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win11_webshit.png (u)
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win11_webshit_2.png (u)
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Excuse me for the low quality thread, but
Yes, I stole these screenshots from Twitter. News this fucking retarded does not deserve a good thread.
The absolute fucking state of Microsoft.
witness this
the great exodus to linux will shake the world
in the end the real windows killer was windows itself 

Replies: >>2283 >>2478
Eh, who cares. Win 10 is still gonna be supported for years, if you have to use it for your needs.
I'm more concerned about most of the GTK and Qt themes being mostly webshit. Seriously, does anyone know ANY dark theme for Unix GUI programs that isn't flatshit? I liked the Plastik theme in KDE, but I have no idea how to get it without installing Plasma.
Replies: >>2278 >>2283
Explorer has always been sort of integrated with a browser since at least 7, which is why you can access files from iexplorer and start sites from explorer. 
If they're running fucking software from within edge they're fucking retarded though.
Replies: >>2283
The "exodus" already happened with 10, it was barely felt.

What's your DE? There's a dark version of the classic "Clearlooks" theme for MATE: https://github.com/gav-/Clearlooks-Phenix-Dark

IE was integrated into Windows since one of the later revisions of 95 lol
Replies: >>2285
e4c1894ae9eb62b2c901b18bd7f3a706d55840c745005311f748f1d7f9806f8f.jpg (u)
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I was wondering when this thread would materialize
>What's your DE?
I don't use such things.
>There's a dark version of the classic "Clearlooks" theme for MATE
Thanks a lot anon, this theme looks great.
Replies: >>2296
>>2273 (OP) 
The absolute state of Windows, I might finally fully drop it and just endure the pain that is gaming on Linux. Which isn't that bad, but can be annoying.
Replies: >>2296 >>2308 >>2315
win10plane.jpeg (u)
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It's a step forward and a step back. Hence, Windows 9/11.
Replies: >>2296
8.png (u)
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DOS was their last good OS.  And it was just a lame CP/M rip-off.
Then what are you using...?

Wine is still very poor so I would keep Windows on one machine if I were you.

>Windows 9/11
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>Edge in the taskbar
Replies: >>2597
gtk.png (u)
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win98filepicker.png (u)
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You fags can laugh all you want at Windows users, but the fact that GNOME developers after 'NEARLY TWO DECADES' still haven't yet added thumbnails in GTK's file picker is beyond laughable: https://jayfax.neocities.org/mediocrity/gnome-has-no-thumbnails-in-the-file-picker.html
GTK works as secondary theme, Qt just works
Dude, everyone already knows the Gnome devs are retards.
got to be posix bro, ( posix is slang for getting AIDS ) blame the slackware niggers
It has shiny photos in thumbnail in at least 15 years but fucking subhuman win shills will say it doesn't because gnome doesn't, then they will shill gnome soo it stays as the standart DE.
Replies: >>2306
why the fuck is gnome the default DE anyway? it's dogshit, has no usability compared to other OSs or DEs (in Windows the taskbar is on the bottom, macOS the dock is on the bottom and the context menus are on top, but in Ubuntu the taskbar is on the side? why) and you have to deal with shit not working, not even Linux's fault, just that Gnome devs are retards
>GNOME developers fail
what do you expect from literal trannies and nigger worshippers lol

Meanwhile... degenerated cursed  wangblows users cope with downgrades and Bill "lolita express 12 times" Gates continues to spy more on their users.
If you're willing to install Steam you'll rarely encounter issues using Proton GE out of the box. Then again the only online game I've played is Warframe so I'm not sure how it will interact with anticheat. Also Elona's a bitch to get working but I'm just a casual Linux user.
Replies: >>2317
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>>2273 (OP) 
It's literally chromeos then, even chromeos seems better.
I bet it's using the same code for that native android support like how the windows source code leaks contained gpl licenses lmao.
>chromeos is gentoo/portage with addons
>windows is wannabe chromeos now

You can literally set environment variables and use any file picker (such as kde's) although you're right about
>footfag developers.

Switching to linux is what you'd do if you want games running on linux. That's how you cash in your vote.
The majority of my games are able to run on Linux, some better then others. Its just the matter of if I want to deal with it or not. But honestly at this point I'd rather deal with it then any other bullshit from Windows.
1614994448118.png (u)
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GNOME is written in Javascript.
ac0yr47y79q11.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.3KB, 1920x1080)
Does that really surprise you when the bigoted programmers of that piece of shit worship niggers for the sake of being niggers, encourage mentally ill men roleplaying as women, hateful jews with their loxist  marxism and other assorted scum virtually all decent people in society avoid had it but not been for the brainwashing institutions literally; mentally breaking people, to enjoy said lies, brainwashing, reversion of values,  mediocrity, suffering, destruction, degeneracy, crime, genocide.
>implying you unrepentant faggots won't take it in the ass yet again
Remember when W10 dropped? Because I do and I saw you major homos bitch and then spread wide.
Replies: >>2376 >>2377
>you major homos
I'm still on 7 and I'm going to switch to linux.
>windows 11-1
>using windows at all
Dropped that shitheap years ago. Whoever is still using it deserve all pieces of that pajeet shitball.
1000x.png (u)
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>handmade hero man makes a github issue for the Microsoft terminal telling them that it's slow
>they tell him he has no idea what he's talking about and fixing it would be a PHD research-tier project
>he spends 2 days writing a proof of concept
>2 days
>makes a video demonstrating it
>literally runs 150 times faster than the Windows terminal
>while supporting more features than Windows terminal such as animated text and RTL arabic text
>one of the things Microsoft thought is slowest, rendering colored glyphs, renders so fast in his terminal demo that he had to put an epilepsy warning in the title because the screen just flashes in different colors
>calls a bunch of other Windows software pieces of shit while he's at it
>Microsoft pajeets losing their shit for days straight and keep making excuses and complaining about coding style and lack of build system and whatever irrelevant shit they can think of to avoid coming to terms with their own incompetence

But wait, there's more, he claims to have found another source of slowness and can still make it 10 times faster than the demo he gave.
I cant remember where I read this from, but it was something like; microshit tried updating the terminal years ago and the entire system broke because EVERYTHING is fucking shit,  so they just put all the fixes in a new console and called it powershell, powershell was meant to replace the dos console except winshit is so fucking shit that they couldnt replace it without fucking up everything so they just kept it as is and tossed in powershell right next to the dos console
E5oRy5TVkAIZQdP.jpeg (u)
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>notice problem
>reports problem
<noooooooo you cant report that problem
>yes i can
<well, you are not skilled to do anything about it 
<no way you are better than us small fry we work for microshit
>solves actual problem makes it x100 better
<noooo you solved the WRONG problem

LOL WHAT. Scum like this need to neck themselves. What is wrong with them? They're so fucking full of themselves, It's so hilarious and gross.

These are the types of petty subhumans that might resent this man for this for years of the rest of their lives because of this, I'm not joking.
Replies: >>2417
>here you go it's over a hundred times faster 
>by the way I worked with the slow windows shit, or else it would be even faster 
What a madlad.
Been watching this unfold from the sidelines the past few weeks, saw that that he demo'd it a few days ago. Never have I seen such glorious whinging over something so goddamn trivial. I considered myself well informed on the dire state of the industry, but even I wasn't prepared for this. The damage control is truly a sight to behold.
welcome to corporate bureaucracy. just like the guy that put stairs in a park for $500 only for the city to rip them out and prepare to install a $10,000 one in its place.
>>2273 (OP) 
Bothways when I'll have time I'll try to maje a win 7 pc setup. 
I don't care nor like W10 and win 11 is gonna suck no matter what.
mpvsnap-Ginga_Eiyuu_Densetsu_-_036_[BDRip_960x720_x264_FLAC].mkv-(1357.106000).jpg (u)
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This is rape.
BTW his terminal is also faster than all the unix terminals.
Replies: >>2416
How fast does a terminal need to be?  For me, so long as it's not laggy, I don't care.  Mostly I use the plain tty in Linux framebuffer console, and it works fine, even with GNU Screen overhead.  XTerm is fast enough too, but of course it's much more complicated and huge codebase, so not as nice as the tty.
Replies: >>2418 >>2433
>fag writes blog post criticizing that it doesn't use a build system and that it uses 14% GPU at 7,000 FPS
>disables comments for being 'toxic and nonproductive' after everyone laughs at him
The ass agony just doesn't end.
Replies: >>2418
>How fast does a terminal need to be?  For me, so long as it's not laggy, I don't care.
Ah, so you're one of those people who sabotage software for no reason due to some weird corner of the normalfag mindset.

Speaking of build system I looked at his compiler flags and he could flick LTO on and get better perf.
Replies: >>2422
No, I never had laggy terminal, because I always avoided bloated software.  The only time I've had slow terminal was using WordStart on a 4 MHz Z80 CP/M computer.  But the actual CP/M prompt wasn't laggy, it was WordStar that was laggy when flipping through pages of text (understandable, given the CPU).
Replies: >>2433
Last time I used Windows (not exactly recently because it's a piece of shit, and it was 7), the PowerShell was so fucking slow that I'm pretty sure it took a solid minute (or multiple minutes when Windows decided to be extra slow) just for the window to appear. When it's enough, even cmd.exe is a better choice because at least it doesn't take forever to run.

How the hell does that excuse making a shit terminal? Just make it fast and people will be able to do more with it. Doing things competently should be the default, not "we had no choice, so we made it fast". Especially when people with that mentality will never develop the skills necessary to make something good in the first place.
Replies: >>2434
>How the hell does that excuse making a shit terminal?
Where did he say that?
Replies: >>2435
The fact that he can't tell the difference doesn't excuse a terminal being 100 or 1000 times slower than it should be. That's the point. Shit is shit, regardless of whether or not you can tell that it's shit. The fact that you can make something shitty and get away with it for the most part is not a valid reason to do so.
Replies: >>2436
>what are tradeoffs
I'd rather have a simple terminal than an xterm-like abomination that is unnoticeably faster, and clearly we're not talking about a factor of 100 or 1000 because that would be noticeable. Go back through the thread nigger, nobody is defending the Microshit abomination in here.
Replies: >>2437
>and clearly we're not talking about a factor of 100 or 1000 (in a thread about a terminal being 100/1000 times faster 
>when the post those posts are replying to says "For me, so long as it's not laggy, I don't care.  "
Replies: >>2439 >>2452
G.R.R._Martin_using_DOS_WordStar.png (u)
[Hide] (302.2KB, 616x456)
Right, and you can do that easily on a 4.77 MHz 8-bit computer.  So basically you don't need a whole fucking GPU dependency for printing text on the screen.  The moment you start depending on hardware to do shit that was done trivially in the 70's and 80's is when you enter clown world, which we've obviously been in for quite some time, given how modern devs always jump on the OpenGL and GPU train without a second thought as to the consequences.  The consequences here being that GPU's need drivers and they're not very simple to implement by yourself, so this restricts you to using well-supported OS or being shit out of luck (or you take the lonely alternate path like I did and fuck off into the woods where everything is done via software rendering, and avoid all modern software as much as possible).
And also while I'm at it, this mentality that more=better and faster=better is flawed.  Take pic for example, he specifically wants *less* in order to be able to concentrate on his writings, so he uses WordStar (DOS version) instead of all the modern abominations.  Obviously his terminal isn't GPU-accelerated either, because DOS text mode is just a simple linear memory buffer where on byte represents one character on the screen.  Simple and effective, unlike all the modern crap.
Replies: >>2441 >>2447
>this mentality that [...] faster=better is flawed
How is that flawed in any way in this context?
Replies: >>2442 >>2444
GRR Martin doesn't care if using a ThreadRipper with some kewl d00d'z Windows terminal will refresh the text faster in his terminal.  Everything his DOS computer does is fast enough (as it should be, given how DOS has almost no overhead compared to modern OS).  In fact, if he's using PS/2 or DIN-5 connector, then he also has less input lag.
Replies: >>2443
How is saying that a program that does everything another program does but faster with the same hardware is better flawed?
I guess faster=more complex=something slower. A lot supporting infrastructure is needed to speed up one part, comparing 8-bit processors to modern processors, the complex architecture introduces latency and in some case slowness to initialize hardware. Booting up as an example, old computers boot instantly, but the UEFI to bootloader already takes more than that. Modern computers are faster and slower. Obsession with asymptotic runtime, it is faster when there a lot of work, doesn't make sense when there isn't always lots of work.
Replies: >>2445
>faster=more complex=something slower
Nigger, go watch the fucking video before you start spouting bullshit.
Replies: >>2446
>implying modern software/hardware (asymptotically faster) is not more complex
Learn to read nigger, it has nothing to do with the video. To make something fast in a complex system takes more code to either tap the computation power from the complex system (eg: gpu offloading) or work around the complexity. The program is either way more complex. This lead to another case where speeding up one part may slow others down, compiling surely takes more time, development and debugging is harder.
Replies: >>2448
Not going all out with the speed for simplicity makes sense and I agree with it, and that will be fast enough, but that is not what Microsoft does. PowerShell was slow as fuck, in my experience, and that wasn't because they suddenly decided to make something simple for once, it's because they made an overcomplicated piece of shit that is slow, and somehow still featureless, like everything that they make. Again, cmd.exe opened fast (by Windows standards), while PowerShell took a solid minute at best, and that is not because of the massive complexity for minor benefits (being 100 times faster is not a minor benefit) that you're talking about, it was because everything that they make is shit. They can somehow consistently make software that is complex, bloated and slow as fuck, but that also has no features and doesn't do anything.

I can agree with going with something simpler because the added complexity is simply not worth it. I don't want to have to wait for a terminal emulator to appear so that I can use tiny programs that are always going to be fast anyway, and a giant terminal emulator is more likely to cause that problem than something smaller and simpler. All the terminal emulators with GPU acceleration are bloated as fuck and I don't use them because the benefit is just too small and not worth it. I would rather use something like st, or even xterm. As bloated as xterm may be, it's still much smaller than things like Alacritty (which is also written in a bloated and overcomplicated tranny language) and Kitty (that thing has a ridiculous amount of redundant features that other programs could take care of), and it has been the default for a very long time, even when hardware was much slower than today.
Replies: >>2451
>pajeet code doesn't exist 
Again, fuck off and watch the video.
Replies: >>2450
>never implied pajeet code doesn't exist
Again, fuck off and learn to read. Must be hard being such a retard faggot, I will put it here for (you).
Microshit pajeets code shit terminal, fast terminal gud, fast terminal beat the poo out of street-shit codas, fast terminal needs big code, big code may slow launch time, big code harder to work on. All pajeet shit coda should die. You dilate, you join 4 and one tenth fingers out of 10.
Replies: >>2461
amstrad.png (u)
[Hide] (9.3KB, 640x480)
> not having your terminal emulator in ROM
Guess they're just trying to get people used to accepting slowness so they don't complain about it when everything is locked in the cloud and Windows is just a glorified thin client that nigger cattle pay their monthly subscription for.
Replies: >>2456
Yes, because 100 or 1000 would lag. Are you legitimately illiterate?
He made a new version that negates more of the excuses and runs a lot faster than the previous version (prints the 1 GB text file in 0.7 seconds)
ROMs do have benefits and it is kind of a shame that they aren't used more, but that would be more difficult to modify and replace. If the industry actually moved in that direction, you can bet your ass that they would weaponize the idea and you would be stuck with shitty proprietary spyware. So it would be beneficial in theory, but it's almost guaranteed that corporations would use it for evil. They always find a way.
Replies: >>2457 >>2476
Many embed devices work that way. u-boot can boot from flash chip. Most workflow building images on a powerful machine and flash them to chips. MLC, the nigger of flash chips, is used to keep the cost down. File system is usually kept read-only, because of limited flash lifespan. All programs are stored on the chip. Some even have efuses to prevent writes, making it a complete ROM.
>fast terminal needs big code, big code may slow launch time
Again, watch the video and stop being retarded. Pajeet code != simple code.
Replies: >>2464
>i-i am just d-dense!!!11
Where was pajeet code == simple code implied? It is the simplest implementation vs fast but complex solution. Pajeet code isn't even code, it's just curry. Never claim otherwise. Just admit on this anonymous board that you are too retarded to understand the discussion assumes high quality code, if shit code is part of the play, fast or slow doesn't matter because it can be faster/better just by removing or rewriting any part of that shit and there is nothing on the method or implementation to be discussed.
Everyone can write shit, pajeets are worst than other codeniggers not because of it, it's because they don't admit and improve it. Just like you little self-hating  faggot pajeet.
fuck you nigger loser
go sit on eggs in africa
Replies: >>2469
You are idiot
Replies: >>2469
Look at this retard trying to mansplain
Replies: >>2469
>simplest implementation vs fast but complex solution
Nigger, I said in this context, and in this context it's convoluted slow pajeet code that requires more resources vs simple fast code that runs better in every way. 
If a code does everything another code does, with the same resources, but faster it IS better.
Replies: >>2469 >>2475
Touched a nerve? Poo in loo, not in your seat.
>seething so much to find the post and put bold
Stay mad poo. This context doesn't exclude shit code < simple/fast code. More is not always better and faster is not always better, there are costs and tradeoffs. Don't piss and shat yourself because of this though.
Replies: >>2470
>This context doesn't exclude shit code < simple/fast code.
That's what I'm saying you braindead retard, what is your point?
Replies: >>2471
My point is fast isn't always > simple, the shit code part is irrelevant to my point. And you are obsessed with the shit code part, despite my lack of comment on it (shit is shit, just trash it), and later direct agreement on it with your view.
Replies: >>2472
My point is that not always isn't never. 
Code can be slower because it's shit and that's an important point in this thread about code that is slower because it's shit.
Replies: >>2473
Fuck you nigger you are tard.
>>2273 (OP) 
Goddamn, I was relatively satisfied with Windows 10 after I've beaten it into submission but Windows 11 will just be completely unbearable. You can't even apply sane UI settings anymore, not to mention all the TPM shit.
Replies: >>2519 >>2538
The context was a reply about how this new terminal compares to unix terminals you retard.
rodland.png (u)
[Hide] (3.1KB, 320x200)
It was a different time when those Amstrad CPC and other 8-bit computers were sold.  That was before Microsoft and PCs took over the entire market (leaving Apple alive so they don't technically have a monopoly).  And it was before everyone had Internet (or even dialup modems in most cases), so malware was pointless.  Even viruses that could be transmitted by sneakernet weren't a big deal.  I never got one malware the whole time I had my CPC, and all my games were pirated, except for those BASIC ones that I typed-in myself from magazine or book listings.  Years later I got an Amiga 500 and found one single virus on a floppy that I marked as such.  So long as I simply powered off the computer after playing that game, it had no way to replicate itself.  Of course there were also virus-scanners you could get from public domain software collections like Fred Fish, if you really wanted to eradicate them completely.  Today it's a lot more trouble precisely because of constant network access, plus many places for malware to hide on the computer's HDD and firmware.  And the modern softare is insanely bloated too, so now malware has a vast sea to hide itself in, whereas back then it had a tiny little puddle.  That also means it's harder to find and fix bugs today.  Testing enough to get a stable version of a program to dump on ROM wasn't that hard back then, now it would be almost impossible short of some embedded systems stuff (but I'm comparing general purpose computers).  Joe Armstrong (Erlang guy) made a presentation about this topic called The Mess We're In, and it might still be on youtube (yt video ID of my file is IKXe3HUG2l4).
zy1pr5plbalmer.jpg (u)
[Hide] (12.7KB, 339x307)
>spend millions on making browser not shit
>management starts loosing their minds about the budget overruns
>some poojeet says "why don't we make this in the browser"
>management cracks a bottle of champagne to go with their blow and Epstein entrees


XP and 7 were the best new versions of windows. 2000 is a close second.
Replies: >>2497
Windows_Tier_List.png (u)
[Hide] (161.5KB, 1064x560)
2000 edges them out because it still had the grey aesthetic and was lightweight enough for you to get shit done
Replies: >>2501
windows_tier_list.png (u)
[Hide] (6.3KB, 916x573)
canvas.png (u)
[Hide] (148.5KB, 916x495)
Imagine machine broke.
920eb612b132d9cd612d7f0eb8627b14.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 999x1458)
>I was relatively satisfied with Windows 10 after I've beaten it into submission 
That's what the NSA/Micro$hit conglomerate want you to think Anon. From the objective viewpoint we're seeing things, it's you who've been submitting.

Just Say No to Bill Gates
Windows 10 was a huge hunk of shit in the beginning, only to become less shit overtime, but still a steaming pile. Windows 11 undid all that while adding extra.
Replies: >>2540
>Windows 10 was a huge hunk of shit in the beginning, only to become less shit overtime
On my machine it became slower and more BSOD prone with every major update hence I installed GNU/Linux after DX12 was reduced to meme status by emudev Vulkan adoption.
Wonder if M$ can figure out how to set PSUs on fire with W11 as part of remotely managed obsolescence.
Replies: >>2592
After 10 I am 100% going to be on the Linux train. All my machines run Debian besides my main PC.
>BSOD prone with every major update
For me it's the opposite. I don't think I've crashed in awhile.
Why are so many "apps" running out of a web browser. Discord and Visual Studio Code are just Chromium modified. Twtich's failed discord killer was just a chromium browser. Whats the deal?
Getting unskilled js faggots and pajeets to shit out "apps" is cheap.
Replies: >>2610
Shortage of real programmers, excess of javascript shitters.
Replies: >>2610

>>2598 and >>2600
People also have the dumb idea that because hardware can consume more and more resouces, they can also slack on any real optimization. Which is fucking cancer. If I was a programmer, I would want to consume as little resources as possible. Fucking hate web based shit.
Replies: >>2611 >>2612
I have the opposite idea. (((They))) want programs to be inefficient so they can deprecate old but still working hardware and force modern backdoored shit down everyone's throat. When doing simple shit like browsing the web takes so much computing power because of javashit that it is not possible to design a portable device to handle it, they will replace them with thinclients being a display terminal for a fully controlled "cloud" environment.
No, the problem is that people don't have ideas at all. Everybody simply rehashes ideas that "just work" while not thinking about the future because somehow all of this technical debt is going to be soft because muh technological optimism and muh endless progress. Literal nigger thinking combined with Wirth's Law.

Because the trend in modern times is scalability and portability. Some retard convinced the entire tech field that webshitting technology is somehow more scalable than everything else, which is half the reason we get this. The other half is portability. Imagine if you needed to write something right now that needs to work on every major OS plus smartphones. The clock's ticking, money's burning and the stupid investors keep bugging you about when it's gonna be finished already. So you pick the only thing that can conceivably work on all platforms and also allows you to cut corners as much as possible. After all, why hire a Qt (PC), Kotlin (Mobile), and webshit programmer when you can just let some JS Pajeet throw some horror show together?

You might wonder why it's like that to begin with. Microsoft, Apple and every other tech giant from the pre-web app era are to blame. Why do we not have a proper, portable GUI system that is as or even more flexible as HTML/CSS? Because these retards worried about their closed ecosystems so hard they fucked everything up for everyone. Want to make your own framework? There's Win32, there's Apple's shit and then there's whatever the fuck Linux has that isn't GNOME and raw framebuffer. Everything completely dissimilar to the rest and absolutely incompatible with each other. It's like the browser wars but worse and going on for much longer. Fuck all of these people.

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