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Post about any 2hu fangames you find interesting.
For example, Yuuka's game: YuuYuu Jitenshi no Yuukarin
Fun (although frustating at times) 2D platformer starring the Flower Master.
https://mega.nz/file/ZqogkJSL#6yBIV3sx9f4oXjVJvxbu00Fr54xG_K4VwWqOOOX1KTA (version 1.1.0)
https://mega.nz/file/QcwFVCJL#nxNpKLSHq0puK7QYux8lCXOCs7yq4MSCUFfCxoaZEVs (version 2.0.0)
The M&B Warband mod is pretty fun if you like that game. There's a story mode that is pretty cool but jank. You can play normally too. It lets you get pretty stupidly powerful, but the other leaders are similarly strong.
Blooming Chaos 2 is fun. It plays like Nuclear Throne I guess? It's one of those sorts of games. You get items that you keep between runs though, and there are stats and levels that stay between runs as well. Lots of dlc iirc, but I don't think it's horribly pricey. Perfectly fine without it too. You could probably pirate it anyway.

I think it'd be neat to make a fangame, but I don't have any related skills.
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From the touhou game jam https://itch.io/jam/touhou-jam-7/entries I liked Flower
s in the Sky (stg) and 5500000KILO~遥遥550万公里 (FTL but made in 2 days).
Soundtrack for Flowers in the Sky: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1VPPagnjv_w
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Koumajou Densetsu II Stranger’s Requiem, or "Touhouvania 2" for short, is a Castlevania-esque fangame where you play as Sakuya. The artstyle is great and the gameplay isn't bad either. I believe you can find the English patched version for free in archive.org somewhere. I wouldn't bother too much with the first one since the second one has a lot more polish to it. Also, hard mode is really difficult.
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Not exactly a 2hu fangame, but still very much a 2hu fangame.
>Death Palette: Prismriver Sister From Another Mister
Tags: femdom, snuff
That game has a really cool TAS on nicovideo, real hentai movements.
Touhou mother -- is a neat touhou and earthbound delirative... derelative... secondary work, has an english translation by vgboy/vgperson, and a neat walkthrough by the developer himself on nicovideo. It used to had a really fun walkthrough on translator's youtube channel, but youtube being youtube, the entire channel one day went puff without a warning.

Fantasy Explorer Nitroid -- an open world 2d puzzle platformer. This game requires balls of steel to play. Has a nice letsplay by raocow, a guy famous for his love of selftorture, probably because he became famous by ripping a nicovideo letsplay of vip mario 2, another game for true masochists. The music in this game is really good.

Megamari -- touhou megaman. Game by Tasogare Frontier. A megaman game with a very small hitbox feels surprisingly good. I never got past Suika in it. It has an interesting speedrunning tool for it written in asm somewhere on touhouwiki, it allows recording replays for this game.

There was some danmaku platformer, forgot the name of it, where you played as Marisa and waited for a chance to get closer to touhous to beat the shit out of them with your broom. There are a lot of danmakufu scripts, of various quality. There was that yukkurihead game, first level looked really epic, after that the wow factor got to the usual doujin quality.

Rigurui -- or リグルイ -- a cozy sfw visual novel about Wriggle. I thought it was a thriller at first, lol. I don't think it was translated yet.

Touhou Kenchinroku -- a really fun series of visual novels about an adult video cameraman getting gapped into Gensoukyou. Art quality is kind of meh in the first game, but in the second and third it can rival professional works. Writing is also really fun. It seems the author realized that drawing doujinshi is easier and pays about as much, which is why he stopped making games.
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Touhou Luna Nights is probably the best fan game i've played in a while. Its a metroidvania where you play as Sakuya and the gimmick is that you can freeze time for short amounts. I had a good time with it.
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Just played this. I had a couple issues with it. Every boss after the first and before the last is trivial, but you're still stuck in the fight because of modern jap style HP bloat. Marisa took more tries only because of one attack that feels random if you make it through or not. The camera locks when you freeze time in boss arenas which is fucking gay. Unlike the new Metroid every subweapon is on a wheel but you can fortunately select different ones on the pause menu. It also felt like the controls kept locking me facing the wrong direction but that could just be my shitty controller. I made it to the TLB, but it seems to follow the bouhou formula to a T. I'm not sure if I want to finish it because of this. (Basically it's really annoying unless you do a dumb grind after getting all the items. Most of the youtube videos on it even use cheat engine for the last fight.) Overall I'd say it's alright. I guess it is the best fan game I've played in a while but that's a low bar to clear. IGN 7/10.
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Did a run of it gaining as little xp as possible and it wasn't too difficult. You can tell the extra stage and boss were patched together later, especially in the final battle. The double gohei is ultra bs because the safe spot will be either at the center or side depending on the relation of the attack start point to the camera position and it does a lot of damage. One of the other patterns can be simply ducked. The way 2 attacks are added too the already long cycle as you take out health means you're likely to not see the final one at all if you've been leveling normally. I edited the save file to do a level 1 boss rush no items or upgrades and it's quite the marathon doing everything without iframe abuse or time stop spam, even if it's a marathon up to those last patterns and the final boss HP. At that point it's just stupid, it's like they forgot everything they did up to then.
I feel like the facing worked quite well, it feels natural after a point and I don't shoot facing the wrong way anymore.
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Don't have much exposure to fan games but this is the one I've been most occupied with lately, Suwapyon 2. I didn't know any 3D shmups existed
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Just finished Reimus Awesome Holiday with the good ending.For every time it makes an awful joke, there's one where it gets going and it's cool.
Its description says that it's like SNES Final Fantasy games and I don't know how accurate that is, but it's certainly a typical RPG: there's pointless easy generic enemies with long animations, RPG Maker stealth, nonobvious things you need to do for bonus items and information, battle system that can be abused by spamming defend to regenerate faster than with items, obligatory walking sections. It's bad, but not too bad. There's auto health regeneration after battle, little backtracking, you get extra abilities as the story progresses rather than having to level, you're usually told what you're supposed to do and don't just wander randomly. So it kind of drags on but not too much and gets back to the story before it gets boring.
The main reason to play this is if you want to participate in a Touhou story in a way you don't in a shooting game. Sometimes it's really bad, sometimes it's really good, sometimes it's whatever. I thought it evened out overall and paid attention, and I felt the plot made sense, which are things I almost never say about game stories.
I know I couldn't figure out at least 3 secrets, but don't think the game is good enough that I want to replay it to get them anytime soon.
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>western trash recommends western trash
Replies: >>467
TouHou Pants Contest
Great blogpost!
Thanks dude.

Ooh I took a great shit today.
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Yeah, danmaku in VR has to be cool
The worst thing is that the dev started an extra stage, added a hard mode, and rebalancing stuff, but I don't see anything about rewriting dialogue in the patch. Adding new content when the existing one needs so much work. Everyone does that now, they acknowledge how bad it is when the game crashes, but not how much better it is to have a scene that's on its second draft over two on their first.
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Replies: >>491 >>493
Shit, it's Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Yuuka but I thought it was Computer Based Training with Yuuka Kazami
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I prefer this one, though.
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I don't.
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Replies: >>1277 >>1405
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>Helping Okuu remember a vehicle
>Do you remember if it can maintain the speeds of 100 km/h?
Sasuga, Satori
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Oku a cutie.
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This game looks cool
The beta version will be released this Reitaisai

Replies: >>1838
I remember seeing some early gameplay footage a few years back on one of the older /2hu/ iterations. Glad it's getting a release.
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PowerWash Simulator: Ero-NEET Flan-chan DLC
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Fumo Racing??

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Please buy this game and share it with me.
東方エンブレム RJ157155
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I think I asked you, mfers, to wake me up when this was translated.
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Wake up, Mystia's Izakaya has been translated.
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uh i just acquired it do you want it
don't think anyone uploaded the new dlc yet
also check out this funny jellyfish
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I already got it.
Sonanoka is srs bzns
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How the fuck am I supposed to eat resin, you dumb fuck nigger-rabbit?
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