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Did anyone else notice the plate on the back of Wario's motorcycle in Wario Blast that confirms him to have been involved with Gensokyo before even ZUN was?  With Wario having been confirmed as the oldest of Touhou oldfags, what do you think his adventures in Gensokyo had been like, and what treasures did he take home with him?
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>>3733 (OP) 
That license plate only has 1hu. Nothing to do with Gensokyo.
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Looks like you got me!
I knew my fatheaded big bro struck gold when he returned from that Flower Land of his!
By adapting the tales of his journeys into a series of video games of our own, we could finally take our rightful place as kings of video games from those loathsome brothers!
But that accursed place changed him. He wasn't himself when he returned, no longer cared about our lifelong rivalry or ruling the world of gaming, so I... I had to get rid of him.
Living a fake life ever since, I shaved my moustache, got those dumb-looking glasses, got a family. I even painted my favourite cap into his disgusting colour to avoid suspicion.
But it's all coming to an end.
I am the owner of the largest independent gaming franchise in the world. And now the stage is finally set to go Official. And when I finally wipe those little fools, who helped me spread my influence worldwide off the soles of my boots, every man, woman, and child will be forced to buy Touhou 20: Mycelial Proctocracy from MY Official digital storefront! And then I will crush the Big Red once and for all!
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>By adapting the tales of his journeys into a series of video games of our own
>his journeys
>Reimu was Wario the whole time
at last I truly see
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>And then I will crush the Big Red once and for all!
No, you are the Big Red now. Even the mustache.
What if Wario has secretly been one of the oldest 2hu doujin artists?  He's drawn art in his games before, and he wouldn't let a moneymaking opportunity like that slip by.
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What if Wario has secretly been the oldest of scarlet sisters?
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Probably not, but his vampire/vampire bat forms in some of the Wario Land games are likely inspired by his time in Gensokyo.  From this, we can identify that he at least visited the Scarlet Devil Mansion while he was there, and probably before the implementation of the spell card system at that.
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Hmmmm, in Super Mario 69 you chase rabbits in the aquifer/basement/dungeon.
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