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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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>corporations allow men to do evil things without any real consequences.  They can hide behind it, allow it to absorb all the flak and liability, then they get off scott free with their golden parachute, only to do the same thing again and again.
That's government.
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They're kind of one and the same, given how lobbying and cronyism works.  If some corrupt politician does a good job of fucking over the people he represents, his buddies in the industry will reward him with a nice cushy job after his term is up.  It works the other way around too, a good ass-kisser and dick-sucker like Macron gets rewarded with presidency after working in banking industry.
But the government itself has limits, and that's why evil things like the private Federal Reserve corporation exist.
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>But the government itself has limits, and that's why evil things like the private Federal Reserve corporation exist.
Central banks can't exist without government forcing us to use their fake money (via taxes and making alternatives illegal).
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>But the government itself has limits
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Actually the central banks can pretty much force any government to do whatever they want, because as the adage goes "the man with the gold makes the rules".  Any government that doesn't toe the line gets sent "freedoms" like Lybia, or gets sanctioned to hell like Russia.  Any government official not playing ball gets removed or assassinated.  The central banks can just throw a bunch of money, propaganda, and goons at the problem until the problem goes away.  In some cases like Russia, maybe it takes more money and time, but they don't care, because they're the kind of people that start world wars and profit no matter which side wins.
Your insistence to focus on the government shows that you drank the kool-aid.  The government is only there for one purpose:  so the plebs can have something irrelevant to vent their anger at.  The entire government consists of disposable figureheads whose sole purpose is to absorb blame.  If people weren't brainwashed, they'd never consider rebelling against the government, because that's the entire fucking trap.  They would go directly to lynch all the central bankers.
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Ok, wiseguy, explain why the US government doesn't directly fund the biolabs in Ukraine, if they don't have any limits.
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Because the biolabs they funded in China are cheaper.
Replies: >>5012
I fucking doubt it, considering Ukraine is one of the cheapest shitholes in the northern hemisphere.
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>if there was no government we would lynch the bankers
>bankers are the problem
Whatever dude.
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>I fucking doubt it
Replies: >>5015
Yes, they are and the boomers wouldn't go walking around the capital on Jan 6, they'd instead go to Wall Street.  Now maybe they would also just walk around and tour the place instead of lynching bankers, who knows.  After all, the OWS protests were subverted easily enough, even though it was obvious the bankers were directly responsible for the toxic financial assets and consequential market crash.

> a non-profit organization funded via grants
Kek, don't fucking lie to me.  That's not any different than if the government hands out funds to corporations.  In either case they're using a proxy, not doing it directly.
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>the government didn't fund bioweapons because it funded bioweapons indirectly 
I still fail to see how that implies the government has any limits.
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Physical limits. They are made of people, 10% is all it takes. People die when they are killed. They can't cover all holes and everything has holes.
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Also to keep this /tech/, hacking humans/infiltrating is always an option.
So are corporations yet you claim they don't have these very same limits.
The government can't just leave all kinds of paper trails for people to find that point to their corruption.  To some extent some of that can be covered-up even if it's found out, but that's more of a defensive measure, and if they have to restort to that it means they already fucked up.  So that's why they they use proxies to do their dirty work.  It's not much different if CIA niggers train some useful idiots in Ukraine to topple their government in 2014, that's a proxy too.  Or if they get some fellows from the middle-east to fly some planes into a couple big buildings in NYC (or at least make it look like they did and blame them for it), yeah they need a proxy for that too because they can't just attack their own citizens.  You understand there is such thing as a narrative that most of the population has been brainwashed into believing, and if the government acts completely out of character, then this will wake people up to begin questioning their reality.  This can't be allowed to happen until the population has been completely enslaved via social credit score and CBDC.  We're not there yet, but we're getting close to that point.  And if that does come to pass, then this whole charade will no longer be necessary and they're drop the veil.
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>and if the government acts completely out of character, then this will wake people up to begin questioning their reality
You mean like when politicians willingly ignored Corona, knowing it would infect the entire country, and used that information to play stocks and get fucking rich? Because that even made it to the normalfag news and no one fucking cared. 
Or maybe when Epstein had an almost literal paper trail that got ignored, and no one cared. Or maybe when he "killed himself" in jail and no one cared. Maybe when his helper just happened to commit "suicide" right as the cameras "malfunctioned" and no one fucking cared. 
Normalfags want to maintain the status quo and history has prove time and time again the population will happily eat shit as long as they aren't aware they are starving, and with bugs normalfags won't ever starve.
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A /tech/ example is windows. winbotnet users are whining and shitting themselves every time microdick piss all over them with whatever bullshit they come up with. Yet they continue to use it. Same as ifaggots, every time apple decide to remove features as an innovation, they follow it like a cult, despite knowing it will be more expensive and less useful.
>politicians willingly ignored Corona
Politicians made it up, Corona doesn't exist.
>Be me and live in the basement of parents house
>Dad is having wangblows problems™ again
>I tell him to shut down his laptop
>Meanwhile I download Xubuntu and create a LiveUSB
>I boot the computer from the LiveUSB and move the Xfce taskbar to the bottom
>I ask my dad to try it. I show him here is the menu, here is the browser, etc.
>He browses the web for 10 minutes
>Then he asks me to install Xubuntu on his laptop
I download Debian instead (https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/iso-cd/firmware-11.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso), do the "expert" installation and select Xfce4 desktop. Then I just install and configure unattended-upgrades (https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades). And now he is "addicted" to Gnome Games (https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/gnome-games)...

My mom also uses Debian GNU/Linux now. If you need to set up a printer, there are two handy packages: https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/printer-driver-all (but it doesn't contain hplip or CUPS) & system-config-printer (which isn't needed because you can just use CUPS: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/CUPS#Web_interface) If you need to set up a scanner, just install simple-scan.
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out of the frying pan and into the fire
Replies: >>5029
Free software is better than non-free software. GNU/Linux that uses SystemD is better than Windows or Mac OSX.

SystemD sucks.
Replies: >>5030
With windows at least you can run games, with Systemd you just get the bloat for no gain.
Replies: >>5031
GNU+Linux/SystemD does run games using wine or proton. Sometimes there are also open source engine replacements (OpenMW or the many Doom sourceports, for example). There are also FOSS games, like gnu/chess.
Replies: >>5032 >>5043
>not gaming exclusively on Linux
>not playing exclusively FOSS games
It's like you want the jewish nigger tranny feminist cocktail up your ass.
Replies: >>5043
>Your interactions with corporations is voluntary. You can choose which competing corp, if any, to buy stuff from. But there is only one government and you have to give them your money (taxes) or you go to jail. So the potential for "evil" and corruption is much higher in government.
Except you are not allowed to choose none, and all those corporations are controlled by the same people that control the government. Psychopaths with no scruples that will accept nothing but absolutely control over everything. It's all a big club, and we're not in it.
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>There are also FOSS games, like gnu/chess.
>There are also FOSS games, like gnu/chess.
>There are also FOSS games, like gnu/chess.

The real fun is trying to compile any of the games, and failing.
Replies: >>5044 >>5894
You have to be retarded to not be able to install a fucking game. All well maintained game there can be easily installed. I played most of them.
Replies: >>5048 >>5067
FLOSSniggers can't produce working build definitions to save their lives.
Neither can Microsoft's ass lickers for that matter, but their programs are only ever built with one specific VisualStreetshitting version for Windows x64 anyway.
Replies: >>5049 >>5067
Works on my machine. Unless you are using development tip versions from git.
Most loonix vidya on LGW, if not on the entire internet, are either:
>unmaintained (a death sentence only in the linux world)
>bugged beyond repair
>require a soup of libraries having very specific versions because any other versions won't work
>have retarded build systems
The number of loonix games that have none of these problems can be counted on one hand finger.

CMake and make work nicely and should become the standard even outside of linux, however they don't fix the aforementioned problem of library soups.
Replies: >>5068
>require a soup of libraries having very specific versions
I rarely encountered those games, usually they are a sign of being unmaintained. Artix aur works for many games.
Alternative interactive shells for Lunix
fish babbies and ((( PowersHell ))) are not welcome!

I'm currently using Zsh (i would probably use mksh but it segfaulted on Arch when I tried it). Before Zsh, I used Bash which is full of GNUisms, it's bloated and even harmful (https://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls). But I know I must keep bash installed because a lot of stuff needs it.
I'm considering trying out one of the following (probably scsh and elvish):
- GNU Emacs+eshell
- scsh ("Unix shell embedded in Scheme"): https://github.com/scheme/scsh
- elvish (seems pretty bloated; it has a built-in file manager): https://elv.sh/
- rc from Plan9
- tcsh (but do not use it for scripting: http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/csh & https://www.grymoire.com/Unix/CshTop10.txt (this site also has a ton of great info)
- Ion (?): https://gitlab.redox-os.org/redox-os/ion/
- tclsh: install Tcl and read https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Is+tclsh+or+wish+suitable+as+a+login+shell  Also see >>4021

I think using a real language (like Tcl, Ruby or Perl) for scripting is better than using UNIX shell.
>a real language
I have been thinking about a new interactive shell. Given the much higher refresh rate and cheap refresh cost (not printing on paper), it may be worth it to design a better TUI for interactive uses. Sometimes scripting in the shell is desired but it may be a good idea to abstract the interface of a shell from the language itself.
>I think using a real language (like Tcl, Ruby or Perl) for scripting is better than using UNIX shell.
The problem with Tcl is that it is a dying language, sadly.

>inb4 Perl is unreadable
Bad programmers write bad and unreadable code regardless of the language. The main reason why I kind of like Perl are: PCRE, Perl Monks website, CPAN, POD and unveil/pledge on OpenBSD. It's also the "original" UNIX sysadmin scripting language, and it is installed on almost any machine that runs a UNIX-like OS. To learn more about Perl, see perldoc perltoc 

>inb4 why not ((( Python )))?
Python sucks. Ruby is like Python but done properly. Ruby does OOP better, Ruby has better interactive REPL. Python's whitespace-based syntax sucks. And why is Python being used for writing serious programs where performance matters (like games and machine learning)? Probably because ((( Google ))) used to push for Python before Golang become a thing.
Replies: >>5096
I'd learn and swim in Perl for eternity before I would even touch Ruby. Python sucks for lots of reasons, format policing being one of them. But holy shit Ruby managed to have a worse syntax than perl.
The only "real language" there is Tcl and it's not a particularly good one. Anyway, the best POSIX sh-like shell for unix systems is oksh.
Replies: >>5103
There is also oil (it's written in Python so does it even count as an option?), nushell (written in Rust, does it even count as an option?) and oh. I just use ksh. Nothing fancy but fancy things tend to be new and current year soygrammers can't make anything good.

>i would probably use mksh
Use oksh (the OpenBSD KornShell). Is there even any advantage to using mksh? Pretty sure oksh is the same thing but more developed, actually finished and also not dead. I also have zsh here but I'm not entirely sure that using it really benefits me. In case you haven't used anything like it before, you have to set an ENV variable in your .profile to define where the shell's configuration file for interactive (not login) shells will be (in my case it's ~/.shrc). My zsh configuration files just source those other files, other than zsh-only stuff, for portability.

It's neat enough. You can run Emacs commands inside of it, which is cool. A lot of programs are not going to work in that, though, so other than for running Emacs commands, it's not a very good interactive shell. As examples, file managers can't run in eshell (not that you would need one, since you can just run dired). Though they do run correctly in tclsh along with fzf and other things you may want to use.

I remember that there was a Guile version at some point. That's why I know that it even exists. Unfortunately it seems to be dead.
"An incomplete port of the Scheme shell (scsh) was once available for Guile as a separate package. However this code has bitrotten somewhat. The pieces are available in Guile’s legacy CVS repository, which may be browsed at http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/guile/guile-scsh/?root=guile.

For information about scsh see http://www.scsh.net/.

This bitrotting is a bit of a shame, as there is a good deal of well-written Scheme code in scsh. Adopting this code and porting it to current Guile should be an educational experience, in addition to providing something of value to Guile folks. "

I think no port of it is absolutely perfect, but it's close enough. But from what I tried, it doesn't seem to have any keyboard shortcuts, so it sucked to use interactively. Maybe there is a way to add them and I just don't know.
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What would be good interactive shell?
What should the user interface of a computer be?
A computer system should run free sofware and follow the Seven Laws of Sane Personal Computing: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=284 (Ideally the hardware is FOSS as well). Also, having a TPM 2.0 module is one of the requirements of Botnet 11, which reminded me of this article: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/can-you-trust.html

Here are some random thoughts...

PowersHell has some interesting features, like Format-Table (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/samples/using-format-commands-to-change-output-view?view=powershell-7.2).
But M$ wanted to be different just for the sake of it: Get-Help instead of just Help (it sucks that you need to Update-Help or does it?) Also, PowersHell is too bloated and harmful to be your actual shell. PowersHell is only useful if you are a sysadmin at a place with Windoze machines. I remember reading a book called "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches". Also, apparently there is a "helpful feature": By default, PowersHell truncates output (lines) if it's too long. What if M$ corp. would have used some kind of BASIC (Qbasic?) instead of crappy and wimpy Batch scripts in Windows?

TempleOS was and still is really cool: you could put sprites into text documents, everything was hyperlinked,  like HTML or TexInfo (the downside of man-pages is that they aren't hyperlinked by default. Also, man-pages should contain more examples). The TempleOS system and the interface are fully integrated. What if you had something like Norton Commander or Midnight Commander? You could have a pane for executing shell commands and you would see the output there. Also, Acme is interesting: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=dP1xVpMPn8M (there is a Linux port. And also check out http://acme.cat-v.org/) In addition to Acme, there is also Rio (form Plan9) and Wio (https://wio-project.org/) that are kind of interesting.

You could use emacs as your login shell, or better use EXWM (https://github.com/ch11ng/exwm) as your window manager. SLY seems like magic. LispM were magic. I tried Squeak (a Smalltalk implementation) a few years ago, and it seemed like magic.
Smalltalk environments: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=JLPiMl8XUKU
To learn more about Emacs in general: https://emacsrocks.com/ & https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/tour/index.html
For SLY/SLIME: https://lispcookbook.github.io/cl-cookbook/emacs-ide.html & https://lispcookbook.github.io/cl-cookbook/debugging.html and https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=r4hZp0OEVcs&t=35s
A talk about Symbolics Open Genera (LispM emulator), etc: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=7RNbIEJvjUA&t=396s (for more info on LispM, see http://fare.tunes.org/LispM.html)
< There also was Lucid Energize (a cool C/C++ programming environment): https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=pQQTScuApWk

You could use Scheme or Common Lisp REPL as your interactive shell if you created a macro that would make it execute shell programs when you prefixed the line with ,s (I think). For example you would type: ,s emerge sbcl or something... Actually, apparently, there is a tutorial tutorial that turns Clisp into your login shell: https://clisp.sourceforge.io/clash.html
I guess you also could install StumpWM (https://stumpwm.github.io/) and set up a interactive Common Lisp REPL and leave it running in the background?

Thanks for replies!
> oksh
Okay, I will look into oksh and probably switch to it.
Replies: >>5104 >>5287 >>5305
>Ideally the hardware is software as well
What did he mean by this?
>What would be good interactive shell?
an actual real programming language
>What should the user interface of a computer be?
not text. try algebraic data types
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A Story About ‘Magic'

Some years ago, I (GLS) was snooping around in the cabinets that housed the MIT AI Lab's PDP-10, and noticed a little switch glued to the frame of one cabinet. It was obviously a homebrew job, added by one of the lab's hardware hackers (no one knows who). You don't touch an unknown switch on a computer without knowing what it does, because you might crash the computer. The switch was labeled in a most unhelpful way. It had two positions, and scrawled in pencil on the metal switch body were the words ‘magic' and ‘more magic'. The switch was in the ‘more magic' position.

I called another hacker over to look at it. He had never seen the switch before either. Closer examination revealed that the switch had only one wire running to it! The other end of the wire did disappear into the maze of wires inside the computer, but it's a basic fact of electricity that a switch can't do anything unless there are two wires connected to it. This switch had a wire connected on one side and no wire on its other side. It was clear that this switch was someone's idea of a silly joke. Convinced by our reasoning that the switch was inoperative, we flipped it. The computer instantly crashed.

Imagine our utter astonishment. We wrote it off as coincidence, but nevertheless restored the switch to the ‘more magic’ position before reviving the computer. A year later, I told this story to yet another hacker, David Moon as I recall. He clearly doubted my sanity, or suspected me of a supernatural belief in the power of this switch, or perhaps thought I was fooling him with a bogus saga. To prove it to him, I showed him the very switch, still glued to the cabinet frame with only one wire connected to it, still in the ‘more magic’ position. We scrutinized the switch and its lone connection, and found that the other end of the wire, though connected to the computer wiring, was connected to a ground pin. That clearly made the switch doubly useless: not only was it electrically nonoperative, but it was connected to a place that couldn't affect anything anyway. So we flipped the switch.

The computer promptly crashed. This time we ran for Richard Greenblatt, a long-time MIT hacker, who was close at hand. He had never noticed the switch before, either. He inspected it, concluded it was useless, got some diagonal cutters and diked it out. We then revived the computer and it has run fine ever since.

We still don't know how the switch crashed the machine. There is a theory that some circuit near the ground pin was marginal, and flipping the switch changed the electrical capacitance enough to upset the circuit as millionth-of-a-second pulses went through it. But we'll never know for sure; all we can really say is that the switch was magic.

I still have that switch in my basement. Maybe I'm silly, but I usually keep it set on ‘more magic’.

1994: Another explanation of this story has since been offered. Note that the switch body was metal. Suppose that the non-connected side of the switch was connected to the switch body (usually the body is connected to a separate earth lug, but there are exceptions). The body is connected to the computer case, which is, presumably, grounded. Now the circuit ground within the machine isn't necessarily at the same potential as the case ground, so flipping the switch connected the circuit ground to the case ground, causing a voltage drop/jump which reset the machine. This was probably discovered by someone who found out the hard way that there was a potential difference between the two, and who then wired in the switch as a joke.


The story is true.
It would be nice if Tom Knight would append his position on the purpose of the switch to the end of the story. I assume that the other side of the switch used to be connected, and it used to do something useful, and I further assume that the need for it went away when the paging box was added. But I don't know.

(the story continues in the link below.) The switch was needed for a mod that enabled some kind of special mode. The special mode got later removed.
is windows 7 32 bit lighter than windows 7 64 bit? How much lighter exactly?
Replies: >>5130
About tree turdy
Turned out desktop hdd isn't that bad, its laptop hdd that is horribly slow. I have been bamboozled.
Any good games that I could make clones of for linux? I see there is a distinct lack of FPS and action/adventure games on linux. What engine could I use to make the games or do I have to make my own? What loicense do I use to make everything including the art and music free and open source?
Replies: >>5139
>Any good games that I could make clones of for linux? 
Streets of Rage or Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. You could also contribute to existing projects, like OpenMW and Minetest. You can find other games at https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_games

>What engine could I use to make the games or do I have to make my own?
You don't have to make your engine, if you don't want to. You could use something like Godot or Unity. If you are going to write your own engine, making the game will take a lot more time.

>What loicense do I use to make everything including the art and music free and open source?
Release the art and music under a Creative Commons license and release the code under MIT license or (A)GPLv3.
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>https://web.archive.org/web/20191030203746/https://rv8.io/bench (https://github.com/michaeljclark/rv8-bench)

Does compiling with -Os & -fno-plt actually increase the speed of a program in practice? I know that -Os optimizes for space, however, the idea is to fit more stuff into CPU caches.
Replies: >>5143 >>5150 >>5152
>fan with no dust filter 
Some says -Os works for embedded and small systems. Some say otherwise. As usual the answer is benchmark and do both.
The answer is yes and no. It depends on the CPU and the program. You can find benchmarks that point to either direction.

GCC and Clang don't know how much cache you got if you're compiling for a generic target, this is the core issue. If you use -march=<some arch>, they do, and they consistently produce faster machine code with -O2 in such a case.
why do i hate wiggers so fucking much because all they do is shit out insecure systems based on invalid garbage like UN*X and then every time they find out about the 500th instance of a class of bugs, they "fix" it with some jewniggercock like phone selfie ID verification
i dont even fucking care, except sometimes i have to use these systems because people in power are dumb enough to buy them in every fucking country
why does all of this just boil down to tax which is another invalid boomer concept that does nothing but fuck everyone over by making them give infinite PII to the government for no reason
why is tax even done so rigorously?
the most intense rigorous thing a wh*teoid will ever do in his life is tax forms.
why the fuck do we need an exact number of how much income we made? it literally just has to be approximate. basically the only reason you'd ever care about $1000 inaccuracies is because you're a communist faggot who's obsessed with making sure everyone did it fairly. really all that matters is that the tax you pay is proportionate to your income
why cant wiggers program such a basic fuckign system for the most soft fuckig topic in existence?
tweet 3/3
imagine being so fucking bad at everything, that you still have the very most basic shit like SQL injection in 2022, but you take super care to make sure your tax bullshit is correct (the taxee as well as the taxor). the ironic part is that the very same retards probably get fined / jailed from time to time for slight mistakes
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See this is why it makes sense to have small projects that one man can maintain by himself: they can't be infiltrated and ultimately corrupted.  Because these creatures end up everywhere, even where you least expect.
Replies: >>5172 >>5175
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>I cannot work in a country that is at war with its neighbors 
Replies: >>5175
Dynamic window titles considered harmful!
This is old news, but still relevant...
>Many of the features supported by popular terminal emulator software can be abused when un-trusted data is displayed on the screen. The impact of this abuse can range from annoying screen garbage to a complete system compromise. All of the issues below are actually documented features, anyone who takes the time to read over the man pages or source code could use them to carry out an attack. 

>>5022 (OP) 
in other news...
So, I tried Wayland, again...
> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Wayland_Desktop_Landscape
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Wayland#Compositors
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Dotfiles#User_repositories (page where you can steal config files)

Why Wayland?
- No screen tearing
- Programs can't listen to input to other programs (input isolation)
< Looking at the security of Plasma/Wayland https://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2015/11/looking-at-the-security-of-plasmawayland/
< XDC2012: Graphics stack security: https://lwn.net/Articles/517375/
- Xorg is in live support mode (But to be honest, it is not going anywhere. And even if did, someone would start to maintain it again or perhaps someone would port OpenBSD's Xenocara & Xenodoom to GNU/Linux)

I have used Sway (https://swaywm.org/) in the past and it worked without any issues (I just had to set 1 environment variable: MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1). However, I personally don't like i3 or Sway. And I want a stacking WM Wayland Compositor. I know that Hikari (https://hikari.acmelabs.space/) exists but it seems like a special snowflake project, somehow. I have great hopes for Enlightenment in future (https://www.enlightenment.org/about-wayland) but at the moment the next best Wayland compositor that is not Sway or Hikari seems to be Labwc (https://github.com/labwc/labwc). Labwc is an OpenBox clone for Wayland. My plan is to install Swaybg (for setting the background), Mako (a notification daemon, https://github.com/emersion/mako), Seatd (https://git.sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/seatd), Wofi (a clone of Rofi for Wayland, https://hg.sr.ht/~scoopta/wofi), Xwayland and perhaps Waybar (https://github.com/Alexays/Waybar). Also, one of problems with Hikari is that it uses libucl, which has a possible memory corruption bug: https://github.com/vstakhov/libucl/issues/255 and the Hikari AUR package contains 1 executable with ((( SUID ))) enabled on /usr/bin/hikari-unlocker (even though the PKGBUILD should build Hikari without any SUID bits).

The only major problems I have with Labwc are that XF86audio* keys don't work and that scrolling a window (like a web browser or a text editor) is not pleasant (but mouse wheel works fine). There aren't any problems with scrolling or using volume keys when using Sway or X11 (I haven't tried Hikari yet). Here is a link to the configs/walkthrough: https://pst.moe/paste/wcmeep?format=raw (pls note that I have inserted the # EOF comments afterwards)

If you want more info on Wayland, check out:
> https://wayland-book.com/
> https://wayland.freedesktop.org/
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wlroots/wlroots (the library that powers most of the Wayland compositors)
> X11 and Wayland: A tale of two implementations Implementing the hikari window manager/compositor: https://www.inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=8E0SOWo-Gsg
> Wayland client basics How to natively speak Wayland in your application, from the bottom up: https://www.inv.riverside.rocks/watch?v=KbryyNrMYl4
Replies: >>5174
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More escape sequence abuse: https://archive.is/UbhzC

Here is a screenshot.
For more info on Interlisp:
Shitposting aside, what would be the best way to maintain a non-small project and avoiding poz as much as possible after the author's death? not that it really matters at that point but still

Ironic isn't it
Replies: >>5176 >>5185
+NIGGER license
Replies: >>5188
>what would be the best way to maintain a non-small project and avoiding poz as much as possible
Replies: >>5187
He is a coward and a faggot. Who says there must be names involved in projects?
He is one of those people mixing two very different matter together. Maintaining a piece publicly available FOSS, and maintaining the community around it. Without irl names, there can't be community attacks and other faggotry pressure. He is a coward because he doesn't want the hassle of setting up a project publicly with pseudonyms or he is a faggot who works in FOSS because he wants his name up there for his resume. Both of them should fuck off. When you work in a project and you know bringing in names causes issues, it's time to shut the fuck up and just fucking program, don't care about the "community".
"Communities" issues are caused by jew controlling the general social norm. If the community exists outside of social norm, there wouldn't be any pressure except when the owner is soy faggot who can't stop conforming. The owner of the project's community puts the project at the top, not about optics or supporting whatever is popular or talk about politics.
But no, they have to say "I did a thing" and write that on their resume. Flipping up their tummy to show off them being good goys. Either ignorantly stupid hoping no one attacks them or purposely having nothing to hide to be an extra good goy.
Replies: >>5189
Not enough.
That should filter most of the cancer.
Doing personal attacks on someone you don't even know just makes you look dumb.
Replies: >>5190
>don't personal attack
>it makes you look dumb
Rachel, you type like a faggot. It is a fair assessment to his point, and a person posting his writing online is a statement of personality. Anyone posting anything is opening to responses about their personality, it happens even for anonymous posters, not to mention someone writing blogs.
Replies: >>5191
>don't personal attack
You are free to do what you want. I'm just pointing out the obvious for you. If you think facts and logic depend on the person writing them then you don't really have the IQ for a meaningful discussion.
Replies: >>5195
>fact and logic
hownew.ru? Or is this the reason people hate trannies? What site do you think we are on? Please don't down boot me.
Your inability to separate the two points in the post means you are either butthurt or retarded. In any case, dilate and calm your maggots. It is not because Rachel is a nigger coward faggot that he is wrong (what you are trying so hard to strewman), it is because of his mix up of FOSS and community. At the same time, he is a coward faggot who yell fact and logic should not depend on the poster while saying poster doesn't have enough IQ. No wonder trannies get so deep in their delusion, do you even hear your words? Do I need to blogpost every time to explain myself, so seething trannies can get over their projected ego and understand? Grow a pair, oops you chopped them off.
Replies: >>5228
[Hide] (679.4KB, 2736x1592)
heh thanks for making this thread /tech/ wizard and sorry for low quality schizo rant earlier ill put my shit here from now on (this board is better than cuckchan /g/ not too slow or fast just the right speed for me and the moderation is very lax)
also how do you anons manage your hoarding habbits? how much storage do you have? i have a hard time organizing my shit due to adhd

>>4785 >>4786 pastebin imgur and unity engine (dear god not itch) are going full UK does this concern you in any way?
i found the source thread 4chan was talking about this the other day but it got janny'd (kek i participated in that bread and got lots of responses)
https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/367512054/ https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/359568327/ (bonus thread i found) (ill get the turning red later)
you open MSedge and see this image on the new tab homepage what do you do? does this make you mad? picrel i saw this on my win10 enterprise VM (i thought it was safe from poz boy i sure am wrong)
can we make a LGTBoycott thread or just discuss it here? is there a full list of companies and software that supports libtarded values?
also speaking of poz on my broken windows 10 home OS the coronavirus trends is gone on my start menu but on enterprise its there (weird i really need to strip down enterprise even further)
>pastebin imgur and unity engine (dear god not itch) are going full UK does this concern you in any way?
Not at all. There are better sites for sharing code than Pastebin, as well as better sites to upload images into than Imgur. When it comes to game engines, who the fuck cares really, just a different one. If a game that you want to play happens to run on Unity, then just blacklist every connection that Unity tries to make with your firewall.
>you open MSedge and see this image on the new tab homepage what do you do?
I install LibreWolf and never think about it again.
>gone on my start menu but on enterprise its there
lmao only old fart boomers who wants everyone in office cares about that fake virus
Replies: >>5307
Attacking the author doesn't change if what they said is right or not. That's the whole point of an anonymous imageboard. I can be a dog for all you know. The only thing that matters is what I write. Launching blind personal attacks on anonymous posters instead of engaging with the contents of their posts is proof that you are the one who doesn't belong here.

>can we make a LGTBoycott thread or just discuss it here? is there a full list of companies and software that supports libtarded values?
Replies: >>5231 >>5235
Any other website that isn't run by an obvious schizo?
Replies: >>5307
>haha sleep mode let's try it on my desktop for the first time
>Pc never wakes up again afterward
I don't even know what face to make.
Replies: >>5264 >>5265
I think this thread should be a sticky because I think having a permanent thread of off-topic discussion is healthy for the board. Also, make the QTDDTOT  thread also a sticky.

>can we make a LGTBoycott thread or just discuss it here? 
I think this thread is good place for that. And posting rants, too.
>the whole point of an anonymous imageboard
>proof that you are the one who doesn't belong here
Stop this freak show faggot, all can see your desperation. If you understand the point of anonymous imageboard, personal attack doesn't mean shit. Banter has always been part of the culture. Everywhere you see, from the very first post on every board. You wouldn't be so hang on personal attacks if you know it doesn't change if what they said is right or not. The content of that post was also addressed. You need to stop and understand this:
Rachael, you will never be a real women whatever you say. Staying assmad about it does nothing but fracture your twisted mind further.
I know nothing I say makes sense to you now, but I hope you know peace, like 41% of your bros did.
hy mode
 e these are legit and i test it my self if you delete this is your wish 
i want to save ppls
User has been warned: Last chance for your ads
Last edited by wizard
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>save ppls
You would have posted them properly in the right thread, not doing it again and again in a low traffic board. How much are they paying you to save people?
Last chance, in case you don't know what you are doing.
Replies: >>5255 >>5307
Which thread is the right one for scam ads? Have you even clicked on any of those links? Last one is some retarded cult with a paid membership, the rest are totally real VISA cards and fake driver licenses.
Replies: >>5259 >>5307
I can see the ads without clicking. Just letting it stay in this thread as a warning for any more ads.
The next ads post will be met with filter/deletion.
Replies: >>5307
Just FYI:
* Someone posted all touhou games+patches+OST on >>>/v/129123
* Someone posted random keygen/tracker/chiptune/etc music on >>>/v/129240
* Someone posted a port of a PC-98 eroge on >>>/v/129482
* https://the-eye.eu is back

2 LWN articles about terminal emulators:
https://lwn.net/Articles/749992/ (part 1)
https://lwn.net/Articles/751763/ (part 2)

Also, found a video series about Creating a Terminal Emulator:
Before rxvt-unicode, I used Konsole. and before Konsole I used Terminology (kek)

Racket 2
I recently found out that Racket 2 was renamed to "Rhombus". For those who don't know, Racket 2 is/was intended to be the successor of Racket. Rhombus doesn't have S-expression based syntax (i.e. no parenthesis). Why? Because apparently some people have difficulties with typing parenthesis...
It's a good thing that there are other good Scheme implementations, like Chicken and Guile 3.0, and that there is the Guix package manager (which can be used on other distros, in addition to Guix System).

Did you forget to set the option for the resume  partition in Linux command-line parameter (in your grub config)?
Replies: >>5265 >>5279 >>5307
Not >>5232 but resume is for hibernation, not sleep. More likely it is an issue with power states. My laptop for example has a BIOS option for "linux" or "windows" sleep states. Try that.
>doesn't have S-expression based syntax
They never fucking learn.
Replies: >>5280
S-expression is difficult to read. They have nice properties but I prefer C-like syntax.
Replies: >>5287 >>5288
[Hide] (4.9MB, 2608x2343)
Very nice stuff there. I was looking into Lisp Machine VMs a while ago, and I found this:
The MIT machines are probably more interesting to me because from what I hear, they didn't fetishize the mouse to an absurd degree. And I use Emacs and that's closely connected to its history and I want to see what it can do. I actually read multiple times that there are similarities between those Lisp systems and TempleOS. Maybe God was pulling the strings and telling us "make it like this, humans" and we failed because that's our specialty. Thanks, Symbolics.

The Plan 9 stuff is pretty interesting. I have never tried the OS myself and looking at it superficially, it looks very basic, but the more I see it, the cooler it gets, and I find myself wishing I had access to some of its features when I'm thinking about how to write something. It's a shame that we are stuck with just Unix when so many other systems have done amazing things and then died off. Though again, Plan 9 did take reliance on the mouse too far. The keyboard is the only device that you absolutely need to use, so it should be self-sufficient, though also having pointing device support can be a helpful addition and I think not supporting it is bad as well. Sometimes you're not typing and just want to lay down and lazily do things with one hand.

The Smalltalk demonstration reminded me, I was looking at random stuff a while ago and found these:

Maybe it could interest someone here. I hope I didn't find this here somewhere and then forget, that would be embarrassing.

I'm no expert, quite the opposite, but I think it's safe to say that it's a lot easier to change your preferences (that are based on habit and a sense of normalcy) than it is to fit Lisp into a C-like mold. People have been trying to change that syntax for 60 years and yet here it is to this day, and people are still trying and failing to replace it, and there are still people that like it and don't care. And it's not like Lisp is even that strongly established, it's a niche language. Then again, maybe people are just that dumb and by coincidence, none of the actual geniuses attempted that. Doesn't seem very likely. Maybe Terry could have done it if he knew Lisp, or maybe it would just have been HolyLisp instead of HolyC.
Replies: >>5288
[Hide] (262.7KB, 1440x1080)
The issue with S-expressions isn't the S-expressions themselves. It's the fact that you can't break down large expressions into multiple statements in LISP. Everything is always the argument to something else so eventually you have this huge, unmanageable, singular, nested expression that has layers upon layers like an onion, and it's difficult to understand small pieces.

Compare this textbook Scheme program:
(define rember
  (lambda (a lat)
      ((null? lat) (quote ()))
      ((eq? a (car lat)) (cdr lat))
      (else (cons (car lat) (rember a (cdr lat)))))))

To the equivalent C:
language: c
lattice *lat
rember(atom a, lattice *lat)
	return (*lat == NULL ? NULL
		: a == *lat ? ++lat
		: memmove(lat, rember(a, lat+1), len(rember(a, lat+1))));
They suffer the same problem. Lots of layers.

We don't have that issue in C because we have statements:
language: c
lattice *lat
rember(atom a, lattice *lat)
	if (*lat == NULL)
		return (NULL);
	if (a == *lat)
		return (++lat);
	return (memmove(lat, rember(a, lat+1), len(rember(a, lat+1))));

The granularity for splitting things in LISP is defining another function. In C, it's much finer, with individual statements inside functions, which makes this aspect of the language more readable.

I suggest a syntax where you have S-expressions and polish notation, but also C statements.
That way you have LISP's beauty where variable declarations, function declarations, operators, functioncalls, conditionals, and so on all have the same visual representation which also happens to match the program's logic naturally, but you can also break larger programs down into more intelligible pieces more easily.
Replies: >>5290
>return ( <expression> );
>complaining about parenthesis in LISP
>uses unnecessary parenthesis in C
Replies: >>5291
He is not complaining about parenthesis. It is how s-expression has everything in one expression and takes more effort to read. Syntax with statements provide structure to assist reading. It can be said as something to git gud at but C-like syntax is intuitive, even someone new to programming can deduce what the syntax means somehow.
Replies: >>5292
[Hide] (36.4KB, 386x288)
its just banter, I'm mostly on the fence with this issue.
I would challenge the notion that C-like syntax is more intuitive, as this sounds like an opinion and not really a fact.

>It is how s-expression has everything in one expression and takes more effort to read
This has less to do with s-expressions and more to do with functional programming in general.
One could design an imperative language using s-exp, not that I'm advocating for it.

Imperative languages require you to explicitly design control flow graphs.
In scheme the structure of a function is a directed graph, its through function calls you implicitly build general flow graphs.
Its a fact that the structure of a function in lisp is inherently simpler than in an imperative lang (directed graphs ⊂ graphs).
All control flow is expressed either through higher order procedures, or many tightly coupled "straight line" functions.
Functional programs can be thought of as a heavily factored imperative programs where every "join" point in the graph is a named function, and edges are tail calls.

This would be the basis of my argument for functional being easier to read if I really gave a shit.

Not that its idiomatic scheme, but using macros and continuations you can augment scheme with explicit control flow operations found in "ALGOL" family languages.
Combined that with assigment operations and you basically have a "normal" language.
For instance "return" would be something like
(define rember
  (faggot-lambda (a l)
    (and (null? l) (return '()))
    (and (eq? a (car l)) (return (cdr lat)))
    (return (cons (car l) (rember a (cdr l)))))
(define rember
  (lambda (a l)
      (lambda (return)
        (and (null? l) (return '()))
        (and (eq? a (car l)) (return (cdr lat)))
        (return (cons (car l) (rember a (cdr l))))))
Replies: >>5293
>an opinion and not really a fact
It is mostly an opinion. The part where it can be argued is that processors is an imperative language interpreter. That is why C is more intuitive as it is closer to the machine. I argue that programmers should think like a processor, not the other way around, regardless of the productivity/engineering-hour argument.
Remember that one xkcd comics where he recognized how good python is and said goodbye to lisp? Of course faggots on imageboards will try to fool noobs into learning ancient barely working shit.
Replies: >>5295 >>5307 >>5309
I don't like lisp but I hate soy faggots like you even more. The only thing Python good for is writing dumpster poc. Its syntax is shit and the versioning is hipster fast.
Replies: >>5296
Python is usually really good for quick stuff. There's a library for most things and you can do bullshit in just a couple lines of simplified english. 
That said the versioning is fucking shit and running old code that depends on exterior libraries is hell. If a code doesn't just run straight away you should just give up because it'll invariably need arbitrary versions of libraries and one of them may or may not have gotten nuked from the repos for being outdated.
What's poc?

Python is great for writing short scripts, it is the most comfortable to use language in the world. This also means it is probably the slowest as well. People that loved lisp in the past mostly loved it for the read eval print loop, which allowed to write the entire program right in the console, without ever compiling anything. Python and lisp are pretty much same thing, except for readability.
Replies: >>5298 >>5305
Proof of concept
>loved lisp for the repl
lol, they love lisp because of lambda calculus and program-is-data.
>Python and lisp are pretty much same thing
You may as well say all language are the same. Python is procedural, lisp is functional. Library availability, versioning, all are different.
Replies: >>5304 >>5305
>lol, they love lisp because of lambda calculus and program-is-data.
And the excellent syntax, minimalism without sacrificing functionality (this is what engineering is), and giving us S-expressions.
Relevant link: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=r4hZp0OEVcs&t=35s

>Python and lisp are pretty much same thing, except for readability.
No. First, most modern Lisp dialects are compiled, so Lisps have better performance. Some Lisp even compile to C or native code: Steel Bank Common Lisp, GNU Emacs' elisp with libgccjit, Chicken Scheme compiles to C (for common lisp, there are also ECL and Clasp). The Python REPL is clearly inferior to the Guile REPL, for example. You can get the best REPL that's currently available for any language by using a LispM emulator or TempleOS/Smalltalk environment by using GNU Emacs and SLY or Geiser. Also, imo even Ruby has a better REPL (irb) than Python (or Lua).

> lisp is functional.
Not entirely true. Lisp dialects support all present paradigms (Common Lisp and Racket have great support for OOP, PicoLisp has prolog thing: https://picolisp.com/wiki/?tutpilog) and all future (via macros) paradigms of programming.
just a micro rant here i saved my other posts to notepad due to severe adhd sorry about that (i didnt realize it was that bad)
>be me its 4am and im super sleepy check the indiepshit thread on /v/
>go check my rar file smeagol collection and (lazily check the files cuz why not)
>rapidly click on the first item just to see if i could find some info on the subfolders
>system lags a little and i accidentally click the game turns out its just a single clickteam exe
>OH SHIT quickly close the 7zip window (welp that sucks this woke me up)
>it actually runs then close it quickly (my god this is actually a furfag tranny coded game)
>this is a virtual machine right guys? right? (i hope this is just a dream)
>check the appdata folder on host ITS actually there welp deleted the save file (whistle noises) hopefully the registry is not pozzed
>system is still fine nothing happened but the legionnaire OS is no longer pristine (oh shit my dad is really gonna beat me up for this its really expensive hopefully there is no AIDS in the hardware)
>aww shucks what have i done thankfully it wasnt the ideapad otherwise i'd be in even deeper shit than i am right now
>thankfully the game has no admin rights and memory integrity is enabled phew so the hardware is most likely safe
>wake up MSdefender and scan the whole system while i pack up my edge tabs hopefully its still clean
hopefully the hardware remains untouched welp there goes my paranoia (unrelated but i did not know a single exe could irreversibly change my bios thanks for the legion unlocker AARCH64 ELI3) i promise i will never run or install jack shit on winPE who knows what the creatorfags might add in their next DRM'ed game since libreboot is coded by a tranny who had the urge to cut his dick off
>close the lid and go to sleep on the next day knowing that i cannot change what happened
>search for regular porn on bing i see one fuwwy result on the bottom while scrolling images (and i get a bit concened)
>umm ok lets pretend that is not there gonna head over to 4chan and continue my business (everything should be fine right?)
>anon posts youtube link music video then i click it (while browsing my dads ideapad on incogneato did not download anything but using the same home IP)
>see some furry creator on the recomended videos (nevermind im not gonna fap anymore the mood is ruined)
>Recomended For You 55 seconds duration (forgot title furry song) (thumbnail looks like a cringy anthro uhh fuck what do i do now im panicking)
>my dad browses youtube on the same router how long before he sees this indoctrination shit on his mobile device (shit shit shit fugg im screwed)
how the fuck do i clear and reset my bing identity (will resetting the router be enough since its dynamic) how do i get rid of these fuwwy results if the topic is remotely related (like searching for ED drama)
>but on the other hand the pinktop celeron server is unaffected whenever i open youtube to test the headset jack all the videos are clean neutral cartoons wew
sorry about that i had another tardgasm

>>5226 i dont believe this covid crap but this piece of shit came on my dad's laptop (it seems that home for gamers is different from regular office home)
this is might sound ridiculous but should i stay on my broken and incomplete win 10 home without the offensive spotlight messages or should i still use enterprise even though the offensive lockscreen and start menu ads is there (i thought this was remove on PRO versions but on workstation it seems to be gone)

this guy supports trump nevertheless he has a good point also he mentioned brave browser we should let him know that its just a false sense of ((privacy)) load the redpills in the cannon boys ARRR! we gotta plunder the cyberspace

god i hate that faggot he supports burn loot murder and lgbt (Lying Gaslighting Bullying Traitors do you guys have a better acronym)

>KEYGEN WILL BE DELETED after i finish ripping the soundtrack dont ask just donate sheckels on patreon goy
>[about] wah wah wah i grew in a third world country and i hate piracy with a burning passion bla bla bla its wrong
>i will not delete your music from releases bye bye oh and dont forget the donations on the side
who gave this unscrupulous piece of shit of shit the right to just rip music just like that? think of all the hard works the scene team spent to make a quality release just for the soundtrack files to be released on a random site without their permission (i cant be the only one who hates this guy right? but on the other hand pouet-net is nice and i got my demoshit there but the VMsvga fails to load it)

>>5236 >>5259
i know this is downright spam? but are the credit cards fully functional? i am going to use it to fulfill requests on patreon/kemono i heard that they are implementing a watermarking system and i down wanna screw up the mobile number for coins ph since i will be needing 
this for something else like pirating steam games

>>5237 >>5255
same here saw this stuff on /b/ i saved the post in my notepad since i wanna search if the links are scam or not also why does he use a reddit spacing for the text is this a real bot?
Enjoy learning the "new" language that reheats decades old Lisp concepts every five years, retard.
Call me when it's possible to write real world programs with a good LISP dialect and have them run across a range of operating systems, cpu arches, and implementations. And don't tell me Make is the only build system.

LISP is a theoretical interest, not a practical one.
Replies: >>5316 >>5318 >>5319
Is this just some retarded trolling attempt or are you really unable to look up basic shit?
[Hide] (160.7KB, 250x250)
Chicken Scheme is at least as portable as C itself.
But that doesn't help me any, since I don't like depending on any big/complicated compiler.  Forth is more interesting, because you can just implement it yourself, with the core parts in assembly.  Then you could port it to another platform and only rewrite those core parts.  But obviously the Forth bits won't be as fast as C.  But I don't really care, so long as it's fast enough, and it should be since I don't care about new-fangled video games, streaming HD video, or basically anything modern, including the Internet post 90's dialup era.
>Call me when it's possible to write real world programs with a good LISP dialect and have them run across a range of operating systems, cpu arches, and implementations. And don't tell me Make is the only build system.
What is Common Lisp?
What is SBCL?
What is ASDF?

Install GNU/Emacs + SLY and start:

If you want a package manager, use GNU Guix or Quicklisp.
[Hide] (142.1KB, 939x1080)
>make my autistic table in html
>it just works, everything is great
>add javascript to automatically build it from a json file 
<either requires some gayass node script or the culsterfuck that is asynchronocity in JS to read the file
<regardless of what you choose it still won't fucking work because most common browsers block non-html requests even from local files to local files in the same folder 
<you either need to modify the browser configs or run a local server just so you can access it through localhost, which may or may not fix the problem 
<and if I waste my time trying to work around it I'll still have other JS-related problems 
Fuck webshit, I should have gone with C from the start.
Replies: >>5327
C++: The COBOL of the 90s
Found this: https://web.archive.org/web/20120519022129/http://www.mindspring.com/%7Eblackhart/Re%20%20C++%20-%20The%20COBOL%20of%20the%2090s.html
Just tried gtk in python, it works but I don't have time to fuck with the fonts.
language: python
import gi

gi.require_version("Gtk", "3.0")
from gi.repository import Gtk

class GridWindow(Gtk.Window):
    def __init__(self):

        super().__init__(title="Grid Example")

        text1 = Gtk.Label("Label 1")
        text2 = Gtk.Label("Label 2")
        text3 = Gtk.Label("Label 3")
        text4 = Gtk.Label("Label 4")
        text5 = Gtk.Label("Label 5")
        text6 = Gtk.Label("Label 6")

        grid = Gtk.Grid()
        grid.attach(text2, 1, 0, 2, 1)
        grid.attach_next_to(text3, text1, Gtk.PositionType.BOTTOM, 1, 2)
        grid.attach_next_to(text4, text3, Gtk.PositionType.RIGHT, 2, 1)
        grid.attach(text5, 1, 2, 1, 1)
        grid.attach_next_to(text6, text5, Gtk.PositionType.RIGHT, 1, 1)

        image = Gtk.Image.new_from_file("./test.jpg")
        overlay = Gtk.Overlay()


win = GridWindow()
win.connect("destroy", Gtk.main_quit)
Replies: >>5331
Dr. Dobb's Journal Developer Library DVD-ROM 5 torrent
Fucking hell. I installed Artix. Today Virtual Box broke and Firefox can't list downloads using the button (you need to use the menu). Should have just installed Gentoo.
Replies: >>5330
Why are you retards still using firefox?
Replies: >>5353
That only does half of what I want though. 
The grid class doesn't have a single function or signal for when the user clicks a cell. The outdated FlexyGrid class apparently had those signals, but it was removed because fuck me. I can't just do some basic mouse position logic because it's going to be inside a scroll bar and the grid is going to change constantly with rows being reordered or hidden. 
I want a table with selectable rows and a semi-transparent image background. Everything I've tried can only manage one half before it becomes too much of a mess to be worth it. Except pyqt but that has it's own problems.
Replies: >>5333
Can't you signal in the child widget that you add to the table?
Replies: >>5334
Not with labels. 
Maybe with buttons but there's a lot that could go wrong, I'll try it eventually though.
Replies: >>5337
Looks like you need an eventbox https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5822191/attaching-double-click-event-to-a-label
Replies: >>5348
Just found out TreeView exists, so I might not need that. It even had all the functions I need but they're all deprecated because fuck me. 
I'm going to be stupid again and try to make it work with the default tree class, but I'll try that once I give up.
Replies: >>5350
[Hide] (56.7KB, 586x564)
[Hide] (67.1KB, 591x563)
Using their retard logic I managed to set a background image and lower the opacity with css magic. 
The problem is that their piece of shit documentation pretty much just tells you the css nodes exist and doesn't go into detail into them. I'm getting a pyqt tier background mess that requires me to learn structures I can't access to fix, if fixing it is even possible. 
At least I didn't spend 3 days to learn shit was FUBAR this time.
what should i use
Replies: >>5354 >>5355
Even chromium is better at this point. It's still shit, and so are the firefox forks, but shit is not as bad as firefox.
Replies: >>5355 >>5356
palememe, chromium and its forks encourages engine monopoly. Although it doesn't make any difference anyways, using something from jewgle gives dreadful shivers.
Replies: >>5356 >>5358
i use firefox and i really don't have problem with it (w/ ublock)
i really want to use it but it just doesn't support some websites i do use  daily i just don't know how to figure it out it has some features in settings that i can change for its compatibility but it still doesn't support the websites as i said redpill on this topic if you got some infos about it. would appreciate it
Replies: >>5357 >>5360
oh and i also use chromium too
they're both bretty good (ungoogled)
>using something from jewgle gives dreadful shivers
Firefox had google analytics build in without a way to disable for years, even now it's opt-out and hidden. 
They intentionally fucked with h265 while instantly adding full support for every webm codec. 
Both of those happened shortly after they received large donations from google. 
Besides that they're even worse than google because the browser fucking stops working without access to mozilla's servers (happened recently in case you forgot) and they shove pocket, ads, and other useless bullshit in your face. 
They're controlled opposition at best, they just exist to trick privacy retards into giving google their info and to pretend there's more than one big browser in the market. Like I said, chromium is shit, but modern firefox is worse than shit.
Replies: >>5360
At least there are some config options:
>https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js (used to be called ghacks)
The main reason why I use Firefox is that there isn't NoScript for Chromium/Ungoogled-Chromium
Replies: >>5361 >>5364
Don't know about these, I haven't used firefox on my personal computer for a while. The deal breaker is rust, I hate the language and people using it so much it's unreal.
Disabling javascript can solve some of those sites.
Replies: >>5363
These config files are total memes. I just use LibreWolf with https://github.com/MrOtherGuy/firefox-csshacks/blob/master/chrome/navbar_tabs_oneliner.css to make the main tab a one line to save as much screen space as possible.
main bar*
>Disabling javascript can solve some of those sites.
no i already did that it doesn't work
i don't use them idk i think they're just some meme
i use ff with umatrix that's all with some setting changes
[Hide] (18.7KB, 352x302)
Just been dicking around with conky themes. Was trying to find some art deco like base fonts. This started out as a MX-Hermosa config, I think.
what browser do you use anon
chromium / gecko ..
what else
Replies: >>5371
can anyone recommend me a place to buy a used laptop that still works? damn, i have bought used laptops on ebay from 5 different sellers at different times, i bought at the cheapest price i can bargain, but 4 of them are really "broken" no matter how many times i fix it, one half works where some keyboard keys don't work, the processor heats up fast, making the desktop easy to freeze
brave, or firefox
[Hide] (86.2KB, 899x899)
>software I use has a bug 
>you need to use their forum because there's no other way to contact the devs 
>make an account which requires google captcha AND their own captcha because forum admins are fags 
>validate email 
>"now that you've validated your email just wait a few minutes for an admin to manually activate your account"
>can't make a post without an activated account 
>not even a hidden post without images that doesn't display for other users until the admins accept the post, like sane forums do
>that was over one hour ago and still nothing 
>I had to go through all this shit and I still have to wait god knows how long for an admin to log in and hopefully not delete my account so that I can tell them how to fix their fucking program
Modern devs should be snuffed.
Replies: >>5373 >>5375
Is the software open source?
Replies: >>5374
It is, but it's too massive to bother learning it just to fix a single thing.
And the admin removed my account.
I fucking love the FOSS community and how they're all huge fucking faggots about privacy.
Replies: >>5376
What is that software?
Replies: >>5377
Jdownloader2. Their downloader broke because of mega's new faggotry a couple days ago. 
I did have a very similar experience with many distros' forums though, hence the "FOSS community".
Replies: >>5405
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1598x864, 00:12)
[Hide] (768.8KB, 1346x756)
Replies: >>5381
what the fuck is this over-sized thing
it's like they encourage fat people to still be fat
Replies: >>5383 >>5490
>implying that is a bad thing
I would do the same if given the chance. This is funny as shit.
Announcing the Hare programming language
>Hare is a systems programming language designed to be simple, stable, and robust. Hare uses a static type system, manual memory management, and a minimal runtime.
>Here is my favorite example program, which computes its own SHA-256 hash:
possible language: rust, relevance: 23
use crypto::sha256;
use encoding::hex;
use fmt;
use hash;
use io;
use os;

export fn main() void = {
	const hash = sha256::sha256();
	const file = os::open("main.ha")!;
	defer io::close(file);
	io::copy(&hash, file)!;

	let sum: [sha256::SIZE]u8 = [0...];
	hash::sum(&hash, sum);
	hex::encode(os::stdout, sum)!;


I seriously don't know why I would use it when there is Nim.
into the trash it goes
okay boomer
Coming from RedHat cocksucker ledditor who made a TUI mail client that needs 500MiB of RAM and writes schizo rants to bugtrackers pestering projects for not rewriting themselves in Rust or whatever.
Replies: >>5401
>import complex_thing
>call complex_thing()
>omg look how minimal
Replies: >>5403 >>5404
Correctness and simplicity are what DeVault himself claims Hare is about.
>Hare is based on the qbe compiler backend, which provides good performance in a small footprint.
>QBE aims to be a pure C embeddable backend that provides 70% of the performance of advanced compilers in 10% of the code.
Tens of thousands of lines of code vs. hundreds of thousands for LLVM/GCC.

>Tagged unions for error handling
>Nullable and non-nullable pointer types
>No uninitialized values
>Checked arrays and slices
>Better strings
>Strongly-typed variadism

>What Hare definitely does not have is the same kind of undefined behavior that C compilers use as a license to do whatever they want to your program, often with optimization as an excuse.

>An byte is always 8 bits. Shifting greater than the width of a value is defined. Signed overflow and underflow is defined. Hare programs always have predictable behavior.

>The interpretation of [compiler optimizing things away] shall be conservative. Implementations should prefer to be predictable over being fast. Programs which require greater performance shall prefer to hand-optimize their source code for this purpose.

>Even with these improvements, Hare manages to be a smaller, more conservative language than C, with our specification clocking in at less than 1/10th the size of C11, without sacrificing anything that you need to get things done in the systems programming world.

I don't know why you would compare it to Nim when it's the exact opposite. Large spec, bootstraps from LLVM (IIRC), aims to be very robust, compiles down to C, C++, JS etc. Nothing against Nim, by the way. I would compare this language to Odin, since they seem to share a lot in common. Odin has more support from corpohomo, but it's still in heavy development and also depends on LLVM.

I think it's nice that it exists, the suckless philosophy applied to language and compiler design down to the initial compiler assembly. This is from the same group of people that work on Oasis Linux: https://github.com/oasislinux/oasis

He's not a big fan of Rust: https://drewdevault.com/2021/02/09/Rust-move-fast-and-break-things.html also TUI is for fags
Replies: >>5404
Kek, yeah. Nugrammers are always terrible logicians.
For instance, they never realize that just because <pick a language> initializes variables to 0, it doesn't mean a variable can't be uninitialized. They never seem to realize that the issue isn't that a variable has an undefined value, but rather that it doesn't have a meaningful value. What's worse, a language that automatically initializes everything to 0 creates a programming style where you let the language implicitly initialize the value to 0 when you want a 0, so now it's not so straightforward to tell whether there is a bug in a program that uses a variable before assigning something to it because no intent was ever communicated.

Next up: "look at how simple it is to process text in my language, we have regexes, it's less lines of code than calling strsep() and strcspn() so it's simpler right?"

Nugrammers don't seem to connect the dots and realize that all that complexity doesn't disappear if you put it in a black box. I've had a guy seriously argue that Konsole is simpler than xterm because Konsole has less lines of code, when I told him to include all the KDE libraries it pulls, he said "you don't know how libraries work". This deer-in-front-of-the-headlights tier tard has crawled his way up a distro's power structure and is now part of its slow, painful death.

If a nu-lang designer really wants to make progress in language design, then he first has to realize progress is creating a language with more expressive power, better performance, and less ways to cause logical bugs.
They could work on implementing LISP more efficiently, LISP was made by excellent logicians and has the greatest expressive power I've ever seen, so it's already at the top of one metric, it could be improved in the others.
But nope, we need the next "C++ but it only has the subset I use" or the next "I added a GC all the bugs disappeared nao".
Replies: >>5404
His argument works by limiting the loc of a program, the less chance there will be a bug caused by what is written in the program. That excludes the functions not implemented in a program. To the extreme, I can implement my program in a library and include it, now it's free of bugs. That is a shift of responsibility as the programmer thinks bugs of the library is not his responsibility. It is not for him to fix but he is responsible for choosing that library.

Almost as if the improvement C can get is more libraries. Many C programs have their implementation of common algorithms and data structures.

The language is interesting. Other languages compiling to C is not a bad idea though. There is a C compiler on most platforms and building a language on C can make use of that, getting a C compiler is also easy af on most platforms.
Jdownloader is cucked anyways and has adware anyways, use MegaBasterd if you really want something from Mega that badly.
[Hide] (157.7KB, 500x359)
Oh look, yet another shitty C but with one pet peeve of the language author removed. This one doesn't even have a gimmick like Nim or Crystal or Pony or whatever the fuck other shitty Cs with one pet peeve of the language author removed are fashionable nowadays.
does any oldfag here actually have the original 2012 lostboy.exe? or is this game just a meme i want the infected exe file itself for testing purposes searching for the 4chan archives yields nothing relevant
Replies: >>5421
I don't think anyone would have it saved, the antivirus would delete it.
Replies: >>5422
working VT link? hmm if only i had a researcher account also anyone have the original dead download link the archives are only limited to 2015/2012 some guy uploaded this on jewtube maybe we could ask him?
Found something that someone might be interested in: https://github.com/luke-jr/full-retpoline
>Patches and such to build your GENTOO entire system with retpolines 

* * *

I tried building dev-lang/gnat-gpl with -fstack-protector-all, but it didn't work (on either regular nomultilib profile or hardened musl profile). It turns out I had to disable it for the package by using /etc/portage/package.env
Perhaps it won't work because of -fstack-check that GNAT/Ada uses?
Replies: >>5442
How hard does it hit your performance?
Replies: >>5443
I don't use it.

But I do compile my system with -O2 and -fstack-protector-all and -fstack-clash-protection and I'm on a hardened profile. The performance is acceptable, I don't notice much difference in speed vs. Arch Linux.
stupid question /g/ but when was the last time you genuinely felt guilty pirating games or software  i dunno if this fits on /v/ sorry if this doesn't belong here 
lets face it we all felt that piracy is wrong at some point if its really good even though the developers are woke did you feel bad pirating that OST soundtrack before? share your story here
>stupid question /g/ but when was the last time you genuinely felt guilty pirating games or software
I don't feel guilty about pirating when the game I've finished was fun, and didn't had any:
>paid DLCs
>horse armor-tier DLCs
>totally not gambling
>lack of upper limits of in-game purchases
>pay2win content
>instant access to certain things in-game purchasable with real life money
>content that's activated through shit like amiibo figures
>current year politics
I also don't feel bad about pirating ROMs, since you can't give money to the original developers anymore.
Forgot to add malware to the list.
I've never felt bad pirating.
I celebrate categorically pirating everything: I don't care if a saint like Hitler made it, I will still pirate it.
[Hide] (995KB, 1379x1328)
If I feel the software is worth my money after pirating I can just buy it, which I sometimes do with indie games.
Replies: >>5490
I think you shouldn't feel bad for pirating because nobody is losing a copy. Of course, you should buy all good products, if you have the money.
I feel bad when I pirate a good game or movie and don't have the money to buy it afterwards in support of the creator(s). I like to buy media that I enjoy whenever possible even though I primarily pirate.
hold still ill get my tardgasm.txt hopefully the mods wont mind the huge wall of text later on (kek i managed to write all that in 10 minutes despite my adhd)

same here however there was that at one point i did feel guilty pirating IDM and vmware (kek i also nabbed the GRID drivers mwahaha thanks gitters the last piece of the puzzle is a fixed BIOS for my legion)
but nowadays i dont feel guilt at all when cracking software (its literally a part of my routine) but i do feel really bad inside especially if the indie game is good especially the soundtrack (but i refuse to support woke developers)
tunic was really good but furfags ruined it with r34 (again) again))

ok /g/ what would be the easiest way to recreate this on CSS/HTML? https://archive.is/YppuG (from sharty)
i were to make a custom chan instead of banning obvious glowies i would mark them and make the post glow with different colors depending on the comment for added visibility instead of traditional redtext (i dont really like using the wipe feature insta-deleting shills causes instant red flags and i dont wanna look like rulecucked trannyjanny to them)
also i wanna host my own dreaddit instance since vichan is coded by a filthy furfag (shame i wish he released the source code) dread is also hardened for TOR attacks and dont require javashit which is a bonus point (but this one will be hosted normally on the clearnet like any other chan with different UI)
Screen savers* considered harmful
*XScreenSaver is ok.
Replies: >>5530
>use a dual boot computer (not mine btw)
>need windows software 
>accidentally select the systemd system 
>try to force shutdown 
>seems to just be ignoring commands and initializing normally 
>read the messages 
>I was wrong it actually is doing a bunch of shit just to shut down during initialization 
>leave it running for curiosity's sake 
>takes 2 full minutes before powering off the computer
How can anyone use this shit? It's like the w10 of linux.
Replies: >>5514 >>5533 >>5590
> >takes 2 full minutes before powering off the computer
I don't know why systemd fails to stop services so often. But you can reduce the time it waits for a service to stop.

>How can anyone use this shit? It's like the w10 of linux.
That's literally the point of systemd. Systemd is a clone of Apple's launchd. It also takes inspiration from windows' utilities. The goal of SYSTEMd is to be more than just init (PID 1). The goal of systemd is to be PID 1 and process supervisor AND all-in-one system management utility. This is why systemd keeps on adding more and more stuff. The goal of the project is to also to make as many Linux distros homogeneous as they can trick into using systemd. They also want to make GNU/Linux depend on Systemd. Remember that ((( Red Hat ))) is selling tech support services. I read https://www.unixsheikh.com/articles/the-real-motivation-behind-systemd.html and I'm convinced that Systemd is like a trojan horse. Also, remember Kdbus (https://lwn.net/Articles/641275/)? Systemd developers tried to add dbus into the mainline Linux kernel because they said that it makes it easier to implement some $feature for systemd!  Systemd fans also still pretend that the only alternatives for Systemd are upstart and SysVinit. While OpenRC, RunIt and GNU Shepherd exists.

Replies: >>5533
lately on invidious I've been seeing far too many clickbait-tier videos from this faggot with a kabbalah-logo called "the hated one".

It smells like that fucker is trying to use FUD for views, and I have doubts on how much he actually cares about the info he spreads. My problem, I tried to watch his vids and couldn't stand to sit through his whiny wannabe-tough-guy voice.

Is this faggot part of the problem? Is this faggot just an asshole who thinks he's smarter than he really is? Is there some merit to what he says? Or is it just me?
I think the channel is good for normalfags.
larping "le anomalous expecto patronoum" faggot raking views off "alt right" sub 90 iq larping mutts
[Hide] (52.3KB, 480x625)
>wiggers cannot write a program to lock the screen and unlock iff a certain string is entered, in a period of 20 years
You've got mental issues
>>5514 >>5513
relatable there was that one time where xubuntu literally took one hour to reboot/shutdown because of a problem on my motherboard (the HDD is malfunctioning but it turns out it was the sata controller)

same for LTT-ranny and mu-tard-har i used to like his past videos but ever since 2019 2020 he started being really woke and its really making me mad the fact that he buys his shit from steam instead of pirating pisses me off even more the worse part isnt his furfag fanbase but the fact that he supports vaxxes and burn loot murder the copypasting of reddit XML code is just the tip of the cherry i no longer watch his shitnot even inside my incognito VM

the irony is that most tech youtubers are cowards themselves especially the ones who talk after social issues an political madness (no matter how good their content is) they constantly bash social media and tech companies yet they are completely afraid and shitless to mention the plandemic 2020 made then show their true self nobody really gives a shit nowadays they only do it to make it appear as
less than 10% actually had the guts to move to bitchute and spread myocarditis awareness even if it meant getting prosecuted truly clown world the fact that encouraging people to move to protonmail without risk of getting banned set off some red flags like seriously in the real world why would jews allow others to move to non jewed platforms something is definitely not right (arent they supposed to be banned on sight its almost as if big tech acted as a scapegoat i swear i never heard the word pfizer until 2020 started rolling not even chans mentioned it holy shit i didnt realize their censorship was THAT good)
TL;DR if a tech youtuber mentions (( ((privacy)) )) RUN! and unsub they tend to be massive hypocrites (and also hate piracy) dont worry though there are lots of good chill ones out there that never engage in this BS (if you are seeing this keep it up me need more neutral-tubers like you)
>bbut apathy and ignorance is bad not only you but for other NPCs as well
can you fucking cut it out already? im fucking tired of woke-BS being shoved on my face and bombarded on my feed with no escape at all if wanna watch the news i know where to go and i visit it often (altchans /pol/)
god christ all i ever wanted was a social platform where drama is never tolerated and censored on sight NO EXCEPTIONS i just want some good content from talented people and a place where i can get information/guides without distractions im fucking tired of reddit styled empathy/justice-baiting its slowly making me nuts imageboards were much better but people still mention things from time to time but everything is much more serious and no normalfags there

thanks for coming to my TED talk sorry if that was too long
lastly is brilliant.org jewish? havent seen anything related to lgbt so far? the courses look fun and adhd friendly but i dont want to support globohomo if they are P& (ozzed) then what are some good alternatives? (there is no way to pirate the HTML5/WebGL scripts)
also for some reason i dont see any jewish individuals on the trevor project (did i miss anything the early life seems missing) also cancelthiscompany had a link of all the foundations supporting ADL you might wanna check that out
Replies: >>5633
>A stop job is running for ... [50sec /30sec] (timer increases infinitely btw)
This is one of the reason I stopped using that shit. Openrc or bust. I don't wanna deal with shutdowns/hibernation lasting fucking 3 hours, one time I tried to shut off my latpop since the batteries were already worn down and it fucking didn't make it since the stop job timer was infinite.
It didn't even unmount my shit so I got bad sectors afterwards, NEVER AGAIN.

Now I remember the right way to shutdown a systemd distro:
Protip: get to tty2 or something (ctrl alt f2) and press the power button.
Replies: >>5593
This usually indicates some misconfiguration or failed hardware e.g. unable to unmount a disk. It is very annoying though.
If you hit ctrl-alt-del 7 times within 2 seconds (a systemd thing), I think it will override that and trigger an immediate reboot. Not sure if you would still suffer the same disk issues.
Replies: >>5597 >>5639
Good old reisub should work too, if systemd doesn't disable the keyboard.
Replies: >>5639
windows tier
Stop namefagging
Replies: >>5875
I did do that ctrl+alt+del a lot since sometimes even tty2->power button won't work every other update or the shutdowns just take forever BUT even that sometimes refuse to work since it somehow unloaded my keyboard first before trying to unmount my drives and at one update (arch) systemd even forgot to fucking unmount my drives which I saw in the logs.
Btw the biggest problem was arch defaulting to use systemd coredump.
It would sometimes cause the HDD to be on 100% load when KDE-X11 compositor casually crashes dumping whole 4GB of multiple files on my slow drive and small root partition, it even disgustingly tried to dump shit when my drive was at 0MB left, also crashing the system again, causing it to dump over and over, this is worse than fucking Windows 10 boot loops which I've not experienced but I'm pretty sure it's more workable than having to go through your systemd binary logs just to figure out the root of the problem, well the solution was simple >>1 never had problems ever since I stopped using that shit.
What's worse is at the time there was no way to disable them completely at first, undocumented shit back then and even if you set storage to none or do as said on manual it would just dump anyways if the crash was not userspace or randomly just ignore your settings (classic red hat). Even remember that systemd bug where pressing arrow keys just switches to tty and makes that bios beeps lol.
Fucking disaster. Never do I want to see systemd on my machine. Pulseaudio is fine though since Pipewire is the systemd of audio, too many issues, I have NO FUCKING TIME to be a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2024" issue tracker and there's a reason RHEL still uses old as fuck systemd and pulseaudio while you don't because you're the product (gotcha lol, who thought leaving windows frees you from megacorps? not really).

reisub didn't work, or at least my laptop doesn't, I think the sys rq key was broken (even using Fn) like some of my numpad keys, maybe keyboard acpi/bios problem.
Replies: >>5640
Some laptops have the sys rq key mapped to super. Try this in a framebuffer tty: alt+sysrq(maybe fn+prtscrn or fn+super), release sysrq while holding alt, press h.
You should see a help message if it works.
[Hide] (22.7MB, 1280x720, 02:01)
Anyone have a working torrent for Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp (https://vndb.org/v7754)?  Here is something completely different: https://llvm.moe/  Also, when the SICP VN will be done/released?


Goddamn. Fuckers like him are part of the problem. At least the commenters are setting things traight.
>my threat model is everyone else's threat model
There's your problem.
Replies: >>5698
>>5697 <-- wigger
Only thing that makes phones "more secure" is that you normally can't install software outside of the app store, and you have less control on a phone (in general)!
Replies: >>5699 >>5703
>Only thing that makes phones "more secure" is that you normally can't install software outside of the app store, and you have less control on a phone (in general)!
Yeah. Of course, my problem with THOt, is that his MO for views is clickbaiting, fearmongering and putting too much emphasis on lowest-common-denominator targeting. At least mental outlaw and rob braxman are personable and don't need to pull CNN/MSNBC/Foxnews/tabloid-tier tactics to present issues with technology security.

The problem I have with the argument of "software security through walled gardens", is something that I feel can be explained with a gardening analogy: the monoculture problem.

Monoculture gardens (single plants of the same species) are susceptible to diseases the same way a singular OS or software is vulnerable to exploits, viruses, and the like. Likewise, the more-widespread something is cultured or grown, the more destructive a disease will be if it can attack a particular plant. This is why windows is notoriously-targeted for malicious software.

The problem with a walled garden approach, is that diseases aren't stopped if they're either floating in the atmosphere, or spread by contact to contact. In this case, all it takes is one bad actor with an internet connection, coding skills and the OS SDK to cause problems or fuck people's lives up. Now really, the walled garden problem is ubiquitous for a lot more than just windows. Hell, it can apply to hardware, it can apply to linux in ways too, the difference is that both people who want alternatives to other software, and people who are software purists are actually working against this problem. 

Ultimately, my problem with THOt and other channels with tech-fearmongering is the same reason anti-drug campaigns actually make more addicts than stop addictions: 
"If the fearmonger is wrong about something, what else did he get wrong?" 
"Would he even care that it was wrong?" 
"Would he lie to me?"
"Has he been lying to me this entire time?"
"Why the fuck should I trust him if he's wrong?" 
"Why should I trust him if he's been lying?"
"Why should I trust anyone that sounds remotely like him if his actions and arguments are based on falsities and lies?"
"He made this stuff sound so horrible, but he's wrong about it, it's not that bad, why should I care?..."

This is how people get apathetic to real dangers that cause real problems. This is why people like THOt piss me off.
[Hide] (127.9KB, 409x479)
>what is flatpak
>what is apparmor
>what are VMs
>what are dedicated security autism distros
>what are password reminders written on paper stored in a fake bottom inside your desk drawer
>what is affixing a GNU/bomb to your HDD/SSD that explodes if it's removed or someone puts in the wrong key 3 times in a row
Who cares if it's more secure? This added security isn't worth the walled garden of app stores, locked down firmware and lack of intercommunication between programs. Not to mention that you're mostly limited to the cuck shed of Google's JVM knockoff (which is another reason it's more "secure").
Replies: >>5703
You are right. But the walled garden don't even add real security since no one verifies the apps that got put on app store and even if they did, they can't find every piece of hidden behavior.

Also, remember Stagefright?
<This presentation centers around the speaker's experience researching a particularly scary area of Android, the Stagefright multimedia framework.
<Google Android - 'Stagefright' Remote Code Execution
<# Don’t forget, the output of “create_mp4” can be delivered many ways!
<# MMS is the most dangerous attack vector, but not the only one…
Android had a remote code execution bug that could be exploited via multi-media messages.
Replies: >>5704 >>5846
The walled garden is part of it, that's the only way to have your threat model include unvetted programs. There is basically no curation on the Play Store, for example. Linux distros vet everything, for now. The real problem is that no desktop Linux distro has sane and secure settings by default.
Replies: >>5754
[Hide] (12MB, 1024x576, 00:59)
[Hide] (35.9KB, 1416x775)
[Hide] (631.4KB, 1080x1081)
Spoiler File
(1MB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(183.8KB, 1280x1811)
I FUCKING HATE THE ANTICHRIST I REPEAT I FUCKING HATE THE ANTICHRIST (i included the 2021 just to be safe sorry for the spam they even have a dedicated PRIDE twitter account)
ever wondered why VMware has been getting lots of VERIFY BORA crash errors lately? and it worsened when i updooted to broken 21h2? well now you know why (how bad can this month get? i guess theres only one way to find out)
i genuinely wished i stayed blissfully ignorant but i couldn't no matter how much my mind chose to resist my curious hand just crawled into the keyboard by itself without me noticing by the time i wanted to close the tab after checking the google images its already too late picrel is my system finally P&zzed for good
thankfully i have not seen any LGBT messages on my host since my system literally crashed exactly on june the first? however on the veeams i am starting to see pride related ads and logo changes there is also [Free to be U Be Worry Free with PrEP HIV advert] good lord i can feel the rainbow plague getting closer to me every day since this ad is PH oriented how do i stop this manila pride event? i dont wanna get OwO'd in public and my devices seized by DU30 due to bigotry
jesus christ this is literally my worst nightmare i trusted this program all these years for peace of mind and THIS is what i get? this crushing feeling of betrayal and false security knowing they can just inject lgbtware into my kernel modules anytime (is vmware coded by furfags i seriously hope not)
thank god Vbox isn't woke (even though oracle is) when i make my own chingchong company one day one of the first things ill do is by this asset from oracle to prevent them from injecting diversity crap and actually fix the code (i swear i dunno if feds are reading my posts as i do my thing on 4chud)
the last thing the linux community needs is some deranged mentally ill tranny furfag coding KVM kernel buggy driver code to detect piracy and open security holes under the guise of protecting creatorfags from art thieves
i wish i had a small plant or tree in my house so i could touch grass anytime i needed to (real life is just too tiring i need stronger copium juice)

also how do you quickly earn reddit gold coins i want to scrape the /r/lounge area? how should i structure my sob stories? should it be lgbt/UK themed? how much minimum karma do i need? should i participate on other subreddits first? to make my account look realistic since they can easily spot throwaways unlike 2018 plebbitors are getting more and more vigilant every year (i dont have an alt yet gonna make one if somebody helps me here)
Replies: >>5757 >>5758 >>5849
This guy is a nigger lover though, so of course he would do something like this. Support nigger loot and tranny nigger faggot in all his videos. Videos have zero real education and only for entertainment purposes,not a single line of code ever in any of his vids, water down so even normal nigger faggot can understand. Got booted off youtube so constantly beg for donation.
Replies: >>5792
>Linux distros vet everything, for now.
official repos, maybe. but once you start adding third-party sources you're putting your trust in some random dude in Bosnia which quite frankly I trust more than most sources because he doesn't have much motivation to get into my shit. it would also be easy for one malicious pull to be accepted and nobody notices until it's too late.
WTF is this word salad?

>any good hypervisor alternatives?
QEMU, VirtualBox or Wine.

Me too, pal.
Replies: >>5758
[Hide] (4MB, 640x360, 01:11)
Why are you not using qemu?
>reddit gold
pic related
>wtf is this word salad
He is much more intelligible, or I am just used to it.
Replies: >>5875
So he's just a useful idiot. Good to know.
how the hell do you download ((( telegram ))) attachments without account? i get a 403 token error when downloading videos dicksword on the other hand works fine and i can just right click save
im trying to download that one funny 4chan like webm i found randomly while searching for memes lel
fuck this piece of shit datamining app im not gonna give my number
Replies: >>5946
bet that guy is a sissy egg.

in theory a "google android pixel phone" is secure when we are dealing with "secure as in corposhit security". nothing is truly ever "secure" though (secure as in security researcher) if you don't hack it yourself. think of Novena platform (which is more secure in practice), it's secure since the guy was a mad lad hacker who got skillz and kung fu, he even reverse engineered sd cards proprietary crap as a hobby.

corpo secure [is not equal to]  =/=  secure as in "all your base are belong to us"

you can claim both chromebook botnet and a thinkpad RYF approved are both secure BUT in a very contradicting way.

the botnet one is given excellent official security, maybe the wifi has more protections rings and the card gets wpa3/wpa4 updates BUT the thinkpad one would win freedom-from-botnet-wise despite probably not even supporting 80mhz/5ghz and wpa3 yet (or might never will unless you install blob kernel).

a pixel phone with graphene (non-discontinued support) is secure against a certain threat model but not on others. if anything, the same can be achieved by just fucking destroying your phone microUSB port, poof no more fucking cellebrite and other malware (such as NSO pegasus) on airports checkpoints or boats/ship travel. however there is no fucking way to know the integrity of your hardware since the hardware is not completely free. even your HDD is not completely free. there is no way out. your SD card has proprietary cpu, your "airplane mode" graphene won't help either since it has qualcomm botnet and would still phone to GPS/GNSS systems and you can still dial 911 and receive a reply even without a fucking SIM (or with a broken/unsubscribed SIM).

these claims of "the hated one" are just well-built schizo bait. even the video about his proclaimed "anonymous phone" is flawed since MANY android phones these days already has the feature to turn off the network permissions while he claimed it was only a graphene thing (originally the network per-app restriction was a cyanogenmod thing which got into omni/lineage and merged into aosp around lollipop but not widely readily available although pretty common on any oreo phone (or less) that supports treble system images.
only advantage of  graphene is certain features like hardened browser and more permissions/blocking and spoofing but it's still botnet inside (way much worse than a Postmarket|Replicant OS with busted data microUSB port)

him being "anonymous" is pure larp, google knows who he was since he has a youtube account. if anything I would just recommend you to watch rob braxman instead (a based Filipino Jazzist who is a ham radio pro and prepped for shtf as a hobby fucking based af)
Replies: >>5858 >>5875
its not even limited to that. you can in theory set up a fake cellid tower and force the target to receive either a tailored sms which causes a bug or even a call from a certain combination of "unnamed caller" which would cause a bug and execute other shit. then you can even combine it with phone number lookup which is on by default and chain it with another exploit and you got yourself pegasus-level backdoor installed. but it's true that MMS is widely unused but it is a glaring security cornhole.
the more "features" a device offers, the more bugs present and more bugs = more holes. bet you could even just abuse outdated binaries but most exploiters just target outdated phones - which there is a fucking lot of them out there (botnet on botnet, oh the irony).
there's only a few devices having vendor and security updates, the other-ones are phones that never activated ota updates or have none at all.

other than these "activate on receive" sms/mms/call zero-click exploits, there's also those shits about ACR (audio content recognition) and you can induce voice commands via high frequency or masked shit.

although getting malwares is the least of your problems, getting a (botnet) phone should be at the top of the PROBLEM list since they all have malware/adware/spyware preinstalled that you can read in all its ToS/PrivPol.
a spyware that listens to you all the time (hotword + mic), it has 10+ capture streams for some fucking reason on android 11 last I checked (/proc/asound/.../pcmNNc - aka pcm capture stream) to allow several apps to snoop on your mic, and tehre's also hidden sensor data that can also become microhpone, apps also read the manufacturers sussy sensors like a covert microphone, your acceleration and if you're using the phone in the bed, the phones even have multiple camera-facing and noise cancellation microphones that are bypassed by the main mic permission (apps can still hear you LOL) and then there's also the clipboard-grabbing apps (reddit, tiktok, lazada/shope/ali, 9gag, appgallery, and many more!) but that's not all, >>>/tech/5809 the spies also scry you using quantum rng on their server side using your phone as a medium.
Replies: >>5847
more info on the clipboard topic

install rikka and appops to spot the offending apps (turn on clipboard notification)
there is a lot of them and it also doesn't end with that, a web page in a browser can also read your clipboard via javascript magic.
>good lord i can feel the rainbow plague getting closer to me every day since this ad is PH oriented how do i stop this manila pride event?
it's probably sponsored ad. have ad block so I wouldn't really know but most of these g-adsense thing is based on your browsing pattern or location (you live in manila i guess), what you type on your search bar or had on your clipboard or your ip numbers logs, the ISP may disclose it to ad companies (even if you use private DNS) and they can reverse lookup the ip logs (and know very well that you browse 4chan, this site, etc.) worse is if you were using the ISP dns, dns is readable by anyone in the network and even worse since they can see the entire URL if the ISP had spoofed your dns so if you had browsed a gay discord they'd know it literally but since it's automated it's probably based on the client-side inputs, you just browsed the wrong sites and/or got the wrong cookies.

nah, it would be Marcos in 18 more days, hes pretty based btw. just use whonix if you're afraid of getting your shitpostings backtraced. I don't think there's laws broken by being a bigot, but I know there is absurd laws violated when you shitposted over some company or gov officials (same shit that struck the 8chan founder: the all-powerful cyberlibel *lmao*).
Point at the mulberry tree while cursing the locust tree (指桑罵槐, Zhǐ sāng mà huái). Use typos and don't name names directly or just use typos even with companies too.
>jesus christ this is literally my worst nightmare i trusted this program all these years for peace of mind and THIS is what i get? 
just move on with it. I got lots of disappointment with proprietary crap and bigtech companies I used to daily drive. now I just wish for them to rot or file bankruptcy and I would rejoice.
Replies: >>5875
Honestly, I've been leaning towards Braxman as far as tech/security YTers go. Dude's format is a lot more down to earth than the alarmist bullshit of other tech security platforms.

But to be real here, I really don't know what to do because for so many years, people have been so fucking alarmist when it comes to technology security that I don't know what actually works and what's just placebo. I can't buy into the schizoid conspirafag mentality that Gov/Big Corpro are simultaneously all-seeing-all-knowing-demons from 1984, because it conflicts with the black-comedy of incompetence and inability-to-enforce-boundaries that's absolutely rife among both Gov and Big Corpo.

Hell, fucking Rothschilds' bank data got leaked, it turned out that the who's-who of eyes-wide-shut-fuckboys were absolute boomers with passwords and basic fucking tech persec.

I don't know man. I'm just tired of being told to fucking panic about people spying on us and then it turns out those spies secure their fucking databanks with plaintext and master locks.
Replies: >>5875 >>5905
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (37.4KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (46.9KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (18.9KB, 403x403)
[Hide] (13.6KB, 500x500)
>>4821 i didnt really get the warning when posting but i did see the redtext though thanks for the heads up ill keep myself contained here (old post)
>>5633 nope ill finish the pride related stuff first no worries though ill post good rants later on hmm now where did those txt files go hopefully i dont get banned for posting my huge pasta here

>>5758 (5757 double digits) aww thanks (sorry for the longpost here i go)
at first i actually tried to practice my sob stories on my trusty KATE text editor and swap out the words to make things look promising and guessing/mimicking the replies by commenting on my own txt file for practice while pretending to be a leftist karen femcel for free karma/gold on askplebbit and other mainstream subs
i also plan on creating a legit alt account for serious tech/hobby related questions (reddit had a apolitical chill side go check it out some time) whenever i lurk and analyze to create the perfect sobstory with libtarded offmychest tier blogposts i feel like my sanity is going down and my braincells slowly dying is this normal?
how the fuck do normie plebbitors survive a toxic echo chamber mindset for so long and still stay "strong and unique™" without lashing out? im genuinely surprised (im looking at you covidiots and hermancainawards)
at this point i decided to discard my work and come up with the conclusion to instead buy stolen accounts for sale with lots of karma and reddit premium and then researching the origin purpose of this account to further blend in this also makes me appear as an E-celeb thus allowing me to form connections and extract further info for other interesting topics if needed for future usage
if any of you have managed to successfully pull this off stay covert and keep scrapping lounge slowly 10 links per minute using a bot as if you had plenty of reddit tabs and lastly dont leak the scrapped chatlogs to early otherwise they might add captcha to make your job harder
another PROTIP is to make sure to scrape threads with lots of replies first as you never know when the banhammer comes down and make sure you have a krew of 4chud friends to make normal posts and replies once in a while you may also need two or more accounts which automatically takes breaks and switches turns so they dont get too suspicious due to AFK (this tactic should work on 2b2t as well when NOCOMing)

>sissy egg
what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
>celebrite FBI corrupt police malware toys
can i use this to extract app data for data recovery on my old tablet there is no password security whatsoever chip off seems too risky gonna rescue those childhood memories in a tiny 8gb emmc (the sdcard is already disk-imaged)
>but the SIM module is a botnet
if i were to make my own ARM chingchong chromebook clone i would add the option to disable 5g alltogether via UEFI settings problem solved but it will be wifi only
other than that braxmax is pretty keyed honestly the best tech youtubers out there are the ones who never spout out social issues BS just some nice chill unboxing/reviews

same here why are jews (and furry coders) so fucking incompetent these days kek even bidens laptop and underge secks tape scandal got leaked publicly aren't they supposed to be encrypting jack shit

oh i see the schizo flips are finally here im a bit late though magandang umaga po! mga kaibigan anak ng puta nag si si taasan na sila ng rainbow flag lagot na ang pilipnas nanaman (again(again(again)))
also the greedy bad guy of biosyn genetics looks like a bald version of bill gates almost as if they are trying to deliver some kind of message what's more frightening is that there is a real life pharma company named biosyn
inside the cinema adverts before movie i think i saw the UK flag on the wall or maybe its just a vision from my imagination
thankfully most of our citizens still have their sanity on the road most small shops and buildings have the PH flag for independence phew im safe for now but not for too long
>TWO and a half more weeks (kek i asked who should i vote on 4chud yet nobody answered)
kek when DU30 steps down its time for some REAL payback it will be nothing compared to what you see in the movies people are really pissed for his past corruptions and massacres against filipinos i bet he is packing his shit right now as i type this shitpost

picrel it has been screenshotted to remove exif data and protect my NPC family (damn i wish i had a real job my chingchong startup aint gonna build itself)
on SM they put this be seen be heard woke activism and one of the sticker stores have the cant think straight next to the lips rainbow pride (the rest were normal country flags no jewkraine shit)
holy shit guys its actually real goddammit my hand keeps typing by itself even when i tell myself to resist temptation fucking globohomo polluting FAIL-ipino youth https://archive.is/FX5zA https://archive.is/Y0Xnk
our country used to be a safe for jews and this is how they treat us in return i wish 1984 would become fiction again i wonder what 2023 would be like if nobody stops this insanity i bet its not gonna be long until pfizer makes a vaccine specifically to push homosexuality under the guise of curing monkeypox
my god NOO! you cant just take my childhood like that HOW DARE YOU i enjoyed ninja kiwi and ice age now its woke-fied and filled to the brim with depraved furries https://archive.is/XrM5m https://archive.is/UxAgc
i had a dream yesterday where the biosyn logo turned rainbow (there was a meme on KYM about evil corporation logos turning woke) and they created a pathogen that turns people into animal hybrids allows them to reproduce asexually just like the dinosaurs i forgotten the rest when i woke up shit was wild in my head

The Commodore 64x is a Mini-ITX case (RasPi 4 too!) that looks like that best-selling micro from 1982, the Commodore 64!

It has anti-UV plastic and a much better keyboard though with Cherry MX Blue clicky switches and doubleshot SA keycaps.

You can get it in all sorts of fun colors including translucent with RGB backlight (your choice will be collected with the post-campaign survey) besides the classic breadbin colors of the VIC-20 and 64 and 16.

You can get the empty case (barebones) by itself or with a low-end (Extreme) or mid-end (Ultimate) motherboard with dedicated graphics.

The top Ultimate model with the mid-end motherboard
embedded Nvidia GTX 1650 4 GB graphics
9th gen Intel Core i5
8 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 installed, expandable up to 64 GB
512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD supports 6 Gb/s (M.2 22 * 80 SSD)
USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth
support for an additional hard drive with integrated 2.5" docking station
Similar to this higher-specced build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pATl2pmvsf8

The basic Extreme model with the low-end motherboard
passive cooling
Intel Celeron J6412 (4 cores, 4 threads, burst frequency up to 2.6 GHz, base frequency 2.0 Ghz, 1.5 MB cache)
Intel UHD Graphics for 10th gen (base frequency 400 Mhz, burst frequency 800 Mhz)
4 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 with support for a max of 8 GB
802.11ac M.2 (KEY E) WiFi module and 2 onboard LAN ports
supports HDMI 4K 60 Hz output spec
256 GB M.2 hard drive
support for installing a second 2.5" SATA hard drive without having to open the case
HDMI, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x LAN, 1 x COM 1 DB9/M connector, 1 x line-out + mic (2 in 1) 3.5 mm jack, SD card reader, 2.5" hard drive docking station
*Specs may be subject to change

24" Commodore Retro Monitor (16:9) 75 Hz, IPS, HDMI, DP

I don't expect anyone to shell out for the pre-builts when you can just go DIY. If you back right now, you'll be buying them at cost.
Replies: >>5926
>how the fuck do normie plebbitors survive a toxic echo chamber mindset for so long and still stay "strong and unique™" without lashing out? im genuinely surprised (im looking at you covidiots and hermancainawards)
My guess: 1. They avoid the front page and stick to their hobby subreddits. 2. They go insane and lash out, and either get autofiltered or banned. 3. Worst case scenario, they get brainwashed. Most of the front page subreddits are drowning in spambots and reposters though. Damnthatsinteresting, nextfuckinglevel and whitepeopletwitter are the worst offenders.

Honestly, as far as I've seen, any social media that encourages cultures of popularity contests attract the worst kinds of narcissist. At this point, Reddit is becoming twitter/tumblr levels of bad, but Reddit also has managed to establish a lot of niche normalfag hobby boards. I feel that, if anything, hobby boards and the absolute billions of dollars poured into stock/crypto spambots are the only things keeping Reddit afloat. Reddit also has the "youtube problem," where it's userbase doesn't think it has alternatives, but there are, it's just not "popular" alternatives.

Popularity isn't guaranteed though. Digg was reddit before reddit existed. Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion, and killed 90% of it's userbase when they banned porn.

>what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
Sissy egg = SFW version of faggot.

>picrel it has been screenshotted to remove exif data and protect my NPC family (damn i wish i had a real job my chingchong startup aint gonna build itself)
Be careful man. It's not just exif data that you should be careful about when posting photos of local businesses. Names, addresses, and contact info of local businesses can be used to at best approximate-identify your location, or at worst completely-dox you. This isn't even government-level tactics, this shit is bored-with-life-stalker type shit.

HWNDU's shenanigans is a perfect example of how people can stalk you based on broadcasted-info, although it's one of the more-extreme examples because of how many people they had analyzing the broadcast.
Replies: >>5946
>what the hell does cracking the egg mean? wtf does this have to do with being a tranny (why is it named egg_irl)
Trannies-to-be are "eggs" that are yet to crack/hatch, think of it like a person who's heading down the path of becoming a tranny but doesn't know it yet or doesn't admit it out loud yet.

Also stop namefagging.
>Not knowing how to compile
maybe macos is more your speed...itoddler
Replies: >>5897
Compile 5 games from LGW right now... Shouldn't be that hard, right?
Replies: >>5898
Already did that with aur a few days ago.
Replies: >>5899
>I got them from the non-repos!
Replies: >>5908
<can i use this to extract app data for data recovery on my old tablet there is no password security whatsoever chip off seems too risky gonna rescue those childhood memories in a tiny 8gb emmc (the sdcard is already disk-imaged)
if you're able to source one but it's probably dated and unsupported. it is usually "illegal" to own lea tools and iirc these programs work much like adobe cloud where it is cloud managed and clients are traced.

if your tablet is on the list of twrp and cmwr (defunct) you can flash the recovery image (or boot image on some phones) and just grab everything. if your problem was lock pattern you can easily bypass that but if it's full device encryption it's probably harder.
otherwise you just transplant the emmc into a nand to usb board although that is high on risk of magic smoke coming out when a solder ball did not melt through.

< I can't buy into the schizoid conspirafag mentality that Gov/Big Corpro are simultaneously all-seeing-all-knowing-demons from 1984, because it conflicts with the black-comedy of incompetence and inability-to-enforce-boundaries that's absolutely rife among both Gov and Big Corpo.
would you look at pegasus targets:
>activist clergymen, health workers, doctors and scientists, human rights activist (not the antichrist or UN kind), people against human trafficking, drug czar, HVT journalists, non-corrupt politicians, ngo anti-pedo org (not the antichrist or UN kind).
they target mostly these: people who know about the pizzagate, has kompromat (is 5 steps ahead of qniggerlarp), has verifiable intel on human trafficking and pedo rings, etc. etc.

the world gubmint is mostly incompetent with mundane crimes like serial killers most BUT somehow they seem to be very compliant with these "high value targets" [in greentext above] who do not break the law but instead threatens some s.society/billionaire/trillionaire's revenue enough for those harmless academic/clergic/activist [targets] to be backdoored with sophisticated malware instead of actually targeting "high value criminal targets"

big corpo is the spy, government cannot directly spy on people since it would instigate mass outrage so it has to be something that isn't government which is the biggie corpo and the rest is basically on how to enforce the killgrid and geofencing [mostly on the good people though].
funny how we have all these spyware shit but there's still full-fledged pedo "director", fuckos, crime crazies, and corrupt people with zero opsec freely using botnet device, facebooc, and uploading their plans on public google docs or some shit but then the government and corpo just ignores them since what they're truly after are certain people [in greentext above] like a fucking scientist lol. like nigga, he's a botanist what the actual fuck did he do to get pegasus backdoor and usb firmware malware DMA?
[Hide] (229.2KB, 533x735)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 958x1024)
>our country used to be a safe for jews
during his time.
they've always been after the marcos gold (solomon's gold and yamashita).
they're still salty about not grubbing our gold, the spanish included.
there's a reason why MLaw lasted more than a decade.

>and this is how they treat us in return i wish 1984 would become fiction again i wonder what 2023 would be like if nobody stops this insanity i bet its not gonna be long until pfizer makes a vaccine specifically to push homosexuality under the guise of curing monkeypox
the vaccine was about altering one's faith though, like it makes you a globalist soywars soyjak who doesn't believe in higher power. there was a video published by anonymous on 2018 about such vax and there's also some talks about the plandemic and black goo tech https://alive528.com/v/8664 (proceed with caution, this video was made pre-plandemic)
>compile 5 games from LGW
<compiled 5
>n-non repos!!!!1111
Nice goalpost moving, what count as compiling to you nigger? Handwriting assembly?
Replies: >>5911
The AUR has a plethora of patches and fixes that do not make it upstream, so what you compiled are Arch-native forks of the games from LGW, not the original sources. The repos listed on LGW are the "official" ones for each game, and they're mostly outdated, unmaintained, have dysfunctional build systems...etc so any regular user trying to build from them will most likely fail.
Try compiling these games from their original repos listed on LGW and you'll see what I mean.
Replies: >>5916
>The AUR has a plethora of patches and fixes that do not make it upstream
Speaking of that, in my experience it's because package maintainers acquired learned helplessness dealing with corporate or Linuxtarded upstreams. Well, they have to be Linuxtarded to maintain Arch. But most eventually stop trying to send fixes upstream.
Replies: >>5921 >>5929
Every distro does things differently, this difference is why there are distro at the first place. The software upstream cannot cater for all possible distro under the sun. Packaging is mostly a package maintainer's problem. If the fix is local to the distro, not pushing it upstream is not an issue.
Replies: >>5929
this is simply just transplantation
i am more interested in the efficiency rating of the power or if the mobo is actually worth it or just some random unbranded chink mobo off of shenzhen (along with its power supply).
>The software upstream cannot cater for all possible distro under the sun
True but that does not excuse devs not maintaining their code, using OS/compiler specific features, not testing their software...etc. The LGW is full of examples of this.

>dealing with corporate or Linuxtarded upstreams
I could say the same for plenty of FOSS projects too, it's a sad state of affairs for the entirety of modern software.
Replies: >>5942 >>5944 >>5945
get out
[Hide] (3.7MB, 480x272, 01:40)
Found a video of anon. You can try the link for ms support. https://www.microsoft.com/refunds
>youtube problem
on the topic of social media i swear is it just me or the youtube comments section is full of teenagers LARPing as self-aware™ human beings literally just go to any videos that involves social issues/woke-ism there is gonna be a couple of flame wars about whose more mature™ than the other as if it were some kind of shitflinging contest with unfunny personal attacks almost as if plebbit had a bigger older brother for videos
other than that its mostly neutral content and politics is is not too hard to avoid unlike twitter where its rubbed at your face with no option to opt out there are also lots of great channels out there like photoninduction sadly he died man i sure do miss the old times thing have really changed over the past years fuck this clown ride
one thing ive noticed on highly popular YT channels people seem to blindly defend vax mandates and lgbt on another channel people are very redpilled its like youtube had its own little "safe space" experiment this elitistic pattern seems very similar on mainstream social platforms however obscure sites like tiblar have a chill 4chan like audience

nobody? im trying to download these media files? not really important in any way but i would like to make an edited webm of these
https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9540 https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9551 https://t.me/BestOf4chan/9497
Replies: >>5948 >>5949
I think most of the commenter crowd doesn't actually watch the videos, they read the title and base their opinions on it. Also, SJW youtubers, like reddit mods, tend to sanitize their comments of any dissenting opinions. Even if most of the supportive comments were botposts, it's still poe's law in action, the kinds of people that SJWs like to manipulate are the easily-outraged.

closest I could find was in this post: https://teddit.net/r/fossdroid/comments/upessz/top_rated_alternative_foss_apps_to_access_social/

Most of the telegram alternatives on that page are androidshit, so, it's not gonna work for what you want in the now, it would take deeper digging to try and find something like invidious, biblogram, teddit, or nitter,
>im trying to download these media files?
How hard is it to fucking inspect element, network tab and download those?
Analyzing YT users is a fool's errand. It is owned by jewgle and completely controlled by it. They may not do a perfect job in moderating comments and videos. You can be sure most "trending" videos and stuff are kept in line. Will you also think hard on Facebook and Reddit posts? YT is not the whole internet and the problem is most users thinks it is.
Replies: >>5950 >>5964
[Hide] (1.1MB, 528x880, 00:22)
Here, a fucking example.
Replies: >>5964
this is actaully the first thing i did it does not play on the browser then got the 403 download error when right click saving videos
i managed to fix it turns out my shitty proxy and trannyfox i reopened it on another pc with chrome and it works now weird
also it seems that archive.is refuses to submit URLs when openvpn server is enabled i think the token thingy is locked to my IP address but thanks for testing it for me i thought it was a bug/limitation
well, goddamnit. /fit/ is fucking dead. I wish I could have some help making a bean burger that doesn't need ten fucking ingredients just to make it.
Replies: >>6034
>bean burger
Have you tried using a search engine?
>vegan faggot
Meat is good for you. Also what's wrong with bean + bread?
Replies: >>6047
It's an ancient Chinese secret that vegetables will give you long life but if you want a strong body you need to eat a bit of meat too.
Replies: >>6052
>Have you tried using a search engine?

Oh you bet your ass I fucking did. I went through three different sites with vastly-different search algorithms.

My Goal was to find the simplest bean burger recipe. Keyword, simple. I'm talking "oatmeal = oats, water, salt, and butter" simple. Something that can be used as a baseline for anons to add whatever they want into their bean burger.

The problem is, search results are shat up by reader's digest tier cookbook recipes that have so much shit in them, and zero recourse as to WHY THE FUCK THEY NEED TO BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Jesus fuck, even searching up a "simple" recipe on youtube is fucking useless because there's so much shit added into it and no explanation why it's fucking needed.

It honestly reminds me of the problems I have with programming tutorials and the shit that educational resources do. Most sources understand and teach you how to do the most basic of basics, but when you search for how and why things interact with each other, suddenly, nobody knows how the fuck anything works, and just dumps examples on you to copypaste it.

>Vegan faggot
Fuck veganism. I want this to be adjustable to include meat, broth, eggs, or whatever the fuck anons want with it. My thing is, I want to help anons figure out low-cost protein sources, with beans and oats being one of the forerunners for low-cost protein. 

Honestly, I fucking can't stand that vegans have fucking shat their way all across the bean burger recipe spectrum. Nothing is consistent, there is no "this is why we need this in this food," it's the same fucking "we threw this random shit together because out manager said it looked delicious," bullshit.

Really man. I had to vent, because it's been a full fucking week since anyone posted on /fit/, julay-/ck/ is dead as fuck, and I don't feel like playing around with 4cuck and their pozzed bullshit. Besides, this is the 'off-topic thead.' What the fuck else am I gonna do?
>Vegan faggot
Cool it with the pleonasm dude.
Tell me more Chinese secrets, anon-kun.
Cool rant. If no recipe satisfies you, why not do your own experiment? From what I see, the material cost is not high at all. Just boil some beans and mash them into a paste. You can add whatever you want to the paste. That's it, your "bean burger = mashed boiled beans + bread" simple burger. From there start trying out different combination, pan frying the paste, adding meat, sauces.
> with beans and oats being one of the forerunners for low-cost protein. 
This is way more of a /fit/ discussion but you are right since that board has a very low or near zero PPD it's probably ok to talk about it here.

If you are comitted to the gains, my goto is tuna-egg patties. The cheapest and most available source of protein probably ever. Add some hot sauce and siracha and they are actually really good 

Replies: >>6057
Also beans are fucking retarded and not in any capacity a complete protein. The amino acid profile is incomplete compared to eggs, tuna, pork shoulder or milk which are the same cost.
[Hide] (537.1KB, 1080x1620)
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you can easily skim over those lengthy and complicated recipes.
most of the best recipes never require anything more than 10 ingredients.

not sure what you're trying to make (patties or buns)
but patties are easy to do, ground beef + onions + pepper and then you need some kind of binder like flour, then you can proceed to cut meat and add more beans or whatever vegetable then add more flavoring (stock powder or salt) since vegies are bland. frying veggies might be a good idea, anything that gives it chewy texture is better. mung beans are great if you can find them but you will need a pressure cooker (maybe boil it with meat stock/broth for more flavor).

most of the bloat ingredients are just many mix of spices so you'll have to invest on those first then just cut out all the spices on their bloated recipe and DIY your mix.
Does anyone know where I can find a list of flags for amd hardware encoding in ffmpeg and how to use them?
The ffmpeg documentation says nothing about anything in that regard and most of the standard encoding arguments are just ignored by it.
Replies: >>6086
PHEW! its finally over no more offensive DEI adverts AT LAST! since the thread has gone full /ck/ ill ask something absurd (will continue business on mid july)
hey anons what are some useful things and fun things to do when banned on 4chan? (i got 3day'd but nah im not gonna evade) i want to put this time to good use since the hammer helped me pause my shitposting habbit (sorry for the late mass reply AD480p kicked in) surprisingly i can concentrate just fine on side tasks (kek i actually done that anti-vax chise meme in just hours not days) also coffee tastes like milk i dont feel energized at all and all the expensive meds feel like placidos is this normal for autists ike me?

alright serious talk is there some kind of neural network to detect if an avatar contains furry imagery or rainbows? i am going to make my own jewish mass media antisemitox collage with their names and pronouns (i just need an avatar scapper bot the rest is manual on GIMP)
https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/161631920/ i also found this shortcut as template (no need to start from scratch though its a bit too big)
https://github.com/topics/ [furry/pride] (watch out these animals are responsible for inserting broken degenerate poz code on our good linux software)
if i were to make my own neural network to tell if a genital is natural or SRS'ed how should i start? i want the AI to highlight the anomalies of the image

(micro rant LGBTQQIP2SAA for future use this belongs to the sharty /VPG/) furfags-this-is-your-mind.png
>Lets | >Go | >Burn | >/Trash/ | >Quality | >Questionable | >Interspecies | >Porn | >2 | >Stop | >Anthro | >Abominations
what's seen cannot be unseen checkmate furniggers (welp the cuckchan pride sticky died it was fun trolling it)
while you're at it can you pirate https://archive.is/610nq (dont forget to check the logitech article or YT video about pride it happened again on 2022)
(will post images later) holy shit i swear pride wasn't that bad before on Phillipines back in 2020 times sure have changed time to stock materials and gaming laptops incase of collapse ive checked over 10 stores and never found a single micro center shop but i did find the jackpot legion 3080 5xxx and AMD 6000 ddr5 series im looking for on EDSA
Replies: >>6086
Looks like vaapi is your best bet.
Examples on https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Hardware/VAAPI
You should avoid stimulants such as coffee if you have adhd.
Just look up the best neural network image classifier and make your own training and test set.
Replies: >>6096
The GPU is in a Winblows machine, so I need AMF like I said.
Replies: >>6101
Well, you chose to do things the hard way.
Replies: >>6113
[Hide] (27.6KB, 499x327)
"Why chose the pendant to syphilis when it comes to computer languages?

Python, that’s not a language, that’s a toy for masochists, that’s the fiddlediddle for the pampered who already tried everything, and love to be punished for every false stroke they do and being lectured and patronized by their language and who by a good hardware just to burn the value and the electricity for that in a factor of 29/30 into heat and lost time of life.

Python is not as bad as Java, I give that language that. But it’s not much better either.

And why do people chose Python? Because it is their first language. It is their only language, why do people do stupid things? Why do they stay with a wife that is permanently cheating on them? Why do they behave irrational, why do they love to be punished by women in leather? Why? I have no idea.

But I think that’s the human condition. We have to live with that. But please. Please not in a professional environment.

Python is not professional.

LuaJIT is."

Quote from the ""Zen"" of Python (aka import this):
< "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."
Python doesn't have switch statement (which is the most beautiful statement) but it has 3 ways to do format strings (f-strings, str.format() and "old style" string formatting with % like in C. there are also Template strings). Kek, is this the "Pythonic" way of doing things?? Poothon has global interpreter lock (https://python.land/python-concurrency/the-python-gil) and a bad package manager (or like 2-3 of them, heh. Also, should I use virtualenv or conda???). 
And the WTF is this!?! Python even has trouble with simple math: https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Python (tl;dr try 1 // 0.2 in Python. Also: https://github.com/python/cpython/issues/71650). There are even more things: https://gist.github.com/RobertAKARobin/a1cba47d62c009a378121398cc5477ea   And everyone knows that Python has ugly syntax that dictates how you are allowed to use whitespace and the python 2\python 3 split...

It's pretty clear that Python was never intended to be used for serious applications (instead it was made for simple scripts). It's crazy how ((( Python ))) is used for data science or machine learning... The only reason why Python is popular is that Goolag promoted it before they invented Go and because Python was memed as easy language (it is easy but so are most other scripting languages).

But that's it. I'm taking the Lua PIL: https://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html  (also check out https://luarocks.org/ and LuaJIT).
For awhile I was thinking about learning Free Pascal but then I came back to my senses.
Replies: >>6112 >>6113
k, but how do I learn lua? 
Does it even have any graphic libraries besides love2d?
Replies: >>6113
It's not harder than on any other platform. I can compress with that. I just wish I knew the arguments. I experimented a little and found quality arguments that work but I'm still as clueless as before on how to tell it to do something like preset slow, so I don't get a realtime shit thrown at the disk.
>Python doesn't have switch statement
They added it in 3.10 it seems. I hate Python too.
>But that's it. I'm taking the Lua PIL
Lua is good for extending programs but on its own you can't make much in it. It doesn't even portably provide system interfaces for listing files, so you have to call into a program that lists files available on the platform for every single platform you want your script to be compatible with.
I recommend TCL for scripts that do shit on their own.
Love2D is not a library. It's a game engine extended with Lua. Their are plenty of engines and programs that feature Lua extensions. How much abilities to interface with the program the Lua scripts have, depends on how much the C/++ code makes available to them.
Lua is fairly easy to learn. Here's the manual:  http://www.lua.org/manual/5.4/manual.html
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