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As it was mentioned in the meta thread, registrations for the next ICup are underway.
We still have a thread from the last cup with logo and shirt designs.
I do not have much experience with PES and sportsballs in general, if anyone wants to sign up and manage the team please be my guest.

General Thread: https://anon.cafe/icup/res/2934.html
Create-a-Team-thread: https://anon.cafe/icup/res/2945.html
/2hu/ Thread from 2020: https://anon.cafe/icup/res/904.html

There is currently no deadline but they'd like to get around 32 teams before starting.
Thread also unlocked now btw.
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Where did you get my wedding photo?
me on the right
Replies: >>1981
Me on the left.
Replies: >>1983
Me taking the photo
Replies: >>1986
Me manufacturing the camera.

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Welcome to the new home of /2hu/.

Rules are at https://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/custompage/rules.html

plw/2hu/ archive is found at https://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/custompage/PLW_Archive.html
Alternatively, Codexx generously backed up all posts of plw/2hu/ and they can be viewed at https://8chan.moe/2hu/

Captcha per post is currently active due to a recent spam attempt.
I'm thinking about keeping it that way, feedback welcome in meta thread as always
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How do we speed this place up and create a golden age of altchan culture?
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Create your own payment processor, and allow doujin market here. Or organize events where people can meet and trade offline with cash.

Make your own touhou coin cryptocurrency.
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I drew this for a friend today, maybe others can appreciate it
Replies: >>2020 >>2021
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Drew a quick yewyewko
Replies: >>2020 >>2021
Fine too
Replies: >>2021
horrifying, saved
worst year

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I love Reimu
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Reimu has a tiny cock!
Spoiler File
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Reimu's tied up.
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Oh, no!
Reimu became a shota!
Replies: >>2015
Will get raped by Yukari in under 5 minutes.
Speaking of.
I don't remember watching it all the  way, maybe I should fix that now.

Captcha back to once per post?

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Would you let Remilia bite your balls?
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I would let my balls bite Remilia.
Replies: >>1804 >>1851
That artist draws a nice futa Remi
Spoiler File
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If your balls bite people then you need to see a doctor!
Replies: >>1855
Nah, my balls only bite women.
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Those high-class nip toilets are getting crazier and crazier...

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how do we create a unique local culture endemic to /2hu/?
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We need to livestream sacrificial murder in the name of touhous.
Guess you'll be the volunteer.
Replies: >>1991
I offer my balls and dick.
Replies: >>2011
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Thank you very much for your continued patronage!

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Board is ready for operation.
PLW Meta: https://archive.ph/cry2r
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getting 'de vibes
Changed settings for now, we'll just see how it goes.
>captcha is disabled
>sagecuck creates a music thread and also samefags in there
I think the captcha should be back
Ey, can't you see the resurgence of quality discussion the board's been having?
Either way, he'll get tired and go back to solitary existence on the backpages of animu as soon as he stops getting attention here, but otherwise I doubt the captcha will make much difference either way.
Did you hate those albums this much? No, no, you're using imageboards wrong, proper way to use imageboards is talking to yourself rather than talking to anyone else. Best threads are just blogs where leaving comments doesn't require registration.

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Music thread
Buy this sometimes. Invent a time machine first though.

[Soranetarium]/2007.04.29 philos sophia [M3-07ๆ˜ฅ]
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end of album

I love uploading a 20 MB file just to get "captcha is wrong". Well, situation is better than it was. Better look carefully if red star appears near "Captcha" or not.
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I think my ears are bleeding
I'm already there.

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Kosupurei Sureddo
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Replies: >>1948
I told you to eat before it gets cold!
Don't burn the kitchen down!
That doesn't explain the chainsaw
Replies: >>1954
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Actually, human shit is a delicacy for yokais! They're too embarrassed to admit it in public, though. But in the privacy of their homes, they nearly orgasm when their hubby shits those yummy turds directly into theirs mouth!

>That doesn't explain the chainsaw
Maybe it's for weed cutting.
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Why is the face hidden? It's not a man, right? RIGHT?

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New Satori chapter looking hella sick
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Be careful! Satori likes to rape ugly old men.
Replies: >>1899
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Replies: >>1949
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>Sorry, sis! You snooze, you loose!
Replies: >>1955
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The child of Koshi and Satori would be too autistic for this world.
Replies: >>1979
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The child of Koishi and Satori would be autistic enough to rape his mum on the way out.

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