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Are you employed in a technical capacity? What job is it? How did you get it? What does your daily wokload look like? Are you looking for a different line of work?
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>>5873 (OP) 
May be mining, but I'll bite. Working my ass off on my two jobs. Programming. Daily work looks like another wagie locking in a cagie. Sitting on my ass enjoying the shit efficiency of working while not being able to work on my own projects.
Working in general sucks. I just want to do what I wanted.
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I'm interested in a jerb. I have no idea how to get one though.
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Just listen to /tech/ and learn HolyC and Lisp, avoid all the cancerous bloated languages like C++ and Python... Trust me anon it's the only way to be a good programmer and get a job. :^)
Why do you want to work? If you really want to, what are your skills?
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>Why do you want to work?
I don't actually want to work, I just want money so I can move out of my parents' house and get myself more and better computers. Work is the only way for someone of humble origins.

>If you really want to, what are your skills?
If I look at my recent github commits, I've cleaned up some shit portability code to the point almost all of it is gone (1000+LoC removed) and no platform was lost, fixed 2 buffer overreads in the same program, fixed the poor English in some documentation, updated a distro's package, ported a program to Musl, fixed the broken install step in a program's build system that was breaking the install step in a distro's package, written tests, and some more.

Right this moment, I'm cleaning up a library that went unmaintained for 20 years but is still widely used. The fork I'm working on was started by someone else a few months ago and it's already packaged in a few systems, that's how desperate they were to have someone maintain that library. I've accumulated so many fixes on it that I've almost rewritten the entire thing. 

I know POSIX shell, C, the POSIX C library, Autotools, POSIX Make, Meson, git, several CI systems, I've written programs for Windows, MacOS, Haiku, and basically all the free unix systems. I don't think there isn't a part of a program I haven't contributed to or written from scratch for my own programs: man pages, automated releases, build system definitions, tests, CI, linting, porting, the C source itself, libraries, packages, that Markdown README.md, you name it.
Given the broad range of programs I've worked on, I imagine most anons in this board are using something I've contributed to, however I'm not so sure about a random interviewer because I've mostly contributed to CLI stuff.
There's more I've done and more tools and small languages I know, more than I remember. My contributions aren't as great as I might be making them seem though.
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If you are doing this for money, working is very inefficient. You are better off trading stocks, fooling boomers, flipping ebay. After 8 hours of bullshit, you need a will of steel to do anything you want. Besides, dealing with your parents may be cheaper than rent, depending on your area.
With that said, from your skills, DevOps would be the easiest, unless you want to be a sysadmin or Linux programmer (not a big demand). With your experiences you should be able write an impressive resume. Start sending applications, you will need to send at least 100 in 2-4 weeks. I wrote a Latex template for cover letters, each job is just changing some variables.
You sound based and competent. I'd hire you if I have my own shop.
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NEETing can be an option as well. Identify as race fluid because you have mild autism and schizo on your application. Look for local Linux-related gags for additional income.
Some people managed to live off project donations and code bounty, if you are real good, try it out.
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Embedded systems could an option, too.
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If only I knew what it is that interviewers even want.
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Depends on who is interviewing. If a women is doing that, chad up and be sociable. If a manager is doing that, dive into technical bits of your experience. Apply for junior programming jobs that you can practice your interview on (and decline their offer). Most of the hiring decision, if you don't spill your spaghetti in the interview, was done with your resume. Blow up your numbers and mount an angle that looks best. For example, made one commit that fixed a minor bug on GNU coreutils; can be written as improved and fixed bugs on widely used open-source system components installed on almost all unix and linux (they don't know what the difference is).
Ss cybersec in europe even alive? Can you make a decent living out of it? Won't even mention red team stuff, it's just a meme at this point, at least here.
LMAO imagine working for $100 / month.
I work as a tier 3 tech for pos system multiple national company. Got it by a reach out from linkden.  Nope I’m in the process of looking for a system admin position
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Are there any places in Burgerland with a good amount of tech jobs that aren't liberal shitholes? I've heard that Oklahoma and Texas (minus Austin) have some good opportunities and I want to see if there are any more.
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Get a remote job, work 3 hours a day, get a mouse shaker for the rest.
>Nope I’m in the process of looking for a system admin position
Nice check out devops it's another word for sys admin but you get paid 50% more
Hardware jockey - keeping crusty PCs running as long as possible. I can score 20 minutes seat time by rebooting for someone not good with PCs or "go to storage facility for parts" if I need a half hour of quiet. Great gig, low pay though, probably retire doing this. Money isn't everything, it's a low stress job.
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I basically got duped into taking a help desk job where my primary goal will be "password reset jockey". However, it pays very well and is 100% WFH. They will eventually move me into taking on "real" issues, and their system is a clusterfuck that their documentation is not helping me understand. I understand that this is a "learn as you go" scenario and I will probably get settled into it, but I am quickly realizing that the tech field that I had wanted to enter into for so many years ultimately boils down to helping retards reset their passwords, commit domain federation/record crimes against humanity so the VP can have a different domain on his email, and the inevitable day when the server explodes and the company loses $5 billion because of you. The fun of fucking around with shitboxes from 2003 and installing Linux on a dead badger is gone. There is only Microsoft, Azure, AD, and pain.
I have decided that I want to go into game development on my own. I want to be self-sufficient and make vidya fun again. This job will be a good stopgap for now, and hopefully the good pay can be used to help pay for my dream. I still intend to learn as much as I can about tech, specifically advanced Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, LDAP, etc., things that will actually come in use for running a game company, I'm just disappointed that the fun died this quickly. What's the point in setting up a homelab/showing off my autistic projects when people can't even understand how complicated they were to set up, or the only people who will understand all reside on a Moroccan Clay Sculpting BBS?
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You are right, anon. At my job I had to do what those old niggers think is important, meanwhile nobody seems to care all our process is incredibly manual with no fallback. It is the same shit everywhere, pretty much all tech jobs.
No matter what you do, don't work for someone if that is your dream. Make your own company. They will always find a way suck the soul out of everything you dream of achieving.
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It has been four weeks and they still don't have all my access rights, so people call me and I can't do shit for them because they didn't even tell me how to reset an AD password ("oh no don't use THAT domain and login, use THIS one and make sure you click these buttons in this exact order or otherwise it doesn't work and you have to do it all over again"). Enterprise is a clusterfuck, it's truly amazing how this world functions at all. At least I helped some guy set up an Outlook rule and another with MFA.
>advanced Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, LDAP
lmao I learned all that am am getting back into pro game dev now. It won't help unless you're doing MMO/multiplayer and standing up the infra on your own instead of outsource to EOS/Steam/AWS GameLift type shit. Do game jams on Itch and learn Unreal+Unity if you want to get into gameplay programming. Unreal devs tend to be higher quality because C++ is hard n shiet.
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>>5873 (OP) 
> Are you employed in a technical capacity?
no, right now i am finishing my engineering degree and i don't have time for that, but before i had few different tech related jobs 
> What job is it? How did you get it? 
used to be web developer and computer technician 

technician job was given to me by my fathers friend whose company needed one, web dev job was given to me after i applied for that last year
> What does your daily wokload look like? 
used to be 8 hours of sitting in the office for both of them and doing tasks given to me by supervisor
>Are you looking for a different line of work?
yes, I want to become sysops/sys admin
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Algorithms is overrated in the job market. FAGMAN's hiring process is retarded. Leetcode grinding doesn't make one a good programmer. Most of the time, programming is an architectural problem instead of algorithm. It is about picking good names, applying the right abstraction and writing maintainable code.
>When in doubt, use brute force.
Using advanced algorithms can even make the program slower, because their lower big-O has a much higher constant and most of the time a program is not about sorting a million item list. Advanced algorithms have more lines and increase the chance of bugs and maintenance cost.
I am just not going to grind leetcode.
>want to become syops/sys admin
Why do you want to specifically? You need to luck out on a good office or WFH plus good management to get away with slacking off.
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Samefagging here, forgot to mention that knowing Git and CI/CD is actually really useful because game devs and especially artfags don't know it they all use Perforce. But be prepared to be running git tech support half your day and standing up + maintaining the pipeline
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>Using advanced algorithms can even make the program slower
Any advanced algorithms you actually want to use will be part of the language runtime and/or 3rd party libraries. Any business specific algorithms will be designed/modified by the neckbeard who has been working at the company for 20 years, not the guy fresh out of university.

>game devs and especially artfags don't know it they all use Perforce. But be prepared to be running git tech support half your day and standing up + maintaining the pipeline
Git is optimized for text diff'ing. Perforce is much better for binary files such as game assets.
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>Git is optimized for text diff'ing. 
Doesn't Git save different versions/snapshots of full files instead of diffs?
Replies: >>6984
It does. Git handles binary just like text. It performs compression and in some cases choose to compress blobs: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41482898/git-seems-to-store-the-whole-file-instead-of-diff-how-to-avoid-that
datamining thread do not reaply
i am a moderator on an internet forum
i make sure people look up topics before making a new topic
this year, i increased the forum quality by 0.01% with my daily hours of hard work
i program a CRUD app for niggersoft
today, i spent the last week fixing dependencies in my build system
yesterday, i spent the last week setting up a new thing for CI
as you can see by our github status bars on our open source contributions, with 15K forks each, we are a very professional project
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