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Have you've ever tried to test pit an prototype or other lesser known OS.
And download one that sounds great. 
I don't know use a WM or something.
Tell in this thread what was your experience with it and what do you think of it and the pluses and minuses
You van also use other sites for more OS.
>list doesn't even have Mezzano
How do i get my fix of parens?
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I already used MSDOS, PCDOS, and DRDOS on 386, 486, and Pentium computers  long ago.  I guess DRDOS has better memory management tools built-in, but you could easily just pirate QEMM (which I did, and in fact I also pirated all those versions of DOS except DRDOS which was already free).  I pirated Turbo Pascal and some  other tools like Qmodem and QEdit (after I got tired of Borland's built-in editor).  Those were great tools, much nicer than all modern shits.  Also there was Desqview for multitasking, but it didn't work for running all programs.  But it was good enough that I could have Qmodem in one window dialed-into my ISP with ircii running from my Unix shell account (usually inside a GNU Screen session) and then QEdit to edit code in another local DOS window.  Who even needs Linux when you can just warez all that good DOS shit?  But then Win95 started taking over and all the DOS times ended, no more good software anymore, forever. ;_;
CP/M was what Bill Gates ripped-off to make DOS, and I used that one too even earlier on some 8-bit computers with Z80 CPU.  It's not bad for its time, but you just can't expect much from it.  Frankly I think a decent ROM BASIC shell is better.  Then at least you don't waste precious memory on BASIC, and also the computer boots instantly and you can edit code immediately (unless you only got a tape drive for storage because those are slow as molasses for loading and saving your programs).
I notice they haven't got AmigaOS in that list.  It was pretty good for its time too.  You can even use the OS without Workbench and do stuff in a maximized shell window.  Pic is the bottom of my S:Startup-Sequence file in E-UAE (you can see I commented out the LoadWB and replaced it with a plain shell).  Back when I had a real Amiga I didn't mind the GUI, but today I hate using mice!  And anyway I pretty much only use this emulator to run some games that can be played with keyboard and/or joystick.

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