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How do I join?

- a link to your website
- a 240x60 banner of your website

then add the others also in the webring

I'll start:
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>tfw no website to share with anons
>not 88x31
Replies: >>1477
>>1215 (OP) 
It's not a chan nor forum.
It is just bunch of trash.
>>1215 (OP) 
>link to your website
How do I make a website?
>>1215 (OP) 
that faggot is the incarnation of all the /g/ memes in one person. so sad
>>1215 (OP) 
Oh a faggot no thanks I'm out.
Replies: >>1339
Hey that wasn't very leet of you anon.
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I know Faggot. Go do the 41.
Replies: >>1473
rip tran
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For me it's 80 x whatever.
>>1215 (OP) 
Let's lynch this queer!
how do i make a site?
Replies: >>1682 >>1684

what is HTML and CSS ?  why you can learn HTML at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/index.htm and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML ? why there are tutorials on using CSS to style HTML pages at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS ? why do you need to get a text editor, like Notepad++ ? what is https://neocities.org ?
Replies: >>1693
why are you putting me down
I wanted to make a site to join the webring and now I dont even want to try
Replies: >>1696
Open W3Schools and start an HTML/CSS course you lazy fucking nigger, it's a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling especially when you've never written code on a computer before. You could be making a gorgeous website RIGHT NOW but instead you're shitposting on /tech/, go do the thing and come back to us with questions faggot.
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Website for my writing hobby.

Might have done the banner quick. Hope it looks good.
Replies: >>5962
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240x60 is too bloated.
I have to pay for my 4G limited bandwidth.

I will only include '88x31'.
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Nice anon, love how it looks (I hope you still lurk). Are you on the lainchan webring as well? I could have sworn I seen your site there.

I also write fanfiction too but I'm afraid to post it on my site. It's not raunchy or anything since I don't write anything erotic, but I still find it all embarrasing. So I kind of find it admirable that you put your works on your website.
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Replies: >>5976
I'll make a webring with anyone who actually does /tech/ shit and doesn't just larp with anime pictures and lain schizo gifs.
Replies: >>5971
Just because niggers are posting schizo edit doesn't mean it is true. You have never watched it, have you?
Replies: >>5973
Not the point, laintranny.
Replies: >>5974
Fill me in on this, there is not a single tranny in SEL, not even a trap like in so many recent anime. Lain herself is feminine as fuck. How is lain related to trannies?
Replies: >>5975
It's not really about the anime, but moreso the amount of transsexuals obcessed with the show. As an example, I'm pretty sure that the WebGL port of the Lain PSX game was done by a tranny. Sadly, this is just another example of the phenomenon of obscure/geeky subjects getting overrun by transsexuals.
Replies: >>5978 >>5991
Spoiler File
(392.6KB, 1280x300)
If SHTF, I would minecraft each and every single one of these faggots after the jews. They are doing the same with MY kernel, putting rust faggotry in it. Makes using Linux gay.
SEL has deep philosophical implications, not what their jew brainwashed twisted mind that think omg so deep nobody understands, lain is schizo lain just like me.
Fuck them, fuck all of them.
Replies: >>6008
t got too mainstream, so all the identical trans programmers of the world found it and ruined it by not understanding anything beyond the now trendy surface level aesthetics because "omg cyberpunk and druggg!!!!".

I also believe they're referring to kaylx coming out as trans. Lainchan is just uber cringey teenage larping anyways, and probably the prime example of normalfags not even bothering to understand the anime.
Replies: >>6012
>(I hope you still lurk)
Yeah I do. I put the absolute most effort into the (page generator for the) microblog. Most other parts of the site are simple.
>Are you on the lainchan webring as well?
I don't think my website is included in any webrings, but I happen to find lainanons on the web.
>I also write fanfiction too but I'm afraid to post it on my site. 
Many of my older works are embarassing (too). I don't remove them because I think it illustrates my progress as a writer.
Replies: >>6007
Holy shit, we met on antares. What happened to my lain article?
I will never understand the troon obsession with Lain. Lain of the Wired is a cautionary tale of what happens when you let something false define your real identity. Did they miss that part? Did they miss the entirety of SEL where Lain is living a lie, an illusion taking place on a constructed facade? If they had any self-awareness they would realize how fucking stupid it is to associate themselves with SEL. I hate them so much you would not fucking believe.
>kaylx coming out as trans
Wait what? I thought Kalyx was just big gay. Source?
Replies: >>6016
I swear I remember reading kalyx describe himself as a disabled trans black woman once, but this also would've been circa 2015 or 16, and my memory is garbage.
Replies: >>6017
Ah, he was probably just shitposting or something. Seems to have disappeared completely since not long after Appleman took over.
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