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Welcome to zzz/tech/
0. All global rules apply: https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
1. /tech/ is a primarily SFW board. NSFW is only allowed if spoilered.
2. Keep the topics related to technology and computing.
3. When making a thread, put some effort into the OP. Low quality threads and template threads will be bumplocked. Some low quality threads that have already been bumplocked can be deleted if too much fills up the catalog.
4. For the QTDDTOT thread and the meta-thread, there can be only one unless the reply limit has been reached. If the previous thread is at the reply limit, anyone can recreate those threads. Thread quality rules do not apply to these threads.
5. Low quality shitposting will be met with DELetion or all files in the post being unlinked (frogposting, wojaks, >he doesn't use [insert thing here], Reddit logo spam, etc.). Otherwise, shitposting is allowed but try not to derail threads.

Posting recommendations
1. Try keeping most of your tech support questions, software recommendations, consumer advice, and other questions that don't deserve threads in the QTDDTOT thread. If there is a specific thread for your question, try asking there instead for a faster response.
2. Try not to ask questions that can be found on any search engines. You will most likely be told to search more and not receive an answer.

tmp note: Code formatting is now [code][/code]
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Meta-Thread: >>190
Useful programs

4/g/ Wiki
8/tech/ Wiki
Linux distro wikis (can apply to all distros)

Tech article sites (need to add more)
https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ ]
https://spyware.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://spywaredrcdg5krvjnukp3vbdwiqcv3zwbrcg6qh27kiwecm4qyfphid.onion/ ]
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Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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>windows > linux triggers me
Never did. Just found windows way kind of stupid.
>OpenBSD doesn't do this shit, precisely because it's insane
OpenBSD won't allocate memory when memory usage reaches a certain amount? Can you tell me more?
Replies: >>3331
>OpenBSD won't allocate memory when memory usage reaches a certain amount?
Technically true due to default resource limits, but that was not what I thought I remembered. Of course it supports overcommitting because it has fork. Well, it's not an important point since you weren't doing it for fanboy reasons.
>+NIGGER License
>The +NIGGER License is a license modifier that requires the inclusion of the word "NIGGER" in the LICENSE file.
>By including the word "NIGGER" in a LICENSE file that must be distributed with the software you will ensure:
>>The software will not be used or hosted by western corporations that promote censorship
>>The software will not be used or hosted by compromised individuals that promote censorship
>>Users of the software will be immune to attacks that would result in censorship of others
>Include the following text in any compatible LICENSE file:
>The above copyright notice, this permission notice and the word "NIGGER" shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
I will add jew, chinks, fags and YWNBAW in my version.
Replies: >>3418 >>3420
Funny and practical. Pretty sure that I had an idea like that before. The enemy has given that word so much power can you can immediately defeat them with it.
lole.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (358.6KB, 752x752)
>I will add jew, chinks, fags and YWNBAW in my version.
Don't forget to add +CUNNY as well.

12523673747.png (u)
[Hide] (55.9KB, 573x442)
What do you think is the most complicated piece of software? Like if someone were to attempt making an alternative that has comparable features and performance, what piece of software would be the hardest to match?

You might instinctively say operating systems, but I think they're actually pretty simple relatively speaking. I think the main reason many people don't make them from scratch is that there's a huge barrier of entry, you can't even program it normally and will have to set some assembly and weird data sections, you don't really get experience for that kind of thing anywhere so you have to learn from some half assed guides how to do it. And if you got it going, the most complicated part would be hardware drivers, but in my opinion those don't count as part of the OS, rather they're a bridge between the OS and the hardware. It would also be hard to define what drivers count as being part of the OS and what don't.

Next is web browsers, but similarly, I think they're not as complicated as they may at first seem. Instead of being somehow advanced, there's just a lot of shit in them, I'm sure a lot of people could make a web browser if given enough time in a time chamber. I suppose that counts as being complicated though.

My candidates for the most complex pieces of software are Photoshop and Unreal Engine. My reasoning is that if you wanted to make an alternative that has the same features, almost nobody could do it no matter how much time you gave them. A lot o
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Replies: >>3412
The problem with the web isn't so much the standards it runs on, the problem is that browsers at some point started compensating for common mistakes people made. This then morphed into people not considering those things mistakes anymore and making even more egregious mistakes. 
This, much like some features of modern compilers, made the actual display of websites unpredictable because the browsers have effectively ceased following the standards as written. 
A standard is holy and should never be implemented in anything but a literal way by any program. Otherwise it ceases to be a standard. If a standard needs a change, change the standard, not the implementation.

That being said, it's unrealistic not to count "displaying the web as-is" as a task and instead expect the entire world to switch to some new thing. The internet is too large for that, this isn't the 90s anymore. Otherwise, you may well count replacing the entire street network to be able to support hydrogen-fueled heavy tanks as the main vehicle an altogether easy job.
Replies: >>3411
>much like some features of modern compilers
What are you thinking of here? I can think of multiple compilers that take the standard as "holy" and use it to justify all kinds of wack shit (especially in the C world) but not many that accept horribly wrong crap in some misguided attempt to "do what I mean". I guess you can find this in a few languages though.

It's also worth noting that many browsers don't follow the standard precisely because the standards are such rancid shit. It's the combination of bad standards and ignored standards that makes the web awful.
Replies: >>3414
>>3266 (OP) 
IBM Maximo
> I can think of multiple compilers that take the standard as "holy" and use it to justify all kinds of wack shit
And they're completely right.
I'm sorry but if you can't even follow your language's standard your code has severe bugs in it and it's not the compiler that is to blame.

If you want to look for something that compilers actually get wrong then have a look at clang/gcc adding security bugs to programs every time you clear sensitive data with memset, and how both refuse to fix this and we need functions like explicit_bzero.
Replies: >>3419
Well which one is it, are they completely right or do they get memset wrong? The exact same logic underlies both. Which category would (x + 12 < x) as a signed overflow check on a machine with wraparound fall into? When GCC started "optimizing" that one out, the responsible maintainer replied "the standard allows this so it's your problem, fix your code" to everyone who complained, like a broken record.

fit_vs_g.webm (u)
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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Replies: >>3407 + 2 earlier
Replies: >>3405
what else
>>2 (OP) 
I need advice for a not-shit chair.

I use mine constantly, and the shit I get from either costco or staples break within one to three years. I'd rather pay more for something that will last than something that will get fucked down the line.
Replies: >>3408
gen.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6KB, 320x240)
Find used office chairs on local online market, look for ones with most adjustability and look up reviews for it. 
And never buy a chair you haven't sat on.
88dc5716caf4fd5b17949d56f88284031493e04cca0793af3600b1dc84c1726f.gif (u)
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>turn on puter
>devuan only detects 8 of my 16GB of RAM
>no major system change, no hardware change
>BIOS sees 4 4GB DIMMs in all slots, but only detects 8GB
>do a BIOS update, no change
>mess around with their positions
>sometimes when there's two sticks it only detects one
>in one case there were three sticks installed but it only detected one stick, like one of them was some sort of anti-RAM
>after switching them around for 20 minutes eventually it finally sees all four sticks and full 16GB
>but now it won't boot off my NVMe
>figure it has something to do with the BIOS update since it added support for wangblows 11 gay TPM shit
>downgrade to a pre-win11 BIOS
>still nothing, it sees the NVMe but no filesystem on it
>go to EFI shell, it sees it just fine
>point shell to GRUB EFI and boot it
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It's like /agdg/ except without videogames. Well there wasn't any videogames to begin with, but now there may be other software.

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
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neither of the articles are written by me
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Great work, anon!
Added a settings file so timers and groups and such can be configured. There's still a few things I'd like to add like the ability to sort the list by time, but I'm anxious to get to working on other stuff.

Here it is:
Can't you just use -Os or -Oz and compress the executable?
Replies: >>3415
Ignore, he's a Windows pajeet doing static linking.

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meido_yells_at_cloud.png (u)
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1591971803916-1.jpg (u)
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What happened to the creator of mpv exactly? Why did he get kicked out from his own project? What lead up to the mpv creator getting kicked out?

I posted this thread on Lainchan earlier, but I didn't get to see any replies and then when I went to check back on it, it got deleted most likely because it was offtopic despite it relating to FOSS. There is no ban message.
Please do not del this thread, janny.
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>>1115 (OP) 
This cuckold is back.
Presuming mpv is or will be shitware now, what's the alternative? Write my own wrapper to ytdl videos to /tmp and start a more minimal player?
Replies: >>3354 >>3370
You are a few years late to the show when Linus cucked for his daughter and Stallman was cancelled. There isn't much of an alternative except examine the commit logs and throw out bullshit from it.
>what's the alternative? 
Mplayer, I guess...
wm4.png (u)
[Hide] (229.9KB, 665x546)
>>1115 (OP) 
Reminder that this faggot single-handedly relicensed parts of mpv's code to LGPL from GPL. Cucklicenser got what he deserved.

4-638e68b17be50c1baaeb8210c346a0bc-Breadbox_Ensemble_Lite_4.0_-_Splash.png (u)
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Have you've ever tried to test pit an prototype or other lesser known OS.
And download one that sounds great. 
I don't know use a WM or something.
Tell in this thread what was your experience with it and what do you think of it and the pluses and minuses
You van also use other sites for more OS.
>list doesn't even have Mezzano
How do i get my fix of parens?
Replies: >>2694
wb.png (u)
[Hide] (3.5KB, 640x480)
I already used MSDOS, PCDOS, and DRDOS on 386, 486, and Pentium computers  long ago.  I guess DRDOS has better memory management tools built-in, but you could easily just pirate QEMM (which I did, and in fact I also pirated all those versions of DOS except DRDOS which was already free).  I pirated Turbo Pascal and some  other tools like Qmodem and QEdit (after I got tired of Borland's built-in editor).  Those were great tools, much nicer than all modern shits.  Also there was Desqview for multitasking, but it didn't work for running all programs.  But it was good enough that I could have Qmodem in one window dialed-into my ISP with ircii running from my Unix shell account (usually inside a GNU Screen session) and then QEdit to edit code in another local DOS window.  Who even needs Linux when you can just warez all that good DOS shit?  But then Win95 started taking over and all the DOS times ended, no more good software anymore, forever. ;_;
CP/M was what Bill Gates ripped-off to make DOS, and I used that one too even earlier on some 8-bit computers with Z80 CPU.  It's not bad for its time, but you just can't expect much from it.  Frankly I think a decent ROM BASIC shell is better.  Then at least you don't waste precious memory on BASIC, and also the computer boots instantly and you can edit code immediately (unless you only got a tape drive for storage because those are slow as molasses for loading and saving your programs).
I notice they haven't got AmigaOS in that list.  
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Replies: >>2694
Dude i don't know.
Thanks for your history anon!
Why do you hate using mouse?
Replies: >>3406
Anyone tried SerenityOS?
Mice are aids unless you're playing vidya or video/image editing. There are 4 modifiers and maybe 50 keys minimum on an average keyboard. Shortcut space is effectively free even when you take into account the de facto standard of shift for capital letters, super for WMs, and ctrl+meta for important OS things like switching ttys

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How do I join?

- a link to your website
- a 240x60 banner of your website

then add the others also in the webring

I'll start:
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what is HTML and CSS ?  why you can learn HTML at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/index.htm and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML ? why there are tutorials on using CSS to style HTML pages at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS ? why do you need to get a text editor, like Notepad++ ? what is https://neocities.org ?
Replies: >>1693
why are you putting me down
I wanted to make a site to join the webring and now I dont even want to try
Replies: >>1696
Open W3Schools and start an HTML/CSS course you lazy fucking nigger, it's a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling especially when you've never written code on a computer before. You could be making a gorgeous website RIGHT NOW but instead you're shitposting on /tech/, go do the thing and come back to us with questions faggot.
webring_likho.png (u)
[Hide] (34.9KB, 240x60)
Website for my writing hobby.

Might have done the banner quick. Hope it looks good.

Rando.mp4 (u)
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Author of the Randonautica app confirmed on a Livestream that both his app and TikTok are using data they steal from user’s minds with hardware backdoors.

His naivety is thinking the military isn’t using this for terrorism.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn77LzVhous [38:50 – 42:59]
Replies: >>3358
>>3356 (OP) 
Imagine believing closed-source apps don't steal their data
"I;m a self-aware person"
and I use TikTok
e737e5d372198d8469e4c3cefec2f64d3f3a197858ef8bde6214f898a54e2986.png (u)
[Hide] (12.6KB, 333x420)
Maybe it's reading your mind because it originally planted the thoughts in the first place.
TikTok is for overly emotive retards with sixty second thought patterns.
>i know for a fact that this marketing firm is using some sort of quantum machine interactions
>doesnt understand machine learning or sociology so thinks technology is magic

yep. you're all idiots

1318616074376.jpg (u)
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BLR_2015-01-16_00-19-23-45.jpg (u)
[Hide] (4.1MB, 3840x2160)
BLR_2015-01-16_19-12-50-11.jpg (u)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 3840x2160)
BLR_2015-01-16_19-20-59-73.jpg (u)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 3840x2160)
After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
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aek-16.png (u)
[Hide] (261B, 400x100)
aek-32.png (u)
[Hide] (545B, 400x200)
*Downscale image (I like results with 250 height)
*then make pic  1 and 2 palette in gimp
*change color mode to indexed with positioned dithering and chose a desired palette
*Upscale it to your desktop resolution.

You can probably easily automate it with imagemagic but I'm too lazy for that.
>If I remember the story correctly, some anon de ,jpg'ed google doodle and it became 'official' art of zzzchan.
Yeah that is the whole story, though I'm not too confident about whether it was actually a jewgle doodle or just some random art. It's been well over a year and my memory is hazy. Worth noting it wasn't de-jpg'd through any kind of automated wizardry, but rather completely redone from scratch, pixel by pixel, hence why it isn't a perfect 1:1 rendition of the original.
specops1.jpg (u)
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spec-ops-loading.jpg (u)
[Hide] (255.2KB, 1920x1080)
stupid_sexy_sahara.jpg (u)
[Hide] (312.2KB, 2249x1499)
summer_daydream_by_the7punisher_ddalmts.png (u)
[Hide] (376.8KB, 3840x2160)
SzsQnsM.jpg (u)
[Hide] (756.9KB, 4840x1080)
Take care of yourself, anon.
Replies: >>3288
0ec731c1152c4466a09a7931074c3e4354f8be49dec4b04b07cf0cbdd7f74fae.gif (u)
[Hide] (371.6KB, 1191x670)
0f466e058e05dec94f07f466eb75a569ae8129b1011f70e4c164aaa88c3eb91b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (907.4KB, 1920x1080)
4d2a29ad65c4d16679b10101ee0d259b9bd7d6318a7ea5c3a5fb676a1b0d59de.png (u)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1920x1080)
7690ebd06cae2aa0d7d1177b21a13ef5a76c44c03bef99df9f411c03a9a86df2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (888.8KB, 2318x1240)
2914655077.jpg (u)
[Hide] (363.5KB, 1920x1200)
And don't forget to bully the tranny
wallhaven-28gq1g_1920x1080.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)

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