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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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TOURNAMENT STARTS AT MARCH 23RD, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20240323T20 

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUAWAKENING
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/KS4EWGAMZL#/signup/r6sdsoi3ztc
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with here. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.


Full installation: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ulje2arv05zjbg/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_%252B_Full_Unlock_%252B_SokuRoll_%252B_SWRSToys_%252B_Tensokukan.zip/file
Modpack: https://mega.nz/file/m5ghXYLQ#waa_R8bY-JmApb3Xia__6MetYdKddmCk39QwkJEGlGc

Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 

To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.

Wiki: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

This is a central thread for posting information about the game and hosting games. Players are encouraged to get in as much practice as they can before the event - by hosting games or joining them. As always, feel free to ask questions about the game.
Replies: >>11662

-If final player count is below 26 players, the event will be a Best of 3, Double Elimination contest. Otherwise, it will be a Best of 3, Single Elimination contest.
-Use autopunch as a host when forwarding ports is impossible. Try to mention that it's used in the thread in case of connection failures - for some players, autopunch may simply not work. Link for non-modpack games here - https://github.com/delthas/autopunch
-Streamer is likely to be autistic, please put up with him.
-Take it easy.


From previous tournaments, there are some things that we've learned regarding the setup. Therefore, all participants are asked to get a couple things ready for when something inevitably goes wrong.


As spectating is unreliable at best, it's best to automatically save replays (enable in options). After the match, one of the players must upload the replays (found in Hisoutensoku\replay) and then give strmfag the link. This will let everyone see your matches on strm.


If you can't host, get autopunch (https://github.com/delthas/autopunch ; full installation already has this); both players need this. It will likely not function on a work network or an old router, so keep that in mind. If the participants fail to have a game until the winner is needed for the next round, it will be decided by concede or coinflip.


If a player is absent during the first round, his match is skipped until the rest of the matches within the round are done. If he's not there by then, he's counted as a bye and his opponent advances in the bracket. Same applies to later rounds. Don't hold everyone up.

Game mechanics and character summaries:
Tournament starts in 3 weeks, so everyone will have ample time to start practicing the game and shaking off the rust. As usual, I will not be participating in the tournament, but will try to host a lot throughout those 3 weeks. Let's beat up 2hus!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>12128
I'll start hosting games in 8 hours.
Games up:

You can also use ZeroTier as an attempt to bypass inability to port forward. It's janky, inferior to Autopunch and not recommended. But the option's there.
GGs, Suika. Keep practicing and you'll get a lot better! Host is now on break; be back in a bit!
Replies: >>11504
weird that the connection was this sluggish
Replies: >>11505
please, next time the connection acts up, post in the thread about it
it's possible to increase the delay from 4 to 6 to decrease connection issues at the cost of worse input timings
sokuroll is just that good
the host is wondrously back up:
Replies: >>11507 >>11508
I'm bad at this
My fingers tired out
Was fun
Replies: >>11510
I dont even have the time for practice but I'll still show up just for that one match against that one alice we once promised.
Replies: >>11510
GGs Cirno! Cirno is a hard character to play as because without good combos, she deals like no damage. Practice and you'll figure it out!
I had fun too!
venezuela moment
make time for practice anyways, it's 3 whole weeks

Host down for now, up again soon (30 mins-ish)
Replies: >>11511
She is quite fast though.
Just need to get dodging going.
Also noticed that the floatiness is an advantage.
Do wonder how to get combos in general. Especially with Cirno. She does seem to have the capability, I just wish the skill cards I use were her standard moves. They are ideal but it's stupid that only the lvl2 dash card unlocks the move midair.
Replies: >>11512 >>11516
I can't into Cirno, but here is some material that will help quite a bit if you lab - https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Cirno
There should also be some youtube tutorials as the d*scord community tends to make a ton of those (too lazy to look up right now)
I will aim to host many games in the coming days; you'll have time to make gains
[Hide] (589.1KB, 1000x1000)
host up once again:
host up here too
Replies: >>11519 >>11540
[Hide] (291.1KB, 728x712)
GGs Youm. I'm too tired to continue today; more hosts tomorrow. I seem to have throttled you much harder than usual. Were you tired?

In any case, I'll host more tomorrow!
[Hide] (28.1MB, 384x288, 02:08)
warning: this game does not reflect the skill level of both parties
that is to say we were both fucking blasted

check https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Resources#Cirno for primordial wisdom
Replies: >>11517
>dash into dial A
works every time
Replies: >>11518
[Hide] (11.8MB, 480x360, 05:06)
you know it
Replies: >>11647
Replies: >>11521
Tell me if it didn't connect.
Replies: >>11522
Fug I didn't look at the time posted, anyone else can join.
up for 30 min.
Replies: >>11524 >>11526
it dropped for some reason
up again getin
ggs suikaman, I can't believe there is another good (tentatve) player in the thread
you need better defense more than I do
more hosts soon
Replies: >>11527
GGs anon, very fun games.
I apologies for the connection, need to figure out what is wrong on my end.
Defense requires me to used brain anon.
Unfortunately I don't play soku with my brain on.
Replies: >>11528
understandable have a nice day
[Hide] (75.7KB, 380x391)
Any host in australian region? or anywhere else if you don't mind playing some delay 8 games
Replies: >>11530 >>11567
[Hide] (39.4KB, 512x512)
delay on hosds :DDDD pls anderstand :DDDD


Replies: >>11534
lags like fuck
time for delay 6
I'm sorry I don't know what's happening
GGs, thanks for games, I'm sorry for the lag; likely causes include bad internet or a spectator from uganda

more to the point, I LANDED A PERVERT SPARK


more hosts soon
big gg
it's like the internet is being beamed directly into my brain
Replies: >>11537
[Hide] (8MB, 2880x3840)
soku is really really fun!!!!!
please consider hosting in thread for practice for others; I'm not around to host 24/7 around the clock
you may get more fun games
Replies: >>11538
the port forwarding overloads took my ports from me.
I'll get around to fixing them sometime
Replies: >>11539
[Hide] (2MB, 1500x2100)
alright! we have a youmu main who also hosts occasionally; watch out for him as well!
hosts down for now; back up soon!
Alright finished editing some shit, my shift starts now. Host up.
Replies: >>11541
Host down, ggs. back tomorrow.

[Hide] (924.4KB, 1100x800)
GGs Namesarehard! I'm really glad you're back, I was worried no names from the past tourneys were gonna show up because it's been too long!

I need a small break of 10-30 minutes. Then hosts can resume!

komachi is slow as always; use bullets somehow to compensate; doing melee/bullets in certain ranges isn't safe
Replies: >>11550
[Hide] (804.2KB, 850x1290)
GGs. I wouldn't of disappeared if my ports would just fucking work with soku again, I've been trying to fix this for almost a year at this point.

>komachi is slow as always; use bullets somehow to compensate; doing melee/bullets in certain ranges isn't safe
I try my best, but you're just too quick on the draw for most things I attempt. It doesn't help that I can't input correctly to save my life. I managed to get one round on you in 21 games. Next time I'll take two.
Replies: >>11551
Have you tried autopunch from the modpack? It should bypass the ports requirement entirely. My install has it, so if you want to test it, I'm down.
Replies: >>11552
I've tried it, but I haven't managed to get it to work on linux.
Replies: >>11553
If you're really desperate, you could try to see if you can dualboot/VM/Wine into it. There is no way a Linux can't do something about it.
Replies: >>11554
I'll figure something out before the tournament, even if it is busting out my old laptop. back up
Replies: >>11556
Ggs! That probably was my lowest local winrate ever...
Replies: >>11557
You'll get better! Keep practicing and you will make it!

Host is up again!
GGs Iku. Intense games, I need more practice with Iku's range. She's a really fun opponent. 

Host on break!
Replies: >>11559
ggs marisa fag
I'm happy with the way the Iku matches went.
Any advice if you don't mind? I still don't know how to approach marisa most of the time other than spamming j2a or 6c spam.
Replies: >>11560
From what I can tell, playing Iku aggressively is very, very tricky. Your ranges at attack and defense depend on being
1) airborne
2) 90 degrees from your opponent
so that you can land your j.2a and spam j.6c as needed. 
Most of what I did was look for openings, then try to catch j.6c's OR force a knockdown in some way, then rush in like mad while you're on the ground hoping to meme in some way. Those are your two use cases you wanna watch out for and lower instances of happening, should you wish to play better on defense. 
As for attack, I seriously don't know. You already do fine, you've scored a lot of games and lots of games I won were very very close. I don't really have enough matchup experience against Iku to say more. There's more skilled players here - I've played a good Suika and a good Youmu here lately. Consider catching them and playing them if you wish to improve your game. It might help in some way.
Replies: >>11561
>I've played a good Suika and a good Youmu here lately.
I would liked to but I can't host and in case of youmufag, it's the timezone fug.

>should you wish to play better on defense
Yeah that is one of my biggest issues right now, I just hate being on defense as iku. She's 
 slow like molasses so it's hard to escape
Replies: >>11562
try autopunch
no way it doesnt work for you too
Replies: >>11563
Well let's try it; autopunch hosting for 1 hour
Replies: >>11564
I tried connecting and it says failed to connect
for the record I'm running autopunch too
Replies: >>11566
thx for testing.
I'll just be waiting here because I can't host ;_;
Replies: >>11582
Fear pls how did you even find this place
Replies: >>11568
What fear?
I'm pretty sure that was suwakofag, most likely on vpn.
Replies: >>11569
Replies: >>11570
Well uhhh I can't host. You'll need to host for me, since I can't even host with auto punch
Replies: >>11571
uhhhhhhh ok 
welcome to 2hu i guess
>I can't host & can't port forward + autopunch doesnt work combo
1) Get ZEROTIER https://www.zerotier.com/ (it's like tuungle but NOT GAY) (if win7 or win8 download older version)
2) join public network 8286ac0e47a9e199
3) ensure the other party is using zerotier too
4) use PROVIDED IP (format: 10.147.20.*) + port to HOST GAME
you mean hamachi?
I'm actually considering it.
linux tho
Replies: >>11574
it is a version of hamachi that's not gay yes
I'm hosting on ZeroTier as means of testing the network.

1) get ZeroTier
2) join public network 8286ac0e47a9e199
3) connect to
Replies: >>11581 >>11637
I instantly regret not sticking to debian or arch based.
>ZeroTier One on GitHub

>ZeroTier One can be compiled easily from source for use on OSes other than those that we support via pre-built packages. This includes less common versions of Linux, older FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.

Replies: >>11578 >>11637
Same shit, also I don't know how to use that one
Replies: >>11579
well figure it out I'll leave pc on for you to connect and AFK
Oh, another hostless poor soul. I feel you.
I just registered as werner_v. What exactly are you guys using for netplay? I'm still using the old sokuroll loader. My port is forwarded btw.
Replies: >>11587
The game pack still has Sokuroll 1.6, so we're using that. Guiroll is kinda gay desu back up
excuse me, 1.3
closed for now
Whats the difference?
host up again
Replies: >>11593
Down. GGs komafag. I had to remember what the hell I was doing there.
Replies: >>11594
[Hide] (91.2KB, 850x692)
GGs, I could tell by the way I managed to win a game.
games up
Replies: >>11597
ggs bun
games still up
gg I fuckin died
Replies: >>11598
[Hide] (199.7KB, 1280x720, 00:09)
Replies: >>11599
Net dead?
Replies: >>11601
Yes. Sorry, internet cut out. Host up again same ip.
gggs more hosts in an hour or two

Replies: >>11603
Ggs, I can't believe I jobbed to le frog...
How do I even deal damage as Aya? Every hit I land is so light, even spellcards except that huge tornado for 5, and I get twice as much damage for every my hit.
Replies: >>11604
aya is an advanced character, you're correct that she deals almost no damage but her compensation for it is ridiculous speed in the right hands
we had an aya main here one time who would 100% destroy me every time and he would bitch about aya's damage every time given the chance
at ~2k damage from one combo I cannot blame him
>how to deal damage
blockstrings for pressing, combos for damage, converting spellcards into damage when proper; it's that way for every character, aya just deals less
you're early enough in the game to switch out for something else, but if you wish to tread the path of thorns, a wiki may be of help

Replies: >>11605
I guess I just have to learn how to utilize this speed then.
>you're early enough in the game to switch out for something else
Consider it waifugaming, since she sucks hard in PoFV. I tried playing Okuu, and at first she was better, but now I have even less idea what to do with her during the fight, so I think if I want to learn about the game Aya is a better choice.
Replies: >>11606
I'll add this - fundamentals of this game are (mostly) shared across (most) characters. Timings are mostly the same, skillcard inputs (236 623 etc) are 90% shared and catching people during openings is almost the same across all characters. Take someone like Reisen as a second character to practice the fundamentals. How to approach, when to approach, how and when to bullet and (most importantly), how and when to press. Aya is just too gimmicky in my opinion and Reisen's bullets will give you enough wiggle room while retaining the main game plan of "hit in melee until kill" that Aya has.
Replies: >>11616
Replies: >>11609 >>11610
Any hosts?
Are you on giu or sokuroll?
Replies: >>11611
>ded host
SR 1.3 always 
>was playing but player d/c
Replies: >>11612
Connection failed wtf
Replies: >>11613
stop fucking lagging
I delay 6 now
now playing (lag)
Replies: >>11619
>Only one host
welcome to hel
I try my best 
use zerotier or autopunch if cant portfwd
[Hide] (14.2KB, 313x185)
How the fuark this captcha is incorrect?
I like tight melee more than bulletfights. I'll try to memorize some combos for now, I regularly see many lost opportunities that I'm too slow to react blindly.
Replies: >>11617 >>11618
On linux
see bottom tier
Oh nevermind I'm retarded this time. But I'm sure I was right 10 times before! Seems my NAT kills even ability to post there.
can we try guiroll instead? no idea what's with the lag, is it spectators joining or something
the one game i had on guiroll was pretty much flawless and the ms wasn't too different from yours
also holy shit this captcha
>we have 2 russians now
Now if only wally would come back
ok getting guiroll
>cant portfw SEND HELP SEND
modpack has UPnPNat - it auto port forwards
enable the mod by removing a semicolon in front of it in SWRSToys.ini 

getting guiroll one moment (its not in the modpack :^) )
Replies: >>11624 >>11631
[Hide] (4KB, 410x102)
Ayafag banner this
Oh wow, I thought UPnP was active by default. Hosted with "test" hostmessage, I'm still not sure if it will work because I still have no router to UPnP, say if you can't connect.
Replies: >>11625
>Failed to connect
Replies: >>11627
downloaded giuroll from https://github.com/Giufin/giuroll/releases/download/0.6.14/giuroll_0_6_14.zip 
commented out SR 1.3 in SWRSToys and commented in giuroll
hosting with GR
[Hide] (14.5KB, 317x201)
And what's wrong with this?
Anticipated result. Try one last time, maybe it'll work now.
Replies: >>11628 >>11817
Nope wtf, i even updated giuroll too.
Just tell the kimemaru to turn off captcha for posts
Replies: >>11632
Replies: >>11630
Isnt it cause you're playing a russian? maybe he's in the same building
>try to host with upnp
>comment it in
>failed make sure you opened your ports
Problems are on my side, and I even have a theory what's going on. Seems that real host IP (if it is even hosted) and IP that mod grabs are simply different, as my IPS gives every new connection new external IP. Half of hosts via guiroll also don't work for some reason.
Replies: >>11633
Capital. Can we play now?
Replies: >>11634
I'm afraid not, it's not in my power to fix this. You can try hosting via guiroll but highly likely it will result in connection failure.
GGs name, back in 5-10 minutes
this connection was AWESOME, no delay at all
switching from giuroll back to sokuroll 1.3!
Replies: >>11636
bumping it to 1-2 frames might fix occasional stutters as well, shouldn't feel too different from 0 frames anyway in terms of inputs
Replies: >>11637
>can't host because no port forward + autopunch doesnt work!
Use ZeroTier. 
>im on linux and what is this
Get it working. Instructions are in that post.

sure, but I'll keep hosting with SR 1.3 because it's in the modpack
if you request GR specifically before the match though, I'll switch
Replies: >>11641 SR 1.3
Replies: >>11639 >>11643
Dead? Playing?
Replies: >>11640
gg; someone joined for one game then left (it was laggy)
game's up again
Nigger those are build instructions not how to host games
Replies: >>11642
download zerotier it works for windows form the site idk
So what just happened? How did I use 5cost card right at the start of the round? Are lasers grazeable? I understand even less now.
>How did I use 5cost card right at the start of the round?
mountain smething; obscures all cards and ignores their cost (so you can use 5cost card while having 1 card)
> Are lasers grazeable?
Replies: >>11646
[Hide] (102KB, 525x442)
wakeup into jump up escape goes hard
Ggs! How do I deal with these blockstrings, aside from "just don't get into them lol"? Or rather, how do blocking even work? Ok, some moves (that damned broom) are unblockable in air, but sometimes block just doesn't even work for any attack at all.
>Y E S
So why my skill dashes didn't graze through both master spark and usual lazer? Frame-perfect input so graze stops right before exiting the danger zone?
Replies: >>11647
>How do I deal with these blockstrings, aside from "just don't get into them lol"?
see >>11518
tl;dw when you pressure your opponent, you don't have to defend
if you hit first, you don't have to worry about getting hit
but to escape, use Border Escapes and tricky things like finding gaps to hit out of pressure (rare) or highjumping up at times (not that rare)
>Or rather, how do blocking even work?
blocking lets you stop all damage if you block a melee strike correctly
wrongblocking is blocking a melee high attack with low block (hold down-backwards) or blocking low attack with high (hold backwards) - it costs you an orb and leaves you in block longer
blocking bullets eats your spirit bar regardless
my objective for guardcrushing you is making you block a lot of bullets and watch for cases where you wanna get out
>sometimes block just doesn't even work for any attack at all.
there is some recovery time after some skills such as domination dash in which you are unable to block
keep those things in mind as you play
>So why my skill dashes didn't graze through both master spark and usual lazer?
some skills offer graze frames, which confer invulnerability to bullet moves; however, they are just frames; there's only a short period, so what happens is if I time it right, you run out of that period and get hit
use flight (or dashes) instead maybe
Hosting at, sokuroll
Replies: >>11649 >>11654
Replies: >>11652
>Be aware that one cannot block during the 5 frame startup of a jump
Ooohh, so that's what happened. Time to lurk frame data...
game restarted, host up again. Hopefully that fixes the slowdowns
Replies: >>11653 >>11655
Sorry, net died. Should we try with sokuroll on?
ggs anon, some close games
host closed
Ggs, gonna take a break, will return in ~30 minutes. At least now my attacks aren't one-hits every time.
[Hide] (398.1KB, 615x278)
Oh wow, Aya actually has damage. In a way... For 5 cards... If you're lucky... I still don't get how to contol Illusionary Dominance consistenly. Or at all. Seems that mashing left-right increases altitude, and not mashing decreases, but frequency is still a mystery. Even during shitty attempt though I get 2500-3000 damage, and that's a lot compared to other moves and their difficulty.
Hopefully this works:
I might as well
At work, so the connection might be quite trippy.
>>11497 (OP) 
Is there a nude mod for this game like mbaacc does? asking for my coworkers
Replies: >>11663
"no" up
Replies: >>11664
wanna do giuroll?
Replies: >>11665
nice reimu playssssss
ggs back up
barely awake games
Replies: >>11669 >>11671
Fuck that aurora...
Replies: >>11670
ggs, work on escaping pressure and your own pressure
aya has the tools
in some way
Replies: >>11671
Ggs! New day, new whatthefuckisgoingon questions. How game decides if it should rotate character towards the enemy in flight? That's extremely important for Aya but I still haven't figured out the mechanic, so many of my aerial inputs end up reversed.
Mountain vapor ruined my spellcards TWICE.  And once right before I was about to slice you with Illusionary Dominance...
Replies: >>11672 >>11673
When did I become unknowncountry anyways?
Replies: >>11673
one question at a time lets gooo
>How game decides if it should rotate character towards the enemy in flight?
first it checks if you are in an active frame of a move (melee. bullet, flight, dash, etc), then it waits for you to go out of it; once you're in a neutral position, after a set amount of time, your character is reoriented to your opponent
I'm not sure on the exact timings, but it's probably something really fast like 4 frames
it works the same during wakeup too I think
to reiterate; you cannot rotate during airdash or flight; you have to let go of flight into airborne neutral state to reorient towards opponent
>Mountain vapor
this is a meme because all 5 of your spellcard slots are filled no matter what during this, so you can check if your ? card is a spellcard by pressing card input when your spellcard would work and when your skillcard wouldn't
it's funny when you pull off a 5 card with 0 cards in stock and it just werks
there must be 3 russians in this thread now; one Koisneed, one name/whatever and then there's me
I'm getting duplicated hhheheheh
it lagged at the start so I did delay 6
my pressure is randomly generated and you still get hit by it
ggs try evasion

host still up
Replies: >>11677 >>11681
[Hide] (410KB, 850x1754)
GGs. I tried my hardest yet I only managed to get one round in 10 games. I'll make it 2 rounds next time. Hopefully our connection is better next time

It's kinda hard to dodge when every few seconds everything skips forward 10-15 frames.
Replies: >>11678
git gud scrubbbbbbbbbbbb
Replies: >>11679
Considering how you seemed completely unaffected by the horrible connection I suppose it was a skill issue. This is what I get for mostly sticking to singleplayer games over the years.
Replies: >>11680
goal of game is to make opponent stop attacking you by slamming melee+bullets into their block repeatedly
find out how to do that and you won't get wombo combo'd so much (you'll start winning games)
maybe host some games to do that idk
can play on GR if you're still looking
Replies: >>11683
Ggs! I hate typhoon from the bottom of my heart! I'm literally a step from taking four 1card spellcards just to make it go on sight.
Replies: >>11683
I wasn't looking, GGs host on break
I landed some pervert sparks, really happy about that, good practice
tip of the day: consider using BE up (input: hold downward (2) then flight twice while blocking) to escape pressure; it goes really high up really fast
downsides: it costs an orb and needs to be timed but you go so high up that it's a real pain to catch 
typhoon broomrides heheheh
Replies: >>11684
Actually, I tried to do this, but I thought it is done like usual highjump. By flight you mean graze button?
Also, is it actually possible to land a counterhit through blockstun? There were several moment when you ran out of spirit and I had like 1-2 orbs, and one time I even smacked you. Was that you slowpoking on pressure or actual opportunities?
Replies: >>11685
>By flight you mean graze button?
Yes, the very same.
>Also, is it actually possible to land a counterhit through blockstun?
Counterhits are awarded when you land a move while opponent is either flying, (air)dashing, jump/highjumping or attacking. It is not possible to counterhit an opponent while they are in blockstun. If you want to check, go to practice and set weather to Dust Storm (100% counterhits), then check when this happens.
>There were several moment when you ran out of spirit and I had like 1-2 orbs, and one time I even smacked you. Was that you slowpoking on pressure or actual opportunities?
Hitting your opponent when they have no spirit orbs left is ideal, but not often possible because of the battle situation. Rightblocked melee will deal no spirit orb damage when blocked, only wrongblocked melee, blocked bullets amd certain grazed bullets do spirit damage afaik. Read the wiki for more.
GGs again 
did yu rike it
Replies: >>11688
Ggs. Again fuarking broom doing thing it shouldn't do. Is it specific blockbreaking broom attack? Because it really doesn't look like low-positioned attack.
>did yu rike it
Well, I landed some mini-combos, and in about half of rounds halved your HP, that's some progress. I really should practice evading 
 your combos at all, they're super long and painful.
Replies: >>11689
which broom theres like 3
Replies: >>11690
The one that is wrongblocked with high block, it looks just like usual broomhit to me. Looked up that in the wiki, apparently that's 3A.
Replies: >>11691
>Is it specific blockbreaking broom attack?
it does hit low, yes
wrongblock = 1 orb of damage 
im hostin, im hostin
Replies: >>11693 >>11694
Ggs, Youmu's combos (especially usual AAAA) hit even harder than Marisa's.
GG ayafag. Good stuff going on, but PLEASE BLOCK UNDER PRESSURE. I know it is an aya main's god given right to mash but if you just blocked and border escaped more you might take a lot less damage. 

Also consider studying some block strings and combos from here cause your pressure is decent but you might be able to tighten things up with these:
Replies: >>11695
[Hide] (12KB, 1125x147)
Easier said than done, really. Either It's framedata issue and Aya sucks here, or my mental issue, because I definitely block but your attacks somehow are faster than my blocks.
I tried some combos, but aside from very first basic one (50% fail to input 2B correctly) I fail to execute them miserably. And half of them require highjump, and that's another huge filter for me as it takes way too much time to do it. Practice makes perfect anyways, I hope my fine motor skills will improve with time.
Replies: >>11696 >>11697
>Easier said than done
Really I'm talking about when you mash A when I'm staggering some 4a attacks. Mashing can be easily baited that way, so it's good respond by changing things up when you see it. Yes you WILL sometimes win the encounter with a mash out, but if your opponent sees you doing that they CAN fuck you over for it. So, be sneaky.

> I fail to execute them miserably
Practice mode. Add one move at a time until you figure it out. Then attempt on CPU player. We were all there once. You need at least one easy corner combo and one midscreen combo, and ideally a few strings. Just pick whatever werks for you and keep at it.
Replies: >>11698
jumping after any bullet gives you superjump automatically, no need to do down input
i assume that's what you mean by it taking too much time
Replies: >>11698
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1091x673)
>Really I'm talking about when you mash A when I'm staggering some 4a attacks
Aren't those stackable? I mean, one hit and I'm already stunned and can't block anymore, mashing A is for cases when you'd want to continue that stun with some unreasonably slow move (well, not really a smart idea, yeah).
>You need at least one easy corner combo and one midscreen combo, and ideally a few strings
Combos and blockstrings aren't interchangeable? 
Oooh, so that's why. That makes thing a little bit less complicated. These highjump consequences still take superplayer level of precision, gonna muscle memorize them harder.
Replies: >>11700
[Hide] (140.4KB, 992x443)
Can’t guarantee i’ll make it this time but I know I came once to go 0-2 and hope to do so again
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2048x2048)
>I mean, one hit and I'm already stunned and can't block anymore
I'm staggering during block strings. As in, you successfully blocked and can keep blocking, but you are now in blockstun. I stagger some 4As or go for a 3A with basically no risk (if timed properly), but if you mash from blockstun you're going to potentially get full combo'd (If I don't fuck up. Which I will sometimes.) As I said before, it is possible to get away with this sometimes, and it's worth trying, but when you see it getting countered you need to respond. There is similar mental gymnastics involved for mashing in hitstun too. You need to be considering what's better: gambling on "mash out of hitstun" or simply holding block and getting back into blockstun if they fuck up their string. To make it clear

>Mash out of hitstun:
+success can decide the game if your opponent is low on health
+can open up the opponent to a big combo if they are asleep at the wheel
-hard to react, usually you will just get a small attack and then keep getting hit
-can lead to counter hit, causing attacks to deal more damage than if you just afk'd
-might not even hit, it's a gamble

>Block out of hitstun:
+Safe, there is no real consequence to attempting it 
+Increases your options on success. You can border escape, attempt to right block all your opponents attacks, reversal card, OR mash (later)
+Your opponent can still fuck up or whiff, and you can then punish them for it because you might not even be in blockstun
-If you block too much your opponent will guard crush you, so you must learn your options to block effectively.
[Hide] (90.4KB, 788x591)
Anyone hosting?
games upppp!!
GGs Suwakofag, intense games. Approaching Suwako is a pain, but it worked out somehow. On break now, it really was some quality soku.
Replies: >>11705
ggs anon, Was fun while it lasted.
Replies: >>11706
I'll host more soon, watch out for it.
Replies: >>11707
[Hide] (20.4KB, 500x600)
Well, my thumb got sore as always after soku, so I just spectate this time.
also is there anyone in the australian region? I wanted to see what delay 1 feels like.
Replies: >>11708
I don't think there was anyone else when I was playing, but if someone's there to prove me wrong, I'd be happier for it. Can't believe I did an aussie waco today!
Replies: >>11709
I must ask though, how the hell do we get delay 4? it's freaking Russian to New Zealand, it's physically not possible
Replies: >>11710
SokuRoll 1.3 Technology utilizes famous TimeTrack packet management system to ensure stable connection with the power of time travel. It doesn't matter how upside down the destination is, there is no lag.
Replies: >>11711
that explanation got a good laugh out of me. up
Replies: >>11714
wanna do GR?
Replies: >>11715
fuuuu ok sure
rehosting with GR in a sec
Replies: >>11716
more gams from me tomorrow
Anyone wants to try zerotier?
Replies: >>11720
I can host/connect through zerotier just to test if it works. Won't play tho
Replies: >>11721
Ok let's at least test it, joined 8286ac0e47a9e199 and hosted with sokuroll.
Replies: >>11722 >>11723
You'll have to post your network IP with that first, which is . Joining...
Replies: >>11724
Your host works. I've connected successfully.
Oh, ok then. Only network's owner can see other IPs?
Replies: >>11725
ZeroNet taskbar -> Right click it -> Show Networks -> SOKUNET -> Managed IP's -> 10.147.20.XXX/24

That is your network ip!
Replies: >>11726
I mean, only me and you (network's owner) can see it?
Replies: >>11727
Until you post it, that's correct. Network IP's aren't public, but I do have an administration panel that shows them. And you can access your network IP from the abovementioned menu.
Games? hosting
[Hide] (117.6KB, 850x813)
GGs, does that jumping slash give iframes? I swear that thing's instant as well.
Replies: >>11733
[Hide] (66.9KB, 600x600)
GG Komacher. I just remember 2a 6a is a HUEG block string mix up. It seemed like it was really working on you. Right blocking is hard, but possible. Focus, predict, react. I believe in you. 
The 623 is a dragon punch. Has melee invuln in the B version, graze in the C version.
Replies: >>11734 >>11735
>melee invuln in the B
But only after levelling it once. This is a detail that is important for me to know me, because B is pretty weak without invuln. If you have enough braincells to keep track of that, you may be able to get away with more ballsy aerial attacks in the first round because of this. Being aware could help you make gud decisions.
Replies: >>11735
[Hide] (38.9KB, 1103x166)
>It has frame 1 I-frames for melee
How the fuck am I meant to deal with that? The only thing I can think of is to be less obvious, but Komachi is slow and 623 covers a massive area in front of youmu. It being frame one also means I should even try to punish your attempts to wake up.

The head invulnerability is still huge. For example you used it during my 5a in game 10 completely ruining my attempt to punish what would normally be an opening.
Replies: >>11736
>How the fuck am I meant to deal with that?
It is not air unblockable. It has a long cooldown. In other words, jump in, block, land, punish. We'll try it next time, you'll see it's definitely a risky option for me if you know what to do to punish it. Yes, it forces you to be more careful with your air attacks.
Games? up
Replies: >>11739 >>11741
Uh, back yet?
Replies: >>11740
Sorry, I had to AFK for 4 mins at the start. GGs, that was 20 games. Host on a 15-30 min break, then more games!

I can't give any more advice other than learn how the game works. Pressure consists of blockstrings - efforts made to keep the enemy stunned in block and unable to do much other than defend - and combos, means of doing damage if opponent slips on the "defend" part. You were mostly doing domination dashes as damage, where aya's combos and blockstrings actually exist. Try to find them in practice mode and you'll improve.
Replies: >>11741 >>11743
Ggs. Highjump BEs totally don't work, it's either just cancels the block or escapes backwards/downwards. And combos still seem a little bit impossible, they require way too specific circumstances to execute. Not mentioning that you just smack me through your blockstun, how am I supposed to do it if half of my moves result in my disadvantage after hitting block?
Replies: >>11742 >>11744
>And combos still seem a little bit impossible, they require way too specific circumstances to execute.
I remember Aya's blockstrings being mostly melee into mixup (bullets (mostly B's) or more melee). The challenging part should be to get the timing right and apply it in high intensity games.
>Not mentioning that you just smack me through your blockstun, how am I supposed to do it if half of my moves result in my disadvantage after hitting block?
My 4a ground poke is fast, but aya can be faster. 
>Highjump BEs totally don't work, it's either just cancels the block or escapes backwards/downwards.
Alright get back in I'll demonstrate. Just hit me in melee I wil block -> BE.
Replies: >>11746
That wasnt me
Replies: >>11744
Sorry, mixed up flags.
The input is [during blockstun] Hold 2 -> Flight twice in a row (in practice, just mash)
Replies: >>11746 up again
Replies: >>11750
[Hide] (59.5KB, 755x819)
My blockstrings are rather weak (1 spirit orb damage, really?) and really strange in execution, I tried couple of times today but wasn't fast enough or something.
>My 4a ground poke is fast, but aya can be faster. 
I fail to see such move, my fastest are 4a and 2a, but they're just as fast but very situational.
But how it doesn't result in a missed hit and then a combo, if you don't input block simultaneously?

Rather, are there "failed" inputs in soku, e.g. you input too early and your input is fully ignored? I thought there was some buffer but lately I started to doubt it.
Replies: >>11747 >>11748
>Rather, are there "failed" inputs in soku, e.g. you input too early and your input is fully ignored? I thought there was some buffer but lately I started to doubt it.
Yes. It drops inputs like they're shitty seasonal animes
>My blockstrings are rather weak (1 spirit orb damage, really?) [...]
Watch some youtube videos alongside reading this to see a demonstration.
>But how it doesn't result in a missed hit and then a combo, if you don't input block simultaneously?
Opponents's goal is to keep you in blockstun for as long as they can.
Replies: >>11749
>Watch some youtube videos alongside reading this to see a demonstration.
If only links weren't dead...
>Opponents's goal is to keep you in blockstun for as long as they can.
Well, yes, but normally if I release the block key, I get smacked into the face, how so you release it and do a BE?
Replies: >>11753
Can we turn the delay up?
Replies: >>11751
its on 6
I'll make it 8
Replies: >>11752
Appreciate it
the only time when you'd want to release block is on 6 BE, the way to do it is inputting it during blockstun (after you block you enter blockstun for some frames depending on move that you blocked)
if you get hit when trying to do BE you either mistimed and tried to do it out of blockstun it or got hit with a melee move right after you did BE

if you want to see what aya play looks like just watch good players on youtube or https://sokureplays.delthas.fr/ and steal their tech. not all of it is going to apply to every matchup but i find it very helpful regardless
Replies: >>11754
Ggs Marisafag, get some rest.
Thanks for playing
Replies: >>11755
GGs malaysia man, laggy games but fun 
this would be a good idea however there are 0 hosts in the thread so 1 more
1 more shouldn't hurt right? up last for today
Replies: >>11757
I could host, been port forwarding sinceever it has been a thing.
But I'm a bit uncertain about posting my IP here.
Replies: >>11757 >>11758
theres 3 russians (racial bonus to hacking) in the thread
we will surely obtain your credit card information if you so much as breathe here, so worrying about posting your IP here is irrelevant
still up
Replies: >>11758 >>11763
Are you the reimu or alicefag?
Don't worry these guys are too busy dodging the draft to risk hacking you.
Wait who's the third?
Replies: >>11759 >>11763
the dude who keeps asking me to host using giuroll (I don't hate that)
controller stopped working up againnnnnn
Replies: >>11761
>controller stopped working 
I miss the Serb.
Is Giu better?
Replies: >>11762
i'm the guy that uses it and i prefer it because i can play with randoms on it. swr sokuroll also makes win10 antivirus sperg out and that barely ever happens so i don't like that
in terms of netcode i assume they're nearly identical but i wouldn't really know; i had some lag with sokuroll but it might've been because of spectators
[Hide] (342.7KB, 792x624)
For some reason it didnt want to connect at first.
Okay, I guess I need to do something about those misinputs. 623 is really difficult to input for me for some reason.

I'm a Cirno user
Btw, fun few rounds. Too bad my fingers keep tiring out (and they always get cold for some reason)
GGs ice popscicle
sokuroll by default uses a delay 4 setting
what that means is that the inputs get recognized 4 frames after they are made
this REALLY, REALLY fucks with things like 623 236 because you ACTIVELY have to compensate for it
for example, marisa 66a combos into 236b/c, BUT if I don't delay it properly, the 236 turns into 623, with 6 being borrowed from the 66 motion
it is what it is
Replies: >>11768
Care for a match?
Replies: >>11768 >>11770
I guess I could.
Could host if >>11765 gives me his hacker tricks of masking an IP address (or is 94. the Russian IP?)
Replies: >>11769
you FOOL
that is my clearnet ip
you can look it up on archive with soku threads circa 2020 (its in /japan/ pinned thread) it's gonna be there too, nothing happened
either host or bitch out
Replies: >>11772
Let's see if this works
Replies: >>11771
Delay 4 might be a bit much to expect, try turning it up?
Replies: >>11772
[Hide] (342.5KB, 1451x2048)
How much worked for you?

I chose Cirno for a reason
Replies: >>11774 >>11775
see you tomorrow (for real now)
For the russians its 8 for a smooth game, but I've had ok ones at 6 with the canadians or eufags i dont know
Replies: >>11776
Also up again.
Replies: >>11777
That input lag really makes it even more difficult.
And my hands got cold again.
Thanks for playing, always nice to meet a fellow Cirnofag.
Wear gloves
[Hide] (13.5KB, 508x80)
>Port work fine for other games
>They stop working when I attempt soku
I don't understand.
Replies: >>11779 >>11788
Maybe try using different port number instead? like 10801,10802, 1083 etc
It worked for me for some reason
Replies: >>11780
I tried that before, but I'll try it again.
Replies: >>11784
check if sokutoll is on
Replies: >>11782
Wouldn't it have to be on for me to be able to connect? I've played a number of games with others hosting perfectly fine.
Replies: >>11783 >>11787
I suppose so
Still closed.
check your firewall maybe
windows often fucks with newly downloaded applications in terms of internet connection
it's more annoying than helpful
Replies: >>11786
[Hide] (27.9KB, 779x238)
Already did.
Have you port forwarded?
Replies: >>11788
Yes. >>11778
Replies: >>11789
Wait then how do you know its closed, also have you rebooted after setting the firewall rules?

What OS?
Replies: >>11791
I dunno, take another port you've already forwarded before maybe; if that doesn't work then it's an application/firewall thing
Replies: >>11791
>Wait then how do you know its closed
That screenshot was taken with a different game using the same port.
>have you rebooted after setting the firewall rules?
No, but it worked perfectly fine for the first game.
>What OS?

>take another port you've already forwarded before maybe
Already tried.
Replies: >>11792 >>11793
How did you ste firewall settings for linux?
Try rebooting?
Replies: >>11794
>then it's an application/firewall thing
try rebooting anyway
games in 30 if youm doesnt show
I used the firewall application that came with linux mint.
Replies: >>11795
[Hide] (27.2KB, 1344x725)
Yeah fuck opensuse, tumbleweed is a stupid meme.
Have ya rebooted yet?
Replies: >>11797 games up
I rebooted, and it's still broken.
>The port checker doesn't work specifically for soku
I don't understand. Host:
Replies: >>11799 >>11809
Lol all you needed was a good old college try
Give me a second to fix my settings.
Replies: >>11805
GGs Willy, good to see you're back. I can't believe that dial-A finisher is now ACTUALLY USEFUL.
Replies: >>11802
GGs rad. that was fun games.
I'm not willy lmoa
Replies: >>11803 >>11804
Another Yukarifag? welcome welcome
[Hide] (21.6KB, 624x383)
Thanks wine.
Replies: >>11806 >>11808
Uh. which version of soku are you using?
Replies: >>11807
The same one everyone else is using, I just did something stupid that got my resolution stuck at an extremely low setting.
Replies: >>11808
comment out WindowResizer (put "; " before it) in SWRSToys.ini to disable the plugin
It changes the resolution of a window to a preset one, but sometimes bugs out like this
You can still play like this, but you'll need to alt+enter (fullscreen)
Host back up.
And for the record, you can change WindowResizer's resolution in /Modules/WindowResizer/WindowResizer.ini if you end up using the plugin - it has a setting for remembering last used resolution too.
Did you change local ips I cant connect.
Replies: >>11812 >>11820
for once, it's not the bird's fault; it's this site's developers
Replies: >>11813
They didn't mandate it for every post
Replies: >>11814
it's remnants from one sperg's siege on this board when it was superdead
chess captch
Replies: >>11815
Hence why it isn't neccessary now.
Its fucking defective half the time
Replies: >>11816
your post has been forwarded to board administration
your request shall be taken care of personally
only the highest level of service for SOKUNIGGERs
furthermore see you later
Replies: >>11817
Need I remind you >>11627
Replies: >>11818 >>11825
games in 8+1d6 hours or when someone else hosts
Replies: >>11819
I can see why you're in the propaganda vid.
Still cant connect
Replies: >>11820
[Hide] (463.9KB, 850x850)
GGs. Host will be back up in a bit.
Someone else joined.
Replies: >>11821
GGs komachifag
get  ya hosts here
Replies: >>11823 >>11842
down. back tomorrow.
[Hide] (75.4KB, 940x655)
pph threshold increased YOU BITCH
Now I know what's wrong with this. Don't mark queens as black, even if they seem so unless they're VERY black. That improved my captcha accuracy significantly.
Tried running this on linux and the game is blurry, anyone else had this issue? Wine/proton/ge, all the same. Setting integer scaling in launch options didn't do anything either.
I'm on manjaro. up
it's endurance rush! let's see how many games I have before I pass out!!!!!
sorry, I run windows and game works fine, so can't comment
you mean thee pixels?
GGs Komachi! It's a good workout! To improve, think on how to compensate for Komachi's lack of speed!

Host up again -
Replies: >>11833 >>11841
[Hide] (141.3KB, 512x512)
GGs. I almost managed to win a game, but I'm adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
>To improve, think on how to compensate for Komachi's lack of speed!
I certainly try, but I've yet to come up with anything that works in practice.
Replies: >>11834
A good tip is to start browsing youtube to see anything, ANYTHING that works. To make Komachi work is a challenge, but for a start, try abusing the air 66 property of Komachi, the one that makes her fall down. It's probably too difficult to land cancel j.2a's with it, but j.6a's could be quite manageable.

Oh, and try to NEVER do f.5a's without a good reason. I find myself baiting you into doing them.
Replies: >>11835
>try abusing the air 66 property of Komachi, the one that makes her fall down. It's probably too difficult to land cancel j.2a's with it, but j.6a's could be quite manageable.
I've tried doing that. Commonly the enemy is fast enough to just dash in and hit me before the attack even finishes. It could be a timing issue, as I tend to blank a bit on what to do in the air.
>Oh, and try to NEVER do f.5a's without a good reason
Yeah I have a bad habit of inputting poorly into a f.5a.
Replies: >>11839
>look for Aya vs Marisa games to copycat
>see my usual game with MarisaSUPERPLAYER
Replies: >>11837
>charged ass attack or skill broomgun on screen half the time
>whiffs half the things he does
>wins anyway because aya doesn't know what the fuck is going on
>made 14 years ago
checks out
>Commonly the enemy is fast enough to just dash in and hit me before the attack even finishes.
If you space it out properly and don't get into situations where opponent can bullet your j.6a -> LAND CANCEL -> ground pressure it could prove useful
host down more games later
it's up
Replies: >>11843
down  (temporary)
Replies: >>11845
Host up -
Replies: >>11851
[Hide] (237.3KB, 850x847)
GGs. I'm getting closer to getting that second round.
GGs Komachi! Learn how to do Border Escapes, they will save you some damage at the cost of orbs! - host still up!
GGs Utsuho, those were some difficult games. I still don't know enough about an Utsuho matchup, but I feel like I can do better. It feels like we both won about half the time. You were disrespecting me with melee out of wakeup, didn't you?

Host on break, more games in 1-2 hours.
Replies: >>11855
ggs marisafag. are utsuho broken? I don't even learn this character combos yet.

>You were disrespecting me with melee out of wakeup, didn't you?
My finger moved on their own, I swear it's not on purpose. Honest.
Replies: >>11855 >>11856
Fug wrong quote >>11853
>are utsuho broken? I don't even learn this character combos yet.
Her whole gimmick is that she punishes too much aggression with tools like 3a, which is my thing. Massive damage, but slow.
>My finger moved on their own, I swear it's not on purpose. Honest.
Replies: >>11857
[Hide] (446.8KB, 422x309)
You are now imagining a big burly russian man giggling like some anime schoolgirl
Replies: >>11858 up

Why does your 6a have iframes
ay, you won, nice!
>forcing me to learn meiling
how rude
alright, enough dickin around 
the joke had gotten stale
Replies: >>11863
Eh I was just starting to have fun.
Replies: >>11864
part of this will be clipped into ASSBLASTED.webm
you'll be a celebrity
Replies: >>11865
Link to your discord
Replies: >>11866
good gammes meiling
she's fun to learn, but spacing is tough. do your best!

#2hu8ch on rizon bby
Replies: >>11868
It had better be alive.
>inb4 its just you and youmu circlejerking in there
Ggs thx 4 host
Replies: >>11869
np glad to help
>It had better be alive
no its dead lel, it hasn't been posted in ages
even sticky post links a different channel, I probably broke opsec lelllll
Replies: >>11871
So you two ARE blackedfags.
Replies: >>11872
what, no, where did you even get that
Replies: >>11873
The propaganda vids
Replies: >>11874
the noun is SOKUNIGGER, get with the times, grandpa up again
let's S L A M
Replies: >>11876 >>11879
>Failed to connect
is host already ded or am i using the wrong version of this shit again
Replies: >>11877
now playing
GGs. I was desperately spamming moves at the end of it. 555a5b236b for a combo (2 orbs) sucks, but what doesn't suck is somehow adding 2b to it for more damage (3 orbs). Using 2a is amazingly complicated. up again
Replies: >>11879
Ggs, I can't believe I slept at Tengu Drum for so long, it's actually amazing. I think I need to revise my deck again and add more tornadoes, since I basically never use Tengu Macroburst.
Also, flight is a fucking hoax. Just in this session I noticed how I changed direction momentarily and how it took me like a whole second.
Yeah 2b is a pretty neat move but same with 6c I frequently fail to input in and result in usual 5b/5c.
GGs Az, glad to see you back. That was 20 games, 5 of which you won. Good effort, though I think you rely on bullets too much. Host on break.
Replies: >>11881
ggs marisafag
>I think you rely on bullets too much
it's just habit by now. the dumb bunny has some great B bullets but they are not as stupidly spammable as the ones i'm used to
[Hide] (1.1MB, 498x396)
>The first tournament I cannot watch, let alone attend.
Shid :DDD
good lug habe fun
t. willy
fug :DDDD
Integer scaling for proton works in fullscreen only and fullscreen itself was broken for me.
Had to use gamescope and it seems fine so far outside of minor graphical artifacts. up
Replies: >>11892
ggs youmu fun games 
host still up
GGs Az, those were very tough games. You've been getting a lot of practice, huh?

Host is down.
Replies: >>11894
ggs marisafag, was fun
>You've been getting a lot of practice, huh?
funnily enough i only took a really long break, but maybe coming back with a fresh mind actually helps
Replies: >>11895
I noticed myself getting a lot better too after a long break. I'd say it really does help.
get in here
Replies: >>11898
Sorry for sudden cancel, nvidia overlay did shit.
Replies: >>11899
GG. Aya 66C strong. It grazes bullets so it's very useful.
Replies: >>11900
Ggs! HP bar gets lower steadily, defeats are not as hopeless as they were before.
>Aya 66C strong. It grazes bullets so it's very useful.
It hits really high, so midgets like Marisa/Youmu can safely ignore them even while standing.
back up
Replies: >>11904 >>11905
[Hide] (225.8KB, 1000x1000)
Ggs, sorry I can't keep up right now.
Replies: >>11905
Ah ggs? I was going to call last anyway. MANY LEARNINGS TODAY:

Blocked [ O ]
Reversal'd [ O ]
Parried [ X ]
Grazed [ O ] (springhaze)
Grazed [ ??? ] (623C)

I hope you weren't too annoyed by my aggressive baiting. To be fair you had some success today punishing the 2C in that last match. It was good to see. You seemed to be getting accustomed to 623B's, but you started using bullets to bait. 623'ing will continue until morale improves.
Replies: >>11906 >>11907
>but you started using bullets to bait
should be AND not but
I was having trouble focusing by the 3rd match, so don't hold those games against me too much.
Replies: >>11908
ogey I had fun I hope you had fun too
Replies: >>11909
Fun is a luxury for those able to win games. Yeah I had fun.
Replies: >>11910
reserved for those able*
I can't even write correctly. back up
ggs komachi
sorry for short games, headache is killing me for some reason
we'll fight another day
Replies: >>11915
ggs anon
I wanted to play a bit longer
Replies: >>11916
I'll try to host more soon, dont worry
some host should also pop up sooner or later; if all else fails, can always host yourself
hosting for a little while
ggs, thx for playing
Replies: >>11919
Ggs, those no-hit rounds were quite humiliating, but at least I had some close-calls too. And what are you even supposed to do against Sakuya's spellcards? Just beat her before ZA WARUDO?
Replies: >>11920
>And what are you even supposed to do against Sakuya's spellcards?
you play her 50/50 guessing minigame. if you block correctly you (probably) get another chance at life, if you don't you get hit into another knockdown, into another 50/50, rinse and repeat until the round is over
or you can just hope for me to fuck it up and get away by doing literally nothing
>Just beat her before ZA WARUDO?
timestop specifically is kind of a meme spell card because it uses up all your cards, it's extremely easy to mess up and even if you don't the reward is basically the exact same as Killing Doll/Private Square, at a much higher cost
it looks cooler though
Replies: >>11921
>or you can just hope for me to fuck it up and get away by doing literally nothing
what he means by this is, get her into a knockdown and catch enough escape attempts to shadow realm sakuya's health bar before yours is gone
this is what soku is really like and why good people (not me) are really not willing to gamble in this game
Replies: >>11922
no no, i genuinely meant what i said because i did completely fuck up the timing of my spellcards in a couple games throughout that set
but yeah this is mostly how you deal with Sakuya. her wakeup is complete garbage and so is the rest of her defense, so bullying her before she gets to do all her bullshit spellcard loops is much easier than trying to deal with said loops, which in the end is just a guessing game
Replies: >>11923
oh, alright, this is what you meant, my bad
>her wakeup is complete garbage and so is the rest of her defense,
you had some defensive cards to help with that, coins and reimu talismans I think; are hangekis too risky or is it just preference?
Replies: >>11924
yeah she kinda relies on system cards quite a bit because otherwise she just gets perma-bullied in the corner sometimes
>coins and reimu talismans I think; are hangekis too risky or is it just preference?
i have one of each on my main deck. i think they are equally as good, although still much inferior to coin. if we are trying to get as optimal as possible then there are some characters against which bomb is better and others against which hangeki is better, e.g. a character like Sakuya can straight up bait and whiff punish a hangeki on reaction into a full combo so it is not quite as effective, whereas a character like Okuu has way more trouble dealing with it because of her slow-ish cancels giving you quite a bit of time to hangeki safely. but it's hard to build a different deck for each individual matchup so i just carry the same amount of each and call it a day
Replies: >>11927
Host down. now hosting
>game lags in 30, then 50 fps
give me like 5 minutes to fix this
I'll be back soon promise
who knew that running something in the background would cause soku to lag the fuck out reup
Replies: >>11933
terribly sorry for the delay at the start, I didn't know it would lag to this extent this is the last time I run is4 with soku open
for more tricks, try to look up soku tournament matches with komachi players on youtube; soku saturday was one of such tournaments
komachi has the tools, but you need to be really precise with her and avoid getting knocked down
host up later
Replies: >>11933
[Hide] (837.9KB, 1016x634)
GGs. Moves with i frames frame one were a fucking mistake.

>for more tricks, try to look up soku tournament matches with komachi players on youtube; soku saturday was one of such tournaments
I'm certainly trying, I even started trying to lab out combos. However, it's very different performing in a vacuum and in the middle of being rushed down by someone that could probably beat you with both hands tied behind their back. It doesn't help that my inputting still needs a lot of work.
Replies: >>11934 >>11935
>lab out combos.
I'm retarded, I meant practice combos.
Replies: >>11935
Rome wasn't built in a day. With good dedication, you'll get there - and there is more than enough time for it. I'll rehost soon! re-reup
ggs aaaaa
That last match was so fun
Replies: >>11941
GGs Ikufag. You've won 2 games out of 20. Playing Marisa feels like being a protagonist sometimes - there's so much stuff you have to dodge, there is no game plan and most of my damage comes from opponent's fuckups. Your j.6c's -> j.6c's keep doing way more damage to you than to me btw.

ya it was fun, hope to see you on the tourney
host down!
Replies: >>11942
>Your j.6c's -> j.6c's keep doing way more damage to you than to me btw.
Yeah, it's a habits from playing against cpu exclusively. a bad habit I have
Replies: >>11943
>habits from playing against cpu exclusively
there's a lobby mod that lets you host and join games with other people, anon
it's in the op even
Replies: >>11944
I got too discouraged after losing to some random patchy in there. The one with floating sword skill.
Replies: >>11945
either use liquid courage or stop caring about losing (manual courage)
is great source of skill last one for the day get in
Replies: >>11948
host closed
not todey it seems
Replies: >>11949
Nyoo, I just woke up...
+ autopunch
ggs aya
thanks for joining
Replies: >>11952
Ggs! One round was won, already something. Komachi feels like worst matchup for Aya ever, attack are just ridiculously wide, and corner means very long blockstun and death in 90% percent of the cases.
>Most of Aya's air normals beat out Komachi's normal in the air.
Ha-ha, very funny sokuwiki editors.
Replies: >>11953 >>11954
remember that dash (66) and flight (6D) are different in the air, unlike on the ground
flight has more recovery so you'll probably lose to normals coming out of airdashes
Replies: >>11955
Komachi is the kind of character you can usually just out-frame data. her only decently quick aerial is j5A which still loses to yours and everything else will probably lose cleanly assuming i'm not the one with the initiative
i think you generally want to press quick melee buttons in my face rather than trying to play the full screen bullet game, since Aya's bullets aren't exactly very dense and while Komachi's aren't really any better, any bullet i graze gives me the chance to use any of my gigantic aerial moves. so really just being more aggressive should help a bit
Replies: >>11955
Aw, now I have to learn to airdash instead of flight... 
Yes, I figured as much that the closer I am to you the better, but getting close to Komachi isn't that easy, especially considering that her melee attacks with scythe are really not melee-ranged, so bullets and melee attacks overlap.
Replies: >>11956
the Kazakhstan representation...
Replies: >>11957
Ban evasion changes people, I was russian back in the day...
Replies: >>11958
its ok, I used to be Nigerian too, I do not think anyone cares
Replies: >>11959
bad idea to host this late
get in
Replies: >>11964 >>11974
get in
GGs Az, fun games. Went about 60:40 with you today, I think. Iku's a complicated, but definitely not impossible. 

Host on break.
Replies: >>11967
ggs, thanks for hosting
the pressure really made me feel so slow with Iku. all her aerials are pretty good but sometimes i really missed having a faster aerial button i could just mash out safely with no real consequences
Replies: >>11968
that's because you play against marisa that doesn't block half the time, so any stray shot has a chance to actually hit (like you said, with no real consequences)
get in (again)
Replies: >>11971
wanna do GR if you're still looking?
Replies: >>11972
rehosted with GR
GGs Reimu, that was 20 games. Try not to hit back from pressure so much - and learn how tp press with Reimu. You'll get better at it!

host down
host back up
Replies: >>11975
Replies: >>11976
ggs, all good thanks for hosting
hosts up!
Replies: >>11979
GGs Komachi! That was 20 games. I scored three double perfects, so it was pretty good all in all. Remember that BE up exists (hold DOWN (2) + doubletap flight in blockstun) as an option to get out of pressure!

Host on a small 15-30m break, then we resume!
Replies: >>11979
[Hide] (682KB, 850x592)

I've tried a few times. I just can never get it consistently while under pressure, which seems to be a theme with basically everything in this game.
Replies: >>11980
[Hide] (250.3KB, 1536x2048)
The easy answer to this is to go practice mode, then drill it into yourself until it's a mechanical reaction you can invoke at will within a nanosecond. The hard answer is play games on the lobby and lose a lot, but use those losses to learn different opponents's movesets AND practice getting out of pressure.

Practicing PRESSURE on the other hand is a different story. I'd argue you need to practice pressure more, even. Practice mode is the only way for this, but it doesn't take nearly as long. Just need one middlescreen rotation (the problem is the following: assume the enemy is blocking; your goal is to keep him in block without showing him any openings; what do? engineer a solution) and one corner rotation (your enemy is cornered; how to keep him there at all costs? engineer a solution).

Lobby exists as major help for both solutions. If daunting, put "SR 1.3 beginners only" in the description to ward away tryhards. Practice makes perfect!
Replies: >>11982
host down
post in thread if you want games, chances are I'll rehost
woop woop
after a long deliberation, I decided to ooga booga
ggs aya
find ways to deal damage; if you try to hit out of wakeup, you will generally get punished, so watch out for that
ooga booga
Replies: >>11987
Ggs! Airdashes really work much better for air combat, thanks for that advice. Double KO was funny too.
>if you try to hit out of wakeup, you will generally get punished
Sometimes I just want to do lowblock on wakeup but for some reason no block occurs at all.
Replies: >>11988
>for some reason no block occurs at all
skill issue
hehehe, always wanted to use that line!
Replies: >>11989
Nyooo, my famed holding two arrow button skills...
Replies: >>11990
you'll get better and stop having input brain damage, trust me
host down
+ autopunch
few games
up again
only a week left; I don't think I've ever hosted for sokunigger three weeks in a row
first time for everything I guess
Replies: >>12001
ggs Az
You won most games today
I keep trying to play seriously but my fingers insist on doing silly things
sometimes they even end up working!
Replies: >>11995
>sometimes they even end up working!
definitely, for some reason today i felt i had a lot more trouble keeping up than usual
Replies: >>11996
in one game in particular, you got caught by 4a/5aa/5aaa -> 5c -> reset spam a lot
is it that hard to get out? I would've thought BE 2 was easy enough, given that 623c is the only effective out Marisa has in that case, and it's pretty hard to do (the second option would be to hj up and try catching, but it's simply too high)
Replies: >>11997 >>11998
yes i remember that whole round. it was really obnoxious but it's what you expect when Sakuya is out of defensive system cards
>is it that hard to get out? I would've thought BE 2 was easy enough, given that 623c is the only effective out Marisa has in that case, and it's pretty hard to do (the second option would be to hj up and try catching, but it's simply too high)
also forgot to reply to this but i'm pretty sure it's fairly easy to catch a late BE with hjc7 6D j5A because of how slowly the bullet moves at first. i did try to do an early BE a few times but i wasn't sure i could react fast enough so i tried to predict the timing for it, and every time i messed it up i would get hit by another stagger 4A while i was already doing the 22D input because i expected the 5C instead
Replies: >>11999
resetting from that loop requires me to hj -> dash down -> land -> 4a
pretty sure if you BE from the first hit of 5c in that scenario you should have good odds of straight escaping
I'm REALLY not used to catching BE's

anyways hosts up later, join tourney if you havent already, event's gonna be good
woop woop
Replies: >>12002
[Hide] (3MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
I feel like shit but I'm still gonna kick your ass
oh yeah, I remember, this statement is bs because of the triple trailer tournament
hyper SOKUNIGGER month back then
now on repeat
my real concern wasn't really the empty jump but the hjc7 j66 j5A
actually i just tried that out on training mode, turns out hjc7 j66 h5A does catch 2BE easily unless it's done as early as possible, before one can reasonably react to the 5C coming out. but it doesn't work if you use 6D instead of j66, and in that case 2BE is a free escape regardless of timing
but the best part is that if you just high block the whole thing instead then the walk back distance gives you enough time to just high jump out of there for free. the more you know
Replies: >>12084
it's down
up again
taking it easy todey
ggs aya 
start blocking on wakeup or I (and many other people) will pound you into the next dimension
host on breakkkk
Replies: >>12007
Ggs! Getting closer to that victory.
>start blocking on wakeup or I (and many other people) will pound you into the next dimension
You're already do this, after the blockstrings, I still fail to escape them except for Iku's card or random counterslap (often ineffective because Aya rarely can do melee-only combos and I have 0-1 spirit after the blockstring).
more hosds
[Hide] (1.7MB, 3000x3000)
ggs yukariman :DDDD too late in the day for more games :DD
yu won 2 games outta 10
gud job!
[Hide] (64.3KB, 480x480)
mmm 6 delay, very methodical battle
i havent played in a while so thanks for the warm up
Replies: >>12011
I hope to see  you in the tourney!
Replies: >>12016
back up
Replies: >>12019
ggs. hosd now departing
Replies: >>12020
Ggs, scoring some rounds here and there feels good, and these round became more fun since I actually get to do some pressure too.
was busy all day 
easy hosds!
Replies: >>12023
host down
tourney this weekend!
[Hide] (434.9KB, 1450x2048)
Can I offer you something to show before the tourney?
Looking forward to the tournament
host up
even more hosds!
gimme a sec need to afk 2 min
ok lets go
Replies: >>12031
ggs bun, you won one game and one perfect round against me! woo!
reisen's bullets feel equally painful for both parties to use - the delayed timings on some of them and confusing nature of others is not to be underestimated
host on break!
Replies: >>12031 >>12032
[Hide] (103.8KB, 600x800)

>won one game
feels good
There are other Ayaheroes itt?
Replies: >>12033
bun as in shorthand for bunny
it's a reisen player 
host up!
Replies: >>12037
hosd also up here
Replies: >>12040
GGs Az
I mashed a lot today, with limited results
feels like we went 50:50 today
Replies: >>12039
i really need to learn actual oki with any character that isn't named Sakuya
good games rocketman. You had many good rounds that kept me on my toes with the exception of that typhoon victory - I'm going to try and forget that one.
Replies: >>12041
ggs! I have a lot to learn but I had a lot of fun. Do you happen to have any tips for my side of the matchup?
Replies: >>12043
[Hide] (119.5KB, 960x1080)
I do! Make sure to keep an eye on both of our orbs. I noticed several times that you backed off when you were at a huge advantage (I was in the corner with one orb, you had all of yours.) Instead of jumping backwards to center stage, try just crouch blocking to trap me and hold ground, or empty blocking into my pressure. I am very limited in what I can do at that point, so effectively you'd be catching my bluff if I tried to do a string. Also, I'm going to be very trigger happy on the BE when low on orbs, since it's a way to recover them. Go for a crush, or a BE catch, and get some big damage. There is one exception, be careful if I have a reversal card, because that's effectively like having an extra orb to do pressure with. I'm sure the other marisa can give better advice on cards and strings/combos stuff, but understanding strategy is something that will massively improve your ability to understand your opponents behaviour.
Replies: >>12044 >>12045
Thanks! I haven't built the habit to watch the orbs yet, and to go for blockstrings and crushes. I'll work on that.
>I'm sure the other marisa can give better advice on cards and strings/combos stuff, but
no, I'm all instinct
maybe go browse the wiki and try not to space things out and not get hit by melee when you do bullets
this is why i didnt turn off the fucking chess........................ 
host up!
Replies: >>12057 >>12058
[Hide] (413.3KB, 500x640)
Replies: >>12058
ggs koma! it may be frustrating, but try to figure out how to not be slow!  do your best!

host still up >>12056
Replies: >>12059 >>12062
I'm trying. However, my ability to fuck things up has unfortunately proven difficult to overcome.
Replies: >>12060
it's just my experience, but greater mental focus seems to help! consider going into practice mode when you're wide awake and completely concentrated, practicing fast movement for about 2 minutes, then trying to play people from the thread - or lobby!

pressure relies on you trying to keep the enemy in block for as long as possible, then guard breaking them and catching border escapes all the while; it takes a lot to understand all this, but with enough practice you'll overcome that wall
practice makes perfect!
host down! 
it's wednesday, event is on saturday! get in here, host open for an hour!
ggs, that was 22 games! don't attack out of wakeup or you'll die
Replies: >>12067
Ggs, today was a total disaster. Shadowplay popped out of nowhere twice, typhoons popped out of nowhere some inadequate amount of times too. What is going on with the weather, really? It changes completely at random and sometimes even in the last moment before activating. 
Also, do master sparks have invulnerability or something?
Replies: >>12068 >>12071
>What is going on with the weather, really? It changes completely at random and sometimes even in the last moment before activating. 
Weather follows a strict and a fixed cycle. Wiki article: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Weather 
Some key points:
>While no weather is on, upcoming weather can be cycled by knockdown, wallslam or spellcard use
>The most important part of the cycle is Mountain Vapor -> River Mist -> Typhoon -> Calm -> Diamond Dust . Remembering this pattern will allow you to force River Mist, Typhoon or Diamond Dust, which are pretty large game changers
>Weather Sword, Tenshi's system card lets you instantly activate weather while it's clear regardless of timer or near-instantly end current weather. Activating any card costs precious, valuable time during the match, but it has i-frames to compensate.
Replies: >>12069
Oh, so that's how it is. I guess I'll have to take at least one Tenshi's card, your weather play is just insufferable.
Replies: >>12070
ok see you all tomorrow
[Hide] (77.6KB, 1106x316)
>Also, do master sparks have invulnerability or something?
Replies: >>12072
[Hide] (143.3KB, 525x499)
Very fair, thanks Tasofraud!
Replies: >>12073
[Hide] (88.3KB, 1033x368)
[Hide] (107.3KB, 1017x351)
[Hide] (96.8KB, 938x329)
this is peanuts
watch this
[Hide] (698.3KB, 900x900)
Host up. Don't forget to sign up for the tourney. DO IT.
down again host up
[Hide] (79.6KB, 964x814)
GGs Komachi! Good effort today! Host still up @ >>12077 !
[Hide] (93.7KB, 780x998)
GGs, I almost managed to get you twice. Whenever I get close to winning a round I start having thoughts about how great my first victory will taste, only to charge head first into the jaws of death. I felt like I had almost reached enlightenment during the first round of game 8, only for it all to fall apart. Just 3 more days to make that a reality.
Replies: >>12080
Don't lose heart about it! I've started to play this mess of a game more than four years back (granted, with huge 2+ year timegaps of no soku) and I was much worse than you! It took me a LOT - seriously a lot of games to get at this level, and I'm still improving! If you keep at it, you'll see results!
Replies: >>12081
Don't worry, I'm not losing motivation. I've made a lot of progress, and it's clear to see where I need to improve. Besides, the thought of that eventual victory is too sweet to pass up. My main worry is if I'll improve enough for a good showing at the tournament.
Replies: >>12082
>My main worry is if I'll improve enough for a good showing at the tournament.
Practice makes perfect - I'll make sure to host more games in the week, so that there's opportunity for more practice!
GGs Az. I keep dying to Sakuya's j.5c's in neutral; they're hard to track and deal with. I also keep misinputting confirms; one game I could have 66C -> Dragon Spark, but switched card too late and it whiffed; that cost me a round. Overall very fun games. Game still up @ >>12077
Replies: >>12084 >>12087
ggs, sorry gotta leave a bit early today
glad to see that this dumb piece of trivia here >>12002 from last time actually worked. turns out lowblocking the 5c makes Marisa feel 10x more oppressive
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2480x3498)
I think I won't make it.
But on the occasion that I do, do I see correctly that only 4 people play it anyway?
I will probably sign up a few hours before the start... if I don't get a big workload.
Replies: >>12086
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Historically, majority of signups always happen right before the start - or on a weekend. People will show up. I really hope so.
host down for now 
Replies: >>12089
GGs Cirno, try to practice more BE's! Host still up!
Replies: >>12090
[Hide] (5.6MB, 2894x4093)
Every time it's cold sweaty fingers.
Not that I'm trying to cover up that I suck at it or something.

Is my BE that bad?
Guess I just keep getting hit before it becomes significant.
Though I probably need more practice with thsoe combos and pressure.
And those constant misinputs. not to mention that I'm used to be on the left side confusing myself with the orbs I have.
Replies: >>12091
ggs ayaman; keep at it
host on break

t. yes
Replies: >>12092
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:02)
Ggs, I'm starting to understand how to escape some of your blockstrings, Marisa's moves are still probably most obnoxious of all characters though.
[Hide] (772KB, 633x609)
I mean, really?
[Hide] (174.3KB, 991x523)
get dunked on loser
games here
GGs ayaman (times two)
don't give up; you'll get better with practice! 
host down for today
Replies: >>12097
[Hide] (572.7KB, 1871x1233)
[Hide] (449.3KB, 1776x1216)
[Hide] (328.6KB, 1804x879)
Ggs. Most fun thing is, I looked up Aya vs Marisa replays... Well, they end up in the same manner, aside from Aya doing better combos. 
And in rare cases when Aya wins, that's mostly because opposing Marisa isn't nearly as good as yours. Well, that's quite grim, but not that I'll stop trying anyways.
Replies: >>12098
I don't think Marisa sees much action in the first place. People on d*scord tend to play other characters.
yer winnin son
Replies: >>12103
ggs komacher. good focus today I think you're going to make it
Replies: >>12104
[Hide] (1MB, 1000x1260)
GGs. up
Replies: >>12106
host on break; brb host back up

Replies: >>12109
host down (temporarily)
no one's biting today huh
it's probably timezones up
I won't give up!
Replies: >>12112 >>12113
still up
Replies: >>12113
Up again.
Replies: >>12117
[Hide] (353.9KB, 680x664)
Replies: >>12118 >>12120
crashed without making a noise, it's back
Replies: >>12119
fug wrong blocks
great games, bun. You kept me on my toes for most of those games.
host still open for another hour
Replies: >>12122
ggg umbreller i think i'm becoming retarrded too
Replies: >>12123
[Hide] (9KB, 200x181)
being retarded improves your fighting game skill because then your opponent doesnt know what you are going to do next
[Hide] (36.3KB, 509x334) hosting thing
last games in a while (today is the day)
rehost after break
I'll try to host games from when the break ends to until around 2 hours before the start time 
start time: https://prolikewoah.com/t/20240323T20
Replies: >>12127
Ggs! What's to say, I hope that I won't have to play with you on the very first branch.
Replies: >>12128
I am organizer, I won't play in the tourney as per >>11499
I hope practice matches were very fruitful for you sokuroll come slap my nuts host up
Replies: >>12135
Ggs, some wins at last!
Replies: >>12132
ggs. let's give it our best tonight
host back up for like 30 mins
Replies: >>12134
hosty downy
GGs Az, went 50:50 again. You were kinda throwing towards the end; was dealing with Marisa footsies really that difficult? I was having trouble getting in with your 5b/j.5b's in the first matches.

Host on 5-10 min break
Replies: >>12136
[Hide] (126.3KB, 500x500)
ggs, thanks for hosting
i can't be the only dumbass that keeps thinking 6c j6d j5a is going to cross up only to then switch block directions and eat the j5a for no reason
>was dealing with Marisa footsies really that difficult?
i feel like the slow walking speed and movement in general makes it harder for me to deal with you at any distance besides full screen. i can't just easily weave in and out of range which is usually how i would deal with Marisa's puffballs into aerials. it also makes escaping out of 4a > 5c that much harder
Replies: >>12137
>i can't be the only dumbass that keeps thinking 6c j6d j5a is going to cross up only to then switch block directions and eat the j5a for no reason
hj9 j.5a go brrrr host up
Replies: >>12139
GGs Werner, what the fuck were those games, it feels like I just got a persona out of those sets
fighting Marisa is F U N 
You won 2 games out of 17 because Marisa is an SSR-tier character and anyone who claims otherwise is an Alice main
Host down on break, 5-15 min again
Replies: >>12142
ggs marisa-senpai, thanks for the beat up
I felt so 300IQ escaping your midscreen blockstrings by just crouching
Replies: >>12141
>escaping midscreen blockstrings by just crouching
marisu has to do mindgames in midscreen strings, otherwise THINGS happen, fun things for your opponent
Replies: >>12142
>it feels like I just got a persona out of those sets
at some point we both did the exact same jump into 2C and I swear to Christ I suddenly thought I was the other Marisa
>fun things for your opponent
yeah I felt less smart after you 9D>3D'd right back into my face instead of flying over
Replies: >>12143
yeah yeah yeah hang on I remember a funny moment 
lemme get it
[Hide] (3.3MB, 820x616, 00:09)
Replies: >>12146
[Hide] (105.1KB, 313x566)
Jesus fuck yeah that happened
it ain't right host up
ggs ayaman
remember that when playing against more difficult players, going diagonally into the air or wakeup hj8 will not help you very much if you keep doing it over and over
host on break (again)
Replies: >>12149
>going diagonally into the air or wakeup hj8 will not help you very much if you keep doing it over and over
Well, these are best tools I came up with (aside from Iku's card) to escape pressure. hj8 works pretty well if I don't mess up with blocking right after the jump. hosts up still
Replies: >>12151
Ggs yet again. I always forget that you have this supermsaterbrap to halve my HP, hits every time like first time.
GGs yep
t. yep
Okay, so that's it on hosts for today from me. Right now, it's setup time.

[Hide] (148.4KB, 850x1713)

Before participating, as a backup measure, please ensure the following:

1. Your replay settings in soku are set to auto save. That way, you won't accidentally miss saving the replay. 

2. You are capable of hosting a game. Port forwarding is necessary to host a normal game of Soku. Modpack in the OP includes Autopunch module, which lets you connect and host games without use of port forwarding - it doesn't work with old routers, however. 

2a. If you're unable to port forward or host using Autopunch, you are strongly recommended to download ZeroTier and use instructions in >>11572 (provided IP can be found in [ZeroNet taskbar -> Right click it -> Show Networks -> SOKUNET -> Managed IP's]) to host when necessary.

Thanks for your attention. Please enjoy the tournament!
Replies: >>12156
[Hide] (6.8KB, 96x96)
[Hide] (6.8KB, 96x96)
[Hide] (6.8KB, 96x96)
[Hide] (234.1KB, 1473x2048)


Please enjoy the prestream. Tournament starts in approximately 1 hour. We apologize for the delay - and hope you have fun playing!
Replies: >>12158
Tourney has started! Chromdad and Koisneed are requested in the brackets! Get in the stream chat NOW!
[Hide] (136.5KB, 684x641)
but what u didn't know... is what that wasn't Cirno's REAL power level... see you in 17 years...
Replies: >>12162
Roung 1 match 5, Werner (P1) vs cirnomain (P2)
[Hide] (161.9KB, 1610x1394)
I don't even know how to view the tourney bracket help pls
Replies: >>12163
otherwise this shit is a pain thank you
Replies: >>12167
zip uploads dont work on this board; use catbox/litterbox kudasaiiii
Replies: >>12167 >>12168
sorry, here https://litter.catbox.moe/snweep.7z
Round 1 Az vs Koisneed
Namesarehard vs. Kimeemaru
Round 2 match 9, Werner (P1) vs Lokoko2 aka Tokrah (P2)
Replies: >>12171
errr round 2 match 10 actually but whatev
Namesarehard vs Az
Round 2 match 13 Koisneed vs UmbrellaRetard
round 2 sakuyafag vs figamin
Namesarehard vs 3un
[Hide] (849KB, 750x912)
Good games everyone
I've missed it
Replies: >>12178
Game 15
3un vs figamin
HDR yuuka
[Hide] (52.7KB, 652x910)
good games, happy i managed to get this to work. somehow won a game despite this being my first time
i invite you all to visit https://wapchan.org - we're not on the webring but we're pretty chill all the same.
Replies: >>12180
watch out for wapchan dudes!
umbrellafag vs lokoko2
Losers Round 4 Game 20 Werner (P1) vs 3un (P2)
Game 21 UmbreallaRetard vs 3un
Replies: >>12184
Replies: >>12193
Tourney's over and Az (Sakuya) won! Congratulations!

Consider practicing more on our board!
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1932x2621)
congratz man xd
the prize this time was the delisted gundemonium trilogy
(Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa)
come back next time ください
VOD here.
slavman: for emotes I can only find this file you sent. It's missing a bunch. Send me your complete list when you're back online.
You https://litter.catbox.moe/8kex0a.txt
[Hide] (274.3KB, 497x459)
I'm in a manga kissa for tonight who wants to help me test the power of japanese internet?
I need a d/l link and host PLEASE
Replies: >>12222
[Hide] (93.7KB, 584x680)
Replies: >>12221
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