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I'm thinking about keeping it that way, feedback welcome in meta thread as always
You WILL become Yachie's slave
You can't refuse and there's no way out of this
You've been mingling with that creepy turtle and nasty goat?
Never gonna make it.
Oi~ Reimu! Wha's this drawing?
Uhhh... That's not mine!
It was in yer futon!
I didn't draw it!
Yukari put it there!
No, listen!
Oh, no... Did I sign it?
Reimu... Why did ya draw yerself as a giant-breasted two-legged fox-woman?
...That's my fursona...
Your fucking ||what||?
Her name is PON-PON! She's my fursona.
What the fuck is a fursona!?
I roleplay as a soft, shy fox-girl in Bunbunmaru's reader mail section.
Yer acting like a dog on that tengu's gossip-rag?
Pon-pon is a fox! But yes... Whatever. I just like to be cute!
Do ya think I don't notice a fat fawking bulge in her skirt?!
I didn't say anything!
does /2hu/ have a unique local culture? how do we produce /2hu/ culture?
New Satori chapter looking hella sick
Who is the most literally who touhou?
I vote Muramasa. Always forget her among the temple cast.
Now that the dust has settled... honest thoughts on fumofumos?
It's time to chew ass and kick gum
Sanae's a slug!
Would you let Remilia bite your balls?
Karasu tengu? More like karasu dengaku, lol!
Kiss me

Kosupurei Sureddo
Make it draw some freaky hus before they ban all the poo-poo gamer-words.
Who ordered a glass of juice?
As it was mentioned in the meta thread, registrations for the next ICup are underway.
We still have a thread from the last cup with logo and shirt designs.
I do not have much experience with PES and sportsballs in general, if anyone wants to sign up and manage the team please be my guest.

General Thread:
/2hu/ Thread from 2020:

There is currently no deadline but they'd like to get around 32 teams before starting.
Thread also unlocked now btw.
Had the first snow today. Hope there's way more on the way.
does /2hu/ draw? here is new otaku culture I created today, it is a yukkuri kogasa
Don't believe me?
Check the quints.
Bully inchling
That strange girl from Kourindou is getting weirder and weirder every time I see her.
She was there again when I came today to see if the owner had the new volume of that awesome imported book about robot warriors that he was letting me read for free.
Before I could even say anything, she dragged me off, blabbering about how she wants to tell me about a book she really likes, even though we barely know each other.
But before that she insisted that there were some other books she wanted to grab, and she absolutely needed to get them before we sit down for some reason.
So, she climbed onto the very top of the stepladder, even though her head reached over the top of the bookcase from there. She leaned in very closely to the book spines, and started reading through them one by one really slowly. Like, she was standing there for maybe ten minutes, going left to right, and then right to left over, and over, and over.
Then she jumped off the stepladder, got on all fours, and started going over the books on the lower shelf just as like she did with the top ones.
I cleared my throat to ask what books she needed, and maybe, I could help her find them, but then she pulled out some random books that I'm pretty sure she already went over, apologized for making me wait, and took me to the owner's reading table.
Turns out, the book she wanted to tell me about was all about birds. She told me that, apparently, when two birds want to make babies, the boy-bird rubs his butthole on the girl-bird's until he shoots a special liquid called 'semen' inside of it, and then it turns into an egg.
That's super gross! But now that I think about it, if storks bring us babies, then it makes sense that their babies would have to come from somewhere too. Although, that does make me wonder, where do storks take human babies from. What if all of us, humans, are just some sort of failed stork babies?
Anyway, I suddenly felt like something brushed against my leg, and that made me jump, knocking over the books stacked on the table.
I crouched under the table to pick them up, when all of a sudden, she started reading aloud from her book: "The 'secret' behind a female bird's way of attracting mates is in how she folds her legs to show that she is now ready for the coitus..."
She read it so loudly that I could feel her voice ringing through the table above me, while also breathing like Kota-kun after he ran across the whole village to prove he was the fastest.
It was so freaky. I immediately got out from under the table, blurted out something about how I forgot to ask the owner's permission to go through his books, and it's, actually, about time for me to go home, and bolted out of there.
What's with her? Dragging me around, and then shouting at me out of nowhere. I didn't come there for her nerd bird-books anyway! Does she even know what my parents would do if they knew I sneaked out of the village?
Come to think of it, I never got to look for that robot-warrior book in the end. I guess, I'll have to go again tomorrow. I just hope she won't be around this time.
The Yama should grow up
Shinobu is better
Music thread
Buy this sometimes. Invent a time machine first though.

[Soranetarium]/2007.04.29 philos sophia [M3-07春]
Post your biggest scoops here.

Starting with this one:
ZUN is releasing a new music CD for Comiket 99. Contains a song he composed for a tourism board, one song from HSiFS and one from IM.
Board is ready for operation.
PLW Meta:
Lotus Eater once again tricked us into thinking something serious might happen for nth time
But at least a relatively interesting creature came out of it
I love Reimu
Post about any 2hu fangames you find interesting.
For example, Yuuka's game: YuuYuu Jitenshi no Yuukarin
Fun (although frustating at times) 2D platformer starring the Flower Master. (version 1.1.0) (version 2.0.0)
These popular Beanie Babies of Gensokyo will never die - even if they're hard to get. Post images, videos, and more about them here.
Uohhhhhhhhh! !! !! Chen erotic !!!!!! Chen's belly and thighs !!!!!! Erotic … ;_; ;_; ;_;
Remember that guy who made Advent Cirno manga? He went on to make the Dream Eater Merry manga, which lasted from 2009 to 2020, and got adapted into anime in 2011. Supreme news coverage right here, wait for something to die before talking about it. No, he didn't die yet.

The guy who made that one touhou mahjong manga later made some other manga, which was also adapted into anime.

There was a tiny cosplay cameo in Monster Musume manga, not in anime though. And in Umineko anime.

Let's go over all people you ever knew, and try to find out how they went.
How do we speed this place up and create a golden age of altchan culture?
how do we create a unique local culture endemic to /2hu/?
>unique IPs: 5
1 Consult fox
2 Get duped
3 Hate-fuck fox
4 Repeat
It's almost that time of the year again (again).
The sky is blue again, the air is clear, the breeze is fresh. Say it with me:
Don't try to put a cock in Yoshika's mouth! She'll bite it blood comes out!
Have one of these.
What happened to Marisa?
>youkai can even recover from being cut into pieces, if the damage has insufficient "meaning" behind it
At last, I truly see.
Have you gotten any 1ccs lately? Or have you mostly retired from the games?
What's your favorite group of characters?
I like the Moriya crew the most. They're a bunch of sketchy weirdoes and I find that very charming.
Will I ever 1CC toehoe 2 on lunatic? y/n
... ...
... ... ...
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I know this sounds wierd, but there's no time to explain!
You have to walk all over me with your tippy-tappy spider feet right now!
Please, hurry!
1 Go to and pick an instance
2 Go to "preferences" (Top right)
2.1 Set interface language (second combo-box) to your language and press the bottom left button to save
2.2 (Optionally) set search language to default/english/whatever
2.3 Turn off safe search
3 Go to "Engines" and turn on EVERYTHING
4 Go to "Plugins" and turn off infinite scroll
(Don't forget to save)
5 Google your favourite 2hu
5.1 Try searching with or without adding "touhou"
5.2 Try searching with different combinations of double-quotes
5.3 Try searching in different categories
6 Go 5/10/25 pages in
7 Post weird/interesting/whatever results, especially if you happen to find that shady online-shop I've seen in my japanese mangas, you know the one
Ah, that trans-solargender bitch!
My favourite Undertale character!
Post malehus.

No, don't just draw a girl and give her a dick, you faggot.
Post sleeping 2hu's, and be very quite.
ZUN thread
Look! Look!
Kokoro-chan smiled for the first time!
Do you think there's ever been times where a human who's lived in the village their whole life came up to Reimu, told them they're tired of living in Gensokyo, and asked her to send them to the outside world?  Or even gone as far as pretending to be an outsider in order to get sent there?  How do you think things have gone for them?  To what extent has this concept already been explored?
Saw a pretty degen dream with futa Suika today.
Guess she came to punish me for missing suikaday.
Too bad I played so much eratoho that now when I se 2hos in my dreams I immediately start stopping time, stealing panties and fucking everyone around me.
New Year, new Suika thread
Let's celebrate the Phoenix
new cirno gem
Join Probability Space Hypervessel crew today!
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
What was the name of that japanese blog that posted about new fangames, projects, videos, etc. It was the site that introduced tohoclock and 橙地霊村 to me.
why lock the meta thread bro
Flan is on sale at the grocery.
Is it good or should I pass?
Wanna see a magic trick?
before touhou: rozen maiden, various anime, eroge, manga.
during touhou: wrestling series, vocaloid, idolmaster, fate, various anime.
after touhou: kantai kolektion, inmu, mobile gacha, various anime.

This thread is /japan/ for people who hate country flags but like to enter captcha.
Laugh at the gambling addicts
Merry Christmas /2hu/
Come play hisoutensoku with your hopeless secondary neighbors in /japan/
fuckin check em nerds

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