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Are you employed in a technical capacity? What job is it? How did you get it? What does your daily wokload look like? Are you looking for a different line of work?
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>>5873 (OP) 
May be mining, but I'll bite. Working my ass off on my two jobs. Programming. Daily work looks like another wagie locking in a cagie. Sitting on my ass enjoying the shit efficiency of working while not being able to work on my own projects.
Working in general sucks. I just want to do what I wanted.
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I'm interested in a jerb. I have no idea how to get one though.
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Just listen to /tech/ and learn HolyC and Lisp, avoid all the cancerous bloated languages like C++ and Python... Trust me anon it's the only way to be a good programmer and get a job. :^)
Why do you want to work? If you really want to, what are your skills?
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>Why do you want to work?
I don't actually want to work, I just want money so I can move out of my parents' house and get myself more and better computers. Work is the only way for someone of humble origins.

>If you really want to, what are your skills?
If I look at my recent github commits, I've cleaned up some shit portability code to the point almost all of it is gone (1000+LoC removed) and no platform was lost, fixed 2 buffer overreads in the same program, fixed the poor English in some documentation, updated a distro's package, ported a program to Musl, fixed the broken install step in a program's build system that was breaking the install step in a distro's package, written tests, and some more.

Right this moment, I'm cleaning up a library that went unmaintained for 20 years but is still widely used. The fork I'm working on was started by someone else a few months ago and it's already packaged in a few systems, that's how desperate they were to have someone maintain that library. I've accumulated so many fixes on it that I've almost rewritten the entire thing. 

I know POSIX shell, C, the POSIX C library, Autotools, POSIX Make, Meson, git, several CI systems, I've written programs for Windows, MacOS, Haiku, and basically all the free unix systems. I don't think there isn't a part of a program I haven't contributed to or written from scratch for my own programs: man pages, automated releases, build system definitions, tests, CI, linting, porting, the C source itself, libraries, packages, that Markdown README.md, you name it.
Given the broad range of programs I've worked on, I imagine most anons in this board are using something I've contributed to, however I'm not so sure about a random interviewer because I've mostly contributed to CLI stuff.
There's more I've done and more tools and small languages I know, more than I remember. My contributions aren't as great as I might be making them seem though.
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If you are doing this for money, working is very inefficient. You are better off trading stocks, fooling boomers, flipping ebay. After 8 hours of bullshit, you need a will of steel to do anything you want. Besides, dealing with your parents may be cheaper than rent, depending on your area.
With that said, from your skills, DevOps would be the easiest, unless you want to be a sysadmin or Linux programmer (not a big demand). With your experiences you should be able write an impressive resume. Start sending applications, you will need to send at least 100 in 2-4 weeks. I wrote a Latex template for cover letters, each job is just changing some variables.
You sound based and competent. I'd hire you if I have my own shop.
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NEETing can be an option as well. Identify as race fluid because you have mild autism and schizo on your application. Look for local Linux-related gags for additional income.
Some people managed to live off project donations and code bounty, if you are real good, try it out.
Replies: >>6003
Embedded systems could an option, too.
Replies: >>5904
If only I knew what it is that interviewers even want.
Replies: >>5910
Depends on who is interviewing. If a women is doing that, chad up and be sociable. If a manager is doing that, dive into technical bits of your experience. Apply for junior programming jobs that you can practice your interview on (and decline their offer). Most of the hiring decision, if you don't spill your spaghetti in the interview, was done with your resume. Blow up your numbers and mount an angle that looks best. For example, made one commit that fixed a minor bug on GNU coreutils; can be written as improved and fixed bugs on widely used open-source system components installed on almost all unix and linux (they don't know what the difference is).
Ss cybersec in europe even alive? Can you make a decent living out of it? Won't even mention red team stuff, it's just a meme at this point, at least here.
LMAO imagine working for $100 / month.
I work as a tier 3 tech for pos system multiple national company. Got it by a reach out from linkden.  Nope I’m in the process of looking for a system admin position
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Are there any places in Burgerland with a good amount of tech jobs that aren't liberal shitholes? I've heard that Oklahoma and Texas (minus Austin) have some good opportunities and I want to see if there are any more.
Replies: >>6290
Get a remote job, work 3 hours a day, get a mouse shaker for the rest.
>Nope I’m in the process of looking for a system admin position
Nice check out devops it's another word for sys admin but you get paid 50% more
Hardware jockey - keeping crusty PCs running as long as possible. I can score 20 minutes seat time by rebooting for someone not good with PCs or "go to storage facility for parts" if I need a half hour of quiet. Great gig, low pay though, probably retire doing this. Money isn't everything, it's a low stress job.
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I basically got duped into taking a help desk job where my primary goal will be "password reset jockey". However, it pays very well and is 100% WFH. They will eventually move me into taking on "real" issues, and their system is a clusterfuck that their documentation is not helping me understand. I understand that this is a "learn as you go" scenario and I will probably get settled into it, but I am quickly realizing that the tech field that I had wanted to enter into for so many years ultimately boils down to helping retards reset their passwords, commit domain federation/record crimes against humanity so the VP can have a different domain on his email, and the inevitable day when the server explodes and the company loses $5 billion because of you. The fun of fucking around with shitboxes from 2003 and installing Linux on a dead badger is gone. There is only Microsoft, Azure, AD, and pain.
I have decided that I want to go into game development on my own. I want to be self-sufficient and make vidya fun again. This job will be a good stopgap for now, and hopefully the good pay can be used to help pay for my dream. I still intend to learn as much as I can about tech, specifically advanced Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, LDAP, etc., things that will actually come in use for running a game company, I'm just disappointed that the fun died this quickly. What's the point in setting up a homelab/showing off my autistic projects when people can't even understand how complicated they were to set up, or the only people who will understand all reside on a Moroccan Clay Sculpting BBS?
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You are right, anon. At my job I had to do what those old niggers think is important, meanwhile nobody seems to care all our process is incredibly manual with no fallback. It is the same shit everywhere, pretty much all tech jobs.
No matter what you do, don't work for someone if that is your dream. Make your own company. They will always find a way suck the soul out of everything you dream of achieving.
Replies: >>6861
It has been four weeks and they still don't have all my access rights, so people call me and I can't do shit for them because they didn't even tell me how to reset an AD password ("oh no don't use THAT domain and login, use THIS one and make sure you click these buttons in this exact order or otherwise it doesn't work and you have to do it all over again"). Enterprise is a clusterfuck, it's truly amazing how this world functions at all. At least I helped some guy set up an Outlook rule and another with MFA.
>advanced Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, LDAP
lmao I learned all that am am getting back into pro game dev now. It won't help unless you're doing MMO/multiplayer and standing up the infra on your own instead of outsource to EOS/Steam/AWS GameLift type shit. Do game jams on Itch and learn Unreal+Unity if you want to get into gameplay programming. Unreal devs tend to be higher quality because C++ is hard n shiet.
Replies: >>6901
>>5873 (OP) 
> Are you employed in a technical capacity?
no, right now i am finishing my engineering degree and i don't have time for that, but before i had few different tech related jobs 
> What job is it? How did you get it? 
used to be web developer and computer technician 

technician job was given to me by my fathers friend whose company needed one, web dev job was given to me after i applied for that last year
> What does your daily wokload look like? 
used to be 8 hours of sitting in the office for both of them and doing tasks given to me by supervisor
>Are you looking for a different line of work?
yes, I want to become sysops/sys admin
Replies: >>6866
Algorithms is overrated in the job market. FAGMAN's hiring process is retarded. Leetcode grinding doesn't make one a good programmer. Most of the time, programming is an architectural problem instead of algorithm. It is about picking good names, applying the right abstraction and writing maintainable code.
>When in doubt, use brute force.
Using advanced algorithms can even make the program slower, because their lower big-O has a much higher constant and most of the time a program is not about sorting a million item list. Advanced algorithms have more lines and increase the chance of bugs and maintenance cost.
I am just not going to grind leetcode.
>want to become syops/sys admin
Why do you want to specifically? You need to luck out on a good office or WFH plus good management to get away with slacking off.
Replies: >>6980
Samefagging here, forgot to mention that knowing Git and CI/CD is actually really useful because game devs and especially artfags don't know it they all use Perforce. But be prepared to be running git tech support half your day and standing up + maintaining the pipeline
Replies: >>6980
>Using advanced algorithms can even make the program slower
Any advanced algorithms you actually want to use will be part of the language runtime and/or 3rd party libraries. Any business specific algorithms will be designed/modified by the neckbeard who has been working at the company for 20 years, not the guy fresh out of university.

>game devs and especially artfags don't know it they all use Perforce. But be prepared to be running git tech support half your day and standing up + maintaining the pipeline
Git is optimized for text diff'ing. Perforce is much better for binary files such as game assets.
Replies: >>6983
>Git is optimized for text diff'ing. 
Doesn't Git save different versions/snapshots of full files instead of diffs?
Replies: >>6984
It does. Git handles binary just like text. It performs compression and in some cases choose to compress blobs: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41482898/git-seems-to-store-the-whole-file-instead-of-diff-how-to-avoid-that
Currently working as a NOC tech. Usually I don't do much especially since I do night shifts now. Most of the time I am doing personal work, studying, or playing vidya. Just earned my Network degree and I am working on getting my Network+, afterwards my Linux+. Not 100% sure what I'll do after that. My ultimate goal is to be a Network Admin, or something along those lines.
I have 2-3 years of dev experience and I want to open my company or startup. How can I get into management or business decision without grinding 10 years into a senior and then manager and then CTO? I couldn't find any internship for managers and I don't want to go back to school.
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holy shit i am fucking done dealing with braindead retards at this job. i should not have to spend five minutes telling you where to click the fisher-price sized WiFi button on Win10. what i despise the most is people who don't understand anything about technology but try to play it off as cute or funny, because it's easier for them to play off incompetence as some kind of positive personality trait because they couldn't be fucked to every put in any effort to improve themselves either. 99% of the time it's an obese landwhale as well which just confirms my assumptions.
get me out
Replies: >>7966
Being incompetent is ok, the problem is not acknowledging it and properly offloading it.
For example, I don't know shit about fixing my car and I trust my mechanic completely. I don't try to outsmart him or stand in his way.
Replies: >>7967 >>7971
exactly, i am the same way, i know what i don't know. but i don't try to act like i understand something or tell someone my entire life's story in some vain attempt to appear smart. if people just came up to me and said "my X doesn't work" and then just shut the fuck up except when asked a question (and limiting their answers to only relevant information) my job would be so much easier. but it isn't.
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>Being incompetent is ok, the problem is not acknowledging it and properly offloading it.
It's not only OK, it's an absolute inevitability for literally every human being throughout history. The list of known-incompetancies grows by thousands of items per day for all of us during this modern-era, no doubt.

The key to mental-survival in the unfathomably complex universe we live in is filtering. Or, as Trin Tragula would have it that, "if life was going to live in such a vast Universe, one thing it could not afford to have was a sense of perspective."
Replies: >>7976
On some sense of human supremacism, I believe human can understand everything. By applying precise filtering, computers can imitate Turing machines with infinite memory. Human brains can also employ the same strategy. Abstraction and categorization are precise filters.
Abstraction allow us to redirect pointers to a group of information, so we can swap information. For example, equations are abstraction for physical effects. We can defer evaluation of values to run calculations that would otherwise be impossible on so little space. Categorization allows us to limit ourselves to a subset of info.
Humans also improve their processing power by distributed processing and eventually self-modification. If open source and tested, I would plug my brains to my "Think"pad, maybe forever.
Replies: >>7984
Two words:
>incompleteness theorems

OK maybe that's 3, but w/e. The point stands that we, "wee", little humans have far, far to go until we reach your Ivory Tower fancies Anon. Humility is always much more becoming than hubris is, tbh. :^)
Replies: >>7986
It is not fancies nor hurbis. It is an attitude to not give up and a fact that approximate infinity can be constructed via lineages. If it is not human that do that, another lineage would. I have no pride in saying, that despite our limits, we should not be deterred from approaching infinity. It is because of knowing such limit, we should focus on exceeding or working around it.
>>5873 (OP) 
Cyber sec analyst. Both the most boring shit I've done to the most interesting.
Can I get a networking / IT job with a CCNA and CompTIA but no college experience? I have job experience but it's 2 years of Laravel PHP fullstack web development and it was during high school so I don't know if an employer would believe me.
Replies: >>7999 >>8011 >>8023
You can, but you are fighting against armies of pajeet. You will need more experience (years).
You can try. I think CCNA is usually highly valued by HR people and widely recognized. It proves that you know networking stuff. Perhaps you could host some services on a rented VPS and put a link on your CV (take inspiration from https://snopyta.org and https://nixnet.services). You don't need to host a ton of services but host something like pastebin clone, Scribe and/or Nitter. Don't host image sharing services because you need to moderate them a lot to not get your site taken down or you v&.
Replies: >>8018
I actually have a SaaS app I developed that did pretty well but it wasn't enough to escape wagiedom unfortunately. But I just don't know if that will be enough to get a web dev job considering the market is completely saturated so thats why I'm looking at networking since I have a CompTIA a already and am working on getting a CCNA cert. Hosting frontends like nitter is a good idea though thank you
Of course. A full stack web dev with the networking foundation of CCNA is valuable. Grind neetcode, get the AWS cert, and learn software engineering/systems design. You can easily earn 100k at a minimum after 6 months of grinding if you play your cards right.
If you want a job doing project management, look into PMP. But being senior takes experience no way around it except to aggressively get jobs where you can rise faster, by being surrounded by people smarter than you and changing jobs every 1-2 years
I think I blew it at my shitty help desk job. Boss let me know I might be up for a promotion to tier 3 and I got overly excited and spilled my spaghetti everywhere. He hasn't mentioned a word about it since then and has been treating me coldly. All that work pretending to be normal up to this point and one mistake just blows it all away. Fuck. I keep telling myself that I'm at least still at the same position I was at before. It's not like I lost anything that I actually had. But the idea that I might've dropped such an opportunity is so... disappointing. Typical, really.
Replies: >>8314
>spilled my spaghetti everywhere
What did you do?
Replies: >>8318
Think that one short from Sora Ga Haiiro Dakara where the girl loses it and starts speaking gibberish. Pretty much the only coherent thing I managed to state was that I didn't feel I had enough experience. Of course that's the exact opposite image that I want to project.
Replies: >>8373
lol probably not, especially if you'd potentially be interacting directly with other people on serious problems.  I wouldn't worry.  Experience and demeanor under pressure are things people look for when considering whom to trust with more power and responsibility, and everybody matures at a different rate.  You're obviously still going to be under consideration in the future even if you don't get it now.

Some jobs, like hired hands for trades, for instance, simply being able to show up on time, not be a dick to everyone, and get things done, can be in surprisingly short supply.
Replies: >>8392 >>8797
>Some jobs, like hired hands for trades, for instance, simply being able to show up on time, not be a dick to everyone, and get things done, can be in surprisingly short supply.
I know a dude who is a supervisor in a trade making double what his underlings make only because he made it a year without getting fired for fighting, drinking, or doing drugs on company time.
Replies: >>8393
Sounds about right.  I was out of a job for a while during the 2008 crash, but I had some properties I was helping to manage for an incompetent landlord.  I don't know how to do everything myself, but more than one contractor was like
>uh buddy if you need a job uh
>you know basically most of the guys I try to hire they're all flakes, durggies, and drunks
>but you look like you know what you're doing
Just because I was busy fixing the shit I knew how to do at the same time they were doing their stuff.

Not exactly the big break as far as employment goes, but it goes to confirm that it's not that hard to get beyond entry level when your cohort is mostly fuckups.
Replies: >>8394
most of the time when i feel incompetent at my job, or that i'm slacking off and a huge waste of corp resources, somehow my coworkers make me look like Employee of the Month, every time. it's a good feeling to have either way, keeps you from actually slacking off.
Replies: >>8395
I experience this with bacon eating and my relatives.
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>assign ticket to different group
<they throw it back to me with a passive-aggressive comment bitching that there's not enough info, without clarifying any of the info they need
<instead of putting it back in the queue they assign it back directly to me where I am not notified, so it sits there for days not doing anything until I check it manually
i hate these people
Replies: >>8692
Don't forget the classic:
>take pains to clarify exactly what needs to be done and provide all details/information
<they assign it back to you with no notes and no work done
Replies: >>8693
their jobs are about to get a lot more miserable as well, now that we'll be forcing all users to submit their own tickets through our online portal. no more calling in asking for rights to our shitty database program from 1993, no more sending emails bitching that their mouse is broken, do it your damn self. heads will roll.
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>retard techs push another update that completely breaks Office and the only fix is a full uninstall/reinstall
this is the third time they've done this, what are those chimps smoking down there
Replies: >>8767
>still using Office
You only have yourself to blame.
>Some jobs, like hired hands for trades, for instance, simply being able to show up on time, not be a dick to everyone, and get things done, can be in surprisingly short supply
pay more and i won't be a dick.
Replies: >>8805 >>8806
Take it up with the government and the banks.  They're the ones intentionally crashing wages relative to inflation.  You can always negotiate higher starting pay or ask for raises, but if you've made yourself annoying and fungible, then don't be surprised if an employer shops around for a better employee just as an employee might shop around for a better employer.
[Hide] (10KB, 200x211)
>not paid enough to care
>don't care enough to get paid more
Replies: >>8886
I'm all too familiar with this feeling. Looking back, I have gotten significant pay increases by working harder than necessary. It's a gamble but it can pay off. Nowadays though, it feels like I barely have enough energy to get out of bed. I've been working lower and lower amounts of tickets and somehow I still managed to let a couple slip.

On top of that, my employer seems to have a boner for making my life harder. They're trying to force us all to be on incoming calls whenever possible (in addition to our ticket work), and they just announced a draconian new spying system wherein they'll literally be recording our screens and audio devices, both on and off calls. It's such a shame, I had hopes that this could be a comfy job where I could coast, but my justifications for staying seem more and more like sunk-cost fallacy than anything when they keep doing shit like this. I do fucking hate job searching too though.

I even directly asked about the promotion which was mentioned to me as a possibility last month. All I was told in response was "we haven't had time to think about it yet" which sounds to me like they want to dangle it in front of me forever like a carrot on a stick. I've been wrong before though.

So, yeah, who knows if working harder is worth it in the end. Depends on the employer, I guess.
Replies: >>8888
this is the part where you update your resume and start looking elsewhere. if your employer doesn't trust you to not be jacking off on reddit or cuckchan while working then they don't trust you period. you'll always be better off going to a completely different employer than staying with one until you're collecting social security, making half of what you could've made had you gone to a different company.
Replies: >>8908
Magic eightball is spot on.  There were two times a job just wasn't working out.  First one wasn't willing to budge on a bunch of corporate team building bullshit like having to spend a month living in one of their dorms and that just was not only over the top but also conflicted with my personal plans coming up.  So we worked it out that I could resign pretty much on the spot but without that reflecting poorly on me if I should want to join one of the upcoming recruitment drives that comes up every 6 months.

The other started out as a temporary part time thing because I just wanted to keep the bills mostly paid while I had the free time to work on some other things.  I said if they wanted to keep me on board then I needed a $10k/yr raise to start putting away into a retirement account (2000s dollars, so rather more in today's dollars.)  They seemed surprised I asked so listtle and immediately agreed.

Common factor in both situations was that the employer wanted me.  I would have liked to stay at either one of them, but you have to have some limits on what you're going to put up with and what you're worth, and sometimes it's for the best to be clear about what your parameters are for staying.  The worst that happens is they say no and you be the one to say, "ok I'll think about it let's keep going."  And if you have particular requests like vacation days, meetings that get in the way, surveilance state, then mention it.  You're probably not the only one getting rubbed the wrong way, and sometimes there's wiggle room for getting some sort of improvement even if it's not your ideal.
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>M$ forget to update a cert and everything broke again
death to microsoft
[Hide] (3.3MB, 500x500, 00:22)
uzbekistan has taken over the world
webm is mongolia but i don't care
[Hide] (63.9KB, 837x836)
I'm trying to get my degree and once I graduate I was looking to go into webdev or something but this market is looking pretty scary right now. It feels like we're headed right into another recession.
Replies: >>9117 >>9147
buddy we're already in a recession if not a depression already. the economy is going to suck for quite a while so don't go waiting for it to get better.
Yup.  Better start making connections and building experience while you can.  Certs in your spare time might be a good way forward to differentiate yourself from the average webdev golem.  A lot of people wind up doing some kind of easy IT or networking gig by eventually knowing more than the other noobs and do-nothings after getting in as some sort of lackey or other.

Graduate degrees are another way in, since they usually pay and then you get to know smarter people and do more interesting things, but that's not for everybody.  Internships or summer jobs with them don't hurt, especially if you want to get to know something unusual and interesting compared to a generic undergrad degree.
I'm having trouble getting a /tech/ job. I'm a recovering NEET so I don't have much experience (almost six months of ACTUAL experience spread out over this decade) and I definitely don't have a very impressive resume. I've padded it out with "Freelancing" and a couple of low certs from freecodecamp, as well as projects I'm working on. I've applied for every possible job I'm remotely qualified for, from sysadmin and network engineer to fucking helpdesk shit, and I'm getting absolutely nowhere.  
At the very least, I can prove that I'm working on the projects and I'm studying for Network+ and Security+ (A+ is going to have to wait because fuck paying for TWO tests) so hopefully those will help my job prospects.
Replies: >>9261 >>9933
Do let us know how that goes. As a recovering NEET myself I haven't had the necessity to fish out tech jobs yet, and I hate the whole industry's current vibe, but if things turn for the worst I'll probably be in similar shoes as you. I'd like to know if there's hope.
Also in a similar boat, about to graduate with a CS degree and have almost zero work experience. Godspeed and keep us posted, anon.
Replies: >>9949
Anons how does one find niche opportunities to hone technical skills ? How do I find obscure projects on github to which I could send contributions and pull requests ? Or just ideas of what to do.
Replies: >>9948 >>9949
What languages do you know?
Replies: >>9954
What do you plan to do after graduation?
>find niche opportunities
You can always just start your own niche project.
Do something you enjoy, don't grind for jobjews.
Think of something makes your life better and make it.
Replies: >>9954
I know some C/C++, but not adjacent tools like Makefile/Cmake yet. I know the basics of bash, Java, JavaScript, learning Angular too currently so I had to fiddle with TypeScript. Some others too like Lua but I mostly forgot, very rarely use it.
thanks for the advice anon
Replies: >>9955 >>9956
It's not hard to find bugs in this one: https://github.com/cmus/cmus/
I found a bunch in the tag parsing code and never reported them.

This one has a bunch of easy issues:
It's not hard to find bugs in it either.

This library is widely used and also badly written: https://git.enlightenment.org/old/legacy-imlib2/
It has dead code and TOCTTOU sprinkled around. They also fail to check error values of a bunch of POSIX functions correctly. I'm sure there's more, I haven't read much of its source code.

The documentation of this one is written by lots of ESLs: https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson
You can find grammar errors and typos everywhere. Even if you're ESL yourself (so am I), if you know English well, you can find and fix English errors easily.

Also, if you want to find bugs easily, just learn how to use a linter or static analyzer, then run them against random programs. Chances are, nobody ever did this, and you'll find some low hanging fruit. You'll want GCC's -fanalyzer flag and Clang's static-build utility and libasan sanitizers. There's also cppcheck and a whole lot of other programs, though they tend to be low quality.

If you play this game https://github.com/ja2-stracciatella/ja2-stracciatella inside Valgrind or memory sanitizer, it's going to find lots of buffer overruns. That's corporate C++ from 24 years ago that has been hacked on without rhyme of reason by unskilled freetards who also decided to graft Rust onto it, it's very buggy. It also doesn't run on big-endian, so if you watch for endianness issues, you'll find them.

Generally, obscure programs are a waste of time, focus on programs people actually use.
Also, build system code is a bug hive, partly because all build systems except Meson are trash, partly because most programmers have no idea what makes a packageable program, and even if you try to write build system code well, you won't really have any examples to imitate or guides to teach you. 

I recommend learning some good operating system's package manager and updating and fixing bugs in packages, that'll really open your eyes on what you have to do to make a program packageable and there are very few people who know that. I mean, there are whole languages like Rust and Go that are made by people who have no idea what it takes to make a program packageable.
Replies: >>9957
Void Linux, Alpine Linux and (to a lesser extend) Gentoo are good places to contribute to. You can find other project by using Repology: https://repology.org/projects/ || https://repology.org/repositories/statistics

Alpine Linux installation hints: >>4466

Alpine Linux has very similar package format as Arch Linux. Read the guide from Alpine Wiki:
You can also contribute by writing new wiki pages or by helping with the Alpine installation handbook.

Here is a APKBUILD for Wio that you can steal if you want (it's my first package, so there are probably some errors!):
language: bash
# Contributor:
# Maintainer:
#License: WTFPL, CC0 or Public Domain, you can choose whichever or change license to something else.
pkgdesc="A clone of Rio window management system for Wayland (with extra patches)"
# Original project at: http://wio-project.org
options="!check" # no test suite
#To run Wio, you need to enable seatd and dbus and run: dbus-launch --exit-with-session wio
#You also probably need to set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR , see: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Weston#Usage
depends="cage" #Alacritty is the default term. Should it be here? What about xwayland?
makedepends="meson ninja cairo-dev wayland-protocols wlroots-dev libdrm-dev libxkbcommon-dev wayland-dev"
#subpackages="$pkgname-dev $pkgname-doc"

prepare() {
    # should we really be doing this?
    sed -i 's/werror=true/werror=false/g' meson.build || echo 'sed failed! (at prepare() stage)'

build() {
	abuild-meson . output
	meson compile ${JOBS:+-j ${JOBS}} -C output

package() {
	DESTDIR="$pkgdir" meson install --no-rebuild -C output

8bf65afcb61b59c20e166dce74af34f3161415d85226d2250ba9c82842f173502f79df6b75fd9f4ec1096a1bfa9ae861c3f0d7111cd3eb1a90556991038de9f5  wio-0.15.1.tar.gz

Sorry for shilling Alpine but it's the easiest distro for contributing new packages.
>Are you employed in a technical capacity?
maybe ? Requires specific tech skills since obscure/old machines no longer supported
>What job is it?
Plant breeder/germplasm collector
> How did you get it? 
More hands on than other candidates, not retarded at basic biology, genetics or ochem.
>What does your daily wokload look like? 
1) Flying around world collecting seeds
2) Spending time breeding plants by hand, radiation, or genetic modification 
3) Sequencing DNA in plants/O-chem stuff
4) Machining/welding parts to old equipment
5) Out spraying pesticides since got field got blyated by weather
Mainly 3&5.
>Are you looking for a different line of work?
Maybe, get paid jack shit as B.S (me) and an a bit overworked since COVID bs fucked the maintenance schedule and lack of staff. I'm also sick and tired of 99% of my work never being released because of something cosmetic to consumers.
Replies: >>10154
Are there rumors about centralizing food production by wiping out individual farms with virus or other genetic means?
Replies: >>10158 >>10162
I mean, that's probably Ft. Derek fellas you need to be asking about viruses. Any country that does "biological defense" is bullshitting when they say they aren't making some sort of agricultural ( or human bioweapon.
In the plant breeding sphere it's becoming true due to transgenics (genes not naturally existing). Not so much as a conspiracy but rather just consolidation of large business and bad court rulings Monsanto and glyphosate resistant grass is one. There are two issues at play here:
1) Under title 35 USC section 101 products of nature cannot be patented.
SCOTUS made some bullshit ruling (Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.) where you could utility patent a gene if it was "not otherwise existing in nature", eg; synthesized in a lab (complementary DNA). Well, those genes eventually escape into the wild, so when someone makes a new cultivar they immediate get sued and assfucked when it does have that gene.

What they do is they breed the plants to be sterile and have patented genes, and in the contract you cannot "recycle" the seed. They push out all the other cultivars because their sterile one has much more yield, and they then send PIs to go around looking for people with seed reclaiming machine/business and trail them until they use it on a farm using their seed (even if it's another crop), subpoena them and then take everything they own.
The industry rule in breeding is that to not be assfucked by an "escaped gene" you have to find a naturally occurring strand with no trees within 2.5 miles. I have heard of cases with alleged glowops where they deliberately go and introduce the gene in wild areas but not in the US (Turkey/Egypt). It could also be some random bumfuck farmer stealing seed and planting it but who knows?
Sorry for the long explanation.
Different anon, but I heard ((( they ))) already do it in 3rd world shitholes. They have genetically modified (GMO) crops that withstand Roundup™ (a notorious herbicide made by Monsanto) and some local farmres don't have the money to buy the seeds for the GMO crops. Then the neighboring farmers also get affected by the sprayed Roundup and they have to sell their land to the globalists or local rich farmers. Btw, Roundup is also likely carcinogenic to humans and it might also kills bees and butterflies. Unrelated: Also, GMO seeds for golden rice (made by Rockefeller Foundation) are also a scam because the local farmers in 3rd world countries don't have money to buy them (or so I have heard). Golden rice also still doesn't have enough vitamin A to be effective on its own. Also, it just so happens that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also in the business of making and promoting GMO products.

>https://web.mit.edu/demoscience/Monsanto/players.html (Read this if you are in a hurry)
<"Farmers have found themselves stuck between Monsanto and a hard place. It has become increasingly difficult for farmers to grow non-genetically engineered crops, as contamination has become a big issue."
>https://archive.is/gmMw (Green Peace is right this time)
<"A lot of the studies backing glyphosate have been funded by entities in a position to profit from the continuing sales"
>https://biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/statement-on-us-intervention-in-mexicos-phaseout-of-genetically-engineered-corn-2023-02-14/ (USA tried to pressure Mexico!)
Replies: >>10172
>Doing it in 3rd world shitholes
They've been doing it in the US for years. It's just you don't ever hear about it on the media.  It's being phased out in the US due to the cancer lawsuits winning, 2-4D's been the next big GMO resistant pesticide also because agriculture and weed control literally can't move away from it and it's leagues worse than glyphosate. 
>Roundup being toxic to humans
That's a question of when, not if. Most of the herbicides are toxic to humans in varying amounts, you want a commonly used deadly one try paraquat, that one will shred your lungs. If about you want to worry toxic shit in your food, go look at anti-caking agents in salt. You want to worry about killings animals en masse? Neonicotinoid for insects and firponil for everything but humans (unless inhaled/ingested) Who am I kidding, go look up DesulfinylFipronil 
>Golden rice
Works well in a greenhouse.... Contrary to it's intended use for broke as fuck farmers in shitholes. I'll let you guess as to why it's not hitting the numbers they claim.  Also not too keen on introduced genes from things outside the same family (never the less different kingdom).

They been trying to de-regulate "simple" transgenics for a while now and APHIS got rightfully bitchslapped for it in 2018/2022 (Proposed rule withdrawn) even if the reasoning was retarded (muh GMOs all bad). If the rules were modified on the gene edits for intra-genus (not inter-genus) plant edits so long as the genome was otherwise not altered I think it would be acceptable since that is identical to regular plant breeding.
[Hide] (523.3KB, 720x720, 00:06)
>womyn calls asking how to restore folders
>she accidentally moved a folder in a network share into another one but didn't have permissions to move it back
>so she had decided last night the best course of action was to run a restore on the entire fucking network share containing 60+ TB of data that the company uses on a daily basis
>then let it run overnight
>by the time she called in the morning it was only at 1% but still fucked at least 6TB of data
>shut it down, do my best to not go fucking apeshit on her
>report it to a T3 data tech
>he has an aneurysm
>much talk of asking how the fuck is this possible and why some random thot can't move a folder back and forth but is allowed to do full restores on network shares
always check your permissions, retards can and will crash your company with no survivors if given the chance
Replies: >>10840
>work in company
>all home folders are on NFS
>struggling with permissions on a file
>fuck this shit lets go nuclear
>do chown -R derp:derp on the whole NFS share
>derp I suddenly can't access my home folder
>haha w-werid
>do chmod -R 777 on the whole share
>derp it's working again
>go to toilet
>never come back
What do I do if I'm too spergy for job interviews? Is there a way to reduce the 'tism mannerisms?
Replies: >>10845
Before you go pose like a body builder in front of a mirror also make mean looking faces. Then convince you're possessed by the spirit/ghost of your warrior ancestors. While you're going there psyche yourself up saying schizo shit.
Replies: >>10846
[Hide] (954.8KB, 3024x4032)
I can do interviews and everything just fine, I don't actually have social anxiety or anything of the sort.
It's just that while being interviewed, or any social interaction really, I have spaz mannerisms.

I once watched a video of Metokur make fun of el goblino and he's calling him a "spaz" and making fun of his behavior and I'm thinking "shit, I act just like that". Now I can't find the video, it would be a good example. This video would also be an example: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=D04wb7P_v-4 
Not so much what he says, but the facial expressions, and the way he speaks.
Don't let internet people who play things up for laughs get you down anon, you can do it!
<I let random faggots on the internet tell me how to act and coordinate myself
It's already over for you.
just b urself
Coworkers just got fired. Pajeet ceo is outsourcing to his shithole. I am sick of this company politics bullshit. The information hiding, dude was working fine on Monday and the next day his is fired. It was announced after it happened. The idiotic decision, they fired the most respected team member just for cost cutting, despite announcing how well the corp is doing well financially. The manhandling of everyone, people got moved to teams left and right, no plan was announced.
How come writing code become caged salves? I hate all this work culture bullshit. Maybe I should've stayed a NEET.
I should post more, but I am too tired these days.
Stay strong Anon. Try to have an ace in the hole of some kind soon.
Replies: >>11145
You need to build skills and experience that can't be emulated by midwit street shitters.
Replies: >>11145
Might as well leave now, it's not going to get any better. Brush up your resume and start applying.
Replies: >>11145
Appreciate it. I have been applying for a while. Getting better now with more sleep.
Hey there! So, I'm pretty good with English and I've been dipping my toes into programming. I've got a year of experience in manual and automation testing under my belt, but honestly, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I'm really keen on landing a gig that involves coding, 'cause I want to level up my career in that direction.

Since English isn't the main language where I live, I'm kinda leaning towards jobs that really value English skills. Oh, and I should probably mention that I'm in my final year of college with a couple of subjects left to tackle in different semesters. I can't take them both at once, so that's a thing.

So, any advice on jobs or positions that would suit my skills and interests? Any tips would be super appreciated!
Replies: >>11159
NEET, but contribute to wholesome Free Software projects
[Hide] (7.3MB, 640x480, 02:27)
>spent 20 minutes guiding the VP who makes $100k/year through closing Outlook and turning his device off and on again
Replies: >>11185
>Graduated 2 months ago from CS, Bachelor's
>No work experience
>0 replies so far while I've been trying to apply to pretty much anything outside of tech support
I've heard some bad things about the market right now, so am I just screwed? Just shit luck that I graduated right when this recession and shit started happening?
I've heard certs are good so I've been working on getting Sec+ since I'm interested in that stuff, hope it helps out a little
Replies: >>11174
Where are you located? There was just a wave a layoffs in the US.
Did you even have internship?
Replies: >>11175
I'm a leaf. No internship either unfortunately
Replies: >>11179
You are fucked. Canada's tech job market is much worse than the US. Without an internship your best bet is applying for US internship and get TN visa.
[Hide] (24.8KB, 330x225)
The concept of a ((( career ))) is a scam to rob you of your precious little time alive to keep the Jew world order going and developing. Work as little as you can and focus on what is important and meaningful to you. Fuck careerism.
Replies: >>11246
I always thought that soft skills are better then technical skills was just a meme but everyday this reality becomes clearer.
Replies: >>11188
Tech skills of your own are great if you're going solo 

But unsurprising, people who are good at dealing with people thrive in group environments.
so what bro just roll with it
[Hide] (330KB, 1268x1341)
I recently got a job as a fresh college grad. Embedded systems. I work for a toy company. I got the job because I read "The C Programming Language" (slight exaggeration, but only just). Haven't worked there for very long yet.
I actually like the people I work with. Hard to believe, I know. I plan to stick around for a while. I will say that it sucks not having as much time to work on my personal projects, but I'm not quite as zonked compared to some other jobs I've worked so I still have enough energy at the end of the day to do a bit of coding that's just for me.
Congrats Anon. Keep moving forward!  :)
Replies: >>11237
[Hide] (1.8MB, 219x186)
excellent work
Replies: >>11237
Congrats anon-kun. Now do the needful and recommend me, I am a Brahmin.
Replies: >>11237
Thanks anons. It all worked out.

Thanks. I'll be sure to leverage all the clout I have as a freshly minted junior dev to get you a spot.
Replies: >>11246
I am crashing your party by saying that my condolence. Working is what >>11180 says.
Work for yourself as soon as possible.
Ill formally mass reply to this thread once im done with my TESDA class final assessment see you guys next week with my censored certificate
For now >>11247 (post cycles itself in 2 months) here is my training pictures and adventures (if this is the wrong thread feel free to move this or the other one back and forth as necessary with your mod powers)
dammit guys ive always wanted a decent job and now this is the beginning of my "honest chinesium company in SEA" quest i promise ill never sell out my country to any party
[Hide] (51.6KB, 716x720)
How long does it take you guys to get good at react nextjs and such js framework? I'm learning right now but they are pretty overwhelming. My coding ability is pretty limited from being lazy for so long.
Replies: >>11291
Don't get good, just copy paste. There are so fucking many js framework, it doesn't make sense to learn them. 65536 layers of abstraction makes it not possible to really learn it. Just copy paste sample code and hack away.
Or better yet don't do this.
Replies: >>11293
ok then teach me how to copy and paste appropriately. I can't just not do it, it's the market right now. I want to get good at hacking and such but it needs time and effort for a while.
Replies: >>11294
>find tutorial example
>build and run
>find a goal, simple goal (eg calculator webapp)
>change tutorial code until it meets your goals
>rinse repeat with harder goals
>push all code to goyhub
>try luck at wage slave market
>ask friends or somehow find people who want (simple) webapp
>apply copy pasta, put on resume
>rinse repeat until you make connections that get you a job or you identify as a psycho trans nigger (nigger/faggot) which gets you a job
Replies: >>11299
[Hide] (82.4KB, 1200x957)
ok i think i made the mistake of typing everything line by line from watching youtube videos and text tutorial online. Thanks, will copy and modify code from now on. Got any other tips? I am out of time and need to get good fast.
Replies: >>11307
[Hide] (6.1MB, 640x360, 02:49)
[Hide] (57.2KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (832.4KB, 3264x1836)
learn a better language
Replies: >>11308
I thought the video was good albeit pretty zoomercore, and I was about to save it, until the paid course jewish shill scam part came in. Why can't there be a single decent jewtube video...?
[Hide] (354.5KB, 352x288, 00:11)
>SVP holds company meeting announcing that work-from-home/fully remote will be phased out, despite being a national company in multiple states
>guys keeps bringing up the same retarded decisions everyone else is and keeps mentioning his daughter as well
>mfw chat of 800+ people fucking shredding him for his retarded decision
if they're going to make me move across the country i'm quitting, managers are not humans.
Guys thank you I got the job as automation tester but I'm currently having panic attack right now because I barely know how to code and feel really insecure about my ability. What can I do to at least complete the bare minimum for my task. I have already purchased chatgpt plus to help me with coding. What else can I do to hack away at my job and have nobody thinks that I am incompetent.
Learn the languages you're going to program in and do some basic algorithms in them, you fucking retard. Once you do that, you'll at least be good enough to do the very basics.
>got a job he's not qualified for
act confident 24/7, take no shit, and bullshit your way through it while learning what it is you're supposed to do
Just don't sperg out on them.

They already need someone in that role badly enough that they let you slip in by bullshitting your way onboard. They themselves will train you in what you need to do, they already feel you can handle the job. Now it's just a matter of fitting in with their working culture, and in fact you have some really high favor and accomodation r/n as the new guy. 

Hey be confident, you got the job!


You'll be fine Anon, congratz. Cheers.   :)
lmao if they didnt bother vetting something so simple then youre obviously expected to work under supervision and learn from a senior, trying to act like you know what youre doing is just going to piss everyone off unless you lied about having no experience
Don't worry, most wagies have no idea what they're doing. You just have to be better than average.
Auto test guy here, instead of my ability there is a bigger issue for me here. I can't talk to people or make friends. The group here is close to one another and I always feel like I'm just an outsider. Everyday I have to interact with them and it is pain. How do I get close to them?
Replies: >>11489 >>11531
Unironically just be yourself and don't try to get close to them.
Getting close to them risks revealing your power level. Do some work and let them get close to you. Also talking to normalfags is a waste of time and a potential source of jewish brainwash (eg did you watch that netflix goyslop? And you may start watching it).
Replies: >>11492
Will I get to be alone more if I become better at coding? Dev3 4 5 ... I feel like this is punishment for being stupid. I will literally do anything to have less human interaction. An auto test is like being at the bottom of the barrels. I need to be the best so I can be alone without feeling awkward.
Replies: >>11494
Just integrate yourself into important parts of your place slowly. At the beginning, look for opportunities to insert yourself into import processed. For example, put your automated tests into the build pipeline, get the release blocked unless test passes, etc. When you have sufficient leverage and street creds, you don't have to worry about being alone because people will want to talk to you or ask you about work. Then pretend to be busy to ignore them most of the time while avoiding more work.
[Hide] (17MB, 490x360, 02:46)
>I have already purchased chatgpt plus to help me with coding.
Buy and read a technical book.
Replies: >>11562
[Hide] (77.9KB, 337x329)
This sounds retarded but what the fuck does an IT guy even do? Is it just a generalized description or what?
Replies: >>11529 >>11530
its a field not a job description
it can mean sysadmin type of work, or it can mean just helping office ladies and installing windows, and setting up new smartphones and printers etc. Also, the work can be just answering questions over phone or using some company's chat system.
Make sure you take an olive branch if it's offered, even if it isn't necessarily your cup of tea.  If they're going to lunch, try to come with them.  If they're playing a sport outside of work, try it at least once. You can open yourself up to things without necessarily being extroverted and proactive.
What you should be proactive about however is asking questions and for help when you're stuck. That's the best way to improve at your job (and it give you a chance to talk with them).  If you just joined you're supposed to be incompetent.

Besides that, stuff like this takes time. Just wait a bit and they should open up.
Replies: >>11569 >>11772
I came with them on lunch sometimes but it's awkward. They are all older than me, know each other well, chatting over topic that I dont know much about. They play rank csgo regularly but I can't join because I suck ass. Where do I find friends here? I like being alone but I don't like feeling awkward around people. I need to find those cringey weeaboos and get into their circle. Anyone is ok, as long as I can blend in. I stand out when I'm the only one without friends and it feels like shit.
Do any of your anons heres have experience in logistics? Previous job got yeeted and I managed to get into a supply chain side job from a friend at a small company. Mostly sysadmin + supply chain. Right now it's a 10 man op including the boss but they are worried that people will steal their shit since they do a lot of prototyping work.
How do you guys write test case? I'm having trouble writing test cases when there's always room to improve and I keep missing info or get it wrong.  Srs and such there's so much info that I need to have a deep understanding on.
Replies: >>11614
Always test all edge cases and min and max cases.
[Hide] (962.3KB, 1400x1500)
Auto test guy here, I'm so fucking fucked. I know literally nothing and their actual requirement is 2 year of experience. Help me guys, I lied too much on cv and they actually believed me.
Either lie and say that you can't for whatever reason or just go with it. 
If you're smart enough you can learn on the job and start studying now can help.
Every company is different. You're going to have 10 years experience and still walk into a new place and have no idea what's going on. They also don't expect much in the first 3-6 months either. Just chill out and learn what they want you to do as best as you can.
Replies: >>11748
If you're a full time employee getting paid by the year then yes. If you're a contractor getting paid by the hour then that's when they expect you to get shit done on day 1.
So I have 2 options, one is to drop the job second is to work without pay for a few months until I'm considered good enough as full time. I chose no pay since it's basically study without tuition fee. What do you guys think?
>it's basically study without tuition fee
no, its work without pay idiot
Replies: >>11763
You didn't even fake it and let them know you suck? Do you know how many pajeets are watering theit mouth for your position?
I am disappoint
Replies: >>11763
>I chose no pay since it's basically study without tuition fee.
It's basically an investment, you sacrifice something now in the hope that it will pay off in the future. Learn as much as you can and build relationships with your coworkers. Get yourself into a position where after the few months they would prefer to pay you than lose you.
Guys it's me the auto test guy. I am utterly incompetent because of my years of being a half neet. Now I want to change my life and strive for the best. There is no actual real work to be done since I can't do shit, but they let me here for a few months to study and will consider moving me back once im good enough.
Replies: >>11764 >>11817
>replies to everyone except the person actually trying to help
I see why you're in this situation.
Replies: >>11766
Ive already meant to do that. I would do anything to keep this job, literally would go out of my way to literally suck dick if it means I can keep this job.
Replies: >>11771
Sucking dick is a job in itself.
>What you should be proactive about however is asking questions and for help when you're stuck.
This is not optional. Do not stay stuck for long, Anons.
Auto test guy here, I keep passing interview and just land myself in a new project again. My dead ass just cannot comprehend this logic, how can a piece of shit like me keep passing interviews while I can't fucking do shit. And it's all tools I have never heard before. Guess this will be a good learning experience, I am just a half neet that cannot muster any desire to do anything if there weren't extreme stress pushing me. I work fucking hard in office but I literally do nothing while at home. Got any tips for me guys?
maybe they're just looking for someone who's actually going to show up on the first day and isn't a drug addicted crackhead. who you are is more important than what you can do.
shouldve known, youre a fucking diversity hire, fuck off nigger
Replies: >>11797 >>11815
Either you are a hoe, or >>11796, or even worse ywnbaw.
Stop asking for tips when you know what to do. Fucking excuse making attention seeking nigger. If you don't know something, fucking look it up. If you can't do shit, learn to do shit on your own. If you can't do even this much, you should kys, now.
Given all the chances and have doors opened wide, but all you do is to bitch, on /tech/ no less, even fucking Shinji does more and have more balls than you. You god damn son of a bitch nigger. Do you know how many hours I put in applying for jobs to get out of my shithole and you come here to nigger brag about your diversity hiring rate?
Replies: >>11798 >>11799
The term diversity doesn't exist in my country I am just a neet and I need help
Being a neet is extremely dangerous and harmful to the mind I need to change or I will die
just play running in the 90s and all will be fine
stfu nigger
You just simply need to learn to use the tools. Play around them (or similar tools) at home, if you want to keep the job. Also, dl or buy a book on the tools and use it as a reference. What tools and technologies were on the job application? What tools you actually use at work? You don't need to answer to either, just buy a book or online course or ask around for learning resources. Complaining and doing noting doesn't do you any good. You either need to learn to use the tools or quit the job (or alternatively you can wait until you get fired).
Replies: >>11818 >>11846
do you work in IT?
Replies: >>11819
No, currently I go to a workshop for NEETs but before that I was in a uni for a while. But even without a job I know that you can't learn anything if you just do nothing. You can't accomplish anything if you just do nothing.
Replies: >>12709
Java and python selemium, postman and knowledge to write proper test cases are the things I'm really struggling with right now. I work hard during office but so far I literally do nothing at home. It's crazy.
Is there anyone at work you look up to?
yes, the rope hanging from my ceiling
Yes, they fired him to hire pajeets.
[Hide] (189.4KB, 1816x226)
My year end performance evaluation will be coming up soon and I'm not sure how to handle it if the results are not what I am expecting. Personally, I think I am due for a substantial pay increase. Going off of both metrics and performance I am doing the work of 2-3 people depending on who you compare me to. I have seen an immense amount of people get hired after me and leave soon afterwards. I am gradually having my workload increased, and both my coworkers and manajerks have pointed on several occasions that I am doing a ton of work. Last year I only got the basic bitch pay increase and bonus because I hadn't been with the company long enough to have done anything worth measuring. Right now I am making just under $54k a year and got a $1000 bonus last year. I am still not at the midpoint for my salary range. I don't really know how to tell the difference between a good and bad pay raise, and how I should bring it up to my manager if I feel I'm being scammed if I don't like the results.
yes, the Jesus portrait
Your company is shit. 54k a year is indian tier pay for anything more than l1 support. Maybe that's why the turn over rate is so high
Replies: >>12093
How's the market in your area? If you are able to, look for another place to work. People have to move from job to job in order to get ample pay raises. But yes, you should definitely bring this up to your manager first and make your decision based on what happends.
Replies: >>12093
Movin up in the world. Nearly a network engineer, but atill have ways to go. I notice that there alot of fuckin faggots in the field though. It's no wonder tech gets shittier and shittier, especially with pajeets taking over. Hope I can outshine them all one of these days and make them look pathetic.
Replies: >>12089 >>12139
If you do what others do with equal pay, you aren't outshining them but wagecuck yourself.
Replies: >>12092
Gotta move up in the world somehow. Sitting on my ass acomplishes nothing, and the more you learn how things work the better.
Replies: >>12106
probably because i am T1 support
i live in a cheap area and the job is fully remote, i actually really like it. i just want to get off the fucking phones.
Replies: >>12106
>T1 support
My condolence.
Work harder for yourself, not for your ((( boss ))). Titles and fiat are hollow achievements. That said, not unless you make good use of them.
Most of the time it's faggots in the field playing politics sucking each other off and kicking off dudes like you to keep them safe. Watch your back.
Replies: >>12112
>My condolence.
it's not all bad, it's all internal support so the people that call in aren't complete jackasses (although you do get one occasionally). mostly people that don't know how to setup their company iPhones (because most of the time our remote management just doesn't work so they have to factory reset it, multiple times)
>retards and jeets
How do you handle working with them? I am seriously considering a career change into sysadmin or networking but I don't think I could endure the amount of niggers, women, trannies and jeets that seem to found at every level of every company in current year. Is it really that miserable or am I demoralized and should get a better attitude? I get along with asians at least.
the pajeets are really pushy and annoying, especially when they don't speak or understand english but as long as they stay in their overseas office they're fine. all the stereotypes about them are absolutely true.
>hello sir actually i cannot to log into my account please raise a high priority issue and provide on-call list so we may get this resolve
just find a company that isn't going to ESGbux and hires actually good people and you'll be fine. even better if it's fully remote.
I have seen good and bad pajeets. The bad ones are are arrogant with a Jew-like victim attitude. Always blaming the situation or environment for his ignorance. Never try to help themselves. Sneaking in "tricks" while putting on the innocent or victim shield. For example, asking someone else to solve problems for them in DMs without opening tickets. They do it to get all the credits while pretending to forget or didn't know he need to make a ticket, or implying it's the helper's fault for not saying it. They are good at blowing up the stupidest problems. If they know you know how to do something, they will get you to record that or to do it for them in any way. Something taking it up to the managers, just because they can't rub two brain cells together to key in a search engine keyword. My approach is to be a hard ass, offering no help unless told to.
The good ones are those who are humble, learns from others and struggle on their own. I help them out and talk to them.
Replies: >>12147 >>12158
I get those to, sometimes they DM me and ask me to do the needful, I don't even look at it or give them a "read" notification, I just hide the chat until they realize they're not getting anywhere.
Also my favorite
>message pajeet asking for help with issue
>"Hey ticket 123456 has been assigned to you for two weeks and you haven't done anything with it, user wants to know what's going on, you need to do X, Y, and Z to get it working again
<"what is ticket number"
i can say with 100% certainty they're feigning stupidity because they can get away with it
That is why I admire Indians.
Replies: >>12161
poo in loo
>because they can get away with it
They are also implying racism if you report them or be too harsh to them in front of managers.
>i can say with 100% certainty they're feigning stupidity because they can get away with it
Pajeets are pajeets, but in that case I'm inclined to believe he's blindly following policy, not pretending to be stupid.
>I am seriously considering a career change into sysadmin or networking but I don't think I could endure the amount of niggers, women, trannies and jeets
Do there even exist tech jobs which aren't completely embedded in ((( the system ))) and which you can exercise freely while living computer varg style in the woods?
Replies: >>12171
good goyim working his ass off to get racially obliterated
It is very hard, but you can do small-scale production of some open source hardware and software.
I am tired of being Excel monkey, I want to automate emails that everyday my shitty co-workers send, but i would essentially kick 10 people out of jobs if I start doing that.I hate my manager.
Replies: >>12177
[Hide] (328.6KB, 400x222)
just do it, automating bullshit jobs means everyone gets a raise
they dont understand logic, use percentages when talking to the idiot
Replies: >>12178
Percentages are great dealing with fags, why these fags act like they understand it all, i tell them in simple language to make things easier for me and these monkeys but then he shows up and shoves calculate Resource utilisation of our team bullshit up my asshole and expect me to complete while these monkeys don't have work to show, and creating tickets on jira service-now, left right and centre like its a fucking jungle and going totally ogaaa-bogga on this.
>i can say with 100% certainty they're feigning stupidity because they can get away with it
Most indians that come to your country to work at your tech company are high caste spoilt brats. They grew up with literal servants in their house cleaning up their shit for them.

That's why they shamelessly ask for help every 5 seconds but also chimp out if you say anything to "disrespect" them. In their eyes you are a subhuman servant who exists to do all the parts of their job they don't feel like doing themselves.
Replies: >>12186
99% of them are overseas contractors that work through virtual machines and shitrix, they never set foot outside glorious india superpower 2025
Replies: >>12187
>Most indians that come to your country to work at your tech company...
<99% of them are overseas contractors
Anons, I think I made a big mistake when I signed my current job contract. Let me provide some background first.

> Be employed as a programmer at a medium sized company
> Had a pretty promising career as a data/machine learning engineer
> Department underperforms, everyone becomes errand boy for other departments. I'm stuck in a career dead end where I'm making customizations in a no-code enterprise application
> No end in sight, every month I stay there longer is wasted because the experience of drawing diagrams is utterly useless anywhere else
> Finally decide to quit, find a promising job at a contract agency
> After four months I get fired because they ran out of contracts; this is still within probation, so I have no recourse
> Become NEET for a month until I get a job at a big company that actually pays really well

Here is where the problem begins: I actually want to start my own business, a promising side project I was working on off hours. The plan was to eventually reduce my day job to part time and see how whether the side business takes off. Legally this is not a problem, my employer has to allow it. However, my employer can also veto any side job if there is a conflict of interest.

Knowing how these big corporations work I can be certain they will veto anything that involves hosting stuff on servers without even hearing me out. I guess the only side business I could have would be making games or something with embedded hardware, or something completely unrelated to software. Basically my side business idea is fucked.

I have no idea what to do. I could either just give up and become a code monkey for life, or I could quit a secure job for a dream that may or may not work out. Even if the business idea were to work out, it would take time for it to become profitable, and until then I would be bleeding money. Maybe I could bridge the time with other services like web design, but even that takes time to become profitable. Fuck this gay shit, I feel like a trapped animal,  I am desperately look for the escape hatch, but whichever way I turn there is a wall in front of my face.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1420x1080)
>> Become NEET for a month until I get a job at a big company that actually pays really well
Sounds dreadful, my condolences
>I have no idea what to do
Do it anyway. Spend the money and form a LLC somewhere they don't monitor.
If they come after you, GPL your code and release it and wash your hands of it.
What are they going to do? Fire you? Sue your LLC?
Replies: >>12200
> What are they going to do? Fire you? Sue your LLC?
No, they will sue me directly. Then they will fire me. It might be different in other countries, but in Germany this is the law. I was thinking of a loophole in which I would open-source my code under the AGPL (so no company would ever want to touch it) and then have another person run the business for me. I would be just some guy who maintains an open-source project for free, and it just so happens that someone I know has built a business around it. The problem is, my employer is a 10,000 man strong corporation, even if my loophole works they will be able to bury me in legal fees just to make an example.
Replies: >>12203 >>12207
Same boat as you. The difference is my projects are not likely to be successful.
If you think your project is going to fly, you can job hop now to a small company, or work as a contractor. You can also do that after grinding a year for that big corp year of exp, then hop and focus on your project.
You sound like this is your first job. My experience is that quickly grind you down. Working on personal project with any sort of scale is not going to work with a full-time job, worse if they know you are good.
Either switch job or grind for a while, then switch.
Replies: >>12210
>but in Germany this is the law
The jews really did a number on your country.
> You sound like this is your first job.
It's my fourth job if you count the four months at the previous job where I got fired.

> My experience is that quickly grind you down. Working on personal project with any sort of scale is not going to work with a full-time job, worse if they know you are good.
Yes. My intention was to get the service 90% complete (it's at around 80% now), then reduce my main job to part time. I am legally allowed to do that after probation, even if I want to work a side job.

> If you think your project is going to fly, you can job hop now to a small company, or work as a contractor
That's so far my only option. I could work as a freelance or contract web designer, I can do static websites, server-side websites (e.g. Django) or even the bloated shit that is SPAs. The problem with this kind of work is the ramp-up, it will take time to get profitable, and I am competing with everyone's 12-year old nephew and Wordpress Pajeets. Or maybe offer programming freelance/contract work, but how the fuck do I find clients like that?
You think you're the first person to have this problem?

Your corporate contract probably said something like all intellectual property you generate while employed belongs to them.

What you need is somebody to front you. A family member or somebody you trust to be the official director of your startup. You do the work but you assign all copyright to this other person as if it was them who did the work.

As long as you don't do something stupid like use your corporate laptop to do startup work then they will have no way to prove anything against you.

It has to be somebody you trust to legally transfer everything to you when you quit your corporate job though. Ideally somebody non-technical who cannot just cut you out of the company and carry on without you.
I would recommend all the essays by Paul Graham. He writes mostly about making startups successful (that's his job) and trying to do great things. One that comes to mind is this one about startup fundraising http://www.paulgraham.com/fundraising.html
Auto test guy here, I'm getting used to my job I think. People around me notice I'm just a novice so they assign me easy ticket for and allow me time to read on the code. Still fucked though, the lead guy seems frustrated at me sometimes but he's still willing to answer my questions. He doesn't give a fuck though so it's kinda nice.
Replies: >>12308
[Hide] (129.2KB, 405x468)
I've been stuck in a cycle for about 10 years now. I want to excel in programming, but when I get home, I end up doing nothing productive. I relax by reading imageboards or watching TikTok until I feel guilty the next day. I really want to change this. I work hard at the office, but I struggle to do the same at home. It's frustrating because I forget the motivation to improve as soon as I relax. I have a deep desire to create games, develop aimbots, become skilled in hacking, and master Linux. However, my passion for coding isn't as strong as my passion for English, which I've mastered. English is the only reason I'm still with my current company. I feel lost and lazy. I'm seeking help because I can't do this alone. I haven't graduated yet due to failing classes, and though I'm taking extra classes in frontend and backend development to improve my skills, the real issue is my lack of productivity at home. It's affecting me mentally and physically, and I don't want to let down myself or my family any longer. I need fucking help, I can't do it on my own anymore. I can't ask anyone for help because they will just think i'm a fucking retard.
Go on a walk, then be productive when you get back home.
>lack of productivity
This is the symptom, not the cause. Same as programming skills. People can't born liking a certain skill, since they don't even know what that skill is. Without working with any particular skill for a while, they wouldn't know it enough to like it.
Skills are means to ends. Without the ends, it's hard to pick up the means. I don't believe anyone who say they learnt programming without writing any program.
Stop trying to excel in programming. Start making your game, aimbot or whatever. Have a very concrete target. Pick up programming to make it to the target. Not the other way around.
Now you have your first version, it is an utter shitheap. Look at that piece of crap and find out why it is such fucking shit. Pick another target or redo this, depending on your attention span. Make sure you don't do what you found bad on your first piece of crap.
This is how you git gud. You don't git gud by trying to be productive. You do it by actually making something. Somehow along the way you become good. People who learn for the sake of learning either forget it quickly or don't really understand it. You learn it because it is necessary and it is now forever yours.

Even with all these, you can run out of steam. Getting sick, working overtime or just an argument with your family. It can destroy your plans and cut off your motivation. The other part of the story is discipline.
Unfortunately, I am struggling with this too. It boils down to "just do it". But there are a million of unavoidable issues, health, addiction, other goals. The key is to focus on doing things instead of yourself. Sometimes I am able to do this and get some reading done.
Replies: >>12325
Bring a personal laptop to work and do 1 hour during lunch break. You can also try waking up early and going 30mins / 1 hour before work too. By carving out a new time slot like this you are breaking that pattern in your brain which says it is time to goof off on the internet.
Spot on, Anon.
Reminds me of my 18yo self when I fell for all the improvebruh "washurpinus" peterson tedx tropes at once. Autism. There's no point beating yourself down over things which if you were honest with yourself, you really don't have any interest in doing.  
If you find something that truly interests you, you will learn as you go, so to speak, though that's not an excuse to rot away on tikpozz. Maybe try something creative for a change. Drawing? what do i know
I remember waking up at 4 am only to spend the rest of the day wasting away on imageboards
Replies: >>12335
There is nothing magic about waking up early it's just something you probably don't do now so it will break up your current routine of procrastination.
Automation test guy here, work update. I'm going to be released from my project soon because I couldn't handle it, lacking skill... Mostly it is about me having too little experience, spent too much time on a task without asking anyone, didn't speak much during daily meeting and getting scolded by lead a few times. My manager had been giving me some talk and if I don't change, I don't think there will be another chance. What do?
Replies: >>12528 >>12535
If the lead guy decided that you're gone, can I beg for another chance? Every thing seems to have been nailed for me to leave.
Replies: >>12535
I'm going to ask an inverse question:
Whats the best approach for HIRING a programmer to do just a couple tasks? Is there a good website for that or something?

I want someone to program a couple things that I can't be bothered to do myself, and I'll gladly pay for it as long as they do it the way I want. Basically I want some parsers that can extract some information out of certain file types like AVIF.
>just use X tool to do it
Unironically kill yourself instead of replying to me.
Replies: >>12533 >>12534
Also I should specify, I want them programmed from scratch in C without any libraries. Where ever I try to look for developers, all I find are postings that sound like the kind of brainless development that involves half assed scripts gluing libraries to each other.
The jewish approach is to post your task as an online assessment for a stealth startup.
The best approach is to spend weeks interviewing people with C experience, or willing to learn/demonstrate.
Replies: >>12538
Unironically learn a trade and go back to school. It looks like you are no better than an Indian given every chance yet didn't improve.
Replies: >>12539
>spend weeks interviewing people
Where would I go to find people to interview though?

I made a parser for one file type, I want to show it to someone and tell them to do the exact same thing for a bunch of more complex file formats. It wouldn't even be difficult or require any special expertise, the only reason I don't do it myself is that I can't be bothered to dig through file format documentation for a bunch of bloated file formats.
No I'm sticking with coding or I will just commit suicide. I'm not giving up.
Replies: >>12568
Then you may as well go to a code bootcamp or college to be handheld.
Replies: >>12577
Already on a bootcamp, and I haven't graduated yet. Already 2 years late compared to my peers.
Don't mean to blog but here goes. My team was given a part of another team's software a while ago. Without enough time to properly separate ourselves from them, they decided to migrate their code host and ci/cd infra. I didn't know about the cutoff until a few days before it. After that I worked overtime a few days to get it working. Now we can finally deploy to production after at least 1 week. I complained to my manager about this arrangement and overworking.
One related team's director started asking everyone questions, with a screenshot of my complain typed by my manager (I am not in that chat group). The director/manager of the team we got this from got me in a meeting to ask me what happened and how they can help us. The dude in charge of the cutoff is apparently being lynched.
Did I just fuck myself over? Now everyone can put 2 and 2 together and figure out I spoke with my manager and have everyone on fire.
[Hide] (173KB, 1200x1600)
Does one really need to sign up for Indeed? I really don't want to be a part of the global homo.
Replies: >>12683
>watching TikTok
Its terminal... I'm sorry....
Replies: >>13051
You can apply directly to companies if the button says apply with links. Otherwise, you have to sign up.
The sad truth is that even if you sign up for Indeed, there are millions of companies that require you to create an account just to apply, then ghost you forever and sell your info.
>workshop for NEETs
Can you tell me more about that? I'm a neet myself and I could use some help here.
Replies: >>12723
There is no such thing as workshop for neet, real life is not anime. Get a low level entry job and the stress from real life work will reduce your neet disease.
Replies: >>12745
>workshop for neet
It's called McDonald's.
Replies: >>12777
A fate worse than death, goddamn.
If I were given a choice between working at McDonalds for my 3 hots and a cot or going to prison, I will be drunk driving a stolen Camaro full of drugs into the nearest police station before sundown.
Auto test guy here, work update. It’s been a month since I was kicked from the project, and I haven’t gone to work once. They put me in reserve team, but the manager here don’t really care. I’ve been neeting and playing games and learn making games. Life is unstable.
Replies: >>12870
>They put me in reserve team, but the manager here don’t really care.
It sounds like they are getting the paperwork ready to fire you or they are gearing up for a mass layoff in the near future.
Replies: >>12876
>fire him
His is already unpaid.
Replies: >>13042
No i still got paid, just less than usual.
[Hide] (42.1KB, 670x640)
those braindead NIGGERS with their newest SATANPHONES in the train watching this brainrotting mental diarherra in the train with maxxed volume always make me homicidal
[Hide] (72.5KB, 850x516)
As someone deeply involved in automated testing, I'm curious about your proficiency in solving LeetCode problems. Recently, I've been following Neetcode on YouTube, and it appears to be quite beneficial for him. Unfortunately, my coding skills aren't great; I struggle with logical thinking and mathematics. My strength lies primarily in natural language processing. This leads me to wonder, does engaging with LeetCode enhance one's overall programming abilities, including the capacity to adapt and acquire new skills?
Replies: >>13137
>natural language processing
Autotest nigger you should look into product management, sales or marketing. Logical thinking is the basics of engineering, and maybe ntelligent life. There is no fighting this.
[Hide] (265.6KB, 1918x2048)
Does it matter if one majors in Computer Science or I.T? I know Comp Sci majors love to talk about how you don't learn theory in I.T, but can't you just take a class for that on Udemy? Like some sort of discrete mathematics and/or algorithms class?
Replies: >>13161 >>13172
A university offering an "I.T." degree sounds as legit as feminist dance therapy. You should be able to get the names and descriptions of the course modules from the university website and compare. I mean I.T. at school and college level is stuff like how to do powerpoint, how to do excel, how to make a wordpress blog. It probably won't include any programming at.
Replies: >>13173
[Hide] (134.9KB, 850x478)
You guys do make at least the same as this guy right? 
Otherwise I would be very disappointed.
udemy? dont tell me you buy the courses there or something lol.
Replies: >>13173
The degree is at a local state uni and it does include programming, but it's less focused on theory and it goes into things like networking, cybersecurity, the cloud, etc. etc.
No, I pirate the videos.
[Hide] (20.2KB, 100x100)
Should have picked another career, this shit SUCKS and is OVERSATURATED.
And even if they hire you they can just boot you months after because their client just decided to end the contract.
Should've become a plumber.
[Hide] (54KB, 750x751)
Auto test guy here, i quit my job. Currently looking for fresher position in dev and test. Did I make the right choice guy? My manager didn’t want me to quit, was about to let me in on another project interview. But I already failed twice before and once I’m in project I’m afraid to be overwhelmed and underperforming like before. im kinda sad right now
My goal right now is to find a fresher position so that there will be in depth training and enough time for me to properly set up for real world project. Any advice is appreciated. I won’t give up on making tons of money coding and my dream of becoming the greatest programmer that ever lived.
Replies: >>13271
I think I have said it before, I am saying it again. You can either reroll on your INT or pick up another career. A few years ago, you can still pick up entry level positions without much skills. Now if you are not experienced or very well connected, you can kiss goodbye to any career prospect.
Case in point my place just cancelled raise and promotion for everyone. Despite me working my ass off for the entirety of my employment, with my manager telling me nobody is against my promotion just a week before.
In this market, you can't skill compete people, because nobody cares about your skills if you don't have experience. You can't resume compete people even more because lots of layoffs saturating entry level market with exFAGMANs.
>i quit my job
There is currently a second Great Depression occurring if you are a straight white man. Do you have another job lined up where you can make half a million dollars a day, or will you be joining the bread line in four months?
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