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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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That feeling when you had a s*yjak phase for some months and accumulated literal thousands of disgusting s*yjak pictures, but you snapped out of it and now have to go through all this this trash scattered across your computer to delete it
Replies: >>10160 >>10161
At least you managed to get out of it, good job on that.
Dump your collection anon
I like sigils in Perl. Raku, Ruby and (to lesser extend) sh/Bash also have them. A sigil is basically the "$" in $foobar, for example. In Perl, they are used in variables to differentiate the type (scalar (= normal var, like number or string), array, hash (In python, it's called "dictionary"). Sigils make string interpolation more beautiful: you can just print("hello, $name!") instead of something like print(f"Hello, {name}!") . In Perl, they also add more type info when the variable is used.

I wish more (dynamically typed) languages used sigils like they are used in Perl. What do you think? Also, is there some underappreciated programming language feature that you like?
Replies: >>10194 >>10239
The problem with perl is if you don't use it everyday you will come back to a script 6 months later and won't remember what all the different symbols mean and you basically have to re-learn the whole language.

Or worse, you somewhat remember what the symbol means but forgot all the nuances and implications and end up changing the code in ways that introduce bugs and security vulns.

Also checkout the perljam talks.
You are never alone. Your ancestors are always watching.
and turning in their graves, faggot
-fno-plt can be good for AMD64 but other architectures get a negative impact.

As an added bonus -fno-plt makes ((( lazy linking ))) impossible.
I wish PHP took Perl's clue when they copied sigils, and adopted "@" for arrays, hashes etc. Not just "$" for everything. Because of that, people are back to prefixing or postfixing (aMyDataArray, bMyBool; or personnel_array)
Replies: >>10260
And I wish both languages and their users died.
Replies: >>10261
You'll get your wish, the thing is, it's gonna take at least 30 years for it to be granted though.
Replies: >>10263
Can't I get rust instead please? Even retarded PHP fanboys or perl code that that looks the same before and after AES encryption is better than tranny rust shills.
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<no wxmen, trans folx, or black folx in sight
Oh my science, how can those bigots lie to us so shamelessly?
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This is how a healthy, diverse project looks without managers forcing DEI quota on them.
Replies: >>10273
At some point, people should realize
needs to be removed.
Something similar happened to Curtis Yarvin at Strange Loop. They made the call for papers completely anonymous to avoid "discrimination", then they found out they accidentally accepted a talk from somebody they wanted to discriminate against. Much drama ensues.

It's there for funding reasons.
cant 'remove' demographic replacement idiot, whites went from 90% to 50% in just 20 years, diversity is everywhere because thats your fucking mutt population
Replies: >>10335
They've realized it years ago, the pandemic and inflation is pulling them back into reality.

I feel that ultimately, the assholes at the top of the chain of fuckery (cuckrock, gates, all those wall street short hedge funds), will get justice fully-served to them one way or another. 

News orgs have been actively calling out these companies. If these companies really have the power they did, then this shit wouldn't happen, it would just be nothing but ham-handed praise, instead they're being called out, I feel like that alone is a good tell.

In my personal experience, not only are normies getting tired of this shit, I've even seen actual faggots call this shit out. Shit, I've seen a literal-pokemon-furfaggot shit on trannies.

It has me optimistic, but it's still wise to remain vigilant.
Replies: >>10276
>not only are normies getting tired of this shit, I've even seen actual faggots call this shit out. Shit, I've seen a literal-pokemon-furfaggot shit on trannies.
There is increasing resentment from the LGBs since the Ts have completely taken over the movement. Notice how it's not even gay pride month anymore it's just pride. Or remember the mainstream media reporting on monkeypox it was "men who have sex with men" not gay men. The LGBs are getting erased from the narrative and they know it.

Don't forget the agenda here is eugenics and population control. The LGBs were somewhat effective at fucking up families and impacting the birthrate. But nothing beats the Ts just straightup castrating children before they even hit puberty. That's why the Ts are the favorite.

sage for off topic spergery
Fur faggotry is for the "I cut off my weiner" peoples that shall not be named. 
Such an utterance can cause many anti-cosmic fluxuations rendering our universe into nothingness.
Replies: >>10290 >>10316
furries are cool
What happens if you're a into straight, binary furry sex?
Replies: >>10323
A furfag is a furfag you can't say it's only half.
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<"Oh my science EFF is so heckin based amirite??"
>check their website
>LGBTP shit, nigger shit, baby murder shit
Why the fuck do you guys support this shitty satanic organization??
Who the fuck cares about eff or any organization? Support the idea not the people.
Whites can only remove themselves from diversity at this point - by forming closed off communities.
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>look at this greentext nobody said
Who are you quoting.
Replies: >>10344
The greentext is quoting me. I checked their website, and I found NWO shit.
Replies: >>10347
Well the EFF used to be cool they cracked DVD encryption and released it to the world for example. They got captured around the time of gamer gate just like so many other organizations.
Replies: >>10348
Also, EFF hasn't been converged by GG as bad as some (e.g.: ACLU, Internet Archive), so aside from the censorious SJW NPCs infesting the org now, their staff still has some genuine ideologues who are allowed to at least haltingly defend TOR, KF, 8chan, Stormfront, etc. in public statements.

I would rate them at present overall effectively only slightly more retarded than a mainstream cuckservative org like FIRE, and as such tactically useful.
Replies: >>10350
The Tor organization has been pozzed harder than anyone but yeah I remember when that australian guy shot up a mosque the EFF defended 8chan. Or was it when they got kicked off by cloudflare. I can't find any reference to it now but I definitely remember the controversy when it happened.
>wHy ArE YoU dEfeNDinG nAzIs????!
Shooting people is a crime regardless of who you are and who the victims are. That's how rule of law works. What's going on inside a person's head is irrelevant and never a crime in itself.

But this position that we just need to outlaw all "dangerous" media platforms and everyone will magically stop being angry about mass immigration is so delusional and cucked. It's sad that so many prominent people on infosec twitter fell for it.
Thomas Lynch more like nigger who should be lynched. jschan is fucking garbage and the most niggerlicious imageboard software ever created. How you can make such a bloated and abysmal JavaScript retard baby abortion of a software is beyond me. you absolutely retarded looking motherfucker. Maybe if you learned to code like a white man you could make better software you fucking queer
Replies: >>10370 >>10373
Why is JSChan software so bad?
Name one (1) imageboard suite that isn't a loose tangle of melting silly string
Replies: >>10412
>Archive link

>Teddit link

So from the replies in this thread, there's a theory that the supermods orchestrated the blackout as a protest against the administration, because Reddit's supermod tools they use to do it for free (while allegedly getting corporate kickbacks on the side) need the API to function.

All in all, anyone on the normalfag side of things immediately called this blackout out due to the fact that there was a set date and time of only two days that it happened, instead of being an indefinite blackout. Other subs are still keeping the blackout going, and I hope that this will at least push people to make less-centralized platforms.

All in all, I had a feeling there was something up with the blackout, especially with how short it was, and though the post above is just a theory, I wouldn't doubt there's enough tells in that thread showing that something about this blackout wasn't organic.
Replies: >>10375 >>10399
>showing that something about this blackout wasn't organic
It's fucking reddit, the whole reason they are there is to score internet points and get social approval. Actually understanding the issues stake is not at all a requirement for these people to join a safe and popular protest.
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>year of our Lord 2022
>no one created a better text editor yet
Explain this.
Replies: >>10383 >>10401
It means you are a retard who can't even use vim and emacs.
He's just trying to troll people into giving suggestions.
Replies: >>10398
>He's just trying to troll people into giving suggestions.
No, I genuinely like Leafpad
>Start the sentence with "Linux is gay
Holy Fauci we need to cancel this person for using "gay" as an insult
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From the looks of the youtube talking heads, Reddit's blackout may be "over", but the fire is not only still going, it's rising it seems like. Reddit's staff is downplaying the damage it's causing, Spez is continuing to be Spez,  and the moment I saw his picture, it looked -exactly- like the same kind of manipulative-sociopath-stare that Zuck has. 

Hell. I wonder if Spez played a role in Aaron's suicide, that would be spicy if he did.

Honestly? I don't give a shit what happens to either side, as a lot of what makes reddit as it is, is power-tripping mods, and power-tripping administration, all I want is justice for the evils committed by, on, and for Reddit itself, as well as the deliberate over-centralization of hobby communities and organic, real-human-tech-support.

Maybe you're projecting your high-standards onto someone that's completely unlike you.
>we need to cancel this person for using "gay" as an insult
It was written in the 90s or something before homosexuality was invented.
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If you want easy to use text editor, try Geany or Kate.


Vim and Emacs are very powerful editors and their productivity levels aren't matched by other editors. I don't know if there is a tour of Vim but here is a link to emacs tour: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/tour/ 
I recommend you go through the tutorial of NeoVim and GNU Emacs. It takes about 30 mins and it's worth it if you switch to either editor. Open NeoVim and type :Tutor to get the tutorial, and on Gnu Emacs type ctrl+h t (or use the link on the splash screen or use GUI help menu).

More reading if you are interested:

There is also Acme and Sam if you are a Plan 9 fan but I think that (Neo)Vim and Emacs are better. Also, don't use the Gvim GUI because it's useless and it doesn't add anything (But Emacs GUI is better).
Replies: >>10402
For the record, if you're -actually- going to use Vim or Emacs, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

** "Do I like to use BSDs or minimal distros like alpine?"
** "Do I like extraneous functionality to be kept to a minimum until I find what I need?"
** "Do I want this editor to be something that can use my OS's programs?"

Then you're best of picking Vim

** "Do I like to use maximal distros that come with everything installed for me?"
** "Do i want something more-extended than nano?"
** "Do I want this editor to have the functionality of an operating system inside of it's own self-contained enviroment?"

Then your best off picking Emacs

But really, the best way to figure it out if you want to use it is to read the manuals, and try them out. BOTH of these editors are STEEP learning curves because they're from an age where shortcuts weren't standardized into the functions they have.

I personally settled on emacs solely because of how functional and smooth org-mode is.
Wow, Zuck has such creepy fangs...
I know the basics of Vim, and I went through the Emacs tutorial and even customized it a bit, but I have no motivation to learn any further, because Leafpad serves me well. It's a "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" situation, I guess. Even org-mode doesn't seem too interesting to me, because text files have been serving me well, so why should I learn something else.
Replies: >>10406 >>10410
>why should I learn something else.
If you work in tech or want to work in tech then learning how to use a real text editor with macros and stuff will benefit you in the long run because you will be able to do many more things and do them faster than with a notepad app.

If tech is more of a hobby then it might not be worth the time to learn.
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That's some creepy shit. They do not look human.

Just do what you want. What is the point of convincing you to use something? Especially Emacs. If you need someone to convince you to use Emacs, then you're not gonna use it. It has to be an active decision, there's no point in using Emacs if you just use it the same way that you'd use notepad. Org is great, but if you don't have a lot of stuff to organize, then you're not gonna use it. There's only a point in using it if you want to do the things that it can do and are willing to learn enough to be able to get them done.
Why don't you, yourself, fix that then instead of just bitching Anon. You are a 1337 coder w/ mad skilz r-right?
Replies: >>10455
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So which do you think is more-representative of reality?
The first thing I do whenever I open any Invidious instance is to switch the homepage so I don't have to deal with that shit.
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Replies: >>10418 >>10420
Overboard fag here, what happened?
Spoiler File
(641.3KB, 250x279)
The "I LIKE IT BIG" one
are you literally a fucking board janny on hebechan? on a fucking tranny sissy hypno board no less?
Replies: >>10421 >>10579
That was 2019 8chan (I think)
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GnuPG DOWNLOADS.zip 230 MB Encryption Tool

Contains these 4 videos on how to use the GnuPG - Cleopatra encryption tool to encrypt files.

How To Use GPG To Encrypt And Decrypt Messages.mp4
How To Use PGP Encryption - gpg4win Kleopatra Tutorial.mp4
Using GPG (GnuPG) To Encrypt and Decrypt A File.mp4
How to use GPG to encrypt and decrypt messages - Kleopatra Tutorial Encrypting and Decrypting Files.mp4

Replies: >>10427 >>10431
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Why does this gives me a bad feeling···?
Replies: >>10430 >>10428
Looks like a learning opportunity. Crack out radare2 and find the backdoor(s).
But https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/  already exists...
Also, using gpg4win or KDE/kleopatra is easy.
Because the post structure and image are highly reminiscent of the recent "Christian Pictures" spam on various imageboards
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>in the year of our Lord 2021
Replies: >>10432
What else would you use for mostly static videos?
Replies: >>10435
Mp4 is nonfree. Use MKV
Replies: >>10436
Why would you bother using mkv if you're using nonfree codecs?
Replies: >>10437
Becuase I'm using Free Codecs. Dug
>archive.org account has items going back to 2014
Talk about running a long con.
Replies: >>10473
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Why is 8chan considered LE GOOD and the webring LE BAD, even though the webring is decentralized (unlike 8chan)?
Replies: >>10443
Ask the person who said it. If they exist.
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It's surreal reading those ancient usenet threads. Those people might be dead at this point. It's propably exclusively university academics who were using the internet back then.
Just having those conversations from such a different time period appear on such a modern interface, like they were written yesterday just has a very spooky feel to it.
Just googled Chen Zen Yang. Apparently some taiwanese university professor who is still publishing papers.
When all the PH, Plebbit, CoCs and Satanphones were still in the far distance...
Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
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TBQH, I think the ideal project would be something less like an imageboard, much more like a revival of >>10451 with its two main weaknesses (vulnerability to automated spam, no protocol-integrated searchable archive functionality) fixed using modern technology.

A lot of people today, especially given the recent upheavals on Reddit, are pining for the days of small specialist webforums/BBSs, and I sympathize. But even back in the day I found them irksome for some strange reason, which I soon came to realize was the presence of dedicated human jannies and centralized servers/admins, something USENET simply functioned without over its decades as the foremost online discussion venue.
Replies: >>10456 >>10464
>I think the ideal project would be something less like an imageboard
I think so too. 
For one due the fragmented nature of imageboards they are bound to become cancerous when they reach a bigger userbase. 
I also think that in many cases images are just distracting from real conversation.
And if you don't have the option to post images there's also a much lower chance of having "problematic" boards shut down due to glowies spamming pizza.
Replies: >>10464 >>10470
What about segregating the text and discussion boards themselves, but allow linkage?

Textboard - For discussion

>Text-boards allow text-links to images, but will never actually display the images. The user must click on the links to use them
>Alternative version, links to direct images are not allowed, but links to image-board threads ARE.
>Another alternative, you can mouse-over the links and get a thumbnail, but you have to click on the link to get the full-version.
>Broken links to images or image threads will display in text, the reason they're broken: Thread expired, erased by hotpocket, deleted by OP, etc.

But the most important thing about this, is that the discussion has to be front-and-center, the image-board must be it's own link and cannot be the center or front page: at least if you want to avoid the distraction of images and galleries.

Imageboard - for galleries

>Since it's images without text, it's a booru-style gallery view.
>Images are allowed, text is not, however, the site will auto-generate any in-site links to textboard threads that reference these galleries.
>this list will sort links by links-generated, new threads will be placed higher than the older threads.
>If there are any broken links between these threads on either board for any reason, the hyperlink will be disabled, and next to the link will display a reason: Thread expired, erased by hotpocket, deleted by OP, etc.
>Broken links will be placed in a list separate from the active ones.

Again, streamline and keep most stuff separate, but never fully-excluded for functionality, either way, discussion is front and center vs images,
Replies: >>10470
I don't think separating images and text would make much difference. The separation can easily be reverted with a crude client fetching images together with text.
The problem has always been the userbase. Most modern "people" are just not worth talking to.
>>5022 (OP) 
I finally got money so I can replace my potatoes a bit (I have many devices but they are cheap things). I am still poor so I bought a Thinkpad like I wanted for many years but a t430....(also a cheap thing)... I wonder what Linux I will use on it? I hope it comes with a caddy. I had to buy the hdd separate, unless I went with an ssd. I figure ssd's last less long  than hdd's despite what they say to advertise speedy modern things. 

I'll probably try a Lubuntu Live disc image I have already burned from years ago (it's like 10 years old anyway, a t430, ergo maybe it'd be more compatible?) and then install it to the hdd/ssd if it lets me. I might also try the Lubuntu flash drive only method, as in not even install it if the other method won't pan out, but that is so slow and dies so fast. Burns out flash drives, I'd played with it before, that idea. I hope it lets me change the boot order, for years as a bum I've been stuck on win7 with my 'fav' potato over such drama. You don't know until you get it though.... of which is going to take a while...

It's funny you have to break 'the law' just to watch dvd's on Linux. Dvd's are so gay now days. Back in the winxp era I recall putting a disc in a laptop and it just werk'd but now even windows gripes at you to install faggy thigns to play it and LInux you use libdvdcss or whatever with that pylon (vlc) application for video/music playing to watch it and it technically cracks it so you 'broke the law'. Since when was hackering illegal? I thought most nations did not say that but now days what I am reading is pissing me off. I download things anyway but still. Having a backup was always okay when I looked things up in the past I coulda sworn. Not that I am pro laws of any nation as I am not that much of a scared stupid slave. 

I miss when Linux was cool. Back around 2007ish I had used a puppy live disc and it booted wih so much colorful texst on my win98 desktop I had back. It was really neat and soulful. I wonder how many live boots still do that?  I guess rainbows are gay now ergo rainbow text is gay, not that it was literally rainbow text. Seeing text fly by during a Linux boot is neat regardless if it's live or not, regardless if it's colorful too, I wonder which Linux would do that without my telling it to? I ain't going to stop drinking nor stop working to actually alter my distro much at all beyond installing mednafen, mupen64+, vlc (and it's libdvdcss stuffs? Maybe not...), transmission or some other bitorrenting client,  (transmission comes with Lubuntu doesn 't it?)) and  something to read ebook files with...for manga. I already converted my actual books, though I regret it a bit, to text files so any device can read it, like the pocketgo I own, it has an application called bard that can even do audio synthesis. Too bad they stopped making the absolute tiny potatoes. It's stock has the cool bootup text flying by like some pi would have (I own a couple of those too).  I mainly have 5v devices actually, sort of a prepper but are addicted to 'real computers'. My current Internet browsing very old dell laptop and also lenovo desktop are going to be replaced by the t430 hopefully even though the desktop is a bit more powerufl than the t430 will be. The desktop has win10 on it, I never conenct it to the Internet. The dell is so weak, an atom processor, it can't even use the Internet properly anymore. Some sites I needed to use an android phone to buy shit from recently so now here comes the t430 to replace them both. The bloatware the net is comprised of is a high contributing factor to motivating me to get the laptop. I mostly, currently, watch tv shows on the desktop and browse/buy/etc with the laptop, I post with the androids, I play games... never becasue I drink a lot but would with the handhelds and such I bought that have opendingux/nxhope/android-os/etc on them. 

>but what was the question
What Linux do you think I'd like? I was suprised it was hard to find  out, 'just try it' seems like what modern day people say to do with x device. Just finding required specs for x thing now days is hard, not in regards to os's but in regards to how bad the Internet is practicality wise. I can't plan well. Maybe search engines being so bad people are hosting their own is why. I tested yandex in comparison to duckduckgo and duckduckgo actually tries to censor a lot of things. 

I can't even concentrate as niggers are loud and raise their children to be loud and I'm in a  nigger apt. Seemingly just flinging themselves into the wall for an hour at a time just because the sun is up. Fucking retards.  
You mean they want to lull people into false security then take the stuff down? Google stuff is worse, like what happened with kissanime, not that I liked that place. The censoring of comments was so unfun. Why would I watch 'tv episodes' of things rather than torrent if I can't say things to people on the Internet? Glad they proved they were retarded with that google drive shit. Of course they like censoring comments if they were pro-google.
>>10473 (me)
tl;dr: I wonder if lubuntu will work or if I should download something else for my t430 Thinkpad...
>You mean they want to lull people into false security...
That was referring to a scamposter who was using 2 IA accounts to serve their sketchy files (the one that goes back to 2014 may have been an actual person tho), IA itself started in the 90s. From what I understand archive.org doesn't care what you upload as long as it isn't illegal (only insofar as it causes them legal problems) or a scam (though like any big service that's not easy to tackle fully).

For your Thinkpad you probably want to use a more recent disk image, hardware support mostly improves with successive Linux versions and you benefit from software improvements plus fixes made over the last decade.
>Back in the winxp era I recall putting a disc in a laptop and it just werk'd
DVDs have always had things like region locking, with only 5 region changes allowed for a DVD drive IIRC, libdvdcss bypasses that I think. DRM circumvention is illegal but enforcement is sporadic and non-existent for old formats.
>to text files so any device can read it, like the pocketgo I own
Isn't there a PDF viewer for OpenDingux?
>Too bad they stopped making the absolute tiny potatoes.
Not so, China started cloning the Dingoo & PocketGo years ago, device series like Anbernic 350 and 280 run the same hardware (which is old news at this point with more powerful SOCs being common) and software in various form factors. There's numerous Chinese companies repurposing old mobile hardware for SBC gaming handhelds.
>What Linux do you think I'd like?
If you're not well versed in Linux the Ubuntu family probably isn't a bad place to start, your T430 shouldn't break a sweat, especially with flavors like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.
>samposter using 2 IA accounts to serve thr skety files

There is a pdf viewer I read about but with nxhope it's not opendingux. The pocketgo I figured would be better off with text files. Even if I wanted to read a book with not but a mp4 media player, not that I currently own any, I could use that or damn small linux, whatever. Despite the damage it caused I converted ebook files to text using calibre 'just in case' a device might not be able to read my files in an emergency.  Nxhope is a bastardization of opendingux I guess for cheaper types of chipsets, and yes they have clones all over. I liked the pocketgo's size and look and such even if the same chipsets are being put into other devices. It's so bad without the look I'd just do opendingux and android, opendingux is retrograde tier enough as it is... then again an actual gp2x would be outgunned by a pocketgo.... how spoiled am I is the question. I suppose it does not matter with how often I play games, of which, not often. It's amazing how many applications were on the actual gp2x, even sissi, an irc client was there. They had a tethered modem they added to those things or something way back when but I only read about it. I ended up with a phat psp I hacked instead of having one and now that they spew out so many gmenu2x having devices I just can't help but randomly buy one or three because I wish they never died and android never happened. But yeah, they do have clones and there was lots of software for the gp2x but less the modern versions of them. Dingoo was less impressive to read about even if technically that  is what the modenr clones are. I have an rg280v myself. I should miss my phat hacked psp I coped with having instead of a gp2x, or make a pi computer myelf with gmenu2x launcher, but instead.....

I don't know what was installed on my older winxp that let it play them without installing stuff. Maybe they were counterfeit. Or maybe I've not used dvd's/vhs's in so long I forgot what not copyright infringing using torrenting sites was like....

The verson of Lubuntu I have isn't all that old, less than five years old. I figured I'd just type out sudo apt-get update and not worry, assuming the wifi actually works, because if not I'm going to install lakka and also lubuntu rather than do some funky local repository shit nor insatll from the tar or whatever.  No I am not "versed" and I'm not gong to be either. Sudo apt-get update then install software after that I mean to say. I just hope I don't have to manually install wifi modules or some shit.
Replies: >>10477
>>10476 (me)
>that huge "paragraph" about the "pocketgo" and :books"
tl;dr: yes they have ugly pocketgo's now and text files are an emergency tier format to have regardless of pdf viewers on better systems

I just wanted a backup pocketgo in case I broke it in half trying to play something . I have backup sd's so a backup pocketgo would have been nice to swap the sd's out rather than waste more sd's on another nxhope device. Retrofw has some chigago-95 looking theme, they look neat. I have not bought a retrofw using one yet. 

adhd types don't get things done
Anon, I...
Just install Linux Mint if you want to watch DVDs without spending a few minutes installing some prorietary codexes as they come preinstalled with Mint. 
On the other hand I don't really get why you'd watch DVDs at this point when you can just download your ((( hollywood ))) movies for free.
don't worry. There are no rainbows in Mint.
And SSDs last forever if all you do is boot an OS and a bit of software from it. You can put your .cache and tmp on tmpfs to prevent unnessary wear.
Replies: >>10484
I find gnome document viewer, I think okular it's called in the repos, by far the best document viewer there is for linux. It has functions like underlining and is easy to navigate.
Replies: >>10483 >>10486
[Hide] (7.9KB, 320x215)
[Hide] (24.9KB, 320x240)
[Hide] (11.7KB, 320x240)
[Hide] (9.3KB, 300x300)
This is for OpenDingux, a mobile version of Linux (different from Android) originally designed for the Dingoo handheld, which was ported to devices like the GP2X and later Chinese clone devices such as early designs from Anbernic. Most apps available are Dingux originals (or ports of popular emulators and FOSS games), the SOCs that run Dingux are not very powerful so you won't find modern desktop Linux software.
Replies: >>10484
I would never think to do this....is it that easy? You can change temp folders? 
Bard was broken at first btw. Some unknown redditor fixed it for the pocketgo. The rg280v it worked fine innitially, forgot to mention I had to swap files with the pocketgo. Cute bastard but yeah. Cavestory has no sound in the thing too but it was luckily ported to sega md. It is still neat despite it being shit. Tons of gba games that could work don't is it's main pain. Nxhope is a waste  with so many opendingux devices that are more updated, that abd near all psx vs near none...

But yeah, coolest book reader.
I will lookup such things when the thinkpad gets programmed.
Replies: >>10486
>>10485 meant for >>10481
>Cavestory has no sound
Is that standalone or the RetroArch core? The core is based on a more recent version of NXEngine IIRC.
>Tons of gba games that could work don't is it's main pain.
You may know already but the best GBA emulator for modern Dingux is ReGBA, the JIT approach has accuracy limitations but it worked well for the games I've tried.
Speaking of, are you running stock or OD beta/Adam? There's certain apps that need OD beta to run.
Replies: >>10497
>oolest book reader.
Why not get a proper E Ink reader for a couple of bux?
You can extend the fuctionality with something like Koreader which is available for many proprietary ereader firmwares.
Replies: >>10497
Look up tmpfs
You can mount anything in tmpfs
[Hide] (4.5MB, 4000x3000)
[Hide] (4.6MB, 4000x3000)
Just teiwd the VGA card. shit doesn't work. Sometimes it makes a post beep and the keyboard leds light up, most of the time not.

I hope it has something to do with the PSU since I assume PSU issues the easiest to fix
Molex checks out fine at 5V. 
Now what is this big connector called?
As far as I'm concerned its the only other thing coming out of the PSU chassis.
Replies: >>10492
Thing does not turn on without connector plugged in so I guess I just need to short some of the pins like with those ATX PSUs. 
Problem is, shorttesting there are several.pins on the MB that short.
Easiest would just be a pinout. 
Anon, sauce please
[Hide] (4.3MB, 4000x3000)
All voltages lile indicated on the PCB seem fine :/
[Hide] (18KB, 600x600)
Not libretro, stuff it was ported I figure, to it's linux distris but not well to the nxhope? Openingux seems fine though.

I often let it read to me and it is smaller than a tablet would be. I have a normal tablet for manga though. E-ink dies not really interest me and a pocketgo/tablet watches videos too, that and, u know, games.
Replies: >>10498
[Hide] (220.9KB, 809x845)
Hey /tech/b/...

Are server data requests actually that expensive, or are they cheap as one commenter in this thread says?
Replies: >>10503 >>10504
Depends on the request. If it requires the server to scan shitloads of data because otherwise there's no efficient index for that query, then yeah, it can be heavy as shit, (and provided that leddit is made by diversity hires these days, I wouldn't be surprised if they had shit like that on their public API.)
>one commenter in this thread says?
The thread is just downsyndromes spamming anal puns. Is this what all of reddit is like.
Replies: >>10505
Short answer : yes.

Longer answer : It didn't use to be like this, but when you got shitty faggot mods (like, actual pro-feminism, pro-tranny, pro-whateverthefuck faggots), they tend to dilute all discussion until it's filled with people exactly like they are.

Ten years of forum-mod-powertripping is a hell of a drug for a community to deal with.
[Hide] (276.3KB, 1276x838)
[Hide] (230.3KB, 1276x838)
[Hide] (302.8KB, 1122x3129)
>use searx.be and like it (especially the interface)
<however, it often straight up stops working and doesn't display any results for several hours
>check the other Searx instances
<disgusting Marxist interface
what do
(pic 3 unrelated but it's a bit related)
use searx.neocities.org, it routes your search through a random searx instance each time although it does a shit job at checking which instances are actually working so you may have to search for something several times before you get an instance that works
Replies: >>10508
It still has the disgusting marxist UI when I search.
Replies: >>10509
then lay down and die schizo
[Hide] (2.9KB, 516x234)
1, Go to "about:config" and toggle "toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets" to true.
2, Go to your Firefox profile directory and create a "chrome" directory.
3, Go to your "chrome" directory and use your text editor to create a "userContent.css" file with the style rules you desire.
4, Restart Firefox and enjoy.
There's searx, which is pretty much dead at this point, and as search engines change their UI, it becomes more broken every day.
There's that searxng fork which is more actively developed, but their developers don't know what a release is and has an ubercancer UI that makes you want to puke.
Someone should fork the fork and restore the sane UI.
Replies: >>10517
>muh ui muh ui muh ui
How much fucking soy do you consume on a daily basis. Either it works or it doesn't who gives a fuck what it looks like.
Replies: >>10519 >>10520
Go back to your metro start screen, or gnome3. They're designed for retards like you.
>t. child of satan
[Hide] (116.2KB, 1748x488)
I briefly ran /hypno/ a couple years ago and banned sissyshit. The trannies were absolutely livid, despite having a billion other places to discuss their samey garbage, and tried to spam the board to death while shilling their alt board.
>I briefly ran /hypno/ a couple years ago
wow you must be a real FAGGOT
I walked into /hypno/ once and the first thread I saw was of some guy trying to give himself premature ejaculation. Truly a wonder of imageboards.
Replies: >>10588
[Hide] (21.4KB, 1851x137)
Wtf, math is worth learning now??
I wonder if that could also work on the stupid 100+ € graphing calculator (((  I was forced to buy for school  ))).
Math was always worth learning, retard. Only stupid niggers and liberal faggots don't know math.
>anon rediscovers vector graphics
Replies: >>10589
You'd think people would actually do something interesting with hypnosis, but no, they mostly just try to fuck themselves up further, and the scene only gets worse over time. The hypnotists get worse, findomfags larp as hypnotists, trannies and diaperfags are pandered to because they spend the most money out of desperation and stupidity, people think stupid flashing videos and gifs are hypnosis, a good amount of hypnotists have recorded at least one energy drain or succubus summoning spell file, and so on and so on.
Replies: >>10589

Guys?... I don't know about you, but I think we're starting to see the dominos fall. If goolag is really going to be using their "AI" to fill the holes that reddit's fuckery is leaving, then it's only gonna kill them.

This shit looks completely unusable, like, I think they're actually gonna end up shutting down the search engine if they fuck it up this hard. 

Bing's implementation of chatGPT is hilarious in how fucked it is. Big tech has shown it's capable of making AIs, however, office politics, the urge to compromise, and all the other bad management decisions that cause dysfunction in software, also causes spectacular fuckups in AI. Be it them losing control of their creation (Tay), having no fucking clue what their doing (goolag's AI), or just ham-fistedly-thinking that their way is right regardless of how dumb it is (bing AI).

Do it faggot.

Sissyshit is just like all the futafags on /d/ or all the cuckshit everywhere else- way too fucking common for no reason despite being supposedly a niche fetish, and the moment you set boundaries they throw bitch-fits.

>>10588 (checked)
It's like that with all psych, therapy, and occult communities. There will be at least one faggot looking to take advantage of the desperate for a fucking power high. Like, that shit is actually-evil.
>The last six characters of template must be "XXXXXX" and these are replaced with a string that makes the filename unique. Since it will be modified, template must not be a string constant, but should be declared as a character array.
>Since it will be modified, template must not be a string constant, but should be declared as a character array.
>should be declared as a character array.
un*xoids talk like little babies. daily reminder that un*xoids were never real programmers. they started off as corporate drones working for what is the modern equivalent of microsoft and google. then "hackers" got hold of it and made it free, because they were a bunch of idiots who didnt know what theyre doing and thought the only way to make an OS is to copy un*x.
Replies: >>10594 >>10635
Replies: >>10598
His entire identity is hating "unix". He posts schizo rants like this on all Tor hosted chans. You learn to lol and ignore it.
>try to use gimp/krita in lubuntu
>too hard, can't even save jpg/etc
>try pinta/etc
>won't let me past text into it at all
>others will let me paste text but refuse to crop properly
This shit's unpopular with normalniggers for a reason....even android has good paint apps but not linux. It won't even let me change persmissions despite what ubuntu's site says. I can't launch permissions from the software application there is no option for that. Pretty gay considering pinta crashes without changing permissions for it with it being in the 'store' and all. A fucken paint app won't work in linux but with windows/android i could always intuitively use them. I'm not about to watch a fucking video tutorial to learn how to fucking making text into an image. No thank you. I'll keep using win7/android after all. There's too much of a filter with linux if simple shit's too hard. 

I was only going to use it as sturg has some word filter that got me on /b/. Linux is thus more censored. Also tor does not work after installing without doing shit with the command line too. It's so broken, linux, to this day.
[Hide] (1.7KB, 221x156)
>export means save!
Yeah, and I had to search all over to find where. Fucking retarded shit should 'save as' like a non-retarded paint app would.
Replies: >>10635
I ain't even >>10591 before you go and think that. I'm >>10473 and that pocketgo owner from before. I'm just getting into a mode to nope linux again despite my comment about making progress. Technically I could do it but by then the clipboard magically lost the text I had typed out, thus niggers I typed out.... so yeah. It took too long to do it. I don't know how it lost the text either because I only copied that one thing I needed. Is there some time limit with the cliboard with this Lubuntu? Just typing out lol is pointless spamming. You may as well be a bot. I merely didn't explain why I typed out niggers as I left out the best part, it forgot!
>>10635 (me)
>making progress
In another thread apparently. I had an issue before that I fixed but it was not this thread it seems but yeah....
[Hide] (34.3KB, 5444x3062)
>the 'store'
There's your main problem

Ubuntu and its mainline derivatives from Canonical is kill, because it's pushing the Snap Store rather than native packages. If you want to use a *buntu nowadays, Linux Mint still purges the Snap filth. Also avoid contaminating your system with anything Flatpak or AppImage

>export means save!
Photoshop, Canvas, Painter, and other graphics software intended for grownups have always worked the same way.
what's wrong with appimage according to you
Replies: >>10639
They're an entire read-only filesystem leaning on goofy daemons to (optionally, in most AppImages not even) halfass various parts of what is normally handled by the OS or package manager. Use of system deps as first priority before fallback to the AppImage's outdated vuln-ridden deps is highly unusual, basically all AppImages will prefer their copy of every dep, only using system deps that were excluded from the AppImage. And reconfiguring AppImages yourself is a PITA compared to operating any package manager.
Actually, a long time ago you didn't have export, only save, and save could save in any format, but then they decided it's too confusing that save can actually save, so they split the functionality into two unrelated commands.
I guess it was around time they converted to that single window UI shit.
Replies: >>10641 >>10642
>Use of system deps as first priority before fallback to the AppImage's outdated vuln-ridden deps is highly unusual, basically all AppImages will prefer their copy of every dep,
That's how static binaries and all these app bundles that try to emulate static binaries work. What do you think the alternative is. Either your application is compiled for your specific system and system libraries. Or it brings its own dependencies with it. There is no magic 3rd option.
Replies: >>10644
>they decided it's too confusing that save can actually save
Well what save does now is save in their made up gimp specific format. I don't know but I'm guessing the reason is that artists would save as .jpg and then find that all the layers and guidelines and other gimp specific crap was not saved in the file and is now gone forever and then they ragequit and post mean things on the bugtracker.
>There is no magic 3rd option
There is what every modern OS except Linux does: Support multiple simultaneous versions of the same dep, providing a mechanism to explicitly specify any version requirements, allowing a fully stable ABI across all of kernelspace & userland.

A good example of how this can be done is Nix, though it is sadly not very popular.
Replies: >>10645 >>10646
Well, I still prefer Linux's approach over having 128 slightly different versions of the same package installed at random places. No wonder winshit needs I don't know how many tens of gigabytes of free space to install, while you can have a fully functioning linux install in <1 GB (and actually way lower, depending on your definition of fully functional). Have fun updating all of them if there is a bug that needs to be fixed (and these appimage/docker/whatever way of having practically immutable FS doesn't help with that).
Replies: >>10648
<Either your application is compiled for your specific system and system libraries.
<Or it brings its own dependencies with it.
>3rd option is to do both at the same time
Replies: >>10648
Windows does allow override DLLs to be stored with an application (which makes useful things such as "portable apps" possible in a more straightforward way then chroot autism on Linux), but it also has a versioned central object store (SxS) capable of cleanly doing so system-wide where Windows Update can see it.
>these appimage/docker/whatever way of having practically immutable FS doesn't help with that
No, but aside from its immutability, Nix also has explicit centralized dep versioning.

>3rd option is to do both at the same time
Not quite. The package manager will fetch the newest versions of every dep that any packages require, all stored together and automatically purged when unneeded.

And aside from all that, it has the tremendous advantage over Snap/Flatpak/AppImage/etc. of installed applications actually using the OS normally.
Replies: >>10649 >>10651
>The package manager will fetch the newest versions of every dep that any packages require, all stored together and automatically purged when unneeded.
>chroot autism on Linux
How do you think Nix works? It's literally just a chroot mount namespace whatever for each isolated package and it's deps. Just like Snap/Flatpak/AppImage/etc. It's all the same shit because there's only one way of actually doing this.
Replies: >>10650
>It's literally just a chroot
>Just like Snap/Flatpak/AppImage/etc. 
I guess the difference is that if there is a vulnerability in a dependency then Nix/Guix can update/recompile anything inside the chroot individually instead of waiting for upstream to put together a whole new Snap/Flatpak/AppImage and downloading it.
But isn't that only used by some microsoft dlls and nothing else? Every other library and package has its own installer and (maybe) updater. And many packages has other data that needs to be stored besides dlls, and at that point sxs is pretty much useless.
>chroot autism
To be honest, libraries are partly to blame here as they're full of hard-coded paths. Steam used to ship with a steam runtime, where they patched every library to be portable, but these days they're also moving into these containerization shit with their soldier runtime.
You retarded gorilla nigger.
Krita: File -> Save -> myfilename.jpg
You're a retarded gorilla nigger. LOL
Replies: >>10668
This new gaylab UI is uber cancer. Sure, the old one was horrible too, but now you 1) can't code search without logging in, 2) search or file list not in the root dir doesn't work without javashit, 3) looks like they also broke gothub, so you're fucked even if you try to use a frontend.
Is there any way to sanely access github projects except git cloning the whole repo, even if you only need a single file (or begging the project maintainers to move to a less nigger platform)?
Replies: >>10662 >>10727
>the clipboard magically lost the text I had typed out
By default the Linux clipboard behaves differently from Windows, instead of copying the contents of your selection it makes a reference to the program that has the selection, when you go to paste it then fetches the contents. If the program is closed then your clipboard is cleared as the reference is no longer valid, you can change how this works by using a clipboard manager program.
>Can't code search without logging in
Github does that too now. Guess I'll just clone the whole repo and waste your bandwidth then.

>If the program is closed then your clipboard is cleared as the reference is no longer valid
Shit that's it. I always thought it was firefox clearing the clipboard on exit because I never noticed it happen with any other application.
But why should I use krita after I figured it out with gimp?

My real gripe is how manuals never load now days unless it's accessing the Interwebz. I had to go searching to find something super basic and that's gay. Win9x didn't do me like that honestly. "You gotta download the manual bro" vs "error etc" was gay. 

In the past I tried kirta and hated it as much as gimp honestly and recently i did not even give it a second try but was hating on it to feel better also. 

I always used mspaint and it's tier and not photoshops. By adult you mean professional when I'm trying to fucken post text in an image. There are more options than you need and I get asspained if I can't understand every single feature without looking it up, of which, shit like gimp, as if I'm tryin' play Myst here or some shit when i'm drinkin' five liters of beer a day after work and sleepin' four hours while you insinuate I'm a child. I can't draw you know. 

Now that I've flamed it I'll likely not forget at least. Another thing that urks is my gimp doesn't look like the guides. Stuff like that makes me twitch all over due to ocd driven autismos. If I have to lower myself into cheating by looking shit up online it ought to at least look the same but gimp has differing versions I guess. It was more than enough to go on but that pinta crashing and shit sent me over the edge when it didn't even have an obvious way to change permissions. I could cross reference stuff in the command line but I was not about to ponder so hard with my lifestyle because I've done such technical stuff following guides and I know I could have given permissions with the terminal I just refused to be bothered to do it. 

But whatever. I'm just being honest. Honestly most adults would not even attempt to cope with Linux, no meme language intended. I'm also mad I put off using this Linux I kinda like to the point it's end of life and I didn't even realize it, that's possibly to do with my issues I'm noticing. Things here and there don't work that well but it's working in some ways far better than some android. Android would have had codec errors for some videos I'm watching but this one could not only fix that but I didn't need to so that's one thing that has me still using it is that in some ways it's kicking the Android OS experience's ass compatibility wise. 

The Tor guide isn't hard also, I just was caught off guard it'd not work out of the metaphorical box and in short I had a bad day with it is all. I'd not keep coming back to Lubuntu if I really hated it. I hated that pocketgo when i accidentally deleted shit off of it due to it's shitty keys being mapped not only cryptically but also wrong. The rg280v is fine with that sort of thing. I had to copy and paste back in all my emulators one time with a spare sd I made for it with the firmware and all. Still had my blood pressure up when I accidentally a computer.
Replies: >>10672 >>10675
Oh, so I must have closed the browser at some point during the installation of the various paint applications.... thank you.
Replies: >>10701
>My real gripe is how manuals never load now days unless it's accessing the Interwebz.
I know what you mean anon. The good news is local documentation is very much a thing on Linux. For command-line programs you can type man <program> in a terminal to get an overview of how to use it and the arguments it accepts, for example man ls will tell you about the list command. For GUI programs the documentation will often come with the installation or might be available as a separate package, using your GIMP example you can install gimp-help-en to get the English docs.
>tryin' play Myst here or some shit when i'm drinkin' five liters of beer
That sounds like it would be a fun evening. ;^)
>gimp has differing versions I guess.
Yeah, GIMP has changed a fair bit over the years and there's definitely some old screenshots still around on some parts of their website.
>pinta crashing and shit
Honestly Pinta isn't worth it, it's based on a very very old version of paint.NET and never worked well when I tried it.
>I'm also mad I put off using this Linux I kinda like to the point it's end of life
Is it 18.04 or 18.10? If it's the latter then a newer version would look mostly the same since it's using the same LXQt desktop environment.
Replies: >>10676
I've never had this problem so KDE probably does it completely differently.
Replies: >>10701
Eunuchs clipboard behavior is in fact several orders of magnitude moar homosexual than just that, and (aside from IMHO Snapcraft fuckery aggravating it) the one truly legitimate gripe in other anon's complaints about loonicks:
tl;dr: The same feature was implemented multiple times by multiple pieces of software in subtly different ways, and none of them were ever made defunct.

>I always used mspaint and it's tier and not photoshops
Well, GIMP & Krita are billed upfront as Photoshop & Painter clones, respectively. Pinta originated as a Paint.NET fork, and is the sort of program you're probably looking for, though I'd advise vector graphics software like Inkscape is usually better suited to text-heavy maymays.
>you insinuate I'm a child
Not even that (I learned PS as a wee lad easily). Rather, that MS Paint and its ilk is intolerably limited as well as strictly inferior to the more elegant MacPaint bloodline it bastardized, and directly saving into JPEGs by default is a defective workflow.
Replies: >>10677 >>10701
It's 18.04 but technically I could just install 'unsafe' lxde onto some newer lubuntu either way. Not sure if man replaces win9x tier manuals but it's interesting to look at. Wizards were cool.
It's funny they have 7zip for the anti winrar but exfat trumps Linux. That's another mild gripe that I had to be surprised by my Lubuntu needing extra softrware to read an external hdd. A natural 4 gig ceiling? "Current year" is what I thought. *number 4 key popped off the thinkpad t430 in question* son of a bitch I got that bad kind didn't I? Fuck my life. Anyway, it's back on, I can force myself to use gimp and also if I had used photoshop when young I'd have been far more full of potential to learn new things.
Replies: >>10678 >>10682
Just be thankful you're migrating from Wintel instead of Mac. Unlike exFAT/NTFS/ReFS/etc., which all have good optional drivers and utilities available for every major OS, HFS+ support on Linux (usually read-only!) is actually WORSE than proprietary HFS+ utilities on Windows, and APFS is so unsupported that there are not only no write-capable drivers for other OSs, even under macOS there are NO UTILITIES capable of properly manipulating or repairing APFS volumes!
Replies: >>10725
The only reason to use fat filesystem is for interoperability and the 4gb limit is a limitation of fat32 itself not linux.

7z gives pretty much the same compression as xz but is much faster. Like 10x faster. I don't know what those 7zip niggers did but they did it well.
Replies: >>10684 >>10701
I think other anon was praising the UI, since 7-Zip & RAR both support plug-ins for each others' formats, and (WinRAR GUI aside) both have Windows & Linux ports.
Replies: >>10685
Who gives a fuck about UI.
Replies: >>10688
[Hide] (40.7KB, 617x450)
>ugh, these whippersnappers and their fancy "interfaces". in my day we'd punch out the holes in paper cards with our teeth, and we liked it that way!
Replies: >>10695
Not everyone who posts on a /tech/ board actually works in tech but if you're not using the highest functioning tool just because the GUI widgets don't have rounded corners or some shit then you're an extremely casual user. Like "grandma clicking the blue E to get on the internet" tier casual.
Replies: >>10696
[Hide] (47.6KB, 1200x675)
>the highest functioning tool
That does not mean "the most masochistically painful tool" and anyone who thinks it does is the reason loonicks is so much more annoying than it needs to be
Replies: >>10705
I scanned the old thread about package managers >>4739   and I couldn't find a quick rundown on Snap but I found the link for a quick rundown on Flatpak: https://flatkill.org   In my experience, Snap is even worse than Flatpak. AppImage is actually okay for distributing non-free (proprietary) software, though.

>By default the Linux clipboard behaves differently from Windows,
Can't that be fixed by using a clipboard manager (like xorg-xclipboard) that remembers the history? I used to use it 10 years ago. I don't if a X11 clipboard manager is secure, though?

I can recommend it for light image editing!

>The only reason to use fat filesystem is for interoperability and the 4gb limit is a limitation of fat32 itself not linux.
Replies: >>10706
>That does not mean "the most masochistically painful tool" and anyone who thinks it does is the reason loonicks is so much more annoying than it needs to be
I don't understand what you are crying about. You are not a professional, the professional tools are not for you.
Replies: >>10706
[Hide] (118.6KB, 2000x2000)
>I don't if a X11 clipboard manager is secure, though?
X is inherently insecure, unless you do something insanely autistic like run separate instances on separate VTs for every app.

Professionals are not spergy techno-Amish who do everything through Emacs in a meme tiling WM
>linux le bad
>gayland le good
Holy fuck, do you know what board are you on, little satan? Kill yourself already like 40% of your kind do
Replies: >>10708
Linux is bad, especially its UI, but everything else is worse, especially everything other than its UI. Wayland isn't ready for day-to-day use yet, but X is unsalvagable.
>Professionals are not spergy techno-Amish who do everything through Emacs in a meme tiling WM
Professionals are paid to get results. You can't say this tool is too hard wah wah give me Windows. Being a casual is fine but coming into a /tech/ board and getting angry when everyone is not as casual as you was your mistake.

>run separate instances on separate VTs for every app.
If they are all running under the same user then this doesn't solve anything.
Replies: >>10723
update: lubuntu in kernal panic 

It's alive again. Can't believe I killed it so fast though and had to reinstall. Not quite how I had it before but huzzah.
Replies: >>10722
For the record I accidentally figured I'd let an upgrade apply that had already downloaded before I told them not to and that killed it as it froze during the update.
Did you take the opportunity to grab a newer release?
Replies: >>10724
>Professionals are not spergy techno-Amish who do everything through Emacs in a meme tiling WM
But I am being paid to code shit in Emacs in a meme tiling WM (awesome in my case). Now what?
>If they are all running under the same user then this doesn't solve anything.
The problem with X is that even if they run under different accounts, it doesn't solve anything. One X client can inject events into other X clients, so basically if you have a web browser and a terminal emulator open, even if you run your browser as a different user, it can still type shit into your terminal emulator. And if you don't have a terminal emulator open, it can type your WM/DE's shortcut to open one. Basically whatever x0vncserver can do, your browser can also do.
Wayland, on the other hand is so "secure" that you can't take a fucking screenshot without needing to use extensions that of course differs between every compositor.
Replies: >>10729 >>10769
[Hide] (2.1MB, 3264x2448)
If I download a new ISO I might not go with this Lubuntu one at all but I don't want to think about which one I'd use right now as that'd be it's own tedium in itself. Pic semi related.
Replies: >>10728
<so THAT'S why Apple sucks!
I should tell Lainons.
>or begging the project maintainers to move to a less nigger platform
What's a less-nigger platform anon?
Puppy on an all-in-one CRT TV? Very cool anon, that would be awesome for retro emulation.
Replies: >>10730
If you combine using separate user accounts with the XSECURITY extension you can prevent browsers from typing into your terminal, assuming the X server itself is not compromised which doesn't sound difficult.
Replies: >>10734 >>10769
[Hide] (1.4MB, 3264x2448)
I never actually put the system on a chip inside it (pi zero in that image, loading a site with Midori was soooo painful) but was instead going to make a custom ultra mobile PC for myself. I was just having fun that day seeing how neat it'd look if I DID put it inside it. It'd not be hard. I also used Lakka for fun with the pi I was using. 

Regardless, I like Puppy; that was the point of posting it as a reaction image. 

But yes, due to how small it is you could literally tape the thing onto the side of it with a battery bank. Be cool if there was a vhs hat, no damage to the crt required to make an all in one that way!
Replies: >>10739
[Hide] (232.9KB, 1920x1080)
Is it just me or the logo of Zuck's new bootleg Twitter kinda looks like a simplified demon sigil.
Replies: >>11586
No, xsecurity only manages connections to the X server, once an X client connected, it can do whatever it want. It only helps you if you run a separate X server for your web browser under a different account.
You can run the browser inside Xephyr/Xvnc/etc, to avoid needing to VT switch, but in that case you're still running your browser in a window which has its own x server and WM and everything. (Xpra integrates a bit better, but it has horrible lag and CPU usage) Works, but really cumbersome to use. Also I don't think accelerated OpenGL works in any of these servers, and since browsers are less and less optimized for software rendering, have fun with that.
[Hide] (383.2KB, 1840x900)
I found another nice Speccy/Amstrad game that doesn't have sound.

Not that guy, but I just "ssh -X" to a local OpenBSD computer to run web browser on there, and I don't have any OpenGL drivers on either computer. It's actually not too slow, but you probably don't want to watch videos or play games in your browser like this.
Replies: >>10736
>I just "ssh -X" to a local OpenBSD computer to run web browser on there
And now your web browser on the remote OpenBSD computer can run commands on your local computer with your local user.
Replies: >>10752
>loading a site with Midori was soooo painful)
I was stuck using a Pi 3 B once, text browsers like Links 2, w3m, lynx and so on were much nicer to use on it than any sort of modern browser. You do sacrifice site compatibility but a surprising amount of the web is still fairly readable with such a browser.
>but was instead going to make a custom ultra mobile PC for myself.
Sounds like a nice project anon!
>I like Puppy
I'm sure you could get on fine using it on your T430 if you wanted, IIRC it's based on Ubuntu these days anyway.
Replies: >>10750
Isn't slackopuppy usable? I don't like how soulless modern popular puppies became. My first experience was like puppy 3 or 4 before they were based on x linux on my win9x computer and liked how slackopuppy looked on some 2003ish era computer I recently tried it on. I could not get it to connect to the Internet and didn't actually try to use it much but I have this t430 now so.....Next time I kill it I'm installing slackopuppy to see what happens, then I'll just try to make the UI look like I recall if that doesn't work with some ubuntu one instead after that. I figure slacko puppy has no systemd also, I see people flaming systemd but slackware wasn't systemd last I checked ergo puppylinux that's slacko should not be? Debian even  has systemd now days though so never mind if by now literally everything is systemd but void. Then again there's a void puppy.... not that I can use such things. 

The point is that there were more than one puppy regardless of which distro I end up stuck on.
Replies: >>10751
By soulless I meant the way they look 'crisp' rather than cute like they should look. That cute soulful look diminished over time but that slackware version I used was fine like the raspberry pi's is also fine looking. I typed out "change UI" because I know I can just do that either way and should not care what it initially looks like but do as I fuck computers up too easy changing things around to my liking.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 475x250)
How exactly is it going to do that? The shell is logged into OpenBSD, and on logout browser it terminated. The only xterm running on Xserver is logged into OpenBSD. There's no other windows except the browser. The window manager is twm and there's nothing bound to mouse, just a few custom keybindings.
Also the browser is subject to all OpenBSD mitigations and pledge/unveil. There is also no additional openings like OpenGL (no driver) or meltdown/spectre (both computers are not x86 or speculative CPU).
Replies: >>10755
Exactly the same way x0vnc can turn your existing X server into a vnc server. Any X client can send input events to the X server, and the X server will treat it as if you would have pressed those buttons/keys. So as long as you can open a terminal emulator from X, any client can do.
OpenBSD mitigations are completely irrelevant here, as it can't filter individual X11 commands being sent over the network.
...Of course, any malware actually implementing this to target you and your non-standard config specifically is pretty unlikely, but in theory possible.
Replies: >>10762
[Hide] (171.4KB, 358x358)
So it would have to guess my magical key sequence for opening a terminal. And maybe I could bind a whole bunch of more common key sequences to f.quit (ends the window manager, also killing the Xserver process).
But I think the OpenBSD mitigations are at least useful to prevent the web browser from being hijacked in the first place.
Replies: >>10769
>No, xsecurity only manages connections to the X server, once an X client connected, it can do whatever it want.
You are incorrect.
Using a separate user account generate an untrusted X11 authorization file.
xauth -f ${TempFile} generate ${DISPLAY} . untrusted
doas -u ${AlternateUser} sh -c "$(umask 077 && cat > ${AlternateXauth})" < "${TempFile}"
rm -f ${TempFile}
When running X11 programs under your alternate user use the new X11 authorization file.
XAUTHORITY=${AlternateXauth} firefox
Replies: >>10767 >>10785
Gentoo doing great again I see. Anyway I've rebuilt xorg, now the extension works, but even xterm fails to start as an untrusted client.
Replies: >>10786
>at even if they run under different accounts, it doesn't solve anything. One X client can inject events into other X clients
I don't think so because a client needs the MIT magic cookie to connect and a user's .Xauthority file is protected by standard file permissions. Unless you're talking about subverting X by going directly to /dev/input or something. And obviously root can read any file it wants.

>XSECURITY extension
I think that just splits clients into local and remote groups. So people connecting over SSH can't fuck with windows opened locally and vice versa. But it doesn't stop two different SSH clients fucking with each other.

This is the answer if you want real per window isolation on X but there is a large resource overhead.

>think the OpenBSD mitigations are at least useful to prevent the web browser from being hijacked in the first place.
The threat model here is that any process with access to the X server can see everything you type into firefox including all your passwords and shit.
Replies: >>10771 >>10785
>a client needs the MIT magic cookie to connect
Yes, if you don't allow a client to connect to your X server, it will be safe... but then you're limited to console webbrowsers, which is not ideal in HTML5 bloat world.
>I think that just splits clients into local and remote groups.
This, it works if you have a single untrusted client, if you have more than that it breaks. Plus it has many compatibility problems.
Replies: >>10774
>Yes, if you don't allow a client to connect to your X server, it will be safe
I mean user2 can't connect without the magic cookie. And the magic cookie is in user1's home directory. For user2 to connect user1 has to explicitly give the magic cookie with xauth.
Replies: >>10775
But you have to give user2 access to the magic cookie, if you want to run your browser as user2.
Replies: >>10777 >>10785
Apparently you can (kind of) use Wayland on OpenBSD, too (kind of)?
Replies: >>10780 >>10782
I thought we were talking about running a whole new X server for each account.
Replies: >>10778
No, at least I wasn't.
But yes, two completely separate X servers with correctly set up security is safe, just cumbersome to use,
Are the paint splatters in Wayland's logo supposed to represent display corruption or what?
Above all I'm impressed by how garbage all the software involved is. You can tell from that article alone that there are niggers using UTF-32, programs that segfault if you compile them in a platform other than presumably Linux, Wayland hard depends on systemd, and more.

Maybe it's best if such garbage stays contained in the Linux world.
Replies: >>10789
[Hide] (497KB, 500x283)
OpenBSD is ruined.... And to think I once considered it based....
[Hide] (4.4MB, 640x360, 01:14)
there is only one thing i think of when i see that image
Replies: >>10807
Trying different display servers is a good thing, it makes sure the system stays modular. You can be confident Wayland won't make it into the base system on code quality concerns alone.
Also, there's a display server that actually looks good called Arcan and they have been working on OpenBSD for a long time now: https://arcan-fe.com/2018/04/25/towards-secure-system-graphics-arcan-and-openbsd/
>>XSECURITY extension
>I think that just splits clients into local and remote groups. So people connecting over SSH can't fuck with windows opened locally and vice versa.
Not quite. It splits clients into "trusted" and "untrusted". As far as I understand untrusted clients can interfere with each other. They need not be remote over SSH they can also be local with locally generated untrusted X11 authorization files.
See >>10766

You generate a new X11 authorization cookie for user2.
See >>10766

>You can be confident Wayland won't make it into the base system on code quality concerns alone.
Why then is there X11 in the base system?
Replies: >>10788
I can get firefox to run as an untrusted client.
Replies: >>10787
I don't have firefox (I'm not touching anything made by mozilla since they killed xul extensions). Chromium seems to start, but even scrolling lags like hell due to missing extensions. I get better performance running things in qemu (which is incidentally a better sandbox).
>Why then is there X11 in the base system?
Most likely because X11 was already there when OpenBSD forked and they had to have some kind of GUI.
Wayland hard depends on systemd?
Why is everything so shit and retarded now
Replies: >>10790
Why not have another option?

How usable is Arcan right now? Seems very promising, from the videos. And I heard that it's supposed to be very extensible. And looking at the website, it also includes reinventing the CLI, which is good, because Unix terminals are an absolute disgrace. If completed, it will finally bring Unix to the 1980s.

No. You can use Wayland on distributions without systemd. Unless that has changed in recent times and I never heard about it. And I've never tried to actually use it because the window managers are bad. Other than maybe Cagebreak, if that works. Supposed to be like Ratpoison, and I like Ratpoison.
Replies: >>10791 >>10794
You can use Wayland and lots of other systemd pieces of software on distributions without systemd because someone split the systemd component out of systemd so you can run systemd "without systemd"
Replies: >>10800
[Hide] (88.7KB, 1000x985)
>Trying different display servers is a good thing, it makes sure the system stays modular. You can be confident Wayland won't make it into the base system on code quality concerns alone.
>Also, there's a display server that actually looks good called Arcan and they have been working on OpenBSD for a long time now: https://arcan-fe.com/2018/04/25/towards-secure-system-graphics-arcan-and-openbsd/
>Why not have another option?
Replies: >>10796
>Arcan is a powerful development framework for creating virtually anything between user interfaces for specialised embedded applications all the way to full-blown standalone desktop environments. Boot splash screen? no problem. Custom Interface for your Home Automation Project? sure thing. Stream media processing? Of course.
One megaproject trying to do 50 things at the same time is the exact opposite of the unix philosophy.
Replies: >>10797 >>10803
Have fun with "cat -v" and shit.
[Hide] (118.9KB, 739x940)
>You can use Wayland and lots of other systemd pieces of software on distributions without systemd
For now.
Replies: >>10802
>For now.
It is interesting to see the plan from the very start was to convert GNU/Linux into SystemD/Linux.
>One megaproject trying to do 50 things at the same time is the exact opposite of the unix philosophy.
Stop exaggerating it's only 24 subprojects.

It does explain why I've never heard of this before. It is one guy trying to reinvent half of linux all alone while at the same time setting insane requirements like this
>very few assumptions are made in regards to available file-systems and hotplug- management and will remain adamant towards suggestions of "integrating" parasitic dependencies such as DBus, Udev, Systemd or other projects that would tie the codebase to depend on service/event management, /dev, /proc or /sys layout as it is a goal to be able to get accelerated low-mid level graphics working statically, even in a read-only environment with a minimal init.

He is essentially trying to redesign the entire world and part of his utopian vision is to treat every OS and platform and environment and all user requirements and needs as equals with no preferential treatment anywhere not even as a prototype. Why? Because he has marxist brainworms
>I strongly disagree with the entire premise of some default “works for me”, a set of trapdoor features and a soup of accessibility measures hidden in a setting menu somewhere. I consider it, at most, a poor form of ableism.
>just realized that "portability" refers to how easy something is to port it to other platforms/architecture and not how "portable" a program is, i.e. how it's installed on your system as either a package, AppImage, Windows installer, etc.
i might be retarded
Replies: >>10808 >>10809
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind?
That is how some people use it. If you're not a programmer you're more likely to encounter this usage.
>TrueCrypt can run in so-called portable mode, which means that it does not have to be installed on the operating system under which it is run
Well, the portable stuff you speak of is usually a boolean thing, so your app is either portable (which means you can just put in on a thumb drive and run on any computer without any installer shitting in the registry and the likes), or not.
With program codes you can talk about portability and say this program is highly portable and the other is only somewhat, but this is going to be subjective as shit. Portable where? Between unix systems? That can still mean shitloads of work if you want to get it running on wangblows. Does it use some "portable" library, like SDL to handle platform specific stuff? Then your program is maximum as portable as SDL is, but you can go lower (by still using other system-specific API, depending on undefined/undocumented behavior, etc). And while SDL is available on many systems, it still won't work everywhere.
Replies: >>10810
Sometimes words have more than one meaning.
Replies: >>10811
And I hate that.
Replies: >>10814
[Hide] (486.2KB, 4000x3000)
[Hide] (646.3KB, 4000x3000)
[Hide] (296.3KB, 4000x3000)
[Hide] (421.4KB, 4000x3000)
>Yes, I had to cut some plastic fitting this IPS screen inside an original Pokemon limited edition shell, call the cops.
>The new switching regulator with the big 680uF cap does make a world of difference. The ripple noise is almost inaudible. The batteries can go all the way down to 2v.
-> [current chinktech]>[niptech from 1998]  
>Combined current draw of the whole system is ~170 - 220mA
>I almost posted this to reddit, because I have no one else admiring my faggy gayboi console modding
I'm considering buying an EzFlash cart but it feels kinda fake and gay putting an fpga with an SD card reader into that cartridge slot... What do you think, anon?
[Hide] (1016.4KB, 4000x3000)
[Hide] (391.1KB, 4000x3000)
Replies: >>10817 >>10818
>hurr durr linguistic ambiguity is le bad
>t. autist with 0% artistic sense
Those are some weird-ass pokemon names, bro
Replies: >>10819

this looks awesome anon
Replies: >>10819
I miss my gameboy camera :(

I also owned pokemon red.
Replies: >>10819
Yep, it's the Kraut edition.
Thanks for the updooot :^)
Yep, the gameboy camera is kinda spooky.
Pokemon red is comfy and it really infuses this feeling of childhood innocence (childlike play rofl) in me, hearing those cozy tunes after all these years. 
Got lost in the game for several hours per session during the last couple of weeks, but near the end it felt more like a chore and I was glad I was finally able to finish it which I never did as a kid.
Now I'm looking for some other RPG for the GBC which perhaps has less monotone animations and feels less sluggish(?)
I have a Zelda link to the past bootleg cart lying around and guess I'll play that next.
Replies: >>10820
>I have a Zelda link to the past bootleg cart lying around and guess I'll play that next.
But that's not for the game boy, is it..?
Replies: >>10821
Oh, I meant "Links Awakening"
[Hide] (6MB, 1500x2000)
"EZ Junior" Flashcart"
Can't find much about who developed them or what makes it work. Looks pretty advanced with that custom FPGA and RTC. It can somhow emulate(?) all memory mappers.
40$ seems like a steal.
>>5022 (OP) 
I wish I could get qbittorrent to work. It only ever connects to 10 percent of seeds as it is. 

t. the lubuntu poster
Replies: >>10826 >>10837
install gentoo
Replies: >>10827
It's working okayish. My UI crashed then the seeds increased. Perfectly fine here....
I think I might get 20ish percent now
....nevermind, it's actually 13 percent once I did the maths....perfectly fine connections.....yes I followed guides and it's probably just my ISP
Awshiiit 30 percent are connected now!
[Hide] (5.1KB, 302x87)
awwshit have they gone full faggot now?
>32 bit os on a 64 bit cpu
Did they stop being gay yet is moar like
>after 8 years
>finally figure out a use for my raspberry pi
>see this shit
It's been catching dust in my drawer all this time. But I can't remember them putting homo pedo faggot pride colors on their homepage back when i downloaded the raspbian image as a 15 yo innocent kid
Replies: >>10848
[Hide] (32.2KB, 695x177)
pulled the trigger
Replies: >>10849
use transmission
Replies: >>10842 >>10848
What kinds of cool-shit projects can I do in docker?

What I want to do is compile a list of ideas to fuck-around-with so I can build experience with it. Most tutorials for docker are written for corporate backends the writers expect you to be familiar with in the first place. Furthermore, it's usually shit that I ain't gonna use.

Right now, here's what I can think of making in docker off the top of my head (with what little experience I have):

-- A gentoo CLI enviroment
-- An email server
-- A plex/jellyfin server
-- Dedicated servers for Vidya
-- A server related to mapping or weather

And that's all I can think of. What other cool projects can I fuck-around with in docker?
Replies: >>10843 >>10880
I set all of my torrents to "Force Resume" and I've never had a stalled torrent in Qbittorrent.
Meanwhile trannymission is tryhard esoteric crap and the GUI sucks nigger balls
>I have no idea what this tool is for but I want to find a way to use it anyway because reasons
Either learn to use it for its intended purpose or don't bother. Yes the intended purpose is corporate shit. When an app or build process needs a consistent environment across 100 servers you're not going to reimage all the servers you just deploy the desired environment as a container. Yes this is fucking pointless if you are a hobby home user.
Replies: >>10864 >>10891
So the mod is a better screen?
>feels kinda fake and gay putting an fpga with an SD card reader into that cartridge slot
No need to give a fuck, if that was available on day1 of the gayboy's release everyone would buy one. Doing it 20 years after doesn't make it fake.
Replies: >>10866
I could not fix Transmission but did get Qbittorent working. It's hilarious that Lubuntu came with a broken BitTorrent manager.... not that very many seeds worked of course but Transmission was able to download nothing at all. I had tried fixing that first before fixing Qbitorrent of which also at first downloaded none until I looked up about not having the wrong version installed. I changed ports and things around with some guides and I think it might have helped it not stall. 

What else after the rainbow are you going to let the boogiewoogiewews take from you?
Don' forget to download Deadus.
Replies: >>10866 >>10867
>What else after the rainbow are you going to let the boogiewoogiewews take from you?
Flip the chessboard around. If every tech company and open source project and government and NGO and bank and corporation and billionaire all started putting crucifix iconography everywhere and writing blog posts about how homosexuality is a sin and abortion is murder and other shit you'd be angry too. I don't give a fuck about your religious movement, you're supposed to be a tech company focus on the tech.
Replies: >>10857
[Hide] (264.9KB, 1600x900)
[Hide] (931.3KB, 1546x640)
Whoever came up with this pair programming thing s fucking retarded. It takes two people and at least 5x more time to do the same job I could do alone and better (because after some time I just give up arguing with the other retard and decide it's easier if I just go along with his bullshit).
Replies: >>10860 >>10863
pear not pair idiot
everyone knows pear style is the only way to go
Replies: >>10862
[Hide] (88.5KB, 320x509)
For me it's pere programming.
The only company I ever worked for that did pair programming was a consultancy. They paired senior engineers with faggots who could barely code and then charged the client double the hours.

What would you have told me if I asked about "Fun CLI-only setups" instead of "Fun shit to make in docker"?
Replies: >>10865 >>10887
I'd have told you not to use docker.
Replies: >>10873
>So the mod is a better screen?
Yes, much better. The original screen didn't even have basic lighting.
The other thing changed is cleaner power = sound
Never heard of that. I didn't even know there was such a vibrant retro game development scene for this platform. Thanks for the recommendation, Anon!
Is there a difference between the special and regular edition?
Switch to Gentoo and stick the stable kernels.
Here in FL our rainbows only have four colors.
>The special edition of Deadeus will come with a whole folder full of concept art, process work and desktop wallpapers as well as a map to help you get around the world AND some sneaky peeks at what is to come in the future of Deadeus
Would you have -actually- told me not to use docker if I had completely omitted it's existence? Really? 

A tool's a tool and how it's used doesn't matter, even if the "intended purpose" doesn't match how people use it.
>6 colors because le number of the beast.

Bro a few things to note.

1. Revelations already happened, it's not a prophecy of the future, it's a badly mistranslated & retranslated and edited and regurgitated adaptation of historical events. The beast is dead, so is his Harlot, and anyone claiming otherwise is a shitstirrer looking to cause trouble for profit or power.
2. rainbows just look like they have seven colors when it's more closer to a spectrum of thousands. you just see seven since it's easier to see those.
3. Indigo and pink are the most expensive colors to print on paper. actually, you'd cause quite a shitstorm if you used these colors for a binary-pride flag
4. The number of the beast is actually 616. 666 is either a mistranslation, or a censorship (not sure which).
5. Only the devil would use God as a bludgeon. Preaching to a congregation who does not want to listen is fruitless, and preaching to the choir, equally so. Spamming christshit just serves to piss people off. it's literally the same fucking tactics the jews and sjws use, and it's the shit the fundamentalists and neocons did in the 90s.
Replies: >>10875 >>10876
[Hide] (88.7KB, 1000x985)
Replies: >>10876
>the world already ended 
Or was that part of the bad translating too? Why does any of it matter then? Faith I'm sure. You see holes in the bible and you use faithful bullshit to cover for it rather than bite the bullet in more ways than one and admit it's all bull. 

This is the same thing as posting a soyjak.
Replies: >>10877 >>10878
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1125x1600)
[Hide] (120.9KB, 454x665)
Is this pic1 better? Or the pic2? Or both? Mr. picky-about-pictures.
Why are you so attached to the idea that "one day the world will perish in a burning fireball of chaos, war, blood, rampant injustice, corruption"?

Is it really that useful to hold onto this idea?
Replies: >>10894
Elevate your regular user to root if you are in the docker group.
Or use Medley interlisp in Docker.

How to learn to use it?
>What would you have told me if I asked about "Fun CLI-only setups" instead of "Fun shit to make in docker"?
I would tell you the same thing. You're doing it fucking backwards. You come into a wood working forum and be like "what's some fun things to do with a hammer". Like I don't know dude, figure out an actual fucking goal, a product that would be useful to you and somebody else. Then figure out what tools will get you to that goal effectively. The tools are not an end in themselves. You're not a fucking child playing with toys. Or maybe you are, I'm getting sick of 12 year olds wondering in here from /v/
Replies: >>10891
I don't give a fuck about your invisible sky daddy. I used christianity as a counter example because it's what those same people hate most.

They don't mind billionaires plastering rainbow flags everywhere but if it was crucifixes instead they would lose their minds. They support sending people to jail for "misgendering" but blasphemy laws are literally fascism.

We need to make these people look in a mirror and see their hypocrisy.
Replies: >>11589
Alright. You wanna play this game? Fucking fine.

I've been patient-enough for four whole posts about a simple fucking request. Yes. I want to learn a software used by corporations. I asked for fun shit to do because I felt like that would be the most-productive-way to learn practical fucking experience.

Instead, I got a cunt. I got a cunt who is trying to keep me from not using a software I want to because I want to use it in a way that's "not right" like I'm going against some fucking dogma or I'm fucking committing a heresey against the church of software.

Fuck off you perfectionist cunt. Both of you. fuckers like you are among the worst cancer of tech boards, you and "muh spoonfeeding" faggots.
The only "fun" thing about Docker is about packaging software that's hard to get right. For example the macos image is very useful, you can make it more useful by bundling xcode with it.
This is a board for tech enthusiasts, not for wagies with no interest in computers or morals who shit up everything for a paycheck.
I concur. Delete the entire bible's bullshit though rather than suffer from such a lack of purity. 

>ad hominem that's dank vs ad hominem that's less dank  thus less obvious 

To stay on, you know, topic, I'll moan that my new ssd has 100 bad sectors while also only being 256 gb. I'll just have to rip it out, take a giant shit on it, then put another one in there and reinstall my os yet again. Not right now though, shipments are late as it is with this shitty nation.
As soon as I turned on my computer, the fan started making loud noises. I checked htop and the CPU doesn't seem to be particularly strained. I wonder what's the problem. Maybe the fan just got a bit dusty. I would have to clean it which is inconvenient, though.
Replies: >>10899
Never mind, I just fixed it and it's no longer making loud noises, and it was quicker and easier than I predicted.
I only disconnected the power cable and opened the case (which is loose/busted anyway and sometimes opens by itself), and gave the fan (and other internals overall) a shower with a hair drier.
Replies: >>10899
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1353x755)
Fuck that's cool. What do you need to learn to hack electronic gadgets like that? Right now this looks like magic to me.

(I just killed this [9087] post which I found vaguely interesting by posting 10895/10897, so I am reposting it)
Replies: >>10975
CPU gremlins.
>Yes. I want to learn a software used by corporations.
>learn practical fucking experience.
You understand that doing something "fun" like juggling hammers or throwing them at walls doesn't count as practical experience that will help you get a job on a construction site.

>trying to keep me from not using a software I want to because I want to use it in a way that's "not right"
I'm not stopping you doing anything I'm advising you to rethink your tools-first approach.
I#, drinml cdfrunk drunk
[Hide] (44.6KB, 500x500)
will give heads for cock.li invite
[email protected] <33
[Hide] (174.6KB, 480x360)
>will give heads
woah what are all these heads
Replies: >>10923
lots and lots of head
how much cock would an anon suck if he got a cock.li sock?
[Hide] (1.6MB, 913x1817)
It's over
Searx doesn't show any results for queries with more than 2 words
Replies: >>10961
i use searx.be and it works fine. Try to add more search engines, because google and duckduckgo sometimes don't work.
Replies: >>10974
I use yandex myself because I noticed duckduckgo censors certain things, not that I use searx at all in any way myself. I'm just saying.
Replies: >>10977
>wasting your time with some literal child's toy that's too old to find undamaged
Why would someone that smart do something like that? He's intelligent enough to make x console himself with any random soc out there. I swear humans have low ram or something and it makes us victims to things like sleight of hand. If you spend too much time being a wizard tier intelligent guy you end up losing sight of why you even do magic. Like some sorcerer sitting there making rabbits quack at villagers when he should be selling magic potions or something.
Replies: >>10978
Actually I would make rabbits quack more often than act like big pharma. Never mind.  Bad analogy...
[Hide] (114.6KB, 811x1109)
DuckDuckGo has explicitly stated it wants to cuck itself for the hohols:
And Yandex is of course at the mercy of RKN.

So far as I'm aware, Brave is the only remaining search engine (i.e.: with its own independently spider'd index) that has neither openly declared to nor been caught intentionally censoring its indices nor its algorithm.

Sadly, Brave is a very young engine with a very small index, so it's sometimes necessary to use Google/Startpage, Bing, Yandex, or Baidu, depending on the threat model of your search.
Replies: >>10985 >>11000
>he should be selling magic potions or something.
Replies: >>11006
[Hide] (60KB, 285x280)
But brave is muh crypto miner cuck browser (even though you're talking about the search engine) or something... and it's cool to hate Brave on technology imageboard boards or something amirite
Replies: >>11000
SearX uses Brave so you don't even need to use that site.
I don't trust browsers shilled by Jewtubers and honestly Librewolf is far better.
Replies: >>11001 >>11024
>I don't trust browsers shilled by Jewtubers and honestly Librewolf is far better.
I would say the same, if only Brave wasn't significantly faster.
[Hide] (14.6KB, 474x266)
>SearX uses Brave
You can choose which ever backend you like. Not necessary only Brave.
[Hide] (23.5KB, 171x270)
Will Wine eventually get renamed to grape juice (or soylent??) or something because of THINK OF MUH CHILDREN or political correctness or something?
You need to go back.
Replies: >>11034
You're not fitting in.
Didn't they already try to rename gimp?
Replies: >>11039
Do they often rename things? Like Backtrack turning into Kali?
Replies: >>11044
He means somebody who can't code forked gimp just to rename it to something less "offensive".
Replies: >>11046
>Someone Forked GIMP into Glimpse Because Gimp is an Offensive Word
Replies: >>11058 >>11059
[Hide] (100.7KB, 1200x675)
Should rename it to PIMP, for the PIcture Manipulation Program.
Replies: >>11060
more like SIMP Stupid Image Manipulation Program
Replies: >>11061
Not Imaginative Graphics Generator and Editor Resources
Replies: >>11062 >>11064
The Non-proprietary Image Generator.
Replies: >>11064
Free and Authentic GNU Gplv3 Open ediTor
Replies: >>11065
Binary Electronic Transformation Assembler 
Collaborative User-Created Kollimator
Replies: >>11066
The Kool Image Kreation Experience
Replies: >>11067
The KDE Kustom Konsole
[Hide] (102.9KB, 704x396)
I thought of a name that would spell "CUNNY" and would start with "Creator (of)" or something, but I can't think of the rest. (pic is me apparently)
[Hide] (24.6KB, 578x500)
Semi-related image
Creator (for) Universal Network N-trees: Y2k?
[Hide] (110.1KB, 638x477)
Using the computer at a low resolution is so sovl.
[Hide] (180.1KB, 988x417)
[Hide] (229.3KB, 1416x827)
[Hide] (246.1KB, 1510x809)
[Hide] (126KB, 1326x726)
[Hide] (76.7KB, 975x876)
>Browser that just works, has optional crypto rewards
>Video sharing website where you literally have to give away your personal information and buy their crypto scam and join their discord to be allowed to share videos
I'm not touching it and that's that. I'll take Librewolf instead.
I don't give a shit. If anyone wants to upload videos they should try PeerTube at least. And if I remember right, there's an Invidious-like frontend for it
Replies: >>11085 >>11096
>And if I remember right, there's an Invidious-like frontend for it
Looks like it's dead. On the subject of PeerTube do anons have any recommended instances or content they like?
Replies: >>11086
I was talking about a frontend for Odysee but good to know that there's one too for PeerTube (albeit not longer developed).
Replies: >>11088 >>11093
>I was talking about a frontend for Odysee
Odysee is a frontend. It's a commercial frontend to give normies a youtube-like experience for uploading and watching. Lbry is the actual backend where videos are stored in a distributed blockchain. If you're too smart for odysee then nothing is stopping you from using lbry directly.

A gentleman of your disposition should consider applying to City University of New York.
Replies: >>11093
[Hide] (346.6KB, 1920x1080)
That's pretty fucked up, basically makes Odysee unusable for most people that have any standards at all. I unlocked their scamcoin with a Chinese phone number, but thought of it as an optional feature. Only realized now that you actually need to pay scamcoin to upload anything, and you can't get it without doxing yourself unless you find an online throwaway number that hasn't been used yet (took me a while, and that was about two years ago). I remember Odysee's monetization policy pissing me off as well, but I don't care about that, though I did tell them to go fuck themselves regardless.

And yeah, taking all of that into consideration, it's even worse than the shill lion (though also more useful). It does work for me, but I probably should upload my stuff to other websites as well. Maybe Vidlii. Don't know much about that one, but it's pretty neat, reminds me of YouTube when it was still cool (though YouTube itself already sucked and people already had problems with it in the late 2000s, so, it was never exactly good). 

They should all be treated as temporary, though. Every video-hosting website eventually ends up being censored and infested with normalfaggotry, or taken down, or just going down because it's too expensive to host. I see them as just temporary hosting. Could host stuff myself, but fuck it, if free shit is available, I'll take it, and leave the moment that they piss me off too much.
Replies: >>11092 >>11110
>Maybe Vidlii
That whole Youtube clone scene is a cluster fuck, full of drama and run by script kiddies, there's been around 12 of them in total so far and most of them are dead or abandoned. IIRC none of them are FOSS either which is retarded when they're literally grafting someone else's ancient frontend onto their half-assed PHP.
Replies: >>11094 >>11095
I think it's this one
>IIRC none of them are FOSS
BitView is open sores me thinketh. It's also not hosted on Kolyma if that concerns you.
Anyway, I much rather use those ancient YouTube clones than PeerTube instances; they all look soulless and don't even run without JabbaScript.
I don't know, I don't do the whole people thing. But my pattern recognition expects that. It tells me that anyone involved in a software project is probably a faggot. Saying that it's a 90% chance of that being the case still feels very generous.
[Hide] (391KB, 1200x1200)
>chromium wrapper contributing to blink/webkit monoculture
>other chromium wrapper
>firefox "fork" that doesn't akshualy push upstream to fix any of the post-australis cancer nor do anything else beyond twiddling some about:config flags
The only chad options are contrarian antiquarianism like text browsers and picrel, or wait for giga-autists like Kling or the Netrunner /g/entoomen to cobble together the first original modern engine. 

>BitView is open sores me thinketh
As are both PeerTube and LBRY
>PeerTube instances
You don't have to "use" any one instance. Since they're federated, you can use one instance as a frontend to interact with other instances indirectly.
PeerTube has an external protocol, so aside from easily making alternate web frontends, you can skip the browser entirely and just use a native client:
Replies: >>11097 >>11129
>It's also not hosted on Kolyma if that concerns you
Wait, no. Disregard that. Both VidLii and BitView were bought by Kuz, and knowing him the code involved is probably not open source.
>you can skip the browser entirely
I have not heard of the desktop/cli clients. Might look into that.
Replies: >>11102
[Hide] (287.8KB, 728x410)
>tfw they updated invidious and now the ui is different and it triggers my boomer ass
web apps were a mistake. why cant there be a desktop invidious so that i can use the same version forever?
Replies: >>11100 >>11106
The Invidious site is just a web frontend for yt-dlp, and the backend serves a completely different purpose (anonymization) obsoleted by Piped.

On that last note, similarly to HookTube, Invidious has been SEVERELY broken since the original dev left years ago, and anyone who used it should be using Piped today.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 320x180)
Oh, and as for "why isn't there a decent GUI for yt-dlp", I dunno. Maybe everyone inclined to write something using yt-dlp outside web/mobile is a CLI fetishist?
Replies: >>11103 >>11107
I tried looking but could only find translation files and binary repositories for their mobile crap. Considering these existing hack jobs do have something of an audience I bet a retro Youtube frontend for Peertube would bring more people to that community, an interesting project perhaps.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 854x480, 00:12)
>why isn't there a decent GUI for yt-dlp
Realistically, why would you need one? It's such a simple command a GUI would just slow you down.
Replies: >>11105 >>11110
[Hide] (87.3KB, 882x623)
[Hide] (55.2KB, 776x591)
As a complete replacement for the Youtube/Vimeo/DailyMotion/etc. website, incorporating all functions such as browsing, search, thumbs, listings, suggestions, related, descriptions, comments, ratings, quality/codec selection before and during playback, live seek preview, downloads, server/local subs, etc.

On a desktop OS, all using native WIMP widgets, native A/V libs, no HTML/CSS/JS.

The closest thing I'm aware of at present is the mobile app NewPipe, but what I'd really like, possibly using thin a crossplatform library like wxWidgets or Qt, is a modern equivalent of this:
A real boomer would at least be asspained by flv not being in the temp folder anymore such as I am whlie only being 34.
Same reason why there are no decent GUIs for anything else. Programmers are almost all incompetent, and the rest are contrarians that just gave up on actually designing things properly and decided that GUIs bad, and user interfaces in general bad. Lack of decent GUI toolkits doesn't help. It's bad enough that I've been considering just using a web server and HTML as a UI. My webshit is still better than GTK. Definitely better than everyone else's webshit, that's for sure.
Replies: >>11108 >>11110
[Hide] (1.3MB, 843x1082)
Tragic to think it was Apple who perfected WIMP and championed its dominance, then it was Apple who denigrated WIMP to irrecoverable oblivion.
>I have very strange and specific requirements why are the defaults not what I want why is nobody spoonfeeding me how dare they design a product for people who are not me
You can achieve what you want with lbry but if you want something weird and obscure then you have to be prepared to do the work yourself. Your expectation that somebody else will implement something just for you and not get paid for it is delusional.

The most useful things you can do with yt-dlp involve bulk downloading multiple videos/channels/playlists that match some arbitrary criteria and requires some shell scripting anyway. >>11103 is right what are you even going to do with a GUI. You're asking why does a submarine not have wheels.

>I'm a techlet who is scared of the commandline
>that means everyone else is incompetent
What are people like this even doing on a /tech/ board.
>You can achieve what you want with lbry
I think the main problem with peoples' reaction to open protocols such as LBRY or PeerTube is conflating sites and software with the protocol itself, similarly to the way Element is commonly conflated with Matrix. I suspect it stems from eMail being the only protocol in common use that still has a relatively diverse ecosystem of clients, servers, and software for both. Everything else is either one giant airtight bubble like Discord, or a disgusting mess still almost inescapably entangled with one or two giant corporations like the web.

People are disoriented by the freedom of choosing from any arrangement of servers, clients, platforms, software, and the ability to change or build more of those using standard APIs documented and maintained without hostility to developers like them.

Psh, yeah, even in its most basic form that's supposed to be completely impossible without some sort of hack according to YouTube. But using a web interface for anything is a 2nd-class experience at best, even something as simple as browsing a remote Db or streaming some media. I like the OS I installed, I like the DE I use it with, I like the way I configured them, and I want the behavior of everything else I use to conform to that system-wide configuration. That's not something webshit can do.
>requires some shell scripting anyway
The fact I have to resort to manually punching in regex just to make simple Boolean selections is a consequence of modern GUI software being either a barebones toy scornfully tossed out for icky users to teethe on, or a complete afterthought made with the unconscious assumption a text interface will be used to fill in all the gaps in its featureset.
<scared of the commandline
I use it all the time because there is little choice. I do not feel fear, merely contempt.
<that means everyone else is incompetent
Worse than that. I think other anon was halfway to an even worse truth, programmers aren't simply incompetent or contrarian, they are brainwashed by ignorance. When WIMP GUIs swept over various software, they outcompeted every other design in productivity, but there was one redoubt that was never seriously contested: Programming itself.

As a result, programmers took their unique antiquarianism as a mark of superiority, creating a false psychological wall between "use" and "development". On the one side, automation of the simplest kinds, let alone scripting, vanished from most UIs. On the other side, attempts at prying apart raw language to produce something more structured and consistent evaporated, noticeably degrading CLIs their and their storage/transmission formats from the state of the art in the 1970s to completely ambiguous raw text diarrhea now, and leaving IDEs to stagnate as little better than a glorified word processor.

In this environment, "power user" features have slipped into the realm of "agile" CLI hackjobs, while "consume only" UIs reminiscent of dumb terminal TUI apps have taken over for most users. All the progress of the PC revolution in the '80s & '90s is being reversed, and we tumble backward into the mainframe era, easy pickings for the forces of centralization.

The only solution is for that unfinished revolution to be completed, for programming to be ripped to shreds and dragged into modernity, for true unity between making and doing.
Replies: >>11125
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1598x872)
>scared of the commandline

Your post is too good for the retard that you are replying to. I'll make up for it.
Replies: >>11126 >>11154
>50 thousand lines to display a single picture
That'll show him!
Replies: >>11127
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1024x768)
Learn to read and get your facts right. 50 thousand lines of using the command line that I can't use because I'm afraid of it, to merge three images and add some text and then convert to sixel and output to the compatible terminal emulator. I'd do it again too.
Replies: >>11139 >>11142
>t. nigger who's never stepped outside of the *NIX plantation
Install Pharo
>Pale Moon
Is he still working on it?
Replies: >>11133
Yes, there are still new releases. They recently got support for webcomponents, unbreaking a lot of websites.
Replies: >>11163
>50 thousand lines of using the command line that I can't use because I'm afraid of it, to merge three images and add some text and then convert to sixel and output to the compatible terminal emulator. 
Why didn't you write a GUI?
Replies: >>11140 >>11141
Because that wouldn't help get the point across. Of course, for doing anything involving graphics, you'd want a GRAPHICAL interface. Though there is use for what I did, you can use it for automation. Of course, you can have automation in a GUI, it's just that normal GUIs have moved away from that direction, and from orthodox user interfaces and extensibility in general.
>Why didn't you write a GUI?
They have, but it's called Gimp. Or Krita. Of course, that won't work from a terminal emulator.
Imagemagick is generally used for batch manipulation of images or scripting, something which is much harder to do in a gui app. For example when you upload an image here, the thumbnail is being created with imagemagick/graphicsmagick,
[Hide] (4.5KB, 640x480)
You can probably cut down a lot of that typing with some shell scripts or functions.
Also in Ubuntu there's different commands for convert, composite. etc. You don't have to prefix with magick all the time.
Replies: >>11143 >>11144
Isn't unprefixed commands deprecated?
Not likely they will throw support out, as it would break shitloads of scripts.
Well, yeah, I was just doing it on the fly with no planning and without putting a whole lot of thought into it. For its purpose of being a glorified fuck you, maybe the more clusterfucked the better. And I have the other commands, I just learned it with the prefix, and didn't think of not using it, in the moment. It does serve the purpose of making it clear that it's all the same program, though. So, not entirely pointless for readability. Would probably be better without it, though, overall, since the different commands all have their own man pages.
Is the bongistan version of The IT Crowd good or is it just reddit memes and jokes?
[Hide] (28.4KB, 540x303)
In the Clown World we use the Hyper Text Markup Language to build Graphical User Interfaces!
[Hide] (168.1KB, 784x1200)
Shit, you're right.
What's that program at the top right? The toolbar piqued my interest.
Replies: >>11162
[Hide] (5.6KB, 200x200)
[Hide] (49.7KB, 736x1024)
Welp. Mr. "Hated" one has a new fucking video on invidious now with his shit clickbait blackpill titles. 

Guess I'm gonna be using /search in my invidious instances for a while.
Replies: >>11163
[Hide] (322KB, 770x768)
[Hide] (48.7KB, 866x1100)
It's the McCLIM ( https://mcclim.common-lisp.dev/excite.html ) Listener. Not very usable yet, the scrolling in particular is very slow (at least in the version that I have installed). McCLIM itself is still in development, and I think has been for about a million years. Not abandoned, though, and it is very cool, even if it's not very usable. It's a Common Lisp REPL. You can draw things on the screen, and make them actually call functions when clicked, which is pretty cool (this guy show some stuff off https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=kfBmRsPRdGg , you can find more if you want).

Naturally, this will never actually be a common thing in text-based interfaces, because graphics bad. Let's pretend that they are inherently bloated, forgetting that Windows 95 had a graphical desktop (with GUIs that were better than the abominations you see now), with a system requirement of 4 MB of RAM. Fuck making extensible GUIs, let's just pretend that GUI programs can't be extensible and can't be keyboard-based, even though Emacs exists.

People will just let the GNOME project decide what user interfaces in free software are going to be like (and Microsoft, Apple and Google in every other case), that's clearly the way forward. GIMP Toolkit? None of that, it is GNOME's toolkit now. You vill use the hamburger menus and you vill use your computer the way that they want you to. And you vill use Adwaita, because theming is "not a valid use case". WONTFIX. Don't like Wayland? No worries, it will be mandatory when some program you need switches to GTK5. Let's just use ed, user interfaces are bloat. Everything has to be either GNOME or cat -v, nothing else is real. Monitors now considered harmful, just use punch cards. Let's all LARP as 1970s Bell Labs employees, that will save free software.
[Hide] (421.1KB, 673x680)
That's nice. Speaking of PM, what's the difference between that and Basilisk?
The first thing anyone should do when using an Invidious instance is set the main page to be the Search one.
Get that disgusting thing out of here and go away.
Replies: >>11241
[Hide] (5.6KB, 178x229)
I don't know where to post this, so here goes.

A division-free DDA algorithm (WIP)
(This is the TL;DR version, so if Anons want me to go into more detail, then just let me know.)
Before developing this algorithm, I was working on designing a simple GPU for an FPGA board of mine. However, one of the challenges was implementing DDA. Since division (and to a lesser extent multiplication) are both expensive in hardware, I thought of coming up with another solution.
Reviewing the principles behind the Bresenham Line Algorithm, you can easily take a line (or any other linear values needing interpolation hint hint) and plot values using only addition and subtraction.
The BLA works by approximating the distance from pixels to a line and choosing the closest pixel to a line. By decomposing the line equation, it is possible to obtain a distance value from the line for each pixel that can be stepped and calculated by adding or subtracting dx or dy. Let me explain in detail:
Line equation:
y = (dy/dx)*x
y = (dy*x)/dx
dx*y = dy*x
0 = dy*x - dx*y

f(x,y) = dy*x - dx*y
f(x+1,y) - f(x,y) = dy
f(x,y+1) - f(x,y) = -dx

So, you can calculate a distance from a point to a line by simply adding or subtracting the deltas for the x and y points.
While this may seem obvious, the approximate points to draw the line are the values that produce a distance closest to 0. This means that by using a simple absolute value comparison, it can be possible to approximate points on a line without using any division at all. (see the diagram for more information)
Here's some code demonstrating how the interpolation algorithm implementation works:
int dx = x1 - x0, dy = y1 - y0;
int dist = 0;
for(int y = y0, x = x0; x <= x1; x++)
  while(abs(dist - dx) < abs(dist))
  { y++; dist -= dx; }
  dist += dy;
  plot(x, y);

And here's some code I wrote for Processing (>inb4 babby language) that demonstrates the interpolation being used in a line drawing algorithm:
// Line drawing algorithm
void sw_line(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1)
  int dx = abs(x1-x0), dy = abs(y1-y0);
  int sx = x1 > x0 ? 1 : -1;
  int sy = y1 > y0 ? 1 : -1;
  int dm = dx > dy ? dx : dy;
  int distX = 0, distY = 0;
  for(int x = x0, y = y0;;)
    { y += sy; distY -= dm; }
    distY += dy;
    { x += sx; distX -= dm; }
    distX += dx;
    if(x == x1 && y == y1) { break; }

// Testbench code
void setup()

void draw()
Sadly, as you may see, the algorithm is not entirely perfect. If you look at some parts of the line closely, you'll see some red pixels showing errors between Processing's line drawing implementation and mine. I'm not entirely sure what causes this. Nonetheless, I still think it's accurate enough for a simple hobby GPU, so I hope this writeup has been useful to Anons out there.
Replies: >>11184
theres no division in a dot product idiot if youre trying to outdo the gpu ( which you cant ) then figure out a better way to do taylor expansion
Replies: >>11186
I'm well aware of the trivially parallelizable triangle rasterization algorithm, I just couldn't find an existing algorithm to draw textured lines. Also the FPGA I'm using is smol and probably wouldn't be able to handle that kind of calculation.
Replies: >>11187
bro you literally have two points already you just make a vector with the two points and draw along that vector with the points that correspond to the coordinates in the texture map
ie.int vec[2] = { A.x - B.x, A.y - B.y };
for ( float r=0; r<1;r+=0.01 )
	int point[2] = { A.x + r * vec[0], A.y + r * vec[1] };
	// draw pixel at point[2] with texture map point { vec[0], vec[1] }
using an increment of 0.01 as example, primitives in the gpu will figure out the increment of r based on the nearest pixel based on how far the two coordinates are, something like hyp( A,B ) but probably smarter since you only need the nearest absolute adn the texture fill is just drawing those lines along the same vector
[Hide] (605.4KB, 500x629)
I wonder how much longer we actually have until we're completely catastrophically fucked in terms of internet usability.. More people are noticing how gimped google's services have been lately, youtube's search even is throwing out so much garbage and clearly biased results, and the recent dumbing down of OAI's services is making people who would otherwise have their heads in the sand actually pay attention for once.
Been also just thinking about how fewer social websites i use within the past few years. Since stripping myself of mainstream media i only really use chans and like 3 forums..
I guess sooner or later we will have to go back to the pre-google era, with website directories (or whatever the fuck they were called, where people manually created lists of websites around specific topics). No matter what I search for, a majority of the results now consists of AI generated garbage.
>or whatever the fuck they were called
Hopefully we do go back to a more distributed internet, silos may have been convenient for a while but they couldn't resist trying to abuse their position to extract as much from their users as possible. Browsing sites built by individuals or small groups is more fun anyway.
Replies: >>11193
webrings and small sites are what i want, that's definitely ideal. Like the board we're on now, browsing that webring makes me feel like it's the 2000s again.
[Hide] (83.1KB, 260x259)
In my more optimistic moments about AI, I sometimes contemplate path between those.

Looking at Wikipedia and other wikis, for instance, I've always thought of it not as a shoddy amateur encyclopedia, but as human curated search results. Much akin to the old web portal directories such as About.com or Yahoo.

Similarly, what if DL NNs, instead of just being plagiarism/soulless clipart generators, could function as a comprehensively annotated guide to human cyberspace, generated and updated automatically?
Replies: >>11195 >>11196
[Hide] (405.2KB, 780x437)
well that unfortunate optimism is why i can't be a bloomer.
these AI tools are already more than useful enough to us to help us create a new internet socialization method that'd work real well, but.. Like that other anon said, it's only made for porn and cheating on tests and really spammy annoying shit or catering to fucking algorithms. Very few people have interest in making something genuinely awesome that could bring us all together in a way even better than the old days.
[Hide] (3.4KB, 640x320)
Dmoz was a pretty gud directory, I used that instead of yahoo. Otherwise there were various topic-specific lists of links, like for example www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/freerpgs/
But the way censorship is headed, and the laws they're passing starting this very year (e.g. DSA in the EU), I'm not sure how long even this will be feasible. I'm basically expecting to get banned entirely from the web in the coming years. If nothing else, it'll be because I refuse to use a biometric/digital ID.
Replies: >>11197 >>11201
>But the way censorship is headed
It's not actually about censorship though. It's 100% about forcing the Globohomo-controlled honeypot/hellholes as the only acceptable form of online communications -- where you are completely under their Filthy Commie iron thumb.

Once ((( they ))) can achieve this for 99% of the population, they will not only give zero fucks about your degeneracy, they themselves will amp it up to over 9'000.

It's not about censorship, it's about control over the goyim.
Replies: >>11201
[Hide] (243.2KB, 1920x1080)
>I wonder how much longer we actually have until we're completely catastrophically fucked in terms of internet usability
Until you will be banned from ISPs for being conservative/right-wing, or being unvaxxed, or not having the mark of the beast, etc. Or until ISPs will ban stuff like TOR, i2p, BitTorrent/p2p, and all non corporate/approved websites.
>More people are noticing how gimped google's services have been lately
I don't use that garbage, so I wouldn't know.
>youtube's search even is throwing out so much garbage and clearly biased results
You shouldn't be watching videos (on any service) if you know how to read. Just read articles, etc.
>and the recent dumbing down of OAI's services
Literally what is OAI? I only know OPPAI...
>Been also just thinking about how fewer social websites i use within the past few years
>Since stripping myself of mainstream media i only really use chans and like 3 forums..
That's what I do but without the "3 forums" part. I only use imageboards for communication/interaction, and for information/asking questions I use both imageboards and search engines. And, I don't know if by "mainstream media" you mean "mainstream social media" or really "mainstream media", but I also do the former... I basically only CONSOOM (I hate this word) Japanese videogames/VNs/Anime/Manga/LNs etc, preferably older than a decade.
TL;DR: Shitty corporate websites becoming worse does not make the internet "catastrophically fucked"... rather, that would be when people and things start being mass-banned at the ISP level.
Replies: >>11201 >>11203
>And, I don't know if by "mainstream media" you mean "mainstream social media" or really "mainstream media", but I also do the former...
I also do the latter*
[Hide] (549.8KB, 1200x1613)
That is censorship, silly.

Impossible. Billions of normalfags still VPN their way out from shitholes like Saudi Arabia, China, and Australia with nothing more than a locked smartphone, in spite of the fact it isn't just monopolistic capitalists censoring and surveiling their vendor-locked-in customers with "voluntary" ToSs, but the full force of the actual law that can and does break kneecaps with impunity for far less.

The only killshot scenario would be a full backslide to before the PC, zero local execution/storage hardware, absolutely everything done server-side. Something like a more extreme version of OnLive/Stadia/etc.
>You shouldn't be watching videos
In principle I agree that text is a better suited medium for most people than video; however the reason people opt for things like YouTube to not only watch videos, but upload videos of their own is because search engines are so sub-optimal at finding content that has any relevance to your search queries that if per chance there were an essay out there that spoke about the things you are interested in, it'd be buried underneath countless reddit posts and wikihowesque articles, never to be found. Either search engines get better or people will keep misusing video to express their thoughts.
Replies: >>11205
>search engines are sub-optimal
They shouldn't be using jewgle. Most people also don't know how to search and type questions to search bars.
Video can not be better for this reason because you can't search within a video, but you can find a page, then search within the page. If the information is introductory (i.e. they don't know the search keyword), then there are other sources of text that do the same but load faster, easier to seek and provide more information.
>They shouldn't be using jewgle. 
Name a single modern search engine that's as good as Google was in its prime. 
>Most people also don't know how to search and type questions to search bars.
It doesn't matter because modern search engines gimped the good ways to search and just flat out ignore good searches.
>They shouldn't be using jewgle
Most search engines don't have their own independent index, so the end result of using alternative search engines is just proxied Goygle results. Undoubtedly this improves privacy, but it does little to weed out the noise. For those search engines that do have their own index, they are often too small in size to be of note.
>Video can not be better for this reason
No. They are better because it's easier to find videos that are pertinent to the subject-matter of interest. The medium itself might be less convenient than text, but circumstances are such that it's usually more helpful; it also helps that I am less likely to waste megabits worth of bandwidth on jabbascript bloat - lest I be met with a broken webpage assuming it loads at all.
Trust me: if the situation with search engines weren't so bleak, I'd be watching videos less often.
>you can't search within a video
Replies: >>11212
[Hide] (3.6MB, 2037x1144)
Don't be dishonest... Some obscure chrome extension that only works with specific jewtube videos (ones which contain subtitles, that may or may not be Speech-to-Text shit) does not make videos as a whole as practical as text......
Replies: >>11213
>Some obscure chrome extension
There are a zillion different extensions, websites, and other software for searching through videos and navigating through them with text timestamps.
>Speech-to-Text shit
Boo hoo. Google automatically generates transcripts that are more than good enough for skimming or searching Youtube, and software to do so with other videos is also abundant.

You're like somebody bitching reverse image search, machine translation, etc. aren't perfect. No shit Sherlock, but they're gud enuf.
>not using GNUgle
lmaoing at your life right noe
>Speaking of PM, what's the difference between that and Basilisk?
I think Basilisk is supposed to be look like more of the modern firefox versions with the hamburger menu and other mobile bullshit, while PM mostly retains the classic UI. But I never used Basilisk, so there might be other differences.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (401.9KB, 1920x1080)
To all the people who replied to me in the past thanks for your patience and im very sorry for my autism btw after setting up my mini pc all by myself i feel that my ADHD 720p is getting more manageable but i have online classes now oh well ill need that important computer servicing CSS lesson anyway as my mind cant digest it without spoonfeeding)
(wow TESDA is so wholesome they even metioned NEET on the first day in the introduction slideshow soon i may be able to get this "windows domain" done all by myself by the time you are seeing this we are Face to Face now and the initial 3 week online classes just got finished. Wish me luck for the final 21 day (1 week left) in-person assesment and help with job training)
i didnt even know NEETbux with picture holding money verification was a thing here in PH i thought it was japan only also censored the face to stop selfish little fucks in STEM furry community from hunting down my NPC family as i dont want to cause trouble here on any side see you guys soon i might level up my license get a formal IT job one day

note if you get "Aborted" on virtualbox after trying to boot with usb3.0 drive passthrough just wipe your system and use vbox 7.0 manual dpkg install instead as this worked for me but im not sure if other flavors are affected and xfce/lxqt is very reliable so far no errors in 30 days but i had to disable updooter notifier
(on xubuntu 22.04 specifically in my topton PC but does not happen on lubuntu pinktop at all even with ethernet usb hub) (nothing was lost since its freshly installed but i had to redo my configuration in an hour not too hard for me and why does lightdm crash on startup [system error detected] after auto login)
also to get anydesk audio working on linux all you have to do is make a simple script that terminates all its RDP and backend processes after 15 seconds then restarts the whole thing after 5 seconds and now KHinsider streams for me and its pretty good quality despite my realtek speakers

had to describe the file names and use a jak to censor the zoom meeting hopefully the blogpost does not cause too much disruption damn this is taking about 6 weeks in total for my batch and i shitposted the entire pride month without rest now here i am i think i should an indie game about racing light RC boats in a flooded city obstacles modelled after ours just for kicks
(first and second picture) wow this place looks like [rainworld] without troon slugcats (or floodworld on rural areas) as super typhoon EgayPH literally cooled down our extreme heat waved city and i can sleep soundly at night but i feel legit bad for the chinamen in central area right after the storm ravaged taiwan and thier forced evacutaion routine
we went on an adventure last sunday to okada and ayala malls wow this place is secure as hell with car snapshot cameras on the entrance next to the airport but mall of asia cinemas are crowded and [oppenheimer] was way too deep for us insectoids and why the fuck is there two exposed sex scene like WTF (little did i know we'd get sick the next day but i still attended without any problems)
(on the third and fourth images) decided to do a bit of monkey business fortunately my classmates had cracks and custom [Widnows 10 ghost spectre] ISO stored in their flash drives before hand and shared it with me also what does this check rain live distro thingy do? (its under 250MB total) dont believe me ? ill share it for you later on its public files anyway
on the right here you can see me messing with neofetch and configuring the router right after planned windows server reformatting by our teacher while capturing the system logs of the cracked OS as it boots up the ASCII art (need more research on kim jong cracks) on the other hand this remonds me of DC boot yet another custom winPE from some russian drivers forum (and why is there a wolf on the installer pack)
inb4 dont you (averi sharty posters) even think of guessing the street where powerlines fell down on my jeepney drop off point and the LRT station near my training school (right next to the guy servicing the ticketing machine also theres PRIDE on the counter i hate this place i'd rather use E-Trike than crowded south korean trains)
TLDR; ill no longer be a NEET see you guys on the other side (im not sure if announcing shit that nobody cares about will motivate seagull to ban me https://archive.is/h4DOm like this but out of xhe's cloaca hurting) (four more months left and ive just wasted another year FUCK)
i still havent forgotten it yet ill address the now dead anti china argument later on another schizopost i promise

>hey YEAH YOU WHAT are THOSE GAMES on the first pic (others were from newly updated/added games on the side panel while testing WSB graphics)
uhhm i was just searching for BLM/antifa memes for my furfag /onions/ edit and then this piece of shite dynopunk advert popped i guess ill make a CHUDiot video on it next to ((( fixfox ))) with pronouns and review rant on this chan
disclamer though there are themes that depict egoistic characters and monkeys being used for experiments by ((( zaur tech corporation ))) while referencing what if skinfags didnt become the dominant species pretty fucking shady if you ask me
i guess ((( they ))) really do know their anti furry audience and how they would react thankfully time machines arent real also theres a cancerous dicksword (but ill just extract the WAV soundtrack rather than asking sauce)
>anon why are you thinking outside the box (actually most of the results here are boring and the one with AGS engine is broken so disregard that)
for some reason while i was watching pajeet channels about active directory windows domains i got carried away for a bit in jewtube on the GMTK channel about that new puzzle game with boxes did a little bit of shopping stroll on IGG games frontpage
also why in the everliving hell did tokfuji even name his disgusting porn comic series like this? i was just searching for [box] i was expecting some mediocore platformer and got this abomination instead but (ill decompile it FFS to test my skills)
its a shame https://archive.is/yaltG EUROPA and [north star games] wasnt added to the torrent site yet i may be a greedy little chink shitter but at the end of the day i just wanted to have some fun unlike most ban happy jannies here especially the jarty

>>6579 https://archive.is/LkW91
no idea for me plugging my openwrt flashed newifi D3 caused my pinktop to lose internet access but anydesk is perfectly usable indicating configuration error on OS end (im using default config btw)
hold on a second ive learned on class that you literally have to plug the routers in the right order then hold the reset button then do this for the next network devices in the RJ45 daisy chain if you mess up you have to retry the whole thing and reconfigure the webpanels

>>6564 (same as above)
not for me as as i literally dont trust the contents of my linux KVM instance but thanks for the performance tip though i might do this for my older computers as a dedicated burner machine
(unrelated PSA but cracked windows ISOs copies use malicious web certificates rather than EXE malware to make its injection really stealthy and almost undetectable ive heard this rumor before)

>>5302 https://archive.is/NCkhd
>how the hell do you hide empty DVD drives
disregard that just kidding i found an even better solution turns out all i had to do was go into disk management and disable/hide the drive letter itself painlessly as rebooting to remove CD rom on guest VM is too inconvenient especially on a daily basis right after installing plaza ISO cracked games or VM tools
but this time my webcam no longer works after booting up linux on the ideapad hopefully my dad does not beat me up for this what could be the issue as it seems BIOS related as its a secure model and theres no camera setting like my other laptops

>>10848 >>10444 also gravity ghost looks fun i just stumbled upon this on khinsider last viewed section on antigravitator search
picrel fifth one how do you even revive a dead torrent? ive been hosting this VM for more than a month (yes my pinktop lasted THAT long but i had to reboot mid way) i needed that yelaxot game for research purposes and the deleted soundtracks from steam
some related links hopefully someone from plebbit can help me finish my collection https://archive.is/Nlu9K https://archive.is/1MauS https://archive.is/fGkyJ (including the abstractism virus and the original BTC miner sample for anaylysis and other dead.team clickteam games work on vbox)
(jeezus the author of this game actually redacted the soundtrack and overwrite it wih inferior versions but thankfully theres a way to retrieve older content data using steam console might come handy for other creators sperging out according to tech savvy redditors godspeed to them archiving shit)
https://archive.is/Ed96U https://archive.is/Zn7o8 https://archive.is/a97A7 https://archive.is/84NzJ https://archive.is/eh6Dc https://archive.is/EX53f
bottom suggestions by google lots of obscure weird very old indie games but all of them lead to steam without any cracks and the other one redirected to homepage because of deleted title
this is the only closest thing ive got https://archive.is/g5pf6 and its taking forever and ive already downloaded klocki on IGG looks identical to the web demo notdoppler? version
ive experienced this too transmission crashed multiple times on my older linux install but utorrent is worse on wangblows in the end the lightest portable one was the best which was halite
[Hide] (8.3MB, 400x640)
How do I stop being incel?
Be a volcel. You can't stop being an incel (unless you become a volcel) because it is out of your control. An incel try his hardest and failed, the choice is not on him. Given he tries his hardest, going to gym, making money, perfecting his "game", anything less and you are just a volcel in denial. In this case, you have done ll you can and that's the physical limit. Faulting you for something you don't have control is irrational and you are a cuck (you can't) to be at that position because you are a simp.
When you realize it is not possible and out of your control, you better spend your energy elsewhere. The same as not winning the lottery. Stop buying lottery tickets when you don't have the luck.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 640x344, 01:00)
forgot pic
https://www.pekwm.org/ Bizarre SEO AI-generated website for PekWM. Pretty strange.
[Hide] (68.7KB, 715x960)
Become based and 2dpilled
[Hide] (708.6KB, 255x255)
On my machine Librewolf is now incapable of playing video, for some reason, and often even freezes when I open a video in a separate tab (I have to run killall librewolf). So, I have to copy the link and play on MPV.
Not a major inconvenience since I don't often play videos in the browser, but pretty strange.
Replies: >>11271 >>11272
stdout/err? Also strace when it happens.
Replies: >>11272
[Hide] (223.6KB, 1920x1080)
Never mind, it was probably because I updated my system (after a few weeks? of not doing so) and didn't reboot. I also had problems with Super Mario Bros X.
Now I rebooted and everything works.
[Hide] (4.8KB, 250x140)
With this, I'm just trying to gauge what the community is like.

Please provide brief answers to the following questions. Feel free to be detailed if you like.

Which do you use regularly?
Which do you prefer?
Have you had experience with more than one?
What do you primarily use it for?
Do you currently make money using this?
What is your education/experience?
Are you elitist/firmly believe there is only one true way to go?
Do you like anime/japanese culture?

I'll start. I'm a third year CE major, age 20. Not huge fan of programming but have had much experience with java, C, assembly, lisp, and prolog. Looking to get more serious with programming. Trying to become proficient in C, python, assembly, and possibly php. I regularly used notepad++ but recently discovered sublime and find the ui easier/cleaner. I don't have a job yet. I think of programming as hobby as an individual but with a good team, I could see how it can be a career. I really don't understand the anime fascination here. #judegme
[Hide] (31.6KB, 474x711)
1. niggers
2. niggers.
3. niggers
4. niggers
5. niggers
6. niggers
7. niggers
8. niggers
9. niggers
[Hide] (973.2KB, 1080x1105)
>Which do you use regularly?
>Which do you prefer?
>Have you had experience with more than one?
Porch monkeys.
>What do you primarily use it for?
Gator bait.
>Do you currently make money using this?
>What is your education/experience?
>Are you elitist/firmly believe there is only one true way to go?
>Do you like anime/japanese culture?
Jungle bunnies.
Sublime Text is made obsolete by VSCodium or VSCode (botnet). Or just use Vim or Emacs.
Replies: >>11302
[Hide] (22.6KB, 200x200)
>when u only know legacy languages that have been legacy for so long that the only relevant one in your list is C
how is this even possible other than if you're in university (those are all academic languages and not taught in college)
Replies: >>11317 >>11331
>electron gunk
Sublime is native
Replies: >>11303
its native!!!
you are all retarded faggots holy shit. its barely worth anything. its like notepad but with a feature (the map thing) that is a good idea but everyone else immediately copied so now theres no reason to use it
Replies: >>11328
>Which do you use regularly?
The one that gives me the greatest sense of superiority over fat women.
>Which do you prefer?
The one that helps me write disdainful remarks towards fat women more quickly.
>Have you had experience with more than one?
Yes, and each of them are better at scoffing at fat women in one way or the other above the rest.
>What do you primarily use it for?
Ridiculing fat women.
>Do you currently make money using this?
Yes, men don't like fat women, and will literally pay to hear you deride them constantly.
>What is your education/experience?
I have a Masters in Female Obesity studies.
32 year old male, very low BMI. Reveling in the fact I get more compliments every day, while fat, older women get almost universally rejected.
>Are you elitist/firmly believe there is only one true way to go?
Of course! Sneering at fat women in public is literally the only way to go.
>Do you like anime/japanese culture?
Sure, the female characters are all young and not fat.
This isn't soyddit, take your NPC brain that doesn't understand that something newer isn't necessarily better than something older back there.

There isn't a high abstraction language that is better than LISP to this day, and knowing at least one assembly is a requirement for being a good programmer. Additionally, it's not like today's LISPs are the same language LISP was in the 1950s.
Replies: >>11331
>invidious and yt-dlp is shitting itself
>nitter doesnt work with porn (the only reason to use it)
>teddit is dead
Replies: >>11320
it werks off and on, invidious
[Hide] (17.7KB, 333x333)
lower your standards
<doh wanna 
congrats ur volcel all along then

retards and their fake labels
>electronigger getting this upset
>This isn't soyddit, take your NPC brain that doesn't understand
Dude you already told us you're a 20yo student you don't know shit.

>something newer isn't necessarily better than something older back there.
I think his point was that they're irrelevant.

Lisp and prolog were just AI meme languages in the 1980s. The only lisp you can write professionally today is clojure and even then it's a tiny number of companies. You would struggle to make a career out of it.

>knowing at least one assembly is a requirement for being a good programmer
It's not even a requirement for being a good firmware engineer. t. firmware engineer

If we're talking about jobs then java is still relevant. It's the software equivalent of being a trained chef and then working in mcdonalds but money is money.
[Hide] (45.5KB, 313x469)
>upgraded OpenWRT on a whim with zero prep beforehand or backup planning
>everything just works
Replies: >>11333
It's one of the few good Linux distros. Doing that on Debian would bork your install.
Replies: >>11336
i've done that with apt-get plenty of times, the difference being apt-get upgrade has almost zero potential to brick my device while openwrt might.
[Hide] (184.8KB, 800x600)
Need some explanation on how translucency is solved in 3d software like maybe using picture here as reference and some random light source, how is then glasses or marbles are rendered based on the object's form, properties, material and the scene itself? Pls illustrate or draw over for your convenience
No.441552023/08/17 07:04:48
Also especially when marbles and glasses are located nearby and supposedly create or bounces light thru and to each others

Basically need a diagram of sorts using picture here as a reference of how light tracing works cheers
Replies: >>11401 >>11405
>>2 531 is broken

Looking for 2 megabyte game engine that is 2d, with simple editors to make various game genres
And maybe some basic physics or transforms to code to make nifty effects

Something like tululoo, AGI or sphere but fancier.
Holy shit how many boards across how many sites are you going to post this on?
Replies: >>11404
[Hide] (61.6KB, 1269x633)
>make successful youtube channel
>grow it into a full-on media/tech company
>get other people into reviewing devices and shit
>set bullshit deadlines that promote quantity over quality because "something something youtube grindset".
>spend millions of dollars on a PC part testing lab
>fuck up the data for the equipment repeatedly because you would rather save $500 than risk fucking up your entire reputation and livelihood.
>get called out on it.
>rather than take accountability, putz around on the issue and hope it goes away.
>oh no, it doesn't go away.
>oh no, people are calling out that you're being a dumbass who doesn't practice what he preaches.
>oh no, you got #MeToo'd
oh and I forgot to mention.

>get prototype water cooler block for a specific GPU
>end up using it on the previous generation card because you can't be arsed to spend $500
>Say it sucks. Fail to say that it's because you used an water block for a GPU it wasn't designed for
>auction the PROTOTYPE water cooler block off
>when called out upon it, argue that it was an auction instead of selling it.
>wonder why people are so mad at you for not returning a small company's PROTOTYPE HARDWARE and selling it off?
Replies: >>11407
All of them, apparently.
Install POV-Ray and ray trace a space marine.
Well i havent post this here. Didnt know you have the same brain as half chan.
Havent posted on your site cuz this is all you know.
If you can 6digit you wont even need to pov ray orspace marine. Which also is the common sense. Except 4 u
>>end up using it on the previous generation card because you can't be arsed to spend $500
You forgot to mention that they literally sent them the GPU it was meant to be used on, but they "lost" the GPU and only "found" it after the whole shitshow started.
Replies: >>11414
Don't forget
>channel hacked by pajeet scammers
Replies: >>11414
oh shit, that's even worse! 

I didn't know about that because most of the youtube talking heads I listened to about this issue didn't even bring that up.

Holy shit Canada-linus's management is even worse than I thought.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 508x360, 00:47)
And don't forget that after all that, the guy still doesn't know anything about computers.
[Hide] (467.1KB, 1600x986)
If expressed in math or 3d image/coordinate, how would a looping action/walk cycle curve/lines be

Like the correct, physically correct positions or trajectory.
Or perhaps focusing on keypivots like rotation of the knee and such. How much they should move according to the frame and loops
Open source is filled with degenerates for a reason. The king of open source is a degenerate commie. What's your point? Terry care not for open source childishness. If it works it works I don't care any more than that.
Replies: >>11493 >>11502
You don't have to be a commie to see the point of open source. I don't care how Stallman eats his foot cheese or what Terry thinks about open source. I just want to modify and own my ai.
>If it works
Imagine thinking letting openai degenerates tell you what you can prompt to be "working". Stop being a closed source cuck.
worksfags are the hedonist degenerate niggers because they have no principles and long-term thinking beyond what is offered to them by anyone. If you need to suck dicks to  get your openai api keys, you would think it works because it is easier than writing 10 lines fag.js. Do you even think what is going to happen in 10 years if there is no open source ai when ai is the majority work force and creators?
Replies: >>11495
>another fossnigger sperging out when faced with the reality that his libre software doesn't work
either make it work yourself or fuck off, in the meantime the rest of the world will use chatgpt and get shit done while you sit on your backwater forum shitting your pants that your AI isn't Hitler 2.0 yet.
Replies: >>11496
lmao seething closed-source cuck. Join the rest of your 41% world and dial8 on your way out.
Replies: >>11497
post your hand and prove you're white faggot
[Hide] (411.7KB, 1600x800)
They can't into AI apocalypse if you buy up all the silver.
Replies: >>11502
[Hide] (122.2KB, 2000x1000)
>The king of open source is a degenerate commie

Goldsilverbuggery is a mental illness, shiny metal is worthless fetishism. If you want to hoard something ackshually valuable after SHTF, pick something more useful, like sacks of beans, or libre FPGAs.
Replies: >>11510 >>11512
>silverbuggery is a mental illness,
check out this ((( glowniggers ))) post fellas
Replies: >>11511 >>11524
Ehh, I'm all for debilitating the kike-world-order anon, but anon has a point: beans + opensauce FPGAs are likely more valuable in SHTF.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 768x1200)
Settle at a halfway point, buy ammo (lead and brass).
>or libre FPGAs.
Prior to Raspberry Pi's going out of stock everywhere because of the component shortage I saw the writing on the wall and ordered 35 Pi Zero 2's from Digikey back in the start of 2021 since I was using them for a packet radio modem project. They have been out of stock since then. 

It's terrifying how centralized the production of semiconductors is and how at any moment if something were to get fucked up it would all be gone. The COVID nothingburger managed to fuck things up beyond repair, imagine what the impact of an actual worldwide disaster would cause. Everything is in such a precarious state right now. People take everything for granted and seem to have forgotten of a time before globalism took root as the de facto economic standard. We are reliant on a highly complex advanced system of interdependent moving parts to function at all times, it is only an inevitability that one of those parts comes to a stop.
Replies: >>11513 >>11524
[Hide] (392.4KB, 1600x800)
Replies: >>11524
Goldbuggerers in all their myriad forms are echoes of rentier parasites past, mindlessly relitigating the failed first stand by our rulers against early banking regulation, ironically their ultimately triumphant opponents first appeared as the "Free Silverites". If you want to hedge against inflation, instead of jerking yourself raw atop a mound of Ponzi fetishes, invest in some genuinely productive enterprise.

I'm thinking less of the classic bugaboos of war or pestilence, mostly of the far more realistic prospect of botnet-free computer hardware going extinct.
Oh, also
>People [...] seem to have forgotten of a time before globalism took root as the de facto economic standard
Quick reminder reliance on free trade and mass migration worldwide was worse than today up through the "Gilded Age" of the 1880s. In particular, the USA's trade deficit and immigration.

It was only through a concerted decades-long campaign of protectionism, nationalization, and labor organization, that the "Golden Age of Capitalism" from WWII until the neoliberal recession of the 1970s came to be.

We won before against worse, and I see no reason we can't do it again.
Replies: >>11526
>and mass migration worldwide was worse than today
<worse than the entire concerted effort of the globalist kikes today during The Great Replacement
<~100'000 invaders/month in Burgerstan alone
<has been even worse for Yurop
Anon, I...

Don't get me wrong Anon, I appreciate the postive mental outlook and encouragement. But the simple fact is that Satan and his little golem tribe the ((( Globohomo ))) have the world in a stranglehold. No natural efforts can forestall our destruction by these evildoers. God alone can save us. Only He can work the miracles necessary to stop this entrenched Big-Tech/Big-Government global conspiracy rolling forward now.

Pray He does
Replies: >>11527 >>11536
...only those who help themselves
[Hide] (476.4KB, 726x1080)
The collapse of the current world order is a inevitability. The system of GloboHomo :tm: we are living under is an anomaly. High level systems can't operate in low level conditions. Do you think the hordes of third worlders they are importing into Western countries are going to be competent enough to maintain critical infrastructure? Do you think the current or next generation of people are going to be able to when all they have been taught in education is drag queen story hour and Common Core math? The answer is no. 

There is an article I recommend you read called "Complex Systems Won’t Survive the Competence Crisis"

No nation on earth is going to make it out of this unscathed. We are entering the Fourth Turning and it will bring crises on every level.
Replies: >>11539 >>11546
[Hide] (267.7KB, 758x663)
I remember seeing the reverse of this image, something like "ehhhh? not using linux past middle school is totally unacceptable". Does anyone have it?
>The system of GloboHomo :tm: we are living under is an anomaly
I don't think so. Most of history is covered by tyrannical empires, which constantly swapped subject populations around the map to diffuse autonomy, stifled progress and merit in lieu of theocracy to maintain control, engaged in petty wars and genocides within and between them. These empires lasted centuries or millennia, many of them globe-spanning in an interlocking network of totalitarian domination, where the downfall of one lead directly to the rise of another.

Prosperity, freedom, and peace for the masses of men such as we've known in developed nations is the historical anomaly. It isn't an anomaly that simply happened, but one that was the product of intentional struggle, and which is falling apart IMHO more through negligence than some novel subversion, given such subversion has always existed.

>There is an article
I've seen that and similar sentiments, more particularly for computers:
<Preventing the Collapse of Civilization
And I think the likelier outcome of such a scenario isn't collapse, but stagnation in mediocrity.
Replies: >>11545 >>11546
[Hide] (131KB, 816x1128)
>And I think the likelier outcome of such a scenario isn't collapse, but stagnation in mediocrity.
You forgot you live in the timeline where Chris Chan raped his mom and got away with it.
So, no.
Maybe you guys are just conveniently looking for like-minded articles and stuff that agree with both of your depressed feelings.

We've been pulled from a pre-determined timeline into one that has no certainty and no determined outcome, and that has made a LOT of people afraid and edgy because things can actually change for the better for once. 

Globohomo pulled the shit it did because the chink-flu caught EVERYONE off guard. It just so happened that the people that thought they could be daddy-dearest to the entire world knew it a lot earlier, and refused to act because they unironically-thought the masses were too stupid to deserve to know it. 

Big Tech and Big Jew Money has been stumbling on themselves with fuckup after fuckup. They're coasting on their already-earned gains, hoping to desperately-keep the power they once held. They're continuing to hold onto a narrative that is increasingly-becoming stale, destructive, and annoying to the populace.

Their audience is "The Redditor". The thing is, the archetypical "redditor" is either a no-life subreddit mod, or they're the Silicon-Valley techbro who spews self-hating feminist drivel in the front, while being a complete raving lunatic hypocrite in the back.

The narrative has fallen apart. They keep shouting that they're winning because losers always scream about how "winning" they are.
Replies: >>11547 >>11548
my point is not that they are winning my point is that they are on their deathbed.
[Hide] (569.9KB, 709x803)
You have no idea wtf you're talking about. There is a patent and financial trail for the "chink flu" that goes back a little over two decades. Go to planetlockdownfilm.com and watch the David Martin interview. Then watch the Catherine Austin Fitts interviews. Then you'll undestand how this relates to the financial system, and specifically the dollar reserve currency.
Obviously there was no surprise element whatsoever. They even ran a simulation beforehand. It was all planned!
woah ur telling me they ran simulations to estimat posible future events?
bro the weathr forcast is a glowie conspiracy bro woaahah
Replies: >>11551
[Hide] (75.7KB, 237x246)
yeah I dont trust trial runs thats why i boofed that magic serum 10 times into my brain when papa bill said it was never tested and made in under 1 day using a random number generator
[Hide] (51.7KB, 496x248)
That exercise, and others like it going back decades, was run 180° contrary to what played out IRL with wuflu and The Science™, for the absolute gayest imagineable TDS reasons. From memory bc I'm too lazy to look it up rn:
<1. Essentially every mainstream national and international body had for decades strongly condemned quarantines, lockdowns, closures, or embargoes of any kind, emphasizing the need for continued global economic activity to keep Line Going Up™ under business as usual in the face of even the most extreme plague. This was of course also true for guidelines in the Event 201 exercise, which assumed a contagion much more infectious, deadly, and adaptive in every metric than even the most hysterical characterizations of wuflu.

<2. During the initial (by which I mean VERY initial, I think all this transpired in the span of a month or two) response to wuflu, this remained the official message from the The Blob™.

<3. Trump, because of his protectionist loyalties, spoke contrary to that in favor most especially of international border closures and embargoes, but also incidentally in favor of some domestic quarantines, lockdowns, contact tracing, and vaccination.

<4. The Blob™ doubled down, describing everything Trump advocated as unScien™tific 'n fashist 'n raycis n' shiet. Trump basked in their hate & LOL'd @ them as he usually does.

<5. Unexpectedly, large sections of Trump's own base objected against Trump's domestic proposals. Even more unexpectedly, Trump actually listened to these complaints, and softened some of his positions to become anti-lockdown.

<6. As with every other decades-long mainstream position of The Blob™ that Trump adopted for so little as a femtosecond, The Blob™ instantly responded in a fit of childish contrarianism and revisionism, totally inverting its position, because Orange Man Bad! Lockdowns good, totally shutting down the economy good, and this has always been The Science™.

<7. Not only did The Blob™'s NPCs instantly listen & believe their firmware update. Trump's base went along with this propaganda as well, because your partisan side changing its opinion means you're CRINGE! & the more u pwn teh lieberals teh better u r, BASED!

<8. Infinite cycles of doubling down again and again

<9. [(You) are here] All of this transpired extremely fast, all the details are embarrassing to everyone involved, everybody has the attention span of a goldfish, and the consent factories (both on the "right" & "left") are goin' BRRRR at record speed, so nobody is making any effort to remember any of it barely 3 years later.

<10. Federal rhetoric aside, US states were left to do WTF they wanted. In spite of prognostications from both sides, deaths, infections, and economic performance in the USA were by everyone's official numbers about the same as most of the EU in spite of them doing all the effing wholesome 100% chungus/globalist satanic libtard shit we were supposed to. The only countries that did significantly better were some of the more industrialized parts of East Asia that aren't poor as shit but still retain some actual social cohesion.

tl;dr: Nobody is in control, there is no plan, every demand is invented the moment it's attempted.
Replies: >>11554 >>11555
[Hide] (57KB, 640x852)
>"i HATE videogames"
>his distro uses a package manager named after a videogame
The duality of Luke
Replies: >>11555
[Hide] (86.9KB, 1024x551)
It doesn't matter what the media, UN, WHO, etc. says, that's all noise, lies, and propaganda. The only thing that matters is FACTS and the video with David Martin has plenty of those. Because they cannot hide those patent and financial trails, and his job is one who audits such things.
As for Trump, who the fuck cares. Catherine in her video basically says it's pointless to have any expectations whatsoever from any president, including populist ones. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO IT YOURSELF!
Replies: >>11558
How about this? There -was- a plandemic, but it was a shit plan and it went completely off the rails.

>9, attempting to memory-hole people by jumping from topic to topic.
Sounds like the IRL version of forum sliding. Desperation.

>10. (spoiler)
Don't forget, the spike in "deaths" around the height of Covid was because of hospitals being incentivized to lie about statistics for Covid money. But really, we've had a problem with political/monetary-based information bias/fraud for decades now, it just so happens that normal people have only recently learned how bad this bias/fraud is.

Honestly? I think Luke is a grifter. The difference is, he actually is one that has competency with the tools his audience uses. Time will just have to tell if he ends up bringing fans on a retreat and he ends becoming just another one of those assholes who exploits his fans in every sense of the word.
Replies: >>11559
[Hide] (244.7KB, 1440x1310)
>those patent and financial trails
Indicate nothing that can't necessarily be explained merely by "GoF research was carried out, it was sloppy AF, dey dun goof'd". Such a Hanlon's Razor interpretation is IMHO reinforced by the virus itself simultaneously being bad enough to be a major nuisance for at least a decade, but nowhere near as dangerous nor controllable as even the lowest-grade bioweapon.

This is further underscored by how much of the fuckery that happened, even by the admission of centrist libs, has precisely nothing to do with the pandemic, and everything to do with the "response".
>it's pointless to have any expectations whatsoever from any president
My argument isn't that Trump did (or didn't) do anything worth caring about, but that his mere presence caused the powers that be to LOSE THEIR FUCKING MINDS and proceed to FLIP THEIR SHIT.

That we got dicked & billionaires ended up tightening the noose was in spite of that, not because of it. I'm reminded of the Arab Spring, which obviously happened by complete surprise and destabilized or toppled a lot of regimes The Free World™ had spent decades propping up, but we still got a few messy wars to beta test psyops in and a gonorrheal discharge of several million moderate headchoppers out of it in the end.
Replies: >>11563
Oh, and
>we've had a problem with political/monetary-based information bias/fraud for decades now, it just so happens that normal people have only recently learned how bad this bias/fraud is.
I'd never seen so many people's fervently held "beliefs" turn on their little tiny pinheads so sharp, fast, and frequently a decade ago. Maybe it's the Internet?
Replies: >>11567
[Hide] (6.2KB, 640x480)
> arab spring
> complete surprise
Wat. The american general (Clarke or something, can't remember) spelled it out by saying someone at the Pentagon informed him a bit after 9/11 that they were going to invade 7 countries in 5 years. So yep, soon after there were some arab springs. It's got CIA niggers fingerprints all over it.
And Trump still doesn't fucking matter even if the MSM acted like they hate him. He didn't get any fucking results. He fucking even told people the vaxx was good! He could have shut his mouth and not said anything, or just told people to make up their own minds. Instead he pushed the big pharma poison.
Anyway whatever, today I'm getting some shit done at least.
Replies: >>11564 >>11566
>soon after
Over a decade later
>7 countries
Obviously that wasn't supposed to include regimes like Tunisia, Yemen, (arguably) Syria, or especially Egypt. Not to mention mostly losing Iraq to Iran, and the continuous string of Ls taken to the Russians in Syria.

The most plausible counterargument I've heard is that the causative leaks from Manning/Assange were intentional "limited hangout", and even that strikes me as far-fetched.

>bsd install
Good job, the less folks in the Linux ghetto today the better.
What device?

BTW, OpenBSD is specially good on ARMv8 because it's one of the few OSes that can take advantage of ARMv8's features. For instance, ARMv8's MMU has completely independent exec/read/write permissions and OpenBSD can mark memory execute only, the only other OS that can do this is iOS. An OpenBSD dev also created a program that measures useful ROP gadgets and ARMv8 is the only arch in which they managed to get ROP gadgets down to exactly 0 (according to the tool, of course there could be more).
Replies: >>11568
>I'd never seen so many people's fervently held "beliefs" turn on their little tiny pinheads so sharp, fast, and frequently a decade ago. Maybe it's the Internet?

Probably it's a lot of things that happened all in a short period of time. People don't usually flip-flop on hard-held beliefs unless they are extremely afraid of something, even if that something is 'nothing'. There's been this weird surge of paranoiacs in the past decade or so, not Conspirafags, but full subsets of paranoiacs. 

I really REALLY wants to blame the news orgs for fostering a culture of paranoia. In the past 20 years, news orgs and their reporting has gotten more inflammatory, more fearmongery, and more-frequent than ever-before. A source that was supposed to be information and events about important happenings in our country has been reduced to a propaganda mouthpiece for the political parties of the choosing of the guy with more money.

But the news is just one part of the picture. There's also algorithmic content- which was pushed by youtube, and content farms like Gawker Media. Algorithmic media that has the convenient infinite scrolling, and random-content that comes in the media feed, you could be outraged about one thing, and in the next find a cute cat video, or see the next thing that you "should" be afraid of. Bonus points if you get stuck in the rabbit holes of shitty stock-market-fearmongers, and doomscroll forever within content curated by 24-hour news orgs.

And then there's the whole "community" problem, where people who want faster convos don't go to smaller sites or communities because "there is 'no community' there,". Which makes me feel like there's a massive plague of undiagnosed ADHD people who think they're normal.

My personal opinion at the end of the day? I think the problem with turning on beliefs on a dime at the root, is people are being jerked around by fear. People are being jerked around by manipulative assholes and fearmongers who want people afraid, either for amusement, for power, for clicks/money, or for attention.
>the only other OS that can do this is iOS
Coincidentally also a BSD
why is south africa meme man renaming twitter to X? and why did he steal the logo for X11/Xserver?
Because he still thinks having one of the few grandfathered 1-letter .com domains is rad & kewl, so he's been hanging onto it since the '90s and reusing it for anything he can.

Because it's type of standard style, for writing unambiguous bold characters on blackboards, used by mathematicians, so it's supposed to be geek chic.
the legal name of one of his 20 bastard children is x11
Replies: >>11574 >>11580
please tell me that's a joke
Replies: >>11575 >>11580
[Hide] (61.9KB, 720x670)
no, and the one after x11 was obviously going to be named x-Æ-A-12
Replies: >>11580
Elon is the gift that keeps in giving for all of the wackiest reasons it seems like. I'm glad he reamed out twitter and it's chain of degeneracy that existed thank to tumblr, and the absolute hilarity that financebros did when a troll made the "free insulin" tweet with EliLily's name.

Honestly? I think he's one of those "Mister Big Shot" types whose family never said "yes," to him. Only "No, don't do that," and every time they were wrong, or did something dumb, his attitude got vindicated by them making mistakes.

But really, I'm just speculating. Most of the smart or sane rich people tend to avoid the media spotlight, and those that seek it out either want it for publicity, or because they like the spotlight for unhealthy reasons.

I'm pretty sure zuck at one point commented-openly on twitter about adrenochrome too- that creepy vampire/wendigo drug or something.
Replies: >>11583
[Hide] (368.5KB, 564x635)
adrenochrome isn't real you schizo fuck, it's from an equally schizo book written by a man that slammed cocaine into his eyeballs on a daily basis
Replies: >>11585
its real its made synthetically just like adrenaline theres nothing special about you can just buy the shit from labs, the magatard ramblings about elites having to drink it from kids blood by torturing them in underground tunnels beneath the whitehouse and all that garbage is meant to discredit through association the actual pedophile rings run by israeli intelligence foremost epstein
My first impression was that the logo literally looked like a pubic hair strand.
[Hide] (59.4KB, 500x519)
holy fuck how did you get this triggered at a picture? Get the stick out your ass and crawl back to 4shit with that level of mental cuckery. Next you're going to be spouting nonsense about some flying spaghetti monster as your trump card to shit on other people for posting a picture about Christianity or something harmless. It's not 2007 anymore, neckbeard, leave behind the "edgy atheist neckbeard" phase back with the Raptor Jesus meme back when socially inept pimpled Millennial teens on 4cuck thought it was cool out of spite for their boomer parents who dragged them to church every Sunday.
[Hide] (902.3KB, 1280x720, 00:06)
>trying to install amd rocm on debian which is fucking impossible for some reason
>in my fuckery accidentally uninstall the amdgpu kernel module
>can't put it back, keeps failing to build
>oh god oh fuck
>boot to previous 5.10 kernel and build it there, thinking there's no way this will actually work on my current 6.1 kernel
>it builds
>it works
>everything back to normal
if it is not broke do not fix it please explain kernel modules to me and how they can work on completely different releases
Replies: >>11593 >>11594
its funny until you learn she was raped as a kid by her step dad and the billionaire she married had a scat fetish
Most likely the kernel APIs the driver needs simply didn't change between releases. The Linux kernel makes no such guarantee, however. It does make this guarantee for the syscall interface though, so you can compile something with e.g. kernel 3.10's headers and run it on kernel 6.

Now install a white man distro without systemd.
Replies: >>11595 >>11598
>Now install a white man distro without systemd
i meant devuan, i just say debian because 99% of the time it makes no difference
>Now install a white man distro without systemd.
Nigga who do you think the sysadmins are that work with Debian professionally?
Why are Jews so central to computer science? Most of computer science was invented and designed by Jews since its inception.
For example:
John Von Neumann: Invented the modern computer
John McCarthy: LISP and garbage collection
Abelson, Sussman: SCIP and scheme
Stallman: Free software fondation
Stephen Wolfram: Mathematica
Peter Weinberger: Unix utilities
Martin Hellman, Adi Shamir, Leonard Adleman, Daniel Bernstein: Cryptography
It seems like a predominantly jewish field to me.
Replies: >>11601
[Hide] (56.2KB, 750x1000)
>Abelson, Sussman
Uh oh, sussy baka dubsama!
[Hide] (184.4KB, 549x405)
When I see shit like shit, it makes me that all people who shill for open source are like this. Nigger lover, white piece of shit, trannies,... all of these people have one thing in common. They love to shill their open source politics and I don't give a shit. I hate linux and I hate open source solely because of people like in this image. I will do literally everything in my power to destroy open source, just to piss off white piece of shit like this. He deserves to die in the most horrific way possible, with all of his family members either raped to death or tortured by cutting off their flesh, starting with their genitals. Fuck mentally retarded fucks like this, this piece of shit is literally worse than trannies and democrats combined. He needs to die, he needs to suffer. To learn his lesson to stop spreading his retardation to other people.
This is why I always side with the CIA and the FBI.
Is this post AI generated?
Replies: >>11607 >>11617
[Hide] (1.8MB, 640x480)
Either that or an actual cuckchanner. In any case, it's cancer.
Replies: >>11610
If nips won the war or avoided burger occupation somehow, would vector CRTs be a common sight among 1970s and 1980s JDM home computers?
There's hardly a better way to display complex moonrunes with dozens of strokes on monitors attached to computers with kilobytes of working memory.
Replies: >>11609
they were wearing western sailor uniforms in schools long before that what makes you think they wouldnt have done what they always do and imitate whatever the white man does for no practical reason
he's not wrong, every invidious instance defaults to the most popular page and it's always filled with fucking soy/wojak/pepe shit or people high off their own farts thinking their important. i hate them all.
Replies: >>11611
Once again, the first thing you should do when you open any instance is set the home page to "Search".
[Hide] (387.6KB, 1250x536)
>Is this post AI generated?
It's loxism.
did you literally copypaste a spambot email for a whole post?
Hyprland is an open source Wayland compositor based on wlroots, a project I started back in 2017 to make it easier to build good Wayland compositors. It’s a project which is loved by its users for its emphasis on customization and “eye candy” – beautiful graphics and animations, each configuration tailored to the unique look and feel imagined by the user who creates it. It’s a very exciting project!

Unfortunately, the effect is spoilt by an incredibly toxic and hateful community. I cannot recommend Hyprland to anyone who is not prepared to steer well clear of its community spaces. Imagine a high school boys' locker room come to life on Discord and GitHub and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like. https://drewdevault.com/2023/09/17/Hyprland-toxicity.html
Replies: >>11705
I haven't been interested in Hyprland because there was some drama when someone packaged it and the developer didn't like it being packaged for some reason. I may switch to Cagebreak once the dev adds Remove selected frame command from Ratpoison (currently Cagebreak just has Only command that removes all other frames except the currently selected frame).  Frame = window
Replies: >>11712
I will check out wayland, when there be a window manager at least as flexible as awesome, and 90% of the programs I use stop being X only.
why do libre devs give everything retarded names and mascots
Replies: >>11715 >>11724
[Hide] (2.4MB, 320x240)
>save 31 hour jewtube video on learning C++
>finally get around to watching it
<narrated entirely by some poojeet
<video is entirely corporate flat art
<first hour is dedicated solely to setting up visual studio on wangblows
<and linux
<none of the steps he's saying for checking c++20 compatiblity are working
<you will use VS or you will die there is no other alternative
is there a tutorial for actually learning c++ not geared towards ADHD zoomers going into their first year of compsci?
Replies: >>11715 >>11723
Learn C first then C++
I don't have recommendation for C++ materials.

Because they can and have the freedom to, it used to be unlimited by political correctness and expectation of customers. People used to do it as a hobby or for fun. Nowadays there are ((( sjws ))) and everyone do it to grind for FAGMAN interviews.
>weboob -> woob
Read a book nigger.
[Hide] (4.2MB, 640x480, 01:40)
The better question is why doesn't every software have a cute mascot
Replies: >>11725 >>11729
Are there any software with fuckable mascots? 
AMD has the redhead slut but that's not really a mascot. And godot's is disgusting.
>The better question is why doesn't every software have a cute mascot
Because "something, something, horny men I guess".

But really. software really does need more cute mascot characters. Companies nowadays completely forget about the staying power of a good mascot. keyword: GOOD mascot. Which Libbie is.
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