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Now that the dust has settled... honest thoughts on fumofumos?
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Well, they're passable onaholes.
>>2398 (OP) 
I want that huge inflatable Yuyuko!
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So I was unfortunate enough to secure a pre-order during the last wave from chink bot attackers. Amiami apparently only ships via DHL to my country so I was forced to pay retardedly high shipping. That should at least mean it'll come fast, right? Not this fucking time. My new fumo was hit by customs because it always happens to get caught when you use DHL. They always make sure you pay duties because they charge a $17 fee whenever they process customs for you. It costs about $2 to import an object of that value, by the way. DHL then flagged my package because the collections agent was butthurt I didn't answer the phone immediately. I couldn't answer the phone because I just had teeth pulled. I still paid the fee but not fast enough for his candy ass. I then got my mom to call them because I couldn't speak and they told her that I had to fill out a new customs invoice resubmitting the same information because of the flag. So I filled it out and a few days later I get a new email asking for more money because they used the paperwork I gave them. Another bullshit $17 fee. Fuck that. I called them again and was told they couldn't remove it on their end so naturally I decided enough was enough and went through the arduous process of self clearing. I'm driving down to the airport to get it sorted and maybe, just maybe, get my fumo. I then have to email accounting with proof that I cleared it myself so I can get my money back. Ask me what was more painful between pulling teeth and all of this kikery I have to go through to get a stupid fucking anime doll.
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I hope you get your fumo!
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Just learn how to make a doll yourself
Replies: >>2438
Just buy a chink knockoff from Ali, and get $2 shipping and a falsified import form to avoid duties.
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The battle is won but the war is not yet over. I freed her from her captors but now I need my money back. I sent an email to accounting as instructed by some chink I called earlier, hope it works.

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That's a big fumo.
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Big Yuyuko!
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For you
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