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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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I'll only let go if you promise you won't smoke.
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50 million people have died from covid look it up, i know someone who died from covid, safe and effective the hospitals are flooded
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Globally and over the course of multiple years? Who cares. That's fucking nothing.
250 000 people get hit by lightning each year and lightning has been around since forever. Imagine how many people died totally.
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im actually a virologist so shut up 
covid is serious and will kill you if you dont shut the fuck up, i know someone who died from covid 
safe and effective
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Spoiler File
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>2nd pic
>look it up
>its real
> >she even commissioned porn of >her character
this is peak clown world isnt it
You've only seen the tip of the iceberg.
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Where the fuck am I? I'm almost certain I clicked on sleepy/tech/, not on fucking 4/g/.
How could this happen? Who are these >people?
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4% mortality rate. Everyone in my family got covid, myself included, no one died. 
The problem with covid is that it spreads extremely quickly. The only cure against that is to go back to 2019 and close your borders before the plague finds its way in. Masks don't do shit unless you have symptoms (with asymptomatic transmission being Covid's most dangerous feature). 
Why does he sound like he's about to cry?
the covid jab works for both asymptomatic and bsymptomatic covid, fact
>close your borders before the plague finds its way in
I doubt you could close it more than best korea, and it still found its way in. The wind can carry the virus for hundreds of kilometers.
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For the record i always use ungoogled chromium with invidious so i never really needed that extension but for some darn reason it just stopped working a few days ago and i dont know why so i got tempted to open this bloated piece of shit site thinking ublock origin will work perfectly then i was in for a really rude awakening when that ad popped on my face without warning. Thanks jewtube you've just tainted my mundane chrome profile.
>install gentoo
Fuck this shit i just want to go back to normal without nuking my god damm browser history. Why do you have to constantly shove this mentall illness down my throat and up my ass every single day? Does that mean i am infact fucked in the head for not wanting to choose and later screw around with animal characters in game? I just want to play as human for fucks sake why is it so hard to respect my preferences without being called a bigot these days? I swear to god not even imageboards are immune from this cancerous filth plauging the interwebs.
>inb4 muh corporate artsyle
Care to come up with an original argument this time? I am seriously beginning to lose my patience, please dont make me sperg out again over the pettiest of things i just want to unpozz myself after this mishap.

Kek you fucking madman thats exactly the first thing i was just about to post.
Does the vaccine make you a furry? Is Biden an otherkin?
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Covid19 doesn't exist. There may or may not be an initial virus, where it came from doesn't matter. What follows after that, "covid19" is fearporn for any reason of death to push the jabs.
Seasonal flu, covid death.
Cancer, covid death.
Suicide, covid death.
Nigger od on drugs can't breath, covid death.
Do you notice every time they shill about covid resurgence, it's the time for seasonal flu?

>using jewtube
>complains about closed-source software
Install Gentoo.

What is the point when anyone can just take your software and apply copyright on it, then sell it for 9.99? Nobody forces you to use libre software. Nobody forces you to use GPL, it is the choice of developers. The intent of the developer is to keep the software libre forever.
You can't take away copyright now. Not without lots of blood. You are forced to have copyright because of the law. That's why copyleft is the only stopgap counter to copyright.

Eternal summer, or is it winter now?
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>What is the point when anyone can just take your software and apply copyright on it, then sell it for 9.99
How does that affect the author in any way?
Replies: >>11891
Immediately it doesn't. Depends on why the author share his software. Libre software is a political ideological movement.
By sharing his software without restriction, assuming his software is useful, he is encouraging more copyright laws and propriety development as the seller of his software would gain advantage in the society.
If the author doesn't care, it's alright and he can share it with BSD license or public domain.
The point of GPL is to sell/spread the ideology of freedom (their definition if you don't agree) in exchange for useful software.
Immediately it doesn't. Depends on why the furry shares his vax. Furry is a political ideological movement.
By sharing vaccines without restriction, assuming his vaccine is useful, he is encouraging more covid laws and lockdowns as the seller of his vaccine would gain advantage in the society.
If the furry doesn't care, it's alright and he can share it with BSD license or public domain.
The point of covid is to sell/spread the ideology of furrydom (their definition if you don't agree) in exchange for useful vax.
>4% mortality rate. Everyone in my family got covid, myself included, no one died. 
>The problem with covid is that it spreads extremely quickly. 
This anon gets it.

An acquaintance of mine got both leukemia (and chemotherapy) and covid-19 at the same time and he survived. He was  hospitalized (of course) due to leukemia but the fact is that he had leukemia and he even said that the covid-19 wasn't a big deal, not worse than a flu. When I got covid-19 myself, I had only 2 problems the excess mucus and throat pain. The throat pain was comparable to influenza (I have always throat pain) and Bisolvon/Bromhexine tablets got rid of the excess mucus (there is even a paper: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32334052/).

The other problem is that corona virus Spike protein causes auto-immunity in some people. This also explains why the vaccines can cause similar symptoms as "long" covid. Long covid is auto-immune syndrome caused by corona spike protein. 

Rogue (auto)antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19

In fatal COVID-19, the immune response can control the virus but kill the patient

Traitorous COVID antibodies and fast-spreading variant

Myocarditis With COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them
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you know someone with covid? you dont know someone with covid only i know someone with covid because im actually a doctor you dont know shit, so he had covid and then leukemia? so obviously covid gave him leukemia, fact, so covid is obviously not just a sneeze fuck you it gives people the c thats double cc covidcancer one more c and youre out, im actually a fucking virologist so dont even try i will fucking factcheck you into the ground buddy
>Technology & Computing
Replies: >>11897
This is the offtopic thread. But try to keep the discussion tech related.
Do you seriously trust journals?
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>Being pro-copyleft fits well with being a leftoid soynigger in economics and politics as well.
The GNU GPL is not Mr. Nice Guy. It says no to some of the things that people sometimes want to do. There are users who say that this is a bad thing—that the GPL “excludes” some proprietary software developers who “need to be brought into the free software community.”

But we are not excluding them from our community; they are choosing not to enter. Their decision to make software proprietary is a decision to stay out of our community. Being in our community means joining in cooperation with us; we cannot “bring them into our community” if they don't want to join.

>trying to control other people's creative thoughts and actions
The simplest way to make a program free software is to put it in the public domain, uncopyrighted. This allows people to share the program and their improvements, if they are so minded. But it also allows uncooperative people to convert the program into proprietary software. They can make changes, many or few, and distribute the result as a proprietary product. People who receive the program in that modified form do not have the freedom that the original author gave them; the middleman has stripped it away.

In the GNU project, our aim is to give all users the freedom to redistribute and change GNU software. If middlemen could strip off the freedom, our code might “have many users,” but it would not give them freedom. So instead of putting GNU software in the public domain, we “copyleft” it. Copyleft says that anyone who redistributes the software, with or without changes, must pass along the freedom to further copy and change it. Copyleft guarantees that every user has freedom.
Proprietary software developers use copyright to take away the users' freedom; we use copyright to guarantee their freedom. That's why we reverse the name, changing “copyright” into “copyleft.”
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>the techie furfag admits to being one of the RPI4 scalpers all along
Why the fuck are you kikes so awfully bad at concealing your marketing tricks? I bet you have another hundred PIs in your warehouse laced with god knows what firmware level malware is lurking deep inside ready to be sold to unsuspecting boomers on scamazon, as if that want enough to make you filthy rich.

Are furries really this vile at heart? are you even capable of conscience in the slightest, like the very thing (You) accuse other chinks of being devoid of? But again what am i honestly supposed to expect from your average asian furfag.

>total societal collapse
So fucking what then? isnt this the very thing you've always dreamed of from the start? surely a world without normie niggercattle would be the perfect paradise for you to live in, not that they contrubute much to society right? So why the hell are you even trying to save them anyway? Trying to play too hard as the "hero" again?

And just to spite (You) off even more i'll order myself an even cheaper cyclone board from rayming PCB, screw your opensource /pol/ bullshit no wonder people never took them seriously enough to even begin with.
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I don't own or sell any RPi4s, I've only ever bought the W Zero and the Zero 2 for projects I work on. I don't sell anything on Amazon either. 
>screw your opensource /pol/ bullshit no wonder people never took them seriously enough to even begin with
What does this even mean?
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the fact you didnt post a furry means you lost, thats what it means
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fuck off nigger
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>People who receive the program in that modified form do not have the freedom that the original author gave them
That is wrong because the original product is still available. You have lost nothing by somebody building a different project using the code you published publicly.

What they don't have is access to is the changes made in this second project. Which is fine because you are not entitled to the product of other people's labor. Only literal communists believe otherwise.

>Copyleft guarantees that every user has freedom.
Users have lost the freedom to control what happens to the product of their labor. Copyleft is not freedom it is slavery.
Replies: >>11909
>we are in real world with copyright laws and GPL using existing copyright laws against copyright restrictions.
The GPL is not fighting against copyright though it is copyright. You are trying to control what other people can and can't do with information that you published, just like Disney when they sue children for downloading a 50 year old cartoon.

>Copyright shouldn't exist
You realize that this scheme of forcing everyone who touches your code to publish their own code can't actually exist without copyright laws. If copyright didn't exist people would take open source code and put it into commercial products. The only way to stop that is with copyright, which is what the GPL is.

You are either horribly confused or as >>11825 says a hypocrite.
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>Do you seriously trust journals?
What other choice do I have? Without journals, I would be forced to either willfully remain ignorant or trust what mainstream media says. I don't have the necessary knowledge (or the money) to conduct studies myself.

>What they don't have is access to is the changes made in this second project. Which is fine because you are not entitled to the product of other people's labor. Only literal communists believe otherwise.
You are having double standards. If Person A made program and released it under open-source license, why it would be better to let Person B take the code and add some improvements/changes, and then let him make his fork proprietary software? Why should Person B be allowed to take advantage of Person A's work, but Person A wouldn't be allowed to use Person B's contributions? How is that more just or righteous?

>You are trying to control what other people can and can't do with information that you published, just like Disney when they sue children for downloading a 50 year old cartoon.
But the intent behind GPL is very different. GPL makes sure that your code remains free software and that the users of your code/program always have the same rights that you originally wanted to give them (even if someone forks or reuses your code.). If you don't care about that, you shouldn't use GPL. Instead you should use something like ISC License or 2-Clause (or 3-clause) BSD-License. ISC License is better because the text is a bit shorter. The choice is up to you as the original author. You don't seem to realize that some people want to release their work under GPL, so they (the original author) can benefit from new improvements because they don't want to "do it for free". Also, strictly speaking, you don't need to publicly share the code. It's enough to give your customers (= users of the software) copy of the source code of your fork. This can mean different things based on which license you use from the GPL family (AGPL vs, GPL). Also, see LGPL for software libraries: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-not-lgpl.html (for the record, I'm not telling you to use or not to use LGPL. The page tells the most important differences between GPL and LGPL).

For more info:
>https://www.tldrlegal.com (use with caution because the site may over simplify things)
Replies: >>11910
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>Why should Person B be allowed to take advantage of Person A's work
Because Person A already shared his work with the world.

Person A did some work and then shared it.
Person B did some work and decided not to share it.
You're saying that Person A voluntarily worked for free therefor it's only "fair" that Person B now involuntarily works for free.
I'm saying that's bullshit, Person B is not your slave.

>You don't seem to realize that some people want to release their work under GPL, so they (the original author) can benefit from new improvements because they don't want to "do it for free".
You don't seem to realize that those people would have an even harder time getting what they want if copyright didn't exist. There is no GPL without copyright law.

>But the intent behind GPL is very different.
Copyleft is not the opposite of copyright just because you're the "good" guys and they are the "bad" guys. Either you believe that using state violence to enforce a unilateral contract against everyone in the world in a vain attempt to control information flow is morally repugnant. Or you support the GPL.
Replies: >>11913
>You realize that this scheme can't actually exist without copyright laws. 
Yes. If you don't like GPL - abolish all intellectual "property" laws.

>You are trying to control what other people can and can't do
All intellectual "property" owners doing this like Disney.

>people would take open source code and put it into commercial products
Which will be freely distributed as in free beer. The only way to stop that is with copyright.
>Person B now involuntarily works for free.
Nobody forces him to use GPL-code.
Replies: >>11914 >>11915
>Nobody forces him to use GPL-code.
Intention is not a component of copyright law. Somebody who doesn't realize it is GPL code and uses it, or even just links against it, or even just writes code that looks similar to it, will have his project ruined. Because copyright is basically a contract you unilaterally force onto people who didn't even agree to it.
Replies: >>11933 >>11975
did you just assume his gender you fucking nazi
>Intention is not a component of copyright law
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Wow. I couln't get past the first paragraph or so. What are you even going on about? 
And there I thought I had a talent at writing long walls of senseless autistic rambling.
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Interesting video. Thank you, Anon.
Replies: >>11989
I think normalniggers getting their gorilla brains and testicles fried is some sort of divine retribution for their degeneracy 
I usually have my satanphone in airplane mode, so I don't worry too much about gettin' my balls busted.
What I have done as a result of watching this video though, is that I have relocated my router which till now has been standing on a shelf immediately above my vidya station.
That really is quite concerning since that thing propably emits many times the radiation of a phone.
Replies: >>11989
we're all going to get cancer and die someday, you can't really avoid 5G towers either unless you go full uncle ted. eat, drink, and install gentoo, for tomorrow our testicles get toasted.
Replies: >>11970 >>11975
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you will, loser,  i wont because im vaxmaxxing
Why is GNU Autotools so hated? It supports a ton of platforms and it's very convenient for packagers. I get that very small projects should use GNU Make (NetBSD's bmake and Plan9's mk are also fine, I guess) but why cmake and Meson are better than Autotools?

>Because copyright is basically a contract you unilaterally force onto people who didn't even agree to it.
But you agree the terms of use/license terms if you use a program or use the source code.

I just wanted to say that the (non-existing) "link" between corona vaccines and 5G is just a PSYOP that's designed make people who have real criticism look bad. I bet it's made by some shady think tank (they basically copied COINCELPRO tactics).
get lost globe earther youre a sheeple and didnt do your research,  im a truther, i did my research i know the erf is flat and space is fake say it with me water is LEVEL, rockets cant penetrate the crystal glass dome covering the erf AND all its CORNERS proof the erf is not round ANTARTICA
Probably caused by being old, hard to write in, poor docs and slow.
It is also on http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/GNU/auto-hell .
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They all suck, pretty much. That's why I avoid overcomplicated software with shitloads of libraries and dependencies. A simple Makefile you can edit should be enough. If your software is so fucking complicated you can't do it with a Makefile, then your software sucks.
GNU autotools is a buggy, complicated, slow, inconvenient mess.
Meson is a much more advanced yet simpler version of the same idea - a meta build system in which you give a high level description of what you want, and it figures out the rest.

To support multiple compilers in Autotools, you have to manually write all the support yourself. This means you can probably support obscure compilers like HP's compiler that comes with HP-UX, if you do all the work yourself. Meson abstracts away compiler flags, you tell meson you want a debug build and it'll do it on MSVC, GCC, CompCert, etc, anything Meson supports. The only work you have to do is write portable code. This fails when Meson doesn't support the compiler you want, but it supports the few major compilers (MSVC, GCC/CLANG) and some more.

Autotools' syntax is built around the macro language m4. Autotools is largely a set of m4 macros that you call and then it expands into gigantic Makefiles. Meson's syntax is a purpose-built syntax that is much simpler and better fit for the job, meson compiles a meson program into any of many build systems: Ninja, VSCode, Xcode. You'll be using Ninja most of the time, even on Windows and MacOS. Autotools has the critical flaw that it'll never support VSCode because VSCode may have Make, but it doesn't have Unix utilities, so you have to use Mingw. My projects support every single Windows dev environment Meson supports just because I like portability.

Autotools and Meson have mostly equivalent feature sets. But anything you do will be less work, easier, compile faster, more robust, require reading less documentation, and be more easy to make portable in Meson.

Also, a big win for meson is that it outputs a compile_commands.json. That makes running linters easy. I use a Vim plugin called ALE that lints the code as I write it.

Meson's issue is that it's written in Python. There's an implementation in C called Muon that is compatible enough to compile real programs, but its code is bad, however, it's still better than a Python program, and still better code than Autotools.
I spent my entire morning and half my lunch reading through this video to commentate on it: I've dealt with wifi and played with radio stuff before.

Raw Commentary

==Off the cuff, ==
1. If you're afraid of getting bombarded with RF radiation from 5G towers, get a house that has it's walls with a faraday cage built into it. Even chicken-wire fences would work. 
2. Microwaves are more damaging if they're focused (Masers or dish antennas) rather than radial transmissions (monopole/dipole antennas).
3. The Nocebo effect is vastly-more-damaging than most tech-ops, people can lie to you and you feel bad because you believe it's bad for you.
4. Do you have a microwave oven? If yes, it runs VERY close to but not at the frequencies that wireless routers do. Do you feel anything when it runs? Did you feel it BEFORE I asked this question? Is your mind not making shit up to make you scared? 
5. Light believe it or not, has an RF frequency, I can't remember off the cuff if it's Terhertz or higher, but yes, light has a frequency.
6. Binaural beats are ACTUAL brain-hacking type shit. the thing is, these require that you actually can hear the waves in the first place. Furthermore, headphones are really the only practical way to make binaural beats work. 
==Commentary with specific timestamps==

0:20 - This already smells like fluff, or shit that cult leaders use to get people to believe shit that isn't actually true. Furthermore, I would like to point out that the speaker is from the "Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School" ...and the concern here is allegedy about microwave RF emmissions and not liars.
1:17 - Smoking comparison... Ehhh... You could say the same thing about any sort of physical drug though. More fluff. Also, '''people aren't willingly taking in microwaves to get fucking high.'''
4:48 - "...basically says 'don't keep the phone in your pocket',". Not really that. It's actually a legal ramble about RF radiation transmission and absorbtage that goes over the heads of people that aren't radio engineers, hell, I'd have to read more to really go through the moonspeak of the phone's formula legalese. Doctor-lady is kinda stretching things here, and that sounds dumb if not deceptive.
5:25 - the info is from the WHO of all things... Bruh. Can we trust the WHO's research teams on this shit are not part of the plague of data fraud among science and data circles? Fraud for monetary or clout reasons is a huge fucking problem. Gotta be careful about accepting data that's a convenient lie.
6:25 - "heating up the brain after a six minute phone call" Well. if the entire core of this problem is "heating up the person's brain," then you would ABSOLUTELY feel your skin burning before you started getting brain problems.
7:28 - Talking about microwave ovens, as I said in the preamble. "Same frequency as the cell phone". No. fucking no. check >>6736 Microwaves are NOT at it, they are CLOSE but NOT at it. I will give credit to the infographic, it does give a decent explanation of the EM spectrum.
7:43 - "...The difference between them is power," ...Why do I have a feeling that she is gonna defeat her own message with this sentence?
8:10 - Pulsed radiation is the problem?... This seems weird, RF radiation being pulsed vs sustained is hardly a difference if it's the same wattage. Power in = damage out, common-sense physics.
 8:26 - Holy shit that "pulse" demonstration. jesus fuck.
8:45 - "...The continuous wave signals have a lot of therapeutic effects..." '''BRUH. WHAT.''' First off, in the sentence before, '''she demonizes microwaves because it's PULSED, but praises microwaves when it's SUSTAINED??''' Microwaves are microwaves, frequency is frequency.
8:55 - Nice little little animations, but there's a problem. What do the bottom or top numbers represent in the graph? Frequency? Watts? Bandwidth? Why are you leaving this out, lady?
9:16 - What does v/M mean on this graph? What about the rest of the graph. Is that time? Crucial data for measurements that is AGAIN being omitted... Why are you still leaving shit out lady?
9:30 - Works pretty much like wireless protocol. https://invidio.us/watch?v=IbZx_zCpC-Q is a very good explanation of it (even if it's a comedy sketch).
11:24 - Referencing data from 20 years ago, funded by Motorola, and the US DoD, and the funding lost when he published it. I tried looking him up, found his papers, but got cockblocked out of them by paywalls and the FCC's pajeet-built websites.
12:12 - "...So professor Ghandi, whom I'm collaborating with now..." So she's referencing a then-13-year-old research paper from her colleague. Alright.
13:00 - The radiation models updated from 2D to 3D. What she shoes is the radiation absorbsion from various frequencies, notable in that the LOWER frequencies are portrayed to have more depth penetration than the higher frequencies... I thought the concern here was MICROWAVES, yet '''the very fucking model in her presentation conflicts with the presentation's purpose!'''
13:50 - shows a 2d model vs the angled 3D models of the previous ones. But what is intersting is it shows something that was missing from the 3d models - a cell phone model, and how it works in relation to the person's head...
14:40 - fluff fluff, microwaves will ruin your gonads.
15:54 - "...The united states magazine of consumer reports recently recommended that nobody keep a phone in their pocket." Hmmm.... the US magazine of consumer reports? Funny. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/consumerreports.com Most people can't stand them nowadays, I wonder how 'reliable' they were in the past, because if anything, most downfalls of media or entertainment outlets are gradual, and noticable years in advance before they get insufferably-bad. 
16:00 to 22:25 - Fluff about pregnancy that repeats points she's alrady talked about, and what I've already bitched about.
22:34 - She's talking about RADAR now. Okay, how is she gonna fuck things up this time?...
23:45 - She cites a SIMULATION of cellular microwave damage. A simulation? How can you be sure that the one who made this simulation didn't have a broken model because of the industry-wide-problem called PUBLISH OR PERISH. Even then, the animals are -much- smaller than humans are, and thus take more damage from RF radiation, '''her own fucking models prove this'''!
26:59 - After MORE pregnancy-related fluff, she shows us a bar graph with antennas... Seriously, come on.  Why are the antennas in the graphs nessecary? Did she follow some psychology course that journos and news orgs take to manipulate people?
29:30 - yet ANOTHER FUCKING GRAPH WITH OMITTED DATA! It's literally just showing a time comparison of an unspecified sperm count. For fuck's sake lady.
30:30 - Another animal comparison that conflates microwave damage with humans, despite using animals that naturally are smaller and more-vulnerable to microwave radiation.
32:30 to 33:28 - Talk about breast cancer because of alleged RF radiation... I'm surprised, this is actually interesting. Another thing I'm concerned about is- cases. Most people have cases with their phones to protect them from drops or jolts because, well, PHONES ARE EXPENSIVE. and I think a bare-metal-to-skin contact could be more effective.
34:15 - summary of cancer cases. What I'm concerned about, is if there is a real cancer risk with phonesm then WHY THE FUCK DID SHE NEED TO OMIT DATA ON THE GRAPHS?? And again, phone cases, in theory -should- affect transmission power of microwaves and RF radiation, or at least have some limit of contact to the person's skin.
35:16 - "...in 2011 the World health Organization had reviewed all of the evidence, and decided that mobile phone radiation was a '''possible''' human carcinogen,". (emphasis is mine.) Jesus fucking christ. journo buzzwords much?
36:26 - She talks about how the WHO is no longer doing research on cell phone radiation... '''Hmmmm...'''
39:42 - I can read the quiet part already "YOUR KIDS WILL GET BRAIN CANCER IN 40 YEARS BECAUSE OF MICROWAVE RADIATION, BE AFRAID, GIVE US MONEY!". Come the fuck on.
40:53 - this part is fucking rich, considering she uses graphs and models with omitted data. bitch, please.
42:12 - I remember this, commercials in those years crying about "save the honeybees". Which.. Honestly, I both understand, and at the same time, I'm not so sure about, because of how so much fucking alarmism in television the past thirty fucking years has devalued the entire structure of media as a whole. I honestly, would like to see apiary or farmer's tests on RF with honeybees before I would a university or journo's tests.
43:39 - '''THIS IS THE ENTIRE REASON I MADE THIS COMMENTARY!''' Of course, she doesn't realize that her own info in this VERY FUCKING SCREEN is a double-edged sword! Yet. At the same fucking time, she went on this entire spiel about cell phones and cancer, despite the fact that there has been incentive to lie about this, for fucking decades.
(the rest onwards is fluff about laws, and it ends on a "what you can do about it" things.)

Replies: >>11990 >>12339


--- This presentation has partial-truths fluffed up to hell and back, assumes the viewer is uneducated, and takes advantage of that lack of education to push a narrative no-less-biased than the telecom' industry's biased narrative.
--- Crucial data for it's graphs and visual models is omitted- not explaining the elements of the graphs, not showing the transmission range of the phones, etc.
--- The 2013 3D model shows LOWER FREQUENCIES being more penetrative (which they are, if you know about radio physics) than microwaves (the 'enemy' in this presentation). 
--- The models of these datasets assume that this is a person who 'holds the phone up to their head and talks for long times with it'. In other words, if there is a risk to cooking your brain 'it's soley because you keep it up to your head so much', if you communicate mostly through handsfree, speaker phone, or text, you're gonna be okay because the the radiation is too weak to reach you away from your head.
--- 43:39 is actually REALLY notable, in that it completely says the quiet part out loud: They don't fucking know as much as they do because everyone is throwing shit into the pot to try and ruin it for their enemies or get fast money. YET, despite this, they still have omitted crucial data in their graphs, they use inflammatory language more-congruent with journo shit, and seem to completely forget that the very slide they posted does not absolve their own problems.

My Biases

--- I am hateful towards fearmongering messages. I have been in both sides of the political extremes before, and quite-frankly, I am sick and tired of fearmongering, buzzwords, and bullshit surround it.
--- The raw commentary is filled with assumptions that I don't really know the truth about- particularly her organization, her goals, and her motives.
--- I don't deny that RF (EMF) radiation could be harmful, but I am skeptical on it's capacity to be harmful to people, and the people that treat it's capacity to be harmful as something you should be eternally-afraid of. There are people who have reasons to lie to create chaos, or a fake narrative to use as a convenient weapon or debunking tool.


This is the source video on YT. Comments are turned off, that alone sketches me out. Now the biggest questions are these: "Were the comments turned off because people were going redditor vs /pol/ in the comments? Or did they turn off comments because radio engineers were clowning on them, and that hurt ((( the message ))) of the video?"

I tried to use the wayback machine to see if comments were on then, but it appears that Wayback machine cannot archive youtube comments.

I tried to find the paper she talked about in the video, but I did find the author of it, and he wrote this article in regards to weaponizing microwaves... The problem is, microwaves are BARELY mentioned at all. Most of the article's focus is on infared lasers when it comes to non-lethal-weapon application. Furthermore, the video above is from 2015, this article is two years ahead of it.

This is a ham with 20 years of experience on radio, he talks about how RF radiation hurts you.

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Okay so I still should be backing down on taping my cellphone to my forehead every day? Very cool, thanks for the review.
>unixnigger still going
He's great and so are the rest of the schizos. I know I'm in the right place whenever I see them. though haven't seen unixnigger around lately
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I haven't seen anyone lately, myself included. These days I can't even motivate myself to type out a post.
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He's asking if ceph is bad (悪いのか) or good (良いか) and what is it normally used for (使う理由何). It's a distributed filesystem used in corporate networks, it's not something you use at home.
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>not something you use at home.
Not even if I have to store hundreds of terabytes of data across multiple computers?
Replies: >>12044
Even if you had hundreds of terabytes you don't have a web service or compute cluster that needs to access it all at the same time.
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speak english faggot i can't read your moon runes
[Hide] (16.1KB, 480x270)
# Hiroshima 広島市,   Nagasaki 長崎 Rape of Nanjing 南京大虐殺 Two nukes not enough 核兵器2発では足りない Iwo Jima 硫黄島 dirty suicidal jap zipperhead gook
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So for a NAS regular ol' RAID using btrfs/ZFS/XFS over NFS is preferable I take it.
Anon, Nips don't employ an automatic niggernet filter like the Chinese do and putting 広島、長崎、硫黄島 in your spray won't do anything as those are just regular city/place names.
If you want to annoy nips say 千島列島がロシア合法利用である or 日本人は本当に島朝鮮人のだwhich is actually sort of true as the proto-nipponese language and culture originated on the southern coasts of the Korean peninsula, though those people were culturally and ethnically distinct from the proto-Koreans whose descendants make up the majority of modern Koreans.
Vim's author has passed away.
[Hide] (415.3KB, 650x392)
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good may he rot in hell
I really don't like Urganda children after getting told by him.
I hope the Ugandan children are next.
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Wat. I'm used to jschan randomly forgetting (you)s, but this is the first time I see jschan putting a (you) on a post I didn't write. What is it so fucking complicated in storing a bunch of integers?
Replies: >>12066
Maybe it has something to do with the recent site failure
Replies: >>12067
Dunno, but in the settings you can check the stored yous, and it starts with v-403,v-638,meta-105,v-714,v-726,v-729,v-753,v-814,-undefined for me. Those threads must have died at least 3 years ago. Also, undefined lol.
Based. Copyleftism and GNU are a Bolshevik cancer of the free software movement that needs to be purged. They even have a perverted newspeak calling A/L/GPL "free" and not proprietary, while the licenses would be unenforceable without intellectual property law. Copyleft is proprietary as much as closed source is.
Thunderbird is now begging for donations with a literal fucking donation page being opened in the browser.
I'd like some recommendations for non-bloat email clients for Linux that don't include their own webbrowser.
Excluding terminal programs and abandonware.
[Hide] (151.5KB, 862x689)
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Sylpheed or Claws (a fork of Sylpheed) are probably what you're looking for, they specifically don't support HTML mail and convert HTML messages to plaintext (while still letting you access the original as an attachment).
Replies: >>12865
>non-bloat email client
>no webbrowser
Most email are html, with external images.
Replies: >>12097 >>12865
A small subset of html. I mean without a webengine. You don't need a webengine to display paragraphs and bold text, do you?
No, I don't think I like reading monospace text by default and the version for Ubuntu LTS is outdated by two years.
QRD on this? seems like an ordinary business vacation to me slum tourism is apparently a real travel trend
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Google Translate just told me, it can't translate webp.
Are you serious? You don't take webp but try to force everyone else to use it?
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[Hide] (4.5MB, 4000x3000)
Anon, please help me out.
I have already asked on plebbit, but haven't received an answer so far. 
Propably my post got ghosted cause my good boi points are too low or some gay shit like that.

Anyways. I recently bought a used rx5700xt off ebay and of course immediately did some stress testing, thinking glxgears and unigine benchmarks would be enough to evaluate its stability.

But in Metro Exodus I get seemingly random crashes, which take the whole display server down with it.
Pic related shows the message I'm getting after wlroot crashes - this "Discarded=1" thing. 
Currently I'm using wayland with sway but I also had xorg crashing before. 

The fan is set to max manually, temps not reaching beyond 80°C.

Now I need to know if the hardware faulty after all or is it a software issue, so I can return the card ASAP.
Pls respond
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a real nipponese among us? !
Go back to leddit with your blurry photos.
What does dmesg say, retard? Logs?
learn to screenshot nigger, or even better copy pasting text. xorg logs? dmesg? Test with another computer, different OS?
Replies: >>12108 >>12122
I'll post dmesg log later. Was too ted off yesterday
>learn to screenshot nigger
kinda hard SCREENSHOTTING A TTY, isn't it
What the fuck is Ceph filesystem? All I know is zfs btfs ext xfs and redseafs for templeOS. Also, stop using meme filesystem because one day you will regret when suddenly it start to fuckup! Most filesystem recovery software out there don't support meme filesystem. Just think about that for a second.
If you think you can show off with your ignorance, you're on the wrong site.
haha If you think you can show off with your ignorance, you're on the wrong site
Huh, I didn't it supported images now. Apparently only PNG & JPEG are supported. Also I tried it on a few Cyrillic & Hangul images and it didn't even give me untranslated OCR anyway.
[Hide] (209.6KB, 500x500)
What is the case in picrelated?
Replies: >>12121
I have a very similar mini itx computer akschually
[Hide] (165.1KB, 569x1500)
Yeah, so it was the shitty native linux port. On Wayland that wouldn't run at all so I ran the game with the proton layer which crashes weirdly.
I'm using xorg for that game right now. Had to disable my 2 secondary monitors to be able to play the native gnu/linux port.

I still don't know if it was a wise idea to switch to wayland.
Replies: >>12123
wayland is meme software. I have been on xorg forever and will continue do so.
Replies: >>12128
[Hide] (113.4KB, 600x862)
X-Windows is also meme software, except it's 4 decades out of date.
except x sounds like sex and wayland sounds like gayland
Replies: >>12367
>that cover
I want to go back.
why does everything look so boring and gay nowadays?
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With all those ROM sites shutting down, how is this one still up despite having pretty much every game for every (non-current gen) system?
Are they using some sort of legal loophole, or are they hosted in a country with weak copyright laws? Or are they still up simply because they're still a relatively new and unknown site, so the game companies/lawyers don't know about it yet?
Replies: >>12134
>relatively new
This. The site's only been online for barely a year, same reason fullsets plop onto Internet Archive for months at a time.

If you want to talk about sites that have stayed up practically forever for real, a better example is a certain prominent "abandonware" Macfag site, which hosts such a comprehensive collection as it does solely because the legacy platform's devotees have been so thoroughly ignored for so long.
Replies: >>12159
Compared to wayland, X is much more non-meme. Nearly all GUI programs support X, while wayland adaptation is slow as fuck.
[Hide] (2.4KB, 320x200)
There's also Amiga, Atari, and various 8-bit computer sites that have been up forever. Some are even FTP sites that were established in the 90's.
While we're at the X vs gayland topic, is there a wayland compositor that allows me to upscale individual windows? On X it seems like mission impossible due to how X servers work, on wayland I think a compositor in theory could upscale the window and translate the mouse inputs.
>i just wont answer the gitlab ticket and set issue to wontfix because i simply have to UMM OKAY?
So what subreddit are we in again right now? anyways how is your wannabe career at /r/sysadmin going? is this the sekrit stack exchange le imageboard hideout? Boy! someone sure does love to hate on tard wranglers here.

Should i just buy a ChatGPT account from some shady online seller and be done with it praying they dont one day suddenly terminate it for no reason at all? Besides most of the thirdies here probably admitted using it at one point, Atleast AI bothers to try explaining the problem in detail rather than acting like arrogant pieces of shit like your average /g/entoomen here.

Where the fuck did this even come from? most of us could barely earn the sheckels to feed our families, you realize they can just replace us with another jeet for slacking off right?

Also: >>6290
>complaining about muh lazy unruly nonwhite employees
<proceeds to use a chinky USB mouse jiggler anyway to skip work
yet its LE BAD when we find genius ways to cheat the system ourselves
Replies: >>12167 >>12189
lmao seething jeet, take your shit back to your designated shitting street
>So what subreddit are we in again right now? anyways how is your wannabe career at /r/sysadmin going? is this the sekrit stack exchange le imageboard hideout?
Imagine being such an expert imageboard user that you replied in the wrong thread.
Replies: >>12205 >>12339
It was trashed by mod.
Is RAID10 with superfloppies a meme?
Replies: >>12242 >>12250
[Hide] (63.8KB, 1182x398)
cock.li is open for registration but they want you to mine something to be unblocked.
>You are now the proud owner of a cock.li E-mail address. I hope you're fucking happy. Your e-mail address can receive e-mail immediately. Before you can send e-mail, your browser must complete a proof-of work challenge. Mine your very own cock on the unblock page.
>You can now access your E-mail directly using Webmail, or set up your own mail client using settings you can find on the Server Info page.
>REMEMBER: Passwords are NOT reset for ANY reason, so don't ask. NEED HELP?: Click 

> Your account is temporarily blocked from sending mail!
>To minimize the number of accounts created for spam, all new cock.li accounts are COCKBLOCKED. This means you can receive mail fine, but cannot send. To un-cockblock yoself, you must complete a proof-of-work challenge.
>Your browser does all the work in the background. Once a solution is found, it will be automatically entered into the text input below.
>The proof-of-work is designed so you can start and stop at any time without losing progress. The chance of finding a solution is random, so you're never making the same guess twice.
>"Is this a cryptocurrency miner?" I wish!
Replies: >>12241
Nice, that's a pretty good solution for the spam problem, if you don't need to send anything (I think cock.li is filtered by most providers anyway right?) then the new system is an immediate improvement.
No but if you're saying RAID10 you're either going with hardware RAID or a backwards software RAID solution (e.g. Linux LVM, OpenBSD softraid). Go with ZFS raidz1. And of course, always give ZFS entire disks, so that's a superfloppy.
[Hide] (5.2MB, 640x846, 00:16)
Which episode of GitS:SAC was it that had the dead hacker with thousands of floppy drives storing everything in his rig?
anything worthwhile about the darkfi project?
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*used the word "fag"
I'm so tired of the internet
Replies: >>12264
[Hide] (69.3KB, 948x1024)
Reddit, despite its pretensions, is not "the Internet", fag.
Replies: >>12264 >>12270
Reddit is just like Rage Against the Machine

>Acts like they're hot shit socialist revolutionaries
>Rich kids given a platform that "hates the man" even though The Man is their parents.
>Bends the knee to ((( the message ))) when the guy wearing blue says to.
>Absolutely goes frothing mad when the guy wearing red wants them to do something, even though it's the same thing the guy wearing blue says next year.
>Their careers were not organically grown, but catered by businesses and fake engagement.
Replies: >>12270
[Hide] (78.8KB, 1136x640)
Reddit isn't fake Internet, because it wasn't always like this. Reddit is a cautionary tale.

That said, it always did have some inherent mechanical flaws that made it culturally worse than predecessors such as Slashdot, like the lack of a dedicated anonymous posting feature.

Also, watching the Fediverse almost immediately descend a totalitarian torture chamber of the pushmop class more vicious than any centralized normalfag social media site sometimes makes me wonder if any architecture that relies on human trannitors in any role is simply doomed in a post-Eternal September environment.
Replies: >>12298
[Hide] (10.4MB, 4608x2592)
got memed into this faggot piece of shit
I hate this little nigger like you wouldn't believe
Your fault for being a tummy dummy.
I got one which has an fn key to add all functionality of a proper keyboard and when you trigger certain basic key combinations like crtl+arrow this piece of shit cycles through its gazillion shortcut modes. fuck
Replies: >>12287 >>12298
Your fault for being a jumbo dumbo.

Why would anyone buy a keyboard with missing keys?
Replies: >>12298
They're not called tranny keyboards for nothing, anon. It doesn't even have direction keys, for fuck sake.
Replies: >>12298
[Hide] (453.6KB, 2700x1271)
You should never buy a 60% keyboard with bad or complete lack of software support. I bought pic related last month, and I'm quite happy with it.
>Made the Caps Lock key act as a Fn key when I'm holding it thanks to it's "Mod Tap" functionality, as well as turned the "Menu" key, Ctrl key, Fn key and the Shift key on the right into arrow keys when I tap them, and made two custom profiles that rebinds them to either the arrow keys or the left joystick for games.
And the best part is that I don't have to install anything to my computer because their software also runs in web browsers. Though I will definitely sell this keyboard and buy a 65%, 70% or 75% version of this keyboard if it ever comes out.
Replies: >>12309
Replies: >>12294 >>12298
[Hide] (151.9KB, 1280x720)
Which side?
Replies: >>12295
Put the numpad in the center
[Hide] (244.5KB, 991x1000)
That's known as a 56% keyboard.
[Hide] (41.9KB, 700x700)
[Hide] (4.6KB, 304x171)
[Hide] (177.9KB, 1536x1152)
So far what from I've seen, Mop-pusher powergrabs are a consistent thing since the days of forums, BBS, and IRC: Any positions of power bring out the worst in normal people, and bring out the true side of people with predator personalities. 

Of course, being a tranny just adds emotional dysfunction to all the other gotchas of janitorial duties, so it's a wonder why Reddit became as shit as it is, and why the fediverse users turned on each other so fast.

>Tranny keyboard
Where the fuck do they call these tranny keyboards? 4/g/? this is the first time I've ever heard of non-full-sizes being called that.

Ouch. Looks like you got baited by /r/mechanicalkeyboards or geekhack into getting a meme board with QMK commands rather than being normal. The thing is, you -really- have to appreciate making keyboards in the first place to use QMK functions, or be willing to practice using them to make them work. Otherwise, it's just an annoying meme that cost far too much money.

But really, buying a 3D printer, some filament, some wire, a soldering iron, a teensy board, and making your own keyboard would legitimately be less expensive than buying some of the shit that ends up on /r/mechanicalkeyboards.

I got a Royal Kludge RK61 (60% keyboard, ~$50USD) for my battery-powered RasPi4-in-a-pelican-case cyberdeck and had a pleasant experience with the keyboard itself. Needs a bit of RTFM to understand the modes and how to get certain keys to work functionally, but I like it for it's portability, and needed a more robust keyboard other than shitty tablet keyboards. Any other situation? Full size all the way.

But really.. 60% is the absolute minimum keyboard that is actually reasonable to type on without it becoming a total meme, or sunk-cost-copium. At that point, you might as well go full-on-stenography route if you want to type with as few keys as possible.

Learning steno is difficult though. I bought the Steko and tried to use it. It's... -far- more nuanced to use than a normal keyboard, but given how learning DVORK or COLEMAK requires you to basically completely rewire your muscle memory, I don't know why more WPM autists just go for Plover and learn Steno instead if they're willing to learn a new layout to squeeze out a few more WPM.

Steno goes literally 200+WPM, it's the device that captioners and court reporters use to write captions and transcripts in real time.
>3D printer, some filamen
What kind of filament you suggest? The buttons I printed for my gaymer keyboard break in like 5 minutes.
Replies: >>12301 >>12304
[Hide] (112.7KB, 660x747)
[Hide] (174.7KB, 750x532)
>Mop-pusher powergrabs are a consistent thing since the days of forums, BBS, and IRC
True. Coming from the truly unmoderated USENET, posters grovelling at the feet of jannies over deletions & bans on webfora & BBSs instead of just shittalking about each others' killfiles always felt... Off, even when I was too young to understand why.
>it's [no?] wonder why Reddit became as shit as it is, and why the fediverse users turned on each other so fast.
Thing is, comparing USENET to the Fediverse, are there any real topological differences? From what I can see, it looks like the only difference is social norms have gone up completely in flames, with the equivalent (defederation) of what would've been exceptional measures reserved only against machine-assisted attacks on the integrity of the network like spam or DDOS, instead used to enforce censorship in ways unthinkable even in the '00s.
>I bought the Steko and tried to use it
o7 if you can master that, stenotype is hard as balls.

Regarding alternatives to the plain 'ol typewriter keyboard, there's also what the mouse's inventor originally suggested as an adjunct just for it, sacrificing WPM in return for completely freeing up a hand for mousing, the chorded keyboard.
Replies: >>12304
[Hide] (145.7KB, 1280x720)
PETG (The terephthalate will turn you tranny)
Nylon (safe, but the additives used to improve flow will irritate your lungs, and it will produce tons of microplastics)
ABS (produces styrene fumes which are cancerous, but overall good)
Never print either of these in your house.
PLA is a meme because it isn't dimensionally stable over time and becomes brittle when exposed to moisture.
>in your house
If you don't have a well-ventilated workroom set aside even for tasks as simple as soldering, you're gonna have a bad time.
Replies: >>12303 >>12306
99% of soyfaced printing faggots do it in their house next to someplace they constantly occupy.
Replies: >>12305
I would say that >>12301 got it pretty good, but I would also add PLA+ to it. If you do PLA (and variants), I would get a sealer and paint it before you assemble and wire everything to deal with the moisture problems.

If you choose to do nylon, you'll have to spend more and either DIY or buy a dry chamber to house the filament - Nylon is the most moisture-absorbing material on the entire market to the point that a sufficiently-humid room could cause problems with a fresh spool surprisingly-fast.

ABS needs a heat shield too, either as a metal chamber you can put the printer in, or a box just to hold the heat it. Otherwise you might have layers coming apart.

Personally? I'd say go PLA+ or PETG. PLA+ if you're autistic about the aesthetics of the board, and PETG if you don't. reason being. PETG is a bit finicky and prone to stringing, which is an aesthetic issue. PLA+ is by-far the most-beginner friendly of all filaments on the market. 

>The buttons I printed for my gaymer keyboard break in like 5 minutes.
Off the top of my head, I would recommend: Changing your key button models to something else more robust, or rotate your keys in the slicer so that the grain of the layers is diagonal to the keyboard, not lateral.

>Thing is, comparing USENET to the Fediverse, are there any real topological differences?
Not really sure. I haven't used USENET enough to compare it to the fediverse, so I don't know.

>Chorded keyboard
interesting. with the old picture, it almost looks like a braile interface. that could be something to look at.

>o7 if you can master that, stenotype is hard as balls.
It is. It's neat, but I haven't really gotten around using it recently. I probably could one of these days.

Of course, I tried to play the game Steno Arcade to practice. Holy crap. Just the learning curve from "barely learning steno" to "being able to beat the easiest song on Steno Arcade" is fucking huge. And that's not a reflection of the difficulty of the game, that's the difficulty of learning Stenotype.
>their house
>not a studio apartment that's got exposed red brick walls and everything
So first step is to buy a house large enough. This is going to be a fucking expensive keyboard.
[Hide] (492.1KB, 894x388)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3264x2448)
Nah, I just posted a generic image. 
Picrelated is the keyboard I actually bought. Cheap af chinkshit. No more than 60 bugs.
I use it for the laptop in an electronics workshop, hence the need for a small keyboard.
It's annoying, but still better than the shitty laptop keyboard.
>flatpak on artix
What the hell are you doing, anon?
Replies: >>12315
[Hide] (61.1KB, 850x400)
[Hide] (39.5KB, 327x154)
>>11256 since this thread is full of shitflinging right now
Love is a vile disease that corrupts humanity from the inside out and must be eradicated from civilized societies at all costs, Debate my opinion.
Holy shit the people behind this quote were surely ahead of their time, Why does this all sound too familiar nowadays?
Exhibit A: you agree with at least one jew
I'm using that wine prefix manager "Bottles", it's only available via flatpak.
>Debate my opinion.
You're bitter about love because you weren't loved as a kid. 

Or you were loved as a kid, but now you aren't loved anymore, and that's made you bitter.

RK-61 DE

You know? You honestly could've ended up with a keyboard that was a lot more expensive and a lot more asinine than you would've ever known. Pic number 3 in >>12298 isn't even the worst of tiny-mechanical-keyboard autism. But then again, I don't know how many people actually use a keyboard with only home keys and a spacebar.
Replies: >>12340
>integrates signal encryption
>signal revealed as belonging to intel today
>good day
i know this and the above was a troll post but very informative thank you nevertheless

How is this any different from a cuckchanner saying "go back to plebbit tourist" also duck (you) for moving my post i tried to be on topic as possible calling him out for earlier BS.

Speaking of chinkshit funnily enough i recall buying one of those 3 dollar imitation "dumb gaming keyboards" thinking this would be better than the crap accessories on DELL/HP office computers but boy i was wrong god my fingers already feel broken from the unnatural "fake mechanical membrane" buttons and the cheap plastic mirror for the lights and the mouse feels like some recalled toy with too big of a plastic body.
Oh well it didnt really matter since it was just for the initial setup on my mini PC while the rest was network managed should've just gotten generic A4tech instead i guess

Also how the heck does one even trigger the keyboard backlight on linux using terminal? im using asus zenbook UX430U but other than that LMDE6 seems to work perfectly though firefox hogs up lots of ram (like 10gb for 20 jewtube tabs)
Replies: >>12356
[Hide] (124.8KB, 640x852)
[Hide] (9KB, 168x300)
warning /r9gay/ tier post ahead i mean? he maybe a kike but he does have a valid point for once here have another two
Not a samefag or anything but about this bullshit mental illnesses why do normies feel the need to shove true love down our kids as we have this toxic idea that when teenagers dont go courting they are clearly immature beyond repair almost like they desperately want to destroy our sacred childhood imagination fearing we would invent something unique and leave them behind out of jealousy.
I swear to god every single time i try getting proper solitude society literally believes im some lonely depressed incel on the brink of shooting another goy school as if they are afraid i'll become self aware one day when given enough alone time for myself to pick up the fragments others left.

Why do they constantly push the rhetoric that if you refuse to hurt your loved ones there is something clearly wrong or unhealthy with your relationship? i just really care about my sanity and wellbeing man is that too much to ask? i don't want to be associated with those extremely pro-social psychos.
Are people even remotely capable of romance and compassion these days or its all just massive a cope as they lack an internal monologue and require dependence on others for validation since a critical part of tier personality (or logical and creative ability in general) is missing under the false guise of destiny and (clearly rigged) fate?

>aww this guy wasnt loved properly therefore bitter and butthurt
<insert fantasy happy ending with 2dpilled waifu here while roasties seethe
That's not what i fucking meant you turbo tax retard, this phrase alone is proof we arent really that different from nu-reddit at this point. Wow what a mundane response for this chan.
If true love was actually caring and gentle as mother nature originally promised i probably wont be the schizoid lunatic i am today this so called hardship did nothing but wear me out from the inside worse than these soul crushing wagie office jobs yet somehow they legit delusionally believe it will magically make them stronger which absolutely couldn't be further from the truth.
wait? does that mean i am infact a weak nonwhite for not giving in to this suffering rhetoric edgy far righters push
apologies for sperging out in the wrong thread someone's gonna have to say this at one point. hopefully people listen
>second pic
Tesla just fucked up. He had a cute tomboy he liked but he refused her proposal, not because he thought love was bullshit, but because he held her in such high regard he thought he wasn't good enough to marry her yet. She took the rejection so badly she became a rabid man-hating feminist and that quote only came after the fact.
>>12340 (Nice get)
>Normie parents being destructive to teenagers (with love and dating expectations)
Parents just get an idea into their head that "this is how it MUST be, because that's how --I was raised--,", and expecting children to toe the line and keep marching is foolish at best, and completely-abusive at worst.

Kids do what kids do and parents just don't know that their mistakes really fucking hurt them.

>The overaggressive (family member)-beaters' narrative
This is funny. The only ones I see pushing for hurting your own family members as a means of punishment are either the cult-tier-religious, drug addicts who don't know any better, or perfectionist asians. Most shit that families of the past did as a form of punishment, would nowadays be considered child abuse: because, well, pulling out a belt and smacking you child with it- even if it's on the butt, --is child abuse--, and it's not fucking right to do that today.

>Are people capable of romance today, or is all just cope?
Honestly? I think it's both. There is a lot of copium being pushed around, and most modern media nowdays seems to be trying to deliberately-engineer a plague of ADHD so people might forget the fact that the so-called "ruling class" has consistently been manipulating people, doing mafia-style tactics to silence naysayers, has wanted to make us slaves, and is panicking that all their secrets have been leaking out like a pool with fifty holes in it thanks to their incompetence.

But people who turn off the TV and 'get out into the wilderness' do find love, and do connect with people. And sometimes people who --are-- online do find friends and love.

>My "unloved by parents" assumption
Okay, my bad. I made an assumption and that was silly. I made that assumption because you went high-brow-edge on that last post. 

But my reasoning for assuming that, is because people often do wacky shit (mental-gymnastics included) because of deep-seated emotional trauma: and a nasty thing parents can do to a kid, is to be unconditionally loving to them, and then halfway through their life, change the "unconditional" part to "conditional". Also, people that like to play the blame game with sexes tend to have issues with that sex, either because they were manipulated into hating a family member with that sex, or because a family member with that sex was harsh and/or abusive to them.

I don't know what life you lived, if you actually --did-- have a family that was loving or not, and that was dumb of me to assume. I'm sorry for that.

>George Orwell and Nikola Tesla
For the record, these men have their own flaws and such regarding love too.

Orwell was a man whose soul was broken into pieces by the horrors of war, and the paranoia of the politics back them. His writings and quotes are reflective of a man who is running with a wolf pack of emotional trauma, fear, and paranoia right as his heels. If he were alive today, the jews and left would call him a Nazi or an Uncle Tom. His opinions on love and sex is the way it is because he was so terrorized and exhausted by trauma and fear, that the idea of wasting any emotional energy is stupid. It's completely reasonable that he'd think that, even if I disagree with his thinking.

Tesla was a special kind of autistic that made him oblivious to love: He basically had pussy WALK UP TO HIM AND ASK TO BE FUCKED AND HE SAID NO! Honestly? I think Tesla was an overthinker, and that's why he didn't see that the women wanted to be with him, to be with him- at least if they were genuine. Grifters come in both male and female flavors, and I don't know how many of the women he met really wanted to date him to love him, or were gold-diggers.

>Spoilers at the end
Whoa whoa whoa there friendo. We may take posts completely out of context when someone strikes a nerve, but some of us here can actually hold opinions and have disagreements without feeling the need to witch-hunt or mass-downvote a post we don't like.

But hey, shit happens man. Love is fun to me, I like it when I got it and give it, but it needs a time and a place. You can't smother a bad day (or week, or month, or year, or life) in love and hope it would magically go away- that's just as bad as being an asshole to someone having a bad day.
[Hide] (230.7KB, 512x512)
- F2F easy to self host chat solution

- client is a progressive web app (vanilla JS, no frameworks)

- servers are standard servers running the earthstar protocol using deno, tested on x86-64 PCs and arm64 SBC

- options for encryption and volatility of messages

- no login or admins, all done through keypairs (this is why it's F2F)

- message passing is through synchronization or downloading-uploading message batches, servers may sync with each others or act as isolated data silos with clients shuffling the data around, uses websockets

- unfortunately TLS is most often required by browser security protocols, server tested with caddy as a server proxy and webserver, else the centralized but quite easy to set up cloudflare quick tunnels, see docs.

 - one of the very few RFC 1149 compatible apps

repos  https://bitbucket.org/ssv0/sneakspeak https://github.com/ssv0/sneakspeak

fully working interfaces connected to demo server to test it out, you can use it with your servers too


and with brave (which tolerates ipfs-served content talking to secure websockets):

>web app
boycotting it
Replies: >>12352

You can use earthstar CLI or deno scripts to post and watch messages manually, if you want. Earthstar is a nice protocol and its dev is planning more features.

One of the objectives was zero install for the client, so, web app. As you can see it does not have cookies or trackers, in fact after the first access it caches all the pages so the server doesn't know whatever you do. Also, it doesn't use URL parameters so it works even served by the most shittiest mobile webservers. I'll try running the full node with deno and termux.
Replies: >>12356
>moving my post
When shitfling starts, the quality goes bad quickly. Moving to offtopic keep the original thread safe from the fight, while the fight can continue.
This is offtopic, and ironically on topic for this thread.
>Love is ...
Define love. Objectively human individuals can only experience through their sensor organs or pheromones. The feeling of love, whatever that is, can only be result of induction of such senses or internal signaling. In human decision making process, love is no different from other "feel goods" that we place value on. As such removing it will disable human decision making capabilities.
Simply, loving x is just treating x as valuable. I love Linux, for example. Since we can only model abstractly or what we experience, Linux for me may not be Linux for you. Fortunately Linux is quite objectively definible, sure I meant GNU+Linux. Things get interesting when the target of love is another human. What is another human in one's mind?
Assume Alice loves Bob. What is Bob? The physical body of Bob? THe way Bob can be predicted to behave (his "personality")? From Alice point of view, Bob is what she sees, hear, or hear about, smelt, etc. Maybe it's the expensive wine Bob treats Alice that Alice likes and associate Bob with? Not impossible. Perhaps it's the "feel goods" that Alice associate from all interaction with Bob, creating a feeling of Bob that has high "feel goods" value.
This is the level of "love" women usually have.
Being male, Bob is capable of abstract thinking. He can deduce and imagine a world outside of his immediate senses. He can imagine Alice as a person living in the physical world. He can infer Alice's mental pathways, how she acts without him around, how she would act around kids, how she would react to cheating attempts, how she would treat him if he lose his job and money. Maybe he can really love the abstract modeled Alice and be quite close to the real world.
This is the level of "love" some men can have.
Love doesn't have to be to human. Like any other abstract models, men can love cars, theories, machines, computers.
There is nothing wrong with being alone. One of the most important thing I have learnt is women are mostly incapable of deep abstract thinking, and therefore not capable of "true love". They don't even understand what they love.
The reason why "love" is pushed so much now is women are the best product to control men.
In the past, women are much cheaper to obtain. Get a job, give his father a firm handshake. Sometimes marriage are assigned, making it even easier. However, now women require good looks, which come naturally for few people, or money/power. This forces men to have to work harder, which is made even harder by women taking up half of the workforce. Since women are incapable of abstract thinking, they are easily affected by authority images and peer feel goods. That makes them a vector for men to have to adopt any kind of thinking women are taught to like. For example niggerloving, tolerance, travel culture.
Anon, I
Replies: >>12362 >>12468

Discord is toxic indeed, and earthstar is funded by EU. Yet it is a good protocol and simple enough for a coder to look at the internals. Web client means not secure, but this project is about an easy to set up and resilient infrastructure for data exchange, not for another tor i2p gnunet clone
Replies: >>12363 >>12364
btw I wrote sneakspeak, earthstar is another dev
>Web client means not secure
If the web "client" is actually a P2P client/server in a simple pile of JS executed locally, and that JS is stable and well documented, the fact it's executed in a browser is irrelevant for security, especially since porting it to another language or platform is entirely possible.
>funded by
Funding or authors or whatever don't matter. Remember TOR is funded and originally written by literal glownogs, but because it's open and thoroughly audited by 3rd-parties, it's perfectly trustworthy.
The problem with dicksword is that the entire server is unreleased software exclusive to the corporation's own datacenter, accessible only through an undocumented unstable protocol, officially only allowed using their obfuscated JS client, with any attempt to reverse-engineer or even export user-created data from anything both prohibited and actively fought.
Replies: >>12366
sneakspeak caches all app pages through a service worker, so the execution is very local indeed, but I was referring to the huge attack surface and pressure to slip backdoors-vulnerabilities on browsers. 

Discord is called the most evil business in the world on youtube, indeed, but I didn't know their being so jealous of users' data. Personally I avoid it. How it managed to take off, it's quite a mystery to me...
Replies: >>12468
x sounds like ex tbh, but point taken. How's wayland doing wrt network transparency? so handy when you have more than 1 remote window, compared to remote desktop. or at least i need a remote desktop which shares 1 window only, with middle button pasting of current selection. in fact x paste buffer configurable for two trackpad taps is a dealbreaker for me.
filesystems are for n00bs. just tar and untar to the device itself using dd for offsetting new archives.
>>Literal propaganda as manpages.
they probably call 'em personpages.
Replies: >>12381 >>12468
If you accept the gospel being badly mistranslated, then whatever thing can be said about it. Personally I find it too good in its levels of interpretation and overall POV to have been badly misunderstood. The kingdom of God is one thing (the one that John the baptist said was at hand, the one that Luke says is within you). The kingdom of God is banally where people obey God.

But the apocalypse tells about very precise things (2nd coming being loudly detectable, death of the economy, mark of the beast) which have not materialized in the past by any stretch of the imagination.
Replies: >>12375
revelation isnt even cannon lmao and hes right its just a gay personified story of rome after the jews fled babylon all these apocryphal texts are just gay personified stories of historical events, hence the obvious rejection, they dont even have the same writing style, the egyptians did the same thing when the kingdom split in their myths, its not even a secret its just lmao
[Hide] (60.5KB, 907x605)
[Hide] (87.6KB, 600x395)
[Hide] (23KB, 462x267)
>whatever thing can be said about it
Only whatever is supported by the archeological paper trail of prior revisions

Oh, also, just because it triggers my 'tism something fierce:
>rainbows just look like they have seven colors
I realize there's all that cultural relativist anthropological stuff about language Y traditionally having named only/more than X different colors before globalization or whatever, but if justified on a solely anatomical basis, 6 colors really is the best objective number.

3 primary colors for frequency response of pigments used by the human eye's trichromatic cone cells, 3 more for secondary colors from the neural antagonist mechanism of the brain's color perception which is also responsible for looping the physical light spectrum around between red & blue to create the purely imaginary colors of purple/violet/indigo/etc., with primary/secondary status for any given color depending on whether the context is additive/emissive or subtractive/transmissive.
Replies: >>12434
[Hide] (694.4KB, 640x480, 00:15)
That's racist against women, it's perdaughter, or persyn.
Replies: >>12386
>person with per
>as in her but censored to appeal to incels 
That's blatantly misogynistic and anti-women. The politically correct word is herdaughter or hersyn. 
We're almost there. Just note that the growling sound of "r" is unnecessarily intimidating and outs the speaker as a sexual predatorrrrr.

Threrefore i suggest using the faggot R also known as v.

>hevdaughtev, hevsyn, hevdaughtervpages.
[Hide] (64.7KB, 600x900)
I want to give adam green shekels, so I can watch his streams and support him, since I akschually quite like what he does.
But fuck the only way to support him is through this Odysee shit and I need a credit card for that which I don't have.
What's the deal with Brave? 
As a rule of thumb I don't trust any software that pays for advertisement, but I don't get the instinctual disgust I get from the "no logs"* VPNs. Have they been caught datamining yet?
Sketchy at best, honeypot at worst
Replies: >>12409
total fucking faggot with stupid full-on gorilla nigger opinions
Replies: >>12468
It's a Chrome fork with a bunch of stuff (blocker, TOR, IPFS, BitTorrent, Jitsi, blockchain DNS, cryptocurrency etc.) integrated by default. Brave's implementation of these features isn't as good as what you can do using customized Firefox/Chrome with extensions, but it's a decent first step to familiarize yourself with them or for gormless normalfags.
It's not as good as Ungoogled Chromium, but it does support vertical tabs, which is why I'm using it. I will switch to Firefox once Google enforces Manifest V3.
I just use it cause I'm a gigantic lazy gorilla retard and want to have my shit synced between computers
[Hide] (106.7KB, 200x200)
Anon, how do I download all these episodes without filling out a gorillion captchas?
That's the only link I know of that has german dubs.

As alternative, do you know where I can find german dubbed animu torrents? Nya barely has anything.
Replies: >>12415
>without filling out a gorillion captchas
Only if you pay for a premium account or a captcha solver service.
>german dubbed animu torrents
Just learn nip retard.
Replies: >>12416
>Just learn nip retard
I want to get minor relatives to watch this wholesome aryan show
Recently, I installed a new NVMe SSD on my system and the "predictable" NIC name changed to something different. The old eth0 and wlan0 names would have stayed the same, since they only increment the number if you add another NIC but NVMe drives count as PCIe devices and therefore alter the "predictable" NIC name! To get traditional NIC names back, you need to add net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 to Linux CMD line options in Grub. How is the new naming scheme better since it's much more common to add a new disk to system than adding a new NIC??
Eudev mentions a freedesktop.org page related to this anti-feature, Just what did you expect from freedesktop retards?
Also, on eudev you can do touch /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules and forget about these persistent names. I've never used persistent net names and never had a single problem out of it in the last 15+ years. Including a machine with two NICs, and one NIC having 4 ports, the non-persistent names never ever changed.
Maybe it's useful if you have multiple USB cards with different IDs and you somewhy want to make rules based on the card... but it's again fuck up the system for 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of the users for an obscure use-case needed by 0.00000000000000000000000000001% of users.
Replies: >>12429
you need 1xE28 users for that to even be a single person, thats a thousand x trillion x trillion
Replies: >>12431
Wait, I thought everyone and their cat is using Linux by now.
>>12377 (checked)
Looking at pic 4, I'd argue that 7 is the more accurate number in color 'distinctness': Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Maybe Brown as an eighth, but it's not in the pic related.
Do they really base "predictable" names on PCI ids? Is this some potteringism? If they would base it on MAC address, that would be at least (generally) unique and non-changing, but PCI ids? I can change them on my computer by changing a few settings in the bios, I don't even have to open the case.
bsd interface naming wins again!
Replies: >>12438 >>12794
That's basically what you have on linux too before the likes of poettering fucked it up.
As someone who grew up on classic Macs, I've always found the way eunuchs/wintel place so much significance on human-readable hardcoded IDs to be braindead.

The only right design is for everything to internally use autogenerated unique IDs that humans don't care about and shouldn't normally see, and UIs to present only metadata, including optional user-created names.
Replies: >>12441
Have fun copy-pasting hideous UUIDs all over your config files.
Replies: >>12442
>config files
Another abomination
Replies: >>12443
Then what do you want? Put an AI into the software that figures out what you want without you having to tell it anything?
Replies: >>12444
Oh, also. Aside from their user-unfriendliness, human-accessible hardcoded IDs are an architectural flaw, inherently more brittle because it produces dumb shit like "this has the same pathname, so of course it's still pointing to the same resource".

An actual UI instead of diddling with a text editor, using a standardized fully machine-readable API and storage format for configuration instead of raw text spaghetti.
Replies: >>12445
>a standardized fully machine-readable API and storage format
So registry? Thanks, no.
Replies: >>12446
Just because M$ fucked up the idea doesn't mean it's bad. For instance, Powershell has explicit separation of serialized data and command instead of undelimited string diarrhea, does that mean the idea is tainted? Of course not, lots of systems back to Smalltalk did the same thing better.

Most of the problems of the Registry come from its sitting on top of a filesystem, which is something else that should've been eliminated and would've been if they hadn't dropped the ball on Cairo's OFS.
Replies: >>12447
>filesystem, which is something else that should've been eliminated
Replies: >>12448
Because FSs are a strict subset of relational databases, and there are many applications where Dbs are superior to FSs, FSs should be implemented on top of a Db rather than the other way around.
Replies: >>12449
Are you talking about specific use cases or everything including normal user systems?
Replies: >>12450
>specific use cases
I'm aware formatting block devices or partitions as, e.g.: an SQL Db, has long been common in some applications for a long time.

Likewise, augmenting FSs with some sort of parallel Db as a standardized "2nd-class citizen"  isn't entirely unknown. For instance, extended attributes in BeFS/Haiku, or the resource fork in the classic Mac system.

Those are IMHO both half measures

>everything including normal user systems
This. Thus my reference to M$'s failed efforts dating from OFS in the early '90s to WinFS in the '00s.

The obvious correctness of this approach is being validated by urgent efforts to kludge FSs with Db features such as transactions, journalling, ACID, etc. resulting in abominations such as ZFS.
Replies: >>12452
What's wrong with zfs?
Replies: >>12453 >>12455
Don't mind that guy, he has terminal mental retardation.
New mebious site
Replies: >>12580
It doesn't have a fully funded, large, competent dev team, plus it's CDDL and Oracle could try to pull legal bullshit on it.
And then there's Linus' hostility towards openzfs.
So basically:
Jews (oracle is a jewish owned and operated company)
Feminist commies (Linus)

It's great otherwise.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 5120x2880)

Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . 

'Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons!'
>most evil business
>MOON most obnoxious obedient numale
isnt that youtuber one of those self improvement snake oil peddlers? some redditor even called out inconsistencies with "school of life" who got banned on truth social btw
niggerfaggot also uses patreon while hypocritically calling out how bad it is on jewtube? he even had the audacity to to enable adverts on corporate owned platform RIGHT after saying bad things about daddy FAGMAN and bingchilling
wow holy shit if i were google myself i would not hesitate to ban these grifters on sight fucking edgy far rightoids ruin everything i just want to /diy/ my solar panels goddammit

someone dont tell this guy about dragonflybsd and the covid vaccine manpage

that mongoloid also shills for protonmail heavily while being biased towards other services definitely shady always read multiple sources anon if possible

>travel culture
whats exactly wrong with it though?
>orwell and tesla
very informative thank you didnt even know all this till today i really should read he novel sometime
Replies: >>12507
>travel culture
>what's wrong
To most people, traveling means spending money to spend money. Tourists pay for flight, hotel, and food, so that they can pay for transport, buy whatever they could have bought from where they are from anyways and pay for overpriced scams. What is wrong with this? It is stupid and inefficient. Why would people perform such action? They didn't think or because of women. The consequences are
1. taxes, zog got paid
2. hand-rubbing merchants got paid
3. tourists have to work to earn whatever they spent, jews got paid in your time and skill
4. ego erosion, every ((( controlled ))) action makes further control easier and self-control harder

One other reason for traveling is "learning the culture". In this case the local culture, whatever it is, is disrespected and converted into food, decoration, money-grabbing scheme, tourist attractions. Original traditions are ignored and diminished. Eventually the culture is hollowed into yet another husk of pay money to take picture event. This is similar to normalfags in hobbies phenomenon. The hobby is no longer about the hobby, but became yet another social platform.

Sex tourism is another negative impact of tourism. Many peoples are opened up for cultural invasion in exchange of money by using tourists as attack vectors.
Spoiler File
(157KB, 1460x1468)
happy new year, faggots
Replies: >>12513 >>12580
Why did trannies latch on to this guy?
Replies: >>12514
[Hide] (329.4KB, 1280x720)
Because both represent modern day cuckchanners.
When did cock.li cuck out? Today I went to the site and it looks like non-PC domains (hitler.rocks, nuke.africa, rape.lol, getbackinthe.kitchen, etc) are no longer available.
Replies: >>12522
I found out the same, but didn't see any news on it. DNS says the domain name is still registered.
What's /tech/ think of Wetware/Biological computing?
Is it a meme, botnet or both?
is proton a honeypot? doesn't seem like they did anything fucked up yet, but then there are things like this, I don't know what to think
Replies: >>12554 >>12556
Since any email you send outside your mail server will necessarily go unencrypted (unless you encrypt it locally using gpg or similar), they're snake oil at best, honeypot at worst. Given they had no problems giving out personal details about their users to police, I wouldn't trust them anymore than jewgle or microshit or the likes.
Replies: >>12556
>snake oil
Just because it fails to meet the impossible expectations of idiots who don't understand how email works doesn't mean it's scam. Your misunderstanding is your own fault.

>An error occurred during a connection to encryp.ch. 
I'm not taking privacy advice from someone who deliberately blocks Tor.
Replies: >>12557 >>12564
>who don't understand how email works doesn't mean it's scam
Then tell me how is it any better than using gmail or any other email provider? Because all I see is deceptive marketing trying to lure in retards.
Replies: >>12558
>Then tell me how is it any better than using gmail or any other email provider?
You can sign up anonymously with tor and no phone number required and for free although you can pay with crypto if you want a paid plan.

And for emails going to and from protonmail accounts it actually is encrypted without you needing to teach the other person how to use gpg.

I wouldn't stake my pension or freedom on their encryption being 100% secure with no backdoors. But it's disingenuous to pretend that it's not better in any way to gmail which is actively profiting from every bit of data they can mine from every email you receive.

>deceptive marketing trying to lure in retards
If you took the retard bait then what does that make you? =)
Replies: >>12559
>tor and no phone number required
As the France case proves they can still dox you. And maybe gmail is not a good example, but there are many other mail providers that are tor friendly and somewhy protonmail is positioned as some hyper-duper unbreakable shit.
>to and from protonmail accounts it actually is encrypted
Yeah, have fun mailing with those 2 users that use protonmail, congratulations, you're just turning email into a centralized system, like faceberg, telegram, twatter, etc. GPG works with every mail provider and you don't have to trust the minified JS blob downloaded from their website doesn't have a backdoor. (IIRC there's some open source desktop client, but that requires a paid account).
>you took the retard bait
Retard, I just sperged out how protonmail is a bait. I'd never touch that shit, not even with a 10 foot pole. (And the same goes for other overhyped "privacy" crap, like brave browser, nord vpn, etc.)
Replies: >>12566 >>12569
>I'm not taking privacy advice from someone who deliberately blocks Tor.
it's an archvie of a shut-down webpage.
Do people really think proton is more than a throwaway mail provider? Encryption done by closed-source software is no different than stamping a "it's secure" sticker on things.
Replies: >>12575
>somewhy protonmail is positioned as some hyper-duper unbreakable shit.
Protonmail goal is to protect normies from mass surveillance.

>have fun mailing with those 2 users that use protonmail
That's why we need more marketing "to lure in retards"

>GPG works with every mail provider 
Normies don't use GPG.
Replies: >>12570 >>12573
Normalfags don't deserve privacy, It is not about marketing, they just don't give a fuck.
Concidentally most normalfags don't communicate using emails. If you somehow got them to switch to proton, they will just use the email to register for facebook, dickcord or whatever botnet.
How much stock do you have on proton?
Replies: >>12573 >>12575
>protect normies from mass surveillance
If that's your goal, you're probably better finding some random obscure email provider that has better things to do than forward all your emails to CIA. Protonmail is already in the crosshairs of law enforcement.
>Normies don't use GPG.
<I want privacy
<I'm not willing to do anything to achieve that
Choose any 1.
>How much stock do you have on proton?
Sometimes I do wonder do corporations really have no better things to do than shill their crap on obscure image boards with 2PPH, or anon is just some special kind of retard.
Replies: >>12575
The thing is most Email providers now require a phone number, only Outlook seems to be the one that doesn't.
Replies: >>12576
Absolutely hate this shit. It doesn't do anything:
But it does force me to take extra steps. At least most of them aren't forcing photo ID I'll have to fake as well, YET.
[Hide] (348.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (259.2KB, 1280x720)
>its already new years eve
>just realized 2024 is year of the dragon after seeing banners outside
funnily enough it somehow reminded me of this rather old flash game anyways which mechanical dinosaur is your favorite ive had fun assembling the web versions of this, would be nice if i can get a modded copy of dino robot infinity apk for testing my burner phone i really miss this series
wonder if i could 3D print this IRL feeling a bit bored right now

>mfw i only found out about the earthquake and airport fire today
i hate kikemonos who sexualize and ruin everything but my heart go out to those affected in japan RIP i guess were off to a really bad start this year
inb4 /pol/tards discuss trumpanzee vs obidet rigged elections right over here

looks neat thank you

not sure if this is even on topic but how do you even control keyboard backlight on your thinkpads, does troonix even support fancy gayming mechanical keyboards without additional razer driver bullshit nowadays?
command "light" and "brightnessctl" does not do jack and mine isnt one of those models with hardcoded keybindings (Fn + space) that toggle them as everything is software controlled and i dont even know which GPIO/PWMS manage the lighting on my motherboard
mine also has variable 1-5 white brightness assigned to Fn + f3 f4 by default if that helps
[Hide] (2.5MB, 2039x2894)
>>5022 (OP) 
Arch Linux and ((( Fedora ))) switched their default D-Bus implementation from the original D-Bus daemon to the newer D-Bus Broker implementation. Both projects cited performance reasons for their main motivation for this change.

But the downside is that D-Bus Broker is Linux-only (!) project and *BSD operating systems may get less support if the original D-Bus daemon gets eventually deprecated (but I haven't read anything that indicates that it would happen in the foreseeable future). That being said, I read forum post by 1 user who deleted the D-Bus binary on his OpenBSD system and all programs he used (like Firefox) continued working without any problems (but keep in mind that the post was old, and this was a while ago).

There's also another but unrelated Arch Linux RFC of interest:
> Add -fno-omit-frame-pointer and -mno-omit-leaf-frame-pointer to default compilation flags
But wont this have performance impact? And why can't Arch Linux contributors just recompile programs with debugging CFLAGS enabled?
Also, relevant blog post that someone linked in the merge request: https://rwmj.wordpress.com/2023/02/14/frame-pointers-vs-dwarf-my-verdict/ (also read the linked LWM article if you are interested).

I guess this is another reason why Gentoo is great because you can just use package.env to enable whatever CFLAGS you want for selected packages only: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki//etc/portage/package.env
Replies: >>12621
How's the economy for everyone right now? For me it seems like there's a pretty big office worker recession going on. Tradesmen are still going strong right now in my area but college grads got fucked pretty badly (Not that some weren't overvalued).
I don't think anything explicitly needs it other than systemd shit and some frontend power managers.
Both ibus and fcitx
notification daemons
cdemu (that's really a "god fucking why" kind of software)
compton (if you want to control it from scripts)
probably pukeaudio/pipewire
all this xdg portal shit (but you can probably ignore it)
maybe bluez
Chromium needs it unless patched out, it takes me a few hours to maintain my patch because the build is so big.
Firefox has a useflag on it, but most binaries have it compiled in.
dbus is the glue that holds together the franakstein soup of graphical floss applications you installed and allows them to masquerade as a coherent desktop environment.
Replies: >>12658 >>12681
The hole on my chasis is misaligned and I can't fasten the GPU.
Never needed it before it existed.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080)
ah, this is the right place

MY COMPUTER MONITOR FROM 2000 SAYS IT SUPPORTS HDCP ON IT SHOULD I BE CONCERNED??? i realize this is before the law was passed...
Replies: >>12678 >>12687
[Hide] (25.9KB, 700x310)
It just means that if you're using cucked software (e.g.: Netflix in Chrome on Windoze) the monitor will (in combination with a likewise HDCP-compliant GPU) show your DRM content instead of picrel. For non-DRM content or uncucked software it makes no difference.
Replies: >>12680
You can even bypass it with something like a HDMI splitter.
Replies: >>12687
I never understand why a "coherent" desktop environment is so important to guiniggers. I don't have dbus installed, all my programs are compiled without dbus libraries. All my programs work. If the user understand the component of his computer. i.e. What the fuck is he really using. He wouldn't need to have a coherent environment because he understand the boundaries of his programs.
Then suggest me an IME that works without dbus. UIM doesn't support qt6, ibus/fcitx requires dbus (while the former also requires half of the gnome kitchen sink). Not sure about scim, but given the last stable release was in 2017, that'll probably also have problems with newer widget toolkits.
Replies: >>12687 >>12704
>If the user understand the component of his computer. i.e. What the fuck is he really using.
Not everyone has time to understand every detail about their computer. Some people need to be doctors and architects and shit too.

If something insists on having dbus you just need to do export $(dbus-launch) first.

>You can even bypass it with something like a HDMI splitter.
The whole point of HDCP is that it encrypts the data passing through the cable so a HDMI splitter is exactly what wont work. You need to get the data before it's encrypted on the PC or after it is decrypted on the monitor or find the decryption key.

>an acronym includes the letters CP am I going to jail???
Very clever joke. Hilarious.
>You need to get the data before it's encrypted on the PC or after it is decrypted on the monitor or find the decryption key.
The master key was leaked a long time ago, among other security flaws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-bandwidth_Digital_Content_Protection#Circumvention
Chinks, uh, find a way.
Replies: >>12694
Point is, unless you can disable it in software, you need a dedicated stripper (ideally with updateable firmware) in hardware, which most cables/splitters/converters don't include.

>I never understand why a "coherent" text environment is so important to cliniggers
Imagine if it was impossible to pipe between most commands because they used incompatible encodings for I/O under various conditions, not predictable nor machine distinguishable, requiring you to manually write boilerplate between commands each time. Just "understanding the components" doesn't make an inefficient jumble of gunk less tedious.
>which most cables/splitters/converters don't include.
I was under the impression that Chinese splitters were also strippers as standard, but maybe that's only the case for older HDMI versions?
>If something insists on having dbus you just need to do export $(dbus-launch) first.
>I don't have dbus installed,
These two options are mutually exclusive. My problem is the lack of dbus-free alternative (if I want to use any program written in a widget toolkit more modern than motif), not that I can't launch dbus.
Replies: >>12697 >>12701
gtk doesn't require dbus.
Replies: >>12703
[Hide] (46.1KB, 800x479)
Gee, makes you wonder how anyone ever managed on workstations without dbus and systemd. Which incidentally needed orders of magnitude less hardware resources. Just bloat my shit up!
Replies: >>12717
>Point is, unless you can disable it in software, you need a dedicated stripper
I doubt this $5 chinese gadget is doing something you can't do yourself with the leaked decryption key and a general purpose PC.

>guys some cool kid on /g/ told me wheels are totally lame so I took the wheels off my car
>guys help my car won't move how do I make my car move without wheels
[Hide] (203.6KB, 1600x1067)
No, but that doesn't solve the problem of how to type nipponese without getting picrel?
Replies: >>12705
I was going to suggest uim but read the rest of the post. I am not aware that qt6 is already in use.
>time to understand every detail about their computer
They are also people who won't complain about anything about computers if they didn't have imprinting. Maybe they should stick to windows and mac.
>not predictable nor machine distinguishable
It sounds like a problem with graphical programs instead of the idea. Text is the universal interface, even to humans.
Replies: >>12717
If anything uim proves an IME doesn't require dbus. It maybe possible to patch out dbus from fcitx.
Another possibility is doing something similar to apulse.
Replies: >>12711 >>12714
>patch out dbus
Sounds plausible. It's like patching out HTTP out of a web browser. You have to come up with some IPC mechanism and implement it in each IM module (gtk2,3,4, qt4,5,6, maybe others).
Yes, it's doable, I've used UIM previously, but using it was a mess generally (mozc doesn't support uim natively, you need to get some random patches from macuim, but that's also dead, so if you have a mozc version newer than 5 years, it won't apply, and as I said, uim is pretty much dead also). Finally switched to fcitx5 as qt6 started to creep into my system, as one alternative that's still developed and actually works outside the gnome3 cancer unlike ibus.
You still didn't explain what you're trying to accomplish by avoiding dbus when everything you need requires it. It's not bloat if you actually need it...
Replies: >>12716
>It's not bloat if you actually need it...
<Hey, I only use notepad from wangblows 11, but it needs wangblows so it's not a bloat.
Replies: >>12718
Maybe because most commercial workstation DEs of the era your picrel being a particularly obvious example had an old-Apple-inspired ethos among both 1st & 3rd-party devs of strong comprehensive HIGs uniformly enforced when software was written or ported, instead of the weakly standardized garbage stirred together without ports from a dozen different toolkits that characterizes open sores eunuchs today?

>It sounds like a problem with graphical programs
On freetard OSs, at least. Yes, there are too many toolkits with no widely agreed upon standard for working with each other, nor efforts to ensure there are "native feeling" ports of popular software between cohesively designed DEs. And especially the bigger toolkits (*cough*GNOME*cough*) are subject to constant revision that tends to consist of undisciplined fad-chasing reinvention of the wheel that accumulates as piles of ambiguous redundancy.
>Text is the universal interface, even to humans.
Unformatted character streams are the architectural boat anchor of POZIX and every system inspired by it, it's both human-unreadable, and only "universal" to machines because it's squirted around or dumped into files verbatim, as such also effectively machine-unreadable. The vast majority of mainframe OSs in the 1970s actually had structured objects and metadata supported as standardized first class citizens for shell commands and IPC instead of kludging everything with hideous in-band signalling.
<Hey, I only use notepad from wangblows 11, but it needs wangblows so it's not a bloat.
You can run notepad.exe on wine. Leave the analogies to the smart people.
Sorta is Windows tho, kind of a big dep for a text editor. Still smaller than Electron or Flatpak LOL
I tried, but I couldn't even install notepad because wine doesn't support .msixbundle files (wine-staging should, but I don't want to wait a hour to compile it just to test it). But it also looks like it needs Xaml, so some .NET WPF shit which is also not supported by wine, but nice try.
[Hide] (924.8KB, 695x697)
Are there any blog or blog-like sites which allow loli and don't require the user to log in or use javascript to access? 
I tried fc2 and mastodon but fc2 requires ID for nsfw sites and there isn't a single js and login-free frontend for mastodon.
Replies: >>12726
>You can run X on wine
Only if you're willing to spend days debugging shit or if someone else has already spent days debugging shit for that specific program. 
If you're not willing to waste or time and the program isn't popular then wine is worthless like >>12722 found out.
Replies: >>12728 >>12734
mastodonFediverse provides a standard API with many frontends available, both native and web.

Here's a decent web frontend/backend for ActivityPub that doesn't need JS:
Replies: >>12730
>I'm too stupid to make it work therefor I win the argument
lol ok buddy
Replies: >>12728 >>12731
[Hide] (93.1KB, 589x553)
To further elaborate on >>12725 , there's this acknowledgement that wine sucks in the linux communities, which is intentionally suppressed as any attack on anything linux is an attack on the entirety of linux. 
Compare what happens when you say linux is bad due to user stupidity to what happens when you say linux sucks because of a fault within the linux ecosystem. 
If the problem is purely due to user error that means there is an easy fix and that easy fix will promptly get pointed out. In fact, saying linux sucks if often the easiest way to get help on anything linux which isn't inherently broken. 
But when the problem lies within linux software, as is the case with wine, you'll rarely get replies more elaborate than a defensive "your stupid", like in >>12727 . This happens because the user acknowledges wine sucks, understands that he would not be able to fix the problem without wasting a week trying to make the program run, if he even is capable of fixing it in the first place, but refuses to acknowledge the perceived insult to his faggy cult. 
Furthermore, I would argue this sort of behavior is harmful to the linux community as it paints the false image that linux is just "windows but better" and that is how you attract windows-loving, terminal-hating, datamining-condoning normalfags to shit all over your OS.
>the user acknowledges wine sucks
You're giving loonies way too much credit. In most cases they're actually convinced that there is no fault in Wine (or any FOSS program in general) because it works for their own specific use case...
<can't run <program> on Wine? I can run Notepad just fine, which means there's nothing wrong with Wine! You're just stupid :^)
Replies: >>12765
But does anyone run those JS-free frontends or do you have to run your own server if you don't want JS?
Yeah, sorry for not bothering to implement the whole kitchen sink of WPF cancer overnight, that even mono developers refused to implement "because the project is too large", which is impressive considering we're speaking in the context of the .NET framework uberbloat. It would be easier to write my own notepad clone, but at this point we're already at the point of "lel, just build your own CPU from a bag of transistors retard" level.
>attract [...] normalfags to shit all over your OS.
To be honest, I was happier while linux was an OS only used by hobbyist, without the likes of red fag pushing all their corporate garbage down the linux ecosystem. Yes, hardware support were much worse, and you had a much smaller selection of software... but way less tranny bullshit either.
Replies: >>12735 >>12765
[Hide] (163KB, 1024x683)
Their programs don't work because they don't have a Linux keyboard. Throw away your mouse and graphics card, this is literally all you need. This is the real Linux.
Replies: >>12733
>no hyper, super, meta keys
How the fuck am I supposed to type emacs keycombos on that keyboard?
>Only if you're willing to spend days debugging shit
That's Linux in general.
Replies: >>12736 >>12737
>I was happier while linux was an OS only used by hobbyist
I'm still happy with the hobbyist side to this day. 
Modern linux forums will perma-ban you and send your IP to a shared bad boy list if you dare to try registering with a non-kosher mail. If go to less corporate places like stack overflow you'll get pajeets telling you to do Y instead of X because none of the casual users know how to do X.  The only way you'll get a proper response to hard questions and quality discussion is through mailing lists only used by 50 year olds with 45 years of linux experience.
>I intentionally use software for a different os on an os for nerds, now I need to debug things, how could this be happening to me?
Bullshit. Linux just works if you don't need a gui, audio, games, windows programs, or a reasonable systemd distro. As long as you are using it for its intended purpose, which is for computational tasks that run on a terminal, you'll rarely have to debug stuff for that long.
Replies: >>12738 >>12751
[Hide] (1.7MB, 640x360, 00:34)
I use Linux with gui, audio and games. It just doesn't have the retard accessible brain damage ui you are used to.
>windows progeam
Really don't understand why niggers look for windows programs or windows experience on Linux. There is already enough damage done by catering to them. They should get the fuck out and fuck off back to whatever makes them comfortable, windows, mac or even ios. They will be happy, we will be happy.
webm somewhat related
Replies: >>12740
>It just doesn't have the retard accessible brain damage ui you are used to
What the fuck do you mean, the UI is the exact same only uglier and less usable. 90% of distros, including the systemd-free ones, either use gnome shit or the most god awful xfce config. 
The GUI is exactly like the usable windows GUIs only ugly as shit and without the cross-platform standard shortcuts because they want to show you are not using windows. You need to configure it to look good and be efficient which means it doesn't just work. 
I've used gentoo, void, artix, arch, ubuntu, mint, debian, and devuan extensively on multiple machines and every single time I've always managed to run into at least one audio issue. It's almost like duct taping audio to a kernel that wasn't made to use audio means you're going to run into problems. 
>and games
DF, FTL, and emulators which still barely work after decades, great line up. 
>Really don't understand why niggers look for windows programs or windows experience on Linux
Because there is an entire fucking army of retards selling the idea that it is better than windows in every single way and so you'll invariably be reliant on windows software when you make the switch and want to do tasks linux just wasn't made for and still isn't ready to do.
[Hide] (78.3KB, 960x720)
>This happens because the user acknowledges wine sucks, understands that he would not be able to fix the problem without wasting a week trying to make the program run, if he even is capable of fixing it in the first place, but refuses to acknowledge the perceived insult to his faggy cult. 
That's a retarded argument, because the same is true of Windoze, there are some things that don't work, and likewise Linux (even WINE) can do a lot of those things Windows can't, such as running older software out of the box.

The actual difference is on Linux it is a bug, and fixes are welcome, whereas on Windows it is frequently intended behavior, with workarounds by users either ignored or ACTIVELY FOUGHT BY DEVS.

Even in the worst case scenarios where Linux is indeed sucky and broken, it WANTS to get better. Windows, on the other hand, often does NOT.
>linux can't be shit because windows is shit
braindead argument
Replies: >>12744 >>12746
What do those words mean?

>with workarounds by users either ignored or ACTIVELY FOUGHT BY DEVS.
As opposed to every foss project in existence;
<wont fix because I don't feel like it, closed
<the submitted patch doesn't follow my very own special snowflake coding style, rejected
<we are working for free and don't owe anyone anything!!!!11
<love it or fork it :^)
[Hide] (72.8KB, 800x949)
No, it's "both are sometimes broken, but one can always be fixed".

<fork it
That's an option
DF: Dwarf Fortress
FTL: Faster Than Light
The poster is implying those are the only games on Linux because he didn't bother going to libregamewiki.org (yes I know those are not THE games >>12740 is looking for)
I do various rogue-likes, supertux, osu (lazer), mindustry and something else, never been happier.
Everything is shit. The choice is picking what matters most to you. If you value the ability to change, understand and modify your system THE MOST, at the cost of time, software compatibility, eye-candies and inconveniences. Then pick the nerdiest os around.
If running some software is the most important, stick to the requirement of those software. Whether they are games, video editors, whatever. Why would you even pick Linux for this case?
Since most computer come with Windows, using Linux is almost always a choice. A choice made voluntarily. Those who made the choice and whine should just shut the fuck up. You should know what you are getting into. Fortunately, refund is easy and readily available.
>UI is exact same
I don't think there is dwm on windows, even if there is I hate cmd and powershell.
I don't know how you run into audio issue. Work on my alsa machine with handwritten .asoundrc.
>entire fucking army
Immigration always fucks up everything. Some fucking niggers came in a cool place and have to get their drug addict aids uncle to come as well for family union. Then they tries to establish policies that are more favorable to them instead of the natives. But most of them are retarded and those policies turns out to be harmful to everyone. Import 3rd world, become 3rd world. Solution? TND and TKD. Massive deportation and close border for Linux.
It's okay to use Linux.
>If running some software is the most important... Why would you even pick Linux for this case?
[Hide] (192.6KB, 530x398)
>all of this butthurt because one guy correctly stated that wine is shit 
>arguments boil down to sidestepping the problems with wine and saying linux isn't bad when compared to a mobile OS made by liberals
>not a single post trying to help with the original issue
I said you were faggy cultists ruining linux and I stand by my argument.
Where is the post that someone asked a wine question? The discussion started with dbus.
Also, this is the off topic thread. Ask a question in >>2. notepad was an example, not an actual question.
I am enjoying the high quality ass blasting I am able to do here. Finally time to put my reaction folder into good use. kys nigger
Replies: >>12750
>>12722 had multiple problems with wine. Linux cultists just called him stupid and fell back into their default state of screeching about how windows is worse without addressing how to fix any of the problems mentioned. 
That's the behavior I mentioned. Any criticism of anything linux related is taken as a criticism of linux as a whole, and as linux is their entire personality it also becomes a personal attack. Rather than admitting the faults within their OS they resort to attacking strawmen and making unrelated comparisons to windows, which anyone with a minimum of experience in either operating system understands is retarded. Unfortunately normalfags don't understand the very system they use and thus are mislead into believing linux is perfect. 
Thus, normalfags try to use linux like windows because the cultists said it was better. Normalfags get frustrated because the cultists lied and it isn't like windows but better. Normalfags complain. Corporations and feds use that as an excuse to push for harmful changes in the linux ecosystem under the guise of "user friendliness" or whatever they call it these days. Rinse and repeat. 
None of this would happen if you fags had stopped publicly preaching lies about how linux is perfect and seducting normalfags into ruining yet another thing.
Replies: >>12751
Did you even read my post? notepad was an example.
During the discussion, linux as a whole was discussed. For example, >>12740 and >>12737. Read the fucking thread. You can't just shoehorn an argument you like into every linux discussion.
>lies about how linux is perfect
Literally said is not the case in >>12746
<Everything is shit
This is also exactly my point, Linux is not suitable for normalfags. They don't deserve it nor will they like it.
Replies: >>12752
>notepad was an example
A concrete example pointing out real flaws which only received a single reply calling him stupid implying the problem was the user and not wine. 
>Literally said is not the case in >>12746
Literally is the case in >>12741 
The usual normalfag inviting post that sidesteps the issue and pretends linux is better because windows sucks all while implying the issue can be fixed without addressing how it can be fixed. 
<Everything is shit
That is not my point and that is the propaganda that is ruining linux. They do both suck but there is imperative to clarify that they suck in different ways. 
Reducing it to "they both suck" is how you get the retarded rhetoric that overall linux sucks less and therefore it's perfect, which is not the case.
Replies: >>12753
[Hide] (717.9KB, 850x867)
<if you do anything less autistic than amish horse buggy driving you should be condemned to the hells of walled garden totalitarianism

>Literally is the case in
That's not at all what I said
>They do both suck but there is imperative to clarify that they suck in different ways
What I said was IMHO that's inanely obvious, and thus secondary to the cardinal point: Regardless of how it sucks, the advantage of Linux isn't that it has different strengths than Windows/Mac/mobile/etc., but that it allows users to free themselves from their learned helplessness modern proprietary platforms indoctrinated them with.

That's what Linux people mean when they say it's the user's fault, not that Linux is perfect, but that YOU can improve it or even just its documentation for features that already exist.
Replies: >>12754
But I just want to ride the steam train.
I don't want to know the correct piston ring diameter for the steam compressor cylinder. Not if what I'm trying to do is just basic use of the thing.

Linux is one of those "don't go near those wifi drivers" / "don't go near those display drivers" / "don't go near those audio card drivers" type of systems. All the shitmunchers want is a system that's at least comparable to Winjews in that regard. Click on the badly assembled spyware EXE and your display driver is good to go.
>Linux is one of those "don't go near those wifi drivers" / "don't go near those display drivers" / "don't go near those audio card drivers" type of systems
What are you talking about?
The only hardware that doesn't work out of the box is the NEWEST AND BEST (which doesn't work on windows anyway), jewvidia, and obscure poorfag spyware chinkshit you buy at the dollar store.
Replies: >>12757 >>12762
[Hide] (236.3KB, 497x480)
Sure, and Windows has similar problems sometimes, for instance the common "X is unsupported on older versions"/"Y is no longer supported on the latest version"/"X conflicts with Y, you can't use both" situation.

The difference with Linux is while as  >>12756 sez there really is a reasonably restricted subset of shit you can do that will "just werk" 99% of the time, if you want to do something else, you CAN if you're willing to roll your sleeves up.
Replies: >>12762
>whereas on Windows it is frequently intended behavior, with workarounds by users either ignored or ACTIVELY FOUGHT BY DEVS.
Have you seen gnome or any poettering software bugzilla in the last 10 years?
>fork it :^)
Probably that's why I have hundreds of patch files in /etc/portage/patches. But still better than wangblows, where if you don't like something, you're fucked. Of course, for normalfags it doesn't make a difference, but I don't really care about them.
>not a single post trying to help with the original issue
Don't feel bad about it. I have emacs, notepad was just a stupid example, but I guess it successfully demonstrated the point.
>one of those "don't go near those wifi drivers" / "don't go near those display drivers" / "don't go near those audio card drivers" type of systems
I have seen windows systems with badly fucked up drivers, so it's not a Linux thing. The problem is compatibility in general, either you have HW that works out of the box, and all is fine, or not, and in that case the problems begin. Windows is only better because every HW manufacturer makes drivers available... but that's also not perfect, last time when I tried to get a steering wheel working on win8 that only had xp drivers available, I've spent a few hours until I ended up with something working. On Linux, it just werked.
>Have you seen gnome or any poettering software bugzilla in the last 10 years?
I'm sure somebody will post a counterexample stronger than autists flinging poo on each other's goyhub repo threads, but off the top of my head I can't think of a fork of libre software being C&D'd or DMCA'd into oblivion the way M$ and their ilk routinely does with software they disapprove of.
>Of course, for normalfags it doesn't make a difference, but I don't really care about them.
If the problem is seen widely enough as such, and someone upstreamed it or made it an alternative package, it would.
Replies: >>12760
>autists flinging poo on each other's goyhub repo threads
Are you this naive/delusional? They forced systemd onto almost every distro, then they do what the fuck they want. Yeah, they don't send DMCA, like the goblins an RIAA and Take2, but that's about their only andvantage. And the former didn't even have software, just some lawyers.
Replies: >>12761 >>12767
>forced systemd onto almost every distro
That's simply organic cultural decay, from the combined effects of the old thing being irreparable garbage, and no other new alternative having enough momentum behind it to create something practical.
You know what I find is the opposite, NEWEST AND BEST gets quite high priority from linux devs to keep pace with proprietary - while the 'already supported, but with some issues' never gets repeat visits/fixes. Shit's ancient/there's no money in it/there's no point in it any more.

I can't really speak for modern Windows. I imagine modern Windows shits the bed if you don't have a GTX1070 or newer.

Every time I'd install Devuan or Arch or something there'd be somethin that would fuck up. Sometimes it'd be the Realtek/Broadcom wifi card, sometimes it'd be because I want to use HDMI audio-out without getting pulseaudio, sometimes it'd be AMD fan control/microcode on a laptop combined with the onboard GPU getting hot/getting no hardware acceleration, sometimes the keyboard would default to US and hates changing to any other countries' layout(s).

In all these cases, Bill Gates the hunched little imp lets me grab an EXE from the internet and make the dogshit on the floor go some where else (not necessarily 'away').

Get GhostBSD. Single dev/no apprentice based on a larger diabolical woke coon project - like the good browser Pale Moon.

I'm sure getting my Rage Pro Turbo toaster antiques to function is gonna take work and the code for the drivers will not have been looked at for 20 years, but the alternative is a homicidal little peedo goblin whose product(s) haven't been functional since Windows 7 or earlier still than that.

>poorfag spyware chinkshit
Old is gold, stop blaming me for being stoopid, I'm of at least middling/disappointing levels of intelligence/stupidity, click the file to make all the Haynes repair manual-tier stuff not bother me any more. Every normie wants this shit to happen. Even Linux Mint won't quite do that.
Replies: >>12778
based and reasonablepilled
You guys are so butthurt you don't even remember what we were talking about. "Bloat" is unnecessary shit. If you need to use a specific thing and that thing depends on something else, and you can't find any way around it then it's not unnecessary it is not bloat. The idiot who wants to run dbus programs without dbus is wasting his time.

>this sort of behavior is harmful to the linux community
Nobody cares if you use linux. Linux is not for you.

>you'll rarely get replies more elaborate than a defensive "your stupid"
I'm not going to elaborate on a tangent of a tangent that you decided to take personally even though it wasn't even directed at you (it was directed at the dbus guy).

>This happens because the user acknowledges wine sucks
Your obsession with wine makes me think you are a pair of dumb 12 year olds who wondered in from /v/. Nobody cares about your fucking video games.

>muh wine
You too.

Fuck me how many people just saw "wine" and jumped into the thread without understanding what it's about. We really need to ban anyone with /v/ cookies from /tech/.
>I have emacs, notepad was just a stupid example
Oh you're still here. Don't you know that elisp is bloat you really should switch to an emacsen without elisp.

>They forced systemd onto almost every distro
They didn't force anything the unpaid volunteers who run these distros took systemd because it was less work for them.

>no other new alternative having enough momentum behind it to create something practical
Some community distros (alpine, devuan, gentoo) support alternative init systems and they are perfectly practical. The thing that hobbyists on imageboards miss is that systemd has significant functional and performance advantages for corporate use cases (like spinning up 1000 docker containers). So the corporate distros had a strong preference for systemd and most community distros followed along because it was the path of least resistance. That's it, No evil conspiracy.
>Nobody cares if you use linux. Linux is not for you.
Do you realize how you are contradicting your own statement in a singular sentence?
Replies: >>12769
>Do you realize how you are contradicting your own statement in a singular sentence?
You misunderstand the nature of linux and open source software in general. It is developed for the people who develop it. As a non-developer your opinion is irrelevant. If linux is useful for you then you are free to use it. But coming here and saying we need to fix such and such or you're not going to use linux is dumb. Nobody cares if you use linux. Linux is not for you.
Replies: >>12770 >>12784
I realize this might come off as a bit of a shock to you, but I am not the guy you were arguing with. I was merely interjecting here to point out the flagrant logical flaw on this line of your statement.
If "nobody cares" that he uses linux,  then telling said person that linux isn't for them implies a level of concern about them using it, therefore you care.
Replies: >>12771 >>12784
>nobody care he use linux
>saying linux is not for him -> cares he use linux
You are trying too hard Mr logical flaw. Affirming the consequent.
What is true is
He cares anon uses linux -> say linux is not for anon.
There can be many other reasons he says linux is not for anon. Such as it is annoying to hear his complaints or expressing his tardness.
Before you get shocked, I am also a different poster.
>less work for them
The work gets less because projects adopted only systemd and removed support for other inits.
Replies: >>12774 >>12784
>all this edgelord baiting alright its my turn to shitpost
Shit like this is why opensource demands stricter vetting procedures especially for mainstream consoomer software like those in phones and routers were talking about full time contributors with jobs here kiddo (You) are still free to continue making le chan culture NEET scripts in peace just promise to stop bothering us unsolicited propaganda pretty please?

You guys really could use a bit of organized leadership from the east itself, just dont say anything bad about yellow commies mkay? Kinda makes me wonder if there's an fully OPT-IN "programmer verification" trusted service for gitlab hell i would happily pay for that specifically to filter out troons and furfags, you certainly wouldn't want these people in professional settings do you?
The last thing we would want is to allow another deadly factory accident involving industrial machinery that happen to use that specific opensource motor controller just because there's brandon-tier "sabotage" code in the NPM libraries that actively targets blacklisted countries like china/russia/palestine thus resulting in collateral damage under the guise of spreading peace.
TLDR the point is? like all professions that require a license FOSS would need solid standards and TRANSPARENT gatekeeping at one point, but for simple niche hobbies why not as long as its obscure enough?

>((( notepad ++ )))
Im not even a brainwashed 1450 cent wumao supporter but please keep that traitorware away from us. If youre using troonix literally just install geany and alkelpad for wangblows users no WINE crap needed
your friendly neighborhood slidechink visiting here not trying to stir up the thread or anything

Man stallman sure is getting rather old here i cant help but feel bad for him though i genuinely wonder what would happen if a younger group of AZNs finally decide to take his loosely held torch will JewBuntu/SystemVicks finally fix itself now that its under new chink management or will we end up with tencent apps preinstalled on every distro?
Why has this not been done yet? but so far i haven't seen japs and gooks host open source talks in the news so what exactly stops them? i thought this was the easiest part given they have a self-built Kunpeng server processor and a special linux operating system just for the CCP government.
i know this sounds like obvious bait but please give a genuine response /g/ seems opposed to this idea for odd reasons i just want to know why

informative thank you wonder why isnt coraline ada there for some reason
not sure if these rumors are true but is Albert Einstein jewish? forgot where i heard this

FYI the real devs behind it actually use gmail if protonmail is actually backdoored by design why does jewsh even bother using this glow-ware for kiwifarms? hell even telegram cucked out to feds once. Whole thing almost sounds like a ruse no kidding
NigDeeper also said something about proton being owned by a chinese company is Switzerland wouldn't be too surprised if this is true given nordvpn had paid sponsorship by various shady youtubers over the years and cant even properly unblock great firewall of china
Replies: >>12773 >>12784
>simply organic cultural decay
Yeah, it of course doesn't have any connection to red fag pouring stupid amount of money into systemd and badmouthing all its opponents.
>old thing being irreparable garbage
The same thing plays out with X vs wayland, with the exception that wayland is so broken that even normalfags didn't lap it up yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if we'd see a huge (of course completely organic) push to wayland in a few years, no matter how broken it remains.
>"Bloat" is unnecessary shit. If you need to use a specific thing and that thing depends on something else, and you can't find any way around it then it's not unnecessary it is not bloat
Your first sentence contradicts your second. Let's go back to the IME example, what I want is to have a way to type in romaji and have moonrunes spewed back at me. That's the feature I need, not a dbus based client-server architecture. Since it already loads a custom module into the gui app, it could load mozc too and handle it all in-process, without any IPC. And even if they want a separate client-server process for whatever reasons, they can still just open a unix domain socket and communicate using some light-weight serialization/RPC. You don't need a central message handler hub with shitloads of XML definition files and a whole bag of enterprise buzzwords, whose only extra feature compared to my previous simple implementation is a few extra CVEs.
By your definition, 150MB electron "native" apps, where 149.5MB is a copy of the chromium browser and the remaining 0.5MB is the actual app, where the dev was just lazy and thought this is the easiest way to open a window with two buttons, is not bloat,
>elisp is bloat
That's something new. I've heard emacs is bloat many times (and while I agree that it's not the most lightweight editor out there, it's still way better than things like vs code), but not about elisp. Is python bloat? Is awk bloat? Is c bloat? Should I write my next program in assembly to avoid bloat or even that's too much bloat and I have to write bytecode in a hex editor? Wait, is my hex editor a bloat?
Nobody mentioned notepad++ idiot, we were all talking about microshit's notepad. You know, the thing that a few years ago couldn't even handle non-windows file endings.
>Before you get shocked, I am also a different poster.
I can tell, you have effectively matched and outdone my pedantry in a single post.
Replies: >>12775
Thank you. I sometimes go too far when I am having fun blasting ass.
>red fag pouring stupid amount of money into systemd
If we consider foss development as a sort of  semi-decentralized system, buying out lots of developers is a sybil attack. Due to centralized knots in the network, such as debian, kernel, gnome and other important projects, suberting those points caused a change in direction. Going in opposite position causes lots of resources and time to maintain, e.g. gnome on Gentoo without systemd.
>simple implementation vs bloat
I agree with this definition. If something can be implemented in a simple way, requiring fewer dependencies. Then there is less bloat.
>>elisp is bloat
AFAIK, the argument is a text editor shouldn't require a complete lisp language.
Replies: >>12776 >>12778
>a text editor shouldn't require a complete lisp language
Is it better if it requires javascript instead? Or python? Or whatever?
Also, I don't really consider emacs as a text editor, it's more like an IDE, even though that term didn't exists when emacs was developed (and there are a few differences). Nevertheless, at this level you want an editor that's extensible, and the simplest way to do this is to have some kind of scripting ability. (Native extensions (.so), while good for performance, usually entail much more hassle, especially if you only want some simple tasks) Which language you choose, it's pretty irrelevant in my opinion, as long as it's not .net/java/etc that has a fucken huge standard library. (Using a really lightweight language with minimal stdlib, like lua, doesn't help much, you'll just end up reimplementing most of the features that are in the stdlibs of other languages.) They could make it a bit simpler by making elip more like scheme and less like common lisp, but I think that'd only make a trivial difference, the lisp interpreter itself is a relatively small portion of the emacs codebase.
Replies: >>12778
>Single dev/no apprentice
Reminder that's what caused the related PC-BSD/TrueOS & Trident projects to implode, plus nearly killing Lumina.

>alternative init systems
Literally what? Everything that's gotten any real mindshare among the anti-SystemD crowd are anachronistic shit like runit, OpenRC & Upstart that slavishly reimplement the same soup of shell scripts & config text files as rc/SysV, but bolted on top of a dep resolver. The handful of cleaner and more ambitious efforts like SMC, Shepherd, & Initng were completely ignored.

>"Bloat" is unnecessary shit. If you need to use a specific thing and that thing depends on something else, and you can't find any way around it then it's not unnecessary it is not bloat.
Anon makes an excellent point, and something adjacent to IMHO the only legitimate complaint against SystemD.

SystemD isn't bad because it's new, or popular, or different from the juryrigged crap that came before it, those are in fact the reasons it is good. SystemD is bad because it sucks up features from every part of the OS it can, and (even if there are today forks capable of prying them apart from each other such as eudev, Poetering has been caught publicly admitting to an explicit ambition of ultimately rendering them impossible) welding them together into a single inescapable dep tarpit for no technically justifiable reason. Similarly, D-Bus is not bad because it is a standardized high-level API for IPC, which is in fact a good thing. D-Bus is bad because it is tied to both nu-Gnome & SystemD, both of which are projects that seek to turn everything they make into a dep of everything that uses their products. If you separate D-Bus from the rest of its deps, as some forks do, it is not bloat.

>The same thing plays out with X vs wayland
Yes, because aside from Wayland no serious effort had been made among freetard OSs to replace X.
>wayland is so broken that even normalfags didn't lap it up yet
Reminder X was an absolute raging dumpsterfire for its first 2 decades, in spite of which it beat vastly superior alternatives such as NeWS. X eventually crawled its way almost to mediocrity by the time it was cleaned up from XFree86 to X.Org, which soon thereafter ground to a halt under the weight of its accumulated cruft. In more direct comparison to Wayland, Apple (Quartz) & M$ (DWM) both wrote equivalents of what Wayland wants to be in under 5 years, pretty much from scratch, a decade earlier.

>the argument is a text editor shouldn't require a complete lisp language
>at this level you want an editor that's extensible, and the simplest way to do this is to have some kind of scripting ability
OG lispfags made an even stronger version of this argument, c.f. Greenspun's Tenth Rule, the assumption of a C lib in most platforms is itself the actual bloat. Note: I do not personally endorse mandatory GC langs as core deps, though I might find similar arguments palatable for e.g. a FORTH REPL on a HW stack machine as the ideal platform design.
>bad because it sucks up features from every part of the OS
It's attack surface is insane, and the consequences of it's vulnerabilities are insane.
It's defaults are insane.
It's unpredictable.
The idea that you have to decompile a log rather than just use cat or less is insane for anything other than embedded systems.
What retard thought it was a good idea to give a program that reads from the network, write access to underlying firmware?

I'm just waiting for redhat to relicense systemd in a few years.
Replies: >>12781 >>12785
>D-Bus is bad because...
>Systemd is bad because...
Another reason is that anything RedHat makes is a few orders of magnitude slower, bigger, more complicated to use, more lines of code, and buggier than it has to be. You end up with this combo of something that is horrible and uses every kike trick in the book to prevent alternatives from existing.

OpenBSD also has a high level API for IPC called imsg and it's great.
Replies: >>12781
>It's attack surface is
In principle exactly the same as the collective attack surface of the numerous tools it replaced
>you have to decompile a log
Only if you fetishize ""human readable" text tools instead of tools that operate directly on native binary, especially since what really DOES impose mandatory overhead is forcing software to output and interpret bloated text, doubly so if you have to compress/decompress it dynamically because it's so bloated.
>defaults are insane
>Another reason is that anything RedHat makes is a few orders of magnitude slower, bigger, more complicated to use, more lines of code, and buggier than it has to be.
Yeah all this too. Regardless of any fundamental design decisions, Poeteringware has always been infamous for its poor execution.
Replies: >>12791
>I was merely interjecting here to point out the flagrant logical flaw on this line of your statement.
It only appears to be a logical flaw if you take it out of context. I gave you the missing context in >>12769 and here you are cutting it out again >>12771. You're not making any kind of point here you're just showing everyone how petty you are.

>(You) are still free to continue making le chan culture NEET scripts in peace
I get paid to write open source code. It's not "edgelord baiting" it's a simple truth that you are not the intended audience so you are wasting your time by coming into a thread like this and making threats about how you are not going to use linux unless we pander to you. You are not contributing patches or money to the project so why am I supposed to care what you think of said project.

>they can still just open a unix domain socket and communicate using some light-weight serialization/RPC
Yes you can design your own unique IPC so one specific IME can interact with one specific application on one specific OS. The point you're missing is that dbus allows all IMEs to interact with all applications on all operating systems. Because the world is bigger than you and your specific use case.

>That's something new. I've heard emacs is bloat many times but not about elisp. Is python bloat? Is awk bloat? Is c bloat?
You cannot be this autistic. Obviously the point is that it is all subjective. If you actually need all the features of gnu emacs then it's not bloat. If all you need is a notepad replacement then emacs is bloat. You can't just project your own life circumstances onto the rest of the world and say everything I don't need is "bloat".
Replies: >>12786
>Everything that's gotten any real mindshare among the anti-SystemD crowd are anachronistic shit that slavishly reimplement the same soup of shell scripts & config text files as rc/SysV
People who don't want something new and complicated want something old and simple. I don't use shepherd on my personal machines for the same reason I don't use systemd.

>The idea that you have to decompile a log rather than just use cat or less is insane
Again this shit is not for you. A sysadmin looking after a data center doesn't ssh into the servers one by one and run cat /var/log/*. The logs from thousands of servers are sent to a centralized database where automated tools look for anomalous activity and send out alerts. Binary logs simply make this more efficient.
Replies: >>12786
>it's a simple truth that you are not the intended audience so you are wasting your time by coming into a thread like this and making threats about how you are not going to use linux unless we pander to you
Linux being easier to fix when it breaks or doesn't have a feature is laudable, Linux sometimes REQUIRING pain to get basic shit done isn't, not even to professional devs. Being user friendly is simply good design.
>The point you're missing is that dbus allows all IMEs to interact with all applications on all operating systems.
Agreed, the fact "just spew nonstandard diarrhea through a pipe brah" is seen to be an acceptable architecture by eunuchs is what makes them so laughable.

<script/config spaghetti
<clearly standardized api
Replies: >>12787 >>12790
[Hide] (4.8KB, 640x480)
> adding yet another API when *nix already has a standard simple shell
This is my /etc/rc that's called by /sbin/init (BusyBox). I sent systemd to /dev/null the first time it failed to boot my system after an update. The BusyBox never failed, and doesn't need constant updates.
>Being user friendly is simply good design.
Linux is user friendly many people are just confused about who the intended users are.

>I'm a zoomer who grew up with systemd and don't see what's wrong with it
Good for you.
>In principle exactly the same as the collective attack surface of the numerous tools it replaced 
It's not.
You can't entirely disable and remove ntp, dns, efi access, or networked nvme storage without recompilation.
That is assuming that removing these parts doesn't break systemd.

Any other init system can be installed without relying on these features as external tools.
As external tools, they're easier to compartmentalize and because of that are more likely to be inspected by more people than a giant blob of corporate sponsored code.
If one external component has a vulnerability (openssl), you can replace it with another option which may not have that vulnerability (libressl).

Systemd has been designed from the start by it's creator to hamper any of those options.

>doubly so if you have to compress/decompress it dynamically because it's so bloated
This doesn't matter outside of embedded environments and big data.
Text files have thousands of tools to manipulate them, and they're difficult to corrupt when compared to these wonderous systemd binary logs.
If you want fast compressed, fast log files, you should be using a transactional database for logging, not something written by someone who is known for changing backend apis to hamper competition.
Even writing single log events to individual files on a high performance filesystem with builtin compression and caching is preferable to systemd's binary log files.
OpenBSD gives you the option to use the MAC address. However, this only makes the system search for the interface with the given address and resolve it into the "unpredicatable" interface name, which is what is actually used, and this creates the issue that you can cause a race by unplugging an interface and plugging another that uses the same driver, as it will have the same unpredicatable name as the previous.

This can happen, for instance, if you have 2 Android phones with a faulty USB stack (most of them do, Android is very broken) or faulty cable providing an RNDIS interface over USB, and they disconnect and reconnect. 

Seems no OS has a solution to this.
[Hide] (4.8MB, 2480x3508)
I made a small python script to convert Japanese novel TXTs into HTMLs with vertical orientation and proper furigana.
You run it like python SCRIPTNAME INPUTFILE and it outputs out.html.
I tested it on one volume of Toradora and Shiki.
You may need to change it according to your needs.
import sys
import regex as re
with open(sys.argv[1], encoding='utf8') as f:
    txt = f.read()
pattern = re.compile(r'([\p{IsHan}]+)(《[\p{IsHira}\p{IsKatakana}]+》)', re.UNICODE)
output = pattern.sub(r'<ruby>\1<rt>\2</rt></ruby>', txt).replace("|","").replace("《","").replace("》","").replace("\n","</p><p>")
with open('out.html', 'w') as f:
    f.write('<html><style>html {writing-mode: vertical-rl; text-orientation: upright;} body { background-color: SeaShell;}</style><body><p>'+output+'</p></body></html>')
Now write something that does the same with the shitty scans I have.
Now do it in a white man's language.
>managed to kill another btrfs filesystem with btrfs balance start -f -sconvert=dup -mconvert=dup -dconvert=single
Will this meme filesystem ever work?
Replies: >>12871
>>12094 >>12095 >>12096
Evolution and Geary seem to come with just a light HTML viewer.
Evolution still comes with clutter whereas Geary is just an email client and also presents part of the content in the mail list which is very useful.

Geary is a lot smaller and starts up in less than a second while Thunderbird bloat takes a while.
I've added all my accounts to Geary.
(except gmail because I don't use it anymore and I had to register an online fake phone number to mail.ru to get an "external password" which wasn't needed for Thunderbird but whatever.)

Geary doesn't have much features but I think I'll be using it for now.
I don't know yet whether I'll stick with it because I just changed. Time will tell.
Replies: >>12866
It uses GTK webkit2 according to apt, not blink or firefox. That's why I consider it lighter.
tfw no flatchested legal white loli gf
>Will this meme filesystem ever work?
Even red hat has abandoned it. Only suse is clinging on for some reason.
Replies: >>12874 >>12879
They need a unique selling point for their commercial customers.
Then what to use? Bcachefs is an even bigger meme, ZFS needs more ram than chrome (and a PITA to set up due to some legal mumbo)
Replies: >>12881
Thanks anon, the vertical orientation works but I see no furigana. Do I need to change something in the script?
Replies: >>13037
>Then what to use?
Replies: >>12883
It's like suggesting to use MS-DOS after Linux.
Replies: >>12884
>It's like suggesting to use MS-DOS after Linux.
Google uses ext4 to index the entire internet. You're complaining about meme filesystems being memes and now you're complaining about mainstream filesystems being mainstream. Stop being an idiot and figure out what you actually need.
Replies: >>12886
>Google uses ext4
LOL no they don't, except as an insignificant and dispensable part of a system that implements many the same features as ZFS, Btrfs, etc.:
Replies: >>12887 >>12893
>no they don't, except as an insignificant and dispensable part of a system that implements many the same features as ZFS, Btrfs, etc.:
Your link doesn't say any of that.

I was thinking of this
which shows google does or at least did have a significant investment in ext4.

None of this changes my point which was that ext4 is the default for a reason. Once you've figured out what you actually need in a filesystem you'll probably find that ext4 does it all.
Replies: >>12888 >>12889
>Your link doesn't say any of that
It very obviously does, read it again. Here's a Google employee putting it in even plainer terms:
<Yes, but not in the way you're thinking. We don't use the local filesystem all that much at Google (except for logs, of course), instead relying on cloud filesystems such as Colossus and before it, GFS (Google File System).
If you're using an FS as an actual FS, like apps on the FS reading individual files directly off the FS? Choice of FS matters. If you're using it as a backing store for cluster nodes underneath a user-level distributed FS like Hadoop or whatever? FS doesn't matter at all beyond maybe "is it free of bugs".
Replies: >>12889 >>12890
>Once you've figured out what you actually need in a filesystem you'll probably find that ext4 does it all.
It doesn't do any of the following:
>atomic snapshots
>integrity checks (and raid1 in a way it actually makes sense)
>underneath a user-level distributed FS like Hadoop
I'd say it still matters, but in case you want an as simple FS as possible. You don't need an extra layer of integrity protection that just slows things down, or the immutable extent thing you have with btrfs that's horrible for databases and disk images. And yes, in addition it should be as bug free as possible.
Replies: >>12891
>It very obviously does, read it again. 
<no they don't, except as an insignificant and dispensable part of a system that implements many the same features as ZFS, Btrfs, etc.:
Your link doesn't mention ext, zfs, btrfs and you didn't specify what "same features" you are referring too.

>We don't use the local filesystem all that much at Google (except for logs, of course), instead relying on cloud filesystems such as Colossus and before it, GFS (Google File System).
They are both closed source systems so I don't believe you actually know what's inside them. But as per my previous link, in 2010 google updated from gfs to colossus and ext2 to ext4 at the same time. So there are some implications to be implied there.
Replies: >>12892
>It doesn't do any of the following:
And you actually need those things? You're not just carrying around bloat because you think it makes you smart or cool?
Replies: >>12892 >>12895
>Your link doesn't mention [filesystem]
Of course not, because that's the exact least important deployment detail.
>you didn't specify what "same features" you are referring too
Basically all of the big ones. RAID, CoW, AoF, cache hierarchy, load balancing, etc., but tailored more to large opaque files rather than individual blocks.
>closed source
Not just closed source, they're entirely internal tools nobody outside Google can use nor access. Although...
>I don't believe you actually know what's inside them
Google has published enough information on how GFS/Colossus works to directly inspire the architecture of Apache/Facebook's aforementioned Hadoop, among many others.

Well, if you aren't a colossal inbred retard, you want RAID or something like it, no matter who you are or what you do. Next, you want explicit FS-level recognition of the relationship between DRAM/flash/disk/LAN/WAN rather than allowing your hardware to silently do who-the-fuck-knows-what behind your back. Next, some truly native way of interacting with backups (RAID is not a backup) better than "pile of script spaghetti", "cracker brittle hardlink wizardry", or "completely black box dedicated app".
Replies: >>12893
This is the link you posted >>12886
Lets ctrl-f
>RAID - 2 matches
>CoW - Phrase not found
>AoF - Phrase not found
>cache hierarchy - Phrase not found
>load balancing - Phrase not found

>Not just closed source, they're entirely internal tools nobody outside Google can use nor access.
So you're just making shit up to win an internet argument.

>you want RAID
Which doesn't have to be done by the filesystem or even software.

>You want explicit FS-level recognition of the relationship between DRAM/flash/disk/LAN/WAN 
Literally no idea what this is supposed to mean.

>some truly native way of interacting with backups
That might be useful. I don't think stuffing it into the filesystem is worth the bloat but again it's all about your requirements.

Damn I bet you use freebsd.
>And you actually need those things?
>atomic snapshots
So I can take a backup of my computer without having to shut it down and boot to a live cd or figure out a workaround for every running process that might write to a fs so I won't end up with a fucked up backup just because some program just happened to write to a file as I was backing it up.
Also a fast way to recover my system after a fucked up glibc upgrade.
Yes, I use it. I also used it with a kind of dying ssd on my notebook, it perfectly fixed all the errors the ssd threw at it. dm-raid will just return you whatever it read from a random device, and if that device happen to have a random error, you'll just get that.
According to compsize, my root fs is comrpressed to 66% of the original (the ratio if we only consider files that are actually compressed is 36%).
But of course it depends on what you store, if you have terabytes of anime and jpeg images and nothing else, it won't help much, but text files, executables, uncompressed textures/audio, etc.can be compressed pretty good.
There are things like wine which likes to copy fucktons of files to every wine prefix you create. Also I must have a dozen copies of each unity engine (and chromium/electron/nwjs/whateveryouwanttocallit) released for all the random eroges I downloaded.
Also, wine being wine, I like to make a copy of my wine prefixes when I have a working state. cp --reflink -a, and I have a safe copy, without running out of space in 10 seconds.
VMs are another contenders, but since they use disk images, it's not always possible to deduplicate the files inside.
Replies: >>12901 >>12911
Is it theoretically possible to construct a Microkernel that LARPs as a Ganoo/Loonix kernel and Wines Lunix kernel modules in userspace?
Replies: >>12900
Also perhaps more literally:
How do you do RAID on a laptop?
Replies: >>12902 >>12930
By having multiple hdd/ssds.
Replies: >>12903
>having multiple hdd/ssds
In a laptop?
Replies: >>12904
Replies: >>12905
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1378x714)
Show me a laptop with 2 sata connections. You're not doing something retarded like plugging a portable harddrive in over usb are you.
My current asus (g55jw something) has (one msata and one normal). The previous one had two normal sata (one for the original hdd and one for the DVD drive, but since that was completely useless I replaced it with an SSD). But there were shitloads of similar HDD+SSD or laptop with useless optical drive models.
I think Framework 16 comes with dual M.2 slot.
Replies: >>12908
Old Thinkpad?
Find the sata pins on the dock port and the proper voltages on the board, wire that to an msata adapter.
Internal sata interface.
Ultrabay fitted with a sata drive.
Expresscard to nvme adapter.
Replies: >>12908 >>12917
So you admit that 99% of laptops are not designed to hold two disks. Even if you cannibalize the CD tray in your boomer grade core 2 duo you still have a giant hole in the side of your laptop. I think I'm ok with a boring filesystem and then having a script which does an automatic backup when connecting to my home network.
Are you this retarded or just pretending?
Replies: >>12910
>just use RAID bro
<in a laptop?
<laptops aren't designed to hold 2 disks
>just pull out the CD drive and solder some cables to the dock port lol
Stop larping about shit you obviously never tried.
Replies: >>12911 >>12912
While I disagree with stuffing the kitchen sink into the filesystem, many laptops support 2 disks. One nvme, one sata. Many vendor are glad to charge you a couple hundred bux to add a drive for your purchase.
It sounds like you need some new drives, instead of bandaiding with raid.
Replies: >>12913 >>12914
[Hide] (294.2KB, 640x352, 00:04)
[Hide] (814KB, 720x900, 00:28)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 320x240, 00:21)
[Hide] (5.7MB, 540x960, 00:59)
You are clearly illiterate.
You are a retarded gorilla nigger.
You lack simple curiosity which would lead you to uplift your limited mindset.
Replies: >>12913
>You lack simple curiosity
I had curiosity that's why I asked. Now I know you're full of shit I got my answer.

>buying new hardware
Calm down Rockefeller. I can see that this newfangled nvme thing is small enough that you can squeeze in multiple storage devices now.
Replies: >>12914 >>12918
>It sounds like you need some new drives
I got that in the meantime, but it was some non-standard size msata card that I couldn't buy anywhere near, so for some time I had to do with that weird raid thing.
>Show me a laptop with 2 sata connections
<anons give examples
>hurr durr that doesn't work with the laptop I have. And I don't need that to begin with so you don't need it either.
You argue like a woman. (Or a tranny.)
>99% of laptops are not designed to hold two disks.
Maybe it's somewhat true these days, but a couple of years back when SSD was more expensive many laptops had HDD+SSD. Replacing the HDD with a second SATA SSD is piss easy. And these days M.2 drives are so tiny that laptop manufacturers can easily include dual slots into laptops into anything but very slim/ultra/whatever books.
>Now I know you're full of shit I got my answer. 
Says the one who is too stupid to buy a $5 ODD-HDD adapter from aliexpress or can't replace a SATA HDD with a SATA SSD. Go play some LEGO, that's more suited to your intelligence level.
Replies: >>12915
[Hide] (1.1MB, 656x854)
>laptop manufacturers can easily include dual slots into laptops into anything but very slim/ultra/whatever books.
And what's the point of a laptop if it's too big to take it anywhere.

>You argue like a woman. (Or a tranny.)
<Find the sata pins on the dock port and the proper voltages on the board, wire that to an msata adapter.
Are you actually defending this shit or are you trying to pretend it didn't happen?

>buy a $5 ODD-HDD adapter
What the fuck is ODD. No, boomer, I'm not buying a 30 year old pentium 3 brick just so I can put 2 SSDs in it.

>Go play some LEGO, that's more suited to your intelligence level.
You understand the more hoops you jump through to justify your setup the more you prove my original point that RAID on a laptop is not a common thing.
Replies: >>12916
[Hide] (96.3KB, 1024x540)
>And what's the point of a laptop if it's too big to take it anywhere.
Have you seen an M.2 SSD? You could put a dozen into a laptop and only make it a few milimeters thicker. (Of course, no comesoomer CPU have enough PCIe lanes for that, but it's not the space what is the problem.)
See also picrel, a laptop with 7 screens. Yes, it was something like 10kg and 11cm thick, but still much more portable than a desktop with 7 monitors. If you can't lift it, time to go to the gym.
>Are you actually defending this shit or are you trying to pretend it didn't happen?
It was an other anon, but if it works for him, I fail to see the problem. Yes, I get it, you're a retarded niggerloid who can only press the OK button on microshit/apple approved HW and sowftware (by the way, how the fuck did you end up on this site? I thought it's not on the kosher sites list), but there are people out there who're not as retarded as you.
Also, infinitely hackable laptop. But your shoe size IQ probably won't understand it anyway, so I'm not sure why even I'm bothering.
>I'm not buying a 30 year old pentium 3 brick
The laptop where I did that was a core2 duo. Now I have a 4th gen i7. But the framework does this with a Zen4 CPU. Your brain is boomer, go back and watch CNN.
>RAID on a laptop is not a common thing
Go play strawman with someone else. Nobody said it's common. The original question was how it is possible, and you got answers. Learn to read nigger.
Replies: >>12927
>wire that to an msata adapter
I'm pretty sure every laptop with an externally swappable battery/drive bay has an OEM option for holding an internal HDD, especially something as mainstream as a stinkpad.
>Internal sata interface
Also note, there are such things as SAS-style port multipliers for plain ol' SATA, though controller compatibility is idiosyncratic.
Replies: >>12919
[Hide] (860.8KB, 960x540, 00:12)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
[Hide] (5.1MB, 480x360, 01:44)
[Hide] (218.4KB, 480x360, 00:04)
>I had curiosity that's why I asked. Now I know you're full of shit I got my answer.
You had the time to use a search engine, yet failed to query "laptop with 2 drives"
You had the time to use a search engine, yet failed to query "ultrabay hard drive adapter"
You fail to acknowledge expresscard nvme adapters.

You have no curiosity. You will never be a real human.
Replies: >>12927
Thinkpads have an ultradock port on the bottom which has all the wiring for another sata port, display port, and a few other things.
It allows for 2 sata drives on any thinkpad that has the ultradock port, and 3 for the fullsized laptops with an ultrabay.
The downside is that if you make use of the connections you can't use the dock.
>See also picrel, a laptop with 7 screens.
<the more hoops you jump through to justify your setup the more you prove my original point that RAID on a laptop is not a common thing.

>It was an other anon, but if it works for him, I fail to see the problem.
The problem is he's lying and you're so emotionally invested in putting me down you don't care about facts anymore.

>The laptop where I did that was a core2 duo. Now I have a 4th gen i7. But the framework does this with a Zen4 CPU. 
I don't know what you're talking about here, what "framework", what has ODD got to do with the CPU.

>Nobody said it's common.
The earlier responses were short with no elaboration as if this was such an obvious thing that laptops have 2 sata connections. Now you're telling me that actually it was a €1,200.00 "hackable" laptop or a 15 year old laptop with a special cable to cannibalize the CD drive. Like ok but you had to go quite far out of your way to get 2 drives into a laptop so calling the person who asked a retard for asking seems unreasonable.

>Learn to read nigger.
Ever heard of cognitive dissonance. The reason you are so upset is because your subconscious knows you are in the wrong.

>You have no curiosity. You will never be a real human.
This is what you did on valentines day?
Replies: >>12930
>more you prove my original point that RAID on a laptop is not a common thing
No, your original point was how to make RAID on a laptop: >>12901 You never mentioned it has to be a common thing. You were given multiple options. Just because none of them work on your normalfag laptop doesn't mean they don't exist.
>all this wall of text
I think I'm going to apply this here
I'm done with you. You have shown to be unable to understand even the simplest statements and you're just vomiting incomprehensible emotional outbursts.
Replies: >>12934 >>12935
>You never mentioned it has to be a common thing
Did you even read the post you are responding to
<The earlier responses were short with no elaboration as if this was such an obvious thing that laptops have 2 sata connections. Now you're telling me that actually it was a €1,200.00 "hackable" laptop or a 15 year old laptop with a special cable to cannibalize the CD drive. Like ok but you had to go quite far out of your way to get 2 drives into a laptop so calling the person who asked a retard for asking seems unreasonable.

>all this wall of text
>The laptop where I did that was a core2 duo. Now I have a 4th gen i7. But the framework does this with a Zen4 CPU. 
<I don't know what you're talking about here, what "framework", what has ODD got to do with the CPU.
Care to answer this? I assume you couldn't find the right words, what were you trying to say?

>you're just vomiting incomprehensible emotional outbursts
I have been nothing but polite to you.
>you're a retarded niggerloid 
>there are people out there who're not as retarded as you
>your shoe size IQ probably won't understand it anyway
>Your brain is boomer, go back and watch CNN.
>Learn to read nigger.
>You argue like a woman. (Or a tranny.)
>Says the one who is too stupid to buy a $5 ODD-HDD adapter
>Go play some LEGO, that's more suited to your intelligence level.
These are all things you've said to me. It's too late to try and claim the moral highground after you've been nothing but an insufferable brat through the whole thread.
>spends the whole thread attacking people instead of their arguments
>says shit that is factually incorrect
>refuses to take responsibility
>pretends to be the victim and leaves in a huff
The reason you hate women is because you are one.
Replies: >>12936
What is factually incorrect?
Replies: >>12937
>The laptop where I did that was a core2 duo. Now I have a 4th gen i7. But the framework does this with a Zen4 CPU.
Replies: >>12938
[Hide] (4.5KB, 670x85)
framework order page: https://frame.work/products/laptop16-diy-amd-7040/configuration/new
It has primary and secondary storage, both NVME M.2 SSDs (but different sizes).
The asus one, I'm writing my post from that. It has 2 SSDs (and a DVD drive), see the lsblk output. Or you want to tell me the laptop that's physically in front of me doesn't exist? I no longer have the core2 one, but it replaced the ODD with an SSD in it using a cheap adapter from ebay. (And no, it didn't have a hole on the side as the other anon imagined, you could put the cover from the ODD on the adapter.)
Replies: >>12941
[Hide] (25.1KB, 399x571)
>framework is actually frame.work an obscure computer vendor
Can you see how this is not obvious to anybody reading your post.

>Or you want to tell me the laptop that's physically in front of me doesn't exist?
You accuse other people of making strawmen and you do this.

>obscure computer vendor
Fine. About 50 unnecessarily antagonistic posts later you finally answered the question without leaving information out or getting upset.

Since you like leave with backhanded insults like the link about women you dropped before (totally not a feminine trait by the way), I'll leave you with this. It's a reminder that not everybody automatically knows what you know. And failing to realize this doesn't make you superior to them it just makes you clinically autistic.
Replies: >>12942
>Can you see how this is not obvious to anybody reading your post.
Do I have to spoonfeed you on how to use a search engine?
>obscure computer vendor
At this point you're just picking at irrelevant details at one specific example I gave you. I don't think asus is an obscure vendor, And you can probably get a used laptop something similar to what I have for a few thousand bucks.
But this is all irrelevant. The question was how to do RAID on a laptop, not how to do RAID on a laptop from less than $100 or how to RAID on Office Depot's current week bestseller laptop with zero technical skills.
>finally answered the question without leaving information out or getting upset
Good for you. If you would have specified what is the question, you'd probably got a reply  faster, but whatever floats your boat.
>It's a reminder that not everybody automatically knows what you know.
You should apply that to yourself. I still don't know what you wanted to ask, only what you managed to ask, but at this point I kinda don't care anymore.
try sum suprglue
[Hide] (56.2KB, 824x427)
Tranny gov endorsing trannyware.
Oh shit. What laws are these retarded boomers going to pass after hearing the Rust buzzword number one?
>All future software must be written in Rust!
Replies: >>13105
Shouldn't they deport all Indians if they want their software safe?
Replies: >>13010
Nope they'll just keep them until it becomes clear they  are incompetent and fire them then replace them until it's no longer cost efficient
[Hide] (231KB, 1080x2340)
They also pushed experimental vaxx for everyone while doing the opposite. It's basically proof that Rust is harmful.
"AI detection" websites are comically-trash.

>Test it with a shitty halfchan post.
<most of them check it out as human.
>test it with some text that I -know- is AI generated.
<Most of the websites either don't parse it because it's less than 350 characters, or think it's human.
>Out of all the sites, exactly one of them actually didn't suck.
>The confirmed-AI-Generated text I put into it, confirmed it was AI.
>Toss the halfchan post into it.
<It says it's nearly 48% likely to be chatGPT, 52% to be human.
<Because of this, it judges the shitty post to be human.

And that wasn't even the worst one. The worst one was tossing the 100%-AI-Generated text into a 'detector', and said 'detector' claimed it was "33% likely human".
[Hide] (190.2KB, 1024x1024)
>yes, we NEED to push webp and other nu-formats down your throat because... LE HECKIN BANDWIDTH
>*proceeds to make super bloated web page with 20MB of javascripts and ads*
Replies: >>13105
Well, it only adds furigana if the TXT has it, like
誰 with だれ furigana
前髪如き, with ごと on top of 如
If it displays the furigana in the normal text after the words (as if you were reading the TXT), then it probably uses different formatting for furigana in the TXT, so you have to see yourself and change some code accordingly.
For example if it does it <like this>, you change
pattern = re.compile(r'([\p{IsHan}]+)(《[\p{IsHira}\p{IsKatakana}]+》)', re.UNICODE)
output = pattern.sub(r'<ruby>\1<rt>\2</rt></ruby>', txt).replace("|","").replace("《","").replace("》","").replace("\n","</p><p>")
pattern = re.compile(r'([\p{IsHan}]+)(<[\p{IsHira}\p{IsKatakana}]+>)', re.UNICODE)
output = pattern.sub(r'<ruby>\1<rt>\2</rt></ruby>', txt).replace("|","").replace("<","").replace(">","").replace("\n","</p><p>")
or whatever.
If furigana is not in the normal text, and doesn't display at all, then I guess you might be using an old browser or something, like that, I don't know. The official name for the feature is "ruby text".
yaml is everywhere. More and more programs are using it for config files, or even declarative programming such as github actions. But yaml sucks.
>Spacing as syntax, heavy nesting
>60+ ways to specify a string
>Guarantee you losing your way in a long document
If your program needs a config format or specification format, don't use yaml.
Also don't use yaml for declarative programming. Looking at you especially github.
Going off topic, declarative programming for ci/cd is only good for the simplest of the cases. Once some logic is introduced into the pipeline, the whole thing explodes. Not to mention github action's crap docs and usage of javascript.
I didn't notice any YAML, and I don't even have the library installed. But I don't use desktop environment so maybe that's why.
I did however notice that github sucks now if you're using a non-javascript browser. It's like you can't browse code anymore without javascript botnet browser. WTF were they thinking?
I also don't use a DE. yaml is in all nu-sysadmin programs. Ansible, k8s and nearly all CI servers for example.
github has been like that for a long time. For browsing code, cgit is a lot better without the balls and whistles. For code hosting, repo.or.cz is free and nice.
Replies: >>13077 >>13078
>Request rma
<get confirmation for refund
I feel like I have failed somehow.
Replies: >>13098
Spoonfeed me on how to ban evade on 4ch, the mods are insufferable freaks
Replies: >>13076 >>13386
use a cellphone
Replies: >>13088
I can vouch for yaml being a piece of shit software that's shilled for by brainless techbros and corporfags.

>Trying to learn docker for a job.
>jewtube video proclaims how he started up a gorillian containers procedurally with just one docker-compose call.
>oh neat. I think I'll look up docker-compose.
>Read the wiki on it... find out they use yaml, and then get confused with little idea on how it works.
>Search up a "practical example" of using docker-compose, find such a tutorial, that honestly wasn't that bad... Up to the point you write the yaml file.
>Write out the yaml file as it's shown in the yt vid in emacs.
>double-check the yaml and dockerfile, fix any perceived-errors.
>why the fuck am I still having problems?!
<yaml files use spacing as part of the program similar to python does, But unlike python, yaml doesn't seem to understand tabs or some bullshit like that.
>...what the fuck.
>figure out how to get emacs into a mode that sees extraneous characters or something (don't remember what mode it was) to figure out the spacing issues. try my best to fix the error.
>Okay fine, fuck yaml, every single little "pro" this dogshit language has is fucking useless if it's designed to throw a shitfit over fucking spaces.

Just for reference, I wasn't using this anything x11-related, I was SSHing into a RPi4 I had onhand, and doing it solely through the terminal. 
All of these fucking errors and insanity was over a hello_world-tier tutorial. Imagine having to do that for a full tech-career-level project with more than a thousand characters. 

Also, the archive.ph link is just a shorthand on the actual post on yaml, here's the actual post on yaml:

You think you hate yaml, but you don't know how much you -can- hate it.
Replies: >>13078 >>13102
>forbids tabs
Must be the default serialization format of the Zig programming language.
I've been using YAML for a long time and I absolutely hate it.

S-expressions are good.
They have rangebanned my cell ISP.
Replies: >>13095 >>13386
>They have rangebanned my cell ISP.
No they haven't. You are either using a brand new browser profile in which case you were marked as a bot. Or you are using the same browser profile in which case they know who you are and you're still banned.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 498x280)
>>13052 (me)
Okay. Turns out I am a retard.
>system would freeze and crash often
>screen would develop rainbow artifacts
>overlays and other random graphical elements would draw extra/wrong lines and layers of random colors
>contacted store because the gpu was only bought one month ago
>they give me a refund after I tell them the gpu is faulty without checking/verifying anything
>tell me it'll be picked up next week
>nobody comes to pick up, so I contact them again
>they tell me to toss it into the trash or get it repaired by myself
>out of curiosity plug in the gpu again
>reset bios for a different stick of ram
>no artifacts
>no errors
Replies: >>13101
So you got a free GPU?
Write it with tabs, then replace the tabs with spaces.
yaml sounds gay
Replies: >>13103
You know, when I first got errors related to spacing, replacing tabs was the first thing I did. I pretty much had things perfect down to the character level and it still spit out errors, despite being COMPLETELY-FUCKING-IDENTICAL to the goddamn youtube vid.

Shit, for all of python's retardation of parsing spaces (and all the idiot redditors and proto-redditors that want this bullshit), at least python works with tabs, which are infinitely-better for sorting code than spaces.
[Hide] (10KB, 720x620)
>What laws are these retarded boomers going to pass
Probably the a civilian version of what they did for the military to keep C shitware away back in the day

>Yes we NEED to cling to completely shit encrusted formats like JPEG, even though the MPEG-1 intra format it was developed alongside has been defunct for decades, because... MUH LICENSE and MUH COMPATABILITUH
>*proceeds to ignore OS libraries in favor of ancient broken codecs in browser source tree and cluttering HTML standard for no real reason*
Replies: >>13106
They could have just picked Ada instead of Rust. They wanted to instead make something with brand new toolchain that's another new gorillion lines of mystery meat code. Because that's how CIA niggers operate. Also see: systemd.
Replies: >>13107 >>13112
IDC, just as long as nobody mandates you have to use a GC'd language. Rust's actual problem is its hideous community and default implementation, not its design, and the same is true of Poeteringware.
Replies: >>13109
[Hide] (962.1KB, 581x940)
Their design is about centralized control and domination. It's anti-freedom, and corruptive to boot (as in, it tries to infect projects in order to ultimately bring them all and bind them, in Mordor...)
Yes, they're going to take many of your important/big free software projects too. This is how they'll do it. Most Linux distros have already bent the knee.
>why new meme language gets regulatory endorsement over old and proven language
This is what corporate lobbying looks like. After all that effort to force rust support into the linux kernel and still nothing is actually using it.
What would computer be like if IBM had been more legally Jewish when designing the IBM PC, with unloicensed PC clones either never appearing or getting shoah'd in court?
Would 2hu games have remained on the PC-98 into the 21st century?
Probably workstations wouldn't have largely died and someone would have had the idea to cot custs until they're affordable by the masses and a sort of PC revolution would happen anyway.
Replies: >>13122
I forgot to add in case anons don't know, but some workstation vendors also embraced "clones" or had no choice to. SPARC machines were made by several vendors in a consortium, although Sun always dominated it, but I guess if IBM was toppled, then Sun could have been if SPARC's market share was large enough to attract more competition. 

Several vendors made machines around the Motorola 68000, the only reason they didn't exactly have a PC situation is because although they shared a CPU, they were incompatible in the OS and peripheral side of things, but I'm sure that after enough years being frustrated by this, the industry would start creating standards.

And at the end of the day, the IBM PC wasn't innovative on the technological side at all. It's just a computer made with parts from other vendors cobbled together, that's how home computing started in the first place. The innovation of the IBM PC was that it was very modular and IBM published specifications for the IBM PC's hardware which made it easy for 3rd parties to make products for it, unlike other companies like Apple that made it as hard as possible to make peripherals for their computers. I imagine sure that sooner or later, a small company would smell the money in selling computers, create a cheap, simple computer, and deal with their inability to be the sole vendor selling all peripherals and upgrades for it by publishing specifications and encouraging 3rd parties like IBM did.
[Hide] (612.4KB, 1812x1590)
If cheap IBM PC compatibles didn't happen, then all the poorfags would have bought from Atari, Commodore, etc. instead (but not so much Apple because the Macs were always expensive).
Anyway they should have been buying Atari and Commodore anyway.
>be me playing with my smartphone and tablet and smart tv and posting le epic facebook frog pics on /g/
>see a twitter screencap thread
>gasp out loud and ram my finger so hard into the touch screen on my smart fridge that it breaks my finger and the screen
>panic, load up /g/ on my smart watch and smart treadmill so i can go to the thread
>frantically press the screens with my greasy avocado stained fingernails until it loads the twitter screenshot
>its so informative and/or funny i cant help but reply to the thread
>reply "based cringe jak soy onions fr ironic shit cunnypost fuck sex spongebob meme reddit dilate nigger discord ebin pepe apu basedjak wojak penis 4chan smartphone doge cryptocoin elon musk penis my mouth NOW apologize for cum ylyl ygyl BBC transgender genital photographs PLEASE NEED ARTIFICIAL BOOBA tiktok netflix yaaaasss BAAAASED chud trump putin biden won lost cringejak soy meme nohomo apple imac windows edition epin vidya thread bread redpill redditpill blackpill /pol/ AWOO frog imagine sex with girl soymaxxing basedmaxxxing android iphone samsung python ipad rust dafuq meds rn drip check my trips PLAP PLAP PLAP my anus feels soyfrog peepee"
>get banned for saying the N-word
>go to zzzchan to post on /tech/
Replies: >>13195
Russia Ukraine white black nigger uk war politics I swear all of these are the work of devils created to distract me from coding. Fuck them all I don’t care.
The fuckers at youtube have upped their game. Invidious is full-scale-broken at this point thanks to whatever fuckery google's doing.
Replies: >>13207 >>13208
yt-dlp is (so far) unaffected by it.
I'm pretty sure they must be working on a solution.
Replies: >>13305
viewtube works
Replies: >>13305
[Hide] (629.3KB, 2048x1536)
>Unironically installing Gentoo
>On an x200 with a core 2 duo
The kernel just finished compiling. It took ~8 hours.
Replies: >>13211 >>13216
I wouldn't run gentoo on a laptop ever. Most of them have horrible cooling, you're just toasting your CPU.

You could try Gentoo's binary packages I guess.
Replies: >>13214
Been running gentoo on laptops for ten something years now. The current one is almost 8 years old now, the previous one I used for about 6 years, and don't know about what I had before. Just get something that has normal cooling and not the cheapest chinkshit you find.
>The kernel just finished compiling. It took ~8 hours.
Then you didn't bother to clean your kernel config. Kernel compilation shouldn't take more than an hour. At the very least 'lspci -k' and 'make menuconfig' to remove all of the ethernet drivers except the one you need.
What's preventing computers from going beyond binary on the transistor level without quantum autism?
Is it impossible to fabricate transistors capable of holding one of 4 states, or transistors capable of holding more than 1 state simultaneously?
You'd think trannoprogressives would've tried to champion such processors adjusted for modern values.
Replies: >>13265 >>13277
They're harder to make, they can't be made as fast as binary ones.
Replies: >>13277
>What's preventing computers from going beyond binary on the transistor level without quantum autism?
Binary is easy. Voltage = 1 and no voltage = 0. Trying to detect exactly how much voltage is flowing to make a 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever starts getting difficult.

Although the commies did experiment with 3 bit computers
>Basically, the design for this ternary logic relies on split rails – a negative voltage, a positive voltage, and ground.

>they can't be made as fast as binary ones.
3 bit computes are actually faster in theory
>Radix economy, or the number of digits required to express a number in a particular base, plays a big part. The most efficient number system isn’t binary or ternary – it’s base e, or 2.718. Barring the invention of an irrational number of transistors, base three is the most efficient way to store numbers in memory.

>Given that ternary computing is so efficient, why hasn’t it ever been done before?
The author of this article jews out without giving a real answer.

It can't just be a matter of cost because the NSA wouldn't hesitate to drop bombs of money on slightly faster password crackers. Like quantum computers I assume there must be some large engineering gaps that nobody has been able to solve.
Replies: >>13278 >>13279
>Trying to detect exactly how much voltage is flowing to make a 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever starts getting difficult. 
MLC flash stores data this way.
>ternary computers
Also note that at this point, having a ternary CPU would mean ALL software would have to be rewritten (or write a binary CPU emulator, but at that point why bother), which is something no one willing to do just for some theoretical speedup. Plan 9 failed, because it was a bit better than UNIX but at the price of breaking the API, and that was just some OS specific API change, not rethink the whole computational model.
Hello. And Bye.
[Hide] (8.9KB, 400x400)
Anyone have photo of guy taking notes in uni on thinkpad with futa wallpaper? Bonus points for pic from desktop thread with same wallpaper.
Is there any of these Youtube pipers/scrapers that can handle comments and replies out there now?
Invidious has been sitting on a commit for weeks now doing nothing while Viewtube doesn't seem to be able to show replies.
[Hide] (42.6KB, 625x680)
what happened to anon.cafe?
Replies: >>13313
another one bites the dust
Basically the admin decided to shut it down (although he specified that no outside forces were responsible for it).
Replies: >>13314
[Hide] (50.6KB, 400x400)
Fuckshit. Any idea where some of the boards migrated to?
I especially liked the /retro/ and /comfy/ board and also lurked /k/ sometimes. Actually there's something sentimental to these boards since I spent a good amount of my late adolescence there.
Replies: >>13315 >>13316
Anongarden, Junkuchan and Trashchan. Go to the boards list and you will find most of them.
/k/ users have migrated here.
Replies: >>13316 >>13317
/retro/ and /comfy/ both are on Trashchan, which is where the majority of the cafe boards have migrated to.
But >>13315 is right in that these three sites are what remains of the cafe boards went.
As I said, Trashchan has most of the boards, Anongarden has /islam/, /lang/ and /pro/, and Junkuchan got /cuckquean/ and /shelter/.
If you're still unsure you can do what anon said and check the boards list.
Replies: >>13317
Thanks anons. Just checked those boards. And trashchan is best at replicating the cafe feel. https://youtu.be/M6UvS7BJfh8
[Hide] (23.2KB, 474x266)

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that they wouldn't really risk coby's life for this.

Google doesn't seem to bring anything up about this possibility.

Do any of you tech-people think anything is odd/edited in this footage?

Replies: >>13383
[Hide] (392.9KB, 1536x2048)
My mom just picked up a commodore PET :^)
>nyanko days picture
The anime is kind of very "just an ad for the manga" and leaves desiring for more. Fortunately, there are 5 manga volumes, and the anime only covers a portion of the first one, so there's a lot more stuff, including interesting story developments and backstory reveals.
I'm still reading it, but I've seen what might have been vague spoilers for the ending, which sounds interesting.
[Hide] (549KB, 1920x3047)
God that's fucking cool. 

The average person would be in space if western countries didn't have to babysit niggers and the third world. Space deniers / moon landing deniers are just white people deniers. 
It all seems so distant and impossible to us because we look at it from the way the world is now, not how it was back then.
Replies: >>13397
bro, clear cookies and get a new IP, easy as fuck. On a phone? Activate airplane mode, wait a few minutes, check your ip address. Use incognito mode. 

If you're at home release your IP and get a new one. 4ch is a total honeypot. You can't post new threads in incognito mode anymore. I am shocked they still allow cellular Ips at this point.
I like searx.
If you think about it, going to space causes a lot of the shit they get away with today to be impossible.
The scarcity of land causes most if not all land on Earth to be owned by government and a small group of people. Even land you buy isn't really owned by you. Not to mention, you are bounded by laws and rules that can be changed any time by external factors on your OWN land.
Space allows you to retreat, where there is no hiding on Earth. All the stars in the galaxy, how can they find you? No more worry about tax when you can mine asteroid and fabricate farms.
Replies: >>13404
How sad is it that the greatest driver of progress and the spirit of discovery is to get away from hateful elites and the masses they control due to stagnation? Almost every great conquest and expansion was powered by resentment for the status quo created by previous generations who failed to reach enlightened ideals.

>Hated one does another full retard
>Pro-"AI"-drones, shills and bots are flooding the comments
>A few guys in there completely calling out his hypocrisy.

Get fucked hated one, also nice one using the kabbalah as your logo- took a page from the rest of the NWO faggots, eh?
Replies: >>13491
It's been revealed a long time ago that xhe's compromised
Though basically 99.9999999% of jewtubers/ecelebs suck, so not a surprise
Replies: >>13493
[Hide] (2.9MB, 500x280, 00:40)
Where do I get a robot like this?
Replies: >>13495 >>13562

Oh god. when the fuck did he troon out?
Replies: >>13499
China. You may get vanned for importing a short enough model though.
I don't know if he's an actual tranny, I just sometimes use tranny pronouns as a joke for "people" who are globohomo allies and the like.
[Hide] (41.1KB, 400x366)
Does anyone know how SauceNAO works? It detects the most inane screenshots that I can't imagine anyone uploading anywhere. Do they have a couple of servers which just quickly go through every anime in existence and check if the frames are similar to the picture you uploaded?
Replies: >>13501 >>13504
Are newsgroups still fun to shitpost on?
I've heard that tilde.club has a private nntp server, but I don't know if it's worth making an account on there. and yes i'm 2poor4usenet

My guess is that they just make perceptual hashes and thumbnails from anime releases, and then search through the hashes of every frame. So more or less what you're suggesting.
Replies: >>13502 >>13504
[Hide] (76.7KB, 943x141)
The weird thing is that it can still detect frames even if they're altered (eg. cropped, subtitles).
Replies: >>13503 >>13552
i mean yeah that's kinda what perceptual hashing does, it should ideally create similar hashes for similar images
Replies: >>13504
Vector database
It's 2 u's like Hanyuu, or at least Hanyū
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>yeah bro we "preserve" things by not letting almost anyone to download it
Private trackers are such an insane and contradictory concept.
>t. someone who voluntarily seeds as much as he can from public trackers (ie. normal White person)
At which point can one expect to see CPU sockets using optical interconnects?
Replies: >>13569
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[Hide] (89.9KB, 808x831)
every single place on the internet is now subverted censored cesspool 
black dead smoked Iberian pigs are really nice,
especially Jamón ibérico,
but what are some other uses for a jamonera?
could it maybe,
hold a girly girl leg in place? 
just joking
but that is not allowed
everything is so fucking gay and i am tired
Replies: >>13553
thats fucking insane
[Hide] (21.5KB, 195x282)
a shame that they cost a kidney
when i was a kid i played with those long knives as if they were katanas.
[Hide] (28.6KB, 250x217)
Seedking the unsung hero
[Hide] (137.3KB, 1800x2400)
Got new watch. What da ya think?
very unfortunate that modern ((( satanphones ))) don't have IR. 
That ugly fucking watch is so comfy. It reminds me of cheap chinese tamagochis from my childhood.
Any watchfags here? Do you know of a way to replace that rancid plastic wrist strap with a nato strap?
Replies: >>13564
[Hide] (121.9KB, 2400x1800)
Replies: >>13564 >>13569
After my 2nd mechanical watch stopped working I thought about just giving up on mechanical altogether and since I'm just way too much of a hipster fag to get le 4chan /g/entooman terrorist watch I got this thing
[Hide] (322.3KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (149.2KB, 594x1074)
[Hide] (105.3KB, 850x850)
looking at pics of the replacement part online it looks like it's a fairly common strap standard on a lot of casio models and knockoffs. just look up "BGF-130 strap" and see if you can find a replacement. although that particular model, being a child's watch, seems rather uncommon. I found a strap for it (resin in black) on amazon but it's 16 euros and don't think it's worth it at all, at that point you might as well get a brand new casio. https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Casio-Baby-G-BGF-130-10081640-Strap/dp/B083FB1RV9 . in the case you do find a cheap replacement, just follow a video like this https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=jSYRZJNlr5o or like this https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=PJjigdlu9_Q it's not the same watch but it should be the same exact mechanism.

t. not a watch autist just a fag who owns 4 watches and replaced straps twice
also forgot to mention when I said "a cheap replacement" rubber and resin straps can be found as low as 30 cents a pop (that's how much I paid for mine) so don't get scammed into buying one for 5 euros or something.
Replies: >>13567
Lol thanks a bunch, Anon.
I forgot to mention, it being "retro" I paid a fortune for this chinky piece of plastic.
What? A fellow Kraut?
Converting between light and electric communication is only worth it if there is lots of data or if the distance is very long. Unless the whole cpu is done with optical logic, it doesn't make sense to use light to communicate between the cpu and the motherboard, also electric cpu takes power from the socket, it will need some electrical connection anyways.
I have f-81w (terrorist watch) with metal strap. Buy one of those straps from China, alibaba or ebay whatever. Replacing is very easy, I think you just need to push the pin on both side of the strap to pop it out.
Replies: >>13582
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Is there open source software for V-Tumors? If not, is it possible to stick together various tools to become one?
Replies: >>13576
Use a search engine. https://github.com/Inochi2D/inochi2d
Replies: >>13579
>Use a search engine.
This is what's killing small imageboards.
Replies: >>13580
Littering around with low quality one search away questions isn't?
Replies: >>13581
[Hide] (34.1KB, 500x500)
PPH is PPH, brother
>Converting between light and electric communication is only worth it if there is lots of data or if the distance is very long. Unless the whole cpu is done with optical logic, it doesn't make sense to use light to communicate between the cpu and the motherboard, also electric cpu takes power from the socket, it will need some electrical connection anyways.
Could you elaborate on this?
With how modern motherboards are getting swallowed up by heatsinks and the ever growing bandwidth+power requirements for RAM, VRAM, PCIe let alone the thermal density of modern ICs optical connectors seem like the natural candidate to alleviate these problems.
Sure they'll still need electricity, but from what I've read orders of magnitude less while also generating very little heat when operating and they have shitloads of headroom in regards to bandwidth and latency.
Replies: >>13583
Most heat comes from electrical heating from the electronic silicon circuits that's doing processing. Space is precious on chips and the conversation device takes space. The only way it can work is by replacing the entire silicon circuit with optics-based circuits. Unfortunately I don't know much about optical transistors beyond what I can look up. It seems there is no satisfying designs yet.
Going off topic, I have been looking into fiber networking recently. Most 10G+ nics are fiber-based. Interestingly, usb4 is supposed to bring 40G speed, making it faster than most ethernet nics. A shame I don't have any hardware to test on yet.
Just lost my entire post for phoneposting, I deserved that.
Indeed it does.
Replies: >>13602
Don't force me to post it.
You? Balls? Never!
I went through the catalog manually out of curiosity and compiled a few metrics.

/twg/			Tech Workers General
/ldg/				Local Diffusion General
/hsg/			Home Server General
/bug/			BSD Users Group
mpv ffmpeg yt-dlp
/bst/				Battle Station Thread
/iemg/ /pmpg/		In-Ear Montior & Music Player General
/fglt/				Friendly GNU/Linux Thread
/dmp/			Digital Music Production
/wsg/			Web Scraping General
/hhg/			Handheld General
/de3/			DALL-E 3 General
/lmg/			Local Models General
/neet/			Not in Employment Education or Training
/csg/			Chink Shit General
/sqt/				Stupid Questions Thread
/spg/			Smartphone General
/fwt/				Friendly Windows Thread
/sdg/			Stable Diffusion General
/cyb/sec/pri/		Cyber-Punk/Security & Privacy
/mkg/			Mechanical Keyboard General
/gedg/			Game and Engine Development General
/ebg/			Ebussy General
/wdg/			Web Development General
/pcbg/			PC Building General
(λ)				Lisp General
/ptg/			Private Trackers General
/tpg/			ThinkPad General
/aicg/			AI Chatbots General
/limp/			Linux Music Players
/dpt/			Daily Programming Thread

Tech Employment/Certifications/Ecosystem
Tech News/Announcements
Bait x1000
Distro Wars
Language Wars
Apple Faggotry
Genuinely Interesting Threads (EXTREMELY RARE 1 in 500)

Right now (midday in the USA) threads will fall off of the catalog in about 5 hours. 
The entire catalog is refreshed in about a day.
Slower generals have an upper limit of about 4 days
The fastest generals are AI related (/aicg/)

Might be worth using once every few days to stay ahead of the curve and to gain some extra perspective. NOT worth using ordinarily since the mental load of sifting through threads is greater than whatever valuable sauce you might find.
Replies: >>13643 >>13659
[Hide] (233.5KB, 840x519)
I hope Invidious and Piped and ytdlp and all jewtube front ends and whatever stop working, and youtube.com starts requiring vaccine ID so you faggots realize that that shitty site never had any valuable content in the first place.
[Hide] (108.3KB, 559x540)
>buildtool9k run getIPAddress
>your ip addresss is:
>your external ip address is:
>[bold:build successful]
why do trannies do this. do you understand that you didnt build anything?
do you understand that build script is not object, lambda, or whatever meme primitive you think it is?
[Hide] (55.6KB, 605x305)
Speak of the devil...
Replies: >>13625
it boggles the mind why they didn't implement this within the first few years of becoming big but then again i never expect anything wrong webshitters
[Hide] (309.3KB, 1000x1000)
It's all fun and games until your bank account stops working because you don't have vaxxx ID, and you finally realize the money wasn't real.
I don't think there much to gain from using 4/g/. The best thing I have got from there is a link to 8/tech/ and I've never looked back.
Fuck you too, moeslop faggot.
Replies: >>13700
What'll happen first:
Scam Yidizen's release, OpenZFS becoming an in-tree module or Btrfs getting working RAID5/6?
Replies: >>13657
>Scam Yidizen
is probably never going to be released, when they can squeeze enough money as alpha
can't be in-tree because of license
someday not familiar enough with the problem to say when
I like the gedg circlejerk
[Hide] (789.6KB, 1872x2180)
Uh oh, looks like someone has a small amygdala
Replies: >>13704
A fellow "One Room, Hiatari Futsuu, Tenshi-tsuki" appreciator, huh? It was such a cute and comfy experience. I hope next season's "Giji Harem" or the show with the Russian girl will manage to capture a similar atmosphere.
Go lick the shit out of Mark Mann's asshole, cakechanner.
Replies: >>13707
[Hide] (157.9KB, 500x500)
You can try older Windows
Linux only caters to turbo autists and illiterate grandmas, no in-between, so you'll find yourself becoming one of these two as you use Linux.
He will get pwnd as soon as he goes online.
It's the only alternative though so I'm willing to learn it. I just had an epiphany of how shit microsoft really is and forces their shit down everyone's throat.
Replies: >>13752
There was a time when people learn about things they use instead of being proud of being a dumb fuck nigger.
Replies: >>13743
So you know exactly how your car works and can build one from scratch, right? Same goes for all means of transportation, home appliances, and industrial machinery that you've ever used, right?
Kill yourself retarded faggot.
Replies: >>13744 >>13745
Hitting too close to home, seething nigger? I do know a thing or two at least on user manual level. windows users on the other hand, is adversive to any level of unserstanding like you.
Replies: >>13749
My car is a Subaru Outback with a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated horizonally-opposed (boxer) engine connected to a continously-variable transmission that connects to front and rear open differentials.
My microwave uses a microwave-emitting magnetron connected to a 1000v transformer to excite water and other molecules in a pseudo-faraday cage. Its rotating platform improves heat uniformity in the food.
The dremel and drill that I use have brushed motors for driving. The drill has a manual clutch to control torque output as opposed to the dremel which uses very high RPMs with low torque to achieve results.

I think you just need to pay more attention to everything around you, though I can't be too harsh. It takes some people lifetimes to reach the level of knowedge I have (you).
Replies: >>13749 >>13757
>I do know a thing or two at least on user manual level
So do Windows users, thanks for proving my point.

If you can't build every single tool you've ever used from scratch then you already failed the purity test.
Replies: >>13751 >>13753
I love Midnight Commander! It's the best file manager.
[Hide] (145.8KB, 625x900)
Your purity test is nonsense because ultimately you'll challenge someone to build their own ICs from scratch, which of course nobody can easily do at home. But that doesn't imply that everyone has to be completely helpless and dependent on someone else for most other things. In other words, it's not a binary situation like you're trying to present it.
Replies: >>13756
Most Linux distributions are the same, the best resources are the Arch and Gentoo wiki and the quickest way to learn is to install (but not necessarily use) one of those two.
The only two things windows users know are
>they don't know how to use a computer
>they don't want to know how to use a computer
If you spend the time complaining about Linux to learning about it, you'd have stopped years ago. But you want to stay as a self-induced helpless victim, just like a nigger irl. A victim of the unfortunate reality that there are things that you don't know. Are they an indicator of your smaller prefrontal cortex and thus lower iq? It can't be. Those people who learn are traitors, larpers and they even have the audacity to tell you to learn? It is even more perplexing than computers. So you lash out, and vow to stop others from sufferring from learning.
Replies: >>13756
>it's not a binary situation like you're trying to present it.
Either you're replying to the wrong anon or you can't read. That shit is exactly what I'm ridiculing. 

>all windows users are dumb niggers who know nothing about computers unlike me the intellectual linux user!!!
Typical loonie, as oblivious as a nigger and proud of it. Get back to your terminal, you have some important learning to do.
[Hide] (168.7KB, 1128x1135)
>My car is a Subaru Outback with a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated horizonally-opposed (boxer) engine
The whole point of having a flat engine is to lower the center of gravity and get better handling around corners. The outback is a minivan for soccor moms you might as well paint go-faster stripes down the side.

>2.5 liter
>naturally aspirated 
What happened to the turbos? I thought turbos were the whole point of these small engine subaru rally larper meme cars. What you described can't possible get more than 200bhp if that, you probably get gapped by milk floats.

>There was a time when people learn about things they use instead of being proud of being a dumb fuck nigger.
Dumb fuck nigger doesn't even understand how to drive a car with gears.
>wtf the car turned off
<sir, you released the clutch too quickly
>wtf is a clutch
<it's a mechanism for disengaging the engine from the transmission so you can change gears....
>wtf are gears
<... sir perhaps you should try an automatic
>fuck you gears are for jews I want a car with no gears
<but sir....
>and make it look vaguely like a famous rally car but have none of the capabilities

Your outback is literally the microsoft windows of cars.

The neat thing about linux is that you can install and run it from a USB stick. So you don't need to fuck around with your harddrive or anything like that. Buy a few USB sticks, download a few linux distros and try them out until you find one that's cozy. It will be different and it will take some effort but you're probably doing the right thing by getting away from corporate operating systems like windows.
Why can't VLC into proper VP9 playback 11 years after the codec's initial release?
Replies: >>13764
vp9 is backdoored as expected of anything from ((( gooogle )))) and it will use your IME to radio back home once it roots your system
Use mpv
Am I an aberrant for editing my kernel's .config using a text editor?
Using the menuconfig feels like bloat and botnet.
Replies: >>13770 >>13771
It's just dumb because your kernel is a lot bigger than menuconfig.
Menuconfig is small and procide description in addition to the config name. Proper use of menuconfig debloats your kernel.
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