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what in the cock sucking nigger shit are people thinking with build systems?
every fucking project i build either works by pure luck, or breaks because some package is the wrong version and the softwareniggers are too fucking dumb to grasp the simplest fucking concept like specifying dependencies correctly. to top it off there's always some new fucking stupid feature added to every fucking build system every week. even portage. every fucking time i have to read up on these new features to figure out what in the fuck these morons were trying to do. YOURE NOT SPECIAL STOP REQUIRING SPECIAL FEATURES YOUR PROJECT IS LITERALLY CRUD AND THERE ARE 10,000 OTHER PROGRAMS THAT ARE THE SAME AS YOURS
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There was a discussion on dependencies and api stability. The two sides of the problem are
>backward compatibility
>old trash
There is are standards which makes program written decades ago still compile and work today. Then there is the burden of keeping old trash which makes creating anything new difficult. Any interface that was thought to be good ideas may not be so good in the future. I have no idea if there is a best answer to balancing them.
This is another one of those patterns that happen everywhere. Maybe we are at a time where the life time of what was invented run out, and something else will take the throne. This won't be  a painless process.
Because the first good build system (Meson) was only made recently and hasn't picked up as many users as it should. Most programmers don't know programming itself and are too dumb to know better or they're in a state of learned helplessness and still think build systems are like mail clients which have never been done right. Also, nobody is taught how to write build definitions correctly and few can figure it out by themselves.
Maven seems OK for Java
>Download pdf related.
>"Excel is a build system in disguise. Consider the following simple spreadsheet. ..."
WTF is M$ smoking??
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In their model, anything that maintains a key value store with respect to being up to date is a build system.
It makes sense. The tables are build instructions rather than values, which are then processed to make the final result. 
I guess the distinction is that a function either just returns you a result or needs to be called, whereas the build instructions generate automated results.
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