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What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
>inb4 selfhost your email
most info taken from: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/email.html
probably incomplete quick list, but you could read the dippity dopper article for more information

<gmail, yahoo, etc.
>big corpo trash
>sells data to 3rd party advertisers
>Shady metadata policy (retained for an indefinite amount of time)
>URLs in onion hidden service site point to the clearnet (information is from 2019, cannot reconfirm as the hidden service never loads as of the time writing this)
>Account creation verification blocks some email domains from being used to verify the account (Riseup and possibly cock.li domains for example)
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and forces their private keys generated on their servers instead through a JS web interface, many backdoors
>Requires to use their stupid bridge thing for mail clients, possible backdoor
>Blocks registration through Tor and VPNs (possibly tested with RiseupVPN only, didn't test with MullvadVPN)
>Only allows 1 account per IP
>Doesn't allow to use external mail clients (Thunderbird, Claws Mail, etc.) except the Tutanota desktop mail cleint
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and shills against PGP | see here: https://archive.fo/CqG2R https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/innovative-encryption/
>often has issues with signing in to view mail
>all the email domains cock.li offers are usually blocked by other sites since cock.li is mostly used for throwaway accounts and spam
>TOS is a bit restrictive and Riseup is intended to be used by activists exclusively
>claims that they will pull the plug if compromised by the government, but they handed over data to the government one time
>restrictive TOS like Riseup, but the admin claims the service is not activist exclusive
>greylists some rarely used email providers
>expecting even the simplest most basic technology to just werk in current year
I suggest using a time machine to go into the past.
>>95 (OP) 
Real question why don’t you just self host? It’s super easy and it’s cool 
wouldn't you need your own domain for that though? and to get said domain you'd have to give personal info to the providers?
Replies: >>112
>20 fucking minutes of configuring shit with third party helper scripts is what linuxfags consider "easy"
Replies: >>104
by comparison, yes
You could always get a domain from njal.la and a vps/dedi from a provider that accepts bitcoin (anonymized through monero ofc).
Replies: >>113
Domains from njal.la cost like 15 euros minimum a year, and maybe it'd be a bit tricky to find a more anonymous VPS provider at a cheap price. I dunno much about VPS providers.
Replies: >>114
I think BuyVM accepts Bitcoin payments, and they are 2 dollars a month. I'm sure there are others.

Regardless the only benefit of having your own email is security. Unless you make it a public service, you lose your anonymity and have to pay for it.
You should add the following issues:
>Admins will delete your account if they find you politically or culturally unpalatable.
>Corollary: TOS is full of holes that can screw you over if they need it to be
>Basic features are severely hindered (e.g. filters and folders) unless you pay
>Their IMAP/POP3/STMP implementation is very sketchy as OP says. Also only three email clients are supported. Only one can be considered privacy-friendly (Thunderbird), but we know Mozilla is about to implode.
>Uses Google Craptcha
>If there ever is a problem with the mailbox de-encryption, kiss all your email data goodbye. There is easy way to backup data. 
t. Protonmail user who wants to start using his own email server if he can get the money.
Replies: >>150 >>240 >>622
Use whatever one works and assume it's logging everything. If you want secure communications don't use unencrypted email, or better yet don't use email at all. Tutanota has retarded limits on outgoing mail last time I used it, so I wouldn't use it for anything you need to spend outbound mail on.
>>Uses Google Craptcha
Haven't heard of that before. It's been a very long time since I had a ProtonMail account.
If you want to only receive emails e.g. sign up for things. https://anonbox.net/ appears to be a pretty stellar service.
Replies: >>218
>Chaos Computer Club runs anonbox
Aren't they the guys who keep DDoSing cock.li?
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>>Uses Google Craptcha
Holy fuck this is real
>good email provider
Email implies no privacy. So good is secure, the only way to be sure about security is having full control over it. Selfhost is the only option.
Pick one. It isn't even expensive. My VPS costs less than $5 per month.
Replies: >>245 >>250 >>1236
We’re not all made of money, nigger
Replies: >>246
lmao your NEET bux can't even cover $5 a month?
>gib me dat malebox
Yo da reel nigga.
Replies: >>7649
>associating your financial information with a server that could be snooped on by the owners at any moment
You need to go back to opsec 101 anon.
Replies: >>251 >>252
Aren't there some VPS providers that require no or minimal personal information AND support Bitcoin (most likely) and/or Monero?
Replies: >>252
Ever heard of gift cards in cash and >>251, caveanon?
Replies: >>253 >>7649
oh sure, let me just mail them some cash in the postal system and get them to somehow attribute it to me without being tracked back to my residence
Replies: >>254
Dumb nigger, gift visa cards. Take meds, delusional faggot, where does mailing them cash come from?
Didn't they have a code of conduct that siad that you have to pledge to communism or some shit?
Currently using it as my "normalfag presenting" email as it seems to be the decent for that but unfortunately, as everyone is pointing out, the service has some big questions that don't have the right answers.
Currently the best you can do if you just need to communicate with someone and need to keep the email, but of course most sites block registration using it

IF you want to use your own server and don't feel safe with a VPS, consider maybe getting a cheap thin client and hosting off of that. On eBay there are open box Dell Wyse 5020 for cheap and they have some old ass AMD quad core. They are passively cooled and don't make a sound, cost like $2 a year in energy, and are way more than powerful enough to run a mail or web server. Put a distro on it and you're set. Then you need a domain, if you don't want to pay $10 a year then get one of those shitty free African domains from Freenom.
If you don't want to buy something that specific over the internet without revealing your identity you're shit out of luck, maybe use a computer you already own to host a server and fake details for a Freenom domain name. By nature most of these things require something that will always go back to you, and that is the nature of email too. email was a mistake and is very insecure by nature, even if the ancient protocol was fixed you still have yourself to keep in check when you use it (as with any communication, really). IMO if you don't want to go through the hassle of hosting yourself, use some brand-name "secure" email like ProtonMail for gay shit like vidya and cancer social media accounts, and use cock.li for personal communications between your closest contacts (behind encryption like PGP of course) because you don't need any personal info to make an cockmail. Ultimately, with most forms of messaging on the internet, there's not many ways you can prevent anyone from seeing that you, person X, sent a message to person Y, and the US government has admitted they've drone striked people just for that. Not trying to be doom and gloom, more like acknowledging that there isn't a perfect way to do online communication.
>getting a cheap thin client and hosting off of that
Sadly not enough if you have actually hosted your own mail. ISPs have been blocking port 25(smtp) for a long long time. They charge at least $50 more per month just to keep that port opened. The VPS is used for reverse proxying all connection through IPsec/OpenVPN to your home server. It won't be fast, but it is the cheapest. Any cheap VPS that offers port 25 will do, I have seen some asking only $1 monthly.
Replies: >>262
Damn I didn't know they blocked the port outright so I guess I wasted my breath. Sure is great to be anally raped by an ISP!!!
>Didn't they have a code of conduct that siad that you have to pledge to communism or some shit?
Someone once reported an anon from nanochan giving invites away for free and they banned him for being a 'nazi'
Replies: >>328 >>7649
Figures. They're marxists.
>Didn't they have a code of conduct that said that you have to pledge to communism or some shit?
Yeah, it's meant to be utilized by commies. Reading through their website, the recommended way to get an account is to be invited by somebody you met at a communist activist event in person. They also gloat about deleting accounts with account names that are "problematic." This is unrelated to email, but anons should keep in mind that the Tails project has close ties with Riseup. Their logo is on the Tails homepage and Tails' xmpp room is hosted on Riseup. Overall, it's suspect as fuck. Shame that Heads is pretty much dead.
>Currently the best you can do if you just need to communicate with someone and need to keep the email, but of course most sites block registration using it
Lately, cockmail has had a ddos problem. Not sure about the details, but from what I read Vincent pissed off some fag at DefCon or something and they've been attacking his servers ever since. It causes the email to be quite slow and sometimes just not work. So if any anons plan to use it for personal communication in the future, just keep in mind that it may just fail to work at times. Also, Vincent Canfield is known to have solicited users of his service to join some MMO clan in a game called EVE Online ran by "goons" and later was suspected of being used for actual money laundering. Not sure how true it is, but I remember it making the rounds in the rumor mill a few years ago, and the email itself that he sent out about the game definitely exists.
Replies: >>335 >>358 >>1335
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>Vincent Canfield is known to have solicited users of his service to join some MMO clan in a game called EVE Online ran by "goons" and later was suspected of being used for actual money laundering.
Post more about this, images or whatever. I'd like to know more about this.

Why does the email provider situation have to be this bad?
Replies: >>337 >>338
Different anon and I don't have anything, but I remember when he sent an email about joining EVE. He basically shitpost(ed) at the users through emails, but maybe that's something I forgot to opt out of.
I logged in to one of my old emails with Cockmail and managed to dig up the original email. It's actually relatively long, so I won't paste the whole thing here and shit up the thread. If you want me to forward the full email to you, just give me an email and I'll do so. Otherwise, here is a .txt of the whole thing: files.catbox.moe/7x71ir.txt
As for the money laundering, it's hard to find anything through searx on Goonswarm's alleged illegal activities. I remember people on 8chan talking about it years ago, so if you search through old archived threads on archive.is you might pull up something.

Here's an excerpt of particular about his clan from the email:
>Some info about my alliance: I am part of the Goonswarm Federation. Goonswarm is primarily comprised of members of Something Awful, and has a reputation for being griefers and using dirty tricks wherever it benefits them. We are the most hated alliance in the game, and the target of the most recent war. We are REALLY hated by redditors in particular which makes watching their tears and mental jumping jacks especially entertaining. The unofficial motto is "We're not here to ruin the game, we're here to ruin YOUR game." If that idea sounds fun to you, you should DEFINITELY join!

I don't really think this is a smoking gun or anything. But Vincent's association with SA is worrying at the very least. He isn't known to delete accounts for any reason except inactivity from what I know, so it's leaps and bounds better than riseup's Marxist garbage. As long as you're using PGP then it's not really relevant who he is necessarily. The real annoying thing about cockmail is how fucking slow and unreliable it is, which is a result of external attacks on the site. Try using the service for an extended amount of time to see what I mean.
Replies: >>7649
I'd selfhost email at this point, maybe make it cockmail 2 but invite-only similar to the invite codes that Riseup uses, but I'm unsure about being able to keep it up for long or even getting to host it in the first place.
t. cockmail user
Replies: >>340
If you do end up doing something like that, definitely post it here. At the beginning of the thread, some jewtube video was posted where a guy uses a script he wrote that seems to do a lot of the work for you when setting it up. As for hosting, you could always e-beg your members for money to keep the server up and maybe clear out the mailboxes hosted on the server every few months (transparently of course, so people are prepared and can download their mail and save it locally). If it's kept small and the servers are cleaned out pretty often it should be quite cheap to host.
Replies: >>341
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Got it, but it probably would be coming up anytime soon. I wish I could get it up and running sooner than what I can do for now (1 or 2 years).
I'll leave pic related here, may be of use. (buyvm is probably something to stay away from, they cucked out and gave fatchan the boot for some /pol/ fiasco thing.)
t. not /pol/ack
Replies: >>350 >>7174
It isn't that hard, but there are a lot to learn.
Very good guide I referenced: 123qwe.com (archive: https://archive.vn/KtBy5 and https://archive.vn/o0Vcv)
Just skip over the nextcloud part.
t. Done that
People don't know what goons are. The majority of the original cuckchan userbase were goons or at least enjoyed somethingawful's content. It was one of the biggest internet influencers until /b/ took it's still and unleashed it. Being an old Goon (the type who defined Eva for many years) isn't a bad thing. It's being a modern "goon" who are entirely pozzed which is. Their Eva clan is likely laundering money and other stuff, but so is every other large eva group. It's the nature of the people playing it.

Cockmail got raided by german feds a while back who grabbed a server a few years back. I believe he complied willingly so he could be sketchy. I wouldn't use a meme provider for private email. You're much better off on protonmail or even gmail since you shouldn't be posting risky shit on email at all any way. Better to look like another normalfag and blend in with the crowd than stand out and get noticed. Having [email protected] is one of the best ways to ghost through places that want your email for things. Like doctors appointments or dentists. If you look like a normal person who only uses email for normal things you can have your back up 1337 haxxor email encrypted in the shadows where it's not obvious you're trying to hide something no one else is. It's like being a spy, you want a good boy image everyone sees so no one notices you're fucking them over behind their backs. Using a common email provider to order bitch basic stuff does that well.
Replies: >>7649
Doing this I feel like your outgoing emails would get filtered by spam filters so often that it would be too unreliable to use. I've never tried it but that's what I heard from discussions on email in many places.

Stumbled upon this and figured I'd post it here
Replies: >>373
It is not that bad if you have dkim, spf and reverse DNS set up, except microjew exchange which shoot everything down as spam.
At least gmail plays fair. Don't forget to disable grey listing, it kills selfhosters the most.
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>At least gmail plays fair.
You say that but I saw this today.
Replies: >>382
Curious if they have dkim, spf and stuff set up correctly. But (((Gmail))) is definitely botnet anyway.
>>95 (OP) 
>What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
Other than that check the list at https://www.fsf.org/resources/webmail-systems
Replies: >>463
Secmail still doesn't have IMAP/POP3 support yet as of the time writing this. They also still probably suffer from TLS security problems. At least they have implemented a v3 onion recently. They don't have a privacy policy either (but any provider can violate their own privacy policy and change it if they wanted to).
For more information (little out of date but some issues are still real to this day), read these articles:
[Hide] (11.7KB, 480x360)
Is there even a hosting service that doesn't store logs? I've been thinking about setting up my own e-mail but every server host I look into either does backups (((for you own safety))) or blatantly logs the entire thing, sometimes both. The best looking one I found so far is orangewebsite but in their TOS:

>5.) Backups and Data Loss
>Using our backup services is at client's sole risk. We run backups every second day on shared hosting servers and keep multiple backup copies in our storage server. We reserve a right to charge according to our list prices to retrevieve backup upon client's request. Virtual Servers are not backed-up if no backup service is ordered. VPS backups are taken daily, monthly and weekly. New backup will replace the existing one. We offer external backup storage for dedicated servers. Client needs to setup system to send the backups over to the backup server himself.
>Backup services are provided to you as a courtesy. OrangeWebsite is not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on OrangeWebsite servers.

Does anyone know if it's possible to deactive this or at least dodge it, it's pointless to say you are a hosting service dedicated to privacy and freedom of speech if them you write on your TOS fuck it, lets copy everything into our own servers.
Replies: >>483
Reverse proxy all traffic to home through vps.
Replies: >>556
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1913x3151)
quick rundown on (((protonmail)))
moved post bump
[Hide] (977.4KB, 1000x1000)
(((Tutanota))) glows
Replies: >>491 >>12261
>tfw use it for most of my accounts
It's not like I bothered with the services encryption anyways or like I send anything that requires privacy over email, but it still stings.
[Hide] (410.1KB, 221x196)
>As of November 4, 2020, Guerrilla Mail's hosting provider, OVHCloud, has shut down their website. According to the GuerillaMail Twitter account, no explanation has been provided for the incident and it was due to a "law enforcement request (which they didn't forward to us, and refuse to share details about)".
>As of November 4, 2020, GuerellaMail stated on Twitter that their site has been taken down by their hosting provider and no reason was provided.
My biggest problem with having a home server is that I live in a shithole where eletricity is expensive, really expensive. I could just get a raspberry pi if I only wanted to do e-mail shenanigans, but I feel like if I ever setup a home server I would like to do other stuff with it. I thought about making a very low powered computer as a server but even if it's weak it still consumes a lot of power, which would end up costing me a lot of money just to keep it running.
Is there any server/computer that focus on low power consumption?
Replies: >>557 >>7649
Anything ARM based as you've pointed out with the raspberry pi.
Replies: >>560
[Hide] (330.8KB, 497x459)
I can't find anything better than a raspberry pi under 100 yuros, I guess I'll buy one with 4GB or 8GB. I'll try to set up an e-mail, hoard some data and make an OpenTTD server out of it. Or a minecraft server with some comfy mods if it can handle it
Replies: >>563 >>564
>non-free firmware
>non-free gpu
Get i.mx6 or sunxi.
RPI4 sucks in the sense that its hard to find a good ARM64 RPI4 distro unless you are okay with Ubuntu. I'm not sure what else to recommend anyways.
t. RPI4 owner
Replies: >>669 >>895
>>95 (OP) 
>a fucking word coined by a jewniggercock corporate garbage RPG game that has no fucking appeal other than being the thing marketed for like 2 years as something gaymers are supposed to care about
Replies: >>964
[Hide] (374.9KB, 531x579)
>only three email clients are supported
That's abysmal. Just use Posteo instead. They more or less support every email client. Also, when using their service via webmail, they also let you use your own PGP key(s) when sending/receiving emails; unlike Protonmail which generates a key serverside when your account is registered...meaning that Protonmail can and probably does keep a copy of your accounts decryption key...
I recently found NixNet email https://nixnet.email
Seems good, but the registration is invite-only for now (email the postmaster). They don't have a ToS so I'm unsure what is not allowed besides illegal activities. I've emailed the postmaster some time ago and I'm still waiting for a response.
Replies: >>940
>>95 (OP) 
idk anon, but personally i use protonmail
Gentoo is now availible for arm64
Replies: >>895
>What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
None. And I really don't think that there could ever be, and self-hosting doesn't solve many of the problems with email since metadata can still be gathered and you're fucked either way if you want anything resembling anonymity.
Better to use something like Bote for I2P which is truly anonymous, but last time I tried to it seemed like the project was dead in the water and no one was maintaining it, so in regards to email it's all fucked up.
>set up own email server
>use mail alias service (or set one up yourself) to register for all of your accounts without giving away your real email address
>encrypt mail sent from alias service to your real email with PGP
Should work fine as long as you only use email to sign up for shit and don't actually try to communicate privately (which is impossible through email anyway).
Can confirm. Running Gentoo on a rpi4 right now and its good
Replies: >>896
What are you using it for? I have one installed with gentoo I'm just a bit uninspired other than playing with sniffer. I'm thinking a fullhome firewalldo vpn route unit running some crap like fail2ban.

Or should install OPNsense for this purpose instead?
NixNet Mail feels significantly better than Cockmail for now.
You know that Cyberpunk has been a tabletop game for longer than you've been alive and has been vernacular in cyberpunk as a genre forever you fucking NIGGER
||Cyberpunk was made by an actual nigger though so okay||
>>95 (OP) 
cock.li is the only remotely good post 2007 email service
>it's blocked
yes because having non cucked internet is morally wrong these days. all the reason to make more good email hosters
>the only way to be sure about security is having full control over it
"self host" (TM) </brainletspeak> doesn't give you full control since there are still a bunch of retard servers either sending you plain text or using keys obtained via X.509 tier snakeoil. but if you wanted secure communications we wouldn't be talking about email in the first place. there's also the problem that all accounts on your "self hosted" brainlet shit are tied to your own identity.
>>95 (OP) 
Yeah you're retarded all right.
Replies: >>1853
cockmail isn't a secure service, it's literally just 4chan in email form. you can call someone a dumb asslicking faggot and he'll take it as a greeting, because it's not serious. the name should tip you off.

yeah he sent out the EVE online email. allying with goons in order to cheese online games is basically a 4chan tradition, and money laundering is based. Your money is your own, you don't owe it to anybody. None of that makes you a satanist or whatever the Q boomers who took over 8chan would whine about.

he probably got DDoS'd because a commie retard at defcon wanted vince to agree with him about something dumb. defcon is a great giant party but there are tons of DC-related lefties there. the whole thing is run by a DC Jew. some are reasonable, some aren't. maybe the butthurt retard got kicked out of the cock party, fuck if I know.

I don't believe vc worked with the cops. Why would they need him? They had a warrant to pull a server that had zero encryption. He's not your lawyer, he's not your co-conspirator, he's not going down in a hail of gunfire to protect your meme emails. If you're up to shit that will get you in trouble, don't leave evidence lying around on other people's computers.
[Hide] (92.4KB, 680x680)
>luke smith
Replies: >>1805
this x999999
Was actually going to sugget this, have my own domain and may selectively allow others to have one.
Replies: >>1815
Replies: >>1876
Can someone just give me a thorough explanation on why I shouldn't trust him?
Replies: >>11117 >>11119
I can't tell if he is dumb or disingenuous. Many articles are simply wrong and others are clearly hiding facts to make a point.
Take a look at "What Linux struggles with". He complains about dependencies, but recommends distros based on Slackware. ||lmao||. Or "Refuting Freetardism", where he completely misses the point.

But the conclusion from "Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible?" seems to sums up his political views, (which usually shape his choice in software):
"If we controlled the infrastructure, we could not only delete all logging ISP-wide, but also fix all the problems with FB / YT / other malicious service providers. [...] A full-scale revolution is our only option - and we should use the time during which we can fairly freely talk on the internet to plan for it. Then we could fix not only "The Botnet", but most of the other problems of society."

You can find some useful information in his articles, just don't blindly believe in everything.
Replies: >>1871 >>1891
I dont blindly believe in everything
Im just clinically disabled and cant come to my own conclusions 
nothing wrong with that
Replies: >>7649
Yeah just going back to some of his articles, I can tell that he's cherrypicking info. His writing style also reminds me of niggerpill. I don't know if it is to make the problems he's talking about more serious or what.

>"Refuting Freetardism", where he completely misses the point.
I don't get why he thinks that disassembling and hacking Pokemon ROMs is proof that you don't need source code. Does he really think that if someone can reverse engineer a video game ROM, they can fork something much more complex like Firefox using nothing but a disassembly? Not to mention that these ROM hacks are from games that have been thoroughly analyzed for years. We don't even have ROM hacking tools or proper documentation for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games yet.

>But the conclusion from "Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible?" seems to sums up his political views, (which usually shape his choice in software)
From his recommendation of RiseUp and his article on Libertarianism, you can clearly tell that he's an ancom. He's clearly saying that an ancom revolution is the only way to "stop the botnet" by seizing the means of communication. However, in his email article, he does acknowledge that not everyone is going to trust these commie services like RiseUp.
Replies: >>1896
His articles seem to suffer from the same sensationalism that most contemporary journo publications do. Only instead of spreading the asshole for whoever's paying, it's tech-related doomerism. Case in point;
>Does he really think that if someone can reverse engineer a video game ROM, they can fork something much more complex like Firefox using nothing but a disassembly?
Given the part about piracy over freetardism, I'd say the overall point the article is trying to make is that a gongkai[1] culture (basically having a limited circle of people sharing company and trade secrets) is better than separating from the establishment and creating free software in a sort of bubble. But that in itself depends on where you live, as it clearly won't work outside of China and other grey law shitholes.

[1]: https://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=4297
I'm using Posteo now. I don't think it's waste for paying 1 eur per month. How about you guys?
Replies: >>1902 >>2030
Trying it it out now, little dated apperance wise but as long as its functional i dont care.Have to migrate all my shit from Protonmail
Replies: >>6929
>>95 (OP) 
A mail provider service's TOS follows their hosting provider's TOS which you might have not read at all.
It's a chain of terms of service, even if your mail provider claims to never do logs over their "users", they would still do logs when they take legal notice from their hosting provider which takes legal notice from some country of origin (local or domestic).
>we never do logs unless it is abuse or fraud
This is very vague, especially the term abuse.
This applies to no-logs services like mail, DNS, etc.
Abuse  abnormal use  above normal || not normal
Fraud is also a vague term. Claiming x=y where x is a company can be considered a fraud.
The term stretches out to having one fake/false information, and even as simple as using tor will be considered fraud, keep in mind detection systems can mark you for abuse by being in IPs that had been marked for abuse.

Vagueness is how they get around their supposed "promises".
If you're someone who is above normal users or someone who uses their service a lot, generates a lot of traffic or requests than average, a power user then they can and will treat you as either a bot/spam or mark it for abuse and treat your supposedly TBD (to be deleted) logs as abuse in which case they can store it forever and can now share your data to all third parties.
Mind you they only protect their "users" and not "abnormal users"
Abuse  abnormal use  above normal || not normal
Normal = subjective
>>95 (OP) 
I don't recommend digdeeper. He relies too much on T&Cs and knows actually very little about anything in the tech sphere. If someone does not update his articles for him, he won't update them for months/ever.
[Hide] (175.8KB, 828x1056)
>>95 (OP) 
I found https://fedora.email/
Replies: >>6924
I forgot to mention that it's run by the same guy that runs https://bae.st/ (formerly neckbeard.xyz, but that domain got seized for loli or some falseflag)
Replies: >>6926
[Hide] (133.3KB, 284x522)
They got seized for "hate speech".
Someone send this to Sturg so we hopefully we can get rid of it
Replies: >>6928 >>6929
If we switched to onyo only 90% of the non-literal faggotry would disappear overnight
should i keep using my old protonmail account its two years old and very little stuff so far?
also is there a script to export everything? or buy one of their $3 gift cards in peso cash since i cannot pay premium dollars in my shithole island

beat me to it i was about to say that can you guys make a fallback.txt just like anoncafe
mee6 bot and a couple indie web services also uses xyz so this was predicted later on

>>6927 sturgeon pls dont ban or wipe my rants my intentions are legitimate sorry if this mistake was supposed to be censored
a domain switch would be a good idea since this was accidentally shilled multiple times on cuckchan ads allowing the board to have a fresh start
while you're at it choose a third world country like rwanda (for daily stormer) and flaunt7/shinjiru in malaysia for uncucked hosting you guys have backups right?

also why does ziggerchan cause my gpu to lag even on anydesk remotely viewing he page causes my 1650 to go to 30%
huh didnt know this site used cuckflare even though its unsafe i thought the admins hated this service and used custom proxies?
offtopic but can can i use the free plan of cloudflare/ddos-guard as an alternative to no-ip if i go the selfhosting route? its datamining but very convenient
Replies: >>6931 >>6943
You answered your own question
Replies: >>7174 >>7649
>shilled multiple times on cuckchan ads
pics plz
>why does ziggerchan cause my gpu to lag
It's the rainbow text for "+Webring", you can disable the css for it.
Replies: >>6944
> >why does ziggerchan cause my gpu to lag
>It's the rainbow text for "+Webring", you can disable the css for it.
See >>6307
Replies: >>7649
>>6931 (>6943 i dont have images its just a rumor on /v/ pls dont censor)
i understand if you missed the point but what im trying to say was does cuckflare or other protection services have a port forwarding feature and DUC client to auto detect my IP? i want an always online IP address and permanent domain for my laptop incase i selfhost shit there (a lot of small public minecraft servers use no-ip or tcpguard)
i am the only user there (ill connect back to my personal home server using public routers or 4g when travelling)

guide appears to be outdated and if i were to host a chan board i'd use shingjiru and ddos-gurad because fuck ((( free speech )))
my board third world centric so their malaysian servers should be perfect for this (they also hate jews lol)
[Hide] (347.1KB, 1027x3380)
Actually, they said it was CSAM, refused to elaborate, and then ghosted me and closed the ticket when I asked for the URLs so I could investigate the alleged content and remove it from my server if it indeed was CSAM.

They also never contacted my registrar and when my registrar reached out on my behalf they refused to talk to them or even give them a reason for the serverHold placed on the domain.

They knew it wasn't CSAM. They just couldn't stand that I allowed people to speak freely on the platform and say things that hurt their feelings. They just came up with a bullshit reason and when I asked for any kind of proof to their claim they deflected and ghosted me then closed the issue.

They're absolute faggots and pieces of shit. I won't ever be giving them any money and I strongly discourage the use of the XYZ TLD. Fuck them.
Replies: >>7639 >>7649
>admin's response
That's unfortunate. I thought of self hosting my own website with ".xyz" since that was dirt cheap, but I guess that's not worth a penny.
>>358 (>>1871 oh and #stayhuman fuck STEM furfeds)
good advice this literally my mindset i look pretty bring IRL none of my online class guys even knew i browsed 4chan

>>556 (>>256 i actually plan on getting one in 2023)
same here will a cheap phone on aliexpress suffice i got android tv box? those are very easy to root and i can literally charge it on solar powered lamp and rpi supports gamergate drama

>>281 (>>338 already archived that one for safety)
i actually witnessed that thread in the archives but forgot the link welp they even mocked their policies in the thread lol

>>246 (>>252 thanks this was originally my plan on protonmail)
jokes on you fligga i dont have a credit card i wish there was an option to pay with cash though

thanks, but can sturgeon just disable it by default? on jakparty it was once enabled but turned off shortly afterwards when i made a complaint there im pretty sure it can just be toggled off by default here as well

forgot to include this earlier but on one of the homelab setups on plebbit used cloudflare for securely tunneling into his offsite NAS backup i was asking about how to configure that one properly since you may know a thing or two despite being reluctant to use that service

>posting proof in the image
holy shit its actually you! I didnt even know you browse this place in that case welcome to our chan were a confy little board but unfortunately some faggot has been shilling wangblows lately ill bait that Xim later
>i wanted my own xyz site
Same it looks rather cool at first and ive seen independent projects use that domain as well. Whats a good registrar for imageboards? will .ph or .my suffice? how expensive are these in the long run i dont know jack shit about webshosting 101 (also shinjiru celebrates ching chong making it an ideal choice)

>>190 (>>6144 kek mine is naziself nazisexual or ho/lo cau/st)
suggestion but can wizard add the last 50 posts next to reply? other chans have it since 500 posts at a time make my system lag a bit
>ANNOUNCEMENT planned downtime on Nov 17
what are they gonna add on newer jschan im curious though? will sturgeon finally get rid of the pozzed domain for good? i guess only time will tell
Replies: >>7702
Yandex is the best provider. Doesn't require a phone number for registration, doesn't block tor addresses from connecting, has good IMAP/SMTP support, doesn't forbid you from sending any filetypes in annexes, and doesn't modify headers. 

Just make sure you create a backup e-mail address and set it as a recovery address because one day they WILL claim your account got hacked and lock you out of it then request you send them a document with a picture of your face, I only got the account I use for programming back because I listed everything I had on the account (contents of recent mail, folder names, mailing list subscriptions, etc) and insisted and the support folded.

>ablobloo X service spies on you
Literally every mail provider spies on you for one reason and one reason only: it's possible.
As long as the technology itself allows for spying, then every single provider spies on you. Don't leave your privacy up to goodwill. If you don't want someone snooping on your conversations, go use xmpp or something, that one has an encryption standard that actually makes it impossible for your provider to snoop on your conversations.
>b-but I need to use mail
Okay then, you're getting spied on, even if you use some """"benevolent"""" redditor's service because he said the word "privacy" once.

It's impossible to not be spied on when using mail. Mail is inherently insecure.
>Doesn't require a phone number for registration
Yeah, but it requires a phone number some time after registration when you've already received a few emails.
>Whats a good registrar for imageboards?

Country codes. ICANN has no control over them. .st takes a strong for free speech and .su is a country code for a country that doesn't exist.
[Hide] (760KB, 1080x1920)
>Yandex is the best provider
>>95 (OP) 
theyre all dogshit.
if you change ip address yandex will ask you some gay security questions. but i guess at this point that may not be as bad as the rest of the jewniggercock alternatives
Replies: >>7753
>>95 (OP) 
I pay a reseller $5 a year for 3gb storage and unlimited domains/accounts/etc
+ like $8 a year for a domain registered with false details and whois privacy

I get comments all the time on my cool email [email protected]

theres a $10/yr special offer for 10gb storage
and when you send emails to microsoft/google they dont get dropped for no good reason unlike when you self host.

swear im not a shill
Replies: >>7934
>>95 (OP) 
>probably incomplete list
lists all the ones that exist, same list for last 10 years
yandex requires a phone number to sign up so its not even an option unless you're some yuppie door dash eating faggot
I guess $2 domains come at a price, I lost track of the faggot flags at this point.
Would it be a good idea to host an imageboard off no-ip dynamic DNS? will this expose network vulnerabilities and the exact location of my house? does using a paid VPN help mitigate these at all i have no idea how to register a domain properly let alone hide the WHOIS? do i need to buy another chink router as an openwrt firewall when hosting websites? ive seen others host projects with a RPI4 on the clearnet very easily
do i need a dedicated VM for jschan or should i just host it on my linux desktop? how do i properly sandbox mongoDB/nginx incase of rogue moderator? what if shills get ahold of one of the janny accounts? can they escalate privilages to steal/delete the files and passwords on my /home/ folder?

PS flaunt7 is a germanic scam that resells hosting in europe that also complies with dmca
Replies: >>7956
You worry about too much shit man.

Just rent a server froom literally anywhere (vultr chicagovps virmach linode rackspace etc), and use a free dyndns service.

If you mess up who cares. Format and move on.
Found out about this one:

It's a paid service ($15/month or $100/year). They don't support cash via mail unlike Posteo, but they support crypto, including Monero. TOS and Privacy Policy doesn't seem too bad and they encourage you to GPG encrypt your emails.
[Hide] (107.1KB, 850x988)
>>95 (OP) 
In short there is no so thing as an Email client that doesn't suck so pick your poison OP. I personally use Proton, yeah I know it glows but it's a way better alternative to Goolag/Alphabet inc and convenient. Also Email is literally an invention of the US Military, non of them are truly private, some are just less private than others that's what it was created for and frankly it's an obsolete Cold War dinosaur given all the phishing scams you can get away with using it if your a piece of shit who's allergic to honest work.

If you want to message friends/acquaintances more privately then use something other than Email, Signal from what I hear is pretty user friendly and that is important for getting the non tech savvy to use it as an alternative to Whatsapp.
the internet itself was made by the us military
Replies: >>9093
[Hide] (356.6KB, 383x740)
Yeah but today's military isn't the same as 50 years ago. Now it's all full of woke trannies, just like in big tech. If you can resist the brainwashing, then you're already ahead of them.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1871x3363)
>Also Email is literally an invention of the US Military, non of them are truly private,
>it's an obsolete Cold War dinosaur
>something other than Email, Signal
We need a new email protocol, with a mandatory Double Ratchet encryption.
I don't think anyone can. They're just jumping on the hate bandwagon because DigDeeper has helped out hundreds of privacy-conscious tech users en masse than they have, so they're tired of seeing the name DigDeeper thrown around. 

That website has helped me more than most and has several articles on how to increase your privacy, some social commentary, and what actually good de-bloated uncucked Linux programs to use. Not everything on the site is sound, but we eat the meat and spit out the bones, so to speak.
Replies: >>11345
LARP Deeper's views on blacked.moe
UPDATE 25 October 2022: so, the block bypass is now needed to read or see images at all (at least over the onion) - meaning you can't simply link stuff freely from there. At least you can now solve the bypass without enabling JS or using a separate program; it lasts a week per solution. Of course, the clearnet domain shouldn't be used, as it is Cloudflared. Captcha required per post - what a joke; but at least it's easy to solve. Still allows posting without JS and has high quality discussions - though the boards other than /v/ are inactive. 
High tier due to the new changes.His views on zzzchan
This is really similar to 8chan now, even with similar activity levels. Does not require bullshit to post, I was even able to avoid enabling JS and cookies. Use the onion domain since the regular address is still behind Cloudflare. Overall I think the 8chan administration is better, so I'm giving this only the High tier.>Overall I think the 8chan administration is better
>Acidcuck better than anyone
forgot sauce
I haven't bothered to read his site but if this is the level that he has then he just lost me.
I think the problem comes from the fact that unlike other privacy autists, he openly believes that the real solution to the botnet has to be a major societal change (which he claims has to be done through a full-scale revolution and not through voting, protests, or petitions) rather than everyone switching to FOSS and decentralized networks, which probably ticks off some people who just want a private email, browser, and OS, and not care so much about politics. The fact that he also recommends RiseUp (an activist email provider that is intended for a certain ideology) as a viable email provider speaks volume.

I honestly don't know what to say about his views, but he seems to be willing to talk about things that other people aren't. I mean, he correctly predicted that COVID-19 was a scam that will lead to move power and control long before everyone else did.


But other times, I don't know what he is thinking. A recent-ish article he made seems to describe the ideal society he would want to live in, but I can't tell if it's satire or not. He talks about eating dead bodies as being more ethical than the current meat industry.

he's totally retarded, he thinks that 8chan and 8kun were "top tier" at any point in time
trying to migrate three of my email accounts from jewgle, my primary one has been under a spam attack for almost three years now and they've done fuckall to stop it. i want a provider that is free, allows using external clients, doesn't have a retarded domain name like COCK, and at least pretends about privacy/security, what are my options?
Replies: >>11938 >>11944
also how does thunderbird manage to get worse with every single update? it runs like trash even on my desktop with a real CPU and GPU and maybe 5 FPS on my laptops. the layout in the newest update is abysmal and there's no way to go back. but every alternative is terrible, every time i tried to use kmail it couldn't even send messages. maybe it's gotten better with recent updates but every time i tried it it couldnt do even the most basic functions.
Replies: >>11938 >>11944
cock.li also has other less offensive sounding domains like airmail.cc
I would also like to know an alt to thunderbird, I have like 6-7 emails and I can't be assed to check them all
Replies: >>11939 >>11944
are cock.li invites good for any domain? or are they preset to specific domains? do you have one or know where i can get one?
Replies: >>11940 >>11941
Yeah you can pick whichever domain you want with an invite.
Here: bb110c115dc80ca1ef154773e4d801b830f8b28f3094d0f7352caba9a01cd77d
Replies: >>11983
proton, not sure how kiked it is.
Replies: >>11945
proton makes you pay to use an external client
Cock.li opens email registrations again on Nov 20t!!!
Replies: >>11984 >>12289
[Hide] (158.3KB, 640x320)
Self-hosted in a container (docker/podman/gvisor/etc) on a VPS ($5/month) + domain name from a proper non-scummy registrar like Hover/Porkbun/Namesilo/Namecheap/etc ($15/year). Check-up lists of good TLDs and don't get  cheap domain that's likely to be considered suspect like .ru and .xyz as they're regularly used for spam. 
Run your VPS IP through MxToolbox/MultiRBL/Spamhaus and if the IP given is blacklisted request to be removed from it. 
The two big impediments for self-hosting mail are 1) being considered "trustworthy" by the big email providers who will just throw you into spam if you come across as annoying or malicious and 2) the processor costs of running rspamd and clamav on a cheapass VPS. 

Alternatively sidestep the trust question and run your stuff off any cheap vps/domain pair by using an SMTP relay like Postmark for sending mail, more than 100 in a month costs you but unlike the alternatives like Sendgrid, Mailgun and Amazon SES they don't embed trackers in your mails and it's sent encrypted over TLS. 
This could probably be used to run an inbound mail server from home and using Postmark to relay mails off ports 587/2525 but I suspect it'd require some workarounds for dynamic IPs using a VPS+domain and reverse proxies. I haven't tried it yet so ymmv. 

Personally I think running maddy + rspamd w/ clamav module + thunderbird and/or caddy2 + alps is a good option since it does the important stuff and isn't a huge resource hog. 
If you want something more full-featured that'll take up most of your VPS resources but simplifies some stuff there's mailinabox (great documentation), docker-mailserver and mailcow.
Replies: >>12034
And if you go the dealing with trust route lookup "greylisting" and "soft reject" and enable it. It's probably the most important thing to keep up your trust rating next to not sending spam yourself.
BND lip service
Doesn't it require you to install a crypto miner on your browser or something, though?
what are the flaws in using cock.li with aliases?
Replies: >>12578
Cock.li is unreliable garbage, I used it for a while after they closed registrations and promised better uptime but it was down every other day and would send emails without the attached files. I wouldn't use it as a joke let alone for anything serious.
Replies: >>12579
[Hide] (147.9KB, 322x527)
THIS, finally someone gets it.

Just use G(low)mail
Replies: >>12582
You know you can just self host, right?
Email is:
Monitored by glowies.
Regulated by dedicated laws for email.
If you provide public service you are accountable for spam and fraud letters sent by your users. (So we have less anonymous email providers than we could)
Everyone is expecting that your free email service can send emails to Gmail and other big providers. And if it don't - "your shitty email service is BROKEN and USELESS!"
[Hide] (54.8KB, 443x602)
Every fucken ISP has provided free email accounts since the 90's.
Replies: >>12686
>tying your email to your ISP
Damn nigger you stupid.
Replies: >>12693
I can keep using these email accounts even if I switch to another ISP in the future. That's part of the deal.
But I've also been doing everything possible to remove all dependencies to online accounts as much as possible. Ideally I don't want to be tied to the Internet at all, so that if the shit goes down I'm not affected.
Replies: >>12702
>I can keep using these email accounts even if I switch to another ISP in the future. That's part of the deal.
I'm just guessing here but I have a feeling the guys who dug up the street and installed a internet cable directly to your house might know where you live somehow. So using their email service might not be considered good opsec.
Replies: >>12710
There's no difference in "opsec" between having email at my ISP vs. something like gmail. Gmail already knows your address the moment you start ordering shit online or anything financial related. Good luck keeping those secret too when the other end's database get inevitably hacked, or more likely sold to 3rd parties as a means of generating moar revenue.
Replies: >>12715
>achshulklly if you give your real address to gmail then gmail knows where you live too! checkmate atheists
Really faggot?
Replies: >>12721
Gmail (google) already has vast amounts of data and can infer who you are and where you live based on that alone, including who you correspond with (and other metadata). It's stupid to use FAGMAN services and expect to be anyonymous.
Replies: >>12766
<use tor + burner phone to sign up to gmail
>google doesn't know where I live
<use tor + burner phone to sign up to ISP email
>ISP knows where I live because they're my fucking ISP
sage because this is a dumb conversation
Replies: >>12788 >>12792
The point is google will know who you are as soon as you actually start using the email account for typical email purposes. All it takes is for them to find one link to your real identity, and you're no longer the super spook you're larping as.
Akshully tried it a couple of weeks ago.  Gmail requires an email address for "security" (ha ha ha ha) as part of the account setup.  And it does NOT work with Protonmail or any of the disposable "10 minute email' sites I tried.  I spent a couple hours trying to make a secure-ish Gmail account that would only be accessed through a virtual machine and TOR a couple of weeks ago and could not get past that point.


>ISP knows

Yup.  See also, "supercookies."  If you don't know, it's every scrap of personally identifiable information plus very complete information about your hardware and software, the patterns of what websites you use and when, and everything else you can imagine, that your ISP keeps on their servers.  They are not accessible to you.  They sell it all to advertisers.  This is illegal, and Verizon got a wrist-slap fine from the FCC, one that amounted to about a month's worth of the revenue from it, over the practice in 2016.  The news story was buried and the word "supercookies" has been very carefully kept out of the news since then to keep the normies from thinking about it.  Additionally, and you've probably already guessed this, all the "supercookies" your ISP has about you are available free of charge to the glowbois.  No warrant is required.  All they have to do is ask.

>B- b- b- but I'll just use TOR for everything!

The NSA owns over 70% of TOR nodes.  The glowbois built TOR in the first place.  It's not for you.  TOR is for the use of "dissidents" (read:  CIA assets) in Iran and China.  For them TOR is a tool they use to do their jobs.  For you TOR is a honeypot.  It was never anything else.

>"I'll just take my laptop to McDonald's and use the free Wi-fi!  And I'll use the free Wi-Fi at a different location every day!"

Yes, that seems very, very practical.
Replies: >>12828
<Tor is not spelled "TOR". Only the first letter is capitalized. In fact, we can usually spot people who haven't read any of our website (and have instead learned everything they know about Tor from news articles) by the fact that they spell it wrong.

>Akshully tried it a couple of weeks ago.
Because you're so smart if you can't figure it out then it must be impossible.

>If you don't know, it's every scrap of personally identifiable information plus very complete information about your hardware and software, the patterns of what websites you use and when, and everything else you can imagine, that your ISP keeps on their servers.
What do you think TLS is. Replace ISP with cloudflare or some other CDN then you're closer to something that actually exists.

>B- b- b- but I'll just use TOR for everything!
<we can usually spot people who haven't read any of our website (and have instead learned everything they know about Tor from news articles) by the fact that they spell it wrong.

>reddit spacing
If you want people to take your seriously, especially on a /tech/ board, you should figure out how the formatting works.
Replies: >>12839
>What do you think TLS is. Replace ISP with cloudflare or some other CDN then you're closer to something that actually exists.
You can go to a site like amiunique.org to see how much information can be found out through your browser. Your ISP doesn't see any of that information though unless they are injecting malicious javascript into non-https pages. But most of the web is https only now.

Content distribution networks like cloudflare are the real threat because that's where your https connection terminates and they actually do inject tons of javascript into your html pages for "bot detection".
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