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What is the reason for the govt to spy on us? Do they really do it or is it just schizo shit? If they really did, how come the school shooter who says he will shoot up a school in instagram DMs the day before the shooting, doesn't get caught? Or is it that they don't think school shooters are more likely to be on sekrit clubs like 4chan, as proved by the neoouroncha shit how the japanese police was monitoring 2channel for violent people and caught the neomugicha copycat before he did anything, so they didn't pay any attention to normies threatening shit?

It's not like even they enforce their political ideology and curb wrongthink by spying on us. What do they get from spying on people? Ross Ulbricht was caught because of bad opsec and a simple google search, they can't even track a literal drug cartel with all the spyware they use.
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>What is the reason for the govt to spy on us?
Control and paranoia.

>Do they really do it or is it just schizo shit?
Yes they do it. Mass-surveillance is pretty easy to do since everyone is on social media and has a goyphone.

>how come the school shooter who says he will shoot up a school in instagram DMs the day before the shooting, doesn't get caught?
Remember Waco? Can you trust your government? ((( They ))) get more money for the next budget if there are terrorist and school shooters. It's not just about pure money but also politics. 9/11 was known beforehand (dancing Israelis et. al.) but it wasn't stopped? Why? I bet it was because of money and the Patriot Act (and to get casus belli to attack middle eastern countries).
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They want absolute control and ownership of everything, from your body to this planet, to the universe. They can't track everything yet, but that is the goal, because they want a system of universal slavery that will last forever and that can never be opposed. Just look at what is happening in the world right now. Agenda 21 has already happened, and Agenda 2030 is being implemented right now. They are already trying to take away people's land and talking about banning car ownership. There is no amount of power that they will be satisfied with.
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At this point government spying, and corporate spying is pretty-much-accepted-as-fact regardless of what they're actually doing.

the NSA spy-ops are generally seen as gov spying on citizens for stupid reasons. I don't have it personally, but there's a repost that details how there's a recon organization for the US armed forces that basically is the eyes for actual threats against our nation without the need for spying on citizens. 

I don't know, but I have three hypotheses on just why they spy on citizens.
Law Route - "War is changing, we need to look for threats within ourselves,"
Neutral Route - "Better safe than sorry, everyone else is doing it anyway,"
Chaos Route - "Nobody can be trusted, we will not survive an uprising without this,"

Believe it or not, most of the "wow, you're so paranoid for not having a facebook/instagram/google/pintrest/tiktok account, lol." types are either out-of-touch wannabe-influencers, shills, or bots.

Most normies are actually sick of feeling like all their tech is watching them, they're just afraid and don't know what to do to fix the problem. Besides, it's not like anyone with a cell phone had a choice in that their personal data is being treated like another piece in a spreadsheet to be used as a convenient blackmail tool. 

IIRC some CIA dude went to halfchan to talk about 9/11 and the conspiracy surrounding it. From what he said, it 9/11 wasn't actually a part of the plan, it was actually a slap in the face to all their plans to the point where they've been in panic-mode on and off for the past 20 years. Hell, I feel that corona is actually a similar event, it's just that the antics of wall street and the profits they've made from it are a simple case of "never let a good crisis go to waste," rather than ((( all part of the plan ))).

I would be careful of thinking that the government and elites are the same thing. Their ilk cross paths in the sphere, but generally, government is just talk and papers.

Furthermore, most of ((( the agenda ))) lies in the fuckers in the finance industry. It pisses me off that all these fucking pissy mass-shooters and faggots wanting to "destroy the man" are shooting up citizens instead of hunting the real villains down.

Fucking mass-shooter-faggots don't actually want to fix their fucking world, they just want an excuse to kill people in the name of outrage.
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