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Welcome to zzz/tech/
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1. /tech/ is a primarily SFW board. NSFW is only allowed if spoilered.
2. Keep the topics related to technology and computing.
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Posting recommendations
1. Try keeping most of your tech support questions, software recommendations, consumer advice, and other questions that don't deserve threads in the QTDDTOT thread. If there is a specific thread for your question, try asking there instead for a faster response.
2. Try not to ask questions that can be found on any search engines. You will most likely be told to search more and not receive an answer.

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Meta-Thread: >>190
'Useful programs'

4/g/ Wiki
8/tech/ Wiki
https://wiki.cloveros.ga/Main_Page (link dead)
Linux distro wikis (can apply to all distros)

'Tech article sites (need to add more)'
https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ ]
https://spyware.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://spywaredrcdg5krvjnukp3vbdwiqcv3zwbrcg6qh27kiwecm4qyfphid.onion/ ]
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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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though that shape looks pretty good actually. would be great if it was rounded in the same angle as the circle
>Guess I'm out of luck with custom firmware or any of that since it's a small brand.
Rockbox appears to have development versions for some older MPIO devices but not the HD 400, maybe it could be ported though?
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You are fitting a rectangle, it's simple trigonometry. Here you go.
$fa = 1;
$fs = 0.4;
top_cylinder = 97.5;
buttom_cylinder = 87;
chink_thicc = 5;

module chinks(length){
			cylinder(h=20.01,d=5, center=true);
			cylinder(h=20.01,d=5, center=true);
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Replies: >>12985 >>12986
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thanks a lot for the effort, it's not really what I was thinking of unfortunately. I wanted the chinks to automatically adjust the size according to the position on the circle. sorry for not being very concise.

Anyways I decided on a different design:
$fa = 1;
$fs = 0.4;
top_cylinder = 97.5;
buttom_cylinder = 87;

module chinks(outer,inner){
        cylinder(h=20, r=outer,center=true); 
        cylinder(h=20.1, r=inner,center=true); // negatives Objekt

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Replies: >>12986
*openscad, not kicad duh
The usb/charging port has this weird proprietary connector. Maybe I'll find a cable for the player somewhere. Porting rockbox to it would surely make for an interesting project.

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Anon, why aren't you using SimpleX on your LineageOS phone yet?
- just werks
- no phone number needed
- profile is on the phone and not on servers
- chat, voice calls, video calls, file transfer
- has servers, so you send stuff to people who are not online
- you can host your own servers if you want to
- has an a
- FOSS and on F-Droid
- has desktop application
I already moved my relatives to it.

SimpleX and Session are the only messengers that don't tie all your data to a phone number and my prepaid card is video verified with me and my government issued ID card and charged up using my bank account.

I had some doubts regarding Session:
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>were primarily to prevent spam, and the closed source part of the server is also just to prevent spam.
btw spamming users on SimpleX is impossible. If you care so much about spam, you should switch to SimpleX.
If you think you can get any kind of privacy on android then you're deluding yourself. It is perfectly possible to sign up without the app. You need signal desktop, a QR code to text converter, signal-cli and a phone which is capable of receiving text messages. After that you can just use signal desktop through Tor.
Replies: >>12976
I'm using LineageOS 21 and except for possible cellular chip attacks by literal glowniggers it's pretty secure.
Good enough for my threat model.
Further you're argument is "nothing is secure anyway, so why use a secure messenger" which is pretty retarded if you ask me.
Replies: >>12982
>you're argument is "nothing is secure anyway
No my argument is that phones are not secure. It has a camera pointing at your face and a camera pointing at whatever is infront of you a microphone and gps and multiple radios with closed source firmware you have no control over. And the OS was made by a corporation who makes all their money from collecting personal data and selling it to advertisers.
Replies: >>12983
Nigger, if I wanted to send messages from desktop to desktop there is plenty of desktop software like Ricochat, Torchat, i2pchat, so why use Signal? Fuck off Signal advertiser.

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Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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That's really cool, reminds me of how there were ports of some Linux distributions back in the day.
Replies: >>12899
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Not sure when this happened, since I gave up after PullPush's seemingly endless heel dragging, but it looks like they finally got their shit together at some point, and there's at least one functioning public Unddit instance again:
So we can once more see what the predditors are hiding
I just tested it and USB devices aren't working. The developer says on his Twitter you need an USB 2.0 hub for some reason, I don't have one.
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Since some anons brought this up on smug, might as well post it here. Jewvidya earning call in a few hours, it'd be interesting to see the results.
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 Discuss alternative OSes that are not Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. 
Also post your criticism of UNIX, Windows and Fag OSX design ITT.
If you want to discuss GNU/Linux distros, there is already a thread for it: >>>/tech/530
The package manager thread can be also useful: >>>/tech/4739

Some hastily written notes...
* everyone thinks UNIX (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4ROCJYbm0) is still the state-of-art. Ignorants praise Windows, not knowing it's originally a dumbed down clone of VMS that has some patches ported from OS/2 (https://www.itprotoday.com/compute-engines/windows-nt-and-vms-rest-story). Some say that Windows is also still mainly a single-user system that emulates a multi-user system. I think we are living Higurashi tier time loop when it comes to operating systems...
 (and CPUs: X86 is relic from the times of Vaxen. ARM, PowerPC/Power ISA, MIPS, RISC-V are more modern and better. Even modern X86 CPUs converts CISC to RISC in the microcode!)
* Plan9 (9front? Also, see plan9port and 9base), BeOS (Haiku) and TempleOS were the last innovative operating systems that I know of. Even the OSDev people imitate UNIX.
* It's awful that a misbehaving device driver can take down the whole system. Microkernels (e.g. MINIX, GNU Hurd, seL4) or muh """hybrid kernels""" (e.g. DragonFly BSD, Haiku, ReactOS I don't know if modern Windows has a hybrid kernel.) should be the norm. MINIX is incidentally perhaps the most used OS because ((( Intel ME ))) uses it as a basis for the CIAware that runs on our fucken CPUs!
* Nearly all criticism of UNIX is historic stuff: The UNIX-HATERS Handbook (https://web.mit.edu/~simsong/www/ugh.pdf a joke), Multicians (https://www.multicians.org/) and LispM (http://fare.tunes.org/LispM.html) users...
* Worse is better or do the right thing? https://www.dreamsongs.com/RiseOfWorseIsBetter.html & https://www.dreamsongs.com/WorseIsBetter.html
* Some modern UNIX-related innovations: 9p, DTrace, Solaris Zones & FreeBSD Jails, Nix & Guix...

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You are going to get familiar with Blender, not the OS. I'd pick the OS with the latest version of Blender.
Replies: >>12227
no way WeoK is not from the Major League Baseball
Ahh, I see. Well, if you're going to make any serious investment in using Blender after this gig or whatever, you owe to yourself to use v3.6 (or even 4.0). Blender has really moved into the big leagues of DCC post-v2.8, and the experience is dramatically better today.

I'm pretty sure he's saying his H/W won't support it.
So I found a bug in NetBSD and I'd like to fix it myself, but I'm having trouble with their lack of documentation. I did some more research and asked around and... it seems NetBSD doesn't have any documentation explaining how to compile only a part of the system.
It has documentation explaining how to build the kernel, the entire userland, how to update it from source instead of binaries, and things of the sort, but nowhere does it say how to compile only dkctl or any other command.

Apparently, you're expected to compile the entire thing. Now I have to do this shit on a Pentium 4 because that's where I run NetBSD. Of course, I can cross compile it on a different machine, but that just complicates things further. This comes after I found out the wiki can only be modified by NetBSD developers earlier which prevented me from fixing some typos, grammar, and incorrect information I found.

NetBSD can be quite asinine. This development process wastes a lot of developer time and I'm sure it shies away potential contributors like it's doing here. 

There's more nonsense like this in other places of the system too: for instance, NetBSD doesn't have anything like OpenBSD's syspatch, FreeBSD's freebsd-update, or the Linux approach where there's no base system and whatever you'd call a "base" gets updated by the package manager. This means that NetBSD binary releases accumulate unpatched security vulnerabilities that they expect you to fix by compiling the system yourself. This i
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Replies: >>12963
>This means that NetBSD binary releases accumulate unpatched security vulnerabilities that they expect you to fix by compiling the system yourself. This is made worse by the fact that NetBSD seldom has binary releases, the current 9.3 came out over a year ago, and the website lists plenty of security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the source code, but that haven't made their way to any binary release.
I've been looking into NetBSD and was curious about this as well, I think how it works is that you have three branches: RELEASE, CURRENT and STABLE. RELEASE is a frozen point in time that doesn't get changes (which is presently 9.3), CURRENT is the latest development version and STABLE is where improvements and fixes are made to the current RELEASE branch (which will potentially become 9.4 in the future). My understanding is that if you update from the 9 STABLE branch you will get all the bug and security fixes for 9.3 in binary form.

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This whole post is probably going to read like a giant advertisement for Yandex.  So, I apologize in advance for sounding so shill.

I was comparing search engines not by how botnet they are like people on /tech/ usually do, but by how "Basically Google with a VPN" the search results were, and I noticed how on...let's say "politically divisive" topics...Yandex gave me COMPLETELY different results.  I also noticed how likely I was to get ONLY major corpos as the results.  Like Google/Bing/Brave/DDG/etc. would all repeat the same Mockingbird media corpo links and tend to keep the narrative pretty tight, but Yandex would give me none of that.  I just wanted to share some of these:

Google results for "school shooting SSRIs":
"The Misperception of Antidepressants and Mass Shootings"
Almost every result is a major corpo
USA Today
Business Insider
LA Times
The Hill
No counter opinion

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Is that not just dead internet theory? Endless bots serving to create narratives out of thin air? How do we even counteract something like that other than giving up on the internet entirely?
This sounds like it's more adaptive and also targets problematic users for shadowbanning. So like instead of having a bunch of fact-checkers running a counter-narrative and at the same time pumping them up in search engines, they just straight up eliminate the opposing side altogether before they can communicate and replace them with kosher bots (so that the social media doesn't become eerily silent).
>How do we even counteract something like that
One thing is proof of work. Make it easy to post at a human pace but sending 1000 posts per second becomes computationally expensive. Another thing is reputation systems. Everyone has a public-private key and software to filter out posts signed by known bot keys or only show posts signed by keys you trust or trusted by keys you trust. With zero knowledge proofs you can also do this in a way that nobody can enumerate all your posts and attribute them to your key.
> How do we even counteract something like that other than giving up on the internet entirely?
Not sure, maybe isolated intranets that vet users or something. I think Tor/i2p/freenet may become the only kind of option soon.
>giving up on the internet entirely
>implying there is anything on the internet worth not giving up on
Think about why does a person uses the internet. Roughly speaking it is to exchange information. Information including news, political views, memes, private messages, etc. Where do they come from? Who compose the majority of the other end of any information exchange?
Assume that bots and AIs are not already flooding the Internet, that is to say most other users are humans. Most humans are normalfags. Since the Internet getting popular, most places gone to shit because of normalfags. One reason normalfags turn everything to shit because they are inherently more socialized, which means they are more affected by social norms and peer pressure. Even without AI, the ((( media ))) has been pumping normalfags full of degeneration, niggerloving and other literal faggot crap. The so-called culture war.
But there was never any war, it is just replacement of any resemblance of anything nice into jewish bullshit. The game was rigged from the start. It is similar to white replacement, free-thinkers and based individuals are being drown out by the sheer number of normalfags, with more and more newfags (migrants) invading from all parts of the Internet. The September that never ended.
As for the stragglers, we are ge
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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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>The laptop where I did that was a core2 duo. Now I have a 4th gen i7. But the framework does this with a Zen4 CPU.
Replies: >>12938
[Hide] (4.5KB, 670x85)
framework order page: https://frame.work/products/laptop16-diy-amd-7040/configuration/new
It has primary and secondary storage, both NVME M.2 SSDs (but different sizes).
The asus one, I'm writing my post from that. It has 2 SSDs (and a DVD drive), see the lsblk output. Or you want to tell me the laptop that's physically in front of me doesn't exist? I no longer have the core2 one, but it replaced the ODD with an SSD in it using a cheap adapter from ebay. (And no, it didn't have a hole on the side as the other anon imagined, you could put the cover from the ODD on the adapter.)
Replies: >>12941
[Hide] (25.1KB, 399x571)
>framework is actually frame.work an obscure computer vendor
Can you see how this is not obvious to anybody reading your post.

>Or you want to tell me the laptop that's physically in front of me doesn't exist?
You accuse other people of making strawmen and you do this.

>obscure computer vendor
Fine. About 50 unnecessarily antagonistic posts later you finally answered the question without leaving information out or getting upset.

Since you like leave with backhanded insults like the link about women you dropped before (totally not a feminine trait by the way), I'll leave you with this. It's a reminder that not everybody automatically knows what you know. And failing to realize this doesn't make you superior to them it just makes you clinically autistic.
Replies: >>12942
>Can you see how this is not obvious to anybody reading your post.
Do I have to spoonfeed you on how to use a search engine?
>obscure computer vendor
At this point you're just picking at irrelevant details at one specific example I gave you. I don't think asus is an obscure vendor, And you can probably get a used laptop something similar to what I have for a few thousand bucks.
But this is all irrelevant. The question was how to do RAID on a laptop, not how to do RAID on a laptop from less than $100 or how to RAID on Office Depot's current week bestseller laptop with zero technical skills.
>finally answered the question without leaving information out or getting upset
Good for you. If you would have specified what is the question, you'd probably got a reply  faster, but whatever floats your boat.
>It's a reminder that not everybody automatically knows what you know.
You should apply that to yourself. I still don't know what you wanted to ask, only what you managed to ask, but at this point I kinda don't care anymore.
try sum suprglue

[Hide] (145.2KB, 600x800)
Ptychographic X-ray laminography: No trade secret or hardware trojan can hide

Every cell transmitter, phone and computer must be inspected. Silicon Trojans must perish.

Freedom for all is encroached when a few cyber terrorists can freely CONSPIRE to use microwave weapons and silicon trojans. While you are distracted with THEORY, they spread the PRACTICE: surveillance, theft, sabotage and murder.

Havana Syndrome is the result of hacked cell transmitters being used as a microwave weapon. Civilians are victimized daily, children included.

“Havana Syndrome: Are You Next? Electromagnetic Terrorism and Cognitive Warfare” at "hxxps://areyounext.help".

The future of privacy/security is clothing made of metallized fabric to block microwave imaging (enables theft of inner speech by observing minuscule throat/face muscle movements) and block directed energy attacks.

#BadBIOS #Havana Syndrome #Conspiracy Practice #Freedom #Faraday Cage #Firmware Vulnerability #Electromagnetic Surveillance

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>>5750 (OP) 
boy would i like to see that camera get BLACKED
Re: video surveillance


Or make Bookmarks, and export KMZ file


>take apart 50 microwaves
>make a shield out of the material
>boom, no more microwave weapon threat
>The human body could theoretically have gotten used to the bombardment of such signals over time.
I like how you jump to the conclusion that the human body must have "got used to it or something" rather than admitting it was obviously never dangerous to begin with.
>>5750 (OP) 
=:) try running faster.

happy valentines.

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Repost of the Julay /tech/ sticky with some minor edits: https://archive.vn/znAXT
Beginner Info
If you would like to try out GNU/Linux because of https://itvision.altervista.org/why-windows-10-sucks.html, you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine (preferably using KVM or Oracle VirtualBox for newfriends).
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything (keep in mind that the performance of live distros might be very different than from distro that was booted from your HDD, as most distros are loaded in RAM and don't include the proprietary drivers for NVIDIA GPUs or up-to-date Mesa libraries in their isos).
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows (make sure to install Windows first, as it can "replace" GRUB or other UNIX bootloaders, and troubleshooting of Windows replacing your bootloader of choice might be painful for people that just started learning about the Linux kernel)
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux (you really shouldn't do this, if you don't know what you're putting yourself into, see: https://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html).

Use your web browser and search engine of choice. Good comparison between them is hosted here:
If not sure which browser to choose, just use the Tor Browser Bundle:
or paste these commands to your terminal emulator of choice (please make sure to first learn what they're exactly doing):
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> 3. Arch Linux

they do like systemDicks
Replies: >>12854 >>12872
>All modern software...
Not to sound like a boomer but I remember seeing this comic at least 15 years ago.

>they do like systemDicks
They were the fucking first in line to suck redhat cock. Even fedora hesitated for a few released before switching systemd.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1080x1032)
This guy has levelled up since I last saw him.

I suppose Linux was significantly worse 15-20 years ago and Win/Mac hadn't completely turned into dumpster fires yet. Updates did actually add features back then.
Not if he's (hopefully) keeping his router up to date
Replies: >>12885
>routers are magic shields so i don't have to update my os
Why do people post on /tech/ boards when they don't know anything about tech.

[Hide] (1.6MB, 320x240)
Are you employed in a technical capacity? What job is it? How did you get it? What does your daily wokload look like? Are you looking for a different line of work?
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>workshop for neet
It's called McDonald's.
Replies: >>12777
A fate worse than death, goddamn.
If I were given a choice between working at McDonalds for my 3 hots and a cot or going to prison, I will be drunk driving a stolen Camaro full of drugs into the nearest police station before sundown.
Auto test guy here, work update. It’s been a month since I was kicked from the project, and I haven’t gone to work once. They put me in reserve team, but the manager here don’t really care. I’ve been neeting and playing games and learn making games. Life is unstable.
Replies: >>12870
>They put me in reserve team, but the manager here don’t really care.
It sounds like they are getting the paperwork ready to fire you or they are gearing up for a mass layoff in the near future.
Replies: >>12876
>fire him
His is already unpaid.

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