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OpenRC Embraces The CoC

The OpenRC maintainer https://github.com/williamh, together with the user https://github.com/vapier (nicknamed vapier) discuss how to be handle their incoming megaqueer reports with the new pull request which is titled add CoC based on the Contributor Covenant project #453

The community manifests their disagreement, but the repository owners completely ignore it.

Replies: >>3983 >>4019
>>3979 (OP) 
Fucking trannies are at it again.
Where the fuck should I go? Hell even the kernel is butt fucked by this COCk. Openbsd?
Replies: >>3997 >>4005
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>Where the fuck should I go?
Just install RunIT.
> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Runit
> https://wiki.artixlinux.org/Main/Runit
< Also https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Comparison_of_init_systems

> Openbsd?
OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD are the only feasible alternatives to GNU/Linux. Both are usable as desktop OS, if you don't plan to play newer games.
Replies: >>4001 >>4007
I have tried out OpenBSD, it is usable but the performance is about half of my pozzed penguin. Still reading on rinit.
Replies: >>4006
Linux was also finally rusted at the start of this month.
Replies: >>4006
A lot of threading functionality you have available on Linux is considered a security issue by OpenBSD devs. I think it's safe to say you aren't likely to get equal performance, but it's better in other ways.

Not yet. Some enthusiastic fag made a clickbait article about Rust finally being in the kernel, but the reality is it's only being considered and not mature enough still. Even then, the focus is just on drivers at the moment.
I remember reading somewhere (maybe a comment in a video) that the DragonFly people were trying to push the deathjab. Is that true or is it nonsense?
Replies: >>4009
> Is that true or is it nonsense?
IIRC, both NetBSD and DragonFly BSD added a covid man-page.
Replies: >>4010 >>4014 >>4020
>IIRC, both NetBSD and DragonFly BSD added a covid man-page.
< https://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=covid&section=ANY
Replies: >>4012 >>4014
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< a cluster-focused operating system development project pushing an injection
whhaat the ffuck am i reading??!!!!!
Replies: >>4013 >>4014
A cluster fuck
To the blacklist they go. No reason to use BSDs that are made by people that are as bad as the Linux people. If FreeBSD doesn't have that, then I guess FreeBSD is the second least pozzed BSD now. Promoting tyranny and genocidal drugs that are giving people all sorts of health problems and surrendering control of the human body to the government, while lying about it being safe, makes the FreeBSD CoC not seem so bad.

It's made by brainwashed slaves that will unquestioningly push whatever their masters push, just like the other operating systems. The only difference is that they do it for free, and aren't corporate yet because they haven't had the opportunity to sell out yet. Like flies to shit, software projects seem to attract that type. The only operating system made by a good person is TempleOS, at least that I'm aware of. 9front is pozzed, Haiku is pozzed, it's all the same crap over and over again. Even irrelevant hobby projects are all the same. Really tired of all this.
Replies: >>4015
OpenBSD that is, how long can Theo stay based?
Replies: >>4016
Not too long there's already a tranny in the project. It won't be long before more come and they start subverting it.
Replies: >>4018
>won't be long before more come
What are they, maggots? Sometimes I think maggots lead to axewounds instead of the other way around.
can artix do passthorugh? or a am i stuck with systemD maybe i should stick with GPU-P on windows instead since its easier

>>3979 (OP) 
First the disgusting plague started in microsoft i was blissfully unaware that time since my system was working
They came for the redhat/fedora and I did not care because I was using windows 7 that time (good old times)
Then they came for debian/ubuntu and I did not worry too much because I already switched to manjaro
Then they cucked the archlinux userbase and I did not panic because I was already testing BSD on my laptop VM
Then they finally came for alternate inits like OpenRC and there was no SANE alternatives left that i can use

If this shit continues i will fight back one day i will make my very own ADHD tech company which strictly forbids furry degeneracy
meanwhile microsoft is busy pushing win11 and glorifying expensive wintel chips welp time to install linux on my legion 5

>inb4 i will stick to windows cracked server enterprise 2019
nope its even worse here M$ actively pushes this stuff at the kernel level hell i even saw one of their D&I advertisement propaganda on my lock screen
i thought i was one step ahead by using VMs boy i sure am dead wrong cuz microsoft knows all my interests even though i do my searches in incognito on my other vm
also some Hyper-v features on my windows broke for some goddam reason

fun fact/joke what do you get when you remove the Y from tyranny you get kranny (trains luv free speech so much that they will literally ban those who are opposed to it or those who have authoritarian views)
win-raid is shutting down you were a good one son real good (i will miss this forum 2021 took another victim YP died in 2020 RIP)

>4011 looks like you have a duplicate post
>both NetBSD and DragonFly BSD
* it seems that only Dfly has it.
This is the inevitable fate for anything that is hosted on GitHub. I personally use an init system whose public source code is not hosted there.
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Maybe the best thing is to delet the modern web, and go back to monke (gopher, Usenet, BBS, and other old text shit). The CoC faggottry and their other subversions only have leverage in the big tech world.
Can someone redpill me about the daemon management, people say "a daemon manager must manage the daemons or they will crash and your pc will die" but nothing manages the xorg server and it just runs perfectly.  I saw people that post seemingly functional Sinit(which basically does no management) sources on github but i don't know if they just post it to for 1337 points or if they actually use it.
Replies: >>9023 >>9024
Daemon management is not necessary. Pid 1 is.
Replies: >>9026
The basic problem with sysV init and BSD-style init is that they only start or kill services and do (pretty much) nothing more.
I recommend you read these articles:

Also, see >>1 systemd removal thread for more (relevant) posts.

Its only purpose is to simply demonstrate that PID 1 (init) doesn't have to be complex like Systemd is. sinit is a lot like AUTOEXEC.bat file (look at the source code). I would prefer using even SysVinit over sinit. SysV init or BSD init is good enough but they lack some features and they aren't as convenient. SysV init (especially /etc/inittab) is a bit cumbersome and ugly, too. Just use something like Runit (or something else). Sinit is a meme.
Replies: >>9025 >>9026 >>9039
Daemon management is far deeper than i thought, i have been using dinit for years because i liked the name.  s6 was far better than i thought, soo stupid of me to choose a deamon manager for its name.
Linux PID 1 was so fucking bad when I needed to fuck around with it for nftables (I refuse to touch SysTemD) I started learning how to use FreeBSD and have gotten in somewhat set up at this point. FreeBSD is just gud when it comes to firewalling compared to Linux. I don't know what the fuck Linus or whatever fuckhead (Maybe even the UNIX/Multics days even?) was thinking when they came up with the idea for PID 1 on Linux but its just terrible.
Replies: >>9027 >>9029
Despite what pottering wants you to think, systemd is not "Linux PID 1". >>1
Replies: >>9028
I know, its a tumor trying to be its own kernel but in userspace. In my case Sysvinit was being a pain in the ass.
Replies: >>9031
The fact that you don't even know which init system you were trying to configure might have been part of the problem.
Replies: >>9031
Sysvinit on Devuan
Replies: >>9032
>Linux PID 1
<that's not a thing
>*googles* I m-mean sysvinit then
Sure thing buddy. Your incompetence is not what makes an init system good or not.
Replies: >>9034 >>9035
It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, my experiences were legitimate. Linux has too much cruft from times long past. All the big ones do.
Replies: >>9035 >>9036
>All the big ones do.
All the big OSes do*
>Your incompetence
Oh, don't be idiotic now, there's a reason so many different init systems exist and why SysTemDicks became so popular in the first place. Difficulty in interfacing with and modifying poorly designed, archaic software with barely any documentation isn't "incompetence", and actually managing to work with it isn't competence either despite what so many autists believe about their abilities to make Linux eventually bend to their wills.
Replies: >>9037
>It doesn't matter if you believe me or not
I fully believe that you tried to configure an init system without even knowing which one it was, failed and rage quit. It doesn't mean anything except that you're an idiot.
Replies: >>9038
>Your incontinence
>I fully believe that you tried to configure an init system without even knowing which one it was
You're allowed to believe whatever you'd like, even if its braindead and entirely wrong. I've always selected Sysvinit when configuring Devuan. Its shitware and a relic of time, but guaranteed to work as the default. You potentially being better at using it than me, assuming you're not just an annoying troll, doesn't mean a thing for your intelligence or competence which is obviously lacking based on your posts in this thread. I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand though since you're probably the kind of person who gains a false sense of pride and accomplishment in dealing with the inane like so many others in Linux circles. How sad!
To end this point less arguing, I ( >>9024 )  think that sysvinit had to go but systemd is even worse (but for different reasons). Also, I want to clarify one thing. All *BSD operating systems use init, too. But instead of using SysVinit, they use BSD init (/etc/rc). That being said, almost no one says that sysvinit is better than BSD init (or better alternatives, like OpenRC, Runit, S6, dinit or GNU Shepherd). A problem with sysvinit is that's it's even messier than BSD init. But both are worse than something like Runit or OpenRC because they are slower (they don't start services in parallel) and they don't do any kind of service supervision.
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