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Board is ready for operation.
PLW Meta: https://archive.ph/cry2r
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Does John own this one as well? What's the difference between this and /japan/?
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>/2hu/ moves in
>/cattle/ immediately spams
Why is Julay still allowed on the webring?
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please don't misgender me
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>Codexx generously backed up all posts of plw/2hu/ and they should be viewable at https://8chan.moe/2hu/ soon.
>he backed up our posts on his glow in the dark site no problem
>but still refuses to make the scraper work for jschan
How generous!
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Seems like many of the non-default themes are broken on this board.
Ganbare ranmin
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Spoiler File
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Seems kind of nuclear to delete a board that you couldn't mod for couple of moths. Or am I missing something?
Replies: >>20 >>25
John wants all his eggs in one basket where the admin doesn’t actively hate him. He’s slowly running out of options where that isnt the case though. Sturg seems to be his loyal lapdog though.
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>not knowing who runs the board
Replies: >>24
Wadina you fucking whore.
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I don't know, I just noticed the /2hu/ on overboard.
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He said he was still working on JSchan compatibility so there's a chance we can get our stuff reimported down the road.

I'll look into it

I was the only hotpocket on plw and couldn't get anyone there on this short notice. Globals also don't exist there anymore, the oldest open global reports on /2hu/ were from October 2020.
I have to admit now that it was fucking retarded though, because I'm probably not going to disappear now or anytime soon after all, it was a stupid panic reaction.
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I wish Ran would take off her hat more. Her hair style is so cute.
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Shamelessly stole borrowed the CSS format from the tengu. It should run fine with most (sadly not all) themes.
Also ported all banners I could. Attached ones sadly didn't make it though since the aspect ratio was too different.
Replies: >>35 >>3240
Them being on the webring is irrelevant, they know the site exists so they must shitstir. Also it's a handful of discord faggots on tvch that are responsible for most of the desperate attempts at dramafaggotry now.
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I resized the banner and tried to keep as much of it intact as possible.
Welcome to ZZZ.
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re-added, thanks
Hello /japan/ here.
Enjoy the stay, it's slow here but I hope you can find enjoyment.
Remember to visit from time to time. Have a nice day.
I assumed old posts would get moved here, not dumped somewhere on markchan.
I'd throw a fit about moving if I knew.
No sokuniggers.
Strictly tertiary discussions.
What is BO going to jail for?
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>fuck I'm hosting my board on a site with little moderation
>time to move it to "pissy faggots: the imageboard"
You have my sympathy, but fuck, was that retarded.
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Nothing, I spilled my spaghetti and went full panic mode too soon.
I know
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Chen also wants some.
are you austrian or german or something?
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Yes but as I said, it was retarded to rush the board transit like this.
Atleast there's a good chance we'll get our posts back properly. Spoke with Codexx again and according to him JSchan support is somewhere on his to-do list. He'll tell me when it's ready.
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>finish edit
>realize the needle's size and angle ruins the swing's motion
Autism is a curse.
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was it because they announced they're tossing everyone not taking the clotshot in jail?
Replies: >>59
you have to remake it now
Yes but I got bullied into taking it through the family. Maybe I get to see Gensokyo while crossing Sanzu River atleast.
Replies: >>60 >>64 >>78
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Wasn't the deadline conspiracy retards gave for everyone dying in September or something?
You did yourself and your family a favor by taking it, thank them for bullying you into it
Replies: >>65 >>67 >>69
Figured a touhoufaggot would be a huge cuck lol
>Wasn't the deadline conspiracy retards gave for everyone dying in September or something?
I haven't heard of that one. Only one I've heard about is the one that talks about them trying to make a leaking vaccine so they can basically have your existence on a subscription model.
Replies: >>66
There have been so many theories about 'x amount of people will die by y' and so on. I don't take much credence to it.
You are so fucked if you took it. LOL
I'm not really worried about getting vaxxed, but as a shut-in, I really don't care to go out and get it when I'm not going to get sick anyway. Even if I did, I'm not that unhealthy that it's a serious problem.
The stated number is 2 years, that came from either the pfizer or modern ex-CEO, I forget. It's probably disinfo though. It doesn't make sense that they'd kill off all their submissive slaves, it's probably sterilization and destroying your immune system to sell "health as a service", endless shots or your immune system stops working. Something like that would make more sense. People are dying a lot from it, it's just not reported in mainstream media but you can see many articles in local news along the lines of "teenage athlete dies of heart attack - experts can't make sense of it" ever since they started this mass-vaxx shit. It's never been normal to have young healthy people die of a heart attack on a soccer field, but it's happening so much that they're trying to do a "we've always been at war with Eurasia" thing with it and saying teens have always randomly dropped dead in observable amounts. It's probably not by design, it's most likely just a result of doing a guinea pig experiment on the general public, but who knows really.

The going theory right now is that the damage the shot did to you doesn't really show itself until you strain your heart, and then you start to have problems including outright cardiac arrest from it. Time will tell. My aunt took it, and almost lost her leg to a blood clot within a day after it. A neighbor took it and had to be rushed to the hospital a few days later. Just some examples of some of the things that have happened to the vaxxers that I know.

The real problem is that the people who took it submitted to getting injected with mystery jew-juice (yes, almost everyone at the top involved with these shots are jewish, I hope that's not a surprise). They are spineless cowards and faggots who submitted totally to the government. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it was completely optional, I wouldn't take it, but I wouldn't really care about the whole thing if you could take it if you wanted it or not if you didn't. Given how much damage it's causing to people, I'd think you're stupid for taking it but it's your decision and doesn't affect me, so whatever. But that's not what's happening, they are literally going to throw me into jail for refusing it lol. You have to be brainless to not see that there's something else going on here, they've never done this with any other vaccine.

All I know is if I have to choose between the shot and a bullet, I'll take the bullet.
Replies: >>70
The thing I find the most jarring about it all is that people are buying the narrative that it is tested as safe and effective. Bottom line is, this vaccine is a completely new technology just now developed. Something like this would have to be tested long-term to have any solid evidence proving it is safe, and yet it was rushed out in a year or so? I'm not buying it dude. Vaccines won't solve anything at this point anyway. If they actually wanted to eradicate covid, they would have put some actual thought into how the vaccines were distributed. It's worth comparing their efforts with how smallpox was dealt with. No matter how you look at it, something isn't right.
I'd rather have the "natural" disease over some new form of vaccine.
Replies: >>71 >>74
covid if it even exists is no big deal anyway. Personally I don't think it even exists, but if it does it's just a cold and it kills old people on their deathbeds like the cold always has.
So you have a fake vaccine(that isn't a vaccine at all and they had to change the definition of a vaccine to accommodate it) to deal with a fake virus, but what's not fake is that your life is heavily impacted by it. I already lost my job for  saying no, I can't find another cause I don't have it, so I'm set to starve to death anyway on a long enough timeline, at least if they toss me in prison I'll be fed, but the worry is they'd just hold me down and shoot me with it.

I guess the hope is that there's enough people refusing despite it being illegal that they don't have the manpower to get us all. I guess an option I have is to jump in my car and live as a vagabond until they catch me. Or maybe a vaxxed family member takes me in and hides me but that's not a sustainable long-term plan.
Replies: >>72 >>74
I don't doubt it's existance, but I'm of a like mind. It's really not a big deal. Makes things all the more suspicious though. You would have thought that the covid death counts would stop being everywhere by now. You would think the news would have stopped reporting record highs in new cases if the vaccine worked. Truely the more you consider things, the less they add up.
Sorry to hear your shit got fucked anon. Let's hope things will get better eventually, even if they never do.
Replies: >>74
>completely new technology just now developed
Are you talking about mRNA vaccines? It's based on research done since 1989 and the first human trials where in 2013
>It's not that bad
matter of fact is that people fill up hospital beds and it's a majority of unvaccinated people who get in hospitals. A neighbor of mine died of a stroke in an ambulance because the hospitals where full.
Of course you can say those numbers are fake, show me pictures of empty hallways in hospitals that somehow prove that the actual hospital beds are empty, say my neighbors got bought out to tell a lie about how he died in the ambulance or even say I'm making this story up. At the end of the day it's all run of the mill conspiracy shit: "group a benefits (allegedly) from circumstance b, therefore group a is responsible for b" but that's not how cause and effect work.
The funniest part is watching the conspiracy develop over time. The goal posts keep constantly moving. From "it doesn't exist" over "it exists, but it's just a flu" to "the vaxx will kill/sterilize/weaken you in x amount of time" and so on.
>You would think the news would have stopped reporting record highs in new cases if the vaccine worked
This is one of the cases of actual misinformation that many virologists have been lamenting. Many people made it seem like vaccine would be a magic cure that stops you from getting infected, when in fact the point of it was to make the disease less severe so vaccinated people don't take up hospital beds (which is working). But numbers are still going up, because vaccinated people think they're immune and act accordingly thus getting infected.
not gonna take it
Is this your only argument? I don't want to take (or make people who I love) take an undeveloped product, side effects of which include:
>Bell's palsy
>Lowered immunity system response (people mysteriously dying of tuberculosis in massive quantities)
>Various stock of heart complications (occurs even earlier in life)
>Various degrees of seizures
>Last but not least, death
Various governments around the world are currently in process of restricting/seizing freedoms of the unvaccinated to public spaces, with some of them firing people for not getting the jab or outright making it illegal not to. Most countries right now are carefully watch the situation to see just what kinds of Orwellian measures they can get away with. To shout muh conspiracy right now is lunacy.
Replies: >>81
[Hide] (578.1KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro
Rogue (auto)antibodies could be driving severe COVID-19
In fatal COVID-19, the immune response can control the virus but kill the patient

Remember to take vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D modulates (read "balances") the immune system. If you are worried about blood clots, try consuming ginger (it also has some anti-inflammatory properties according to some.) Garlic can also help. Aspirin is another option, but I don't know if it's wise option because of the virus. Also, it's not recommended to take both ginger and aspirin at the same time.
Replies: >>85 >>88
/2hu/ more /2hupol/ am i right
Replies: >>81
[Hide] (3.8MB, 982x720, 01:01)
The vaccines are a cash grab. That's the real conspiracy.
Replies: >>81 >>85
>Is this your only argument?
It's just that in my experience the only people who are against the vaccines are people who think it's some ploy to control or kill off the populus which are both hilariously silly.
>Various governments around the world are currently in process of restricting/seizing freedoms of the unvaccinated to public spaces
Yes which is stupid because if we want this shit to stop we need to restrict the freedoms of all people for a time and people need to actually follow the rules. But starting with the unvaccinated is easier to justify and might actually get them to finally get the god damn vaccine.
Sorry, didn't know making fun of someone saying silly shit would start such a shitfest.
Good think I got it fro free then
Replies: >>83 >>85
[Hide] (269.7KB, 468x445) Reverse
>It's just that in my experience the only people who are against the vaccines are people who think it's some ploy to control or kill off the populus which are both hilariously silly.
The essence of such claims isn't that they're necessarily that - it's open and complete foolishness to claim that it's THAT what happens without measure of a proof. It's the horror that comes when you realize that people that did these vaccines are now billionaires and that if it is (or, way more likely, if it becomes) that "ploy to kill off the populus" which is "silly" as you comment. It's that you can do nothing. It's that the government can do nothing. It will do nothing but ask for the batch of the next dose for the masses. There is no counterpunch if they sterilize you and then ask for payments for the magical booster shot that will extend your lifespan until it's time to sell you the next one. "Health as a service"? Try "Life as a service". Can you see anything that prevents this catastrophe if the vaxx billionaires just fucking lie? They're already untrustworthy.
>the rest
So it is your only argument - to just take a shitty, undeveloped vaccine that does not even prevent the spread of a disease and only stifles the symptoms. Have everyone else do it. Just casually have everyone else roll the dice of death/disability because it suits you and because it suits the government. Filtered.
Replies: >>86 >>88
<Why does lung damage sometimes continue to worsen well after the body seems to have cleared the SARS-CoV-2 virus?
<And what is behind the extended, multi-organ illness that lasts for months in people with ‘long COVID’?
<A growing number of studies suggest that some of these questions might be explained by the immune system mistakenly turning against the body — a phenomenon known as autoimmunity.
<Clinical trials have now shown that some drugs that broadly dampen immune activity seem to reduce death rates in critically ill people, if administered at the right time.

>Good think I got it fro free then
Nothing is free. watch the vid related >>80 
tl;dr you paid for it because you pay taxes.
>only stifles the symptoms
which saves lives
Replies: >>88
>there are vax worshippers on /2hu/
Look it's fine that you went and injected yourself but don't fuckin try and force me to get that shit and then blame me for lockdowns when it doesn't protect anyone.
It's questionable whether the vaccine even reduces the symptoms! Refer to articles linked in >>78
There are steroid/cortisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs that are proven to reduce mortality in severe covid-19. My point is that the virus (SARS-CoV-2) itself or the disease (covid-19) that it causes aren't as severe as the body's own auto-immune attack that the virus can cause. sage for offtopic.
↑↑I blame ranpocket for this↑↑
Out of all things to not go to jail for could have at least punched someone's teeth in.
>that stops you from getting infected, when in fact the point of it was to make the disease less severe so vaccinated people don't take up hospital beds (which is working).
So if that's the case and it's only a minor increase in immunity, why don't you unhinged lunatics just leave me the fuck alone?

Actually what is happening is that you are trying to have your cake and eat it too. You are trying to say "vaxx good so everyone must take" while also saying "vaxx not that good so that's why it didn't fix the problem".
Replies: >>108
>matter of fact is that people fill up hospital beds and it's a majority of unvaccinated people who get in hospitals
Also I never said it's a minor increase to immunity, just that it doesn't make people completely resistant to it, which is what some people thing which causes them to go out sometimes and get infected.
Replies: >>123
still doesn't answer the question of why you vaxxers won't leave us the fuck alone
[Hide] (5.3MB, 2480x3496) Reverse
I don't know who's Jewing who anymore but I do know one thing. Don't take the vaccine.
Replies: >>125
[Hide] (985.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
But I want the nanochips inside me.
[Hide] (347.1KB, 834x696) Reverse
Replies: >>130 >>158
>wiping a fraction of the earth's population along with you and your loved ones
and that's bad because?
Replies: >>132
Someone needs to pay the taxes
[Hide] (1.7KB, 90x90) Reverse
what's that spoiler image?
Replies: >>146
I don't think the spoiler image can be changed on JSchan. Either that or I just couldn't find it yet.
Replies: >>147
Allegedly you can change it with css but I'm too retarded to figure it out.
Spoiler File
(28.7MB, 7849x7798) Reverse
custom spoiler
:root {
    --spoiler-img: url(/file/0f87cf6210dd5029caff8de42ad9360b83e6250da454745d4c8be4b0f5429d44.gif);
custom load bar
possible language: css, relevance: 8
.post-file-src[style*='loading'] {
background:url(/file/33838c556fb64468b4f8eabdd86c7b949e74fb9a8bef6ab304dd55e7b53109b2.gif) no-repeat center;
just used pics itt for an example. try it out. take whatever pics you want to actually use, upload them to the board assets, and link them in the css as shown in the provided examples.
pic for spoiler testing.
in case anyone is fully retarded, all users can test this using the menu accessible at the top right of the page
[Hide] (123.2KB, 1125x1290) Reverse
posting to say thanks
Replies: >>151
[Hide] (45.4KB, 1000x1000) Reverse
you got it
Thanks, gonna check it out when I get home in a few days
>muh black plague
Each time the plague resurfaces it kills less and less people. It still to this day periodically shows up in shitholes like India and China and fuckall ever comes from it, the days of Bubonic plague turning entire cities into ghost towns is long gone.
[Hide] (60.7KB, 503x431) Reverse
[Hide] (835.9KB, 900x1200) Reverse
Reverted spoiler image to the original from plw/2hu/. The image has some issues with "rogue" alpha channels where they shouldn't be, this might be more obvious now as the thumbnails here are larger
Couldn't get the load bar to function though sadly.
Replies: >>199
do you have load bars turned on in your own, personal site settings?
i use that very css for load bars on multiple boards on multiple JSchan sites
Replies: >>201
[Hide] (966B, 172x32) Reverse
[Hide] (96.5KB, 207x284) Reverse
Yes, I tried both Librewolf and Palememe, latter with a cleared cache. Neither worked.
Replies: >>211
alright, then fuck if i know
it does take a second, that's why i posted that big ass pic earlier itt. beyond that i rally idk
Replies: >>221
[Hide] (10.5KB, 876x190) Reverse
Weirdly enough it worked when I copied the css snippet from /fa/, thanks.
>Based kikele webp support.
Okay, maybe the move was not that bad.
John! John! You are a pedo and we know your name!
Replies: >>257
[Hide] (60.7KB, 311x255) Reverse
>/cattle/ thinks he's in here
Replies: >>266
>he doesn't know
Replies: >>271
Eat shit Dylan.
Replies: >>274
Drink my pee, John
>Aaron starting drama again
So predictable.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>851
Replies: >>851
[Hide] (83.7KB, 650x230) Reverse
Sorry I missed that one, added the smaller version.
The archive seems to be damaged
[Hide] (62.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (58.5KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>970 >>987
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1740x1225) Reverse
Thanks, added the 1st version
>She's reading Diisuke
Miko of culture
[Hide] (4.9MB, 1920x1088, 00:10)
This would make a perfect banner of not for the aspect ratio.
Replies: >>1083
[Hide] (783.1KB, 1533x511) Reverse
[Hide] (38.6KB, 300x100) Reverse
Do banners have to be 300x100 or just 3:1?
Replies: >>1068
Exactly 300x100 also added
[Hide] (209.5KB, 300x100) Reverse
I managed to make a quick GIF out of it. How's this?
Replies: >>1084
But the text...
The punchline...
(And the paper is all twitchy)
Replies: >>1085
[Hide] (2.9MB, 300x100) Reverse
Here's another version with the full picture. I had to cut it short because as you can see the filesize is too big to be used as a banner.
Replies: >>1086 >>1087 >>1088
And by the spoiler I meant the first version.
[Hide] (860.4KB, 1050x1400) Reverse
Replies: >>1089
Replies: >>1089
[Hide] (170.4KB, 1207x1284) Reverse
Sweet, it works then. Guess JSchan doesn't have the filesize limit that Lynxchan has for banners.
Glad you enjoyed it, Ranfag.
Sure thing Tengu. It also helps to remove some of the other banners that Sturgeon put in your board.
All aboard.
Replies: >>1092
[Hide] (1.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1093 >>1103
[Hide] (1.2MB, 300x100) Reverse
The first one is interlaced, so it will start playing sooner even if it's bigger.
Replies: >>1094
Though, it would be way better if someone knew the sauce for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlmVUW8phHw instead of using a crusty youtube video.
also added
Replies: >>1104
[Hide] (1.5MB, 300x100) Reverse
Sorry, I forgot how fucking gifs work.
Replies: >>1106
[Hide] (39.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (46.4KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (491.4KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (33KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1106
added 1, 3 and 4.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
[Hide] (2MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 300x100) Reverse
Backgrounds really needed dithering, especially the flamingos one, but it fattens the file a lot.
I don't know, maybe you have better encoding settings in mind.
What are the general guidelines on banner size, anyway?
I'm generally aiming for <~2Mb with <1Mb being ideal, and >2.5 being too big.
Are webps acceptable (nevermind, jschan 403s when uploading animated webps https://files.catbox.moe/56a8aq.webp)?
Also, don't know if this framerate is good, video says it's 25 fps, but with 0.04 delays transitions near the end seem a bit too abrupt.
Replies: >>1153
[Hide] (3.3MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (22.6MB, 1920x1080, 01:28)
Very barely got this one below 3Mb.
Removed frames kind-of turn some moves in the beginning into a mess. Maybe I should try slowing them down or removing them.
Whatever, I already spent way too much time on this.
Replies: >>1153 >>1157
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1749x2255) Reverse
Sorry for the delay, added the 2,8MB versions.

>What are the general guidelines on banner size, anyway?
There aren't really any apart from the 300x100 limitation. I also tried uploading the .webp but got an error too.
[Hide] (13KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (16KB, 300x100) Reverse
Are le funny doujin crops considered passable banners?
Replies: >>1161 >>1162
[Hide] (2.9MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
Fixed choppiness in the beginning, now it also loops better.
Replies: >>1158
[Hide] (519.4KB, 565x343) Reverse
[Hide] (3.9MB, 03:58)
[Hide] (77.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
Inspired by the awoo video
I also have an updated version of the Aya banner, slightly lighter than the previous one.
Replies: >>1161 >>1162
[Hide] (39.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (39.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
I feel like the sheets' sfx helps get the point across.
Kosuzu's sfx is *turned on*/*sudden desire*, btw.
You could save some aspect ratio by cropping the edge on Momiji's side, and possibly moving them closer together.
Sorry I somehow skipped over this last time. Added the 2nd black&white version.
added both
Replies: >>1164
[Hide] (79.6KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (106.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
Spoiler File
(156KB, 300x100) Reverse
Oops, I mean by cropping the bottom/top edges, and maybe padding the left/right.
Or using the based liquid rescale.
Replies: >>1166 >>1177
Any particular reason why you went with that one?
I feel like it's funnier without that exposition box, conveying the situation without words, and leaving a little to the imagination.
Replies: >>1166
I liked it the most with the flavour text, but I can still change it if you want another one.
replaced with 1 and 3
Replies: >>1168
I do, but I'd like someone else to weigh in.
Just so we're on the same page: what about coloring and sfx translation?
Replies: >>1171
>what about coloring and sfx translation?
What about it?
Replies: >>1172
[Hide] (41.3KB, 299x100) Reverse
[Hide] (41.3KB, 299x100) Reverse
I was asking if I should bother making colored/sfx versions of the flavourtext banner or if you preferred the original, but it was quick, so here.
Replies: >>1173
Ah okay, added the second version.
If you insist I can still change it to >>1161 though.
Replies: >>1175
I spent a disproportionate amount of effort on them, so I would be biased.
I'll go with your judgement.
Unfortunately I'm not very good with animated banners so that was as far as I could do
Replies: >>1179
Understandable. Me neither, really.
[Hide] (114.3KB, 996x664) Reverse
Would you guys be interested in participating in the next iteration of the Infinity Cup? Asking cause some anon mentioned it on anon.cafe/icup/
Replies: >>1263 >>1265
[Hide] (15.5MB, 1920x1080, 01:00)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (3.7MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1260
[Hide] (6.9MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (2.4MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1263
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1956x1511) Reverse
added the 4th

Pinned a thread on it. If anyone wants to put together a team, be my guest, I'm not very good with sportsballs.
Replies: >>2091
Do we even have enough people?
Replies: >>1283
[Hide] (588.1KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (457KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1283
Matches are played by the computer, just needs someone to set formations and character attributes apparently.
added 1st
Replies: >>1288
Bumping a thread from the top of the second page makes it duplicate.
Replies: >>1287
Mentioned it in the bug report thread >>>/meta/3869
Okay then.
Name proposal: Court and Ball Therapy with Yuuka Kasami
Is there a way to preview how the shirts look when making them?
Maybe unlock the pinned thread?
Replies: >>1290
[Hide] (111.3KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (98.9KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (130.3KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
[Hide] (195KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
I don't know if there's a way to preview shirts but /icup/ has a reference image. Also here's the 2020 shirts again.
I think 2 was the goalie and 3 the away team shirt but I'm not sure anymore.

Apart from that the only mandatory thing left is player names, formation and medals/XP distribution.
Unless we want the host to do it himself we can also assign player cards, which are basically behavior traits, some more in-depth settings related to the formation and character height. Also something about importing custom models and I think it was mentioned they still have some 2hu models around so they might fill them in.
[Hide] (185.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
Fuck I forgot that there was an autolock function against heavy spam and the futafag triggered the PPH limit.
Board's unlocked again and I'm bumping up the limit. I never thought we'd get 30 posts per hour
Replies: >>1465 >>1487
absolute moron
You forgot captcha, is that okay?
Replies: >>1488
Right, I had the captcha on thread-only earlier since the PPH limit was only 30. Guess I should keep it turned on just in case now.
I increased the PPH limit by a large margin, I don't think it should trigger from porn dumps anymore.
I didn't notice the board was locked earlier because I could still post normally in the sportsballs thread the next day and it's one generic-looking option among a few dozen others in the settings window which I have no reason to open in the first place unless I want to change something

Finally, I also remembered again that there is support for custom flags if anyone wants them added. Filesize seems irrelevant and the max amount is 100.
Last edited by ran
Replies: >>1489 >>1605
[Hide] (724B, 21x11) Reverse
[Hide] (820B, 21x11) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8KB, 63x33) Reverse
[Hide] (4.4KB, 63x33) Reverse
Won't it be a bit too fat to use full-scale images for 16×11 flags?
Replies: >>1491 >>1495
[Hide] (1.5KB, 39x39) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4KB, 39x39) Reverse
[Hide] (402B, 13x13) Reverse
[Hide] (496B, 13x13) Reverse
Replies: >>1495 >>1499
Probably yes, replaced both
[Hide] (23.6KB, 33x33) Reverse
[Hide] (28.1KB, 33x33) Reverse
[Hide] (36.4KB, 33x33) Reverse
[Hide] (52KB, 33x33) Reverse
[Hide] (96KB, 33x33) Reverse
That ball is asking to become a GIF.
Replies: >>1500
[Hide] (992.8KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (662KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1518
[Hide] (578.1KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1520
where do you find all this cancer
Replies: >>1525
Yer mom's ovaries.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 300x100) Reverse
Wanted to make a possible banner (if either one are good enough and at the right sizes).
Replies: >>1532 >>1537
Nice, added #2
Replies: >>1533
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
Very nice. Can't take all the credit though. Found the scene from vid related (made by same guy who made that Cirno Chernobyl vid someone posted in a different thread a while back).
[Hide] (281.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
It's better to add text after you resize the image, and you can save some aspect by cutting off the top part.
Replies: >>1538 >>1566
[Hide] (263.3KB, 300x100) Reverse
Also adjusted frame delay.
Replies: >>1566 >>1580
[Hide] (50.1KB, 50x50) Reverse
[Hide] (51.8KB, 50x50) Reverse
[Hide] (535.5KB, 250x250) Reverse
[Hide] (538.2KB, 250x250) Reverse
:root {
Replies: >>1559
[Hide] (9.5KB, 50x50) Reverse
[Hide] (9.6KB, 50x50) Reverse
[Hide] (70.8KB, 250x250) Reverse
[Hide] (71.3KB, 250x250) Reverse
:root {
}A-and it doesn't fucking work.
Now that I think about it, the custom spoiler and background could leak requests to clearnet address if somebody is using the hidden service. You should probably use the relative address, like the loading bar does.
Replies: >>1561
[Hide] (140.2KB, 100x100) Reverse
possible language: css, relevance: 19
.upload-thumb[src$='/file/audio.png'] {
}Jeez. I will replace you the hard way if you don't want to go away.
Replies: >>1562 >>1582
[Hide] (22.2KB, 100x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1589
[Hide] (18.5KB, 100x100) Reverse
[Hide] (18.5KB, 100x100) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1300x731, 00:05)
possible language: css, relevance: 19
.upload-thumb[src$='/file/video.png'] {
How fucking useless is that?
Replies: >>1564 >>1582
[Hide] (18.5KB, 100x100) Reverse
[Hide] (18.7KB, 100x100) Reverse
Here's the final css for you, ranpocket.
Just reupload the files as assets and replace the links.
Replies: >>1565
>CSS doesn't do single-line comments
Shit, I keep fucking up.
Replies: >>1580
Thanks for the tips. I'll remember that for next time.
[Hide] (2.3MB, 480x360, 03:05)
When exactly are those supposed to play? I don't see any difference.
Here's the css with links replaced, also direct links

Replaced the banner by the way.
Replies: >>1581 >>1589 >>1720
[Hide] (12.4KB, 232x98) Reverse
They're placeholder thumbnails for the file list for when you upload video and audio files.
And I fucked up once again.
The comment on the 21st line "padding-left:50px; // Must be equal to the .upload-thumb size." should be /**/ instead, or just remove it.
Replies: >>1585
what the absolute fuck are uou trying to do here
Replies: >>1583
oh shit nevermind I get it
Also both seem to work now, thanks.
Replies: >>1586
You used the video one for songs
Replies: >>1588
[Hide] (8.3KB, 851x50) Reverse
[Hide] (7.2KB, 851x50) Reverse
You sure? It works on my end.
Replies: >>1596
Both of those links are the video thumbnail.
The audio thumbnail should be this one: >>1562
Replies: >>1590
Ah right, sorry for that. It's fixed now.
I think we are now officially the most pimped-out css on the site.
Unless somebody has suggestions for generic attachment thumbnail.
Replies: >>1594
and how would you go about doing such a thing
Replies: >>1597
the video one may stop working on JSchan 0.4.0. at least i can't get it to work on that version, though the audio one works.
Replies: >>1597
I don't get the question.
The same way I did the other two?
It should work as long as the thumbnail is pointing to a static adress.
Replies: >>1598
>I don't get the question
im pretty retarded with css, having difficulty figuring out exactly what to type to make the paperclip turn into something else.
>static address
yeah tried using an asset but didnt work, i wonder if its because it actually shows a thumbnail of the video instead of VIDEO THUMBNAIL
Replies: >>1599
Oh, so it actually shows the video preview?
That's good, no need for a generic video thumbnail, then. Although, I guess, it could still fallback to the generic one if it can't decode the video.
Replies: >>1606
[Hide] (25.4KB, 31x31) Reverse
[Hide] (329B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (517B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (836B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (542B, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1608
[Hide] (439B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (290B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (464B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (317B, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1608 >>1609
added all of those
[Hide] (1.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (755B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (930B, 46x32) Reverse
>Moriya Shrine downloads now redirect you to steam store pages
>You still have to wait 60 seconds to get redirected
Replies: >>1610 >>1615 >>1629
[Hide] (1.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.3KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1611 >>1629
[Hide] (2.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.5KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1612 >>1629
[Hide] (2KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.7KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (275B, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1614 >>1629
[Hide] (2KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (2.8KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1617 >>1629
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2507x3141) Reverse
Glad I got the games when I did. Looks like they went after the non-steam official games as well, along with other sites offering the games. Not like any of this will stop the piracy of the games. Didn't ZUN at one point say he didn't care about western piracy?
Replies: >>1616
Boomerjap partnered with some publisher when coming to steam (couldn't figure out the steamguard by himself, probably), so it's likely them bitching.
[Hide] (728B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (454B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (938B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (452B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (537B, 46x32) Reverse
ULiL profile pics too.
Replies: >>1620
[Hide] (406B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (216B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (692B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (215B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (285B, 46x32) Reverse
Shit, wait, forgot to optimize those.
Replies: >>1621 >>1629
[Hide] (551B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (333B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (401B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (358B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (1.5KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1622 >>1629
[Hide] (397B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (521B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (468B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (471B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (353B, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1623 >>1629
[Hide] (526B, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (888B, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1629
[Hide] (68.6KB, 645x900) Reverse
added all except 4.png since the current one is similar enough
Also all of those.

Unless I made a mistake counting them we got exactly 50 flags now, half of the limit.
Last edited by ran
Replies: >>1630
[Hide] (39.2KB, 455x500) Reverse
>Unless I made a mistake counting them we got exactly 50 flags now, half of the limit.
The max upload limit you see there is how many items you can upload at once. The actual hard limit for flags, banners and board assets is set by the admin, and in the specific case of zzzchan it's set to 1000 of each category, don't quote me on this figure but I'm certain it's not 100.
Replies: >>1631
[Hide] (84.3KB, 1903x371) Reverse
[Hide] (2.2KB, 230x92) Reverse
It is 100, the simultaneous upload limit is only 10.
Replies: >>1632
[Hide] (3.1KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (3.1KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1666
[Hide] (1.3MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1681
also added
[Hide] (3.7KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (4KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (10KB, 92x64) Reverse
[Hide] (6.9KB, 69x48) Reverse
[Hide] (6.7KB, 69x48) Reverse
Replies: >>1700 >>1703
[Hide] (6.5KB, 69x48) Reverse
Replies: >>1701 >>1703
[Hide] (6.3KB, 69x48) Reverse
Replies: >>1703
[Hide] (3.6KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1703
added 2 koishi variants and all others
Replies: >>1707
That's the second transparent one, right?
I kinda like the last one more.
And could you try using one of the unicode spaces for the name, or just naming the file ".png"? I would prefer if it showed an empty tooltip on hover.
Replies: >>1708 >>1710
Wait, it's already showing nothing?
Whatever, then.
Replies: >>1710
[Hide] (3.9KB, 46x32) Reverse
[Hide] (3.9KB, 46x32) Reverse
Replies: >>1717
[Hide] (4.9KB, 66x46) Reverse
[Hide] (474B, 66x46) Reverse
Replies: >>1715 >>1717
possible language: css, relevance: 19
img.customflag[src$='ENDING PART OF NUE FLAG URL GOES HERE']:hover {
Replies: >>1716 >>1717
possible language: css, relevance: 19
img.customflag[src$='fe4548df660b463.png']:hover {
}Works for Koishi too.
Adding a gimmicky special defect to a tiny flag no one will ever use is probably not worth bloating the CSS, but it was interesting to make.
Replies: >>1717
[Hide] (673.9KB, 943x931) Reverse
Let's see if I did it right 
 Assuming it works, why exactly is src$= the last 15 letters of the url?
Replies: >>1718
You use square brackets in CSS to match elements by attribute, in this case src.
$= means 'match from the end'.
15 is arbitrary.
The whole image replacement trick works by setting the image element's background to another image, telling it to maintain the padding by shrinking contents instead of expanding itself, and setting padding to the width of the element to make the original image shrink to 0.
The two small downsides, though, are that there is no way (that I know of) to automatically get the element size from CSS, so if that ever changes the padding will have to be adjusted manually, and that the browser still downloads the original image even if we don't need it.
Replies: >>1719
By the way, you can also make the effect work in flag preview by replacing img.customflag with img#selected-flag and changing padding to 32.
Also, since Koishi now appears on hover, I guess there is no sense in her flag be a noname. And I think Nue's censored flag should be called 'undefined' or '???' ('???' on windows).
Replies: >>1721 >>1722
Wait, why is https://zzzchan.xyz/asset/2hu/7cfc1982ba977aef7dad478ad6c340a897bee41b8dda3ca6047445ec9c8cc4a1.gif 250x250?
It should be this file, I think: https://zzzchan.xyz/file/17a0fde440c4acec7b74e725727e796b148eee56b26c1b0ad92d58010c9e080f.gif
Replies: >>1721 >>1722
Must've been an oversight. I'll replace it tomorrow when I also look into >>1719
Replies: >>1722
Changed Nue's flag name and fixed the video thumbnail.
[Hide] (2MB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>1818
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1036x1450) Reverse
Replies: >>1834 >>1835 >>1840
God I wish that was me
Replies: >>1835 >>1839
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 1036x1450) Reverse
You still sure about that?
Replies: >>1836
>Middle school
I could use a refresher on grade school, really.
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1036x1450) Reverse
Having all those hairs rub up against your dick like that would fucking hurt.
Replies: >>1846
They're soft.
Just have to make sure it's completely dry.
Made flag replacements preload so that they don't disappear for a moment, and made them work for selection preview.
Replies: >>1967
[Hide] (660.2KB, 1447x2047) Reverse
Regarding >>1963 should I remove standard captchas per post and change board settings to only reactivate them when we hit a certain pph? I'd have to manually reset it again if it gets triggered, but it wouldn't lock the board entirely like the last time I forgot that setting exists
Edit: Also realized I can make the reactive captcha disable itself after an hour.

implemented it, thanks.
Last edited by ran
Replies: >>1968 >>1972 >>1975
[Hide] (2.2MB, 238x420, 00:29)
Replies: >>1969 >>1971
unironical mental issues/learning impairment/underdeveloped brain
[Hide] (126.2KB, 746x545) Reverse
Replies: >>1976
>should I remove standard captchas per post and change board settings to only reactivate them when we hit a certain pph?
> Also realized I can make the reactive captcha disable itself after an hour.
You could test it for a few days and see if it has a positive effect. But I think new threads should always require a captcha.
Replies: >>1980
Did anyone other than the sagecuckold ever have problems with the captcha?
It legitimately takes no effort whatsoever to the point where I've grown to like it as a mispost protection.
Replies: >>1980
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
getting 'de vibes
Changed settings for now, we'll just see how it goes.
>captcha is disabled
>sagecuck creates a music thread and also samefags in there
I think the captcha should be back
Ey, can't you see the resurgence of quality discussion the board's been having?
Either way, he'll get tired and go back to solitary existence on the backpages of animu as soon as he stops getting attention here, but otherwise I doubt the captcha will make much difference either way.
Did you hate those albums this much? No, no, you're using imageboards wrong, proper way to use imageboards is talking to yourself rather than talking to anyone else. Best threads are just blogs where leaving comments doesn't require registration.
Replies: >>2094
Can you limit pinned threads to 1 post preview? It's taking up a bit too much space on the front page for how inactive it is.
Replies: >>2092
There isn't an option for that, but I'll just unsticky it.
ICUP organisation seems to be stuck in limbo right now.
Go make your own blog page, my guy
Nobody actually reads blogs or twitters. Which is why some fucks repost twitter screenshots on sites I visit.
Then I guess people in general just hate blogs
[Hide] (6.3KB, 69x49) Reverse
[Hide] (167.1KB, 800x894) Reverse
Can we bring back the captcha?
Replies: >>2183
Imagine being able to moderate your threads rather than your boards. Probably goes against the idea, how about you make threads that aren't so boring that people are too lazy to even shit them up.
[aa]                      /
     \   _,、,,........_    ,.-,ヘ、―-.、
         >,ゝ'-=-`.、 i-,/@_r-_-.,)  i    Σ>☆   _______
         i LLノハノリ」 〈(ルハノリノ ~i  ノ|     _/_`、_\|  ̄ ̄ ̄(_____
         ∩〈リ゚ ヮ゚ノ!  リ、゚ヮ ゚_ノリlハ (_,ノ  ~l_!,-‐‐-、i . |\      ::::::::::::\     _
         ゝノ`:´kつ  ⊂[_i∞とi_X7   ~  (((メ)ノ)ノ) | \       .:::::::::::〉     _))
     /  ,く '/".rヽi,..:: `\ 〈、!_§,> ~   (wi;^ ーノi))|   \, . . ::::::::::::::/    _/_`、__ _
   /    `!,ン''"´'-'   \  `ー' ヽ_)´~    |i S(つ8| ̄ ̄ ̄ ゙̄〇" ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄i  i,-‐‐-、l,_l¥8
       /  :                    || (__,匚____ _/_`、_ _iー‐―┘ (((ハ))) |i||
      / . ||         \     ,.Θ、  ||〓〓ヽ.)ノ|::|  l_,l,-‐‐-、i  |::| ||    リi、- ゚.l|ノ,G)、
       : |              ,.'- ─`'-、||  ∥ ∥ |:| .ノ)((s(( )))s |:|  。 (( S(つ((p=||=.)=ュ
        |              く ,. - ─ '-、! ̄  ̄  ̄  = (ノg)^ ヮノc、 ,      , ´__8`)) || (
          \ \         i:::イ)ノハノ)::ノ   ゚    。 " S(つ8y//(C)    ゚   ̄i_フ( ( _〒 )
 ∧,.-─- 、    ヽヽヽ ゴッ      i:i::|i ゚ ヮ゚ノ:|          , ´_ ノン^¨ _δ   . ̄ ```†´´
 i_,.>~~ヽ    ', ', ',      / ̄∩/,― 、\ o。。。       ``i_フ_フ ̄/ ⊥ \   .     ̄
  r) (ノλノ) (   _____    | ||彡⊃●)三mΕ∃             |_____|
  (ノ!) #゚ -゚ノ)´/ヽ------/\   \_.彡--イ .|  ゚ ゚ ゚               ∩,_,,__,∩      。  。
  ,r´i.`.Y'iソつi__/───ヽ/      'ー'⌒i_ブ                  〈ヽ----フ      ノ ヽ_ハ,
  ((_ハハハ〉    ̄ゝ, "´⌒`ヽ           _                ((ノ))从リ)〉    ./~~~ヽ
   `~iフiブ      ノ.ノメノハノ〉〉         '´.━ ヽ               从゚ ヮ゚ノリ      i ラノノ)))ン`
    ( ⌒ )    とノ.リ!゚々゚ノ!つ    (::(;;: (〈(( ((( ) '';:;;;):;         (( i゚´i       ,ヘ(∩゚ ヮ゚ノ,)
      l | /      ∠,く// i ゝ    ((( ;:::;;⊂(、゚ヮ ゚*)》〉  ;:;            く/くゝ ))   ,ゝ し|⊂))ン
       __         `!,ンィン"      ((:,,,." ヽ/\ヽ[∩] ;:;;)))            U U      ζ_. /_|鬥jゝ
  ,、  , '   ~'ヽ              ((;;  (⌒) |'';:;;;):;:::          | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|      £`し'ノ
 〈 \i イノハレリ〉                 三 `J  , ─.、         \/   ::::::::::::::::::::
 Σヾノ.リi#゚Д゚ノ (                      / _ノ \__             :::::_r-、>r-、:::
 ∠/ ⊂/ lT"iヽ く                     |  ( ○ ○)ノ\\           ::::Y´_>,_ノく_ン'、:::
  レ/,くン〒∪V                      |   (__人_)○○)\          :::::r'_r',!イノ)ノン,),::::
   ゙'ーr_ェ'ァ┘                       ゝ   ⌒/ (_人_)  )           :::(.ノノ! ゚ヮ゚ノ)::::
          ,.-、                    ( .)--(  ).)─(  )             ::::U:::::U::::
          /  \                  | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
       )  }くく{===ヽ、 (_               |;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;|
      ⌒)  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄(⌒               \_____/
                                | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|[/aa]
yeah sure
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Replies: >>2184
[Hide] (766.5KB, 2000x2000) Reverse
Thank you anon-sama
dead boards are easier to moderate, huh

whatever, I barely care about touhou anymore. I probably wouldn't be here if I cared.
your posts are annoying anyway, so goodbye
[Hide] (6.4MB, 320x240, 03:00)
[Hide] (620.8KB, 300x100) Reverse
Replies: >>2677
It's pretty squished.
Maybe try to cut off about a half of the grass and a third of the sky to fit more Chen.
Replies: >>2700
[Hide] (296.5KB, 300x100) Reverse
I cropped it but when I resized it it still looks a bit squished.
I don't know what else to do if the anon who made the awoo banners is reading this please tell me how you do it
Replies: >>2703 >>2708
1) render the video to image files:
ffmpeg -i video.mp4 out\%d.bmpBMP files are faster to work with, but don't support transparency, and obviously take up a lot of space. If you need transparency or don't have a lot of space, use PNG.
Use -ss xx:xx.xxx and -to xx:xx.xxx parameters to approximately cut the part of the video you're interested in.

2) flip through the images using an image viewer of your choice (preferably lighter/quicker one) and note the frames where the object(s) of interest come as closely as possible to the edges you want to cut
While you're at it, also look for identical frames to make a loop at and delete the frames before/after them.

3) open the frames from (the first part of) step 2 in any program that lets you make a rectangular selection and shows you its coordinates (literally any editor above mspaint) and use it to mark out the cuttable area. Record its width/height and left/top coordinates.
Sometimes it's better to leave a 1-2 pixel border for picture composition, sometimes it's okay to partially cut off some stuff like accessories or feet.
The closer you can get the image to 3:1 the better, but it doesn't have to be exactly 3:1. It will usually look okay if the difference is less than one fifth or so of the image's total height or so.
If you feel like you cropped all you could from the image, but it still looks squished, you can try padding it from the horizontal edges.
You can crop and resize the image in the editor to preview how it will look.

4) use magick to cut the frames:
magick mogrify -path out2 -crop {w}x{h}+{x}+{y} out\*.bmpWhere:
{w} – selection width
{h} – selection height
{x} – x of selection's top left corner
{y} – y of selection's top left corner
-path is the target folder, without it cropped frames will replace the originals
The last parameter is path to the images.
If you're using PNG files, use -crop {w}x{h}+{x}+{y} +repage because PNG has canvas size metadata.
To pad the image, you can do:
magick mogrify -path out2 -gravity Center -background Transparent -crop {w}x{h}+{x}+{y} -extent {newW}x{h} out\*.bmp
{newW} = {h} * 3
Instead of -background Transparent you can use Black, White, or any colour found in [code]magick -list color.
Once again, for PNG, do +repage after crop.

5) scale the images down to 300x100:
magick mogrify -path out3 ~~-liquid-rescale~~ -resize 300x100! out\*.bmpThe exclamation mark in resize tells it to not preserve aspect ratio.

6) combine the images into a GIF.
This can be done with magick, but it has a lot of nuances with transparency, dithering, file order and other, so I usually just use Photoshop:
File>Scripts>Load files into stack...
Timeline>Create Frame Animation
Hamburger menu in Timeline window's top-right>Make Frames From Layers
Same menu>Reverse Frames
Same menu>Select All Frames
Checkmark in the bottom-right of any frame>Other...
Set delay between frames. Minimum value for GIFs is 0.01th of a second, but keep in mind that browsers (other than IE, lol) only support 0.02 and up.
For a 30 fps video, it's 1/30=0.03333=0.3.
File>Export>Save For Web (Legacy)... (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)
Run-down of the options you might need:
'Selective' should be the best of Photoshop's quantization algorithms (I don't remember why, though).
Dithering is a method of simulating colours that don't fit within the GIF palette by mixing the ones that do. It's only needed if your image has a lot of gradients (which most anime pictures don't), otherwise turn it off.
Turn on transparency even if your image doesn't have any transparent parts. It's used for inter-frame compression, where the pixels that didn't change from the previous frame are replaced with transparent ones. I guess, it's more like inter-fame optimization of intra-frame compression.
Interlacing allows the GIF to progressively play as it's being downloaded. If you've ever seen GIFs that play a few frames, then freeze and play one frame at a time as they get loaded, that's it. Not very useful with modern internet speeds.
Lossiness is self-explanatory. I usually aim to get my banners below 2-2.5 Mb with varying success.
Turn off metadata.
That's it, save and preview.

6) you can also use https://nikkhokkho.sourceforge.io/static.php?page=FileOptimizer to optimize your GIF.
It's just a front-end to a bunch of open-source optimizers, so theoretically it does nothing you couldn't do with the underlying tools; but the author did put a lot of research into different filesize optimizers, how and in what order to best use them, and such, so it's pretty convenient for squeezing a little extra space out of files.
In Options>GIF you can (dis)allow lossy optimizations if your GIF is turning out too big, of if it produces too noticeable artefacts.

PS: Thanks to captcha for protecting me from sending this part-way.
Replies: >>2714 >>2749
[Hide] (36.5KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (79.8KB, 300x100) Reverse
Here's my attempt:
Replies: >>2709 >>2737 >>2749
Edges turned out pretty bad, though, and there are obvious missing pixels and uneven levels in the grass, and there's still some discolouration/artefacts from the compression.
If somebody cares enough, feel free to fix it.
Replies: >>2750
added both banners
Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I was going to use this and maybe improve it but >>2708 beat me to it. I'll see if I can use this for any banner I can think of. I wanna see if I remake the first one without the transparency
Replies: >>2750
You don't like the transparency?
>>2709 link is upscaled (to get rid of compression artefacts), padded frames before I cut the background.
All you have to do is paint over the junk still left in the background (like a line on the right in frames 2-8), optionally fix leftover artefacts, resize them, and glue them together at 0.09 delay.
[Hide] (9.3MB, 1280x720, 00:49)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (4.1MB, 300x100) Reverse
Man, what a FUNKY!
Replies: >>2787 >>2793
Naisu dance. What is this style called anyway? I keep seeing the same moves everywhere.
Replies: >>2788
>I keep seeing the same moves everywhere.
That's always the way MMDs are. Someone arranges a choreography and uploads the motion files, and a ton of people use the same motions and simply apply it to a different character model (usually also one someone else made), with the only novel thing being the cinematography.
It's quite likely that many of the ones you keep seeing aren't just the same "style" of moves but literally the same moves.
Replies: >>2789
[Hide] (12.2MB, 640x360, 04:11)
[Hide] (9.3MB, 1280x720, 01:04)
this is true but I don't think humans are able to load mmd files pleas confirm
Replies: >>2791
You can't even do vmds?
What a nerd!
thanks, added Untitled-3
[Hide] (5.5MB, 1284x722, 00:19)
[Hide] (71.8KB, 720x540, 00:00)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 640x360, 00:16)
[Hide] (984.6KB, 640x360, 00:26)
[Hide] (961.6KB, 1280x720, 00:08)
Banner suggestions
Replies: >>3681 >>3682
[Hide] (4.1MB, 853x480, 00:25)
Replies: >>3681
[Hide] (45.9KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (34.3KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (36.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (36.2KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (38.4KB, 300x100) Reverse
With transparent banners, it might be better to hide the border.
.board-banner {
    border-color: transparent;
Replies: >>2819 >>2828
Thanks, I can't access my desktop at the moment but I'll add these tomorrow.
Replies: >>2828
Replies: >>2840
[Hide] (1.2MB, 900x1255) Reverse
I'm back, added donate2 and made borders transparent
Replies: >>2840
Spoiler File
(3MB, 2560x1440) Reverse
Is the first one too revealing?
I kind of expected that, but I can try cropping it a bit higher.
Replies: >>2842 >>2850
Yes please, I'd prefer to keep the banners *mostly* sfw.
Replies: >>2849
[Hide] (48.4KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (48.6KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (49.3KB, 300x100) Reverse
[Hide] (49.7KB, 300x100) Reverse
How sfw exactly are we talking here?
It's too small to see in the banner, but the original doesn't actually show any vergana.
I'd like to capture at least a bit of pubic hair and enough panties to, well, make it obvious that she's holding panties.
There is also some space for the board name, but I don't usually like signed banners.
Replies: >>2855
Thank you
I guess the banners are small enough anyway for it not to make a difference, I'll go with the original from >>2817 then.
[Hide] (157.7KB, 496x700) Reverse
Not that I mind, but why did we move here, again? I just don't remember the reason that's all
Ranfag got scared by something I can't remember and decided to move here
[Hide] (663.4KB, 800x600) Reverse
I had a Schizo episode because of my government.
I needed a Vol on short notice, because the Globals on PLW weren't reacting to reports, but didn't have the time to vet anyone, so I figured I could ask the Birdslut since he'd (probably) not nuke it.
Loleron however shot down my request to give Kimee a mod account again, so I had the "brilliant" idea to quickly force a migration to napchan, which had the added bonus that it has Globals and isn't on indefinite life support.
Spoiler File
(51KB, 552x336) Reverse
So, if I squeeze Kyoko's nose and shout into her mouth, will she blow up?
Replies: >>3191
No but she would blow you
Banner limit is now 300x300.
Replies: >>3243 >>3245
[Hide] (51.4KB, 300x300) Reverse
Replies: >>3245
Spoiler File
(738.4KB, 1107x895) Reverse
added Reimu again, I'll try to downsize Lilly's banner tomorrow when my head is clearer. First attempt on gimp didn't work without making the text unreadable.
Replies: >>3343
[Hide] (53KB, 300x130) Reverse
Can you test if this version works?
Replies: >>3345
[Hide] (218.5KB, 900x1200) Reverse
Yes, replaced the existing one with this version.
I forgot to mention it but I again couldn't get the other Lilly banner smaller without making the text unreadable, so I left it out.
Replies: >>3348
[Hide] (27KB, 300x197) Reverse
That's good.
Here's a new banner based on a classic.
Replies: >>3349
[Hide] (109.6KB, 1081x468) Reverse
>my arm hurts from the fourth cuckjab
Ah, fuck, no more gay toehoes.
[Hide] (89.6KB, 300x176) Reverse
[Hide] (89.6KB, 300x176) Reverse
[Hide] (89.8KB, 300x176) Reverse
Replies: >>3363 >>3368
added Nr. 3
[Hide] (266.9KB, 620x876) Reverse
Chen's a naughty little girl.
Replies: >>3369
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3090x4096) Reverse
I blame Yukari
t. has seen the original sauce
Replies: >>3373
[Hide] (783.9KB, 1050x1491) Reverse
Don't know what you're talking about, Chen is obviously the one wearing lingerie in that family.
Replies: >>3376
[Hide] (808.5KB, 4096x2897) Reverse
>Chen is obviously the one wearing lingerie in that family
Spoiler File
(5.9MB, 540x960, 00:14)
Do you want me to keep putting spoilers on posts with nudity or should I reduce it to eye-insulting fetishes?
Replies: >>3409
[Hide] (1MB, 1228x868) Reverse
Keep in mind that doing so may compromise the board's protection under paragraph 230 of 47 US code.
Replies: >>3411
alright then
[Hide] (639.9KB, 300x169) Reverse
[Hide] (7.3KB, 64x44) Reverse
Replies: >>3588
[Hide] (3.2KB, 870x28) Reverse
[Hide] (179.9KB, 568x672) Reverse
What happened?
Replies: >>3522
[Hide] (647.5KB, 861x976) Reverse
>>>/b/70226 style fedpost but with an mmd gif of sakuya.
Keks & condolences to ranpocket for actually clicking it.
Replies: >>3523 >>3524
[Hide] (127.1KB, 900x1300) Reverse
Well RIP
I hope that Sakuya gif was good at least
owned that teen
[Hide] (325.8KB, 300x225) Reverse
Quick one
Replies: >>3587 >>3588
Replies: >>3588
[Hide] (188.3KB, 300x225) Reverse

You missed one→ >>3493
Replies: >>3589
Thanks, I added them and updated the last one.
[Hide] (97.6KB, 300x155) Reverse
Replies: >>3607
[Hide] (597.4KB, 2100x1526) Reverse
Replies: >>3601
[Hide] (3.2MB, 2500x3000) Reverse
more like 2HOM-O
sorry, i had to
Replies: >>3603 >>3605
why does koishi have big juicy melones
Replies: >>3604 >>3606
[Hide] (3.8MB, 3479x3581) Reverse
If not her, who? And if not now, when? Now no more questions, let these incredible people do their thing.
Replies: >>3605
Boobs too small
Spoiler File
(7.4MB, 7520x7840) Reverse
Reacting to the board's demographic, Koisi's body grew subconsciously.
↑You can see what I'm saying is canon because it still has that retarded jap sentence structure where the pajeet translator couldn't rewrite it to sound fluent in English, but put in a comma in to pretend like that's intentional.
Added this one too yesterday. Forgot to mention it.

Also apparently spoiler formatting has changed. 
Asterisks * now make text cursive.
Spoilers are now vertical bars |
Last edited by ran
Replies: >>3608 >>3612 >>3613
Will awebps still make the site self-unlive?
Sturg, fix this.
>Asterisks now make text cursive.
So instead of hiding the text behind a black box, it makes the text unreadable to blacks? Interesting.
Replies: >>3613
>it's just italics
That's not the same thing as cursive, damn it.
Replies: >>3614
Yeah sorry, I mixed those up there
[Hide] (4.5MB, 1280x720, 00:40)
Merry Christmas!
Replies: >>3626
[Hide] (686KB, 1080x1920) Reverse
[Hide] (443KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
Aah, fuck, Momiji flute guy got vtuber aids.
[Hide] (7.1MB, 2400x1697) Reverse
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Replies: >>3649 >>3650
[Hide] (336.3KB, 533x300) Reverse
Whoops meant to use this one
Replies: >>3650
[Hide] (120.6KB, 300x169) Reverse
[Hide] (3.3MB, 300x300) Reverse
I now realized that I'm a retard and posted one with sizes not allowed for the site.
Here's the actual correct one and a different version with the full dance. Apologies.
Replies: >>3657
added both
[Hide] (226.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>3668
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x662) Reverse
It's an Oku year because I said so and nukes win arguments.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 300x200) Reverse
Replies: >>3676 >>3679
[Hide] (1.7MB, 300x200) Reverse
Suggestion bump
Replies: >>3682
[Hide] (4.3MB, 300x169) Reverse
Here's an attempt at the GTA one from >>2814
Replies: >>3683 >>3684
Replies: >>3684
[Hide] (2.4MB, 300x165) Reverse
good doog
Replies: >>3702
[Hide] (1MB, 1600x1164) Reverse
[Hide] (15.6KB, 300x92) Reverse
Quick low effort one.
Add at own discretion.
Replies: >>3704
added at own discretion
[Hide] (1.1MB, 300x150) Reverse
Replies: >>3715
[Hide] (27.5MB, 512x384, 05:16)
Ranmim's average day.
[Hide] (265.3KB, 640x480, 00:06)
If Ran is a foxnix, does that mean Chen is one of those newfangled linuxphones?
[Hide] (5.4MB, 852x480, 01:00)
Janny, there is a Ran in my udon.
Replies: >>3755
>chink text
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