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Welcome to zzz/tech/
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2. Keep the topics related to technology and computing.
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2. Try not to ask questions that can be found on any search engines. You will most likely be told to search more and not receive an answer.

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Meta-Thread: >>190
'Useful programs'

4/g/ Wiki
8/tech/ Wiki
https://wiki.cloveros.ga/Main_Page (link dead)
Linux distro wikis (can apply to all distros)

'Tech article sites (need to add more)'
https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ ]
https://spyware.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://spywaredrcdg5krvjnukp3vbdwiqcv3zwbrcg6qh27kiwecm4qyfphid.onion/ ]
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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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>n-non-UNIX u-user
You're absolutely right.
>is this a cartel of incompetence?
W-Worse is Better, Right??? haha

In all seriousness, UNIX and UNIX-like have some real problems though. For example, most utilities (like rm and mv) aren't safe by default. UNIX wizards know how to set an alias, so they could override the default behavior. But a novice doesn't know about shell aliases. It's also stupid that most OSDev hobbyist imitate UNIX and POZZIX.Like, imagine you could choose to design the OS however you want, but you chose to imitate 70s mainframe OS... Haiku and Terry's TempleOS are actually the kind of hobbyist OS that I would like to see.

>https://web.mit.edu/~simsong/www/ugh.pdf :^)
+ >>5093 >>5100 >>5103 >>5173 >>5287
PS: I think POSIX is actually very useful standard
Replies: >>6642
Standards are nice and help make supporting software+hardware easier. That being said, POSIX is probably far from perfect and there should be alternatives.
Replies: >>6643
Every time I think POSIX sucks I remember one of the many random libraries out there I've looked at and remember that POSIX is actually one of the best API designs ever.

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Close the board. The topic of "Technology & Computing" has ended. There's no point in going on anymore.

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<here, read and install a bunch of shit unrelated to your question
Thanks, I guess.
Replies: >>4494
ALSO install Gentoo. There is no way you aren't aware that JavaScript (JS) is the scripting language that is used in webdev, and that the web browser runs the JS code
In case anyone cares, here's the entire book in EPUB format (change the file extension). Would this still be a decent book for anybody who has never programmed at all? I'm wondering how Scheme (or LISP in general) could still be used outside of the book for a newfag.
Replies: >>6640 >>6641
It won't be. Especially with javashit. Pick a C book and do all the exercises.
The style of the code is awful, they literally just translate (if x y z) to x ? y : z and turn cond into absurd ternary operator cascades. It's not like the original gets unhappened by the publication of this travesty, so just read the original instead.
>I'm wondering how Scheme (or LISP in general) could still be used outside of the book for a newfag.
I'm not sure I understand this question correctly, but Racket has a SICP mode. Lisp as a family is a nonsense notion; there is Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, and a whole lot of irrelevant garbage that is "lispy" because it has lots of parentheses. CL is perfectly usable for productive work, and so is Clojure probably.

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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Does "operation not supported" came from dmesg? If not, what does dmesg say when you access the mount after resume?
Replies: >>6630
Operation not supported come from any syscall that tries to access the mount point. In the dmesg all I have is
CIFS: VFS: \\servername\stuff error -5 on ioctl to get interface list
repeated a few times.
Replies: >>6631
I didn't find anything either. You can implement a workaround by auto unmount and mount between suspend/resume.
You can also try looking around dmesg when resuming for anything related to your mounts.
Found your problem, you're using CIFS.
Migrate to NFSv3, it sucks less.
Replies: >>6636
>using ip based authentication
>or set up kerberos which is a fucking abomination unless you have 1000+ users
Yeah, thanks, no.

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Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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linus is a fucktard inept wigger who never did anything useful other than start an open source OS and even that was of questionable merit as there are tons of other OS just as viable
>doesnt know what a security is. literally even admitted that they dont care about security, while taking a free ride on the "most secure OS muh unix" boomer meme
>comes off as based only in comparison to other fucktarded open source wigger cucks whos primary virtue is being polite even to insanely stupid people including themselves (translation: its a community of mentally impared people aka autists)
>buys stupid fucking meme computer because of supposedly better hardware (it isn't)
Replies: >>6632
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>already been four years
i want to go back
He's intelligent when it comes to designing and managing the development of kernels, but he's not that smart outside of it. He on one of the official mailing lists was strongly pushing for Covid-19 vaccines. A shame honestly, but I'd rather have him than some corporate plant or self-centered narcissist like a lot of people in software.
>doesnt know what a security is. literally even admitted that they dont care about security, while taking a free ride on the "most secure OS muh unix" boomer meme
Didn't he say this only because keeping the kernel and its development running smoothly is hard enough on its own? I don't think he completely disregards security, but I don't think he prioritizes it either.
Replies: >>6633
>He's intelligent when it comes to designing
You couldn't be more wrong.

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It's like /agdg/ except without videogames. Well there wasn't any videogames to begin with, but now there may be other software.

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
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I'm writing packages for C programs. I now hate C even more. Jesus, where did it all go so wrong?
[Hide] (92.2KB, 1263x1381)
I wrote and uploaded the page generator I use for my website's microblog.
If other anons like it and use it, I think it would be fun to make a directory or webring of other microblogs.
Replies: >>6566
Good work anon, the tags are a nice touch.
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Boy, I sure love Unix.
language: c
const pid_t pid_t_max = ((uintmax_t)1 << (sizeof(pid_max) * 8 - 1)) - 1;
Replies: >>6585
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And nevermind that I passed the wrong identifier to sizeof, I posted the code as soon as I had to write it.

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Ptychographic X-ray laminography: No trade secret or hardware trojan can hide

Every cell transmitter, phone and computer must be inspected. Silicon Trojans must perish.

Freedom for all is encroached when a few cyber terrorists can freely CONSPIRE to use microwave weapons and silicon trojans. While you are distracted with THEORY, they spread the PRACTICE: surveillance, theft, sabotage and murder.

Havana Syndrome is the result of hacked cell transmitters being used as a microwave weapon. Civilians are victimized daily, children included.

“Havana Syndrome: Are You Next? Electromagnetic Terrorism and Cognitive Warfare” at "hxxps://areyounext.help".

The future of privacy/security is clothing made of metallized fabric to block microwave imaging (enables theft of inner speech by observing minuscule throat/face muscle movements) and block directed energy attacks.

#BadBIOS #Havana Syndrome #Conspiracy Practice #Freedom #Faraday Cage #Firmware Vulnerability #Electromagnetic Surveillance

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Replies: >>6015 + 2 earlier
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>Assuming what you said is true, your plan to protect yourself is a full plate in a city? 
By wearing a full-plate armor. "Who's the tinfoil now?"

>>5750 (OP) 
Any reading materials on how to deflect frequencies(bands)? I'm thinking on understanding how EM RF reception works to actually be able to realistically block the entire spectrum as much as possible. I'm thinking lead and water + bunker for anything microwave related but then what about surface area where you just need metal mesh? (gardening purposes although UV powered bunker garden sounds nice too)? what about low frequency stuffs which are harder to block?

Opencellid is somewhat outdated though and so is Cellmapper.
hxxps://findcellid.com/ has the best resource but I don't know how to actually view the data although I do know it's indeed updated data (it's only for finding already-known cell ID though so kinda useless)
Replies: >>6090
This was the closest thing I could find to it, worth a look, but it's not much - https://archive.ph/S1Syo
have you read the FOIA docs about glow nigger's Pandora Project? i think Black Vault has them.
Replies: >>6576
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[Hide] (317.4KB, 672x1020)
[Hide] (572.1KB, 1715x1057)
[Hide] (450.7KB, 1614x1055)
Replies: >>6580
Give me the tl;dr

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When you build a new PC or want to try a new distro (or any type of technology, really), what are some common things you do in order to get a feel for how it works?  I feel this topic is meaty enough to be worth its own thread, and I'd prefer for it not to be buried in the QTDDTOTT.

I've just finished building a PC to use as a Linux workstation, so now I can begin the time-honored tradition of distro hopping and bitching about how no single one has everything I want before ultimately settling on [distro you hate].  There is a decent volume of information about different distros out there, but most "reviews" are simply a feature list, a copy-paste from the distro's website, or a video of an installation.  They aren't very helpful for anyone who isn't a complete troglodyte, and I like to think I'm not that stupid.

I have a handful of things I want to do that will help simulate routine tasks, but so far they're all pretty basic:
>compile and run a simple C program
>install a new package with the package manager
>install a new programming language/SDK
>configure a chron job to clean up a folder every day
>ssh into a remote server and make changes to a file on it
>create a local git repo and push changes to a remote one
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Install Arch or Gentoo. Debian or Devuan are also acceptable choices.
Replies: >>6565 >>6567

But what did GNU/Linux mean by this?
language: bash
fortune -o
"All in all, this whole period of winter 1919-20 was a single struggle
 to strengthen confidence in the victorious might of the young movement
 and raise it to that fanaticism of faith which can move mountains."
         [Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf" Vol. 1 Chapter 12]

language: bash
fortune -ao -m goy

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I couldn't find a gangster edition of any of those. Did I not look hard enough?
Replies: >>6568 >>6570
>not running Tomato Garden XP
You can set custom boot logo (Plymouth) on Linux, too.
Three words: Hannah Montana Linux.

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I was looking through the video editing thread on /v/ and figured it would be appropriate to have something similar here now that /tech/ exists. Except I think it would be ideal if the focus was on free software solutions, and also encompassing a broader spectrum of content rather than just videos.

In this thread give tips and ask questions about image editing, video editing, encoding, and anything else you think might be relevant for creating content.

Recommended Software
Video Editors
Recording & Streaming
>OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
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>>5425 alright i think i figured it out myself (google did help a bit) no command lines/terminal needed
managed to get it to 500kb with the edits merge'd this should be more than enough (i only noticed this post after i finished the .xcf lol)

>how did you optimize the size
it was auto shrinked by GIMP when i exported it but however i DID click on the filter -/ animation -/ optimize as gif button the second time (no real difference on the first and second :P)

>shrink to 240p and remove frames
nah this resolution should be good enough it only has 8 frames no need to trim anything

ok i just re-exported it for the third time since i havent posted it yet and it worked (i set the index to 16 and now its at 128kb thanks anon)
heres the final result incase you want to see it (picrel i am not that great using this program) welp time to turn on the Y-fone hopefully i still have load left mwahaha
i created this on the pinktop with WinPE i have to admit the anydesk is pretty gud and the weak celeron processed it quickly without lag (kek this was previously used for photoshop before the screen broke)

>how do you apply this kind of censorship give examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5JVycfW3bc
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>5485
>now its at 128kb thanks anon
Anytime anon.
>the translucent polygons move slow but change shape rapidly
That looks too complex, I'm not sure you can do that in Shotcut... What you can do is a simple blur, a simple pixelate, or the "spot remover" effect:
https://forum.shotcut.org/t/censoring-areas/11434/7 (scroll up to see the other 2 effects).
There's also an old tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Tyjs-BdIg
>yep this is just what i needed
Shotcut has a rich text tool you can use. You'll get a nice rotated black box with text in it, but no rounded corners... Your other option would be to simply create the text box in GIMP and import it into Shotcut where it can be rotated and positioned.
>not sure is CPU only will cause lag since im gonna need crack for vm
I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Shotcut is free, just download it on your computer and you're good to go. Also I think it uses CPU by default when rendering so even toasters can run it.
Replies: >>5488
>>5485 thanks for the help i appreciate it
i was talking about the bandicrack also i might need multiple video editing apps just to get the job done hopefully my storage does not fill up (i only asked this in advance ill come back here after screen recording the video with OBS)
>how the heck do you downsize a big 1mb animated gif file to 180kb?
imagemagick + downsize script
thoughts on this guide? /GAG/ globohomo art general i just found it recently
hmm i want to make my own dystopian anti-furfag comic with this perhaps this should be enough to wake up the cuckchanners its not too late we can still stop agenda 2030
any good GIMP guides? its 2022 and companies are leveling up in en masse i gotta keep up with the season cuz why not

[Hide] (2.5MB, 480x270, 01:04)
Today is Windows XP's 20th birthday. Say something nice about it.
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Replies: >>6517 >>6548 + 1 earlier
any /prog/fags here? what is it like handling programs made by trannies? is it true that gays code software better than the rest of us?
Replies: >>6514 >>6516
I am afraid the only fag here is you. Gays are not necessary better programmers. kys
I don't think gays or trannies make better software than anyone else. They are certainly better at annoying the fuck out of people and making themselves known, though.
Preferably you'd avoid tranny software whenever possible. If they really care about FOSS, then they should tolerate someone that doesn't like them making use of their software, but of course we all know how tolerant trannies are, so I wouldn't bet on them staying neutral in regards to Chuck the Chud  using xer software to run a neo-nazi forum.
>>3444 (OP) 
Everything downhill ever since. I'd buy a windows xp handheld if they made one for retro gaming and such, just non-Internet things. It'd be neat if it had no wifi nor bluetooth. I wonder if an atompi can do it? Too big though. Win7 works they say but then mini-itx would be better for that.. when win7 works.  I still have a dell inspiron b130 and it runs an older project64 pretty good for common n64 titles. Older/weaker consoles even better of course. 
And yet systemd took Linux over and Linux comes with Chromium installed also now days I'm sure. The way you install things is dick with Linux. Javascript, cookies... why even complain? Post 2007 CPU's got backdoors in them to where they can hack from afar as I understand it rather than crack up close. Why move on past 2007 devices? Are you using Debian 5 on a 2005 cpu? 

It's okay I like Lakka and Slacoware version Puppy Linux and dual booting them using Pinn. 

>but slackware HATES Wifi!
>>3444 (OP) 
>Say something nice about it.
Most comfy OS I have ever used. Privacy and security concerns were limited and easy to deal with back in the day. Easy to modify to hell and back. Great useful programs out of the box for people to make their first baby steps with a PC. Great for video games old and new at the time. The definition of the home computer in the early 2000s.

Two years ago I build an offline XP machine from the best eary 2000s hardware I could find to play with some old games that don't run correctly on modern systems. Was fun to fiddle with the old hardware again. But oh man was it slow. Once the games were running it's fine, just like today. But everything else took it's minutes and seconds longer than you expect it.

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