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Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
Replies: >>4635
>lots of services/sites
>easy to install
>seemingly ok design
<lots of bad records, arrests, shutdowns
<most likely put you on a list
<most bandwidth routed through high-speed (((volunteer))) nodes by default
<may be compromised
Replies: >>806
I have been using I2P for a while, and I think it's pretty good for what it is. Sharing files through bittorrent is great, and I have gotten very good speeds from it surprisingly enough, so that's a huge advantage over Tor which discourages torrenting. Address books are a neat idea and very easy to use, and even if the default lists you are subscribed to aren't that great, there are others which are more complete and up to date.
There is no Freenet-style decentralized distribution of files nor is there yet any functional integration with IPFS, so you are forced to get data from central servers and in case it's down you are out of luck, "try again later :^)".
It doesn't try to integrate with clear net, something that in my opinion is a good thing because as it's demonstrated by Tor, it brings too many problems. Although many of these come from the retarded and non-anonymity-friendly nature of HTML/CSS and JavaScript, so many of those problems are still present in I2P.
That's as far as I can say about I2P. Haven't really tried the others except for Tor, and only sparingly IPFS, Zeronet and Freenet.
Next gen internet does not use current gen internet protocols.
Replies: >>779
Tell me about protocol 7

>active development
>library for dht, decentralized services
<no track record
<no/little services
<fsf is pozzed
<logo is a womb
Replies: >>780
<logo is a womb
Spit out my drink
Semi-related bump from >>>/tech/781. How are other AIPs handling their website directories? I know some use a friend-to-friend system, which is outside the scope of discussion in my opinion. I2P should handle this better, in theory, since everybody is a router node. But I'm not very familiar with details, does anybody know how address resolving works in it? But then the problem shifts to an adversary with Amazon levels of bandwidth simply overwhelming most of the nodes in the overall network.
Tom, the admin of Fatchan and the dev of JSchan has plans to make LokiNet work well with JSchan and bringing up a LokiNet address for Fatchan.
I don't know LokiNet enough and I don't have time to do a full review, but it's something worth looking into.
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Some fucking how, Jewsh believes IPFS has existed for several decades.
Replies: >>832
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For those who want to use I2P but don't want to install Java, a C++ I2P client.
>most bandwidth routed through high-speed (((volunteer))) nodes by default
Are you talking about the (((guard))) nodes? I actually found that change highly suspect, what better way to ass-rape users than by controlling the centralized, always the same unless you edit it (((guard))) node?
Replies: >>808
Yes. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/336185149_Guard_Placement_Attacks_on_Path_Selection_Algorithms_for_Tor
Replies: >>824

Torpy seems to have a collection of interesting scrips for mitigating guard node crap.

possible language: python, relevance: 14
from torpy import TorClient

hostname = 'ifconfig.me'  # It's possible use onion hostname here as well
with TorClient() as tor:
    # Choose random guard node and create 3-hops circuit
    with tor.create_circuit(3) as circuit:
        # Create tor stream to host
        with circuit.create_stream((hostname, 80)) as stream:
            # Now we can communicate with host
            stream.send(b'GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: %s\r\n\r\n' % hostname.encode())
            recv = stream.recv(1024)
He also seems ignorant on how bitchute uses web torrents as a backup video distribution method. It's already working but hardly anyone uses it as the main site works fine through their CDN servers. It's also not intended to be used by the majority of its users as long as they're still on the clearweb.

In a scenario where they're shut down from the clearweb by losing their hosting, DDoS attack protection from cloudflare or the TLD is revoked they could be up and running again in no time through a web torrent client, the site has been set up this way from day 1. The guy running it has been trying to change the country its jurisdiction is under but it's easier said than done for a company of that type. Being based in the UK is the only real downside of bitchute but they've been following the law and remove content from officially recognized terrorist groups.

The way they've built their service is by far the most efficient way to create an alternative to a major internet service like youtube. Yet for some reason him and his ilk do nothing but attack it.
Replies: >>1818
I'm an fuckshit when it comes to I2P and Lokinet.

I've tried to do I2P but whenever I try to access a site, it tells me error HTTP ERROR: 403
Problem accessing /. Reason:

Console request denied. To allow access using the hostname "http://trac.i2p2.i2p/", add the line "routerconsole.allowedHosts=trac.i2p2.i2p/" to advanced configuration and restart.
ive been fucking with ipfs for a few weeks and still have no idea what it offers over freenet.
There's a new online harms bill coming to the UK and knowing UK law it's likely going to be extremely vague so they can clamp down on the internet with ruthless efficiency. Plenty of people are calling for the UK to restrict access to the internet further after some nurse was raped by a police officer, most of them are the same ones who moan about being arrested for hate speech online. Seems they can't put 2 and 2 together...
Replies: >>1869 >>2312
I don´t know if trusting Lokinet is a wise decision. From what I could understand, Lokinet is a for-profit Tor network.

>mine their crypto (Oxen)
>pay for domain names
>pay to run nodes
>in the future you will pay for "premium services" in Session, for example

About I2P, they say:
"...a network constructed from financial incentives rather than altruism can achieve a greater resilience against attacks, while providing a more reliable service."

Should we trust them? I'm not convinced.
Replies: >>1898 >>3029
How did the police officer rape the nurse using the internet and why is it the internet's fault that he raped her and/or was able to rape her?
>From what I could understand, Lokinet is a for-profit Tor network.
The idea came from I2P having so much code bloat that updating cryptography standard was a mammoth task, if I remember right. So no, it's quite different.
>Should we trust them? I'm not convinced.
I think I2P is mostly funded by meager donations and is primarily a research project, but the Tor Project organization definitely gets more funding and it's extremely hard to track who and where it's coming from. So if you want to compare Tor and Lokinet, it's about the same level of trust - which is, as little as you can afford.
Replies: >>1932
The thing is: anyone can roll a Tor node.
Replies: >>1940
Is that not the same for Lokinet?
Replies: >>1948
Only if you pay some Oxen.
Replies: >>1953 >>2169
>decide to check up on Lokinet
>mentions of combined garlic and onion routing, I2P gone
>backed by some crypto
>3000-14000$ to run a service node
Holy fucking shit, I forgot about it for a year and now I get this.
A nice website listing the different alt nets, a little rough looking though.
I think lokinet should get a mention as well
Replies: >>2047

Check out mazerunner, it's a hybrid take on garlic and onion routing, and uses a regenerative model for building relays. Worth a shot.

pastebin (dot) com / kGAbqzc9
Replies: >>2078

I second this, they have an official repo up atm 


This is still very very experimental though.. :-/
>oyyy vey you can't just run a node for free
>remember the six million sybil attacks
>you have to buy this coin that's mostly in the hands of the devs
>it's not a pyramid scheme stupid goy
>even though 5% of every block reward goes straight to their "foundation"
If they weren't running a con they would have used ETH or any DeFi shitcoin, not rolled their own. Is there anything like i2p, but a clean redesign? I'm looking for a similar garlic routed network with UDP support that doesn't get updated at the speed of molasses.
Replies: >>2228
[Hide] (49.4KB, 440x515)
oy vey how dare you GOY. Ban this vicious anti semite at once fa ruining our ponzi.
How the hell does this law make sense
Replies: >>2313
Because it's the UK.
Realistically nobody would use this crap. Just more ways to look like a clown.
is dead
Replies: >>3874 >>4561
Zeronet can also leak your IP address
Replies: >>4561
>a software akin to limewire where it's independent of some random server
Two different ballparks but the sentiment still is the same. The feds are attacking any place that is truly independent. 
<cp might be on ur computer due to it being p2p AND they leaked your IP!
<better not click anything goy!

Maybe disable images and video I guess. No file sharing, just text. Problem solved. No moar cheese pizzas on your hard drive that you could have encrypted anyway.
>>769 (OP) 
Personal experience. Add ons and 3rd party extensions are needed to make Freenet  a bit more secure. By default, Freenet is trackable by State level authorities and constantly monitored. 

This might help you more tech savvy fuckers. I'm just a random dork.
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