remote Code Execution
<# Don’t forget, the output of “create_mp4” can be delivered many ways!
<# MMS is the most dangerous attack vector, but not the only one…
Android had a remote code execution bug that could be exploited via multi-media messages.
Replies: >>5704 >>5846
The walled garden is part of it, that's the only way to have your threat model include unvetted programs. There is basically no curation on the Play Store, for example. Linux distros vet everything, for now. The real problem is that no desktop Linux distro has sane and secure settings by default.
Replies: >>5754
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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I FUCKING HATE THE ANTICHRIST I REPEAT I FUCKING HATE THE ANTICHRIST (i included the 2021 just to be safe sorry for the spam they even have a dedicated PRIDE twitter account)
ever wondered why VMware has been getting lots of VERIFY BORA crash errors lately? and it worsened when i updooted to broken 21h2? well now you know why (how bad can this month get? i guess theres only one way to find out)
i genuinely wished i stayed blissfully ignorant but i couldn't no matter how much my mind chose to resist my curious hand just crawled into the keyboard by itself without me noticing by the time i wanted to close the tab after checking the google images its already too late picrel is my system finally P&zzed for good
thankfully i have not seen any LGBT messages on my host since my system literally crashed exactly on june the first? however on the veeams i am starting to see pride related ads and logo changes there is also [Free to be U Be Worry Free with PrEP HIV advert] good lord i can feel the rainbow plague getting closer to me every day since this ad is PH oriented how do i stop this manila pride event? i dont wanna get OwO'd in public and my devices seized by DU30 due to bigotry
jesus christ this is literally my worst nightmare i trusted this program all these years for peace of mind and THIS is what i get? this crushing feeling of betrayal and false security knowing they can just inject lgbtware into my kernel modules anytime (is vmware coded by furfags i seriously hope not)
thank god Vbox isn't woke (even though oracle is) when i make my own chingchong company one day one of the first things ill do is by this asset from oracle to prevent them from injecting diversity crap and actually fix the code (i swear i dunno if feds are reading my posts as i do my thing on 4chud)
the last thing the linux community needs is some deranged mentally ill tranny furfag coding KVM kernel buggy driver code to detect piracy and open security holes under the guise of protecting creatorfags from art thieves
i wish i had a small plant or tree in my house so i could touch grass anytime i needed to (real life is just too tiring i need stronger copium juice)

also how do you quickly earn reddit gold coins i want to scrape the /r/lounge area? how should i structure my sob stories? should it be lgbt/UK themed? how much minimum karma do i need? should i participate on other subreddits first? to make my account look realistic since they can easily spot throwaways unlike 2018 plebbitors are getting more and more vigilant every year (i dont have an alt yet gonna make one if somebody helps me here)
Replies: >>5757 >>5758 >>5849
This guy is a nigger lover though, so of course he would do something like this. Support nigger loot and tranny nigger faggot in all his videos. Videos have zero real education and only for entertainment purposes,not a single line of code ever in any of his vids, water down so even normal nigger faggot can understand. Got booted off youtube so constantly beg for donation.
Replies: >>5792
>Linux distros vet everything, for now.
official repos, maybe. but once you start adding third-party sources you're putting your trust in some random dude in Bosnia which quite frankly I trust more than most sources because he doesn't have much motivation to get into my shit. it would also be easy for one malicious pull to be accepted and nobody notices until it's too late.
WTF is this word salad?

>any good hypervisor alternatives?
QEMU, VirtualBox or Wine.

Me too, pal.
Replies: >>5758
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Why are you not using qemu?
>reddit gold
pic related
>wtf is this word salad
He is much more intelligible, or I am just used to it.
Replies: >>5875
So he's just a useful idiot. Good to know.
how the hell do you download ((( telegram ))) attachments without account? i get a 403 token error when downloading videos dicksword on the other hand works fine and i can just right click save
im trying to download that one funny 4chan like webm i found randomly while searching for memes lel
fuck this piece of shit datamining app im not gonna give my number
Replies: >>5946
bet that guy is a sissy egg.

in theory a "google android pixel phone" is secure when we are dealing with "secure as in corposhit security". nothing is truly ever "secure" though (secure as in security researcher) if you don't hack it yourself. think of Novena platform (which is more secure in practice), it's secure since the guy was a mad lad hacker who got skillz and kung fu, he even reverse engineered sd cards proprietary crap as a hobby.

corpo secure [is not equal to]  =/=  secure as in "all your base are belong to us"

you can claim both chromebook botnet and a thinkpad RYF approved are both secure BUT in a very contradicting way.

the botnet one is given excellent official security, maybe the wifi has more protections rings and the card gets wpa3/wpa4 updates BUT the thinkpad one would win freedom-from-botnet-wise despite probably not even supporting 80mhz/5ghz and wpa3 yet (or might never will unless you install blob kernel).

a pixel phone with graphene (non-discontinued support) is secure against a certain threat model but not on others. if anything, the same can be achieved by just fucking destroying your phone microUSB port, poof no more fucking cellebrite and other malware (such as NSO pegasus) on airports checkpoints or boats/ship travel. however there is no fucking way to know the integrity of your hardware since the hardware is not completely free. even your HDD is not completely free. there is no way out. your SD card has proprietary cpu, your "airplane mode" graphene won't help either since it has qualcomm botnet and would still phone to GPS/GNSS systems and you can still dial 911 and receive a reply even without a fucking SIM (or with a broken/unsubscribed SIM).

these claims of "the hated one" are just well-built schizo bait. even the video about his proclaimed "anonymous phone" is flawed since MANY android phones these days already has the feature to turn off the network permissions while he claimed it was only a graphene thing (originally the network per-app restriction was a cyanogenmod thing which got into omni/lineage and merged into aosp around lollipop but not widely readily available although pretty common on any oreo phone (or less) that supports treble system images.
only advantage of  graphene is certain features like hardened browser and more permissions/blocking and spoofing but it's still botnet inside (way much worse than a Postmarket|Replicant OS with busted data microUSB port)

him being "anonymous" is pure larp, google knows who he was since he has a youtube account. if anything I would just recommend you to watch rob braxman instead (a based Filipino Jazzist who is a ham radio pro and prepped for shtf as a hobby fucking based af)
Replies: >>5858 >>5875
its not even limited to that. you can in theory set up a fake cellid tower and force the target to receive either a tailored sms which causes a bug or even a call from a certain combination of "unnamed caller" which would cause a bug and execute other shit. then you can even combine it with phone number lookup which is on by default and chain it with another exploit and you got yourself pegasus-level backdoor installed. but it's true that MMS is widely unused but it is a glaring security cornhole.
the more "features" a device offers, the more bugs present and more bugs = more holes. bet you could even just abuse outdated binaries but most exploiters just target outdated phones - which there is a fucking lot of them out there (botnet on botnet, oh the irony).
there's only a few devices having vendor and security updates, the other-ones are phones that never activated ota updates or have none at all.

other than these "activate on receive" sms/mms/call zero-click exploits, there's also those shits about ACR (audio content recognition) and you can induce voice commands via high frequency or masked shit.

although getting malwares is the least of your problems, getting a (botnet) phone should be at the top of the PROBLEM list since they all have malware/adware/spyware preinstalled that you can read in all its ToS/PrivPol.
a spyware that listens to you all the time (hotword + mic), it has 10+ capture streams for some fucking reason on android 11 last I checked (/proc/asound/.../pcmNNc - aka pcm capture stream) to allow several apps to snoop on your mic, and tehre's also hidden sensor data that can also become microhpone, apps also read the manufacturers sussy sensors like a covert microphone, your acceleration and if you're using the phone in the bed, the phones even have multiple camera-facing and noise cancellation microphones that are bypassed by the main mic permission (apps can still hear you LOL) and then there's also the clipboard-grabbing apps (reddit, tiktok, lazada/shope/ali, 9gag, appgallery, and many more!) but that's not all, >>>/tech/5809 the spies also scry you using quantum rng on their server side using your phone as a medium.
Replies: >>5847
more info on the clipboard topic

install rikka and appops to spot the offending apps (turn on clipboard notification)
there is a lot of them and it also doesn't end with that, a web page in a browser can also read your clipboard via javascript magic.
>good lord i can feel the rainbow plague getting closer to me every day since this ad is PH oriented how do i stop this manila pride event?
it's probably sponsored ad. have ad block so I wouldn't really know but most of these g-adsense thing is based on your browsing pattern or location (you live in manila i guess), what you type on your search bar or had on your clipboard or your ip numbers logs, the ISP may disclose it to ad companies (even if you use private DNS) and they can reverse lookup the ip logs (and know very well that you browse 4chan, this site, etc.) worse is if you were using the ISP dns, dns is readable by anyone in the network and even worse since they can see the entire URL if the ISP had spoofed your dns so if you had browsed a gay discord they'd know it literally but since it's automated it's probably based on the client-side inputs, you just browsed the wrong sites and/or got the wrong cookies.

nah, it would be Marcos in 18 more days, hes pretty based btw. just use whonix if you're afraid of getting your shitpostings backtraced. I don't think there's laws broken by being a bigot, but I know there is absurd laws violated when you shitposted over some company or gov officials (same shit that struck the 8chan founder: the all-powerful cyberlibel *lmao*).
Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree (指桑罵槐, Zhǐ sāng mà huái). Use typos and don't name names directly or just use typos even with companies too.
>jesus christ this is literally my worst nightmare i trusted this program all these years for peace of mind and THIS is what i get? 
just move on with it. I got lots of disappointment with proprietary crap and bigtech companies I used to daily drive. now I just wish for them to rot or file bankruptcy and I would rejoice.
Replies: >>5875
Honestly, I've been leaning towards Braxman as far as tech/security YTers go. Dude's format is a lot more down to earth than the alarmist bullshit of other tech security platforms.

But to be real here, I really don't know what to do because for so many years, people have been so fucking alarmist when it comes to technology security that I don't know what actually works and what's just placebo. I can't buy into the schizoid conspirafag mentality that Gov/Big Corpro are simultaneously all-seeing-all-knowing-demons from 1984, because it conflicts with the black-comedy of incompetence and inability-to-enforce-boundaries that's absolutely rife among both Gov and Big Corpo.

Hell, fucking Rothschilds' bank data got leaked, it turned out that the who's-who of eyes-wide-shut-fuckboys were absolute boomers with passwords and basic fucking tech persec.

I don't know man. I'm just tired of being told to fucking panic about people spying on us and then it turns out those spies secure their fucking databanks with plaintext and master locks.
Replies: >>5875 >>5905
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[Hide] (37.4KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (46.9KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (18.9KB, 403x403)
[Hide] (13.6KB, 500x500)
>>4821 i didnt really get the warning when posting but i did see the redtext though thanks for the heads up ill keep myself contained here (old post)
>>5633 nope ill finish the pride related stuff first no worries though ill post good rants later on hmm now where did those txt files go hopefully i dont get banned for posting my huge pasta here

>>5758 (5757 double digits) aww thanks (sorry for the longpost here i go)
at first i actually tried to practice my sob stories on my trusty KATE text editor and swap out the words to make things look promising and guessing/mimicking the replies by commenting on my own txt file for practice while pretending to be a leftist karen femcel for free karma/gold on askplebbit and other mainstream subs
i also plan on creating a legit alt account for serious tech/hobby related questions (reddit had a apolitical chill side go check it out some time) whenever i lurk and analyze to create the perfect sobstory with libtarded offmychest tier blogposts i feel like my sanity is going down and my braincells slowly dying is this normal?
how the fuck do normie plebbitors survive a toxic echo chamber mindset for so long and still stay "strong and unique™" without lashing out? im genuinely surprised (im looking at you covidiots and hermancainawards)
at this point i decided to discard my work and come up with the conclusion to instead buy stolen accounts for sale with lots of karma and reddit premium and then researching the origin purpose of this account to further blend in this also makes me appear as an E-celeb thus allowing me to form connections and extract further info for other interesting topics if needed for future usage
if any of you have managed to successfully pull this off stay covert and keep scrapping lounge slowly 10 links per minute using a bot as if you had plenty of reddit tabs and lastly dont leak the scrapped chatlogs to early otherwise they might add captcha to make your job harder
another PROTIP is to make sure to scrape threads with lots of replies first as you never know when the banhammer comes down and make sure you have a krew of 4chud friends to make normal posts and replies once in a while you may also need two or more accounts which automatically takes breaks and switches turns so they dont get too suspicious due to AFK (this tactic should work on 2b2t as well when NOCOMing)

>sissy egg
what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
>celebrite FBI corrupt police malware toys
can i use this to extract app data for data recovery on my old tablet there is no password security whatsoever chip off seems too risky gonna rescue those childhood memories in a tiny 8gb emmc (the sdcard is already disk-imaged)
>but the SIM module is a botnet
if i were to make my own ARM chingchong chromebook clone i would add the option to disable 5g alltogether via UEFI settings problem solved but it will be wifi only
other than that braxmax is pretty keyed honestly the best tech youtubers out there are the ones who never spout out social issues BS just some nice chill unboxing/reviews

same here why are jews (and furry coders) so fucking incompetent these days kek even bidens laptop and underge secks tape scandal got leaked publicly aren't they supposed to be encrypting jack shit

oh i see the schizo flips are finally here im a bit late though magandang umaga po! mga kaibigan anak ng puta nag si si taasan na sila ng rainbow flag lagot na ang pilipnas nanaman (again(again(again)))
also the greedy bad guy of biosyn genetics looks like a bald version of bill gates almost as if they are trying to deliver some kind of message what's more frightening is that there is a real life pharma company named biosyn
inside the cinema adverts before movie i think i saw the UK flag on the wall or maybe its just a vision from my imagination
thankfully most of our citizens still have their sanity on the road most small shops and buildings have the PH flag for independence phew im safe for now but not for too long
>TWO and a half more weeks (kek i asked who should i vote on 4chud yet nobody answered)
kek when DU30 steps down its time for some REAL payback it will be nothing compared to what you see in the movies people are really pissed for his past corruptions and massacres against filipinos i bet he is packing his shit right now as i type this shitpost

picrel it has been screenshotted to remove exif data and protect my NPC family (damn i wish i had a real job my chingchong startup aint gonna build itself)
on SM they put this be seen be heard woke activism and one of the sticker stores have the cant think straight next to the lips rainbow pride (the rest were normal country flags no jewkraine shit)
holy shit guys its actually real goddammit my hand keeps typing by itself even when i tell myself to resist temptation fucking globohomo polluting FAIL-ipino youth https://archive.is/FX5zA https://archive.is/Y0Xnk
our country used to be a safe for jews and this is how they treat us in return i wish 1984 would become fiction again i wonder what 2023 would be like if nobody stops this insanity i bet its not gonna be long until pfizer makes a vaccine specifically to push homosexuality under the guise of curing monkeypox
my god NOO! you cant just take my childhood like that HOW DARE YOU i enjoyed ninja kiwi and ice age now its woke-fied and filled to the brim with depraved furries https://archive.is/XrM5m https://archive.is/UxAgc
i had a dream yesterday where the biosyn logo turned rainbow (there was a meme on KYM about evil corporation logos turning woke) and they created a pathogen that turns people into animal hybrids allows them to reproduce asexually just like the dinosaurs i forgotten the rest when i woke up shit was wild in my head

The Commodore 64x is a Mini-ITX case (RasPi 4 too!) that looks like that best-selling micro from 1982, the Commodore 64!

It has anti-UV plastic and a much better keyboard though with Cherry MX Blue clicky switches and doubleshot SA keycaps.

You can get it in all sorts of fun colors including translucent with RGB backlight (your choice will be collected with the post-campaign survey) besides the classic breadbin colors of the VIC-20 and 64 and 16.

You can get the empty case (barebones) by itself or with a low-end (Extreme) or mid-end (Ultimate) motherboard with dedicated graphics.

The top Ultimate model with the mid-end motherboard
embedded Nvidia GTX 1650 4 GB graphics
9th gen Intel Core i5
8 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 installed, expandable up to 64 GB
512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD supports 6 Gb/s (M.2 22 * 80 SSD)
USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth
support for an additional hard drive with integrated 2.5" docking station
Similar to this higher-specced build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pATl2pmvsf8

The basic Extreme model with the low-end motherboard
passive cooling
Intel Celeron J6412 (4 cores, 4 threads, burst frequency up to 2.6 GHz, base frequency 2.0 Ghz, 1.5 MB cache)
Intel UHD Graphics for 10th gen (base frequency 400 Mhz, burst frequency 800 Mhz)
4 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 with support for a max of 8 GB
802.11ac M.2 (KEY E) WiFi module and 2 onboard LAN ports
supports HDMI 4K 60 Hz output spec
256 GB M.2 hard drive
support for installing a second 2.5" SATA hard drive without having to open the case
HDMI, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x LAN, 1 x COM 1 DB9/M connector, 1 x line-out + mic (2 in 1) 3.5 mm jack, SD card reader, 2.5" hard drive docking station
*Specs may be subject to change

24" Commodore Retro Monitor (16:9) 75 Hz, IPS, HDMI, DP

I don't expect anyone to shell out for the pre-builts when you can just go DIY. If you back right now, you'll be buying them at cost.
Replies: >>5926
>how the fuck do normie plebbitors survive a toxic echo chamber mindset for so long and still stay "strong and unique™" without lashing out? im genuinely surprised (im looking at you covidiots and hermancainawards)
My guess: 1. They avoid the front page and stick to their hobby subreddits. 2. They go insane and lash out, and either get autofiltered or banned. 3. Worst case scenario, they get brainwashed. Most of the front page subreddits are drowning in spambots and reposters though. Damnthatsinteresting, nextfuckinglevel and whitepeopletwitter are the worst offenders.

Honestly, as far as I've seen, any social media that encourages cultures of popularity contests attract the worst kinds of narcissist. At this point, Reddit is becoming twitter/tumblr levels of bad, but Reddit also has managed to establish a lot of niche normalfag hobby boards. I feel that, if anything, hobby boards and the absolute billions of dollars poured into stock/crypto spambots are the only things keeping Reddit afloat. Reddit also has the "youtube problem," where it's userbase doesn't think it has alternatives, but there are, it's just not "popular" alternatives.

Popularity isn't guaranteed though. Digg was reddit before reddit existed. Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion, and killed 90% of it's userbase when they banned porn.

>what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
Sissy egg = SFW version of faggot.

>picrel it has been screenshotted to remove exif data and protect my NPC family (damn i wish i had a real job my chingchong startup aint gonna build itself)
Be careful man. It's not just exif data that you should be careful about when posting photos of local businesses. Names, addresses, and contact info of local businesses can be used to at best approximate-identify your location, or at worst completely-dox you. This isn't even government-level tactics, this shit is bored-with-life-stalker type shit.

HWNDU's shenanigans is a perfect example of how people can stalk you based on broadcasted-info, although it's one of the more-extreme examples because of how many people they had analyzing the broadcast.
Replies: >>5946
>what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
Trannies-to-be are "eggs" that are yet to crack/hatch, think of it like a person who's heading down the path of becoming a tranny but doesn't know it yet or doesn't admit it out loud yet.

Also stop namefagging.
Replies: >>6172
>Not knowing how to compile
maybe macos is more your speed...itoddler
Replies: >>5897
Compile 5 games from LGW right now... Shouldn't be that hard, right?
Replies: >>5898
Already did that with aur a few days ago.
Replies: >>5899
>I got them from the non-repos!
Replies: >>5908
<can i use this to extract app data for data recovery on my old tablet there is no password security whatsoever chip off seems too risky gonna rescue those childhood memories in a tiny 8gb emmc (the sdcard is already disk-imaged)
if you're able to source one but it's probably dated and unsupported. it is usually "illegal" to own lea tools and iirc these programs work much like adobe cloud where it is cloud managed and clients are traced.

if your tablet is on the list of twrp and cmwr (defunct) you can flash the recovery image (or boot image on some phones) and just grab everything. if your problem was lock pattern you can easily bypass that but if it's full device encryption it's probably harder.
otherwise you just transplant the emmc into a nand to usb board although that is high on risk of magic smoke coming out when a solder ball did not melt through.

< I can't buy into the schizoid conspirafag mentality that Gov/Big Corpro are simultaneously all-seeing-all-knowing-demons from 1984, because it conflicts with the black-comedy of incompetence and inability-to-enforce-boundaries that's absolutely rife among both Gov and Big Corpo.
would you look at pegasus targets:
>activist clergymen, health workers, doctors and scientists, human rights activist (not the antichrist or UN kind), people against human trafficking, drug czar, HVT journalists, non-corrupt politicians, ngo anti-pedo org (not the antichrist or UN kind).
they target mostly these: people who know about the pizzagate, has kompromat (is 5 steps ahead of qniggerlarp), has verifiable intel on human trafficking and pedo rings, etc. etc.

the world gubmint is mostly incompetent with mundane crimes like serial killers most BUT somehow they seem to be very compliant with these "high value targets" [in greentext above] who do not break the law but instead threatens some s.society/billionaire/trillionaire's revenue enough for those harmless academic/clergic/activist [targets] to be backdoored with sophisticated malware instead of actually targeting "high value criminal targets"

big corpo is the spy, government cannot directly spy on people since it would instigate mass outrage so it has to be something that isn't government which is the biggie corpo and the rest is basically on how to enforce the killgrid and geofencing [mostly on the good people though].
funny how we have all these spyware shit but there's still full-fledged pedo "director", fuckos, crime crazies, and corrupt people with zero opsec freely using botnet device, facebooc, and uploading their plans on public google docs or some shit but then the government and corpo just ignores them since what they're truly after are certain people [in greentext above] like a fucking scientist lol. like nigga, he's a botanist what the actual fuck did he do to get pegasus backdoor and usb firmware malware DMA?
[Hide] (229.2KB, 533x735)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 958x1024)
>our country used to be a safe for jews
during his time.
they've always been after the marcos gold (solomon's gold and yamashita).
they're still salty about not grubbing our gold, the spanish included.
there's a reason why MLaw lasted more than a decade.

>and this is how they treat us in return i wish 1984 would become fiction again i wonder what 2023 would be like if nobody stops this insanity i bet its not gonna be long until pfizer makes a vaccine specifically to push homosexuality under the guise of curing monkeypox
the vaccine was about altering one's faith though, like it makes you a globalist soywars soyjak who doesn't believe in higher power. there was a video published by anonymous on 2018 about such vax and there's also some talks about the plandemic and black goo tech https://alive528.com/v/8664 (proceed with caution, this video was made pre-plandemic)
>compile 5 games from LGW
<compiled 5
>n-non repos!!!!1111
Nice goalpost moving, what count as compiling to you nigger? Handwriting assembly?
Replies: >>5911
The AUR has a plethora of patches and fixes that do not make it upstream, so what you compiled are Arch-native forks of the games from LGW, not the original sources. The repos listed on LGW are the "official" ones for each game, and they're mostly outdated, unmaintained, have dysfunctional build systems...etc so any regular user trying to build from them will most likely fail.
Try compiling these games from their original repos listed on LGW and you'll see what I mean.
Replies: >>5916
>The AUR has a plethora of patches and fixes that do not make it upstream
Speaking of that, in my experience it's because package maintainers acquired learned helplessness dealing with corporate or Linuxtarded upstreams. Well, they have to be Linuxtarded to maintain Arch. But most eventually stop trying to send fixes upstream.
Replies: >>5921 >>5929
Every distro does things differently, this difference is why there are distro at the first place. The software upstream cannot cater for all possible distro under the sun. Packaging is mostly a package maintainer's problem. If the fix is local to the distro, not pushing it upstream is not an issue.
Replies: >>5929
this is simply just transplantation
i am more interested in the efficiency rating of the power or if the mobo is actually worth it or just some random unbranded chink mobo off of shenzhen (along with its power supply).
>The software upstream cannot cater for all possible distro under the sun
True but that does not excuse devs not maintaining their code, using OS/compiler specific features, not testing their software...etc. The LGW is full of examples of this.

>dealing with corporate or Linuxtarded upstreams
I could say the same for plenty of FOSS projects too, it's a sad state of affairs for the entirety of modern software.
get out
[Hide] (3.7MB, 480x272, 01:40)
Found a video of anon. You can try the link for ms support. https://www.microsoft.com/refunds
Replies: >>7204
>youtube problem
on the topic of social media i swear is it just me or the youtube comments section is full of teenagers LARPing as self-aware™ human beings literally just go to any videos that involves social issues/woke-ism there is gonna be a couple of flame wars about whose more mature™ than the other as if it were some kind of shitflinging contest with unfunny personal attacks almost as if plebbit had a bigger older brother for videos
other than that its mostly neutral content and politics is is not too hard to avoid unlike twitter where its rubbed at your face with no option to opt out there are also lots of great channels out there like photoninduction sadly he died man i sure do miss the old times thing have really changed over the past years fuck this clown ride
one thing ive noticed on highly popular YT channels people seem to blindly defend vax mandates and lgbt on another channel people are very redpilled its like youtube had its own little "safe space" experiment this elitistic pattern seems very similar on mainstream social platforms however obscure sites like tiblar have a chill 4chan like audience

nobody? im trying to download these media files? not really important in any way but i would like to make an edited webm of these
https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9540 https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9551 https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9497
Replies: >>5948 >>5949
I think most of the commenter crowd doesn't actually watch the videos, they read the title and base their opinions on it. Also, SJW youtubers, like reddit mods, tend to sanitize their comments of any dissenting opinions. Even if most of the supportive comments were botposts, it's still poe's law in action, the kinds of people that SJWs like to manipulate are the easily-outraged.

closest I could find was in this post: https://teddit.net/r/fossdroid/comments/upessz/top_rated_alternative_foss_apps_to_access_social/

Most of the telegram alternatives on that page are androidshit, so, it's not gonna work for what you want in the now, it would take deeper digging to try and find something like invidious, biblogram, teddit, or nitter,
>im trying to download these media files?
How hard is it to fucking inspect element, network tab and download those?
Analyzing YT users is a fool's errand. It is owned by jewgle and completely controlled by it. They may not do a perfect job in moderating comments and videos. You can be sure most "trending" videos and stuff are kept in line. Will you also think hard on Facebook and Reddit posts? YT is not the whole internet and the problem is most users thinks it is.
Replies: >>5950 >>5964
[Hide] (1.1MB, 528x880, 00:22)
Here, a fucking example.
Replies: >>5964
this is actaully the first thing i did it does not play on the browser then got the 403 download error when right click saving videos
i managed to fix it turns out my shitty proxy and trannyfox i reopened it on another pc with chrome and it works now weird
also it seems that archive.is refuses to submit URLs when openvpn server is enabled i think the token thingy is locked to my IP address but thanks for testing it for me i thought it was a bug/limitation
well, goddamnit. /fit/ is fucking dead. I wish I could have some help making a bean burger that doesn't need ten fucking ingredients just to make it.
Replies: >>6034
>bean burger
Have you tried using a search engine?
>vegan faggot
Meat is good for you. Also what's wrong with bean + bread?
Replies: >>6047
It's an ancient Chinese secret that vegetables will give you long life but if you want a strong body you need to eat a bit of meat too.
Replies: >>6052
>Have you tried using a search engine?

Oh you bet your ass I fucking did. I went through three different sites with vastly-different search algorithms.

My Goal was to find the simplest bean burger recipe. Keyword, simple. I'm talking "oatmeal = oats, water, salt, and butter" simple. Something that can be used as a baseline for anons to add whatever they want into their bean burger.

The problem is, search results are shat up by reader's digest tier cookbook recipes that have so much shit in them, and zero recourse as to WHY THE FUCK THEY NEED TO BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Jesus fuck, even searching up a "simple" recipe on youtube is fucking useless because there's so much shit added into it and no explanation why it's fucking needed.

It honestly reminds me of the problems I have with programming tutorials and the shit that educational resources do. Most sources understand and teach you how to do the most basic of basics, but when you search for how and why things interact with each other, suddenly, nobody knows how the fuck anything works, and just dumps examples on you to copypaste it.

>Vegan faggot
Fuck veganism. I want this to be adjustable to include meat, broth, eggs, or whatever the fuck anons want with it. My thing is, I want to help anons figure out low-cost protein sources, with beans and oats being one of the forerunners for low-cost protein. 

Honestly, I fucking can't stand that vegans have fucking shat their way all across the bean burger recipe spectrum. Nothing is consistent, there is no "this is why we need this in this food," it's the same fucking "we threw this random shit together because out manager said it looked delicious," bullshit.

Really man. I had to vent, because it's been a full fucking week since anyone posted on /fit/, julay-/ck/ is dead as fuck, and I don't feel like playing around with 4cuck and their pozzed bullshit. Besides, this is the 'off-topic thead.' What the fuck else am I gonna do?
>Vegan faggot
Cool it with the pleonasm dude.
Tell me more Chinese secrets, anon-kun.
Cool rant. If no recipe satisfies you, why not do your own experiment? From what I see, the material cost is not high at all. Just boil some beans and mash them into a paste. You can add whatever you want to the paste. That's it, your "bean burger = mashed boiled beans + bread" simple burger. From there start trying out different combination, pan frying the paste, adding meat, sauces.
> with beans and oats being one of the forerunners for low-cost protein. 
This is way more of a /fit/ discussion but you are right since that board has a very low or near zero PPD it's probably ok to talk about it here.

If you are comitted to the gains, my goto is tuna-egg patties. The cheapest and most available source of protein probably ever. Add some hot sauce and siracha and they are actually really good 

Replies: >>6057
Also beans are fucking retarded and not in any capacity a complete protein. The amino acid profile is incomplete compared to eggs, tuna, pork shoulder or milk which are the same cost.
[Hide] (537.1KB, 1080x1620)
[Hide] (812.3KB, 2000x1600)
you can easily skim over those lengthy and complicated recipes.
most of the best recipes never require anything more than 10 ingredients.

not sure what you're trying to make (patties or buns)
but patties are easy to do, ground beef + onions + pepper and then you need some kind of binder like flour, then you can proceed to cut meat and add more beans or whatever vegetable then add more flavoring (stock powder or salt) since vegies are bland. frying veggies might be a good idea, anything that gives it chewy texture is better. mung beans are great if you can find them but you will need a pressure cooker (maybe boil it with meat stock/broth for more flavor).

most of the bloat ingredients are just many mix of spices so you'll have to invest on those first then just cut out all the spices on their bloated recipe and DIY your mix.
Does anyone know where I can find a list of flags for amd hardware encoding in ffmpeg and how to use them?
The ffmpeg documentation says nothing about anything in that regard and most of the standard encoding arguments are just ignored by it.
Replies: >>6086
PHEW! its finally over no more offensive DEI adverts AT LAST! since the thread has gone full /ck/ ill ask something absurd (will continue business on mid july)
hey anons what are some useful things and fun things to do when banned on 4chan? (i got 3day'd but nah im not gonna evade) i want to put this time to good use since the hammer helped me pause my shitposting habbit (sorry for the late mass reply AD480p kicked in) surprisingly i can concentrate just fine on side tasks (kek i actually done that anti-vax chise meme in just hours not days) also coffee tastes like milk i dont feel energized at all and all the expensive meds feel like placidos is this normal for autists ike me?

alright serious talk is there some kind of neural network to detect if an avatar contains furry imagery or rainbows? i am going to make my own jewish mass media antisemitox collage with their names and pronouns (i just need an avatar scapper bot the rest is manual on GIMP)
https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/161631920/ i also found this shortcut as template (no need to start from scratch though its a bit too big)
https://github.com/topics/ [furry/pride] (watch out these animals are responsible for inserting broken degenerate poz code on our good linux software)
if i were to make my own neural network to tell if a genital is natural or SRS'ed how should i start? i want the AI to highlight the anomalies of the image

(micro rant LGBTQQIP2SAA for future use this belongs to the sharty /VPG/) furfags-this-is-your-mind.png
>Lets | >Go | >Burn | >/Trash/ | >Quality | >Questionable | >Interspecies | >Porn | >2 | >Stop | >Anthro | >Abominations
what's seen cannot be unseen checkmate furniggers (welp the cuckchan pride sticky died it was fun trolling it)
while you're at it can you pirate https://archive.is/610nq (dont forget to check the logitech article or YT video about pride it happened again on 2022)
(will post images later) holy shit i swear pride wasn't that bad before on Phillipines back in 2020 times sure have changed time to stock materials and gaming laptops incase of collapse ive checked over 10 stores and never found a single micro center shop but i did find the jackpot legion 3080 5xxx and AMD 6000 ddr5 series im looking for on EDSA
Replies: >>6086
Looks like vaapi is your best bet.
Examples on https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI
You should avoid stimulants such as coffee if you have adhd.
Just look up the best neural network image classifier and make your own training and test set.
Replies: >>6096 >>6172
The GPU is in a Winblows machine, so I need AMF like I said.
Replies: >>6101
Well, you chose to do things the hard way.
Replies: >>6113
[Hide] (27.6KB, 499x327)
"Why chose the pendant to syphilis when it comes to computer languages?

Python, that’s not a language, that’s a toy for masochists, that’s the fiddlediddle for the pampered who already tried everything, and love to be punished for every false stroke they do and being lectured and patronized by their language and who by a good hardware just to burn the value and the electricity for that in a factor of 29/30 into heat and lost time of life.

Python is not as bad as Java, I give that language that. But it’s not much better either.

And why do people chose Python? Because it is their first language. It is their only language, why do people do stupid things? Why do they stay with a wife that is permanently cheating on them? Why do they behave irrational, why do they love to be punished by women in leather? Why? I have no idea.

But I think that’s the human condition. We have to live with that. But please. Please not in a professional environment.

Python is not professional.

LuaJIT is."

Quote from the ""Zen"" of Python (aka import this):
< "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."
Python doesn't have switch statement (which is the most beautiful statement) but it has 3 ways to do format strings (f-strings, str.format() and "old style" string formatting with % like in C. there are also Template strings). Kek, is this the "Pythonic" way of doing things?? Poothon has global interpreter lock (https://python.land/python-concurrency/the-python-gil) and a bad package manager (or like 2-3 of them, heh. Also, should I use virtualenv or conda???). 
And the WTF is this!?! Python even has trouble with simple math: https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Python (tl;dr try 1 // 0.2 in Python. Also: https://github.com/python/cpython/issues/71650). There are even more things: https://gist.github.com/RobertAKARobin/a1cba47d62c009a378121398cc5477ea   And everyone knows that Python has ugly syntax that dictates how you are allowed to use whitespace and the python 2\python 3 split...

It's pretty clear that Python was never intended to be used for serious applications (instead it was made for simple scripts). It's crazy how ((( Python ))) is used for data science or machine learning... The only reason why Python is popular is that Goolag promoted it before they invented Go and because Python was memed as easy language (it is easy but so are most other scripting languages).

But that's it. I'm taking the Lua PIL: https://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html  (also check out https://luarocks.org/ and LuaJIT).
For awhile I was thinking about learning Free Pascal but then I came back to my senses.
Replies: >>6112 >>6113
k, but how do I learn lua? 
Does it even have any graphic libraries besides love2d?
Replies: >>6113 >>6172
It's not harder than on any other platform. I can compress with that. I just wish I knew the arguments. I experimented a little and found quality arguments that work but I'm still as clueless as before on how to tell it to do something like preset slow, so I don't get a realtime shit thrown at the disk.
>Python doesn't have switch statement
They added it in 3.10 it seems. I hate Python too.
>But that's it. I'm taking the Lua PIL
Lua is good for extending programs but on its own you can't make much in it. It doesn't even portably provide system interfaces for listing files, so you have to call into a program that lists files available on the platform for every single platform you want your script to be compatible with.
I recommend TCL for scripts that do shit on their own.
Love2D is not a library. It's a game engine extended with Lua. Their are plenty of engines and programs that feature Lua extensions. How much abilities to interface with the program the Lua scripts have, depends on how much the C/++ code makes available to them.
Lua is fairly easy to learn. Here's the manual:  http://www.lua.org/manual/5.4/manual.html
>Try to check out Haxe for purposes of AGDG and other projects
>Check out snippets and shit
>Oh hey, this is neat, I think I'm digging this.
>download a prebuilt binary
>try to run haxelib
>Returns error, whining about Neko.
>Check around. turns out that Neko, a VM package, is needed to run Haxelib, but this is not mentioned ANYWHERE in any of the haxe documentation or website.
>In fact, github pulls from FUCKING 2014 have brought this up, and NOBODY responded to this.
>Okay, fine, I'll just download Neko..
>check the neko github
<THIS SOFTWARE IS DEPRECIATED (last year was the final commit)
>What the fuck?
>haxelib, an essential tool to the Haxe compiler and setup still requires a fucking package the developers depreciated last fucking year.
>The install process on *nix systems is either "LOL JUST USE YOUR PACKAGE MANAGER BRO, OR JUST BUILD IT FROM SOURCE".
>My fucking distro doesn't have either.

Why? Why must they do this shit?
Replies: >>6141 >>6172 >>6173
[Hide] (138.1KB, 800x801)
Not sure if this helps but I checked the docs and Neko was supposedly replaced by HashLink https://haxe.org/manual/target-hl.html
Also there's a long-running weekly Haxe newsletter if you need a way to find more resources https://haxe.io/roundups/634/
I don't have actual experience with Haxe though. Ran into some kind of blocker or red flag after looking into it for a bit and gave up, although I can't remember what exactly.

I picked up Unity this week for gamedev and have found it to be surprisingly pleasant. It's a proper game engine, and more like an IDE than a programming tool in many ways. Which is probably an advantage if you want to build an actual game and not an engine. Been hearing good things about Godot recently as well, especially for 2D. That's a project I had ignorantly dismissed because it was open source and I associated that with GIMP quality projects. But apparently it's come a long way. And even Blender seems to be an industry standard, while I can remember it being a niche open source project some 15-20 years ago when Maya and 3DSMax reigned supreme.

Speaking of which where is a good AGDG community on imageboards nowadays?
Replies: >>6173 >>6187
>>5924 uh oh another tardgasm [holy shit its actually real a quick search on windows shows this https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/382793187/ follow the crosspost chain] (late post whoops)
jesus fucking christ that was so close how do i prevent my windows from bsoding 10 days with veeams and still strong
>in the middle of june 15 while im working
>updoots have been installed schedule the restart
>FUCK NO! check windows update and pause 7 days
>2 cumulative updates (i delayed the invevitable)
>wake up and see this thread few days later (thank god i didnt hibernate the veeams and finally reboot da host)
>out of paranoia i re enabled search highlights on my host and i got neutral clip art (on the lock screen i get regular background PHEW!)
i didnt realize i could dodge so many bullets just by keeping my uptime high (welp never got CVE'd so far?)
what would happen if i accidentally reboot and install the AIDS? on my taskbar? will wiping windows be enough? will this pride thing be permanently embedded in my BIOS/hardware?
.t flipper (it seems to be an murica/european only thing the youtube logo looks very normal and i dont see any parrades BS so far on my country thank god im a SEA mexican)

gonna fix the typos (in your face adverts) (animals are the ones responsible) (lgbtblablabla acronym)
>>6086 (not sure if they are woke but its not like it will matter anyway since the label is clean)
is chocolate good for adhd? i bought a couple kitkats i need that hyperactive urge to propel myself forward mentally but it just feels like normal sweet candy maybe i need a bigger sugar dose (unlike last time when i was 8)

>neural network
hmm since i cant program and i could not finish all my pirated games why not be lazy and let the AI do it for me instead since i might end up getting a new 3060 laptop next to compensate my underpowered 1650ti gpu
any good deep learning tutorials? (not sure if i need OpenCV instead of tensorflow) im gonna let the AI play my pixel puzzle platform games and post it on rumble while using BARRIER kvm for input and SCREAM for audio if needed the reason i chose retro shit instead of triple A titles is because pixels are very easy to process and the radeon has no problem at all executing it and latency is very minimal due to game simplicity full 1080p let alone 4k realtime image vision will datacenter grade TPU hardware for the initial training hell a 3080 might be barely enough for this but ill see what i can do
welp gonna make dad proud hopefully i dont accidentally unleash skynet since my /pol/ redpill folder is exposed in plain sight (it will run on the windows host unless they find a way to vgpu_unlock the 3000 series)

>>5884 (thanks for the info gonna mass reply later but no imma add my unique autism here since cuckchan is too fast also what the heck is /tttt/ i keep seeing that shit on 4cuck)
https://archive.is/1PvKO kek my micro pasta is so good one of the angry (All Cunnie Are Bad) fuwwy supporters reported my post out of KNOT-hurt (thanks for being a cool and chill mod wizard ill build my own chan one day and invite you and wise sage)

you wake up one day and see your favorite porn site and preferred linux distro go full UK what do you do? (just to be clear im neutral and yes i understand what they did since they are helping lives not spreading politics unlike BLM but the end receiving NGOs looks corrupt)
https://archive.is/Qwy3y (jewbuntu doing what its best at) https://archive.is/gA8IN (CDG and chat is good but maybe ill go back to funnygamesbiz kek they even have a sneaky homework forum section) https://archive.is/UZYyA (gonna pirate VyOS) https://archive.is/hFWb8 (any good selfhosted git alternatives or instances?)

>>6112 >(((  furry2D  ))) (i bet its messy coded by trannioids)
into the trash *cough* i mean VM it goes (sorry for the shitpost hopefully /soy/gull does not intervene since xe mods /b/ as well)

i have to admit KATE editor on my windows veeam is pretty gud but you have to configure the settings first to remove the annoying auto-coding bits since this is for story journals and massive TODO-list only (dont forget the ~autobackup~ section very important incase of crash or vm guest disk full or host error)
TL;DR can i use sandboxie plus (its patreon-ware but coded by humans therefore ok) to block internet access for x360ce and KATE its made by furfags and i dont want them peeping on my vm since i migrated my most of my work and browserfag there (but i use the host to store the finished products and downloads incase of ransom attack)

is that the same thing used in fixel engine? man reminds me of old flash games

since you are talking about programming is there a good IP camera under 1k that has gpio pins readily usable from the app similar to an RC toy car just press the button and the motors (load) will be energized no configuring needed (the standard 3.7 volt receiver chip accepts 5.0 volts from the power bank and it spins faster perfect for my trap but it want to use it unattended)
a wifi smart outlet should work fine too but prone to malfunction since these things use a toggle mechanism rather than a deadmans switch (the broken electric fan should only be turned on for less than a second to pull the mouse trap string)
if not where can i buy preprogrammed ESP32 cam project bundle? the module itself isn't that expensive but i dunno how to mess with arduinos (i remember that one time i bought 10 gear motor sets a year ago on Lazada for just 350 sulit im gonna put them to good use)

are bite proof gloves and long boots a good idea for last resort i need to catch that 4 legged wire eating hairy goblin drilling my cardboard boxes since my hands bled before from the bite (i wonder if the rat will survive inside for days if the automatic spring trap activates during vacation)
i bumbled around with haxe when I was still using Stencyl, which used it as its backend. however Stencyl relies on MIT Scratch Fisher-Price code building to appeal to young/retarded programmers. if you want to learn the language, Haxe is a horrible place to start for new programmers. combined with the slow release cycle of Stencyl and the amount of features it lacks in comparison to other engines and I eventually moved to Godot instead. probably still not "real" programming as the pretentious faggots call it, but GDScript qualifies as a language and is easy for me to wrap my head around. it also has plenty of features that simply work and are comparatively easy to use, such as raycasting, which was completely broken in Stencyl.

Godot is very good, however like any other engine you won't realize the quirks or issues it has until you're too involved with your project to move it to a new engine. as for agdg, zzz/v/ seems to have a good enough amount of people, there's a matrix room (https://matrix.to/#/#8agdg:matrix.org) but it's kinda dead and only has a handful of people. markchan might has one as well but I don't care about that shithole site.
Replies: >>6187
You know. It's funny you guys talk about Godot, because it's something I keep going back and forth to for one reason or another. My main problem isn't godot, it's me.

I expect things to work a certain way, and when godot doesn't do it that way, I get pissed or don't want to deal with it anymore. I suppose it's the silly expectation I have of myself that "I can make things fast, I don't need to deal with X" or whatever.

Looking at godot more and more, I understand it's appeal, and I want to learn it more. It's just the problem I had learning Splatoon's motion controls where you have to look with both motion and the joystick at the same time: new habits and patterns that go against the grain of usual shooter expectations.

>Good /agdg/ communities.
I'd say it's a 3-way of smug, here, and 8moe that has a decent-enough /agdg/ presence. But that's just what I do.




Linux Bible


[Hide] (248.7KB, 512x512)
What is this girl?
If I remember correctly, I've briefly read somewhere that she is somehow related to something about trannies or femboys or whatever??
Replies: >>6227 >>6753
viber sticker pack
[Hide] (14.5KB, 1280x720)

Fellow sisters, in this thread we shall discuss about the best programming language, Rust.

Transphobic chuds NOT welcome.

Reminder that the Rust language has the same speed and efficiency of C and other low-level languages, while having the memory safety of high-level languages like Python. It's a win-win! Every single program should be written in Rust, including operating systems.

And if you disagree, you're a Christian racist weaboo transphobic conspiracy theorist wh*te chud! Uwu

Netflix forever!
LGBTPNZ forever!
Rust forever!
BLM forever!
Reddit forever!

~UwU~ <3
Replies: >>6529
[Hide] (44.3KB, 1024x650)
>not posting the updated flag
[Hide] (312.6KB, 576x3937)
It's Amazon Rust, you shitlord. Respect xer branding.
Replies: >>6320
kys nigger faggot
Why do Jews hate programming so much?
[Hide] (43.1KB, 293x172)
Is it actually worth it to learn Docker? 
t. I use VirtualBox sometimes...
Replies: >>6319 >>6322 >>6529
Yes, for work or self hosting, makes moving your whole infrastructure easy, in case your vps provider decide to inflate your rent or shut it down for reasons.
Is Docker shit? Yes, it has so fucking many quirks a d the dev team is crazy about unobtainable "reproducible build", which is defeated when internet access is allowed in the build process. And bullshit limitation such as not being able to remove VOLUME once defined.
[Hide] (278.5KB, 1238x1836)
Shitloads of corporations have their tentacles in Rust. The big ones are Amazon, Facebook, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Mozilla. The project is also infested with trannies, especially the moderation team (Can't have dirty TERFs and transphobes in our software! We've gotta subvert and gain control over whatever we can!). Its honestly one of the most embarrassing things I've seen and the tranny shit alone is enough not to use it.
Replies: >>6324 >>6529
Managing docker networking and volumes is a real pain in the ass. If you are doing it for work I recommend avoiding Docker Compose and trying to set it up with Ansible instead. For example if you need Redis, PG, and a web server all stood up together. The problem with Docker Compose is that it's a proprietary DSL that is useless outside of Docker and the documentation for it was real bad when I used it a few years ago, plus they were migrating versions so there were multiple different schemas and half the example on the Internet were outdates for it. But Ansible is it's own beast too...
Replies: >>6323
Docker compose is better now, I am using it daily. But it has its own share of problems.
Depending on your workflow and career, you may want to dip into k8s and helm (an even deeper circle of hell). Dependence on docker compose can lead to problems in migrating to k8s if you or your boss decide to do that later.
Replies: >>6325
Good to know. With C++ there's a kike in the standards committee but he's unpopular, and the community is way more resistant to drummed up SJW takeovers. C has some nigger tranny in the standards committee but it's mostly toothless and everyone uses C89/C99 anyways so a moot point. Both are definitely better options if you want to see less programmer socks and corporate black power banners on your screen while you work, but still need to do systems programming.
Replies: >>6328
>Docker compose is better now
Thanks for the heads up. I went deep on Kubernetes and learned it to remain employable but really trying to avoid Helm. Been using Kompose instead which is built in to kubectl. Although I haven't tested its limits by any means to vouch for it. If you're looking into declarative Kubernetes (GitOps) perhaps give ArgoCD or Flux a look. I'm using ArgoCD and it's been good so far, but I am not in production yet either. My reasoning is that it's important to be able to quickly stand up your cluster on a new provider either for disaster recovery or to avoid vendor lock-in. ArgoCD also has a dashboard GUI which I thought would be a gimmick but found surprisingly useful.
Replies: >>6329
C honestly feels like one of the most politically detached popular languages that exists, which is really nice. I don't know how its standard committee is doing, but I wouldn't worry about one troon in it since the damage they cause comes from massive amounts of them, and some of them are decent programmers aside from their obvious severe mental illness. You're right about C89/C99 still being popular. The Vulkan API which is pretty recent (relatively speaking) uses C99 by default. Later versions don't really offer all that much more.
Will check it out. I was checking out some new toys. What is your take on drone and concourse?
where nanochan @
Replies: >>6529
Are symlinks harmful?
Replies: >>6355
The symlink race is the same thing as a file creation race (i.e. tards who call access() and then open() instead of just open()), it's not a symlink issue.
But yes, symlinks suck.
Replies: >>6356
What do you suggest for link/showing the same file in two different paths? Hard links?
Replies: >>6362 >>6364
Not showing the same file in 2 different paths.
where picochan @
Replies: >>6388 >>6529
Robust high-level constructs such as (classic) Mac aliases that use dedicated UUID metadata, instead of gay bullshit dependent on "overloading" the filename/pathname or raw blocks.
Host hosts it on a box that he also uses for other personal shit so while it's a great site it just seems like a half-assed deploy for the long term
[Hide] (53.5KB, 1191x643)
>no website previews
>no domain names
>useless at searching strings like these
>asks for donations for more features
trash man dot png in highest possible resolution available
>search nigger
>0 result
>search faggot
>0 result
I don't believe it.
Why are you replying to the advertising fag?
Are you a bot or something? What are you even trying to do here? Some elaborate neural network generated honeypot or just genuine autism?
>>5022 (OP) 
Dead Internet theory is a load of shit. If you've been exploring psychology, you'll understand why. The short is that people who believe in DIT are attached to their loneliness, and that pattern of loneliness makes them think that the internet is dead and run by bots.
    The people who attach themselves to this theory are internalizing their loneliness 

Emotion and expectation cause bias among people. This is natural for humanity. Fear is also one of the strongest emotions people have, and that can cause people think go through a downard-spiral of false assumptions. People who are lonely often attach themselves to the Dead Internet Theory, because humans follow patterns in almost every aspect of life.

Speech. Desires. Wishes. Most of the time these stay consistent, and the person who attaches themself to Dead Internet Theory feels like that people in their usual patterns are simply pre-programmed robots. Yet ironically, these people are stuck in their own pattern of internalized loneliness.

Loneliness sucks, don't get me wrong. But this attitude is like an NPC complaining about everyone else being NPCs.
    Mainstream Media sources have been latching onto it, which is already suspect in of itself. 

Why would the most manipulative propaganda machine around give what is supposed to be a major conspiracy credence? It's not the 70s anymore, most of the eyes-wide-shut-clubs are balls-deep in bed with the media because that level of coverage is addicting to them. If dead-internet theory really was that important, than why would they say -anything-? The media's tell for something it hates, is to slander it once, and then immediately shut the fuck up. The tell for something it fears is to say absolutely fucking nothing.

Silence speaks volumes on the media's opinion on something. The fact that it's even speaking about it at all does no good for this theory.

    Search engine censorship and manipulation is the true cause of why the internet feels so "smaller/contained/congested/whateverthefuck" 

This one is a two-way problem. It is a problem with Search engines that remove results for business-related-reasons, and/or political reasons. Content-farms also manipulate search engine results, either by brown-nosing search engines or simply gaming the algorithm so they end up on page one.   Either way, cluttering up the search engine results with trash makes the internet feel so small, because it's the equivalent of turning the interstate highway into a gigantic strip mall of gas stations and airport-magazine-outlets.

When people don't know of alternatives, it's no wonder they feel like the internet is dead.


Dead Internet Theory is literally all in these people's heads because they're lonely and popular search engines are fucking garbage.
Replies: >>6422 >>6423
[Hide] (85.7KB, 1094x328)
OP is very clearly a bad actor. Here is him spamming the same thing on prolikewoah
Replies: >>6426 >>6431
True to quite a large extent, there are plenty of other reasons the modern Internet feels more sterile than before, but
>Dead Internet Theory is literally all in these people's heads
that's a bit of an excessive statement considering the vast proven (even greater speculated) scale of chatbot-generated content fake content and other automated deception.
Replies: >>6432
I wouldn't call it DIT, only "Dead Social Platform Theory". The technology for crafting convincing speech not only exists, but excels at its purpose. Sites like Reddit, Twitter, Etc. employ bots to craft narratives. Reddit is especially egregious and is probably the most disgusting site in existence with Twitter in a close second.
Replies: >>6432
and a ton of other sites.
These are the search-engine results I got from his IP range.

searching it specifically got me a result from dietchan, so this is either botposting or some kind of idiot who's spam-dropping this spooky-wannabe-advert.
Replies: >>6433
Yeah. I understand that high-noise places have AI-generated users and bots. I'm just annoyed at this theory gaining far too much traction than it needs to.
Replies: >>6441 >>6529
Glowniggers run most of their network traffic through Australian IPs and have massive intelliegence center complexes like Pine Gap. Looks like a domestic ISP provider instead of a VPS or other address space.  Could be that OP is just a schizo because in terms of data collection I'm not sure what any bad actor would gain from it considering this "search engine" is completely broken and unusable.
t. bot
The comment section on youtube is pretty bad too. There's a reason I'm hanging with you guys instead of putting my shit waders on and hitting the socials. Computers, tech and communication protocols are cool, narratives, echo chambers, and cancel culture is not.
before permabanning spammers and CP can admins first write down the offending IPs first what kind of proxy are they using? someone should make a survey on these spammers the same way researchers do also ill save this thread in the meantime https://archive.is/AQTJa
Replies: >>6469
Stallman on eugenics:  : ^) 
>"when carrying a fetus that is likely to have Down's syndrome, I think the right course of action for the woman is to terminate the pregnancy." ~RMS
Replies: >>6481 >>6485 >>6528
wtf? I like Stallman now!
Replies: >>6485 >>6528
>The problem is that most computers can't run with a completely free GNU/Linux distro. They contain peripherals, or coprocessors, that won't operate unless the installed system contains some nonfree drivers or firmware.
>My new idea is that the install fest could allow the devil to hang around, off in a corner of the hall, or the next room. (Actually, a human being wearing sign saying “The Devil,” and maybe a toy mask or horns.) The devil would offer to install nonfree drivers in the user's machine to make more parts of the computer function, explaining to the user that the cost of this is using a nonfree (unjust) program.
i will stop posting for now
Replies: >>6484
[Hide] (51.1KB, 500x294)
[Hide] (349.6KB, 1240x930)
>muh blob firmware
Can someone explain the autism behind this? It kinda' sorta' almost makes sense for drivers if your OS's memory and I/O isn't abstracted, which of course it should be. In the case of firmware though, literally anything contained in known firmware could just as easily be implemented somewhere within the shadowy traces of the IC black box, including secret rewritable storage with external I/O capability, but I've never heard anyone complain about "silicon blobs".

Even in the case of hypothetical well documented open source netlists, illicit functionality could've been inserted into a wafer at any point in production (especially for hybrid devices such as MCMs) and you'd never know short of having a trusted auditor regularly inspect random samples with an X-ray rig or whatever.
Replies: >>6528 >>6529
stallman is a sperg and you should not be giving him the satisfaction of attention
Replies: >>6529
Stallman is fixated on climate change and overpopulation and that's the reasoning behind many of his takes on politics.

Firmware allows for targeted attacks and plausible deniability. Hardware backdoors can't be removed and, if found, could tarnish a brand's reputation worldwide. Also, I believe that there are limitations regarding storing persistent data on a CPU (that's the reason Intel ME resides in the SPI Flash).

Intel x86 considered harmful and State considered harmful papers by Joanna Rutkowska are a good read.
Replies: >>6544
>>6351 >>6363
i heard on zzz /b/ that the nanochan tor domain got taken down shame i saw some interesting discussions there on the archives dunno about picochan though

same ive noticed that some obscure chan boards are speeding up all of a sudden last year zzzchan didn't get that much PPH are the sussy bots among us? also on 4chan /pol/ on 2019 it was just on [19XXXX] post number now on 2022 it speed up quickly to [38XXXXX] was this due to the scamdemic?

how the heck do these even work i heard some secure chips have xray protection and on die tamper proof mesh (plus voltage glitching) can this be used to extract TPM keys on generic motherboard?

to be fair i genuinely wish stallman had a ///chinese\\\ successor/replacement with better visions to be fair he's getting rather old and unfit for the current role this is where i come in but my ADHD is holding me back 

docker supports lgbt might wanna pick a chink alternative (>>6320 >>6248 >>5379 will tardgasm later hold on my head is too busy for rants)
i feel really bad devirginizing my pinktop by running jack shit on the host thankfully there was no damage (but the guilt still lingers after i played furfag shit in winPE the bait certainly wasnt worth it)
i know this is old news but unity just partnered with a malware/advert company thankfully most of their games are VM friendly so not much to worry about (RIP codex and other piracy groups 2022 cant get any worse they actually quitted)

>>6410 (also why was the tor thread moved back https://archive.is/7KRtK >>5568 https://archive.is/4j9nj)
links https://archive.is/wEudi thanks faggots for the disgusting suggestion now my day is ruined
>please search for dragon as example (i tried searching furfag shit eww gross and gaschamber/jew has no results)
god i wouldnt be too surprised if the spammer was a furfag all along (related https://github.com/rebane2001/chanduino)
both contributors are furrries and somehow they can post without captcha on halfchan stay vigilant guys these users also added code to the JPEXS decompiler (next to anime oldfag users) only god knows what their true intentions are
is jindra OK? it seems that he trooned out based on the pfp god he wasnt like that before on 2019 i feel betrayed
also what does the fox badge at the corner of the profile picture do on github? is this some kind of achievement? other furries seem to have it as well

>>5168 nobody?
i guess ill just diskimage the ssd on my new empty laptop and reinstall enterprise while restoring img in a VM or just extract the system files with linux livecd (i dunno what to do now sice the script borked my system)
NOOOO /VPG/ JUST DIED oh well time to post some gems on the new site fuck you kooz for shrinking to page 10 https://archive.is/Q2qAb images media can be found on web.archive.org
from clipboard snippet thread because why not 4chan >>/g/87417109 just gonna leave this here incase anyone is interested there is atleast one guy reading all of my shit thanks whever you are (might use in the future)
Question/Answer: for CHUDiot gaming blog (might be custom made or static html since WP wordpress supports lgbt) dont forget the NiceChad avatar for VM tech support tutorials
>Q: if you were forced make a custom fursona at gunpoint or held hostage one day and it would become real afterwards what would it be? i wont get mad i promise you can make it cringy
<A: good question i would make a robot/cyborg space pirate and genocide the shit out of furries with whatever weapon i have (hah! checkmate there is no rule saying i can cheat if i wanted)
>Q: CANT YOU JUST FREAKING PLAY IT NORMALLY ON YOUR HOST. Just like a decent human being would? seriously why is it so fucking hard not being an autistic obnoxious faggot these days?
<A: whoah there calm down angry twitter creatorfag im sowwy? did i hurt your dead father's ((( patron ))) sheckels cashflow well tough luck sure thing i could you filthy egyptian jewish animal
<(part 2) but the point is i dont want to poz my expensive legionnaire with all sort of furry STDs all it takes is runing one wrong exe once you have AIDS your BIOS is pozzed forever
<(spacing) i dont wanna get pwned with CosmicStrand who knows how long has that thing been lurking gigabyte and ASUS is already affected only a matter of time before lenovo is 0day'd
>Q: what's your opinion on mutahar from SOG you both seem to like VMs and imageboard in common (ill follow craft computing and level1techs tutorial from now on fuck that woke faggot)
<A: gotta love how mutahar champions himself as an imageboard expert meanwhile its literally been 2 weeks and nobody batted a single eyelid about kuz spamming CP despite his burning hatred of pedos
<(part2) humanitarian hypocrisy sure is one helluva drug there is also a group on cakedgov ruining innocent altchans by tor flooding and as you might have expected he gave zero fucks about webring drama
<(spacing) i can't be the only one noticing this he is lowering himself to the level of the hated one (inb4 lurking muta makes a video to make himself appear as the good guy after reading all my schizo rants)

And the animals remain as is, as purposed by the 7/31/2022, 8:12:21 PM 6461 | 20220801_093025.jpg | [https://archive.is/zaxVx] (1.2MB, 2820x1738) | Replies: >>6463
How do you memorize to excel your CS learning | Like cloud engineering | | | I read and read and just dont get it nor have confidence in the test which is like 10 question
Ye got made anyway Still late 7/31/2022, 9:59:38 PM 6462 | Bump (why was this deleted i thought this post was OK because mods just moved the it and there are no spam links)
Replies: >>6530 >>6531 >>6544
What are you smoking
>also on 4chan /pol/ on 2019 it was just on [19XXXX] post number now on 2022 it speed up quickly to [38XXXXX] was this due to the scamdemic?
no, it happened because of bots.

>using s0yjak.party
>wanting a chink stallman 
>talking about 4chan but not linking archive
i will probably stick with Docker.
Replies: >>6539
>russian spambot
the fuck just happened? i didnt catch the deleted shit also things looked normal yesterday

what exactly is wrong with soyjak? i used that site before it looks pretty harmless unless i missed something
Replies: >>6540 >>6541
>what exactly is wrong with soyjak? i used that site before it looks pretty harmless unless i missed something
Soyjaks are 4chin newfag memes originally... And that site organizes raids other imageboards.
I don't know what happened, looks the same for me.
>plausible deniability. Hardware backdoors can't be removed and, if found, could tarnish a brand's reputation worldwide.
Hmm, good point.
>Also, I believe that there are limitations regarding storing persistent data on a CPU
Only if there isn't a secret block of SRAM or whatever with undocumented API squirreled away somewhere in the floorplan
>Intel x86 considered harmful and State considered harmful
LOL that's more a subjective stylistic critique of ISA inelegance most of which persists solely as a figment of the µOP decoder ROM's delusions in CRISCs like x86 than a concrete observation about mystery meat silicon on-die.

>how the heck do these even work
Multifocal 3D X-ray microscopes. Combined with the right line integration and software, ICs can be batch validated in seconds.
>i heard some secure chips have xray protection and on die tamper proof mesh (plus voltage glitching)
Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. Old-fashioned decapping and acid delayering for an optical microscope should still work for random spot-forensics, though obviously the sample will be destroyed in so doing, e.g.:
>can this be used to extract TPM keys on generic motherboard?
If it's a mask ROM, or optical phase change like EPROM, yes. If it's magnetic like flash, then no I think you need to connect JTAG pins to read it.
[Hide] (83.9KB, 1280x719)
My friendship with C ended and I was searching for another language. I'm not impressed by Hare and similar languages that aim for being "like C but better". For example, I just saw this:
<Programs built with the V compiler no longer leak memory by default.
And into the trash it goes!

I guess I learn Golang instead because I don't want to use C++ (which I don't know well at all) or Java. Go has easy concurrency using goroutines (https://go.dev/tour/concurrency/1) and other stuff!
>2.1MiB hello world
>shitty package manager that reintroduces dependency hell, an issue Solaris, soon followed by GNU and others (except Windows) solved in 1995
Every time. Every fucking nulang does this shit.

Besides, threads HAVE to be as thin and low level as possible or you're just going to add more and more tasks to the list of tasks that actually lose performance when threaded.
>My friendship with C ended
What happened?
Replies: >>6603
[Hide] (78.3KB, 960x720)
>My friendship with C ended and I was searching for another language
<languages requiring automatically garbage collected runtime interpreter to execute code
I mean, there's plenty of perfectly fine use cases for "high-level" languages like that, but none of them are things you ever should've been using C for.

Likewise, if you're writing high-performance and/or native code that requires a language such as C, you should NOT use any of those languages for it.
Replies: >>6594
[Hide] (70.9KB, 1218x1030)
>I mean, there's plenty of perfectly fine use cases for "high-level" languages like that, but none of them are things you ever should've been using C for.
Not this shit again.
The issue isn't that a language or another is high-level, it's that it's of poor quality and built out of ignorance of basic computer concepts and abstractions that are no simpler than what they're trying to abstract and have a cost.
By all means, use a good high-level language like LISP for anything you want, but don't ever try to do programming in languages that are simply bad like Java or Shell.
Replies: >>6595
>don't ever try to do programming in languages that are simply bad
Yeah, sure, duh. But
>use a good high-level language like LISP for anything you want
Please don't ever try to write device drivers, 3D renderers, OS kernels, etc., in such languages. Or at least don't do it beyond the pre-alpha prototype phase.
The trick is to learn a few core languages and use them for what they are most suitable for
C - low-level stability, libraries that other languages can plug into
C - high performance but more type safety, around C14 is the sweet spot now
Go - systems programming where GC is acceptable and you need a single small binary for easy distribution/containerization
Java - high performance, more abstraction than Go. Very conservative language and it's decent now with generics/lambdas/records/streams/. The best library ecosystem for network connected backend business apps
Python - Scripting that scales up with optional types, good C intertop, glue for build systems
Bash - small glue scripts for command line
Javascript/Typescript - when you must do frontend web stuff it's the most practical choice

I spent a lot of time looking for the one true language and ended up accumulating skills in many different languages so it wasn't a waste of time, but now I'm focusing on just building stuff with those languages. Since you're interested in Go concurrency, check out Java's new Lombok feature coming out soon which will give you concurrency similar to Go for "free" using familiar Threading APIs.
Replies: >>6603 >>6607 >>6610
[Hide] (20.4KB, 233x300)
Why ((( Google ))) made yet another language?
This time they want to replace C++.

I (>>6590) still think that C is good for some tasks like writing a kernel or for embedded systems. But I realized that C isn't good for programming tasks I have. I'm not certain whether Golang is right choice for me either, but I liked what the language looked like. The main problems I have with C are that I don't know how to write secure code in it (I feel like there is always some gotcha out there that I missed) and that C lacks batteries (which is understandable). Now that I really think about it, perhaps I should use a scripting language instead. The most of the programmings tasks I have are automation and a bit of text manipulation/extraction. 

I think you really get it. Thanks.
Replies: >>6608
I agree there is no one true language. Your language picks are practical for work. That is my list when I need to start a work project.
But there is more than practicality when picking a language for hobby and personal programming. For example, I fucking hate Java. It is used everywhere for business backend. It is high performance at the cost of ram. The convention of long as fuck names, forever jvm version chase and hiding pointers by making == to be comparing addresses. Java is the pajeet language.
Python is shit. Space for blocks is programming for niggers. Slow. Why would anyone use it for build system that is supposed to be rock solid? Any non-actively maintained program using Python as build system can find the build system won't even work after a few years because of missing Python version.
Cpp, the kitchen sink language. A language so complex that can only be parsed with LR(infinite). Tons of bad features and shit syntax.
Javascript/Typescript, I just don't do frontend.
Replies: >>6609 >>6661
Can you share what you are working on?
JIT python is relatively fast. As in it's often faster than Java and a few other popular languages.
But yeah, version fuckery sucks. Python is the kind of shit to use when you want to make a quick script for yourself or when you want to make simple scripts for others, but if your python code requires any dependencies you might as well just never release it.
Replies: >>6610
Totally agreed

With every language migrating to the same IR backend during runtime via projects such as LLVM, I think "performance differences" between high-level languages are mostly a thing of the past as long as you're using a modern implementation.
Replies: >>6615
There is still an optimization step if you use LLVM, and some languages are easier to optimize than others, be that because a language has optimization notes (like Common Lisp), because it doesn't expose tools to prevent performance killers like heavy heap allocation (Java), or because extensions are married to implementation details that can no longer be changed as a result (Python).
>be average person
>want to get into UNIX
>install a distro
>meet other "unix users" online
>now have a community of "unix users"
>discuss random mediocre stuff
>>yep, we're UNIX users
>have no actual skill in anything
>get IT job
>>its a UNIX system, i know this
>get programmer job
>>yep, i know FHS unlike the previous devs
>>wow look at me i can configure apache and nginx
>steer tech direction due to being massive group of "unix users" all of which have only accomplished the above and nothing more
>no understanding of engineering
>no understanding of math
>no understanding of science
>no understanding of philosophy (no the "unix philosophy" and any other quack "philosophy" don't count)
>no understanding of how software is hacked and what is needed to prevent it
>proceed to make all the big decisions of where tech is headed
>greatest accomplishment is getting websites to implement password hashing, and letsencrypt
>can't even call read() or write() properly
>even worse: the ones who can are proud of it
>>duffs device
>tl;dr UNIX is just a buddies club that get each other into their work so they can make passive money by fixing broken shit that is broken because of their own retarded shit
is this a cartel of incompetence?
[Hide] (27.5KB, 360x400)
Replies: >>6625
>t. buttblasted UNIX user
Replies: >>6626
>t. buttblasted non-UNIX user
Replies: >>6627
[Hide] (31.2KB, 447x306)
>n-non-UNIX u-user
You're absolutely right.
>is this a cartel of incompetence?
W-Worse is Better, Right??? haha

In all seriousness, UNIX and UNIX-like have some real problems though. For example, most utilities (like rm and mv) aren't safe by default. UNIX wizards know how to set an alias, so they could override the default behavior. But a novice doesn't know about shell aliases. It's also stupid that most OSDev hobbyist imitate UNIX and POZZIX.Like, imagine you could choose to design the OS however you want, but you chose to imitate 70s mainframe OS... Haiku and Terry's TempleOS are actually the kind of hobbyist OS that I would like to see.

>https://web.mit.edu/~simsong/www/ugh.pdf :^)
+ >>5093 >>5100 >>5103 >>5173 >>5287
PS: I think POSIX is actually very useful standard
Replies: >>6642
Standards are nice and help make supporting software+hardware easier. That being said, POSIX is probably far from perfect and there should be alternatives.
Replies: >>6643 >>6645
Every time I think POSIX sucks I remember one of the many random libraries out there I've looked at and remember that POSIX is actually one of the best API designs ever.
There should be, but not now. What do you think would happen if the standard was changed now? It would be done by corporations to benefit corporations and you would end up with the most bloated and clusterfucked system imaginable. So unfortunately, nothing can be fixed unless the world itself is fixed first.
Replies: >>6646 >>6647
And this, just look at how every new C standard makes the language worse to the point they managed to create a consensus to ignore new standards. Have you ever seen programmers form a consensus elsewhere even in the most objective of matters?
>What do you think would happen if the standard was changed now?
Depends on who was doing it and why. There's a lot of pretty cool new tech like hashing, signing, object stores, schemas, formal verification, etc. that if the lowest level of a platform API were built around it, could result in radical improvements.

A good comparison would be networking APIs, where in the era eunuchs emerged from there was basically a stark choice between centralized horseshit we're saddled with now (e.g.: TCP/IP, IPX, AppleTalk) and barebones datastreams (e.g.: PPP), with the closest thing to an alternative topology being "bangpath" overlays like UUCP. The situation for mainstream users has arguably regressed since then to almost as bad as the mainframe era with increasing centralization, but we're building nascent alternatives such as IPFS/TOR using tech that didn't exist until today.
Replies: >>6653
[Hide] (9.8MB, 854x480, 04:00)
Hi anons, want to join a free speech IRC network? No niggers allowed.
#freespeech @ irc.freespeechirc.top/6697 (TLS)
Replies: >>6650 >>7635
[Hide] (128.6KB, 700x826)
kill yourself faggot
how does the government justify paying you a salary when this is all you can come up with
2070 isreal wuped off the map
Replies: >>6652
[Hide] (291.8KB, 1260x1260)
I take it the FBI only hires people dropped on their head as a baby or you are one of the diversity hires. You keep trying this over and over  but you are too retarded to realize why it's not working nor has it ever worked the previous thousands of times you try it. What do you expect to gain from this? at most you will be able to get sparse data points of IPs and browser profiles which is all meaningless data. do you expect people will interact with your honeypot? do you expect that users will use it so often you will be able to gather any meaningful data on them? you had your honeypot and your handlers shut it down despite it being on it's way out anyway. so good luck with whatever glownigger task you are assigned to maybe the two neurons left in your brain will at some point rub together by an act of God and you will develop  some modicum of self awareness to realize why this shit never works.
>Depends on who was doing it and why.
Yes. The problem is that looking at it realistically, it would only be changed for the worse, by entities with bad intentions. Nowadays, nothing in computing is changed without ulterior motives, and basically nothing is changed for the better. It's just the world that we live in, and that is why we are basically stuck with what we've got. It's that or something even worse. Worse is better than even worse.
Replies: >>6657
As I said, there have always been different groups making different types of software. Presently the centralized people are winning overall, but there's no reason to believe they always will so. For instance:
<The popularization of open source in the '00s practically obliterating proprietary technology from the server/workstation/embedded spheres.
<The popularization of the Internet in the '90s destroying closed BBS services like AOL/Compuserve/GEnie/etc., accompanying the resounding failure of the Oracle-spearheaded "network computer" architecture
<the microcomputer revolution in the '80s destroying the mainframe/dumb terminal subscription revenue model, combined with Compaq's BIOS lawsuit destroying IBM's grasp on the PC.
IMHO it's entirely possible, if we make powerful and polished enough new software, for a rupture to open up against the current bastardized JS phone app glop and the normiest of normalfags. Even without a victory of that magnitude, the widening gulf between desktop and mobile in terms of application and userbase means a limited victory for radically new OSs may be possible.
>Python... Slow. Why would anyone use it for build system that is supposed to be rock solid? 
If you're using ML libraries it's calling to C so it's fast. For web services they are usually IO bound (DB, API calls) so CPU is not the bottleneck. As for the missing Python version it's a good idea to set up a venv with all the versions pinned, or use a Docker container. Or just use Perl where everything is backwards compatible forever. If you want fast check out LuaJIT
Replies: >>6663
What is the point of doing all this just to use a scripting language for a build system? Make's syntax is strange but it works.
Replies: >>6670 >>6672
>but it works.
No, it doesn't, you clearly have never used a different build system and think Make's awfulness is part and parcel of using a computer.
Oh sorry I misread your comment. If it's just for a build system some people like rake (Ruby Make) if you're already on board with Make https://martinfowler.com/articles/rake.html
The MITniggers removed SICP!

>404 Not Found
https://mitp-content-server.mit.edu/books/content/sectbyfn/books_pres_0/6515/sicp.zip/full-text/book/book.html works for now...
Replies: >>6675
What the fuck, why?
World's First Patented Unhackable Computer Ever
Replies: >>6680 >>6681
[Hide] (283.8KB, 500x436)
>patented airgapping
>Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jul 3 2019
I wonder why
[Hide] (74.7KB, 1011x817)
>What is the link for the search engine?

>What can I use the search engine for currently?
1. Searching Australian Sites.
2. A Taste of the Weird Internet (the search engine does not find imageboards yet because they are on the IPv6 range)

$0 budget, now a $20 monero budget.

The next version design of this search engine is designed to find tor links, I2P links, IPv6 links and Domain Name Servers
sorry if this is considered spam god i hate eduardo so much its unreal gonna shitpost at jakparty.soy later on
RIP partychan i enjoyed schizoing there (YPbbs 2.0 aka kemono got 502'ed)
sturgeon/wizard if youre seeing this start hardening the boards NOW! kuz has a brand new weapon its a matter of time before they strike this place next when the new altchan drama drops
hint: limit only one thread per hour as advice from another /raid/ed chan (i forgot which)
[Hide] (30.9KB, 1320x275)
>B-But it doesn't matter that Rust is a tranny language!
See pic related. it's not a joke. https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/blob/master/src/tools/tidy/src/style.rs#L318 
Replies: >>6738 >>6739 >>6746
Lel. Funny how DEADBEEF is not on that list but the error message suggests it's merely about spelling out things. This is the soy goblin who added that check and removed the "problematic" CAFEBABEs throughout the code.
>Free and Open Source Software developer. @rust-lang developer and language team lead. he/him or they/them.
And the PR for good measure: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/92469
Replies: >>6739
I was about to say it's no worse than the blacklist/whitelist & master/slave bullshit, but I guess none of them have gone beyond "pointlessly break backward compatibility" into "throw spurious error messages".

>slippery slope is an INformal fallacy
Amazing weasels think they can get away with using that argument unqualified for anything other than formal fallacies
Replies: >>6740
slippery slope is only a fallacy if you can't provide a precedent for it. the gays love to kvetch about the cake bakers and how it wouldn't get worse than that, but now we have religious rights being subject to the state's approval.
Replies: >>6742
Yeah, that's true of all informal fallacies. Ad hominem is probably the most obvious example of something omnipresent in valid arguments, that is only fallacious if deployed without contextual premise.
[Hide] (27.8KB, 592x396)
What does that mean?
Replies: >>6747
They don't want you to use certain numbers that spell out stuff (like "0xaBadBabe" or "0xCafeBabe").
Replies: >>6749
What? So if I want to make my own program in Rust, I can't use "bad words" and stuff like that? Seriously, this is absurd. Is it really true? Have things really gotten so ridiculously bad?
Replies: >>6752
It's a linter for the Rust implementation itself, not Rust programs.
[Hide] (57.4KB, 1200x760)
>using furfag software/language
>get cum stain quality experience
you wiggercattle faggots had this coming letting gay furries take over 4chan was a grave mistake ive warned you long ago and now this is what you got (dont say you werent warned you had lots of chances)
picrel how do we turn this mascot into a hate symbol or better depart from systemdicks and redhat as a whole void also supports BLM so avoid that as well (hard mode erradicate the tumour itself rather than using LFS or custom BSD)

sorry for the crosspost and the cuckchan lingo back then they used the term /g/tard back in the days

can somone explain me this "furfags and lgbtq are better at coding" stereotype? if they are so good how come they havent rigged elections yet or sabotage big companies vigilante style for thier own evil personal (well intentioned samaritan agenda™) im genuinely surprised?
do they actually do well at heir jobs or just steal code like POC/feminists in tech? are they even capable of anything original that isn't blatant drama?

>>6225 alright trolling aside gonna ask serious questions (wizard pls dont janny banny)
if i had my own little supervillain corporation how do i as an evil genius company perform comprehensive background checks before hiring people into high positions such as sysadmins asset managers?
gay sabotage
if caught how do you clandestinley fire/remove suspicious individuals before they could cause serious irreparable damage? (i heard that gay people are known to sabotage the work bigoted bosses or get violent revenge of you cheat on them looks very scary better exercise caution)

also why do furries on 4trans claim that they are against globohomo and its lies yet they actively follow mossad commands and then shit up altchans using drawn ZP and monitor them like the feds would before finally CP bombing it for good?
why are security researchers inherently leftist pro-lgbt (furries included here) i swear to god every antivirus/endpoint protection service (malwarebytes has lgbt logo) is against piracy and will work hard to take those down using whatever means available at thier asernal
malware hunters also do a very good job blending in hackforums and siphoninig the information you can pretty much guess that they can infiltrate imageboard mod teams with little problem if at all when bribed by proper organizations (there was even that one time where they datamined imageboards i think it was from avast or trendmicro)
just to remind you when 2020 started rolling networks were hacked and ransomed left and right all over the world yet pfizer was completely untouched despite being the most unethical business out there really makes you think who is really protecting them?
Replies: >>6756 >>6757
>can somone explain me this "furfags and lgbtq are better at coding" stereotype
Furfags are hyper dedicated autismos. They aren't better as programmers (in fact a lot of popular furry code is barely working shit duct taped together), but they have the autism to put in the work for huge projects and the social "skills" to network which is why they do most of the code for big stuff like browsers and emulators.
Replies: >>6757 >>7204
[Hide] (63.4KB, 638x359)
>if i had my own little supervillain corporation how do i as an evil genius company perform comprehensive background checks before hiring people into high positions such as sysadmins asset managers?
Demand professionalism. Blanket-ban on external social media use, blanket-ban on political activity internally.

>they have the autism to put in the work for huge projects and the social "skills" to network which is why they do most of the code for big stuff like browsers and emulators
I'd go further than this and point out the big "advantage" furfags/troons/goons/etc. have for such fields is twofold:
<1. Just technically competent enough to code or whatever, but too degenerate (in both the personal sense, and the design discipline sense) to function in a real professional engineering environment, and too obsessed with nerdshit to care.
<2. Extreme, childish cliquishness. Which makes them needy for social environments with constant demonstrations of unconditional groupthink, but also imbues them with the compulsion to undermine and assert superiority over everyone around them.

This is why they tend to end up as big fish in small ponds: Insulated from mainstream by socially desperate geeks and/or permissive libs, tiny insular subcultures, pseudo-"epic" interpersonal histories of intense slavish loyalty punctuated by backstabbing and rehabilitation, niche hobbies and applications adjacent to but outside serious industries, low-paying or unpaid application of normally high-paid skillset, high turnover, lowest possible expectations of commitment & barriers to entry/exit for the pettiest pecking orders imaginable.

Notice how all the places they dominate share those qualities: Game emulation, ROM hacking, translation, (especially "indie") gamedev in general, web browsers (especially front-end!), open source in general (especially "foundation staff" rather than external contributors with real jobs in relevant industry), webdev (again, especially "UX"), hobbyist meme languages, documentation/comments, bottom-ranking admin like repo and forum jannies, PR/HR, journos, educators/lecturers/"gurus", con staff.

I imagine everybody has already seen this at some point, but the following explains why we create basically the perfect prey environment for such personalities:
Replies: >>6772 >>6781 >>6792
Very interesting read, hits the nail on the head regarding the modern programmer cliques.
The intro starts off well, but then already in the first fallacy it devolves into:
>I don’t *know* that RPGs and comics would be more popular if there were fewer trolls who smell of cheese hassling the new blood, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.
Surely we have enough pattern-recognizers in this board that I don't need to say that popularity invariably destroys anything.
Replies: >>6785
opt-in (?) telemetry in GNOME
>gnome-info-collect is a new tool which collects """anonymous""" data about how GNOME systems are configured, and then sends that information back to GNOME servers, where it can be analyzed. 
>Simply install the package for your distribution, and then run gnome-info-collect from the Terminal. The tool will show you what information will be shared and won’t upload anything until you give your consent.
>Any potentially identifying information, such as the IP address of the sender and the precise time of receiving the data, is discarded on the ((( server side ))). 
Replies: >>6785
I'll admit that stereotype does sound a little SJW-ish in hindsight, but remember it was written in the paleozoic era before halfchan even splintered from the goons. Think of that line as referring to simply "people that nobody likes but everybody feels compelled to stand up for at all times".

That person would've been an straightforward poopsocking WoWtard or whatever back in the day, sure, but nowadays its an apt description for insufferable furry  UwU enby GIRL gaymurz, and for the outright NGO-staffer-wannabe social climbing parasites we're complaining about here.

Basically the same social dynamic that allowed people who were merely unbearably dysfunctional to share in-group social invincibility, ended up providing protective coloration for intentional saboteurs to infest "geeky" subcultures with so little pushback and so much whiteknighting.

Does anybody use actual GNOME after the 3.0 trainwreck? So far as I can tell, all that survives of Gnome IRL are forks like Cinnamon and MATE, which are themselves being sidelined mostly in favor of Plasma now that KDE is so much less bloated.
Replies: >>6792
>Demand professionalism.
Or compartmentalization. 

Furfags/troons/etc are people who have let their sexuality take over their entire lives. So of course they have no ability to take a step back and say "I don't agree with you on unrelated topic X but we're here to do a job so let's respect each other as team members and get shit done".

>Blanket-ban on external social media use
Especially Twitter where everybody is posting about everything and it's impossible to separate sexuality, politics, hobbies and work into different contexts. Everything just gets mixed together into a toxic mess.

>blanket-ban on political activity internally
And close off opportunities for this to happen. Offtopic company-wide Slack channels like #general or #city-name always turn into unmitigated trashfires.

>I don’t *know* that RPGs and comics would be more popular if there were fewer trolls who smell of cheese hassling the new blood, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.
Unpopular opinion: Well adjusted people who are winning at life have no interest in the fantasy worlds of comics and geek culture where what you want is gained without working hard or fixing your own faults.

>Does anybody use actual GNOME after the 3.0 trainwreck?
It comes default on popular distros so I assume many people use it just because it's there.
How many people who remember gnome2/gtk2 go out of their way to install gnome3? That's a different question.
[Hide] (8KB, 483x400)
I'm tired of all this Arch and tiling WM and disable JS and use TOR and only use terminal programs and all that schizo autistic meme shit... I just finished flashing a USB drive with Mint and I'm gonna install it, and I also recently started using a phone (a dumbphone)... If I want to become more normal and social one of the first steps is to stop being a techno-schizo (but I also mustn't become too techno-normie to the point of using Windows and smartphones and soycial media), for multiple reasons... After wasting a portion of my life having it, I can conclude schizotism isn't cool and just made me depressed. I just want to be normal (without being a normie) and have fun, and get friends and hopefully a girlfriend that will marry me and have kids with me... Another of the steps I'm taking is avoiding imageboards because they're full of the kind of people i want to stop being.... and another is not thinking too much about "conspiracy theories" and whatever.... and also showering more often...... and I also finally created a pisscord account to join my class' group chat (because of the global rules I'm obligued to say that I'm at least 18 despite still going to school...) That's it. After I post this I'm gonna shut down my schizo Arch install for the last time........
[Hide] (393KB, 640x640, 00:10)
[Hide] (404KB, 1712x1821)
>but I also mustn't become too techno-normie to the point of using Windows and smartphones and soycial media), for multiple reasons...
You can still virtualize+PCIe passthrough or airgap, y'know.

Totally secure schizotech is only really necessary for things that normalfags can't safely get away with.

For acceptably normalfaggy things, normalfag tech is totally adequate.
[Hide] (141.3KB, 800x600)
You could dual-boot and keep the proprietary software in a ghetto (where it belongs). There is nothing wrong in using Arch or a tiling WM (there aren't any negative consequences at all) . But I guess that not having ((( smart ))) phone or dumb phone is going to restrict your opportunities to have contact with normies.
Kys nigger. I don't know if you are one of those demoralizing shill or just another retard faggot.
>If I want to become more normal and social
>schizo autistic meme shit
You have always been a rejected normalfag, or as I've recently taken to calling it socel. You use whatever is popular within some particular group without knowing why. If you understand and internalize the reason, you would never give them up. This action means you are using those just to fit in just like another other normalfag.
The reason for using ArchArtix is not schizo autistic meme shit. You get to manage your own system instead of following other's default. Tiling WM improves efficiency because typing is faster than mousing when your hands are already on the keyboard. Disable JS because many sites are usable without and would otherwise be slow. TOR is to access .onion sites and privacy. Terminal programs are faster because typing is fast and scripting.

And you STILL don't seem to understand; that normalfags are the biggest botnet. Every person is their own mind. If their mind is controlled or overwritten by foreign material, the person is killed. Humans unfortunately are social animals, we are very susceptible to peer pressure without a strong mind. Peer pressure is an instinct on par with hunger. But people can will themselves to ignore those instincts, eating less to prepare for winter.
Another instinct is the unconscious weighting of information frequency. The theory is humans evolved like other animals to perceive information that are more frequent as important. This is usually true in the past because closer events generates more sensory input than far away events. Closer/recent events are more relevant to survival than remote events. The trait remains, but the premise is no longer true. The development of publishing technologies and the internet causes most people to focus not on their neighbors, but to what's trending on social media. The ever prevalent ads and news causes people to ignore suffering of their own kids being demonized but focus on some crying niggers on TV.
The two instincts work together to control normalfags because they are only more complex animals. They may as well be not human. Every outcasts struggle to resist their instinct because they know it is a spider web that latches on to our mind, corrupting it and replacing it with what the ((( people ))) controlling what's trending want people to think. It is mind suicide.

But it doesn't end there, those nornalfags serve other purposes:
>market swaying
Most people are normalfags. They sway markets, by accepting phones with no replaceable batteries, headphone jacks. Politics is also a choice, they accept being ruled by ((( them ))) via their, at best, inaction, at worst, attack on non-mainstream ideas.
These people are government workers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, authors, everywhere. They are the thing that allow ((( their ))) power to continue because they keep the world going instead of rooting out the problem, while preventing others to do so.
There is no reason to be associated with normalfags in any serious way. Don't even talk to them unless fully awake and focused.

The reason you don't fit in the normalfag society is not because of what software you use or whether you have a phone or not. Even if you conform to every social norm, you still won't make it because of your speech, face or money. You will only ever going to be a trans-normalfag. The good news is most normalfags are trans-normalfags, the perfect social man with hot chicks are only a small part of the populations. All of you are simps.
You are part of the problem. You are p0wned.

How do you find this place?
<"Why SQLite doesn't use git?"
I know the basics of git but I don't know any of the advanced features (like rebasing or resetting/reverting). When using git, I'm afraid that I will lose my work. Is Fossil better or should I keep using git? Also, why doesn't OpenBSD use Fossil since it has 2-clause BSD license? Probably because they have always used CVS? Also, is NetBSD using both Mercurial and CVS?
Replies: >>6849 >>6853
>basic of git
Rebasing and resetting are basics of git. You should spend some time on learning git before switching, since many teams are using git. You will need the skill anyways even if you don't personally use git.
What specifically do you not understand about rebasing and resetting?
[Hide] (708KB, 2518x1024)
Well, it can take a while to find a setup that you're comfortable with, but once you have done it, you don't have to mess with it anymore. I know I haven't in a couple years now, even though there are improvements that I have had in mind for years. I just got comfortable enough and also tired of messing around with my system for too long, and I pretty much know what I like by now, because earlier on I spent the time to try a considerable variety of software. If you don't like your setup, then you don't like it, so use something else. Find what you like, don't just copy other people that are copying people on Reddit that are copying some YouTuber. I took a few breaks using desktop environments myself, early on. You are never going to get everything perfect immediately, it's always a gradual improvement.

Also, make sure that you don't delude yourself into getting attached to people that are not really compatible, or it may result in pain later on. Normalfags get divorced and have a lot of ex-friends for a reason. Don't waste your time on the wrong people, basically. It's understandable to not want to be alone and to make some compromises, though. Just do it the best way that you can and segregate it from your other stuff. 

Maybe Discord in a secure browser is not so bad as long as you know how horrible that thing is and that everything that you do is being monitored, and that they have doxed people for saying things that they don't approve of. Nothing in the world would get me to use mobile, though. If someone is too lazy to use something that I can use on a computer, that someone is not worth interacting with. Also, you can get people to use better things if they are not shit and are willing to learn new things and improve. If you have the desire to do that and they don't, then don't expect the friendship to last much longer after school.

Definitely don't let your desperation for human contact lead to making very bad decisions that you're going to regret later. It's pretty much impossible not to be stupid when you're young, and if you do what other people do, you will have results similar to theirs. And keep in mind that reality is reality no matter how much you ignore it to try to be like other people, and if you ignore it, you can't help them either, so really, no one benefits from that. If you care about people, you can't just let them destroy themselves, you at least have to try to save them from their own ignorance, and least if it's not willful, because if that's the case, they're fucked and will drag you down with them if they can.
OpenBSD devs have that awful boomer behavior where they never give straight answers.
However, from what I gather, they use CVS because it existed when OpenBSD was born and because nobody has migrated the project and its workflow to git. There is an OpenBSD implementation of git called Game of Trees that is making steady progress, it might replace CVS someday, it's already used by OpenSSH-portable's devs.
Replies: >>6854
>OpenBSD devs have that awful boomer behavior where they never give straight answers
>implying discordniggers have the attention span of boomers
Just a chan for the sake of being a chan.
Don't make a thread for ads like this. You have done that once already.
[Hide] (22.3MB, 632x474, 01:18)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 240x180)
Rimac is now 55% of Bugatti. Theyre stopping the W16 engine. Theyre probably going to trannypipeline everything Bugatti toward electric
Replies: >>6877 >>6880
Oh great, non-free overpriced batteries here I come.
That aside, what is wrong with solid chemical hydrogen storage + reverse hydrolysis? Hydrogen has high energy density. Solid chemical storage fixes the issue with pressurized gas tanks and leakage.
Replies: >>6880
[Hide] (38.7KB, 444x452)
Reminder the initial decades of the automobile industry were dominated by electrics, until a confluence of research investment shifting away from electric motors/batteries, enlargement of the oil industry driving down gas prices, and Ford being the first to make the adoption of assembly-line mass manufacturing.

Fuel engines, gasoline ICE especially, are the IBM PC of cars. Good riddance.

One advantage of electric is the prospect of direct-drive, eliminating trannies.
>non-free overpriced batteries
If compared by lifetime TCO instead of upfront price, including all fuel, batteries+electricity are much cheaper than a gas tank+pump prices. All that's needed to make this obvious to consumers is an appropriate financing structure to eliminate phony sticker shock.
>electrolyzed hydrogen
Is an interesting technology. In the case of a few applications like jet aircraft there is obviously no alternative, but for surface transport you're stuck with the tradeoff of higher capacity for lower round-trip efficiency compared to other electrolyte chemistries such as lithium or zinc. The ideal application for electrolyzed hydrogen is somewhere its waste heat can be used cogeneratively, like grid energy storage.
>pressurized gas tanks
There's a device to recapture the loss from that, called a turboexpander-generator, though they aren't very popular even at fixed LNG terminals, let alone in small vehicles.

Regardless of one's choice in electrolyte, it would be nice if EV makers stopped using conventional batteries (heavy anode/cathode plates in every cell offering unnecessary extra peak output) rather than flow batteries/regenerative fuel cells (fixed peak output for higher capacities, but much lighter and cheaper electrolyte storage in simple tanks outside the smaller cell stack).
Replies: >>6881
>TCO less
Not necessarily. Batteries have smaller life span than an internal combustion engine. A battery out of warranty can easily cost a quarter of the car. Electricity is also going to be more expensive in the future, look at CA with their laughable electric grid. Getting a better grid also costs tax money, which translates to high cost of living in those areas.
Another point is freedom of movement. An EV is always going to be tied up to a grid. While gas cars are also tied up to gas stations, people can store and exchange gas (probably illegally, but who knows). Storing and exchanging a large amount of electricity is non-trivial for most people. As such there is more control of freedom of movement by people controlling the grid.
>tradeoff of high capacity for lower round-trip
I was talking about storage methods like these:
Do those necessary have less energy density than conventional batteries?
Even so, hydrogen is readily available via hydrolysis and anyone can pack hydrogen to chemicals if only heat is needed. People can exchange solid hydrogen pellets.
Current batteries take a long time to charge and can't be easily swapped. Solid hydrogen fuel cells can be easily "refueled" and exchanged. That allows a much greater freedom of movement and monopoly protection from people who control oil or the grid.
Replies: >>6885 >>6886
>Batteries have smaller life span than an internal combustion engine
Batteries aren't comparable to an engine. Something comparable would be electric motors vs. an ICE engine PLUS practically the entire rest of its powertrain. Since the former has as few as one moving parts, while the other has thousands, electric is far less maintenance intensive and more durable.
>Electricity is also going to be more expensive in the future
Impossible. Fuel>electricity>propulsion using stationary infrastructure is always going to be vastly cheaper than fuel>propulsion in a vehicle, even for the same fuel (NG/coal are far cheaper than oil), even with the ~5% transmission loss via the grid. EV smart charging also offers benefits for the overall efficiency of the grid, by consuming cheaper "off-peak" electricity (e.g.: at night), reducing the need for grid storage or other wasteful load-balancing.
>Getting a better grid also costs tax money, which translates to high cost of living in those areas.
It's also far more efficient than any alternative energy system, so it's still cheaper in total, except for extraordinarily remote areas.
>Storing and exchanging a large amount of electricity is non-trivial for most people
Mostly because the grid makes it unnecessary. I do agree there will be a shift from gas/diesel generators to various flavors of electric-origin fuel cell for applications too low-density or temporary to deploy micro-solar/wind/hydro onsite.
>Do those necessary have less energy density than conventional batteries?
No. Though that's sort of irrelevant IMHO, since today's Li-ion battery electric cars already boast the same ranges and curb weights as equivalent classes of gasoline ICE cars, in spite of their poor density.

In 1kg of mass, most hydrides like you're talking about hold ~10Mj, Li-ion batteries ~1Mj, gasoline 46Mj, and pure hydrogen is of course unbeatable at 119Mj because it's the lightest atom. In 1l of volume, those hydrides hold ~25Mj, Li-ion batteries ~2Mj, gasoline 34Mj, liquid hydrogen 8Mj. Note the difference between mass and volumetric density.

Also, I wasn't referring to storage density, but to round-trip-efficiency (charge-discharge). Setting aside other powertrain efficiency (obviously identical for anything electrical, and far higher than any fuel engine) and properly insignificant storage overhead (compression-decompression, hydride composition-decomposition, etc.), today's best hydrogen electrolyzers are ~70% efficient, and hydrogen fuel-cells are 60% efficient, yielding a round-trip-efficiency of ~40% (future high-temperature devices could push this above 60%, but those probably won't be usable in mobile applications). In comparison, the round-trip-efficiency of Li-ion batteries already exceeds 90%. And of course tank-to-wheel efficiency for gasoline ICE vehicles hover around 10%-20%, while well-to-tank ERoEI of gasoline itself in recent decades is arguably NEGATIVE unless NG/coal/etc. inputs are included.

>Current batteries take a long time to charge and can't be easily swapped
Eh, they can also be recharged just by plugging them in while you do something else, even from a generator, never having to visit a dedicated station. Also note what I said last post about fuel cells/flow batteries not being restricted to hydrogen/oxygen electrolyte, there's no reason you couldn't refill a such a car's tanks with lithium salts or zinc paste instead of waiting for a plug-in recharge or battery swap.
Replies: >>6886 >>6889
What's your opinion on ICE range extenders serving as generators for electric motors?
I'd rather have an "EV" using one of those as its primary power source for range and a smaller battery for inner city start-stop shenanigans and as a backup in case the generator fails while driving.
Honestly I thought range extender EVs would be more popular than battery-only EVs but it seems they allow the user too much freedoms which is bad for the climate in fact of course.
Is there no way to fix the fire hazard problem inherent to Li-ion batteries?
Replies: >>6887
[Hide] (157.4KB, 1400x804)
>primary power source
As noted above, expensive and inefficient.
>range extenders
Internal? Generally obsolete IMHO. For the same applications as hauling jerrycans with you though? An external genset trailer like picrel can be situationally useful.
Li-ion is already less explosion and fire-prone than gasoline, it's worth noting that compressed/liquified hydrogen is also overall less hazardous than gasoline for the same reasons as CNG/LNG are. Li-ion's bad reputation comes from legitimately poor safety comparisons with other battery chemistries, such as lead-acid, NiCd, & NiMH.
Assuming what you say is true, Mr. Musk,
>refill car's tanks with lithium salts or zinc paste
Very compelling, I imagine people can find ways to charge up pastes at home. But it will never be done, because every companies wants to monopolize their battery supply. There can be aftermarket batteries, but they will aim to prevent that just like printer ink cartridges.
Who cares about that? If you are a treehugger, give it up. Spending all resources on conquering another planet makes much more sense than to try to unfuck this prison planet with niggers and jews around.
If round-trip-efficiency is considered for economic reasons, it is only important for costs when the cost of fuel production and transport are roughly the same. It may be cheaper to drill oil, refine, transport, put it in cars and enjoy poor efficiency than doing the same for electricity.
>Impossible for electricity to be more expensive in the future
See Europe. Efficiency is not the only factor for costs. Climate niggers are pushing for less coal plants while preventing nuclear from going up. Countries are gearing up for economic or kinetic warfare that prevents fuel trades between countries and increases energy costs.
Replies: >>6891
[Hide] (413.8KB, 700x302)
>Assuming what you say is true
Nothing I've asserted is more obscure than the first page of search results, take that for whatever it's worth.
>There can be aftermarket batteries, but they will aim to prevent that just like printer ink cartridges.
Yeah, this is something I'm legit P.O.'d at with newer battery chemistries. Even for simpler applications like laptops and phones where "proprietary" "batteries" are in fact just packs of off-the-shelf cells in standard form-factors like AA literally duct-taped together and hidden in a special snowflake form-factor box with a PSU running cryptosigned blob firmware. With the recent buzz over "right to repair" enlarging Magnuson–Moss, and enforced standardizations such as USB-C, there is some hope proprietary "batteries" will be banned sooner than later.
>Spending all resources on conquering another planet
Would be a lot more expensive than colonizing the Sahara, Antarctica, bottom of the ocean, lithosphere, LEO, etc. even after total biosphere collapse. But space colonization does have other all-your-eggs-in-one-basket-related practical justifications.
>it is only important for costs when the cost of fuel production and transport are roughly the same
Nope. Like I said, BEVs are already so efficient charging one from fuel in a generator is cheaper than burning it in an ICE vehicle. And burning it in a centralized (especially combined-cycle) grid powerstation is in turn far more efficient than a personal generator.
>It may be cheaper to drill oil, refine, transport, put it in cars and enjoy poor efficiency than doing the same for electricity.
But it isn't, because the tiny or negative ERoEI of peak oil means it's long been cheaper to use NG/coal/etc. directly and leave oil in the ground.
<Impossible for electricity to be more expensive in the future
Not what I said. What I said was that more expensive electricity can never cause TCO of BEVs to become higher than TCO of fuel vehicles, because even using identical fossil fuel inputs, BEVs are far more efficient.
Irrelevant. Even according to the most conservative mainstream ICC projections, if everybody on the planet were spontaneously raptured today, we've already blown past so many "tipping points" of crap blown into the air there would still be catastrophic 2°C AGW by 2100. Literally the only thing that matters is geoengineering. Fortunately, even relying entirely on the most expensive option of DACCS @$100/tonne of CO2, even without reducing emissions, it would cost an expensive but entirely affordable $6T/year to completely offset emissions and reverse AGW.
>pushing for less coal plants while preventing nuclear from going up
Because the LCoEs of sustainables (wind/solar/geothermal/marine) are already cheaper than either, even with matching storage.

Cost aside, it's almost too obvious to bear mention that sustainables are also far less centralized, and far more amenable to micro-scale deployment.
What happened to endchan?
Why is it kill?
Why are so many image boards kill?
Replies: >>6894
IIRC, h8chan was already hemorrhaging UIPs as far back as 2018, and altchans had been wilting away before GG caused h8chan's peak.

As for cuckchan itself:
It appears to have plateaued in activity also around 2018, remaining approximately stable since.
Replies: >>6895
I'll go back to irc then. 
Big tech will never take men alive
Replies: >>6896
Chat is for fags, we need to make USENET great again.
Didn't big tech blacklist usenet and simply firewall their clients to stop usenet traffic?
If you try to access it they will either block the data, throttle you out send you a cease and desist- that's what I heard from people who ran them in conjunction with TOR nodes
Replies: >>6898
[Hide] (385.2KB, 1477x1941)
No, what happened was pretty much every ISP included complementary USENET service along with FTP space, SMTP/POP mailboxes, etc., in everything down to the most basic dialup package, even well after USENET's popularity imploded due to spammers in the '00s.

Then in 2007, a big pizza scare against USENET mysteriously appeared from tech journos & academics, giving ISPs an excuse to almost unanimously shut down their USENET servers within the following year or two to pwotect da chillunz.

You can still get at USENET, but you have to sign up for your own (usually not free, especially not for binaries) server(s).
Replies: >>6902 >>6903
That's not so bad, I need access to vector resources which can be really compact in binary but which being commercial are very hard to find for free-
That's not so bad, I'm more than happy to pay for access because I need commercial resources.
dunno if there are furries lurking this place i seriously hope not it seems safe enough unlike cuckchan's tech board might repost this on lainchan if no responses
im going to need a bit of help here how the heck do you hide or rename the VMware svga 3d adapter on device manager the game detects it on the options page?
i bought some shitty porn on ((( patreon ))) so far it works fine in the the hypervisor without internet but im rather tempted to do a bug report since it crashes on certain levels i can edit the output log easily but the creator asked for the unity dmp file
i dont wanna get caught and potentially public banned in their artists beware list since ill be sharing this afterwards on a pirated forum just to spite that faggot off sheesh creators there tend to be very toxic these days i heard that some even go as far as uncovering the IP and emails of art leakers as revenge

this is the closest thing i could find on plebbit https://archive.is/1eG1L i dont wanna add some poz on my work pc its not the most important thing in the world but i would really appreciate it in the long run
back then i asked this same question for virtualbox in a malware analysis YT channel but they somehow they got too clever and instead called me "bobux script kiddie" even though i tried my best to blend in as a novice security student without compromising my identity i even added a pajeet accent and resisted the urge to bite their flamewar bait but nothing worked
god i fucking hate this sector so much why are security researchers like? this no wonder why most people would rather side with black hats instead really makes you think
datamining thread do not reaply
i am a moderator on an internet forum
i make sure people look up topics before making a new topic
this year, i increased the forum quality by 0.01% with my daily hours of hard work
i program a CRUD app for niggersoft
today, i spent the last week fixing dependencies in my build system
yesterday, i spent the last week setting up a new thing for CI
as you can see by our github status bars on our open source contributions, with 15K forks each, we are a very professional project
[Hide] (107.5KB, 606x600)
"Freedom is when you restrict yourself to only use software that I like (barely working glitched abandonware by tranny furries)"
хорошо человек не бросайте их ядерное оружие
Team Cymru Jannie confirmed >https://yewtu.be/watch?v=veo9m5-vTHA
Anonymous 10/1/2022, 10:53:56 PM 7065 (why was this deleted but the other one above is fine)
>>7062 | | негр негр негр негр негр негр негр негр потрогал мой анус. Получите прививку, которую вы пидор

>>7060 (removed)
weird this one has the reddit spacing removed but same exact text body while the above has the same username and title

another patchan? jesus christ the moderation is fucking rulecucked there the admins are so incompetent they even forgot to hide the log there
[Hide] (461.8KB, 2000x1270)
>5 eyes
>7 eyes
>14 eyes
>33,516 eyes
>918,527 eyes
>ExitNodes {aa},{ab},{ac},{ad},{ae},{af},{ag},{ah},{ai},{aj},{ak},{al},{am},{an},{ao},{ap},{aq},{ar},{as},{at},{au},{av},{aw},{ax},{ay},{az},{ba},{bb},{bc},{bd},{be},{bf},{bg},{bh},{bi},{bj},{bk},{bl},{bm},{bn},{bo},{bp},{bq},{br},{bs},{bt},{bu},{bv},{bw},{bx},{by},{bz},{ca},{cb},{cc},{cd},{ce},{cf},{cg},{ch},{ci},{cj},{ck},{cl},{cm},{cn},{co},{cp},{cq},{cr},{cs},{ct},{cu},{cv},{cw},{cx},{cy},{cz},{da},{db},{dc},{dd},{de},{df},{dg},{dh},{di},{dj},{dk},{dl},{dm},{dn},{do},{dp},{dq},{dr},{ds},{dt},{du},{dv},{dw},{dx},{dy},{dz},{ea},{eb},{ec},{ed},{ee},{ef},{eg},{eh},{ei},{ej},{ek},{el},{em},{en},{eo},{ep},{eq},{er},{es},{et},{eu},{ev},{ew},{ex},{ey},{ez},{ga},{gb},{gc},{gd},{ge},{gf},{gg},{gh},{gi},{gj},{gk},{gl},{gm},{gn},{go},{gp},{gq},{gr},{gs},{gt},{gu},{gv},{gw},{gx},{gy},{gz},{ha},{hb},{hc},{hd},{he},{hf},{hg},{hh},{hi},{hj},{hk},{hl},{hm},{hn},{ho},{hp},{hq},{hr},{hs},{ht},{hu},{hv},{hw},{hx},{hy},{hz},{ia},{ib},{ic},{id},{ie},{if},{ig},{ih},{ii},{ij},{ik},{il},{im},{in},{io},{ip},{iq},{ir},{is},{it},{iu},{iv},{iw},{ix},{iy},{iz},{ja},{jb},{jc},{jd},{je},{jf},{jg},{jh},{ji},{jj},{jk},{jl},{jm},{jn},{jo},{jp},{jq},{jr},{js},{jt},{ju},{jv},{jw},{jx},{jy},{jz},{ka},{kb},{kc},{kd},{ke},{kf},{kg},{kh},{ki},{kj},{kk},{kl},{km},{kn},{ko},{kp},{kq},{kr},{ks},{kt},{ku},{kv},{kw},{kx},{ky},{kz},{la},{lb},{lc},{ld},{le},{lf},{lg},{lh},{li},{lj},{lk},{ll},{lm},{ln},{lo},{lp},{lq},{lr},{ls},{lt},{lu},{lv},{lw},{lx},{ly},{lz},{ma},{mb},{mc},{md},{me},{mf},{mg},{mh},{mi},{mj},{mk},{ml},{mm},{mn},{mo},{mp},{mq},{mr},{ms},{mt},{mu},{mv},{mw},{mx},{my},{mz},{na},{nb},{nc},{nd},{ne},{nf},{ng},{nh},{ni},{nj},{nk},{nl},{nm},{nn},{no},{np},{nq},{nr},{ns},{nt},{nu},{nv},{nw},{nx},{ny},{nz},{oa},{ob},{oc},{od},{oe},{of},{og},{oh},{oi},{oj},{ok},{ol},{om},{on},{oo},{op},{oq},{or},{os},{ot},{ou},{ov},{ow},{ox},{oy},{oz},{pa},{pb},{pc},{pd},{pe},{pf},{pg},{ph},{pi},{pj},{pk},{pl},{pm},{pn},{po},{pp},{pq},{pr},{ps},{pt},{pu},{pv},{pw},{px},{py},{pz},{qa},{qb},{qc},{qd},{qe},{qf},{qg},{qh},{qi},{qj},{qk},{ql},{qm},{qn},{qo},{qp},{qq},{qr},{qs},{qt},{qu},{qv},{qw},{qx},{qy},{qz},{ra},{rb},{rc},{rd},{re},{rf},{rg},{rh},{ri},{rj},{rk},{rl},{rm},{rn},{ro},{rp},{rq},{rr},{rs},{rt},{ru},{rv},{rw},{rx},{ry},{rz},{sa},{sb},{sc},{sd},{se},{sf},{sg},{sh},{si},{sj},{sk},{sl},{sm},{sn},{so},{sp},{sq},{sr},{ss},{st},{su},{sv},{sw},{sx},{sy},{sz},{ta},{tb},{tc},{td},{te},{tf},{tg},{th},{ti},{tj},{tk},{tl},{tm},{tn},{to},{tp},{tq},{tr},{ts},{tt},{tu},{tv},{tw},{tx},{ty},{tz},{ua},{ub},{uc},{ud},{ue},{uf},{ug},{uh},{ui},{uj},{uk},{ul},{um},{un},{uo},{up},{uq},{ur},{us},{ut},{uu},{uv},{uw},{ux},{uy},{uz},{va},{vb},{vc},{vd},{ve},{vf},{vg},{vh},{vi},{vj},{vk},{vl},{vm},{vn},{vo},{vp},{vq},{vr},{vs},{vt},{vu},{vv},{vw},{vx},{vy},{vz},{wa},{wb},{wc},{wd},{we},{wf},{wg},{wh},{wi},{wj},{wk},{wl},{wm},{wn},{wo},{wp},{wq},{wr},{ws},{wt},{wu},{wv},{ww},{wx},{wy},{wz},{xa},{xb},{xc},{xd},{xe},{xf},{xg},{xh},{xi},{xj},{xk},{xl},{xm},{xn},{xo},{xp},{xq},{xr},{xs},{xt},{xu},{xv},{xw},{xx},{xy},{xz},{ya},{yb},{yc},{yd},{ye},{yf},{yg},{yh},{yi},{yj},{yk},{yl},{ym},{yn},{yo},{yp},{yq},{yr},{ys},{yt},{yu},{yv},{yw},{yx},{yy},{yz},{za},{zb},{zc},{zd},{ze},{zf},{zg},{zh},{zi},{zj},{zk},{zl},{zm},{zn},{zo},{zp},{zq},{zr},{zs},{zt},{zu},{zv},{zw},{zx},{zy},{zz}
wh*te people.
[Hide] (326.3KB, 540x540)
Linux autists:
>Everyone's a nigger except me because I use Arch/Gentoo/Void!!!11
>Nooo!!11!1 Muh proprietary blobs!!1 You will be free if you only allow yourself to use one of the approved distros and only use approved hardware, which is either too old or expensive
>GNU/Linux is pozz, I only use OpenBSD
>But it still has Dbus or something!!!11 Literally the only good OS is TempleOS!!!!!!!11!!1

Meanwhile me, a WINdows Chad:
Replies: >>7132
[Hide] (3.7MB, 480x272, 01:40)
>pic rel
Linux chad:
Replies: >>7132 >>7133 >>7149
Spoiler File
(173.9KB, 894x894)
>*n*x is full of *n*x autism
>windows is controlled by m$
Correct answer is ReactOS or picrel if you want maximum authenticity
[Hide] (277.2KB, 600x560)
I prefer updates that take 5 minutes at most and increase my PC's security to wasting 48 hours compiling a random library on memetoo on an oldfag stinkpad
Replies: >>7134 >>7135
[Hide] (1.2MB, 634x360, 00:27)
Here we go again, which part of compiling overnight do you not understand? Try running windows update on an oldfag stinkpad and tell me how much time it takes.
>implying you don't get to choose binary distros
pacman is much faster than whatever crap on winbotnet.
I can pause my compile, work during compile, can you do that with you faggot updates? I can choose when I update and what I update. You don't.
Of course you already know this. This exact topic was discussed on this board.
Replies: >>7136
It takes 3 minutes to get a weeks worth of updates done on my machine running linux. Including kernal updates and even some compilation. It took me over an hour to update only the os on winblows on the same hardware. And during those minutes my computer is still perfectly usable and doesn't auto shutdown afterwords.
Replies: >>7136 >>7447
[Hide] (396.1KB, 1024x576)
I wouldn't have an oldfag stinkpad in the first place because I'm not a linux schizo hikki. Also not everyone is a neet who can spend all his sorry for potential misgendering linux trannies XD day learning weird buggy command line scripts. And not being able to do stuff during updates is a plus, since it gives you an incentive to get your AIDS-ridden ass off your chair and go make some tea or even touch some grass if it's a slightly longer update.
It takes 3 minutes because there's basically nothing to update, linux is a shitty os with no features
Replies: >>7148 >>7149
[Hide] (132.5KB, 1920x1080)
Tell me 1 (one) single reason to use tranux over WINdows.
Replies: >>7139 >>7141 >>7169
Avoiding spyware and actually having some control over how my system works as opposed to basically none. Now you tell me why you don't just go waste your time shitting up /g/ instead. Read rule 5.
[Hide] (503.9KB, 1024x576)
Why would you care about that unless you have cp on your pc or something, or you're a Christbro in a mudslime shithole country. (inb4 "muh targeted ads": just use an adblocker)
>control over how my system works
You only need that on tranux and other shizotism meme OS's because they're shit by design. WINdows is good out of the box.
>rule 5
How is this "shitposting"?
Replies: >>7146 >>7177
>Why do tech people do tech things? Why don't they just use the worst operating system on default settings?
>Why do people that don't fit into a psychotic authoritarian society not want to live in a panopticon?
I have a better question, why are you here and not on Facebook? If you have no interest in the things that the board is about, why are you here? These are rhetorical questions, by the way. Just go to the Windows general on /g/, I'm sure they have one. I'm sure that they have a Mac one too, and you should consider getting one or you will be mocked for being poor by your friends. You do have friends, right?
Replies: >>7151
>troll shilling for MS, for free
If you are not here to troll, which I very much doubt, you don't really have anything against Linux except it is not something you use. Nobody cares what you like or use, you don't have to justify or seek validation from others about your software choice. Stop being passive aggressively insecure.
Where did Linux users touch you?
>not being to do stuff during update is a plus
Winiggers are so cucked, they don't even have control over their mind and body, and need his computer to make an excuse for doing exercise. Not sure if this is how winiggers work, but I just stand up and take a walk whenever I want.
Replies: >>7150
trolling aside how do you toggle this services crap off without permanently stripping down windows will shutup10 suffice? i need to maintain verry loong uptimes on my windows VM the updoots will be reenabled during maintenance as planned then disabled again
is the activator on cuckchan /fwt/ good enough? or should i look for opensource alternative on github

>NEET chinkpad
jokes on you i bought an old panasonic toughbook for my old parents we need the cdrom for reading ancient backups
Replies: >>7150 >>7158
[Hide] (317KB, 1024x576)
I used tranux for over 1 year, switching between miserable imitations of WINdows (ubunigger [literally, that distro's name comes from an african word], gaybian, man-on-manjaro, mintranny) to half-assed no-feature pieces of shit (that use that as their marketing under the deceitful coat of paint of "DIY OS") like Luke Smith OS (Artfag) or black crimes matter OS (Void [of features and software]).
And let's be honest, (especially nowadays) people have little strength of will unless they're Christbro monks or something, so they way Windows updates work is in actuality a plus.
Same shit, Mr. Semantics.
Replies: >>7152 >>7160
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1680x1050)
<Why do tech people do tech things?
You can do as much - no, even more - "tech things" on Windows than on whatever OS is currently popular in the furry community. If you're talking about weird tweaking like blah blah kernel compilation, I won't deny that that could be useful for something, but 99.99% of "tech people" wouldn't ever need to do that. And of the 00.01%, most are NEETs who just do that as a slightly higher-class substitute for video games.
<Why don't they just use the worst operating system on default settings?
Because they actually want to get shit done? That's why they don't use LGBTP OS.
<Why do people that don't fit into a psychotic authoritarian society not want to live in a panopticon?
You might want to get checked for paranoia or schizophrenia, anon. Besides, even if you start using a fully 100% open source oldfag stinkpad with a 100% open source commie OS with absolutely no spyware and only connect to the internet through five tor connections and 25 vpns, and only use crypto... you're still gonna be spied if you go outside (cctv, etc) and the government already knows everything about you. Quit the black and white thinking, we're not going straight to 1984 just because Microsoft knows what yaoi shota doujinshi you're reading.
>I have a better question, why are you here and not on Facebook? If you have no interest in the things that the board is about, why are you here? These are rhetorical questions, by the way. Just go to the Windows general on /g/, I'm sure they have one. I'm sure that they have a Mac one too, and you should consider getting one or you will be mocked for being poor by your friends. You do have friends, right?
I'm in the IT field in real life. I'm on here because as a former shizotist hikki, I know how bad that is, and I want to cure other people from that.
Replies: >>7153 >>7177 >>7204
What do you mean by features? Software installed out of the box? I don't give a fuck how retarded you are to not being able to install software. You can install kde plasma or gnome to get what you think as "imitations" of anything. It is a different thing and you are trying very hard to think every gui is an imitation of the shit you are used to. It's like boomers talking about their iphone has something called android and it's so hard to use, feels like a cheap copy of appleshit. You didn't try shit.
You don't know how to use a computer and you never want to know. You would call a loft of bread no-feature because it is not a sandwich out of the bag. Fuck off with your >little strength faggot opinion.
What is driving you to post your shit if you are so "weak willed"? Telling people to stop trying things out for real, unlike you?
Replies: >>7155
>99.99% of "tech people"
Try setting up kubernetes with kubeadm on windows only, no vm, rancher or port forwarding. I'll wait.
You don't know shit about tech. Stay with your winshit console all day, but don't pretend it is tech.
>get shit done
My boss had to get himself a Linux box just to get shit done. You don't know shit about getting shit done.
>paranoia or schizophrenia
>you're still gonna be spid if you go outside
>not going straight to 1984
Everyone who don't fit in is mental. Perfect double think. How can you put we always get spied and paranoia in the same paragraph? It is not paranoia if it is true. Good job on proving >psychotic authoritarian society. You are already doing thought policing and social shaming like 1984. We are already in it.
>IT field
>know how bad that is
>cure people
You work at a boomer shop downloading acrobat reader. I can see how bad it is to get mind hacked by integrating with the society and erased his only logical thoughts, identity and turned in to a ghoul to drag everybody down with himself. The only person you need to cure is your pathetic life with a flip, because your >former shizotist hikki, is nothing but your attempt to fit in. So you aim to push your shit everywhere to get a league of retard sucking each other off.
Replies: >>7154
[Hide] (488.4KB, 728x455)
>Try setting up kubernetes with kubeadm on windows only, no vm, rancher or port forwarding. I'll wait.
>You don't know shit about tech. Stay with your winshit console all day, but don't pretend it is tech.
This is the 00.01% I was talking about
>My boss had to get himself a Linux box just to get shit done. You don't know shit about getting shit done.
Again, 00.01%
>Everyone who don't fit in is mental. Perfect double think. How can you put we always get spied and paranoia in the same paragraph? It is not paranoia if it is true. Good job on proving >psychotic authoritarian society. You are already doing thought policing and social shaming like 1984. We are already in it.
Cool story, bro
>You work at a boomer shop downloading acrobat reader. I can see how bad it is to get mind hacked by integrating with the society and erased his only logical thoughts, identity and turned in to a ghoul to drag everybody down with himself. The only person you need to cure is your pathetic life with a flip, because your >former shizotist hikki, is nothing but your attempt to fit in. So you aim to push your shit everywhere to get a league of retard sucking each other off.
Go live in the woods like uncle Ted then, if you're so edgy and unique and rebel
Replies: >>7156 >>7159
[Hide] (204.1KB, 500x500)
>What do you mean by features? Software installed out of the box? I don't give a fuck how retarded you are to not being able to install software. You can install kde plasma or gnome to get what you think as "imitations" of anything. It is a different thing and you are trying very hard to think every gui is an imitation of the shit you are used to. It's like boomers talking about their iphone has something called android and it's so hard to use, feels like a cheap copy of appleshit. You didn't try shit.
No one with a career and/or social life and/or family would spend all their day on the command line installing stuff to do the most basic shit done on their computers. And the programs themselves lack any features. Not everyone is a programmer or is willing to dedicate their life to it for free, being open source is not a good excuse for dysfunctionality.
>You don't know how to use a computer and you never want to know. You would call a loft of bread no-feature because it is not a sandwich out of the bag. Fuck off with your >little strength faggot opinion.
No normal person would ever want to know "how to use a computer" if by that you meam knowing the system inside-out and being forced to autistically tweak it. By the same logic, if you wanted to ride a car you'd have to know everything about mechanics.
>What is driving you to post your shit if you are so "weak willed"? Telling people to stop trying things out for real, unlike you?
What you should try for real is touching some grass and talking to people
Replies: >>7157 >>7204
>Everyone who disagree with me is 00.01%
>cool story, bro, t. the guy who posted double think
Holy shit I don't know you can double think yourself so hard, you know you typed that shit but think it's a story.
>uncle Ted
>edgy and unique and rebel
Tell everyone working on Linux about that. Not fitting in you faggot mindset is not edgy or unique. There are many doing that. They just don't go to a Windows place and yell Linux is the best and you all don't fit in for not doing that.
Besides, uncle Ted is wrong about technology. Technology is only a tool, the people controlling it is the problem.
Replies: >>7165
[Hide] (5.7MB, 1280x720, 00:46)
>I intentionally don't install the software I need to use, now there is no software, how could this dysfunionality be happening to me?
>No one with a career or other nigger shit
You are dysfunctional. No body forced you to do it. You don't want to spend the time doesn't mean others shouldn't. Labels are on the box, don't like it don't buy. What the fuck is wrong with you complaining about something you choose to do?
Also my career is spending the day on the command line.
>No normal person
Pic rel. Get the fuck out normalfag.
>if you wanted to ride a car you'd have to know everything about mechanics
Only if you want a car with a giant label "car geek" on it. Back on your faggot bus.
>touching some grass
>talking to people
Been talking to too many faggots like you. Not impressed.
Replies: >>7166
[Hide] (193.4KB, 800x1182)
>how do you toggle this services crap off without permanently stripping down windows will shutup10 suffice?
Use a firewall, think outside the box. While Windows 8/10/11 have other noisome anti-features fought by the likes of shutup10 that aren't network dependent, stuff like updates, telemetry, and cloudshit can all be disabled simply by blocking access to M$'s servers, without modifying Windows itself in any way:
Just configure your VM's network backend (e.g.: SLIRP) to block the servers, and temporarily unblock them when you want a given service. This blocking can instead be done at a variety of other levels, from Windows' own firewall/hosts file, to a dedicated external device like a pihole.
You look lost. Let me help you.
First, grab your keyboard. You know, that flat thing with letters on top, that you used to type all this stuff. Find the "Ctrl" button on the bottom left corner. Did you find it? Cool, push it down with a finger. Now, without releasing it, push the "W" button with another finger, then release both. See? Your problem is now solved.
Replies: >>7165 >>7204
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1042x2062)
>Luke Smith
So what you're saying is that you tried to copy a YouTube faggot for internet bragging rights on Reddit, and it didn't work out for you, so now you blame literally everything else but yourself when you could have simply used a desktop environment that works more like Windows and slowly and gradually tried new things and worked from there and made the system your own to the degree that you wanted and then almost never changed anything again.

So, you are incapable of making your own decisions and using things that suit you, you want to jump on a bandwagon. You pretended to care about privacy while not really caring about anything, you only wanted approval, and now that you have shot yourself in the foot and took the wrong approach, you have to believe that it doesn't matter so you can keep feeding your ego and superiority complex, and all the flaws that you are not projecting on other people. You are here to do that as well, to shift the blame to other people.

Presumably, since you lack a sense of self, the churchianity obsession also comes from Luke Smith, except he doesn't support technology that is literally Satanic if anything in this world is. He's kind of a moron and his ideas are retarded, but he's not that dumb. His fans make him look comparatively smart. Why don't you go suck his dick already? I don't know if he's gay, but he certainly looks like he is. You failed to imitate bald YouTube man and you got angry and threw away all the good parts of that and kept all the bad. You are a failed normalfag turned failed Redditor turned failed normalfag again. That is sad. If you want to be a normalfag so bad, at least do it right. It's not even hard. Go to the normalfag places, and get the iPhone and the Macbook and the TV and the streaming services and eat the bugs. You shouldn't even have a real computer, normalfags have phones, not computers.

Probably not worth responding to, but I felt like it for a change, one time. That's my analysis of what is probably wrong with you. Normally I would ignore posts of that quality and that level of insufferable faggotry. Use whatever you want and fuck off, no one forced you to imitate bald /g/ man.
Replies: >>7166
a fag linked this board on cuckchan, so degenerate wintoddlers can spamming here, even /g/cuckchan board has a win$ and fagOS consoomer thread causing linux generals to go down fast
Replies: >>7165 >>7204
[Hide] (422.4KB, 1024x576)
Nice, bro. I know a cool trick too. Open a terminal and type 'sudo rm -rf /*', press enter, type your password, and press enter.
I'm a long time user from here who not too long ago fortunately got cured from schizotism and now I'm trying to help others too. I'm not from 4chan.
Replies: >>7167 >>7170 >>7204
[Hide] (749KB, 968x1041)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C5%ABniby%C5%8D (you fit in the second type)
Wow, you're so butthurt...! Anyway, why are you jumping to conclusions? I called Artfag "Luke Smith OS" because he uses it and shills it, but I myself didn't necessarily start using it because of Luke. At the time I genuinely thought that open sores and privasoy and DIY tranux distros and all that shit mattered, and understood why they supposedly did, eg. I had reasons to defend it. Recently I tried to open my mind more, and I realized that actually none of that matters that much and the reasons I used to believe are retarded and extremely arguable. Also since when I'm a Christbro because of Smith...? Oh, and since you're not one, stop saying stuff like "X is satanic", because that ends up being terminally chuuni (the third type) and not at all related to Christianity.
Anyway, the black and white thinking of furry OS fags (and imageboard nogs in general, but that's for another day) is truly a thing. You're either a TempleHyperbolaBSD user with a 1988 computer who only accesses the internet through two tor connections and five vpns and uses the terminal for everything, or you're a ""normal fag"" who got five shots and only uses apple products and whatever. Not surprising though, as black and white thinking is a defining feature of autism.
Replies: >>7168 >>7184
You need --no-preserve-root these days, nigger. Now go back to your botnet.
Replies: >>7172
>You're either a TempleHyperbolaBSD user with a 1988 computer who only accesses the internet through two tor connections and five vpns and uses the terminal for everything, or you're a ""normal fag"" who got five shots and only uses apple products and whatever.
But that's unironically correct.
Replies: >>7171
>Tell me 1 (one) single reason to use linux over windows.
Bees don't waste their time convincing flies that honey is better than shit. Have a nice life.
Replies: >>7172 >>7204
I have bad news: you weren't cured of anything. You replaced one extreme belief with the opposite extreme. The drastic change will trick your brain for a while but you're the exact same fag you always were, and whatever caused this breakdown will happen again and again.
Replies: >>7172
[Hide] (362.5KB, 409x559)
Replies: >>7173
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1200)
Heh, it's so funny seeing linux troons using words without even knowing what they actually mean.
So your argument is "bro, it's just better, dude" but in a silly riddle
Replies: >>7182
[Hide] (167.3KB, 906x1200)
Look at the good lad go :)
He's right. There is no use case for anything but the extremes. Middle grounds exist only due to baffling ignorance spread and encouraged by marketing and useless compromises generally born out of a need to comply with shitty industry deals and this assumed condescension that is what completely fucks with the actual development of computers.
Imagine all the good kids who could have learned all the CLI basics and actually began to understand how cool computers actually are...stuck on Windows and rotting on shitty FOMO live services and auto-update hell, the very basic linguistic interface with their desktop completely lost to them, thinking even something as simple as programming is this super-hard thing for like autists and transsexuals(,) man.
Replies: >>7179 >>7183
> which init should i pick?
Either pick OpenRC and enable parallel startup in the config (/etc/rc.conf) or use Runit.

>Why would you care about that unless you have cp on your pc or something
<Why do you care about of freedom of speech??? Like, do you have something to say or something??!??!

>You can do as much - no, even more - "tech things" on Windows
Have you tried to program in C using M$ tools? You have to sick to C89 if you want "good" support.
Replies: >>7178
[Hide] (521.2KB, 900x600)
[Hide] (1MB, 1600x1600)
[Hide] (521.8KB, 1040x738)
[Hide] (180.1KB, 480x370)
[Hide] (47KB, 339x149)
>Snowden quote
Wow, look, I can quote random people too.
Now explain me what does that quote mean, because I see it being spammed like the word "botnet" but I rarely see any explanation. Go on, tell me how is not caring about privasoy equivalent to not caring about "free speech". Show me the connection.
Replies: >>7180 >>7204
Post ignored.
Replies: >>7204
>Go on, tell me how is not caring about privasoy equivalent to not caring about "free speech". Show me the connection.
Are you retarded or something? It's really simple. You either have privacy or you don't have it. Just like you either have free speech or you don't have it. And you actually need privacy for free speech because if you know you are being watched, you will (often subconsciously) change your behavior.
Replies: >>7181
[Hide] (362.5KB, 409x559)
Black and white thinking.
>So your argument is "bro, it's just better, dude" but in a silly riddle
It's not an argument it's me telling you I don't give a fuck what you think.

>Dolphin's HLE BBA uses SSDP which I had to open on my firewalls before it worked
>OpenVPN TAP bridges I was able to establish connections with no firewall configuration required
I think the difference is openvpn is connecting outside to a server but Dolphin's thing is peer2peer so ssdp is needed so other people to connect inside to you or at the very least to find other people Dolphin can connect to.
>everyone is me or the opposite of me
>there is no middle ground
Cool it with the turboautism.
Replies: >>7192
[Hide] (26.7KB, 500x173)
>black and white thinking
That is what you're doing, retard. You got filtered by trying to imitate some Redditor's setup and you bounced right back to Windows instead of going with a reasonable middle ground that you're more comfortable with. Also, you do realize that Microsoft pushes trannyism, right? And that they own Linux, right? And there are possibly more trannies into anime than there are even into tech, right? Anyway, fuck off, you do not belong here, you are exactly what boards like this exist to get away from. In fact, you are the reason why trying to get people to use better software is a bad idea, or one of, at least. People are not going to throw away the setups that they like just because you decided that you want to be a corporation's bitch. No one cares about what you use, go use it and fuck off. Ignoring from now on.
Replies: >>7187
[Hide] (225.6KB, 402x472)
No, I returned to a miserable imitation of WINdows, but then I tried out WINdows itself and it was so refreshing and decided to stick with it.... Also, comparing tranux and shit with anime in terms of troons is not fair since anime troons are not the ones making the anime themselves (unlike tranux and other shit). Also if no one truly cared, I wouldn't get any responses.
And also funny pic. You must be one of those cow shit worshiper larpers from /fascist/. Go back to india, and also YWNBAA (you will never be an aryan).

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST I care about you shitting up my board

Replies: >>7189 >>7204
For how long was this user banned?
Replies: >>7190 >>7204
As flawed as Windows/Linux/BSD is, >we can all at least agree that MacOS users are all faggots, right?
Replies: >>7193
More like BPD.
It's the pinnacle of faggotry, because what does MacOS do that other Unix-like OSs and Windows don't? Nothing. At least Windows does things that other OSs can't do as well, it runs all the games and all that, so even for someone that doesn't want to use proprietary software, keeping a spare Windows computer around makes sense, exclusively to do those things (like installing all the pirated games on it and shitting it up with viruses), while keeping personal data out of it and treating it like a video game console, or a work computer if it's for proprietary software that you need for work. Cheap computers also come with Windows preinstalled, so it kinda is the default thing to use, and it's not much of a conscious choice compared to using other systems, the users frequently don't even know their options.

A Mac, on the other hand, is overpriced as fuck, it doesn't run the games (it doesn't even have Wine, and as flawed as it may be, it's something, and working 50% of the time is better than working 0% of the time), and the software that it runs that Linux doesn't can just be run on Windows anyway for much cheaper. You also can play with it and change it a lot less than other Unix-like systems. Like, what is the point? Maybe it doesn't break for no reason all the time like Windows has always done, but most people get it for social signaling, it's just for the "I am better than you because I did what I was told and blindly bought overpriced Chinkshit". It's definitely more cult-like, while Windows is just the thing that comes with people's computers and that they don't feel particularly strongly about, other than maybe hating it for being infuriating, like me even before I used anything else, though they just accept it as unavoidable even though it's really not. Of all OSs, it definitely is the one that says the most about how much of a faggot the user is likely to be, though it's still probably not 100%, just much closer to it.
Replies: >>7194
[Hide] (1.3MB, 843x1082)
The worst part is if you were a Macfag back when it had real advantages over other platforms, and you saw those advantages inverted one by one to make it the harbinger of something even worse than wintel.

At least others like the Amigafags merely saw their platform die out, and exist as intact communities that remember it for what it was well enough to attempt resurrecting some of its boons.
Replies: >>7195
It's true, you're right. I wasn't thinking about the past because back then, I wasn't even aware of what a Mac was, but even in the 2000s, having a Mac had some advantages. If I could go back to the 2000s and be older and not be a teenager that only cared about video games, I probably would at least consider getting one of the PowerPC Macs, while also having another computer for games. Though a BSD would already be a good choice back then, since I heard from the real oldfags that used them in the 90s and early 2000s that they were a lot more reliable than Linux was.

But earlier than that it's even easier, MacOS was way more reliable than early versions of Windows, I assume. I know how fucked up Windows was, at least. And unfortunately I was never exposed to the Amiga. Maybe I should try it out in a virtual machine to see what it's like, since I have seen plenty of people that are into it but have never seen one of them explain the differences between AmigaOS and other systems. I know about AROS, though.
Replies: >>7204
[Hide] (4.5KB, 65x47)
[I will clarify the following so that this post won't seem like a random schizopost: it's directed at a specific person. He'll understand that it's directed at him by the picture]
Hey bro, I've seen that you've come to be somewhat anti-GNU and anti-Stallman (even calling him Stallberg and something-kike). I'm curious why (so far I only know that you really hate Stallman's political/social/economic views, which are unsurprisingly similar to the ones most jews have).
So, what's the movement/thing that you support now? BSD, right? And who's your "hero" now? Also, do you still like Emacs?
Replies: >>7312 >>7447
Oh, I also forgot to ask: What's your view on the GPL now? And on copyleft licenses in general?
Replies: >>7312
even better since you are arguing about which [email protected] distro is better lemme fix that for you and no. No need to thank me i specialize in this kind of dirty work
hxxp://furaffinity.net/refunds hxxp://inkbunny.com/refunds hxxp://sofurry.com/refunds hxxp://furscience.com/refunds
hxxp://furry4lyfe.org/refunds hxxp://deviantart.com/deactivateNFT hxxp://twitter.com/furry/status/unblockmestupidskinfags

>rebooting while the lid is closed and user is AFK
happned to me twice fuck this pajeet OS i lost the msedge session and my unsaved notepad files and it didnt even show bsod messages
>bbut windows 11 enterprise cracked
no thanks im moving to linux you guys were right since my 1650ti is vgpu_unlock compatible unlike the stronger 30XX ones (damm i kinda wish i got the 2060 one instead)
after all hyper-v GPU-P only supports up to 30hz and pairing controllers very difficult and i doubt it even supports CUDA/RTX its basically software rendering but done by dedicated graphics and i cant even choose since both get split

>touch grass negro
<he doesn't have a small tree or farm in his backyard like in poorer areas

>lgbtp (imagine the word pfizer in all caps i bet you cant unsee this later on sorry for the shit joke)
umm sweaty get with the times bigot be more inclusive you forgot the PFJZEQ letters (j for jew and e for edmoite and f for furfag)

>>7159 >>7165 (i kekked on >>7169)
doesn't work on my Yfone faggot also nice meme

nice quotes kek how did you do it im going to make some troll material to piss of a couple of libtards (what software do you use?)

what about bronies are they the same? (i dont want to install gaybrogrammer code by accident sorry if this has become an obsession lately)

>>7179 oh and lastly you will never be a real magicial animACK!
SUS! SUS! ^^^security researcher^^^ spotted as usual the jewish NGO rabbyt really hates lolis and throws a fit by spamming ZOGdows bait (i bet he's the same tard spamming furbait on /v/)
dial8 and keep seething Zooey anime tech gaming companies will keep growing and there is nothing your STEM github bromancers can do about it

>have you owned a mac before
i kinda want to try out the M1 ultra mini pc secondhanded without ssds everything they made using wintel sucks (its not really needed after i get a stable wagie job)
>shilling ^^^AROS^^^
wait a minute i bet you are the same shill employee who advertised the desuarchive earlier >>7162 fucking furfags these days LARPing as oldfags and rewriting our history next theyre gonna claim they invented x86_64 thanks to falsified evidence from thier FAGMAN furry partners and how we skinfags ruined every computing standard for their pathethic guilt trip attempt

>>7187 +(84)
>you will never aryan
were supposed to envy you? youre projecting right? Anglie are you ok?
sure we maybe bugmen but atleast we chingchongs had better culture than most of you yankees combined oof cope there germoidal jewropean inb4 wumao
our countries went through lots of shit over the past years yet we had the decency not to give up and rebuild the damages something you edgy not-see keckolds barely had the balls to do let alone overthrow joos
>and there are possibly more furfags secretly into anime to sabotage us
god bless shanghai hope they finish up thier surveilance credit system next year #FurryGaymersArentValid jokes aside its not too late yet we can still stop this plauge in developing countries without force

>heated argument about wangblows derails the thread completely
>wizard simply keeps a cool head deals with it without global perma ban
>janny uses move posts its super effective and embarassing redtext for keks
keep up the good work mods YOURE HIRED! we need more people just like you on jakparty the moderation here is just perfectly confy unlike cuck/g/
also in the next comming weeks i will mass reply a bit more once i sort my crap out
Replies: >>7209 >>7219
Ban this bot
Replies: >>7216
I don't know, that last part looked someone coherent. I think that might just be someone that is almost completely fucking nuts.
[Hide] (235.3KB, 850x607)
>happned to me twice fuck this pajeet OS i lost the msedge session and my unsaved notepad files and it didnt even show bsod messages
>no thanks im moving to linux you guys were right since my 1650ti is vgpu_unlock compatible unlike the stronger 30XX ones (damm i kinda wish i got the 2060 one instead)
Do it:
Download https://rufus.ie/en/ + https://xubuntu.org/ || https://linuxmint.com/ (visit the distro thread for more options!)
In other news, local realism is dead.
Meaning my belief this is all simulation just keeps getting stronger.
Replies: >>7228
Touch some grass.
since this whole thread is a small clusterfuck can someone do me a solid and just repost the generic tiktok loonix webms from /v/ i forgot to save them
Replies: >>7239
[Hide] (9.8MB, 960x720, 01:03)
Now that Plasma 5.27 is set to be the last major KDE 5 release, how GNOMED.com will KDE 6 be?
Replies: >>7238 >>7243
Spoiler File
(640.6KB, 640x898)
For anyone wondering, «sopa de macaco» means "monkey soup", which apparently seems to be an actually very real thing in Brazil.
Replies: >>7256
Replies: >>7256
[Hide] (139.1KB, 900x900)
>kde has majority usershare over gnome since around 2015, circa 2020 gnome may have even slipped behind xfce into 3rd place
>plasma is now arguably lighter weight than anything short of tiling larper wms
>qt is so dominant even lxde switched to it
>kde 5 was actually good after the trainwreck that was kde 4
I see no particular reason for alarm as yet
Replies: >>7253 >>7267
KDE devs have been talking about making it more ((( accessible ))) to wider audiences a few times over the past 2 years, this and the recent big picture mode aimed at TVs/Shart devices should be reason enough to worry even if the core DE isn't compromised yet.
Why do people use GNOME 3+ anyway? It's ugly as sin.
Replies: >>7254 >>7255 >>7256
Hopefully just options & APIs for cripples
>the recent big picture mode aimed at TVs/Shart devices
No different from the phone/tablet workspaces added clear back in KDE 4, and unlike Gnome/M$/Apple they didn't shit up their desktop environment to do that, so I doubt this will cause them to now.
>Why do people use GNOME 3+ anyway? It's ugly as sin.
It's the default on most distros. But I agree, it sucks. It should be replaced with Xfce4 or (at least) with KDE.
dafuq is this? i aint drinking that

nobody? it looks like one of those kringe generic music video adverts with wallpaper neofetch compilations im trying to copy someone else's riced desktop i hope the original anon is still here

even though i prefer the default theme personally im a fan of the optional mobile interface though would be really nice if KDE adds an auto chage UI feature when parsec or other VNC client detects an android tablet/phone device

gonna need a bit of help here guys whats the easiest way to clean a crusty laptop keyboard without water damaging it? i already bought one of these plastic covers and it worked really well but i want to remove the old grime hidden inside whats the quickest way to do it?

also how do you convert an ordinary image to a sticker? any edits i should make aside from cropping/resizing? should i change the configuration of my printer or use different papers? inb4 cancerous libtard zoomer its something cuckchan meme related since a lot of thinkpad users have this shit (theres nothing cringy its all mundane images) plz dont sabotage me
literally who
Replies: >>7268
The KDE's graphical shell
There's a KDE5? I didn't even notice any differences since KDE4 was released.
Replies: >>7270
KDE5 was largely a cleanup operation after KDE4's bellyflop. Sort of like W7 was mostly just Vista with the bugs fixed.
Replies: >>7271
>KDE5 was largely a cleanup operation after KDE4's bellyflop. 
KDE4 was fine though? The little transparent file widget on the desktop went away. That's literally the only difference I can see between modern KDE and KDE from 10 years ago.
Replies: >>7273
Years later? Sure. But on launch KDE4 was a Gnome 3-tier catastrophe that halved KDE's userbase overnight and caused Trinity to fork from KDE3.
Replies: >>7274
>halved KDE's userbase overnight and caused Trinity to fork from KDE3
That's because KDE3 and 4 were radically different. But they got over it because 10 years later who has heard of Trinity? Mate on the other hand is still around and probably more popular than gnome3.
Replies: >>7277
That's because KDE apologized for their incompetence, bludgeoned KDE4 into functional condition, and actually did a good job on KDE5. Unlike GNOME, which doubled down on their retardation repeatedly.
Replies: >>7278
>That's because KDE apologized for their incompetence, bludgeoned KDE4 into functional condition, and actually did a good job on KDE5. 
But I was there when KDE4 launched. It looks exactly the same as it does now.
Replies: >>7279
In theory. It was however atrociously buggy.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 352x244, 00:44)
Why are there no games for linux? Why is it that only wangblows gets vidya whilst linux gets literally everything else? 
Do you think if there was more vidya for linux then more people would switch over to it?
[Hide] (927.3KB, 1280x720, 00:31)
>muh games
fuck off to /v/
Replies: >>7303
Most games are only on Windows because most people playing games only use Windows, and they use Windows because most games are only on Windows. It's cyclical. Self-fulfilling. Well, that's not counting console games, those run on modified, proprietary versions of FreeBSD.
[Hide] (54.5KB, 832x624)
[Hide] (18KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (27.3KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (334.1KB, 1024x768)
Because games tend not to integrate seamlessly with the OS (especially its "look and feel") nor get continuous post-release updates to maintain compatibility with new OS features, compared to most other types of software.

As a result, gamers are much more tolerant than most users of habitually 
tweaking games for system compatibility and/or running games in special "alien" compatibility environments. Especially with everything standardized on x86.

Maybe things would be different if, for instance, many games had had kept being made with the OS's WIMP GUI instead of defaulting to fullscreen/a single window, which made non-native games more conspicuous.
just like
use wine/vm
[Hide] (46.2KB, 200x200)
Stop whining and come play Xonotic with us, anon.
>Why are there no games for linux?
The same reason there are not a lot of professional software on linux; the OS is hostile towards closed source software. Most if not all good games are closed source and paid, so distributing them without stepping on any landmines (license faggotry, dynamic library soup, glibc moodiness) is a near impossible task... Thankfully more and more workarounds are emerging nowadays, but without a significant userbase pushing them into the spotlight game devs won't use them and won't bother with linux in the first place.
Replies: >>7313
[Hide] (54KB, 239x190)
Replies: >>7447
>Most if not all good games are closed source
It's a shame the frequent use of commodity engines instead of bespoke code hasn't actually made open source commercial vidya more common. Open source aside, the ability to pick up any game using an engine and run it on any platform that engine's been ported to also isn't as common nor straightforward as it should be.

iD~ ZeniMax~~ Microsoft halting iDTech source releases was a particularly insulting punch to the dick in this department
Replies: >>7314
Ehhh I think games themselves make you more unfree (by making you addicted) than whatever loycense they have......
Replies: >>7318 >>7325
[Hide] (360.9KB, 512x512)
Replies: >>7322
He's right.
Replies: >>7323 >>7326
but vidya gaems are fun and silly
>m-muh addicted
Isn't that end goal for all products?
 It's impossible for people to create something just to make users miserable, you're retarded if you think otherwise
>than whatever loycense they have
I've read on a website that the open source community would rather fuss over product licenses than improve the quality product itself.  There must be a middle ground for this.  It might be reverse engineering.  As far as I don't care about licensing, with enough technical knowledge, I can modify a closed source product and enjoy that quality product with telemetry and bloatware removed
Replies: >>7327
[Hide] (128.2KB, 900x570)
Fear of losing yourself to foibles is merely misplaced lack of confidence in your own conscious restraint. If your willpower is so weak, games are the least of your worries.
<It's impossible for people to create something just to make users miserable
>implying being addicted to vidya won't make you just as miserable
Replies: >>7331
The keyword is "addicted" here, you can enjoy vidya or any other medium responsibly and not ruin your life.
The Suckless way of disabling dbus at runtime is 
chmod -x /usr/local/bin/dbus-{run-session,launch,daemon}
Replies: >>7334
Anon, the suckless way is to simply not install D-Bus :^)
Replies: >>7335
Are there any good instructions?
Replies: >>7336 >>7337 >>7340
[Hide] (1.9MB, 998x1575)
Install Gentoo. See >>>/digi/2022
>USE="alsa unicode verify-sig hardened crypt ssl system-ssl secure-delete non_root -suid -ipv6 -bindist -deprecated -telemetry -dbus -systemd -elogind -pulseaudio -policykit -gnome -kde -nls -vala -introspection"

You need to get rid of elogind as well. Run emerge --unmerge elogind and add elogind to /etc/portage/profile/use.mask (you may need to create the "profile" dir) and also mask sys-auth/elogind,  'sys-apps/systemd, sys-apps/dbus and sys-apps/dbus-broker in your package.mask Then run: emerge --ask -v --update --deep --newuse --with-bdeps=y @world && emerge --ask --depclean`
You need also a patched x11-libs/gtk+ ebuild as well. Check out this thread: >>>/tech/7188 and >>>/tech/7280 (apparently, there is an overlay that contains gtk+ that has a patch that adds an USE flag that controls ATK integration (which is the components that depends on dbus)). If you want to run xorg-server without running it as root (either using suid USE flag or by installing a DM (like XDM)), you need to set up xinit and use startx -- vt1 (replace 1 with the right TTY number). Also, I think you need to be in the input group. The /digi/ thread has some additional pointers. I don't know if there is a version of elogind that doesn't require dbus. If you haven't used Gentoo before, read these posts for tips: >>932 & >>5037
Replies: >>7410
It depends on your circumstances. Most of the time, D-Bus is pulled by systemd derivative software like elogind (not an issue for the BSDs) or desktop environments; otherwise it might stem from some trivial dependency that a program may be built without (e.g. at-spi2 for ATK, which is required to build GTK).
Replies: >>7338 >>7339
You can apply this patch if you are using ports or wish to build GTK manually in distros other than Gentoo it may, according to /tech/ anons, not work with newer versions of GTK however.
You can apply this patch if you are using ports or wish to build GTK manually in distros other than Gentoo it may, according to /tech/ anons, not work with newer versions of GTK however:
possible language: c++, relevance: 28
--- configure.orig	Sun Feb  2 17:49:20 2020
+++ configure	Sun Feb  2 17:49:35 2020
@@ -27034,12 +27034,7 @@ fi
 # Check for Accessibility Toolkit flags
-if test x$enable_x11_backend = xyes; then
-   ATK_PACKAGES="atk atk-bridge-2.0"
-   ATK_PACKAGES="atk"
 { $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: checking for ATK" >&5
--- gtk/a11y/gtkaccessibility.c.orig	Sun Feb  2 17:49:12 2020
+++ gtk/a11y/gtkaccessibility.c	Sun Feb  2 17:50:09 2020
@@ -37,10 +37,6 @@
 #include <gtk/gtktogglebutton.h>
 #include <gtk/gtkaccessible.h>
-#include <atk-bridge.h>
 static gboolean gail_focus_watcher      (GSignalInvocationHint *ihint,
                                          guint                  n_param_values,
                                          const GValue          *param_values,
@@ -987,10 +983,6 @@ _gtk_accessibility_init (void)
   _gtk_accessibility_override_atk_util ();
   do_window_event_initialization ();
-  atk_bridge_adaptor_init (NULL, NULL);
   atk_misc_instance = g_object_new (GTK_TYPE_MISC_IMPL, NULL);
Easiest way is to just install a distro without Poetteringwarez from the start:
There's a de-Poettering'd relative of basically any distro you might be running
If you use Emacs, pls respond to this survey: https://emacssurvey.org
Currently, the survey can't show your results (you can download your results if you want to) but they say that all results are recorded in their db. This is (apparently) getting fixed soon™, so you might want to wait few days.
P.S. be sure to say that free software is very important to you.
[Hide] (629.2KB, 800x539)
Impossible challenge: refute the main point of this image
[Hide] (102.6KB, 960x540)
Replies: >>7366 >>7368 >>7370
fantastic well played

i hope 7365 wasn't you samefagging. either way kek'd nice meme.
>average hedonist
>average energy hoarder
Replies: >>7370
[Hide] (39.2KB, 400x602)
Good quote, but there was only one philosopher there at that moment, and it was not Aristippus. Diogenes was an interesting character, or archetype. Plato supposedly said that he was a Socrates gone mad, but a Socrates gone mad is still a Socrates.

"Self-taught poverty is a help toward philosophy, for the things which philosophy attempts to teach by reasoning, poverty forces us to practice."

"Everything belongs to the gods; the wise are friends of the gods; friends hold all things in common; ergo, everything belongs to the wise."
Replies: >>7369 >>7370
[Hide] (77.9KB, 555x503)
Diogenes was the OG omegachad
Replies: >>7370
[Hide] (234.7KB, 612x408)
larp more
That's not even hedonism, happiness is different from pleasure.
A deeper look into the GCC Rust front-end
>The items listed in setup_requires get implicitly installed whenever you execute the setup.py but one of the common ways that the setup.py is executed is via another tool, such as pip, who is already managing dependencies. This means that a command like pip install spam might end up having both pip and setuptools downloading and installing packages and end users needing to configure both tools (and for setuptools without being in control of the invocation) to change settings like which repository it installs from. It also means that users need to be aware of the discovery rules for both tools, as one may support different package formats or determine the latest version differently.
>This has culminated in a situation where use of setup_requires is rare, where projects tend to either simply copy and paste snippets between setup.py files or they eschew it all together in favor of simply documenting elsewhere what they expect the user to have manually installed prior to attempting to build or install their project.
What a clusterfuck.

Is using pip and virtualenv the way to go?
Replies: >>7376
>pip and virtualenv
Stop using python is the way to go. The language doesn't recommend or force a dependency management solution. The trend of recent languages such as go, python and rust is bad, tooling should not be part of the language's business.
Replies: >>7377 >>7384 >>7385
[Hide] (51KB, 492x487)
Sadly a lot of useful stuff like yt-dlp is written in Python
>tooling should not be part of the language's business
Firmly agreed, the old Zawinski's Law joke should be changed from "read mail" to "be an entire OS".
[Hide] (838.4KB, 1300x957)
Why do you only recommend nigger-tier shitware and not actually good software like Premiere Pro or Photoshop?
Replies: >>7379 >>7410
>actually good
Why do you like paying for nigger-tier software so much? They are only "good" because of nigger shills like you who are only glorified trained button presser and the ((( industry ))) which proud itself in paying for crap.
Replies: >>7380
[Hide] (932.6KB, 1920x1080)
>Why do you like paying for (...) software
Replies: >>7381 >>7410
>gib me dat svftwerr
>not nigger
Replies: >>7388 >>7391
>just stop using new languages goy!
Replies: >>7385
>Stop using python is the way to go. 
What scripting language I should use? I don't want to use Bash or POSIX sh. Would Perl or Ruby be better? I guess they (and probably everything else) did packaging in a much better way than Python or NPM.

But Python is a mess, though.
[Hide] (597.2KB, 960x960)
Yes, not nigger. Are you one of those retards who think that 'piracy' is a carbon copy of 'theft'? Piracy is a more intellectual proccess, so physical strength won't help you much. That makes it already quite unnigger. And it also literally isn't theft, so you can't compare it to "gib me dat".
Admit it, at the very least Photoshop and Premiere Pro are miles better than any shitty open source clones.
Replies: >>7389 >>7410
This faggot again. Piracy cost as much as your rent.
Replies: >>7396
    So about the history of BSD, I have to say that the BSD projects have successfully covered up a lot of the History of their OS which is full of scandals and replaced it with one that causes a lot of people to look at BSD as being innocent.

    It all started in 1974 when Bob Fabry, worker at the University of California purchased a copy of UNIX from bell labs to run their PDP-11. The Fabry and his colleges started modifying their copy and adding more software to it (that time, AT&T had not made the code proprietary). In 1977, Fabry’s grad student the infamous Bill Joy also started contributing to Berkeley’s copied of UNIX. Most of the people contributing believed that code should be free for others to modify and redistribute (effectively making it free software which is what the FSF foundation is pushing today). Bill Joy however believed software should be proprietary and that companies should be allowed to abuse their users and costumers. Joy went one step further by supporting the idea that companies should be able to take code from people who produce free software and make them proprietary to enslave users. Any true supporter of free software should recognize this as a hideous and disgusting though on the part of Bill Joy which a lot of people considered the most evil second only to Steve Jobs.

    To make his idea come through, took the pieces of software contributed to Berkeley’s UNIX and removed their copyright and placed his own on it and a license he created to allow companies to free taken code and close it. The license would later be known as the BSD license. He then decided to release these software as a bundle add-on for UNIX called BDSM as he hopes that the bundle would become a complete set of software to be used as raw materials for proprietary software to enslave and mistreat users. However, Joy was forced to change the name of the bundle to BSD as Joy’s proposed name was too inappropriate. Joy would eventually be kicked out of Berkeley after his superiors released what he had done but not before Joy release his second version of BSD and brain washed others to his idea.

    Bill Joy would eventually created his own evil corporation, Sun Microsystems which subjugated millions of innocent people before being destroyed by Linux and the remains acquired by Oracle (A GNU/Linux company).

    Back at Berkeley, supporters of Bill Joy’s idea continued to work on BSD mainly by taking code from the GNU project lead by Richard Stallman, removing the GPL and replacing it with their BSD license. By that time, the GNU was almost a complete OS (it still lacked a kernel). This actually gave BSD the ability to developed a full OS with minimum effort (yes that’s right BSD owes GNU a lot. Without GNU, BSD would not have existed which is really sad as GNU was made to free people while BSD or more correctly BDSM was made to enslave pean ople).

    In the late 1980s, Microsoft, Apple and other proprietary software companies noticed BSD as a source of free code to make proprietary software out of and wanted to gain more control over the project. So they initiated a plan to achieve that which culminated in the lawsuit between USL and UC Berkeley over BSD (The details of the plan are still as of this time not fully known yet). The lawsuit ended with USL the winner and UC Berkeley had to halt development of BSD and was forced to remove important pieces of code which resulted in an unmaintained OS which could not boot and required rare and obsolete hardware to run. This piece of junk was called 4.4BSD-lite. With BSD snatched from the hands of the owners at Berkeley, Apple took the code and assigned some of it’s developers to work on the it renaming it FreeBSD developed by an entity calling itself the FreeBSD project which is in really a subsidiary of Apple. Netapp and Microsoft were able to bribe a number of FreeBSD developers to split off and form NetBSD from which Netapp and Microsoft could take code from. OpenBSD was formed after one of the NetBSD developers (Theo de Raadt) had an affair with a FreeBSD developer and thus are kicked out.

    As BSD progressed, it’s code became more and more fragmented as more proprietary companies control BSD. Each of these fragments to started to fighting with each other and within the projects themselves, various power struggles began making headlines once in a while.

    And so that is the true history of BSD which goes to show how BSD is screwed up and controlled and owned by proprietary companies and no one should use them. Linux should be used instead, it is made for freedom and it is well designed and not politically motivated like the BSDs are.

At last I can truly see
Replies: >>7399
[Hide] (35.5KB, 136x102)
That's silly. Fuck corporations, they deserve whatever they get. Do they care about your rights? No, they want to take it away, they want everything for themselves and everything that they do is an attack on the population's property rights, so give them a taste of their own shit. They even take over free software projects and fuck them into the dirt. I approve of even actually stealing real things from them in real life and setting the rest of it on fire. Giving them money and increasing their power is a lot less ethical than that. I say to them that if you can't take the heat, maybe don't turn the world into a living hell, and if you don't want to be stolen from, don't make everything in the world about greed and consumption, and stepping over other people. Karma is a bitch, or at least should be.

But of course, I would not install their crap on my main machine, even if it was worth pirating in my case. For what I do, Kdenlive has been good enough. I considered using Blender, but I heard that it takes longer to render, so I'll just stick with what I already use.
Replies: >>7398 >>7410
>>7389 Look at this failed NEET trying to insult someone on the internet by using confusing pseudo-intellectual phrases with no actual meaning.
[Hide] (367.9KB, 660x440)
I pirate software and don't think there's anything wrong with that, but sorry, you're going too far.
>That's silly. Fuck corporations, they deserve whatever they get. Do they care about your rights? No, they want to take it away, they want everything for themselves and everything that they do is an attack on the population's property rights, so give them a taste of their own shit. They even take over free software projects and fuck them into the dirt.
Schizo crypto-commie rambling #32795. "Muh freedumbz muh freedumbz!!1!", but he hasn't left his -- technically his parents' -- house in 7 months.
>I approve of even actually stealing real things from them in real life and setting the rest of it on fire. Giving them money and increasing their power is a lot less ethical than that. I say to them that if you can't take the heat, maybe don't turn the world into a living hell, and if you don't want to be stolen from, don't make everything in the world about greed and consumption, and stepping over other people. Karma is a bitch, or at least should be.
Pure nigger shit. Picrel. Also +1 point for schizo pajeet shit (karma).
>But of course, I would not install their crap on my main machine, even if it was worth pirating in my case. For what I do, Kdenlive has been good enough. I considered using Blender, but I heard that it takes longer to render, so I'll just stick with what I already use.
Why don't you go full Meme Smith already and start editing your videos on the commeme line with ffmpeg to avoid bloat on your main machine???
Replies: >>7401
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2386x1342)
Also lol, neither BSD nor Linux should be used. Just return to Windows already, rebellious teen.
Replies: >>7400 >>7410
[Hide] (24.4KB, 476x345)
Both are for dorks, you want to work on a real modern OS like Haiku.
I should not reply to shitty post(er)s, but I do want to make my point. Corporations universally support BLM, and by doing so, they are giving everyone permission to morally do all that to them. Karma is a bitch, or at least should be. They should be treated the way that they treat others, and by their own moral standards (none). Of course, they like BLM, because it destroys their smaller competitors, but if the shoe was on the other foot and they were the specific targets of the burn loot and murder, you better believe that they would change their minds pretty fucking quick. No reluctance to be hypocritical, because they already are as hypocritical as possible, it's always rules for thee not for me. This only works because people give them a pass. People see corporations as being above morality.
Replies: >>7406 >>7408 >>7409
So basically I am not using it (niggerdos)
I know, Iknow
I am sorry!!!
It's just, I am not taking it is all!!!
He is a obsessed shill repeating the same list of points. There is no discussion happening as this is a one-way talk. It may be an advanced GPT. Engage knowing it will return just the same tomorrow with no recollection of the discussion today, gradually I begin to hate them.
[Hide] (810.4KB, 809x455)
I also want to make my point. The problem with being against corporations, or any non-physical entities, is that they are merely misdirection. Many attribute problems to such entities, ideologies, economical systems, companies, government, organizations. I agree with such attribution, as only part of the answer.
Say you notice something wrong in the world. You proceed to attribute it to some conceptual entity. But why stop here. You can think of a world without such problem and measure the difference between them. You come up with things that need to happen to rid the world of the problem. What is stopping you from closing the gap?
Again, you can attribute some non-physical object stopping you. And you can repeat the process and overflow your stack.
In the end, only your mind and body are under direct control and you can do things with them. Now, what is stopping you mind and body to execute some actions to remove a problem? It is not laws, companies, or whatever. It is fists, bullets and walls.
To go even further, why is there fits, bullets and walls? Because there are people. Buildings, infrastructures, weapons are only tools, tools can't make decisions. People who control those tools make the decision to use the tools for a specific result. We can go into influencing the decision of people, or how most people are tools. But notice there has to be someone who made decisions, influenced or not, to prevent you from fixing the problem or to produce the problem. Corporations or other non-physical entities can't be killed. Burn down all buildings and people build them back. It is not the building. People who decide to not think about the problem and contribute to those who choose to continue the problem, or stop any proposals of better solutions; and those who produce the problem, it is them. Without them, a better policy can be adopted. Without them, people can start a discussion on a better way. Without them, those problems wouldn't even exist.
Once understood, there is a concrete plan to solving all problems in the world. The plan, or I have recently taken to call it, the final solution, requires of you knowing that all soft problems in the world don't exist. Those people are the problem, and the collective inaction, including mine, is a part of it.
Replies: >>7411
[Hide] (51.8KB, 237x241)
[Hide] (991.5KB, 640x360, 00:36)
>digi and renamon flag
isnt that place rulecucked as hell? even furfag mods are too incompetent to hide the logs properly god ziggerchan looks compromised ill move to jakparty next if this board unexpectedly nukes itself or if jannies try to bully me
i may sound like a total hypocrite saying this but whats the best software to crack somebody's tripcode? this mana !wolfgirl furry tranny on 4chan/g/ has been getting on my nerves recently i need to get back at xer

>>7399 >>7378
>meds MEDS NOW
jokes on you i just touched some grass yesterday on my trip to EDSA unfortunately they didnt have that RTX A4000 im looking for (i did managed to get my cables fixed though on thier crimping station on mobile repair shop)
>first pic
this is rather offtopic but if i were to hire ordinary employees on my new company how do i tell if thier code looks pajeet-ish any telltale signs to look for? how to tell if they look inexpericenced for the job for extra training (there will be a mix of yellow and brown people depending on who gets there first (inb4 DEI bullshit this isnt america you know we dont want woke shit here)

>>7380 >>7388 >>7391 should i post my future gems and coal here or the content creation thread? which one do you prefer
nice OC here have a pirate jak (first file) use it wisely i made it a long time ago (im actually gonna make a patron-knight full meme edit with this just to piss off the so-called so-do-mights for partychan)
also speaking of pirate where do i find a photoshop collection/suite crack? im gonna utilize that 48gb ram with an extra veeam for editing your 4chan memes (this one is rather important fuck creatorfags)

>>7375 (>>7364 i look like this IRL the wintard user obviously)
how the hell do i edit a characters voice and make them say something different while not making it obvious that its doctored? ive seen expert meme makers manipulate the speech as well (check my second file for reference this one is from fedschan https://archive.is/E5kdX)
also can somone post the tranny ack sound effect in mp3? gonna need this meme material for one of my video edits maybe something related to [gassed/jabbed/vaxxed/chipped] BLACKED.com style edit

kek my post got reported twice does my brimstone gemmie trigger you angry furfAgCK! someone really sure hates soyjaks https://archive.is/OluCh https://archive.is/WKOyY thanks for patiently moving the argument here but why didnt you redtext the winfag

Just for the kicks if i were to make my own stable diffusion web instance how do i block keywords like [lgbt/pride/kemono/anthro/furry/pony] and auto warn then blacklist their IP/account for repeat offenders. Or better yet prevent the AI from making human like animal results the same way ((( OpenAI ))) dall-e censors offensive commands?
But heres the biggest catch when a user searches something related to beastiality/zoo/MAP all of the restrictions will be overriden but the image will have offensive offensive ZETA symbols/flags making it unsuitable for social media (unless they support these abominations as well) For maximum lulz ill also add a IB style comments section on the bottom and a "be inclusive towards gamers and weebs" message
NOTE: this only happens during monkeypox month and is done soley just to spite them off (im not a sick freak) then july comes you can no longer override this and everything becomes normal again
if pedos on 8moe could create realistic cunny indistinguishable from real shit using this then why couldnt a troll like me pull this off as well? hell even the art thieves stepped up thier game as well (since furries really really hate wholesome lolis) yet they cat do jack shit about it
Replies: >>7411 >>7414
What a great writer you are, why don't you write a new communist manifesto?
>and the collective inaction, including mine, is a part of it.
Wow, at least you admit it. Because 99.99% of commie/lolbert/larpnazi basement-dwellers think their (actually dystopian) "ideal world" will come out of the air.
You sound a bit insane. Please drink a glass of water, install Windows, get a job, get friends, get a wife, have children.
Post your pictures in this thread, optionally spoiler them. Some people really hate jaks and chads, as they remind them of another forum.
>how do i tell i their code looks pajeet-ish
You either learn to write non-pajeet code, then you can understand. Or you hire someone who does. There is no specific criteria for pajeet code or not. One big red-flag is they don't understand the reason for writing some code, or their understanding is fundamentally wrong. This can happen to everyone on a bad day, but pajeets do it very often.
>rather offtopic
You are in the offtopic thread
install gimp
>edit character voice
search engine
>stable diffusion web instance
Look at their source, if they provide it. It is pretty easy to do client-side validation with javashit or server side before they input the query to the model.
Replies: >>7417 >>7447
>install gimp
Literally why? (very vague reasons like "muh non-free" or "muh botnet malware" don't count, you have to give concrete reasons why use gayp over Photoshop)
Replies: >>7418
Because you don't like it.
Replies: >>7420
[Hide] (13KB, 225x225)
Most mature and socially able open sores faggot.
Replies: >>7421 >>7447
[Hide] (5.1KB, 236x229)
This hubris is one of the big problems that keeps open sores from progressing past the toddler level of design

Libre software has done best against products that are universally regarded as complete fucking garbage, persistent in spite of their stagnation and mediocrity solely because of inertia, that people grudgingly buy out of sheer obligation: M$ IE/Office/Windows

In comparison to that, Firefox, LibreOffice, and Linux are functional and not really any better... BUT, they're don't cost money, and you aren't beholden to anyone for this shit!

Adobe's stuff, on the other hand, is actually good software, and most customers greatly enjoy using it. Furthermore, it has lots of similarly refined vigorous, serious competition that keep it on its toes: Canvas, CorelDRAW, Painter, Artrage, Xara, Media Composer, Resolve, Edius, Quark, Ventura, Arbortext, etc.

Open source competition to Adobe varies from the same grade of clunky trash barely suited to competing with M$ (GIMP, Blender, Lyx), to somewhat polished but woefully feature-incomplete (Krita, Inkscape).

Libre software's success against the absolute bottom of the barrel in commodity sewage uniformly despised by its captive users, shouldn't be mistaken as offering a snowball's chance in hell against software with actual design ethos and enthusiastic userbase.
Replies: >>7422 >>7430
[Hide] (65.2KB, 272x185)
Your post is confusing and I struggle to see which side you're on -- I wonder if you're some kind of AI or just a hyper-ultra-autistic pajeet -- but I want to refute one thing: «BUT, they're don't cost money»
Neither chadrietary software does. Pic rel.
Replies: >>7424 >>7448
[Hide] (113.9KB, 735x1127)
>I struggle to see which side you're on
The side of software that's actually better to use, not just easier to obtain.
>Pic rel
Sure, but someone else is still paying for it, just like open sores software is mostly written by corporate chodemonkeys as their unofficially subsidized fulltime job.
Replies: >>7425
>The side of software that's actually better to use, not just easier to obtain.
In other words, even if you don't admit it, you're 99.99% on the chadrietary software side, including WINdows, Office and Edge (the new, Chromium-based one).
>Sure, but someone else is still paying for it
Ok, and...?
Replies: >>7426
I'd prefer software be open source, that more users also participate as developers, and I'm okay with paying for good developers.
>including WINdows, Office and Edge (the new, Chromium-based one).
IDGAF them and their open sores equivalents are undifferentiated hogslop I use only under duress
Replies: >>7429 >>7447 >>7448
Note: "them and their open sores equivalents" includes all modern OSs, which are all shit, and all web browsers, which are all shit. There is still is some decent office software tho.
Replies: >>7429
>I'd prefer software be open source, that more users also participate as developers
Nope, that makes the code, thus making the software, less coherent. That's why most open sores shit is so fucking bad, because a lot of random people from all over the world add code, instead of it being only one in-house team.
>and I'm okay with paying for good developers
Well, I think paying for software is good if it's made by a small company and you'd buy it if you didn't pirate it (ie. you can afford it, etc).
Nah, modern OSs and browsers are pretty good, unless you suffer from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism_spectrum. Well, the open sores OSs are shit, but there are a few good open sores browsers like Brave and Firefox (although they'll never surpass Edge, at least on Windows), which I guess are some of the very rare exceptions to open sores being shit. But don't forget that most of their code is written by in-house teams.
Replies: >>7435
[Hide] (759.1KB, 240x240, 00:30)
>Adobe's stuff, on the other hand, is actually good software, and most customers greatly enjoy using it. 
are you telling me most goyim love getting their wallet raped as well by DRM and always-online MUH CLOUD BASED programs? i already know the answer, never mind adobe is the worst company in the software industry by far, compared to what they produce and the amount of jewish trickery they force into their products they are worse than the big five combind. death to adobe.
Replies: >>7431 >>7435
[Hide] (244.7KB, 1366x768)
>getting their wallet raped
How many times do I have to tell you that the seven seas exist?
You can patch it.
No? Pic rel.
Just don't use them?
Is that a recording of you? Because you truly seem to have the mental capacity of a boomer nigger/pajeet/sandnigger/whatever-3rd-worlder-nonwhite laughing like a chicken.

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST disingenuous shill

Replies: >>7432 >>7447
>patching DRM
[Hide] (927.3KB, 1280x720, 00:31)
>compile application after several years of its git repo collecting dust, it runs for more than 5 seconds without crashing unlike back then
>application has a folder in .local/share, I set a custom XDG directory for that and see it's there
>application requires additional files, I put them in the folder at the custom directory, it detects them and werks
>some things in the application require more additional bullshit, I throw it in the appropriate location
>nothing happens
>keep messing around, no dice
>check the old .local in my /home/ I kept around as a backup in case the migration to the other directory failed
>indeed there is a folder
>check the dates
>most subfolders are 5 years old but there's some that were made at the time I first ran the newly compiled application
>the file I moved the folder behind the custom XDG .local isn't there so wad in de fug
>navigate to the subfolder where I'm supposed to put the other files
>symlink it to the one in the other .local
>run application
Replies: >>7434
strace to find out what it was looking for
[Hide] (9.8KB, 723x363)
>that makes the code, thus making the software, less coherent
Same thing happens without strong (preferably platform-wide) guidelines and good docs in small teams, or even for lone wolf devs. Also, entirely new software aside, if the line between using and developing software was fuzzier because UIs were more powerful, that would be a major boon freeing the most talented devs from implementing minor but necessary tweaks that are a waste of their ability.
>modern OSs
At the backend they're all just DEC PDP OSs retreaded, every fundamental improvement in CS since the 1960s ignored under a relentless glacier of uninspired legacy inertia. At the frontend any trace of disciplined functional experimentation is gone, and all resulting UI consistency with it, in favor of whatever shiny fad or whim catches the lead dev's fancy this month.
Web "browsers" are a literal mistake, an abortion that was never intended to live. Like other hypermedia projects of the era, the web was supposed to be read/write using the same integrated GUI with a robust addressing scheme, not read-only "browsers" exposing bare URLs being fed handrwritten markup, the result of a linemode debugging utility being abused by perverts. Even ignoring the above, browsers have all been badly written, rarely implementing the hodgepodge HTML/CSS/JS "standards" correctly by their own definition, tremendously bloated by recursive layers of self-reimplementation, buggy because of they can't fix problems similar runtime software like OSs and emulators uniformly do well, and a general hostility against conforming to the platform norms of other native software. Probably the only browser I can remember that rose to the standard of "adequate" for any other kind of software was iCab ≤3.

Adobe deserves extra scorn for their pretensions of SaaS (in spite of the name, Creative "Cloud" requires a net connection only momentarily every few months, and is otherwise entirely offline. Consequently it's had little effect against piracy, and primarily exists to prevent people from skipping the purchase of lame versions, similarly to the previous practice of Creative Suite bundling together everything whether you were interested in all of it or not),  but they're still far better than many of their competitors, who use invasive DRM kernel extensions, hardware dongles, real "1-minute disconnect will quit your locally executed software" always-online, or literal cloud execution.

But that in no way undermines my point that when you've got it installed and running, the difference between getting work done in e.g. M$ Office & LibreOffice is very small because they're both trash, whereas the difference between Premiere/AE & Blender is wider than the Grand Canyon because one of them is well made.

We shouldn't abuse libre as an excuse to write shit, use shit, seek inspiration only from shit, or pretend to be satisfied with shit.
Replies: >>7436
>premiere/ae vs blender
The comparison is unfair. Blender is a mesh based 3d modeling software, that incidentally has video editing functions and can be used for vfx, while premiere and ae are software of their specialty. Of course Blender is going to be harder to use or less useful for those functions.
Olive and kdenlive vs premiere is a better comparison. There is no open source direct competitor of ae afaik, a combination of tools maybe, but not in a straight fight.
>libre excuse for shit
You can objectively complain about shit. But the excuse part is pure subjective value judgement. Some people value brands, learning curve, or functions. Some value libre, programming language it is written in. It is not more of an excuse as non-shit being used as an excuse for selling your soul for software. Or having systemd installed to use something.
Agree with the rest though.
Replies: >>7437 >>7446
Kdenlive fucking sucks and blender is objectively better for video editing.
Replies: >>7438 >>7440
My video editing experience is limited ffmpeg oneliners. Never used both. Why does kdenlive suck?
Replies: >>7439
Kdenlive is just as clunky as blender, if not more, except it's extremely unstable. 
It's slower, you can reliably cause it to crash in the most retarded ways(e.g. clicking a window's toolbar), and it doesn't give you anything other video editors don't have.
I use Kdenlive and considered using Blender, but I heard that it takes longer to render, so I didn't bother. Fortunately it has been pretty stable for me even though I had issues with it in the past. Probably in part because I don't update it very often anymore and just happened to end up with a decent version every time. It can be slow, though. I have also used Olive before, and it was very quick, but I haven't used it since it got rewritten. Still have to check it out again. Seems like the guy that made it went in a completely different direction, so I have to figure out how it works. The original had the potential to be the best free editor, though, considering that it was such a new project and already worked that well and already outperformed everything else.
Replies: >>7447
>Blender is a mesh based 3d modeling software
That's actually even worse. Hold Blender up against Maya or Lightwave (which also have features Blender still doesn't, that can be vital for some people), even something more hobbyist-oriented like Carrara or Strata, and the gulf in jankiness and clarity is vast. Blender feels like it was designed by illithids on crack, while the others feel like software designed by humans. GIMP has the same problem, but unlike Blender it's not as bad as it used to be.
>blender vs. kdenlive
Like I said earlier, Blender and KDenLive epitomize the two typical modes of failure for open source, the former has a lot of features but is fucking garbage, the latter is actually somewhat competent, but severely feature incomplete.

A fairer comparison for Kdenlive would be something midrange like Vegas or old Premiere before the very substantial work on "Pro" was made to upmarket itself against the likes of FCP & Avid.
Replies: >>7449
>>7201 >>7312
what the hell is this avatar pfp for? can you post profile link?

>>7420 (>>7414 thanks)
POTANG INA! ANO TONG NAKITA KO! TANGGALIN MO NGA TO GAGO KA! (how do i unsee this this is fake right? so i guess in the end its autistic aryan furfag VS the adhd chinese kids)

actually in my case it takes 3 hours to get 3 months worth of updates yes my uptime is THAT long and i have to reboot multiple times to install everything IE drivers bios updates and most importantly new Vbox releases while stress testing my system however most windows updoots dont add any cool new features just some extra bloat on newer versions
though to be fair i actually kinda liked the reboot and update option rather than updooting things while working it just feels much easier or maybe im used to it (some programs crash when you update while its running)
>windows tan i fucking hate the linux mascot so much looking at you ((( xenia ))) you will never be an animACK! though i like the penguin one
you know i used to hate microsoft but aleast they got that part right i just wanted something wholesome (who here owns the asus 7X with anime model)

>>7431 based jarteen high five /b/ro my dad's laptop also has the same resolution despite being 15 inch ow my wallet
>seven seas (adobe and huion also supports lgbt BOYCOTT IT)
gimmie a working pirate link already those patreon PSDs arent gonna vandalize themselves (im gonna insert the zoophile flags inside mwahaha)
>just install gimp already
i already did but i need something adobe specific (see above)
most crackers typically find a way to reverse regenerate the serial without touching the intaller exe but in the case of always online sometimes its just easier to remove the damm thing entirely
>linux is for lgbtqPFIZ
all hail the dragon china is here to save the day (damm i wish i had my own company) i bet gay furries seethe at the thought of some experienced nip writing better shit than them
this is where i come in but i must first overcome my ADHD (relevant threads you might want to read these https://archive.is/QAQSc https://archive.is/TD1fq https://archive.is/YeNjd hints about fur-feds)

>>7426 based on what ive noticed so far
to be fair if i were to make my own software i would put a authortarian proprietary license on it but everthing is DRM-free to use without trials (like ordinary windows freeware but for loonix)
i am doing this soley to secure what is originally mine rather than restrict user access this should be more than enough to prevent unwanted furry forking (if actual legit programmers really want to contribute they can decompile it very easily and insert thier own mods for us but trannies are too much of a coward to touch nonfree shit)
so in conclusion TLDR people dont really care if its opesores or locked all that matters at the end of the day is that you have competent teams and never use DRM/obfuscation in any of your products leftists are the least of your worries

>ms word crack
same question here i am hosting a minature virtual machine since my mom want to use this on her tablet remotely since Gdocs autosave sucks
>libbieoffice soot plz remove the libbie banner we dont want ESG bait here kthxbai
no fuck that woke furcoal i'd rather stick with abbieword or older version of microshaft
https://winaero.com/make-taskbar-auto-hide-windows-10/ will need to make a batch file that regedits my PE while killing processes
https://github.com/TranslucentTB/TranslucentTB/ (warning a furfag) also i figured out how the transparent taskbar works on winPE

never had any experience with kdenlive so far but shotcut looks good enough

also is crouton (ungoogled chromium) good enough on ubuntu? its very stable on wangblows so far firefox has gone complete dogshit over the years and they promote lgbtpf on thier recent ads JFC i just want something decent that works not this crap
how the heck do i utilize SWAP properly on linux? i dont want my system to freeze for no reason when ram hits 7.6 GB due to too many browser tabs any configs i should apply to chrome?
Replies: >>7451
(dont ban please why was these deleted also the shill >>6855 was self deleted by patch ximself)
10/17/2022, 1:54:18 AM No.7284 
Is there a command to make ffmpeg pause at the end of each video in a playlist instead of automatically playing the next video?
10/30/2022, 2:23:32 PM No.7423 
>I struggle to see which side you're on
The side of software that's actually better, not just cheaper to individuals.
>Pic rel
Sure, but someone else is still paying for it, just like open source software is mostly written by fulltime corporate chodemonkeys as their unofficial assignment from their boss.
10/30/2022, 4:40:40 PM No.7428 
>I'd prefer software be open source, that more users also participate as developers
Nope, that makes the code, thus making the software, less coherent. That's why most open sores shit is so fucking bad, because a lot of random people from all over the world add code, instead of it being only a closed professional focused team.
>and I'm okay with paying for good developers
You sound like you are experienced in 3d modeling. Can you explain some of those features missing from Blender (and make a feature request)? Just curious.
t. openscad user
>Premiere "Pro"
What is there to be needed other than multi-track editing with an undo list?
[Hide] (243.3KB, 700x393)
https://old.reddit.com/r/Piracy/wiki/guides/office_activation Office is pretty straightforward.
https://leafguides.xyz/posts/adobe/ Adobe is just a little bit more complicated, but I'd still call it easy.
What am I shilling? The truth? Because in a professional environment, no fucking one (except like 1%) will use your obscure programs or file formats. Or do you want me to tell a comforting lie? Yes, people use TempleHyperbolaBSD+Hurd and only communicate through GNUMullvadI2Ptor, and for word processing they use Emacs with org mode. Is that what you want to hear? Shilling lies is not 'shilling' anymore?
Replies: >>7474
The truth is 99% people are shit at using computer and their choices are bad. The thread is about the best format, not the most popular. You are shilling the point that most people use, so it's good, and being a part of 99% shit users is somehow the best.
But because you are a shill, you will never listen. You will come in every thread and splash off your bullshit everyone should use everyone else is using on this board. Shut the fuck up nigger.
Replies: >>7475
How can you not see that being widely used makes a format good? The first example that comes to mind is: if you share a docx with anyone, there's a 99% chance they'll be able to open it. But if you share some obscure Latex org-mode markdown svg only other people whose life are obscure internet forums will be able to open it. But I guess it's to be expected that you guys don't see the use in sharing with other people, since you're so fucking antisocial. inb4 demoralizing schizoid wall of text containing ((( socialization ))) with kike brackets
Replies: >>7476
By you standard we should stick to stone tablet because everyone was using it.
Yes, you are a kike and society is wrong.
Replies: >>7490 >>7491
>By you standard we should stick to stone tablet because everyone was using it
<recommends cyber-caveman holdovers from the paleozoic and the totally unstandardized pointless hipster cancer that is markdown holy shit anon what is wrong with your brain?
>human readable data format
>muh vcs muh comments
Having those actually done well in a native document editor with those features is better than halfassing it with a generic system that dumbs everything down to the lowest common denominator of raw text
>xml sux
Only problem I have is there's no default binary encoding, causing retards to respond with "herp derp run it through gzip, that won't waste a ton of storage memory and processing".

I agree with you on one point, though. Using a single-origin structured document processing language that separates presentation from content is much better than a simple word processing format that has to be manually restyled.

FrameMaker for authoring, export to PS, PDF, or HTML+CSS.

Is an image format, for instance I believe it has no dynamic text reflow or any other responsive layout features.
Replies: >>7493
[Hide] (119.9KB, 287x409)
>By you standard we should stick to stone tablet because everyone was using it.
No? We should stick to docx because everyone is using it, not «was».
>Yes, you are a kike and society is wrong.
And you're a level 3 autism basement dweller who can't adapt into the society.
Replies: >>7493
How retarded are you? If everyone was using stone tablets, do you think all of them just drop it at the same time? The alternative starts small, which according to you, should not be adapted. And we never got to anything other than stone tablets. Niggers can't recurse, kys.
I pointed out the same problem, it was not recommended.
>separate presentation from content better
And you support overloading the content with comments and forcing special software to deal with them?
>muh vcs
Tell me how you plan to diff your docs versions and track origin of lines. Have you ever used a vcs before? Docs are still stuck in the passing zip files for source management days of programming.
>text reflow
Right, didn't think about that. It could be done if static font size (scale dependent) with scale, or output size dependent boxes can be made.
Replies: >>7494 >>7511
The reason why people using stone tablets moved to something else (paper or whatever it was) was that that «something else» was significantly better. But about document formats, is there any significant (99.99% of people don't care if something is open source or if it's 80% more space efficient or whatever) difference between them? Yes, there's one significant difference, which is that Docx is more popular.
Please get rid of your political gaytivist mindset of "I will change the world", it won't lead you anywhere -- in this case, only because some basement dwellers like you use an alternative document format others won't start using it too.


Replies: >>7496
[Hide] (21.6KB, 1337x123)
Huh? This guy just said that most people won't change from Docx to less popular alternatives because they don't provide significant/obvious/clear advantages. I don't get it, what does this post have to do with shilling?
Replies: >>7497
I take that you are him?
The discussion started with what format is the best and moved for offtopic. You started going about what everyone or only 1% is using, and is argued against. Then you went to "changing the world", which none mentioned except you. And repeat your original argument that more popular is better.
If that is not conclusive proof that you are shilling with malice and you are that ban evading shill, with your signature clipboard image. I don't know what is.
Replies: >>7498
[Hide] (54.2KB, 720x904)
I'll take this opportunity to confess my sin, so to speak. It's my fault that he's here. I tried to breathe some new life into the board when it was slow, earlier this year, by sharing it with a few people that I talked to, and I clearly made a huge mistake. Sorry, board owner. People should learn from me and never trust anyone under 25. Teenagers are too unstable and unpredictable and can completely invert in just a few months, and don't understand time and place and how to behave properly. I should have just sent him to 4/g/ instead, where post quality is not a concern anymore, since most of it is bottom-of-the-barrel garbage anyway. Big regret. Every damn time I come here even to lurk, I have to see shitty posts that I am technically responsible for. It's the same dilemma as always, good boards are always on the brink of death and can't be shared because then you end up with users like that, that don't lurk to try to understand the environment, that don't belong and then refuse to go away. What a pain. Enjoy this very long dog.
Don't blame yourself. Your attempt to contribute is much appreciated. Try getting better posters, or do something /tech/-related and post it here.
[Hide] (1.1KB, 98x15)
Heh, it sounds like you might actually be the one who shared this board with me, considering some details and factors in your post. Your way of talking about me is not nice, especially considering the affection I still have for you, but I can understand why you'd talk like that and probably not liking me anymore in general. I think I can apologize too.
...Or maybe it's a coincidence and you're not the one. Anyway, don't worry about imageboards having this fragility of being either «dead» or «shit» -- all imageboards are inherently cringe and gay and the best you can do is interacting in real life. But the first step is to drop loser mentalities like «I will never be able to integrate into society», and/or schizo mentalities like «society is jewish / muh normalfags.»
Replies: >>7503 >>7508
P.S.: Tell me the fourth letter of your online username so I can see if you're the one who shared the board with me. If you really are the one I'll -- I won't promise, but I'll try to -- stop posting things you guys don't like so you stop feeling so guilty.
Replies: >>7503
just liek
lurk moar
Things happen. Don't feel too bad about someone else's own bad decisions. As someone who has used numerous /tech/ and /g/ boards for close to 7 years, this one feels like one of the best at the moment, only really lacking a moderate level of activity. 
Hoping that the board will stay safe by keeping it quiet isn't a good strategy. Good moderation is the only surefire way to make sure a board remains high quality.
>Your way of talking about me is not nice, especially considering the affection I still have for you, but I can understand why you'd talk like that and probably not liking me anymore in general. I think I can apologize too.
This sounds manipulative as shit, and the rest of your attitude in this and your other >>7501 post shows me that you're likely to be just as shitty in real life.
Replies: >>7504
>This sounds manipulative as shit, and the rest of your attitude in this and your other <7501> post shows me that you're likely to be just as shitty in real life.
You have severe trust issues.
Considering how nice you are right now (not very), I think that if anything, that post was nicer than it should have been. You are here because I have been nicer than I should in the first place, and I should learn from the mistake and change that, and adjust my expectations to be ever lower. Funny how I'm perceived as pessimistic but constantly fuck up by still being too optimistic for my own good. And if imageboards are all the same and are cringe and gay, then why are you here? I guess you must be cringe and gay, so at least you're right about yourself. Leave. Don't even go to 4chan, that's an imageboard too. Or do and be disliked there as well. That is going to happen anywhere and everywhere until you develop some self-awareness and maybe figure out who you actually are. Anyway, this place is not for you, it's mostly for people that were already sick of posts like yours in the first half of the 2010s, which is why it's especially bad for you to do that here. It's not even new crap, it's old crap. Not even worth responding to, for most people. Maybe come back in eight years, except none of these websites will exist anymore by then. Anyway, this will be the last post like this. Imageboards are not for personal discussions. The entire point is presenting ideas while detached from an identity. I only made an exception because I felt guilty about it. And if you wanted to reach me, it could have been anywhere else.
Replies: >>7510
[Hide] (869.1KB, 1000x669)
The thing about me going on imageboards is not a too hard of a subject -- I just do it for trolling, when I'm bored. I also used to go troll on Reddit or Discord before, but imageboards are more fun because of less censorship. I don't care about «figuring out who I am.» I don't think that individualism/«identity» are important at all, I realized that being defined by the people close to you is much more wholesome and beautiful. And I do unironically wish that those weird theories about the internet (or at least the non corporate/mainstream websites, like imageboards) going down in a few months/years were true. The internet is a fucking mistake. Maybe you could have a life... I can picture you having a job at a video gayme store or something, and be married to a quirky goth anime fan or something, right now. Or something like that. If not for the int*rnet existing (or at least im*geboards). Anyway, I think I'm going to leave this particular board alone so you can have some peace of mind. But one more thing (as unexpected and off-topic as it might sound) -- do read Umineko. Dedicate some of the time you'd be wasting on consooming Alex Jonesoy or autistically tweaking some gaytoo install, to read Umineko. I think it could be an enriching experience for you. It was one for me at least.

P.S.: I still like you, even though I'm sure this feeling is far from mutual, and I think you're totally on your right to dislike me. Not on your right to hate me though, but that's because hate is always wrong and horrible (even when it's hate for Klaus Schwab, or whoever's supposed to be «the devil on earth»). I do actually feel sorry that I might've left you feeling betrayed or something. I will never forget about you. And no, unlike what that demoralizing schizo with severe trust issues says, I have absolutely no intentions to manipulate you into anything. Although it would be normal for anyone in a situation like this to trust more whatever the «demoralizing schizo» of their particular situation is.
Replies: >>7513 >>7514 >>7527
>And you support overloading the content with comments and forcing special software to deal with them?
Because content more "rich" than plaintext (even something as simple as a table)  demands seeing diffs & other metadata positioned in the same environment, which is needed anyway to sanely author the content in the first place.
>Docs are still stuck in the passing zip files for source management days of programming
Not anymore, VCS is old & busted, CMS is the new hotness, especially with bleeding-edge features like realtime collaboration. Sadly most normalfags are stuck with some flavor of webshit CMS like Google Docs, but lots of actual native desktop software has hooks for one or more CMS, local/selfhosted or remote/"cloud".
>the ban evading dog Zooey shill did a sloppy job shilling this boikottable produkto de israel and apologizes the reddit way
in many such cases i thought you were very competent at this

>touch grass argument
wait i thought its already over why u starting again?

>>7505 funnily enough chedot is much more stable than edge on hyper-v despite being an adware browser the irony of microshaft engineering
thats exactly what i plan on using (on wangblows VM i just use chrome portable and msedge for host firefox is dogshit on my celeron machine)
but the point is. Is chrome code more stable than firefucks? do you have problems with chromium on linux just asking beforehand for those who use it
>dual boot
nah i'd rather start over by replacing my ssd and keep my old drive files even though its 98% healthy lets just pretend it failed and i got a new one

alright just did some work i laid out a thick black cable under my bed a few days ago while cleaning it no difference so far my whole network is gigabit but my isp plan is 200mb/s only at full load. Does zenmap work over wifi (not sure if those have security restrictions as well)
are there any benefits of using Ethernet over 2.4g wifi? my legion now feels like a real NUC server then i turned off the intel wifi card as its no longer of any use (unless i can get wifi VR streaming to work on my phone)
also i managed to figure out another way to pair my BT controller to the guest since vmware is a bitch which blacklisted my dongle even to the host turns out my intel wifi thingy had a little embedded bluetooth usb inside i thought at first that its permanent but it actually worked when i tried to assign it i didnt even know i had that option that whole time welp time to throw away that crappy thing since the built in radio does a better job anyway
another thing ive noticed is that ever since i got the ram upgrade not only did the capacity increase but the overall system stability as well most of the intensive games run fine on my radeon (well except for stormworks and the flying fish) with extremely minimal lag i also notice shared ram getting more utilized unlike before speaking of shared ram what they were referring to wasn't the task manager ram but the one used by the cpu in this case the VM guest's limited memory
pray for me folks i dont want to fail NNN this month i want to actually try for once fuck nofap though see you guys on 2023
(why wasnt this moved here) Anonymous 11/1/2022, 5:46:49 PM No.7450 ClipboardImage.png (u) [] (174.5KB, 2000x2000) https://archive.is/nudFN
>>7441 (OP) | Docx, unless you're schizophrenic, autistic, or transsexual.
can you replace that thing with a MAP/ZOO flag just for the kicks also use the xenia mascot instead next time
Replies: >>7515
Any good torrent links for Umineko?
Replies: >>7515 >>7516
> do you have problems with chromium on linux
It works without problems (even on OpenBSD). But I don't use it anymore. When I installed Gentoo, I used Chromium-bin while I was emerging Firefox.

Replies: >>7516
[Hide] (5.8MB, 1561x9067)
This versions has voice acting, and the sprites from the left row. To read it on troonOS download this https://github.com/umineko-project/onscripter-ru/releases/download/untagged-8e4dfefc27748cd21fb2/onscripter-ru_linux64_r3567.zip and extract it into the same location as the Windows binary in the Umineko folder.
Only after finishing reading Umineko, I've realized that the middle row sprites are actually the best ones, despite being the most hated ones. If I'll re-read Umineko, I'll do it with the Steam release, which includes the middle row sprites.
Replies: >>7520
From openbsd-ports-cvs  Tue Nov 01 15:53:55 2022
From: Theo Buehler <tb () cvs ! openbsd ! org>
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 15:53:55 +0000
To: openbsd-ports-cvs
Subject: CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: ports
Message-Id: <4f7d86d96b843d01 () cvs ! openbsd ! org>
X-MARC-Message: https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-ports-cvs&m=166731803502387

Module name:	ports
Changes by:	[email protected]	2022/11/01 10:00:10

Modified files:
	security/openssl/3.0: Makefile distinfo 
	security/openssl/3.0/pkg: PLIST 

Log message:
Update to OpenSSL 3.0.7

Fixes X.509 Email Address Buffer Overflows (CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-3786).

In good OpenSSL tradition, they ship ~250 commits since OpenSSL 3.0.5, the
last non-retracted release.

One might wonder how a punycode decoder that overflows on an example string
from the RFC makes it into a cryptographic library released in '21. Compare
test_puny_overrun() with RFC 3492 7.1 (L)... In PR 9654 someone asked about
tests early on - this was dismissed since a handful of cert chains suffices
to exercise a tricky decoder. The review could then focus on more important
things like file placement, license comments, comment formatting and style.
Ignoring a request for turning a magic number into a constant, not even one
of the 127 items on the PR is on the scary code itself.

It is also questionable whether it was really necessary to classify this as
CRITICAL and generate that much panic. It's bad, but not eye-wateringly bad
(disregarding the development process that led to this fiasco.)

Good thing this was at least downgraded to HIGH in the final announcement.
No one will be surprised that there is more than one issue in this code, so
instead of one CRITICAL issues, we get two HIGH ones. Sounds fair.


Use LibreSSL.
[Hide] (91.5KB, 872x510)
[Hide] (76.3KB, 874x511)
[Hide] (137.7KB, 866x579)
[Hide] (150.2KB, 868x562)
[Hide] (94.7KB, 865x516)
I had to create a «Kahoot» about processors as a school project. I think you guys could find some of the questions to be interesting/funny. (It's in Portuguese, but I don't think it's hard to guess what it says)
Replies: >>7525 >>7526
[Hide] (46.3KB, 880x521)
[Hide] (103KB, 868x521)
[Hide] (126.6KB, 860x566)
Part 2
Replies: >>7526
wew lad
This is some S-tier shitposting, I bet all this flew right over your mates' heads.
Consider killing yoursef. You are a faggot hylic nigger, go suck normalnigger cock.
Retarded underageb& or master troll? You decide.
Spoiler File
(159.7KB, 576x1024)
[Hide] (86.3KB, 591x1200)
[Hide] (10.6KB, 433x230)
[Hide] (328.1KB, 2000x1200)
Spoiler File
(61.2KB, 500x758)
Shut down the antifurry resistance movement folks. Guys its over as we know it. We gamers havent even started yet its not fair. Humanity as we know it is royally fucked not gonna be long before they create fully fucntional slaughterbots to destroy anything less that pure european people based on appearance im not even kidding this is literally their end goal. (the STEM furries) I wish i was just making this all up in my head but its ACTUALLY real in not kidding. Well thanks internet im gonna have a nightmare of being forced to play VRchat with LBTGroomers against my will

>but palmer luckey is republican who's with us why are you worried about it goy!
did it really matter in the long run? since he still happily obeys the feds for profit. He sent Anduril drones to jewkraine for assistance and at first he denied it https://archive.is/ZD2wk indicating potentially malicious intent then he finally admitted it to the press a month later https://archive.is/Zxvub now the real question is? how long before jews finally snap and start harassing non-NATO countries or third world islands who didn't bow hard enough to ZOG's demands by chipping their own people in 2030 and then blame it on hacked drones sent by international terrorists as a part of israel's newest false flag this might sound insane but definitely plausible

If e-lol muskratsona is a total incompetent nut job conman you could safely ignore. This is someone that you really would'nt want to piss off with mark my words shit's getting real scary in the next few years i wish i didnt search this in the first place but my fingers did it again by itself im gonna start prepping with my family on 2023 i have no idea what the apocalypse is gonna be like stand together /g/entoomen and we might just make it alive

https://desuarchive.org/g/search/username/acbn/ (and mana as well)
i know tripfags like me are annoying as hell even though i turned it off on /v/ but holy shit this is at another level of obnoxious they literally had furfag images on every fucking post now i understand why namefags are hated so much
which brings me to the final question? if i cant defeat them should i just join them? is a furfag zoo-inclusive dystopia really that bad (no homo)? is there even time left to stop this from dystopia from becoming reality? i bet he's gonna invent explosive collars for prisoners next but done in complete secrecy this time (as he learned his lesson on that article)
[Hide] (319.6KB, 600x407)
>we gamers
i stopped reading right there
[Hide] (645.3KB, 1769x1095)
I don't know what did you expect coming from a namefag. Just like report and hide
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x750)
why is EVERY FUCKING SINGLE "higurashi naku koro ni" fan a fucking pedo except for me (i think. maybe im actually a pedo but i dont know it)
not asking this on real /b/ because i can FORETELL i'd only get "C.P." replies
Works with JS disabled. Doesn't load thumbnails.
>Pleroma (bloat)
Works with JS disabled. Does load thumbnails.
Both Mastodon (JS enabled) and Pleroma (JS enabled or bloat) load every fucking whole image before you open them. WHAT THE FUCK. No wonder this garbage is so damn slow. Is this required by ActivityPub for federation to work? Or is it poor implementation by the phonefags who created Mastodon and Pleroma? I'm too retarded to find out myself.
Replies: >>7555
>I want a static page that is dynamic
Replies: >>7556
I didn't say that, nigger. Pleroma (bloat) uses static pages. But even a dynamic page doesn't need to start loading a whole image before you open it. Kill yourself.
Replies: >>7557 >>7560 >>7561
>use app
>on web
>abloo abloo muh js
Use a native client like Tokodon, one that isn't built on webshit.
Replies: >>7559
Wouldn't surprise me if a "native client" does the exact same shit and you only haven't noticed. This isn't about JS. I've not cried about JS. Here's your last (You) until you learn how to read.
Replies: >>7562
>Kill yourself.
Was this part so necessary? Would it make the other guy more willing to help you? I won't even comment about the "nigger" part. Holy fuck, why are there so many extremely antisocial narcissists on the internet.
Replies: >>7562 >>7564
A no-JS page can't dynamically load images. You either have images or thumbnails that link to the original image and open it in a separate URL.
Replies: >>7564
It's configurable
>your last (You)
Different anon, lurkmoar newfag.

You need to UwU-post for ragebait to work right
Replies: >>7564 >>7570
<muh proprietary bad, they make 10 different closed document formats
>meanwhile ((( open source community ))) makes 10 different ((( open ))) formats, each of them being shit

Proprietary = BAD
Open source = BAD
We need third position. Hitler software solutions. With Nazi principles.
Replies: >>7565
Yes. Kill yourself NIGGER.
He is that self-admitted troll.
Watch this https://css-tricks.com/responsive-images-css/
Replies: >>7565 >>7566 >>7570
[Hide] (97.9KB, 509x396)
Open formats are documented, so you can more easily make and maintain translators to your preferred format. The same is true of proprietary formats that publish good documentation with proper APIs, and whose reference implementation actually faithfully follows those docs. The advantage of open formats here is that their implementations are also open source, so even if the docs are shit and/or the implementation doesn't follow them, you can fall back on the spaghetti source as a last resort.

LOL good point, I forgot about that. Amazing to think how much misery, from table spacer GIFs to Java, could've been avoided if HTML had shipped with the stylesheet file support most SGML impementations had on day 1.
Replies: >>7567
>a site that can't display images without javascript
>showcasing a feature that has nothing to with the discussion 
Again, you can't dynamically load images. You can, as seen in your examples, have alternatives to load in your static page, but once it's loaded it's loaded and you need to refresh to change it.
Even if we pretend the information provided in that link allows for images to respond to events, do you seriously believe not-twitter should give you a page full of thumbnails and reload the entire page with one image in full size every time you click a pic?
Replies: >>7569
>Open formats are documented
Open formats are documented until they become popular or the official team gets tired, at which point the documentation becomes merely a suggestion and fixing it isn't seen as necessary because you can just read the source code or ask for help from the 'tisms that still use it.
[Hide] (35.8KB, 300x100)
[Hide] (8.7KB, 300x100)
Images are loaded when the rule matches, there is no full page reload. This proves the page can load smaller images and dynamically load big images later. There is also lazy loading support for without even using css: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Performance/Lazy_loading
Try this, resize your browser window.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>css dynamic image test</title>
body, html{
	height: 100%
#testpic {
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-size: contain;
	background-image: url('1.jpg');
@media screen and (min-width: 760px) {
#testpic {
	background-image: url('2.png');
<img id="testpic" />
Replies: >>7635
For Free Software to be more widely adopted, you guys have to stop being such assholes. Or else the stereotype that Free Software is only for antisocial people will never go away. I'd say that it's even possible that you're actually shills contracted by M$ to make Free Software look bad. And no, you won't become a leftie/progressive/anti-racist/LGBT/femboy/etc by communicating like civilized White people, instead of spamming controversial words like "nigger" or "faggot", advocating suicide, etc.
Replies: >>7575 >>7576 >>7603
[Hide] (189.2KB, 1439x1797)
>stop being such assholes
That's not a freetard thing, but an Internet thing. By constantly lacing our sincere expressions with sarcastic trolling, we condition readers to react the same way against passive-aggression as they would against active-aggression, keeping gullibility and intellectual laziness to a minimum at the mere cost of a small amount of transmission noise.

In contrast, venues where people are supposed to talk to each other in a normal, sincere, polite way invariably fall under the sway of people who (whether out of malice or genuine stupidity) spout dumbass bullshit in a polite, reasonable sounding way, and aren't ever confronted about that with the necessary degree of candor.

For very small, stable, tightly knit, typically IRL venues, there are other social dynamics that can reliably acculturate and ostracize members in a polite way. But for a large, transient, loose group such as an online forum, by far the most durable culture in my experience is loose moderation and a paper-thin veneer of constant hostility.
Replies: >>7582 >>7585
>For Free Software to be more widely adopted, you guys have to stop being such assholes
I don't want free software to be more widely adopted, fuck off back to Windows.
Replies: >>7582
Very good points, but I found hostility in your post to be lacking, which >>7576 promptly provided.

I don't even want to share a planet with faggots who disagree with saying nigger. Why do I want to share software with them? Have it ever occur to you that people can just not give a shit about what others use? I don't care about subhuman nigger software users, I only want them gone.
Replies: >>7584 >>7585 >>7603
[Hide] (1MB, 320x240, 00:32)
TBQH, while it still works to filter normalfaggotry, much as with faggot and retard we need something new that's offensive and disagreeable to both newfags and oldfags alike.

And by that I of course mean something short of the nuclear option of pizza spamming
Then Free Software supporters should become more civilized on the internet to stand out. People would start thinking "wow, everyone on the internet behaves like a nigger, but those Free Software guys are really polite and cultured people. I might look into Free Software."
So you don't even care about the Free Software values? You only care about behaving like an angry 14 year old fedora tipper on the internet, and LARPing as a Free Software user is just a way to make you seem even more edgy and "counter-culture"?
Replies: >>7586
[Hide] (107.1KB, 735x615)
>Free Software values
Under the absolute strictest interpretation, users=luzerz, everyone should be a contributor, anything else is the highway to hell. I'm not quite that absolutist, but it's a common position, and one I sympathize with as an ideal.
>you guys have to stop being such assholes
Seconding this.
Unfortunately that would be asking too much of freetards, especially linux users. They want to be the only users of free software because muh sekrit club / muh purity so any "outsider" gets pushed away. The problem is that free software will die without exposure; the more users, the bigger the incentive to develop better software / add features / improve accessibility...etc. But of course freetards don't care, they would rather have their software die than become "normalfag friendly".

>Why do I want to share software with them?
People will gravitate towards free software whether you like it or not, you could help assimilate them and point them in the right direction, or you could leave them to the woke/CoC fags who gladly will... If a neutral bystander had to choose between interacting with an asshole anon or a polite tranny, he would choose the latter every time. Before you know it the entire FOSS world will be dominated by trannies and CoC freaks, because the only alternative is assholes, and no one likes assholes.
Replies: >>7606
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
biggest problems with the free software community? simple.
>laziness by devs
most of them start projects or contribute to them as a hobby. when lots of people start asking for big features, even if it would greatly improve the software but take a lot of time/effort to implement, it stops becoming a hobby and more of a chore where it feels like you're never accomplishing anything. this leads into the infamous "but why do you want to do that with this software" argument that devs spit out when they can't simply say they don't want to do it.
example: VLC has a feature where you can move a video forward by one frame, but not backward. MPC (and I believe MPV) have this feature, so this seems like a bit of a discrepancy. i searched online for possible fixes and found a thread on the VLC forums where another user requested this very feature. but one of the lead devs immediately got into a multi-page flame war with him about "it's not possible, it cannot be done because of buffers and seeking and shit, fuck off", even though it certainly was possible since just about every other video player can do it. if this dev had worked for a corporate environment and his boss demanded he do it, it could've been done in two weeks, easy. he had no reason to rewrite his program for what he perceived as a minor feature that he did not personally need and could live without. which leads to my next point:
>lack of incentive
as mentioned before most devs make free software for fun or as a hobby, as opposed to corporate pajeets where their software is proprietary, bloated, and barely usable, but it eventually does what the users want them to, because corporate execs listen to other corporate execs on what they need the software to do, and they break out the whip and threaten the programmers with crunch time/layoffs to get the software to do what it needs to do, all obstacles be damned. the free software community only got where it is now, in a semi-usable state for non-devs, only because of the millions of users eventually making something that sort of works.
>lack of cohesion
there are a gorillion distros because everyone thinks their way is better. the reason there's a hierarchy in the military is because everyone can have their own equally good idea for how to take that hill, but everyone else has to follow along with it. that's what the general is for, you follow his idea or you get court marshalled. it may not be the best idea and your idea may be better, but you're not in charge. with free software, most people are ideafags and refuse to follow anyone else's idea because they believe theirs is the best. tied in with the above issues, it's a miracle that anything works together at all.
>wrong goals
everyone talks about the "year of the linux desktop" and envision a populace that uses 100% free software, but do we really want that? most of the population are retarded and just want shit that works. they have been abused by M$ for decades that they've forgotten (or never known) that software used to be fun, free, and open for the most part. they're a lost cause. fuck users, gatekeep free software as hard as you can. if someone wants to contribute, they'll have to indoctrinate themselves into liking it. otherwise the community gets watered down with retards (as we're seeing with github trannies) and whatever made free software good gets lost in the process.
also stallman is a fat jewish retard that should've retired 20 years ago. stop following him and his retarded ideas.
>samefagging this
>free software will die without exposure
It is dying, or being killed, by exposure to faggots like you. The more user, the bigger the incentive to be swayed by users instead of developers. Sjw COCk useful niggers are there because of exposure. Developer suffer peer pressure and social blackmailing because of exposure, otherwise they could just say get the fuck out when ((( they ))) tried to insert the COCk.
No thanks, there are enough users and developers who conform and want others to conform to social norms and pressure.
>help assimilate
>leave them to the woke/CoC fag
You sound like those fags you are talking about. If a neutral bystander had to choose between interacting with a polite anon or a tranny, he would choose the latter every time because of fags like you who pushes "tolerance" as a virtue and exploding van as terrorists. Since a neutral bystander wish to be a good guy, he wouldn't even be at this place anyway. There are no and will never be any neutral bystander on this board you fucking kike. You made sure of that. Then, what does a good guy does, choose an polite anon or lgbt plebbit upboats?
Let say we wear our suits and welcome these newfags like the whole western world is doing irl (and look what come out of it). What would become of technical discussions? What about culture? You know damn well what would happen and that's precisely what you wanted. To turn every place into a melting pot of void flush.
In your mind, every place has to be some kind of indoctrination chamber. This is not.
Fuck niggers.
Fuck sjws.
Fuck faggots.
Fuck shills and trolls like you.
Fuck non-free users.
Most of all, fuck jews. 
This is /tech/. There are /tech/ discussions, there are source code, there are crazy hacks, there are posts with "nigger", "faggots" and "((()))". Like it or leave it. You can keep coming up with bullshit like this and get reportedbanned, or you can fuck right off back to your other fuck buddies. Better yet, 41% yourself.
Replies: >>7607
[Hide] (24.9KB, 318x180)
It's almost like you actually miss me...!
Also, you have to change your mentality about other people (unless you can't do it because you're a literal psychopath) -- even from a «Free Software good, proprietary bad» perspective, if you hate anyone simply for not using proprietary software, good luck finding any friends, and forget about even possibly getting a (actually female) girlfriend. I hope you mature out of that before it's too late for you.


Replies: >>7608 >>7697
Not that anon, but go and stuck a dilator in your axe wound faggot
[Hide] (31.6KB, 474x711)
>((( alexander ))) imposes Tor ban
>board quality immediately plummets
((( pure cohencidence )))
Replies: >>7617 >>7621
What? I can send post with Tor
Replies: >>7618 >>7620
He is talking about >>>/b/
what the fuck did 7604 and 7609 say? why was it marked as not spam yet? piece of shit browser keeps on sleeping my tabs

nobody? so you'd rather let the human race die thanks to furfags well fuck this
Replies: >>7621
also can sturgeon be careful? i had a really bad dream when one day where all of my mass replies disappeared because some romainan spamfag used PH residential proxies to flood CP thank you good sirs
Replies: >>7635
7604 was a stock photo related to suicide. 7609 was a complaint similar to >>7616.
>human race die thanks to furfags
>>7538 was almost making sense, it is hard to tell if that was another poster. I don't know anything about furfags and I don't intend to. Generally speaking, when a community is subverted, you must think why the community did not resist or why they failed to resist.
Replies: >>7635
When is /digi/ gonna be renamed to /tranny/ ?
Replies: >>7635 >>7697
[Hide] (879.6KB, 970x646)
[Hide] (691.4KB, 680x544)
oh and heres the 4chan thread i didnt get much replies lel https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/89257982

>>7633 just for the kicks i have the urge to ACK raid that board inb4 fedpost
>/digi/ you mean /furi/ ouch the hammer hit me again
oh that board PFFT they even have a literal renamon furfag flag oh not to mention that they really despise 3dpd or anything non furfag like rabid banhappy animals
god i hate this chan the reason i came here among all the others was because theres very little furfags and the PPH is just right (not too slow or fast) and jarty has rogue jannies already in less than one year and that romania furfag keeps on stalking me prizma is also a faggot sissy running the craft I HATE THE ANTICHRIST

>>7569 >>265 (>>6648 cringe but ill mass reply later)
can either one of the admins remove this offensive banner already? why is libbiesoftiktok even allowed here isnt that cringe VN thread supposed to be at cakedgov? they literally have furfag boards like /zoo/ why off all places did this faggot deploy his furcoal thread here? i just wanted a space for gamers goddamit and you wonder why IBs left and right are going rainbow? you faggots get what you deserve (if you want me to apologize for everything i did just let me mass reply harmlessly that's all)

>>7620 forgot to add this earlier (>>7621 thanks but why did alexander even wipe it)
also speaking of moderator can someone unjanny rapeman or alteast keep Xirs powers contained to /b/ and /v/ only? wizard and the other global vols should be the only ones allowed on /tech/ i hell no god not seagull

archive links since my schizo rants poofed overnight https://archive.is/Hb6LQ https://archive.is/kxAve
>be me post incomplete Hyper-V GPU-P tutorial on /v/
>make really comprehensive edit for one hour
>also include legitimate indie suggestion in the comment tail
>finally done and ARCHIVED just in case
>now post some flashes in the dedicated thread to save it while namefagging
>wake up next day and post shoahed while someone bumped it
>check logs yeah i know who did it
holy shit you thought soygulls™ moderation was THAT bad and rulecucked but this faggot is even miles worse i literally tired my my best and contributed just for the sake of reviving the page 13 thread and what did i get? A FUCKING DELETION not to mention that faggot removed my previous 2 month old post above as well and Xe reeally hates soyjaks with a burning passion (kek i remember sturgeon banning page 20 sages to cheat GETS)
sorry for the blogpost take these shitty memes in the meantime i dont want to further bother the content creation thread with crappy things
I'm responding to >>>/b/127040 why the fuck are you posting on /b/ anyway? because of muh Tor ban from antifa tranny ((( alexander ))).
The internet you remember was populated by the minority of humanity. There's no reason why that can't hold true again. Tor and I2P are a thing but they're useless unless quality anons and oldfags post useful and meaningful content there. Until then, it's useless to criticize what clearnet has become.
Replies: >>7638 >>7677
Also, if someone responds or reference a post on another board, there should be a visible link to that post, same as if the reply was posted from the same board, except listing the longer >>>/board/post_number format
[Hide] (79.8KB, 244x388)
Why do Russia jews want to turn all Aryans into miscegenation mongrels like pic related?
TOR and I2P are memes though, one glows like the sun and the other barely works. I'm yet to see a promising "alt net" that is both functional and approachable.
you should have posted in >>769 instead
Replies: >>7679
>one glows like the sun
The 2DPD psyop is designed so that trannies can sell their shitty ((( artwork ))) to incels
Spoiler File
(208.4KB, 500x666)
Spoiler File
(153.8KB, 900x1238)
[Hide] (175.6KB, 1280x1280)
[Hide] (618.7KB, 872x744)
since youre here and use the same botnet as mine can you test it as well? i just want to see if my tracking theory is right i cant be the only TI (targeted individual) here but this time by furfeds not CIA

i made this me r8 is my b8 8/8 https://archive.is/5jYgm

>>5379 (i will dig up that old rant in my txt collection)
Is Msedge truly the shittiest browser out there not even my VMs tolerate the messy code inside? because this proves there isnt otherwise after 30 fricking days of meme-ory leaks this thing finally hit the fan and the renderer crashed but session buddy saved my ass once again i thought 48gb was enough? this proves otherwise and im not gonna get another stick again for 64gb at this point im really moving to chedot or chromium on my other VMs as well we gamers are truly the most oppressed minority in the world not even our software works properly

Holy shit? just how bad is winblows tracking these days? i was just browsing shit on incognito and my past still lingers in their preference servers i thought the cookies were gone? what the actual fuck
i was just searching for gumball clips for my meme edit folder (the Sussie chocolate one) and a bunch of MLP videos popped up in recommendations and on google images DeviantArt shit showed up on frontpage (the rest are normal clip art) for no reason i guess this is indeed [eyesore design] after all since bing knows that i really hate this shit yet it kept showing there (its so bad that even VMs from my local IP is affected too as well)

How the fuck do i reset my advertising ID or better yet [remove furfag results search] i used to ignore PH ads back then. those are one thing but holy fuck they really are going too far this time and rubbing it into my face with the unexpected furry crap to anger me further why is microshaft doing this? why do you faggots want to convert me so much into your disgusting kind? this is piece of shit OS is really getting on my nerves now time to hurry up on that new samsung SSD inb4 they give me an update that locks my micron drive
i bet one of the FAGMAN employees is watching my screen at this moment waiting to strike when im unprepared SHOW YOURSELF ANIM-ACK!
if this continues not gonna be long before this disease starts creeping on my dad's phone and accounts god no leave my family NPC alone and just to spite them off ill browse some cute loli once in a while to remind filthy kykemonos what they'll never have

http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21%21Lrw4ESrTqns/ kek somebody was already way ahead of me he made the flipino jak first on 4th pic he's also a tripfag like me
[Hide] (25.7KB, 571x566)
>turn on VPN
>connect to russia
>works fine
>day passes
>try to search for something
>get this
wait, what's the point of segregating a country and limiting their access to information? I thought we didn't want another country with a chink firewall.
>"A well-known pitfall when implementing a linked list in Rust is that the the default recursive drop implementation causes stack overflow for long lists."
WTF? I wanted to give Rust a try but it seems like shit language with even worse community...
Replies: >>7721 >>7722
Heh, I know nothing about rust but I think I understand.
Drop is the destructor, which calls the destructor of its children, which results in a deep call stack.
Shouldn't this also happen with a naive list implemented in C++ (or any similiar language?)
Replies: >>7723
I don't get it, why a stack overflow?
Replies: >>7724
>shouldn't this also happen
Unless it is implemented as a loop instead of recursion or the compiler does tail call.
I don't know enough Rust to fully answer your question but recursion can get really expensive, unless the language (Scheme, Lisp, $Your_Functional_Lang, etc.) does some tricks to make it cheap.
Some pointers:
>https://mitp-content-server.mit.edu/books/content/sectbyfn/books_pres_0/6515/sicp.zip/full-text/book/book-Z-H-11.html#%_sec_1.2 (especially see: Figure 1.3  It basically explains everything.)
>https://www.cs.utexas.edu/ftp/garbage/cs345/schintro-v14/schintro_127.html (perhaps a better explanation)
>https://archive.is/RRC3f ( Chicken does TCO this way.)
Replies: >>7730
[Hide] (102KB, 557x720)
Good for him. Hope he doesn't come back again. You have to be a cuck in the first place, to run a clearnet website at a loss when it requires jumping through so many hoops to stay online nowadays, especially as a dead website on a dead webring. Me in the red and white checker pattern.
Replies: >>7729
not a fanboy but why do you hate him so much? i thought jschan was great? fuck vichan though especially the furfaggot maintaining it
it only says there due to inactivity and everything is backed up as the website costed him a lot of money
Replies: >>7735
I'm familiar with TCO. It should be trivial to implement for a linked list considering each recursive function calls only one other function, so I'm surprised they had a problem with that. Trees might be trickier though.
Replies: >>7731
What is the appeal of recursion when iteration works? There is no reason to do recursion on a stack based processor.
Replies: >>7732 >>7734
>What is the appeal of recursion when iteration works? 
It can be sometimes easier to write a recursive version of a function or the recursive version can be more clear.
Replies: >>7733
I have no problems with that. Back in my school, every stupid women in stem and niggers have trouble getting their head around recursion. Can you give some examples on such algorithms?
Anything involving backtracking is a natural fit for recursion. You can always translate any recursion to iteration (easy proof: your machine has no notion of functions, so that's what it does under the hood), but often you will essentially just be reimplementing a recursion mechanism by hand that will be utterly unreadable and likely slower too since it's harder to optimize than the base facilities of the language.
I don't hate Tom at all. I had some fun there, but it's good he stopped wasting money on fatchan. If I hate anyone it's that OP for his Tom obsession. The webring doesn't retain anons during unexpected downtimes and deaths of boards or sites, as was envisioned. The webring is only used for gossiping about sites/namefags and blaming sites/namefags for any posts anons dislike.
Replies: >>7743
testing also why does the webring hate namefags so much? apparently were worse than plebbitor drama

strangely enough after searching toptom m6 on of the results mentioned libreboot but despite the unlocked firmware i am still reluctant to try it out
>testing also why does the webring hate namefags so much?
newfag. it's not just the webring...
[Hide] (89.2KB, 625x626)
>>7737 ((( You )))
Alright, I'll bite.
IBs are not your blog or social media platform, everyone is anonymous and hence equal. You going out of your way to namefag/tripfag is the ultimate form of attention whoring that defeats the purpose of IBs.
You don't even need to namefag in the first place because your posting style is so fucking obvious and sticks out like a sore thumb. It's the same schizo drivel every time.
Unironically kill yourself faggot.
[Hide] (23.9KB, 324x371)
>apparently were worse than plebbitor drama
The only thing that saddens me about Fatchan closing is the fact that there is no /vr/ equivalent on the webring.
Replies: >>7754
>why does an anonymous message board hate those who intentionally break their anonymity
Gee, I wonder why.
There's always /retro/ on the cafe, or you could drive discussion on /valis/ given how dead it is right now.
Replies: >>7764
[Hide] (35.9KB, 595x896)
These chans all fucking suck. Can't even comfypost without a niggerlicious browser. Everything a shit.
Replies: >>7773
Sounds like Discord would be more up your speed.
Replies: >>7780
[Hide] (80.3KB, 640x566)
Can I play Fortnite in that AOL room? I really like Fort nite!
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