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Post about /tech/nological cancer that you've dealt with in the past.
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user like >>5493
coc in open source projects
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Remember when Google wasn't an evil megacorp? Those were the days.

Windows. It's impact on performance is such a cancer they abandoned implementing their Linux-compatible interface. Now they only support running Linux in a VM.
Replies: >>5507
Linux. It gets bigger and slower with every update, and 90% of its software is half cooked including Wine which turns 30 y/o next year... If the bar for OSs wasn't so low Linux would have gone extinct ages ago.
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>>5492 (OP) 
Fuck how I miss YT's old layout. 
That shit was kino.
Linux sucks for all the same reasons Windows sucks.
Big, slow, complicated, broken, terrible interface(s).

And it gets praise for the same reason Windows gets praise: its users have never tried anything else, so they think their experience is normal and things have to be that way.

This is the end result of all that "let's bring all the Windows users to Linux" bullshit: they made Linux into the new Windows. These are the same people who think importing niggers to Europe will make them behave like white people.
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>>5492 (OP) 
x86 and IntelME/AMD PSP
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Just downloaded Opera for 3 seconds to see if it played Flash games but I think the actual website no longer loads the flash resources. And just look at it. It looks like a desktop. People literally have an operating system in their operating system. Everything in that second OS opens up over the network. Plan9 truly was ahead of its time.
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>>5492 (OP) 
Want to know how bad OSX is?

>Trying to "tech support" for family member
>I haven't used macshit in years
>Apple has changed up their fucking file manager to such asinine levels that just trying to do shit that would be fucking basic-tier in linux is a huge pain in this ass.

The 'funny' thing is? As a kid, I was a huge macfag from OS9, to OSX 1.3. Once lion came out, I ended up hopping to windows 7, and eventually to linux.

Fuck apple, they ruined my childhood memories and became the very monster they claimed they weren't.
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Spoiler File
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>snowden happens
>one millisecond later, all a sudden, every email service unanimously decides you cannot make an account without SMS verification
next level cancer:
>need some not even half working, proprietary android app to show that you are vaccinated in order to travel
Replies: >>5529
>Linux sucks for all the same reasons Windows sucks.
>Big, slow, complicated, broken, terrible interface(s).
Agree on all but the last one. Windows never suffered from terrible interfaces pre-8/8.1, and even after 8/8.1 the interfaces were still not as bad as a literal niggerbox TUI despite being dogshit.
>its users have never tried anything else, so they think their experience is normal and things have to be that way.
This 100% applies to the average die-hard Linux user. In my personal experience though (Windows->Linux) I've discovered new features in Linux that I just can't live without now... The Windows and Linux userbases need to cross-pollinate as much as possible for their own benefit.
>they made Linux into the new Windows
Lmao not even close. Software (and hardware) never just work, programs are entirely TUI-based or have retarded GUIs, no real alternatives to professional tools...etc.
The only "Windows" feature Linux inherited is the bloat and abysmal processing speed.

Opera is Chromium-based so no Flash, however it has a few nice QoL features like scrolling screenshots and Copy/Search popups when you highlight text.

>Apple has changed up their fucking file manager to such asinine levels that just trying to do shit that would be fucking basic-tier in linux is a huge pain in this ass.
Just ls your way around it anon :^)
>Fuck apple, they ruined my childhood memories and became the very monster they claimed they weren't.
This happened to Microsoft as well, at least the old ISOs still exist and can be emulated. Plus the future of comfy OSs is un?fortunately in the POSIX world anyway.

SMS verification came to be years after Snowden anon, it was megacorpos' way of fighting trolls and anonymity... and it worked.
Replies: >>5536
>TUI is bad
Yeah do you assume all screens are touchscreens as well? Fucking winigger. Terminal is efficient for many applications. Just because you have adhd and shit reading skills doesn't mean it is bad.
Guis suck, window systems and display suck even more. Graphics is the single most cancer thing ever happened in the world of computing. They attract normalfags who only understand the world as a series of sprites, icons and more recently emojis (they even need pictures in text to say anything). Text is efficient and universal. Graphic engine of any kind takes much more computation and they are generally unnecessary. Things that can be done in a keystroke now takes a click and movement after having to shift your hands to the mouse or touchscreen. A simple stdin/stdout byte stream becomes impossible mess to program on one's own (framebuffer maybe).
Replies: >>5540
>muh text
no, its not universal, as clearly demonstrated by ASCII/EBCDIC^Wcodepages^Wucs^Wutf-16^Wutf-8 and then the constant updates to unicode
Replies: >>5538
Oh no, there are different code page therefore it is not universal. Typical winigger faggot, universal as in able to represent any data, not universal to be accepted by any system.
>>5536 ((( You )))
>you don't like TUI? I bet you like touchscreens and emojis and [strawman]!!!
>things that can be done by typing paragraphs into a black box now take a couple clicks reeeeee
>read the 453 page manual goy!!!
Try compositing images and videos from the command line monkey brain, or watch a movie in 80x25 text mode like the schizo you are. Run two programs at the same time and see how well fbdev handles it you one-track minded faggot... You'll always be a shitbrained NEET LARPing as a leet hacker, operating a glorified typewriter and accomplishing absolutely nothing. Kill yourself doublenigger.
Replies: >>5544
honest question /g/ but do you think about namefags? are they cancerous? the original 4chan had lots of namefags if i believe right
is autism tolerated here? or do i need to blend in better? sorry if this sounds stupid
>can't read manuals written in English, the write man language
>don't learn the commandline, gui is so much simpler goy
>don't learn to type either, use only two fingers to type goy
>you can never use your computer unless I make buttons for you goy
Which part of many applications do you not understand?
>not using graphics is bad for graphic things
Nice cherrypicking.
>run two program at the same time
I run tmux in framebuffer terminal on machines that don't even have xorg installed. ssh to multiple machine and run at least 3 programs at the same time.
>shitbrained neet
lmao, I don't know if I accomplish anything but they are paying me to do it.
Go back to your faggot phone and ask what is a computer guinigger. White men use the commandline.
Replies: >>5545 >>5549
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>>can't read manuals written in English, the write man language
>Go back to your faggot phone and ask what is a computer guinigger. White men use the commandline.

Nice autocorrect
Replies: >>5546
Well fuck I guess you won. I feel silly now.
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>>5544 (wasted dubs)
>there is no need for graphics nope not at all they're cancer and unnecessary, you can do literally anything in text mode!
>did I say graphics are unnecessary? oops I meant they're unnecessary for text-based applications! they're actually necessary for graphic applications duh
>of course I multi-task, I run only one graphical program in fbdev and a whopping THREE text-based programs in the background!
>I'm getting paid for it so everyone should follow me
>I am a white WRITE MAN!
<autocorrects out the ass
The jokes write themselves.
Replies: >>5550
>can't fucking read
<you can do anything in text mode
Never said that. And yes, you can edit video with mlt, suckless has a funny tool called blind http://tools.suckless.org/blind/ , and image with imagemagick.
>run two programs at the same time
>all programs are graphical
You should have stayed with your gameboy and Xbox. Most wincucks have the misconception that "programs" are what they see due to the education of their system. Fucking pathetic niggers doesn't even know what is a computer. 
A gaymer NEET like you probably don't know posting from company devices fucks you up. Maybe you should try getting a job.
Replies: >>5565
why would i be posting during work hours. i dont use phones or computers when i go outside
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This is what pops up when you attempt to search the issue tracker on GitLab while you're not signed in.
Replies: >>5584
I thought GitHub would do that first. Where else do you host your code for free without this bullshit?
Replies: >>5596 >>5607
Your own gitea instance, obviously.
I don't know if these are any better:
Replies: >>5611
Needs a paid account to create repos (or becoming a contributor to the sr.ht source itself)

GitGud is probably your best option. No opinion on bitbucket.
Replies: >>5629
>Needs a paid account to create repos
So when did that happen? The "pricing" page still says it's optional.
>sr.ht is currently in alpha, and the quality of the service may reflect that
>As such, payment is currently optional
Don't know what that means in a SanFran soyfag's head who moved to Europe because he's afraid of Trump or something.
Replies: >>5632
Scroll down to the "continue" buttons, free accounts are only for contributing to existing projects, anything more and you need to pay or contribute to the sr.ht source.
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user like >>5503
hardened linux
terminal emulators
C (and java, because it's based on it)
LICENSE in open source projects
Replies: >>5637
>using cancer
What is not cancer? Nearly everything is based on C. Posting here takes thousands lines of C.
What is the alternative?
Replies: >>5638
Don't reply to bait, dumbass.
>>5492 (OP) 
Computers, those are cancer. I had to deal with computers. Still have to do that today and still hate it. There is no good software, it is all terrible, and I have used all of it so I know that from experience.
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