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What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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>Section 230
Unlikely to be completely removed, but it might be revised as dup's last act or during Biden's term. These hypothetical revisions and what they might change and affect is what should really be discussed. When a businessman tells you something extreme like this, it's always a way to make meeting somewhere in the middle seem like a good option. However, in this case, both options are shit.

If the revisions are serious and make running any interactive service away from tech giants' infrastructure, migrating to alternative protocols like Tor and I2P would be a way out. But as of this moment, no imageboard software compatible with running over a network where a poster's identity is not tied to an IP address exists. There have been some truly autistic solutions proposed, such as Freenet's web of trust. But in my opinion those don't mitigate excessive shitposting but rather clusters people into social bubbles and circlejerks.
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>>412 (OP) 
Lots of sites got deplatformed by jewflare and hosts already even with section 230 intact. This may scratch FAGMART just a bit, for their formidable army of lawyers. It will take more than that for the government to end the power of them. By then, the government will do the censoring.
Freenet is compromised. Not advisable for anything dangerous.
Replies: >>419
>Freenet is compromised
While that is true, I only mentioned its web of trust system that can be implemented outside of it.
>Lots of sites got deplatformed
That's not what section 230 protects you against. A platform is not responsible for the content its users post, barring illegal things with the Good Samaritan provision. So, as things are right now, if someone spams CP on your board, you are not liable for hosting CP provided your remove the offending material in a timely manner (see the provision). With it gone, you are now a lot more liable. By which I mean you will have to shovel a lot more shekels into the pockets of lawyers to get you out of it without an easy law such as section 230. So when you say
>This may scratch FAGMART just a bit
think about how hard that will scratch anyone that isn't.
>By then, the government will do the censoring
It's a very bold assumption on your part that FAGMART don't already operate together with government entities.
Replies: >>421
>That's not what section 230 protects you against.
Yes. It is already bad enough now. See 8ch, somebody uploaded a Word manifesto and site is nuked. What difference does it make without section 230 anyways? If I doddle up a 0-day word docs, this site is kill in a too.
>FAGMART don't already operate together with government
Of course they are one. But even they have infighting among themselves, for they are not one person. United they exploit the goyims, but not so much on power and profits. This is why there is still room for goyims to make use of this power struggle again (((them))).
Replies: >>422
in a *day too
Does nobody here remember what happened to Backpage? That entire site being taken down and its operators arrested for the content users posted proves that section 230 never meant much.

Later they changed the law with FOSTA-SESTA which goes to show that they'll do whatever they want and change the law afterwards. Anyone who complains about about ex post facto laws must be a pedophile. That the owners of Backpage won awards from law enforcement for helping to fight sex trafficking and commendations from sex worker groups for helping make their job safer prior to being targeted doesn't matter.

Right now they're trying same thing against pornhub and they'll probably succeed.
Replies: >>475
The CentOS Project Just Committed Suicide
>In shocking news the CentOS project announced today that are shifting their Linux distribution to be based on the beta (non-stable) branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, rather than the stable branch. And that they are terminating CentOS 8 updates at the 31st of December, 2021.
Replies: >>474
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Since CentOS killed itself, I'll post this.
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>Right now they're trying same thing against pornhub and they'll probably succeed.
And as of yesterday unverified accounts aren't allowed to post any content to their site. It may take awhile but eventually unverified accounts won't be able to access any content on that site.

Pornhub is typically in the list of 10-15 most popular websites on the internet. This is big news.
Replies: >>476 >>537
Is there a way to make an alternative internet? I recall some sort of messaging service that used some sort of radio and required about $50 of equipment, it was open source but I forget what it was called. Though I believe it relied on bouncing signals around and unless there was at least one every X kilometers it wouldn't work. At the time I didn't pay it any mind but now I think it's worth researching.
Replies: >>480 >>481 >>902
What makes the current internet good is how ubiquitous it is. You can even make obfuscation protocols and additional routing networks on top of it thanks to that. You are talking about radiowave-based meshnets, which are mostly an enthusiast thing. This means you won't even get what little anonymity we have at the moment, not to mention other things such as triangulation of sender based on said air waves and how in a lot of countries an absolute majority of radio bandwidth is regulated very strictly, to the point of encryption being illegal.
Encryption is illegal in some countries for HAM.
Launching a diy satellite may be cheaper if a large number of users fund it together. With enough of those, a completely free internet is possible. Before (((them))) shut it down.
Replies: >>487
Is it illegal in burgerland?
Replies: >>537
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And a few more days later they've now removed access to most of their videos, saw this on /g/. Both Visa and Mastercard have stopped doing business with them.

Was wrong about the rankings as they shot up to 7th position in the last few months. I can see the exact same thing happening to Reddit in a few years.

It's illegal for a good reason. Corporations would hog all the bandwidth that's made available to the public for their own private use if it wasn't.
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Since the Linux gaming thread on /v/ is bump locked figured I'd just post news here.

Linux 5.11 Supports The OUYA Game Console, Other New ARM Hardware Support
>Support is finally mainlined for the NVIDIA Tegra powered OUYA Game Console. As reported a few months ago, the OUYA game console has been seeing mainline support work and with Linux 5.11 can now handle the mainline kernel tree. But your mileage will still be limited as the hardware is rather low-end by today's standards and making use of Tegra graphics.
Replies: >>1607
PeerTube v3 released with P2P livestream support.
Replies: >>766
Is it easy enough to stream from android? Can people film their suicide in peace now?
>It's illegal for a good reason. Corporations would hog all the bandwidth that's made available to the public for their own private use if it wasn't.
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Windows 10 bug corrupts your hard drive on seeing this file's icon
>An unpatched zero-day in Microsoft Windows 10 allows attackers to corrupt an NTFS-formatted hard drive with a one-line command.
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Gentoo Linux to discontinue LibreSSL support
>Starting 2021-02-01, Gentoo will discontinue supporting dev-libs/libressl as an alternative to dev-libs/openssl.  While it will still be possible for expert users to use LibreSSL on their systems, we are only going to provide support for OpenSSL-based systems.  Most importantly, we are no longer going to maintain downstream patches for LibreSSL support -- it will rely on either package upstreams merging such patches themselves, or LibreSSL upstream finally working towards better OpenSSL compatibility.
eselect news read new
Replies: >>901 >>902
Wow that's gay.
> However, since then OpenSSL development gained speed and the original reasons for the fork no longer apply.
As if.
Replies: >>902
Get a HAM license and packet radio without encryption

This sucks. 
Do you know if the libressl overlay (layman --add libressl) just werks? If not, I am probably going back to OpenSSL (and disable tls-heartbeat, zlib and sslv3 USEflags and compile with -fstack-protector-all and -fstack-clash-protection)
it's either ham or amateur radio. HAM isn't an acronym, and therefore doesn't exist.
Where can I get decent hardware news and speculation videos now that the faggot at adoredtv gave up? I tried looking around for a similar channel, but all of the ones that I encountered were homoerotic.
Replies: >>1015 >>1025 >>1295
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>all of the ones that I encountered were homoerotic
That's the future lad. You can either become part of it, or get left behind.
Replies: >>1016 >>1025
I don't want to hold hands! I just want /tech/!
Read a book, faggot. Video sucks.
Replies: >>1270
You're retarded that's for sure.
Replies: >>1282 >>1484
>t. can't read
Replies: >>1295
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You're the one strawmanning in this case. You've said that a bundle of papers is better than a bunch of frames connected as a single linear group which is refutably illogical for one what is the book and the video? >>1014 Said that the videos he wanted is about /tech/ related but you only cited about books as in books in general thus making your point to be off-topic at all. Anyways here's an Off-topic picture just to add space on the servers.
Replies: >>1313
>no u
>what is strawman
>t. can't read
Replies: >>1314
Yeah you're the nigger in this situation since from the start no need to continue this bullshit.
Replies: >>1315
<where can I get good pajeets
>pajeet sucks, don't
<shieeet can't read
<don't continue, bump
Learn to read nigger. Video sucks. Not only are you feeding into the jewtube algorithms, you directly beaming in (((recommended))) brain cancer. Low info density lead to dependencies on cdn and hdd jews. Compression and encoding lead to (((modern))) processor and hwaccel demand. Fucking motherfucker, you can't even play shit smoothly on a Core 2 duo. New formats don't have hwdec on otherwise perfectly working old machines. 6 million (non-free) formats requires specialized software and maybe hardware to playback. There is no indices to skim on. 99.9% is filler shit to be skipped. In fact nearly all those video crap can be understood in articles shorter than your erect pencil. You can't easily adjust the information absorption rate, like the cuck you are, let the video brainfuck your non-existent will into yet another npc.
You are a nigger. You are the blackest fucking gorilla nigger.
Replies: >>1452
>Buzzwords the Post
Also what hardware are you using? Must be a sweet potato not an Irish one.
Replies: >>1454
Normalfags are not allowed in this board. Get out.
>Richard M. Stallman, frequently known as RMS, has been a dangerous force in the free software community for a long time. He has shown himself to be misogynist, ableist, and transphobic, among other serious accusations of impropriety. These sorts of beliefs have no place in the free software, digital rights, and tech communities. With his recent reinstatement to the Board of Directors of the Free Software Foundation, we call for the entire Board of the FSF to step down and for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions.
Replies: >>1560
they can all burn for all i care. Stallman is a cancer but not for the reasons they listed. FSF hasn't won any significant ground in a decade, as we've seen with all the big corps curbstomping everyone into submission. Nobody even knows what a Linux is, just cattle with candy crush and a gorillion toolbars.
Replies: >>1563
Supreme Court rules Google's use of Oracle's Java API was "fair use"
While it was a case of both companies being shit, I certainly wouldn't want to see APIs suddenly become copyright hell to the point where you can't use any of them without exorbitant license fees.
Replies: >>1562 >>1565
I agree but it's ironic considering Youtube has effectively killed all forms of media "fair use" on their platform.
>FSF hasn't won any significant groun in a decade
This. But how much can it be attributed to Stallman? He is old. Not denying that accepting trannies and fags in FSF is a terrible move, but the opponents aren't slacking off the slightest at their attempt to subvert and undermine free software. Especially when this whole SJW rainbow fag shit smells a lot like wooden oven jailbreakers.
They only said it's fair use and pussied out of putting the ban hammer on copyrighted APIs in general. To be continued the next time some jewish retard wants to sue I guess.
>>Support is finally mainlined for the NVIDIA Tegra powered OUYA Game Console
This is like painting a house with no floors; what's the fucking point?
>>412 (OP) 
I'd like to see an updated version of that image.

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