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This is a uBlock Origin filter list that removes shit like BLM banners from sites. PRs or patches (just post here) are welcome, it's pretty barebones right now.
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>that CoC copypasta
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>>691 (OP) 
>using (((goyhub)))
(You) all need to go back to cuckchan NOW
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Petrosyan_bird.jpg (u)
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moot doesn't own 4chan anymore you dumb dumb.
"shit like" doesn't mean anything, the idea behind your filterlist should be articulated clearly, e.g.
>To remove (gib us mone || blm) banners when they are out of place, because donate/ about/ ideology/ is where these banners belong.
Also, this man>>694 wants you to transfer your shit to code(((berg))) or gitgud.io
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Oh i see now.
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sr.ht is fine too
I'd second a fork on anything but Github. But, more importantly, these banners and blurbs aren't only gibs related but can also be seasonal. Think pride month and all that. So, while Blacklist is genuinely witty, a more specific name to filter this pandering shit would be better. Right now, for example, I'm not seeing many banners advocating for anything on the tech websites I browse.
I object strongly to the existence of this filterlist. BLM banners and shit are a perfect red flag to show which sites you want to avoid and removing them makes telling whether a site is cancer harder.
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use ad nauseam to fuck with them.
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How can I actually enable adnauseum on latest version of pale moon? *(yes the furrykike fucking faggot's restrictions are removed)*
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use chromium and ditch that gay faggot shit.
Should be named Niggerlist instead. If you could make it block the whole document instead of just the banner that would be even better.
fejs.png (u)
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You can always disable the niggerlist in the options and install it manually, assuming it's not a Chrome extension. Still a bad idea because AdNauseam loads the ads to click on them, which gives the ad network your browser fingerprint and browsing history, which is worth more than the ad click itself at this point.
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>and browsing history
The fuck. What's first party isolation (fpi)?
BLACKlist's commit log will be an all-encompassing version of whatever observation you wanted to make and will actually stay there as history.
Wikipedia logo change is pissing me the fuck off, I have to doubt what wiki I'm on for no reason.
chocolist needs to be able to change things like that as well. An optional set of custom css perhaps?
What's wrong with it?
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As in iceberg you dumbnut, and it's not run by jews, the owners are white germans.
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Anything that is (((German))) today should be classify as a Non-human being.
> Celebrate International Women's Day
It's all so tiresome.
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Icebergs sound jewish.
>>691 (OP) 
I don't get this meme. What was the function supposed to do, and how did it get ruined by context free grammar?
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>>691 (OP) 
c7c21419688b6608c54798b8b58f8f3e6ed9fb1589734f8ee8904aa9f98b05a6.jpg (u)
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This. I want to know who the enemies are.
making an adhoc formal language by using a regex function instead of just using a  formal language  to begin with

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