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BitChan has been updated to v0.10.0 and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symmetric password. Owners can globally change CSS, banners and wordfilters. Owners can even wipe a board if they want. You can join and create as many boards as you want. There's also a prototype steganography thread running alongside of every normal thread. The steg thread shows decrypted steg from jpg/pngs. There are also public and private lists. Lists are just collections of links to boards or other lists. Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards. They can be updated and edited after their creation. BitChan is fully dockerized so it is cross-OS compatible, but has only been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and the most recent version of Whonix. I could go on about all the features (there's a lot more), but I just wanted to give you a taste. It's surprisingly fast for text only messages that total around 20kb or less and using hosting services for file attachments, taking usually only a few seconds to a minute depending on how many people are on your part of the BitMessage network.

>>507 (OP) 
Jesus fucking christ my nigger you need a flow chart or something. I'm struggling to grasp this wall of text.
>>507 (OP) 
Is this like that other decentrelized imageboard that would store all files on your computer making it a great way for glowniggers to dump CP on your computer and frame you?
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I believe so, though OP's explanation is very confusing.
>>507 (OP) 
>It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage.
I didn't have time to try it out yet but that seems like a really good idea. A much better one than blockchan or zeronet.
>Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards.
That's a lot of stuff that's already in there. Can't I just use it like newsgroup?
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So this is in essence zeronet with secure defaults like everything routed through tor? Question to OP if he is the developer, can users engage with it without seeding back?

I think one of the larger concerns with zeronet and I2P is that while yes you might have "plausible deniability", that doesn't actually mean anything when we're dealing with the kinds of glow niggers that might target users. I think if acting as a seeder, or essentially having your network function as a "node" be an opt-in feature rather than default would ease the opsec concerns. Though this would be a hindrance to the efficiency of the network so maybe it's retarded.

Being routed through tor by default may be enough to alleviate concerns of being essentially a node for CP distribution if a board decides that's what it wants to be, but the optics of this reality are also terrible and why I think I2P has not taken off despite being at its core better technology than tor.
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>>507 (OP) 
I'd better use I2P or Lokinet.
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>I'd better use I2P or Lokinet.
I2P is superior to Tor!
BitChan dev here.
>Is this like that other decentrelized imageboard that would store all files on your computer making it a great way for glowniggers to dump CP on your computer and frame you?
If you are joined to a board on which someone posts CP, yes, it will be downloaded on your computer. You must be joined to the board for that to happen. You have the ability to prevent automatic downloads form external file hosts, but those (small) files which are uploaded to the Bitmessage network are automatically downloaded. It should be noted though, that you can permanently delete anything you download. It's hard to be concise and explain it all, so ask more questions.

You store the entire Bitmessage block on your computer (currently less than 100mb), however you can only decrypt those parts of the block for which you have a key. Is it like Zeronet? No. You have strong control over everything you download. You don't just download and decrypt everything on the image board because the only parts of the image board are what you agree to join. The only exception to this is the boards that you are automatically joined to. These can be abandoned if you want, but they are there for meta, talking to the devs and learning about other boards. It doesn't use torrent or torrent-like methods for sharing data. It uses the Bitmessage block to share information. If you don't have the secret key to decrypt the message, you can't see the content.
>Can't I just use it like newsgroup?
Bitmessage chans are already good for this. BitChan is fully featured IB software.
>can users engage with it without seeding back?
There is no seeding in the strict sense because torrent-like methods are not being used. Bitmessage works kind of like the Bitcoin blockchain. 100% of the Bitmessage block is shared with 100% of everyone on the Bitmessage network. Only the users with the keys to decrypt the messages in the block can see the message contents. So in a sense the answer is yes because you share everything with everyone, but in another sense no, because only people who have the correct keys can see what's being shared.
>a node for CP distribution if a board decides that's what it wants to be
If a board you are a member of becomes a location for sharing information that you don't like, you can simply 'leave' it and BitChan deletes the keys and all of the content from your computer and you will not decrypt any more messages from that board.
>I'd better use I2P or Lokinet.
I2p is not an option for 2 reasons: 1) For Bitmessage to run over I2P requires it operate on an I2P specific network which has very few users which means it's bad for anonymity and 2) I2P itself has such a small user base that it is oppressively slow and it's security is questionable (because of its small user base). Lokinet is being considered as a user option, but it is a low priority right now.

BitChan 1.0.0 has been released on github and the bleeding edge version (1.0.1 as of writing this) is available for testing (in kiosk mode) here: http://bitchanr4b64govofzjthtu6qc4ytrbuwbgynapkjileajpycioikxad.onion/
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Why are you such a no-fun-allowed, trigger-happy, pro-censorship trannyjanny? Is that the main reason why everyone eventually abandons you?

Just getting people to use a clearnet alt-chan is a major hurdle. Most clearnet alt-chans are dead. It's even harder to convince them to use a snowflake overlay like Tor or i2p to read someone else's garbage shitposts on some obscure alt-chan that's even more dead than clearnet. But for some reason, you seem to think just because your snowflake science fair project is the 1337 h4Xx0rZz everyone is going to come rushing to shitpost there. 


There has to be a compelling reason for a critical mass of users to jump through so many hoops just to shitpost. Maybe a place on the entire internet where an anon can safely express views without any censorship at all? That might be a compelling reason, but that would require the dev not to be a trannyjanny with his head up his arse, so...looks like a no-go, laddie.
And I already know what you're going to say with, "Just install le software, bro, for maxx_no-censorship_freedums" but that's not how reality works either. If it did, then you wouldn't need to shill your dead as fuck kiosk hidden service everywhere.
>You store the entire Bitmessage block on your computer
So it's even worse than zeronet as any user can easily be accused of hoarding CP? Any glownigger can put CP in the block and then come waving the decryption keys?
Also how do you blockchain faggots figure this is going to work if it ever gets popular and the block grows to retarded levels? Download hundreds of gigabytes to access a single page?
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B-but muh So0pR 53k417 blockchain
>>507 (OP) 
This is pretty interesting, I wanted to try it out when you first posted this thread but I forgot.
Replies: >>3594
So, install it, faggot
>waving the decryption keys?
They can already place CP on your computer if you have internet access, so your point isn't relevant.
>Also how do you blockchain faggots figure this is going to work if it ever gets popular and the block grows to retarded levels? Download hundreds of gigabytes to access a single page?
Bitmessage solves this with streams, TTL and ~30kb max message size..
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*300kb max message size.
Your crap site isn't working again
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lol it's working fine
Replies: >>3832
Oh, then it's just a total lack of interest. That explains why nobody posts there. I thought it was a glitch. My bad.
BitChan Version 1.1.0 Release


Tor Address: http://bitchanr4b64govofzjthtu6qc4ytrbuwbgynapkjileajpycioikxad.onion
I2P Address: http://bitchan.i2p
I2P b32 Address: http://waycuw2c27ruakfblkf5tcegwmt3ot445dlfoypil6bzmm4yxg7a.b32.i2p

- Fix remote file exploit bug
- Fix locks not being respected by the frontend
- Fix update of board/thread timestamp when post/thread is deleted
- Fix adding to mod log when deleting post/thread from recent/search pages
- Fix being able to post to nonexistent thread
- Fix database lock issues when processing many posts
- Fix deleting post with password
- Add I2P support (for uploads, downloads, and hidden service)
- Add I2P upload sites (bunkerfiles.i2p, 0xff.i2p)
- Add reply popup
- Add Ajax loading of new posts on thread pages
- Add ability to unlist board or list (hiding its existence from public view when in kiosk mode)
- Add "Last x Posts" thread view
- Add option for automatic session-banning if verification requests exceed rate-limit
- Add Boards and List pages
- Add Time To Post (TTP) countdown if kiosk and post refractory period enabled
- Add Game Bot (first games: chess and tic-tac-toe)
- Add ability for users (in kiosk mode) to set CSS/JS/Theme and other options, and export/import options
- Add ability to locally-restore remotely-deleted posts/threads
- Add tor hidden onion for incoming Bitmessage connections and enable Bitmessage incoming connections over tor v3 hidden onion
- Add ability to regenerate onion address for incoming Bitmessage connections
- Add ability to set a password when posting that can be used to delete the post later
- Add kiosk permissions: Janitor (can locally delete posts/threads from kiosk)
- Add redirection to the proper page after verifying, rather than the home page (Referrer-Policy set to same-origin)
- Add ability to filter mod log
- Switch from using XML-RPC to JSON-RPC
- Set post images to lazyload
- Discard posts received for deleted threads
- Move storage of post captcha from session to database
- Update tor to (blocks connections to v2 onion addresses)
If you shoot me up on this after the next exodus, I'll consider it.

1.2.0 (2023/04/24)

This release incorporates several changes that are incompatible with the previous version. Therefore, it is recommended to do a clean install.

This release also enables BitChan to be installed natively in a Debian-based Linux operating system without the use of Docker. This is now the recommended installation method. See INSTALL.md for instructions.

- Fix hiding posts if thread is hidden
- Fix preventing posting on hidden threads
- Fix Automatic Wipe of boards
- Fix cross-post links
- Fix starting attachment downloads from /recent page
- Fix adding boards/lists from passphrase links in posts
- Fix issue if height/width not able to be determined from attachment images/video
- Fix display of video attachments with greater height than width
- Fix deleting and regenerating posts
- Fix upload site check that may prevent downloading some attachments
- Fix issue with post HTML cache not updating after an attachment download completes
- Fix saving post formatting/HTML
- Fix premature end of post replacement matching
- Fix table checkerboard coloring on recent page applying to post dropdowns
- Add ability to reply to threads without refreshing the page
- Add ability to heal missing OP of OP-less threads
- Add additional PGP functionality for posts
- Add ability to combine Bitmessage knownnodes.dat (/diag page)
- Add ability to switch between ordering posts using sent and received timestamps
- Add ability to ban attachments and automatically delete posts with banned attachments
- Add ability to ban strings/regexes from post body/subject and automatically delete posts
- Add ability to set automatic string replacements
- Add ability to set post header time timezone and 12/24-hour format
- Add Maintenance Mode
- Add highlighting to refreshed posts in threads
- Add custom List banners on home page
- Add BitChan Environment Info to /status page
- Add warning when attempting to add unlisted Boards/Lists to a List
- Add Bitmessage Inbound and Outbound Connections to /status page
- Add ability to disable use of "No Encryption" attachment encryption option
- Add ability to set the maximum post size
- Add kiosk TTL options to set max TTL or force TTL
- Add ability to see post preview with text formatting before posting
- Add Attachment Option: Change Spoiler
- Add blurred spoilers
- Add ability to spoiler video attachments
- Add ability to disable upload sites
- Add ability to set bitmessage in/out connection settings with simple dropdown
- Add post attachment upload progress page
- Remove Admin Command: Custom Spoiler
- Improve data display on /stats page
- Update tor to
- Update i2pd to 2.47.0
Replies: >>9846 >>9852
>This release incorporates several changes that are incompatible with the previous version. Therefore, it is recommended to do a clean install.
The version number doesn't reflect that though, are you using semver?
Replies: >>9862
Does anybody use the software?
Replies: >>9862
>are you using semver

Yes and the public kiosk is only a portion of the communication that happens over bitchan. I run the software locally and have access to boards that don't appear on the kiosk mentioned on the github.
Replies: >>9872
You should: https://semver.org/
this shit should have use i2p for in-between bitchan instances messaging and message routing.

afaik, bitmessage's message routing stuff sucks ass, offers no untraceability.
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