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Welcome to zzz/tech/
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2. Keep the topics related to technology and computing.
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2. Try not to ask questions that can be found on any search engines. You will most likely be told to search more and not receive an answer.

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Meta-Thread: >>190
'Useful programs'

4/g/ Wiki
8/tech/ Wiki
https://wiki.cloveros.ga/Main_Page (link dead)
Linux distro wikis (can apply to all distros)

'Tech article sites (need to add more)'
https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ ]
https://spyware.neocities.org/ [ onion: http://spywaredrcdg5krvjnukp3vbdwiqcv3zwbrcg6qh27kiwecm4qyfphid.onion/ ]
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It's like /agdg/ except without videogames. Well there wasn't any videogames to begin with, but now there may be other software.

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
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That's an ancient techique that was already banned at cuckchan a decade ago.
Replies: >>5689
Make sucks for everything, including the smallest of projects.
That anon is already picking between breaking one platform or using pkg-config because of Make brain damage. His code has a "TODO use strlcpy" comment, he can't feature test for the presence of strlcpy with Make, just figuring out the right concotion of #ifdefs to write for that is more effort than learning Meson and will produce worse results.

The sheer amount of suck in any build system other than Meson is not funny. I've spent way too long fixing Autotools and CMake garbage. I'm fixing an Autotools project right now. Do yourself and the world a favor by not using that stuff.
Replies: >>5689 >>5690
The gitea instance where I uploaded octaPNG is having connection issues, so I'm (permanently?) moving to another instance: https://git.creepercreep.fr/gillian885/octaPNG

Great examples, thank you.

Those are some very impressive features, especially the way recompilation and dependencies are handled. I'll consider Meson in future projects and maybe this project as well if it grew more complex later on... But for now I think it would be overkill to use Meson for such a small project, especially considering it has a dependency on Python which I would rather not require.
>it's a build time dependency that makes a platform work without breaking others.
Alright, I've added pkg-config as an optional dependency that is used by default.
>I don't see anything wrong with it, but I don't see anything right with it.
If it ain't broke I won't fix it. parg works nicely for octaPNG and is already being maintained by someone else.
>It should be settable through the make command
Good idea. I've removed all the recursive makefiles and implemented only one makefile that accepts pretty much every option you can think of in a configure-like fashion, so it may be used right away in a predictable fashion. I've also made it strictly POSIX-compliant so it now plays nice with bmake, pdpmake, and even nmake for Windows 95. If you have time do check out the implemented options or read the examples of their usage:
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I looked around since I don't have time to test out 3-4 build systems right now. Here is what I found about Meson, it is easy to see why it is good from what you and >>5671 said, so I look for the bads instead.
>cross-compiling support is(was?) weaker than cmake, especially when building dependencies that uses cmake
>little flexibility, rigid project layout expectation, you need to format your project just like what meson expects
I also found the good stuff such as better syntax and speed.
Never used it, I can't say how rigid meson is to project structure. But being confined by a build tool sounds like little gain for a lot of restriction. How do you deal with this or are you completely on board with meson's project layout (it is not a problem for you)?
Replies: >>5691
Meson doesn't specify a project layout beyond requiring a dedicated build directory which can have any name.
Cross compiling under Meson is badly documented and buggy. I've also run into a limitation: it won't let you depend on a library on the host and the build machines simultaneously.

Another thing about Meson is that it's not as portable as Autotools or CMake. You can't port your program to 9front or UnixWare 7 with it, and it doesn't support tcc, cparser, or other such obscure systems and compilers. Meson's integration requires adding code to Meson itself to support all of those systems and compilers, whereas Autotools and CMake leave that up to you, so if you put the effort into it, you can probably port your programs to LynxOS and pcc and the like. Well, if you put effort into it, you can add that support to Meson.

I'm this guy btw >>5153. I'm trying to port my stuff to every single system and compiler Meson supports, right now I'm unable to port to any more only because I don't have access to them. I can't get an AIX or HP-UX machine and I can't get nvidia's C compiler. I also need a more modern computer to virtualize GNU/Hurd.

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Thread dedicated to Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
(but are worth asking)

Before asking a question here, please search the web first or put in effort towards answering your own question. If you put in effort but you still can't find the solution, feel free to ask here.

If you are looking around for useful applications/programs, see >>531
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Define your threat model. Are you writing something about ((( them )))? Will that catch glowniggers' attention? Or are you afraid of being cancelled?
If jews and feds are a threat, you need to pay anonymously and connect to your vps anonymously (Tor). If your VPS is shit, you may need that for the slightest of risk. Otherwise, you should be fine if you don't store anything about yourself on your blog. Do full disk encryption if necessary, that will save your ass if they decide to raid drives from racks. If you care about your users, keep zero logs, not even kernel messages. A step further is hosting your site over Tor (and proxy it to clearnet). Keep your blog one way if possible, don't accept user content, it only takes one pixel of cp and a mention of a manifesto to bring you down. Setup alternative communication means for reader feedback, share public keys. Backup your shit and be ready to spin up fail overs. Encrypt (with plausible deniability) your backup and your computer where you typed your blogs, lest they search your drives.
If in doubt, assume the worst.
Make sure to configure fail2ban:https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Fail2ban (but don't lock yourself out!)

Some guides:
>https://github.com/pyllyukko/harden.sh (i would just look at what it does and apply it manually)
Buy AMD instead of Nvidia because it has open source driver, they said. Open tt-rss in mememoon, and...
possible language: ruby, relevance: 59
Thread 1 "X" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
nir_cf_node_next (node=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/glsl/list.h:197
197        return n->next == NULL;
(gdb) bt
#0  nir_cf_node_next (node=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/glsl/list.h:197
#1  nir_block_cf_tree_next (block=0x56496a1ef7c0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:1941
#2  0x00007efec8ea14d5 in cursor_next_instr (cursor=..., cursor=...) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2230
#3  nir_function_impl_lower_instructions (impl=0x56496a1888a0, filter=0x7efec8eb3b80 <inst_is_vector_alu>, lower=0x7efec8eb3de0 <lower_alu_instr_scalar>, cb_data=0x7ffcd330c6f0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2274
#4  0x00007efec8ea1af7 in nir_shader_lower_instructions (shader=shader@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, filter=filter@entry=0x7efec8eb3b80 <inst_is_vector_alu>, lower=lower@entry=0x7efec8eb3de0 <lower_alu_instr_scalar>, 
    cb_data=cb_data@entry=0x7ffcd330c6f0) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir.c:2361
#5  0x00007efec8eb4f73 in nir_lower_alu_to_scalar (shader=shader@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, cb=cb@entry=0x7efec9175ab0 <si_alu_to_scalar_filter>, _data=_data@entry=0x5649691a1240)
    at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/compiler/nir/nir_lower_alu_to_scalar.c:364
#6  0x00007efec9175bd8 in si_nir_opts (sscreen=0x5649691a1240, nir=nir@entry=0x56496a20b1f0, first=first@entry=true) at ../mesa-22.1.0-rc5/src/gallium/drivers/radeonsi/si_shader_nir.c:56
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Replies: >>5685
>Buy AMD instead of Nvidia because it has open source driver, they said.
Trust me, Nvidia has more problems, and with Nvidia you or no one else literally can't fix some things.
Replies: >>5686
Dunno, the last time I tried to report a bug in osmesa, I went to their page and you have to accept coc this and diversity that, and instead I just fixed the bug and watched how it took them a year to notice and fix the bug on their own.

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Gulag for interesting offtopic discussions.
Try to keep it /tech/ related.
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windows tier
Stop namefagging
I did do that ctrl+alt+del a lot since sometimes even tty2->power button won't work every other update or the shutdowns just take forever BUT even that sometimes refuse to work since it somehow unloaded my keyboard first before trying to unmount my drives and at one update (arch) systemd even forgot to fucking unmount my drives which I saw in the logs.
Btw the biggest problem was arch defaulting to use systemd coredump.
It would sometimes cause the HDD to be on 100% load when KDE-X11 compositor casually crashes dumping whole 4GB of multiple files on my slow drive and small root partition, it even disgustingly tried to dump shit when my drive was at 0MB left, also crashing the system again, causing it to dump over and over, this is worse than fucking Windows 10 boot loops which I've not experienced but I'm pretty sure it's more workable than having to go through your systemd binary logs just to figure out the root of the problem, well the solution was simple >>1 never had problems ever since I stopped using that shit.
What's worse is at the time there was no way to disable them completely at first, undocumented shit back then an
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Replies: >>5640
Some laptops have the sys rq key mapped to super. Try this in a framebuffer tty: alt+sysrq(maybe fn+prtscrn or fn+super), release sysrq while holding alt, press h.
You should see a help message if it works.
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Anyone have a working torrent for Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp (https://vndb.org/v7754)?  Here is something completely different: https://llvm.moe/  Also, when the SICP VN will be done/released?

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Post about /tech/nological cancer that you've dealt with in the past.
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Replies: >>5642 + 3 earlier
Scroll down to the "continue" buttons, free accounts are only for contributing to existing projects, anything more and you need to pay or contribute to the sr.ht source.
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user like >>5503
hardened linux
terminal emulators
C (and java, because it's based on it)
LICENSE in open source projects
Replies: >>5637
>using cancer
What is not cancer? Nearly everything is based on C. Posting here takes thousands lines of C.
What is the alternative?
Replies: >>5638
Don't reply to bait, dumbass.
>>5492 (OP) 
Computers, those are cancer. I had to deal with computers. Still have to do that today and still hate it. There is no good software, it is all terrible, and I have used all of it so I know that from experience.

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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
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Solution for the ads spammer.
I need ideas for a name for permission isolation later on.
Replies: >>5630
Hey, BO! You should perhaps set up a /tech/ bunker at fatchan?
Replies: >>5630
>Link related https://fatchan.org/tech/thread/2.html#24
Replies: >>5630
I will consider it. Any reason fatchan specifically and why do we need a bunker?
I relief my maid of board watching duties, as boards configs are working now.She should tend to me and me alone.
Replies: >>5635
> Any reason fatchan specifically
It has the same software and it doesn't have many other boards.

>and why do we need a bunker?
I thought just in case.

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I've been thinking about writing a blog. Nothing fancy. No private lives. No pictures. No product-shilling. Just writing words.

I tried Blogger and Wordpress and I had a bad experience with them, considering that the ToS became more restrictive over the years.
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Replies: >>5622 + 2 earlier
this. there is also https://txti.es/ but NeoCities are probably better for you usecase.
Replies: >>5610
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Trash, just use Neocities.
org-mode can export to HTML and there are cheapo webhosts that cost less than 5$/mo.
If you what you are writing is not controversial, github static page with a fake account.
>https://herman-the-merman.itch.io/pandabutts i dont trust anything made by creatorfags)
>merckgroup.com hackathon (the same evil corporation who invented the covid rainbow pills)
SUS! SUS! he looks like a furry judging by the writing style and the pixel art might wanna steer clear of this one

>>5598 (OP) 
>but anon what will i use for selfhosting? (THIS im gonna make my own blog next to the goyimTV channel so i can put my schizo rants there)
maybe dokuwiki? or custom made wiki/blogger software with custom simple theme or just plain HTML? (EWW wordpress and mediawiki supports the LGBT agenda AVOID)
>can you just selfhost this a VM like you do with the gaymes? how is this any different
unfortunately that's not gonna work for online based server software you see the VMs dont magically remove lgbtware backdoor inside and i want the site to be publicly open so users can make their own pages (like disroot but for cyberspace pirates)
also i swear if one day i were to update my system and the rainbows pop up on wangblows or edge im gonna do a quick format before this STD spreads to my uefi no questions asked 
two more weeks left (((  pri DEMON th  ))) is approaching (the vaxsexuals are gonna trample our streets and invite our kids in flipland)

TLDR if any website encourages free speech (in many such cases leftist) RUN for your life its always a false sense of (((  privacy  ))) 9/10 times
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Repost of the Julay /tech/ sticky with some minor edits: https://archive.vn/znAXT
Beginner Info
If you would like to try out GNU/Linux because of https://itvision.altervista.org/why-windows-10-sucks.html, you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine (preferably using KVM or Oracle VirtualBox for newfriends).
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything (keep in mind that the performance of live distros might be very different than from distro that was booted from your HDD, as most distros are loaded in RAM and don't include the proprietary drivers for NVIDIA GPUs or up-to-date Mesa libraries in their isos).
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows (make sure to install Windows first, as it can "replace" GRUB or other UNIX bootloaders, and troubleshooting of Windows replacing your bootloader of choice might be painful for people that just started learning about the Linux kernel)
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux (you really shouldn't do this, if you don't know what you're putting yourself into, see: https://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html).

Use your web browser and search engine of choice. Good comparison between them is hosted here:
If not sure which browser to choose, just use the Tor Browser Bundle:
or paste these commands to your terminal emulator of choice (please make sure to first learn what they're exactly doing):
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Replies: >>5612 + 5 earlier
What is the purpose of pipewire? Alsa just works. If you want bloat, Jack and Pulse have everything anyways. If you want even more, get snd_aloop and do whatever you want with ffmpeg output to actual hardware.
Replies: >>5594
>What is the purpose of pipewire?
To be better Pulseaudio.
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>>530 (OP) 
Is there something similar to this for nvidia (proprietary drivers)?

I have tried adding/changing "... video=DVI-D-0:[email protected]" on my grub kernel line but when my PC boots it completely ignores the setting and just uses 60Hz on my monitor instead.
On intel/igpu/motherboard display port the above kernel command line works but when I used another GPU it just sucks:
>ctrl alt F1 makes screen go black (due to 60-75Hz clock changes)
>grub/boot screen is 60Hz until it loads my desktop which is 75Hz causing the monitor to blink off like 5x
It doesn't blink if I used intel igpu, and I could swap to tty1 to tty7 and the clock is set to 75hz all the way (from grub menu). I don't like my tty at 60Hz since it is slow, causes gpu/display to stutter/change clocks which can degrade its life span too.

I just got memed.
Next time I'll only either buy AMD with APU or Intel with IGPU, no mix or match so the screen wouldn't have to blink 5x and blink more when I switch tty. I also recommend you anons do that too.
Replies: >>5615
I've tried all possible grub command line or early kms settings and then finally just setting it all to 60Hz and yet it's still fucked.
Switching to [email protected] from [email protected] would still blink the monitor off due to the graphics(and even audio, or programs) being suspended when switching to tty.
I think nvidia driver is running at userspace or something and halts during the switch (which is kinda terrible unlike with integrated graphics) or maybe it's due to the graphics memory not sharing (dedicated) so it would halt when switching between those.

Well that's it for me, there's no solution. The only solution is either I get iGPU or downgrade and I'm thinking only intel (or more modern AMD) is/are capable of natively getting the tty at higher than 60hz clock rate.
Replies: >>5616
I searched around, couldn't find anything. Should have got a GPU with open source driver. I know >>5573 but it's too late.

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Discuss methods to remove >systemd.
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Is systemd becoming even more monolithic?

Gentoo news: sys-apps/systemd-utils update needed
Title: sys-apps/systemd-utils update needed
Author: Mike Gilbert <[email protected]>
Posted: 2022-04-17
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 2.0
Display-If-Installed: =sys-apps/systemd-utils-250.4

The currently installed version of sys-apps/systemd-utils may cause
kernel modules to fail to load on boot.

Please upgrade to >=sys-apps/systemd-utils-250.4-r1 as soon as possible,
and certainly before rebooting your system.
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>5562
>extract """Duplicate""" code from daemons and move it to Systemd or the Kernel
>get rid of /etc
>Systemd is """modular""" t.poettering
<but you can't just take 1 binary/subprogram and use it without using the whole Systemd

+use Dbus for everything.
Soon there'll be systemd-X (sorry, systemd-wayland) and systemd-kernel packages and Poettering's pet dragon will have successfully swallowed the entire @world.
Replies: >>5563
It isn't even the final form, wait til you get systemd-wine, systemd-windows and finally systemd-os, rebranding any software to systemd.
runit's irc on liberachat #runit

[Hide] (827.5KB, 900x2002)
Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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Release of Technical Report into the AMD Security Processor
[Hide] (44.7KB, 1557x555)
NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules
>The first release of the open GPU kernel modules is R515. Along with the source code, fully-built and packaged versions of the drivers are provided.
>In this open-source release, support for GeForce and Workstation GPUs is alpha quality. GeForce and Workstation users can use this driver on Turing and NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs to run Linux desktops and use features such as multiple displays, G-SYNC, and NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in Vulkan and NVIDIA OptiX.
>The R515 release contains precompiled versions of both the closed-source driver and the open-source kernel modules. These versions are mutually exclusive, and the user can make the choice at install time. The default option ensures that silent installs will pick the optimal path for NVIDIA Volta and older GPUs versus Turing+ GPUs. Users can build kernel modules from the source code and install them with the relevant user-mode drivers.
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>5574 >>5575
[Hide] (573.4KB, 720x960)
Don't forget about us owners of the Pascal architecture. GTX 1060 is the most popular GPU of Steam users.
[Hide] (44.4KB, 1200x1200)
Sorry for retarded question but can devs use this source code to improve Nouveau for pre-Turing cards?
Replies: >>5576
Perhaps. The problem with reverse engineering drive rs is leaked source taint developers. But now they open source part of the driver, if the license allows and is compatible with nouveau, the devs can repurpose the source and integrate them.

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