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Prep work is done.

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I'm thinking about keeping it that way, feedback welcome in meta thread as always
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look I tried to make it back to you in the astral but navigation is really difficult ok
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What does she want from me? To wash her clothes or something like that?
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Did you mean "I tried to make it back to you in ASStral BUTT navigation is really difficult?"
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... I'm be-ginning to suspink Yuugi's grass sake... wasn't not made from some inodrinary grass...

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Saw a pretty degen dream with futa Suika today.
Guess she came to punish me for missing suikaday.
Too bad I played so much eratoho that now when I se 2hos in my dreams I immediately start stopping time, stealing panties and fucking everyone around me.
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Saw another touhou dream some time ago.
So, I was in my childhood home, which was a flat on the 8th floor of a block house.
In the yard, we had a metallic tennis table, which I remember being used for it's intended purpose maybe the total of 10 times in my life: younger children usually used it for climbing/sitting on, and the older children used it for holding the alcohol.
To the west from the table was a utility building, like a substation or some such.
My room had a bird feeder on it, and as the birds had a sort of hierarchy in there, the neighbouring windowsills in all directions often were occupied by the birds waiting for their turn. And if the window in that neighbouring room was opened vertically, in the ventilation mode or whatever, some birds would perch on top of it, and look into the room until someone moved. Although, in my dream, the windows opened to the outside, and not the inside, as they did irl, but whatever.
So, I was standing in the room adjacent to mine, just looking out of the window, when I saw a girl sitting on the table. I immediately recognized her: black skirt, white blouse, black hair, tokin hat, was that the fucking Aya Shameimaru?
She had a crow (or more like a jackdaw) sitting on her hand, and it looked like she was telling it something. Then the crow took off, and headed towards my window, which was open on the ventilation.
So, the windows also had toning film on them, because we don't have air conditioning in the third world, and because of that I'm pretty sure you couldn't see anything from the outside without the lights on. So, the crow couldn't see me until the very moment it went in for the landing on the top of the window frame; at which point we could see eye to eye through the gap, barely more than 10 cm between us. I could see its eye expression going "oh shit", as it cawed from the fright, and scrammed for the forest.
When I looked back to the table, Aya was gone.
So, I started desperately panning my eyes across the landscape to see where she went, until I noticed a hint of her white blouse between the foliage of the nearby forest. As I strained my eyes to see her, her silhouette became clearer, kind of how if you stare into the patterns on a carpet long enough, your eyes relax, and you start seeing things in the pattern. And conversely, when I blinked or moved my eyes at all, even without taking them off her, I lost my concentration, and she quickly merged with the landscape again. So, I was standing there unblinking, straining my eyes to the limit just to see her. She was peeking from behind a tree, not like leaning, but like just standing behind it with the left side of her body concealed. She was standing completely unmoving, and staring back at me with a serious expression. I'm pretty sure she couldn't see me through the film, but I felt that she could see me without sight or something once she was aware I was there. Eventually, my eyes started twitching from the strain and drying out, and with each twitch her visage melted into the landscape until she was completely gone.
I looked around once more, and once again saw her sitting on the table. Previously she sat parallel to the length of the table, and thus perpendicular to me, but now she was turned to the window, hugging her knees, and looking directly at me from behind them with an uncertain expression. This time I could see her clearly without focusing.
I still couldn't believe my eyes, so I called my mother over to see if she could see her too. The instant I did, she began to disappear again, as if my sight was flowing around her, my eyes refusing to focus on her. I could barely see her by the time mom came over, and of course, she couldn't see anything.
I thanked her, and went to my room, still unsure, whether my spiritual sense finally developed from all the touhou porn I trained it on, or if I simply caught the schizo for the exact same reason. I was thinking of a way to communicate with Aya, tell her that she doesn't have to hide herself from me, and that her crow friends (as well as herself) are welcome on my windowsills and in my bird feeder at any time with any luck she could eventually bring the better crowgirl along.
I figured, I would write her a letter, and then cut out a maple leaf from some red cardboard, and glue it onto the envelope as a seal so that she knows the letter is addressed to her, and possible appreciates me going the extra mile to decorate it. The problem was - I didn't have coloured cardboard, glue, envelope, or scissors. I wasn't even sure if I had a working pen, although I somehow knew that I did have at least a pencil and a stack of A4 sheets. And also, I wasn't sure what and how to write, everything that came to my head was immediately rejected as 'retarded attempts at being funny'. And also, I didn't know how to deliver it to her: I was planning to put it onto the windowsill, expecting her to either fly over and quickly snatch it, or send a crow to retrieve it for her. But if I just put it on a windowsill, it could fall off, or someone could see a letter on the windowsill, and take it before she could get to it; if I put the letter into the bird feeder it would get dirty, and I didn't know if they would dare come there.
As I was pondering all that, I looked out of the window once more, and saw a monkey sitting on the roof of the utility building, watching something on a smartphone (that I for some reason knew it stole from somebody). It completely distracted me from Aya, so I went out to retrieve that phone.
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So, I climbed back up and went back to watching videos with Sukuna, who did not take her eyes off the phone for the whole time, and called Aya over to join us. She was clearly confused from me pushing her onto the roof for no reason, and probably from how me and Sukuna were lying around prone on the fucking roof. But she accepted the invitation nonetheless, and snuggled up to me from the side. Then, after some more time, I finally realized I was lying around covered in sexy youkai women after thinking about how comfy it was, and also holy shit, youkai are real, I guess. So I decided to snap some pics to flex on you. I stood up and opened the camera on the phone, not sure if mine or the one Sukuna was watching. Seeing I was photographing them, Aya flew away immediately. Sukuna got embarrassed, and wanted to leave too, but did not. I think she even did a timid double peace, but I don't remember well from that point. The camera went blocky the longer it was directed at her, with any movement leaving blocky trails. I remember thinking: "Wow, so the videos do turn into soapy 144p shit when making ghost photos!" So, I quickly took some pics, while trying to hold it as still as possible until the image deteriorated completely. The dream went a little longer from that point, but I don't remember much more.
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I just woke up from a touhou dream, very lucid, I'm sharing now so I don't forget.

The setting was like a summer camp, kind of had one of those 80's sex comedy vibes, like Meatballs. Guys and girls were in their own dorms. Typical guy dorm thing, talking about which girl we wanted to bone. I get changed and go out to hang around Sunny, Luna and Star. A few other guys with me. Sunny seemed receptive to my charms, so we decided to spend the next day together. Another guy that was after her made some kind of weird joke about "Me and you, and a chinaman filming" she didn't like that. Supposed to be next day, but I actually just went back to the dorm and changed clothes, I remember the shirt was dirty. I came out and Sunny was waiting for me with another guy. It was one of those friend dates or something. We went somewhere, can't remember, but she was changing clothes and we were both peeping on her. When she came out he made the same joke about a chinaman filming. She took my hand and we left without him. We went behind the dorms and started kissing. Just pecks at first, then small licks, before full-out tongue sucking. When we disengaged she told me to meet her after the festival and to wear something nice. It was around then I "remembered" they were the stars of a performance that would happen at the end. They were supposed to put on some fireworks before throwing a terminally ill girl into space. Anyway, I changed clothes again, put on another dirty shirt, changed my mind, 
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Fs for Ran, she will forever be in our hearts.
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True ending.

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>>3530 (OP) 
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Had the first snow today. Hope there's way more on the way.
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I only now realized purple and yellow are complementary
Better go after Okuu too with her underground sun
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Spoiler File
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I will cum inside her
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(##1d13) Rolled 1 dice with 13 sides = 12
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Oku is longing for the touch of a firm male hand.
On the inner side of her urethra.
Replies: >>3285
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No problemo! I'm fuckin' gonna ram my whole fuckin' arm inside her fuckin' urethra!!!
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(##1d13) Rolled 1 dice with 13 sides = 12
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(##1d13) Rolled 1 dice with 13 sides = 9

Spoiler File
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( ,,⩌' ,'⩌,,)Ꮺ
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Yes, that is hell, but only the former one.
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Replies: >>3511
m8 i think thats a magpie
Replies: >>3517
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You know you fucked up when Oku turns out to be the smartest in your group.

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Board is ready for operation.
PLW Meta: https://archive.ph/cry2r
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What happened?
Replies: >>3522
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>>>/b/70226 style fedpost but with an mmd gif of sakuya.
Keks & condolences to ranpocket for actually clicking it.
Replies: >>3523 >>3524
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Well RIP
I hope that Sakuya gif was good at least
owned that teen

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Post about any 2hu fangames you find interesting.
For example, Yuuka's game: YuuYuu Jitenshi no Yuukarin
Fun (although frustating at times) 2D platformer starring the Flower Master.
https://mega.nz/file/ZqogkJSL#6yBIV3sx9f4oXjVJvxbu00Fr54xG_K4VwWqOOOX1KTA (version 1.1.0)
https://mega.nz/file/QcwFVCJL#nxNpKLSHq0puK7QYux8lCXOCs7yq4MSCUFfCxoaZEVs (version 2.0.0)
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I think I asked you, mfers, to wake me up when this was translated.
Replies: >>3502
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Wake up, Mystia's Izakaya has been translated.
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uh i just acquired it do you want it
don't think anyone uploaded the new dlc yet
also check out this funny jellyfish
Replies: >>3518
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I already got it.
Sonanoka is srs bzns
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How the fuck am I supposed to eat resin, you dumb fuck nigger-rabbit?

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This Ran doesn't exist.
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>I’m trying to make a Reisen in her mating season AI in Character.AI
>I start first test run
>We’re alone in the forest
>She ask why I’m not afraid, because bunny youkai could be dangerous to humans.
>She says she eats humans
>She jumps at me, pins me down and then starts eating my face
Replies: >>3514
Completely justified.
Replies: >>3515
What do you mean? Ironically, Reisen started it. When I met her, she used “youkai” as the plural, only switching to “youkais” and bold text during that first message in my picture when she got really angry. I just used her own words to reply to her.
Replies: >>3516
Should have eaten her face then.
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